Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lizards and Vultures and Swine... Oh my!

This isn’t going to be easy to accomplish. If I have to think about it I’ll wind up in a personalized version of the Okefenokee Swamp without an airboat, or mucking through the Everglades looking for the Tamiani Trail; use your imagination and you’ll come up with something.

Before I get sucked back into specializing on one topic after another, which often makes me feel like a monitor with an 800 by 600 resolution, let me paint my idea of the big picture and throw in a little creative visualization, all at no cost to you except for the time spent to consider it. You’ve got time. You’ve got nothing but time. No matter what time you think you don’t have and however much you think time is running out, you have more time than you can possibly imagine. To explain this I have to get a little metaphysical.

As long as you’re running around in the world of time, which is part and parcel of the terra you walk on and made possible by the possession of a physical body, you will never run out of time. You may go through transitions and bodies but time will be a constant companion. When you are not in the realm of time you have forever, literally so... any way you look at it there’s a big stretch of something to either move across or be perfectly still within as you expand exponentially in all directions.

Time is a little like gravity. It has weight. It presses down. Compare in your mind the relative time awareness between being in a prison cell and having sex or watching a movie. Compare sitting in a sauna to lying on a beach. Compare being a lawyer to being a musician. If time is a construct of the mind then- it goes without saying- the first place you should address anything is in your mind. This is your control sphere and either you are running the show here or the world is running the show.

You see... either you possess an objective mind and a capacity to be detached from an emotional connection to trivial and ever changing phenomena or your head is going to be copped by the world around you and you are going to be the plaything of lizards and swine. It’s a matter of degrees of torment and bondage or degrees of clarity and freedom; it all begins and ends in your head and that’s what makes the media such a powerful force. That’s what makes the control of the flow of information such a high priority for lizards and swine.

Let’s talk a little about lizards and swine and vultures too. Animals are living embodiments of qualities we see exercised by people every day. You can see the animal characteristics in people without much difficulty if you are capable of this sort of thing. Human characteristics are less easy to spot- and a surprise when you see them- because they aren’t in evidence as much.

Most of you know who David Icke is and have read about the lizard people who may, or may not be in control of much of the phenomenal world. This idea didn’t originate with Icke. He just assimilated it from much older texts that stretch beyond recorded time. The terms ‘atavistic’ and ‘reptile brain’ should be familiar to you. Icke postulates that there are shapeshifters in our midst who can turn into bi-pedal lizard people. He’s got people who allege to have witnessed Daddy Bush doing just this. It would explain a great deal.

I’m not concerned with whether some portion of the psychopaths among us can actually do this or not. For me, if someone behaves like a flesh-eating lizard then they might as well be one. The same goes for vultures and swine. There are people among us who gladly trade their humanity for animal and reptile characteristics in order to profit according to the appetites of these creatures. It is in the satisfaction of certain appetites that you can see what is predominant in anyone. What you want and what you strive for determine who and what you are.

People like Donald Rumsfield and Dick Cheney; the Bush Crime Family, Rupert Murdoch, assorted neo-cons and various and sundry are all human equivalents of lizards and vultures and swine. Think of a lizard that can walk on two feet and who has hands that can open your icebox, operate a firearm and sign a piece of paper and you get some idea of the sort of monsters you are dealing with.

I know that it is difficult to imagine that a person can do the kinds of things that David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger do because... you’re not like them and you could never do these things so... it just seems incomprehensible. This puts you at a disadvantage because you’re always thinking there have to be reasons; reasonable necessities, needs, requirements that compel them to behave as they do. It is impossible to imagine that members of the banking community actually get together and bankroll wars for no other reason than profit; which they reap from both sides of the battlefield.

War creates debt which creates profit made from money that is printed out of thin air by bankers. Debt grants control over policy and resources. That’s all there is to it except for one thing. They enjoy doing it. They do it because it also makes them hard. You have to understand this. There is no secret wisdom that these men and women possess that requires them to behave as they do. There’s no hidden charter that says they have to perform difficult acts that are for our own good but we can’t know why. They do these things because they delight in evil and practice it for the sheer joy of doing it.

Around every two thousand years the world goes through a tremendous upheaval and transformation. We are present in such a time. What the universe does in the beginning of each new age is a certain amount of spring cleaning. Much of what the lizards and the vultures and the swine have been up to and the creatures themselves are about to pass away. You need to know this and to be calm and aware. Otherwise it is not difficult to get sucked away with them when they go down. Think of what happens when an ocean liner goes down and you are trying to swim away from it. You need to get distance from that liner or all of your swimming is to no avail. It’s better not to be sailing on that liner at all.

You have heard that it is “always darkest before the dawn.” Just so... We are being separated out according to our treasures and will be having our cosmic passports stamped at the customs station for points up and down; evolving and de-evolving. New heroes and villains, opportunities and challenges are this very minute being manufactured for the coming age; for the next movie. But this isn’t your ordinary 2,000 year cycling. This is a 25,000 year cycling and so the ocean liner and the whirlpool and the re-cycling is going to be impressive indeed. You don’t need to believe in any of these things to see that insanity is loose in the world. Lots of people want a piece of it and some don’t want any part of it.

I’ll say this much. Belonging to a particular religion isn’t going to make any difference whether you make the quantum jump or not, no more than belonging to a particular political party, or having brown hair or no hair. Certain qualities are being awakened and carried forth and others are being composted and discarded. Depending on what you identify with determines where you go. Love and compassion above all; a capacity for selfless service, the acquisition of wisdom and a connection with the source of what all religions are based on will be your most valuable possessions. Not much else is worth much.

I don’t care if Bush can really change into a lizard because if it walks like a lizard and talks like a lizard and acts like a lizard it must be a lizard. The same goes for vultures and swine. I don’t care about the reports of vampires and werewolves because you can find both of them from Hollywood to Bangkok any day of the week. I don’t care about Christians and Jews and Muslims banging each other upside the head. All of that is on its way out. There is an entirely new world on the horizon and it won’t be all cream and gravy either.

We’d all be a lot better off working on ourselves and staying out of mischief than getting overwrought about the actions of dark forces seemingly and temporarily triumphant over our lives and circumstances. They cannot last and their only power lies in making you believe they can. Their power is in making you forget to be human and act like them in kind. They are on their way out; the Zionists and the neo-cons; the illuminati and the lizard kings, the fascists and the communists, the materialists and the con-artistes are going down. Nothing can stop this. It is natural and supernatural law. It’s best not to get caught up in the circus unless you want to be part of the act.

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Next time I’ll be back to bang on one drum or another but the only drum I’m ever really banging on is the drum I was banging on today.


kikz said...

mornin :)

that was wonderful...

thankz :)*

Eugene said...

Hierosolyma Est Perdita!

Sic Semper Ziorannis!

What weapon will do this? If its not real hands in real time shedding real blood? What is it?

The lizards, vultures and swine are not just going to lay down and die...are they? They have shed so much blood and covered it with arrangements and the great eraser of 'history is written by the victors'.

What hand will do this? In trying to frame this argument of internal vs/or external weapon I loose people. Will you pick up a real weapon to destroy these monsters? Is this a loaded question? So many I know are even afraid to frame the question. Fight the man? Seems impossible so lay down and die. If one is not preparing with skills of plants, hunting, foraging and survival skills and yes honing skill to kill...what is the hand that will do this?

Have we become so passive as to not even defend ourselves? Does not Justice wield a sword? Who in time will be this?

VEXING ME! What is this? 'To fight the empire is to become infected with its derangement' as PK Dick exegeted...something has to fight it? How does one fight without becoming infected.

Magical weapons do exist...where are the magi? Is it one of the mans weapons to convince all that fighting them with sword is in vain? We are often told in todays religions its in the next lay down your life for such and such. Doesnt this serve the man? For Americans to fight everywhere but at home proves the psyop has been so effective. We can kill overthere but not the monsters down the street at city hall, capitol building, whitehouse? To even write this is a crime.


Anonymous said...

Indulgence In Abstract Hurdle For Concrete Progress
(Apollonian, 21 May 08)

This Les Visible essay seems to be a little lacking for useful, meaningful, definite formulation and conclusion. For of course no one wants to be too hasty, but purposeful humanity requires we know for ourselves we're creditably engaged in productive activity. Thus we seek to move fm abstract theoretic and lyrical-type indulgence to more down-to-earth concrete and purposeful planning.

So we human animals might look to the rest of the animal world to gain a grasp/vision for basic nature of things--we all share that basic urge to self-preservation (yes, selfishness). For note rational selfishness is the necessary theme, and we want to know how to gain it.

Thus I look to history and try to gain inspiration fm St. Constantine the Great who instituted the first great, definitive Jew-expulsion. And remember, when u say "Jew"--u're talking about Talmud (see,, and for good Talmudic expo).

And honesty and objectivity requires there's no "good-evil" (Pelagian heresy); it's just with Talmudism rampant, u see u're up against religiously-convicted psychopaths, no less, who consider rest of world their own (why not? after all), whose Talmudic plan is to quite literally "farm" these goy slaves, like parasite farming the host/victim. So let's just consider and observe for the full picture of this socio-biologic/historic process.

So it's great socio-biologic/historical CYCLE we're involved in which has been running ever since recorded human history--and observe again it isn't different fm biologic cycles for animals.

Thus when rains come and are steady, and the grass grows, the wildebeests and Zebras, etc., all thrive, as do the lions and leopards and crocodiles. But then when the rains fail so do the animals of the food chain, etc. Biology follows more basic physics, as Darwin so simply theorized, after all.

Thus we observe the Christian civilization throve fm at least the High Middle Age, the Jew parasite riding along, the Jew then taking advantage in the Modern Age fm French Revolution, the Rothschilds gaining absolute ascendance which they enjoy in this very day still.

Thus the great Christian-Jew Hegelian dialectic of aestheticalist anti-theses, the Jew parasite now cyclically nearing OVER-POPULATION.

And note the parallel metaphysical anti-theses, Christian/Western OBJECTIVITY vs. Jew/Babylonian subjectivity. For understanding the basic logic of it all helps for seeing the collaboration element to Jew within the gentile population, betraying and selling-out fellow gentiles.

So this strictly socio-biologic/historic (see for expo/ref.) analysis is the only thing Les Visible lacks to ground his more lyrical, abstract, visionary-type scenarios for clearest understanding, I'd say.

Present inner-most gang of criminal malefactors and conspirators are surely the COUNTERFEITERS (see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud/scam) who've bought and paid-for all their collaborators among the still over-populated goyim, esp. "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) heretics who suck along so "faithfully." There are lower-level -type Jews too, of course--but they're loyal to their masterminds in accord w. their so intensively collectivist-minded Talmud, never doubt, confirmed over and over again.

Jew-expulsion remains then most creditable, productive, and easily understandable course--the final episode for present historic cycle of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Only question then is how exactly to most expeditiously prosecute such Jew-expulsion--for note topmost Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) are perfectly willing to sacrifice lower-level Jew bolsheviki, these bolsheviks perfectly willing to sacrifice themselves too--for these are all religiously convicted psychopaths, never doubt.

Christians must be sure to nail the gentile collaborators no less. Hence then process of cyclic history continues, Christian patriots persevering for CONSOLIDATION of anti-semitic and patriot host.

Time now is to SHIFT fm the lyrical-abstract mode, indulged now a bit much by Les Visible, more to matter-of-fact intellectual mode, to make more CONCRETE what heretofore is still so ABSTRACT.

Problem then, again, is that COUNTERFEIT scam at base of ZOG-Mammon beast/empire running Orwellian "perpetual war." We gotta quit talking and indulging in such abstract/lyrical -type terms about "inflation" (or "lizards," etc.) and such, and get more concrete regarding COUNTERFEITERS--for that's what "be happening, dude." And when u talk about counterfeiters, u're talking about sheer, crass criminals and psychopaths.

CONCLUSION: That's why Jew-expulsion then is really such realistic solution, getting rid of these psychopaths following their Talmudic psychopathic religion. And observe then there are, as there could be, NO "GOOD Jews"--any more than there are "good" Talmudists or good psychopaths. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Visible said...


I'm not sure where you're coming from; probably no more than you seem to have gleaned my intent.

People will fight, are fighting and people will kneel and people will collaborate and sell out their souls and loved ones. It happens every day and through history. However...

no one can fight the Sun or the seasons or the turning of the cosmic clock. What is, is and what will be shall be. No fighting or submission will affect anything but the soul of the one so engaged. The larger issue, the transformations and changes are operational from another will, an all prevailing will that will see its intentions carried out. We are the hands of such a force... for and against but the carrying out and conclusion of that will arises from the source at the center of all; NOT from the separate will, for good or ill, of any of the participants.

Anonymous said...

The Weapon is Love and Compasion. The Rule of Law is, "Treat everyone and every living thing in the same manor that you want everyone and every living thing to treat you."
These action will create the right path into the future for you. We create the future with each choice we make. So make loving and compasionate choices and the "Path" will lead you in the right direction.

Visible said...


thank you for pointing that out.

Anonymous said...

To Eugene I would say that Ghandi fought without fighting and won. He activly sought the fight so that he could activly not participate. I think the battle Les is talking about is fought by not being controlled. We fight by disconnecting ourselvs from the matrix. When you engage in the fight using their methods, you become them, they win. You confront the beast by refusing to be eaten, and you win by starving it to death.

I think, however that you and I have the same problem. Lack of patience. We want to see the beast die. We want to see it writhing in agony for the pain it has caused, and is causing still. To grind the lizards and the vultures and swine under heel, and everyones misery with them, but alas it is not to be. I fear the fight will outlast us, but it does not dimminish the need for the fight to be fought, and won. So as difficult as it is Eugene, lay down your gun, and open your mind and heart, and deal them a vicious blow. Peace

Anonymous said...

Les--I feel honored! I posted a comment on your previous post suggesting you treat the subject of psychopaths, and here it is!!! We both must be heavily influenced by the work of people like Andrew Lobaczewski or Robert Hare. I find the act of observing psychopathic behavior to be a challenge that is most rewarding if done successfully. At least you know which people to avoid like the plague. Perfecting this capability is like buying a life insurance policy.

But I don't think the psychopaths are going to go away without an enormous struggle that will damage civilization profoundly.

Zoner said...

Mr. Visible, I find sometimes your admonitions are at odds with each other, but am glad to see you return to a more basic outline of what you see coming upon us and the reasons for what appears to be so much coming to a head at one time. I'm pretty sure most every generation has had a fair share of people looking around at their world and proclaiming "the end (beginning) is near!", so to imagine we are somehow fortunate enough to be witness to a "really big shew" strikes me as a bit melodramatic sometimes, but it is hard to see any of what is going on as a "little bump" in our collective road. My insane, over-the-top "Christian" neighbor has her bags packed and is literally scanning the sky daily while singing hymns, and is convinced she is a heartbeat away from being raptured. I happen to agree, however, that there is something big looming and it isn't going to be subtle. Imploring us "lazy, stupid or drunk" Americans to rise up and do something, as suggested in your previous 2 postings, seems somewhat at odds with the idea that what we really need to do is work on ourselves - which in turn allows us to be better prepared to care for folks like my neighbor when it hits the fan, but where else to start?. Is this just impatience? Do you simply want out of here as bad as I do and think that a revolution would be a good kick-off to the festivities ahead?

2 months ago, I got passports for my family and began selling all my belongings with the intention of leaving this country. I no longer wanted to pay for the wars and the evil shit that is done with the product of my sweat and labor. I wanted out. But where to go? Is it fair to my small children to pull them away from their home and take them to a foreign country? Is it irresponsible of me to stay put, knowing what likely waits for us here in the USA? I'm sticking with the suggestion that you put forth today. Improving my own connection and further wiping the sleep from my eyes is something I CAN do, right here and right now. Beyond that, it gets a little murky but awakening to the "reality" of things seems like the place to start. I see the lizard behavior. I see the huge numbers of snoozing, cheeto-munching zombies that surround us. The best I can do is learn how not allow myself to be lured into that state of being, because while I don't "know" anything, something inside is compelling me to wake up and get ready - for something. Thanks for your work, especially the Survival Guide. Good luck to all of you! Z

P.S. Appolonian, glad to see you have it "all figured out". But seriously, it is getting shrill and giving me a headache. If it is all "the Jews" actions causing the world's ills, then tell me - what is the opposite of a "Jew"? I bet I know what your answer will be. Z

Anonymous said...

“the first place you should address anything is in your mind, this is your control sphere
and either you are running the show here or the world is running the show.”

Unfortunately in far too many cases the world is firmly in control of the “show”. People don’t think, they have feelings and opinions and their opinions are given to them by the news media. That is why they can blow up three buildings on national television and then tell everyone the buildings collapsed because of fire. Or we have 2% inflation, 5% unemployment, an expanding economy, the worst is over in the housing crash, Iraq has WMDs, attack Afghanistan to get Bin Laden (what the hell are we doing over there after all these years), better attack Iran because they are developing WMDs (not much said about North Korea and Israel which already have them), damn Arabs “they hate our freedom.” There was plenty of gasoline at $1.29 when Bush stole office the first time. There is still plenty of gasoline at $4.00+. What has changed except for the price? Get my drift? The mind is a terrible thing to loose. They aren’t ready for David Icke.

Visible said...

Perhaps paraphrasing Shakespeare may prove illuminating. "the contradiction is not in the stars but in ourselves."

Day contradicts night. Hot contradicts cold. One circumstance might call for a swim and one for a warm sweater. Anyone looking for holes in something will find them. Whether those holes will provide sustenance or escape is another thing. "Oh look! this book has a bent cover. Now the information isn't any good."

I never thought to attack disclaimers to my work but now I'm thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

"P.S. Appolonian, glad to see you have it "all figured out". But seriously, it is getting shrill and giving me a headache. If it is all "the Jews" actions causing the world's ills, then tell me - what is the opposite of a "Jew"? I bet I know what your answer will be." Z8:26 PM

* * * * *

Try To Think Before Babbling
(Apollonian, 21 May 08)

"Zoner," talk about someone smarmy and smug, pretending to have it "all figured out," note I give my premises for conclusion(s), along w. citations. U can also ck for more exciting Apollonian expo at, under "commentary."

Jews notoriously dominate the criminal cartels (see Mike Collins Piper's "The New Jerusalem") simply as they worship criminality itself according to their Talmudic ritualized mentality, as they worship lies and subjectivity, by means of such subjectivity they lying TO THEMSELVES so effectively, having themselves convinced they're soooooooo "persecuted," etc.

Abe Foxman of ADL, for example, just recently explains anti-semitism by means of gentile envy.

And Jews are organized, notoriously and historically, for criminal cooperation by means of their unique Talmudic collectivistic mentality.

So indubitably there are gentile criminals, but they're not organized nearly as well as Jews. Those gentiles who are collectivistic are then not nearly so subjectivistically programmed or oriented. There's actually tremendous scientific literature confirming Jew criminality and psychopathology--just ck citations I give before making ur characteristic brainless philo-semitic statements, I suggest.

Jew-expulsion is simple solution for social problems, with excellently documented historical precedent(s). Indeed, it's amazing it (Jew-expulsion) isn't talked about seriously by more people--a tribute to the way Jews have already so affected things cultural and psychologic.

CONCLUSION: And of course the ultimate opposite of Jew (Talmudist) is that heroic Christ character of New Testament (NT) literature which literature commemorates, as I've noted, the lonely battle of TRUTH (hence objectivity) vs. organized (Talmudic) lies, subjectivism, and conspiracy, etc. Christ then shows us as exemplar how to be HONEST, first and most with oneself, and to face lies and conspiracy w. courage. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Hey there my friend,

I'm still kicking, glad to see you're doing the same. I thoroughly enjoyed your recent posts (I've been catching up), but then while reading through the comments here I suddenly thought I was losing my ability to read, or at least comprehend the meaning of all the words lined up and interspersed with commas. It soon returned when I realized not all polysyllabic conglomerations of lexicographic units are necessarily cohesive or apprehendable. Also factoring into that conclusion was the fact that my reading ability did not vanish while reading the majority of comments. Peculiar.

Anyhow, I've had a theory for several years now about the mechanism by which the unraveling of Dominator culture will take place, and as more of that limitless time has been passing the evidence for this theory keeps coming in to the point where I now think of it as a probability instead of merely a possibility. It seems the Christians are on to something, insofar as the Son looks to really be the Savior that was promised, though there was a slight misspelling or something in the translation.

I've been kind of uninspired about all the 2012 hoopla, for the most part. Reading Terence Mckenna makes me want something to happen on December 21st of that year soooo bad, partly because I like to see people who are so excited about something have it work the way they thought (even after they're dead) and partly because I really like his Novelty Theory. He thinks the 2012 thing will be the culmination of an exponential increase in Novelty, but he doesn't mean the cheap plastic kind found at tourist traps. He's got math to support it, too (I'll have to take his word on that).

Then along comes NASA with their exponentially increasing interest in the Sun. Back in 2006, they were proud of their new predictive model for Solar Cycle intensity since it seems to hold for all known cycles. Of course, the first conclusion they drew was that the Cycle we are now entering will be the most powerful in centuries.

More recently they published a short article about the Carrington Super Flare of 1859, which caused telegraph receivers to catch papers on fire and allowed the lines to transmit messages even though no power was connected. Auroras bright enough to read by were seen as far south as Cuba, among other oddities. The article goes on to discuss lesser flares that occurred in the past few decades, and mentions some of the detrimental effects of large flares. Sounds like a warning to me, since they conclude with the straight-faced suggestion that we build duplicates of all our satellites to launch as our current ones get fried. Japan, Europe, and the US have all sent spacecraft to study the Sun, so following the money I'd say they all take solar flares seriously.

I also read on NASA's site about these spacecraft having discovered a sort of tunnel made of magnetism connecting the Earth and the Sun, which makes sense; magnets like to hook up, after all, unless they can't stand each other. As the solar wind or a coronal mass ejection heads toward us, it travels within this tunnel and meets the Earth where Earth's magnetic field lines reach the ground (a bad place to be standing during a geomagnetic storm, by the way). On the way in it sparks auroras.

The point at which a new Solar Cycle begins is when sunspots have opposite polarity than the previous cycle. Basically, the Sun has a magnetic pole shift every 11 years.

Here it is: The (potentially) most intense Solar Cycle in recorded history is predicted to peak around 2011-2012. If a large enough flare erupts and the Sun's polarity is opposite Earth's, I'd say that would explain Earth's well-known cyclical reversal of magnetic poles. If that's not significant enough, consider that this will be the first major cycle to happen after human civilization has become entirely dependent on electronics, and not on big heavy electronics like 19th Century telegraphs with their large-gauge wire; we're dependent on wires too small to see with the naked eye embedded in microchips. Induce much current in those and Poof! Perma-fried!

To induce currents in wire, just shake a magnet near it. Earth's core should do nicely. I've also been wondering if Earth's core could be affected by a shifting Sun in such a way as to trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Molten iron is still magnetic, and it's the crystallization of the (mostly iron) molten core into the solid inner core that generates our planet's magnetic field. Mess with all that, and magma may be pulled into places not visited since the last pole shift, or God knows what else.

If not severe enough to fry wiring, a strong geomagnetic storm can still do something almost unthinkable: Erase data. Possibly all of it; the 'net servers, your hard drive, and your backup hard drive. It would suck to lose all my porn, heheheh, but more than offset by the erasure of the debt record, sort of like in Fight Club but for real since the credit/debt record is actually housed in a fortified bunker deep under the Colorado mountains (like NORAD; no joke). Wonder why they put it there?? Scared of magnetic pulses? They assumed EMP's from nuclear blasts might happen, so they put the bunker deep... deeper into Earth's field. Works for me.

The Sun shall return, and deliver us from Evil. Sounds good to me, and I can't wait to see those auroras! Just be ready for a bit of exponentially-increasing Novelty afterwards.

The Village Idiot

Visible said...

Village Idiot;

I was reading your comment and I was saying to myself; I have the best readers and commenter's on the internet and this is complete proof of that. And then I see your name. Where have you been? I'll say this much. When the shit hits the fan I can only hope I'm standing somewhere near you because you represent near exactly what I believe and think almost all of the time and you know more than I do (which is no great achievement). But you make me feel good to hear you speak so.. thank you. Thank you.

Visible said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Visible said...

I'm publishing one of my novels on line at one of my blogs. I just put up a new chapter. There are a lot of chapters and I am using this novel to illustrate certain things, I hope, that will make conditions more clear than they are. If you like an involved read and don't like being disappointed I would like you to read along and tell me what you think; but I would wait until I had a few chapters under my belt. Good entertainment is like sex prolonged.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, the link

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Les, your "25,000 year recycling" link (entitled "NEW PLANETS, etc.") recalls the small flurry of news items in the MSM about 6 months ago or so which concerned the debate about whether or not Pluto was a planet, which would lead a conspiracy theorist (Who, Me?) to speculate that the PTB are attempting to influence people's thinking in this regard.

Jody Paulson said...

I love your writing, Les. It's a great comfort sometimes to step back and look at the big picture and realize you're not alone. Like being lost in a menacing forest and hearing the call of a human voice assuring us that we can find each other -- and maybe the way out, by looking up.

I pretty much agree with what you wrote about the "lizard people", too (here's what I think about their sense of humor.

Anonymous said...


Thank you. You are the cool breeze of wisdom in the dark and increasingly hot hell realm. Really, your doses of sanity are just what I needed to remember that EVERY state of mind is workable, EVERY situation an expression of awakening. And that I don't need to join the circus.

Keep swimming, my friend. I will see you on the other shore.

nobody said...

Whew! What a cracker! And hats off, Village Idiot. That was the most interesting thing I've read for a long time.

Otherwise Les, this was all too spooky. As I read your thing my brain went quiet and my thoughts were expressed as a smile. You're mirroring where my head has been er... heading for the last couple of days. Give us a day and I'll finalise what I'm writing and stick it over at my place. I won't put it here since it's in the lexicon I use there. It's just that I'm a blink away from throwing out my treasured continuum, ha ha. This on account of one end of it being worthless. I even made some illustrations!

Hmm... as my fingers fly over the keyboard and I dwell on what I've just read here, various thoughts and directions occur to me. From nowhere, Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke fills my head. At the end of the movie, the deer god, the creator and destroyer, is killed but does not die. Everything that was before is gone. And everything is as it was and shall be. All previous delusions and ambitions are brought to nought. There is nothing anyone can do except take a breath, look around and marvel at the wonder of the world.

In amongst death and destruction, is a birdsong less joyful? Or more so?

Anonymous said...

How about if Judah never sold Jesus to the authorities of the time. Did he do so because he was meant to do it? But if Jesus had not been betrayed then perhaps His message to humanity would not have had the enormous impact which it has had. Could it be then that the bestiality humanity has suffered especially in its latter days has served to again make it aware of a hidden alien betraying influence active in some human beings? Sadly, human beings who are in a position of power or glory are more vulnerable. Yet, many are those who are waking up and are partaking of the power of the savior to definitely hinder those, who having been seduced by their own vanity, have become traitors in deed and intent.

Vrad the impostor said...

Village Idiot .. You are right .. I have read about this in numerous places and there was also a documentary on the National Geographic Channel some time back which concluded that in the event of a super flare all the transformers in the entire power grid would be shorted out . And since transformer production capacity (esp for the big ones) is limited it would take upto four years before we have electricity again !! But the richer countries might be back online sooner ..But I dont know how it would affect the lizards

Visible said...

Finally... a new post at Visible Origami

Anonymous said...

The Shitstem is going down just take a look around *crumble crumble* sure they'll probably go kicking and screaming and drag a good chunk of humanimals with them but isn't it worth it to be rid of a sham farce vampiric system of control.

kikz said...

speakin of lizard brains....

a wonderful & short book by my hero...

sagan's 'dragons of eden'

as my meager understanding of the 2012 'long count' is limited... if i find any more decent reading material, i'll share.


my only understanding of it, is that according to 'precession' we've made the 'BIG Once Around' the milkyway.

it would seem that unless something drastic changed; intergalactic collision or the sun's seeming constancy were drastically altered, or HAARP doesn't rip open earth's radiation shield.. cosmos shouldn't digress into chaos. the maya did have a flair for the overtly metaphorically dramatic.

hopefully, we can all just have a big ol' pagan pole flip party:)

the closing scenes from the galactic marble game in MIB II come to mind:)

Vrad the impostor said...

But I think a lot of damaged MIGHT be avoided by taking the powergrid offline PROVIDED we have advance warning (which is possible) .

Anonymous said...

Remember those science fiction articles which suggest the Internet may become Concious', Maybe this is it, that the Collective conciousness of we the little People is what they meant even if unintended in that way.
The Global Elite will of course be trying to hamper this 'awakening'

Help change the Collective Ignorance by choosing TODAY to post an informative article of YOUR choosing on a Blog unrelated to these events, for example a Knitting Blog.

Eg Post a link to


on to a Blog about Knitting, or Kittens.

Talking amongst ourselves is futile now, we know what is going on. we must awaken the rest of humanity.

notamobster said...

Long, but very interesting article, which illustrates once more how the swine wish to engage us still further in the mire which is foreign entanglment.

Anonymous said...

The title reminds me of my favorite Pink Floyd album Animals. If we have lost our senses of self preservation and survival and can't see the writing on the wall then i guess we don't deserve "top-o-the-foodchain" title anymore.

Anonymous said...

The sooner the lizards and vultures and swine go by the wayside, the better.

But what will happen to the "american way of life" when the forces or darkness are no more?

Now that will be interesting to watch unfold!

Anonymous said...

saw yur comment to The Village Idiot which is just another example of why I like you so much. You don't play the self-importance game. You have got to know somehow how good you are. I don't think I've read another writer on the internet with your passion and conviction and when you weigh in the full court off the charts inspiration it's a thing of beauty. I don't enjoy having to say positive things to people because I have been proved wrong again and again and I expected you to fail me along the way just like all of the rest. That was two years ago. Since that time there has been nothing but net. I might also add that there are no adds like the horror show over at Alex Jones site. There's no deliberate shilling for money. Your donation rap is entertaining and funny and you are the exception that proves the rule which is a statement I have never understood. I just sent you two hundred dollars and I wanted to tell you to buy a wide angle lens for your camera but I don't think you need one. You've made my day so many times and I just hope the day comes when I can grab you and hug you for all the powerful shit you put into my head. You have my deepest and most sincere thanks.

William Clementine

Anonymous said...

I always thought the whole "lizard" meme was better understood as a metaphor. That said I think comparing these Sabbateans (they're not "Jews," they're apostates) to lizards is an insult to reptiles all around. And whatever did vultures do to us, anyway? They prey on us after we're dead, no problem. And piggies are smart, friendly, and make good pets.

Sabbateans thrive on the us vs. them meme, so fighting them directly only plays into their hands. They like to THINK they're smarter than us, but the truth is that collectively we are smarter and we have them overwhelmingly outnumbered.

The trick is to get them to hoist themselves with their own petards.

Fables and fairy tales are instructive, magically speaking. I had a Wiccan priest who swore by Aesop. However, I believe Rumplestiltzkin is THE instruction manual for dealing with central bankers, swindlers, extortionists and other corosive influences. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Rumplestiltzkin weren't created as a EuroJewish (Sabbatean, Rothschild) stereotype. The troll tricks the desperate woman into offering up her hypothetical firstborn in exchange for survival at the hands of a cruel king . . .

. . . and how does the story end? Do you Remember? Re-Member this one, Visible, I'd love to see what you come up with. NAMING is powerful.

Visible said...

When I was young I grew up farms as well as military bases. Wherever my father got transferred to he also had a farm. I know pigs and I've heard all the latter arguments about their good qualities. When I think of pigs I think of "Wu's pigs". I understand that they are just animals and I suspect you know that. I was using the symbolic expression of what the qualities attributed to these creatures indicates. I've no quarrel with them but... I don't like it when purported human beings behave like them.

You have to grant me some latitude in the way I work, otherwise you will parse me out of existence and even if I don't do my job as well as I ought to because I'm not as good, nor gifted , nor strong as I ought to be you still need me; or maybe not.

Peter Greene said...

I read Village Idiot's post with some interest (yours too Les). I wonder just how vulnerable our favourite storage devices are.

Hopefully we'll all be holographing enough knowledge to effect some kind of continuity of effort and experience, even if not culture and technology.

The whole 2012 thing gets me right in the empty lighbulb socket.

I've heard my evil grandma-in-law talk about the Aztec or Mayan thing or something, I've heard all kinds of other stuff, from solar cycles to the Conjunction Of The Million Spheres - it's all too much.

I think those who fancy themselves the makers of history and the masters of Revolution will pull something ugly before then. Get everyone waiting for 2012, mount Operation Now You're Hosed, Peasant in 2010.

Some kind of nasty combination of carefully nudged factors does certainly feel like it's coming into place.

But I don't know how much that feeling has to do with the cycles of the stars. I think it's more a matter of increasingly damning and obvious fractured pieces becoming visible as things get stepped up to a fury.

Things like the expansion of norovirus testing from the floating petri dishes that old people hide on to the civilian elderly population in Britain.

Things like the increasing use of ecological warfare, from 'biofuels' (fill 'er up with....peeeople! hahaha! - Soylent Supreme with Added Depoptane content!) to weather control and agribiowar (Monsanto, Ug99, Moses and his locust handlers, you name it).

Things like the desensitization of civilian populations to the confinement and killing of large populations of organisms (mad cow, bird flu, propaganda zombie movies - ever think about the similarity between the 'rage' virus in 28 days/week and the 'spread of terrorism' in the news? looks like they both mean sniping children and firebombing civilians in a good cause...).

Don't wait for 2012. Run away now (from urban centres, from policemen, from politics, from your job, from everything but your loved ones and yourself).

Figuring the self-building machines will be what get us in the end anyway,
Lord Reptor.

Peter Greene said...

@Hedonist - EuroJewish Sabbatean Rothschilds! Holy Cow!

Well, you're the guy that said naming is powerful.

Myself, I like the idea of Sumerian Peopleherders behind it all. Don't you think Kissinger looks more Gilgamesh than Woody Allen?

@Zoner - I would think less about national boundaries (in terms of safety for you and your family) and more in terms of demographics and physical location.

Find a place with a good long history, a small population, and enough water, game, and land to go around.

Urban centers are going to begin to suck very badly. You don't need much land to survive on, if there is a decent environment and population around you.

As to your rapture-ready neighbour - wow, don't drink what comes out of the taps in your town, dude.

@Apollonian - not too sure what you're trying to say there, man. Methinks it's all a Punch and Jewdy show we are entertained with, and I hope that we can expel ourselves from its gyre rather than other folks from our midst in endless cycles.

Afraid to try pigs but considering chickens,
Lord Reptor.

Anonymous said...

Regarding 2012 or whenever,"Don't
panic and don't forget your towel...".

Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.

There are those who say 2012 is now.

" One must learn from this rule, man is severed from reality" Democritus

The Faithful Witness

Anonymous said...

"It is impossible to imagine that members of the banking community actually get together and bankroll wars for no other reason than profit; which they reap from both sides of the battlefield."

No, it's not. The "Masonic" ideas which are at the heart and soul of most of these people are rather clear about the nature of "life" on Earth: it's illusory, and nothing - absolutely NOTHING - is "forbidden" or "immoral" in any way, shape, or form. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of meat puppets are shredded? Ehhh... so what? Are the souls, spirits, consciousnesses, or whatever-you-call-them, dead, or gone? No. The soul - let's call it that - is immortal. The body - any given body - is nothing more (or less) than an assemblage of quarks put together under the direction of the soul - with the assistance of some morphogenetic resonant field... it can be disrupted in many ways, or it may just wear out... or it may be smashed flat, shot full of holes, or blown to pieces, or poked at until its owner-soul says "Bob was right. Fuck this shit." and leaves. And the soul will either move on to some other place in spacetime or come back for more. Christianity, Judaism, Islam and all the other by-the-book religions are full of shit and useful only for controlling the more easily led sleepwalkers.

Enlightenment is just that: filling up with light - light brought by the Light Bringer or Light Maker. It always makes me shake my head in wonderment that so few, so very few, of the victims of our alleged educational systems have any idea whatever of the root meanings of the words they throw around so thoughtlessly. Luci Fer. Re Ligion.

But once you Know, once you comprehend, stand under the idea that everything sensible is made of a single substance, namely light, you are freed from the wheel of dualism. Material things are made of molecules, molecules are made of atoms, atoms are made of electrons, neutrons and protons, and they are made of stuff so bizarre that we call them "quarks". Scientists don't know what any of the dozens of kinds of quarks are made of, although they do know that they can change into one another in less time than we can measure (we can conceive it, but we can't measure it). The Enlightened, the Illuminati, Know that quarks are made of Light. There may be intermediate forms of stuff, but in the end:

Everything That Is
Is Made Of Light

Anonymous said...

Very good vi
It's a pity AppleOnion can't get his diarrhoea under control and construct his writings so we don't all choke on his load each time.
ps. We are just coming out of a 'quiet' period for the Sun but look what has happened in this period; all leading to a very chaotic build up to 2011-2012.
Solar flares- a big problem

Anonymous said...

wow, nice job!
maybe one day my blog will be as popular. Keep goin' for the jugular!
-anybody needing the "lighter side" of current events may enjoy this blog:

kikz said...


you have mistaken the perversions/false light of crowley's dogma "the whole of the law, do what thou will" as truth.

immortality and re-involution of the soul do not negate precepts of ethics, morality or justice on this plane or any other.

Anonymous said...

"Kikz05": Cruel Depriver Of Blog-Fans For His Wisdom/Knowledge
(Apollonian, 23 May 08)

"Kikz05," I never cease to be amazed by ur mindless babbling consisting of presumption and foregone conclusions, all so utterly un-founded, missing premises which u neglect to explain or even name, always pretending u're so virtuous, "good," "moral," etc.--golly gee, but u sure seem to know ALL ABOUT IT, don't u? Would u say, u're just a little smug--just a teensy bit?

So tell us: what then exactly, in pt. of fact, are those "precepts of ethics, morality, or justice"?--can u at least give us a few words of guidance?

And what do u mean by "plane"?--I mean do we exist or not? Is that existence objective, or not?

I suspect however, as always, and so tragically, u're not going to be able to tell us anything, u being too busy or tired at this particular moment, just like u ALWAYS are--perhaps it's why people are so disappointed in u.

CONCLUSION: U're going to spend a long time in purgatory, "Kikz05," I can assure u, and I hope u suffer excruciatingly. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Peter Greene said...

@Tex Long - I think that the whole get-mine-now-and-sacrifice-a-baby-on-Tuesday crowd do, as you say, place Mammon ahead of Man in general. I expect that, being human, they are both ruled by and more complex and powerful than their venal natures.

I'm sure many who walk the halls of power are up to more than just gorging upon glory. I bet there's the occasional one that you or I might even call a good person.

However, here we are in this world of our senses, and you just aren't going to get the chance to even blink before you're gone from here again if you don't learn to fend a bit. You want power, you need to learn to fend a LOT. Shoulder your way to the kill with the other toothy brutes, because only the kill has enough spare power in it to fuel your higher ambitions. Peace becomes a herbivore trait.

Eventually, though wolves become dogs, with any luck. Hopefully Kikz is right about immortality (or at least the hunger for Time and Light that drives us away from death) not being too polluting ethically.

On the whole extended life/power corrupts note - who elso notices a disturbing physical similarity between Michael Chertoff and one V.I. Lenin? Icepick my ass. Boy's still tickin'. makin' plans. He'd be about 150. He looks it, and honestly, I bet it could be done, if you had enough cash and tech access and asset value to your bosses (if any).

A bit quarky myself,
Lord Reptor.

Anonymous said...

A good one from tex about words. The word therapist is also "the rapist." So called inbred elite scum love to use words to poke fun at us the herd of golden geese trough fillers. Shhh no one tell the inbred elite pondscum no one will be there to fill the trough if they kill us all off so israel can feel safe. The smartest guys in the room syndrome has infected them it might be their downfall even.

Anonymous said...

"Kikz05's" Infallible Technique
(Apollonian, 23 May 08)

Oh yes, I almost forgot: "re-involution of the soul"; now that's really impressive "kikz05"--but what in the heck are u talking about?--pray tell.

And then when poor, honest folks request u define ur terms and justify ur amazing conclusions--that's when u call it an "attack," right "kikz05"?

U have infallible technique kikz05: first u begin w. presumption and question-begging, and then when taken-up for ur fallacies, u pretend, like girl playing so coy, to be so hurt and offended.

CONCLUSION: Thus u always "win" ur debates kikz05, so secure and invincible within ur solipsist's world--u're just too clever for mankind. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Visible said...


That's the primary understanding all true students of the genuine occult mysteries know. Everything is composed of light in one permutation or another.

Those taken under the wing or who possess a contact with one who has gone beyond are in no danger beyond the challenges faced to bring them to that state and that is no danger at all because no one accomplishes these things on their own. Thinking so is the most deadly peril.

kikz said...

so much for your theory on my solipsism...

you're... still...
here. :D

'CONCLUSION: U're going to spend a long time in purgatory, "Kikz05," I can assure u, and I hope u suffer excruciatingly.'

such subjectively hateful commentary for a xtian patriot.... tsk tsk tsk.... where's the looooove your religion professes as its watchword?

if you demand answers to your questions... you can do your own homework. hopefully you understand the concept of: google.

i'd also suggest, you stick to source doc as opposed to commentary, especially w/Pike.

the kybalion

morals & dogma

Peter Greene said...

@Apollonian & Kix: Purgatory sounds awesome. X - tended play. How long do you think they'd let you stay there, 'accidentally' failing to learn your moral lessons?

Hoping to play this level again,
Lord Reptor.

kikz said...

my my... i was curious, so i visited curt maynard's site to read the wisdom and wit of apollonian.

its amazing how less restrained his xtian love is when he's not being heavily censored.

he calls for all our deaths.

Anonymous said...

Either we are reading the same material, visiting the same websites OR there is truly a revelation of knowledge that is becoming more and more apparent here in our world.

I can't get enough of it either.

I must admit, I stopped reading you for a month or so because it made me angry and I assigned blame. Your message today was much more uplifting.
In truth, what we can change is ourselves, our thoughts and our action. This is key to changing the reality around us.
A changing wind is coming and it may not necessarily be bad.
Keep seeking.

kikz said...

vi, vrad, reptor;

i'm currently reading up on vibration/cymatics.. ran across hoagland..

you might be interested.

Peter Greene said...

@Kikz - Watched the video. Pretty neat-lookin' stuff.

I've run into some other Hoagland stuff out there before (at least I think it was him) - some very interesting pix of a putative Death Star. I didn't look up this cymatics stuff, but from some of the comments below, I gather that frequency effects are suspected as a cause of this big old hexagon.

Sounds right. You can make standing waves in all kinds of shapes in a tub of water using sound. Why shouldn't some big radio effect or whatever affect the upper atmosphere of a planet like that?

Right. Looked it up. So what makes the big boy vibe like that? Tesla would be greedy excited.

Maybe God is a marimba player, and It tapped Saturn for a galactic sixteenth note, a few million years long.

On the other hand, as some posters appear to feel, God may be a vengeful Bronze Age male of indeterminate but enormous size and capabilities straight out of an extended round of sandbox oneupmanship (i.e.: Yeah? Well my guy can do Everything, so your guy is wrecked now!).

In which case I'm either

a)in big trouble for not payin' respect to the Big Boy

or b)headed for Purgatory camp to be re-educated or

c)some other fine point of the cobbled-together patchwork Jehovist faith that applies to me but I don't know about and should ask/pay a priest for help with.

Maybe Saturn is a network node, and the hexagon is a ping from Antares.

Back to God (who is in all things, apparently, and is Therefore Always On Topic, heathen)...

My personal theory on the matter is that Jesus is some kind of huge, intangible predator orbiting Earth (hiding in the Van Allen belts? A cymatic manifestation of the Voice of Evil in the ether?).

Anyway, there it lies, like a vast anglerfish. Slowly, its glowing lures extend into the minds of its unwitting prey, forming images of salvation, plenty, mating, whatever pleases the animal roots of the tasty soul-flowers. The Church is born.

Then, when the souls mature and leave the planet, they see the Gates and swim blithely in, jauntily darting between His huge teeth as they enter the Gut of Our Lord of their own fool volition.

They've been staring at the hypnotic lure, full of what look like promises but are just bits of coloured string around the hook.

If the Rapturing starts, I'll assume the equivalent of industrial fisheries before I seek the Fisherman.

Hoping I'm as bony as a jackfish (soul-wise),
Lord Reptor.

Anonymous said...

"Kikz05": Incoherent, Nonsensical As Predicted
(Apollonian, 24 May 08)

"Kikz05," purpose of Christianity is to oppose Jews, kill them, exterminate them, totally, absolutely (see Gosp. MARK 7:1-13, Gosp. MATT ch 23, and there are other juicy anti-semitic passages too). Without Jews, there'd be no need, no necessity for Christ's defense of TRUTH, thus objective reality.

I wouldn't be Christian if I didn't consider Christianity was strategic means to exterminate Jews in first place, I assure u. Christianity is means, not ends.

For note prior to Christ, Jew lies, hence subjectivism, had conquered the world. Indeed, world is plaything of Jews, with only few and short-lived Christian interludes and respites.

"Think not I come for peace on earth: I came not for peace, but a sword." (Gosp. MATT. 10:34)

There's no Christian love for Jews, murderers of Christ and truth, etc.--or for anyone who sympathizes with such Jews. And there's no love without hate, aversion/attraction; they're reciprocal emotions. It's interesting u, "Kikz05," need this explained to u not only about Christianity, which u pretend u understand all about, but also human nature in general which Christianity champions and defends.

Christianity is mere aesthetic, "Kikz05," simply a most profound aesthetic, parallel with most logicalistic, rationalistic human reason--again, Christian purpose is to affirm objective reality, criterion of truth, this in defense against Jew lies.

"Kikz05," u rather seem like those moronic suckers who follow Charles Hagee and Pat Robertson, idiots who pretend they're "Christians" ("Judeo-Christians" (JCs)--see and for expo/ref.), sucking along w. Jews and Israel. True Christians are anti-semites, and if u're not anti-semitic, u're not a Christian, pure and simple.

"Love" then is what's necessary for Christian allies as they go about exterminating Jews, don't u see?--doesn't it make sense? Such love/cohesion is simply strategic, military necessity.

Thus Christianity, again, upholds "Truth" (Gosp. JOHN 8:32) of objective reality, as I explained, this opposing satanic subjectivism of Judaic Talmud whence they make themselves God (see previously posted citations). Christianity then is perfect Hegelian-type and -style ANTI-THESIS to Jew Talmud (see above citations).

"Kikz05," ur dialectic is interesting, slipping in and out of coherence and sense, thinking u're so hip, smarmy, and clever. U don't seem to realize so much of ur text is nonsensical gibberish. And as I predicted, u're able to say nothing regarding what u earlier asserted about ethics, justice, etc.--as if it just slips ur so-called "mind," such as it is, so otherwise coy and girl-like.

CONCLUSION: And "Kikz05," I never called for ur death, comrade, as u're really hardly significant, being really just a danger to urself most of all. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

That is pretty amazing, and be sure to check out the South pole, which is also impressive. It's a hurricane that Earth could fit into.

Apparently it's a phenomenon that occurs fairly often, now that we're better able to look for these patterns.

Hurricane Ivan's eye became square for a short time:

And for something truly jaw-dropping, check out what Hurricane Isabel's eye did for awhile:

Here's an article about experiments generating geometric patterns in spinning buckets of water:

They don't claim that this explains Saturn's hexagon, but it points to possibilities. These patterns are also even seen within some spiral galaxies, so it's a phenomenon that occurs across a vast spectrum of scale (for whatever that's worth).

Back to the subject of flares, another fun fact about radiation threats to Earth is that flares from certain stars as far away as 45,000 light years away can bathe Earth in gamma radiation, and did just that in 1998. Astronomers knew something was up when the radiation was detected on the night side of Earth, which meant it wasn't from our Sun. There have been 10 similar events detected since then, though fortunately they've been small enough for our magnetic field to handle. I hope there are none of these kinds of stars located nearby.

Les, to answer your question ("Where have you been?") the short answer would be what Johnny Cash would call the Ring of Fire. But even while mired in what feels like a slice of Hell, I'm still moving forward and hoping the fire is a purifying kind. The Great Mystery is shuffling the deck in preparation for all the novelty to come, it seems.

Some people I called friends (which I don't do lightly) and thought were solid are showing their true colors, and they are dark indeed. Others I wasn't so sure about are proving steadfast and trustworthy, so I guess it's like trimming the fat and building up strength before history's ultimate marathon; to even stay in the race, we're going to need to be part of the right team and shed our excess baggage.

I'm curious to know if/how many other people are experiencing a similar shake-up and rearrangement of their lives. It seems everyone I know who can glimpse the Light beyond the Illusion is going through this, and I'm hoping it's the kind of demolition that precedes a renovation. It's hard to tell when there's still so much physical and emotional debris piled up everywhere, ya know?

Seek the company of those who are searching for The Truth, but run as fast as you can away from anyone who claims to have found it. I forget where I first heard that thought, but I think it's very important advice to heed, and getting more important every day.

The Burning Village Idiot

P.S.: I'm not sure if I'm the one on fire, or if it's the village and I'm just feeling the heat from the flames, or if there's even a difference.

Irrelevant elections and death to the Ignorance! Wheeee!
(sorry, couldn't resist. heheheh)

kikz said...


apparently all of the planets vibe like that..
everything vibes like that..

as above, so below.

what interests me about it..sacred geometry.
the golden mean.

i hope it's all less malevolent than the anglerfish analogy... that's just a tad too dr. who/torchwood for me, but interesting to contemplate none the less ... after all...the grand arcanum IS the grand arcanum :)

one thing i did note frm the hoagland vids.. the 19.5' double spinning tetrahedron falls w/in both tropics (cancer/capricorn) on the globe, which both denote the northern and southern most points of sunrise at the solstices(sun stands still), and from prior research, knew b4 hoagland explained the poles wouldn't match up... one being anode the other cathode. according to rosicrucian lit, the anode (male) is the inductor?, while the actual generator of creative force(electomagnetic field) is the cathode(female) pole.
anyway, i'm highly deficient in my base of EE to grasp it all at this point..

i also wonder about HAARP in this scheme of things... HAARP (situated near the anode pole, alaska) as i understand, acts in broadcast mode either heat/cooling the ionosphere for whatever directed purpose, weapon/weather alteration, yadaX3.. possibly it can also act in receiver mode and somehow harness/utilize this supposed 'hyperdimensional power'?

if (big wUrd) that were the case... the 'dwindling energy scam' is even of a greater magnitude that we could've imagined.....

anglerfish.. that's quite a twist on castaneta >:)

p.s. according to the rosicrucians.. we get to 'play this level' as many times as we will it. ya just come back w/more character strengths (weapons/goodies) than the times b4. :)

Anonymous said...

Tzimtzum. That's the word for the "frozen light."

In Jewish Mysticism, Tzimtzum (צמצום Hebrew: "contraction" or "constriction") refers to the notion in the Kabbalistic theory of creation that God "contracted" his infinite light in order to allow for a "conceptual space" in which a finite, seemingly independent world could exist. This contraction is known as the Tzimtzum.

Anonymous said...

lord reptor said, "On the other hand, as some posters appear to feel, God may be a vengeful Bronze Age male of indeterminate but enormous size and capabilities."

AND indeterminate sexual orientation. (ever notice? at the north pole of the old testament there's no Mrs. Claus.)

tex long and lord reptor, i want to move in with both of you, and from now on i'm saying that whenever i feel like it to beautiful men all over the internet -- fuck holding it in!!

i also want to move in with kikz05 but regrettably it would have to be platonic.

ellis t

Anonymous said...

A "peasant" warrior, fighting against on of the American-installed psychopathic military dictatorships in south America recently answered a question asked by some half-wit reporter. "Why don't you try non-violent resistance, like Ghandi used?"

He replied, "Ghandi would get his ass kicked down here. These people are crazy - they love killing and death." He and his fellows realized they are fighting psychopaths, and psychos, unlike the British in India, follow the code of the rabid jackal. The world and the imperialists have changed way too much for non-violent resistance to result in anything but a bunch of dead hippies.

These non-humans must be identified (a big red "P" tattooed on the forehead) and quarantined or this will never end. They have spread their disease widely to the teeny weeny pharmaceutically conditioned minds of the "civilized world" - the one with all the big, scary weapons. Their sympathizers and lap-dogs must be re-educated or quarantined with them.

I will remain anonymous because the wise pick their battles.



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