Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pick up Your Magic Wand and Let's Do some Magic

No doubt most of us have heard of a factor called ‘home court advantage’ in relation to sporting events. In some sports this is a bigger factor than in others. That it is a truth is undeniable. It’s an interesting fact that if a smaller dog attacks a larger dog on its home turf that the larger dog will generally be driven off. We’ve seen this in war zones like Vietnam and the present day Middle East conflicts where more superior armed invaders have been driven back or had their advantage neutralized because they were fighting an ‘away war’. I was thinking about ‘home court advantage’ earlier and in the process a number of things came into my mind about it.

We’ve all got a home somewhere, though lately, more and more of us don’t. We’ve all got a body and we’ve all got a mind, though lately, more and more of us don’t. I took half an hour this morning to run through a number of pages at the Perez Hilton Hollywood gossip site because I wanted to see what was going on with the latest screw-ups and publicity games among the pathologically ego-driven. Every now and then I do a little slumming at locations I wouldn’t ordinarily visit because it gives me some view into the lives of the people who fascinate the minds of the people who pay attention to them. It helps me to understand how this potentially beautiful world has been turned into such a plastic shit-shop filled with culturally engineered refugees from The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Recently I’ve been serializing an on line book at this location. The last two chapters have dealt with the ‘reactive mind’. Controlling the public reactive mind is something the media does. Schools do it. The military does it. Religions do it. Scientology has made its fortune off of it, though they, instead of you, wind up at the controls. Your parents tried to shape your reactive mind so that you would be a normal or better person, according to what they thought was ‘normal’ or ‘better’, which is how so many of us wound up as examples in this Phillip Larkin poem. Personally, I’m with Bruce Cockburn; “the trouble with normal is that it always gets worse.”

I’m going to get a little philosophical in this posting and the point of it is maybe to get more of you to use certain weapons that you have at your command and that you use reflexively already a la the reactive mind in your day to day walking round the endless corner of life in search of whatever comes next.

The ‘home field advantage’ that I want to talk about is your mind. You’re stronger, or should be, than all of the thoughts, impulses and survival concerns moving in and out of your mind and generated by all sorts of things like appetite, boredom, television commercials, day dreaming, car horns and some endless expanse of naked leg. The world of the media and the other criminal gangs of government and religion and the marketplace; those manipulating life into a migrating slasher flick that serves popcorn and everything else in every shop window in the whole world- have to first control the minds of the majority of people in order to get the interest and participation necessary to involve you in watching this cosmic train wreck while you wait for your turn in the barrel.

They do this by creating a fabricated message and a middle elite of managers who run their portion of the scam according to directives from the head office. If anybody doesn’t play, then they fire them or kill them or put them in jail; not necessarily in that order. All the priests and politicians; all the talking heads and entertainers, all the corporation heads and varieties of suits control whatever little pond they are swimming in and all the frogs and other life forms go along with the program or wind up sleeping in the alley, or dead or in prison; not necessarily in that order.

Now, there’s a reason they don’t want a bunch of people to hold hands and levitate the Pentagon. There’s a reason that they don’t want you to wear shirts that say “9/11 was an Inside Job.” Or “Bush swallows Gannon Yogurt” but will allow you to wear shirts that say, “I’m a dirty little slut”, or “blow me” even if you are only twelve years old. The fact is that if you get enough people together to levitate the Pentagon something is going to happen because the cats at the top are in to magic (for a reason) or they wouldn’t have all those secret handshakes and symbols and they wouldn’t be drinking the blood of children out of gold cups during secret ceremonies. Look at the secret and occult history of the world and see how much of this sort of thing has been/is going on.

As for the t-shirts... well... the medium is the massage... messages have power. It’s all about control and since we can’t just march into the White House and strip Bush and Cheney naked and then roll them in pig-shit and whip them up and down Pennsylvania Ave (yet) with all of the rest of the neo-con psychopaths, we need to look into things that we can do.

Do a little experiment for me. Pick a really stupid show on TV; something you wouldn’t ordinarily watch and sit down and watch it. Note that for the first few minutes you are aware that you are watching. Your objective mind might be pointing out to you how inane and mind-numbingly stupid it is but... sooner or later you are going to forget that you are watching. You will have been sucked in. This is what happens. It happens when you read a book. It happens when you are day dreaming. It happens when you are engaged in routine tasks. You have moved from the objective to the subjective, from the conscious to the automatic. From here your reactive mind can be manipulated according to the intentions of the puppeteers. You’re actually in a state of hypnosis. It’s like what happens when you stare into a fire.

They have to be able to get inside your head- they have to make you believe in war and famine, fire and plague and Madonna’s talent before they start to whip it up in the kitchen. They have to sell you the product before they fill the shelves with it... or empty the shelves of it. They have to get inside your head. It is at this point that you can do something about it. You can turn it off or you can consciously react. I would like everyone here to start practicing a conscious reaction to the lies of the day. Begin to say, “This is bullshit.” “This is a lie.” Say it out loud. Say it in your head. Say it to your fellows and explain to them that this is guerrilla action. If all of us get together and join hands around the world we’d be like Archimedes with a mental lever. The mind is magic and all magic comes from it. They have to get inside your head before they can motivate your form.

The key to freedom is to be able to see what hypnotizes you. If enough of us can short circuit the hypnosis then the power moves away, just as it is moving from mass media to the blogs, just like it went from network to cable... just as it can move from the nasty and trivial of this moment to the more refined and deeper presence of which we are capable.

It is a unity of mind and purpose that causes us to collect and protest against the confines of our prison warders and which can lead to a collective turning away from the machinations of those whose intention is to get inside our heads. The meaning of the word ‘Adam’ is ‘namer of things’; what we identify things as... are what they become to us and there is a venal and murderous operation at work to do the naming for us. You can’t get free in your life until you become free in your mind.

The movie, “Monsters Inc” has some penetrating truth to it.

We have to collectively agree that we are being lied to and call it... turn away from it and the power goes out of their cable. Our attention is their fuel. You are feeding your prison masters with the juice they use for that purpose. I suggest a world movement in which we constantly say, “bullshit”, “that’s a lie” I suggest we put clown noses on all these leaders and use the fun house mirrors of our minds to make them ridiculous and laugh at them. They can’t abide scorn. We’ve got to start somewhere and no matter what you choose to do it has to stop... and start... in your mind. Use your home court advantage.

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Anonymous said...

Les, my man.

I`m sorry I told you to stop whining.

That was rude of me.

I`m not anonymous. I`m The Nonymous, and I liked this Home Court Advantage post.

You lambasted me for having all the answers, and a secret ring. But I lost the ring already (darnit!)

What my Five Dried Grams taught me was that the answers we have are always ones we come up with out of our imagination.

I`m not saying that any of my words are true.

I was just offering them up as possibly entertaining.

I failed to entertain you.

No harm done.

And I apologize for being rude.

Keep up the good works.

-The Nonymous

Visible said...

I don't really take things as personally as some might think. Often my responses are made so that I can observe the following reactions which will clarify things I only suspect, or free me of judgments that I shouldn't have.

Chapter Six of Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World is now available Here

Anonymous said...

you have some great thoughts and ideas - wish you would put out a condensed version just to convey the basics without all the verbosity - I just cant keep up.

Visible said...

Now that is just really sad. I wish I could help you. I can't imagine what you must go through trying to read a book. I'm pretty sure there are blogs out there that have small paragraph length capsules of information. It won't be the same information but... would that matter?

Anonymous said...

Hey those Xtians are doing all the magic. They're busy manifesting themselves a thousand years of rule by a schizophrenic tyrant.

Wassamatter, it is Amerikkka's Manifest Destiny, ain't it?

Or perhaps you ought to start manifesting something more in the way of fun, and lock those Xtians up in the funny farm, where they belong?

Anonymous said...

Your objective mind might be pointing out to you how inane and mind-numbingly stupid it is but… sooner or later you are going to forget that you are watching. You will have been sucked in.

Only if you are continuing to watch, and that is only if you have initially programmed yourself that you have to watch it no matter what. But if you question whether it's worth your time, than very soon, after giving the show its share of doubt, you simply stand up and turn it off.

Though watching the TV show was only an example, the same can be applied to general case: always question if the game you engage is what it seems, or it's a fake put up by some interest. If you have this question in mind, the answer usually comes very soon. At which point, turn around and leave.

kikz said...

goodstuff here and in chap 6 thx :)

Jody Paulson said...

Again, Les, you've addressed the heart of the matter in a masterfully poetic way.

You're right of course, the "Powers that Be" tend to get suspiciously antsy whenever people come together to do something as supposedly ineffective and ridiculous (they'd like us to think) as joining hands and trying to raise the Pentagon. Look at what they did to the Ghost Dancers.

I'd like to share this article from an experienced Magic Wand wielder: Call for Unity to Participate in Sunday Etheric 'Blasting' Sessions

Anonymous said...

G'day Les, thanks for the support that I don't get at home. I watch only selected TV programs, and usually only to find out what lies and misinformation is being spread at the time. I do already voice my disapproval of the rubbish that is peddled by the networks here in Australia, and get berated by my partner as "always being negative, never got anything positive to say" If I could find something positive to say about the likes of Dubya, Cheney, Blair, Brown, Harper, Howard, Rudd etc....I would. I usually answer her with a question. How can speaking the truth, possibly be construed as negative? Keep up the great work my friend.
Cheers, Geoff.

Anonymous said...

Another great post, Les.

Unfortunately most americans couldn`t spell "home field advantage" if you spotted them the "hom", "fiel", and "advantag".

I look forward to all your future articles.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Les
When I read some of Carlos Castaneda's books I thought that his ideas on "The place of Power" were to be applied to home and country. Your reference to the "Home Field Advantage" is showing a better Way to resist the current attacks to our minds to make us respond to undesirable suggestions. When you referred to "The Island of Dr Moreau" I thought that in fact what the profiteers try to do to us is take away higher spiritual impulses and reinforce our lower impulses. It is therefore necessary that as many people as possible start a process of clear thinking when they watch TV, read newspapers etc.. We can then use our powers of discernment to better follow a path which may lead to a better understanding of what may otherwise, in time, turn us into passive flags in the wind. If we do as you and other clear thinkers suggest, we may also come to the point of "spiritually broadcasting" a wake up call to those who are "spiritually listening" be they other attentive human beings or spiritual helper

lb said...

The powers that be may be getting very afraid and the following quote from this site might be one reason.

"In a shocking challenge to conventional wisdom, Cambridge researcher Aubrey de Grey argues that the process of aging is merely a disease -- and a curable one at that. De Grey, a computer scientist and biogerontologist, believes humans could live for centuries, if only we approach the aging process as "an engineering problem." He outlines the seven basic ways people age, and how to "solve" each one. And if we get to work now, he says, humans alive today could live to be 1,000".

Why would that be scary to the elite?
What keeps the elite in power and power struggles?

They work very hard to confuse and convince and "con" all people at all levels of the pyramid in order to have the money, hence the control of the resources flowing into their pockets ( the elites pockets that is).

Anyone living beyond 100 years can easily accumulate a massive fortune simply by applying the compound interest factor.
Think of someone who invested with Bershire Hathaway in the early sixties and stayed with Buffett's program for the long haul. Some of these people are worth nearly half a billion now.

Most people today can't save a dime therefore pose no threat to big brother. The same person could start with a moderate amount and eventually enough average joe's doing this would completely ruin the elites program. They need to control our minds in order to stop this from happening.

Just thinking....

the Silverfish said...

Again very nice.

Anonymous said...

I've been doing what you suggest for years. People in my family followed my lead too. We sit and watch the news and deconstruct it--read between the lines, make jokes and all laugh in agreement that it's bullshit.

But none of us get much support from people outside our group. It horrifies me how programmed people are to 'conform and obey' and how fearful they are of the consequences of not doing so. My impression is that most of my 'fellow countrymen' are chickenshits at heart. Groveling, drooling careerists--more than willing to do the bidding of big brother to 'get ahead'. And for me, that's the downfall of America. They have all been 'bought out'.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the tube; haven't done so for many years. I even find myself thinking "This is BS", when listening to some person parrot the tv propaganda. Want to have some fun? Tune in on a sunday tv evangelist show, but turn off the sound and just watch the body language; same for a political speech or the so-called news. Pay attention to your reactions!

Anonymous said...

God is not dead--What a beautiful piece of music, Les. Glad I found your blog-Well worth every minute I read it. You are proof that Dylan ain't dead either.

Anonymous said...

The clasic example of this hypnosis ...."I can't do anything about it".

nobody said...

Hey Les,

I grooved on this one.

Your bit about not playing the game reminded of that scene in Fast Food Nation where the manager of the burger joint suddenly realises that the young girl No Longer Believes. It's like a switch was flicked.

I've had that moment so many times. It's extraordinary to behold. The person's eyes pop open and they physically recoil. Speaking of t-shirts I once wore a shirt to this workplace (I was a freelancer then) that said 'Vote 1 Howard - 30,000 Dead Iraqis Can't Be Wrong'. I made it myself, natch. Everyone wanted to read my interesting shirt right up until the precise moment that they 'got it'. You could tell when that was because a visceral jerk would shake their body.

Sure enough that gig, which had been going brilliantly, came to a crashing halt. Eventually one way or another I did myself out of work at every house in town. Like I care. I'd rather be penniless.

Robert said...

I like your writings lez. They are very insightful, Most people hear this stuff and dismiss it as conspiracy theories but the evidence of all the secret societies, etc. is all there. What do you think about the stanglehold that the federal reserve has on us? Also what do you think of Ron Paul who if elected (highly doubt it) would abolish the federal reserve act which many say is unconstitutional and was never invisioned by the people who created this country.

Vrad the impostor said...

Hate to say it Les but sometimes you sound too pretentious ... But I really must say that you have a gift with words and you're using it well and to awaken people ....Well I've been reading WRH , WUFYS and recently Smoking Mirrors for quite a while now . I'm not from USA or Europe I'm from India and after years of reading so many blogs my world-view has undergone a permanent transformation ... I'm only 17 now I must tell when I first started reading about wierd conspiracy theories(at 14 yrs) I first landed on that crackhead David Ickes website .. After a few months reading about the exploits of six foot lizards who ruled the world I was fed up .. Gimme a break.. I still dont understand how you can be so confident that your worldview is accurate ... People here think I'm nuts so I stopped telling 'em , they tell me you shouldnt believe all those kooky ol' sites on the Internets ......But if enough people are awakened when they're young then maybe they will turn into lifelong skeptics and learn to take everything and with a grain of salt ... And maybe even say "This is Bullshit!" once in a while ;-) .... Cheers .. Keep up the good work .. Looking forward to your response ...

Visible said...

There's a new piece Here

Anonymous said...

There are things in your writing I agree with and things I don't agree with. I like the postmodern idea to look at everything with suspicion and consider things uncertain, however uncertainty/ suspicion is only a good beginning not a good end.

Nothing is certain! Really? Is it certain that nothing is certain? If so then the argument has fundamentally negated itself.

Nothing is absolute! Really? Is it an absolute rule that nothing is absolute? See this is not playing with words. We should be more aware as you have said.

So although I would like to denounce modernism, I also denounce post-modernism and even though I see being against current establishments is good, I look for a good establishment in the end.

Philosophy has the answer not science. To know the universe we have to first know ourselves (mind) not the other way around.
The good news is: we don't need a particle accelerator to discover truth. A logical mind can discover truth on its own, if only we could come to agreement and establish absolute rules. Then again rule sounds harsh, instead of “must” and “must not” let us use terms such as “is” and “is not”, this way we could say for example action A leads to action B and that leads to C and C is a desirable outcome. No force, but then again are we going to will according to those? Perhaps, but there are always nasty elements that should be neutralized. This maybe fundamentalism but it is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I’ve noticed that when I have an inkling of an answer, I usually find it’s fairly instantly repeated somewhere: some one or thing repeats the same idea. It becomes, suddenly, a pattern --like a dividing cell. Are we all having the same ideas at the same time? Will we all coalesce into one Big Mind, thinking ‘what a load of codswallop’ all at once and kickstart this Mental R/evolution?

These thoughts on religion you had, in weeks past. I thought it was going to go somewhere then it fizzled on me. I couldn’t hone my thoughts to contribute without sounding like a nut. Then the thought and its power, apparently quite spontaneously, was subsequently acted out in the great US public mind --farced through the shadow play of the good Rev Wright, who refused to back down and stared back in their face. I like the guy. He smiled a lot. Seems pretty right on to me. A fine Good v. Evil passion play. He had to be stamped out with a screaming chorus of venom to drown out the light of truth. Prevent people from seeing God/Good. It’s the religion I had been thinking of only two days previously, trying to write a message for your board on summoning the Light. Shining light onto the darkness. Suddenly there he was. Saying it all for me. And of course Magnificently, AND on TV. There he was! Beaming the light in all those Dark dank places.

Rev Wright (Aloud): “I believe our government is capable of doing anything ...” (accusing the U.S. government of deliberately engineering the AIDS virus as a means of genocide ...)

Global SubmarineMind (Thinks): “Oooooooooo, ssssssshhhhhhh, AIDS plague -- popped out of the blue, didn’t it? Straight from the PNAC: “...(A)dvanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool’” Just like the fungus in India right now.

And there we grope forward, feeling nasty shapes and gooey slime on the rockwalls of the tunnel. Blankets sound too cosy. No light at the end, but the thunderous evil American FeverHateAngst bellowing down on the good Rev Wright who’s standing just up the tunnel ahead of us. Jeeesu, I thought, he’s touched a really nasty stinky thing there in the dark. And all we have is a flashlight with an irritating faulty connection. Dammit it keeps flickering and going out.... Shake it again.

As to today’s pattern. Here was I, talking with my “media naranja” about shadows of the same thoughts you too capture so well -–this very morning.

For me, Lilliputia was the answer. Tiny men tie down the huge giant. Their victory even painful to that huge heavy giant: pin pricks from miniature human mosquitoes. Has the advantage of the Genious Satire of Swift behind it. Good metaphor. Small. Local like the Internet. It has to be Local. And has to be a Net. Our size. We can be Global but we arent giants. We have no TV time. We have to pass The Word around. And that’s what we are doing. Exchanging the same fears and thoughts. And somehow we get the same ones. This +is+ Magic.

And then there’s the names. They have the upperhand on the naming ... or do they?

Like I said before. In the beginning there was the word, and the word was ...... Good. Light. Air for those dank holes.

Magic is a good word. It’s catching (or catchy?) and we can all do it. It’s the slogans we have to take over. We must reinvent the words to describe this shit. We must do our own ads for a product we are weaving on the net. Joint minds. Joining minds.The repeating of spells.

It works. I know, we tried it once on our own local politiks. We changed everything in our town. We flushed out the mayor and his corrupt cronies. We had three thousand on the streets of a small town. It started with ten people. And the way it works is through humour: taking the piss is the one thing the masters of +their+ universe can’t abide. Laughter is the only cure for Fear.

Proof? The day they overdid the “liquid bomb” plot on the Heathrow plane and had pregnant mums flustered with shame. Forced to sip breast milk if you please! Dark indignity. What worked? The guffaws and sniggers in the pubs all round England is what did it. Gails of tittering scorn quite literally stopped the silly stories of impossible bomb plots in their tracks. “Narratives”?!!

Think joke. Think very funny. Think words and slogans. Global Magic. Set memes in the air but give people a laugh. I don’t see why it works but it does. T-shirts work. That’s why “they” detest them.

Note for Geoff. Actually I say the same thing as your wife. You can’t afford to be negative. Dark makes more dark, Light makes more light. So Positive has to generate more positiveness. But being negative is different to acknowledging the truth: the response is to create positive solutions, and Les’ commitment to trying to awaken people, to negative things, is a totally 100% positive act.
Well done y’all. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Whilst we are all realizing it is due time we check into a new hotel reality with an old name (DU munitions) summing up how it is that we reverse the energy 'shelf life' of this king before the recoil effect does a heck of a lot more damage than hypnosis ever could...

Never thought I would see it but plain as day "the Zionists have poisoned themselves radioactively and pretty much permanently for there is no way known to mankind to clean this stuff up and the damage to all matter in existence is beyond comprehension..." yeah, they want the Latani river so they poison the very terrain, water, air by blasting it with DU and in reverse are digesting this stuff at warp speed! Grand, and all this time I had thought they had a friggn plan! Go Figure!!!

On top of that America is destroying herself right here...the practice fields for the Army are using live ammo 'DU munitions' poisoning Colorado... which supplies the water to how many states! We have shot ourselves as a community not just our children in the military or at war. Nice!

Point being "Thanks Les" and for those of us who truly understand this post, this kind man has written, Please, for the Love of it all, help by doing a bit of due diligence on the subject, pass it on and let us COLLECTIVELY tackle this monster!


Visible said...

New essay "Jesus Loves me even if I'm a Fat Pig" is Here

Anonymous said...

People still watch tv!? I bet they sing songs praising their corporate pimp slave masters too! Soon baby jesus will swoop down in the mothership and take us all to disneyland.

Anonymous said...

Les, have you seen this news story reported in one of Rupert Murdoch's (of all people)rags in Aussieland. Check this out. It seems you aren't the only one who feels this way about the power right now of a possible Pentagon "levitation". We ARE dealing with evil and this act of mass prayer does have power contrary to what we've been trained through our media to believe is hogwash... Any ways, check this out...

Article from: Murdoch's Courier Mail
Alex Dickinson and David Earley
April 26, 2008 12:00am

A UNIVERSITY of Queensland lecturer has been arrested after allegedly painting walls with human blood during a protest at a weapons manufacturing facility in Brisbane's East.

Lisa Bridle a part-time lecturer with the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability at UQ, was one of two people arrested after the ritual in the lobby of Raytheon Australia at Murarrie on Thursday.

Several people from the protest group Christians Against ALL Terrorism entered the building about 10am before lighting candles and placing a crucifix on a stand.

They allegedly chanted an exorcism prayer as they painted a cross on a door with human blood and posted photographs of human corpses on the walls.

Raytheon produces guided missiles. Its arsenal includes the Tomahawk cruise missile and the portable Javelin "fire-and-forget" missile system.

Brisbane's Aerospace Centre of Excellence was opened last year at Murarrie as a part of Raytheon's Australian aerospace team, which provides electronic warfare training for the navy, support for F/A-18 Hornet training simulators and maintenance for F-111 jets at RAAF Base Amberley.

Raytheon Australia also produces tactical radios, driver vision enhancers, thermal weapon sights and the Phalanx weapon system.

"The real crime here is causing the deaths of innocents in wars around the world," Dr Bridle said.

"We firmly believe that only demonic spirits could allow such a corporation to function as it does and we sought to drive out those spirits."

She said the human blood had come from a member of her group and was collected in vials.

"I don't think there would have been any point just walking in and telling them how to go about their business. This would be more dramatic," the academic said.

A spokeswoman for Raytheon said employees were shocked by the use of blood.

"We're just happy that our employees are safe and well," the spokeswoman said.

Police arrested Dr Bridle and another protester, Jim Dowling, after they allegedly refused to leave the Raytheon premises.

They were charged with contravening a police direction and will appear in Wynnum Magistrate's Court on May 29.

Kniall said...

Thanks Les, you speak right to my heart. Many blessings back at ya, Beautiful Being

Love, Neil



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