Monday, September 27, 2010

The Queen and Sexy Sady need some Heat.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It doesn’t get much better when you can find out that the Queen of England wanted to tap the money set aside for the poor to heat her palaces and dwellings. It’s certain to make a heart feel glad that her Royal Shitstress need not be concerned about the temperature in any of those, oh so many rooms that might happen to be empty at the time. It’s a possibility that any of a number of her lingering and occasionally visiting ghosts of departed ancestors might get the notion to move through some of those rooms and we wouldn’t want them inconvenienced if there were a chance that temperature might have an adverse affect on these wraiths.

One of the first things that came to mind while writing this was an immediate concern that the coffin of the gin-soaked dead Queen Mother might be lying in an unheated coffin. I hope they took care of that from the gitgo, while making sure that conditions were all that much worse in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib and all those other lovely haciendas where those who did 9/11 have chosen to imprison and torture all those people they paid warlords a bounty to snatch off of the battlefields of the wars they engineered as a result of the 9/11 attacks that they orchestrated so that they might extract information from these hapless insurgents who didn’t know nothing about nothing in a sort of sardonic, travesty of a Kafkaesque burlesque of a “You must confess, sign ze papers or I shoot ze dog and sell your daughter to Israel to have sex with a camel on Hebrew National reality TV”.

They can have a soundtrack done by Madonna and kill Palestinian’s in their hovels that get to watch it happen to them. Am I lacking compassion? Am I not attentive enough? I apologize for being clumsy and useless in serving you tea, while you enjoy yourselves. Did you break a nail! Ah... let me attend to thar right away. Let’s put hunger, disease and common human need aside for a moment because; not only did you break a nail but it was your favorite one; my apologies for not having done something sooner. I hope you will let me make it up to you.

I suppose it’s always like this when this long term situation approaches its climax. You’re going to see your share of Marie Antoinette types and all the other surfacing scoundrels, as this chapter, this age, is brought to its summation. It’s only fitting that we see them in all their glory acting just like one would suppose they would act, if one still possessed enough of a mind to be able to come to that conclusion.

The day has arrived and all the bad things that can happen to all of the bad people are about to happen. One might wonder about that, given that they have been getting away with all of this for so long but… sooner or later, the time comes and the moment is there and it all begins to outwork itself according to pure mathematical design, if you prefer or according to the will of some mysterious, unknown agency, if that makes you feel better. One might rightly assume that either infers and proves the other but that’s a personal matter you can sort out for yourselves.

What’s about to happen may even be enough to drag some of you away from your TV’s. You might actually get up off of the couch and walk outside and look around because I suspect it will be dramatic. The idea of ‘as above, so below’ should apply in all cases so if you’ve seen drama and spectacle on your television or in some theater or staging area concerning awards and performances and that sort of thing, you can expect a much higher degree of that in the cosmic working out of things.

It’s the funny thing about being asleep and waking up. Just moments before you were in a dream and then you awaken and… unless the dream was a profound one, it fades quickly away and here you are. You come to yourself and it’s you and you go on as you doing what you do. That’s karma in a way. Karma compels you to go through it and denies you the ability to see a way to transform it because you committed some kind of a crime against someone else and at the same time committed a terrible crime against yourself. That defines insanity to me.

It’s the same thing with being rich and being able to afford whatever you want but someone has more than you do so you should try to have more than them and even go to the extent that you will injure and abuse others just to accumulate what you won’t even use in order to prop up your own sense of self importance. What kind of people are these?

These are also the sort of people who will laugh about it when they think about it because they think it’s funny. That’s a good description of the psychopathic personality. I guess that is where their enjoyment lies. For them, the idea of having a friend or caring about someone else looks like something stupid. Why should you actually help someone else if you don’t get any benefit out of it?

This is how evil destroys itself. You go against your own best interests sooner or later and you get tagged by the very scheme you engaged in. You can see it as math. You can look at it in the sense of sporting competitions where there are rules and violations; penalties and so on and so forth.

People should keep in mind that when you hide things from yourself, because you know what you do is wrong, but you are going to do it because it advances your chances for what you want, then you have put yourself at risk in all kinds of ways sooner or later.

You are playing against yourself. Why is it that people don’t get this? No matter who you are, in a game like that, you win or lose, degree wise, according to what you value and appropriate to the means, methods and so on and so on that you engage in. Am I talking to myself? Yes, I am. You get what you bring, sooner or later. That is the real system and we all live in it. Those who control perception want more than their fair share so they manipulate it to their advantage.

Maybe they think they can outsmart the thing like a poker player, maybe they think luck will happen and maybe they don’t care. The system is not affected by this. This is why short term gains are stupid when they result in long term pains. Simple people can know these things but complicated people have increasing degrees of difficulty about it. Most of the time you can explain this to people and they will nod their heads and do nothing about it because to some degree they are also compromised unto themselves.

As it so happens, this is the time of the awakening and so we are now being able to see a lot of this... if you want to, are willing to, care enough... have earned the right and so on and so forth. You should take advantage of this splendid opportunity to get a clue and more because the chance for personal advancement at this time is very great. You have no idea.

The punishment end is equally so.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how the one guy(Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) who has consistently spoken against the falsehood, is the one guy they are unable to touch,for reasons they cannot begin to comprehend.I see frantic discussions and posturing and general fronting by these buffoons, but like the guy who never backs down when confronted by the big dogs in the yard, he ultimately becomes untouchable ,the truth has that magic power that truly sets one free.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the practices of: naming the victims, naming the crimes and gathering up the brightest light to turn over to the Creator to shine down on all the perps-known and unknown to you.

This is one free and easy tool we common humans have. It works and it is funny to see them out their own selves. They have to. The light is shining on them. No shadows to hide in. No one else for the soulless gangsters to blame under that light.

Standing alone-which is not how they prefer to work-these gangsters.

Under the bright white light.

All of our once common powers for the common people will be soon kicking into high gear. Make it through the winter and it will be an entirely new ballgame. *smiles*

the gardener

Neko Kinoshita said...

You get what you bring.

Just so.


vixen said...

“Those who control perception want more than their fair share so they manipulate it to their advantage.”

Wow, this post really hit home with me at this particular moment. My family is involved in a land transaction that has become an ultimate poker game and you summed up exactly what is going on and the various reasons for it. I have always prided myself in the fact that I don’t play games, I’m in it for the real thing. But in the end, it seems in order to operate in this dimension one ultimately gets sucked in anyway. I’m fighting against myself at this point due to my knowledge that this may be the last chance to seal the deal before the TSHTF. On the other hand, my inner self is telling me not to sell out on my own belief system and what was originally agreed upon and leaves me with an island of property with no access. The psychopath has gone against the rules and upped the ante. Do I retreat into myself for more meditation, I’m already a hermit, or do I stick to my guns and weather whatever results? I already know the answer.

Anonymous said...

I am truly humbled to be in your presence Les Visible it is indeed true that when the student is ready the teacher appears I am ready Sir.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Check out this video about the biased 'documentary' that the BBC's Panorama made regarding the Palestinian-bound Flotilla ship in June.

Strum said...

Far out Les you surpass yourself, again. I stand in awe, big OM's.

One sentence, 127 words, is that even possible?
Is that some sort of new world record?

"You should take advantage of this splendid opportunity to get a clue and more because the chance for personal advancement at this time is very great."

Amen, and don't miss the bus people.

Now where was that ticket?
Have I got my bags packed?
Which guitar do I take?, or maybe just a flute?
Oh shit, 10 minutes and a 2 mile walk to the bus stop......

You're a freakin' genius prophet poet up there with the best in history Les, love you to bits.

peace and strength


Anonymous said...

that goes very well with a cup of tea mr visibles thankyou for that...neil

bholanath said...

Link to relevant article posted on 12thBough...disturbing but accurate -


Origen the heretic said...

Say Les, we're gonna have to reduce the size of the ten ring for you; you've got no competition. I'd suggest about one millimeter. OHHH yeah, I really loved that bit about the queen. Let them burn their trash and crappy furniture. Quick! Where's my royal spinmeister? This little contretemps should show the unwashed some of the nature of their betters.

So Les, in this little false flag name-the-date/location contest, is the prize going to be a yummy pizza? You've got < 12 hrs. left, and I sure hope you win, but if you don't, remember I've got Chicago 10/10/10. I want black olives & extra cheese on mine.

Brainwashed AmeriKans are really frustrating, and I have to remind myself I was that way once upon a time. I recall the 1967 Israeli war of aggression (aren't they all?) when I was in the military, and we were all cheering for Israel like the stupid robots we were. Due to lucky circumstances (gift from God), I recovered from all the indoctrination. But if you think about the average person today, they've been indoctrinated from the cradle to the present, not to mention all the chemicals, and the system is designed to keep their nose to the grindstone so that they don't have a chance to think -- not that all that many would if conditions were otherwise. It seems to me that most people would rather dig a ditch with a garden trowel than sit down and think for a couple of hours. That's assuming that it is even possible after a modern "education". So I have pity for the 'great brainwashed' even though they piss me off. I pray for compassion from me, and enlightenment for them.

Rev. John

bholanath said...

Please, yer royal high-ness, can I have another bowl of porridge and a lump of coal?
The brown-skinned immigrants from the sunset-less empire put my mother in the poor-house, you see...

New Reader said...

A. Peasant at Twelfth Bough has an interesting take on all this.

It may be that the Zionistas and the WASPs are having a falling out.

Naturally, it seems the Zionistas/Sabbateans/whatever, struck the first blow.

Damn! Gentiles sure are gullible in all corners ain't they?

Count Cherep said...


I believe that Marie Antoinette has an undeservedly bad reputation. Please read the following articles:

A Reputation in Shreds

She is the queen who danced while the people starved; who spent extravagantly on clothes and jewels without a thought for her subjects’ plight. Such is the distorted but widespread view of Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France (1755-1793), wife of King Louis XVI. The recent Coppola film has further damaged the image of the much-maligned, beautiful and charming Austrian archduchess, sent to France at age fourteen to marry the fifteen-year-old Dauphin. Sadly, the picture many people now have of Marie-Antoinette is of her running through Versailles with a glass of champagne in her hand, eating bonbons all day long, and rolling in the bushes with a lover.

An article by E.M. Vidal

In reality, she was a teetotaler who ate frugally. She was notorious for her intense modesty. Even some prominent biographers, who have insisted upon the possibility of an affair with Swedish Count Axel von Fersen, have had to admit that there is no solid evidence.
It is known that Queen Marie-Antoinette had high moral standards. She did not permit uncouth or off-color remarks in her presence. She exercised a special vigilance over anyone in her care, especially the young ladies of her household.
During the famine of 1787-88, the royal family sold much of their flatware to buy grain for the people, and themselves ate the cheap barley bread in order to be able to give more to the hungry.

Read the rest:


The French Revolution of 1789 was the most startling event in the history of Europe since the fall of Rome.

A new phenomenon then appeared before the world. Never before had a mob apparently organized successful revolution against all other classes in the state, under high sounding, but quite nonsensical slogans, and with methods bearing not a trace of the principles enshrined in those slogans.
Such a phenomenon merits the closest attention; especially in view of the fact that it has been followed by identical outbreaks in many countries.

The main discovery that such an examination will reveal is this fact:

the revolution was not the work of Frenchmen to improve France. It was the work of aliens, whose object was to destroy everything, which had been France.
This conclusion is borne out by the references to "foreigners" in high places in the Revolutionary Councils, not only by Sir Walter Scott, but by Robes Pierre himself.

We have the names of several of them, and it is clear that they were not British, or Germans, or Italians, or any other nationals; they were, of course, Jews.
Marie Antoinette herself was one of the chief targets for this typically Jewish form of attack. No lie or abuse was too vile to level at her.

Read the rest:

Anonymous said...

my big question is, is it the case that the internal adjustments (dreams and the unconscious mind as Karma) are the workings of the unconcscious mind of the individual , as humans evolved and psycopathic behaviour was generally not tolerated by the tribe, or by nature (crazy animals dont survive long in the wild). or is it the bigger picture and the universal divine order that you, Les, point out to us.
ie evolution of psychology or the great controller?
doesnt have to be mutually exclusive either. its sad that I find myself wanting the whole system to collapse to bring us all back to the land (probably in abject material poverty) just to get these interactions face to face and out there in the open, as opposed to the unnatural opportunities we have in modern life for the wicked ones to hide behind spreadsheets and spreadbullshits. hopefully there will be progress and a less wrecking reckoning, but backpeddling disguised as progess sure as hell isnt working for them. theres some satisfaction in that even in these early stages of whatever it is that is changing and coming down.

Origen the heretic said...

@ bholanath 10:09 pm:

One assumes you were being facetious, but I'd like to tell you that the medical establishment murdered my mother. I won't go into details, but I swear to God, her doctor in charge looked like he had just climbed out of a grave. When I first saw him, I tagged him as "Doctor Death", and so it proved to be.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

This week, the Yellow Sea and The Middle East BOIL.

Pakistan ... the FLOODS.

And everybody is talking about...


That's right.

Another figure head takes top spot in the "Look Over Here Folks!" category.


sounds exactly the same as


So some rich person's application for state goods got turned down because of their income.


Michael Ali Loyal Guardian said...

Les, interesting article once again, and you must definitely be a part of the US intel community, a Mason, or Illuminati. The question I have for you is why do you even care about any of this at all? What is the point? You just anger yourself, and your opinions foment more useless hatred and division of the peoples of the world. Trust me less, I used to care a whole lot about people and making the world a better place. I can also say that I am far from a perfect person in any respect whatsoever in terms of what our world deems as perfection or good. But even I got to the point where I realized, if no one else cares, why should I? The best advice I can give you is to stop writing your blog, and stop trying to act like some kind of whistle-blower whose information on all that is wrong with the world is totally useless. People simply do not give a shit at all about anything buddy. They never did and they never will. Stop having faith that that decent people will rise up and fix all that went wrong. It's not going to happen dude. You always stated that "yeah, soon all that's wrong is going to be righted and yada yada dada supreme. Let things be bro, there is no point. All that is going wrong in the world is going wrong for a reason. It's systemic and it won't change, not even if people put all their heart in souls into making the world a better place for all, if there are any people left who feel anything about the other people of the world. It's GOD's world my man, he's got a plan, don't interfere and let him do his thing. Because in this whole mess of the world, we are all wrong, and it's is everyones' fault things have gotten to this point. Neither you, I, or anyone else who gives or used to give a shit will ever be able to do anything about anything. You'll lose hope and faith in humanity as well Les, and you too will eventually turn back to your creator, whomever and however you decide to worship him when you realize all these notions of change and progress are futile. Just live a good life, be a decent person as best as you can be and as circumstances my permit, don't go out of your way to fuck someone just because you can, and turn to GOD or whoever you worship. I won't read or comment on your articles anymore either Les, as even that is pointless. Why bother getting agitated over things you have no control over. Turn to the Christ force as they say in Christianity, turn to Allah as they say in Islam, turn to Buddha as they say in Buddhism, turn to Krisha as they do in Hinduism, or just turn to GOD as agnostics do. Or turn to nature as Shamans do, turn to the light as Zoroastrians do, or turn to Satan if that makes you happy. Just give up with this making the world a better place, it ain't happening buddy. And you are right about the Apocalypse, it's here and it's now, and there is no stopping it. It is was mankind's doings for centuries that have caused our own creator to turn on us. Let it be, live in peace, and as the French say "live and let live" and just stay out of the fray. Because it's is simply out of man's hands.

Pee Yew it's The Queen! said...

The Queen has no regard for her "subjects".All you have to do is look at the UK to see that this creature,and her offspring Charles are parasites.Keep in mind the ugly charade that is the UN,and the UN Agenda 21 is largely run by the British Commonwealth.The US is being de-developed by a lopsided "democracy"where the British Commonwealth Nations get (usually)54 Queenie votes to the US's one.This is why it makes no difference who gets elected because the US is signed on to the Queens UN treaties for Agenda 21 "sustainability".Please note the work of Joan Veon (author of the Sustainable Prince) who illustrates this in her June 12 article -QUEEN GIVES MARCHING ORDERS TO THE UNITED NATIONS
Today the Commonwealth has the potential of 54 votes to America’s one vote. You will find if you look at the number of Commonwealth countries that are members of the other UN agencies like the IMF, World Bank, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, etc., the U.S. is outvoted.
The Queen is pretty mean.Might I add I'm not potty but I talk to trees, admits Prince Charles - UK ...
Sep 20, 2010 ... The Prince of Wales has hit out at critics who refer to him as a “potty” royal, but has admitted he talks to trees and plants as if they ...
These people talk about diversity but you will note there are no interracial marriages in the "Royal" family,population reduction for you,not for these inbred weirdos.
What do people need Queens for in the 21st century? Silly Queens and Royalty are unsustainable.

Visible said...

Count Cherep;

I'm assuming you are referring to the let them eat cake phrase which actually referred to an inexpensive baked substance that was around at the time (I haven't the time to check the links this morning). I've been aware of that for awhile but my allusion to the opulence of palace life still remains.

I should have probably mentioned that but I have time and space constraints at all times (grin).

Anonymous said...

I heard it here first that there was soon to be a great unveiling; shining of light into dark corners, unmasking of the beast. I had slight reservations whilst instinctively feeling the emerging force - like a sweeping beam from a lighthouse.

It seems there isn't a day goes by without someone being caught with their trousers down.

It’s like when as a kid we would turn over rocks at the seaside and find all those little crabs. It was a bit of a shock the first time. But once we knew where to look and what to expect then they were easy to find. Those crabs still hide under rocks and still try to bury themselves in the sand when exposed. However, the sand is easier to shift than the rocks so their escape is unlikely if indeed we wanted to have them.

I suppose what I am saying is that these creatures are currently only hiding under sand - the rocks are gone!


Anonymous said...

Lots of angry people about, let's keep a closer eye on the table, like you keep reminding us, the three-card monty card trick is about to be performed.

Barney said...

Origen the heretic said (among other things) "I've got Chicago 10/10/10".

I'd make that 12/12/10, Origen. Don't forget they add the TOTAL number of the year, as in 7/7/2005. 2+0+0+5=7, making 7/7/7 according to their way of thinking. A lot of people (me included) were expecting something bad on 6/6/2006, but what we overlooked was that, for the lunatics temporarily in control, 6/6/6 had already passed two years earlier in 2004 (2+0+0+4=6).

Btw, I sympathise over the "medical" murder of your mother, having lost a few people to those monsters in white coats myself, one only 49 years of age and with a great future until the bastards took that future away with their poisoned needles and magic potions.

Q. Who controls America?
A. Rothschildlandia.
Q. Who controls Rothschildlandia?
A. Rothschild.
Q. Who controls Rothschild?
A. "Queen" El-lizard-birth as some put it (whatever we think of David Icke's "reptilians"), "owner" (by theft) of 1/6 of the world and copyright holder of that satanic "Rothschild" hexagram.

The so-called "royals" are merely the most successful of the criminal gangs. OUR time is coming and theirs will be over at last.

Michael Austin Melton said...

Another freakin' home run, Les. 'Nuff said.

bholanath said...

I have no idea what you are referring to.
You have my sympathy fully regarding the "medical" establishment and it's many crimes against humanity and life in general.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's another site about some evil people. It has some informative free ebooks available.

European American said...

Imagine what we could accomplish if we had an army of these 11 year olds. Kick Monsanto's butt!

Seems like home schooling is the route to travel. If not, they tend to turn out like most of us, but with more "dopes".

And the queen needs finances to heat what?

Anonymous said...

starvation inequality
and perpetual divide
with genacidal tendency
and psychopathic lie
warmongering hatred
deceit and despair
tea with the queen
a rugged affair
counters of tongues
and lips of the slave's
in service to the death cult
from june back to may
manipulated chaos
and multiplying crime
propaganda stories
to make war shine
the death cult stampeding
to its own death
sold its self back to nothing
all it earned is its less.


Odin's Raven said...

Could it be true, as this report asserts, that Monsanto's genetically modified seeds have already been responsible for the death of 2 million Americans?

Anonymous said...

maybe all of this is a good thing. I look around at the awareness and courage of the sheeple and I can only say, "is this why we are here?"

Is life as a human sheep a life worth living? Are we here to to be hreded through the malls and all the other big boxes?

Back in the 60's it looked like we would be exploring space by the 90's. What are we doing? We are watching TV shows. Humanity is a disappointment.

We are more like monkeys fighting over bananas than advanced beings.

Well, just a thought...


Randall said...

Rivero's snide and arrogant comments
about UFOS are beginning to piss me off Les.
I wrote him the following email about this topic.
He's talking shit about the stories of nukes being disarmed at
some bases in the 70's.
Hell, this story was known by me and others like me since before there
was an "internet" but he blithely
and arrogantly dismisses these stories as "disinfo".
He's acting like an arrogant know it all, exhibiting the same
psychology, as the people who deny 911 truth. Ryan Dawson falls into this category too.
I'm supposed to have a chat with Mark Glenn next week about being a guest on an Ugly Truth podacst, and I will mention this about Rivero, but aside from that Issue, I'm cool with him.
But he uses the same ad hominem
/tactics in his verbiage on this topic, that the chosen do on tv, and that burns my ass.
I liked your interview on TUT, especially the dogs getting frisky.
I almost value animals as highly as I do humans, sometimes obviously.
Anyway her's the email.
I'd like anyone in the know to email him too. You know who you are.

you can be INCREDIBLY arrogant about ufos being some disinfo to discredit anything to do with 911/jews/zionism/politics, but what you are demonstrating, is classic a priori denial, and as such- the EXACT SAME psychological state as those who cling to the "official story" of 911.
You will only allow positive reader comments, and you're acting like the forces I oppose more and more everyday.
Did you know astronaut Gordon Cooper came out to say what he knew? plus another I can't think of the name right now.
Have you seen the official NASA shuttle footage and ISI films of SCORES of spacecraft ?
You've made up your mind, because to you these things "couldn't" exist, so you won't look into it.
How arrogant and insulting to those of us who have been looking into these things for YEARS (me for 45 years, I'm in my 50's}.
I DARE you to put this in reader's emails, but I don't think you will, as you seem to be acting more
as soap-box guy these days.
Humility is the ability to learn. Arrogance is thinking you know it all.
I dare you to put this and challenge me in print at WRH, because I'm more than up for it.
Other than that, you're doing a great job.
I will more than likely be interviewed on the ugly truth podcast in the next couple of weeks, and I will probably talk about your response or lack of it. Not for demonization or some shallow reason but just
for education.

A. Mouser said...

I also believe the ufo ruse is just a playing the last card by TPTB. they are raising on a busted straight and they will be called on it.


DaveS said...


With all due respect I think you should go a little easier on Mike.

You obviously have done some serious research into this subject and I give you credit for that. Maybe you can answer a couple of questions I have regarding the alien life that dismantled nuclear missles?

First: if a life form has the intelligence to travel across space (and time) why would they only dismantle a few of the several thousand nuclear weapons on earth? Don’t they have the ability to do more? And I don’t go for the bullshit response that the aliens are only showing our leaders their ‘power’ so that earth’s leaders can ‘make the right choice’ and dismantle the weapons themselves.

Second: even if the aliens didn’t have the manpower to dismantle all the weapons, surely they have the technology to make humanity realize we aren’t alone in the universe, and that there are beings that care. Why don’t they show themselves to the general population? Don’t they think the shock of a nuclear winter would be worse for humanity than suddenly discovering humans aren’t alone in the universe?

I’ll grant there is some weird shit out there. I’ve seen some stuff I can’t explain and never will. Such is life.

But to put hope in there being benevolent beings from other planets coming here to fix the mess we humans have made is just wrong. That sort of thinking doesn’t accomplish anything and is another example of why the PTB are able to keep pulling the wool over the eyes of their flocks. If everyone surfing the ‘net put some personal effort into re-imagining a peaceful world, I think humans would be further along than we currently are. It’s too easy for folks to think someone, or something, else is going to fix their problems.

Here is a fellow who has some good ideas on how we should be fixing this shit:

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

the puppet government of australia has said because the election did not go exactly the way they wanted it to all pre election promises are null and void and they will after all be going ahead with their global warming tax surprise surprise or perhaps liar liar pants on fire the way out is within waste no time on these sock puppets the harder it gets the more ground you gain this is only what i know other people have different lives

Anonymous said...

Nice Les.

Shocking the people away from their TeeVee's? Hmm, now that's a stretch.

Nice artwork on that subject:



Nayon said...

Odin's raven...

The ''unsigned'' link you posted looks pretty much like a Sorcha Faal's desinfo fantasy hallucination, business as usual for her/him and the credibility factor is not very high.

As for the ''UFO disabling nukes'' thing, it seems there is an understanding between MSM mouthpieces to spread this thing wide and far, even using the same jokes about ETs asking; take me to your leader. Everywhere you look, Russia, Iran, USA, Japan, they seem to hammer on the key point that UFOs can neutralize nukes and they talk about the new UN space ambassador.

This might have something to do with neutralizing the zionist threat against Iran and a possible ''first contact'', true or false, which could bring the destruction of the zionist empire and bring about a ''Venus project'' type of society.

The recent declarations of Ahmadinejad about 9/11 and Israel's non compliance of nuclear treaties sure lays a backdrop for this kind of scenario. Like others, I wouldn't be surprised if it happened on 10/10/10, which is 9 years and 29 days (2+9=11) apart from 9/11 and is also a nice symbol for a digital type of matrix.

Everywhere we look, histories of government corruption is rampant, part of the apocalypse. The old paradigme is being replaced by the new one.


Randall said...

Mouser, yours comments have been always good, but on this issue, unless you know and have researched
you should maybe hold off.
Yes the subject may be being used
as you say, but it is real, and probably more important than 911.
The incident at Malmsteen afb was real and reported in different publications when it happened.
WAY before the internet.
I've even gone to different colleges to look in their archives
for information on this issue.
It's a real thing that has been with the world for thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

This isn't about intentions, or
"benevolent beings" as I at least,
have never gave a reason for what goes on.
I try to deal in facts. That thing did happen, and I've known about it for years.
My own father (deceased since '97)
told me about an air force Col. who was the liaison officer from Wright-Patterson AFB for the aircraft Co.
he worked for in Indy, in '47.
They were drinking buddies and the guy spilled the beans about the craft and bodies one night at a bar.
My dad who was a pretty pragmatic guy, and didn't have an interest in such things, forgot about it until 1989, when I called him from prison around his birthday, and mentioned the word "Roswell" because we'd watched a show on tv. That prompted his memory and he told me about it.
Fact is, there are thousands
of videos that are not fake (NASA and individuals) in just the last ten years alone.
Check out the people who have been filming these things in PA alone. It's incredible.
Look at whats been coming out of Mexico: youtube Jaime Maussan.
See this orb that spits out other orbs like they're liquid metal or something.
And this event was caught on two different cameras from two different locations.
As far as intentions or the physics involved, first don't make the mistake that thousands of scientists make in thinking E=mc2
squared is the final say, because there's alot of evidence to the contrary, but status quo on this
is maintained by grants and other things.
Careers are based upon a lot of stuff that is mainstream science that may be completely wrong.
The bhahagivad Gita (sp) talks of flying machines based upon mercuric
based system and nuclear war, which corresponds with green glass found at strata for the time estimated. A lot of it, covering thousands of square miles.
Now google TR3B, and see that this Skunk Works based Lockheed
anti-gravity nuclear powered craft
has a mercury based system.
Gary mickinon hacked into the pentagon and saw files that indicated that we've had a space-based airforce for quite some time, and that conventional
means of propulsion (like the oxidizer-fuel based shuttles) are just window dressing for us to see.
It will come out eventually, but actually it has already, just that msm hasn't featured it yet.
Youube Disclosure Project.
A whole lot of NASA, Pentagon, and military people ready to testify
before congress about what they know.
I mean all this is out there, but if you don't think it's real why would you look?
It's just like 911. It couldn't be true so why bother?
Same exact psychology involved.

Origen the heretic said...

Well, I'll throw my two Benjamins into the pot (one has to allow Federal Reserve inflation). First, here is a story from the Vatican, always a reliable source, oh yeah:

Secondly,I witnessed 2 UFO's in 1954. I didn't know what they were then, and I don't know what they were now. They were saucer shaped craft apparently about 40 feet in diameter. I take all these stories pro & con with a heaping tablespoon of salt. That said, from the media hype of late, it would definitely seem that the peasants are being set up for an alien encounter or invasion whether real or faked I couldn't say at this point.

Rev. John

Origen the heretic said...

Addendum: Jesus, Christian Zionists are bad enough, now we've got to have Christian Aliens?

Rev. John

Visible said...

I've had all kinds of encounters and some of them very recently.

Anonymous said...

tony, 4:01 PM
Here is the actual News Item re pre election promises.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping it's the Venus Project outcome. I'm just not feeling the need to stockpile food and all the other stuff that goes with it. When I meditate, I keep getting to stop trying to figure it out and to start focusing on the world I want to be living in right now. I'd like the Venus Project. A place of peace, respect for Nature and each other. I'll wager what I got on this.


wv: fatin ..... what I won't be getting if I don't stock up

Anonymous said...

How very curious about the (bogus) "Al queda bin Laden terror attack plot" in Euroland -- which happens to coincide with mass worker strikes and perhaps a shutdown in Spain and Greece -- which gives the US corporate media something other than the protests/strikes to report -- and so nary a mention of the strikes this evening on CBS/NBC/ABC! Nary a mention either about the dollar sinking like a stone.

melinko said...

wow i always like your post. keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

autumn yellow
redden leaves
purple roses
apples green
gather fruits
soon winter come
need a calm
inner hum
spark a flame
from the fire
warm the heart
forget the liar
stir a peace
ever all
all is one
one is all.


Anonymous said...

I suppose Janet Reno Napolitano
already has her backdoor into all emails sent. I tried to send the freeoklahoma and smoking mirrors url to friends via joohoo (yahoo) & the outgoing message was blocked & they stated so, as "spam sending" (in yellow highlight box). Now every outgoing message has me running the rigmarole of typing in all their distorted letters. Bye bye joohoo.

Leesa said...

And all the while in England where the economy is falling like Humpty Dumpty the Queens subjects are wondering should they take the Red pill or the Blue pill....

Origen the heretic said...

'Allo everyone. Rev. Fred here, also Rev. Phred (a sub alter). Rev. John took his finger off the button, so we're temporarily able to comment here. We have a couple of thoughts on superluminal star travel (the only practical kind) and ETs. After having seen how indigenous peoples have been slaughtered on this planet, we think it an ironic blessing that the Zhids (Rev. John would say zids, but he Anglicized the Russian word) have seized control of the scientific establishment and its funding so that star travel is currently out of our reach. What a Divine blessing not to inflict mankind's greed and wars on more innocent victims.

We wonder if the universe is mankind's alone. This would certainly protect other races from our psychopaths. We think it wouldn't be any strain on God to have a separate universe for each race assuming more than one. Or it might be simpler still to have them all here in this universe, but such that they can't leave their home solar system until they become reasonably civilized. It appears to us that some semblance of this is operative now and has been in the past. Whatever, we are in wholehearted agreement with Les and others that God has everything under control, which is simply another way of saying that there is a Divine plan.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

big firepit full of flames, pour libations to the gods and stomp clockwise around your fire,pausing and stomping at the cardinal points. rhythm awakens the earth. your intent is to awaken the earth and all her denizens, seen and unseen, and may justice prevail as karma comes around. stop at north where you began, slowly raise both your arms to the sky, then straight out sideways as in being crucified, take your time lowering to standing position. incense and offerings is always good. blessings to all.

Frog said...

>Anonymous Anonymous said...
> How very curious about the >bogus) "Al queda bin Laden terror >attack plot" in Euroland -- which >happens to coincide with mass >worker strikes and perhaps a >shutdown in Spain and Greece -- >which gives the US corporate media >something other than the >protests/strikes to report -- and >so nary a mention of the strikes >this evening on CBS/NBC/ABC! Nary >a mention either about the dollar >sinking like a stone.

Yes. The lack of US coverage was amazing. Still, this is a reason for the PTB to escalate martial law and makes a great background for the next European 7/7 type "terrorist action".
I have a feeling that the PTB are all right with the events, they believe they are in control. Let the commoners rattle the bars of their cage. They will be an example to the rest.
Still. All sorts of interesting patterns are showing up. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Tony of brisbane and your press release your'e the bloke that insulted m_astera and as such i find anything you post dodgy to say the least go back to feeding the beast shill

Animadverto said...

Truthseeker is down in my area. It has been down since last evening. My isp is Comcast. Are you and/or any of your readers having this problem? Just curious, since I usually read your posts linked on Truthseeker web page.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an interesting article about America, China, Israel and Iran.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's another interesting article about the impoverishment of Americans.
You won't need two guesses as to which group is escaping this trend.

Anonymous said...

Good article on Israel/USSA, their stooges here, Pollard and the Madame of the Whorehouse, Israel. Interesting that when Rep. Anthony Weiner(J-NY) isn't shilling for his other country he is stirring up shit for gold and silver owners. Oy, we no like-a.

vixen said...

Try this cached link for thetruthseeker......

Apologies to visitors to this website if its response seems slow and intermittent. A new website is being constructed and should be up in the coming weeks. Until then we advise patience and persistance; if a story fails to respond please try again. Ed
Last updated 29 September 2010
Editorial feedback to:

gurnygob said...

Ireland can't get Truth seeker. Well this wee bit Can't.

bholanath said...

Whoa!..from russia with love -
Second Decade of New American Century: Clockwork Orange Meets American Psycho

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a hard-hitting article about the starvation and mass murder of German civilians and prisoners of war, during and after WW2 by the American and British authorities, at the instigation of you-know-who.

European American said...

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Friends of the Playhouse. Tired of reading how anti semitic we are?

Stop us in our tracks by reporting our behavior on line to the new JIDF...Jewish Internet Defense Force Yippee!

In their words:
"We provide cutting edge pro-Israel advocacy, presenting constant news and information through email, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, and other popular areas of the web to those who share concerns about antisemitic online content, as well as content which promotes Islamic terrorism."

"We believe in direct action both to eradicate the problems we face online and to create the publicity that will cause those with companies like Facebook and Google to take the needed action themselves."

Sorry if this is old news, to some. I just got a whiff of it tonight.

Anonymous said...

Les did you see where the pope's asstronomer said if the aliens contact earth he is ready to baptist them. When you get back to Italy and go to church if it looks like a scene from Star Wars you will know what the pope and this asstronomer have been up to. mama mia.


gurnygob said...

WAKE UP YOU BIG SHIT. (grin) small grin.

Carbonization Furnace said...

Very great post. Thanks for sharing.



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