Sunday, May 18, 2008

Part Two; Are you Drunk, Stupid or Asleep?

Every day I take a little stroll through the internet to see if the world has woken up yet. Every day I see that it’s the same world bent out of shape into the contortion of the moment. It reminds me of a man trying to escape back pain by adopting some posture that would be sure to make his back hurt if it didn’t hurt already.

For some the sleep is dreamless and they lay motionless. For many others it is a restless dream that involves twisting and shifting and flailing about, hitting the bodies of other sleepers, all of them caught up in the total subjectivity of their own being. Millions of dreams bouncing off of each other like a runaway pinball machine attended by flashing lights and sound effects with a robot voice over the top announcing the ever changing circumstances that, though they possess an infinite variety of possibilities, are forever confined to the table until they go down through the bottom chute. There’s one way in and one way out and only the one table. No one knows what goes on during the time when the ball is off the table. The ball never says anything about it. It just comes back and starts bouncing off of the bumpers, shooting through the gates and sliding in the aisles.

It’s a real trick to walk through this world going in the opposite direction and managing to sidestep all of the people going the other way who are walking with their eyes closed.

I don’t mean to be critical because, you see, I’m dreaming too. I’m dreaming that I am awake and in a certain way I am but I’m still dreaming. Given that, I think it is the context and quality of our dream that defines us. This is the sort of dream that I wish I was having. I’m glad that someone is having this dream and I’m sad that there are so few. This dreamstuff that envelopes all of us is manipulated by various forces; the forces of industry and enterprise, the forces of religion and politics, the forces of desire to possess and acquire. Some forces are inimical to humankind. They feed on human flesh and they drink blood. They sacrifice children; not just the lives of children but their innocence as well as their hopes and dreams. You could say, “Well, after all, they are only dreams. We are only dreams, what does it matter?” Stick a pin in your hand and tell me how it feels. Maybe the pain is only a dream too.

Why are some of us content to live a life of total self-indulgence and vanity? Why are there so many Paris Hilton clones feeding off of the dream assembly lines? The march of the Ken and Barbie dolls goes on. There is nothing more for them than to be admired in the reflected lenses of their own eyes as they stare into the mirror; to be important and successful and unwilling to trouble their beautiful minds with considerations upon the world in front of us. Others see an opportunity for service in every circumstance. Some desire only to be served. The greater body gravitate from one to the other and depending on how deep is the materialism of the age; upon that depends where the majority of their attention will remain.

Alas Babylon... we could have had so much. We could have done so much but we got lost in a masturbation fantasy and stood hypnotized in a field of Narcissus flowers. When I see the work of a man like Jacque Fresco I am galvanized to be, to try to be, a better person. When I hear about Dean Kamen it makes me want to try harder and do more. Whenever I hear about someone who is making the world a better place, I am inspired. Then I always think, “too few... too few”. I don’t want to complain and scold. I don’t want to rain on the parade of your vain and pointless posturing to stand out as the object of desire among tens of thousands of frogs in sequined jumpsuits sitting on tens of thousands of lily pods in all of the small ponds across the planet.

I look at men like Ron Paul and Jessie Ventura and I think to myself, “Why wouldn’t most Americans want these men in the highest office in the land instead of the sold out whores we have to choose from?" I could criticize Jessie Ventura I suppose. I could criticize anyone if I were so disposed... but behind the brusk and bristling persona I see an honest man. Jessie Ventura cares what he is about. He’s the sort of man who couldn’t live with himself if he were to behave like “Old Yellow Streak 1” or “Old Yellow Streak 2”. I believe that President Jessie Ventura would ‘try’ to do the right thing and that he would seek to know what was true and not casually compromise the truth to fit his will. So he was a professional wrestler; what was Ronald Reagan?

I believe that Ron Paul would ‘try’ to do the right thing. Is he a reptile in disguise? Does he make funny hand signs and belong to secret organizations? Anyone who wants to do away with The Federal Reserve can not be one of the bad guys. Anyone who wants to cut off foreign aid to Israel which adds to all of the holocaust blackmail cash that pours into weapons that are used to murder a population armed with sticks and stones is on the right side of the equation.

But not even Ron Paul will touch the 9/11 question. Maybe he knows better and maybe he will when he can. Jessie Ventura calls it for what it is. He can’t be one of the bad guys. Sooner or later you have to stop thinking that anyone and everyone is a member of the elite. It could hardly be ‘the elite’ in that case.

Ron Paul is still running for president but you wouldn’t know it. Yet... a very large portion of the American public supports him. All you have to do is vote for him. Is that too much to ask? Somebody out there please... bring these two men together into a room. Bring Robert Kennedy Jr. into that room. Bring together some small group of men and women who are at least halfway honest men and women and see what the opportunity to lead will do in terms of the angels of their better nature. Damn it!!! Make it happen.

I’m getting sick and tired of watching an indulgent nation wacking off to porn and stuffing Cheetos into their fat cheeks like retarded Chipmunks. I’m getting sick and tired of having to wake up every day and encounter the same shit for brains treadmill walking hamsters who are marching through the chutes to the killing floor. We could have and achieve so much and you are content with this? You make me want to puke.

Well, there went any lyrical integrity this post might have had...

People, look around you. There are a lot of decent caring people who would gladly share the same dream. You are capable of marching off to die in a corporation war but you aren’t willing to march off and die for the only things that make life worth living in the first place? What? The former has an official imprimatur and the other is a risky proposition? Crossing the street is a risky proposition if you’re not paying attention. Many a dead chipmunk could tell you so.

All I ask is that you wake up enough to see that you are dreaming. Once you can see that you are dreaming you can dream along with Jacque Fresco and Dean Kamen. You can dream along with Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Right now you’re sitting by the riverbank in one of those stories at the end of Magister Ludi. I just want you to wake up and realize that you are sitting on the river bank. From that point we can set out upon that river or walk inland toward the shining city on the hill that we never got to build.

What can I or anyone do? I’ve got “Blue Jay Way” playing as loud as my speakers can manage but they can’t even hear it in the next block. You have to wake up. You have to.

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Pilgrim Tom said...

Thoughtful and truthful! ... thank you.

People really are like sheep ... and sheep are controlled and directed by dogs ... the dogs create and instilll fear in theflock of sheep ... the sheep huddle close together and do what they believe the barking dog wants them to do.

The following 2 articles are my attempt to explain this phenomenon.
Seems to me all man-made institutions ... government , religion etc are fruit of our "nature" ... our innate characteristics.

The relevant characteristic here is our need to dominate ... individual and collective.

History is replete with manifestations of this innate characteristic ... the popularity and sheer size of the Olympic events also point to this.

The difference today is only the scope of dominance ... we have progressed to a global scope ... facilitated largely by technology.

Communication has always been perhaps the most significant barrier ... in both conquering and retaining control/power.

Today we have overcome so many earlier barriers regarding communication ... speed, distance ... language etc

The stage is set for the players in this next round of this ageless game ... I don't see the players as nation states ... simply a handful of very small groups of people.

Philosophical Fodder by Pilgrim_tom

We live in turbulent times … the demands of simply keeping pace with day to day living leave precious little time for anything else.

Augustine of Hippo wrote almost 1,600 years ago … “Oh! … You torrent of human custom, who can stand against you?”

Perhaps some members of our medical community have recently provided the answer to the dilemma posed by Augustine in 400 AD. The doctors claim that statistics suggest the mortality rate amongst newborn babies is higher for those who do not receive cuddling and affection … “the human touch”. Surely this human characteristic is innate and permanent.

True at birth, seems to me it must hold true throughout our lives … as important at age 80 as at birth. The ‘will’ to live seems predicated on the knowing that we are not alone … we are connected … we belong!

Have you ever asked yourself … What is going on? … Where are we (mankind) headed? … What will we do when we get there?

We often hear the expression ‘the evolution of mankind’. The word evolution infers movement, figuratively speaking, from Point A to Point B. We live in the times referred to as Point A … Where is Point B? … What does life look like at Point B? … and … What is this phenomenon of movement? ( or ‘torrent’ as expressed by Augustine)

For the past several years, the notion of evolution as ‘movement’ tickled my mind. Setting aside historical events, Darwinian theory etc , I reflected only on the notion of ‘movement’. The meditations seemed to be encouraged by the frequent observations of flocks of sheep, while traveling through the Middle East, Europe and most recently Spain.

The first occurrence was in 1996 … on top of a mountain in Bosnia Hertzgovina.

While sitting there, I heard the sound of cow bells … seemed strange … why would there be cow bells ringing on top of this mountain? In a few moments a small flock of sheep and their shepherd arrived on top of the mountain.

How exciting! … having been raised in Canada, I had only read or watched on television about shepherds wandering the countryside and mountains with their sheep.

Here at the dawn of the 21st century was an authentic shepherd and his sheep … wow!

Several years later … after seeing many many flocks of sheep wandering around the countryside with their shepherds … I found myself thinking … when the flock of sheep is on the move most of the sheep … almost all of the sheep … can only see the ‘butt’ of the sheep in front of them.

They have no idea where they are going or what the terrain they are passing through looks like.

A few years later it occurred to me … not only can all they see is the ‘butt’ in front of them … worse yet … they have no choice but keep their nose glued to the ‘butt’ of the sheep walking in front of them … they cannot stop … the sheep behind them would trample them …they cannot move forward … or sideways … there are sheep pressing them on all sides … hmmmm

… and seems they are not willing to leave the flock … seems sheep also feel safe and secure through ‘belonging’.

“Oh! … You torrent of human custom, who can stand against you?”

Are there any parallels with this image and human life?

If so … Who is the shepherd?

Anonymous said...

bravo, you crazy dancer!!!!!!!!!!!

Visible said...

Chapter Three of "The Whine" is available now at

I'm publishing one of my novels on line (at least most of it) so, if you like thrillers you might like this

Anonymous said...

Brilliant as always.

Anonymous said...

"Voting" Suggestion Was/Is Unfortunate Suggestion
(Apollonian, 18 May 08)

Well Les Visible, u sure started off good, as in part one, which I liked much, and I do verily take ur most excellent over-all pt. regarding "wake up," indubitably. But then u tell us--"vote"? Good gravy.

Comrade, surely u realize this "voting" is exactly what conspirators want us to waste our time thinking will solve anything. But "voting" is totally, absolutely, utterly RIGGED, as u can easily verify at and So much for that suggestion.

Additionally then the "Jews-media" (see, "Who Rules America?" for expo/ref. on Jew media monopoly) is so totally controlled, biased, etc. So ur "voting" suggestion seems to have been not so well entirely thought out--but that's okay, as I have an alternative:

(Below essay was first written-up on topic of trying to free Ernst Zundel [see, "Insider Describes...," 16 May 08], brave patriot hero now imprisoned in Germany after being literally kidnapped fm USA.)

* * * * *

Patriots Need To Start Getting Serious Sometime Soon
(Apollonian, 18 May 08)

Comrades, u need to face the reality: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is going to help poor, dear Ernst Zundel--NOTHING. The only thing that has the slightest ghost of a chance to help is LARGE CHRISTIAN MASS-MOVEMENT, that's all.

So if u're serious (like about helping Ernst), u need to get realistic, first of all. How now to generate this Christian movement?--DO U HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA?

And note the irony--as in how to get "serious"?--by adopting "religious"-type methods?--YES, because this is how the mass mentality works--get real.

U want to help Ernst Zundel?--then get busy thinking seriously about a rationalistic Christian revival--it can be done as things economic/political get dramatically worse presently within these HYPER-INFLATIONARY times, prelude to bolsheviki take-over, do not doubt. So u have incentive too.

With brains and intellects like Curt Maynard's, Bill White's (, Alex Linder's (, and others like mighty Birdman (, that basic talent is there. Of course, we know Linder is a FLAKE at best, as even Bill White seems to be, so we observe, note, and lament the human tragedy and waste of talent/ability.

For people can unite--esp. when conditions are horrendous and getting worse--in such case, as circumstances help as JEWS ARE EVERMORE ISOLATED--esp. long as we keep mighty internet.

So that factor (favorable circumstances) should give u some confidence, even in all the irony, as conditions get worse for us and our suffering people. Now then u need merely remember basic principles in correct order.

(1) Stick w. basic text, the literature of New Testament (NT); this way u need merely rely upon what can easily be verified in black and white. Note Old Testament is irrelevant--so don't worry about it (helps to make it simple, eh?).

(2) Remember simplest things for substance: Christianity is ANTI-THESIS in classic Hegelian ("dialectic") style--IT OPPOSES JEW TALMUD (Gosp MARK 7:1-13), which Talmudism so demonstrably dominates the poor, pitiable world at this present moment. Note it helps so much to understand something (Christianity) simply by means of what it opposes and is against.

(3) So what now then is specific anti-theses?--answer: simply Christian TRUTH vs. Jew (Talmudic) lies and conspiracy. Christ then is simply, basically, heroic exemplar, showing how to face these scummy Jews and conspirators--with HONESTY and courage.

Remember: life sucks, in accord w. traditional Greek Tragedy, and we're all gonna lose in the end--but there is a way to go about things in meantime, no matter what--and Christ, again, showed how. Such then, is whole, large pt. to NT--golly, gee, is that hard to understand?

(4) Okay, u say--so what then is that (above item (3)) supposed to indicate for actual to-the-pt. meaning/significance?--simple, again: any serious, meaningful "truth" (as Gosp. JOHN 8:32) requires therefore OBJECTIVE REALITY for necessary criterion to such truth--this has incredible, monumental significance, do not doubt.

Hence then u people can begin to see the profound, genuine implications of Christian aesthetic: it really does possess genuine, serious philosophic substance, Christianity then, as for literature, simply an aesthetic which dramatizes such (Western, Greek) philosophy rather than presenting it in typical dry, otherwise straightforward academic-style, expositional manner--which loses 99.5% of people, maybe 99.9%.

And remember, consistent w. all rationalistic-type literary analysis, u don't have to emphasize the "miracles," as they're mere plot-devices. For note Christianity is/was meant for all the volk, who might not be too well or too intensively "educated"--it's why Christianity is presented in the mythologic type manner, in way of telling an entertaining story to children.

So all u "smart" guys, w. all ur "edjumacation" and degrees and credentials, etc., need to get ur behinds in proper, necessary gear. Put ur "education" to actual application. Get out there and rouse the masses, speak the truth, and "stir-up some shit."

Let me give u a small, little hint, just to start things off for u: Christ was NOT "Jew"--do u "savvy" that?--do u begin to realize what huge, major shit that tiny little fact, all by itself, can and will start?--like, it totally destroys one, huge, major hereticalist doctrine and "church" (such as it is, filled w. queers), so hugely funded by Jews, that hereticalist doctrine being known, generally, as "Judeo-Christiantiy" (JC)--see and for expo/ref.

See how easy it is?--preaching Christian truth?--and beauty of it is u basically just use it to attack and subvert a bunch of scummy, ignorant, queer-infested, pukes--it's not only easy, it's also FUN too. But of course, and again, it's the general circumstances which are so sad, which help to make it (preaching Christian truth) successful and prospective.

CONCLUSION: Don't think of it (Christian preaching and exposition) as "religion"--rather think of it as drama, rhetoric, and aesthetics, alternative to that dry, prosaic -style academic and logicalistic -type discourse which everyone is so sick and tired of. So go forth and have fun--enjoy urself, truly--but don't forget the difficult and tragedy-affected circumstances in all full truthfulness and reality. Get ur dumb, otherwise useless (so "theoretic"), asses in gear. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

You want to know what's wrong? Just look at the San Francisco Bay Area, a place fundamentally dishonest, chokingly materialistic, and shallow beyond what you can believe a human is capable of, and it is at the same time, consciousness of America, and it is the home of Pelosi. It is for what America stands.

And it is in the American West where society has not advanced out of the medieval ages except for the shiny new technology. A place where you are nothing but what you look like and how much money you have and how big your gun is. Might is Right in the West, and from where are all are leaders? The West and its been that way for a while.

We are led by dishonest, materialistic, shallow Western creeps. The sheep are led by creeps. Dogs are truly man's best friend.

Anonymous said...

A Jessie Ventura Ron Paul ticket would be the best thing for this country but they would have to win by absolutely monumental proportions to get elected. In America voting is like professional wrestling, lots of groaning grunting and farting but the outcome is predetermined. What’s the chance of the sheeple waking up in mass? Hell thirty percent or more are too “drunk, stupid, or loaded” to even realize what a mess we are in. If there is going to be meaningful change first the social order must completely break down. The system is far too corrupt to repair from within. I think it was Mussolini who coined the word corptocracy. That is where corporations take control of government. There is no one left to represent the people. We really don’t have a government in the traditional sense. “911 is the litmus test.” It has been seven years, what more proof do you need.


buskeron said...

I've written you before to say that all you are doing is waffling about the same old same old. Your readers and commentators are no more than the sheep they deride. You all think that by bleating on about the NWO it may make a difference. Who on earth do you think sits up and takes a blind bit of notice of this " secret talk " that takes place on obscure conspiracy sites? I'll tell you buddy, only unhappy truth seekers and CIA who are gathering evidence on all dissidents who blow off on your blog. The only truth worth anything is that Jehovah God's kingdom is gonna destroy all these kingdoms and it itself will stand to times indefinite. You don't have much time left guys, the signs from the bible are totally fulfilled now and when it comes down, you won't have time to get in the ark. Listen to, seek out the true messengers of the most high, the only people who are anywhere near the description of God's messengers on earth in these last days. I pray for you all my brothers. Ron Lambert in England.

Visible said...

Hey Nobody,

For some reason all of the comments are going to another post. I'm not sure why that is but it is.

I'm glad you have your own blog but I am sorry that you ever concerned yourself about taking up space here. You are one of the most valuable contributers to this site. You can take up all the space you want.

And Buskeron;

I don't get your point. You told me before that I was just saying the same old same old and that all the readers are sheep. Uh... Was I supposed to commit Hari Kiri back then whenever that was?

What possible business of yours is what I say? Are you with the military wing of the Jehovah Empire? And aren't you supposed to be sheep according to the teachings of your icon?

You know, arrogance is never a pretty sight, especially when it is coming from someone who purports to serve the master of humility and sacrifice. Like Godsend who has now taken to stalking me at the various sites where these essays are reprinted you assume a great deal.

In any case, this is a socio-political blog. You want to talk about spiritual things then go over to Visible Origami. I even wear my nice hat over there.

Really, look at how you worded what you had to say. Think about how it would appear to those you are trying to convince and see if you think that is the most effective route.

Anonymous said...

Many of the posters like Apollian, seem to think that they are right and anyone who does not agree proves their point. Religion is just one more control function designed to make you sheep-like and give up your own sense of identity to get 'pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die'. Children are born atheists and anarchists. They have to be taught and conditioned to whatever bias or prejudice surrounds them. You can only see with your own eyes, hear with your own ears and think with your own brain. Because you were conditioned to believe something is true does not make it true for anyone else.

nobody said...


You are too kind by half. I'm always happy to pile in here and I hope you think nothing of it if I'm absent occasionally. I am always here reading and taking inspiration.

But I do enjoy my blog and I am sensibly dimished here since one only has so much yang energy to splash about, if you know what I mean. God forbid I should turn into a withered husk, ha ha.

That line was merely an attempt to slide one through the Apple Onion's rhinoceros-like hide. But I suspect that beyond that thick hide is just more thick hide. It's like that all the way through - until you come out the other side! Really it's laziness on my part. I'd find it so much easier to not read him if he was elsewhere.

nobody said...

And Buskeron,

You may wish to embrace fear. Me, I'm uninterested in joining you. As I see it, the problem isn't that there are too many of us here identifying ourselves to the PTB. It's that there aren't enough.

I'm uninterested in making the work of motherfuckers easy and I choose not to attach the name on my passport. But if they take me, they take me. I will never succumb to their fear trip. I have no house, possessions, or 'lifestyle'. I have nothing to lose. It is always a good day to die.

You know that guy who set himself on fire outside McNamara's window during Vietnam? His only problem was that there weren't a hundred like him. Such bravery!

Anonymous said...

Hey Les


I always make time for your writing, it is always thought provoking and the fact that I am sending you this note - my first to any internet site - is proof of that.
Kindest Regards, Nick

Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.

Les, you are living in a dream world.
Voting for Ron Paul is not going to
change anything :-) It is time to wake
up and let go of all the resentment
that you are holding onto. Now you see
dimly, but then you will see clearly.

The Faithful Witness

Visible said...

Chapter Eight of Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World is now up Here

Anonymous said...

I'm going to save the world with my ladybug with wheels hybrid electric car it runs on coagulated rat turds and puts off a potpurri smell isn't it cute. I'm going to save our *preshus* way of life by signing over all my civil rights to our benevolent corporate masters they do care about us. I'm going to sport my birkenstocks to the collective and get some bran flakes for world peace. I'm going to do whatever I want till the rapture mothership arrives because the blood of jesus gives me carte blanche. Group hug? Teabag circle jerk reacharound on the dr phil show? Better switch hands and smoke another bongload and put the rose colored glasses down we are fuxxored 9 ways to sunday. We chose our path and now it's time to pay up. But don't be sad it's a good thing because this festering cesspool of corruption, this bought and sold corporate whorehouse of spineless, lumpen, double digit IQ mouth breathers needs a good flushing.

Anonymous said...

I, too, would support Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul, as well as Cynthia Mckinney. They are the only three I would ever bother to interrupt my daily routine for and vote in favor of.

Like you Les, I believe there are still a few decent, moral, aware americans left who are willing to make a great sacrifice and "do the right thing".

The rest are too ignorant, immature, lazy and irresponsible to ever bother with such nonsense. Better throw those hordes another bag of cheetos.

iconoclast said...

Thanks, another good one along with part one.
I remember way back in my experimentation days, having ingested acid, realizing a clarity I'd not known; everything had added and/or different dimensions. Once I tuned in to Johnny Carson and was surprised at how fake it actually was, so phony and prearranged. I recall buzzing around on mescaline and my motorcycle mulling over what some consider to be the 'big' questions in life (all the geopolitical nonsense re: oil, land, resources); they didn't seem big, it just appeared that some people don't like to play fair or play at all.
It has since occurred to me that realizing that clarity was not a happenstance or coincidence but an awakening of sorts.
Ancient tribes the world over have always had medicine men/women of some description apparently to connect with the larger intelligence for guidance etc. Ostensibly the reason these tribes and their ways are all but gone is because they are at odds with our current band of nihilists. Maybe the rainforests are under attack for the same reasons.
"The only people who don’t agree are part of the operation or too stupid to be part of yours", sums up my frustration at broaching key topics of our current crises with people who stare blankly as if I was referring to something occurring on a distant planet:)
The comments of naysayers all appear to have at least one thing in common...they embrace what was or used to be, they lack any visionary element. All that was, at least much of it, is what has gotten us to where we are now; it would seem to follow that something else needs to be undertaken to steer a course to an existence that serves the many, not the few. I'm looking forward to the critical mass which will ultimately take us there...

Anonymous said...

Les your 'lyrical integrity' never wanes. Your honesty is always courageous and though your reprimand may go unheeded by the majority, in this world to some, you stand out as a Guardian.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As a scholarly research analyst ’25 some odd years’ I have ingested enormous information ‘I get a serious rush when the synapse fires’ and when the connect reveals the wonders of the universe there is love. I could not 'fully' really explain it in words alone but it is an integral part of the Maestron, there is healing in this process thus off with the old and on with the new ‘a sort of birthing takes place’…

Which brings me to this, my dear comrade ‘the guy acts as if to totally ignore me for the most part but his behavior appears as a ruse to some agenda… still love ya..’ relays to me he has just left a meeting in Egypt where Bush, and some other ME leaders were convening. Later I find the world economic meeting was taking place there in Egypt and the news of the Bush speech was available. Keeping in mind the machine behind the man, his claim to the fact that oil was going to be a thing of the past and soon, Nations must stage a new asset to their economies or financial troubles will rule…”my synopsized version.” Oh my was I stunned. There is not a better layout than the truth and in the world’s financial realm for the concept is mostly debunked without it. I must ask all of the truthers out there; you have the concept that information is knowledge down pat, now will you all dare to seek other applicable solutions? For instance a new mode to power the economics of our world versus the old capitalist styles…or a new energy that does not plow unnecessary CO2 into our system…Or is it just easier to blame someone else for lack of efficiency in such matters? Irony, just a few words out of this mans mouth and the world is now aware of the path we must take ‘some other stuff he said was stupert as usual’…Dang, just the same here is a kiss for ya Bush and your controllers are not all stupid “LOL”

Brilliant minds such as Doug Rokke (DU specialist in the world) on the perpetual tread mill of expose redundancy ‘wonder the last time he spent even an hour digging into the containment of the stuff on a physics level (physics being his forte) or sharing with his followers ‘probably multitudes’ the fact that cleansing the body will get rid of much of this contamination…No, only read and hear of the serious danger versus the solution ‘probably buried in his sub conscious; he is so very well versed…’

Another dear friend of mine (Igal Madar) a brilliant mind! Was born in Israel, grew up dirt ‘literal’ poor and later married into the fortress of the Johnson and Johnson family. He works for Johns Hopkins and his contribution to society is more than most could dream of…I have never met this man in person but the first time I ever spoke with him I fell in love and he too did the same. A year or so passed and he revealed to me that he was a Zionist and accused me of being anti Semitic. My heart sank but I knew it was all a mis understanding and things would work themselves out. And they have, for Igal is the lead scientist on my scientific team ‘reversal degeneration at sub atomic levels’ Oh, Igal and Melony ‘heiress’ divorced, she left him with a few trinkets (a mattress which lay on the floor for sleeping “he must have really pissed her off”) and many years later he; still lives a very meager existence ‘appearance wise’ LOL gotta love him! Hey Mossad, if you are watching…tell Igal I am praying for his speedy recovery and of coarse still love him…

Brings me to the Russians…back when I was working for SOG ‘spec operations group’ about 1997 or so, my first assignment was with some men out of Moscow. Things were a mess in Russia ‘bread lines…’ The objective was to stabilize that economy ‘a success I see now’ anyhow, the Moscow minds behind the scenes in this matter were of the caliber which diminishes the word brilliance in comparison to the reality of them having the art of synapse and fire down pat… Point, “you are on the team” love y’all!

I could go on and on here but I must rest now. Thanks for the good works Les, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Most Sublime Integration Only Next Aestheticalist Step For Cultural Info, Epiphany
(Apollonian, 20 May 08)

I agree with those fans of Les Visible for his expositions working to solidify and clarifying, esp. for things artistic and dramatic.

Thus Les Visible, for most thematic example, is good for complement to Ron Paul's type rhetoric which is still much toooooooo abstract and intellectual, Visible helping to supply inspiration, basis for concrete-type application, improved rendition, and that most sublime aestheticalist INTEGRATION--of abstract with concrete.

Specifically: Ron Paul needs to somewhat de-emphasize his heavy use of word, "inflation," which is far too abstract, and which utterly escapes far too many people for useful, CONCRETE-type understanding.

Specific word Paul needs to adopt and utilize is "COUNTERFEITING"--which provides precisely the right and necessary CONCRETE application and which will most usefully INFORM necessary numbers of people.

CONCLUSION: And if Ron Paul doesn't do it for this necessary integration of abstract w. concrete for best, most effective INFORMATION of volk, more people and artists, like Les Visible, can and should. Thus the volk continue to zero-in upon ZOG-Mammon beast/empire. Keep up ur most excellent work, Les Visible. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, I don't know how you find the time to write everything that you do, but I'm glad you do.

You are indeed not the only one who craves a better world and holds to a more exhalted vision of what we can be in our humanity. There are many of us out here(maybe more than you realize) who see beyond the 'norm', the boxes that people can't seem to climb out of. I don't know why so many people seem content to accept what is handed to them everyday, there are so many reasons I'm sure, but I believe we are here to constantly question and grow.
My favourite word when I was growing up-that I'm sure I drove my mother mad with- was 'why'. I always asked this question and was rarely satisfied. And I realize now that we won't really always be able to know all of the 'whys' in this world- asking that question is only part of the begining to a newer understanding. Rather more important is to know simply that the 'what' that is happening in this world can change.
We all have the power to choose a different path- to live more present and awake to all of the possibilities- including the ones we can't even concieve of yet- how cool those must be!
To be awake is to be alive, and to constantly challenge your level of awareness is how to grow. And with this awakening, our ability to dream new dreams becomes infinite.


'l'essential est invisible pour les yeux'

...we must always go deeper

notamobster said...

Visible - Outstanding as always. I truly cherish being able to glimpse into your mind for those fleeting moments and see that there are others who relish the ideas of what could be... If only we could wake the mindless masses as they slobber and trudge their path through this existence; but those sheep have been shorn, corralled, and are eagerly awaiting the slaughter. Luckily for them, they'll never see it coming. The experience that is their vain, transitory existence will end as it began - quietly slumbering, with no conscious idea of what is going on around them.

Sometimes I get disheartened and yearn for their lack of curiosity. My heart almost aches for the blinders of selfish existence. All too abruptly though, my mind regains it's focus and I can't bear the thought of my children not being instilled with the most amazing gift I was ever given - the spirit of adversity. The approval and encouragement to always question authority. The desire to know all things for their true nature.

My mother was a miserable drug addict, and by the time my father got us, the damage had been done.
I did manage to find some wisdom from one of her junkie artist boyfriends (my brother's father)- "don't ever judge the painting until you've seen the entire canvas completed". While this applies to daily life, can we really afford to wait until this awful canvas has been completed?

I say, as do many others here, that we cannot! But how do we wake the masses? How do we shake off the mind-numbing haze of the fascist sleeping aid which has quite literally been introduced into our watersheds? Is technology a villain in this process, or is the problem as always- the sheeple themselves?

I have found no answer. I send information to others in the hope of sparking that all-consuming fire of Liberty. But I can't reach the masses. You, in all of your eloquence and fervor - cannot reach the masses. We few, through collective enterprise can reach the masses on an individual level; but the attention span of the American people is roughly the intellectual equivilent of a Happy Meal. It's great for 2 or 3 minutes, but lacks any real value, and leaves you feeling empty. It's also easily distracted by Chinese-slave-labor-made crap!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul appears to be a Freemason for those that did not know.



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