Saturday, May 17, 2008

Are you Drunk, Stupid or Asleep? Part 1.

To those for whom this post may seem strange I ask that you just ponder what's here and it will all come clear (one hopes) in Part 2 tomorrow.

When I was younger I had a burning desire to know what was going on. I think that it came in part from a desire to know why I had been born into such difficult circumstances. I know there are some horror stories out there but the entire time I was growing up I never encountered anyone whose story was as brutal as mine, unless you count my brothers.

Part of it came from the instinctive awareness that things were not what they should be. It just didn’t seem to me that life was supposed to be the way it appeared to be. It was impossible to fit in. I thought for a long time that I was crazy and actually institutionalized myself to find out. This was even before the government decided to institutionalize me later on. All I discovered was that the doctors and the staff were crazy and that the patients were just more obvious about it. There was no help for me there so I left.

While I was in this institution I read a magazine article about someone called Dr. Timothy Leary. What the article had to say fascinated me. I’ve never forgotten how I felt while I was reading it. About a year later I was living near Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. with some early prototypes of a new consciousness. I took some Sandoz LSD and I can remember (who could forget?) looking around me and how it dawned on me that I wasn’t crazy at all. The wealth of information that passed to and thru me during this single event would take a long time, if it were even possible, to tell. I saw, clearly and unequivocally that not only was I not crazy but that the world most certainly was. Nothing I have seen since has changed that.

Along with a multitude of supernatural and occult experiences, I came to see that the world was just phenomena that recycled in the process of repeating itself. The people of the world looked to me like toy soldiers that got wound up and marched off until they walked into a wall and fell over and then they made rotating circles on the floor until there was no crank left in the key.

Governments and religions all looked like what they were; experiments and assumptions. The experiments ran from very, very bad ideas to occasional good ideas that wound up in bad hands. In every society there are those who seek power, control and fortune and eventually they control the experiment with money, guns and lawyers. As for religion, it always came out looking the way certain people decided the incomprehensible, inexplicable, unexplainable ought to look. This necessitated a holy book and a priesthood and a great deal of money to be the gas that powered the car and the oil that lubricated the engine. Somebody always had to be in charge and, because it was always impossible to get the man himself to show up in person, somebody had to stand in for him and you can see what happened after that.

There’s only one good government and that’s the one whose purpose is the greatest good for the greatest number of people. The less aware that you are of its presence the better it operates. Sooner or later the people I was talking about before show up and it goes through a variety of stages until it becomes an object of fear and ridicule (that’s where you are now). There’s only one good religion and that’s the one where everyone behaves like the person upon whom it was founded in the first place and which was the reason everyone thought it was such a good idea to begin with. It’s that simple. When it becomes complicated ...any of it... it’s always for the same reason, “What’s puzzlin you is the nature of my game.” Whenever something is wrong with any human collective system that usually works (and then stops working, or starts being badly worked) it is always for the same reasons. A certain handful of individuals have gotten together to steal and control everything in sight. That’s where you are now. Fascism is defined as a state where the corporations control the government. That’s where you are now.

Revolutions shouldn’t have to be bloody but they almost always are. Even when you take a guy like Mahatma Gandhi and all that he practiced and all that his followers practiced, it was still a hard road to travel. The same was true of Martin Luther King. You need a revolution. I don’t know what shape it’s going to take but it’s unavoidable unless you want to see what it’s like to be a Palestinian.

It’s a curious thing about America. You should probably watch this video about now. That’s pretty interesting isn’t it? All over the rest of the world people know about Ron Paul and are supporting him. It’s hard to understand how they even heard about him but somehow they did. He’s got websites in most countries that are put up by residents of that country.

Like you, I don’t know what the deal is on Ron Paul. I do know what the deal is on the other people. It’s possible that Obama has some hope of being a square shooter but anyone who feels the need to continuously kiss Israel’s ass in public makes me nervous. Ron Paul doesn’t do that. I can tell you right now that if you all got together and decided that you were going to vote for Jessie Ventura for president with Ron Paul as his running mate that you would have gone a long way toward correcting your situation. I suggest it this way instead of the other way around because Ventura is much more the sort of man that needs to be the front guy while Ron Paul is a specialist who shines in areas that are less understood by the public though certainly as important as anything could be.

The people of America (at this time) remind me of the kids in the back of the bus who always get smacked in the back of the head by the bullies and don’t do anything about it. I know something about bullies and there are very few options to choose from in terms of dealing with them. It might take some work to get yourself into a position to do what you have to do but you have certainly got reason for personal initiative. In terms of a government you are supposed to have LAWS that protect you from bullies both foreign and domestic. You’ll note that it is your laws that are under attack due to an attack by someone. This got blamed on a rag tag assortment of members of a so-called terror group that according to high ranking CIA agents doesn’t even exist. Now, your LAWS are being altered to protect you from a danger that has been orchestrated by elements in your own government with the assistance of a foreign nation that is supposed to be your best friend. That’s what all the evidence says. That’s what the evidence says.

Jesse questions 9/11. He has publicly said so. I can’t imagine how you would want to elect anyone who isn’t willing to cop to this. Jesse Ventura says the right things. Jessie Ventura would be a good president because he wouldn’t want to let himself down, much less you.

I don’t know what’s wrong with you people. Are you that stupid? Are you that drunk or stoned? Are you asleep? What is wrong with you? It’s not suddenly going to get better. The people responsible aren’t going to stop what they’re doing and say to each other, “You know what? This is wrong. Let’s do the right thing.” They’re psychopaths... do the math. This is why you ‘had’ LAWS in the first place. Laws are there to protect you. When laws become selective in application and open to whim and caprice and the interpretation of the law becomes the province of those whose position and livelihood depends on corporations... you’re screwed.

Let’s work on the concept of Six Degrees of Separation. Everyone reading this knows someone who knows someone and someone knows someone who is in a position to make the right thing happen. Everyone talking to everyone will soon find that everyone pretty much agrees that criminals have taken over the government. The only people who don’t agree are part of the operation or too stupid to be part of yours.

This essay is just a portion of the continuous, unavoidable necessity to keep asking the American People to pay attention and tear their asses away from the flesh/plether bonding of their ass to the TV chair.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

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Anonymous said...

Good one Les,

Looks like your writing has inspired the Spanish to translate your text:

Sesenta años de derramamiento de sangre, traición y terror

Rebelión is a big Spanish news site read all over the Spanish-speaking world. I check it regularly, will tell you of any new posts

Zoner said...

Drunk? Lazy? Stupid? Yes, all of the above and much more I'm afraid. But from my vantage point here in the great "Bible Belt" of the USA I see a variety of reactions to our common situation and they all seem to be generated from the the same place in the brain - the part that deals in fear. Mostly I see denial and resignation. People here are still for the most part convinced that they are powerless and unable to do anything much more that duck down and wait for someone else to come in and save their asses. They don't get that it isn't the job of "other" people to solve these big problems, to speak up, rise up, get busy and tear all this crap down. But I guess if you can still see the world as "self" interfacing with "other", there is much work to do before there is any hope of seeing truth. Some folks aren't bothered at all and see the current situation as the pregame show for their great "Rapture" and are eager to see things totally hit the fan so they can be relieved of their earthly pain by some great catastrophe that will both allow them to get their heavenly reward and punish all those "others" who don't subcribe to the same religious programming as them.

Be afraid. Don't draw attention to yourself. Don't rock the boat. Conform, because you are too small and powerless to do anything that would change the course the PTB has set. That is our mantra. Soon it may be official policy enforced by....whoever will get the job of busting our heads and locking us up. Try telling an American that they live in a fascist country and see the blank stare or hear the mocking and admonitions that "We are the greatest nation on earth because we are FREE!" Most people don't want to take the time and effort to sort through all the B.S. they are fed and are loathe to stand out, so not much happens in any real sense. Critical thinking is dead in this country. Things will have to get MUCH worse and I fear that we are going in just that direction. We could all be Palestinians in short order - terrorists in our own country. The "laws" are all there, the mechanisms in place - we just needa big "kickoff" to start the party.

I'll tell you what, for me to feel like I am somewhat "awake" and to be able to clearly see what is happening around me right here, right now, it feels like I'm in a bad movie that I can't walk out of. It amazes me how many people - intelligent, thoughtful people - simply cannot or will not allow themselves to admit we are facing a serious set of circumstances that could lead to any number of situations far worse than the current one. My only other comment is to all of you who are watching this from afar and constantly saying "what is wrong with you people, why don't you DO something?", etc.. Lots of comments and blog postings contain barely restrained glee at the prospect of the USA "getting what they deserve", but if we go down hard here in the USA the game is not over. If the party ends for us here, the crashers will just head out looking for their next large group to terrorize and loot and there may be bigger things on the agenda. The evil that is gripping so much of the world does not originate here or end with the destruction of the USA.It is like a worldwide tour and it is coming to a town near you - if it isn't already there. Maybe you just can't see it yet? Z

P.S. I live in Minnesota where we all laughed hard at Jesse "The Body" Ventura Running for Governor. He was no worse than any of them and his frankness and honesty was pretty refreshing after people realized he was actually intelligent and cared about truth and justice. We also had Paul Wellstone representing a better side of our humanity but we know how that went. Now we are getting the Republican convention here and I am more than a little worried about the potential for "incidents" to occur surrounding that event. We'll see if we get that far I guess.

Anonymous said...

I see in my crystal ball that Obama, who is being run by the guy that co-founded the Trilateral Commission with Dave Rockefeller, taking the November grab bag home to the White House. His maney man, named Goolsbee, is a skull&bones geek who will be named Sect.of Treasure. His vice president will be another expert at shillery for the global company. Seeds are in the vault & we have until the Mayan calander ticks out before the pull the chord.

Anonymous said...

سبحان الله انك عبقري.

استمر في النضال وان شاء الله فتنجح.

Good luck

Visible said...

Thanks for the compliment. I will continue to struggle and it doesn't rely on some promise of success.

If anyone ever does count up the score I just don't want to be listed with the people who didn't care or didn't do anything; regardless of where I may be by then.

Then again, there is such a thing as a compelling sense of purpose and I don't know if that ever gets explains to the ones so compelled.


well hello Yarg. Long time no hear.

Anonymous said...

You might want to go deeper into what psychopaths are in a future essay. Most people think (because of our popular culture) that psychopaths are serial killers. But that is not their defining quality. What defines them is a lack of conscience. A lack of guilt which is invisible to the vast majority who do not have such a huge hole in our psyches. So, for those of us who do have a conscience and cannot see the lack of it in our leaders, people like Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and others appear to be 'charming'. There is some truth about evil having 'smiling faces'. We're not really stupid, drunk, or crazy--just naive, gullible, and trusting--qualities which are, in our current context, equated with stupid, druhk, or crazy. We all need a personal epiphany to wake us up. We all need to see underneath the mask of the psychopath--the black hole which in us is filled with a conscience.

Anonymous said...

What's not to like, going thru life, living on your knees, mouth always open, hoping for some substance, maybe a shot of protein.

Get used to begging for crumbs, that will give you a leg up when you have to beg for your life, when some government sanctioned goon squad kicks down your door at 3 am, submachine guns drawn and ready.

Swallow hard and pretend not to notice whenever some taxpayer funded thug in DC issues some more regulations that aren't laws, but have the force of law, and see what happens when you don't follow some 43,000 pages of regulations.

This is your life, so enjoy being treated like something Herr Cheney stepped in with his jack boots.

Or flee to a foreign country and tsk, tsk, tsk the sight of America falling apart.

Or stand up like an actual human being, on your two feet and fight the motherfuckers to the death.

petkov said...

I been reading your blog for 2-3 months now and it's pretty much the same thing over and over and over...
Vague writing. you talk about hoie and how things will get better and that's it.
I don't know how old you are,m but I can assure you, things in USA have been effed up for a long long time. For decades in fact. Reading up on USA history, things were bad in the 1950s, in the 1930s, in the 1850s (if you ask the Indians). 1980s were NO picnic either. Reagan was a total asshole who did pretty much the same things Shrub jr did. Vietnam was another war against a sovereign country that UN didnt try to stop either.
So this is not a unique time in USA history. Far from it. The ONLY difference is that the AVERAGE American's sweet sweet life style is dissapearing (and that lifstyle is a direct win of all the evil thinhs the USA has done for over 100 years now) the average American IS aware of this happening. So he is scared. And he is blaming Shrub Jr.
If you REALLY want to be honest, why dont you renounce that sweet sweet lifestyle of yours. Give up your satelite TV and cable. Give up driving. Stop CONSUMING like a pig. Renounce that 1st world lfestyle and ADMIT you had it because USA was stealing everything from the world.
Write this in your blog.
Want to discuss this with me, contact me at

Visible said...

I'm guessing in your case it would be 'drunk'.

I've got just a couple of questions; why go on reading for months?

Why assume you know someone's lifestyle? It bankrupts your argument to do so. I don't watch TV by the way and I walk most of the time. Seldom do I drive anywhere. I also don't own anything but the tools of my trades. My mother-in-law owns a house and my wife owns a house. Neither of them would qualify as anything more than middle class.

Finally, why would I want to communicate with you. Will we move to a private video room and will you make me do naughty things?

Visible said...

Chapter 3 of the online occult thriller "The Whine" is up, here-

Anonymous said...

I have been reading you for several months now,Les. I couldn't agree with you more. I only woke up recently but I have always had an inkling that something was wrong. BAD WRONG! It's getting worse everyday as if it is reaching some sort of critical mass.

The wonder of it all is how many people are either willfully ignorant or deliberately obtuse where the truth is concerned. None so blind as those refuse to see and all of that. I just can't get my mind around it.

What gives me hope is the amount of people who do see and how many more are waking up each day. The brave souls who are standing up against ridicule,tyranny,and ignorance. It's a tough lonely
slog against the barrage of bullshit and my hat is off to you and all of the others for your continued efforts to do the right thing.

As for the Ventura/Paul ticket. I would be honored and proud to call these men my leaders. I will be beside them ALL THE WAY to drop kick the war pigs in office from their positions of power. They are REAL Americans, the embodiment of courage, common sense,justice and truth. I too want to be counted with the lightworkers and I will defend to the death anyone who stands for the common good.

Evil is afoot and I want to be the rusty nail that foot stomps on. (bad pun,sorry) Now is the time to make our stand. John Wayne said it best,"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway." The powers that be don't seem to get it that once you take everything away from a person,they have nothing left to lose and to use a certain dictators words,"Make no mistake, we will find the people responsible for these heinous crimes and bring them to justice."

No one is going to ride to our rescue except us. To quote ANOTHER person (Stephen King) "Be brave, be true and make your stand."

Anonymous said...

Human Existence: Cyclic Tragedy Of Truth Vs. Lies, Never Forget
(Apollonian, 17 May 08)

Visible, I liked ur rather gripping essay and thought it very well described things, but again I submit u somewhat overlook certain simple socio-biologic facts (see for basic socio-biology).

For first note fundamental conflict/drama is TRUTH vs. lies--as u urself described about ur own life (I presume). Many people go through a similar process as u so vividly recount regarding such TRUTH and how to comprehend it. Not all people entirely grasp on to such tragic circumstances and can only follow along best they can. Such is human tragedy of life. Note most people depend upon leadership, incapable of ur sort of independence.

For again, life truly sucks (Greek tragedy), simply as basic principle. And yes, inevitable conspiracy takes over, as I've described (ck, under "commentary"). Note also Christian New Testament (NT) is itself actually very clear account/analysis of "conspiracy theory"--one of basic purposes of NT, describing great general conflict of truth vs. lies, everlasting war/conflict, for large society as well as for every individual.

Opposition then slowly/gradually forms against such conspiracy, but still, most volk, frail and fearful poor people, have greatest difficulty--esp. if conspirators are clever w. all the propaganda and religious-style means. So it's difficult process, again, never too easy for mere humans; life sucks--never forget this basic principle.

Again, socio-biologically, it's process, specifically, of PARASITIC conspiracy inexorably working, eventually destroying the host/victim, the weaklings falling by proverbial Darwinian "wayside."

And as long as enough of these weaklings survive, in the sublime irony of things so tragic, THEY TEND TO SUPPORT THE CONSPIRATORS against the "patriots," as we might designate the opposition which only gradually and rather pathetically grows and coalesces against conspirators.

For weaklings too easily pretend to and fall for "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy, for foremost example. There are yet other heresies, delusions, and pitfalls of which conspirators make use and are adept. And again, observe the basic battle/conflict of truth vs. lies.

In specific terms then, note topmost conspirators control ultimately by specific means of COUNTERFEIT (see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank [Fed]) fraud/conspiracy, thus as we see, they buy/control/manipulate "Jews-media" (see, "Who Rules America?") monopoly, tremendous instrument of lying and creating "virtual reality" for deception of masses (at first, in great, overall cyclic process) of weaklings/inferiors who so dominate things in all tragic, cosmic irony.

Additionally, note conspirators are able to bribe/extort "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) apostates/heretics/false-prophets to lie to the people, mis-representing the "patriot" (Christian) philosophy/ideals, these JCs dominating moreover precisely by means of and through Jews-media.

Note further, "patriots" must additionally rely upon topmost conspirators to falling-out against one another, these conspirators themselves suffering that HUBRIS whence they imagine they're stronger than they really are. For note the simultaneous inverse process: as weaklings among host/victim fall and die-out, the parasitic conspirators themselves become over-populated in turn.

This "falling-out" seems to be happening, topmost, main "players" being CFR-Bilderberger conspirators (see for expo/ref.), on one hand, and the Israelis ("bad-cops") on the other. For top-level Jews (CFR-Bilderberg, "good-cops") will, in the end, be willing to betray and sell-out the lower-level working-class -type Jews (who back Israel).

Thus historically and socio-biologically, again, observe the GREAT CYCLIC-type pattern, so well described in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Les Visible asks, "I don’t know what’s wrong with you people. Are you that stupid?" Answer is yes, of course--for such is TRAGIC-NATURE of human life which CYCLICALLY gets so periodically over-populated with the weaker, more dependent sort.

Judeo-conspirators only take over a culture as successful culture, culminating in ultimate hubris, has produced so much over-population of hubristic weaklings at the cultural apogee/zenith. Typically, these weaklings begin fatal indulgence of "good-evil" delusion (Pelagian heresy) which eventually destroys them, ruthless conspirators taking advantage.

The "reign" of these Judeo-conspirators then is way/mechanism life (or socio-biologic pattern/process) removes excess over-population of weaklings, as by means of Orwellian "perpetual war," "big-brother," etc., in the great over-all drama, again, of TRUTH vs. lies--as it always has been and will be.

And finally, as historic/socio-biologic cycle nears the end, when so many weaklings have finally been removed, the remnant survivors attempt to making a stand against top conspirators, but still note "patriots" require there be above-described "falling-out" among top conspirators.

What provides patriots and survivors the over-all motivation?--simply the continuing cyclic-type downturn ("Decline of the West" by Oswald Spengler) and ever-increasing misery, turmoil, devastation, etc. Gradually the surviving people/volk are rallied by heroes, leaders, champions--by means of such as Smoking Mirrors and suchlike blogs, MIGHTY INTERNET, etc.--by any means possible and conceivable.

Topmost conspirators engage in in-fighting even among themselves--as we hope to be seeing, for example, in way of Walt-Mearsheimer "The Israel Lobby," attempt to place blame on Israel, this being part of plan to advance United Nations communist world government.

So pt. is in the great CYCLE of things socio-biologic and its necessary/deterministic process by means of which large human socio-biologic organism removes weaklings and inferiors who fail to sufficiently understanding that everlasting conflict/battle/war of Truth vs. lies.

Presently, observe then we see there are still many weaklings surviving who continue w. "consumer confidence" in Fed COUNTERFEIT conspiracy/fraud.

What's specific problem w. Ron Paul?--remember he must live in Wash. DC which is actually Israeli-held territory, and he must be careful to not too specifically finger these culprits lest he risk assassination. Thus Paul must and does keep things in far too INTELLECTUAL-type style/manner, talking about "inflation" abstractions which only few can comprehend.

If Paul was more explicit, describing that fundamental fraud mechanism specifically as "COUNTERFEIT" scam, he'd surely get more people to comprehend, indubitably, but he seems rather stuck in such INTELLECTUALITY and abstractions for fear of being labeled "anti-semitic," etc.

Presently it seems over-populated Judeo-conspirators are rather losing ground due to truth and info afforded by MIGHTY INTERNET and heroic instruments like blog-art in general and Smoking Mirrors, etc., but they still have aces up-the-sleeve which patriots can't too easily calculate/predict, though we do our best. Life sucks.

CONCLUSION: So keep up ur good expositional work, Les Visible--there's nothing else to be done in prosecution of truth vs. conspiratorial lies. Patriotism is grim and tragedy-colored business requiring strong stomach and patience to weather proverbial storms within the historic/socio-biologic CYCLE of things. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Ben There said...

I'm pretty sure I'm drunk, stupid, and asleep. Working on all that though. Part of the problem Les, ignorance really is bliss. It's not surprising that many people would prefer to live 'in' the Matrix when given the choice.

So our world is controlled by twisted psychopathic souls. Ok...Now how do we reconcile that with the living consciousness that is God in which we all live, that makes it all possible?

Anonymous said...

Flimflam Apollonian
NB Apollonian would you please insert the above at the end of each of your posts for me - I'm over doing this.

Anonymous said...

I read a great essay by Eustace Mullins today that was written in the eighties. I can't imagine the hours of research that must have gone into something like that before the web. Especially considering the subject matter was taboo.

Anyway, it would seem that yes, laws do matter, and I've always been fascinated how the current crop of deviants always goes to extremes to appear lawful (even though they're not). It looks like William the Conqueror(alternatively known as William the bastard or William I) was responsible for the foundation of our current system of laws. That leaves me kinda in the lurch, my last name is Williams. Oh well, can't help that, I'll try not to act too pathological.


Anonymous said...

America is still filthy rich! The minds of the dwellers are on tilt 'never so much information' and the reality of what makes the wheel turn is front and center. Factor in the massive change in our physical environment and the side effects of the same 'biosphere' and you have a tasty cake that has fallen 'too much chaos'...

The Guy with the post re: America has been this way historically…is right on target. We ‘many’ are now more aware of the big picture and want change (mostly secondary for fear were going to get our arses kicked.) We all have to pick our battles on a daily basis and in this Nation there is so much crap to weed through most time is spent on trivia by default. Is it my fault or is it anyones who dwells on this earth? Who is to judge at the end of the day? There is so much chatter some good and some just that “chatter”…

What is new is mass Manchurians in very high and important places. Can we blame these machines as if they were human in anything but nature? Your best bet is to fight ending up where they are and it can’t be done by working for them. Once one resigns to this, the rest is simple for is not death always imminent? If one loves this life one still loses it.

In reality what really is pissing folks off is they can’t have their cake and eat it too. How is an adult supposed to grow up and out of the mentality they can have what they want because they want it. Now, the boys and girls go to war and suck up death on the spot ‘not just killing the enemy but liken more to a suicide bomber’ who ever said one life is more important than another? Shoot, the Zionists are even sucking in this death and do not even flinch over it “total denial.” Hey Guy poster, are you seeing anything different in the times yet (something liken to the war is in all faces and those who think enough know it.)

Now there.

Anonymous said...

Getting behind Paul/Venture would just result in their being suicided. Worst case of suicide you ever saw shot 16 times with the offhand in a reacharound. Hopefully civil war part 2 jumps off when the chimpface cocksuckers that run this fading banana republik steal one for Hitlery Shillary this fall. Regime change and revolution will probably come from outside when the world comes for our ass. I guess then we will find out if the sugar daddy in the sky is on our side and we'll find out if we are number 1 the indispensable.

Anonymous said...

Folks, there is a short book (made of five lectures) which I urge everyone to read, if you truly want to know what is going on, check it out. Its name is The Unconscious Civilization by the Canadian, John Ralston Saul. If you don't do anything else, google the title. This may require more than one reading (I repeatedly go through it,) but on the basis of what I've read from you and your readers, it is a MUST. No name calling - just a very lucid explanation of how we got to our present situation. PLEASE check this out! Phil Klein

Kniall said...

After watching a couple of vids of Jesse Ventura interviews i'm with you all the way - Ventura for President! A 'strong' man, but a noble one.

On Larry King recently, Jesse said there should be no political parties, only ideas - they either work or they don't.

Have you seen these articles by Dave McGowan on the 'Laurel Canyon' circles?

I'm still picking my jaw off the floor at the potential ramifications... I think you'll enjoy connecting the dots!

Thanks a million for another slap in the face Les - am ever grateful for your tireless efforts to shock me awake.

Anonymous said...

"Tony"--No Respect For Readers
(Apollonian, 17 May 08)

U sure are "over-doing," "Tony," just as u say; tragedy is u have no respect for readers who wonder for ur premises to conclusion which premises u obviously don't have wit to supply. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

wow....400 years of genocide and slavery and NOW you folks think something is amiss?
despicable....and beyond stupid.

Anonymous said...

Les, I too have gone into a depression because of the listlessness and apathy of the Amerikan public. But when you consider they are giving babies upwards of 35 vaccines in increments of 6 at a time, plus tripling the amount of fluoride in the water (california), not to mention the few years of heavy metal and viral aerosols being sprayed en masse on the public, all of this has to have an effect. I know it has on me and Ive had my eyes opened since 2003. Something has to be done to bring to light all of these crimes. And the aerosol spraying seems to draw the most spooks when it's spoken about or written about. So logic says that this is far more important than they want us lemmings to know. After years of researching, I am totally convinced it is a massive bio-op to dumb us down and weaken us, if not kill those of us with subpar immune systems. My .02 anyways.

Anonymous said...

"There`s only one good government and that`s the one whose purpose is the greatest good for the greatest number of people. The less aware you are of its presence the better it operates".

Les, you have a gift for hitting the nail on the head. Of course, as we all know, the above perfectly describes the american government. Of course I`m just kidding.

To drunk, stoned and stupid you can also add that americans (with perhaps an exception of 2% of the populace) are clueless, moronic, delusional, the garbage of the planet and utterly evil. I guess all that should come as no surprise when one realizes that you are a criminal nation that has been overtaken by the eternal evil and terrorists-those good, always victimized, poor, suffering, godly, moral and heaven sent jews. God bless the usrael! That is, of course, if any higher spirit condones and preaches utter evil of the most despicable kind. No wonder the world hates you and your scum of earth murdering jew rodent handlers so much. And rest assured the world hates you like you`ll never know.

Perhaps you americans might still be able to right your ship but chances are you`ll remain too immature, irresponsible, stupid and brainwashed by your israel terrorist owners to ever accomplish that. Only a second revolution and civil war will correct your ways so that you actually start resembling the things you americans always boast about being but have never in your history practiced. The world awaits the arrival of that day.

It would be nice if real american patriots such as Ron Paul or Jesse Ventura were elected your leaders and executed what they preached. One can keep their fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

"The people of America remind me of the kids in the back of the bus who always get smacked in the back of the head by the bullies and don’t do anything about it."

Yes! That's them! The ones who ran away from every oppressive regime in the world, so they can be "free". The rats who always deserted the sinking ship, leaving their former friends and family to continue to fight the battles for freedom on their own.

Visible said...

Didn't you overlook something in the quote? Here's the actual quote. Let's see how it compares with what you placed.

"The people of America (at this time) remind me of the kids in the back of the bus who always get smacked in the back of the head by the bullies and don’t do anything about it."

Anonymous said...

Well "at this time" is somewhat relative, isn't it?

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You'd better start building that big wall around America to keep all the bad guys out. Hey, that's nothing new either, is it; the Chinese were the first to build a wall around their country. Now seeing as everything in America is now made in China, the American wall could be bigger and better than theirs, if you get it right.


Anonymous said...

Bush History Lesson?


I've been missing Warren Zevon and Frank Zappa but not any more.

DUDE. That is some powerful songwriting.

Clipjoint Billy

nobody said...

Hey Les,

The thing currently over at my blog is a thought on psychopaths etc. I was going to stick it there and move on, but the conversation here still seems to be swirling around the concept. And rather than rephrase it for here or whatever I just thought I'd link to it here. If anyone's interested. To be honest I don't know that you'll groove on it much since I take an opposing viewpoint. Ever so nicely of course.

Anonymous said...

Slamming America! Nice but folks let us not disregard what actually brings us where we are in the world today! Science and technology is the backbone of our society in the here and now. Yes, America is a frontrunner on the board but science and technology can be used as a positive or a negative manor and once the technology is out there you do not need any one Nation or group to screw with it and make it lethal to humans. Blame America for the worlds problems if you wish but it is extremely childish at best.

Radiation by carbon dioxide is the culprit here (our fine upstanding elite are friggin dumbfounded and grasping at straws ‘finance…’) and until we harness this problem we can kick and scream, blame everyone and their brother, and even blow ourselves to smitherines it aint gonna get down to the nitty gritty and solve the major issues at hand! Nothing wrong with truthing folks but you really should google the sciences “CO2, Radiation, DU, gas to solid conversion, dang the list goes on” if you want the whole picture versus the 2 year olds (baby) version.

Anyways, have a lovely time figuring it out.

Kniall said...

Sweeping generalisations like 'all Americans are dumb and evil" are not only degrading and ..., they miss the point completely. Out of 300 million people - only a tiny proportion of them will be actually dumb - that is, emotionally retarded to the point of having no conscience. Provided you do have one, if only latently, shocks to the system can irritate and spur it into creative action, no matter how buried it may be from lies and deception, without and within.

If it happened to me, it can happen to anyone.

I say let us have a little faith that all is meant to be and do as Les is doing by holding up a mirror to what we see happening around us.

Onwards into the dark night of the soul!

Anonymous said...

First off,starsailor,great link...i have been turning this laurel canyon shit over in my head all night.There is no end to this rabbit hole, it's like a stinking onion,layer upon layer of lies and deceit.I will be looking at these "icons" of music with a different set of eyes and ears from this moment forward.

Les,all anyone really has to do is look up in the air at the aerosol trails to see that all is not right in the world.In the province i live in i've seen grids in the sky that last for hours,point this out to people however and you will get the dear in headlight look followed by a childlike explanation of what a contrail is.
My point being, if people refuse to believe what is in full view, than how in the hell are they going to be able to sift through the complexities that exist and the lies being woven.

I also want to say that your truly a breath of fresh air and a shot of starch to the old backbone,not to mention a well timed slap to the face. Live free or die!

Anonymous said...

Absurdity, Dishonesty Of "Selfless Ideal," Foundation Of Pharisaism
(Apollonian, 18 May 08)

Finally comrade "nobody" cks in w. his thematic hilarity and hobby-horse regarding absurdity--and total dishonesty--of "selflessness" "ideal" which is utterly impossible for obvious reason that as one possesses WILL, one is necessarily "selfish" as one necessarily then does as one wills, there being no other alternative for human behavior--think about it.

Observe additionally, as one wills for this absurd "selflessness"--one is yet selfish, as it is product of will, even were it to be attained. Such is sublime and abject patent absurdity of "selflessness"--and poor "nobody," the Buddhistic-styled Pharisee.

Thus selfishness is necessarily AXIOMATIC (impossible of denial in reason) which poor "nobody" struggles with, his real, most basic, problem being not "evil" or his characteristic Pharisaism-moralism, but simply reality itself, which reality, hence truth, he struggles against so pathetically in his Pharisaist hubris and obsession to attain "good."

But why then does "nobody" so obsessively insist upon such absurd and utterly impossible "selflessness"?--because, I submit, our poor "nobody" solipsist/nihilist, who "blitzes" (ignores) that reality he doesn't fancy, so desperately demands and requires a pretext for feeling "good" and non-evil, thus better than others who can't attain to his "selfless" virtue. "Nobody" actually suffers fm a basic inferiority complex which then causes him to so ardently seek "good" (Pelagian heresy, in Christian terms).

For "Nobody" is, at root, a Pharisee who hubristically pretends to and insists upon perfectly "free" human will, by which one can thence choose to be so "good," u see.

Observe further "nobody" relishes prospect of torturing poor folks to believing what he, "nobody," the Pharisee, has decided is true virtue. "Nobody," the nihilist (really mere crass subjectivist) seriously believes one can, and even should, as has "nobody" himself, successfully lie TO ONESELF, believing, hey whatever "nobody" has decided u "should" believe in conformance with "nobody's" standard of Pharisaist virtue, "truth," etc.

But if our poor Pharisaist "nobody" were rather honest and truly humane human being, he might consider the virtue of accepting reality, the unavoidable circumstance of human will, hence the necessity of, alas, human selfishness for poor, but honest, human sinners, the only virtue then, under sad circumstance, being same rational egoism of John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, for notable examples.

CONCLUSION: Thus we humble Christian sinners pray "nobody" is enlightened upon virtue of honesty, accepting necessary condition of human will, hence selfishness, the only option then to striving to being RATIONAL as possible under the difficult and tragic human circumstances which cannot be changed even with all the intensity of "nobody's" hubristic, even psychopathic, obsession. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Kniall said...


regarding chemtrails, you gotta check this out:

The darkest layers of the onion stink to high heaven

nobody said...

Is it my turn now? How tiresome you are A. The reason I went and got my own blog was because I thought it was poor of me to perpetually take up great swathes of Les' comments section. Has that thought not ever struck you?

Anonymous said...

"Nobody's" Dialectic Reveals His Regard For Truth, Reality
(Apollonian, 19 May 08)

"Nobody," if u pretend to "truth," then u'd make minimal effort to defend it. Note ur colleague and bosom buddy, "Tony," who's merely capable of repeating endlessly that I'm "flimflam," without saying how or why.

So now "nobody" whines about "taking up space"?--how pathetic--is that all u could think of? For space is one of the least considerations in this cyber-age and newest blogging art which u really know so little about in all truth, as we see.

So after all is said and done, we see "nobody's" true effort is really to merely persuading and entertaining himself, the solipsist--so ironically self-centered. And thus we see a good nihilist doesn't much care for any particular reality--which reality is merely to be "blitzed" ("nobody's" word for ignore) so dismissively out of one's subjectivistic mentality.

So my conclusion and observation is this dialectic we have and get with our great Buddhistic nihilist and Pharisee, "nobody," is excellent and outstanding picture/rendition of such as "nobody's" REGARD FOR TRUTH.

CONCLUSION: "Nobody" the nihilist really DOESN'T CARE. For there is no "truth" for "nobody," none to speak of, anyway, and none "nobody" really worries about for exposition or understanding. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I'm slightly behind in reading your posts, Les. I rarely comment. This will be the second time. I came of age near the end of the Vietnam war. Just missed it. Darn! I was preparing to head to Canada. So I may be just a wee bit younger than someone familiar with Timothy Leary. Kindred spirits though? Hope so.

Having gone to Catholic school and church as a child, I quickly learned to see through hypocrisy and the blindness of being a follower. I've ebbed and flowed in my anti-authoritarian zeal. It raged once again in 2000 and then ebbed as personal problems arose when my mom became seriously ill.

For the last couple years I've been mostly an observer. It's been seven quick and ugly years. If they still don't get it, if they're still asleep, they ain't gonna wake up until it's way too late, and maybe not even then.

This election was decided before it began. The same people who yelled "voting fraud" told me to vote Democrat in '06, and now want me to vote for Obama. I told a caller from the D party back in '06, when they were campaining for Bob Casey, Jr., that the D party was the other war party. He said no, and that the troops were coming home. Yeah, right, and then I went into a tirade history lesson about America and bloodshed that he seemed to be utterly blind to and finished by saying, well, I care about the troops. Right.

I recently had an Obamanic tell me that Obama is a uniter and not a divider. Deja vu, I said to him. Oh, no, he said, Bush was a deer in the headlights. I said, we may be saying the same thing four years from now about Obama. Then he spammed my email address relentlessly.

Those who are aware will go on being aware. Those who are still asleep, well, let them sleep. I see them on my rare excursions into the world to get necessities: they're still shopping and eating out and having their car washed at 15 to 20 bucks a pop the day before it rains. These people won't be reached. They don't want to change. They will go off the edge of the cliff before they've realized they've been screwed royally.

My nextdoor neighbor has American flags planted in her yard like we have flowers. I'm tired of them. I feel like an alien once again. I'm stockpiling food, have made a solar cooker, and am keeping a close eye on the bank that I have a few bucks in. Empires come and go, and there is no Republic to save. I hope that one day we can create something new and good, but human nature doesn't give me much hope for anything anytime soon.


annemarie said...

Methinks that heyzeus is spot on here. As is another poster who said that we all need personal epiphanies. In the same vein as this:

You can perform miracles, but you can't make people care or wake or sober up, etc. etc.
--to paraphrase R. Bach, Illusions

Gracias Les et al...


Anonymous said...

Les 4:32am: ...So logic says that this is far more important than they want us lemmings to know. After years of researching, I am totally convinced it is a massive bio-op to dumb us down and weaken us, if not kill those of us with subpar immune systems...

If it was something good, something wonderful for the planet, they'd be blaring it on Fox. Like Mission Acomplished. Like releases of the toilet tapes. But we've we've seen zero PR, not even any retired Force Multipliers to analyze it for us.
You are supposed to be depressed, prescribed antidepressants or addicted to antianxiety meds. Please, get well soon.



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