Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Strange Case of Dr. Obama and Mr. Emanuel.

No... I don’t want to be here this morning writing about this. It’s not just because what I see is at odds with the majority view. That’s always been the case. It’s small comfort also that following events have proven me right most of the time. Believe me; I don’t want to be right. I’d much rather be wrong and find that I had misjudged the world and the motives and intentions of the people who think they run it.

I’ve considered just writing about other things for awhile, I thought that today I might write about the gay marriage thing. My take on that isn’t going to make a lot of people happy either. So be it. I’ll write about ‘this’ and that today. What’s ‘this’? This would be the strange case of Dr. Obama and Mr. Emanuel.

In Mr. Emmanuel’s case he wakes up each morning thinking he’s a regular on The Sopranos. He likes to think he’s a bad ass who keeps the peace down on the docks and makes sure the right people are in charge of shipping and receiving. Maybe he is a bad ass the way some people are who know who to call when they want things done. It’s said he’s the Deputy Chief of Mossad for North America. Some say he’s the chief. His daddy was an Irgun terrorist who hasn’t sweetened in his old age.

In times past it was The Vatican that often ran things and some say it still does. Sometimes it was The Romans and sometimes it was the Greeks. Sometimes it was The Persians or somebody else. These days, the way it looks to me, it’s The Zionists. People will tell you that Ersatz Israel is the idea that Israel has a right to all of the land from Jerusalem to the banks of the Euphrates. I don’t know if that’s a circle drawn or just a push in a particular direction. What I do know is that it doesn’t stop at the Euphrates. I’ve come to see that Ersatz Israel means the whole world.

No one has ever taken over the whole world. Some mysterious something stops them. It could be something as simple as a stomach ailment or a coalition of nations. Sometimes these dreams of unending hegemony are destroyed from within when it becomes impossible to maintain all the outlying areas under occupation. Whatever it is, so far, it’s always shown up. The same thing is going to happen to Israel and the United States of Israel and all the little death squads operating around the world.

If this was another time and it was The Vatican, or The Romans or whoever it was, I’d be as opposed to them as I am presently opposed to The Zionists. It’s the idea of anyone believing that it’s okay to subdue and enslave others; the idea that it’s okay to practice genocide on a people that they displaced in their dreams of world conquest that gets to me. I don’t like bullies. I don’t like slavers. I don’t like the prisons of materialism that constrict movement and bind freedom to a wheel of enterprise for the profit of a few. I don’t like any of it and I never will.

No other nation on Earth is causing so many problems for the whole world as is Israel. Besides orchestrating 9/11 and ushering in an age of manipulated paranoia; besides engineering the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars, besides the present, tireless effort to attack Iran who hasn’t attacked another nation in eight hundred years, besides controlling the world’s press and the common mind with endless lies and misdirection, I guess it’s the Palestinian situation that bothers me the most. Before the Zionists came to Palestine there was relative peace in the Middle East. The actual, legitimate inhabitants of the so-called Holy Land lived without major conflict among each other. Arab Muslims, Jews and Christians lived side by side as if that were a perfectly natural thing to do. No matter what the historical revisionists say. No matter what lies are put forth about what was before and what came after, the Zionists went to Palestine and began systematically killing and expelling the residents of that land without any provocation but some phony, divine imprimatur from a make-believe God.

Since Israel was artificially carved out of Palestine there’s been talk of peace processes and failures and success but there is no peace process and only failure because the intention is that there will be no peace until the Palestinians are gone altogether and one has only to look at the shrinking map to see the truth of it. The Yom Kippur and Six Days War were all started by Israel and then blamed on others. The recent mass murder in Lebanon is a good example of how this sort of thing happens and how the cause of it is always laid at the doorstep of the victims. Israel is an abomination and one has only to study the words of the True Torah Jews to get some clarity from those most in a position to know. There are various places to go if one cares to know.

To even talk about certain aspects of proven lies can result in the destruction of one’s good name and even a prison sentence and no where else on Earth is this true about anything similar as it is with this. It would seem that the eternal victim is actually the greatest oppressor. To be quite simple, that’s how it is. That’s how it is.

Dr. Jekyll Obama has to know about these things. How can a man who speaks of hope and change appoint Mr. Hyde Emanuel into a position that completely negates any possibility for ‘hope’ and ‘change’? Is it possible that Dr. Jekyll does not know what Mr. Hyde did when putting forth the most conservative Democrats in states across the land in 2006 so that it didn’t really matter who won? Does he not know how this compromised the promise to end the war in Iraq which was Dr. Hyde’s intention all along?

What are Zionist Jews doing in complete control of Homeland Security when Israel was the perpetrator of 9/11 to begin with, along with sympathetic agents in various intelligence services in America and abroad? Dr. Jekyll has to know this... or maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he doesn’t remember anything after he drinks the potion and Dr. Hyde appears.

There are a lot of people that Dr. Jekyll could have brought in to manage the laboratory. The strangest thing is that Dr. Jekyll has told the people he is going to usher in an era of hope and change and you really have to wonder what will happen when this hope and change comes about. I can’t imagine a more ‘in your face’ appointment. Twelve hours after winning the election, Dr. Jekyll went into the House of Hyde and then, ‘poof!’, ‘presto!’, ‘abracadabra!’...just like that, Dr Jekyll disappeared and only Dr. Hyde was left. It’s as if Siegfried and Roy vanished and left nothing but tigers on the stage.

No... I didn’t want to have to write about this. This makes me feel like I went to sleep in my bed and woke up next to a dumpster in some unknown city with an empty bottle in my hand. It makes me feel like some horror movie I was watching on TV crawled into my living room like the guy in Wes Craven’s, “Shocker”. It is starting to look like we are up that particular creek, not only without a paddle but without a canoe as well.

I think I’ll just move right on to my next piece on the Gay Marriage issue which will feel like switching from the shower scene in “Psycho” to “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”. Well, Thanksgiving is coming and you get one guess as to who the turkey on the table is going to be. The good news is that it looks like Christmas is going to be cancelled. The bad news is what you are going to be celebrating instead.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Ha-Ha! So you were going to discuss "gay marriage", were you? That's one of the things "they" always give us to argue about, like abortion, and the other things they use to keep us arguing amongst ourselves, thus preventing us from seeing what "they" are doing. Chalmers Johnson has written an excellent article about this, here:

And of course, you have the god freaks infesting America, who won't do anything to try to change things, because "It's all foretold in the book of revelations and these things must come to pass so that Jesus can return and save us by bringing in his kingdom". What a bunch of "subbies"; subbies who won't do a single thing to save themselves cos they are waiting for Jesus to do it for them. LMAO "Land of the Free", my arse!

You know, I lived in South Africa for a while, and all those Dutch Reformed Xtians were also sure that Jesus was coming to "save them", and they also spent all their money on guns and ammunition, like Americans are reportedly doing now, and then they passed into the dustbin of history without so much as a whimper. America is headed for the dustbin of history, and the wise ones have already got out, like you did. Hey, maybe America will get lucky and Jesus will come and save them, but I somehow doubt it.

And you are so much like I used to be, banging your head against the wall, trying to waken people up by blogging away, but you can't waken anybody who is not ready to wake up; it's just an ego-trip. In fact, didn't Jesus say "Let the dead bury their dead"; hey, so the dead are going to be a long time burying their dead; well ain't life a bitch?

Dammit, am I in an eloquent mood today? Have a nice day now :-)


Anonymous said...

I hardly think Les is banging his head against the wall and he's been more than clear about what he does and why. Somehow I'm sure you know that.

Hey Les, I wanted to ask you why Signs of the Times doesn't put up your articles anymore? I was going to ask them but I thought I'd ask you first.


Visible said...

Well Bruce, what I heard from Joe was that he doesn't handle who gets posted there anymore. It appears whoever is now doing it doesn't like my work so I don't bother to send it in anymore. It doesn't matter to me if they publish it or not. What they do is there business.

You staying out of trouble? I haven't heard from you in a long time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les .
I really love your comments and most of the times I agree with them . The latest one is truly excellent . Im not a US citizen and I find unbelievable that three hundred million americans could allow a small group of traitors to control both branches of Parliament , the mass media and TV stations , the judiciary , the secret services and even the phone call in and out of the White House . I think that this state of affairs
cannot continue and soon or later people might take the law into their own hands . After all the Government has failed and it obviously only look after the interests of a small section of the population or the group that pulls the strings . I never fell for the Obama hype and I know it's another face of the NWO front man . Keep your good work going , I appreciate it .

Anonymous said...

I love your writings. Another great essay about the disaster we see unfolding. Probably the neocon uncle tom will not make it to the white house as Obama's history as a meagalomaniac elitist zionist thug is quickly showing its face (the birth certificate issue is not going to go away). It would be nice to have some good news. But mr rogers neighbourhood this is not. I left USA in 1990 and lived in Australia and New Zealand for many years, but now I'm back living in northern florida. It is strange watching my country disintegrate before my very eyes.


Anonymous said...

I can see it more clearly now. One guy who "understands" oppression coming to the aid of another who has been historically (according to them) oppressed and misunderstood.
The one guy is so oppressed that he became a senator and then president.
The other is so oppressed that they are the only nuke power in the middle east and they do anything they want to --with impunity.
Neither ever gets any "good" press other than all the press that they control which is pretty much everything.
One is not really black and the other is not really semitic.
With Rahm, you can taste the pure evil that wafts off of his persona--he is the devil, make no mistake. The meanest weasel in the chicken coop. The rest of the conscripted are just castrated minions compared to this guy.
The minions might leave a thank you card after the rape--A sick and twisted Hallmark moment, this guys slow roasts them and video tapes it all--and then plays it for his children. My guess is that he already has the designs drawn up for his statue in Babylon.
Obama has been created, Rahm simply inhabits the body of whatever host he chooses. This guy is different--he is the stench of death.
Strange happenings soon re: Netanyahoo and the rest. I see NO patience in Rahm--He has been put together with the screaming body parts of dead Palestinian children--and he knows, and likes that.
If there were an anti-christ--he is here, and he has no emotion...just a job to do...and me thinks soon.
I didn't think I was going to comment on this latest post because I had heard the broken record skipping before..playing over and over again but then I realized something was different--it's not the same record, it's a shiny new MP3 player glittering under the christmas tree waiting for your hand to touch it, and when you do, it owns your soul.

Anonymous said...

I was going to use the terms "cold" and "calculating" to describe Rahm but that would assume some type of human emotion.
Make no mistake, this guy is the fucking Terminator.....and we know why HE came.


Anonymous said...

Good concise article Les.With Zbig Brezinski advising him and zionist warmongering toady Biden as his veep the handwriting was on the wall.No one should really be surprised at the appointment of Rahmbo as WH CoS. The NWO boys do this to us every 4 years and the idiots that make up the American electorate never figure it out.The more things"change",the more they remain the same!
As to this take over the world mentality you write about. My study of history and biology has led me to believe that this mentality is a DNA based mental illness.
Lastly your old friend over at WRH will probably not post this as he has become a rabid Obamanoid, and brooks no criticism of the man on his website. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Les, your signals capabilities are impeccable! Veddy Intadesting...

My take on the whole Zionist power out there is as follows: The Hebrew alphabet is the story line behind Judaism and that same line is congruent with sub atomic physics on a more local level "as in; here on earth" I am convinced the wormholes are open and the worms (written in PG) have been crawling in for some time now. When you compare the quantum physics technologies implemented today with the cabala/Hebrew Alephbet, well you may basically come up with a gilgul (artificial being) on both fronts.

The ol saying we are fighting against principalities and powers is also congruent with the logic of quantum physics...we may now affirm such as of quantum entanglement, teleportation being peer approved in the sciences.

We have been given the authority and the tools to win the battle, now it is time to implement the same!

I advise: mesh the science with the gilgul and kick arse but our scientists in this arena are chicken little, so maybe Russia and Co. can stand in and get this show on the road!

Which, brings me to this: Question to Putin et al, why are y'all pushing for NWO when it is Zionist? They will kick y'all's butt again if given a tiny opening and it looks as if you should delve deeper into the facts of the Old World and the New World before jumping on the NWO financial...bandwagon!

Nice posts all...


psychegram said...

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Hell, Obama's handler is Zbignew Brzinski, so doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about the man?

There's a curious symbolism to Obama's full name. Barack Hussein Obama ... the middle shared with America's erstwhile enemy, the last similar to the great bogeyman of the 21st century. We all know that the Men Behind the Curtain just love to use this sort of overt, in-your-face symbolism, telegraphing their intentions way ahead of time, at least to those with the awareness to see. So what's the meaning of this symbol? It's almost as though you guys spent a decade fighting one or the other of the 'Bad Guys', and now both have ascended to the highest office in your land.

Anonymous said...

Jude Suess all over again. Nobama's Duke of Wuerttemberg to Suess Oppenheimer's Emanuel!
Same old same old.

Strawman said...

Beautiful, Les. That Obama was going to be the president was readily apparent months and months ago when various reports had it that the 'Jews' were afraid of an Obama presidency. Yet his popularity remained at record levels. In fact people around the world adored Obama for no apparent reason.Over the years it should be well known that when the Jews don't like you your career is, for all intents and purposes, over. Now he has Rahmbo at his side. Any bets on whether Obama will replace Chertoff? Face it folks, we're looking at game, set, match here. Stock up now and prepare to fight to the death or be a slave. Not next year, maybe not the year after, but sooner than you can want or imagine.
As the poster from South Africa alluded, their country was completely taken over and now the only driving force for civilization in that region lives daily in fear for their lives. Google the crime stats for SA for a glimpse into America's future. Google Rhodesia.But despair not for we have those incidents to guide us on what we can expect when people adopt the 'go along to get along' principle.

kikz said...

mornin les,

'The good news is that it looks like Christmas is going to be cancelled. The bad news is what you are going to be celebrating instead.'

well...i'm glad 'consumer-christmas' is cancelled.
any yea, lotza bad will be celebrated by those that hold (for lack of a more apt term) The Black Mass'.

here in my home, as always, we'll celebrate solstice :)

which is a reminder to me and mine; that no matter what, short of blowing up the earth...

the great cycle continues. the darkness and death of winter, give way to the rebirth and light of spring.



notamobster said...

Greetings/blessings to all. Good words. That we're experiencing deja vu, all over again - should be readily apparent to anyone with a minimally functioning brain.

I do take issue with ANON 4:24PM - "My study of history and biology has led me to believe that this mentality is a DNA based mental illness." Which DNA subset would be the carrier for this illness? Most of the ZioNazim are not (by blood, anyway)Jewish, semitic(sons of Shem) - but in point-of-fact are Ashkenazi.
They made up 92% of the world's (Pre-Israel) Jewish populace. Now they're down to 80%.

Dr. Jekill(sic) is merely crowd control, folks. Keep the angry masses abated long enough at the front door, to clear out the vault. Be easy...

notamobster said...

k* - "...short of blowing up the earth..."
why the mad dash to build the seed vault, by those who know how world politics are to play out?

Just a thought, since you mentioned it? ;)

Anonymous said...

It appears to me that most white people living in the USA are ignorant (not stupid, just not knowing much of anything) cowards (including moi), otherwise how do explain a people going into slavery while fully armed. (how many guns do white folks have..couple million)?
I have no blog, no web site, no profile but I read and love Les. I am Jim and my email is

Anonymous said...


I'm new to writing but not to living and reading here. I like the metaphysical you talk about and smoking even more.

I know you believe we're at the critical point with lots of vectors crossing each other. To me it's like the old Etech-O-Sketch in the hands of a craven force on black beauties and we can't shake it to clear the screen.

I do have an uneasy feeling about where we are in time and with time itself, it feels like time compression, what use to take a year takes a week.

To sum it up, going forward it will be more important to know your blood-type than your credit-score.


Anonymous said...

WRH is not a Obama supporting website if you read the articles there you would know. Michael Rivero ALWAYS posts Les's posts. He's one of the good guys.

Anonymous said...

The DNA "subset"would seem to exist in all races of man. It only manifests itself in a seemingly small percentage of the population.Albeit an extremely influential and persuasive minority. Napoleon,Ghengis Khan,Alexander the Great, of course the black nobility of Europe and the international bankers.Some use force,some various forms of persuasion or both force and persuasion.

Anonymous said...

Since America claims to be on the righteous path of Lord Jesus, and that you want the entire world to know that you follow in his footsteps. Then by all logic you Americans are killing, torturing, starving and stealing others resources in the name of Jesus. You are killing for Christ.

Anonymous said...

All I can say to this blog article is: BRAVO! There aren't enough years left in my life to write my reply stating as to why I agree with everything you have posted in your blog article above. Thank you for writing and posting this blog article!

BTW: I agree with your assertion regarding your next blog article on Gay Marriage. When you look at the aspects of Obama's alleged promise for "Change" coupled with the ambiguous, self-serving tendencies of Mr. Emmanuel, the entire situation with gay rights appears to be an insignificant issue on justified human rights and, only a minor distraction that hides the tribulations and the REAL culprits of humanity's current/future demise.

Anonymous said...

I thought Obama W. Bush was all about "change". That`s what he ran on and what the (always) confused and clueless American people believed. You mean that slick talking BSer lied? I can`t believe it! Who would have thought! I`m heartbroken!(LOL) The only thing that bozo is missing is dubya`s stupid little smirk. But I suppose he has his own stupid little smirk.

Dear America, you have been jewed again. Will you fake "christians" who boast of being "free" and "brave" (you are neither, never have been, probably never will be) and live in a non-existent "democracy" ever pull your brainless heads out and get your house in order? As Les already pointed out you live in a Israeli zionist jew terrorist occupied country. Apparently you don`t care. And one day your nonchalance and stupidity and delusions will spell your demise, for many other nations have formed coalitions to defend themselves against your American/Jewish evil and will be prepared to fight when the time comes. Apparently you have not learned anything from your latest American/Israeli misadventure in the Caucasus via your Georgian puppet state. Who would have thought the Russians would terminate that zionist miscalculation after only 5 days? Something to think about.

Should the American people ever wake up and finally figure out what is going on in their country and do something about it then America will be one more country those inbred reptile, born evil, cowardly, warmongering, murdering jew virus of earth will be expelled from. Then you will finally have your "Independence Day".

So get to it, America, before your jewish terrorist owners take you beyond the point of no return.

Visible said...

As promised here is Visible rants about the Gay Marriage mis-direction from the pickpockets in the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I didn't even know Emanuel was siding with Obama. Emanuel kept a distance to fool people that he wasn't even on the same camp. He knew Obama would have lost a lot of votes had people known the Zionists were supporting him.
Thanks for your educated opinion on this issue.

Anonymous said...

WRH has succumbed to Obama mania. He who walks on water, changes water to eh wine (red wine?)
the 'chosen one!
Nothing is too petty or too nasty when it comes to La Palin. Howling she had not produced her medical records - but unfazed that Obama has produced nothing at all.
I haven't even bothered to look at the site the last few days. It was so over the top pro Obama I can't be bothered with that sort of bigoted bias. And I used to think it one of the best. Well Rivero has blown it for me.
But whilst we have all been bewailing America's fate another western democracy has bitten the dust.
Sheer NWO, banking elitist, Pure!
New Zealand. The new PM has a CV that brooks no doubt.
The son of an Austrian Jewess refugee. Made good in banking - how coincidental. His background below.
Poor NZ - its a great little country and deserved better than this.
How long before the excellent NZ military are dragged into fighting Israel's wars, pipeline protection and the CIA's nasty little drug dealerships. Part of the NATO 'protection' force for NATO war crimes.
Well New Zealanders won't like it a bit. Like the rest of the planet they are pretty savvy and pretty anti American.
They too had a choice of the lesser evil and nine years of Helen Clark would make you want to vote for Lucifer himself.
Well just take a look at what they just got.
Top drawer NWO if ever you saw it!

Quote 'The 47-year-old Key launched his investment banking career in New Zealand in the mid 1980s. After 10 years in the New Zealand market he headed offshore, working in Singapore, London and Sydney for the U.S. investment banking giant Merrill Lynch. During that time he was in charge of a number of business units including global foreign exchange and European bond and derivative trading.

In 1999 John Key was invited to join the Foreign Exchange Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and on two occasions undertook management studies at Harvard University in Boston. '

Anonymous said...

hey les.great post,once again you nailed it.i'm australian mate and i see over here more and more arses sticking out of the ground,it's everywhere.but now the jew is in full control,how easy was that.they think it to be check mate,but it's only check,granted it's a very good move and i like to be positive.our PM at the G20 just sort of stepped back on the israel thing but the "jewish community" are spewin.personally i don't care what the jew thinks they're not stealing my land or killing my children not as long as my arse points to the ground.the yanks might wear it but the typical ozzie bloke will say goin get fucked ave a go ya mug.all the best les your a champion,to the bloke who backed our mate at wrh good on ya mikes a champion to as les already knows.

Anonymous said...

Les... Beautifully and bravely said!

ALTA ( predictions continue to point the direction we are headed. Though The Powers That Be think they are in control, their time is already past - the moving finger has written and their days are numbered (and they are few).

Frankly, I am ready to see them get the "rewards" they so richly deserve. ...And, be assured they will not escape the "judgement" of the universe - no one does.

Sadly, many innocents will be hurt in the coming months (even some of our community of souls here on this blog) as TPTB flail about in their death throws. All their stolen riches - all their cleverness - all their dark arts - all the spilling of innocent blood - will gain them exactly nothing!

Thanks for your steadfast spirit...

In Peace and Hope...

Anonymous said...

Hey Les
Great article. I've been away for a while and haven't been reading much of anything. Sometimes I leave the world to itself, get spiritually renewed, and am never surprised, when I do come back to it, that nothing has changed. So I got to wondering what your thoughts were concerning the very things I've seen unfold. I knew you wouldn't miss the obvious, like so many in this country have. You would think what happened two years ago would've made them wiser about the Democrats. After all, they ran on an anti-war platform, took Congress from the Republicans and then gave Bush the money he needed to continue his wars. Short memories, these Americans, huh? Obama's rise to the top should've been a dead give away. Why did everyone just seem to get out of the way for this guy as he ascended to the U.S. Senate? Good question, eh? I was bombed this year with phone calls from both camps. I was registered with no party affiliation. The McCain calls were of no consequence. Down right stupid. The telling one was from an Obama supporter, 62 years of age, hasn't been involved in politics since Kennedy was assassinated (I'm not sure how that works out, but that's what she told me), whose family voted for Bush twice, is African-American, and was now upset because things were affecting her life, so she was voting for Obama. That's just it, isn't it? As long as the bombs are falling on someone else, who gives a damn? They're not human anyway, right? Just ragheads. This party must continue at all costs. But now that some minor inconveniences have affected them, by God, time to blame someone, but not themselves. Now they may have to give up their cell phone or cut back from 150 obnoxious TV stations down to 50. This list could go on forever, so I'll stop it there. I asked her if she ever heard of Ziggy. Yes, she had. Did you read the Grand Chessboard? Oh, sure. Then you know what it's all about? Well, somewhat. Right, somewhat. She didn't know what I was talking about. I gave her a polite earful about American politics. I should've been talking to myself, which is what I often feel like I'm doing. I'm not sure that America deserves to be woken up. A little more slumber and it should all be over. They don't deserve to have their little party time back. Their SUVs should end up like those old, rusting pickups and cars lying around on abandoned farmsteads in the Midwest, where globalization has destroyed the small farmer and replaced him with some monstrous creation, fueled by Monsanto.

I also stopped going to WRH. Let others figure it out.

Have you noticed the fawning that some writers are displaying towards Obama? Bush thought God talked to him. Now the populace see Obama as their messiah. That would be frightening if it weren't for the fact that Americans can't stay focused on anything for more than five minutes. Obama needs to fix the economy (as if presidents actually have anything to do with it) at the rate of speed Columbo solves obvious crimes. The honeymoon will end and they'll blame someone else for their own failings. Same as it ever was.
Peace, Les. The meek shall inherit the earth, that is, those of us who see truth and stay awake. Let's just hope the rest of them don't F it up too much before it comes our way.

Anonymous said...

Lead story on drudgereport tonight:
A Reuters story titled "UK's Brown: Now is the time to build a global society." (q.v.)
This is the hiding-in-plain-sight/eyes wide shut stuff, where 'they' use the mass media to signal each other as to the Illuminati's direction and desires, and the sheeple tune it out: "Politics bores me, I'd rather watch American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, NFL football!"
In the last sentence of the reuters piece on "global society" (New World Ordure) Gordon Brown uses the term "forward looking" -- didn't Stalin use that a lot too?!
As for issue such as "gay marriage," Chalmers Johnson explains how the controllers use such issues to divert in that excellent book review an earlier poster here mentioned (and gave URL for) on

Anonymous said...

The post referring to "time compression" is most accurate, or in other words-A mad dash to the finish-. Ans how about the wake up and do something Americans before its too late? like ahhh les seeeeee, distribute pamplets? write clever little qiips on paper monies?, write your congressman?, organize a local underground fooded and massively armed??? RIghttttt...., and in those days mens hearts will fail them for fear, fear of what is to come- what IS to come!! It's a done deal. Dear hearts, perfect love casts out fear. Yes, its that simple-ask a child. You have your out, take it!!, this flesh falls away but you live on, but where? Fear not, for I am with you. Choose you this day whom you will serve, yes, its that simple, nuff said.

FM said...

I know, scary shit my friends. I'm looking at that from Montreal, and I can tell you guys that it is very worrisome...
We have got to do something... keep exposing them.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment on Still alive’s posting regarding Americans being “Jewed again”. Still alive posted:

“Apparently you don’t care. And one day your nonchalance and stupidity and delusions will spell your demise, for many other nations have formed coalitions to defend themselves against your American/Jewish evil and will be prepared to fight when the time comes.”

I was born an illegitimate-orphan Jew, adopted and brought up German Lutheran, and converted to Catholicism after marriage. The only thing that these three religions have in common is that they all lied, and continue to do so. The basic foundation of religion is not unique, and if you were more observant you would see that much of the World works like religion. Religion can promote good spiritual fellowship and cause bloodshed; both acts are committed in the name of God and, Humanity can provide good deeds with liberal compassion/charity that allows the weakest to survive at the expense of the fittest and, at the same time can commit evil acts of genocide or ethnic cleansing that kills millions of innocent people.

When you look at the basic aspects of our evolved civilizations, they are all coordinated through the auspices of Laws, religions, and technology, which were developed with seemingly ‘good’ intentions, but they were transformed into tools of ‘evil’ to maintain the wealth of the ruling class and their control over the populace. This controlling mechanism is a small faction of International elitists whom have no allegiance to any race, nation, or religion. They only seek to control all the resources of the World, and to eventually eliminate over 90% of the surface inhabitants when they are deemed to be no longer necessary. They commit people to kill each other in a dog-eat-dog scenario, and this methodical rouse has perpetually existed for over 5000 years.

Your statement regarding the “American/Jewish evil” or that Jews are the abomination of the World, is at best misleading, and at worst an ignorant statement. Most “true Jews” do not support the acts of Israel, and many of the Orthodox Jews do not even recognize the State of Israel (as founded in 1948). In my opinion, until the True Jews rule Israel, there will never be World peace. Today the racial term “Jew” is used to refer to those who follow Judaism. 90% of those who call themselves Jews today are Kahzars. Kahzars are the descendants of Gog, which are the ancient enemy of Israel, and those whom are now called Zionists. So even Israel is occupied, controlled, and used as the delivery system for most of the World’s problems… but to label all the World’s problems on Jews specifically, is like blaming all Americans for the acts of W. Bush, or blaming all Chinese for the former acts of Mao Tse Tung. Even Russia is reading from the International scripted Plan, which reads like a daily Soap Opera that is unfolding before our eyes. There is a quote by an unknown source who said: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way.” Just reviewing the facts of 911 and the new legislated UK/USA draconian laws support this statement’s claim.

Lastly, I really question your stated notion: “…for many other nations have formed coalitions to defend themselves against your American/Jewish evil and will be prepared to fight when the time comes.” I don’t know where you live to come-up with this delusional assertion of your safe-sanctuary, but I will assume that you live on the Earth’s surface, and you do not live in North America or Israel. I feel quite certain that there are many coalitions of resistance fighters who live in all corners of the World… even in North America and Israel. But when is the proper moment to resist, to revolt, or retreat and wait? Unless you live in a self-sustaining, impenetrable underground bunker, or have beach-front property and live in a bio-dome on the Sea of Tranquility… you will eventually get fucked-over like everyone else. Religion, prejudice and fear are the Establishments primary tools for controlling the masses, and your post hit all three of these buttons. Please think about what I have said here, and ask yourself a simple question before you write: “Am I being constructive, destructive, or possibly ignorant?” You have revealed that even people living in your neck of the woods have a brown ring around their neck.

kikz said...

...speaking of the sun.

halloween graced us w/the first sunspots seen in too long awhile. hopefully the anomaly of the overdue 11yr sunspot cycle apparently has corrected/restarted... for whatever reason.
sol invictus!

Anonymous said...

The Rahm and Obama combo is a perfect lead-in to 2012.

The Jewish-owned slave ships and network profited handsomely while trafficking African slaves into the US. Gotta make money while creating havoc in the new land.

The Rothchild's money financed the US civil war, this was a perfect way to help consolidate excessive power to a more central, controlling Federal government. Kill off a few million Christian men at the same time. Perfect.

The Warburg heist which set up the Federal Reserve was brilliantly executed. Control of the money and the government while Congress is on Christmas vacation....done. Billions in the kitty at the expense of the working man.

World War One and Two are other ways to kill off a good 40 million. Of and the United Nations can then be established to ‘ensure there are no more wars’. They’ll go for it, we just have to package it correctly. After all, our grandfather once stated “I care not who controls the country as long as I control the financing.”

Next up on the docket is to set up the illegal state of Israelie. What a tremendous source of income as Christians are duped into thinking 6 million were toadted beyond recognition in open ovens which would have had to run until 1975 to burn so completely 6 mil. Just don’t let anyone ask where all those ashes are.

Oops, Kennedy wants to do something good for the US....dead.

Quick, take the US dollar off the gold standard, good job Kissinger.

Let's make sure all manufacturing jobs are out-sourced, this is a good way to deplete the middle class. Done. ¾ cup political correctness is now in order. Done.

How about a phony war on terror to reign in the sheeple and take away the few rights they have left? Job very well done. Keep em scared. They need to learn to rely upon the Federal government. This has to be ingrained.

What can tough guy Rahmbo (5’4” former ballet dancer) do for an encore? Tune in for more toward the end of January, we hear there will be an ‘event’.....

notamobster said...

ANON 6:00A.M. said: "like ahhh les seeeeee, distribute pamplets? write clever little qiips on paper monies?, write your congressman?, organize a local underground fooded and massively armed??? RIghttttt...."


Did not the people of the colonies rally behind a certain Pamphlet? One so dangerous and criminal as to have it's author convicted (in absentia) of crimes against the monarchy?

In the words of one of the Iraq Veterans Against The War (Adam Kokesh): "While it is our responsibility now to resist tyranny civilly, while we still can... there may come a time when we will say to the powers that be, be it with your blood or ours we have come to water the tree of liberty … who will stand with me?"

The journey of a thousand miles, begins with 1 single step, sir!

Would you have us to wait around, crying for our tormentors, and giving unto Caesar, that which is Caesar's? To sit idly by, shackled in tongue and spirit, as the very lifeblood of individual liberty is raped out of us?

Maybe I should give 10% of my money to some god-shilling preacher who will then tell me to be a good "sheep" and follow that which god's elect have set forth before me! (Romans 13:1-71Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. 4For he is God's servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. 6This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing. 7Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.)

Then that preacher can take my 10% to snort meth off some gay prostitues ass! I say damn those cowards of spirit who tell you to shut your mouth! Damn those who beg you to accept the shackles of silence and servitude! Damn those who would by the very nature of their of their own fearfulness ask you to lay down your arms, be they mental, spiritual, linguistic, or outright weaponry.

I am not a slave. I am not a serf! I am no man's toy or mere game to manipulate as he wishes!

Damn those who would control another man through tyranny of finance, mind, or body!

Good day!

Anonymous said...

Randa, why did you come back to 'Murika?

Anonymous said...


You have made my day.
It looks like groups of resisters are organising across America already.
I truly hope so.
This terrible abuse of power that has installed a puppet who will not even produce his birth certificate to prove he is legitimately American is perhaps one step too far.
You are one people who are armed - the average person in England has nothing to protect themselves with.
You can fight back and if enough have the guts to do so you can win - for all of us.
The obamaroids are getting ready to attack the small radio stations and get them off air. Time is of the essense and the way to regain the respect for your country internationally is to show that you are finally prepared to stop the evil of the elites.
Good luck
I think a lot of English people and others would come over to help you if push comes to shove. Its our battle too.

notamobster said...

excellent 4 minute video on the bottom right. There are 2 vids in the same window. Click on "NWO.flv"

The article shows pre-9/11 style chatter eminating from the highest echelons of global government. Be prepared!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog from an email and this is got to be the best thing I have read in a long time. You have taken everything I see and put it together. You may know Rick. He says he has been coming here for two years. I would take my hat off to you but I don't wear one. Do you have a daemon or something?

Visible said...

or something... Rick's an initial kind of a guy. Welcome. I take it you're not a friend of his or you would have been here before. Been exploring the world of Jacque Fresco I assume. He's amazing isn't he? I count him among my friends which makes me a lucky man I do believe.

Anonymous said...

To in retrospect,

Well that was a nice little rant and rave. Apparently my comment touched a nerve. I`m surprised you didn`t mention that neverending holyhoax fable in your comment.

Save the not all "jews" support israel etc. nonsense for the really gullible ones. You and your fake khazar/ashkenazi "jew" brethren are are hilarious. Sorry, but not all goy are that stupid and some can actually see right through your neverending scams of being anti israel or anti zionist when in reality you are none of these things. What have you done in that regard? What have the other supposed anti israel and anti zionist "jews" done in that regard? Besides nothing? Nice try, but just so you know, sitting behind a keyboard and saying something is not the same as doing something. Like the old saying goes, "talk is cheap". Something you may want to keep in mind.

Mock my commentary all you want and call me delusional, misinformed, stupid or whatever. I actually find it comical when you "good jews" do so because it shows that you cannot stand it when someone calls you out. I am sure you will respond to this reply by now coining me "anti-semitic". What a riot.

As we all know you khazar/ashkenazi fake "jews" are not ancient Israelites or Hebrew at all (and I am sure you will once again call me delusional and ignorant and misinformed for saying so). That would be the native peoples of Palestine and adjoining areas-you know, the innocent and defenseless peoples you have been terrorizing and murdering since 1948 while claiming to be "good jews" and "world citizens".

I will repeat what I posted before: if the American sheeple ever wake the f up and reclaim their once democratic republic and the principles it was founded on then this will be one more country that you born evil, warmongering, mass murdering, inbred reptile, cancerous vermin of earth will be expelled from.

And please, should you respond to this post spare me the German Lutheran or Catholic convert crap. Just so you know I have no religious affiliations whatsoever.

Anonymous said...


Watched the vid. thanks.
You may like to check this out and see what you think.
It comes from a link on the comments of Philip Berg's site 'obamacrimes'.
Looks pretty genuine to me. If it is Obama is not a citizen.

Kevenj said...

"Then that preacher can take my 10% to snort meth off some gay prostitues ass! I say damn those cowards of spirit who tell you to shut your mouth! "

Nota, wow.
No.., now tell us what you really think.

In Retrospect: I commend you for the excellent points you made. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Great work Les I agree with so much of what is being written,I wont go into to much spiel as I am more of a listner in this life than a talker.Keep up the good work guys.

Anonymous said...

At some point we do come to the realization that all the "exposing" that needs to be done is done. The NWO is here and blatently in your face now-order established-mission accomplished-evil incarnate unleashed. So what to do? MY contention is there is 1(one) and only one viable option. That option is not, repeat not hiding in a cave, civil insurection, meaningless at the point and quite futile< noble as our friend NOTA would have us believe. Its way beyond that. If one does so desire, he may FREELY go down in a blaze of glory, and good on you patriot, you went down swinging. But rest assured down being the operative word here. Not being the eloquent conveyor of words, but who needs eloquence describing the demise of humanity. As complicated and complex as some would make it-it really is quite simple if you understand the spiritual context. That being God is not mocked, what a man sows he most certainly does reap. Mankind flaunted his wickedness in the face of a loving. true, and ultimately just God,,,,,,Walaaaaa, whooops!dey it is!!!!Cause and effect. Ohhh, and the 1(one) viable option? REPENT AND BELIEVE, OK,thats 2.......

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, thanks for another good article. Rahm is a screw job, definately. He is not our friend.
There's one thing a friend of mine said to me about Obama's appointment, which is "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer". In other words, maybe, just maybe, Obama might be keeping th guy around so as to keep an eye on him-not to do his bidding. I know some may think this naive or overtly optimistic, but there's a lot to be said for hope. Me, I think my friend might be a bit optimistic.
It is true that things will eventually change for the better and the evil rat bastard Zionists/bankers/greedheads/corporations will one day have their teeth removed from our flesh. Question is, will Obama have any beneficial role to play in that process or not?

notamobster said...

To be clear, I am not advocating that people go out in a blaze of glory (based on some fallacious myth of the American west), or that they sit and wait to be rescued by their lord.

I am advocating that people speak up! Stand up! Let their voice be heard! Shout from the rooftops: I am a human being damnit! I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this shit, anymore!

If your way of speaking out is writing on dollar bills, or stickers, or t-shirts, or letters-to-the-editor, or running for it!

My whole argument was premised on the thought: "what if YOU are wrong, as so many others have been in the past?" Divine Providence seems to be used historically, as a cruch or for one to explian to himself why he would accept all manner of degradation, humiliation, and abuse!

I'm sick and tired of people telling others that there is nothing to be done, but hope and pray for the lord to rescue you. If god gave you a brain and opposable thumbs, don't you think he wants you to use them? Would not a just god want you to fight for your individual liberty as a member of the human species?

This is not a matter of US Constitution v userpation of such. This is a matter of global import! A matter of men who would enslave the world, taking your rights as a human being, and allowing you some privileges, based on your level of aquiescence to their rule.

These men love that fact that you just want to sit meekly and accept whatever they have for you, as much as they love people who will fight and die.

They're both easily removed from the path of "progress". The difference comes down to which path one is willing to travel. I want people to keep talking, keep trying to encourage others to speak out, let others know that they are not alone. It only takes one person standing up, to embolden another to do the same, and again, and again, ad infinitum...

The periods of enlightenment throughout human history have rarely been recognized by those contemporary to the enlightenment. I believe we may be on the cusp of just such an elightenment and various forms of media are the modus ponens through which we may encourage others to speak out.

Anonymous said...

Will Wilson said "There's one thing a friend of mine said to me about Obama's appointment, which is 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.'"

That's been going through my head since i read it yesterday. Seems to me Obama is either (1) a knowing new world order tool (possible), or (2) a naive person who's in way deeper water than he realizes (unlikely IMO, though that's what i thought of him at first), or possibly . . .

(3) A Sun-Tzu-reincarnated type of person. He knows just what and who he's up against, and Rahm doesn't know that he knows, and Obama knows that Rahm doesn't know that Obama knows. (No one knows yet except Obama, and he might just keep that secret.) Possible??? This would be a really big human . . . like Kennedy plus everything Kennedy lacked that got him shot.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry nota 9:40 PM but blah... blah... blah... blah!
You're a bit like the money thing that's going on in USA at the moment.
Give the power to the fox to fix the hen house
Why would the cure for your ills come from within??
Physician heal thyself? Even physicians are dissuaded from doing that!
Really, let the Chinese take possession of your country for all that you are indebted to them
Let the blood flow where it may- it will do your country, as a whole, some good; toughen you up
The only thing to pray for (if you are of a mind) is that they don’t treat you as you have the people in Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, etc. etc. I don’t think they will as they already know that they own you so they would be virtually looking after their own interests. Who knows they may be able to kick start your manufacturing industries so you can manufacture cheep goods to be sold in China, India and elsewhere in the world. The world would appreciate that.

notamobster said...

Ah, Tony... you're always good for an "I hate America" rant. Bravo, sir. America is shit. All Americans are shit. Just lie down and accept what's coming to you. Bravo, sir! Bravo.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll comment to Rosie.

Rosie, why are you posting on smokingmirrors? I've read three or five of your posts and they are single-mindedly anti-obama, without giving any reasons for this obsession. In case you haven't noticed, there are few if any obama supporters here, but there are zero mccain/palin supporters, except yoooooou.

This is a rather thoughtful and incisive sort of place, this here blog I mean. It's not a bash the opposition party place, it's more along the lines of awake and aware people who see what's coming and are doing their damnedest to make the world better. Your harping about a birth certificate comes a bit short of that. I really don't care where someone was born, I'm a little more concerned with their intentions, abilities, and competency. That said, no one gets to be the party pick to run for POTUS unless their soul is carrying quite the mortgage. Once elected, they either do as their evil masters direct or they get put down.

As I assume you would be happy as a pig in shit if the other fake opposition party's tools of evil had won, may I suggest you take further birth certificate comments over to and preach to the dwindling choir there? Or perhaps wake the fuck up? Thanks in advance-


Visible said...


Anonymous said...

Response to Still alive

My intent with you SA, was to slap your attention-span gene, and possibly awaken you to a more realistic perspective, which is above religious superstition, hate, and prejudice. You attempt to place labels on a specific race or type of person who you believe to be your enemy and claim them to be responsible for all of the World’s problems. You arbitrarily point your mental peashooter at targets but you really don’t know whom you are shooting at. George Bush and his Right Wing of Neo-Conservatives had created falsified evidence to invade sovereign Nations, and decimated the World’s financial future with an endless War searching for fabricated terrorists. Even when all the evidence shows that this entire USA 911 attack was a false flag event that Bush, et al, helped create… no Country has attempted to stop this insanity. Why? Did you ever consider that perhaps this is because the United Nations and a majority of its members within this Organization may have a part or stake in this covert plan? It doesn’t matter if a person is female or male, elderly or infant, rich or poor, black or white, gay or heterosexual, Asian, Arab, Latino, Jew, Moslem, Christian, Catholic, or any of the other diverse cultures/lifestyles that we each must share this Planet with… because nothing is sacred to this elitists’ International Establishment, and they will even use their own members as sacrificial pawns.

Have you ever attempted to talk/reason with the People whom you have determined to be the “alleged” cause of the World’s problems? Have you ever conversed with someone from Israel or even a Rabbi? Would you even know if a person you met or who moved into your community was a Jew or a Zionist? Have you ever broke-bread with a Black African, or a native from South America, Saudi Arabia, Eastern India, or Asia?

I have worked side-by-side with people from all over the World and I discovered that they are just, people - - they may each have different cultures that I don’t understand, but they also have families, dreams, fears, and concerns like everyone else in the World. Please stay focused on who the real enemy is SA, and don’t be so blinded by your aimless conjecture of hate and your propensity for wishing doom to fall on people who you don’t even know or understand.

BTW: Where do you live? I’m just curious. Because of my great respect for Les, and not wishing to stain his blog with our pissing contest, I have updated my profile to include my email address. Please, lets take our differences there... unless you nor everyone else (including Les) has no objections in continuing our conjecture here. I feel that you have great potential SA, it just needs to be aligned with reality.

Anonymous said...

So much bitch-slappin going on, I'm getting all excited--more--more--more.

Hope everyone is done now and we can get back down to watchin' gerry springer for a little family down time.
I have gotten to the point where I can smell a Tony comment--not that it wasn't easy before, I just looked for any comment under 10 words and bypassed it.
nota, continue to raise your flag--i appreciate the passion and energy.
I also deleted rense from my bookmarks a while back--wrh is still there, but unused.
So, this is it as far as my internet "surfing" these days.
And it's good.
If there is an attack/false flag/martial law...etc. Would someone please let me know--no rush.

Should be quite interesting to see what follows Les's last few posts--

Randall said...

"Ouch" indeed!
There doesn't seem to be an end of possibilities right now.
There are articles on WRH that suggest the big O
may be a gentile in Z clothing.
One can only hope, because Shit is Stranger than It seems.
Just when you think you have some sort of relevant grasp, something else comes along
to make you stop fashioning your hats out of
paper aluminum, and you grab a hammer and a propane torch to start in on the .062 sheet stock.
When will we be grabbing the .125?
How about including a little Pb in there, for the Gamma rays?
Hell, if'n no one wants to take the first preemptive steps I've recommended (and I'm not
myself), all we have is a watch and wait.
Nothing Else.
No one's going to change this shit.
No one is going to fight their way out of it, but you can do like the Iraqi's do, and
make it really hard and expensive.
Forget the Constitution. It's a "Goddamn
piece of paper".
Think about Fallon and the divisions among high ranking officers who want no part of This Shit, and who still pull a Lot of weight,
among their friends.
This will be the real center of resistance.
That will be the Real Command that will be at the head of any resistance that has a chance.
Use your heads: the fact that nuclear missles were spirited across the Continental USA -
first of all - but then Intercepted....
Do I have to spell it out?
Really don't think so.. for some maybe,
but most who read here, Don't think so.
Look to where things point, because enough things are pointing where you should look.

Anonymous said...

Ram god is with us = Rahm Emanuel

If that aint a fitting name for the Anti-Christ I wonder what would be ?

He is looking to take the reigns of the second beast just as soon as Obama is sacrificed.

Visible said...

Alright folks, let me clarify where I'm at and let's keep that in perspective too by saying that this isn't 'my' blog. This is a place where I write and where others write too. Sometimes the comments are superior to the film they are commenting on. Sometimes the interplay is the more interesting feature too. We're not having tea with Ms. Sopwith-Camel in Kensington.

This is also not one of those PC kindergartens where everyone has to play nice as if that were the solution to life's problems because it isn't. Instead you wind up with a bunch of neurotic, self-indulgent whiners who object to so many things that there's nothing much you can do anymore except color between the lines and pass the talking stick around which means you have to spend as much time (or more) listening to people who shouldn't be allowed to talk at all (grin). Boring people to death is still murder.

Let's just say this, each blog has a thematic atmosphere. Smoking Mirrors is sort of rough and tumble with a good dose of seeking the high ground and inspiring each other. Reflections in a Petri Dish is a questionable pub where anything might get said and where someone might throw a table over the bar into the art deco mirror. Visible Origami is for playing with metaphysical ideas. Visible stream of Consciousness is for poetry... mine or anyone else's. The last blog, which hasn't launched yet but which I had to grab for personal reasons will probably be about me and you personally/ snatches of life, something from the memory pool... hopes for the future... autobiographical sketches and the like.

I'm moving my online book, Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World away from Letters from the Devic Realm because six emails have had no response now and there are glitches with that site which I can't fix and so there will probably be another blog that has written works and the like so as to possibly encourage visitors to buy an online book or something. It won't be commercially set up... just a place where I put my fiction and similar things and where others who dabble in this sort of thing can put companion blogs through links or announce something they are doing creatively.

Each of these blogs has a personality built up by the readers and contributors and based around a particular landscape. Sometimes the weather will be good and sometimes it will piss down and sometimes it will be maudlin and not anything striking at all. I'm not going to make any rules besides what is included in the "Post a Comment" paragraph.

I never say to myself, "Oh, so and so is taking up too much space." or "So and so is making too many comments." or, "I don't like so and so."

People come and go here. Some of the most active contributors from times past no longer write here but still visit and some have written this place off because they weren't catered too or stroked when they threw a hissy fit over something trivial. Some just don't feel like writing anything but they are still around. Occasionally someone comes around who wants to cause trouble and only cause trouble and I spot that after awhile and I close them out. That's happened twice.

On another note, there are people who have commented here and because of a glitch in the software; here or wherever they are, they think I've been censuring their comments and they go off in a huff without ever bothering to email me so that it could be cleared up. Very rarely do I censor a comment and I will often mention it immediately and explain why so that that person can reword what they have said because they said something that could be interpreted as xenophobic or racist and that would be an opportunity for some interests to jump on the site. Occasionally someone just wants to snarl while repeating the same cant and leave troll tracks all over the page. Sometimes they threaten people with Hellfire and Damnation. I have to monitor a comment about once a month and there are only two posters at the moment that I won't post and I'll leave their names out of it.

You really should feel free here and post at as much length as you wish and as often as you like. The only thing I'm not going to do is let someone have the main page which has been asked of me more than once. People can get their own blog and if it dovetails with the blog in question I'll put it in the sidebar but I like to stay away from quid pro quo promoting and I don't do advertising and the like unless someone comes along with a product I believe in. I try not to close too many doors.

If I haven't answered all concerns with this entry, ask me about it and I'll clarify it soon. I'll be putting up a new Smoking Mirrors in a few hours. Anyway... much love all around. I've been having some good days lately; two in a row and I'm hoping there's some kind of a sea change because the last few months have been as rough as any I have seen in awhile.

God Speed.

Visible said...

Oh yeah... if your comments haven't gone up you should email me and even send the comment to me so that I can post it for you. If it hasn't been going up it is almost certainly because I didn't see it.

Anonymous said...

There are no open comments at WRH only laim predictable comments and commentors, you get maybe 3 comments per item and no responses allowed for stupid comments or outright lies.
Come on obama show some backbone, put bust crooks in jail now before they pardon themselves!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found this blog by accident while posting a comment on "bush or chimp". Good to see that someone is trying to get the truth out there! You may want to check out Mohawk News Network. I think it's high time to organize folks to take action against the illuminatti, before it's too late. {or is it already too late?} I remember that movie with Rowdy Roddy Piper & Bubba Smith, they ran it on Cinamax at three in the morning so that not many people would see it. (go figure!) Yeah, they love to censor truth while simultaneously spouting bullshit. I'm not a member of AIM or any other recognized organization, I prefer to keep a low profile, for the most part, call it self-preservation, but this "select Profile" bar doesn't give me many choices. I prefer that Porky Fascist doesn't know my identity, for obvious reasons, yet I can't help thinking that we need to DO SOMETHING! --Crazy Bear



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