Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner with Baron Samedi and Al Qaeda in Wonderland.

Well, it didn’t take long for Mumbai to get the Al Qaeda fingerprint. Never mind that there is no Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda must have done it. You are all familiar with Al Qaeda. Like The Scarlet Pimpernel, “they seek him here, they seek him there.” But they can’t find him anywhere.

It is a matter of great amazement to me that this Al Qaeda can be anywhere in the world, any time it wants to be and that it can strike at will under the orders of the Baron Samedi redux, Bin Laden, who routinely issues his commands from somewhere under the ground or the world beyond.

There’s never been a more amazing organization than Al Qaeda. They managed to get through ICTS, Israeli security at three U.S. airports and hijack four planes. Then they took two planes and crashed into two buildings in New York City. They did this while flying with a precision that few trained pilots could have achieved, without ever having flown such planes before. Then they managed to level three buildings at the speed of freefall where not even one similar building ever fell before though they burned hotter and longer. They didn’t even need a plane to level one of the buildings. That’s probably another Baron Samedi element and explains all the feathers and chicken blood that covered the streets of NYC in the aftermath.

They’re a talented lot, this Al Qaeda, not only did they knock down three buildings with two planes and cover the city with asbestos flavored, chicken blood and feathers but Mohammed Atta tossed his passport out of the plane in some sort of over the shoulder arabesque, as if Isadora Duncan and Amelia Earhart had merged in a Baron Samedi mind-meld with Bin Laden who was controlling the whole thing via remote viewing from a UFO equipped, space cave in Afghanistan and the passport tumbled through the flames and the smoke and glided like a miniature magic carpet right in front of the feet of a NYC policeman.

Then they slipped right past ICTS, Israeli security again in The Madrid Train station and then slipped past ICTS, Israeli security one more time at the London Tube, right under the nose of Netan-yahoo who was in the hotel above. It has to be magic, there’s no other explanation. It’s not Bin Laden that you’re after, it’s Baron Samedi. It’s not Al Qaeda that you’re looking for; it’s the Scarlet Pimpernel and The Seven Dwarfs.

I’m not going to play with rumors concerning who was behind the Mumbai bombing in 2006. I don’t need rumors when I’ve got real life, science fiction and space invaders from the fifth dimension.

What’s most impressive is how the only Al Qaeda cell ever uncovered managed to replace themselves with Mossad agents moments before they were captured. It’s no wonder that Al Qaeda can be everywhere all of the time. It’s no wonder that they can never be apprehended because they’ve got Baron Samedi as The Tonight Show host with the UFO orchestra and special guests; The Comte De St. Germaine, Apollonius of Tyana and The Wizard of Oz.

There won’t be a home in America today that will not have Al Qaeda sitting there. You won’t see them because they have the power of invisibility but they will be there. Bin Laden will be under the table tickling the children’s feet.

Yes, they’re a canny lot. It seems like there isn’t anything they can’t do. Recent news reports have stated that it’s actually Al Qaeda who is starving the people of Gaza. They shut off the power in Gaza. They made all the medicine disappear. They caused the sewage to overflow into the streets and the latest report is that the Cholera germs are actually tiny Al Qaeda soldiers. It’s also Al Qaeda who turned all the Chinese firecrackers into super rockets and launched them with deft precision into empty lots all over Siderot. As a result Al Qaeda now has a three picture deal and a major book tour out of Al Qaeda controlled Hollywood.

Bin Laden’s going to go public again too. After a long period of time sunning himself on The French Riviera, with the occasional commute to his Xanadu in Pakistan, for a little skiing and snowboarding, he’s contemplating a tour of crowded urban centers somewhere near you. The Alien Grays have outfitted him with a magic coat of many colors and he’s going to be launching dirty bombs with mean guitar licks and hair conditioner, liquid explosives on various airliners all while exposing himself to Catholic high school girls in Flushing, Queens. He was last seen on the roof of Lum’s Chinese Restaurant on Northern Blvd. What a guy!

The global financial meltdown which has only just begun? You got it. Bin Laden is doing that with his Al Qaeda bankers and accountants. The genocide in Western Papua? That’s our boy once again. Bin Laden Samedi and the Magical Mystery Al Qaeda are behind everything, everywhere, all the time and they are accomplishing all of it while being dead, on the one hand ...and non existent on the other. It’s as if John Paul Sartre and Steven Hawkings got together with Boddhidarma and MC Hammer for some all galactic version of, “You Can’t Touch This.”

The space time continuum? No problem. Weave-warping the fabric of reality? No problem. Being everywhere you want to be and nowhere that you don’t, while vanishing the minute that security shows up? No problem. Rising from the dead like you’re rising from bed? No problem. Driving a 747 through a sixteen foot hole and leaving no plane parts? No problem. No problem. No problem.

Go back to sleep, little sheep. On this Thanksgiving, I want you to think about what you want for this year's abondanza Christmas. I want you to think about how really close you are to sleeping on a flattened cardboard box outside a boarded up storefront. Go right ahead and pack that extra portion of potatoes and gravy into the bottomless pit of your appetite and add another layer of fat to the denial protection system that has you believing things that cannot possibly be true.

It’s going to get much worse. It is going to continue to get worse as you continue to believe what cannot be true. As long as you pull the comforter of delusion over your head the nightmares are going to get worse. They breed in that environment. They like it there.

When it is time to wake up and you do not wake up, then the means applied to wake you up are going to intensify and intensify until you do wake up. Your real enemies are the people who are pointing your attention in the direction of an imaginary enemy. Your primary, real enemy is your ignorance and obstinacy. Your secondary enemy is the one manipulating both for their profit and entertainment.

You need to realize that what is victimizing you is not just doing it to keep you in fear and to bleed you dry. These agencies and entities enjoy the spectacle of what they are putting you through. When you suffer and place the blame on something that never existed or is long dead, they laugh. You amuse the hell out of them. You had better wake up.

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Anonymous said...

To see better the future look at "Evolution of dictate" by V.M. Kaitoukov at
Yuri Stoilov

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant, les.

From the pov of the PTB, Al Qaeda was the best thing they ever invented!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to buy, from my corporate suppliers, Al Qaeda insurance, Al Qaeda resistant door locks, anti Al Qaeda screens for my windows, Bin Laden 'under the bed' detectors and an Al Qaeda detector for my car (so they can’t steal it and make it into a car bomb).
Les, I think this might help the economy.
In addition to the above I am going to report to the authorities anyone I see acting suspiciously, taking photos in public (I may make a citizens arrest there) and I will not complain when troops are deployed to my street corner to look after my wellbeing (we should all be grateful for that).
I think that will make me and my country safer.
And I think I’ll make my clothing out of American flags.
And I will encourage my firstborn to join the forces to fight for our freedom.
And I will quit my job and go and work for the government, no- for Homeland Security, where I can terrorise the public into being safe.
This last article was very inspiring Les, thanks.

Anonymous said...

SoTT was right on top of this, too, with a flashback (all the way back to September ;) to a Global Research report, Political Destabilization in South and Central Asia: The Role of the CIA-ISI Terror Network.

I wish I had some idea what the general level of awareness is in India. Are they going to fall for the globalists' poisoned carrots and sticks and other tricks, let themselves be led down the primrose path and into the waiting trap? Or does the man on the street over there know 9/11 was an inside job, as was 7/7 and Madrid and, in all probability, this?

Anonymous said...

The so-called massacre at Racak that gave Clinton the opportunity to bomb Serbia for 78 days and nights has now been exposed, beyond doubt, as an American false flag op.
Various Europeans who gave 'evidence' have now publicly recanted and have admitted to lying through their teeth under American pressure. It took Clinton twenty minutes after hearing of the incident to declare Serbia an enemy and proceed to bomb.
In the last week two German intelligence officers have been arrested in Kosovo posing as Serbs and attacking UN installations.
The Serbs object to the EU wanting to occupy Kosovo - which is still legally Serbia - and providing some government infrastructure.
An attack on the installations would have blackened Serbia and allowed the EU to overide any objection.
We have had plenty of accounts of British soldiers and SAS pretending to be Iraqis and committing provocations and murder.
Al Qaeda is but a bit of the jigsaw. Anyone who believes in Al Qaeda believes Obama is for 'hope' and 'change'.
This has gone on for years. 9/11 was a massive false flag but don't forget Oklahoma City. There isn't a chance in Hades Timothy McVeigh's truck bomb did that - there was at least one other massive explosion within the building itself.
WE are watching the outcome of 'good' men doing nothing for too many years.
Judging by some of the comments on various boards today there is a very profound and healthy scepticism about Mumbai and the real people behind it.
America and Israel are top of the class.
The general view is that it is just too too convenient for the anointed messiah who wants to attack and bomb Pakistan.
I concur with that view.

Anonymous said...

I had looked all of these up before, now I can’t get the Delaware Division of Corporations to spit out the info.
Delaware Corporation Incorporation date 7/12/33 File No. 0325720
FEDERAL RESERVE ASSOCIATION (Federal Reserve) Non-profit Delaware
Corporation Incorporation date 9/13/14 File No. 0042817
Corporation Incorporation Date 3/9/83 File No. 2004409
FEDERAL LAND ACQUISITION CORP. For-profit General Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 8/22/80 File No. 0897960
RTC COMMERCIAL ASSETS TRUST 1995-NP3-2 For-profit Delaware Statutory
Trust Incorporation Date 10/24/95 File No. 2554768
General Delaware Corporation Incorporation date: 11/13/89 File No.
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. Non-profit Delaware Corporation
Incorporation Date 4/19/89 File No. 2193946
In other news that you may have missed:
Jerusalem (Israel): Israel today announced that it will no longer be known as “Israel”. We would like to bring back some of the nostalgia from the 1920’s and will be known now as “Murder Incorporated” (A Delaware Corporation) with our corporate offices based in Chicago. When asked if the former Israel was incorporating to limit their liability, corporate spokesperson Phlegm Emmanuel stated: “liability, schmiability”—end of quote. The Washington based law firm, Kissinger and Associates handled the filings.
Kabul Afghanistan: “OK, we made a mistake”. That quote came from a senior State Department official when asked about the recent “chatter” heard by the NSA while monitoring Al Qaeda. “Turns out its winter in Afghanistan and the terrorists are just cold—their teeth were chattering together and echoing off the cave walls.
New York, NY: Senior Bush administration officials have recently begun a search for a new Ad Agency/PR Firm. We know it’s a little late in the game but our Jerusalem based ad agency that we have used for all these years has simply not come up with a decent slogan to rally around since “911”. We know that’s a tough one to beat, but we expected more.

United States: All Corporate Media entities in the United States will stop carrying news of terrorist attacks in other countries (except—well, you know) because Americans don’t really give a fuck. False Flag operations however will continue to be covered—endlessly.
Afghanistan: Al Qaeda has announced that they will discontinue the rank of Lieutenant including “High-Ranking” Lieutenant, as they are the only ones currently being reported as killed by U.S. forces. “Nobody wants to take the risk even with the raise in pay” stated a low-ranking Captain.
New York, NY: “All tunnels and subways in the city will be filled in” stated former Mayor Rudy Giuliani . “Turns out that Al Qaeda was tunneling in from overseas using un-skilled, undocumented Mexican workers. “We do enforce fair labor practices in my city” stated Mayor for Life Rudy. “We all know they love tunnels and caves, and we are just limiting their opportunities. “Instead of dirt, we will be filling in the tunnels with depleted uranium stated a Halliburton spokesperson”. “ The glow alone will allow the city of New York to save millions on their streetlight utility bill”. The plan drew mixed responses from a glowing crowd of listeners.
Kabul, Afghanistan: In an effort to win the hearts and minds of Americans, Al Qaeda has recently gained the rights to the Paul Simon song “You Can Call Me Al”.
Boston Massachusetts: Websters Dictionary publishers, as the request of the White House, have announced that the words “freedom”, “truth”, and “honor” will be replaced by the single phrase “FUCK OFF”. The Israeli law firm of Dewey-Screwum & Howe represented the White House. When questioned why the White House used an outside firm to represent them, a White House spokesperson stated: “We got such a deal”.



Anonymous said...

Black Friday (shopping)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Black Friday
Observed by United States
Date Friday after Thanksgiving
2008 date November 28
2009 date November 27
Celebrations Shopping
Related to Thanksgiving and Christmas

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, where it is the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season. Since Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States, Black Friday may be as early as the 23rd and as late as the 29th of November.

Black Friday is not an official holiday, but many employees take the day off, which increases the number of potential shoppers. Retailers often decorate for the Christmas season weeks beforehand. Many retailers open very early (typically 5 am or even earlier) and offer doorbuster deals and loss leaders to draw people to their stores. Although Black Friday, as the first shopping day after Thanksgiving, has served as the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season at least since the start of the modern Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, the term "Black Friday" has been traced back only to the 1960s.

The term "Black Friday" originated in Philadelphia in reference to the heavy traffic on that day. More recently, merchants and the media have used it instead to refer to the beginning of the period in which retailers are in the black (i.e., turning a profit).

Can you hear the words "This is truly a Black Friday" rolling off the lips of the TV announcers........just a thought. Stay tuned...or tune out.

Strikes again

Visible said...

"You can call me Al." heh heh

A nice companion piece to my own effort.

Anonymous said...

Man oh man oh mannnn,,,,where to begin. So much speculative conspiricy theories is daily proving not theories at all, but in your face, blatant, "so whatta ya gonna do about it dumbass goyim?". Its increasingly more and more obvious that there are those behind the scenes(the sheer evil times $$$$$$) that have and have had "agenda" and it now unfolds to even the numbest of dimwits, sniff.. I include myself chere. It's hard to wrap your mind around the magnitude of the evil. scarry shit indeed. I'll just go ahead and slap the crap outta myself and save the embarrasement of admitting to anyone my depth of cranialassitosis. The epiphany is a real mindfucker. note-the curseing inserted due to limited vocabulary. The 60's residual damage, can ya dig it? LOL anywhoooo, so now how to process this info-this realization that the Zionist plague fully unleashed NOW, is real, and it is true, and it means to kill,steal, and destroy. But know this fellow sojourners, this is a blip, a blink, a drop in a bucket, as painful as is. Its temporal. The flesh falls away, but we(collective spirit) live on. And this my friends is TRUE. WE are not humans having a spiritual experience, but rather spirits having a human experience. The TRUTH will set you free. Les, you're quite the enigma, thank you brother!!!

nina said...

Yes and while we're singing that one, all of life as we knew it is slip slidin' away...
Matthew said: I wish I had some idea what the general level of awareness is in India.
In a way, once you get into the thread of the heisters, you can write the story yourself. Pick a people, pick a time, spin your magic globes and let em twirl. Asia Times has an interesting little story about the origin and prevalence of the beloved Iranian Tea Shops in Mumbai and how they are fast disappearing due to the price of real estate in Mumbai central.
You know, people who can't make up their minds between sticky buns and caviar need a little "can't believe its not butter".

kikz said...

i got it...


'splainz it all >:)

Anonymous said...


There is always one subject that is missing when some writer wants to vent their spleen about why things are happening as they are - the subject of "the real puppet masters."
Bush, Cheney and their whole nefarious and belicose wrecking crew are nothing more than errand boys, go-fers, lackies who have been conditioned to accept their orders from intimidating forces. (It's called "selling out.")
So I put it to you, oh, mildly informed public - "Who do you think is truly behind the evil antics being played out in the world?" and "What are their objectives?" Answer those two questions and you might begin to discover who 'they' are who is wreaking such havoc in your little existence. Once you get a handle on addressing the REAL issues, then and only then can you direct your retribution energies towards those who mean you harm.
Until you KNOW who 'they' are, you are just venting through your keyboards so that you might sleep better tonight. "COURAGE TAKES COURAGE!"

Anonymous said...

a little would-be touch by which the perpetrators of Mumbai distance themselves by involving their own.

Anonymous said...

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink


Parfer DeCourse said...

Amazing Post, my friend! Amazing Post!

You have the innate ability to pull it all together, touching upon all the pertinent talking points and delivering it with humor, wit and piercing commentary. Your timeliness is superb, as not much time has passed since this latest false flag op in Mumbai.

They haven’t even named the incident yet! Will it be “11/26” or “Mumbai Massacre” or “YAFFO” (yet another false flag operation!). Can’t wait to have another catch phrase!!!

If you are looking for the straw that breaks the Cabal’s back, you won’t find it here in America. I used to be offended by the Zionist’s “useless eaters” label, but now I see what they mean. We have often lamented the fact that we cannot wake or even shake the sheeple into realizing what is going on.

We would be hard pressed to mount any offensive against our oppressors if we can’t get the UE’s off of their fucking cell phones, away from their damned reality shows, or off their endless MySpace and Facebook pages. The powers that be have given us so many entertainments that we have become useless as a collective to influence anything but sales figures on Black Friday!

Looking for something to be thankful for? How about the Gang here at Smoking Mirrors?
Thanks Gang!!!


Randall said...

Happy Thanksgiving to Les and all the rest.
And if you want you can stop by, as I've
got a lot of food left.
(two chicken wings and mash potatoes and I'm stuffed)(need appetite enhancement medicine)!

Anonymous said...

Great writing, great site. Every FBI agent who is not an idiot (many of them unfortunately) knows that 911 was an iside job run by the Mossad. Several counter intelligence types "committed suicide" right after - - guess they would not go along with the program. The one I know only talks about reaching retirement and is not going to do anything that will kill his career given dual Isaeli Americans run homeland security and basically the entire US Government. Couldn't care less about the innocent people murdered by these coward thugs but wants to retire with his pension - - they couldn't care less of the top "Al Queda" agent, fired for doing his job, strange appearance to "die" at the towers. Traitors every one of them and especially Mueller. The USA is doomed to become as the Palestinians are now - - already treated that way at the airports.

The jews have plans for us all like they did with Bolshevik (jewish) revolution. Tens of millions if not billions will die at their hands in the next 20 years. They have no human feeling for the Goyim - - what they call us in their "Holy Talmud - - less than animals who need to lied to, cheated, and slaughtered. Their doing a great job of it. Oh gee, could be antisemetic mmmmm too bad the Palestinians are semitic and they are all Russian Khazarnazis. A curse to humanity they prove daily.

Kevenj said...

"..people who can't make up their minds between sticky buns and caviar need a little "can't believe its not butter".

Well, at least there's someplace in the world besides Real Estate in D.C. that (was) maintaining price valuations.

"It’s as if John Paul Sartre and Steven Hawkings got together with Boddhidarma and MC Hammer for some all galactic version.."

Excellent point Les, and after hearing of this horror show on CNN I couldn't seem to get an old song out of my head:

"One night in (Mumbai) makes a hard man humble
Not much between despair and ecstasy.
One night in ( Mumbai) and the tough guys tumble.
Can't be too careful with your company-
I can feel the devil walking next to me.."

Anonymous said...

There is nothing new under the sun.
Excellent piece on 'Gladio'.
A sort of predecessor to Al Qaeda I suppose.
Strangely the one nation which was attacked by Bin Laden himself - in collusion with the CIA and MI6 - was Serbia and we all know what happened there.
Strange but true.

Anonymous said...

We're all useless eaters PARFER. Prince Phillip seriously said that if he could come back in reincarnation, he'd come as a virus to wipe out 85% of the world's population. This wasn't a figure plucked from the air, it's been bandied about by 'the elite' eugenecists for years as the ideal number to cull for their eternal happiness. One billion people to survive their NWO. The Commitee of 300, their families and friends and the lucky serfs to slave for them, high on happy pills. All of those whacky far-fetched sci-fi 'B' movies like 'Blade Runner' were prophetically made by the Hollywood Kikes for 'their' entertainment, but without the escaping heroes to rescue mankind. The technology they have in hiding, is far superior to any hollywood sfx, guaranteeing no chance of future uprising by enslaved mankind. And it's no use getting angry at the sheeple for being too blinded by cell-phones and t.v. to stand up to them now bro, because they are literally blinded to the truth as it says in 2Cor.4:4.....the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through. This cabal of sickos, under the name of 'the commitee of 300, the illuminati or whatever turns them on are all freemason satanists. Even they are blinded by him and will suffer the same eternal destruction, very soon to visit them all. The maker of heaven and earth will not allow them to realise their psycho dream. Daniel chapter 12 is fairly short, I encourage all to read it for peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

It's just too bad ,Les, that you are preaching to the choir with your insightful writing. Take a gander at Newsvine over at MSNBC. It's very disturbing. I sometimes read the comments to the "news" stories, and in a fit of pointlessness, I'll post some similar point of view as ours here.
3/4ths of the posts over there are often vicious arguments between Democrats and Republicans, blaming each other. The Dems there are pretty much a defensive lot, trying to be reasonable within the mainstream viewpoint. The Reps are mainly "nuke em all" or at least hate them all types- they can't even admit that the country is screwed as a result of their points of view as embodied in the outgoing administration. Most of my posts are just ignored, the battle just goes on around them as though they didn't appear in the same language as all the others. Occasionally they are seconded by some other lonely soul, who is then roundly attacked by the school of sharks.
Every chance I get I mention in brief the USS Liberty attack and point to their website. I have believed that if people were aware of this it would at least cast some small doubt on their world view. But no one ever has responded- ever . It's really amazing and, more to the point, sickening. Most people have an unshakeable world view. The most they can do is get disgusted and stop all pretense of thinking and just continue along with only the barest of human faculties in play.
Someone actually said the following..." In the modern, globalized world, all problems are our problems." ! Can you imagine actually thinking that way? We would all need to commit suicide at the earliest opportunity just to ease the pain. With this thinking it makes sense that the only answer is to drop hydrogen bombs on everyone else. My God, most people have enough problems within their own family that they can hardly handle- but ALL the problems of the world too?! No wonder people are nuts. And all this courtesy of the corporate zionist media. We really are truly and inevitably screwed.

Kasheroff said...

Whoa! Great Posts All!

Ding! Dong! Bin Laden's Dead!
Al Qaeda's myth inside your head!
9/11's false you said!
Zionist try to steal our bread!

But you can call me "Al" and Mumbai is "YAFFO"



Anonymous said...

Nice writeup. Fair chance that it could be a false flag operation. If so, then a false flag operation at this level, which seems to have taken a great deal of time and effort to construct, will undoubtably be met with some sort of "response" by the superpowers that constructed it. A bonifide terrorist operation at this level isn't necessarily always immediately followed up by a concise and quick and defined reponse. False flag operations (if this was one) are in a way far more easy to construct (recruitment wise) in contrast to what most people believe. The highly evolved and mega intelligence operations like the CIA and Mossad often work with several levels or layers of operatives (to eliminate any chance of identifying the source) where the last layer recruits and trains real potential terrorists angered at the West or Israel. They believe they are being recruited by their own side and thus unknowingly are working and dying for the side they believe they are fighting against.

Anonymous said...

"Websters Dictionary publishers, at the request of the White House, have announced that the words “freedom”, “truth”, and “honor” will be replaced by the single phrase “FUCK OFF” - Brilliant Jj. I shall use it myself and let people think It's my own.

Seriously though, Another good article Les, that lays it out as it is. But I more and more get the feeling that it's preaching to the choir. Along with sites like Rense, Truthseeker, WRH, Prisonplanet etc etc (My daily fare for the last decade or so) I can't get over the feeling that dissent on this level has been controlled, managed, contained. Same way the political process and reporting of events has been in what we used proudly to call the free west.

I think technology has allowed 'Them' not only to compromise every single electronic communication, world-wide, but also to control and manipulate that vast amount of information in a coherent, controlled and directed way in real time. I think for this reason that written and posted letters are the last reasonably secure method of communication, and that that's why sending a letter is being discouraged and will soon cost as much as it does now to freight a package by a commercial courier company.

We've fucked, stuffed and are in the process of being roasted and there doesn't seem to be anything that anyone can do about it - except bear witness (a holy duty, in my opinion, that you carry out with aplomb Les)

We are betrayed by those who pose as, and are paid to be, our representatives ad leaders

Anonymous said...


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up, not the usual fare A Curious and Unfortunate Turning of Events.

Anonymous said...

So funny! I just realized something startling: every time I see the words "Al Quaeda" they morph into the word "Israel." It's like seeing Clark Kent go into a phone booth and Superman come out. Very peculiar. I wonder what it means...


Anonymous said...

To "simon" a few posts above: yes, their tech has eclipsed what you surmise a number of decades ago. Talking about manipulating "real time", I'm going to toss out a random idea that at the very least could make a good fiction book. Here goes.

The following requires some understanding of the history of "Radionics", which is a modern word (from about the 1920s roughly) to describe the ability to physically manipulate a person from a distance and in real time by using some of their DNA (hair, nail clippings, BLOOD, or even a photo perhaps) in some sort of device. It is the same principle as "voodoo", but with actual hardware and without all the need for people's "natural psychic abilities". Radionics was quite literally mastered and quantified by the use of physical hardware back in the 1920s, although the general premise was used back in Egyptian times and well before. This is factual, and can be researched, but naturally the doctors who practiced Radionics back in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s were hunted down and shut down.

So fast forward to maybe the 1950s or 60s. As a cover for checking for certain diseases, blood is taken from every single baby born in the United States and Canada (and other places around the World). A portion of that blood is sent on to certain underground laboratories, which test for a variety of interesting genetic markers. These would include certain special blood lines, certain special "abilities", and also a certain make-up that we would call "psycho" (which the field of ponerology tells us consists of 5-6% of the population of the Western World). Once these special babies have been identified, files are made and these individuals are tracked for their lifetimes, but the blood from ALL BABIES is kept and introduced into huge Radionic type devices that are largely automated.

Shortly thereafter, the babies of certain blood lines are treated in certain ways (and eventually become the visible puppets and handlers for the Controllers - some even presidents); the babies of certain powerful abilities are treated in certain ways (including future so-called "Alien Abductions" and invites to join the NSA, NRO, Mossad, and high-tech endeavors - although some have to be killed because of their "powers" being too strong or pure; the genetically psycho babies are also important as they will be encouraged to become the henchmen and front line meat like military, cops, lawyers, Wall Street fraudsters, serial killers, lone snipers, etc. The rest of the babies who have none of these 3 sets of genetic markers are then labelled "sheeple" (another word might be "goyim"...) and represent about 94% of us.

The sheeple's blood is still extremely important, however, in that it allows the Controllers (via their Radionic equipment that bombard the blood with very specific electro-magnetic frequencies) to manipulate, direct, and control the sheeple in a variety of subtle ways in REAL TIME and from great distances. So, not only do the Controllers have tech to monitor and eavesdrop on ALL COMMUNICATIONS (including thought forms), but they have a direct link to your DNA structure also. This is the real Matrix that the Controllers have created over the last half century.

Fortunately, from time to time, certain equipment might fail or be sabotaged, or certain blood samples might be destroyed, lost or mislabelled, or certain groups combat the harmful frequencies with beneficial ones, etc. etc., which allows certain individuals to AWAKEN TO, OR ESCAPE the hi-tech Matrix. From the 94% of the sheeple population, though, the awakened ones make up only about 2%. These extremely dangerous 2% can be re-captured or at least partially subdued by biochemical methods (flouride, aspartame, MSG, heavy metals, chem trail residues, vaccines) used in conjunction with "external" frequencies piggy backing on cell phones, TV, and other antennae.

Fiction or not? All the tech is there. The motivation is there. Money is no object. Is it merely possible, or probable, or very likely? Do they any longer even need a physical sample from us? Is the manipulation beyond our physical DNA structure and now targeting our "energy bodies"? Is this how HAARP is involved? Are the new TVs with digital format related to any of this "fiction"? What have the Controllers learned in recent years about how to control us? Are there different divisions of the Controllers using different techniques, and maybe not getting along very well? Do these inter-divisions seek to control other Controllers? What roles do photographs play in controlling / manipulating us, and what did the ancients (or indeed, modern indigenous peoples) say about one's image in relation to one's soul and the capacity for control / manipulation by external sources??? Does digital photography enhance this?

Welcome to my current rabbit hole...


Anonymous said...

So Adam Pearlman (aka "Adam Ghadan") is in Mumbai these days? I can hardly wait for the next booga booga video!

Osama Bin Laden is still returning from the dead to command his invisible soldiers? Talk about talent!

All this "Al Qaeda" cartoon is missing is Lee Harvey Oswald and little green men from mars.

The American sheeple will never wake up. Oh well, perhaps they`ve well earned what they have coming.

More power to you, Les.

Anonymous said...

3:09 , yep.

Parfer DeCourse said...

"Just a Geordie" you are right, we are all useless eaters. Just did not want to have to consider myself cannon fodder yet!

"Simon", I understand the "bearing witness" part of what we do and this is my only consolation.I was telling my sister, recently, that I have always felt as though I were an observer, never intended to participate, per se, but merely watch the parade go by.

It has given me a lot of insight and I have learned that you do not have to take part in order to understand and absorb the very nature of your perception…

Lament not, however, for I find I am in good company.

We, who are gathered here in Visible’s world, are the watchers, strategically placed to gather the essence of life and times within the final stages of this dying matrix. I believe we were sent here for the sole (soul?) purpose of rendering an accurate and truthful account to embed upon the Akashic record for all time when we depart.

We are not the movers and shakers or policymakers. We were never meant to be. We participate from afar only in as much as it takes to analyze, qualify and quantify that which defies logic. The follies of our fellow man will go on record, through us, for the purpose of exposing what we have failed so long to discard…all…these…millennia!

Dare we call them Evils? (or Elvis if you rearrange the letters…)

Fret not for what you are about to see. Do not look away! The details will surely be sickening but are necessary to prevent a re-occurrence in the subsequent construction where YOU and I will have a chance to participate for better or for worse (God help us if it is worse)…

Please let us learn it well this time ‘round, lest we be destined to repeat!!!


ParD (HarD)!!!

Franz said...

Anonymous! And Les! (Your recent Origami post, it's in there!)

"Welcome to my current rabbit hole...

YOURS -- and Baron Rothschilds... and the CIA.. and the Mossad.

The psychotronic elevation started with John Dee, the ORIGINAL 007. It was hijacked or at least appropriated by the bankers in London and Paris no later than Bonaparte and Waterloo.

ALL revolutions and social movements since have been designed to cull the Good Ones (who will work for Slaveworld) and the Bad Ones (who won't get with the program for whatever reason.)

HAARP was originally a small installation in Wisconsin vetted by the US/USSR while Eisenhower was prez. The Cold War was a cover story. The guinea pigs for the NWO were the whole population of the Great Lakes Region of the US, 1955-90. I have loads of stories from those years I'm putting up at a news site in '09, but for the moment let me just say that people who've followed politics and culture in this area over the last 50 years have noticed it without any help at all...

Your point is good, anon, when you note "What have the Controllers learned... about how to control us?"

I bet lots; but of this I am sure:

They screwed up in the 60s when they let LSD run wild for a few years. (Two, 1967-69).

The "sixties" was a managed rebellion, natch. The late Sherman Skolnick even found out which tax-free foundations funnelled CIA money to the "antiwar" groups... the ones that caused the most damage and division. LSD was SUPPOSED to cause more anarchy. Mostly it probably did. BUT.

See, LSD was thought to open channels in your head and allow "instant enlightenment" and all that hooey. Not true. But it CAN jump-start a cognition alteration, the kind that no one and nothing can control.

And it did. The trippers went into zones that the researchers would have forbidding HAD THEY KNOWN that LSD works in the entire body, not the only the brain. Without getting tech, LSD is only a catalyst (you can have a "pure" acid trip by staying awake 96 hours or so, sleep deprivation catalizes the SAME chemical response. Ancient initiation systems were totally hip about this fact.) In the sixties the best physiologists in the world had no idea that, for instance, you have billions of brain cells in your abdominal wall.

The upshot is the threw a wild card to their opponents without knowing it. And it's a gift that can explode in a hundred different ways.

I think we're about to see some of that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr F

Is your theory any stranger than remote viewing?
Yet that is well documented.
Mind implants - also quite well documented.
Then imagine how victorians would have regarded our modern everyday technology - mind blowing.
Very little boggles my brain any more,
although nothing will make me swallow global warming.
I thought your theory fascinating - although far fetched - but who knows. Something has to explain the utter sheepleness of the 94%. Its weird. Unthinking zombies almost.
Maybe they are?

Anonymous said...

Les Visible: America has always been like this, at least for many decades. Did you see the The Doors movie about Jim Morrison with Val Kylmer? well in that movie Jim Morrison talked about Adolf Hitler, he said: "Adolf Hitler is alive and well and living in Miami." Remember that US government scared the american slaves with nationalist leaders from other countries such as Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Krushev. US government had/has this tactic of painting economic-nationalist presidents (right or leftists) as "evil monsters". If US government is a humanist and moralist government such as Venezuela, Cuba, Norway, or Bolivia's government then US government would have indeed the moral authority to critisize foreign governments. But US government doesn't have moral authority whatsoever to critique foreign governments.

Invisible Ceiling said...

"The American sheeple will never wake up. Oh well, perhaps they`ve well earned what they have coming."

So your saying blind people should be punished for being blind?

I think to ridicule the victims will earn you returned hostility. We must have compassion for those that cannot see. These are our friends, our family members, our spouses and I couldn't even begin on how to explain this to a child. They are being unknowingly played in the biggest game of charades the world has ever seen. To say the American People need to wake up is only a part of the problem and to point at the American People as the reason for these problems is a travesty and misdirected aggression. Find me an entire nation of enlightened? Every nation needs to be awakened to this not just America.

I don't know Lee and this is my first time here. He seems pretty pissed off. That's good. We all need to be pissed, enraged, etc. We must understand our roles in all of this.
We are the "enlightened" we need to be organized and we need only be armed with information. Violence will only speed things up. The Internet's days are limited. Save and print (if necessary) your proof (news articles, blogs, videos, charts graphs, maps, entire websites, etc,) You'll need them. Newspaper and Magazine clippings too. Imagine trying to wake someone after all the evidence has been destroyed. Make small and consistent info packages and or Data CDs, DVDs and get them out there. Get the info into their hands. Nobody likes to be preached to so don't. Let the documents plant the seeds. Don't give them the "Government wants you dead" speech. it will only get you labeled a nut-bar. The Monetary system and terrorism is enough to get them stirring.

Are we to simply wait around to die? Do we go through the motions of anonymity playing their game like sedated insects? Or do we free minds and ideas, open up to people whose only difference is what our wicked system has lied about?

We will not likely see the fruits of our labor for a generation or so but I say stand firm.

Anonymous said...

Speechless, the weather is fine the zip line 'wet my pants...' sorta...and maybe some skiing on the morrow, the drive down the mountain may take the cake, but most of all miss my lovies '3 son's' and y'all too...enjoy the rest of the holiday...and thnks to the terrorsts, for not hitting the Ritz.


Anonymous said...

Would you all do me a favour and make sure you read this?
Take care. Any of us could be next.

Visible said...

There is a new entry at Reflections in a Petri Dish Something I Saw, Scrying into a Glass Slide.

Anonymous said...

Willow here....

Great post, Les! Right on target, as usual. Folks here left great comments, too. When I read about the attacks in Mumbai (or whatever they are calling themselves this week...) I just rolled my eyes and sighed, "oh, here we go again. Another 'holiday' terrorist attack, right on schedule. Complete with lots of guns and fireworks, blood and glory..."

Why would "they" pick Thanksgiving, anyway? Come on. It's an American holiday. I mean how obvious can you get? Jeese. What's next? A Christmas bang up at Harrods? New Years Time Square holocaust? Valentine's Day shoot-out at Sees Candy? Oh, pleeeessse! It would be rather entertaining if it wasn't so sad.

Look, if they really wanted to get rid of us all, throw some birth control in the water supply. A kind of "Children of Men" scenario.

Just follow the money. Ask..who benefits from all this mayhem? People do not do anything unless they realize some benefit no matter how weird, whether it is heaven, glory, money, virgins, power, energy...whatever. Some group is benefiting from all this crap. Who stands to gain the most? Once you see who benefits then you know who your enemy is. Once you know that..then you can resist.

In order for any system to succeed, be it good or rotten to the core, needs cooperation. The people pulling the strings need puppets. Puppets cooperate because of fear...the more fear, the more puppets.

I think Sun Tzu once wrote in "The Art of War", if you know your enemy you can win some of the time; if you know yourself, you can win most of the time. But if you know your enemy and you know yourself, you can win ALL of the time.

And therein, folks, is the key to fighting back and winning. Know yourself first. Know how you think, what causes you to respond and why, what motivates you toward action and courage. Then, find your enemy, know him, observe and study his actions, behavior; find out his motivations,'ll see a pattern. Humans are all about behavior, habits and patterns. Les is telling us what the pattern is...observe it. Then you'll know how to resist, undermine, dismantle, avoid, attack, pull back, route, corner and destroy.

Thanks, Les. We really need this information. Take care!


Anonymous said...

"Frank": we all need more of your info and insights, so don't be shy with it. The beauty of The Grande Conspiracy is that it is complex and has opened Pandora's Box many times (with the release of LSD being but one example), which dramatically increases the variables, which makes things uncertain for the Controllers. This is why the shit hasn't really hit the fan yet in 2008. Also, not all Controllers are on the same page, or even like each other, which has saved our collective bacon a number of times, I'm sure.

I'm only partly joking when I say something of significance should be put into the water supply to help awaken the 94% of the sheeple. Maybe ayahuasca / ibogaine? Lord knows all the other crap (flouride, arsenic, drug residues, lead, etc.) is there for very specific reasons. Why shouldn't some enlightened "patriots" counteract that?

"rosie": Yes, on top of all the psychotronic stuff, there is also the chipping and the remote viewing, but certain Controllers prefer certain methods, me thinks, depending on talented personnel. For all we know, microscopic chips might be in all vaccines already. Maybe they have a way of chipping our "energy bodies" by now. The point is, most of what the Controllers know or do is very difficult to CONCEPTUALISE for the rest of us, let alone understand and debate, as that is the high level of their tech. What we talk about here, was probably cutting edge 50 plus years ago! It reminds me of a book I recently read, "The Air Loom Gang". What I realised was that a group in London was using Radionic type devices to manipulate influential people and politicians back in the late 1700s. The victim's descriptions of what happened to him exactly match what people are saying about modern day psychotronic torture... amazing.

Frank's comments about "brain cells" in other organs is important here also, and is so profound that no physiology of anatomy texts will discuss it. I know neurologists who either don't know this fact, or brush it off as mysterious and unproven. Why the denial???

"Invisible Ceiling": excellent advice and right in line with 1984s prediction of information censorship and destruction: this is already happening daily.

One last thing to ponder: when one understands pyschotronic and radionic stuff, and understands what is possible and what has been accomplished and proven, and that the Controllers obviously know this and have used it or are still using it, then this really underlines that all the visible political puppets who appear in public and get photographed frequently ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM. Any real powerful Controller must take many precautions that would strike any sheeple as bizarre or paranoid or superstitious or compulsive. Think Howard Hughs, for example. The real Controllers take extraordinary efforts to not leave any DNA anywhere (including special disposal of their waste products, nail / hair clippings), or not to get photographed, or not to be outside of an EM protected place, or not to be without remote viewing guards. This is all tied in to my previous comments on body doubles and cloning also, because the real Controllers obviously know the real dangers, and take any and all steps to neutralise it. For crying out loud, even Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise know (or at least his "handlers" know...) a fair bit about this and spend mucho money and effort protecting and fortifying their houses against the tech savy press and other factions. Lining the roof and walls with flexible lead sheets, for example, are not just for radiologists anymore... Ditto for special ceramic paints and electrified glass panes. Again, it truly is a war for OUR MINDS.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think some people here are trying to discredit Les by association, by posting all that scifi ufo stuff that no one believes and that isn't even relevant to anything.

Anonymous said...

hi anon, your quote
'I can't help but think some people here are trying to discredit Les by association, by posting all that scifi ufo stuff that no one believes and that isn't even relevant to anything'

I believe in a good bit of it and frankly find the posts speculating about nu science very interesting indeed. It does Les no harm at all, in fact confirms that this is a thinking and mind stretching site.
Irrelevant - you must be joking. Something is controlling mass sections of the population, including persumably you, and speculation as to what it may be is of considerable interest.
I think you have to be a member of the 94%.
Totally devoid of imagination and an unquestioning zomboid. We know the colour of your pill.
If you want to live in a faux kool-aid world, fine. But please don't spoil our exploration of reality and all that it may mean.
We are definitely 2% on this brilliant board.
Some of the theories being floated are a whole new concept to me and I hope we are all open minded enough to consider them. I am. Thanks all.

Anonymous said...

And we the poor people in USA, don't even have a right to be socialist, and read socialist literature, in this neoliberal hell

Dear Friends: It seems to me that we the poor people of USA, the rejected, the oppressed victims of this neoliberal hell, don't even have a right to escape this meaningless existence by at least engaging in marxist literature. It looks like if we were born to conform to this satanic reality, or else we would be cast out. Because we don't count, we are animals in USA, tax and wage-slaves.

Individuals, groups and societies who complain, protest, and riot, do it not because they wake up some day and say: "Let's start a riot and protest against this wild capitalist system."

But because of a natural survival reaction that all living organisms have. So while we are here on earth our task and duty is to complain as much as we can, individually or collectively thru a Black Liberation, American, Jeffersonian-Cesar Chavez-socialist-marxist workers revolution, as the *only* solution for this plutocratic-capitalist imperialist system of USA.


Anonymous said...

With this sort of thing happening to long-finned pilot whales one must ask what else does this type of tech. (VLF Woodside Vic. Australia) do to other living creatures.

Anonymous said...

Les, i said i would post a final response to m_astera and tony on Petri Dish, at the end of the thread for "Somewhere over the Rainbow Lies the Land of the Khmer Rouge," from Nov 9 . . . and it's there.


Kevenj said...

"The American sheeple will never wake up."

Bullshit. Yes we will, albeit perhaps too late. But we will. There are already cracks in the fundamentalists 'holier-than-thou' attitude, even if it's with glazed eyes listening to the righteous propaganda from flag-waving individualists with military family abroad.
If I may give Willow Kudos for his/her insight, which is what I suspect Les has attempted to get across to us all along: Know yourself first.....

Admittedly, I have a long way to go.

Anonymous said...

"We can't fix the economy so we're going to kick off a new war as a distraction!" -George W. Bush

US Zionist Imperialism will wage another war. You will how easy it is for TV news to control people. Th Mainstream cheerleaders whores like Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Larry King, Wolf Blitzer, and Campbell Brown will step in to the plate with their angry voice, and will instill warmongering sentiments among the american warmonger masses already indoctrinated and manipulated by movies like Iron Man and Transformers


Anonymous said...

Hello my friends: Here are some motivational quotes about reality, from a tragic, spartan, stoic, greek-tragedy point of view.

These quotes should give you strength, power and motivation to confront the year 2009. And remember crisis are good, tragedies, suffering, pain and problems are not bad but good, and are opportunities that help us. So don't evade tragedies and suffering, but welcome pain, tragedy, and wars into your lives:

"My types of disciples: To those men who are of any concern to me I wish them suffering, desolation, sickness, ill-treatment, and indignities. I also wish that they should not remain unfamiliar with profound self-contempt, the torture of self-mistrust, the wretchedness of the vanquished: And i have no compassion for them, because I wish them the only thing that reveals value in a man: that they should endure firmly !!" -(The Will to Power, Sec. 905)

"You want, if possible and there is no more insane "if possible" to abolish suffering. And we? It really seems that we would rather have it higher and worse than ever. Well-being as you understand it, that is no goal, that seems to us an end, a state that soon makes man ridiculous and contemptible, that makes his destruction desirable. The discipline of suffering, of great suffering. Do you not know that only this discipline has created all enhancements of man so far?" -(Beyond Good and Evil, p 225 )

"I do not point to the evil and pain of existence with the finger of reproach, but rather entertain the hope that life may one day become more evil and more full of suffering than it has ever been." -Friedrich Nietzsche(1844-1900)

From High Mountains. Aftersong

O noon of life! O time to celebrate!
O summer garden!
Relentlessly happy and expectant, standing: �
Watching all day and night, for friends I wait:
Where are you, friends? Come! It is time! It�s late!

The glacier�s gray adorned itself for you
Today with roses;
The brook seeks you, and full of longing rises
The wind, the cloud, into the vaulting blue
To look for you from dizzy bird�s-eye view.

Higher than mine no table has been set: �
Who lives so near
The stars or dread abysses half as sheer?
My realm, like none, is almost infinite,
And my sweet honey�who has tasted it? .....

� There you are, friends!� Alas, the man you sought
You do not find here?
You hesitate, amazed? Anger were kinder!
I�changed so much? A different face and gait?
And what I am�for you, friends I am not?

Am I another? Self-estranged? From me?
Did I elude?
A wrestler who too oft himself subdued?
Straining against his strength too frequently,
Wounded and stopped by his own victory?

I sought where cutting winds are at their worst?
I learned to dwell
Where no one lives, in bleakest polar hell,
Unlearned mankind and god, prayer and curse?
Become a ghost who wanders over glaciers?

� My ancient friends! Alas! You show the shock
Of love and fear!
No, leave! Do not be wroth! You�can�t live here:
Here, among distant fields of ice and rock �
Here one must be a hunter, chamois-like.

A wicked archer I�ve become!� The ends
Of my bow kiss;
Only the strongest bends his bow like this.
No arrow strikes like that which my bow sends:
Away from here�for your own good, my friends! .....

You leave?� My heart: no heart has borne worse hunger;
Your hope stayed strong:
Don�t shut your gates; new friends may come along!
Let old ones go! Don�t be a memory-monger!
Once you were young�now you are even younger!

What once tied us together, one hope�s bond �
Who reads the signs
Love once inscribed on it, the pallid lines?
To parchment I compare it that the hand
Is loath to touch�discolored, dark, and burnt.

No longer friends�there is no word for those �
It is a wraith
That knocks at night and tries to rouse my faith,
And looks at me and says: �Once friendship was��
� O wilted word, once fragrant as the rose!

Youth�s longing misconceived inconstancy!
Those whom I deemed
Changed to my kin, the friends of whom I dreamed,
Have aged and lost our old affinity:
One has to change to stay akin to me.

O noon of life! Our second youthful state!
O summer garden!
Restlessly happy and expectant, standing!
Looking all day and night, for friends I wait:
For new friends! Come! It�s time! It�s late!

* *

This song is over�longing�s dulcet cry
Died in my mouth:
A wizard did it, friend in time of drought,
The friend of noon�no! do not ask me who �
At noon it was that one turned into two ...

Sure of our victory, we celebrate
The feast of feasts:
Friend Zarathustra came, the guest of guests!
The world now laughs, rent are the drapes of fright,
The wedding is at hand of dark and light .....

Anonymous said...

Aborted Mission
Investigation: Did Mossad attempt to infiltrate Islamic radical outfits in south Asia?

by Subir Bhaumik
The Week
February 6, 2000
On January 12 Indian intelligence officials in Calcutta detained 11 foreign nationals for interrogation before they were to board a Dhaka-bound Bangladesh Biman flight. They were detained on the suspicion of being hijackers. "But we realised that they were tabliqis (Islamic preachers), so we let them go," said an intelligence official. They had planned to attend an Islamic convention near Dhaka, but Bangladesh refused them visa. Later, seemingly under Israeli pressure, India allowed them to fly to Tel Aviv.

Where's the catch? The secret circular that warned of a possible hijack

"They had landing permits at Dhaka, but that's not visa," said a diplomat in the Bangladesh High Commission in Delhi. "We decided not to entertain them anymore because we cannot take chances."

The eleven had Israeli passports but were believed to be Afghan nationals who had spent a while in Iran. They had secured landing permits for Dhaka and one-way tickets on Bangladesh Biman's Calcutta-Delhi route through a Delhi-based travel agency.

"We have a right to deny travel facility to a passenger even if he has a valid ticket on security grounds," said a Bangladeshi Biman official who did not want to be named. To the Bangladesh Biman officials the eleven, who were all Muslims, appeared "too murky".

Indian intelligence officials, too, were surprised by the nationality profile of the eleven. "They are surely Muslims; they say that they have been on tabligh (preaching Islam) in India for two months. But they are Israeli nationals from the West Bank," said a Central Intelligence official.

He claimed that Tel Aviv "exerted considerable pressure" on Delhi to secure their release. "It appeared that they could be working for a sensitive organisation in Israel and were on a mission to Bangladesh," the official said. The Israeli intelligence outfit, Mossad, is known to recruit Shia Muslims to penetrate Islamic radical networks.

"It is not unlikely for Mossad to recruit 11 Afghans in Iran and grant them Israeli citizenship to penetrate a network such as Bin Laden's. They would begin by infiltrating them into an Islamic radical group in an unlikely place like Bangladesh," said intelligence analyst Ashok Debbarma. The pressure exerted on India by Israel for the release of the men, and the hurry with which they were flown back suggested an aborted operation'.

Mossad watchers say the operation was possibly blown off by "unwelcome intervention" in a friendly country, and they decided to pull out.

The Calcutta immigration authorities may have laid their hands on the wrong people. They were looking for Islamic radicals attempting hijack.

On January 11, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) issued a top secret circular (NO: ER/BCAS/PIC/CIRCULAR/99), quoting "an intelligence input" about a possible hijack attempt on a Bangladesh Biman aircraft originating out of India. Copies of the circular signed by regional deputy commissioner of security (Calcutta Airport), L. Singsit, were issued to relevant Indian agencies and Bangladesh Biman's station manager in Calcutta, Md. Shahjahan. It said that eight "Pushtu-speaking Mujahideen" had infiltrated into India for the purpose.

The circular also specified the motive behind the hijack: to secure the release of the prime accused in the Mujib-ur-Rehman assassination case including Major (later Colonel) Farooq Rehman and Major Bazlul Huda.

"Dhaka told us to take no chances," said a Bangladesh Biman official. The Sheikh Hasina government is aware of the international links of the Mujib-killers. While Libya had sheltered some of them in the 70s and early 80s, middle eastern countries helped others evade justice. Major (later Colonel) Khondakhar Abdul Rashid, one of Colonel Farooq's co-plotters, is said to be in Saudi Arabia, where he maintains close links with Pakistan's ISI.

Meanwhile, Indian intelligence officials are still on the hunt for "Pushtu-speaking hijackers". An additional director with Central Intelligence said at least four hijackers were in eastern India.

If the terrorists manage to extricate the likes of Colonel Farooq through a hijack, it will boost the Ôanti-Indian Islamic forces' in Bangladesh, particularly the agitation against the Hasina government.

With a less India-friendly government in Dhaka, Pakistan's ISI could step up its help to the insurgents in the northeast.

(The author is BBC's eastern India correspondent)

© Copyright 2000

FAIR USE NOTICE: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of criminal justice, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

Anonymous said...


I know enough to know that elites have never needed literal mind control to limit people's ability to act by limiting their ability to think. Taboo, social pressure, fear, all work very well. Diversion also works as well. Speculation is diversion. If you can't know something, it's a distraction. And when it's the sort of speculation that completely alienates many intelligent people, it becomes not just distractive but destructive as well.

Unknown said...

JOIN US IF YOU WANT TO BE IN OUR BROTHERHOOD The Illuminati contact us The Illuminati is a defunct secret society formed by a fervent Academic, Adam Weishaupt in Balvaria, 1776. The cult as its name suggests, was a group of intellectuals who came together to instill discipline in themselves, infiltrate government agencies, and create a new world order. However, the original illuminati was disbanded by the government of Balgaria, when all secret societies were banned, though even before then, strong internal problems were already leading the illuminati cult to termination. That was the 18th century Illuminati. The 21st and 20th centuries also have an illuminati sect which in words you are more likely to understand, is supposed to sign you up , pull you into their chain of command, give you enlightenment, and then, power, as you’ll be playing sinewy roles in the government. This article tries to bring to light, facts about the modern illuminati, and also helps the reader to join, and utilize the opportunities availed by the sect, which are enlightenment, enrichment, and empowerment. The illuminati make people rich, famous and astoundingly powerful. The illuminati, which means enlightenment, purges your mind of all vestiges of ignorance, backwardness and naivety. It brings you out of the delusions and illusions which you’ve been subjected to by numerous religious escapades, and when you are relieved of these non-propitious encumbrances, success becomes inevitable. Knowing that many of us do not understand the illuminati as it is, I’ll go ahead to expound on this wonderful phenomenon and am hoping that by the time you get to the last paragraph of this article, you would be on your way to becoming “illuminated”. It would do the reader good to note that the Illuminati of the 18th century is not the same with the modern illuminati. The former was a cult, while the latter is a consciousness. IF YOU WANT TO BE OUR MEMBER YOU CAN email us



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