Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hey Buddy, You want to Buy a Watch?

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is true that we should probably be more concerned with “who put the bomp in the bomp she bomp she bomp and who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong or... even more trenchantly “who wrote the book of love”. I don’t think it was these guys. Yes, the mosque at the WTC site is not at the WTC site and Zio-Nazi, Pamela Geller is not going to be played by Pam Grier in the made for TV movie but you can still watch “Machete” if you want to.

Little Georgie Sorrows; shit! I keep misspelling his name; Soros, that’s it. He gave a bunch of money to ‘the’ Human Rights watch. You won’t hear about the behind the scenes fighting between Cartier and Rolex about the rights to make the watch but you couldn’t afford one anyway. So what are you doing here? I don’t appreciate having to do this every day when you still want to know what time it is and All Along the Watchtower is not playing at a theater near you. It’s time to wake the fuck up but that’s just my version. Everybody is talking about “seven come November” and “baby needs a new pair of shoes”. Keep rolling them dice people, sooner or later you are going to get ‘snake-eyes’. September marks the fall. November is an addendum.

It’s not like we need a schedule. These things tend to repeat themselves, while weird, inexplicable shit keeps right on happening. Let’s see, major earthquake and nobody dies... okay and moving right along. Where was I? Who am I? No one will be seated during the last ten minutes of their life. Maybe Paris Hilton will break into The Wax Museum and drive an ice hammer into the head of the display dummy at the Trotsky exhibit. Yes, you can count on it getting even weirder than that. I’m in the unenviable position of having something to do with it and being one of those guys that asks, “What are all those dials for”?

Well those people from Dove; I can’t figure out if they make gourmet ice cream or bar call hand soap. I do know that the Holy War thing is ratcheting up. 0.2% of the world’s population is making war on a quarter of the population AND using a third of it to do their work for them. It’s got to be time for another Nobel Peace Prize. Yom Kippur is coming up, right inside the time zone of that critical period I was just talking about over at Reflections in a Petri Dish. Now there’s a rare event, actually linking my own work.

This constipation thing that I’ve been talking about; this waiting thing; is becoming more and more clear. There are a handful of very bad people propping up a dead system and they are doing it the way a male black widow spider goes about its mating ritual. Let’s hope they are unlucky. Of course you can’t hold something up that gains exponentially more weight as it loses value for very long so… look out below!

I don’t know what the Fox-holes are saying but I know there are no atheists in them. However there is a line of true believers that runs around the block and they are “waiting, just anticipating” (as Otis Redding might say) for their big moment in the privacy booth. They got a condom in one hand (scratch the faith angle) and a gun in the other. It was either cooze or food and cooze won.

It literally blows my mind off the hinges, or it would if there were walls and doors containing my mind. I dressed up as a suicide bomber inside my own head, some years ago, and took care of all that window dressing.

Keep cranking them out visible, remember, you’re getting $0.00 a word so it’s got to be adding up. It’s the thrill of engagement, that’s what it is. Yeah somebody told me that the future was dead but me I never believed them, I caught a seat on the inward bound and trailing the future behind me ...and so it goes. You can’t pack bullshit beyond the limits of its compression. It will explode into flames and... that’s what we got. As the unreal has to grab more and more air and force it into a smaller and smaller space in order to give the semblance of real to the few bits of inert matter willing to remain, it becomes ever more explosive and combustive as it proceeds. The irony is that most people will think its confetti when it goes.

Well, I’m still trying to sell that watch idea. It only keeps time in the dead zones but that’s where all the action is. That’s where all the things you don’t want to be late for are happening; reason you need a watch. You get one of these watches and the shaved head muscle boys at the velvet ropes will be coming down in person to lead you in; just show them your wrist and tell them you’re with the color revolution. It’s either teal or puce this time. Tell them you’re with Little Georgie Sorrows.

Bo boma, banana Osama, gangbang Obama. Yeah, Rawhide!!! So it goes and t’was ever thus. Our forefathers landed on this yet to be plasticized wilderness and said, “Here is the country of my dreams. I’m going to juice it up with freedom and human rights because that is the only sure guarantee that tyranny will follow. Nobody likes the Teletubbies anyway and they are all that’s going to be left in the end.

There are many crimes against humanity and there must be a pecking order somewhere. I tend to think, ‘in your face hypocrisy’ is at the head of the line and it’s wearing the biggest watch of all. I couldn’t tell you where it’s headed because these are truly uncharted waters and I wouldn’t know a sextant from a gyroscope, except I do know what a gyroscope is. I keep seeing people like Jerry Lewis collecting money for something that I haven’t seen a single cure or benefit for yet and I see Little Georgie Sorrows giving away money. I know there’s going to be all kinds of philanthropic insanities as the hours grow shorter.

It would only stand to reason if that guy they crucified came back the way it was promised, with a kick ass persona and started right in with his biggest most self-professed followers. I don’t know how many good deeds it takes in the final hours to ward off judgment but I expect its more than any of these wonderful humanitarians possesses.

We’re just peering out of the undergrowth because the whole landscape is shaky and getting more tremulous with every moment. The sheer, ever increasing speed of it all, is breathtaking. My idea of going outside is to open the window of my office up here and stick my head out. Last night I was having one of those cosmic conversations and every time something meaningful got said there were great big peals of thunder in accompaniment. You really had to be there. It didn’t happen every time but each time it did happen it sure felt like it was part of the act.

Will Jessica Simpson and Joan Rivers get stuck in an elevator at that appointed moment? Will Barry Manilow be singing during the closing credits? When this whole thing blows there are going to be a lot of people dancing with the stars in a whole new way. I’m hoping I’ve done what I could, even if I don’t get done what I wanted to. I probably won’t be playing “Grand Theft Auto 4” when the trumpet sounds.

All you fine folk out there in the wilderness and pariah land, I want you to know that my heart is with you and if you can get here or I can get there, then one of us probably will. I’m thinking an authentic Japanese Tea House might be the right environment. There would be early morning mists shrouding the evergreens that ascend the mountain and the sound of a nightingale or a whippoorwill. Poetry and redemption will find its way to some of us in the process and I hope it finds me in that tea room, just like I said.

Give it your best shot and give it everything you got. Right now is the time to start if you’re willing and able. Hitch your wagon to a star. You’re a whole lot better than you think you are and... so it goes.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Rocks in the Stream by Les Visible♫ Rocks in the Stream ♫

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Smoking Mirrors Mirror.


A.Mouser said...

Marvelous Les!

The end really does seem to be coming.

A tea room in Japan or a down home family owned restaurant in Germany would both do equally well.

See you soon.

VW: Prosted
'The bloody order of Darken Rahl prosted every Truthseeker to unsheeth their sword - the time was near...

Please get your book out soon.



A.Mouser said...

Marvelous Les!

The end really does seem to be coming.

A tea room in Japan or a down home family owned restaurant in Germany would both do equally well.

See you soon.

VW: Prosted
'The bloody order of Darken Rahl prosted every Truthseeker to unsheeth their sword - the time was near...

Please get your book out soon.



Anonymous said...

I like the sounds of peacocks and cows.

One an exotic transcendental echo.

The other everyone's mother calling, warm and sweet, nourishing love.

Yep, make mine bucolic, please.

Anonymous said...

A watch?

Wanna buy a watch? If you had a watch you'd know that this is no time to be in this neighberhood. So wanna buy a watch?

Cheech and Chong c. 1971

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

"Keep cranking them out visible, remember, you’re getting $0.00 a word so it’s got to be adding up.

It’s the thrill of engagement, that’s what it is.

Yeah somebody told me that the future was dead but me I never believed them, I caught a seat on the inward bound and trailing the future behind me …and so it goes."

Wow, that's marvelous!! Who ARE you?

Visible said...

I don't know

and yeah, those are lines in songs running through my mind just like the final paragraph.

You caught me high. I don't usually do this.

The Eagle flies at night said...

I'm at ground zero where the peace dove of the world is about to be roasted and the sorrows in control of this flagged event tried to stop my watchtower on a different 9/11.

Come that misty morning my foggy mental breakdown may take the cure. I Jesus hope the tea can cure the burns on soul when their little lights -- up the sky.

You bring good shit for white man, my Lakota friends would say. Stay high.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA I needed that. You are too much man. With your kind of pen, making those big bucks. All those zeros, wow. Obongo could use a speech writer with your skills. It would make him sound like a genius. Can you imagine him getting up there and speaking the truth. Naw, it wouldn't work. The teleprompter would short circuit, or he would choke to fucken death before he read half the speech.

Well been reading lately the loop current is dead. No more warm water going north up the Atlantic. Lots of people will be freezing their ass off. Even more bizarre weather to come. Best to sock in some extra groceries. It is going to be a bitch.

They started the chemtrail program back up in Idaho. Those clear blue skies were nice while they lasted. The zombies probably missed those perfectly natural lines in the sky. Nothing like a good hit of aluminum and barium nanoparticles.

You got me in the mood for a little trip. I think I will "stick my head out the window" and scream.


Anonymous said...

Yep, those white lines of coke are back in the sky. Maybe a shipment got lost along the way.

All those big bucks that the zombies crave so much is just dead weight when things start to happen.

Les, if I could write like you, I would be you and enjoying every minute of it. But, I write like me and I am me and got enjoy this ride.

We are having major forest fires here in the outskirts of Boulder, CO. Smells like an overcrowded campground. Fires, earthquakes, volcanos, floods, wars and rumors of wars, didn't I hear about this somewhere?

Have my fingers crossed and clikinig my heels in hpes that the dominos fall right so that I can make a visit to New Rome before it falls. They don't build those buildings like they used to, will fall a lot faster this time. In that Nero I hear in the background?



ps: quite a struggle to get this posted.

wv: sater

Anonymous said...

Hello Les, that watch is melting and the ants are closing in...not enough people are waking up...duck and cover...love more harmless ..Terrance

Visible said...

amicus; the truth is alone. only the sincere find her. I feel like I am huddled at a campfire with the echos of cigarette smoke leaving my lungs and setting me free. I can't say that it's all quiet on the western front tonight because I am in the east.

sleepy girl edna said...

I'm so damned tired, Les. I can barely stay awake for 4-5 hours at a stretch.

I'm glad you're rollin' in the big writing bucks. Me too lately, rolling zeros all the way. They favor the house you know,... but then again poetry was always worth more than a buck.

Thanks for being. :)

Perry L said...


I GAVE UP yesterday. Since nobody gives a flying fuck about any of the "news" and "information" I have for them why should I subject myself to being called "crazy" and/or "stupid" by people with the intellectual acumen of a goat?

Erased my Facebook wall, deleted my blogs, emptied my Youtube account...done, finished, fuck it.

I'll just sit and wait with my fellow slaves and hope for a swift end to it all...and of course enjoy the more trivial things in life...hey Football season starts next weekend right?

Anonymous said...

There has to be some invisible urge for karmic payback from nature for such dogged pursuit of profit.

But the even weirder shit is that we may all be wrong - the blissed out optimists, the doom and gloomers, the politico-morlocks and the bankerazis, and those of us who see things a little more clearly.

Who the heck knows? So what is there to worry about?


Visible said...

C'mon guys, sleep in the grave if you don't make it. Give your best shot while you can. I didn't sleep at all last night and I've been busy saving the world and battling aliens and my own confusions till dawn broke on my tabletop and Lord Surya (close personal friend) dropped in for some sunshine coffee. Everything's sunshine with him. I can't get a negative thought in edgewise around him. Mr. Positive? duh... and he has that job for about four hundred million years.

If you're sincere and tell him I sent you he'll give you a little lift in your spirits. A key to understanding the sun is to know that he's always rising upon the moment of dawn somewhere.

Life is doing the same thing, husband that fire in your belly. There are paths to immortality. I'm on one of them and so are you.

If it is worth having, then you will sacrifice everything to have it. If it turns out to be the truth, then you are in clover in real time.

Now I'm going to watch a Merchant Ivory film. I thought that I had seen all of them but maybe not, cause I haven't seen this. The Golden Bowl. We will get there but it won't be a commercial.

European American said...

Timing is everything.

Anonymous said...

Les, it looks like Jeff Goldberg has a bridge to sell.


Zoner said...

I dug this.

So sure, weird shit is happening and will continue to happen and get weirder. Maybe even the "Big One" will visit us (take your pick from the menu posted above), but then I suppose we all get a turn at the front of the line and a turn at being denied passage beyond the velvet ropes. My question is, when the end finally arrives, as it has for all who have come before us in this particular dance, what will be the last sentiment that comes forth?

I'm praying that it will still be gratitude. Thanks for everything means EVERYTHING.

High or not, Les, that shit finds the mark. Pretty good aim even if the understanding of the use of all those dials has yet to be imparted. Fire away, brother.

And thank you.


wv; sciezez

gurnygob said...

Perry L said..I GAVE UP yesterday.

Good for you Perry. I gave up some time ago and I have never felt better. All that wasted time telling people things they didn't want to hear and things I wasn't even sure of myself. Like Les says, just say "I don't know" and let yourself be guided by the spirit of truth.

People don't want to hear the truth. None of us do. We do not pick the truth but rather, the truth picks us and when we are ready the lock keeper will pick the lock and the doors will be flung open. When that time comes there will be people enough seeking your council and then you can feed them with the spirit of god the bread of life and of real truth. Hold on to the truth in your heart and watch it grow and be content for soon enough you will have a field to sow and a harvest to gather.

Consider Christ and how he lived and died to bring the truth to us. If that doesn’t work for you then as one of Les’ songs says
(“gods not dead he’s merely hiding you can find him in the morning when the sun is rising”) go out in the morning when the sun is rising and praise god in the silence of your heart or scream your head off (everyone to his own) and ask him to fill you with love and truth. Just say “god I don’t know, will you teach me”.
If the truth wants you to give someone a message just remember you are nothing more than a postman delivering mail, so don’t get above your station. There’s nothing worse than a know-it-all and people can spot them a mile off.
Anyway all I want to do is get closer to Jesus so im off to recite my new prayer. Maybe I can woo a smile or a sideways glance from him in my direction.
Peace to you and me.

Unknown said...

Another great post Les!

All this talk of underground cities and bunkers that the "elite" are going to sequestor themselves in, a great collection of assholes, trapped like the rats they are.

I would be interesting how the pecking order will try to update itself with all these bloodthirsty types (atribute requirement for admission) try to sort themselves out in a captive audience.

Would be the makings of a real life Agatha Christie novel, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

You make it less lonely for the interspersed.

A warm tear from a kindred flame.

And the hearts sing: Doo-de-doo-de-doo doodoodoo Doo-de-doo-de-doo doodoodoo...

Anonymous said...

Brilliantly profound Les,

Put the kettle on!


Rabbit said...

My rabbit companion and I have a ticket to ride. We're marking time, waiting on the platform just now, but running my factory, paying bills, taxes, going to court speeding fines it all feels like its just something to do whilst waiting for the train.

Then it's just a matter of picking up my swag, tucking my rabbit into my jacket and heading out to adventure. I'm one of the few who survives, and I already know it. I love fireworks and this should be a good show.

estebanfolsom said...

so god
got lonely

he had no eyes
nor ears

he had no hands
he had no feet

he had no laughs
nor tears
so here we are
his windows

and here we are
his doors

he's built a house
and we're living in it

from the ceiling to
the floors


god likes

and he's
always home

Nayon said...

''You can’t pack bullshit beyond the limits of its compression. It will explode into flames and…''

Well, some whore think she can...


Anonymous said...

I never give up. It just takes me awhile.

if you open the door I will walk through. If the door is not open, I move on.

Les, thanks for creating this 'home' when there is times that there isn't one.



Anonymous said...

ok,, another Jung loose quote from me,
Jung wrote of his trip to Africa where he met a tribe who had members that got up just before dawn, faced the east, put their hands up and chanted/prayed for the sun to rise. they were dead set convinced that if they didnt do this, the sun would not rise. its hard to do that kind of thing when youve been brought up rationalising things away, but thats the sort of dedication required to have a meaningful life. the absence of which is a kind of disease in modern life, filled with the confetti and banility dished out in Disneyworld.
similary, he spoke of the Australian aborignines dancing around poking sticks in the ground, basically F'cking the earth. they meant it too.
sometimes I feel like one of the aliens, but theres also the 'truth' to consider, and theres the meaningfullness of the spirit vs the 'real world'. its still a dichotomy to me (thinking vs feeling). I reckon I;d have to live to 500 to start, so I'd like to believe in reincarnation too.

peace and love and good happy stuff


estebanfolsom said...

oh yeah
forgot to say

were loved

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, Back from Italy and woke up to dark skies with thunder and lightening.

This piece is brilliant and your work is priceless. It cannot be valued by the word, but I am sure the returns will fruitful and positive.

In the end, its just us against the hired stooges with the shaved head guarding the ropes. Not much of an opposition when you think about it.

"IGotStripes" said...

Hey Estebanfolsom;

Are you like some kind of a spanish Johnny Cash - singing about folsom prison? Is esteban spanish for stephen?

Anyway your poem - where ever you got it is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Scott said,
All this talk of underground cities and bunkers that the "elite" are going to sequestor themselves in, a great collection of assholes, trapped like the rats they are.

SHIT always seeks the lowest levels, "And the mountains shall be laid LOW". Good Ridance, I'm still climbing.

Nakrish Pigo said...

Today mankind cannot survive for long,
Divided into fragments, if a strong
Decision-making body at the head
Of one United World, whose rule is spread
To each and every corner of the globe,
Is not appointed soon to look and probe
Into the main affairs of every state,
Drawn from all nations now, and not too late,
Kept on the o’erall task to build and plan
A new world order for progressive man.
It is high time that mankind heeds the signs
Which point to what the racial mind designs,
What is the surest method we can find
To build a war-free world for humankind,
And end the menace of a nuclear war
Which, from all indications, is not far,
To save from horror, death and agony
Millions of guiltless souls who cannot see
How close they are to yawning jaws of death
Or life-long torture borne to the last breath.

Josh said...

Les this was a colorful and funny post. You are a great writer and sometimes what you say goes right over my head. Yes people the chemtrail program is going long and strong here in eastern north carolina also. In fact they were particularly bad at dawn today when I went for a walk. I think they like to spray at night quite often, to not overdo it during the day and raise too many eyebrows. There was no pause in the spraying here from what I saw. I know some people on this blog said it stopped where they lived but it continued without pause over the past few months from what I have seen here. About that thing we call the apocalypse...yeah. Quite an experience. Things going on internally and externally. I have found myself going through a process as of late of trying to clear old issues and emotional baggage. I think I'm having some success with some things but there are some other things that I still need to transcend. I read in multiple places that this was a step toward ascension, well I must be in the thick of it then. Still very much a work in progress though. If we don't all die from this hell on earth shit, and we do actually move in to some magical new earth, I can only continue to strive here and now and hope that I pass the audition when and if the time comes. I don't think I have much in common with mutant zombie bikers, psychopaths, and reptile-human hybrid aliens. I wouldn't want to be left behind on an old earth that was ruled by them. The stocking up on food part is easy, it's the consciousness-raising part that is a challenge! I haven't commented much in recent times Les but I still read your work almost daily. I still find that my thoughts have somehow made their way into your writings and it still blows my mind. Les I hope that this comment finds you and everyone reading here in good spirits. May the force be with us all. Grey Owl (formerly known as Bearwalk7)...I changed my name again. I like this one better. :)

Anonymous said...

Russia may sue.........


...Nazi sympathizers.

Anonymous said...

Les & Folks: Have you ever heard "Fearless Leader" by Soul Asylum?

Jesus was a hippie
Peace and love was all He was about
That's why they killed Him
'Cause that shit's something people can't figure out

Now some folks who worship Him
Are the ones who would have cheered at the crucifixion
They got no conviction
It doesn't matter if the Man was fact or fiction

But who're you gonna call your fearless leader?
Who's gonna put your fears to bed?
'Cos heroes will never let you down
Just as long as they're dead

Satan is a feeling
Deviance, it lurks in everyone
Guilty pleasures
And mischievous behavior can be fun

But no one made you do it
Nobody but yourself to blame
It's always at your door
And trouble is its name

But who're you gonna call your fearless leader?
Who's gonna put your fears to bed?
'Cos heroes will never let you down
Just as long as they're dead

Sometimes you gotta pick and choose
Sometimes no matter what you lose

Nixon was a liar
It's the one thing believed to be true
Tricky Dick was not a crook
Whatever that means, whatever presidents do

But money can't buy you children
And nothing can bring them back to you
We all make mistakes
We all need someone to look up to

But who're you gonna call your fearless leader?
Who's gonna put your fears to bed?
'Cos heroes will never let you down
Just as long as they're dead

Or, from an Earlier Album, "Sent on a mission to see just how much shit one man can take."

All Empathy Fear and Hope, here. Bye. M

Anonymous said...

i axed the sockmonkey and all he wood tell

jesus and hitler wanted to make the world a better place. look around, can't ya tell

the new world odor has an old world smell

Anonymous said...

..pierre, 4:59AM
I've always liked Jung and I thank God for that tribe in Africa for each day.

Anonymous said...

Les, here is the IDF national anthem.


BuBow said...

I don't want a watch, can we play a shell game instead? Perry L. deleting those accounts from those lame social pages is the best thing you can do. Bravo

Anonymous said...

monsanto flowers
and israhells peace
haliburtons harmony
with natos sold chiefs
government viruses
and warmakers gold
psychopathic principles
people made cold
mental frustration
cultivated deceit
young minds terrorised
bullying of the weak
a world manufactured
owned and enslaved
the clock tick tock
liberation waves
old world dying
wants to renew
but needs all the people
they are earth too


Anonymous said...

I love the smell of Fukamushi Sencha in the morning... smells like victory.


Anonymous said...

I am one who HAD a ticket to ride but for my own reasons choose to stick "down under" like an authentic Aussie. Unlike Rabbit @ 2:44 I am not anticipating a happy fireworks estravaganzs. Have fun you ticketholders but I'm happy with my conscience of peace and ease. To each his own. Remember you will have to live with the choices you are making now in the latertime.

Lukiftian said...

Hmmm... channeling a bit of Joyce today.

You could have done worse than him (and have). A wonderful, beautifully written post.

Anonymous said...

As well, in a UPI interview on September 26, 2001, two weeks after the 9-11 attacks, Gul stated, in reply to the question who did Black Sept. 11?, "Mossad and its accomplices. The US spends $40 billion a year on its 11 intelligence agencies. That's $400 billion in 10 years. Yet the Bush Administration says it was taken by surprise. I don't believe it. Within 10 minutes of the second twin tower being hit in the World Trade Center CNN said Osama bin Laden had done it. That was a planned piece of disinformation by the real perpetrators" Gul is clearly not well liked in Washington. He claims his request for travel visas to the UK and to the USA have repeatedly been denied. Making Gul into the arch enemy would suit some in Washington nicely.

Hybird Rouge said...

Hi Les,

I was just thinking about Steven Hawking, and his famous/infamous
assertion and I wrote this down. I thought you would get what I am
saying here...

As to Hawking, all one has to do is ask how these laws of gravity, etc
can 'exist' in any form--even potential, while in a state of
“nothngness”? That would be “somethingness”, not “nohingness”.

One must admit that cause is not explained by rhetoric such as this.
Honestly/Reasonably considered, cause is left assumed by an
unreasonable presumption.

When speaking of laws of physics, one may not casually suggest that
there is 'nothing' and it just spontaneously became 'something', even
if that 'something' is the template of probabilities Hawkins refers as
'laws of physics'.

The source if the template must of course be considered, not merely hand-waved.
This consideration is by necessity a 'metaphysical'--pre-physical
question. What is BEFORE time? It is an oxymoron.

Hawking suggests he knows what the template is, what the design is,
for that is what his epistemological whole is presenting, a
mathematical construction, a plan, a matrix, circuitry , a map...in
deed a DESIGN.

Comprehending the design is not enough, we must contemplate the
designer, the source. If the design is comprehensible, the mind of the
designer is comprehensible, even if that acknowledgement is awe, even
if it is recognition.

Personally I can conceive of no more profound reasonableness than to
assume that we are the dream in the mind of the source, that we and
the entire universe is 'avatar' for the source to experience a living

And contemplation of this leads to that recognition I alluded to, even
it it is sublime and indescribable in the time space tongue. \\ll//

Visible said...

Lots of you are having problems posting. As many times as I tell you to send me your comments by email you just never seem to get this.

I mentioned over and over that the Zionists who own this blog setup and Google are hard at work to make appear that I do not receive some larger responses so they block different areas at different times. Send me your comments or cease to let me know about your inability to post because that doesn't help anything.

I'm glad to do this.

Anonymous said...

Les, here is something from the "watch-dog" regarding a carbon permit auction.


wv: nobit...barking dogs never bite?

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

This is a bit off the subject, (sorry about that) but I assume you've seen the headlines about the Terry Jones Koran burning buffoonery. So while I was thinking about it a few minutes ago a couple of thoughts came, the first being that I strongly suspect Terry Jones is a Mason who is following orders to stir the 'us vs them' pot and to try to add legitimacy to the offical 9/11 lies.

The second thought I had was this:

Koran: A book that is the constitution of the religion of Islam which it's followers neither read nor live by.

Bible: A book that is the constitution of the religion of Christianity which it's followers neither read nor live by.

Visible said...

Wow people. I just discovered that a lot of you have written me letters at that yahoo email. I never go there. I am sincerely sorry. When it's working here I just don't bother. Now I find I haven't answered dozens of letters. I will respond, even though some of them are a year and a half old.

My apologies. I will have that mail routed to my main address so that I can see what's happening and then still check when there is trouble here. I have to stay on top of so much that this is what happens sometimes.

I'm going to have to stop doing it all for nothing too as it is now becoming difficult to maintain certain aspects of my existence.; I will have my new novel out no later that 10/15 (for sale for 10 Euro so that will solve my problem financially (I don't need much) and I am recording 5 new albums so that I will have all 17 of them for sale at my sites. I've been giving my music away and my last novel as well but I can't do that any more. I hope no one thinks I'm selling out (grin).

My income has fallen off considerably and I haven't been paying attention. It's my fault

I'll put this at Smoking Mirrors too because for some reason not nearly so many people go to the other two main blogs.

A lot of changes are coming and I am looking forward to Italy and being able to read these things in the sky (after a certain fashion). it's a magical place that is vibrationally sympathetic to me.. unlike here.

I notice that now they have cut off access to the comments page so remember to send you comments to lesvisible@yahoo.com and I will put them up in the morning. They've shut down my email intake as well at Google and have closed off areas of the planet for commenting. I'll put something on the main page.

estebanfolsom said...

let them try to block
this one

i've got a thousand

Anonymous said...

Correction: The country should have been spelled "Pakistan" NOT "Palistan."

Karearea said...

How nice of you to notice our earthquake. It was a doozy, but I didn't bother getting out of bed..at least until I heard my flatmate upstairs moving about nervously. As i stood on the balcony, I observed that our neighborhood was still standing and remarked "Earthquake FAIL".
Why did no one die? Timing, low population density and reasonably strong building codes. Damn shame. I had to drink beer for a week because everyone was worried about the water. pah!

Why was it weird, Les? NZ hasn't attacked anyone so far as I know. Perhaps the gods placed a little protection around the simple people of Christchurch.

It wasn't inexplicable. you will notice the timing, with respect to the big earthquake and the big aftershock a few days later, of the solar flares/filaments...which occured approx 1/2 an hour before the shakes.
8.3 light minutes away
at approx 1/3 the speed of light , whatever hit the earth was travelling at 83333333.3333 metres/second.

Cosmic Harmony, n'est-ce pas?

Anonymous said...

Do the Maori have a word for karma?

Then again, did the Moriori?

And on and on it goes..

estebanfolsom said...

to mouser
i got it
from y'all

check this:


Anonymous said...

This is meant as a comment for Reflections: The Truth is an Unwelcome Guest. I hopeyou don't mind.
I can't figure out how to post in the new format at Reflections, since I don't blog, and LV's three sites are the only ones I send comments to.

Thank you for being the beacon of hope and guidance that you are in the gloom and mists of these difficult times.



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