Saturday, November 15, 2008

The United Nations of New Jersusalem and The Empire of Zog.

It’s been two years now since the attacks in Houston and Seattle. Then, a month later, Denver was gone as well. Even I found it hard to get my head around what happened. As for the American people, well, they couldn’t process it at all; Muslims rounded up and necklaced with tires on city and suburban streets... burning in the dark nights of the American outrage. All it took was to tell them that Iran was behind it and then Iran was gone too. There isn’t much news out of what’s left of the Middle East these days. No one knows what’s going on there.

In the early days there was some pretty fierce resistance but it didn’t come to much. Executive order 525 put an end to most of it after it became law to kill the entire families and all known associates of anyone caught fighting back. Then came Bloggernacht and the public executions of anyone convicted of terror-speech. The arrival of the IDF and its merger with Blackwater and the New American Army put ‘shoot to kill’ storm troopers on every street corner. The bounty paid to children for informing on their parents, with food and fuel so scarce, was a crackerjack idea. No one knows what happened to those informed on. They just disappeared.

The assassination of President Obama and the vice president, during their sit-down in Cyprus with Amadinejad, well, that was just icing on the cake. No one much questioned Nancy Pelosi’s stepping down in favor of Rahm Emanuel. It all seemed like a perfectly natural progression. Congress passed the necessary laws and The Supreme Court did what they had to do. Seeing it on the news it made perfect sense the way it was explained. Most of America just bowed their heads and thanked their lucky stars that they were allowed to live on their knees instead of being machine-gunned on their feet. Not too many people were wearing boots anyway. Boots and balls were about as prominent as passenger vehicles on the highways.

I remember when Bennie Netanyahoo arrived for the big reception and state dinner three months into President Rahm’s term. I guess ‘term’ isn’t the right word since it was left pretty open ended after the investiture. Hearing Netanyahoo speak and then listening to the way the newscasters and opinion makers framed it, it seemed reasonable that everyone who wasn’t a Zionist or an Israeli should have to dress according to their particular creeds and affiliations. You got used to seeing Christians with those big yellow crosses stitched across their chests. I’m sure they were glad just to still have Jesus, even if Jesus wasn’t God any more but only the bastard son of a whore who was born in excrement as The Holy Talmud explains it.

It was much, much worse for the Muslims. They were pretty much all shipped off to the Middle East to work on The Great Wall of Israel that is going to encircle all of the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. A lot of them were killed by the Israel/American Defense Force or by mobs.

A number of European countries followed the lead of the U.K. and publicly acknowledged that it was world destiny that Israel should rule the Unified Nations of the New Jerusalem. Still... a lot of countries held out and are continuing to, despite the daily terror attacks that are being blamed on anyone who is standing in the way of world unification. By this time though, everyone who is holding out knows who is responsible and there are places that the terror squads don’t go even in the day time. Most of the problem is with the sympathetic police and military personnel who operate as spies and saboteurs within the ranks of the armies of resistance. Thank god for Putin and Russia and also for the eastern half of New China and various parts of India and Pakistan.

I moved to Russia with my family and some friends soon after Houston and Seattle blew up. The writing on the wall was clear to me, as clear as it was on the day I heard candidate Bush speak for the first time and resolved that I would leave the United States. I don’t know what happened to the part of Italy where I used to live, maybe nothing. I just don’t know.

For some reason, there haven’t been any major nuclear attacks since the shit hit the fan after Denver went. Israel got toasted a lot worse than they expected by Iran and Syria. It made sense that any Israeli, or anyone claiming to be, was given instant American citizenship and then installed into official government positions to secure the Homeland. The way it was explained was that no one could do it better and since that time it’s become apparent to the American people that Israel is a superior nation/race and that things work a lot better for everyone when cooperation is forthcoming.

Somehow news still finds its way around through a patched together internet that often operates on the run. It’s an automatic death sentence in the occupied countries to have a computer or internet connectivity unless it’s government sanctioned.

It was a smart idea on the part of the Israeli government to confer Zionist status on the willing. Not everyone was allowed but anyone who was wealthy and white; who had a reputation as a former sympathizer, anyone who had helped in the transition or given testimony that led to the execution of important enemies, or had generally been useful or loyal and who had value was allowed to wear the coveted ZOG patch on their right shoulder. This brought perks that are undreamed of in these days by the ordinary citizen who’s lucky if they get enough to eat.

Russia is doing pretty well. There’s food and fuel and life can look pretty normal on a given day. There’s a war on though. Russian and Chinese soldier are fighting the New Jerusalem forces in Canada. I don’t know what happened to Japan and Korea but you see some of them around now and again in Russian uniforms. There’s a good amount of infiltration into New Jerusalem and you hear about the killing of highly placed Zionists on a regular basis. We’re told that resources are scarce for the most part in New Jerusalem territories and they can’t wage the kind of war they would like to.

Africa is a no man’s land with armies of every stripe battling it out. Small nuclear devices were going off on a regular basis which turned out to be a bad idea since now a lot of Africa can’t be entered into at all; so much for those resources. This may be why there’s been an unspoken moratorium on nuclear weapons. There’s not much point in winning a war when there’s nowhere left to live.

I hear people say that the whole appearance of Russia on the one side and the United Nations of the New Jerusalem on the other is just a blind and that Putin and Chairman Netanyahoo have certain understandings. Netanyahoo is a God now and people worship him in the Talmudic temples that began to appear everywhere there was enough firepower to protect them. Putin’s been a little better about that and even though it’s a bad idea to say anything negative about the government here, life, as I said, is pretty normal. I live near The Black Sea in what used to be Bulgaria so I’ve got it better than most. Apparently Putin was an occasional reader of my blog back when I used to do that and he granted me and mine a really nice location in an old resort hotel. I met him a couple of times and I’ve got to say I like him.

Now and then someone manages to make it here. God knows how they did it. You should hear some of the stories. So... our little community has grown. I don’t think about the future much; just take it one day at a time. I guess I always knew it was going to come to something like this. A lot of us tried to warn people but you know how that goes.

There’s a lot of talk now about 2012. It seems to be a spontaneous thing that started to go around like when people used to do ‘the wave’ in ballparks. Something big is coming. You can feel it. There have been constant reports of lights in the sky and occasionally you will see people snake dancing in cities and towns when you turn on the TV. It reminds me of something I once read in a book called “Childhood’s End”. I don’t remember it that well now. Something’s coming. I just hope that this time it’s something good.

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Anonymous said...

Will here-Hi Les -Criminy-that's prescient.
Like "Vandenberg" -(Oliver Lang)
Hey hope you liked my stuff at C&C, maybe doing articles there will get me membership in that roundup you're speaking of?
You're projecting forward, dread you being right, but...wont be surprised.
unity in opposition to ZOG will succeed

kenny said...

Your latest screenplay has potential.
I'm lining up Martin Scorsese to direct.
I'm thinking Mel Gibson early in the movie but he will have to die off after a few stereotypical zog rants.
I may even play Rahm myself since I look so much like him.
We'll wait awhile to get started so we can use realistic on location shoots.

Yours truly,
Ari Emanuel

Anonymous said...

Wanted to add-since am in Seattle area might be one of the lucky ones, huh?

Visible said...

Ari (Kenny) I've got Harvey on the other line. He's says Weinstein films is in for the production costs and Marty's definitely the guy they want to direct too because of all the gritty scenes. He likes the idea of killing Mel off but he wants a real hammer and tongs affair. They're looking at Jeff Goldblum for Netanyahoo and he says he'll give your Ari a look. I'll keep you posted but it's probably better if I just give Harvey your number.

kikz said...

my nightmares realized...


Randall said...

hopefully I'll be fertilizer by then.
Still working Les, and looking.

Anonymous said...

Don't leave out the Cabalistic significant number SIX, as in SIX million Americans got vaporized in the Seattle and Houston attacks on 6/6 at 0600.

But you might first want to check with the Holocaust™ Reparations Committee and Mammon Bank Inc.

They might get pissed if you used their sacred number SIX that they use to shakedown and intimidate the world into giving the Zionists and Israel everything and anything they want.

As long as it's not a copyright or trademark violation to use SIX, then that would be cool to incorporate that into the screenplay.

You might check on this with the "Lord of the Lards," Abe Foxman and the ADL.

If there are legal issues, paying a small "honorarium," usually $666,000 dollars, will turn the trick. And if the film lags behind schedule, get some of the Rabbi blessed "Kosher" meth from Agriprocessors to pick things up.

See you at the front.

The tree of Liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Thomas Jefferson
3rd president of US (1743 - 1826)

P.S. Madonna said she'd be available to play a cameo as the "Whore of Babylon."

m_astera said...

Got food?

Really that's a pretty mild scenario compared to one I was reading the other day about a pole shift where the whole crust of the Earth breaks free from the liquid mantle and rotates violently over the core, continents rising and falling over a period of hours and miles-high tsunamis.

Then there's the Cassiopeians' cometary swarm impact to consider too. Wham!

As the Bushling says, "Bring 'em on!" (just kidding)

Someone who claimed to know told me long ago that the criteria for survival in these coming times, more important than location or preparedness, was to be an entity worth preserving. Y'know, like how babies get picked up by tornadoes and set down unharmed miles away? Like that.

My personal theory is that I have a better chance if my soul finds this present incarnation interesting and entertaining; why bother preserving a boring incarnation? Play it for laughs if nothing else. Easy does it. Lighten up. Make lemonade. :)

It will all work out divinely perfectly, and be worth the trouble. Count on it.

Anonymous said...

I don't like that part. Can we fast-forward to the intergalactic wars? The space nazis who fled to the moon and founded a galaxy, and all that stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there little buddies.
Kalki is coming..

Visible said...

Kalki certainly is coming.

Anonymous said...

I've had differences with you in the past - i.e I think a POPE will rule over "new zion"

but this is actually plausible

God help us all

Anonymous said...

for the record:

Ahh Denver “The Far; in Dutch” the capital of Colorado and in my professional as well as personal view; the most dangerous State in the Nation (that is to the world.)

In your previous post Les, there has been some chatter about the underworld of human trafficking for clandestine operations and trust me this front range ‘southern Colorado to northern Colorado and 100 miles west into the Rockies (the van buren/maes Trust) is a breeding ground along these lines’ it is my duty by default ‘the heir’ to know what is going on around here and stand up against any activity that would compromise the trust. That ol Pedigree on the last post is my backup and teams around the globe with vested interest of the same estate/trust are on high alert. I was groomed (some of which was by default) to handle these affairs on both a National and International level.

1.What brought the good intentions of President Martin Van Buren to the stop we are presently at?
2.Who facilitated the attempted coup/theft of this fine estate ‘international and national’? 3.Where do the ultimate perps reside “perm and temp?”

1. Greed of coarse
2. The locals (Zionists)
3. Same territory as the Trust…

This same territory, a bit east of Rockies is the Front Range. It is no coincidence that NORAD and almost every scientific entity of world renown is on the Front Range “my land”…Now with that there is major problem across the board. The two sets of books are now being reconciled into one set, the legal set, on the world stage. As of the onset the trust (early to mid 1400’s) to present there is in excess of 20 Trillion unencumbered assets of liquid status “not chump change” that the vested partners of our planet are in need of… The Zionists here will die before letting go of the booty “I certainly have no qualms with them 6 ft under”… yet for such to happen Les’s version of Denver (the territory of Maes) would have to cease to exist long enough to revamp the financials according to International laws and it does not take much imagination to figure out what that means.

You see folks there is no other but myself left “legally” to stand up for this estate. I have drawn the legal docs and executed the will for the 20T. The only thing left will be from the date of my death on and thankfully, that, which is out of my hands. I understand logically my time here on planet earth as a human is short and getting shorter by the day for the danger is getting higher and higher... The only thing I fear about the whole gig is leaving my boys on this god-forsaken planet but that too will pass once time reveals itself as the impostor (big pic) that it is.

Clearly Zionism is doomed the appearance of success is a façade yet many will suffer by the hand of this evil and rightfully so…though not all are guilty of harboring…this Zionist racket ‘most are’ and the offense of such holds dire consequence by default.

Many who read this would ask where does that leave us and I say “Focked just like me” is like riding a class five rapid on your back, use common sense and you may make it another day or year or decade but short of that you will be riding serous rough white water without a boat or a paddle.

“The 20T goes to the Crown of England; none goes to Zionists ‘gets passed down or onto.’” Now, do y’all understand the audit, the bank reconciliation, our situation on the economic front in the world and if I am who I claim why my hands are tied and the audit I called for ‘public years ago’ is what we are now in the middle of, was the only legal recourse. I did my job as a professional as well as a decent human being, to the best of my ability as well as with honorable intentions.


Kevenj said...

Childhood's end was a masterpiece. Your allusion to 2012 is interesting though.
I quite agree with it.

Grantland said...

Yes. I believe slavery is the end game; this way or some other. Here are some insights - you will not agree with all. (Audio)

And this for the spirit (video)

D.L. said...

Les I wish more Christians would "get it" the way you apparently have! And John Hagee will be Netanyahu's Vice President. But on the other hand what do they care? they think they'll be "raptured"! But then again it doesn't surprise me that you have more insight into anti-Christ than most so-called Christians do! It is as if they never heard Christ call the Pharisees (ancestors of the Talmud folks, who, after Jeruslaem was sacked in 70 AD, moved on to write down the Mishna which later became the basis for the Babylonian Talmud) "you are of your father, the devil." Thank you.

D.L. said...

Les you have a better understanding of the anti-Christ then most Christians do! Thanks from a discerning Christian.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that at least somone over there got things right about Russia, Hollywood and AIPAC certainly don´t.

It hit me that Russophobia still prosper for no reason what so ever, watching the latest X-files movie the bad guy´s where Russian (organ traders) just like in the old Mccarty Reagan days. Has anyone heard about Russian organ traders? In Alaska of all places? I don´t, but certainly about Albanian organ farms where at least 300 Serbs got their organs harvested one by one.

But they and their little NATO-state in southern serbia are the "good guys" aren´t they...

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that at least somone over there got things right about Russia, Hollywood and AIPAC certainly don´t.

It hit me that Russophobia still prosper for no reason what so ever, watching the latest X-files movie the bad guy´s where Russian (organ traders) just like in the old Mccarty Reagan days. Has anyone heard about Russian organ traders? In Alaska of all places? I don´t, but certainly about Albanian organ farms where at least 300 Serbs got their organs harvested one by one.

But they and their little NATO-state in southern serbia are the "good guys" aren´t they...

Anonymous said...

Wow Les, you definitely have extremes in writing... analogously falling anywhere between marching up a treacherous mountain with a piano on your back, shouting EXCELSIOR, and then reversing this perspective to looking at the World's future through shit-stained glasses. This posting is very compelling and unfortunately a very possible future reality. It’s almost like you were reading off of a Nostradamus quatrain while vacationing in Armageddon.

So perhaps it's a fruitless endeavor to resist because as the Borg would say before they assimilate you: "Resistance is futile". Therefore, we should just place our head between our legs and kiss our ass goodbye.

This is still a good post with regard to the worst-case scenarios; however, I would prefer the thought of a giant asteroid splitting the World in several pieces, which will make it harder for the International Zog Establishment to foment wars and fight over occupied territories - - at least this way we will ALL be on even playing fields as they are spewed and spread-out into the endless boundaries of outer space.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I Can't Believe it's not Butter.

You can't make this shit up. What I would like to know is why is it that more than half the time at any of the large news sites the writer is Jewish when they are such a small percentage of the population. I don't hate Jews or anyone as a group but I'm sure curious about things like this.

Anonymous said...

YOu are absolutely correct in my view - Russia is the country who will resist and the country to which we will have to flee for sanctuary.
Putin is hated by the Jews because he is dealing with their greed and slime - slowly maybe but surely.
This is why the zionuists spew out constant streams of hate and propaganda through their controlled media sources including zionwood.
I was very anti communist in my younger days - an activist of sorts and I realise now that even then, before the fall of the wall, we got more lies than truth. The biggest lie was that the Russian people were communist. No they weren't, they broke free from Czarist rule only to be enslaved by jews funded by the west.
In fact the most evil communists, repressing the Russian people within a nightmare, were almost all jews.
Yet we were convinced by zionist lies when the Russians finally managed to start regaining control of their nation which led to Gorbechev and the ending of the wall that the jews were the persecuted ones.
The jews started fleeing to Israel when they realised their days as the tormentors of the russian people were ending and even then we were lied to that somehow these fleeing jews were the victims. I for one believed it - how gullible can one be.
It is the internet that is bringing the truth and the reason why the zionists and fellow travellers will attack its freedom in every possible way.
That Russia was enslaved by jews cannot be disputed because we are watching those same jews using the exact same methods to enslave the American people. The whole script reads identical even to the knocks on the door at dead of night and the Haliburton work camps. patriot act, legalised torture, phone tapping. It goes on and on. Even your plastic coffins are waiting.
The great Solzinitzhen (spelling? you know who I mean) exposed the Jewish imput himself and was vilified as an anti semite for his truth.
Sadly Les I think you have the scenario pretty well and I can't laugh at the idea of making the film although I chortled at the Madonna quip. Thanks for that.
Turn to 'rense' and read the excellent article 'yes we can Obama, no we can't Celente.
I can't give the link - I tend to lose this comment - don't know why.
In the meantime we have to try and stop the rot.
How many of you were conned by Obama?
Don't get me wrong McCain and Palin were a bitch.
But Obama is a fraud.
I am waiting for this birth certificate business to play itself out.
We will soon know just how much protection the citizens of the USA will get from the courts. So far it is NWO 10 - joe bloggs 0
Doesn't look good for the future.
Meet you in Bulgaria, Les Oh hang on a bit - it ain't Russia any more.
The Americans are building bases - maybe you meant South Ossettia, a people who have finally thrown off the hidden hand of jewish enslavement......thanks to the Russians.
Sound familiar?

Visible said...

There's a new post at Reflections in a Petri Dish, Something We Saw on a Mountain Path

Anonymous said...

"even if you are going to whine because I stepped on one of your frogs,"

Don't you mean ZOGs?

Visible said...

If only....


Anonymous said...

To Rosie who said:

“Russia is the country who will resist and the country to which we will have to flee for sanctuary.”

In conjunction with Visible and “Something We Saw on a Mountain Path”:

“Sometimes, something gets revealed that you probably would not have seen and other times, something you would have caught right off gets veiled.”

I have been studying the Illuminati, et al, since the mid-1970s, starting with a book that was given to me by friend, titled: “Pawns in the Game” by William Guy Carr. This book was the spark that awakened me to the way the World really worked, and how the International World Revolutionary Movement continues to follow the same path for World domination.

In the 1970s, conspiracy theories were considered much more wacko then they are now because back then the Illuminati was considered to be just a myth, and most people had not even heard of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, or the Bilderberg Group. However, all of these nefarious agencies have come out of the closet, and as I was taught over 35-years ago… these Organizations will make themselves known after they have become so powerful that nothing can stop them. We have arrived at that juncture during our searching journey up the Mountain path, and we can now look down through the last 400 years, into the Valley that reflects the culmination of past events which brought us here.

It is a comforting thought Rosie, that there is a powerful Nation such as Russia or the combined power of Russia and China, which "allegedly" opposes the obvious Zionist peril. However, there cannot be a War nor could we choose sides unless there are two distinct entities that are in opposition with each other. However, is Russia really a savior or just part of a repeating equation that creates this illusion?

The ultimate problem is that there are too many people waking-up through a linkage of common thought and, who could thwart the International Establishment’s chains of control. This International Cabal of Evil has sought to keep us in opposing camps and at each others throats for thousands of years… and they must now thin the populace herd, or soon face the consequences for delaying this final act. Each of us will eventually have to choose sides in this inevitable final battle but no matter who wins, the same Internationalists and their Banksters will still continue to be the victors.

Which brings me to Visible’s statement:

“Sometimes, something gets revealed that you probably would not have seen and other times, something you would have caught right off gets veiled.”

Regardless of what gets revealed to us, whether it is through a Magical Mystery Tour, or just an unveiled revelation of thought; I have faith that our prophesized Worldwide demise is NOT inevitable. As long as people keep waking-up when the man standing behind the curtain gets unveiled, there is still hope for resolve, regardless of how arduous this journey becomes.

One of my favorite quotes was posted in Notamobster’s profile, regarding his favorite music:

“The sounds of the angry mob when they finally wake up.”

Indeed, what beautiful music this will be along with the sight of the angry mob marching with pitch forks, blazing torches, tar, feathers, and a lot of rope.

Carmenisacat said...

Not to worry friend.

Allah controls the outcomes. Not someone else.

You'll be alright.

Salaam wa alaikum

Visible said...


I know the very thing of which you speak. I was in my cups the other day and what happens to me is that I tend to get either Machiavellian or bombastic and sometimes both. So it was that I went into my test mode;

I often get emails from unknown sources which are not clear as far as intent goes and sometimes someone wants to interact with me like they think I am someone that I'm not.

So... if this happens on one of those occasions when I've imbibed I tend to throw test patterns out there. One time there was this lady who started writing me and would sometimes send me several emails a day. She was happily married and had children and I would correspond with her. One day I found myself in one of those moods and so I tossed out some personal data that didn't imply how she read it but she must have read it wrong and reflecting on it later I saw what she must have gotten from it. I never heard from her again.

Just the other day someone sent me a picture of someone and we exchange some commentary and I found myself also in the way and so I wrote something that was pretty over the top but at the time I wrote it I was looking to set up one of those situations where I get to gauge where the person is at. I'm curious that way and also I always want to discourage people that are sure to get offended down the line from continuing to imagine that they got some idea of where I am at from what I write.

Pounding silence is what I got back. For some reason I go into a particular telepathic mode when I drink and it's proven to be really accurate.

I don't like alcohol but at the moment I have no X and no Ketamine which are my usual recourses. I really am missing them at the moment. Come Christmas when some close to me go holiday traveling I'll be getting a few things in my stocking but the cupboard is bare at the moment and given the time period we are in and the state of the world and what I do there are certain energies being directed at me that are not benevolent and I need to set up a screen... sometimes that comes at a price, especially when it involves alcohol.

Yes, we've all heard 'in vino veritas' and we all fall victim to it one way or another. I also posted on a forum where I go regular. I only go there because the people are so much different than me and also mostly high income professionals and I mentioned that Putin has, on occasion, read my blog. In a normal state I would never reveal this and thank goodness I have not revealed certain other things or I might find myself shy of some previous invisible visitors whose company makes my life worth living.

I was told by a writer at Pravda and by another writer for a Middle Eastern newspaper as well as someone else that Putin made a comment that involved the Smoking Mirrors blog in the context of how no one says anything good about him abroad but that I had. This was awhile ago... not a year but nearly give or take.

I don't know how true it is but it made me feel good. It was stupid to say anything but I did.

Visible said...

that should be "precious', not 'previous'.


Anonymous said...

Hi bro, I'm Ronnie Lambert, a singer/songwriter in Geordieland, a country in England directly below Scotland. I agree on not being cowardly anonymous. Do these people intend to sing hava nageela when the shit hits the fan, or just bow low to the scum, what price dignity? Everything happening now, to the finest detail, was written thousands of years ago. It is all very scary for those not familiar with the 'truth' of the good book, but reassuring to the others. There is a golden thread running through it from Gen to Rev, a singular theme that never deviates, it is "Kingdom". The challenge made by the dark one to his father's 'right to rule' mankind. As in a BIG court case, it's taken a long time to prove, involving a lot of suffering for us little subjects, all of which is reversible. The terrible track-record of world powers from Babylon to the Anglo-American is strewn with evidence that 'man is not capable to rule himself'. But this NWO is to be the final act of this universal court-case. Their claim at it's final inception that "Peace and Security" is to be the prize for gullible humanity is the very button that sets off their absolute destruction as is clearly indicated in 1st. Thessalonians 5v3. If I didn't know and trust this book, I would be terrified of the knowledge I've gained these past 5 yrs. about the "agenda" of the world's elite scum. The ultimate finality of this tragic universal court-case is written in Psalm 37v10...... And just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more;
And you will certainly give attention to his place, and he will not be.

11 But the meek ones themselves will possess the earth,
And they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.......Now ain't that sumpin Les? You're all getting steamed up over nothing. This bit's just for your eyes Les....check out my validity on you probably won't understand my dialect of "Geordie" cos it's pretty much the same as the Vikings who first invaded our land of Northumbria on the north-east coast before hitting England. Mike James is a Geordie, he gave my music a glowing tribute in a letter to

Visible said...

The opinion of my friend Mike James is gold to me.

Anonymous said...

To: Meg… "Not to worry friend; Salaam wa alaikum (And peace be upon you)"

There is an interesting article in thetruthseeker, titled: "The Synagogue of Satan"

An excerpt from this article reads:

"Following the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, there are now only five nations on the world left without a Rothschild owned central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya. Interestingly the satellite state of Israel, more commonly known as the United States government chooses to refer to these countries as, 'rogue nations'."
Isn't it interesting that the turmoil in the Middle East is based solely on banking control of a Nation’s money, rather than the USA Government’s assertions that it is because of our various religious differences, that the native people in this region hate us because of our freedoms, and that the evil Middle East insurgent freedom fighters are resisting our occupation to prevent bringing Democracy to the Middle East. Is there any doubt that if this situation was reversed, and it was the USA being occupied by Iraq… that the outcome would be any different?

Furthermore, to Rosie: please note that Russia is not one of the "five nations on the world left without a Rothschild owned central bank"; therefore, Russia more than likely is not the savior you believe them to be. Your statement:

“Putin is hated by the Jews because he is dealing with their greed and slime - slowly maybe but surely.”

This statement cannot be held as true if Rothschild is permitted to remain in Russia with central bank under his control.

Perhaps you can better understand why this blog is appropriately named "Smoke and Mirrors" because it exposes many of the currently held public beliefs, which are disseminated by the Main-Steam-Media’s deceptions and dogmas.

rosie said...

Firstly let me make clear - I have already volunteered my pitchfork. I am ready to rebel. Unfortunately others aren't.
Russia is the fall back position as it seems the best of a bad lot.
I insist on a fall back position.
If I have to be a refugee I prefer Russia thank you.
Now I am sure there are huge flaws in my arguments. I am sure Russia has its failings but in that case - please advise - where do I go?
I refuse to hide out in Burkina Faso for instance. Neither the Congo or Zimbabwe does much for me.
I admire the Scottish Nats but would find too many Scots a bit tough to take - they generally don't much like the English.
I have watched RT. Decided Russia is an empty place - comparatively. If I have to seek refuge I may as well go to the great Steppes and find a place relatively culturally sympathetic, they are not so far removed from us here in England. Like a bit of booze, handcrafts, animals. If I have to be raped and pillaged they seem better than some.
Now I am really most open to suggestions?
By the by does everyone remember the Gary Allen books and all his predictions?. He was jolly right - no wonder they did for him in a suspicious car crash.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to Mary Chapin Carpenter this morning while having my coffee and blowing smoke up the chimney but that has nothing to do with what I am writing here.

That the first flakes of snow were falling and disappearing when they reached the ground-- didn’t matter.

I had all of these thoughts, as I often do, running around in my head. Couldn’t wait to get to the computer to write them down and put them in some sort of order for consumption—my own, and yours. Miracle of miracles, I decided to write them down on my to-do list pad using a blue pen. Seemed appropriate that they be on the same pad as “clean out cat litter box”.

I thought I was going to write about “truth” the elusive holy grail of being when it hit me. “Truth” is based on facts and perception of facts or lack of facts by each and every one of us. There is no absolute truth other than how each one of us perceives it. The sky may be blue but is it “sky blue” or “teal blue” or does the sky start at the horizon or 10,000 feet up? What is great music, what is great art, what is great writing? What is truth to a banker or a dictator? Is their truth any less “real” to them than ours is to us?

We have been so inundated with “what is truth” from the day we were born. Religions, the education system, the history books, advertising lies, fight and die for your country.
When polled, people always say that jazz and classical music are their choice for listening yet, no one buys the stuff—must listen to it on the radio or something.

Facts are just form—even truth seems to be form if it is about form—more limiting than freeing—just more stuff. Facts and truth only gains you something temporarily and then it’s back on the merry-go-round—

We have worn out the word “truth”, whored it out—it has lost all but relative meaning.

So you have “your” truth, I have mine--so what?

What is intelligence? Is the guy who can split the atom smarter than the guy who can eek out an existence in the desert and feed and protect his family?
Is the team that built the Hubbel Telescope smarter than the guy who just looks up at the stars, laughs, and says “holy shit”.

As a people, why are we not amazed by anything any more--when it’s so simple as an individual-- just by looking, laughing and appreciating—and maybe saying “holy shit” from time to time.

The majority believing in something means nothing, as the majority can’t see out of the crowd that surrounds them. It’s like walking through Manhattan and not having a clue as to what it looks like to the north or south. The crowd keeps shuffling along and you just hope the cliff is not 50 feet ahead. Even if you do see the cliff just as the person in front of you falls over it, it’s too late because the guy in back of you and the thousands behind him have their ipod earphones and bluetooths turned up too loud and just keep pressing in the direction the crowd moves them. Bye-Bye—but it’s not about them as those we choose to look at and say what we think they are doing wrong, or not seeing the same way that we do—that is one of the things that those who think they are smarter than us look at us and say too—touche’.

I digress—or not

So, for me, it’s not truth I seek any more. Truth is an interpretation of something, and always will be—every time it gains something—it loses something.

Even most “alternative teachings” get lost in the details. Lost in the sideshows and flashing lights promised by the carnival barkers. Just put your quarter in the anointing machine and press the button. Yes, go to the mountain and meditate—which mountain is for you to decide grasshopper—but there is only one mountain that will bring you what you seek—sound familiar? Eventually, you come up on something you can see in the distance—it’s getting clearer—clearer—and then you realize it’s you in the same pair of pants you wore 2 years ago…you’ve been going around in circles and run into yourself from behind—man, my ass used to be smaller.

I don’t want to get lost in the details again. Lost on the Merry-Go-Round of life that just drops you off where it picked you up.

I think I’ll stick with joy and peace…maybe throw in some contentment even though we are told that contentment is lazy and shows no ambition.

Most of my hand-written notes never made it to the computer--must have fallen off on the way up the stairs.

As a side not, regarding the commune—even though I may not have been invited-- I don’t think I want to join the band—I’ll just sit in the back from time to time and enjoy the music—it’s all about appreciation of the music and the appreciation of the musicians that someone is listening.


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea for a temporary novel, Les,

You may have stumbled on Gore Vidal's "Messiah".

It would make sense to upgrade Vidal's masterpiece by substituting John Cave for Les Visible blogger, plus all your above mentioned characters.

You may be up to something big.
Eugene Luther

Eugene Luther said...


I tip my hat to you.

You may not have read Gore Vidal's "messiah", but your "United Nations of New Jersusalem and the Empire of Zog" in many respects resembles Vidal's mastepiece. Your piece is firmly based in current realities and is a lot more viable.

Substituting John Cave, a California Undertaker for an international blogger is a perfect upgrade of Vidal's mastepiece. If I could offer my humble opinion, I would go easy on doomsday visuals in favour of a narrative describing processes of selling new myths via the Internet.

Anonymous said...

To Rosie, who asks, "Where do I go?"

Now that I know a little bit more about you, I can better see your point with regard to your being a citizen of jolly ol' England, and thus swimming in same pot of grief that we are in the Colonies (but perhaps your situation is a little worse).

In the past I have always asked myself this same question, "Where can I go?" I had once thought about liquidating everything I have and moving to the mosquito coasts of the Cayman Islands. However, I would only be able to stay there for seven years because I would not be able to bankroll the required collateral of projected income to stay there indefinitely. I had also thought about moving to Canada, but when the North American Union takes-off in less than two-years, neither Canada nor Mexico will be any different or better than the USA, and these regions could possibly be worse.

I have often contemplated where to go that would have the least adjustment problems, and where the people speak English (because the only other language I can somewhat deal with is Spanish, and even though this helped me in Spain, this won't work well or allow a USA Gringo to blend-in with the various regional dialects in Mexico).

In the past, when there was an OPEC oil embargo in 1973, I moved to Houston, Texas to escape the problems of the oil-starved U.S. East Coast States. Then later, there was an oil glut in 1978 after OPEC started pumping the market with cheap crude oil, and the oil-rich commerce market in Houston crashed. I was one of the 20,000 families living in Houston that lost everything and had to leave for another place to live and work. I finally got employment with a major chemical engineering contractor, and began taking assignments internationally as well as domestically... but gave this up so my family didn't have to keep relocating.

The only thing that I have concluded from my past experiences, and with all the current/ future unknowns, is that the USA, England, Cayman Islands, nor Russia will be spared in what will be a future worldwide event. Therefore (IMHO) there is nowhere to escape to. I planned a while ago to stop running and make my last stand right where I am with my pitchfork and in the company of my other pitchfork bearing friends. I see nothing to be gained by moving to a foreign country that I am not familiar with, and see nothing more to lose by staying right where I am. There are many remote areas in the USA, and I already know many people all over the Continental 48-States. Perhaps you don't have this ability in the EU/England vicinity, and you feel that Russia will be the best choice for you. I sincerely wish you well in whatever decision you eventually make. But you better make haste, the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

...truth is ultimate logic and only the master of the same is such. What you refer to in/by the differences is logic, not truth 'if you go by the actual definition' and how we interpret logic is what we get out of it. Once ultimate logic is identified you get truth thus the argument is "is it logical"...

In retrospect, If Putin were to boot the central bank right now they would have no one to monitor the financial's...just as we can't close every bank out there secondary to the big heist for whom will handle the affairs of the financial's. This is a delicate and tedious job...Russia is just recently bout '10 years' getting out of a mess from the slaughter of the Romanovs...If Putin is wise and I believe he is, he will hook up with the Crown of England and boot the Zionists 'using caution as we all must do'...

The bankers 'Zionists, roths...' do not own the wealth, they ONLY ARE TO MANAGE IT HANDS ON (a trust can't legally manage itself via banking "by law" and this is only where the bankers came/come in "a trust/heirs may fire the bankers and audit the banks via law") the Zionist bankers have stolen so much now that they plan to rule the world with it. "This is the battle" they will never win in the end!!!


Anonymous said...

Another great post, Les. And a rather frightening (and probably) accurate one.

I always laugh when I see some shill (read: in retrospect) go on with their nonsense about Russia and Putin being one more part of the NWO. If that were the case the Caucasus would be nothing more than one more playground for those israeli terrorist scum and those vermin would already have conducted their latest cowardly war crimes against Syria and Iran. That hasn`t happened yet (and hoefully won`t). Wonder why. Yeah, in retrospect, I know-the zionists are just waiting for some secret handshake or signal from Putin giving them the green light. Perhaps you should find another website to go to, shill.

Start preparing for the day of reckoning people. Perhaps one day Americans will wake up and grow up and reclaim their country. If the Russians can do it why can`t you?

Please say hello to Mike James for me, Les, and let him know that many people read his postings and hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

in retrospect

Thank you for your kind reply but you obviously do not appreciate the difficulties we face in England.
We are the third most densely populated state on the planet.
Only Hong Kong and parts of Holland have more persons per square mile. We also have 150 or more languages - 100 in one school is not unusual.
Our motorways double as parking lots during the daylight hours.
There actually is no great wilderness waiting for people like me.
We have a bit of countryside here and there but all within easy reach of bands of roving savage and bereft people who would be looking for food and probably, because they are not law abiding decent citizens - armed to the teeth.
People like me cannot have a gun - far too dangerous. We might use it to protect ourselves against thuggery.
We Brits have the highest personal debt in the world. Not me I am happy to say. Clinton and crony Blair/Brown were the original deregulators, and the problems of today are largely theirs.
You would never know it here. The media completely absolves Brown - blaming the Americans. Brown is being portrayed as the present Saviour of the world.
Now my pitchfork is at the ready but it is difficult to have much optimism in the circumstances. If I tried to plant a garden of vegies it would be pinched and believe me I do not live in a deprived neighbourhood.
Anything not chained down is thieved. People only report to the police to get a number for an insurance claim.
The police do nothing. The main object of their existence is to monitor political correctness and collect speeding fines.
Most of us law abiding folk regard the police with contempt and cynicism.
When things get harder the chances of a copper helping you as you are murdered for a tin of peas will be nil - and we know it.
We will be on our own - with little more than pitchforks - really.
So you can understand why Russia looks rather good.
Of course getting there? may be a problem.
However the great attraction has to be they have GAS and oil!!
We in England face a freezing future. We have used our own gas and Blair/Brown has squandered the lot - and we now have to import. Oh dear. The greens have ensured we only have windmills and not nuclear energy. Our energy companies are all owned by foreigners who see the British as milch cows. We have been warned to expect the possibilities of cuts. Joy. Particualarly as we haven't seen global warming in years, no one much believes it anyway and it looks like an ice age is upon us meaning my house will be on the edge of an icesheet as it was some 12,000 years or so ago. What goes round comes round.
If I have to freeze a gas producing country sounds good to me.
Still open to suggestions, any others?
(And really I do rather admire Mr Putin. Les how honoured you are!!!!!When you compare Mr Putin to Bush and Brown - well!!)

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous Maestro, who said:

“If Putin were to boot the central bank right now they would have no one to monitor the financial's...just as we can't close every bank out there secondary to the big heist for whom will handle the affairs of the financial's. This is a delicate and tedious job...Russia is just recently bout '10 years' getting out of a mess from the slaughter of the Romanovs...If Putin is wise and I believe he is, he will hook up with the Crown of England and boot the Zionists 'using caution as we all must do'... “

My logical sense would tell me that if I have a cancerous arm that it should be amputated rather than having the risk of it spreading to the rest of my body. I agree with you and Rosie, in that Putin is a very wise man (and I loved watching him make a complete ass of W-Bush… not that Bush hasn’t already done this to himself without Putin's help). Perhaps I myself need to give Putin the benefit of the doubt. I have seen nothing in Putin's international foreign policies and televised interviews, which would lead me to suspect him being anything less than what most of the World perceives him to be... very intelligent and shrewd. However, Putin had no problem in effectively removing the former corrupt Russian/Israeli oil interests and business oligarchs (including the USA), and this oil industry is Russia’s biggest staple of commerce. Furthermore, as I have previously pointed out, Iran has no Rothschild owned Central Banking interests, and this Nation seems to be holding its own quite well without Rothschild monitoring their financials. This is why the Rothschild-backed USA/Israeli Zionist Neo-conservatives have had Iran in their sights for War, and nothing is logical in this proposed path forward... just a greedy lust for more power & controlling dominance.

So logically, since Russia’s Putin has already scraped the Zionists of Israel off the bottom of his boot, and demonstrated his lack of need for a military coalition of the willing to secure his country’s borders and foreign interests, I see little harm in amputating one Rothschild Central Bank. Please understand that my observations are based on logic, and not the "delicate and tedious" matters of high-finance. Russia is also like the USA, where they have always had the ability to become a self-sufficient isolationist Nation. Russia has also not (yet) bowed to becoming a member of the European Union, and Russia now wisely uses the power of negotiation/free-trade agreements, rather than War and the threat of War as a means of persuasion.

The truth eventually exposes itself. Logic and the questions/suggestions it poses, is the navigator to the truth. I don’t need a fault-tree analysis chart or a Cray Computer to come to this conclusion but I will most likely rethink the good possibilities regarding Mr. Putin.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Rosie, you've got no debt? You can live in my house as a lodger...DOH! I'm a Geordie and you're scared of Scots, we're much more fierce. Seriously pet, check out Henry Makow's site 'Save the Males' for information from 'Svali', a 'proclaimed defector' from an illuminati family in America. She spilled the beans on heaps of their organisation's details and plans. She said this on Henry's story titled "Illuminati Defector Details Pervasive Conspiracy" Svali: "The U.S. is considered lower, and younger, than the European branches. ...Germany, France, and the UK form a triumvirate that rules in the European cult. The USSR is considered important, and has the strongest military groups. The USSR has been promised fourth position in the New World Order, BEFORE the role the U.S. would have, because the USSR has been more helpful and cooperative over the years with furthering the agenda.

The descendants of the former ruling families there are also involved in the occult leadership, along with the newer ones. There is no Marxism in the cult. China will be ranked after the USSR, then the U.S. But a lot of the current U.S. leadership will be in Europe when the change occurs, and many have homes there. They will be "changing nationalities" overnight, as it were. This is the little that I do remember. Wish I had been a better student of this stuff, but I was too busy trying to stay alive when I was in it.

Russia will be the military base and powerhouse of the group, since their military commanders (Illuminist) are considered the best in the world, and very, very disciplined. China, because of its roots in oriental occultism, and its large population, will also be considered a higher power than the US. But again, the real power will reside in Europe, according to what I was taught when part of the group.

There are also photos of Putin giving the occult illuminati hand sign all over the internet, along with Prince William, Bush and wife, Blair and many others. Putin does have an amiable face Rosie, but he is 'one of them'.

Anonymous said...

To Rosie... freezing in the dark.

I really must apologize for my ignorance to your plight in England. I had said previously that your situation was probably worse, but I had no idea just how much worse it really is there. The Internet is my only source for the news and they have somewhat talked about England's surveillance cameras, no guns policy, heating problems, new laws/high fines, and the massive influx of immigrants... but they have not done you any great justice in reporting how bad things really are there with crime and such. It truly makes my situation in the USA seem petty by comparison.

If I was in your situation, then yes, Russia seems to definitely be the better choice. How to get there is another question that I will have to think about. If you go to my profile I have my email address posted. My company contacts have construction personnel working in Russia so I may be able to find you some answers, but I’m not sure if they will help you though.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. INRETROSPECT, Rosie didn't tell the half. She is quite correct about the crime conditions over here, but they're worse in many parts of the country. The largest growing trend in probably all of the U.K. is knife crime. Most of our young men are tooled-up just going out to the pub, kids are taking knives to school, either to protect themselves or out of peer pressure to look cool. I am a 58 yr. old ex-bricklayer who 'could' once look after myself if you know what I mean, but now I'm scared to walk at night without a stick. Gangs of teenagers have killed younger men than me for a cell phone, stamping on their heads until they stop moving. A 40 yr. old merchant seaman walking his mother's dog at night, a couple of hundred yards from my house, was attacked by two young thugs for refusing to buy drugs from them. They bit him all over his arms and back as he struggled to hold on to the frantic dog. The police staion was in his sight as he screamed. He struggled there immediately after the attack stopped and gave perfect descriptions of them, the cops told him it wasn't worth trying to get them as they were druggies who would get off as a result. Biting noses and ears off has been prevalent in this country for years, but is almost pandemic now. P.S. Apart from all of the cctv cameras on every street corner of Britain, they are experimenting with loudspeakers in the city of Middlesbrough. Anyone dropping litter is told to pick it up or be arrested....Orwell didn't tell the half.

Anonymous said...

In retrospect,

Nice retort...I am not much up on the Russian financial situation. Back 'mid to late 90's' I was working for special ops 'negotiations in the millions, billions and trillions $'s for the stabilization of economies' and Russian's were in bread lines...I understood much more of the details of the finance of that Nation; they were my first assignment.

Now, spec ops owes me a very large sum of $$$ as well as they "friggin spooks" repeatedly tried to kill me, thus I do not work until paid up front and now a day no one is up front...the work I do in for the Trust.

Russia needs to keep its enemies close in the financial realm, to cut off anything in the financial realm over there is liken to chopping up the core versus cutting off a limb. They need to completely 'covertly' control that central bank as well as set up a nationalization of their banking...when the time is right they must boot the Zionists! As for the Crown negotiating with anyone in regard to the Trust $$$ that will never happen with any overt or covert Zionist connections, thus Russia is going to have to step up to the plate and soon, yet not un usual this 'Zionist boot (central bank) is not presently obvious, this matter is on the cusp of happening one way or another.

The Russian's saved my life repeatedly 'they needed my expertise/testimony' and if Putin needed my expertise, I am sure I would not be hard to find and I would assist accordingly 'note they also required that I testify against the CIA and other govmnt agents "spec ops stuff" which, in turn may have caused lots of problems for me.' Bottom line on that note is I did what was right and in the world, in certain circles, this is noted...

That's all the logic I know in the matter.

Oh and yeah, if that hunk "Putin" were single and available, I would consider marriage to him and he could have the 20T and manage things... "no Zionists..." Oh well is a sweet thought:)


Anonymous said...

To (barley) Staying alive (or relative):

Per your still anonymous comments, please give me and the others whom post here, some background on you... something simple like where you live. I don't need to know if you live in your parent's basement, or if you are writing your posts from detention hall at your middle school library.

You also have not bothered to comment on any of my other postings. I never stated that I am the Messiah or even close to perfect like you, let-alone asserting that I am always correct... but I do have a profile showing who I am.

Per this blog's "Post a Comment" rights:

"Anonymous does not have the same right of being heard as someone who stands behind what they say."

More than enough said SA. Please pull your head out… and into the open air.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous Maestro who said:

"Oh and yeah, if that hunk 'Putin' were single and available, I would consider marriage to him and he could have the 20T and manage things... "no Zionists..." Oh well is a sweet thought:)"

Thanks for educating me on some of the unknown facts regarding Russia's depression. You have also given me additional food for thought regarding the banking web that Russia is still hung-up in. From your quoted statement (above), I will assume that you are a female "Maestro".

BTW: If you are turning-over evidence against the CIA, I hope that you will remember to keep looking over your shoulder.

Anonymous said...

To Ronnie Lambert, who said:

"Rosie didn't tell the half. She is quite correct about the crime conditions over here, but they're worse in many parts of the country. The largest growing trend in probably all of the U.K. is knife crime."

Possibly stupid questions on my part: In your opinion, with regard to the crime waves in England, why do you think your Parliament and the police would allow the situation to degrade to the low levels they are currently at? What do you think England's goals are in this type of environment... total control through fear, anarchy, or both?

Thank you for your sharing your observations with Rosie about Mr. Putin because nowadays within the banking business and politicians you just can never really know who has allegiance to whom... Putin is no exception. People always have need for hope though. As I have discovered today, even with a strong background of skills in logic reasoning does not help me to understand an illogical World. Thanks for your input Ronnie.

Randall said...

To all those who've posted from other countries,
that give us all knowledge First hand.
Thank you. you're contributions are priceless.
Without these we're in the dark really.
We're FAR more informed with the webs, but nothing tells it better than the one at street level, living it (Ronnie).
My God I didn't know it was that bad there.
I knew to a degree, but than again, most of what I read is from sources WRH, and Rense
consider for sources. not a bad on them, but
if anyone has sources in their home countries they consider reliable alternative, PLEASE
list them.
I'm sure all here will be diligent, and add these to their Book marks.

Anonymous said...

I started to read and came to "I moved to Russia with my family ... Thank god for Putin and Russia and also for the eastern half of New China and various parts of India and Pakistan" - nonsense. I am a Russian citizen and I ensure you that Prussia is indeed in hands of Zionists. They try to depopulate Russia from Slavic people and welcome Muslim people to Russia to exterminate true Russians by hands of the Muslims. The goal is to start a civil war in Russia and to make one more Holocaust for white people. I cannot comment more as I am getting sick from your childing ignorance. Take care. Oleg

Anonymous said...

Dear Retrospect, Rosie and Randall, much of what I've learned of the NWO these last five years has been sifted and narrowed down to about 4 sites that I feel I can trust, the rest seemed like shills eventually. I don't think Les will mind me recommending them to you on his page....they which I read every morning like a newspaper for truthful world news, Henry Makow's site 'savethemales' where I got an excellent understanding about the truth behind world wars from the French revolution onwards, and the truth about modern jewry/zionism because Henry is a 'Christianised Jew'. Then on 911, I recommend '911 Physics' with Professor Steven Jones and many true scientists and ex-military brass who prove that the only conspiracy was the crime itself. These people are not fanasists but serious professionals who know everything about loadbearing structures, steelwork melting temperatures etc. And the military guys know precisely how U.S. defences should have worked that day. Alex Jones' 'Prison planet' has been useful for 911 too. Also his items on Bohemian Grove, which if you didn't know about will chill your blood. And of course Smoking Mirrors which gives you twice for your and mirth.
I hope you find this useful, but if like me you enter the matrix, then wish you'd swallowed the blue pill, or is it red.....?

Anonymous said...

To Ronnie: I read all the same newgroups you have listed, I also receive the "Save the Males" news letter, and visit/correspond with Henry through email. I also have had inter-reactions with Alex Jones during the Ron Paul for President campaign, saw the Bohemian Grove video, etc. I have shared the "911 Physics" evidence with some of the engineers I work with, but many of them get scared and choose to ignore these facts. You don't have to be a rocket scientist, or even complete a semester of Physics 101, to realize that a 757 cannot pass through a 25 foot diameter hole made in steel-reinforced concrete, and punch similar 25 foot holes through three inner walls of the Pentagon... yet leave no evidence of the plane, cargo, or passengers. TBRnews is also a good occasional source of info, especially the 29-episode series of "Conversations with the Crow"(now archived). BTW: I swallowed the blue pill 35-years ago, which was long before the movie came out. Thank you Ronnie.

To Oleg: Thank you for your inside information. This may answer many questions I have had recently. Like Randall said above:

"Thank you. you're contributions are priceless.
Without these we're in the dark really."

Visible said...

I'd like to point something out here for the benefit of all. One of the readers here just requested some information which I was able to produce with very little trouble. If you know where the sites are and what the tools are you can find out a great deal.

The information indicates that someone implying they are posting from a certain location was actually posting from the other side of the world.

There's been a certain trend here lately; a certain kind of weather. We get all kinds of weather here. I'm not going to give an opinion on it because I figure whatever is here is here for whoever reads it and they can make their opinions based on whatever they're getting from the action. I just want to say that things are not always what they seem and posters are not always who they seem. This should be automatically understood but it doesn't hurt to say it ever now and then.

Anonymous said...

INRETROSPECT, to your question on what the U.K.'s motives were in 'allowing' crime to prosper....simple...from chaos = order. Serious assaults, murders and other heinous crimes don't get the punishment that befits the crime, hence a very frightened and frustrated populace. On a larger scale, when the middle east is nuked and we are all broke and hungry, if alive, how many people will happily bow to the NWO? They will promise peace and security, instant death to all nasty criminals and jobs for everyone, albeit as serfs. The Magna Carta will be just another piece of paper, as Georgey boy called the Constitution......then when nice opiates are handed out like sweeties, 85% of us will go to sleep in complete bliss never to wake up. That is their plan of course, methinks, no, meknows that ONE much bigger than them will give them all a shock before they can fully implement their centuries old plot. Heady times bros.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les for the heads up 'gotta monikeron this poster lol'...I would think it would be strange if all posters here were on the level about themselves...too much risk at site as this. Just the same I am the person I portray...

Retro, I testified back 2001 or so and the Russian's...won 'several cases excess of 50 mil...(Boris Parad was atty)as far as looking over my shoulder, I am sure if they wanted to knock me off and it was beneficial to the Nation or World for that matter it would be over for me. These guys are into torture and torment, they have no scruples or morals but not all agents are the same...I have learned to put it into perspective and leave it at that. Worst case scenario I may rely on my quantum teleportation signals technology thus it is not I who should be looking over my shoulder lol (don't think the CIA trumps the NSA 'loves me...') And yes, I am a female, and some consider me a hunk too 'female kind of hunk' I have been searching the world over for my hunky mate but with all the chaos in my world, I just get spooks and they are nightmares!!! You all think you have it rough, well, be thankful...


Anonymous said...

Hello all

I wrote an excellent reply last night and the computer crashed as I was trying to post it on.
It has just come back. I have rather lost the moment.
However Britain is totally awful. We have mass invasion from every part of the planet - we have to build a city the size of Birmingham every year just for the offspring of these often completely illegal incomers and have a government with an agenda that means that when these folk go to the polling booth they will remember the benefactor. Nuff said.
Our electoral system and the total abuse within ethnic areas in particular, moved one judge to liken us to a banana republic.
You have just been scammed.
We are totally scammed. Our opposition party is a joke - the media engineered a prat for leader instead of the then favorite - who was ex SAS, a poor boy made good, and a success in every way. He was also known for the friends he had such as the late Alan Clark who did not have a good opinion of the zionists. Needless to say the current leader seems happy to be led by the nose.
Ditto for the Lib Dems. They have just had a leadership contest. One candidate a man of some substance even if one didn't always like it, lost unexpectedly to another young prat who wants unlimited immigration. OMG
Anyway you will have the picture. Bloody!! Knifing and murder rife as Ronnie says. No punishment - rap on knuckles and early release as the prisons are overflowing. Things like burglary are not even investigated. More than one in ten of our total population has come in the last few years - and thats the ones they admit too.
We are overrun and robbed blind.
We have a very generous child benefit system. Can you believe they are paying this generous benefit to the children of poles and other Eastern europeans - in their countries without the slightest checks to know if the kids exist. There was an expose TV programme recently although some of the nedia had exposed something of what was happening. gangs across Britain claiming hundreds of millions of pounds for children - sometimes using one child but with different names for multiple claims. The government does nothing!. Yet our pensioners are cold and hungry and the pension the worst in Europe.
This is the abuse of Britain - we are occupied and bled dry. I would serve longer in jail for daring to say so than thugs in the street mugging the innocent.
Thanks In Retrospect for the offer but I am not quite ready to leave yet.
My grandfather served 4 years at Gallipoli and on the Somme (he miraculously survived). My father survived WW2 - serving in the RAF - a radar specialist.
If they could see this country now they would be turning in their graves and spitting tacks.
How can this nation so betray the people who have died and sacrificed their all. Ask our politicians. You would be hard to find a dozen not on the take if you ask me. About the same who have any loyalty or patriotism - they have sold us down the tube - not least our sovereignty and democracy to the EU.
If you want to look at a good site try Information Clearing House. All comments are uncensored and some very good posters too. As for Britain - who needs the illuminati when there is a far more insidious (spelling?) group reaching into every aspect of our government, local government and all institutions. Google 'Common purpose'. A diabolical group that is undermining the whole structure of our country - I kid you not.
Well like Ronnie and many others I will cling on to what is my country - but believe my last bit of good news.
It is estimated that with islamic immigration and birth rate we will be an islamic country in not much more than 25 years. A generation. We have schools - hundreds of them where indigenous British children are a more minority or token presence. Some with none at all. Madrassas springing up everywhere - government funded. TRUE!
Indigenous people here cannot afford to breed as they are being bled dry from various taxes to pay the perks for those arrving by the thousand each week.
On that happy note - best wishes.
I do like Mr Putin. Do you know what he is reputed to have said. The Americans hung Saddam Hussein. (Sort of like hanging the butler, carrying out your instructions with the goodies you have handed him - poison gas etc).
Mr Putin swears he will hang that Sashinavili (you know who I mean) if he gets him.
Now I shall put this delicately.....
Hang him by his bits and pieces of a very personal nature. A worthy end to a barbarous war criminal - a real one - I would say.
What a leader is Mr Putin!
You have to admit he has style!

Anonymous said...

Dear Les Visible
Administrator of Smoking Mirror blogspot):

How are you?

I am an avid reader of this site, and also of many other alternative news sources such as: the websites and many other alternative news-sites in the internet. My blogger nick i use is marxist-socialist.

I even own a book about zionism "The Power of Israel in the United States" by James Petras, I am not a scholar, a scientist, nor philosopher however the internet and some books have given me the power to be relatively, moderately aware of what's going on within US government which is linked and related to 9-11, the US wars in the middle east, and Israeli's influence in USA thru AIPAC.

Well having said all this, I am writting you to let you know that this morning I receieved an e-mail from a pro-Israel Zionist, evangelical baptist Republican Party Mccain-Palin supporter who started to write all sorts of things against me and even against my deceased mother, by labeling me "Hate monger" and "Anti-Semite". He wrote all these outragous irrational labels against me because some months ago I was a regular member of the Barack Obama blogs. and i thought that by posting articles about the great influence of Israel within the US government, i was doing the right thing. Because i *really think* that each country and nation-state in this world should have self-determination, unless that nation was not an independent nation, like Puerto Rico, or Virgin Islands.

But last time i checked USA is an independent country and should not have any direct control from *outside* powers. So i thought that i was doing the right thing by exposing the direct control that Israel exercises against the US government via the Israeli lobbies.

well i posted some anti-zionism articles by James Petras, Scott Ritter and other alternative writters and thinkers. and from alternative news sources in the Barack Obama bloggers. And that's what caused that evangelical baptist zionist to send me that hate email (He hates Obama with a passion by the way)

And My dear friend, we are living in dangerous time, i am in Tennessee, USA which is a very zionist, ultra-right wing Brown Shirts Red State. In fact Obama got like 20% in this ultra-right wing red state.

I don't like the political ideology of this state (TN), which is right-wing ultra-capitalism and zionism. but some times moving is not an option for most of us. I would love to be in Vermont, in Venezuela, in New England, or in some other more progressive society. But you see in this corporatist world the oppressed people (Like me) don't have any option of any thing. All we could is UNITE !! Because the people united will never be defeated !!

So i am telling you this, and to other people of good concience like Michael Rivero, Alex Jones, etc., because zionists, specially the zionist voters of the Republican Party are real angry at Obama even if Obama has zionist members on his government like Raham Emmanuel, and the anti-zionism people of this country even if they don't support Obama.

There is a lot of deep rooted irrational hatred in this country against any social reformist, and even against Obama who they think is a threat to Israel's interest, because i think that Israel controls USA indeed.

I don't see a possible solution for USA, because Israel controls USA economically, and politically.

I know that Obama is not a revolutionary nor perfect but he is at least *a democratically elected president*, and we must respect that. If that zionist-evangelical baptist hates Obama and the Obama people and supporters so much, he has a legal action of creating a Political Party in order to compete in the elections in 2012. But not by advocating violence against a *legally* elected president.

So having said all this about the Far-right in America which is allied with the zionist right, the only solution for sane, conscious and moral people i see is a creation of a big united party, where we would deffend each other, and would be a pole for the oppressed americans. But divided like Americans are there won't be any hope.

The only solution isee is Unity among good conscious americans and non americans

So I urge you all here to beware of zionist mossad agents infiltrated in All sectors of USA,

And remember, that the workers and people united will never be defeated !!

Thanks and have a nice day

Anonymous said...

rosie: i am sorry but illegal immigrants don't destroy countries at all, in fact they help. Try to view the world from a compasionate, marxist, humanist world view, and attack the real cause of UK's fall which is corporate capitalism. In fact we must harbor illegal immigrants where ever they are, for they are victims of capitalism.

Visible said...

Dear Tom Troll;

I know it's a confusing world here in cyberspace and people get lost or wind up somewhere they weren't intending to go all the time. You're looking for the Little Green Footballs web site or The Free Republic. If you are familiar with how search engines work you can cut and paste these names into the search engine and they will find them for you.

You'll want to put those addresses into your GPS once you get there so that you don't accidentally wind up somewhere like this again. This is not the sot of place you want to be.

notamobster said...

thank alot - vis. you've soiled my mind with those sites! I won't be able to get that out of my mind. Thanks alot.

Visible said...

I'm here to serve and direct, not to serve and protect. if you want that you need to call the LAPD (grin)

Pretty odious scenes eh? I'm glad we live in a better part of town.

Anonymous said...

Dear Marxist/Socialist, I read your letter with empathy for your new uncomfortable situation, created only by naive sincerity. Trouble is, these fanatics are like ferrets, once they bite, they don't stop 'til their upper and lower teeth touch. I once sent an e- mail to a revisionist historian in Germany and was barraged with real hate-mail, first in English, then German. The only thing to do is to use a pseudonym, which I don't do cos they don't scare me, but it's less hassle in red-kneck land. Could I kindly ask you to check out info on the " Diebold computer voting machines " with reference to both Bush elections and probably this last one? Also, and very importantly to your quest for truth, there is a great and courageous American reporter called Christopher Bollyn who's been villified and assaulted for writing along the lines you are on. He's just written an article in the '' website titled, 'The Israeli who will run the White House'. I hope it doesn't upset your illusions of what you hold dear, it's on this link.......

Anonymous said...

Sorry Les, just found myself with loads of time on my hands and got stuck on this treadmill. Hope I'm not a pest.

Visible said...

I don't understand why people are always apologizing for expressing themselves here. That's what this place is for and it wouldn't be half as good as it is without the contributions that show up here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les. I would prefer posting on a blog that has no censorship, and you are right in the fact that I should not expect to be relieved of the ramifications of a "free zone" of varying opinions... imposter, racist, or otherwise.

I'm not quite sure where this blog is located but I have the same question that I once asked Alex Jones: When you become a massive spur in the ass of the International Establishment (Like Ron Paul and/or Alex Jones), why is it that many like you, have NOT caught a bullet in the head for doing less damage than this website and your on-the-mark postings? No disrespect or insinuations intended.

BTW: Alex Jones never answered this question... he danced aroung the question, but never answered it.

Anonymous said...

I wish to retract my previous question regarding my questioning of you or Alex Jones. For me to throw scrutiny on anyone trying to make a difference in the trying times before us all was wrong. After all, the same question could be posed toward me or anyone else posting here. My apologies to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Biff: Thanx for your precious time in replying to me. Damn man you are so right indeed. I Don't really understand how the hell has Israel been able to grab and catch the unconditional love and blind-love of so many american citizens. Is it because of magic or something? Or because the fact that the mainstream TV media in this country is biased in favor of Israel, specially Hollywood and Cable-TV movies.

I often go to and to (Jeff Rense's website), even though i am socialist and Rense is a libertarian, we agree on many issues and we agree on the *main enemy* of US citizens which is the International Corporatist Ruling classes, the corporate lobbies, the Zionist Military Politico Industrial Complex and the capitalist upper classes in general.

And our allies are really: The international Proletariat Class

Well, here is an article about the White Redneck racist hate against Obama:

White Rage:
The Rednecks Out to Kill Obama

When millions watched Barack Obama give his history-making victory speech in Grant Park on election night, one thing stood out starkly – the bulletproof screen surrounding him. But just how serious is the threat of assassination to the President-elect?

By Andrew Gumbel

November 16, 2008 "The Independent" -- -Shawn Adolf and his cousin Tharin Gartrell fancied that 28 August, 2008 would be a good day for the next president of the United States to die. They had the guns – Gartrell was later caught with a Ruger Model M77 Mark II bolt-action rifle with an attached scope and bipod, and a Remington Model 721, also with a scope. They were believers in a radical white supremacist ideology that gave them the motivation they needed to risk their own lives, if necessary, to prevent a black man from entering the Oval Office. (Or, as a friend reported Adolf as saying: "No nigger should ever live in the White House.")

And they had at least the outlines of a plan. They checked into the downtown Denver hotel where they believed Barack Obama was staying, and talked about the ways they could try to gun down the Democratic nominee on the day he was due to accept his party's nomination at an outdoor sports arena before an adoring crowd of more than 70,000 people.

Like many assassins before them, both the successful ones and the idle fantasists, Adolf and Gartrell took their inspiration from popular culture. They considered hiding a rifle inside a hollowed out television camera – an idea they borrowed from the Kevin Costner-Whitney Houston vehicle The Bodyguard. (It is also similar to the way al-Qa'eda operatives posing as a news crew assassinated Ahmad Shah Massoud, the leader of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance, on 9 September, 2001, but it is far from clear whether Adolf and Gartrell had any notion of this.)

They toyed with the idea of hitting Obama from as far away as 750 yards, using one of their high-powered rifles; according to their friend Nathan Johnson, who may or may not have been part of the plot, they had in mind the conspiracy theory that President Kennedy was not shot by Lee Harvey Oswald from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building, but rather by professional assassins stationed on the "grassy knoll" above Dallas's Dealey Plaza.

None of these plans was ever remotely realistic, however. Adolf and Gartrell may have had some fearsome weaponry, and a vague affiliation with a white supremacist biker gang called the Sons of Silence, which disavowed them the moment they were arrested. But they were also rank amateurs living in a crystal methamphetamine-induced haze of paranoia and race hatred. (One can't help thinking Adolf's name went to his head, at least a little, as he fingered the swastika ring on his finger.) They had no clue how to circumvent the security surrounding Obama – prosecutors who examined their plans laughed them off as ludicrously naïve. And they couldn't even figure out what every half-interested member of the press corps knew, that Obama was not staying at the Hyatt Regency, the temporary HQ of the Democratic National Committee, but at a different hotel altogether.

Four days before Obama's acceptance speech, Gartrell was pulled over for drunk-driving in the Denver suburb ' of Aurora after a patrol officer spotted his rented Dodge Ram truck swerving erratically, and the whole plot, such as it was, fell apart almost instantly. Certainly, the officer found plenty inside the truck to sound alarm bells – the two high-powered rifles, a silencer, a bulletproof vest, camouflage clothing, and three fake identification cards. But it was also clear that Gartrell was high on meth as well as drunk. The truck contained enough drug-making equipment to be considered a mobile meth lab.

Gartrell ratted out Johnson and Adolf almost as soon as he was taken in and photographed for his singularly striking mugshot. (With his bleached blonde hair, heavy silver earrings and pierced lip, he looks like the neo-Nazi from central casting.) Johnson was in the room at the Hyatt Regency, and wasted no time in talking himself – insisting he had no idea about any assassination plot while almost simultaneously telling the world Adolf was planning to "go down in a blaze of glory" and take Obama with him.

Adolf was a tougher proposition, the only one of the three with a serious criminal record, including burglary, forgery, drugs and weapons raps. At the time of his arrest he was wanted on eight outstanding charges and had recently skipped out on a $1 million bail payment. He was staying at a different hotel in the Denver suburbs. When the police arrived, he jumped out of his sixth-floor room on to the roof of the hotel kitchen four floors below, then jumped again to the ground, breaking his ankle as he landed. He didn't make it far. He, too, was found to be high on meth. When asked why he was wearing a bulletproof vest, he said he was convinced someone wanted to kill him.

We will no doubt learn more colourful details about the trio of would-be assassins when their trial begins this week. Intriguingly, though, they are being prosecuted on drugs and weapons charges only. Their prosecutor, Troy Eid, has said he is absolutely confident the "meth heads", as he calls them, never posed a risk to Obama or anyone else.

Not everyone is happy with this decision. After all, marginal people have hatched assassination plots before, and sometimes succeeded – one thinks of John Hinckley hitting President Reagan in 1981. And Barack Obama was never just another presidential contender; as the first African American to come even close to the highest political office on the planet, in a country whose history is spattered with the blood of racial animus, he is, by common consent, a target several orders of magnitude more tempting than the average for an extremist fringe of kooks, crazies, anti-government militia types, Ku Klux Klan members and other white race warriors, all of whom tend to be unforgiving in their ideological fervour, not to mention armed to the teeth.

He was granted 24-hour Secret Service protection just a few months into his campaign, in May 2007, after his friend and fellow Illinois senator, Dick Durbin, raised the alarm on his behalf. (Usually candidates receive that protection far later in the election cycle, after they have their party primaries sewn up.) We don't know exactly how hard the Secret Service has had to work on his behalf, although we do know that two men from the old confederate South – one from North Carolina, the other from Florida – were arrested and charged with making threatening statements against him in July. We know that effigies of Obama being lynched, or sliced through the head with a hatchet, have popped up periodically around the country – one on the campus of the University of Kentucky, another in Orange County, California in the run-up to Halloween.

We also know that Obama's supporters have been almost maniacal in their desire to prevent him sharing the tragic fate of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King. On a couple of occasions during primary season, when security ' guards at Obama campaign events stopped searching people's bags because of the backlog of people trying to get in, sympathetic reporters, bloggers and ordinary members of the public complained as loudly as they knew how. Likewise, when someone at a Sarah Palin rally in Clearwater, Florida in early October reacted to a mention of Obama's name by shouting "kill him!", there was such a clamour on the internet that the Secret Service made a rare public announcement saying it was launching an official investigation.

How much of a risk of assassination does Obama face? The most immediate, comfortable answer to that is: not much. The Secret Service has vastly improved its procedures and protocols since the spate of political assassinations of the 1960s and early 1970s. No president would now be allowed to drive at a snail's pace in an open-top car through the centre of a major city, as John Kennedy did in Dallas on 22 November, 1963. The sheer numbers of Secret Service members assigned to presidential protection has increased dramatically since the attempt on Reagan's life – we don't have exact figures on how much, but we do know that when one unhinged man toyed with the idea of tossing a grenade at President Bush in Atlanta in 2005, he never got remotely close enough to give it a real try.

The more worrying answer is that Obama will almost certainly inspire a large number of assassination plots because of the colour of his skin, and that it only takes one of them to be blessed with luck, proper organisation and a little official incompetence to pose a serious threat. When asked how much of a risk he faces, he has acknowledged that the color of his skin will be a problem for some people. And he knows that Colin Powell, the only other African American of significant stature in recent times to consider a run at the White House, decided not to pursue the presidency in part because his wife, Alma, feared for his safety.

"There's not any question he's under more threat than most politicians," said Mark Potok, one of America's leading researchers into hate groups who edits a monthly Intelligence Report for the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center. "I think we are seeing a kind of perfect storm of conditions that might well help white supremacist movements grow, and grow rapidly.

"We have changing demographics, and the Census Bureau projection that whites will lose their majority status in America by 2040. We have the tanking economy, and now... a black man in the White House. This makes some Americans feel they are losing their world – the sense that the country their forefathers built is slipping away from them."

The number of racist hate groups tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Centre has grown by almost 50 per cent during the Bush administration years, from about 600 in 2000 to almost 900 now. In contrast to the 1990s, when the "angry white man" phenomenon fuelled the militia movement and led to the white-supremacist inspired Oklahoma City bombing, much of this new growth has been triggered by virulent hostility to immigrants pouring in from Mexico.

It is entirely possible, though, that the emphasis will change now that Obama is about to enter the White House. Certainly, the neo-Nazi movement senses an opportunity: to judge by the endless chatter on far-right websites, they see a President Obama as the best recruiting tool they've had in years. "Obama will be a signal, a clear signal for millions of our people," the former Louisiana Ku Klux Klan leader and erstwhile candidate for governor, David Duke, wrote earlier this year in an essay he called A Black Flag for White America. "Obama is like that new big dark spot on your arm that finally sends you to the doctor for some real medicine. ... Obama is the pain that let's [sic] your body know that something is dreadfully wrong... Millions of European Americans will inevitably react with new awareness of their heritage and the need for them to defend and advance it."

That logic suggests the far right is not, in fact, itching to pull the trigger on Obama. Except that we are hardly dealing with rational people. The neo-Nazi magazine National Socialist wrote a cover story in September purporting to debunk the "myth" that Obama might be assassinated. But the cover also showed a photograph of the candidate in the crosshairs of a rifle (altered to look like a swastika) under the headline: "Kill this NIGGER?" And the piece went on to suggest that Obama, backed by Communists and Jews, planned to commit genocide against working white people.

Likewise, the "imperial wizard" of the Ku Klux Klan, an Indiana railway worker who calls himself Ray Larsen, denied any intent to attack Obama when interviewed on television a few months ago. But he added: "If that man is elected president, he'll be shot sure as hell."

If that doesn't have the Secret Service worried, it should. Some security experts have already started drafting memos with ideas on how to keep Obama better protected using state-of-the-art technology – for example, hand-held TeraHertz scanners that would-be assassins could not spot. Martin Dudziak, a Virginia-based security specialist who has worked on counter-terrorism issues, pointed out glumly that it is unusually difficult to profile would-be attackers. As he put it in a memo drafted in October: "There are frankly and very unfortunately, a lot of people in the USA who have deep-rooted 'phobic' hatred of an African American... being president. We should not try to deny this sombre reality."

If the inept Denver plot was not warning enough, news of another planned anti-Obama assault broke at the end of last month with the arrest of two White Power advocates in Tennessee. Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman didn't appear to be any more competent than Adolf and Gartrell. They had grand schemes to kill more than 100 African Americans, and fantasised about killing Obama dressed in white dinner jackets and top hats, but they couldn't so much as rob a house – they gave up on their intended target after spotting a guard dog out back and got picked up after shooting out the windows in a church.

Still, they had some serious weapons: a sawn-off shotgun, high-powered rifles and a couple of handguns. And Cowart appears to have been a founding member of a hate group called the Supreme White Alliance. While their dreams of killing Obama might have been fanciful, some of their other plans might not. "They might well have shot up a black high school, or hurt a group of black children," Potok said.

And it is entirely conceivable that other, more competent criminals will follow them. Obama may not have appeared remotely daunted when he delivered his victory speech in Chicago's Grant Park on election night, but it is worth remembering that he was also speaking behind a bulletproof glass shield. Such precautions, one suspects, will be the rule rather than the exception over the next four or eight years.

"There is a boiling rage just beneath the surface," Potok added. "We're talking about a minority, clearly, of whites. It's hard to say how large that group of people is. But I think this represents the beginning of a real white backlash in a certain quarter of the population."

Visible said...

In retrospect; I'm hoping you get the irony in relation to your nickname and your question.

Gee... why haven't I been blown away yet? Good question I suppose. First, let me say that I admire the work that Alex Jones does but we are very different persona's whose techniques and ambitions are very dissimilar. He knows who I am as does most of those who have much more highly traveled and much, much more successful websites than I do. Alex, David Icke, Rense and others probably get more hits in a day than I get in six months or more. They also make a pot of money. I don't make any money at all... unless you count the beer and cigarettes donations that show up about as often as rain in the desert.

You will also find me appearing on their websites with the same regularity as rain in the desert. It's something to consider. If I'm as good as people occasionally say I am then why am I routinely snubbed by the major sites? A very small handful of sites link and/or print my work. That would be What Really Happened, The People's Voice and The Truth Seeker. Signs of the Times used to reprint me but I rarely appear there any more and never have been told why.

As for why I'm not dead or at Gitmo well... I work for a force that is stronger than all of the forces of darkness put together. Many may not believe there is such a force or that it is at all concerned with me but I know different and we'll leave it at that. My destiny is not in the hands of the darkness and I'll be here or anywhere so long as I'm needed and no longer but not because they say so.

Meanwhile... these forces of darkness have tried to destroy me over the years. At one point I was either in prison or on the run for a good six years; years that most people consider more precious than other years. The last time they tried to get me I was facing life in prison. Some mysterious force prevented that and I'm the only one in the history of Hawaiian law who walked away the way I did. Afterwards, enemies said that I bought off the jury. Apparently I did this with no money and a court appointed lawyer.

I've had my work destroyed and altered so that it was rendered non-commercial by those who promised to make me successful. My music was trashed and then released all over the world with the result that it crashed and rendered me mute. My novel was released with the title misspelled on the spine and on every page of the book and with the final edit left out. By the time that was fixed it's commercial appeal was ruined.

I was shot at and run off into flight and penury. I was forced out of jobs. I'm not going to laundry list the offenses here. There have been many and it's documented... all one needs is some facility with the Freedom of Information act.

I can't return to the U.S. and was barely able to leave the last time I visited. I can't see my friends and family and so on and so forth

I'm not whining about this, I just move on. I've been threatened. My website was fucked with and down for months. Then it took months to move it. All of my blogs are messed with so they don't look attractive as they once did. Every effort I have made to improve my lot has been met with enemy action from somewhere. I've had most of my resources stolen. No one in a position to grant me a wider presence or some measure of success will touch me.

You might say that I'm getting my share of grief.

I do find it odd that I rarely hear from the shadows like some do and I am free within certain parameters etc. I do have some special protections but they are from an invisible source.

I don't have any other answers. I don't know. I just do what I do and take each day as it comes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your answer Visible. Probably the reason Alex never provided an answer, is for the same stated reasons that I retracted my question to you. I too have been down some of the same fast-lane roads as you but I fortunately found an exit ramp - I now only travel on the blogging side roads. I have also dealt with the U.S. Federal Court systems and, most recently within the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia; however, I was the Plaintiff/Appellant, not a Defendant/Appellee. You know first hand just how bad the Federal Courts are, and that the Judge rules in accordance to his influences: a handshake, some Corporate special interest seeking a shield, or simply money passed under the bench - - the Judge does not necessarily rule in accordance to the law, case law, or the irrefutable evidence which supports your case.

You eventually get fucked, and you move on leaving an expensive 4-year hole in your life behind you. I really am glad that you walked away in Hawaii because I also know that even being incarcerated for a short span of days is no treat. Thank you for sharing a part of your life’s grief. We are each put here for a special purpose, and maybe you have yet to discover why a mysterious force chose to spare your life. In retrospect, I try to look at the extremes of what could have happened to me - but didn't.

Grantland said...

Hey Les I empathise with your cognitive dissonance. The rabbit hole is a hell of a lot deeper than anyone thought it would be. I arrived at my own conclusions quite independently of Dr Pierce - made a lot of mistakes.. too bad he's now dead and I never had the chance..

I believe in human freedom, not just tribal freedom. But we have the same enemy. The enemy of freedom.

Here is tribal freedom, quite reasonable, really.

Anonymous said...

No problem Marxist-Socialist, but with regard to this from you.....I Don't really understand how the hell has Israel been able to grab and catch the unconditional love and blind-love of so many american citizens. Is it because of magic or something? Or because the fact that the mainstream TV media in this country is biased in favor of Israel, specially Hollywood and Cable-TV friend, who do you think owns ALL of the mainstream media in the whole of the western world? It was integral to their plan of universal sovereignty to acquire all of the newspapers, radio-stations and T.V. stations. Only in this way could they influence and socially engineer us and our kids from the cradle to the grave. British BBC and other channels are owned and directed by unashamed zionists. Most of our celebrities and stars from the fifties up have been jewish, it's a first-class ticket into showbiz's inner sanctum if you have the slightest talent, also the secret handshake. I know first-hand about this crap cos I was on the verge of some success as a British singer/songwriter in 1980. But because I wouldn't 'sell my soul' I was stitched up more times than Michael Jackson's face, and remain on the perifery to this day. My friend, can I also urge you to seek out the infamous 'Protocols of the learned elders of Zion'....decried in the zionist press as a 'forgery' which is hillarious because it is purely and simply a blueprint by the jewish Bavarian illuminati to insidiously infiltrate every walk of public life from banks to government and 'by stealth, do war'. You can get it here, please read it all if possible, cos it will make you very sick and angry......

Anonymous said...

Another great post, Les.
I wish I could share your optimism about Putin, though.
Given that the truth of 9/11, the socalled Unspeakable Truth, could have taken care of the ZOG in America, I cannot understand why Putin or Chavez or Ahmedinajad wound not blast it onto the world media so that they couldn't ignore it??!!
Well, I also hope that we can still prevent the scenario in your blog by virally informing EVERYBODY, including the US Military....
Knowing is important, acting is a matter of survival for all of us.
Be safe.

Kevenj said...

This was one of your best Les, and thank you all here for the comments.I have gleaned a bit more on what makes the sparkle in Sarah's eyes.

Almost makes me have faith in humanity again.

Anonymous said...

Any Ron Paul supporters still guiled by his shill performances as a genuine offset to the usual crew of crooks, watch this video...... ......he even had me fooled for a week or two once, when he slated the Fed. You need to be careful people, 'the dream is over' as uncle John once sang before they shot him dead in Dakota.



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