Friday, November 21, 2008

George W. Bush, Grade A. USDA-Prime Sonofabitch.

How do you reek and fester? Let me count the ways. You reek and fester beyond the heights and depths of the ordinary imaginations of your hypnotized Schmoos. You’re unforgettable, Georgie-Boy. Even among your kind, you are one of a kind. It would not surprise me if you took a dump in the center of the Oval Office on the day you depart into ignominy and the slow increasing thunder of the relentless, footfalls of dread, which will accompany your every remaining breath. You are the poster boy of “What’s wrong with this Picture?”

Your final efforts in the office, which you were installed in but never won, are speaking volumes to your arrogant nature which, were it breakfast cereal would make you the General Mills of all time. Whether it is a genuine love of the environment, performing domestic terror attacks or the financial enslavement of your fellows, by making trillions disappear into the pockets of the jackals you set loose upon the economy, you’ve been a busy little enabler.

It appears that you will not be leaving to the sound of brass bands; tear-stained eyes and waving handkerchiefs, congratulatory applause or cries of, “George, we hardly knew ye.” We knew you all too well George.

What more can you do besides what you are doing and have done? If you were to shoot the White House dog in the head during a press conference in The Rose Garden it would come as a shock to no one but the dog. You and the first Stepford Wife, sail on a river of darkness where even Mistah Kurtz would not go.

You could not have accomplished this without a great deal of help. You are the most famous and incompetent under achiever of all time. You are truly the ‘turtle on a fencepost’ as your predecessor said. Somehow you opened forbidden doors and welcomed ancient evils into the living room of the world. Death and destruction and all of their associates have been kissed on each cheek and urged to “party down” at your house and... party down they did.

I know you’re not done yet. That makes these final days, high tension indeed. Few people realize the basic nature of a psychopath. It is too foreign to their experience and what they understand. They cannot look into the abyss of your being. You’re the clown prince of Hell, George. You and Dick and your “Laurel and Hardy go to Armageddon” act will stand as one of the ugliest episodes your country has ever seen. There’s never been a shortage of scoundrels on the landscape. It’s the nature of capitalism to attract the biggest alligator pigs on the planet.

One can point to the destruction of the Native Americans, or to slavery. One can point to many things and say they were very wrong. One can also say “that was then and this is now.” We should have learned. But we haven’t learned anything at all. We haven’t changed and you showed us that. You showed the whole world that civilization hasn’t gone anywhere at all. You plunged the whole world into a purgatory of waiting for the next shoe to drop. You took the hopes and dreams of millions and you buggered them silly on national TV and then you backed away and gestured to the next guy waiting on deck.

You made your country a thing of fear and contempt and it went on and on and on. It still goes on and no one in the towns and cities knows what the next day will bring. Yes, Dick is even worse than you but can you really compare these things? We can say that you are the face of evil and that Dick was the machinery, ...along with the faceless ones who pulled the strings behind the curtain.

And there’s no shame. You’ve looted and pillaged at will. You’ve burned and plundered. You have raped and dismembered. You have tortured and tormented and you laugh. You laugh. You didn’t do it for the money. All of you had more money than you could ever spend. You did it for sport. You did it because evil makes you hard.

Well Georgie-Boy, there’s a place waiting for you and Dick and the crew. You’re all going there, you and your Madame Defarge, Condolezza and all the helpful little goblins around the world who joined together and did the mischief and spread the lies.

Something has happened in this last decade. Even though every effort was made to define the meaning and provide the justification for events, the world has come to see who is behind the horrors of our time. Day by day, the news has leaked out to the far corners of the world. The genocide in Gaza has an author and the excuses no longer hold water. The mass murder in the Middle East has an author and the names have been published and the lies have been unmasked. You may still rule the presses and the police but the people know. The people know. A fire and a force is growing in the hearts of the people in every land and judgment is coming, George. I suspect you will not spend your final hours watching the sun go down over Crawford, though the sun will surely go down until you are in darkness absolute; you and Dick and the crew.

I don’t know much George but I do know a few things. You could say that a little birdie whispered in my ear. Bad shit is finally going to happen to bad people. I’m not going to talk about that. It might smack of science fiction and it’s not germane to the points and intentions of this post. But I will tell you that judgment is coming. Judgment is coming right in the middle of things, wherever things may be.

I know that there are shameless whores who are going to be hard pressed to come up with somber and moving words that will tell how you did the best that you could. They will speak of the immense trials that you faced. They will query if any other man could have done better. They will speak about the awesome specter of terror that lives next door to everyone and shops in the mall with a suicide belt under the mufti. But the world knows that the terrorist is you. The world knows that you and Dick and the Zio-Cons and other slithering psychopaths did the whole thing. You’re going to get hung out to dry George. History is going to kick you in the nuts but it’s not history you have to worry about.

I know about the hot breath on the nape of the neck, George. I know about the ring of fire that you see in your dreams. I know about the chilling fear that loosens your bowels and which you carry with you everywhere you go. I know about the inevitable closing of the distance. Each minute is one less minute to wait. Do you find your eyes moving more and more to the clock on the wall? You’re like the men on Death Row. Time is not your friend.

George, you are some Grade A. USDA-Prime Sonofabitch. You’re an odious, stinking mass of hyena shit. You and Dick and the crew are going to take a little walk but it won’t be with Virgil and you won’t be coming back.

I just wanted to take the time to say a few things to you, although I don’t know if you plan on leaving. It makes a body wonder why you removed all those constitutional safeguards if you didn’t intend to make use of the freedom. As I like to say, “We’ll see.”

In any case, I just wanted to say my piece and let you know what I think of you. I hope that thousands like me will join in and do the same. I’d like to see the whole world get together on the hour of your departure and cheer and blow raspberries and pelt you with anything at hand.

You’ve been a very bad boy George and sooner or later you’re going to hear a very special voice asking you, “Who’s your daddy?” For you and Dick and the Crew Internationale... “Non bon voyage.”

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Anonymous said...

Vintage Visible-
'Georgie-Boy... You are the poster boy of “What’s wrong with this Picture?'
Beautiful Les absolutely beautiful- you know I like the 'old' you.
The term ‘performance enhanced mayhem’ could readily be applied to Georges time in the oval office.

Anonymous said...

Amen and amen!

Anonymous said...

Well gee, I am glad you got that off your chest. Would'nt want to get all ad hominem, would we?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if George will ever read this? I wonder if he's aware of the hatred for him that swirls around this planet, following him everywhere he goes? Does he know? Does he care?

Or does he just play golf and snort coke off the asses of teenage boys, and pretend as much as he can that none of this is really happening?

Anonymous said...

Truly the most despicable aspect of all this mayhem and outright calculated evil is the indifference, glee and sad attempts at humor that have accompanied the show. For George W to be so glib and to have the balls to crack wise and still carry on like a drunken frat brat just engaging in "good-natured hijinx" is the thing that makes the blood boil over.

Lots of Grade-A, primo murdering evil bastards have been paraded before us, but few have displayed as much overt glee. This is indeed being enjoyed and the facade is gone - they aren't pretending much anymore and that should be the clue that some payback has been ordered, shipped, and is hopefully out for delivery.

"Bring it on"


Anonymous said...

Good rant. It IS difficult to express the depravity of this man and his ilk. But I think they are unmoved by normal human feelings and perspectives. I'd almost go so far as to say thy are a different species- homo destructus. They can't be reasoned with from our perspective- they look on us as weak dorks who are of no use and have no value.
I used to wonder after a revolution how the revolutionary leaders could line up the old guard and shoot them- like Castro did on the beach. Now I see. There is no other solution since they never can be re-educated or transformed into humans like us. They are like a race of terminators- ruthless, un-wavering, relentless, and single-mindedly fixed on their objective. The ultimate result of their domination is, as portrayed by Gaham wilson in an old Mad magazine, a lone, heavily armed, battle scarred soldier standing on a vast landscape of destruction, saying "I WON!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, another fine article, thanks.
I'm looking forward to the day when many members of the current administration are put on trial for treason and war crimes. On trial both here in the US and in the World Court. The list of charges could be quite long

Anonymous said...

I have never known of anyone who could put words together like Les. However, being a refined, gentle, and cultured person he did omit the mfer reference to the mfer, so I include it. George is a mfer. I'm Jim, and I approve this comment.

Anonymous said...

"We will allow the Common Men media outlets in which to vent their Frustrations..."

"We will Poison their Foods..."

"One man of Genius with Initiative is worth a million sheep..."

Jeb Bush '12 or '16... and there's NOTHING you can do to change it...

Visible said...

Rather an odd comment... doesn't seem to mean or say anything. I know what the world is and who controls the people who think they control it and who controls that force too. It's a friend of mine so... I'm not overly troubled about much and not intending to hang around here any longer than I have to anyway. I've got much nicer digs on the other shore.

Anonymous said...

ZioCons - perfect description! If this doesn't hit the nail straight on the head, well...

You've just coined a new term Les, and it couldn't be any more straight forward and honest than this. I applaud you, Sir (as always)!

Keep on keepin' on Les, you are a remarkable human being and I'm very proud to say that I read and support your blogging!

Anonymous said...

Les Visible?

You are at the cutting edge of what is possible for anyone in the medium of words. You fascinate me with every new composition and no one anywhere can hold my interest at the level which you do. I have to tell you that you are just getting better and better all the time. I wish I knew someone with that K you were asking about or anything else you needed. I will send you some money but it can't be enough for what you've done for me here and at your other blogs. You're a living master. There's no other way to put it.

Thank you! Thank you and thank you again and again and again. You have opened my eyes to worlds that I did not know existed and they're real.

By the way, as a first time mushroom user they were not at all frightening and I was quite edgy until the whole thing took off.

Franklyn Wilder

Visible said...

Some people have written and asked if I was sincere about having visitors. I don't offer what I don't provide. This is not something for couch kittens. I've got the basic amenities and the food is great and the landscape is ideal and pristine but there's no room service and not a lot of room- inside. That can be good, depending. Anyway... thought I'd answer that here so I don't have to do the response in multiples.

Anonymous said...

I know this might be hard to understand, but maybe its good we've seen the bad seed because before the monsters came to power, we were innocent and just going along, minding our own business, doing whatever our thing to do was.
We had no idea. And then, um, the world crashed and life as we knew it was over. When the towers went, it was like poison spears shot straight into our hearts.
Lately, I've been wondering why shows like Dexter are so popular. Is it people have been driven incrementally to admire and sponsor the peculiar expertise of false gods? Dexter seems to be another incremental step, twisting viewers into justifying how social balance comes from serial muder.
I don't think rehashing Hillary, etc. is to the world's advantage either. Bad seeds have deep earth roots. As Scooter said to Judy about the Aspens, they're all connected at the root. This is true, Aspens live over an underground network with one gnarly mother rootball birthing more and more little Aspenlings.
I agree with you Les, "we'll see". But what we see so far isn't looking right. With or without sunglasses. A "test" coming up is in keeping with the program. Where's the "change"? Where's the money to keep up the program? I mean, what happened, the auto companies voted for Gore? Its okay Wall Street stands and China owns our manuacturing? Doesn't this translate to being bought and sold with brokers just doing the bookeeping?
Before awareness, we blithely imagined ourselves as a nation of adults beyond warring, above pettiness, fortunate by an accident of geography to be born into the land of opportunity and prosperity.

Anonymous said...

Les been reading your stuff for a while now and your like a shining pillar of light in a fucked up world.

Well if i had my way Georgie and his merry mayhem crew would be fed feet first through a wood chipper, and that’s a pleasant way to go.

The untold pain and misery this fuckwit has inflicted on countless people is truly despicable.

It’s a bit like the security theatre people endure when traveling but no one feels any more secure.

Anyway going to climb off the soapbox now.

Take care and keep up the good work

Ian from London

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, George and Dick. I have not witnessed in my short 56 years anyone that foments so much pure hatred, and so deservedly. The worst duo to ever disgrace the white house, and america for that matter, with the imprint of their feet, and dispite your eloquent attempt, there are not words vile enough to properly discribe them.

They are the family members that kidnap, rape and dismember the neighbors 6 year old. They are an embarassment that may be impossible to overcome. An indelible stain, that no matter how much we try and wash it clean, it remains to remind us that we let it happen.

Yes, for what they have done, and said, and allowed, and laid false blame for they have inspired more pure unbridled hatred than anyone I have known. The part that I hate the most is that they have inspired it in me. I have tried for so long to not be a person that hates, knowing that things have a way of comming aroung, but I cannot stop it. It bubbles up in me like the magma in mount saint Helens, but I am left with nowhere for it to go, except here in the form of words. I keep trying to think of the proper punishment for their evils, but nothing seems bad enough. A water park with 80 grit slides with pools of liquid stipik at the bottom. Striped, flayed and put in an electric chair on a dimmer switch. Just bring it up til they're spitting bubbles, and let them cook for a week. A fir de lance bite to the testicles maybe. Nothing bad enough.

You popped my boil of hate Les, and sorry for the mess, but they are the ones that stripped away my last ignorances about the way things are, and deprived me of my last little areas of bliss. I am outside the matrix now, and have found the truth I have been seeking.


Anonymous said...

The world awaits with baited breath that on jan. 20 Bush terrorism will end.

Should there ever be any justice in America, or anywhere else for that matter, all the mass murdering, international terrorist war criminals in the American government and military and courts and cia etc. will one day be dangling from ropes.


Unfortunately Obama W. Bush has already chosen to emulate his predecessor. Shame.

Franz said...

Great, Les, great.

My only addition/query--

WHO paid the TROLLS on the political boards for the last EIGHT YEARS to make the point that George was the very image of the philosopher-king? George may have paid a few. But even he didn't have the coin to pay them all.

I will not miss them. If I detect Obama pulling the same poop on the POL boards I will shout it from the rooftops. And I'm on some as diverse as Green, Neolib, Neocon, WN, Anarchist... okay, not all at the same time!

But it's a good litmus test THANKS to George: When I found myself on foreign ECOLOGY sites that slagged anyone dissing the Chimp, I knew the fix was in.

Count on it. If Obama's shills light up the net with the sort of trolling and spamming and posing the Bush weenies did, I'll know it's more of the same. And we can't afford more.

Visible said...


It is the Israeli's who fund them with money stolen from the U.S. Treasury. Megaphone is just one feature they use, there are many others.

Ian and Hank... I feel what you feel and what I dislike the most is that they make me angry. Thankfully I'm not that angry anymore. Their hour has come and they are going down. An eight grit slide with stipik. Well there are also sharp metal edges wet with habanero peppers and rock salt but I didn't say that. Have no fear... all that they fear the most is going to become their constant companion.

Nina... there are other world's and we shall meet there and nothing 'they' can do will hinder it. The worst they can do is promote us to a higher plane.

Anonymous said...

Ziocons,Love that new word.Keep up the good work. Greetings from ireland.

Anonymous said...

Somebody out there at this moment has something that George is very frightened of.
Somebody's about to blow the whistle.

All roads lead to Babylon.

Anonymous said...

I'm not reading any of this why should we hear about any of this? Why should I waste my beautiful mind?

m_astera said...

Yes, Georgie is the poster boy. And those listed so far are all poster children. But the poster child is only the public symbol for a lot of entities that no one will ever hear of on the evening news.

Permit me to define evil: Evil is causing harm or allowing harm to come to another in order to benefit one's self.

Of course there are a lot grades of evil; petty theft and spiteful teasing on one end, so-called Christians who recruit and hire out gangs of psychopathic mercenaries on the other. There is also scale involved: raping, murdering, and dismembering the neighbor's six year old daughter for kicks VS doing that to a whole country or race of people. I would submit that the grades of evil matter, the scale doesn't. The scale just sells more papers longer.

One day I heard a talk, the gist of which was that when one was ignorant and didn't know, all could be easily forgiven. But when one knew better one had to face the consequences of their actions.

So, I would ask anyone reading this a question. Given my definition of evil, when you do things that harm another in order to benefit yourself, do you know better? Even if no one could ever find out what you did, or that it was you who did it; even if no one ever even noticed (who would notice a handful of nails stolen from a full box, who would ever notice an insect tortured for fun?), the question is did you know better, and do it anyway? From such willful actions is karma incurred, and it's not really judgment, simply balance. The doer needs to experience being the doee, sooner or later, to keep the balance, the harmony.

What I see coming, and what I believe Les sees coming, is that the doers are going to be separated from those who have been done to. The doees have been done to quite long enough to equalize any residual need for karmic balance, and then some. The doers are going to get their own playground consisting entirely of doers, where they will no doubt have the possibility of very rapid advancement should they choose to avail themselves of the opportunity to learn. Should they choose not to, their experience can only spiral downward on the devolutionary path to some eventual end as dense primordial matter that probably doesn't smell very good.

My real point here is that the poster children aren't the only ones that get to experience the result of their choices, including the choices being made day to day right now during end-game. These may be the most important choices one will make for a long, long time. I'm not much of a sports fan, but a sports analogy seems appropriate: A fumble, a foul, a bit of laziness may not matter that much when the whole game stretches ahead, but they matter very much in the bottom of the ninth, the last seconds of the final period, or when this serve means game-set-match.

The poster children will not be alone in their new playground. I think we all know strong candidates among those of our acquaintance. Now is not a good time to be emulating those candidates in any way.

Randall said...

Don't know babs, Why?
A beautiful mind is a terrible thing when it's wasted. my mind only gets better looking when I'M wasted. Weird how that works.

Anonymous said...

It's too narrow a view. First of all, George was not a sole dictator operating in vacuum. There was Congress, many dozen people who had the power to block every his deed. Oh, and 250 million more people, about half of whom has elected him for the second term after he already did the first one. Even if the results were rigged, still, there's no doubt that several dozen million people have voted for him, and that is after all you are writing about was already in place. Which means that they did approve on all that. We may or may not like it, but it's the fact.

More generally speaking, I believe that George is in fact one of the greatest historical figures of all times. Why? because the magnitude of what he has accomplished in only 8 years is absolutely stunning, and he did it without civil war, and, again, with acting Congress in place. Sure, his accomplishments don't benefit American people, but let's face it: today's ruling class of America has become corporate, and what George did is he fixed this in place. He was absolutely right man in the right time, he was demanded by the history of this country, and he has accomplished his mission like nobody else would. Let's be totally honest here - do you think what he was doing was some odd aberration? or something that in fact was quite expected? "all you wanted to say but were afraid of" - that's what he did. And let's go further - again, with your hand on your heart, do you really, really, sincerely expect that Obama will bring any significant change? sure, there will be some cosmetic changes here and there, no doubt, but you and everybody knows perfectly well that the elephant in the room won't be touched with a finger. Question #1: will he reopen investigation of 9/11? no? then, sorry, no further comment, case closed.

George is nothing but an ambassador of the America's ruling class, the corporate. And also, George is logical consequence and incarnation of the changed nature of this country. Though a president, still he is only one man in the big picture. The big picture, taken as a whole, is far more scary.

Anonymous said...

Could you please stop it ,all that hatred.
Bush is not the problem ,all the peoples who blindly follows he's orders are.

Hate divide and splinters, only love conquers all.
Start with yourself.

Anonymous said...

Standing with a megaphone pressed to his mug like some sort of ironic, perverted prop, is how I shall always remember him. A man who would have been a mediocre administrator for his corporate masters at best, thrust into the tyrant major leagues by the masters of perception management.

Zinn was unmasked as a Zionist scumbag, just like Chomsky, Goodman, Moore, et al. There will be no escape.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha the barbie doll chip does speak -> off you go kens over there (sheesh look what the cat dragged in) :(

They are not worth getting dirty over, the proximity to such filth endangers some spilling on to you. So have a quick cleansing shower here -> feel better now :)
So is the changing of the guard any reason to hope : nope , just another dope on a rope. A mere distraction from the new 911 false flag that is the manufactured financial crisis implemented to enforce an even more powerful beast of world domination. Meanwhile we are all baying about the past while there new disaster is unfolding on the idiot box every day conditioning the sheep to love the new beast that will save them. FFS no one even comments on one of the perpertrators Rupert dictating the solutions their beast will provide. Have another shower and a coffee and stay alert folks more of the same dung is going down before your eyes while your looking back.

Anonymous said... are amazing! I check your site daily so I won't miss something you have written. I so totally agree....agree with everyone who have written. I think the amazing thing about your site is that you are so honest and lay it all out there. Many of us agree whole heartedly. Many thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Bush Jr is the production of his daddy. Knowing the teams Sr. worked with in Intel and the sciences, rest assured Jr. is exactly what he was groomed to be and yes, he was groomed by the best across the board. The odds of any human being able to resist this evil are slim to none. Of coarse I am not excusing this mans lack of regard for life itself...just making the point that the source of the evil must be considered and put into perspective. To just understand the evil is not enough, we must understand its core if we are to evade such.

Back when I wrote The Silent Coup (abridged) I had many years of research at a scholars level under my belt. I had already known for years that America was being taken over and I knew the technology as well as the blueprint being used. I knew we would not be able to depend on our Intelligence agencies nor our military much less our Government leaders, being why I wrote the book. Yes Bush is a horrid excuse for a President but he is not alone, even the folks who know this in their heart but fail to see it for what it is and roll over for the sake of some material issue, is beyond excuse. When you factor in the whole kit and caboodle, America is doomed to lose her sovereignty just as the book warns.

We will know for certain (if the warning took hold) in this next 4 years. I look forward to standing firm on truth with all the others out there during this time. I know I will lose friends and family secondary to the choices we will all have to make but will never sell out ‘hell, I was on my own, solo with this shit for many years and never broke…’ certainly aint sellin now!!!

So with that, save some of the puke for the next 4 years…you may need to.


Anonymous said...

Greg, I remember the drawing. My old memory recalls that the last soldier stands and says"I won!...I think...".

Randall said...

Hey, watch the JFK speech at my blog!!!
I've watched this before , and for some reason
I'm up for objections whatever.
WjhatWas our American President Talking About Here??????????????????????

Anonymous said...

any rebellion within USA would be crushed physically and also would be labeled as a group of terrorists and linked with Al Qaeda. the US media would step in would demonize it would satanize it and the US citizens (Dumb as shit as they are) would believe US media instead of the Military anti-fascist rebels

nobody said...

Hey Les,

If you see my new thing on your front page there, don't view it as a rip-off, view it as an ispiration ripple effect or something. I really grooved on this one. Full tilterama and fig for propriety, ha ha.

Visible said...

There is a new chapter of Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World, Chapter 13 up now.

Anonymous said...

What a completely marvellous commentary!!! What awesome use of words!

Les Visible, you are the best of the best! You are in a class of your own. Bless you, your courage and intellect and humour.

I agree 100 percent with everything you said, shared every emotion, wished every wish, and cheered!

War criminals (all of them) should be housed in very small cells in the Hague.

Terrorists in three piece suits should to be paraded before the world as the vile evil they are. In light of the multitude who assisted GWBush, it would be one long parade!

Additionally, Bush and friends should be forced to watch 24/7 videos of the death and destruction they have brought to Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, and all the other devastated nations of the world.

They should be forced to watch parents grieving for their children, children grieving for their parents, survivors standing on the ruins of what was once their homes.

They should be forced to experience the "shock and awe" they unleashed on Iraq. Let's not forget Rumsfeld either. As I suggested, the list of killers is a long one!

I have little expectation that Bush and his many accomplices will ever be brought to justice. Justice for the rich elite and the everyday person struggling to survive is vastly different.

The people of the world, in general, and the US, in particular, must become informed; they must take responsibility for the choices they make at election time and all times. They must pay less attention to propaganda and more attention to the truth.

If we don't, there will never be any change for the better, any hope for equality amongst human beings.

Keep up the excellent work, Les Visible. You are a brilliant light piercing through the frightening darkness, bringing us wisdom, courage, and, yes, comfort. Bless you.

Angie Tibbs

Anonymous said...

I've copied and pasted this to my friends. Hope you don't mind that. The sci-fi you didn't elaborate on - I'm guessing here - is cosmic justice, yeah? Can a soul get fried for eternity, really? He definitely must always have one eye on the clock, that's well said. I couldn't sell my soul for the pittance W must have got. Even at this stage could be redeem himself? Is he so beyond any possible redemption that he must've thought 'f*** it... full steam ahead!'. OK, I know the answer.

Great, great piece. Love yer passion. Peace to all... Mark x

Anonymous said...

Hello, Les. I've been reading for quite some time and wrote once asking a question about the Jewish being a race and was glad to get an answer cause it opened up an entirely different line of inquiry for me.

About Georgie, I've always seen him as merely a symptom of the disease. The disease being the culture that sprung him. You already alluded to it in another post. You put it better than I ever could.

He basically is a lot of people. Greedy, conniving, socio-pathic, gets joy from the hurts of others. I'm not hopeful that we'll be rid of them anytime soon. But there's always hope.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder Ang:

The Haag! This is the root and core of the induction of The Silent Coup! You may take every evil on the planet and multiply it by 100 trillion to the square root of 100 trillion...and you still will not sum up the evil concept at the Haag “inoculates onto the world.” Nero and Satan together would have nothing on the Haag...

The Haag is the Command Center for the NWO and its aim is to destroy the sovereignty of our worlds Nations and imputing surfdom on every individual...! In several minutes you can be in Zavenaar "southern border of NL and N border of Germany" the main concentration camp “mind control center of the world via signaling” of the NL (from Amsterdam via train.) You wanna talk about the Zionist plot and the Zionist cover up! Better know your enemy and where this evil resides and operates out of! The Haag my friends The Haag! Now, who would dare fail to factor in that one; short of the ultimate deceivers...(In the video manuscript of the silent coup abridged ‘left in lebanon’ I end with the fact that the NL/Dutch are/is the command center…)


Anonymous said...

Les Visible, you are a sick asshole who can't write for shit---not true, but I didn't want to let you get a big head (lol). So many kudos, so little time.

This place is like every "cell" of the spirit realizing at once that they all exist-- together--with purpose-- and are most certainly not alone--they all make the spiritual Karma engine run...there is communal joy in the energy of this site--even when the warnings are dire and the past reflected upon.

The big FUCK YOU from the powers that be is/was intentional--an international sick, twisted joke.
They put the biggest clusterfuck of an individual they could find in power (twice)and let him/helped him do all of the atrocities mentioned and said--"What are you gonna' do about it".
Hook line and sinker....divide and conquer.

I choose to look at it as if the Washington Cabal only exists inside the little TV box--trapped behind the screen with no exit. Marcel Marceu (sp?) with a fake texas drawl--no sound comes out of the box but inside are the screams of millions...all day, every day. We are the ones watching them, trapped in the illusion they think they control. Swimming in their self created fishbowl with their own feces and piss. The lid has been put on and sealed--they just don't know it yet...or maybe they do.
They are the OJ's now and the money and jets can't wash away the stench that does not follow them, but is them.

Just unplug the TV or, you can switch over to the new and improved first season of the obama comedy hour....

It's all the same re-runs with different actors.

Then again, I don't watch TV.


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at that CNN footage where nobody would shake Dubba-u Bush’s hand. But as I have always contended, this film footage may just be part of the successive scenes taken from an International Script of predestined events, in which all 20 of these World Leaders have been following and acting-out their parts. The remaining fact in my opinion, is that the other 19-world leaders all had a part in this NWO scheme to bring down the World financial system; however, it was easier for them to show their disassociation and admonishment of Bush while the camera was rolling. Bush is just a patsy who did what he was told to do. One of the most pathetic parts of the W-Bush years is that he ludicrously and publicly had the audacity to state that GOD told him to do it. It’s just another rhetorical visualization of the Bushit Legacy.

Does anything that I have written here remove the dastardly and evil acts that the Bush Administration and his International accomplices have committed? This will be for a World Court to decide, based of the evidence against them, which is massive. After all, if we look at Bush, et al, as mentally retarded, sick psychopaths’, then they would get life in prison rather than being hanged from a tree or shot for treasonous acts and their crimes against humanity.

I would like to see a Prison Zoo with locked glass partitioned walls built in Arlington Cemetery, so that Bush and his demented playmates will have to continually look at the carnage they have brought on our Country. This can be a mobile Prison Zoo, like the traveling Vietnam Veterans’ Wall that displays the names of fallen soldiers in that War. This traveling Prison Zoo will be transported to every Country and region of the World that Bush has fucked-up throughout his two 4-year terms. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough years left in Bush’s life to complete a worldwide tour of his residence in this Prison Zoo. As many people have said, there just are no words to define my contempt. Les came close but barely covered the tip of this cold, shit encrusted Bush iceberg. At least George W. Bush has given future U.S. Presidents a good example of a bad example to follow. We can only hope and pray it shall be so.

Anonymous said...

was just reading the spiritual survival chapter and man, Whew! You can sure make words dance but it's like I hear things ring when I'm reading, ding ding ding.

Fuking impressive. Watch yourself. You know they don't like people like you.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, my friends, NWO is not the construction the demise of the financial world. We have assets, we need a team and with this we can take this baby to the bank... NWO is grasping at bunk, take head...


Anonymous said...

Garcia, your a goose, people who matter like peeps like Les!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

I just read Mike James` latest article. Please convey to him that there are many out there who hope all is well and are with him 100%.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Hello Mr. Obama: What USA needs is a gradual change toward a participative-democratic socialist system of the XXI Century, thru a Constitutional Reform by a Constitutional Assembly like many modern nations today are reforming their own political and economic systems. A Political Reform would not be complete without a democratic economic reform, so that USA could move from a corporate-capitalist country toward a real democratic workers socialist economy by the workers in favor of workers who are the creators of wealth like Karl Marx said.

The wealth of this great land belongs to all US citizens and specially *workers* who are the creators of wealth, but they won't be able to claim that wealth without a nationalization program under state and workers-control of the key elements of US industries like oil, water, communication, electricity, gold, mines, etc. Americans also need access to subsidized or free Universities and Colleges, this country needs more public socialist education instead of private education. It would also be a great idea for US government to regulate right-wing stations like CNN and FOX and also to create a state-owned progressive TV station with progressive media people like Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, in order to spread the ideology of the US founding fathers, to teach americans democratic egalitarian values, so that thru a good education programs americans truely be free individuals and architects of of our own destiny and wealth. On the international level it is worth studying the closing of most US military bases, the incorporation of USA in the ALBA (Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas), and it would be a great idea to consider Jimmy Carter as peace missioner on the Israeli-Palestine conflict.


Anonymous said...

Yes, good riddance BUT I do believe the next POTUS will merely pick up where GW left off. There is a script and they all must follow it.

Anonymous said...


Due to recent budget cuts and the rising cost of electricity, gas and oil, as well as current market conditions, the Light at the End of the Tunnel has been turned off.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


nobody said...

Hey Retrospect,

"I had to laugh at that CNN footage where nobody would shake Dubba-u Bush’s hand."

It wasn't me mate. I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole. Well I might, but only in a fashion that would later be described as 'blunt force trauma'. Yoroshiku.

Anonymous said...

vacum eyes vacuum brain
vacuum soul tears full
all this made for oil

Anonymous said...

To "nobody" who said:
"It wasn't me mate. I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole. Well I might, but only in a fashion that would later be described as 'blunt force trauma'. Yoroshiku."

After I posted this I realized that "noboby" wouldn't want to touch Dubba-U, let alone shake his hand.[LOL] But of course I would have also received a similar response if I had said that not a soul Still alive would shake George Bush's hand, and that Bush was no Godsend. In retrospect, I need to re-read my posts for Visible errors, even if nobody will see them.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up An Elementary Primer on Practical Magic, Part 2

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Marxist-Soclialist:

I would wager quite a bit that if Les should ever choose to do the homework and then write a post on your heroes Castro, Chavez, and Morales it would not vary much from this present screed about GW Bush.

BTW, are you a "worker"? If so, what industry are you in? Mining? Manufacturing? Agriculture? How much experience do you have in that industry? How much wealth have you produced from your participation there?

If you have not yet joined the glorious and noble cadre of wealth-producing workers, and had some say in the matter, which of the above industries would you prefer to have the government assign you a career in?



Anonymous said...

Things can always get worse - and will.
For those of you who believe the unlamented George stole two elections - and he probably did - be gald he stole them without provoking widespread unrest and violence.
However awful and fundamentally dishonest the American 'democratic' faux elections have become - no more than a popular choice of two corporate/zionist puppets - nothing George has done will prepare you for the Obama reign with its promises of censorship, domestic stazi spying and terror and even more foreign blood and bombing.
But before we get to that we are in the realm of dishonesty of such an extreme and calculated sort that makes our George look amateur.
I really recommend the below link.
You will read a full and expert view of the Birth cert fiasco and the cover up of the so-called Barack Obama - or whatever his name actually is.
At least George Bush in all his obscenity is George Bush born an American citizen of Barbara and George Bush.
Although the story, I am sure you are all familiar with, regarding George's grand parentage gives one pause for thought. Satans famous representative on earth no less. I find that eminently believable.
That Barry/Barak is possibly the son of malcolm X is sort of a par.

Anonymous said...

m_ 5:31 PM, your assumptions in your comments of our being gullible is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Vice President Joe Biden promises WeAreChange an upcoming crisis

We Are Change
Saturday 22nd November, 2008

Several days before election day I caught up with Joe Biden and asked him what he meant when he said mark his words Obama’s presidency will bring a “generated crisis”. He told me it would happen regardless of who’s president, he stated he was only repeating what the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was saying and there would in fact be an international crisis without a doubt he didn’t even think twice when I asked him.

I also tried to ask him about what Obama meant by stating we have “negative liberties” and the Constitution is “flawed”, he then ignored me. He claims they will have to make some tough decisions due to an international crisis. I wonder if those “tough decisions” will be similar to the “tough decisions” Bush made after 9/11 like passing the Patriot Act, spying on Americans without warrants and engaging in an endless war.

Even Obama stated in his Chicago speech on election night shortly after his victory that he will have “challenges” which will force him to make unfavorable decisions.

It’s time Americans wake up and realize that Trilateral co-founder and associate of Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller: Zbigniew Brzezinski is pulling the strings of this administration and according to numerous publications he’s written the past few decades, we are in for some tough times…


Anonymous said...

m astera: Hi my friend, the thing is that i believe in the materialist conception of changes in history. What i mean is that each human and societies as a whole are evolving and waking up, getting smarter as a consequence of evolution. And social political systems also change for the better. USA is no different. I believe that the next stage in USA will be a welfare universal capitalist regulated system for some years, and after that when this corporate capitalist system finally collapses we might see a change of paradigms. But for that we need to see some objective conditions like Lenin wrote about.

These are the objective conditions for a workers revolution and a change of system from corporate-capitalism to a real democratic economic system in favor of workers:

# 1 - When it is impossible for the rich people of this country (like Bill Gates, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise, Donald Trump, Al Gore, Ross Perot, Dick Cheney, etc.) to maintain their wealth without any change; when there is an economic crisis, in one form or another, among the rich people, a crisis in the policy of the rich ruling class, leading to a fissure through which the discontent and indignation of middle and lower classes of America burst forth. For a socialist-revolution to take place, it is usually insufficient for the middle and lower classes not to want to live in their old comfortable and stable way; it is also necessary that the rich upper millionaire class should be unable to live in their old comfortable way.

# 2 - When the suffering and the needs of the middle and lower working classes of this country have grown more acute than usual

# 3 - When, as a consequence of the above causes, there is a considerable increase in the activity of the middle and working classes, who uncomplainingly allow themselves to be robbed in peace time, but, in turbulent times, are drawn both by all the circumstances of the crisis *and by the upper classes themselves* into independent historical action.


Anonymous said...

For anyone who is interested...
'our Rupert' thinks companies to be more involved in public education is visionary.
Thanks Rupie just what we need; propaganda indoctrination. More fantasy than we can possibly handle mate; better than television.

m_astera said...


Gullible, no. I don't think you are gullible. Gullible is much more understandable and forgivable. Gullible is my friend Tony B. falling for Bush's act with the bullhorn at ground zero. Gullible is me trusting my second wife. Gullible is me being brainwashed into becoming a "born again" Christian at summer camp when I was twelve. Trusting and goodhearted people who believe the best about others and think that others have their best interests in mind are gullible.

When it gets to the point where the negative evidence and facts directly contradict the claims of benevolence, competence, trustworthiness etc. yet the person who was gulled still supports the one who fooled them unquestioningly, that's another word entirely. I'm not sure what that word is.

One aspect of this can be that one's information is seriously out of date. Another can be an ego problem--some have a very difficult time admitting that they have been taken in, fooled, scammed, whatever and will remain "faithful" unto death rather than lose face.

The widespread support for Hugo Chavez among the "progressive", "liberal" and "socialist" crowd in the USA is a good example of all of the above. Despite increasing crime, corruption, cronyism, illegal and unconstitutional acts, economic and infrastructure collapse, failure or abandonment of all "populist" projects once they have been milked for their publicity value, drug smuggling, kidnap, election theft, jailing of dissidents, and outright robbery, the unquestioning support has continued.

Interestingly, this phenomenon is almost exclusive to the USA. European socialists, who have a strong tradition of real socialism, have by and large seen through the facade and lies and have rejected Chavez' brand of 21st Century Bolivarian socialism for the fraud it is.

Perhaps a major factor in the USA is the sheer hate for GW Bush, whom Chavez has used as a whipping boy to stoke his own narcissism. Bush wisely didn't take the bait, sparing us the fate of Chavez basking in lifelong victim status ala Castro.

I too loved it when Chavez spoke at the UN and called Bush a devil. I am nothing if not a populist, but calling another names does not make one better, and all evidence indicates that Chavez is no better at all, despite his cynical manipulation of world opinion for a number of years.

I have posted flat fact detailing the corruption, criminality, and abuses of Chavez and his party at this and other forums and blogs. I have been roundly attacked, but as I have also stated repeatedly, not one attacker has even bothered to check my facts or attempt to prove them wrong. It boils down to ad hominem attacks on me because I dare question their hero and no more. Really pathetic, in my view, and those who act like this lose a lot of respect in my eyes. If one wishes to attack one of my strongly held convictions, one had better have good ammunition and hard evidence, something better than propaganda and feel-good wishful thinking to back them up. If the attacker has that, I will listen with respect and admiration and if they are right, I will acknowledge that gracefully and gratefully. I like it when someone sets me straight.

It may interest you to know that my comments are not published at because I don't support Chavez. They are also heavily censored or not published on a couple of Venezuelan liberal/democratic anti-Chavez sites because I do not unequivocally support the US. Go figure. I've lived in both countries and I'm pretty hard to fool anymore.

Today, Sunday Nov. 24th, is an election day in Venezuela: elections for state governors, legislatures, and big city mayors. Fear rules the streets and airwaves today more than usual, as the opposition candidates are expected to make a strong showing, despite Chavez forbidding several hundred from being on the ballot. The oppo candidates are not strong or particularly impressive, but just like in the last two US Federal elections, they don't need to be; they can win because the majority is voting against Chavez' people and their incompetence and blatant corruption; they are not voting for anyone, they are sick of the lies and want a change.

Hugo has already repeatedly threatened to mobilize the military if the opposition wins important state governorships, and stated publicly on TV that he already had the jail cell ready for Manuel Rosales, who had the gall to run against him for president in 2006. That's the tip of the iceberg, and people are scared of what the madman and his thugocracy will do if they lose. Both of those terms are used advisedly and with good reason. With Venezuelan crude below $40/bbl they are desperate and broke; anything at all could happen and people's best hope is that the military would refuse to follow orders to create an open dictatorship.

Likely you know none of this, not one bit of it, nor do you have any idea what has been going on in Venezuela for the past ten years. Being generous, I would surmise that your opinion is formed by one or two pro-Chavez documentaries from 2003 and some pro-Chavez magazine and blog articles. As I have some respect for you and your intellect, I can only assume this to be the case, because if you knew what I do and still supported Chavez you would be no better than the evil or ignorant ones who still support GW Bush. Chavez is definitely not a better person than GW, you have my solemn word on that. Bush is much more a puppet and tool than Hugo Chavez is; Chavez is much more dangerous because he is slightly more intelligent and a lot more sly and cynically manipulative.

So prove me wrong, please. But don't impugn my intelligence or my honor. I am fully on the side of the angels, and from this vantage it's quite clear to me who the enemy is.


m_astera said...


Well said, marxist-socialist, and I would much rather read your own thoughts than cut and paste "news".

Unfortunately, there is no evidence, that I am aware of, of such a change to benefit the workers having ever occurred. Looking back over just the past two centuries: The French Revolution "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" was instigated by the followers of the Jew turned Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, funded by the Rothschild bankers. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were also paid by the Rothchilds, and their writings were published, distributed, and promoted by that same family. All well-known socialist and communist movements and revolutions to date have been funded and promoted by the same bankers, including the Bolshevik Revolution, that of Chairman Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and the list goes on. They have also financed and promoted most of the fascist revolutions and dictatorships, notably the National Socialists in Europe from the 1920's up to 1945, and have controlled the USA and its domestic and foreign policy since their takeover of the central bank in 1913.

So I don't hold out much hope for any sort of worker's paradise resulting from marxist-socialist ideals, based on past evidence.

A further problem I have is with the entire concept of centralized government control. I have experienced nothing of good from government in my life and don't expect that to change. Government is a parasitic and criminal class that claims a monopoly on force. I am no fan of corporations and think the very concept should be banished, but traditionally the corporation has had a product to sell; government doesn't even have that.

If I could make a suggestion? To broaden your understanding of history and government, I would recommend that you read Our Enemy the State by Albert Nock. Nock was a gentleman and an erudite scholar who wrote the book in the 1930s. Although rather formal in his approach, his style is quite readable and entertaining. You will likely learn a lot of new things from the book, and if not will at least have a new viewpoint, even if you disagree with it. Our Enemy the State can be found free online.

I would also like to give an example of life under the most enduring Marxist-socialist state of our time, Cuba under Castro. If you had been born in Cuba in 1958 when Castro came to power and lined the leaders of the former government up on the beach and shot them dead, you would be fifty years old this year.

During your lifetime you would not have left the island unless you were on approved government business and with your family members kept hostage on the island to ensure your good behavior. You would not have a passport. All of the radio and TV that you had listened to or read would have been government approved or propaganda, all of the books as well. Any variance from this would have meant risking your freedom or your life. Most of your clothes and your food would have been issued to you; where you went to school, how long, and what you studied would have been decided for you. What your occupation was, where you worked, and what you were paid would have been dictated as well.

Is this what you would call a "real democratic economic system in favor of workers"? This is exactly how the Soviet Union, North Korea, Red China, Vietnam, and all other marxist-socialist-communist states in world history have operated as well. They have also all been dominated by a wealthy and privileged ruling elite to whom the rules didn't apply.

My vision of the evolution of human society and culture is quite at variance with the above. I believe in personal freedom and responsibility, with the family and local community having the most power and influence, the power and influence decreasing rapidly as one approaches the more centralized aspects of government. Any centralized government functionaries should have to come begging to the local community for support, and the local community should feel free to ignore any rulings of the central government with which they disagree, or remove themselves entirely from association with such government should they so choose.

This is quite a different ideal than what you are proposing, and I don't see how the two can be reconciled. It's quite clear to me in which system I'd rather live; how about you?

Anonymous said...

That you close your considerations of socialism because of (in your view) failed socialist regimes indicates to me your ‘strongly held convictions’ may be as godsend’s 'strongly held convictions'- rote.
I appreciate your comments here; beautifully constructed, entertaining and well, just a good read but I, like most here are able to place them in their proper context. For me that would be fluffy with cherry picked ‘real facts’ but unconvincing upon closer examination.
So, please realise the above and keep up the good work.
ps. to prove you wrong (or anyone else for that matter) is far from my position in life. You must find these things out for yourself and try not to impose 'your' propaganda on others. If you are as ‘intelligent’ as you feel you are this will happen.
pps. And don’t forget when you say angels are on your team- Lucifer and his ilk are angels. You have much in common with godsend.

Anonymous said...

M ASTERA: my friend, try not to get your info about Venezuela from reactionary sources, they right B.S. about Venezuela.

For real information about Venezuela go to and

These are good sources of information about Venezuela.

Venezuela right now is the most democratic nation of this world. And Hugo Chavez who is not perfect is the most democratic leader of this world, along with Castro, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa.

Trust me, don't get any info about what's happening in Venezuela from corporate news. Corporate news are a big RAPE on our dignity and soul !!

I'd rather be raped by a hoarde of barbarians than by corporate news.


Anonymous said...

Manuel Rosales is a criminal !!

Anonymous said...

How come americans love right-wing ideology so much !! any reformist populist in this country is labeled as a "dictator". hahaha. When the real dictators are Israel and USA who kill millions of people on a regular basis!!

How can USA be a free loving democratic country when it constantly bombs people and has the largest population of this world behind bars !! Jezuz !!

Lots of people in this country have a distorted definition of what dictatorship is. Because USA and Israel are real dictatorships, but according to most americans USA and Israel are "free democracies" hahaha.

How confused american citizens are !!

Stop watching CNN nightly news !!

And start watching Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez and Ralph Nader, and Free Speech TV !!

This country needs a dosage of detox !!

Anonymous said...

m antera: here is an article so that you can document your self a lot better about the real *direct democracy* going on in Venezuela. I am not lying about Venezuela. I am not inventing stuff about Venezuela. All i say is backed by scientific, rational, moralist sources such as Noam Chomsky, alternative sites such as etc. So if the Left and progressive people love Chavez, they are right, and if you hate Chavez you are wrong and confused and better check better on what is going on in Venezuela. Because from what i read you have a very *distorted* version of what is going on there:

Venezuelan Direct Democracy � The case of the Consejos Comunales

Michael Albert and Adam Gill - ZNet
Source (Text):
Source (URL):

In 2004, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez created a movement named the consejos comunales (communal councils) aimed at creating more responsive local governance by handing local budgetary and legislative power to the councils. This movement was seen by Chavez as one of the most important of the five motors of the �Bolivarian Revolution' in that they should influence policy from the grassroots upwards. Great interest in the councils was evident between 2004 and 2007 in that thousands formed quickly and $5 Billion was given to them during this period. Communal banks are a pre-requisite to receiving funds from the government so as to avoid clientalistic relationships of dependency.

Local councils have the power to vote on issues directly affecting their community and have used this to make significant changes. Major improvements have included building social housing and repairing roads. The local councils are formed with 200-400 families with members aged 15 and above and have an executive council and representatives of groups within the community.

I asked Michael Albert if he might be able to offer his opinion on this movement in Venezuela.


What do you feel the role of the Communal Councils is strategically and politically?

Well, I believe they are partly intended, in the present, to push forward the whole revolutionary process by increasing current participation, raising consciousness, etc.

But I also believe that for a great many folks in Venezuela, both inside and outside the government, the councils are the evolving infrastructure of a new polity. The idea is that people should govern their own lives, and in that context local councils are the proposed vehicle for doing it. As such, they are intended to become an alternative to rather than just being an adjunct to local governments of mayors and governors and the like.

Would you say the councils have created social change or more that their energies are being pulled in other directions?

I don't feel very equipped to answer this question, and I am not entirely sure, in any case, what you mean by "other directions." I can judge only from a very great difference and based on talks with only a limited number of people what the councils are up to.

My impression, and it is tentative, is that the councils are a vast and evolving experiment and project, by no means final in form and by no means fully up to speed, but coming along, though many problems still exist. First, for example, there is a population which - like our population in the U.S - has almost zero experience prior to this experiment with serious democracy much less participatory self management. So the councils and their members are learning in practice, and for many people that has ups and downs. But second, and less benign, there are obstacles as well having to do not only with past habits or current doubts, but also with real opposition, as in local governing and corporate elites not wanting this experiment to work.

Venezuela seems to me to be uniquely seeking a gigantic revolution in structures and relations - not just economically but also politically, socially, culturally - all non violently and even without much confrontation, none provoked by the agents of change. That is historically ambitious, to say the least.

So in one corner you have corporate media continuing, and corporate ownership in many realms, and governors and mayors and whatnot from the prior history of the country, all also still in place, nearly all still hoping to resurrect that prior history. In the other corner you have the Bolivarian activists, and Chavez, and a large proportion of the non elite population, instead trying to escape that past into something fundamentally new.

Venezuala is, in other words, a daily economic, political, social, and cultural cauldron of experiment and opposition - and thus a site of intense struggle. Or that is how I see Venezuela, at any rate, and in that context the local communal councils are partly a tool of the struggle but are also partly seeds of a new future being built in the present.

Should Communal Councils be free of political party influence?

This depends, I think, on what you mean by party influence. So, for example, it wouldn't make sense to say there should be no party influence. Imagine a council with people in it, of course. Some people are in one party, some people are in another party. The parties they are in influence those people's desires (and vice versa). The people then bring their desires to the councils, so through their members the parties influence the councils as well. That much is fine, in my view. It would make no sense to say that shouldn't occur.

So, for example, there are councils in communities that are very Bolivarian, and they have views and aims quite like those of the Bolivarian revolution. There are other councils in communities that are opposed to Bolivarian projects, and those councils reflect those opposition views. The parties are in part carriers of the views and the people form parties, in turn, influence the councils.

On the other hand, I think you might mean should parties as entities be able to themselves direct or otherwise impact councils, other than by the fact of their members indirectly doing so. Here I think the answer is no, they should not be able to do that.

Your question is a bit like asking, in the U.S., should local government (just imagine, for the sake of the discussion, that it was actually grassroots and participatory) be in any way at all subject to instruction or control by political parties (other than being impacted by the local members of the community who happen to be in parties)? Well, of course it shouldn't, and ditto for Venezuela. A party should impact councils simply by impacting the population that composes the councils, but not by some sort of collective or structural authority.

Do you think that party influence and political movements still operate as clients of central governments?

I am not sure I understand this question. In Venezuela, at present, the Bolivarian revolution is very much a manifestation of the ideas and will of President Chavez. We might prefer that the movement had bubbled up, instead, from the population, and that Chavez was merely one among many carriers of their intentions - but that isn't the case. In fact, Chavez is constantly trying to impact what the population thinks and wants, not just to hear from it. The government is not only administering Venezuela, as it is seeking to use state power as a tool to build social involvement and activism. It is very unusual, of course.

So in that context, the recently created revolutionary party Chavez is in is certainly affected greatly by him, as are the social movements whose members typically consider him a repository of valuable ideas and plans, as is the government. Again, this is arguably not an optimal picture, and it is certainly an unusual one - a president seeking to build movements that will replace authorities, including the old government structures, including himself - at least that's the current agenda - throughout the country - but that is what is happening, or so it seems to me, from my admittedly limited contact.

Can the Communal Councils in your opinion, become the only form of local government in Venezuela? What obstacles do you perceive to be happening now and possibly in the future?

I certainly think that is possible, and that that is the goal, not just conceivable, at least in many people's minds, including in the relevant political ministries. I sat in offices and heard them explain their hopes for these councils becoming the seat of governing power throughout the country, describing the 50,000 councils that were needed - with about 30,000 currently formed - and describing the gains in confidence and methods also needed within the councils, and explaining that yes, these would be above majors and governors and even the President. So, yes, having them be the primary locus of government power is the aim. Might that aim be swept aside as a goal? Sure, it might. But it also might come true as a reality.

As Communal Councils are the constitutional embodiment of popular power in Venezuela, do you think President Ch�vez would respect this power if the popular mandate was against one of his policies?

I don't have to guess. He already has. And so have the most left Bolivarian mayors, for that matter. In contrast, of course, the opposition simply ignores democratic desires unless they happen to match the opposition's agenda.

A very Bolivarian Mayor, in response to my asking a similar question, described a long interaction with the communal councils in his town, overturning what he thought was a local priority and imposing, on him, a different agenda. He also described turning over to the council full control over the local government budget, not just a little part of it, so now he has to act their permission for projects, rather than vice versa.

As far as Chavez is concerned, for the most part so far there is no precise test because the local councils are addressing local issues, and Chavez pretty much stays out of that. But I asked your question in a slightly different form - what would happen if the councils proposed an electoral change Chavez didn't want. The answer was that their will would override his. And I see no reason, so far, to doubt it, because Chavez has given in to plebiscites and votes - which are far less seriously participatory then something decided in the councils would be, so why wouldn't he give in to institutions he is struggling so hard to empower? We don't know, but that is my guess.

What is the potential for the Communal Councils power in the future?

I believe their potential is to become the infrastructure of government in a transformed Venezuela. Whether there would even be such things as Mayors, Governors, etc., still existing in that case, I don't know. You would certainly various organizations and structures for political tasks, but perhaps not those particular ones. But if they did continue to exist, they would be subordinate, as some already are.

Do you think that we as Westerners, could learn from the Communal Council experience and is direct democracy the only or best way forward in local and even national politics in tackling local and global issues like global climate change and economic crises?

This is a big question but yes, of course I believe we could learn a tremendous amount from Venezuela, both about the struggle and in particular one way - not the only way - to wage it, and also about the goals, of course.

I know your emphasis here is on the councils, and they are critically important, I very much agree, and they are also arguably the part of the Bolivarian project that is most solidly and fully conceived, even as they are also still developing - but I would say there is also much to learn in other realms of society, too, and that dealing with economics and ecology has much to do with those other realms, not just the political structures.

Is Venezuela in a sense more progressive than other countries in terms of representation or could it be viewed that it is more historically tied to relationships of reliance politically and indeed on its extractive economy?

Of course it is greatly focused on oil, but I don't see how that is contrary to being more progressive. Rather, the oil revenues have created room to move, and provided a degree of protection, ironically, against incursions, on the one hand, but, agreed, on the other hand, they also impose complicated problems. I don't know what you are referring to when you say reliance politically - unless you mean on world exchange and, in the past, on the U.S. Well, yes, that is a history that matters but Venezuela is doing incredible things on that score too, seeking to not only diversify its international relations, but even to establish new structures and norms outside typical market logic.

In terms of the development of communes in Venezuelan communities and proposed networks of community ownership (as mentioned in the April 13th Mission), would you say that collective ownership could be one of the best ways to consolidate Socialism?

Well, yes and no. Getting rid of private ownership is certainly one important thing to do. But if you mean having collective ownership as in some group owning a workplace instead of some set of stockholders owning it - say the workforce or the surrounding community being the new owners - then, no, I don't honestly think that has much to do with real socialism.

Yes, to escape from capitalism includes escaping from stockholders owning workplaces and industries. That much is true enough. But to decide more than that, it depends what the aim is. If we would be satisfied with a new economy that didn't have private owners but in which the behavior of collective owners was still mediated by market competition and still driven by seeking their own personal profit - then the change you note to groups owning could be called critical to that overall goal.

But that isn't my goal, and from talking to people in many different venues in Venezuela, I don't think it is the most advanced Bolivarian goal, either. Rather, I think they want, as I want, an economy that seeks to fulfil and develop its citizens rather than to pit them against each other and, even more, an economy that is classless rather than still class divided. This would take time to discuss more fully, but I would say that moving away from any idea of ownership at all is critical, yes, but so too is escaping the logic of market competition, and also escaping the logic of corporate divisions of labor.

When interviewing someone very active in trying to transform a major workplace, an aluminium factory, he expressed a very similar perspective, arguing that getting rid of the old capitalist owners was a nice step forward but what would really indicate success was redefining the structure of work which meant not only democratizing it, but changing the division of labor so everyone could fully participate, and then also changing remuneration and the ties among workplaces.

What are the pros and cons of direct democracy over representative democracy in your opinion?

First I don't think our choice is all of one or all of the other. Suppose we want to attain as much as possible, short of silly perfectionism that costs way too much in time and effort, that each person in society has an influence on decisions in proportion as they are affected by them. If that is our aim then we will choose a mix of political structures and methods to attain it. The method - representative or direct - isn't the principle, it is self-management that is the principle. My expectation is that with that mindset we would likely sometimes utilize overwhelmingly local direct council decision making, but other times we might utilize, as well, recallable representatives, and sometimes something in between.

The Venezuelan government officials I have talked to lean in their preference, I think, even further toward decisions always being taken at the base than I do. They make that pretty much a principle, whereas I think it is a method, often worthy, but sometimes not really viable.

Suppose, for example, to be crass about it, that it turns out that in a revolutionized Bolivarian Venezuela there are just a couple of hundred national political decisions a year to be made. Okay, if so, maybe every one of those national legislative or executive decisions could be voted on in local councils by all citizens. But what if there are 10,000 such decisions that address the whole country? Then it seems rather obvious that you can't have every citizen voting on each issue. So the question arises, how do you delegate, or do other things, to best convey self-managing say in such circumstances.

What I think is arguably most exciting about Venezuela so far is that it is not doctrinaire. They don't think that if something is written somewhere, in some text, that that makes it so. They instead test ideas, learn from the results and refine their view. My guess is they will learn pretty quickly that you can't have everyone making every decision, and then they will adapt their structures to maintain participation and what I hope will be self management, given that reality.

Are the people better qualified to make the �right' decision when in the West we are taught to trust in our �leaders'?

Expert knowledge matters. But it should not convey excess votes in deciding outcomes. Suppose you and two friends are deciding on a restaurant. If someone knows something relevant about a possible place to go, it matters. The knowledgeable party will put it into the discussion. But you don't then all say, okay, since you had that knowledge, you get to decide. Rather you all cooperatively decide in light of the knowledge.

Why shouldn't the same hold true in a country. It makes no sense to say we should all together make decisions about what to invest in, or about most other matters, without paying very close attention to expert information. But, even so, there is no reason to give experts who provide useful information the right to make decisions for us.

So the polarity between consulting good insights and distributing influence among those affected is simply false. We can do both, and we should.

There have been reports of opposition groups, mayors and governors hindering the process of changes that the Communal Councils have made and have been reluctant to hand power to them too. How many mayors will obstruct the power transfer over the coming years and what will the PSUV do to manage this situation do you feel?

It is more than just reports. It is of course what the opposition does, period, and it is also the approach of most mayors and governors, as far as I can determine. The exceptions are exemplary, but are still few. They are mayors and governors who are organizing and facilitating their own loss of power and loss of elite standing whereas the folks you talk about are trying to instead obstruct new ways to preserve old ways.

To guess what will be done, from outside, is limited to a few simple observations, I think. So we can reasonably predict that the truly Bolivarian elements will keep trying to amass popular support and movement activism including growth of the councils, until whatever mayors and governors remain opposed to the transformation are simply voted out. That is the aim, I think, non violent and largely non confrontational. But what happens if mayors of governors resist and try to subvert change even more aggressively, preventing elections or cheating, and so on? I don't know. But as long as Chavez is pursuing the Bolivarian agenda and is President, there are many tools a the disposal of change.

How, do you imagine the opposition will position itself as a movement if the only way to change local issues is in forming Communal Councils?

In some places it will, as it has already, form such councils and dominate them and try to use them to get outcomes it favors. That is a kind of struggle that is going to proceed for some time to come, even in best case scenarios, I think. But I think there is a bigger issue because I don't think the opposition can succeed in this type contest, in the long run. So the bigger aim they will have, if they are to persist, is to get Chavez out of office and if need be, as they have already tried, to do that by coup, or by external intervention, so as to prevent a democratic process from unfolding.

Will the electoral battles serve to break down the opposition through education or fuel the anti-Ch�vez sentiment?

I think without greatly increased U.S. intrusion, the opposition will steadily crumble. Honestly, I do not see them, perhaps I am wrong in this but it is my impression, as the real abiding problem for the Bolivarian revolution. Rather, the problem is the U.S., or the opposition as a vehicle for the U.S., on the one hand, and also, the possibility of devolution of the revolution from within (which might look superficially like the opposition growing, but it would really be the revolution losing its roots).

If communities of opposition Communal Councils grow and form opinions that are against the government, do you think that they too would be listened to and respected as equally as those who tow the party line?

That is the formulation that is in place, yes, true participation and true democracy, and I believe it would be followed, at least so far. But you have to be careful in what it means. If there is some council in some neighborhood or region which says we are entitled to own the oil below the ground here, or own the aluminium factory that sits here, or whatever, then no, that won't be abided, nor should it be, because it affects everyone and most everyone will be on the other side of the issue.

Take the mainstream media. It represents, I think, a relatively small sector of the population, yet it monopolizes the flow of information and entertainment. Some people think that democracy and participation means the elites who run media, own it, bias it, should be free to do what they choose. Well, that isn't my view - I think a democratic media isn't one that is overwhelmingly dominated by the will of a small percent of the population. In this case, I suspect, though I don't know, that the Bolivarian revolution doesn't for a minute think the reactionary and vile media manipulators who routinely lie to the population, deserve to control so much wealth and information. Rather, I suspect Chavez and his allies are so wedded to a non violent and a participatory approach, that they do not want to provoke even the appearance of any divergence from that path.

So the point is that so far, not only do opposition groups get heard, but they get heard disproportionately much more than they ought to, even when they demonstrably serve only narrow interests.

Is there a culture of follow me or have not?

I have no idea what you are asking with this question, sorry.

Some of the people I have interviewed in Venezuela feel that the national government is using Communal Councils and the proposed communes to do the jobs that they cannot persuade local mayors to do for them. Linked to this is that some people feel that the Communal Councils are a way that central government can �keep an eye on' movements in Venezuela.

This too I asked a lot of question about. The first point is odd and moot, I think. Asking the population of an area, and that is what the local councils are, to pursue some course that their mayor and governor are obstructing is not misusing the councils, but is, instead, simply overcoming autocracy. So that is okay. Using the councils to keep watch on things is a bit different. That could be horribly, a kind of foreshadowing of police intrusion. But there is, as I was constantly told, another side to the issue in a country where external intrusion is also possible. So reasonable people can disagree. I would not like to see this aspect utilized much, if at all, but others would say with free speech and free press and such oversight only looking for external coup planning, it is worth doing.

Do you feel that Communal Councils are a more secure form of local politics for the PSUV than mayors and is there a surveillance element to their role?

I think they are a vastly better form for local politics because I think they foreshadow real political self management. The councils are the local population. That the councils hear about a bad thing and try to fix it is okay. That they do it as a kind of assignment carried out for the national government, in my opinion, would not itself be a bad thing. Whatever this is happening, or to what extent, I don't know.

How can the Communal Councils overcome these obstacles especially due to the fact that although some mayors may wear red on the outside, they certainly do not act in line with the PSUV?

Ok Michael, thank you for your time and valuable insight into such an interesting and rich movement. I do however have just one final question; what do you believe is the future for the Communal Councils taking into account the benefits and also the obstacles facing the movement?

Adam Gill is a PhD researcher at the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Liverpool, UK. His research focuses on direct democracy in Venezuela, especially in the Communal Council movement.


nobody said...

Hey m_astera,

I'm having trouble putting together a picture of you that makes sense.

Regardless of what the topic is, you're always looking to turn the subject to the alleged wickedness of Chavez. I say 'alleged' since you've never offered anything by way of links, or proof, or anything. Just assertions and anecdotes. Well that's not quite true. One of your points was out and out urban legend, indeed it was one of the greatest urban legends of all time. I called you on it at Nina's and was met with a resounding silence.

I don't know about you but the irony is just killing me. Here, amongst accusing people of being ad hominem and other infamies, you assert that you're not that easy to fool. Well, maybe you are? Or maybe you ain't. Maybe we are? Or maybe we ain't. Who can tell who's doing what? It's a funny old world.

But I'm not too interested in disputing your facts, such as they are. What bugs me is what's absent in your diatribes. It's this hole that has me wondering. And what's missing is any variety of preface to your attacks. There's no: 'I used to be a fan of Chavez but...'; or 'Like most people I started out believing but slowly became disillusioned...'; or 'Considering the history of Venezuela his revolution held a lot of promise but...' But - there's nothing. If I was writing you as a character into a script I'd insert a line of dialogue like one of the above to make you more believeable and more sympathetic. The disillusioned believer, kind of thing. But you ain't that character.

I'll concede that it's possible you've been bagging Chavez out for so long, here, there, and everywhere, that you got bored with this repetitive prefacing of your attacks. But then again your attacks are precisely this repetitive and that doesn't seem to stop you in the slightest.

And then we add that to your fling against Rosie for questioning Obama and the going gets even weirder. Apparently she'd lobbed in from nowhere, was off-topic, was accused ad hominem of being some variety of McCain shill, and was then asked what the hell she was doing here. Hmm... pops in from nowhere, was off-topic, attacks liberal hero, resembles right-wing shill. Geez, irony ain't it! We look up 'pots and kettles' in hyperdictionary and we get a link to here!

I won't even mention your bizarre doth-protest-too-much attack on everything and everyone gay at the origami page. Nor your perplexing social darwinist screeds against the poor that I found in some other forum (forget which).

It's possible I'll make Nina unhappy here which is unfortunate since she's a pretty cool chick. She seems to have a picture of you that makes sense. But I don't. I read you mate, and I shake my head. I can't figure out who the hell you are.

Anonymous said...

Actually I am rather partial to Mr Chavez.
I love watching the verbal two fingers at the great Satan.
I love watching American knickers getting in a twist when a couple of antique Russian bombers land in Venezuela or they offer to play 'warships'.
I particularly like him offering cheap fuel to the American poor.
If that makes me a shrill - of any description - so be it.
I must just repeat though - my vote, had I had one, would have gone to Ralph Nader - every past election too.
One thing for sure. With all the vast numbers of Americans lining up to be reduced to utter poverty - all the oil in Venezuela won't help.
No doubt there will be dumb Americans who will believe Messrs Chavez and Putin are responsible for all the problems of the world -I think even the really dumb can scarcely believe in Obama bin Laden -oops - any more.

m_astera said...


If you have something to say, say it. I don't see anyone else here posting long cut and paste screeds. I am only too well aware of the liberal bias towards Chavez IN THE USA. Did you read my post? I have read all of this before; I am saying it is lies. Is that clear? Are you going to post a Steven Lendman piece next?

The communal councils are not working well in Venezuela; as I've heard and seen nothing from them for over a year, I'd say they are a non-issue, as are the Misiones Robinson, the co-ops, the free housing for the poor, and the Cuban-staffed clinics. They were all used for personal publicity and then dropped. They are irrelevant or gone at this point.

I have no problem at all with Hugo Chavez' populist share the oil wealth words. I think they are great, but words are all they are and have been. If he even attempted 10% of what he says, I would support him 1000%. I've said that before and I'll probably say it again. All of it is and has been a lie; he has one goal and one only: to remain in charge of Venezuela for his lifetime, by any means possible. Now, please go back and read what I wrote about Cuba and Castro and address what I was asking you in your own words. I am already fully familiar with the pro-Chavez propaganda, thank you very much. I live in Venezuela right now and have for years; I read the papers and walk the streets and talk to people. Those who still support Chavez are in two categories: those getting rich off the corruption, and those still hoping for a share of it. That is what it has devolved to at this point. Chavez has been in power for ten years now, with unprecedented oil profits, and the poor are still waiting for their share. That is why the people of Caracas voted in an opposition alcaldia mayor in yesterday's election, and why in five or six of the most populist states, the opposition won the governorship and the mayors offices, also yesterday.

Any more spam will be completely ignored; your own words and personal experience, on the other hand, will be given careful consideration.

m_astera said...


Regardless of what the topic is, you're always looking to turn the subject to the alleged wickedness of Chavez. I say 'alleged' since you've never offered anything by way of links, or proof, or anything. Just assertions and anecdotes. Well that's not quite true. One of your points was out and out urban legend, indeed it was one of the greatest urban legends of all time. I called you on it at Nina's and was met with a resounding silence."

So all you can come up with is a supposed urban legend that was in the midst of a long list of other things? Well, I guess I don't follow urban legends so I don't know much about them, but as a matter of fact I did reply to you. I said that is what a friend told me and I had no backup on it. That same friend told me about the man being shot in front of his apartment and lying there in a pool of blood for hours. He watched that, the other was something he had heard.

As for turning every subject to the wickedness of Chavez, is that intentional hyperbole? I mentioned Chavez because the poster marxist-socialist was going on about Lenin and the worker's state etc. None of the points in my comment were addressed in her reply. Not one.

You can't quite figure me out? Not that I care, but try this: I post the truth based on personal experience and the best information I can put together. I don't care whose toes I step on, the truth is what matters to me. Chavez is a lie, a walking lie, as is Marxism, and Leninism, and women's "liberation", and gay "rights". Not because I have any problem with the concepts of freedom and equal rights but because those concepts have been used as tools to divide and destroy us.

I don't like lies and I don't like the way the evil controllers of this world use lies and propaganda to manipulate people, using their best instincts and qualities against them. So far you seem to be one who accepts the lies at face value, and can't be bothered to do the due diligence. Well, I can't be bothered to give my entire history and lines of reasoning and research behind every statement I make. My posts are already too long; if you would disagree with me, spend a little time with a google search at least. In my post above I wrote that Chavez had said on national TV that he already had the jail cell ready for Manuel Rosales. Luckily for Rosales, he won the mayoral election yesterday so Chavez will not easily be able to jail him. Did I make that up? Have I made up any of the easily proven or disproven things like that I have written? You will never know, will you, as long as you prefer laziness to fact checking? It's so much easier to attack me personally than to check my facts.

Here's link, that I have posted before, if you would like a reasonably clear picture of Venezuela today:

I don't come close to agreeing with all of Daniel's viewpoints, but he is generally open to disagreement. There are any number of links to other sites there too, should you desire education rather than self-satisfied ignorance.

Hugo Chavez is small potatoes. He is no threat to the world at large, he's simply an uneducated narcissist who discovered the Marxist shtick while in prison for attempting a violent coup against the elected president of Venezuela in 1992. He is immensely boring and small-minded, but you aren't likely to figure that out as you are too intellectually lazy to bother.

Your post, the one I am replying to, did not address one single issue that I raised in my comment, nor, as noted, did the reply from marxist-socialist. I do my best to write from verifiable facts and personal experience. Opinions, on the other hand, are like assholes, or so they say.

m_astera said...


That's it? My argument is about "failed socialist regimes"? Comparing me to a religious fanatic? "Cherry picked fluff", none of which you can be bothered to refute? Try not to impose my propaganda on others??? And ending with a lame dig about Lucifer.

One, two, three replies and not one word addressing a single thing I wrote. How sad. How totally fucking disappointingly sad.


m_astera said...

I don't know if any of the three replies I just wrote went through. Doesn't appear so from this end. In case they didn't:

marxist-socialist: I don't get any of my information from the MSM. I don't watch TV and haven't for over twenty years. I live in Venezuela.

m_astera said...

Rosie it appears I owe you an apology. I had you pegged as a McCain supporter, and I had not read any posts where you wrote that you would have voted for Nader. My choice would not have been Nader, but rather "none of the above", however I do apologize for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Condolences for your sorrow m_

Anonymous said...

i just wrote a whole speach about our countrys and my opinions but aparently my views on politics are illigal because they wont let me post what i have to say so much for freedom of speach i just was writing about our loss of freedoms and as if to prove my point the damn computer wouldnt let me post my coments apparently saying the truth is illigal please visit my blog world gone mad som,e of you might share my oppinions i know Anonymous will it is time for us to break the chain and stop our freedoms from being taken away if u feel as i do, add some coments and tell me what you think we are heading toward living in a controlled society,WE ARE living in a controlled society acts of terror fabricated to make you more docile and to stop you from asking why if my country is in economic crisis why is the governtment pouring you money into (freeing the iraqi people)duh its all about money greed and power thats what our system has become the people we ut into power to make decisions for us can nolonger be trusted to make the decisions that influence billion of people inside and outside of our country.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE my rite to freedom of speach was just breached when (URL contains illegal character)appears when i speak my mind,the truth they do not want you to know.i especially would like to speak to you ANONYMOUS you at least seem to be noticing the truth feel free to read my blog Dead tire of doing nothing you might like it but if not then...oh well its the truth.

Anonymous said...

also read my blog freedom of speach not enabled

Anonymous said...

who cares who voted for who you all voted wrong

Anonymous said...

m_astera, on Petri Dish you said the following at different places in your recent posts:

“I've had and still have plenty of "gay" friends and acquaintances, male and female. I've worked with them, been roommates with them, hung out at the bar with them, camped at the beach with them.”

“As I said, I have been around. I have seen a whole lot of the seamy side of the world, the really seamy side . . . .”

“For some reason the lesbians don't get into that sort of true degradation; the male queers do. I know this stuff, OK? I'm not coming from ignorance.”

“Get this straight: I used to think homosexuality was just fine and dandy. My life experience has proven that belief naive. The actions of the queers and dykes I have known and been around has convinced me that they are largely VERY FUCKED UP. Experience, y'know? LOTS of experience. Much more than I care to dwell upon, and much of it of such a quality that even would probably censor it.”

So, in your past and/or your present you have had, and may still have, two groups of gay acquaintances . . .

There’s one set that you do quiet, vanilla stuff with,

and there is apparently another group (who are specifically, in your words, “male queers”) with whom you have done in the past and perhaps still do things that are by your description: “Seamy, really seamy, true degradation, VERY FUCKED UP [your caps], and of a such a quality that even would probably censor it.”

How did you, or how do you, have those experiences with male queers without being homosexual (or possibly bisexual) yourself?


Anonymous said...

m astera:















How come poverty-index levels decreased in Venezuela from 50% to 30%?

I would like you to refute me how come Poverty Index levels have decreased in Venezuela?

And Poverty Index Levels statistics are backed by scientific-studies, not emotions !!

On the "dictatorship" claim about Hugo Chavez that is not true.

Here is the definition of dictatorship from The Political Dictionary:

Political Dictionary: dictatorship
Home > Library > History, Politics & Society > Political Dictionary

In modern usage, absolute rule unrestricted by law, constitutions, or other political or social factors within the state. The original dictators, however, were magistrates in ancient Italian cities (including Rome) who were allocated absolute power during a period of emergency. Their power was neither arbitrary nor unaccountable, being subject to law and requiring retrospective justification. There were no such dictators after the beginning of the second century bc, however, and later dictators such as Sulla and the Roman emperors conformed more to our image of the dictator as an autocrat and near-despot.

In the twentieth century the existence of a dictator has been a necessary and (to some) definitive component of totalitarian regimes: thus Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany, and Mussolini's Italy were generally referred to as dictatorships. In the Soviet case the very word and idea of dictatorship were legitimized by Marx's idea of the historical necessity of a ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ which would follow the revolution and eradicate the bourgeoisie.

— Lincoln Allison

Anonymous said...

ya know les, yu gonna step up to de plate or not!

Please don't waste...


Anonymous said...

This blog is soooooo beginning to suck and that aint normaal stuff, u gonna fix it Les or what...dont waste my mind...


Anonymous said...

All sorts come here mate- even me.
If a poster gets my goat I just skip over their subsequent posts. It'll settle.
Personally I wouldn't like to see you not posting here. I enjoy your stuff.

nobody said...

Thanks m_

The picture sharpens.

Anonymous said...

Les, i had said i would post a final response to m_astera and tony on Petri Dish at the end of the thread for "Somewhere over the Rainbow Lies the Land of the Khmer Rouge," and it's there.


Anonymous said...

love your blog good stuff

Anonymous said...

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If George W. Bush did murder Kanye West’s mother, would it constitute a hate crime?


“George W. Bush murdered the Jewish former Senator—Paul Wellstone” (Retrieved December 10, 2008, from This Internet site has a lot of information indicating that George W. Bush murdered Wellstone.

“Bush’s visit to Israel is under the guise of Middle East peace. You gotta be kidding me! Bush is THE MASTER ARCHITECT of Middle East war, not peace. . . . Bush didn’t go to Israel because he likes Israelis or like Jews, nope, he went there because he hates them. He went there to spread his message of doom, war, pain and death” (Storm Bear. (2008, January 10). PROOF: George W Bush Is An Anti-Semite! Retrieved November 23, 2008, from

“‘We have a president who was selected rather than elected. He stole the presidency through family ties, arrogance and intimidation, employing Republican operatives to exercise the tactics of voter fraud by disenfranchising thousands of blacks, elderly Jews and other minorities’” (Barbra Streisand at Retrieved November 26, 2008, from

“A new book out today quotes George W. Bush back in 1993 as saying: ‘You know what I’m gonna tell those Jews when I get to Israel, don’t you Herman? I’m telling ‘em they’re all going to hell’” (Posted by Terry Olson. (2006, September 5). The anti-Semite and the agnostic: George W. Bush and Karl Rove. OlsonOnline. Retrieved November 23, 2008, from

“It’s now official: the Bush family wealth is linked to the Jewish Holocaust” (Retrieved November 2, 2008, from

“Bush Family Are Nazi” (Retrieved November 2, 2008, from

“How the Bush Family Helped Hitler Kill 6 Million Jews” (Retrieved November 2, 2008, from

“But now the multibillion dollar legal action for damages by two Holocaust survivors against the Bush family, and the imminent publication of three books on the subject are threatening to make Prescott Bush’s business history an uncomfortable issue for his grandson, George W. . . .” (Retrieved November 2, 2008, from

Assuming that George W. Bush did in fact murder the Jewish former Senator—Paul Wellstone, would Bush have committed a hate crime? Bush would have “purposefully” (criminal-law terminology) murdered Wellstone. Wellstone’s Jewish wife and Jewish daughter also died in the plane crash. Bush would have “knowingly” (criminal-law terminology) murdered Wellstone’s wife and daughter. However, would Bush’s murders of Wellstone’s Jewish wife and Jewish daughter also have constituted hate crimes?

Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
Messiah College, Grantham, PA
Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993




Zionism, 9/11 and The War on Terror Hoax

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