Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sixty Years of Bloodshed, Treachery and Terror.

I am probably as tired of writing about Israel as you are hearing about it. However, today is supposed to be the big day when Ben Gurion declared Israel’s independence. I thought the link was appropriate. I don’t know why he declared independence because there was no Israel to liberate from whatever forces of darkness they conjured out of their manipulated histories. But declare he did and today we celebrate 60 years of genocide against the Palestinian people who were living on the land- and had been for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years- and whom they murdered, exiled and slandered without pause until this day. In the process they wiped out all signs of Palestinian occupancy and changed the names of all of the towns.

As I resource “Visible’s Compendium of Rules for War and Legal Engagement”, I see on page 364, paragraph 2; “It is understood that when a people are attacked and driven from their country, they have the right to engage the aggressor by any means necessary in order to regain their homeland. This can be considered a universally agreed upon constant similar to the right to self defense and a space cushion.”

Until Palestine has been restored, Palestinians have the right to use what weapons they may possess to drive the invader out. If all they have are rocks and sticks and suicide belts, then that is perfectly legitimate as well as an indication of a courage that the invader does not possess. It is the commonly shared and oft-repeated belief of the mad-dog settlers and large body of neo-con Israelis that there is no such thing as a Palestinian or Palestine. However, believing something doesn’t make it so. One might ask Galileo. And... one needs to keep in mind that the truth is no defense against those who like to ask how many divisions The Pope might have.

There is one big and incessant, brain-rogering monkey that screams and throws dung from the trees upon one and all. That is that the Jewish people suffered the worst and only holocaust in history and therefore they shall be allowed to practice bloody murder for perpetuity. This was the intention of the Zionists who aided and abetted this holocaust to just this end.

No one knows how many native peoples died in the Americas during the several hundreds of years of plunder and genocide. I cannot remember where I got this from now but since it refers to published documents it can be checked; apologies to the source for not remembering who you are (if I ever knew).

“Coe, Snow and Benson, Atlas of Ancient America (1986). Total pre-Columbian population: 40M. Mexico: Original population of 11M to 25M ("lower figure commands more support") fell to 1.25M (1625). Peru: Pop. fell from 9M (1533) to >500,000 (early 17th C). Brazil: Original population of 2.5M to 5.0M ("recent commentators favoring the higher") fell to 1M.Massimo Livi-Bacci, Concise History of World Population History 2d (1996).Mexico: Population fell from 6.3M (1548) to 1.9M (1580) to 1M (1605). Peru: Pop. fell from 1.3M (1572) to 600,000 (1620). Canada: from 300,000 (ca. 1600) to <100,000 (ca. 1800); USA: from 5M (1500) to 60,000 (ca. 1800) [sic. Probably means 600,000 because he cites Thornton]. R.J. Rummel estimates that 13,778,000 American Indians died of democide in the 16th through 19th Centuries: Total dead among native Americans in colonial era: 49.5M out of pre-contact population of 55M. Democides in this: 5M. Democides among Indians, post-colonial era: 8,763,000. Democides in US: 15,000.Skidmore & Smith, Modern Latin America (1997). Mexico: Population fell from 25M (1519) to 16.8M (1523) to 1.9M (1580) to 1M (1605). Peru: from 1.3M (1570, forty years after Conquest) to <600,000 (1620); Panama, 1514-1530: 2M Indians killed. Mexico. Central: Population fell from 25.0M (1519) to 1.3M (1595). SE: fell from 1,700,000 to 240,000.North: fell from 2,500,000 to 320,000.Peru, 16th C.: between 8.5M and 13.5M people destroyed. Fredric Wertham, A Sign For Cain : An Exploration of Human Violence (1966): South American death toll of 15,000,000.” Between ten and twenty eight million blacks were transported to the New World to be slaves. One can use any of several mathematical disciplines to calculate the added number of those born into and killed in captivity. I need add no further examples (although there are many) except to mention that in The Congo the number of dead is now approaching six million.

Given the irrefutable proof that connects Israel to the 9/11 attacks as well as various circumstantial connections to the attacks in the London Tube and Madrid and watching the terrible march of the numbers of dead and maimed and displaced from Afghanistan to Iraq and Lebanon, one would have to say that Israel is unique in the degree of suffering caused across the span of its existence. Given that all of the conflicts mentioned were engineered by Zionist neo-cons in the US and Israel one can only stare in dreadful awe at this terrible engine of death and destruction that is called Israel.

Everything I have said here is based on a great deal more than opinion. Much of it is incontrovertible fact that has been published in the very media controlled by this sinister force.

I grow weary of talking about this inhuman nation of thugs. I grow weary of reading the thousands of news items that add further weight to the things I have said. I cannot be amused at public pronouncements by the catamite troll in the White House who declares that Olmert is an honest man; who has given up golf as his personal sacrifice for the war and who wishes he could be fighting alongside the troops because it looks so damn video game exciting. It’s the thought that counts.

How the American people can continue to endure and even support their criminal government makes me wonder whether there are actually any limits to servility and stupidity. How allegedly intelligent and informed men and women can ignore the 800 pound stinking armpit of their continuous hypocrisy and willful distortion of the truth, as they serve the interests of a foreign power against the interests of their own nation, is incomprehensible to me. How people can turn away from what the reasonable mind and all inquiry shows to be true is unfathomable. What is this psychopathic disconnect between the murderous activity of their leaders and their own shameful conspiracy of silence?

Today I celebrate the ongoing evidence of Palestinian courage and their capacity to endure against all odds. Today my heart joins with the heart of Palestine in the fervent hope that one day these things will not be. Today I cry out, “For shame!!!” to the merciless annihilators of life and human decency; a decency they long ago murdered in themselves. Today I cry, “J’accuse”, just as history will when this horror is summed up by those with enough distance from it that the fear of censure and loss will no longer silence their pens and their tongues.

As a human being with open eyes I condemn you Israel. As a human being I stand as one more witness to your awful crimes against humanity. The abomination which you are shall not forever endure. All tyrants have their date with destiny and yours will come apace. Those who celebrate and support this travesty of the human estate are welcome to their share of what awaits. Palestine, your day will come.

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kikz said...

mornin les...

you ask.. i feel you already know...
'What is this psychopathic disconnect between the murderous activity of their leaders and their own culpability of silence?'

organized religion.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen anyone reason with such simplicity the way you do. It makes your position so much stronger when you just tell it like it is and don't analyze it to death the way so many do. This is one of the best examples I have seen from you and it is fitting that it comes on this day.

Also, every now and then I am reminded what a great fucking songwriter you are. Sing it Loud is a powerful statement and beautifully done. I don't remember hearing that one before. Muches gracias hombre for all the good work.


Anonymous said...

as if confirmation were needed

REL="nofollow">There it is

Great posting!

RML said...

I detect such a profound sadness in what you are saying, Viz, that the "sorrow of angels" cannot do it justice. The pain of the heart, that on the emotional scale of grieving, is in the agonizing range. Distress, not of a personal nature, but the witnessing of the total and complete lack/void of gnosis, of understanding, that there is such incalculable hate in the Land. It is as if we are all blind, deaf and senseless to its recognition.

Through observation, it appears as if we can call a spade-a-spade til kingdom come; but the telling, the showing will not draw a single disconnected soul into the tent of comprehension. They are going to stay outside, even in the icy rain pounding on what remains of their sentience.

It's so easy to say, "Oh well, it's just human nature... We can't do anything about it."

Oh, yeah?! I, for one, will not partake in any way in this "God - War" between the god of the Jews and the god of the Muslims. The Creator, the One, has nothing to do with this low-level belligerence. Is one side good, the other bad? I don't know their collective karma. I don't want to know it. I know that their vibration is like a cancerous black hole, a duel that is absorbing the energy of our planet -- our evolutionary platform.

The issue from my perspective is how to restrict the energy flow to this conflict so that its prime mover can no longer afford its luxury of the "moral" high ground. I don't outwardly know what the answer is right now. I do know that a creative group-effort could get to the heart of the matter in a way that would astound both participants.

All the best, Bro.

Anonymous said...

This too. Same site.

Anonymous said...

Yes. the "psychopathic disconnect" is a big problem area for me. In any group I am participating in these days I will say casually in whatever context "9/11 was an inside job". That's it, not that Israel was behind it - just an inside job. What I get is frightened looks and incomprehension. Others keep silent. I belirve that the average American would rather go to his execution than come out and actually proclaim that indeed we are living in a fucking nightmare and that the first thing to do is to name it for what it is. Good article.

Anonymous said...

"What is this psychopathic disconnect between the murderous activity of their leaders and their own shameful conspiracy of silence?"

* * * * *

Human Tragedy Of Sinners And Hubris Necessarily Entails Cyclic Struggle, Travail
(Apollonian, 14 May 08)

Les, what u so well describe in above-quoted passage is actually rather typical of cultures when compared socio-biologically (see, esp. as such culture CYCLICALLY degenerates in hubristic "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Perhaps then u fail to fully appreciate tremendous power of COUNTERFEITING, as of Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for expo/ref.), by which for foremost example, Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) are enabled to finance "preachers" who go out and pretend, so successfully, to millions and millions of gentiles they should support Israel, this founded on that tiny, little lie, that "Jesus was Jew."

Human beings are actually very frail creatures, especially regarding intellect and thought systems. But I'd say ur own blog is one good, solid step in necessary direction towards truth, objectivity, hence genuine info of volk.

Thus people need, for further examples, to have it dramatized that (a) "Jew" is not same as Judean (literally "equivocation" fallacy), and (b) COUNTERFEITING is criminal fraud and utterly destroys rule-of-law, etc., as it gives Jews and oligarchs far too great a power to lie, buying the "Jews-media" monopoly (see, "Who Rules America?" for expo/ref.), and then buying judges, lawyers, politicians, and everything else.

Imagine what u could do if u had exclusive monopoly on counterfeiting--the only trick would be in not doing it toooooo much so as to run it into the ground.

For the hubris of people is never-ending, and hence task of patriots requires they at least try to keep up with those Talmudic worshippers of lies (as according to Christian Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Thus history is cyclic process, and patriots must await patiently as Fed COUNTERFEIT master-minds, suffering their own hubris, eventually run their sublime little fraud-system (Mammon) into the ground, reducing to absurd. Patriots then simply rally the remnant of honest volk who can deal with objective reality.

Thus we observe in hindsight the West, throughout all its previous "success," ultimately nonetheless produced such inevitable multitudes of weaklings who fell in hubris before lies and fraud-masters of sublime COUNTERFEIT conspiracy which founds present ZOG-Mammon monster.

CONCLUSION: History is thus cyclic indeed, as we observers confirm Greek Tragedy--human existence basically sucks. Thus we struggle to manage those cyclic ups and downs. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I look foward to, and love reading your blog Les. It lets me know, through not only your writings, but the comments, that I am not alone. Often I sit, with a forelorn face, while the me inside is screaming, with fists clenched and raised to the heavens in rage, feeling like I've been given a life sentence for a crime I didn't commit. Mass insanity surrounds me, while even people I've known all my life look at me as if I'm the one that has lost his mind. I tell them the truth, as best I can. 911 was an inside job, and the zionist jews were behind it. The federal reserve is bleeding america to death. The military industrial complex, in concert with their corporate owned media keep manufacturing wars so they can keep making money, and the government has been bought and paid for in order to facillitate this nightmare. In the end, I have painted myself into a corner, where only people like you, and the posters here live. Your insights let me know that I am not the one that has lost his mind, and that the nightmare is real. God, how fucked up is it when you can find comfort in the fact that your nightmare is real. I see israel, and the zionists as the tallisman of evil. That one thing, that if you could cast it back into the black abyss from whence it came, life, and peace, and beauty would return. I will keep that hope in my heart, and I will continue to read your thoughtful articles to keep my spirits up, as I continue to paint myself into my corner.

Eugene said...

One day the blood in the ground will stand up and with one estatic voice cry Hierosolyma Est Perdita!
Hep hep hooray! Hep hep hooray!

Genrikh Yagoda, Yezhov, Lazar Kaganovich, Leonid Reichman are still with us today. Sitting in ensconced palaces, banks and empty Capitols, all over Hollow Men, straw men, guys outfauxed.

"So great was the relief which Rome experienced by this suppression of Jerusalem and the Jews, that the toast became common at Roman feasts, "Hierosolyma Est Perdita," "Jerusalem is destroyed," the guests immediately greeting it with the shout Hurrah. This is the origin of our "Hep! Hep! Hurrah," H, E, P, being the abbreviation of the three words, formed by their initial letters (on the principle known as Notarica, or Notricon). To this day Hep or Hip is said by only one person, the rest joining in the shout which greets it!" - E.W. Bullinger from 'Number in Scripture'

Can you not feel this cry in your bones? Waiting to jump forth, to see it happen? What less can assauge the blood in the ground? The blood of a storied Redeemer with his zombie slaves?

Anonymous said...

Frog says,"You'll sting me!" Scorpion says,"No-then we BOTH would die." Scorpion hops on for the ride across the river.
Scorpion stings frog.
"You have fatally injured me, says frog. Now we both will die. WHY-WHY?"
"BECAUSE IT'S MY NATURE" says the scorpion.
What nature is it we confront that is today killing us all?? Pure EVIL.
I have recently found a new name coined to explain the study of this phenomenon known as 'evil.' It will answer your question-- Les, Thank you for lending sanity to our insanity, Bill Borgstrom

Visible said...

Chapter Two of "The Whine", an occult thriller is available now at this location Reflections in a Petri Dish

Anonymous said...

Congragulate yourself, america! As one of the first countries to officially recognize-and for the past 60 years its no.1 unflinching supporter-the creators of international terrorism and genocide you have much to be proud of. God bless! One has to love that "american democracy"!

The reason why the born evil, jew terrorist plague and scum of the earth were able to so easily overtake your country is that 98% of americans believe that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and that the moon revolves around the earth. They also can`t spell their own names and believe the flintstones are a real family. Awesome people. Awesome country.

But, american/jew (same garbage) terrorism won`t go on forever. One day-and sooner than they might think-the Palestinians (and other peoples in the middle east) will have their great countries and cultures back. That is a certainty. And the punishment for the real terrorists will be swift and hard.

Can you imagine how much better the planet would be a year from now if that cancerous, terrorist rathole didn`t make it to its 61st anniversary?

Eugene said...

"...And deliver us from 'ha poneros'"

'ha poneros' is greek for the 'evil one'.

Its not a new coined term. Sott has ressurected as of late with great force.

The shell is resistant to the seed, ie it wouldnt be the shell if it wasn't. Has twofold purpose though to protect when young, to be transcended when time comes.

The seed is at first comfortable in the shell. Then it consumes itself and expands. Then the shell that was roomy becomes its prison to escape.

Your mother, my mother, all mothers are this. Once we get out of our mother, the space that greets you, ie the surface of the earth, seems infinitely more free than the former state.

That is until the surface and/or resources of the earth as our mother comes to play. Then once again the roominess of it becomes one's prison.

To get past this mother is to be twice born. The key is eating yourself and overcoming the shell.
Problem is what part of 'you' also happens to be the shell, ie the accretion fo the past designed to protect the future, and what part of 'you' do you eat?

Raa and its purpose is where the answer lies. Raa is normally evil in our understanding but its really the good in the equation because as a ray (pun play on intended) it calls the seed forth with the message transcend the shell.

Peter is the game of the shell. His kingdom was founded to be the shell. The seed is inside wanting out of this accretion. The shell doesnt want to let the seed go because to do so the shell will be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

with the loss of John Kaminski and Eustace Mullins, we need you Les. You are a great writer who is able to breach the Israeli subject better than most. I truely hope that you don't let up on the Nazis of the 21st century. With all the censoring they're doing with Google and wikipedia, and with all the other great writers being banned from Google search, we need you now more than ever. Please don't give up. More and more the ZOG seems to be under more and more rocks we overturn. All the more reason...

By the way, have you noticed that the Chilean volcano and the Chinese earthquake seem to be related? If you stick a long knitting pin into a globe through the affected areas, they come up exactly in the same spots of the "natural" tragedies. I think Sorcha Faal has something with her latest piece about the CERN god machine. It seems as if they've penetrated the earth through and through and we see what the outcome is. Not to mention the 600+ quakes in the Pacific Northwest which is awfully close to the CERT monitoring facility...Area 51.

Please check out the article...

Chile’s Chaiten volcano [pictured 3 photo on left] began its massive eruption nearly a week and half ago, and nearly two weeks to the date when Russian Scientists blamed CERN for destabilizing Earth’s orbit causing the returning capsule from the International Space Station to veer dramatically off course from its intended landing zone, and as we had previously reported on in our April 20th report, "CERN Experiment Said To Have Destabilize Earth Orbit".

So disastrous has Chile’s Chaiten volcano become that scientists are warning that ‘long-term environmental damage’ is being done to large portions of South America, and where the volcanic plume is covering large portions of the South American continent.

In central China, and which is the antipode (exact opposite) to Chile’s Chaiten volcano, the effects of the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake in their country can only be described in the most catastrophic terms as the death toll is now over 8,500, with a further 900 students trapped in the rumble of their schools.

Anonymous said...

i am not as well verse as those who write to this site, but i thank you for being here.
let us all, "pray" for a freer palestine, that not one more child shall died for Israel. in synchronicity. let us pray today.e

the Silverfish said...

Yes I am also sick and tired of hearing about Israel and Jew’s in general, but then again I’m also sick and tired of hearing about Cancer, Hemorrhoids, self induced Obesity and the epidemic of Diabetes that follows, but what Yuh goanna do. All much of the same thing the way I see it.

As far as your posts go, you do not stop just because you are tired , we are all tired , we are all fed up to the very eyeballs and yet we few must go on reading, writing and screaming.

As a child growing up in a German community in Canada I can’t even begin to tell you how sick and tired I became listening to my Grandparents talk of what the Jews had done to the Germans , the Polish, the Ukrainians, prior to WW11 etc.etc.etc. It was dinner fare every night . As a child I just couldn’t understand how any group of people could be so evil. But dammit my Grandparents where there and they saw what Stalinist Jews did and they could never forget either.

I remember my Grandfather telling me how as a child growing up on the border of Germany and Poland he used to go out every morning with his father to collect the dead Polish people who had not quite made it to their village while fleeing the purges of the
The 1918 Bolshevik Revolution the horrors endured by these people cannot be imagined.

These horrors perhaps cannot be imagined but they must be remembered.

Just a short time ago I was talking to a friend in the US about some of these things and the first thing that she said was that it could not possibly happen here, here being the US of course. I’ll just bet that the Europeans thought much the same thing until it came up and bit them on the ass. It’s history all over again just on a vastly grander scale, and what will we do? Nothing until it’s to fucking late.

So you Sir just jump up on your soap box and keep screaming, some of us still listen. We can do no less, as to do less would make us pack and parcel of the problem itself. So keep up the good work and keep throwing the pebbles into the pond, sooner or later it has to make a wave.

Robert said...

Dear Mr. Visible,

I admire your articles and style and have no sympathy with the Zionist entity and its operatives and collaborators.

I suggest that you have been misled by what passes for scholarship in the cathedrals of political correctness in your understanding of fate of the aboriginal inhabitants of the Americas.

Genocide is the systematic killing of a racial or cultural group. Killing entails the existence of human agents perpetrating the murders.

This is not what happened to any great extent in the Americas.

The European conquest of the New World was made inevitable by the fortuitous introduction of diseases for which the indigenous populations had no natural resistance.

Had the Spanish explorers simply returned to Europe after their sojourn in the Caribbean the spread of European illnesses would have naturally exterminated the bulk of the autochthonous populations throughout the Americas.

The arguments developed by Alfred Crosby in 1986 are irrefutable.

Anonymous said...

more and more and more...the best and the brightest in neuroscience are out of Israel and rest assured the very scientists are on the front line as subjects. The scientific day and age we are now in is going to explode as fast as the internet did.

Sites like this will be welcome just to keep some sanity for inevitably the crap is going to hit the fan! It is too late to go backward now 'only close to total destruction will lead us that direction'

There is honestly no one group to blame for this whole mess 'unfortunately' it is mankind at its utmost in the day and time...Sorry, no warm and fuzzies for the truth is not accompanied by a majic wand.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les.

A paragraph in your Chapter 2 of "The Whine" describes an experience which I am convinced is true in real life also:
"As time passed I learned that these fits came about through telepathic invasion.".
"There are high and noble thoughts that radiate from an archetypal location in the human psyche. I believe these are the result of beings from a higher plane or the results of inspiring art, philosophy and religion."

"There are agenda driven thoughts that are broadcast consciously toward the control of humanity by certain cabals. "

Eckhart Tolle says that a long time ago there were no flowers on this planet until the first and the first few appeared in their wonderful colours and scents. Very soon after that event millions of flowers blossomed. Well, the archetypal awakening Presence of the higher self in an increasing number of human beings will soon bring an end to the activities of those not really human abusers.

Your words do help raise awareness of our intrinsic powers. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel." -Ann Lewis, Senior Advisor for Hillary Clinton, March 17, 2008

Anonymous said...

"How allegedly intelligent and informed men and women can ignore the 800 pound stinking armpit of their continuous hypocrisy and willful distortion of the truth?"

First of all, they are informed not more than people in USSR were informed by their "Pravda". Mass media is totally controlled. In the same Israel, their native papers like Haarez often have articles that would be absolutely impossible in US.

Second, continuous hypocrisy and willful distortion of the truth are practically the lifestyle in US. When you are surrounded on every step by lying advertising from the day of your birth, you already don't perceive lies as immoral deed, they become acceptable and normal. When very significant percentage of the economy is based on made-up demand created either by regulations or by propaganda and willful hysteria, however having no real value, your views become distorted. Mike Rivero just wrote very good comment about this exact aspect: , comment to "House Approves New Property Seizure Law" . Add to this mix the athmosphere of political correctness as critical value, and you have the recipe for what you just mentioned. In fact, Bush and neo-cons are true sons of this society, they represent it very well.

Anonymous said...


you said "with the loss of john kaminsky and ..."

Do you know what has happened to him?. His site is a blank page and he doesn't answer any emails. The last thing I heard was a fantastic article on the Egregore, an apparently concerted attempt to label him as a zionist agent provocateur, which having read him for over eight years I find very difficult to believe - then nothing. I'd appreciate any information you might have or could point me to.

Les -
sorry to butt in on an unrelated matter, your blog, as usual, an excellent and thoughtful one. I don't think I've missed any since I found you at thetruthseeker

annemarie said...

How about a Declaration of independence from Israel?

Vive le Palestine libre!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les ..
A sad post ...


PS: You must have heard about the Terror attacks at Jaipur in India always carried out by "muslim extremeists" ... Well I was born a muslim but now I dont believe in any religion .. Things are getting tougher worldwide with the image of Islam getting tossed into the garbage can ... Sometimes I think I must change my identity .. What do you say .. I dont believe in any of it anyway why I should i suffer .. The police always arrest some innocent person and torture him into confessing ...

Vrad the impostor said...

I know you're tired hearing stuff like this but Sorcha Faal is another one of the whackos more interested in selling books than finding the truth or exposing injustice ..

Hint : Theres no person called Sorcha Faal her real name could be David Booth ...

kikz said...

mornin again les...

ran across this quote.. thought i'd share...
as it echoes a great truth, told by countless wise ones.

" A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to its true principles. It is true that in the meantime we are suffering deeply in spirit, and incurring the horrors of a war and long oppressions of enormous public debt...If the game runs sometime against us at home, we must have patience till luck turns, and then we shall have an opportunity of winning back the principles we have lost, for this is a game where principles are at stake. "
Thomas Jefferson

Endure & Prevail.

kikz said...

re: Kaminski

i'm still on his mailing list.. i see stuff intermittently.

as far as mullins goes? last i heard his family had institutionalized him, absorbed his estate, consifcated his papers...and he suffers the loneliness of no peerage w/which to keep his mind engaged.

have heard nothing to indicate his passing, other than in contributing communications thru the net.

Anonymous said...

Hi all. Good blogging les.

For Hank who feels alone, and Apollonian who says, "CONCLUSION: History is thus cyclic indeed, as we observers confirm Greek Tragedy--human existence basically sucks. Thus we struggle to manage those cyclic ups and downs. Apollonian"
... these links have given me recent inspiration and enlightenment:

there's more:

Thanks, I also feel in need of knowing there are people who feel like me in this insanity.


Anonymous said...

Will it make it to 70? Excellent article

Anonymous said...

kikz05 said...
"mornin les...
"you ask.. i feel you already know...
'What is this psychopathic disconnect between the murderous activity of their leaders and their own culpability of silence?'
"organized religion.
12:11 PM

* * * * *

"Organized Religion" Is Simply Necessity In Cultural Scheme Of Things
(Apollonian, 16 May 08)

As usual fm "Kikz05" we get half-baked -type submission, so platitudinous, incomplete, and simple-minded as to be so highly mis-leading and actually false.

For Christian anti-semitic organization is absolutely necessary and essential, Christianity the most historically successful style of anti-semitism, responsible for all the so brief-ly victorious Jew-expulsions that were ever instituted/activated.

For first note "religion" is any organization and esp. habituated mental activity/process by definition--this includes reason and logic themselves (ck any dictionary).

Second, let's then look at actual "organization" as can be verified: Jews, esp. topmost masterminds and oligarchs, control Fed COUNTERFEIT fraud/conspiracy (see by which they dominate everything else, including all "organizations," esp. corporate organization.

Not only then do Jews control by means of directly funding hereticalist pseudo-Christianity, like "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--which includes present Roman "Vatican"--see and, but observe they control mass "Jews-media" by which this hereticalism is broadcast unto the masses so entertainingly, with such persuasion (such as it is) and compelling style.

Hence then anti-semitic patriots "organize" themselves as they can and must, making use of Christian literature, tradition, aesthetic, philosophy, etc., the idea being that against such monumental campaign and organized Jew lies, fraud, and ZOG-Mammon imperialist "perpetual war for perp. peace," etc., Christian patriots oppose by means of that ideal of OBJECTIVE REALITY by which we present TRUTH. Such then is virtue of Mighty Internet and general blog-art which we presently make use.

So it's thus grievous mistake to EQUATE Jew and Christian ideals, confusing the ideals, Jew lies vs. Christian truth, by means of the official "organization"--which organizations, controlled by Judeo-conspirators, are meant and designed for deception of the volk. For established "Christian" organization is naturally subject to Jew manipulation, as again, by means of that nearly omnipotent COUNTERFEIT fraud, the Fed.

CONCLUSION: Thus Christian patriot "organization" is merely necessary and obligatory, featuring, again, truth vs. Jew lies, fraud, and esp. then, COUNTERFEIT conspiracy at base of ZOG-Mammon beast/empire. Note Jews will even fund "nihilist" and "Buddhistic" morons and drunken sots to attempt to heaping scorn and denigration upon doughty Christian patriot heroes. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Flim flam Apollonian

Anonymous said...

"Tony" Pretends Truth Is Lies Repeated
(Apollonian, 16 May 08)

Righto "Tony," but if u can't disprove any of my pt.s then it's u who's liar. I give citations, premises for conclusions. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I propose a slogan:

If you want to know what "ignorance is bliss" means,

kikz said...

Christian patriots oppose by means of that ideal of OBJECTIVE REALITY by which we present TRUTH.

it is elegantly simple.

you can offer no such objective truth or objective reality on this subject, as your religion is founded on subjective posturings and mummery offered as objective proof.

you can't have it both ways...your dialectic suffers fatal error, and no amount of your psychopathic twisting will straighten it.

i tire of your jabbering.

Anonymous said...

Is always an invitation for the mind to pay a visit to your blog, Les Visible. You have indeed the gift of “aleph consciousness”, and the metaphoric power to make visible the invisible. BTW Is that your real name, or just poetic karma?
Take a look at this "GOP memo", Les... (is it a new PNAC?)

Rep. Davis GOP Memo on How to Win in November
To: Republican Leadership
From: Rep. Tom Davis
Re: Where We Stand Today
...."War on Terror

"We must continue to hammer on FISA every chance we get. Terrorism ranks sixth today as an issue, but one incident can propel it to first. Democrats will blame Bush for any problems, so it is important that the record on these issues be clear and concise.

"FISA, intelligence funding, border security, etc. are critical and the lines between protecting our citizens and preserving privacy will crumble with a major incident. Although we all hope this will never happen, the Democrats have played partisanship with this issue since they took Congress. They cater to their college town, intelligencia constituency and, although no one may be paying attention today, it could be the issue in the fall. We should continue to build our record.

Anonymous said...

Good one Les,

Looks like you writing has inspired the Spanish to translate your text:

Sesenta años de derramamiento de sangre, traición y terror

Rebelión is a big Spanish news site read all over the Spanish-speaking world. I check it regularly, will tell you of any new posts

Anonymous said...

"Kikz05" "Tires"--of Reality, Truth, Honesty
(Apollonian, 17 May 08)

"Kikz05," I can see how ur poor brain "tires" under any conditions whatever. But u seem to overlook fact "truth" requires objective reality simply as criterion thereto--as in science. Truth needs criterion, hence only objectivity would be capable to providing such criterion.

Otherwise u'd need to define for ur own part what objectivity would consist of. For if u demand "proof," u'd need to say what it is u want proof for in first place.

As for objective reality, note the logic merely works back to assumption (axiom), then assumption (corollary) that perception renders apprehension thereof such objective reality--such is foundation for science, for example. Do u reject science?

CONCLUSION: Thus in summary, story of Christ in New Testament is account of fortunes of such (objective) truth, defense thereof, Christ giving us foremost definitive example. Life sucks (Greek Tragedy), and the only sure way to live it is by means of honesty w. oneself and courage in face of Pharisaic lies, conspiracy, etc. But I understand ur poor brain has surely already nodded off. Take care poor "kikz05" who has such difficulty w. reality, truth, and honesty, calling everyone else "psychopaths." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

the only entity i have heretofore referred to as a psychopath in term, on this website, is you apoll.

Anonymous said...

Dr. "Kikz05" Queried For Analytic Advice
(Apollonian, 17 May 08)

Okay "kikz05," so then why/how do u say I'm psychopath?--just because I'm honest and tell u the truth u don't want to face--as about objectivity? Thanks for ur advice. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

From World

8. It has just been revealed that two particularly egregious disinformation platforms – the Sorcha Faal reports purporting to represent postings from inside the Kremlin, but which are revealed to be perpetrated by a US military intelligence operative working with an Irish source (i.e., for the Clinton component of the criminalist ‘Box Gang’), and the website, are American deception operations.

That website has been exposed by the research given below. A list of suspect and intelligence-controlled websites is given on page 512 of the Editor’s work, ‘The New Underworld Order: Dark Actors Playing Games: The Global Fantasies of the Geomasonic Illuminati’: Edward Harle Limited: see the books section of this integrated website.

Exposure of a subversive CIA-controlled website:

Referral URL: [link to]
Name Server: NS2.SERVINT.COM
Status: ok
Updated Date: 13-Nov-2007
Creation Date: 12-Nov-2003
Expiration Date: 12-Nov-2009
Current Registrar: REGISTER.COM, INC.
IP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)
Record Type: Domain Name
Server Type: Indeterminate
Lock Status: ok
DMOZ: no listings
Y! Directory: see listings
Web Site Title: WhatDoesItMean.Com
Secure: No
E-commerce: No
Traffic Ranking: 4
Data as of: 27-Jul-2005
[link to]
[link to]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 195267 (OP)
Data sent to the Editor: 5/4/2008 4:00 AM
Re: Top CIA Agent Killed Trying To Protect D.C. Madam
IP Location: US, McLean, Virginia. Contrary to popular belief, the CIA headquarters is not located in Langley, VA, but in the Langley suburb of McLean,Virginia.

kikz said...

kikz tires of apple onion's grapharrhea.

you attack, then play honest injured patriot.

man you are some fun piece of Vork vork vork.



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