Sunday, November 2, 2008

In coming... outgoing... River of Time Flowing...

Well... here we are, less than two days out, waiting to see what surprises are in store and even if, from one large perspective, it looks to go one way... we’ve seen that before too. I want to say that I feel extremely positive, no matter what does or doesn’t happen. I’ve seen a lot of things go down over the years... sometimes from a distance and sometimes from closer in. It really does seem as if the world is mass insanity... always on the verge.

Powers shift to the left and shift to the right, swirling in the winds of collectively believed lies. The world of constantly fabricated illusion appears to have its own weather system. It seems like the bigger the lie, the larger the stormfront. Somebody must think that if you make a lot of noise and flash a lot of lights it will make whatever seems to be happening look authentic.

We’ve all got some degree of personal problems. Sometimes it’s because of the conditions we are in and sometimes it’s because of us; most of the time it’s a combination of both and the severity seems to be keyed to the degree of our denial. I think about denial a lot. I see it everywhere I go. People have this enormous resistance to the truth because it interferes with whatever happy fantasy they are trying to pull off. A lot of the time they think that all they have to do is get through the shit and injury, caused and received and then, on the other side, they can take the time to think about what’s real and what isn’t and then they can be generous and good which just wasn’t possible before.

This is how politicians can come along and tell the exact same lies and fail to do the right thing over and over and over and people don’t see anything strange about it. It’s like they weren’t there last time and the time before that. It’s how they can see proof of election fraud and then tell themselves it must have been something else. It’s how they can watch three buildings come down at the speed of free fall; one of them not even hit by a plane, where no building like these buildings ever came down before, while exposed to even greater trauma... much less three on the same day within hours of each other.

It seems preposterous. It is preposterous that what people are told could be what actually happened. There’s no question in my mind that timed demolition was applied and... over the course of time, there’s no question in my mind that it was an inside job and no question about who was involved... well, that’s not entirely true. There are a lot of details that I don’t know but they have no impact on the general picture.

Two things stick with me from that day. One of them is the look on Bush’s face when Andrew Card was whispering in his ear. The other is Cheney sitting in some war room and telling those who asked about scrambling jets that no jets were to be scrambled. The idea that some stone age Arabs could have so much insider intel and waltz through so many security checkpoints maintained by the same security firm... the idea that people who couldn’t fly small planes could operate large planes with an efficiency and precision that would have pressed the talents of top professionals is... absurd? It’s more than absurd. It’s a cartoon.

For two presidential elections and through Earth shaking abominations, the press was in accord in demeaning and distorting everything said by the Democratic candidates. Even then, when each of the candidates actually won each election... neither of them was allowed to win. Now, a Democratic candidate with a great many more liabilities as far as experience; color, a name that sounds like the name of the biggest so-called long dead terrorist... I could make quite a list here. This candidate waltzes right through every obstacle without even breaking a sweat. And none of this seems odd. Denial appears to be one of those natural forces like gravity. It’s everywhere and it affects everything but people don’t make the connection to what holds them down.

One of my most enduring pastimes is to sit on a bench or a wall, in a café, or somewhere near where people are passing, eating and drinking, shopping, whatever... and watch them. I find that after a while of focus and concentration that I can see things I wouldn’t generally see because I wasn’t looking closely enough. I can watch a mysterious magnetism that is connected to appetite... things of the mind and things visceral... I can see people completely swallowed up in their passions and attractions. You can watch people watching people and watch people watching you and you can listen to what it is that they are talking about. You can see how what they believe to be true has shaped them. You can see the unique differences in perspective between the generations. You can see people on their way in and on their way out. You can see the evidence of different maladies that affect them. By a certain disciplining of the mind you can see deeper and deeper and deeper. It can even get scary.

Sometimes, I see things that torment certain people and I know I could go to them and explain certain things that, were they so disposed, would free them from an unfortunate state and the looming certainty of something much more unfortunate. It is unlikely that most of them would listen to me and very likely that they would be offended; made angry, violent, frightened, etc. They have this investment in what they are and it got them where they are and it’s familiar and predictable, most of the time. There’s this huge investment of time and energy that went into building their particular state of denial. It’s like denial is some sort of hitchhiker that exists in symbiosis with the host. Well, it’s not symbiotic. It’s parasitical but they think it’s symbiotic.

There are people who have no problem rationalizing the deaths and enduring miseries of millions of people if it means they can have their conveniences and more than their fair share of the world’s resources. If you argue for more fairness in use and distribution you are a socialist or something that is really bad for everyone because you want to share the wealth with those who will fight you to protect the rights of the super rich to screw them six ways from Sunday.

I go to the MSM and I look at how the day’s lies are being presented and it looks so real. How could there be so much money and infrastructure in something that is a total lie; a continuous deception of the mind? It’s a kaleidoscope of shit in many shapes and colors artfully concealed so as not to appear to be shit but it certainly is shit. People defend the worst behavior of the worst psychopaths. People defend corrupt and punishing systems in the hope that some day, by some miracle, they will be made rich, or powerful or famous and then that system will work for them and that is why they have to protect the thing that abuses them. That is why they want to believe the same shit they were told last time which didn’t happen and which won’t happen this time either. Like the Greek philosophers who walked on opposite sides of the same river, one of them laughing at the foibles and ironies of life and one weeping, you can either laugh or cry, depending on how it hits you but you can’t do anything about it.

The only thing I can come up with is that it’s a matter of individual choice. The world will be better at times and worse at times but it will always be full of lies and people that believe them. So you have to come to terms with this somehow and choose your place in it. Maybe you participate during the good periods and hide in the Oregon rainforest when it gets bad.

There’s a certain transcendent freedom that comes when you finally realize that you are surrounded by lies and empty promises and you let go of your denial and embrace the simple and profound joys that most people have discarded along the highway to their ruin. There are remarkable and profound possibilities on all sides and inside for those who don’t want what everyone else does want. There’s this cornucopia, curling by the side of the river of time. All sorts of wonderful things are there except for the people to appreciate them. Meanwhile, if you head downstream to where the sewer pipes and chemical drains feed into the river you are going to find a super abundance of life forms feeding on the rich effluents and... each other. So it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Well the Democrat running in 2008 is serving you notice of what he is all about.
You don't have his Birth certificate nor for that matter according to the NY liberties campaign the following

1. Occidental College records -- Not released
2. Columbia College records -- Not released
3. Columbia Thesis paper -- Not available, locked down by faculty
4. Harvard College records -- Not released, locked down by faculty
5. Selective Service Registration -- Not released
6. Medical records -- Not released
7. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate -- Not released (sealed?)
8. Certified Copy of Certification of Live Birth -- Not released (sealed?)
9. Birth records from Kenya -- (Sealed by the government of Kenya until after Election Day)
10. Your record of Christian Baptism -- Not released or unavailable
11. Illinois State Senate schedule - 'Not available'
12. Illinois State Senate records - Destroyed ' end quote

But you do know that you can forget the Patriotic act, the wiretapping and knocks on doors.
You are about to get the real thing. In Germany I guess it was the Gestapo - its similar anyway.

If this doesn't make both your philosophers weep they are pretty hardy unimaginative souls.
Is this anyone's vision of America. Hands up please.

Anonymous said...

Even though the fairness doctrine had been held constitutional by an 8-0 Supreme Court decision in 1969, that didn't stop former Reagan campaign operative and FCC director Mark Fowler from eliminating it altogether. Think about it, public airwaves, owned by the people, used to further the desired agenda of .5% of the country. Hence the popularity of people such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, masters at manipulating huge numbers of citizens into voting against their own best interests.

If I could point to just one piece of administrative policy that is responsible for the mind malaise you've described today, it would be the repeal of the fairness doctrine by Mark Fowler. A true enemy of the people.

Anonymous said...

I, too, love being a wallflower and observing people. I especially like observing people who are observing other people. It’s fascinating to watch the different expressions flash across the face of the observer. Sometimes they’re amused, sometimes disgusted and judgmental.

The vast majority of humans behave as though they’re stuck in the movie “Groundhog Day.” Everything is repeated over and over, but unlike the character in the movie, real humans don’t learn from the past. It’s as if each repeated incarnation is brand new, as if humans possess the memory of a gnat.

Most people definitely live in a fantasy world contrived by their own minds, and any attempt to inject reality into their fantasy world is not merely unwelcome, it’s hostilely resisted. Unfortunately, they base their decisions not on reality, but on their fantasy world, which, combined with their amazing lack of memory, yields some spectacularly bad decisions. Like, for instance, the decision to buy a house that they cannot afford, or the decision to reelect a president who has systematically destroyed their standard of living.

It’s as amusing as it is tragic.

But you’re right: once you see the world as it truly is, you can stop being idealistic, accept it for what it is, shun what you don’t agree with and relish the simple pleasures.


Anonymous said...

'I find that after a while of focus and concentration that I can see things I wouldn’t generally see because I wasn’t looking closely enough.'
It's called 'averted vision' Les.
It's a controversial technique for viewing faint objects in astronomy.
It involves not looking directly at the object, but looking a little off to the side, while continuing to concentrate on the object. (Wikipedia)
It makes things clearer. Maybe our mind and our observational skills work like this.
Great post.

Anonymous said...

so rosie this 'Democrat running in 2008' is a reptilian alien???
You people voted a 'B' grade movie actor into your presidency not long ago.
And the current president who had a history of failure in everything he did- shee!
Realise- all politicians are scrapings off the shithouse floor; the lowest form of human being available- and wtp vote them into office! Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

This my first time in posting a reply ....but have followed the writtings of this site regularly and find Les a formidable source of true facts as they are .But one thing i felt i need ed to add this tis time to all who read this site and people of the world is...... you ll all do nothing bury your heads in the sand and when some satanic arsewipe stuffs your exposed arse you cry blue murder... well you deserve it dont you come on be real you ve been getting the warning signs since 9/11 how much clearer do you wantit when some black dressed guy packing a M16 busts in your house and rapes your 10 year old daughter in front of you.....GOD HELP THE ENLIGHTENED


Anonymous said...

The folks here are pretty smart so wanted to ask a question.
Do you think the Wall Street crash was "supposed" to take place after the elections, but events which prompted the crash somehow got out of hand?
Of coure, what I'm saying by raising this question is to look forward to the will of the "powers that be" -being thwarted. Hope

Anonymous said...

It is truly amazing how people believe that they have a choice in the powers that be. Especially when for over 200 years the agendas of the past left-wing and right-wing American presidencies seem to be on the exact same course; gradually and subtly moving towards a one world government.
When there is a president in power that is really working for the people he gets assassinated; and his alleged assassin gets assassinated before too many people hear him plead not guilty.
When there is a president who starts wars in the name of peace, takes away liberties in the name of ensuring freedom, and who keeps repeating ignorant bullshit rhetoric about wmd's, terrorists, and muslim extremists who are out to get you-to give his people strength he has an eight year term, without anyone thinking of calling for impeachment.
I too see the kaleidoscope of bullshit all over the mainstream media, and I think to myself that I used to see this bullshit as the truth, because I was programed in school and by the brainwashing box to see it as the truth.
Now that I see the bullshit that pops out like a 3d hologram neatly knit in an intricate display of what appears to be reliable information; I can't help but try to help others see it too. In turn the people I try to help see past the lies; denounce what I say, without doing any research as ridiculous, making me feel like a crazy conspiracy theorist whose lost touch with reality. Then they continue to discuss who they're going to vote for this election; only to perpetuate another democratic farce, which we have to have once every few years to feed the illusion that we're actually in control.
All in all it's the bullshit that gives our society strength, for we are already living in the Orwellian society where war is peace, slavery is freedom, and ignorance is strength.

Ben There said...

Rosie -

That 20 second clip of Obama is a very blatant example of cherry picking a tiny fragment of a speech to take it out of context and make a point that isn't there. Kind of hard for me to believe that something that elementary would go over the head of a Smoking Mirrors reader. Also your other 12 "facts", another load of bullshit. I mean seriously, "record of Christian baptism"!?!! There isn't even such a thing as a record of Christian baptism.

Rosie, there is enough bullshit going on without making up your own.

Les - One of the best Smoking Mirror pieces yet. I always love it when Smoking Mirrors blends with Visible Origami like this.

Anonymous said...

Of course there are records of christian baptism.
All churches keep them.
I put up the list as posted by the organization concerned.
As for the u tube.
Give us the full version then!
As it is, it is completely contrary to the American constitution, surely.
If you can show it was taken out of context and does not mean what it clearly seems to - do so. I wait for the full thing with interest.
Ben There - please prove your point.

Anonymous said...

I suppose maybe it is just that simple. That damn pit bull next door is going to continue shitting in your yard and you’ll just need to step around a pile from time to time. The other choice is to step in it and let the aroma follow you around all day. Putting up a fence is now illegal, and don’t even think of shooting the dog or you’re the one who will end up in the DEEP SHIT.

The animals have been allowed to write the rules to their benefit. All snakes, weasels, pit bulls, sharks and other predators are now protected but there is a reason for that.

They are on the endangered species list.

Used to be that you could put a portion of your food out at night and they would just come and eat while you slept—that was in simpler times. Now, they are more brazen and are demanding you feed them everything you have in the light of day, in your house, and they’ll shit where they want to. The house is filling up with their own stench, and they are running out of houses. They will soon be hunting each other and sniffing the ground for mice in the icy fields of winter.

They are hoping that you just go away but what they don’t realize is that all of their needs have been taken care of for so long that they have forgotten how to hunt and can’t survive on their own. They have domesticated themselves without knowing it.

That constant barking is just for show, it’s designed to wear you down and put the earplugs in—or scream back. What they don’t realize is that we now have headphones and that the music we can choose to play comes from the MP3 player of our souls—batteries not included—but not needed—they recharge from the sun.

I have a huge elm tree in the woods that I am going to set up my life in. It’s up high and the view is spectacular, and free. It sways with the rhythm of the breeze or stands in strength and majesty having not needed men to help it grow.

And dogs can’t climb trees.

Personally, I have decided, for today, to unplug, go wireless and dance out on the limb!!


Kevenj said...

"Does what we seek find us or do we have to find it?"

From JJ's previous post's comment, I think that's a profound question.

I can't help but think back to earlier years of faith, indulgence and the realization of the American Dream when my kids thought I was totally cool and July 4th was synonymous with Dec 25th as truth, beauty and inspiration. Even then though, there were cracks, doubts and pesky questions that kept coming into my ever-evolving mind which exploded to the forefront post 911 as the "be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves” crowd ignored both and helped plunged the world with Smoking Mirror groupies vs.the hungry Rottweiler's of
It's us against them, or them against us all over again and along with Les's theme that nothing happens by accident in politics or economics, the old saying Divide & Conquer" is more and more applicable today than ever.
All this said I can honestly say I almost wish I had taken the blue pill, which goes back to JJ's posit on what comes first, the chicken or the egg.
Too long I have put up with idiots around me that for religious, military conscription, or economic interests would rather not question the elephant in the living room, only accept it as "God's Will" and everything will be OK. I have ostracized many, been laughed at,loathed, as many of you have been- and sometimes the pain is unbearable. Perhaps that fits into 'their' plans also?

That all said, and not said as eloquently as most here would have said it, I can't go on in despair, anger or pass pamphlets out to those who don't give a shit anymore. I'll talk with those who wish to talk, but most I leave to the Sunday social with bible reading and prayers for our 'Christian Land'.
Lipstick on a pig kinda thing...why annoy the pig?

Things are going to change here, the air around me is charged.
Could be that folks are excited about their Thanksgiving and Christmas plans this year but I don't think that's it. (Yes, Will Wilson, the answer is yes)

" can either laugh or cry, depending on how it hits you but you can’t do anything about it."

I choose to laugh, but that is doing something about it.

Anonymous said...

I always see the Kennedy name used with a halo over it--Lincoln too. The Kennedy crime family were no different than the Bush crime family who seem to know their place a bit better because they haven't been whacked-yet. My guess is that old JFK was using his ploy to shut down the Federal Reserve as a way to get something more than he was offered--and he and his brother got it.
Even the beloved Lincoln could not have given a shit about slaves, that's not what the war was about--Do some homework--History is written by the victors to make you long for the good old days--when men were virtuous and honorable (lol). Well, the good old days weren't always good--and tom'w ain't as bad as it seems.


Anonymous said...

"People have this enormous resistance to the truth because it interferes with whatever happy fantasy they are trying to pull off."

They live in the myth of the western culture. They were programed by their parents and the media that life would be better for them. Their lives are all about status and accumulation, rather than love, and family and friendship. I see homeless people with bluetooth blackberries. People losing their homes to foreclosure buying a new Escalade. It was marked down ten thou! Call Dominoes a few times a week rather than take the time to fix meals? You cook at home, from scratch? WTF? People don't want the truth. Its too harsh, too real. Honesty is for chumps. Honesty doesn't get you the corner office, the 6 figures, and the trophy wife.

I had a guy last Friday tell me to stop making sense. He said that every time he heard me talking, I was telling the truth and making sense. And it pissed him off. He was annoyed. I was amazed. Thats where we're at.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I too thought that was one of your best pieces.
G- is right, I find it amazing that even folks who frequent this site believe that we have ever really had a choice about our leaders. Perhaps some are still swayed by previous belief systems and feel an inherent need to defend or attack one side or another. The old beliefs are an obstacle to growth.
I also find it a little over the top that to believe that we somehow "deserve" what is coming. We have seen this happen to nations since the beginning of time, not that we shouldn't learn from history - we should - but history has repeated itself time and again. We are all in a different stage of spiritual development and perhaps certain things take place so that we can continue to evolve.
In any case those of us who understand and have awakened must continue to try and awaken others - like Les does - without ridiculing others who may not be able to see quite yet. The key is that we are all connected. Many more are waking up than in any previous time, we have the power to change our collective consciouness. This is what "they" don't really want us to understand - we have real power, power over whether we continue to play into the false reality of fear and division.
Keep spreading the truth, however painful it may be to someone's present reality. It takes time but it is working, I've seen it with many people. Never forget that as individuals, we have power to change mass consciousness through teaching and removing ourselves from the present reality. Imagine this little website as a stone dropped in a still pond - imagine ourselves as this little stone. The ripples spread far and wide.

Anonymous said...

On the one hand I feel distraught, and on the other I do feel 'a certain transcendent freedom’. The turning point came for me when one of your contributors said to stop worrying about enlightening others, and start worrying about your own personal security and safety. I took it one step further – I am living life to the fullest, enjoying the simple (and complex) pleasures as much as budget will allow. The reason: I believe Israel will attack Iran within the next 6 months, the US will backfill, and it very likely will escalate into WWW3. Regardless of the outcome, it’s the only way I can feel solace in this nightmare of a world we are living in.

Yesterday on BBC World, one of the commentators said: “In a normal world, any political party with the track record of the last 8 years should have an approval rating in the teens – and yet it’s in the high 40’s”. This observation would seem to tie in with all the comment on this site about a large section of US population being ‘brain washed’, ‘unconscious’, ‘ignorant’, etc.

What’s the explanation, Les? Are they really ignorant or are they simply psychopaths, who agree with what’s gone on over the last 8 years. I think they’re the latter. Yes, the MSM control the message, but it isn’t as if nothing has come out about Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Palestine, Fallujah, vaporizing/drone killings, etc. Having struggled with this question for the last 4 years, the only explanation that makes sense to me is that they like it, Les. (I’ve heard a few of them interviewed... and it’s chilling).

Now all I have to do is make sense of those ex Hillary supporters who are voting for McCain.


Anonymous said...

I popped up to the little bear in evergreen Halloween night. It was not too crowded and speaking of watching people what a crowd indeed. I was on a roll, dressed in blue jeans some jimmy choo sling backs a soft valure top and my hair was all up...very conservative but sexy...and my costume; " I was an International spy" LOL!

Oh my there were some gorgeous men there, it was like a candy store! There was this one older guy with a friend about my age...the friend was very handsome but he was odd to say the least. They bought me a beer 'whoopdy doo' and flashed a seat and some pizza in my face. What mostly caught my attention was the older guy, he carried himself like a black ops type and when I inquired what it was he did he rambled off something something marines and that was all he was going to say about it 'rude was his disposition to say the least' anyhow before it was all said and done he insulted me, and his buddy assaulted one has to ask how in the hell can this happen under all circumstance? Simple, the military mind set of a killing machine Manchurian in a public setting is going to be more and more common. You see in the past they would never throw their weight around in public and especially in this territory 'evergreen'...I know a lot about black ops secondary to having to work with them when I was working for special ops 'shell corp (Fake)' anyhow this lil story brings me to this:

Last week I was traumatized by Alex Jones and his helper Jason. I went on air, jason was moderating and I asked to make four quick points 'so to speak' and Jason said go right ahead.

My first point was that Van Buren family trust 'the aristocracy of America' being the only reliance "Van Burens last words..." to protect this Nation on the finance/economic/sovereign Nation note...and my being a heir..."this Trust is the only liquid estate in the world in excess of 20 trillion...and set up to protect the USA...

Second point was my background in spec ops, and how finance originates with old money Trust and down to debentures and down to instruments down to gold and last but not least coin (currency) and how this is only common sense and pure logic. Alex jumps in and of coarse slams me and goes off on how I do not believe the financial mess was engineered. I tried to explain "is it engineering to balance your check book" and that just pissed him off more...

I did get to my third point "they edited it out from being on air" which was the silent coup 'signaling' and touched on point four the maestron...

With all of that I realize just how idiotic lack of knowledge 'denial' is as well as how deadly. I think Jones is a government plant, I have been listening to him and watching and he is certainly inoculated by the silent coup and when I brought this 'silent coup' up he went ballistic and cut me off after a few choice wave lengths were thrown at me "minus noise reduction..." I do not think he is a bad guy, he is just not informed at the top and he refuses to go there and am sure his controllers are concerned he may just wake up and snap out ofit which might very well be the death of him. Just the same I am going to read the silent coup abridged out loud on u tube 'me not to worry about my sorry writing' because if the masses do not get this we will certainly experience some serious quantum teleportation that will destroy this planet as we know it and soon. This is only logic and yes it is very simple, so simple hard to believe but once you get it all the work is done!

Hey Alex, what is engineered is Qantum Information Processing with Trapped Ions (the silent coup)! And yes your our checkbooks in this world are important but it is not rocket science and the old money is still clean on the van buren books and we will keep it that way at any cost for to whom much is given much is expected! I am sorry if you and yours dont understand but do not give up just yet and try to be nicer to the messenger. I too will address this Jones issue on u tube...He is way to important to the masses 'getting out the truth' to allow the whole truth to be dumbed down in order for another false flag to kick our arses!!!

Wild Halloween! I even got a kiss from a very intelligent engineer 'he totally gets quantum teleportation...' and he is cute but he may be gay too lol. Well, am off to draw/submit a capabilities document to NIST (try to get a contract) I need a friggin home and from the looks of it am probably gonna have to buy a man. Damn what this world has come to!


A. Peasant said...

To Will Wilson,
Good question re: the timing. According to, the timing of this financial catastrophe was controlled by other countries confronting the criminals Bush 41, 43, Paulson, Clintons, etc., though I cannot say whether all this is accurate.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,
There is no doubt in my mind that we are entering or have entered the craziest time in the existence of mankind. So far everything is signaling the oncoming of some very serious change. After reading about various aspects all around the place talking to different people I have come to the understanding that the period is coming where mankind will be split into two group. One the materialists and two the spiritualist…materialists are those who will be and who are engaged in hoarding up the resources of the world and are killing fighting and creating more people or monsters like them everyday and they are the majority all over the planet. Their God is nothing but money, through which they aspire to means to satisfy the cravings of their lower self. Spiritualists are those people who are rising day after day and are being awakened from their slumber to make a clear choice between this world and the next. They exist in many forms and maybe followers of different religion. The ones who are lucky to escape the pull of the force field of materialism will be successful and will have a role to play. Religion is also day by day gaining importance for some and losing for some. UFOlogists, Shamans, ecologists, naturalists, Hindus, Muslims and any another form of cult or following which believes in the unseen are in this category. We all regardless of our sides will soon be converging on the same basic realities. This will be removed once the curtain is lifted. And we all will find ourselves to be faced diametrically opposite each other. Many of the middle people will be wiped off clean. So my brother, sisters, elders and fellow earthlings be sure to be on the right side with the right attitude. Because we wont have any excuses and we wont have time to change ourselves once the show is on the road. So believe in that higher power which whichever name or face you recognize it, because that’s your only way out of the highway to hell.

Ben There said...

Rosie –

This isn’t really that difficult. I’m trying to be respectful here but you are sounding like Rush Limbaugh or some other pathologically hysterical right wing propaganda drone. You can’t just seize upon a 10 second clip of a half hour long speech without putting it into context with the rest of the speech.

Here’s the entire speech on YouTube:

Now, go and see how scary your cherry picked blurb sounds when put into context of what he was talking about. Okay?

As for your “NY civil liberties campaign” list, a few things. For one, I can’t find the original source of that data. Please cite references if you want to go tit for tat on this. But that really isn’t necessary, just look at your list. Reading through most of those I’m thinking what’s the point.

Are his medical records supposed to be public? (Answer, “no”. Nobody’s medical records are public.)

Does it makes two shits of a difference about his “Christian baptism records” assuming such a thing exists (which they don’t).?

Illinois state senate records and schedules? I can’t be certain what this is referencing but senate voting record etc. is public information.

Columbia Thesis Paper??? What is the relevancy of this? There is none.

Then you’ve got all of the college records…specifically which college records are we talking about? Is it that you don’t believe he attended those colleges or that you want a transcript of grades or what his favorite afternoon snack was? This needs clarification but I won’t hold my breath because like every other item you’ve presented it’s just utter nonsense meant to scare the gullible and chronically paranoid.

Really nothing that you present in your list has any factual basis and other than possibly his birth certificate (which might have some impact on his citizenship) I don’t see where any of it makes a bit of difference one way or another.

Just look at your wording Rosie “locked down”, “destroyed”, etc.

Obama isn’t some godlike messiah but all of this apocalyptic rhetoric about him is beyond myopic.

If you’re still shivering with self-inflicted paranoia and want me to help you, give me a link or something that has an ounce of credibility about your list from the “NY liberties campaign”.

Here’s a start though. Visit this link to clear up your unfounded concerns over the birth certificates, etc:

Anonymous said...

OOPS, for the record, my post here may have alluded to my being possibly gay...I am just a crappy writer, I am strictly straight, hetrosexual and have no other desires but of that for the opposite of sex...last thing I need is a bunch of females trying to uhhm what ever they now the record is straight...


RML said...

- Dependent and Independent Variables -

Les, pardon the length of the following. Thinking/meditating on what you wrote brought all of this to mind.

You wrote, "The only thing I can come up with is that it’s a matter of individual choice. The world will be better at times and worse at times but it will always be full of lies and people that believe them."
And within these words, is the crux of what's wrong (and what should be right) with the inhabitants of this dimension of existence.

The Design, the Premise of this Universe is one of choice; free will you could say. Someone like me can say this -- not because this is my hope or belief, but because fractal observation states this in infinite redundancy. The "stars in their course," the "birds of the air," the electrons swimming around invisible nuclei have all resonated to the initial downbeat, and perform mightily because that's what they have instantaneously "decided" to do.

"Inanimate" things don't make decisions!! Oh, yeah? Who says?! The same people who have conditioned us into believing that only what can be measured by the five senses constitutes "reality" -- that's who. The same authorities who will keep us blind to the reality of the Fractal Universe -- that everything is self-similar to everything else; that the Spark of Light is in everything, and if Light is “conscious” everything that is Light is as well.

We are all conditioned, in varying degrees. It seems on the surface (in this lab-experiment called planet earth) that, en masse, we are in a state of de-evolution, moving away from what we all hold dear, moving into a nothingness.

How do we (none of us are exempt) accomplish what "authoritative science" tells us we cannot do? How do we un-condition our conditioning? Whether we know it or not, un-conditioning our conditioning is what the whole spiritual seeker thing is all about. Eventually, the Mercy of the Law allows death so that our conditioning is sufficiently lessened so that we can wake-up and try it all over again.

We have been told that we live in a "cause and effect" universe. This is a disguise, a sugar coating to what it really is now: we live in a dependent and independent variable universe!!

"Independent and dependent variables are mathematical tools used in any experiment to keep track of the experiment's results. They allow one to maintain control over the experiment in a quantitative way.” The experimenter/manipulator changes or injects the independent variable (stimulus) into the conditioning structure; the dependent variable (reaction to stimulus) is what changes because of the independent input.

[A real-world example: one conditioning experiment some of us experienced in the 60s was the independent /dependent relationship with drugs and music. The experiment was underwritten to devise a society-wide methodology to measure the reaction to inputting certain drugs into a social culture. The independent variable was the succession of inputted psychoactive substances into the culture; the dependent variable was popular music itself.

At the beginning of the drug culture, it was pot and other mild hallucinogens. The music reflected this. As the independent variable (drugs) got “harder and harder” and more and more addictive, the music (dependent variable) changed to reflect the input. The more the drugs moved away from fun and free-spiritedness (note the words, getting high), and became "heavy" (let’s go get fucked-up, or let’s get down), it was an indication that the "heavy" drugs moving throughout the music community (which then was everyone) were causing the music (dependent variable) to change.]

What was also discovered within this conditioning was the feedback loop phenomena (which had many positive uses as well). Injecting vibrational science (music) into the experiment, it was realized that the dependent variable (the music) could function as the independent variable (motivation to harder drugs) as well. The reaction could become the action propelling itself. . . and we have been, as a society, in a feedback loop ever since.

“All those other people are conditioned, I’m too smart for that…” Oh yeah?! Statistically, "our" group (let's call ourselves sentient seekers) is so small that out involvement, or lack of it, does not impact the outcome of the grander experiment. Reaction to a conditioning stimulus (or independent variable) is what it's all about -- reaction in such a way that this conditioned response becomes the stimulus (action) for yet another reaction.

This is a feedback loop, a perpetual-motion device that self-perpetuates the desired effect. And the desired effect? Keeping us in a constant state of sub-clinical anxiety so that whatever new and improved independent variable is injected into the system (matrix as it were), our response (dependent variable) will be exactly as statistically predicted.

Those entrained in the mass-consciousness feedback loop -- like the victims of the Body Snatchers -- cannot be undone. Pointing out their cataracts, showing them their conditioned entrapment does nothing but prevent us from dealing with our own.

Eradicating a conditioned-response is akin to dying and rebirthing. There can be no place for the Pavlovian Bell to hide in our expanse of consciousness. If it resonates on the “outside” and there is no sympathetic vibration from our “insides” we are free. This is an Herculean Labor at best.

It is fondest hope, my friend, that a community (albeit electronic) could be established that dealt with OUR own scenario of no longer calling out our brother humans about the motes in their eyes, but taking the shared time and effort to behold (and eventually remove) the beam is in own eye?"

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Ben There:
It's VERY relevant that the O bumboy release his Harvard records and Columbian thesis.
These might reveal if Obama was capable of or likely to have written the (excellent) prose displayed in his two books "Dreams from my Father" and "Audacity of Hope." which rumor has it were actually penned by William Ayres, Obama's alter ego ghostwriter and henchperson who IS a considerable prose stylist.

Why wouldn't he release his birth certificate if it were not authentic?
His paternal grandmother in Kenya says that she was present at Obama's birth in Mombasa.
This guy is an elegantly tailored empty suit (not my words). He is a manchurian candidate par excellence who will wreak havoc on an already badly damaged group white psyche which has been dumbed down to a pitiable state.
God help America and thank you Les Visible for some good analysis and early morning writing.....

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your two most recent essays in particular.

It's all a game of Monte Carlo Match.
Or 3-card Monty, if you like that game better.
Half-sham and half scam and 100% pure flim-flam.
Just let the suckers win a small one once in a while to keep them hooked on playing -- or let them THINK they've won one.
Because once they get to "participate" in the sham "process," they'll be invested in the scam's outcome.

It's hard to free a slave who won't let go of his chains.


Ben There said...

Anonymous -

Go visit the link I posted about Obama's birth certificate. He did release it. I know that disappoints alot of people but this has been a non-issue for some time.

Manchurian candidate? Bush was the manchurian candidate. We've already survived that. Please don't lose too much sleep over this stuff. Carrying around such palpable fear and paranoia all the time can't be that healthy on your body.

All of this baseless and unfounded hysteria over Obama has really surpassed anything resembling a healthy skepticism and is crossing into schizophrenic/psychosis territory.

Anonymous said...

Anyone Please Post a reason other than the Default win for McCain for Obama not serving up his birth Certificate if you can.

Until then BHO or who ever he is is not QUALIFIED to the Office.

McCain has been the choice for the entire period from the LA riots perhaps even longer. And Obama not getting the win WILL piss off a ton of folks thinking he should win. Don't forget the MooseKiller factor either.

Civil Wars have started over FAR FAR less.. And the Crimes at Play now will have to be dealt with by the JUSTICE of doing good.

Times are a CHANGING. Looking away from FUNDAMENTAL crimes in disgust will not cover your ass when the bills for all the LUNACY come DUE.

Bugger the fact you don't like the terms. War and it's cost is to be avoided.. Why you did not is yours to boo hoo about. We are going to CANCEL everything of YOURS we can. Your Banks. Your COPS. Your TELEPHONES.. EVERYTHING.. For hiding and lies are not welcome in our FRAGILE world. Your lack of CARE and CONCERN for the very hands holding you aloft will be your collective demise from the eventual overweight crush of a poisoners soul amongst their many helpers company.

notamobster said...

'It's hard to free a slave who won't let go of his chains.' and RML with the science class(no intent to defame, sir)... the explanation of the feedback loop and music/psychotropic drugs, etc has been presented before, but something about the way you wrote it clicked. When viewed in combination with 'slave who won't let go of his chains' comment - it clicks. Thank you, I'll be reeling for hours, now.

I have a tendency to assail "the others"(mouthbreathers, sheeple, etc) as much as anyone. Good thnk that I may be feeding my own delusional state, as well.

vis - I love your writing but these people enchant my soul, and set fire to my mind...

It's incredible that one can identify jj's writing while reading it.

I will no doubt, continue to be an obtuse, and painfully uninformed ass - in the future, but I will continue to grow, so long as I can ebgage my mind with these, the greatest minds on the intertoobs. Be easy...

Anonymous said...

Ben There
The list of unreleased documents is available with covering letter at this link
Medical records are released. John McCain has released his. Sarah Palin is being criticised for not releasing hers. As it is to see if she is the mother of the disabled Palin baby the whole thing seems sordid, to me anyway.
Things are moving on fast.
All Obama has to do is release his full birth certificate.
Tomorrow proceedings are being filed all over the USA by various groups and individuals inncluding a VP candidate. Link
Everybody has to obey the law and the American constitution - including the 'chosen' one. Chosen by the NWO and their media hacks. Teflon Barack whose experience and credentials must not be questioned.
Anyone interested in further details see
obama . This is Philip Bergs website.
In the comments you will see an excellent item by an expert in the field of citizenship etc filed today.
If I could vote I would vote for a really decent man Ralph Nader but although the President elected by Americans impacts the entire planet people like me have to watch while America seems to be taking collective leave of its senses and could elect a glib, inexperienced fraudster, they know B all about controlled not only by the neocons but by the trilaterals, who has paid homage to the Israeli state in person, and could well attack both Iran and Russia.
Never mind his plans for the draft.
Crazy. You don't even know his name. He has used about half a dozen.

Anonymous said...

Ben There

The certificate released has been judged a fake based on his sisters. She was born in Hawaii. 3 experts have all challenged it.
You seem to have got behind the state of play. Things are moving on.

Anonymous said...

You have a very artistic way of expression. I prefer to call bullshit, well bullshit.
Are we as a society doomed? Is there no hope? It never ceases to amaze me how people will argue something they know nothing about.
(9/11)....even less about the unfederal no reserve bank.
It makes me laugh to hear the masses arguing over our corrupt two party system.
Please tell me we still have a chance.
I believe we are in for some very rough times ahead.
My last question. Do you think the truth will ever prevail?

Ben There said...

Rosie -

It pains me but I see that there is nothing I can do to save you from your own imagination. I hope you aren't disappointed when Obama gets elected and doesn't institute martial law.

Obama has his flaws to be sure. Yes,for all intents and purposes it's a false choice that we have here. Yes, he's already started pandering to AIPAC which is just nauseating.

But the claims of his fake birth certificate have been shown to be spurious, pretty much like everything else that you mention.

I'm afraid you're buying into another kind of hype that's just as insane as the normal mainstream media hype. You're seeing what you want to see, just like the 20 second clip pulled out of context. You make your mind up about something and all the sudden there is evidence of it everywhere.

paolocaruso said...

Les, For years I thought I was psychic...but I am not. I think you know what I mean.

I read your post religiously and every sentence is brilliant. I am disappointed when I realize I've reached the last paragraph.

I too have reached that transcended freedom of which you speak. I have sacrificed income and friends. But as others who enjoy your enlightening prose, we have all reached a certain intellectual pinnacle, on a level worthy of the greatest philosophers, and certainly those that feign intellectual integrity and moral authority, who ostensibly assume their elite status to rule the non-thinkers.

I think the real elites regularly read you blog. Ciao Paolo

notamobster said...

Ben - I've been trying to avoid this, but... I think you may have had too much Kool-aid, mate. As you know, I support neither candidate, nor party. The very fact that Barack has not come out ahead of this birth certificate issue, lends (not to imply he has anything to hide), but lends itself to criticism and skepticism. (Why, preytell, would he not release the damned thing himself? It came out via some anonymous source at politico, or somesuch). Try this - if the pentagon was indeed struck by a 757, just release the videos. They haven't, because it wasn't. He hasn't shown the world his birth certificate from the US, why?

As for the thesis, etc - they are of absolute import in a 'free' election. It offers insight into the mind of the man who would rule the world. (The whole system is bullshit, and these elections aren't free, but I digress)

The fact that people are asking questions is good. Some may be bullshit... Some may not. I am as anxious to get away from the past 8 years as anyone, but we should not be in such a hurry, as to elect an unvetted servant to the highest office in the land. There are many an issue about Obama which the media have glossed over in their zeal to rid themselves of one tyrant, in favor of another. If there is any truth to any of the claims against him - be it "Not natural-born" or "Muslim" or "friend of Ayers" or "Friend of Rezko" or "accepted the 2nd most contributions from fannie mae, of all Senators and Congressmen" or "is a Marxist" - then damn it! A free society deserves to know the truth, before electing him. If these claims are false, the truth will come out in the wash.

notamobster said...

oh, by the way, I don't think religion should ever be a factor in electing anyone! That was just a "for-instance". I'd sooner elect a Muslim or atheist who will follow the Constitution, than the Pope, who wouldn't!

Anonymous said...

RML good comment, really brought some insight to me

I read all the comments on this article and your's seemed to make the most sense to me.

You're right about how pointing out other peoples conditioned entrapment will do nothing but prevent me from dealing with my own. I too probably am guilty of having one of those, "all those people are conditioned, I'm too smart for that" attitudes but at the same time I don't feel I can deal with my own conditioned beliefs alone. I try to get people on the same page as me so we can flip through the motions of gradually fully waking up to the truth, yet there is no fully waking up. I am merely perpetuating this feedback loop and like you said in the end I feel helpless, with you all in a state of sub-clinical anxiety and my responses to the new conditioning we have are exactly as statistically predicted-- walking into nothingness with the rest of you thinking that our newly conditioned minds will help us stop the new world order, or make change; when we're just as powerless to do anything to change the outcome of this one world government as the people who believe the mainstream media's sugar coated horse shit version of the events taking place.

I wonder in 30 years if I'm still alive; if I'll have an RFID chip in me by law, and live in a completely monitored society where big brother is constantly making sure I comply and accept my role as cattle in the one world government. I sure hope i'm part of the population that gets wiped out when the powers that be try to make the worlds population less then 500 million...

Anonymous said...

One of the more interesting mechanisms people use to defend their denialism is to consider every amazing event to be caused by stupidity, incompetence, coincidence or accident. But they never, ever, will consider conspiracy.

People have been brainwashed into accepting the Orwellian babble that conspiracies can not happen, despite the fact that thousands are charged with conspiracy every day, and anyone who has been an executive in a large corporation know conspiracy is a key element of their job description.

Now while it is true that the little guy will almost always get caught trying to execute a criminal conspiracy, lets consider conspiracy at a higher level.

Lets say those who seek to commit such a conspiracy are members of very old families who trace their geneaology back over 1000 years, some even 2000 years. They are rich families beyond comprehension. Since theirs is private wealth, it does not get disclosed publicly.

These families have known each other for many generations and at times have conspired together on projects to consolidate their power and wealth.

They believe in the concept espoused by Plato that man should be ruled by an elect of Philosopher Kings, an elite such as themselves. That men such as them can evolve to be like God, and that evil exists to do good, and they define what is good.

They conspired to break free of control of religion which they found limited their freedom. Liberty to them was freedom to do evil and be free of the constraints of morality imposed by religion. They executed the French and American revolutions and the enlightenment, giving birth to secular states on both continents. The Statue of Liberty for example represents their victory releasing them from moral constraints imposed by religion.

Their vision was global domination and freedom from religion, and the end of the nation state. They released the concept of Marxism to the world, an alternative form of government not only free of religion, but which did not tolerate religion, and fueled another wave of revolutions in Europe, and an attempted one in the US known as the Civil War.

They recognized that in order to execute their plan to completion, it would take many generations, and they would need to wait for the industrial revolution to evolve and technology to develop that would allow them to maintain global control once they got it. In order to ensure their plans survival and implement it globally, they created several secret societies and recuited like minded individuals from society who were also intelligent and/or wealthy. These societies had multiple levels of indoctrinations, Freemasonry for example has 33 degrees, and only the top 3 levels have knowledge of what the actual goal is. The lower levels are used for various operations. Failure is not tolerated, and loose lips are dealt with harshly. There are many such not so secret societies that handle various aspects of the conspiracy.

At the same time, they recognize the need to control governments, to do this they needed to control each nations money creation. They accomplished this in the US in 1913 with the Fed.

They also recognized they needed to control what people were taught and knew, so using the tax exempt foundations they created with their great wealth, they committed to consolidate control of education, esp history and science (pure science and pseudo sciency like the social sciences), as well as media, news agencies like reuters, newspapers like NY Times, etc.

Flash forward to present (for brevity). They exercise control over:

Most National Governments
UN and it various agencies
Global Financial System
US government legal, intelligence, foreign policy, military
MSM and many of the popular blogs
Education ( 2 generations of brainwashed individuals)
Over 50% of global wealth

I ask you, what conspiracy could they not get away with?

Lets use 9/11 for example. As you say, we do not know who did what, we just know that the official theory is a lie, it has been disproven.

But lets say for example that some elements of US or a foreign intelligence was involved, some key members in government and the military, some corporate involvement at the highest levels only. Anyone in government, intelligence and military could be silenced by threat of imprisonment should they disclose secrets that have been classified under national security laws. Corporate sponsors would know that their life expectancy would be measured in hours should they speak out. Then you have the MSM who likely would not report what any whistleblower said anyways.

In todays world, if that kid shouted out that the "Emperor Has No Clothes" as the Emperor passes, be probably ends up as the Emperors sex toy and everyone who heard the kid speak would get disappeared for a bit of re-education, and the MSM would not report the incident.

Anonymous said...

911 was Israhell with a little help from their friends in the "intelligence" agencies . . . mass murder of Goyim, like they did in Russia with the "Bolshevik" Jewish revolution - - 911 is nothing to the slaughter these animals have planned for us all in the not distant future . . . .

Anonymous said...

Ben There - There is a "Certification of Live Birth" filed which has be posted on the Internet, but that can be filed without proof by the mother or a relative. This usually is filed when kids are not born in a hospital or delivered by a doctor, it was not uncommon at the time.

There is no official "Certificate of Birth" which is a required filing by any doctor who delivers a child, clearly stating the place, time of birth and witnesses to that birth, as well as the name of the physician.

What is being alleged, and I have no idea if true, is that he was born in Kenya, and his grandmother or grandfather then put notices in 2 newspapers (each one listing a different hopsital) of his birth (this requires no proof) and they filed a certificate of live birth (no proof required) on his behalf circumventing the need for Obama to do the paperwork to be a citizen when he returned to the US. A certificate of live birth is not the Birth Certificate being requested.

If you are born overseas, and one of your parents is American, you may apply immediately for US citizenship, and be considered as a natural born citizen. You are issued a US p/p and when you leave the country you are born in, you do so as a US citizen. McCain despite being born in Panama, his father and mother were based there, is a natural born citizen.

Now if Obama was born in Kenya, and the fact he will not release the official birth certificate makes this an open question, his mother could have taken a short cut and has the grandparents apply for a Certificate of Live Birth, using it subsequently to show the child was born in Hawaii, and also applies for Kenyan Citizenship which may be granted since the father was a Kenyan citizen (in some countries the father must be a citizen of the country before citizenship is granted, the mothers citizenship is irrelevant). Then he becomes a Kenyan citizen, and leaves the country with a kenyan p/p .

Why she would do this might be due to family pressures in Kenya, as some kind of loyalty test or something, or perhaps it was more convenient.

If she did this he is not a natural born citizen, and if he did not apply for citizenship, he is an illegal alien (my grandmother was an illegal alien for 93 years, coming from Canda as a child and never applying for citizenship, it is more common than you think, just not among our Presidential candidates)

There is also some question if he is not also an Indonesian citizen, but thats another issue.

Obama or the government should have some record of him having a US p/p as a kid given his international travels if he did apply for US citizenship after being born abroad, and that would clear this up if he was born in Kenya (although his integrity would be tarnished for lying that he was born in Hawaii).

If he was born in Hawaii and born in a hospital the official birth certificate should be available since 2 newspaper notices which can be placed without proof had him being born in 2 different hospitals. Why it would not be released if he indeed was born in Hawaii is beyond me, since it would clear this up. Identity theft surely is not a concern.

Logically, something smells here. reminds me of the charges against Bush and his National Guard Service.

After 8 years of secrecy with Bush, we have Obama running with secrets up the yahoo. Almost nothing is known of his time at Columbia University from 1981-1983. Class mates from the class of 1983 do not remember him. At this time, Brzezinski was also at Columbia University heading the Soviet school. I think Obama was discovered at this time.

Now if you have ready Brzezinskis Two Ages from 1970 you will know he expects the next revolution to restore equality between whites and blacks. A laudable goal, but revolutions tend to be rather messy, and he has other reasons relating to One World Government for a revolution.

Obama connections with former Weathermen is interesting given Brzezinskis views. Weathermens had ties to black power groups like the Black Panthers. In fact, the reason for them splintering off from the SDS was because they were too peaceful and they believed they could never trigger a revolution with the SDS, they were too white, even if they were all white themselves.

The believed a revolution needed to be triggered by a black movement as they had been ill treated and a vast reservoir of anger and hatred existed which could provide the fuel for change.

The Weathermen and SDS they came from were funded by the Ford Foundation. Incidentally, Obamas mother worked for the Ford Foundation for many years, and Obama worked for a satellite of the Ford Foundation. Some of the leaders at the national and regional levels of the SDS were controlled intelligence assets.

A revolution largely made up of white students was thought to be no danger to the power structure, and was desired as they wanted an excuse to change the constitution with a constitutional convention before 1976. But this was a no go, the students did not want war at home.

Going at it with a black movement was a risk, it could get out of control as we did not have the technological and police state apparatus in place to control it like we have today. So the Weathermens function was to discredit the anti-war movement and the SDS was essentially defunded and it's national organization dismantled. The SDS soon withered, allowing the war to continue for a few more years.

Many people do not know this but the Foundations do intelligence work for government agencies, the stuff that gets outsourced or privatized. Reagan legalized this by EO but the relationship had been in place for some time.

Obamas association with former Weathermen is far from a casual one. Obama was Chairman of the Board of the Annenberg Chicago Challenge, the architect of who was Bill Ayers. From 1995 to 1999 Obama and Ayers together promoted a program that raised and spent over 150 million dollars up till 2003 to improve education and did nothing but cause dissension in the system, which was likely the real goal. In 1995, a fund raiser was held at Ayers home for Obama to kick off his political career.

People call the Weathermen terrorists, and so they were, they beat Osama in bombing the Pentagon.

His book Dreams From My Father had been published in 1993 and expressed sympathy for black nationalism.

His Pastor Wrights racial anger is an example of the people Obama seems to surround himself with.

Weathermen, Brzezinski and Pastor Wright make you wonder what kind of change Obama is talking about. Change is sometimes code for revolution. Now Obama is talking about changing the world.

Randall said...

Great turn of phrase les.
Thanks kevin John, for commenting on something truly great, imho the orb By Gov's cameras.
For your entertainment and as an aid in understanding the last MMPI: A Story-
It was a bad business lunch -Cheap vodka and
Hawaiian punch
The conversation was sour
and the End justified the Means
We had a motive going in
Of vodka and cheap gin
==but her eyes were so cold-=
I hesitated to begin
Ask her why the stupid smirk
an' by the way, who's the Jerk?

He was an oily Slick Back Willy
with bad breath to match his suit
A pin stripe pimp
A neo con artist
Who smelled like day old fruit

And the Man with the Plan
said Go Attack Iran
Go put your heads back
in the Sand

Hour two came around, and hipster jive talk
With willy and his Queen of hearts
Smiling their skull bone smiles
"it's the order of the Day" she brays
He smoothly burps, nods in his way
he's a low rent Devil
who thinks He's found a fool
But before they can close in
I just laugh I just grin
Cuz no matter what I know they just can't win

says the man with a plan
go attack Iran
and put your head deeper into the sand

Hour three was a hoot
Slick back Willy got the boot
for a grabass drive by of the waitress kind
Our Girl had the Tats
and muscle
and bad attitude
mixed with Hustle
She moved Fast, like the Bunny on Speed
Before Slick Back could Bllnk
or even finish His drink
Brawny leather clad waitress had acted
High heeled spike knife
blurry motion Impacted,
had relieved him of the notion of ass grab reactions
At least those of the waitress Type.

Queeny sobered up fast
Slick back Willy now in the Past
of bad choices decisions made Rash

Queeny needed a Ride
eyebrows arched
red eyes fried
Could I give it, towards Mulholland Drive?

Give it thought for one Nano
Think: Oh NO! Never, Hell no!
say gotta go to the can
fevered jump out the window\fast, furious, Down I go
Like a Stone I Plunge
evading thatBurned out
In my haste i'd forgot
not my choice of
Drinking Spot
(hazy lift ride to the 5th floor)

As a Man with Plan
said attack Iran
She said baby
you'd Dig
the Most!

Anonymous said...

....So what happened to you? And why do they fear you?

Justin_n_IL said...

Here's a good piece on elections in the U.S.

"The United States likes to portray itself as the bastion of freedom and champion of democracy, but if this were really true then there would be at least 6 or 8 different parties to choose from at election time, and given that it is now a country of over 300 million people a choice of at least 10 different parties would be more appropriate, but instead there are just two. Why is this? The reason comes down to the "concentration of power" issue that we addressed in an earlier article with respect to corporate American and the systematic disenfranchisement of its population. The reality is that the two remaining political parties, the Democratic and Republican parties are in fact one, and the only reason that the ultimate step is never taken and the parties merged is that with one party to vote for and an election being completely superfluous, even Joe Sixpack would realize that he is living in a dictatership. So the 2 remaining parties continue to dumbbell around each other for ever, maintaining the thinnest facade of democracy, and controlling the country for their elitist masters via their duopoly of power."

Anonymous said...

Ben There
None so blind as will not so much as open their eyes.
Pot and Notamobster
Great posts Better than I can do.
Can I just suggest a future scenario.
Is Obama there for the 'revolution'?
If he gets disqualified all hell could well break out.
If he isn't and starts fooling with the constitution or certain sections of the population - all hell will break out. Thats why the KKK are voting for him.
Now isn't this EXACTLY what the two/one party state wants.
You have had the patriot act, wiretapping, knocks in the dead of night. These are just the warm ups maybe.
Civil unrest! and what an opportunity for the two headed hydra ruling America to really crack down on your rights, freedoms and every aspect of your lives.
Thats why the idea of a civil military force is so damn scary and I would have thought contrary to the American constitution.
Mind you that concept is going with the deployment of the military right now within the country - what are they preparing for?
Thousands of plastic coffins (check the net) Haliburton camps for hundreds of thousands if not millions, things are looking very nasty indeed.
Are we watching a fascist state of the worst kind being imposed on your country through a phony election?
Is Obama the touch paper one way or another?
I know not - but the runes look bad - and he needs to produce some documentation to scotch the possibilities of severe internal unrest.
Interestly Devvy Kidd has shown that McCain and Palin were linked as early as February in a fund - linked also with the law firm Obama was involved with.
McCain came from nowhere beating far better candidates. How much of a scam have we really been watching? The mind boggles.

Randall said...

Great post.
Having lived in, and being taken in by the crap
of this era, I'd pretty much left it to the dust bin, but you bringing up Obama's much quoted
association with Ayers hit a nerve.
It seems like many "movements" of the 60s-70s
always had a duel or tertiary purpose. The public one was that which was stated and reported upon, that which was utilized as "mind control" by the CIA, such as Patty Hearst's deal with the SLA.
But then it seems all the movements kind of combined to define a basic network of terror
cells that fell under Gladio, as we know now.
That Obama's campaign may be one more step
in this ongoing Intelligence operation would not surprise me one bit.
Thanks for the info. Got me thinking in another direction on this thing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

MARTIN: If my words..are of no 'personal' concern of yours it is best kept that way "no matter the subject matter"! As for my attitude; on that note "screw you"! Your remark is so zionist stenched I think I will go barf!


Anonymous said...

'That's why the KKK are voting for him.'
rosie- you are blatant!
What have the Krispy Kreme Knights got to do with it??

Anonymous said...

Too true pot; you can't forget the same elite families that introduced marxism, also funded the allies, and also funded the Hitler.
While the world's general populous is fighting, these elite families are making a shit load of money because of all the money they are loaning at interest to all sides of the war.

Then at the end of the wars, more notably world war 1 and 2, they create huge global change disguised as a means to prevent wars in the future. ie. the formation of the United Nations.

Justin n IL, it would seem having more parties would make things more democratic but take it from me, it doesn't. I live in Canada and we have approximately a 6th of the American population, and 6 different parties to vote from. Still with all these parties to choose from in the end it's just like how it is in America. Everyone knows that either the Liberal (Canadas version of democrats) or the Conservatives (Canadas version of republicans) are going to win the election. Most people who even want one of the other four parties to win will still vote between liberal or conservative because they know the other four parties will never win and they'd rather have liberal win rather then conservative for instance.

It's the same bullshit even with more parties. In the end the party who does win the election had their leader prepicked by the Council on Foreign Relations, just like in the US, just like in England, just like in most of Europe, and God knows how many other countries. This is to ensure that the politicians in power all do their part in the global elites agenda. If someone who they do appoint doesn't do his part they'll easily get him thrown out of power; just as easily as they put him in power.

RML said...

Hey G,

Don't despair. We could all throw down our various yokes, climb under some abandoned side-by-side, and curl into a fetal position with our thumb in our mouths. If we stayed there until we passed from dehydration or hypothermia, would it be any different than if we followed some other path that -- as all paths do -- eventually takes us all to a cliff; what lies below obscured really for our own good?

In the long-term scheme of things would it matter if your body was crushed under tonnes of oppression, or your essence simply drifted our from a breathless old body that finally gave-up the ghost?

As sentient beings with compassionate hearts, we have known the end from the beginning. That the "end" causes us grief is a direct indication of conditioning. The major changes that are now upon us are here because this is the Mercy of the Law. Just think for a moment, that, if you were in charge of this world, this dimension of existence, how would you bring balance and harmony back to your creation? You know how to do it, but your problem is doing it without inflicting pain.

What if you woke-up one day and -- from somewhere deep inside you -- you felt/heard/sensed that you chose to be here right now? You chose this time and space as your destiny. Maybe you’re here to absorb the “pain”?

You chose to be here to hold tight to your/our Truth. You are special and integral to how this all plays out. If we are really honest with ourselves, we know the end from the beginning. We've know our entire lives. We've just had no one to talk with about it. It's time now to start talking about it.

Simplify, simplify. Reduce it all down to what you know is True. Not what you are afraid of, but what you intuitively know. We fear the end, even tough we now what it will be. But we have chiasmic voids in our knowing -- this is the essence of our conditioning.

If you are so inclined, and you want to know WHY things are playing out this way, read the Book of Enoch. It's the story of the Watchers, the Fallen Ones, the Retardants. The energy forms whose resonance still vibrates, intones, and entrains this frequency we call Life.

Something I left out from the other post:
It seems on the surface (in this lab-experiment called planet earth) that, en masse, we are in a state of de-evolution, moving away from what we all hold dear, into a nothingness.

A better way of putting it would be to say that the "energy forms" who chose not to perform in the Symphony, and whose collective existence and reason d’être has been to completely drown-out the Symphony, because the Music tells them with every successive note that they are atonal and void of Life.

It is THEIR emptiness, their angst and depression that WE feel. It is OUR feeling for THEM (our resonating with THEIR frequency) that gives THEM Life. If we could pull their tares from our wheat, they would collectively dry-up and whither away. . .

It's okay. You/we are not victims (even though that's the energy put upon us). The energy of despair is not your own. Please don’t' despair; that vibration is not your own.


Anonymous said...

Pot: Nice post... you write: "Lets say those who seek to commit such a conspiracy are members of very old families who trace their geneaology back over 1000 years, some even 2000 years. They are rich families beyond comprehension. Since theirs is private wealth, it does not get disclosed publicly."

My family goes back 5k years "maes howe" even if just on paper or as a mound 'palace back then' and the private wealth of the Maes aka Van Buren 'americans'on behalf of Martin Van Buren 'president' and the USA must now be disclosed publicly lest the zionist thugs impute what will be the end of the world via quantum entanglement "compliments of maes." Now I know this sounds a bit rough round the edges but is it not idiotic to stay on the tread mill versus change some rules and get off...

Finace today is so archaic and has been so for ever it seems. The concept of finance is not a conspiracy and to give it such power deminishes reason and voila we have dummy heads...If you approach physics as being a conspiracy, well one would look pretty stupid and this same conceptualization of finance and the problems we are facing as being a conspiracy is just as silly, but more so dangerous. Yes, people will use the mess for bad and try to manipulate it but in the case of world finance it is what it is and untill that changes it will always be such and that is not a conspiracy.

When logic and conspiracy are synonymous, please do let me know. Finance is based on numbers 'logic' and that will never change.


Anonymous said...

If you look closely at McCain or Obama’s birth certificate(s), you will see a small Red Herring stamp in the lower LEFT hand corner for Obama, and in the lower RIGHT hand corner for McCain. Which is exactly the opposite of where they should be if you know the real truth, and you will know it when you see it!!!!!

Being that the stamp color is red, you may reasonably deduce that they are both obviously communists. Some of the scales on the fish when looked at through a mirror that is spinning backwards at 78rpm on a turntable clearly show this. That the “herring” is on the stamp clearly shows their allegiance to a nameless Scandinavian Country that is controlled by a very devout but fanatical group of biker nuns who live in caves and control the world from there via re-runs of Sally Field in the “Flying Nun” which is loaded with subliminal messages bent on destroying our youth and our culture. Have you ever had the urge to either “be” the flying nun, or “nail” the flying nun—nuff’ said. The truth speaks for itself.

Have you noticed that Sally is pushing pharmaceuticals on TV now? She is obviously controlled by big pharma AND was formerly a dude.

She is, in fact the anti-christ.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the anti-christ has been Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island although I do admit to wanting her little shorts to fall off during my early years—her whole character was designed by Sherwood Schwartz (that name doesn’t sound Irish does it?) in alliance with unnamed social engineers bent on hooking the world on $6.00 Lattes and destroying the minds of youth, horny older men, and latent lesbians!!!!!

WAIT!!! Maybe she was the precursor to the anti-christ Sally Filed a.k.a. “The Flying Nun”…Mary Ann always made me want to do things that I knew I would go to hell for and Gilligan did get busted a few times for smoking the evil weed……

It’s all coming together now…….I can feel it!!!!

Oh well, it's all reruns anyway.


notamobster said...

Maestro - I don't think I'm understanding your gist. Please, help me. Are you saying that there is no conspiracy in our current economic turmoil?

That, those who created the (not-so) "Federal" (doesn't really have a) "Reserve" while acting in concert and for their own self-interest have not intentionally created a web of debt so huge as to never be capable of being payed back, thereby enslaving mankind in perpetuity?

Why that would seem to fit into the textbook definition of conspiracy to me... but, then, I wear a tinfoil hat.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever sometimes get the feeling that you've already died and went to Hell, but weren't cognizant of that fact?

I do, sometimes.

Other times...

Other times I feel like we've been sent to that Catholic concept known as Purgatory to pay for past transgressions.

Those that realize this and try to live by the Golden Rule will get to go on to another world, much better than this one.

The others?

They will get to spend an eternity with the likes of Dick Cheney, Jerry Falwell, the Bush family and all of those pedophile priests from the Vatican.

Anonymous said...

Good question nota...Precisely what I am saying; no conspiracy in our current economic turmoil. Again the reason being is that if a situation is secondary to logic and one insists it is a conspiracy, well, I prefer logic over tinfoil...

Clearly Americans are buying into the Federal Reserve and the income tax on our wages! That is thier business, my business is to know who I am and what it is I stand for as an American and if some gigilo comes up to me and tells me I a black as night, well, I may buy into this or I may tell em to suck air!

Alex Jones et al on the conspiracy theory 'our financial affairs' only feeds the innocent minds out there that we are slaves to some Federal Reserve system and everyone needs to buy friggin gold...cmon, America does not owe the Fed shit and that is inclusive of our Treasury...and Americans have a check due 'back for taxes that were not legal in the first place' Why does anyone want to give conspiracy status to the pimp who really is nothing more than a thug!

A web of debt nota? Geese man you buy that shit? If mankind believes this, they are not worthy of freedom (?) but fortunately that is not my call "I do not screw with sub nuclear reality in such ways." People want to swallow this crap, for then they can whine and complain conspiracy, conspiracy...spineless creatures...


Ben There said...

jj -

Careful with that kind of posting. You're giving Rosie more ammo against me.

Anonymous said...

A good article Les, and as usual, spicy food for thought. I have wondered about some of the things you have written for a long time. Ever since being brutalized by the reality, that there is no santa clause, I have known that life is not what we have been told. I became introspective at an early age, trying to understand who and what I was, and where I fit in the big picture. I wanted to know, and still do, what the nature of life is. Of course puberty was particularly trying, being compelled by forces beyond my control to participate in life, rather than observe it, but that is a story for another article. I, like you and maybe one or two others, began to observe. Watching people and what they do, and listening to what they say, and one problem I encountered early on, was realizing that a lot of what they say and do has nothing to do with what I perceived as reality. There is however, no basic standard of reality with which to measure yourself against to know whether you are the delusional one or whether they are, whoever they may be. I am amazed though by the people that will not even accept the laws of physics as basic reality. Even when I describe how the "collapse" of the WTC buildings violates the laws of physics, and describe in detail the workings of conservation of momentum, there are those who will look me in the eye and say, well I just don't believe that. It is times like that, that I realize that people don't want to know. Like the wife that knows that her husband is sexually abusing their daughter but cannot bring herself to hear it, or see it. I have come to the conclusion that I may never understand peoples unwillingness to see, hear or deal with reality or the truth, but the fact that they won't is undeniable. Again, what is the nature of life. Does it matter whether the truth is found? Will it change the reason we are here? Is it in fact groundhog day, beginning each day with who am I, what am I and why am I here. Are we a species with a purpose, or are we just on a virtual reality ride at an amusement park in some other reality, from which we will awaken after living an entire life in our alloted 10 minutes, and go home and wonder who am I and am I really HERE. At this point I am left wondering whether we as humans are even supposed to be able to change things. I see the potential of humans in the writings, and shows and movies of people that have freed their minds from the box we live in, but I don't see any desire by the masses to fulfill that potential. Are we destined to be trapped on this ride until we realize that it is the ride that matters and not the destination. Until we have the epiphany that life is not a game you can win, that in the end, when the ride stops, we all get off with what we had when we got on. Hell I don't know, maybe life is exactly what it is supposed to be, and it is the search for ourselvs and the changes we can make inside that really matter. The possibilities are endless, but I will continue my search for truth and reality, and take aid and comfort from the kindred souls I encounter along the way. Peace my friend, and thanks for listening to my ramblings.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am surprised that we never saw footage of a 757 going into the pentagon. Hollywood can make anything look like nothing and nothing look like anything yet not even a cheap photoshopped version of anything from all that Langley has to (supposedly) offer?

How about the many changing faces and bodies of Osama the boogeyman? You have to say that most of those videos weren’t even close—they didn’t even try to make him look like the original, or was there never an original to make a copy of?

I am even more surprised that WMD’s were never found in Iraq, or anywhere else we wanted to find them. Come on, how hard would it be to sneak a C-130 into anywhere in the middle of the desert, dig a hole, and dump some stuff in there? A treasure map could have been found on a tattoo on Saddam’s ass or, well, whatever.

I was waiting to see some pencil drawn stick-figures next with robes and licorice AK-47’s. Maybe Langley’s audio video department is under-funded—I don’t know.

Are they as good as we give them credit for being? It’s not even that, it’s like they are being intentionally inept at what they supposedly do so well.

Like someone couldn’t come up with a weathered looking birth certificate?

Have you seen the videos on TV (here in America) where every foreign country now has “POLICE” spelled out on the SWAT uniforms--in English—no matter what the native language is? For who’s benefit?

How about the stamped “MADE IN IRAN” (in English of course) shells that keep showing “our” proof of “their” terrorist involvement. Pretty sure they will start saying “Die Yankee Dog” next—all in English of course.

We’ll know if it’s those Canadians though, it will be in French and English with perfect penmanship—every other one will be in English and French--

Is there anything wilder than that the universe ends at some point? I suppose the only thing wilder is that it does. I can just see an intergalactic highway crew just sitting around drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes at the end of the day, and the universe.

So much for job security.

Why is freedom of religion tolerated when freedom from religion makes you an outcast and current enemy of the state—no matter where you live. Why the term non-believer? Like those who don’t believe are missing something?
Kinda’ like non-dairy creamer—well, no shit—it’s flammable powder.

Next time you are in a room, don’t look at the furniture, look at the space that is provided for it to exist in---Cheers Jj

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback RML. I'll be sure to check out the book of Enoch.

Maestro our financial system is setup in a way, which will only create debt, and in turn us all into slaves for the system. The federal reserve (which like notamobster implied in his post-isn't run by the federal government) loans money to the major banks at interest, and the major banks loan money to people at interest. The federal reserve has to keep increasing the amount of money in circulation for our economy to be booming. The only difference between an economic boom and an economic depression is the amount of money in circulation. If they have to keep loaning more money to major banks, How is the interest paid on this money that keeps being loaned by the federal reserve? We pay the interest with our tax dollars.

When the federal reserve stops loaning out money to banks, major banks will be forced to call in its loans creating mass foreclosures and banks to go down; just like we've seen recently. The current economic recession, depression, call it what you will; is the federal reserves doing as it was them who orchestrated the stock market crash of 1929 and the great depression.

The reason finance has been hectic forever is because this system has been used for a very long time. This same system that creates debt and puts societies at its knees and keeps us enslaved has been used in ancient babylonia and sumeria.

You say finance is based on numbers 'logic', but wheres the logic in a private bank (that our federal government has no control over) loaning money that they print out nothing at interest?

Logic to me would be having interest-free money. Apparently JFK thought interest-free money was a good idea too, but when tried implementing he was shot in the head. After his death vice president Lyndon Johnson became the new president and he reversed the interest free money policy and all the other policies kennedy had made against the brotherhoods agenda. I guess he didn't want to suffer a similar fate.

Anonymous said...

G-you are spooky! Our financial system is not set up as you portray. You know not the reality of finance liken to most folk out there! This 'finance' is one of my forte and frankly I have little patience for such ignorance...

When you Buba, can tell me who the f*ck Martin Van Buren is and what his credentials are, then you may again inquire with me via my name 'maestro' till then, please, you are only chapping my hide...

Step back to Andrew and Martin folks, this is where the truth are all so fixated on the Fed that it is eating u alive! Pity yes, but I aint going down with you!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hank, if you live your life well, eat all the right foods, look after your health- don't catch anything too contagious and live to a ripe old age you will make good fertiliser.

Anonymous said...

rosie, Jj both wrong- again.
Obama is an Australian aboriginal.
Backwards Obama translates into amAbo- (I) am Abo.
Abo is slang for Australian aboriginal. He's the right colour! Put a spear and woomera in his hand- you couldn't tell the difference.
Ipso facto Barack Obama is an Australian aboriginal born in Alice Springs, the Northern Territory, Australia.
Now what could be clearer than that??
Barack Obama translated means ‘Outback Obama, I am Aboriginal’.
Haul him off to jail, kick the living shit out of him (as we do in Australia to recalcitrant aboriginals) and then hang him from a rafter so it looks as though he committed suicide. (Don’t forget to bind his hands behind his back so the message is left). And then give the police who instigated this atrocity a bravery award and a promotion.

Randall said...

Maestro needs to read The Monster from Jekyll
Island, then invest in some Reynold's Wrap.

Anonymous said...

Randall, you need to stop trolling and possibly invest some time in anything for the better of mankind versus your and your kinds scare tactics! get a spine


notamobster said...

I must say - Maestro - you have a strange way of looking at things. I have done many years of reading on finance, and our bullshit system (to include "The 'Creature' from Jekyll Island" - outstanding by the way - though long and often tedious) and must say that for a Maestro, you don't seem to teach much. You ramble on about the Van Buren Trust and the relative ignorance of those of us who see the Central Banks of the world for their misdeeds and "WEB OF DEBT - FIAT CURRENCY SHENANIGANS", as ignorant, or somesuch. I am not telling you that you are wrong, but please "TEACHER", I implore you to teach me!

I (as many here...I'm quite sure) can no sooner abide the blind ridiculousness with which you expect us to accept this boogeyman Van Buren Trust, than we could "the WTC fell because of planes" or "19 guys from a cave made NORAD stand-down". So, unless you can share with us some esoteric knowledge which we may then be able to verify independently, I will discontinue this course of discussion (for myself...), the rest of you can argue til the Van Buren Trust comes, like Jesus, in the clouds to rescue us).

Visible said...

Things are trending toward a certain degree of conflict at the moment. I take it that it's as much to do with tension across the world (via the election) as it does with our occasional disagreements.

I'll let it run it's course because I don't edit except for specific things that serve no one in any way.

Today's Visible Origami post now seems more interesting to me this evening than it did this morning.

I know that we are going to snipe at each other on occasion. Sometimes I can't figure out why certain personalities go after one another. Other times I can see it is a demand for clarity. I expect it will smooth out here at some future point. Meanwhile I guess the show will go on.

Randall, I failed to look at or acknowledge you mention of the lights in Mexico; illuminated globes... something like that. You want to point me toward that again so that I can take a look at it? I've been either deeply pre-occupied or very jammed over the last couple of months and haven't wanted to or had the time to inquire into things like I should have.

Anonymous said...

Mobster, I owe you nor anyone else anything...what you get is secondary to what I choose to give and my posts are mainly for entity validity, not for you or your kind. I cant stop you from reading my stuff, but from here on you will not have my attention in written form.

It is clear this site is full of dis informationists and I do hope you will see what is going on here Les and deal with it accordingly...good luck, for when things get serious 'our world...' these friggin weasles come out in hordes 'like cock roaches' is par for the coarse...I am not a band wagoneer and the abuse being strewn about by these pricks has gone far enough...


Anonymous said...

A good question by Anonymous on how come we never saw a manufactured video of an airplane hitting the Pentagon or found planted WMD in Iraq. They could just as easily have manufactured a story showing how OBL planted explosives in the WTC complex as he did not want to rely entirely on the planes, a duplicate operation in case one failed, but both in fact did. Of course, they still would have issues on WTC 7 and no air defense over DC.

It must be that they wanted people to question 9/11 and Iraq. Those who believe in the CIA theory (Coincidence-Incompetence-Accident) say otherwise.

But have you ever thought that perhaps one of Bushs missions was to make himself, the country and the Republicans look so bad as to set the tables for the next guy they were grooming, an Africa-American Democratic nobody with very weird roots. No way Obama even comes close to the White House if not for Bush.

If it played out like most of us think, a neocon conspiracy, no way the Republicans would leave office, we would be under Martial Law and elections suspended. They could only leave office if what we attributed to them was sanctioned by the elite who control both parties. This may be why the Democrats have never pursued impeachment or an honest investigation into 9/11, although fear is a great motivator as well, and Anthrax helped with that.

And what about some of those very well written 9/11 books. The fact that they are able to be published and shipped by Amazon within 24 hrs is telling (usually books that have a truth the elite does not want out there do not get published by major publishers or distributed by major sellers) . David Ray Griffins stuff is very effective. The fact he is tolerated shows they want to get those who are not diehard neocons worked up for the next stage, perhaps a civil war by the secular left against the christian right, or at the very least change, whatever it happens to be.

And globally Obama will likely be seen as a saviour that rescued the world from American tryranny of the religous right, and our imperialism and inequality for people of color, and will open their arms to the concept of Globalization with the multi-cultural and multi-racial Global leader. Recall that obviously staged Berlin rally (the crowd was brought out with a free concert). Obama is likely being set up to be the first Global President.

And then there is the discussion on our financial system that supposedly makes such conspiracies impossible, because money is too valuable to lose, our financial elite would not tolerate such losses.

Here is the truth about money. It's value is zero, except as an agreed upon medium of exchange. One dollar is the equivelant of 12 minutes work at minimum wage, and it is legal tender. It must be accepted in payment of debt, taxes, etc.

Those who control the financial system have been empowered to create money. This is real power that can control nations. They create money with debt. Every loan creates money, the money does not exist until a loan is made.
If all debt were cancelled, there would be no money except for a few bills that were actually printed and did not exist only on a computer hard drive. There are only 300 billion dollars in hard cash within the US, enough to give everyone 1000 each. Not much.

And lets talk about that debt. We all know loans are paid back with interest. But there is a problem. The loans issued create money for the principal, but not the interest. If no money is created for interest payments, then the loans can not all be paid back. It's called an impossible contract.

Since defaults are inevitable, houses or other tangible assets back up the loan and the banks acquire tangible assets when someone does not pay back the loan, which was money created out of thin air. Profit by default.

Now, in order to ensure the government pays back it's loans, the system requires an income tax. Thus, the Federal government never has to pay off it's debt, they just pay the interest with the taxes they receive, and take out another loan when the principal is due.

Money creation under the present global financial system is entirely in the hands of private banking monopolies. If the USTS needs money to pay for government spending, they issue bonds which they create out of thin air, and the Fed can buy them with money they create out of thin air. Today Chinas central bank print RMB to buy surplus dollars their manufacturers exchange and then buy our bonds which pay interest. The Fed has outsourced some of it's business to foreign central banks because they are required to return the interest less cost to the USTS, and China does not have to return anything. But for every 1 billion in bonds they buy, or other assets they acquire, the system can then create money, up to 10-30 billion in loans that pay interest.

The idea that gets Presidents killed is the idea of creating money by the government, debt free, and using it to loan out at very low interest for infrastructure projects that may not be profitable but are necessary for the publics greater good or to fund national health insurance or other social welfare projects. Thomas Edison suggested that any government that can issue bonds should be able to issue it's own currency. This is true.

The establishment argues that this would be inflationary. Hardy har har. Since the Fed was established a dollar is worth 4 cents today, maybe less since our inflation figures have been lies for the last 20 years. It is interest that creates inflation. More interest due, more inflation. Only in an economy operating at full employment would increasing the money supply cause price inflation.

This is not to say private banking should not be continued, just that it should not be given a monopoly on money creation.

But the financial elite make money when the bubbles are created, and also on the downside when the bubbles are burst, since they control the timing. To do this they need power over money creation, and it's destruction. We just provided 700 billion in bailouts to institutions that have made many trillions over the last 20 years. Their losses are paper losses due to recent changes in the accounting regulations that required them to value assets with no market to market, and their profits are locked up in the tax free havens so only the losses show up on their books.

The 21st century is off to a rocky start.

Kevenj said...

Damn Jj,Mary Ann? Oh yea Mary Ann... yesss Mary Annnn..ahhhh.....
God Bless America.

I'm sorry, where were we?

Oh yea, revolution.



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