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The Bumps under the Blanket and the Suicide Flu

Sometimes it is hard to know what to talk about. You come to that point where you feel like you’ve talked about everything you could think of and you don’t know where to go next. There’s some kind of massive cleanup operation going on recently. A number of British policemen were found dead. A hooker and a madam wind up hung- the latter said she would never commit suicide. A CIA man gets shot to death by police. There’s some kind of Danny Casolaro virus going around.

Underneath the covers of this brave new world are unidentified bumps traveling back and forth as if there were a rat orgy going on beneath. All we see are bumps. There are no faces and no names, until you read about somebody stabbing themselves in the back thirty times and then caving in the top of their head with a hammer in a frenzy of suicidal depression. The bumps keep moving and the bodies keep appearing somewhere else.

It’s hard to imagine this is all about some kind of exposure of the major villains. Everybody knows that Dick Cheney and his associates are a pack of whores so why would anyone be surprised that they hang out with whores? Who could imagine that the mass media which massages the common mind would ever print anything that the big whores wouldn’t like? If you told me that Dick Cheney raped and murdered pre-pubescent school girls and then barbecued and ate them I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I imagine that the only reason he wasn’t doing something like this on a regular basis is that he was getting a much better body count in his other efforts.

If you told me that Bennie Netanyahu and the Likudnicks celebrated Seder by dressing up in the skins of Palestinian women and danced around singing Hava Nagila while trampling the skinned and dying women underfoot, I wouldn’t bat an eye. They wouldn’t bat an eye doing it, unless it was part of the vamping. And if they did it as part of a promotion for a Tel Aviv supermarket opening it would be a big hit but you wouldn’t hear anything about it because no one would report it so... what gives?

After the murder of JFK thirty some people connected to the case died under mysterious circumstances. Books have been written and films shot that juggled the incidents in various ways and it didn’t come to anything. A lot of people have died in mysterious ways. Vincent Foster remains a curious mystery as does that of Dr. David Kelly. Here’s a little list and you might enjoy this excerpt. It’s my favorite.

April 10, 1987: Shani Warren, 26

--Expertise: Personal assistant in a company called Micro Scope, which was taken over by GEC Marconi less than four weeks after her death.

--Circumstance of Death: Found drowned in 45cm. (18in) of water, not far from the site of David Greenhalgh's death fall. Warren died exactly one week after the death of Stuart Gooding and serious injury to Greenhalgh. She was found gagged with a noose around her neck. Her feet were also bound and her hands tied behind her back.

--Coroner's verdict: Open.

(It was said that Warren had gagged herself, tied her feet with rope, then tied her hands behind her back and hobbled to the lake on stiletto heels to drown herself.)

Then there’s the rather longer list of those who appear to have died mysteriously because of some connection to Bush or Clinton. Then there are all those dead microbiologists and there’s even that babysitter for Marvin Bush complete with other mystery connections.

Now... I’ve got other lists besides these and, no doubt, you- the reader, can find even more. People are getting wacked or experiencing spontaneous insanity resulting in strange and fatal behavior. Maybe the deaths are a warning to others. Maybe it’s some kind of flu. Maybe it’s necessary to protect our freedoms from those who hate our freedom.

My favorite coincidence is the fact that two Bush Brothers presided over the two states with the highest number of executions and who diligently went about seeing them done and, on occasion, yukking it up, as Bloody George did with Karla Faye Tucker.

I keep hoping for a military coup and a special Ceausescu moment for the administration but that doesn’t appear to be among the bumps moving under the covers. I keep hoping some world leader will stand up before the U.N. and dramatically accuse the real perpetrators of 9/11 with the evidence we have and maybe some of the evidence that we don’t but that doesn’t’ seem to be a bump under the covers either. I keep hoping for an international sit-down strike that stops the engines of the world and continues until what needs to be done gets done... not much happening there either. Every now and then some organization proclaims a day to step away from the machine and maybe some people do but nobody notices and nothing gets reported.

Some strange shit is going on behind the stage. We know that high government officials around the world are engaged in large pedophile rings. We’ve seen the evidence in The Franklin Coverup. We’ve seen the evidence in The Dutroux Case. We’ve seen evidence of high government officials in Britain involved in the same. We’ve seen it all over with more links than in all the chains they wrapped around all of the children before they tossed them into the sea.

With all these wars that have been proven to have been based on lies and the myriad connections of various governments in the distribution of Afghanistan opium; made possible by the Afghanistan war and with the broad daylight genocide of the Palestinian people it’s a no brainer to assume that some really evil people are running the world.

Of course, the general public is daily treated to ongoing variations of Liebowitz porn and the subtle molding of a nation of Jon Benet’s all sexed up for the apocalypse. High schools hold proms with ‘pimps and ho’s’ motifs while decrying the breakdown in moral fiber which amounts to so much roughage passing through the cosmic colon. The Walrus and the Carpenter aren’t going to run out of oysters or tears.

People are getting fat and slow and stupid. Every little tic and twist now has a pharmaceutical remedy and a support group to nurture and glorify their tribulation. It’s a world of dysfunctional Jesus clones weeping with Oprah and saving the world.

Something is going on and it’s hard to get a handle on exactly what it is. Did bad aliens take over? Is Satanism the new Christianity? Is there something in the water or the air? Is it the GWEN system? Is it a combination of all of these and more? It’s suffocating and like a heavy narcotic dream. It’s not having any effect on the bumps moving under the blanket but we don’t know what those are. The bodies keep showing up and the subway to Hell keeps running while the sidebars on the car say Disney World.

It doesn’t look like everybody is going to wakeup before the usual horrible result occurs. I’m at a loss to think what anyone can do besides hunker down under the radar until the harvesting is over. I wish it looked more like we were about to turn the corner into a healing and long awaited light. It could happen I guess but there is no light where those bumps are moving and not much hope that anyone is going to rip the covers off.

I don’t like having to end something like this with such a mournful tone. I know it will straighten itself out because it always does, if only for awhile. Something tells me though that we are on the verge of terrible events; events more terrible than we have seen before.

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Visible said...

Chapter Five of the online book "Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World just went up Here

Some Dude said...

Dude...keep doing what you're doing. I've been watching Fight Club any chance I get on HBO and hoping some brave pseudo Tyler Durden figure emerges and reminds everyone of their LAWFUL duty of kicking out the Thieves and Liars in those hallowed halls we know as Congress. But alas, the American populace is not so wise....

kikz said...

mornin les,

speakin o bumps under the blanket and who might be lookin at em...

seems noby has a new fan.

one w/some interesting connections...
so i was wondering if you've ever bumped into this bump under the blanket... apparently this bump's pedigree has him standing atop the corners of the blanket..
my question is whether he is simply voyeur or metaphorically active blanket bump wacker....

as he peeks under the blanket, he holds a flashlight under his chin, this is what those under the blanket see.

David A. Andelman said...

"Tell them about the treaty of Versailles being run by the bankers to bleed Germany dry ...." For a compelling look at the Treaty of Versailles and its immense consequences down to the present day, DO have a look at my fascinating new book -- "A Shattered Peace: Versailles 1919 and the Price We Pay Today" [ ] published by Wiley and available at and most bookstores !
The author (myself) -- executive editor of and a veteran
foreign correspondent for The New York Times and CBS News is also
available for speeches and lectures!
David A. Andelman

April 30, 2008 10:03 AM
my research indicates
CFR membership
and in bed w/Burson Marsteller
viral emarketing/PR/branding/intel...
who has some very CFR type clients

so i'm wondering if andelman is peeking due to old school journalistic influences and or virally eselling his tome.. or if there are case studies being done, or a synthesis of both, and the PTB are wondering just what's on the mind of the great unwashed masses, that may... if we get hungry enough start dragging ankles under the blanket for a gnaw.....

happy chewing >:)

kikz said...

enjoyed ch 5 les :)...knew you were off, working on something good :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "DC Madam" made an expose video to be posted all over YouTube in the event of her untimely demise. Wouldnt that be a beautiful way to strike back at the Washington Satanists Club from beyond the grave?? It would go viral and wake up (with a hard slap to the face) even the most anti-conspiracy ostriches in America!! (crosses fingers)

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, do you have a link somewhere, where all the chapters of what you are currently working on are grouped together?

Btw man, your still coming up with awesome reads every time i come here. Thanx for keeping it up.

Out of darkness comes light.


Visible said...

ALW; Here you go

Visible said...

oops... and thank you as well.

Peter Greene said...

A previous commenter mentioned hopefully the thought of a dead-man-switch expose left behind by the deceased Palfrey.

I would assume that yes, there were certainly one or more such arrangements. I would also assume that the location and guardians of these things would be easily discovered before stringing up the victim.

After all, these guys have fantastic chemists, Nazi-grade (and perhaps even a few Struldbrug Nazis among them). Zey can make you talk, as well as dance a jig or decide your name is Omar instead of Frank, at least on a temporary basis.

Heck, Palfrey was probably providing training blanks (little Sirhans and Sirhanettes in the making!) for these guys as well as regular hookers.

Anyway, that's my thought - Palfrey was almost certainly roundly defeated before being executed. These guys don't fool around. They want to know something you know, the only way to avoid telling them is to beat them to your own graveside.

P.S. - Thanks for a great blog, Les. Often enjoyable.

Hiding on a seabound rock and waiting for the machines to take over,
Lord Reptor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Just keep repeating yourself - JC did.
Each time you couch the same wisdom differently you catch a few more fish.
Those who have eyes will see.
Happy fishing.
Peace, Al B.

Anonymous said...

My sense about the bumps under the blankets is that it is a reminder to all of us that we are under a reign of terror. The source of the terror is the elitist/fascist cabals that are taking power all over the planet. 911 scared the living daylights out of most of us, and these bumps under the blankets are a reminder for all of us to just shut up and mind our own business, and not to dare interfere with the machinations of power. We are all expected to 'conform and obey' as we have been taught in our public schools, and re-taught by our media such as Fox News. The bumps are for people who do otherwise. Who the enforcers are won't be known until they lose their power, if ever. This is a good time to develop an interest in 'ponerology' which is the study of evil and psychopathic behavior. The lunatics are in full bloom.


Anonymous said...

You were right when you said 911 is the litmus test. Every day more people wake up, and once they learn the truth there is no going back. If we had a free press they could show video on the nightly news of WT7 crashing to the ground in it’s own footprint and then ask Congress how a 47 story building with small fires could meet this fate. Damn even the “fat, slow and stupid” could relate to this. The problem is most of them don’t even know about WT7. It needs to be explained to them. Drop the latest antics of some perverted congressman, and spend time educating these slobs. Of course that will never happen.
Things are speeding up. More bumps under that blanket. The powers that be feel they can do most anything now. World leaders, Congress, the news media ect. seem to have this shared ideology. Nothing in the Constitution or the UN Charter concerning what to do when all our “leaders”/institutions are on the same page. Maybe there will be a military coup, maybe benevolent aliens will save us, maybe the devil in these people will have a change of heart.
I’m with you, I also think we are on the verge of terrible events. Better buckle up, it is going to be a rough ride.


Visible said...

David at Butchbook;

My email to you keeps getting bounced. I don't know if you will see this but hopefully you will. I don't like the idea that anyone would think I didn't answer them.

Grantland said...

"Did bad aliens take over? Is Satanism the new Christianity? Is there something in the water or the air? Is it the GWEN system? Is it a combination of all of these and more? It’s suffocating and like a heavy narcotic dream..."

Oh yeah, oh yeah. Mass hypnosis, dumbfood, chemtrails, something. Unbelievable mass stupidity, life-denying suicidal apathy, inertia, *something*. I was amazed to read that nanotech might be used for "mass lobotomies". WTF??? Who would even CONCEIVE something so bizarre? Someone has and does, clearly, something hideously evil. Food, or water or chemtrails. Plus the box. Nobody ever was this stupid before.

nobody said...

Hi Les, all,

Sorry haven't read the article yet. It's saved on the desktop and I shall read it shortly.

I wouldn't get too het up about the mysterious Mr Andelman. I posted some more about him in the comments on the article (cinema blog) but frankly I thinks it's some viral thing by way of web bots or something or other. And he hasn't been back since.

I doubt he even read the article he was commenting on. I don't think it's anything more than him copping a free ad, ala, that America Deceived cove. I blitzed them both. I also had a guy in Egypt invite me to his video piracy 'blog'. Felt like entrapment to me. I'm wondering if this is a trend? I'll wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is quite probable that alot of bad things will soon happen. But for the evil behind it all it is very easy to do because of all the fat, lazy and stupid people in the "western democracies" (such a sweet generic term for the international terrorist rogue states). I don`t think anything will ever wake up the blockhead masses in the u.s. or britain or other similar programmed, puppet states. But there`s always hope. And I suppose one should never lose hope.

Perhaps buying all the guns and ammo you can isn`t such a bad idea after all. Just in case you ever need it. It`s better to die fighting than to die defenseless. At least give the murdering criminals coming your way a run for their money.

I`m surprised that the puppet masters haven`t yet claimed that JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald also committed suicide. Perhaps that`s scheduled for tomorrow mornings fox news or cnn or abc or nbc etc.

You are a beacon of light, Les. And a true warrior with courage to match.

Duke said...

The day is at hand.

And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.
bible(KJV) [Romans 13:11-12]

The Faithful Witness

Anonymous said...

Great writing Les, you, my man, are one in a million. Thanks for using your voice!!!

As to the previous post about buying guns & ammo - Sir, have you no mind. Any store provides you with all you need to not be "defenseless". What most Americans really need is simply a tiny bit of fresh thought and a sack (neither paper nor plastic). Guns and ammo are for the TRULY defenseless. Think, then act!

Anonymous said...

great song about Karla Faye. you nailed Bush. this should be playing on the radio instead of the usual bubblegum on my shoe shit phony gangsta rap crap.

Anonymous said...

Darling Les,

You probably do not have money to record your music a little better? I don't. So, I understand it. But I am your devoted fan, the regular reader and admirer of everything you publish.
I want TO UNDERSTAND YOUR LYRICS in your songs!! And the bad recording does not give me a chance.
As far, as your music in your songs is NOT of the original quality as your words are, than maybe it would be better to record it UNDER YOUR VOICE? Try!

Visible said...

I am aware of the limitations of my recording ability but it appears you have not listened to many songs. this one in particular is not as clear as it might be. About 30 percent of the songs are less than they might be. However, if you go Here you will find nearly 80 songs, the MAJORITY of which are very easy to hear the vocals and which are, on the whole, mixed better than the 9/11 album. I recorded that five years ago or more and had only just started to do this sort of thing myself.

I am intending to re-record everything and I shall this summer.

But like I say, it is apparent that you haven't listened to very many tunes because in the last years the clarity of the vocals has been my chief concern and you will find that most of the time I achieved it at the site given.

I'm not an engineer. I just do the best I can and at some point I can go into a good studio and get professional help. Because I had to leave the US (for my own safety) I lost all the relationships I had with my band and engineer who did such great work on the early albums.

It does seem a little mysterious that you would comment as if you'd heard some amount of the tunes- it's only the 9/11 songs that have this problem consistently. But I take all criticism seriously. Unfortunately sometimes there isn't much I can do.

Fortunately I now have a super recording computer and all the right software so by the end of the summer all of the 130 or so songs will have been redone.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the pessimistic falvour of the article. We let them get away with 911, and they're so emboldened now that they think they can do practically anything, and they're probably right, as long as they control the media, which is entirely how most people get their view of the world.

I speak to some about this stuff and the incomprehension in their eyes is terrifying, they swallow completely whatever they are told, and the majority I fear live this way. A few others know more, but they are willing to go along with it in the hope the horror won't visit them.

I remember those deaths related to Marconi defense systems,when they were involved somehow with Reagan's SDI programme. I suspect that the truth of what we really face is far worse than we can envisage. Perhaps that's why some politicians and others go along with it, they are shown the truth and are so overwhelmed that they can't possible defy it. That and two way mirrors of course, which must play a part in helping many of them to go along.

The world is definitely not as we were all raised to believe it is. As I get older I'm more aware every day that extraordinary powers lie just beneath the surface, manipulating us all on a macro basis.

Anonymous said...

There is no need to assume that we are all glopped into the matrix of a material universe.

Sure, there are a bunch of demons on the radar screen. So what?

Les, man. You gotta chill out.

It`s Moses and the Pharaoh all over again.

"Let my people go!"

You got plagues and environmental disasters up the wazoo, and God is hardening Pharaoh`s heart repeatedly.

(`Cause God`s an asshole? Uh... Sometimes. But if God didn`t then everyone would realize they were God all the time, and we would have no dramatic tension and we would descend into a state of acute boredom.)

BOREDOM: the ultimate sin.


Be happy you have bad guys.

Consciousness is indestructible.

Stop whining.

Enjoy the Story.

I like you because you see the bad guys, and few other people do.

But you gotta relax.

The bad guys have a completely different fate than you do.

And if they kill everybody, it`s just a big joke, since nobody can be killed- permanently.

The most important thing is that all relations are handled politely.

If you must kill someone, then do it politely and honorably, so that the next time you see them, they won`t give you a hard time.

Death won`t always be here to send annoying people off into.

The kids will have to learn that.

But right now, they`re having lots of fun, thinking they are more powerful than their parents, who are jumping to attention every time a diaper needs changing.

Death is a crutch.

Killing moreso.

Politeness is eternal.

Or not.

Subscribe to whatever Story you wish.

But Adults have more fun.

Visible said...

Damn, I wish I had all the answers like you do and could read people without paying attention to what they say. I guess once I move up a few more levels and get my secret ring then I'll be able to be like you.

I can't tell you how much we all appreciate your coming around and clearing everything up for us AND doing it anonymously AND doing it as several anonymous es looking to see can you get a rise.

I suspect you've come over here from that other place. Thanks for the Cliff Notes seminar, I'm going back to my film.

Anonymous said...

Judgment will be executed upon them. The earth shall deliver up from her womb, and hell deliver up from hers, that which it has received; and destruction shall restore that which it owes.

Anonymous said...

Todays reading truly awakened my pain body.
It just sort of screamed out loud.
Grabbed some papers and went to lie down on the hammock under the pecan nut trees.
This is what jumped out at me and asks me now to write it.

"The five elements and three gunas are creating havoc in the universe. But how is a Jnani affected by all this! Having recognised this elemental play, he has transcended i. This business of looking and the looked, observer and the observed will go and nothing will remain.
Just be, just quiet. Don't get disturbed and let the mind be. On which principle will there be a dent? Only time and time will disappear.
The one who observes change, can he change? Only the changeless can change."

Nisargadatta Maharaj

I don't think we can ever make sense of what is going on.
I think we have to go on long walks, the gathering of us here and laugh in the wind.

I am still keen on that kitchen.

Anonymous said...

My feelings exactly. Could care less about the DC Madam's death and her lot, as they were a cog within the evil machinery. I do wonder what she was thinking as she swung from that rope, as some type of agent stood in front of her smiling and no doubt jacking himself. Did she feel sorry for the people whom she entrapped, women whom she abused, and mind controlled kids that she help create?

I like the comment about Fight Club. WE should make a long list of evil, diabolical, deviant shills (along with addresses and as much personal info as possible) and send some "Tyler" characters out to meet and greet. We need a check-list and we need to make a major point, and need to film it, and need to post it. Become our own media and our own justice system. We should start with the media whores and any Mason we can get our hands on, and them move up the pyramid. Maybe it will end with Cheney, with a Rockefeller, with some Jesuit, some Shriner, the Pope, some Nazi in Antartica, a Zionist banker, or maybe even a little grey alien. I don't give a shit, but let's start rolling - and I don't mean in a phoney Flight 93 sense either...

Anonymous said...

I believe you're right when you suggest maybe we should just hunker down under the radar until it's all over. I have felt and warned of the 'badness' on the horizon for nearly thirty years now with nary a soul to actually turn and look at the dust cloud. Oh well, no one now cares enough to do what needs to be done and failing that my advice to you and all is to stock up on necessities. Food, fuel, precious metals eg gold, silver, lead. Good luck to us all and thank you Les. You are doing valuable work.


justoffal said...

It has been dull over at the fray since you left...the usual social cannibalism interspersed with bits a pieces of narcissism and self delusion, a soup that has grown cold and the grease lumps are now floating to the top.

Spectacular post once again Mr. Visible...the world is being set up for a whale sloughing and they don't even know it.

Soon the lamps of the Illuminati will be burning bright with sperm oil and the sausgage skins will be filled with the jellied blood of the serfdom.

As Montfort once said of you.

Jeremiah circa 2000....

Amen brother, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hello, me again.

I would just like to quickly respond to the comment regarding my post about buying all the guns and ammo that one can.

Your point is well taken and no I am not some nra diphead type gun freak whackoloon or anything like that. Your assertion that guns are for the "truly defendeless" does make me chuckle, however. That comes across as some clever spin the msm or Jew World Order (I`m sorry, I meant New World Order) "one world goverment" folk at the Jew N (I`m sorry, I meant UN) would want one to subscribe to. If a situation were to arise whereby one has to defend themselves from an agressor then what is wrong with being on an equal footing? Of course I hope I never find myself faced with such a scenario. I don`t think anybody does. I think the readers understand what I`m saying.

The more I see what is going on in the USA the bigger a believer of the constitution I become. Perhaps the two greatest threats to tyranny and facism is a well informed public that is capable of critical thought and well armed if need be. Unfortunately the American public seldom fulfills the first prerequisite.

If the Palestinians were to receive equal funding and weaponry and training from other countries equal to what the Israeli terrorists recieves from its puppet, the US goverment, would it be a stretch to assume that the cowardly murders and crimes committed by the Jewish terrorists against a defenseless population would decrease dramatically and there might actually be something resembling peace and tranquility in that part of the world? I believe so. Could there possibly be reasons why the American/Israeli warmongers have not yet terrorized and bombed Syria and Iran? Could the reason be that these countries might actually have the capacity to defend themselves and inflict appropriate damage on any invaders, making any further middles east conflicts too risky for those contemplating such agression? I believe so. Why was Hezbollah able to defeat and turn back the invading Israeli criminals in 2006? Because they had the defense capacity to do so. If they had subscribed to the notion that guns(arms) are "for the truly defenseless" they would all have been slaughtered, South Lebanon would now be the new North Israel and that chapter of Jewish terrorism would have been a success.

If being armed promotes stability or, on an international level, leads to diplomacy then I can live with that.

While I certainly respect your opinion I trust that you also respect mine.

Anonymous said...

in line with all this few world order talk... We recently watched an inconenient truth an were amazed at how little actual content there was other than sentimental heart stirrings and orwellian double speak..

The point to make is, we can't believe how many people fell for such a poor piece.. I mean.. We have watched all the alt documentaries.. An thought we would watch the one that started all the forour..
Amazing how easily led the sheep really are..

Becomes obvious why many alt perspectives are taken as conspireing..
For they are not simple enough.. And they are always retaliatory...

Something to think about as we battle the double speakers...

Doc Ellis 124 said...


while you are upgrading your postings, can you find a way for deaf folks to understand what you say? I'm thinking something like closed-captioning for visual media, and transcription of your audio-only presentations. Just a thought.

Doc Ellis 124



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