Monday, November 24, 2008

The Budget Economy and Deluxury Package Deals.

If your news is coming from the main stream media you aren’t getting the news. What you are getting is what I call ‘the package deal’. The Package Deal is like one of those Kentucky Fried Chicken family specials. It’s like one of those all inclusive Las Vegas tours or the ‘can’t be beat’, Six Nights and Seven Days stays at a Turkish beach resort. You find these things everywhere... like the Holy Land tours arranged by Christian travel agencies where you get your propaganda pack handed to you as you step off the plane and where you are delivered into the hands of the people who explain everything you need to know about good guys and bad guys ...and people stick prayers in wall-cracks.

The Package Deal is available on a lot of levels besides the information highway with the walls on both sides so that it’s impossible to see the surrounding landscape or get any idea of what you are passing through on your way to wherever you are being herded. You can get a Whole Life Package Deal that includes a couple of parents and a sibling or three; an education, a career, a spouse along with various guaranteed events that include a selection of demises and a funeral to fit the status of your package deal. There are different plans from budget economy to Deluxury all exclusive or inclusive depending on how you want the wording worked to reflect the value and importance of your special status. With the Whole Life Package deal you are also only exposed to the particular information, people and situations that make up the nuts and bolts of your package deal.

Wherever you go you see a number of different package deals, unless your package deal prohibits your seeing certain package deals except from a great distance or as something reported on by the main stream media. And, of course, certain package deals guarantee that you won’t have to see or encounter other package deals. It’s fixed from the bottom to the top for the convenience of all, sort of like, “everyone’s a winner.”

The people in certain package deals can be forgiven for not knowing what’s going on with the other deals but the jury is out on whether they can be forgiven for selecting the package deal that closed off that information.

They check your package deal at border crossings and banks. They check it at the airport and railway customs booths and they check it at the restaurants and shops; the single’s bars and the prisons and universities. They check it when you check in and when you check out and they either talk about you or don’t talk about you. They listen to you or they don’t listen to you and it all depends on the deal you got and there are no substitutions.

These conditions exist as long as there are countries and cultures to support the fencing structures and life theme parks where the consistency and pecking orders are maintained for as long as there are countries and cultures to support them.

For some reason, there’s a joker in the deck; two jokers, three jokers; that part isn’t clear but then... that’s the nature of jokers isn’t it? So you get wars and revolutions which are sometimes included with the package deals and sometimes they aren’t. You also get things like 2012. We don’t know what that’s like because we haven’t been there before as far as we know.

If you read a good portion of what’s at that site you’re going to come into contact with some really inexplicable things that seem to have some amount of hard science connected to them but these sciences are a little dodgy for the scientists that arrange the schematics for the various package deals. It’s what makes the ‘shit happens’ thing into a Zen unpredictable. You get all these unpredictable’s that can’t be understood or analyzed because of the limitations of the package deals. Certain sciences were thrown into disrepute because... well, it's like the marijuana versus alcohol situation. Alcohol is a serious poison that kills more people in one year than marijuana has since the dawn of time but alcohol fits with the package deals so much better than marijuana which has a tendency to make people question the very idea of package deals to begin with.

Because some sciences lack a complete material focus they are not legitimate. It’s like saying one should never rely on their intuition because reason is superior in every respect. But then you find that reason is a variable because it operates differently according to the package deals.

Are you confused yet? I am... sort of. I guess what I’m trying to understand is, what is someone like me supposed to do in a world full of cradle to the grave, running on rails package deals? Somehow I didn’t get a package deal unless that is also a package deal. There must be other people like me out there. What I hear is that people like me, or you, if you’re like me are supposed to run into some real opportunity around 2012 if we want to... if we don’t fall asleep or make some kind of arrangement with the people who don’t want that sort of thing, whatever it is, to happen to anyone.

The way I see it, there are a whole lot of package deals that are in a whole lot of trouble but the thing with the package deals is that part of the deal is to not tell you about it. There are a number of looming catastrophes that when factored in together have the making of a perfect storm. When you consider the Zio-con and Neo-con madmen who are working out the details to bomb Iran and when you consider that the repercussions from this are going to be much, much greater than Iraq and Afghanistan put together and you add this to the derivatives nightmare and then you throw in certain problems connected to food and fuel supplies and you multiply that by the collective ignorance of all the people living inside of package deals and then add in the resulting confusion well... you do the math.

So... though we don’t know what’s going to happen in 2012 we can be fairly sure of what might happen from here to there. Okay... all the people with their package deals have their destiny sewn into the fabric of the curtains that are shutting out the light of reality so they’ll be getting whatever was promised when they agreed not to inquire into or pay attention to things outside the parameters of their package deal but for the rest of us without a package deal (unless that is a package deal) we probably need to pay even more attention than we have been to signs and omens and the entrails of birds and... whatever knucklebones we’ve been using to tell us what the knuckleheads are up to.

Sometimes it’s better for me to step back a little from the usual Jeremiads about the relentless harm being perpetrated by the people with the Deluxury all exclusive package deals and talk about where this is all headed in a general and predictable way. It should be obvious to even a casual observer that some very bad people are working in a tireless fashion to create Hell on Earth.

So... people... I know you’ve got these package deals and maybe your deal and most of the deals, except for the Deluxury deals, has some kind of codicil that makes it okay for these people to unscrew your heads and dance on the wires but... the way it looks, it looks like maybe they intend to wrap those wires around your neck once they’re done dancing and were I you I would start thinking about that now because it goes against common sense and reason to imagine that the people who are stinking up the joint have any intention of changing their diet. It could be the reason that it smells so bad it that what they are eating is you.

There are some mystifying things afoot that seem to indicate that hope and change are not in the windshield but rather in the rear view mirror. Of course, that might just be another feature of your package deal where what will be turns into what was and you still can’t tell what it is.

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Franz said...

Hey -- excellent, Les!

Hell on Earth. Got to this place early. Us, Pittsburg and downtown Detroit (now precisely as Verhoven predicted in ROBOCOP: Rich have all the money, machines have the biggest guns, everybody else: Meat or pets). Some package. Some deal.

You're right, in the other post, about the Zionist chatboard zombies but it's another bum deal. I mean it crossed my mind probably five, six years back but did I want to believe it? No.

Delusion is worse than alcohol, weed or even acid. Delusion keeps Detroiters and us from hopping of bridges. Too late for Cleveland. The bridges there have anti-jump mesh on the sides to stop jumpers.

That part flipped me out. WHY do they want people they call useless eaters NOT to jump?

The new world order is inexplicable.

Anonymous said...

Nice metaphor, les.

The good news is that some package tours come with an opt-out clause - either through an unexpected glitch in the PTB System, or a welcome addition slipped in by the metaphysical good guys.

I found that my packeage deal had this clause after I'd hooked up to the Net and discovered the wonderful treasures of your site; SOTT and Cassiopaea, and thetruthseeker, to name just four. Since then, like you and the posters on the above forums, I've been an independent traveller, and if I meet up with like-minded people on my way, that's jam on it.

May you long continue to spread the Light.


Anonymous said...

Vis- every time I think you can't outdo yourself you go and do it again. This should be painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, not that reaching panorama that is always just reaching and never touching. This is prophecy and the moment swallowing each other. This is extraordinarily well done!


RML said...

I love your pieces, Les, especially when they are queries rather than reactions. Pondering and observing is the playing field on which we are all equally suited-up.

Do we go to the core of the "marketing" of packages to the Bernay's school of manipulation -- getting people to want to "purchase"/buy-into pieces of a tapestry that when hung on the wall whole-cloth is a mosaic of interlocking products that do nothing but condition us to want more?

When Social Darwinists took over the framing and funding of what constitutes scientific fields-of-study, they purposefully removed the study of "consciousness" from the syllabus. This was/is like studying radio wave from deep space by picking apart the radio receiver as if all the truths of the waves were only contained in the box.

The same folks who packaged "Christianity" using the Roman Nicaea model, simply codified their bill of fare and made apocryphal any pre-existing proof that questioned their agenda. My question is how far back and how integrally entwined in our DNA is the Falsification of our True Identity?!

For how long have we been buying (into) these self-destroying toxic packages? If the Truth is all we need to be set free, then we can damn well be certain that any package -- however attractive, compelling and interesting -- is at best a flimflammed cock and bull jive riff aimed squarely at keeping us away from our destiny/identity.

And, like the iconic Russian nesting doll of doll-within-the-doll fame, these various packages fobbed off on us can also be viewed as a doll-within-a-doll (wheels within wheels). But, how do we know what doll size the package is? How can we tell if a package is a major canard or simply a marketing farrago to get us to consume a death product that will trickle-down as a need for other death products?

How? We take the very long-wave look at whatever is promoted. Part of getting trapped in a lie/Lie is reacting to it. This is the second phase of the overused (but accurate) description of nefariousness, i.e., the Hegelian Dialectic. The Reaction is what "they" want from us. They don't want us to go along with the package (not us), they want us to react. Like UFOs, JFK, politics, the eCONomy, etc., we are drawn in to a position (magnetized into a very specific sphere of reaction) to keep us from the Gestalt -- the whole picture.

If we were to continually see the whole picture in all of its packaged delusional splendor, we would no longer react to each repackaging of the same old same old. And like street whores way past their marketing prime, the daily lack of attraction (and business) would send them off to other lines of work.

Since before there were words, the Taoists drew pictures of the middle way, of action vs re-action; of maintaining a harmonic stasis of balance that could not be swayed by the outward packaging... don't energize an action with a re-action. We don't need to re-convince ourselves of the duplicity and malevolence of their poisonous motives. They assume we are passive/aggressive, and this reaction is required for their equation to work. We need to throw a wrench in the works and show them that we are neither. They need to be reminded that we have something they don't have – and, it's for us to know and for them to find out.

Visible said...

You know I am a fan of your work. I put one of your blogs on the site here but I haven't seen any action from it. Will there be?

Anonymous said...

Wall Street and Washington conspired to defraud Japanese banks :

Ha the CIA is gonna negotiate without me!!!Good Luck LOL! Who is gonna underwrite your agreements "the printing press in no longer a viable asset" who's your/my Daddy now!

Joint Statement by Treasury, Federal Reserve and the FDIC on Citigroup

This activity is not reconcilable...China and Japan if y'all bite this you will find it was very stupid...but who am I to say?

Codacil, oh my, now that rings a bell that needs to be addressed and very soon! Hold that thought...

Great post Les, uhmm, what is a couch kitten?


Anonymous said...

If one looks at the Mayan calendar in a mirror while it spins on a record turntable at 78 rpm in a large aquarium—please be sure that it is a salt water aquarium as the salt crystals make all the difference--you’ll begin to see my point.

The October surprise is now slated for some time in 2009 as daylight savings time altered the parallel universe that exists inside of all Wal-Marts—the only place in the USA where clocks and watches can currently be purchased. Actually, it all started with the introduction of the digital faced watches/clocks. It is never “about” quarter to 2, or just about 3. It is now 2:43 or 7:21:03….

Turns out that a black hole has opened (no not Condi) in the universe due to all of the anal-retentiveness created by digital time keeping devices. It is clear to see at this point that to any time must be added the sum total sperm count of a Whale Shark minus the length in meters (sorry Americans—metric does need to be used here) of the whales penis.

It is also important to change Greenwich Mean Time to Greenwich, CT mean time—
That would be the time when folks living in Greenwich, CT (important to not figure in the surrounding suburbs) are feeling the meanest.

If one uses a digital sun-dial (can be purchased on E-Bay) please be sure to include the height (in meters) of the optional stand in all calculations—If you fail to purchase the optional stand—yer’ fucked but not so fucked as to be totally unaware that the stars are there for a purpose. Not the stars in the heavens (PC?) but the stars on Hollywood Boulevard—a common mistake used when figuring the photos to use on the flip pages of the Mayan Calendar.

What does this all mean? It clearly means that the Playboy Playmate featured in the March issue from 1968 is an alien and has not aged since that time because, according to the Mayan calendar, she was only born in their year of 1960 and you have been looking at kiddie porn although she does look fully developed—it is an illusion created at Area 51 using the HAARP towers and some Aloe Vera lotion, the smell of which gives any male a hard on---Ok, back to the whale penis…….


kikz said...

mornin les,

nice work...

also, nice work rml :)

thank you both!


kikz said...

to laff jj!

LOL >:)


kikz said...
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Anonymous said...


R U OK? Step away from the quantum realm; put down the weapon (size


Ben There said...

Jj -

You're full of shit. You left out a critical component of the "add to time" equation.

Allow me to correct you:

T = (sperm count of whale shark - length of whale penis in meters) / (diameter of the left testicle of a male puffer fish at the height of mating season * LIBOR)

Sorry but I had to call you out on that chief.

Anonymous said...

Point taken Ben but your miscalculation is in not wearing rose colored glasses in aisle 12 for the blue light special at Wal-Mart--reverse aisle 12--which is 21 add that to the left testicle--in cm.--at it's widest point--shove it in Condi's black ho...oops, sorry, that is how "W" was conceived......let me start over again......


Anonymous said...

LOL Jj!!!

Happy Holiday's all!! Keep laughing, smiling, share the joy...


Visible said...

Les Visible monthly radio appearance. is now available for download.

m_astera said...

I think for some of us the package deal was not available. We even tried to sign up but our applications were misplaced or something. So we tried to act like we were part of the package deal but that didn't work either; no one was fooled; we didn't have the plastic wristband; we pushed on all the pull doors and they still wouldn't open. Right haircut, right clothes and luggage, right place at the right time and still the bus would pull away just as we reached the door. Dang.

These days I look back at the "failures" in my life, the failures in love and business and fame and money and it becomes increasingly clear that if those had been successes rather than failures I would still be stuck there. God is good.

Anonymous said...

As they fade, can rose-colored glasses give you pink-eye?


Anonymous said...


I share the feeling of being skipped when the packages were being dished out - not being "given" much guidance or "shown" much in the way of parental guidance growing up forced me to start figuring things out by intuition, observance, and lots of painful trial and error. Lots of different attempts at adopting the models shown led to many misadventures and ultimately here, so we'll see how that works out. It feels like the bus is pulling out and the ladder being hoisted up as well, but we're still here so there is still more to come it seems and things certainly seem to be getting more "interesting".

My latest voluntary package attempt/failure involved shedding all the junk from the "admirer of shiny things and lover of debt" package, which led to the accumulation of many fine American guitars and enough recording and P.A. gear to equip the Les Visible touring production in high style. Why did I ever need 37 solid-body guitars and why can't I just refinance to pay off the debt owed on them like they said we could? (and why is everyone else selling their gear right now, too, driving the prices straight down?? Man, if you have some cash to burn there are some KILLER deals to be had!).

Yeah, that one had to end sooner or later. It will feel good to have only a solid acoustic that needs no power to enjoy as the go-to when a music fix is sought or friends stop by for some jamming. Lighter looks better all the time. Lots of us may find the lighter, leaner mode to be a better fit all around, I suspect. I'm hoping the final lightening of my material goods load will help with the physical "load" as well - less stuff equaling less "me" would be a good thing.

2012? Sounds like a chance to finally crack open all those packages and maybe get to the real goodies inside. Or to possibly be marked as "did not pass" by inspector 33 and tossed (hopefully) into the recycle bin.

Very nice, Mr Visible. Thank you.


P.S., Anyone need a good guitar? How about a good guitar player?

nina said...

What is going on right now on the planet doesn't make any sense! Its not working and nothing is helping to change the course we're all on. All the efforts to repair this situation are made from memory clips of the good times, but the good times were aberrations in themselves, not helpful or lasting solutions and predestined to fail as we are watching unfold before our very eyes. Just one spectacular example of this failure are the recent studies on catastrophic damage done to the balance of the planet's food supply from growing biofuels. That's just one example, but its playing out exponentially so that wherever we look, all we see are global bandaids to cover predestined failure. I am aware that many of us from birth knew it wasn't working, but through years and years of personal changes and incrementally small compromises, lost our awareness and have found ourselves at Start all over again. And here we are now, conscious, well-meaning homo sapiens with gifts unrealized, making use of a measly 10% of our brains and fully unable to improve our lot. Where is the logic? Minus one and zero is not logic. We have believed it to be so. Excuse me while I retch in awe of such overwhelming nonsense. We are a planet of junkies always loafing on the sofa of dreams waiting on the man, willing to accept any old promise of the possibility of a fix that isn't going to show up and when some milk sugar-laced substitute comes along, we'll always go for it because we got a bad, bad jones, all six something billion of us. If I were to name just one detail dangling from the leviathan body of false hope, it would be that it is impossible to go backwards and make the present into the past. Yes, Visible, as you always say, now can never, ever be then.

Love, nina

Visible said...


Do not sell your guitars and you can definitely do the guitar work on my songs (if you're any good- grin-) as I am now re-recording every single song and one of the other readers here is going to mix and master them.

I can easily let you have the tracks to hear and you can put your guitar alongside them. All you need is Cool Edit Pro (easily downloaded from just about anywhere) or Adobe Audition 1.5 also easily available paid for or creatively acquired.

Anonymous said...

Mr Visible,

It would be a tremendous honor to add my small voice to the music you create - it is something I always enjoy doing, especially in collaboration with those more talented than myself (I am NOT a great songwriter as my strength is in framing the story and hopefully animating it, leaving room for the good stuff, or space as needed). There is always much to learn, especially if real attention is paid!

I have my time and skills to offer anyone, and welcome any correspondence at:

I am currently on a one-month break from a recording project, so my time is my own in that regard. Winter is here and the studio is a great place to pass these shorter days. I would love to hear what you are (any of you) working on!


Anonymous said...

How cum every time you do something really brilliant instead of just usually brilliant people fart in the elevator?

I've noticed this. You probably shouldn't even write at all you would be doing yourself a favor. I'm reading backwards through the blog and what I think is that you don't need what this is going to get you. You don't need people jerking your chain and leaving pecker tracks all around and that guitar guy advertising when you make a generous offer. It doesn't matter my friend what you door don't do. I once heard someone say that when the truth gets said it doesn't matter if it is in a cave in the Andes it will vibrate out until it encompasses the whole world. I know you don't think much about yourself but you are the real article and you should just back off. The world will hunt you down no matter. You don't deserve this and it is only your poor self image that is making you have to go through this. You deserve better. That was a fine and splendid bit of work. You have my appreciation if you don't have anyone elses. They didn't get it. I do.


paolocaruso said...

Bonjour Les, I had a package once...budget of course with upgrade on the blinders. But I eventually opted out and asked for my money back. But they took more of my money instead. Persona non grata = people without packages.

Perfectly understood concepts... and your great perspective as usual.

grazie a presto, Paolo

nina said...

heh heh, R doesn't like comments, but he likes Les's posts. Okay, why doesn't R just skip the comments? Save him/herself the rant. Ya hear me R?

Anonymous said...

R, in this case the only thing I am advertising is my enthusiasm for maybe participating in a collaborative creative project with a fellow musician. One who happens to be a fine songwriter and storyteller. This virtual meeting place is well and good, but the chance to move beyond the keyboard and interact in a more substantial manner is in my opinion the next logical step once we mill around and get to know each other better. Some would never dare venture out from behind the anonymous nature of an internet persona, but I dig real, live PEOPLE and what we can accomplish when someone yells "action" in the real world. That's where the stuff that matters happens.

Let me restate my offer. I am here, have time, and some varied skills. I am willing to consider any opportunity to work with or help those who may benefit from anything I have to offer. Advertising implies I have something to sell. The "guitar for sale" component was half in jest - sorry I left no disclaimer. I have nothing for sale here. But I do have something to offer.

Les has my deep appreciation as well, and I hope I have made that clear in my correspondence. I can't think of a better way to show that than by helping with his project should I be asked to do so. It would be a great honor. I just have to decide what to wear for the audition!


Anonymous said...

Prepare to vomit.

Anonymous said...


Stand down! What a stupert rant...


Kevenj said...

Umm.This post seems like it should be @ Visible Origami, or is it just the beer?
Opps, I shouldn't have mentioned that.

Yes, next trip I fully intend to take the DELUXE package deal, with LOTS of wine women & song (please God make me a male), as well as lots of food and cases of blue pills, preferably in a well-developed, capitalistic area similar to GB or the US (real time) but it doesn't matter as long as they have malls, beer and wet (female) T-shirt contests prior to football games..ahhhh.Do they have package deals like that Les? Or is that asking too much of the Divine?
Is it MY fault I was born into a struggling poor family and wet my bed and had buck teeth that everyone made fun of, so I had to know how to fight and got in trouble with the law a few times which prevented me from going to college, stuck in crappy jobs that prohibited me from having the nerve to make my first million before age 65 and get stuck at sites like Les Visable and Rigorous Intuition and wondering if anyone is really what they say they are and just wanting to pick up the phone and dialing a gorgeous escort service girl (with a six pack) to spend a little quality time with at Monday Night Football at my place?

p.s.(was that a forbidden 'run-on' sentence?)

Just wondering.

Parfer DeCourse said...

Once, while lamenting the gray hairs on my temples and chin, my daughter waxed “Norm Crosby” and observed, “But Daddy, you look so extinguished!” (Yep, That’s what I was thinking…)

Standing in line, waiting for MY package deal, reminds me of the old joke where God is passing out ‘looks’, I thought he said ‘books’ and I said, “Make mine a scary one!” and it keeps on getting scarier everyday!

Les, you mentioned 2012 in your brilliant dissertation here, and I just wanted to comment on what it looks like to me:

First are the rumors of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB’s) at least 2 miles beneath the surface in almost all countries around the earth.

Second is the top secret government continuation plan that ensures our government and others go on in the face of disaster.

Third is the Doomsday Vault with the storage of millions of seeds representing all plant life on earth for the purpose of beginning again.

Fourth is the statement by a Swedish politician that says he and about a million other “elites” will be going underground in 2011 (No doubt will be perceived as “The Rapture” to the Christians when they all disappear at once) only to let the remaining 1.6 million fend for themselves! (I suspect similar scenarios around the world)

Fifth is the creation of chaos in the markets leading to financial instability and endless civil unrest, a mere distraction to keep the sheeple occupied while the powers that be seek safer ground (underneath the surface).

Sixth is the declaration of Martial Law to prevent the average citizen from standing in the way when the elites go underground. The package deal here includes corrals for the restless to sit and contemplate their fate.

Seventh is the catastrophic event itself. Is it Nibiru? The 12th Planet? Some other cosmic disaster in 2012?

There is no doubt that something BIG is being planned for. The steps I have outlined here explains the wanton theft, the complete and utter lawlessness from the powers that be, and the total lack of respect for their fellow man. They are raping us, stealing from us, and attempting to take it all with them into their hiding places while allowing the rest of us to perish in the pending disaster. What else would you expect from those that brought us the Katrina Disaster?

We may not know exactly what it is that is going on but it is clearly palpable now and certainly the common link in all of our packages!!!

Too late for Cum By Yah?


Visible said...

It is a hybrid post but more likely belongs at Reflection in a Petri Dish because it's not overtly spiritual. I'm trying to find a higher and more philosophical tone but I also don't want to disappoint Tony (grin) so... I guess we have to have some hammer and tongs now and again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les.
Luv ya work mate.

Anonymous said...

Les, I love fire and brimstone evangelists. I love their tone, their delivery (not necessarily what they deliver).
I wonder how some of the top female and male fire and brimstone evangelists would treat your writings?
I wonder how it would go over with their normal audience.
I wonder if it would work??
I’ve never analysed it but I wonder what draws the people?
And whether the subject/s of your articles would do the trick?
What a way to overcome the problems we have at the moment- would the gp (wtp) go along (be drawn)??

Anonymous said...

HI Kevin John
'Is it MY fault I was born into a struggling poor family and wet my bed and had buck teeth that everyone made fun of, so I had to know how to fight and got in trouble with the law a few times which prevented me from going to college, stuck in crappy jobs that prohibited me from having the nerve to make my first million before age 65 ' quote

Actually it is.
According to the material I have read you do chose yourself how you will come back, at least to a degree.
Surely it is a mark of a soul seeking improvement to come back to harder and more complex challenges.
I have never forgotten the tale of a poor simple crippled individual who was in reality one of the most enlightened souls.
He chose to return that way and to suffer all that was imposed upon him because by his suffering he enabled those of us who would, to earn some brownie points by helping him along his way.
So next time you can extend a helping hand - please do so - and when you see a disabled or struggling soul do not automatically think - hum! karma there. They may have come into your sphere to test you, not themselves.
One of the small comforts I give myself - maybe I am delusional - is that all the greed and power, lust and perversion must ultimately be paid for. Karma - the wheel - what goes round, comes round.
One thing we can do to stop the misery of the world is to 'stop the wheel' as regards ourselves. To forgive all their sins against you and thereby stop the need for these other souls to pay for those transgressions.
I can do that willingly and believe me I have had some terrible wrongs done me. I take the larger view that that those wrongs may be righting wrongs that I have myself committed in past times. ( not well put - but you know what I mean)
But I cannot forgive those of the elite, of any kind, who are misusing their power, wealth and influence. This is where I truly hope that re-incarnation exists. I want those souls to suffer punishment for eternity!!!
Just a note, the 'seed vault' worries me as well. We are in for 'something', so many of us are sensing its coming - but what it is, is more than I can say. But it looks very bleak to me. Isn't 2012 and the Mayans an end by fire? Israeli and American Nukes!!!

Anonymous said...

I got no package deal. I went a roaming.
I feel lost in my non package deal status
but I know that as soon as I do sign up for one
of those deals, I'll be lost for eternity.
So it's better to be here where I am, in the
sticks and undergrowth, watching the days go by. Slipping in and out of the spider web like an invisible fly.

Anonymous said...

I'm a male Anonymous 1:18 AM; an older one but still male...
I won't tell you what I thought when I first saw those two trollops posing as mother and daughter.
But then I thought no, I'd probably get some sort of exotic STD and die an agonizing death.
How revolting.

Anonymous said...


Kevenj said...


Are you inferring my dear, that I have to take actual and total responsibility
for everything I am from cradle to grave AND the time in-between??

That is totally against everything we were taught at the Republican National Conventions! I mean we got to blame the democrats, the terrorists or if all else failed those people that wouldn't live by the word of God,as prophesied by 2012 VP pic, John Hagee.


Anonymous said...

The MSM, or the propaganda machine, if you will, has definatly got the package deals. Which package depends on which source you use. There is the blatant, no apologies, in your face with the bull shit, Fox, which caters to the far right wing zelots. Or as I like to call them, the truly brain dead. Then there are the middle of the road, one from columb A and one from columb B guys like CNN, CBS, ABC and the like that make the bull shit a little more of a blend, and thereby easier to swallow. Then there's MSNBC, which caters to the left, and for those of us that lean a little left, seems to be more accurate, until you look closely. The closer look shows us that they are just feeding us our favorite flavor of bull shit, so we eat more of it, and with a smile. The best I can figure, is that there are 2 major factions of illuminati, and they battle each other in the media for the majority of the sheep. They're goals are pretty much the same, they just seem to have different methodologies.

However, every now and then they screw up, and show something that makes the inquiring mind hit the TeVo button, and stop the action. This was the case with me. I was one of those that bought the package, and thought that CNN was actually providing some news. Then, during a short biographical report on the alleged al qaeda number 2 man, they showed a picture of the pentagon after the 911 attack, and I hit the TeVo. Being a mechanic, and having done real well in physics class, I realized that you cannot fit a 757 into a 15 foot hole at ground level, and leave no mark on the lawn, and virtually NO debris. Thus began my online search for the truth, and among other things, my discovery of this blog.

I don't know if what I saw was an accident, or whether someone on the inside is trying to feed us tiny clues. Even some of the hit peices about 911 come off sounding like a swamp gas explaination for a UFO. Are they really this lame, or are they, as covertly as possible, trying to slap us in the face with the absurdity of the official fairy tale about 911. I know for a fact that there are those in the pentagon that have headed off the Bush administrations desire to attack Iran. Are there those in the media that know the truth and are trying to signal us.

Unfortunatly, there are still far too many that come away from a David Copperfield show believing that stuff actually dissappeared, and that they actually got the news off their TV. I met a woman that actually believes that Obama is a muslim, and a terrorist, and the fact that he picked a zionist jew as his chief of staff is completely lost on her. I don't know how to fight that kind of ignorance, and I know that the media gets away with what they do because of the fertile ground of ignorance demonstrated by this woman.

It's like we are becomming the Eloi, and are being taught to forget how to take care of ourselvs. How to think, and the ultimately desired result, how to fight back. But something is stirring, and there seems to be more questions than answers. Are we really the frog in the pot of water, being brought slowly to a boil, or are we realizing that the water is getting fucking hot. I don't know, but I am anxious to see what happens, especially after Obama is sworn in, and those under the thumb of the Bush cabal are finally able to talk. What will they say, and the real question, will what they say be included in the package deal. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I missed out on the package deals, too ... not because I'm ugly, or born poor, or any of those external things. Truth is I'm told that I'm good-looking, I know I have a good head on my shoulders (when I bother using it), and as for money, well, my grandfather was one of, if not the, first of Canada's venture capitalists. I was dealt a very good hand and I there's no reason I shouldn't be working a lucrative job and married to a beautiful woman right now, except ... except ...

Except for all those choices I made along the way. Many of them on impulse, ill-considered, driven by instinct rather than thought. But as another commenter noted, if I hadn't done those things I'd be on a very different path from the one I am now, and it's an open question whether I ever would have started to awaken as I have over the past year (I'm a bullheaded type when it comes to my own opinions.)

And as Rosie said, we choose our circumstances before we're even born; selecting from amongst the myriad of options the 'mission' that will allow our souls to grow in whatever way they have to, in order to get that much closer to the goal ... a goal that approaches, here and now, with the building Wave and the lead-up to 2012; whatever form it takes and whatever parts of it we individually see, it shall be the greatest show this world we live in is capable of putting on, and for those of us who are ready and aware, the best opportunity we'll have this side of eternity to reach the goal we've been preparing ourselves for, for who knows how long....

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin John

No actually before! the cradle and after! the grave.
The bit you refer to is actually (reputably)the 'hell' and its certainly living up to its reputation these days.
We even have the grandson of one of the most famous satanists (again 'reputably' - by some) creating that not so merry hell and ruling over the last gasp of a dying civilization, age, financial order, planet - take your pick.
We can perhaps feel the cry of Galadriel as she sees the dawning of the fourth age and the diminishing of the elves. She feels it in the air and the water and all around. With chem trails and fluoride and the putridity known as the elite, we can certainly do so, too, I guess.
And there we get back to the Fourth sun or is it fifth sun of the Mayan calendar. All roads lead to the end of all things for most of us. Let us hope the hobbits prevail. Being English
and of the less than aristocratic class I can make some claim to hobbitness myself.
Whilst there is life there is hope. Forlorn I grant you.

notamobster said...

Talk about a "Deluxury package":

I think some were given the package deal, some not; some still...fell betwixt the two. For those, like myself, who fell betwixt the two - there is an endless life of searching, and confusion... a failure to find that which would define us; thus, the search ever continues, much like Sisyphus - we find something and really start to dig it - only to have the package lose it's luster and point us in another more intriguing direction.

Anonymous said...

From day one as far back...can you say your intent has been and is honorable?

I do not understand the concept of one day I decided to do the right thing or ended up on the right path. Can this really happen to a person?

Is the idea of abusing an innocent ... person honorable because it is funny in nature 'sick way' can a person justify emotional, sexual or any abuse for that matter and claim to be on the right team/side in the bigger picture...

Did you forget the Denial package Les. Is this not the reason the masses are really jacked up! People deny truth because they choose to. For whatever reason they think they may justify their actions in order to not be responsible via denial. Thus even if the choice is the wrong choice they cheat themselves out of the possibility to make a correction and to live like this is clearly not honorable...I think only the individual knows if his or her choices are honorable so am not judging here just saying...

The state of affairs we are in is not according to class, is about right and wrong and just because a person is not wealthy or not an aristocrat or not beautiful, this does not mean they are the better person and are not just as responsible for their actions "big and small" as the next person. The beef "applicable in the long run" folks with the shorter stick have is only that "their stick is shorter" and please tell me where the logic is in that.


Visible said...


They are 'all' denial packages. That was the point. Those of us without 'packages' (no double entendre should be assumed here (grin)) are the only one's not in denial and we probably still have a little denial about some things.

Visible said...

Stacy... this is just proof that they were involved in the whole thing and there profits are certainly much higher than that.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, thanks Les, that went right over my head cause deluxe uhhm is like soft and comfy 'very real to me'...and the budget economy is too very real to me...but then again my fav book is the dictionary and literal is too often taken on the more serious notes and when I factor in context, I am usually spot on. Hmm, maybe the stress of the Holidays...I should rest my weary mind...


Anonymous said...


I read a lot and stumbled into your blog a couple months ago. .

Blown away!

You have a gift of high intelligence packaged with the ability to say "I don't know"

You're among the best writers I've ever read.

My daughter the naturally high genius agrees.


Anonymous said...

Rothschild unveiled a joint venture with Rabobank of the Netherlands...

Friggin NL, the only thing gonna save your if you get all that loot from the Roths and put it back into the Trust! And yes, your codicil is still worthless!!!

Zionists (see above) run Den Haag. This is the command center for them in the WORLD! There is more signaling and are more concentration camps "unimaginable" (100s x 3 at least) in that small country producing the elite subjects 'mind control' and sending them out into the world as operators..."my book reading of the silent coup abridged (left in Lebanon) reveals this NL fact!

Where in the world is there more power 'Nations tremble over the Haag' and why is this...

I have seen and felt evil in my life. There is nothing compared to the Haag and inclusive of the NL...that has the presence of evil 'political...' as this place. Nero and Satan himself have nothing on Den Haag...Is amazing how all of the forces of hell 'so to speak' are operating right out of Den Haag.

Oh and YES, the Monarchy there is very much a conscious perp in this coup! They NL/Zionists bought the EURO dollar "they friggin had no capital, they used illegal technologies to get the Van Buren/Maes trust to underwrite it" with blood money, extortion, torture, espionage...and used the Maastricht Treaty as a cover. Clinton, Bush's...all part of the coup 'via extortion' thus the EURO dollar is bunk!

Europe, you need to clean out your neck of the woods and had better start at the root there in Den Haag and with that Monarchy!


Now Roths are trying to buddy up with rabobank. LOL, I hope I live to see these evil perps lose it all!!

Visible said...


Thank you,

You made my day.

Every now and then something hits me in a personal way and it wasn't the praise but the phrase.


Anonymous said...

A brave lady who was dealt the wrong package

Anonymous said...

This may be relevant

Visible said...

My friend Ang put up a youtube video

A lot of people are trying to do their part and Ang is one of them.

Visible said...

Rats, I forgot to hotlink it.

notamobster said...

By the By, 6 days - 7 nights at a Turkish beach resort can be quite intoxicating (hiccup). That is...if you can get beyond the "shower-drain shitter".

Visible said...


Why would you put a comment saying that this blog is beginning to suck at a non current post? I don't know where you put it and I'm not going looking but let me give you my personal position paper. I was doing this when no one was coming here. Before that I was doing Visible Origami when there was no Smoking Mirrors and only Ben-there, Bruce, Erin and a few others would come around. I'll be doing this or something else when all of this is gone. I don't try to please people and I am not running a popularity contest. I try to do my best which isn't enough for some people.

Early this year or whenever it was, a poster who had come around for quite some time took exception to something I said- out of the blue- and I never did get it and she wanted me to do something or other and I told her that I wasn't going to alter my position to suit her so she promptly took her football and went home or somewhere. She was a big fan and used to say all kinds of nice things to me.

I've been around long enough to know that just about anyone can turn on you. So I have set my course to do what comes into my heart and mind and make no apologies or excuses. I don't concern myself if even my dearest friend would never speak to me again because I only have ONE friend and I only have one thing that I do no matter what else it might appear that I am doing. I don't cut corners and I don't play games. I'm not for sale and so on and so forth.

Recently some one who disemminates my work and who has praised my work up and down took big exception to my last two Origami posts. He has the idea that ONLY what he believes is correct and since I wasn't doing Avaita Vedanta he told me, speaking as the voice of God that I was misleading and deceiving people. He gave the impression that only what he believed was real and nothing else.

It's very weird because he never acted in an irrational manner before and I didn't know what to think. So now I have lost some amount of exposure and have no idea why really but I just thanked him and went my way.

I come here and at my other blogs day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. I do it for nothing basically. The same applies to everything else I do besides this. I just do it and people can take it for what it is worth or they can go somewhere else.

Sometimes I find the comments here to be something other than my taste but I post them anyway. I expect nothing here. I'm just trying to be helpful. The time is going to come when I don't do this any more and no one is going to know where I am; hence the name, Les Visible. Enjoy it while it's here. That's all I can say.

Visible said...

Okay... it's happening again. I just tried to post notamobsters comment about Turkish toilets and also something by Maestro (that I assumed must have been put somewhere else). Now I realize that a dozen or more comments that I put up recently haven't appeared here.

I'm sorry people. The folks at Blogger have been fucking with me for months and I can't do anything about it. My thought is that they are trying to piss off the readers who, when they see that their comments don't go up they move on. I've seen many, many comments not make it into publication but I always thought they were for earlier posts.

If you can't get heard here then either send me your comment and I will put it up or put it at another blog and I'll transplant it. As you for you who are doing this... good luck, you're going to need it.

Anonymous said...

Software doesn't always work consistently or at times as it should (Hello! Microsoft). Lots of things can get in the way of what you and your commentator's do here from technical to sabotage from outside upon blogger.
Other than Microsoft problems that we all must contend with, I have marketed an accounting system for 35 years and I know first hand about these things. I have always said it shouldn’t happen but costs would be horrific if everything was issued ‘perfect’. The user does the final testing and nothing is ever finished in programming so- always problems.
If you have been using 'puters for some time you learn to preserver.

Visible said...

O.K. those went up. However Tony, I haven't mentioned a lot of what's been going on and I am certain that my sites are targeted. I'm not concerned about it. I just do my job. But I run into shit every day that doesn't make sense. I won't go into details about it but it's been going on for awhile and not just online.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

If I have not said it lately—thank you. Thank you for taking away from your life to do this—it has made a difference in my life. Thank you to Susanne who gives her blessing. Thank you for writing in a way that appeals to me. I can’t say it makes me think—that sounds too trite—It is (you are) like someone finishing a thought with me. You pull from the thoughts and ideas of the ages-- that are there for the taking—it has all been thought before—only the details and names change—you have a gift for it—a gift that involves effort and honesty.

You do it all without cheapening the message which “words” can sometimes do—you stay true to the message that is revealed —there is honor in that—thank you.

The beauty of the what, and the way, you write, is that so many people go in so many different directions with it—it speaks to them in their own way—and that is so cool—it is also the danger zone—comes with the territory I suppose—but it is a territory you choose to put up with—thank you for your strength of conviction.

I don’t know if you had to “learn” to write this way—I suspect not—but the way you say it with “less” brings us so much more. Leaving things open —not filling in all the blanks—purity.

I don’t always say thank you, or fawn all over what you have written—I hope you know that when you read what I post, it comes from the heart—agree with it or not—you have moved me to respond—sometimes with eloquence—sometimes shooting from the hip---

But always with passion—

Your Friend,


Anonymous said...

No worries Les,

I think things are amuck in various ways...this is certainly not personal...hang in there doll, the site is not you!


Anonymous said...

The dollar is in the toilet and gas prices are still low compared to the recent past. I try to keep from ringing the bell but a lot of people are now going to be out of town--maybe not too far, but gone none the less. I have read the info about why prices are down but it still doesn't make too much sense--or false sense.
Perhaps something is in the works for this long holiday weekend--sure has been quiet on the conspiracy front waiting for the newly anointed
to put on the crown and the current cabal being pretty quiet as well. Too long of a lull makes me slightly uncomfortable--busiest shopping day of the year on friday--malls full of people (except me)
I just see an opening to wreak havoc--but then again, I have seen a bunch of them in the past 8 years--But no takers.
Don't know if the bushies have the energy but the star of david crowd does!!
Keep your powder dry, and your turkey moist.

Visible said...

Thank you for those kind words jj. It's been a little rocky lately where some number of people and locations have been behaving out of character and it makes me a little wtf oriented.

I share your concerns. I KNOW it's coming. When and where I do not know but it's coming.

Thank you Maestro. I wasn't sure what you were saying. Sorry about the posts not going up people. If you ever send me a comment and it doesn't go up you should all know that there have been constant problems here on all levels but they aren't happening at other sites so it starts making me think of that S. Holmes quote.

Randall said...

Les, you sold me out to Z!
Man, 34 years of dealing with band leaders.
Some things never Change!

Visible said...

I'll assume you are joking because you have had the inside track in that regard for some time. However it is also my intention to listen to what is possible from anyone. I have absolutely no way of knowing what anyone sounds like or whether it fits at all with what I do.

I've been working with another fellow for the last year already but we haven't gotten much done. Also I'm going to be working with someone who is going to engineer and mix the tracks.

Now, I'm assuming you were just pulling my chain but you have to realize that I've got about forty different balls in the air at all times and I don't juggle well even on the best of occasions.

In any case, I'll leave it at that for the moment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Jj the action is certainly behind the scenes! OMG the energy is so immense and oddly enough it is very quiet...this means things are stirring at sub atomic levels, by the time gravity comes into play and we feel it here on earth, well who knows how far off in the distant future that will be...on a personal level I am in the midst of it now. The forces out of the Haag are on a rampage, I am fully exposed and my team here "are hiding under their bed with poopy pants (done crapped on themselves)"...

Lovely, now both sides are going to want to kill me LOL but if smart they will look at zionizm and shoot to kill! Please use quantum teleportation weapons only anything else will not take.


Les, the site is a drop...this is not your fault...of coarse you are aware of the danger around here...I should be more sensitive to your position here but my lil world is crumbling right now...Sorry, my composure is in another universe right now. Dang, I hate when that happens!

Randall said...

Hell, I can't even juggle my two balls, even
when I'm drunk.
Hey Les, I pretty much do a variety of styles,
from country to rock to jazz, and even some faux Indian type stuff.
Check out the old crap at soundclick!
No one could say I'm commercial at least!

Anonymous said...


I have a question for you all:

Do you people think that the USA economy will totally collapse and fall in 2008 or 2010?

Because i've heard that there will be a super-inflationary situation in the USA around late 2009, and 2010, where for example a gallon of milk which costs 5 dollars today, might rise to 100 dollars in that exceptional *hyperinflation*.

I am in Tennessee, USA right now but i will move to Dominican Republic in 2009, because i think that a social-revolution might break up in USA in 2010, and i its gonna be a bloody battle between american workers against the zionists, israeli-capitalist ruling classes of this country

Despite what you guys hear on mainstream media that Obama will fix USA economy, that's not true.

In plain simple words: shit is gonna get ugly in 2009 and 2010 and there might be a popular civil war around that time.

Take care all

nina said...

Maestro, what do you mean "this site is a drop"?

Anonymous said...

Tell me all.
Why have I absolutely no sympathy for the rich and elite in the Mumbai attack?
Instead of feeling for those being hunted and held I just think of the poor hopeless souls who have been exploited to create the wealth to stay in such oppullance (spelling?) and luxury.
What goes round sometimes comes round - I am always happy to see it.
I am sick of conspicuous wealth and greed - not envious - sick! Bloated parasites too many of them.

m_astera said...


I'm down to a Chinese-made "Squier by Fender" (sic) acoustic and a borrowed Casio keyboard, which at least has the applause voice. Got any spare Strats lying around?



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