Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Obama Drama, Osama and Al Qaeda Marching Band.

I want to give Obama a chance. I really do but then he put that Mossad Capo with short man’s disease in charge of who sees Obama and what Obama hears ...and now comes another curious thing which actually should be put in the “None of Obama’s Business File” and I’m starting to think that Ozzy Osborne may be singing “Chosen One.” to the tune of “Fortunate Son.” at the inaugural ball.

Look, the truth is that Lieberman is a neo-con who puts Israel first before the interests of the United States. That is a given. He should be stripped of his committee chairmanships at the very least because he is a traitor to the party he is supposed to serve. I don’t want to hear about how he is now an Independent. He promised certain things and then didn’t do them. He’s a weasel. If he isn’t punished for what he’s done then it’s just one more example of who controls America and one more example of why America is going down the tubes. It’s none of Obama’s business what Congress does in its internal workings. I seem to remember that that was why they separated the branches of government and we’ve seen what has happened over the last eight years when those lines were muddied to the point of no longer being visible at all.

From what I can see so far... it’s business as usual. Everything that the founders argued and warned about has come to pass and you don’t need a map to see where that road leads.

Now we’re getting those boogeyman alerts again. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t make some comment about activity from Osama or Al Qaeda. It seems that no matter how many times it gets said or how many ways it gets said, that there is no Al Qaeda, we’re still hearing about Al Qaeda. People in the know; know who Al Qaeda really is. Al Qaeda is a complete fabrication and the CIA admits it.

Then there is Osama Bin Laden. Here is a fascinating take on Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Once again you see the same players and the same scenarios. Bin Laden is dead. There’s no Bin Laden and there is no Al Qaeda and, people... you are being played. You seem to want to be played.

I’ll tell you this about President Obama. If he doesn’t call for a new and thorough investigation into 9/11 then he’s a puppet on a string. Do yourself a favor and read these links. Go to the search engine of your choice and insert the relevant words and look at the sheer weight of argument and evidence. For 9/11 you can start here. I’ve given you plenty to read and there is more than you can ever absorb out there. Yes, some of it is wack and some of it is intentional disinfo masquerading as truther-speak but around six million tons of it is from legitimate sources who, more often than not, come to the same conclusions when they’re not too chickenshit to stand for or reveal the truth.

Now there are a lot of so-called liberal sites out there like Huffington Post and Daily Kos and there are a lot of so called, courageous deep thinkers and journalists who are disinfo tools like Noam Chomsky and Greg Palast who damn well know what the truth is and slither all around it like horny centipedes and who do tell the truth about a lot of other things so as to make you think they’re telling the truth about everything... which they are not. These sites and personas are just another part of the scam that utilizes confusion and misdirection as instruments of control.

There are some really fine bloggers out there and some of them are more gifted and articulate than anyone writing in the Main Stream Media; more in possession of the facts and much more interesting to read than the ranks of paid whores who write drivel with all the romantic passion and capacity of an old drunk on a park bench trying to chat up an invisible bag lady. You don’t see these bloggers anywhere near the high traffic zones. You see and hear people telling the truth about as often as you see a corporation play by the rules. This seems to de-legitimize the truth as if its lack of presence and popularity were the result of the truth being undesirable or lacking enough interest to entertain the common mind.

The truth doesn’t have pricey press agents or deep pocket sponsors. The truth doesn’t have conventions and corporate retreats. The truth doesn’t have a babe on each arm and a limousine at the curb, therefore the truth isn’t successful and heeled and so there must be something wrong with the truth because it doesn’t seem to have many powerful friends and hasn’t been on Larry King or Leno lately.

In the Hindu tradition, Lord Shiva represents the truth. Very often Shiva is not invited to weddings and celebrations because he’s considered bad luck. Shiva is also known as The Destroyer (of what is not real). The truth is death on illusion and because people prefer illusion to the truth, the truth is not welcome. Well, sooner or later the truth shows up whether it is welcome or not and that’s no fun at all. It’s much better to keep the truth close and to run after the truth and constantly alter you course to follow the truth than to tell yourself the good times are never going to end.

I realize that saying things like this makes people’s eyes cross or gives them an itch in the back or one in the crotch while they’re standing in line at the supermarket checkout. I realize that when you mention the truth, fundie antennas go up and you get a lot of people yelling that Jesus, or Mohamed or Ron Hubbard is the truth. I realize when you talk about the truth the first thing people do is to seek to accommodate the truth to their own self-interest. I realize this and it could well seem that the truth is a sucker’s game and a waste of time and a magnet for bad vibrations. I guess some of us are just made different. I would feel so uneasy buying into a lie that I wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep.

From my point of view, you might as well kill yourself now if the truth is an inconvenience because you have already killed everything that made you valuable and life meaningful when you turned your back on what was real in the service of your ambitions and your appetites. The world of material excess is just the place for you but I will tell you this. It’s a cruel world. It is a very cruel world and there is no hiding place. No matter where you go and no matter what you do and no matter how alone you think you are or how little evidence of your actions and presence may remain, the truth is, you were always there. You witnessed it even if no one else did.

What goes around comes around. What you do and what you are comes back on you and defines you. It’s some mysterious law of Nature or something. You may not understand how and why electricity works but you can see that it does. Everyone’s face becomes a road map for where they’ve been and what they’ve done. For some reason, people believe that if they don’t cut and hack their way through the jungle of each other that they won’t survive or that they will miss out on the good things in life. It never occurs to them that when they behave like a beast they become a beast and are in no position to enjoy the good things in life or even to know what they are.

Bin Laden is DEAD! There IS NO Al Qaeda as you understand it. There is no mysterious Spectre organization of Arab terrorists with a cutting edge communications network with centers in every city in the world. There is no organization like that. The organizations that are like that should be self-evident. Think about who has the means and the motive. Think about who benefits. Open your eyes or continue to victimize yourself with your refusal to see what is right in front of you. As Sherlock said, “When you have eliminated the impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

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Anonymous said...

So what happens when people are not afraid of the Bogeyman? And it sems, no matter how much they keep promoting our current bogeyman, people don't give a damn. They have their own Bogeyman now that they're REALLY afraid of- namely their own economic collapse. And this is more scary than any imaginary straw-man - this is Godzilla smashing up Tokyo. People managed to awaken from their slumber, wipe a few sand grains out of their eyes and vote the SOB's out of office. Whatever Obama is or will be, this election showes that a new majority of people want this crap to change and will be watching to see that it happens, as they lose their jobs , homes and pensions. This is going to be a real problem for the ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government)because no amount of propaganda or lies or diversions can be substituted for food, shelter and work. They have but 2 choices- a new ,big war or false flag attack; or take their money and run and leave us to hollow out caves in the hillside and form tribes. For some time I thought that the first option would happen- should have already happened- but I think they didn't have the cash for it. So now I think they'll squeeze every last drop of wealth out of us (see Bailout) and disappear to the Caymans or to their pre-prepared bunkers or somewhere while the rest of us all go ape-shit.
I more and more believe in the Mayan Prophecy of 2012- the end of days, the awakening, the consciousness shift or whatever you want to call it. I don't know who or what will emerge from the other side- maybe, as George Carlin said, just the earth... plus plastic.

Anonymous said...

ThayBoom, Shankar!

Or however that should be written...

Back in the early 1980s I read somewhere about a vedic(?) belief that if a man only spoke the truth, his words would acquire the power to become truth. At the time, internally I was praying every night for wisdom, God grant me wisdom, and also (re)discovering that what I focused on with passion would find its way to me, for good or ill. Externally I was renting a bedroom in a tract home in Anaheim and working sixty hour weeks at an architectural millwork plant, sending my pay back to my young family in Oregon.

I decided to test the idea of telling only the truth, and did so scrupulously for one year. Regardless of the consequences, or what I feared the consequences might be, I either told the truth or said nothing. My wife, who was aware of this vow, told me point-blank at one point that I would be crazy to tell the truth, in writing yet, about a certain health insurance claim, yet I did and it all worked out fine; the liars didn't get paid, but no harm came to me. Just an example, but one learns a lot when consciously telling only the truth. One thing one learns early in the process is that they are generally the only one even trying to tell the truth. Suffice it that no harm came to me from telling only the truth for a year.

During this time, some of the wisdom I had been praying for began to appear, and after the year was up I modified the policy. It became clear that it was not wise to tell the truth in some cases where I was dealing with criminals who actively wished to do me harm, and had the power to do so without repercussions on their part or recourse on mine. Here's an example: If I were walking along a dark street, and an armed robber approached me and demanded my money. Let's say I reached in my front pocket and pulled out my walk-around money and gave it to him, and then he asked me "Do you have more?" If I did have more, what purpose would be served by telling him the truth? I apply this exception in cases that meet the criteria, those who actively wish me harm and have force on their side and where I am without recourse. Almost all dealings with government and the law fit this category.

Government is the institutionalized criminal class and has been throughout recorded history. Those who don't quite get this yet would be well advised to read a few chapters of the 1930s classic Our Enemy the State by the erudite and brilliant American scholar Albert Nock, where among other things they will discover that the major motive for the American Revolution was that the English Parliament and King George III were enforcing the treaties with the natives that prevented real estate speculation by the colonists. G. Washington was a surveyor and real estate speculator on a grand scale.

Government is and has been intitutionalized banditry; rather than sweeping through the countryside occasionally, looting, burning, and raping, they have set up shop in a central location and "legitimatized" themselves. Quite successfully I might add; no doubt many readers are convinced that they need the "services" of government. A little deeper thought might reveal that what government really does is prevent you from solving problems yourself or in association with your community. What the political parties do is jockey among themselves for the right to loot the populace at leisure, while using part of their ill-gotten gains to see to it that the people don't dare to loosen the government's grip on their throats.

Expecting anyone who has been allowed high position in this criminal conspiracy to have the best interests of the citizens as any sort of priority is expecting a logical absurdity. Whether you are tied to the bed with chains or with silk scarves, the end result is still that you will be raped. And robbed. Would you rather be told the blunt truth about it or are you happier with a soft voice telling you it's for your own good?

The gloves are off, now, people. You have been lured into the depths of the donjon below the abattoir with sweet lies of hope, but the illusion will only be maintained long enough to ensure the exits are sealed and you are suitably restrained. Hear that slight whooshing of air and the faint squeak of an unoiled hinge? The next sound is the BOOOOM of the armored door slamming into its granite jamb. Followed by a grating noise as the key is turned from the outside.

Don't look for succor from the pied piper who has led you merrily into the donjon with promises of sharing the pirate's treasure, of making everything OK now. The first action of both Obama and McCain was to grovel before AIPAC. Rahm Emanuel, Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman, Michael Chertoff. Zbig Brzezinski. The CFR.

You are on your own now, my beloved self-chosen few who care, who value truth and freedom more than empty promises of security. Don't waste more of your precious time squabbling with those picking through the tawdry loot that has served as bait. When the door slams, it will only open again to admit the businesslike torturers and their sadistic guards, sans the ingratiating smiles. They like to hurt people, can't you see? They take pleasure in deceiving the gullible and plan to derive their amusement from your shock and pain when you realize you have been fooled again.

Don't hold any foolish hope that the criminals who have planned and built and lied you into this trap have your best interests at heart.

There will be no US elections in 2012, I don't think.


Visible said...

m_astera; beautifully written and powerfully so. We've a number of parallels in our lives. From this I take it to be that those of us who are alike tend to do similar things based on inspiration drawn from a secret, though common well.

Greg, I've found a great deal to like and respect in the Mayan prophecies and 2012 is a big deal.

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing, I remember reading a wonderful essay by Curtis White in his book "The Spirit of Disobedience" where he stated his belief that "Hamlet" was the most subversive play ever written. His premise was that Hamlet's tragedy was that he was really rather an ordinary fellow, a decent sort of chap with some ethics and who cared about people and things, but that he lived in the "rotten state of Denmark," and that, while his father's ghost spurred him on to vengeance against Claudius for his death, the real tragedy was that there was no way for Hamlet (and by extension those of us who are not a part of the thug-ocracy) to survive inside a Denmark such as what Shakespeare conceived.

The most chilling aspect of the play by White's POV is the end, when Fortinbras enters to take control of the post-Claudius/Hamlet, Jr. reins of the kingdom--"who's the new boss? same as the old boss" indeed. After reading his essay, I thought it would be sort of interesting to do a period-transfer of Hamlet to Tony Soprano-ville, with Hamlet being not-a-goombah surrounded by cuntsigliere and badabing-gangsters (led by Don Claudio and Gertruda Denmarco mayhap?) and feeling a real ambivalence about his alleged duty to vengeance for obvious and obviating reasons. Even if he was H's pop, why would he go to bat to avenge THAT? Damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.

And the kakistocracy/pathocracy continues. Until...?

kikz said...

mornin les,

hooray for the awful truth!

Anonymous said...

Les has done it again. Maybe I should say Les is still doing it. Writing truth like no one else can. Beautiful prose.
I too have read tons of 9/11 stuff and there is none better,in my humble opinion, than this one Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
By the way, I live in Las Vegas and there is a lot of construction going on. Has been for the past twenty years. And the buildings currently under construction use the same basic design as was used in the WTC buildings. Should not people be scared shitless that a waste basket fire could cause the whole damn hotel to collapse.

notamobster said...

Your post and the subsequent comments (as they always do) got me thinking about the nature and definition of truth. I don't remember everything I read, so I had to go back to the well (I'm at the office, and the well is at the I went to the googles...). The various theories of truth go a long way toward explaining why people believe the way they do.

Take for instance, the "correspondence" view of truth. Briefly summarized the idea is that truth is premised on a fact which has a "corresponding" belief. Thus, it can be "shown" to be true. (the sky is blue because I can look up and see that it is so)

Next we have the coherence theory. This is predicated on the idea that an item of truth is only so, if it fits into a larger system of beliefs. This would tend to be truth of an idealistic nature. (self-determination as part of the larger whole which is individual liberty/responsibility)

Another is the pragmatic view of truth. This is easily summarized as truth being the end of inquiry. An item of "truth" is satisfying to believe, so you go no further. (the wise men said the world is, I believe it. They are, after all, the "wise men")

[to be clear, there are many more, but I'll stick to this basic explanation in the hope of making people think]

When one views "truth" in a more clinical light, they can began to examine their own "beliefs" and see the foundation upon which those beliefs are built. For example, my belief in self-determination and absolute individual liberty are built squarely on the systemic foundation laid by the example set by my father. They are further reinforced and fortified by the negative example set by my mother and her many suitors. I still have many pragmatic views, like my view of god. I believe in god because I have experienced things (karma/reciprocity/etc) as a direct result of my actions/intentions. Whether or not this is an overt act of retribution by god or some cosmic system that is part of the universal divinity which is "TRUTH". I don't know, but I'm inclined toward the latter. I have never actually spoken with the divine in a two-way manner, but that's okay, the experiences I have had, are enough to satisfy my curiosity as to whether or not there is a god.

In case you can't tell, I tend to steer as far from the pragmatic view of truth as possible. I don't think a man can or should ever come to the point in their growth, that they can end inquiry.
So, if you're reading this, and you feel the need to attack people directly, because it makes you feel better about your own belief/disbelief or action/inaction... then by all means, feel free to attack me. I'll give you a hell of a fight, because life has conditioned me to do so.

I will however, continue to examine that which I know as truth, without regard to attacks or other external force being applied. I will do so, because I am a human being, and of RIGHT, may do so. I hope that one day we'll all be able to cast aside that which serves to separate us, and begin to engage each other as fellow travelers on this planet. That is the draw of this site. That is why Les has such gravity. He attracts people who think, and challenge themselves and others. Once you accept something as truth, absolutely and unequivocally, you are doomed.

Would not a creator "more appreciate the homage of reason, over that of blindfolded fear" and intolerance.

Would not TRUTH itself, seek to ever engage the minds of those who would seek it? Burning away, as a means of rebirth, the dead leaves of convention; casting down the old way, in favor of a newer, better way of seeing things?

Anonymous said...

I originally came at this whole "conspiracy mess" from the technology angle. From understanding physics, frequency, harmonics, biochemistry, genetics, and more. And when one understands what can be done to a human being, and how a human being can be manipulated; indeed, how a human being can be constructed or created artificially, then one realises the extent of how much trouble we are all in.

Most people stumble over a couple of hurdles when confronted with some "conspiracy truth", and that is mainly not understanding the level of tech that the criminal elite have, and then not understanding how such an act can be committed by a "human being" and then how such a big, ugly secret can be kept from the rest of us. Well, I would say, 1) the level of technology - which is largely based on essoteric / occult scientific principles - is now beyond the average computer geeks ability to CONCEPTUALIZE, let alone merely understand. They are well beyond Star Trek stuff. The statement that the criminal elite's tech is about 40 years beyond what we have access to commercially is BOGUS. 400 years might be closer, and in most cases none of what they use will ever be released publicly because it all has to do with mind control, genetic manipulation, remote viewing, holographic creation, time manipulation, biochemical suppression, and information collection / censoring. For example, eventhough the average sheep would think that a cell phone is wonderfully convenient, they have no idea the many other "deeds" their phone and the related cellphone tower and networks can accomplish. Did you know the frequency to stop a mammalian heart can be transmitted through a cell phone?

2) Another stumbling block is the idea of how another human being could do such evil things. Well, the field of ponerolgy (the study of evil) tells us that about 6% of the population of the developed World are highly functioning complete psychopaths, many of whom raise to positions of power (or planted into positions of power, more accurately). Also, there are certain groups of "people" who have sworn oaths against us goys and take actual pleasure in our destruction, misery, and deaths. As well, the assumption that these evil "people" are human in the same ways as the rest of us may not be appropriate at all. Who might be pulling their strings? What might be animating them? For crying out loud, the Russians have had the ability to kidnap, clone and replace individuals within a 2 week time frame for DECADES. Complete with transferring memories and learned behaviours. The real Tier 1 scientists that the criminal elite utilise have understandings of what we really are, to such an extent, that it would make all jaws drop. Literally beyond comprehension.

3) The final stumbling block is not believing how such a secret can be kept. Well, compartmentalization, peer pressure, ignorance, ego, money, fear, National Security contracts, blackmail, intimidation, and others explain it all nicely. When one understands how every type of communication a person engages in is recorded and analysed (even whispering to your wife in bed, because sound frequency never completely disappears and can be tappped with sensitive equipment that the NSA has been playing with for years), and one can be targeted by the specific frequency or EM radiations that one emits, then you realize why even "normal" people involved in evil agendas will shut their mouths forever. Just ask the people all over the World who have been targeted with remote microwave / EM torture 24 hours a day for years. 99.9% of the people reading this would go along with the most evil of agendas if subjected to such intrusive, constant, unstoppable, diabolical torture. And the beauty is, the AMA with their DSMs (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is tailored perfectly to classify any modern victim of all this bs as "crazy", in about 155 different flavors.

So, when anyone talks about Obama potentially being some sort of saviour, I almost laugh. With the proven tech out there, one has almost no way of knowing if he is just a clone (as crazy as that sounds). Or if he is implanted and being run by remote control, or if "it" is an advanced hologram, or if he is just another MKUltra candidate, or if he started out all wonderful and then was roped into the agenda by a variety of "hooks", etc. etc. This is the mess we are all in now, as ridiculous as it may seem. No person in the mainstream media is free of serious control. No person in the popular "alternative media" who has been at it for more than a few months is free of some sort of control or at least masterful psych-ops. We are left with some "flashes of truth" that appear on some sites briefly, or the understanding of what some preciously few brave people were warning us of many years ago (indeed, sometimes THOUSANDS of years ago) before this high-tech level of control and suppression fully took affect (roughly post WW2).

Our only hopes now are: 1) some sort of major internal revolt from a group of former perps (government / military / intelligence) who understand the tech and the problems who have become tired of the agenda for whatever reasons; 2) intervention from some higher power, whatever that might mean to you (spirit, energy, god, aliens, angels...); or 3) near complete destruction of the planet (and thus the System / Matrix) due to a natural event, which has been documented to be cyclical throughout human history. Most likely a passing comet or planet (Nibiru or Marduk or Planet X??) would suffice and wipe out between 95-99% of us and hopefully "them" too. Of course this last possibility explains all the underground facilities and the seed hoarding and the total disregard for the current World economy and many other happenings. Will December of 2012 prove to be so important, or is that some sort of set-up also? Will Obama prove to be the last US President in history? Will enough of us discover enough truth to somehow make a difference? Is it all just blither blather in some grand illusion anyway?

Anonymous said...

I was willing to give Obama a chance but then he appointed a friend and business partner of Chertkov(sp?) to be his Chief of Staff. Chertikov has been identified as a prime suspect in the organization of the 9/11 atrocity.

When I read about Rahm Emanuel's appointment, I flipped out for a day or so...furiously writing crap on a forum and some of it sounded anti-semitic, so now I have to take a rest from my regular forum.

The lesson I learned from this is that I am probably suffering from something akin to Post Traumatic Stress caused by knowing the truth about 9/11. This stress gets greater and more difficult to bear with each passing year that no justice is brought to bear on the perps. When something like a friend of a 9/11 perp getting appointed to a high level government job, I get a flashback to my trauma.

Now I realize I am just another casualty of 9/11...probably there are millions of us. We are casualties, not victims...that term I leave to those who died in the twin towers and pentagon and those who are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan...

No, people like myself are more like collateral damage, friendly fire, or 9/11 roadkill.


Anonymous said...

What a good man you seem. I took in the truths you have told to fortify my own. May your words reach those who might change for the better by them. We must always fight, or we have given up, and that is the problem we fight against. I will check your blog again.


Anonymous said...

Ciao Les,

Around here (San Francisco) the heady aroma of Hope is still strong, and who wants to spoil a good buzz? But the economy continues to collapse, and the extreme Right continues to rant about the "Marxist" Obama as they stock up on guns & ammo. Knowing a bit about Spanish history, I can see how this could get ugly very quickly.

Spain, 1936. A left-wing coalition won the general election. A series of assassinations followed (with reprisals) that further polarized the country. The Right (the Church, the Military, & the Rich) were certain the Commies had taken over & that it was time for Revolution. The Left rallied around their government, called themselves Loyalists & soon became as rigid & unfree as the Rebels (Nationalists) opposing them. It was a lose-lose situation for the people. George Orwell commented that the extreme polarization ensured that whichever side won in Spain, the government would have to be totalitarian to maintain order, i.e., suppress the losing side.

We may be heading into another divide & conquer scenario. It isn't hard to imagine a series of assassinations & an attempted coup d'etat in America. Whether our military suffers a loyalty split remains to be seen. There are probably enough generals like Franco, but our army units are racially mixed and not all can be expected to obey. But even if the threat of overthrow is not as dire as in Spain, we can expect the next President, under the state of emergency, to keep all the dictatorial powers that Bush took for himself.

That's only one of the potential futures. I like to think there are others. But I learned to live without hope quite a while ago. It's strangely liberating.

Carry on,

Anonymous said...

Dear American zombies:

1) Osama Bin Laden died in 2001. Benazir Bhutto even said so in an interview she did with David Frost (shortly before she was assasinated-funny how that works, isn`t it?) Clips from that interview used to be posted on youtube. I don`t know if they`re still available.

2) "Al Qaeda" is a CIA/Mossad created boogeymen led by a zionist jew from California named Adam Pearlman (aka "Adam Ghadan", he`s that twisted, goofy looking rodent you see on those threatening "Al Qaeda" videos your propaganda masters beam into your living rooms).

3) As Les said what goes around comes around. That applies to people as well as nations. Something to think about.

4) As I`ve said before, if you actually believe Obama W. Bush will respresent "change" from the previous mass murdering, international terrorists that have run America since 2000-nevermind. You`re already hopeless.

5) Did Americans actually think their Israeli terrorist owners would let their puppet state (America) fall into the hands of someone who might actually not go along with their inbred psychoses?

In the constitution it says that Americans have the right to defend themselves against enemies both FOREIGN (Israeli) and DOMESTIC (your traitotous government). Perhaps the day will come when that is finally put into practice? Should make for an interesting show.

Anonymous said...

There some good posts here particulary Anonymous with his list of stuff "they" are capable of with hi hi tech. I always take that cloning/replacement stuff with a pinch of .... but anyway, very thought provoking. I was told couple years back by someone close to Bush Sr. that they - the elites - are going into full looting mode as they know the globe is on the skids/time is short. I think our only hope is a massive consciousness explosion - probably a few million souls globe-wide raising kundalini all at once might do something to shortchange the Jehovan slayers. I live in hope. Good posts all round.

Randall said...

Anon @6:50,
I'm in total agreement, just so you know you ain't alone.
There has been a war going on, literally in Earth's orbit for many years now, and apparently anyone who can cough up 3 grand or so for Gen 3
night vision equipment can watch it.
this life/existence is stranger
than we can even imagine.
Going to be interesting to see how it turns out, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Ah! like a breath of fresh air. I was wondering when you would go into this and in what eloquence you spoke. I have talked with people in the same manner, on the same subject. Suddenly the sheeploe eyes glaze and the ears close. Be aware that like myself there are many that are listening and thank you for your free thinking, honesty and candor. It is so very well appreciated.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

If you always speak the truth, you don't have to remember what you said (as opposed to telling lies). We saw the evidence that both McCain and Obama bowed to Israel so there is no reason to expect any change. When possible, individuals can isolate themselves long enough to throw off their previous conditioning and after doing so, will experience the feeling of freedom of mind and body. I once taught in a small college and in so doing was able to observe students speech and behavior. While not exploiting their vulnerability, I found that there were effective methods of guiding them to learning. I also became aware of the great potential of misusing this ability.

The search for truth, to me, should be never ending, not because truth changes, but rather the challenge of a constant search to detect logical fallacies in my thinking.

After spending many years reading, practicing and meditating upon that which I sought, I found that my search took me to the desert in the southwestern US. There I confronted my self and my ignorance and stayed until my mind ceased to think and became still. I have been changed permanently.

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly, what posts! Whoah! It just gets better and better. Now I want 3rd generation night vision goggles too, of course.

les, thank you for the compliment on the writing; coming from you that is high praise indeed. I am honored to post here, very honored.

Some time back while posting at someone made a remark along the lines of "why bother writing skillfully and about important stuff on a small-time forum like this that isn't even rated?" That bugged me for a couple of reasons, one because I am congenitally doomed to do my poor best at whatever I attempt, but mostly for another reason.

I feel/think/intuit that the internet is the vehicle for the evolution of humanity; it is the new collective consciousness and unconsciousness, and every single bit of it is being recorded and preserved with multiple backups. LibertyForum is gone, but I'm sure it's all on the memories at NSA and their equivalent worldwide. We are here at the beginning, at we have a powerful ability and duty to shape and guide what it becomes. Generations to come of scholars and scientists will study what we are posting today. None of it will be lost. And just like one must be careful of one's words and actions around children because of the profound effect that one may unknowingly have, we should do our level best to make our input into the new collective consciousness the highest quality of which we are capable. That happens here, have you noticed?

Love you all. Awesome writing.


Anonymous said...

how you going les, this is australia calling.mate there's not to many of us left.just about everyone you speak to is full of shit,that,s ok if your with ya mates and on the piss,but when it comes down to the nitty gritty someone needs to tell the fucking truth.i'm presentley with out family because i told the truth and funny thing nobody liked it,i sleep well and i work hard,if people can't stand the truth then fuck em thats not my day the washing needs to be hung for the whole world to see including all the shit that would'nt wash off.i do my washing all the time so as the world can see that i'm not full of shit.your a good man les keep it up and if they can't handle the truth tough shit. my apologies for the indifferent language take care .

Franz said...

Les --

"From what I can see so far… it’s business as usual..."

They play it that way. The Neocon loonies. They want all of us to know they've won already and we can't do nothing about it.

Is it true? From where I'm at, most of the time, it sure seems true. FOX news rules. Disagree with the consensus & get your butt bit off.

At what point is pessimism just plain realism?

At what point is optimism just plain idiocy?

Are the ones who gave up only sane, not apathetic?

But then history is made by the mad and the mad are proving it RIGHT NOW.

Only when enough lunatics oppose them will our current lunatics depart. The wailing we'll hear then will drown out the noise of exploting nukes. The cure is always worse than the disease. It's wrapped up in the fact that the mad can only be defeated by the hopping mad. So history can only intensify.

Thanksgiving Day approaches and America is apprehensive. America is right for once.


nobody said...

Thanks Les, that was a cracker.

nobody said...

BTW - Whilst I'm lukewarm on him, Xymphora has an interesting thought on Obama's appointment of Emmanuel. I remain unconvinced. But then again, I don't completely dismiss it either.

Anonymous said...

Les, the last two Visible Origamis were both the best ever, and now this one is the best ever. Thank you . . . for three best evers in a row!

To Frostwolf . . .

Back in the early to mid-'80s there was a guy (Jim) who i worked with and had a crush on, and he was into these magazines with titles like Intelligence Quarterly (this was pre-internet). And Jim tried to open a conversation with me about secret government, black ops, etc., and i duly (or should i say dully?) "patted him on the head" and said, there there, if those things were true they'd be in all the newspapers!

Through the whole homosexuality issue i had already started seeing that it's possible for 99% of the people to be wholly confused about something that's not only important, but obvious once you get it. And it was not long after meeting Jim when i had my next big experience of that . . .

And nerdily enough it happened when i started reading The Mysterious William Shakespeare -- The Myth versus the Reality, by Charlton Ogburn.

The book has a first part -- showing that the standard version of the Shakespeare story is not just doubtful, but in violation of all normal inductive logic -- and a second part -- answering the question, If the standard version is untrue, as it clearly is, then what might the truth actually be? (And another thread weaving through the whole book, which is, Why would a false version of the author's biography have come into being in the first place?)

This book is so good that it's unfair to put it in a nutshell. However, in a nutshell, the book lays out the evidence that the writer who went by the name of Shakespeare was a real human being named Edward de Vere, who was the Earl of Oxford in the court power-structure at the time of Queen Elizabeth.

And i will say, that to me it is as clear that Edward de Vere 'did' Shakespeare, as that the zionists 'did' 9/11!

Why this is a big deal for me is, the standard (false) biography of Shakespeare operates as a piece of insulation, or dead space, that keeps people from putting the writing together with the actual writer, and when that insulation is taken away, many things powerfully shift into focus -- a shift that is still going on for me 20-plus years after i read the book.

For just one example, what Frostwolf referred to as "the most subversive play ever written" -- Hamlet -- was not the work of a lowly foolhardy dissident outsider lobbing a molotov cocktail towards the palace from way over in the theater district. It was written by one of the most highly qualified insiders in the then-current power structure. In Hamlet the corruption is being called out by someone who was a non-psychopath member of the inner circle. The play's rotten state of Denmark was what the writer himself observed as a participant near the very center of the state of England. IMO he wasn't judgmentally and nihilistically saying to the other court people, See how evil you are. He was holding up a mirror to them (just like Hamlet does, verbally anyway, to Gertrude in the play) and showing them the ugliness so they would SEE the ugliness and give it up.

How did he survive? (Because this was at a time when, for example, one commoner who published a political criticism of the queen got his hand publicly chopped off.) Why did the powerful CIA-type people at the court who are implicitly criticized in Hamlet forego smothering the writer?

Looks to me like he was protected . . . by the fact of his being in alignment with the same values expressed in his writing -- truth, love, honor. And, one key way in which that protection manifested was that he had a profound (and therefore stormy) friendship with the queen. In the case of Hamlet, unlike most of the plays, which never got printed till about 20 years after the writer's death) Hamlet appeared by itself in an edition with the queen's insignia on the title page.

So the queen herself (and probably other people at the court) were in agreement with what they knew Edward de Vere was creating under the name of "Mr. Shakespeare." (And maybe that's why the Elizabethan time still looks like a 'golden age' -- because it wasn't 100% corrupted yet??)

i really feel that this is SO not-off-topic even though at first it might seem off-topic.

And Frostwolf, i love the details of your film idea, and you might like the amazing Hamlet movie from 2000 with Ethan Hawke. It takes place in present time and instead of Denmark, it's the Denmark Corporation with Claudius as the CEO. Seeing that movie i really got how true to life the original play is. ("Oh, those 'courtiers' hanging around the king are actually his security thugs!") And i’m going to be thinking about your point that Hamlet’s whole revenge initiative is doomed from the start if in fact he’s doubting whether Dad was worth revenging. Wow. But possibly Hamlet Sr. was also a non-psychopath? But even then he’d be thinking, I could off this fake king but then I’d just be in charge of . . . THIS!? It’s funny in a horrible way.


Anonymous said...

m_astera: I can't quite get around what the "difference" is in your comment above but there is something that really drew me. Some of your stuff is a little over my head but this one was comfort food for my soul even though it was dire. Does that make sense? Anyone else connect that way.
Any difference in "inspiration" from other posts?
For whatever reason, I am enjoying being these past days--minimizing the outside and appreciating life. In the midst of MORE dire warnings maybe it's just that it flows through giving it no more attention than thinking about my heart beating. There is a collective energy/consciousness that I am connected to in an almost surreal way now. I won't analyze it or name it, it just is and it flows in these pages from time to time. I held off commenting on the latest les because I knew that there would be a comment that would tell me "more". Don't really know what the cryptic analysis is, but I have been told not to push things--to push is to not allow the ebb and flow that wants to be in my life--I am the only one that can mess that up by trying to name it and look for it when it can't be named or labeled, or looked for without minimizing it.


Biological_Unit said...

For crying out loud, the Russians have had the ability to kidnap, clone and replace individuals within a 2 week time frame for DECADES

Come on Les - who's making Boogey Men now, and bad press for the Internet ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 2012 is a big deal and the Mayas are a very interesting civilization- and totally mysterious, especially from our "moderm" perspective. I lived in Belize 2 different times for a total of almost 4 years and visited every known Mayan site and a couple that weren't "known". Belize is coming to be recognized as the center of Classic Maya civilization- the largest Mayan city ever found, Caracol, is in central Belize and archeologists estimate, based on its extent and house mound census, that over 200,000 people lived there. The current population of all Belize is about 260,000.
From all I have learned about the Mayas, I believe that theirs was a metaphysical, spiritual culture not interested in material technology. We are metaphysical, spiritual cave men in comparison. Science has been trying to explain their sudden disappearance for 50 years and gone through many theories that have not held up, e.g.:
climate change; drought; deforestation; over-farming. Their latest theory is that they were so warlike that the warred themselves to extinction. This ridiculuous theory is based almost entirely on a decipherment of glyphs found on a large ball court marker at Caracol. It said Caracol defeated Tikal on such and such a date and gave the ruler's name . There were ball courts in every Mayan city, and larger cities had several- if I remember right, Caracol had 4 courts. This ball game was very popular throughout the civilization. So it seems to me pretty ridiculuous to think that this inscription meant victory in war and not a victory in a ball tournament. There is a total lack of evidence that Mayans were warlike- their cities had no walls or defenses. But science will go to any length to maintain the fiction that ancient cultures were barbaric primitives while we, from our lofty perch on the leading edge of time, are enlightened and far advanced. This idea is laughable on its face.
One example of technology they did have is a type of cement that has lasted for 1500 years that we haven't been able to reproduce or equal. I got this from the man in charge of the preservation of Altun Ha near Belize city. As we stood on the plaza , a football field-size area between several large pyramids. He said that all the repairs they did with the best cement or morter they had, began to disintegrte in a relatively short time - we were standing on a cement like surface 1500 yers old.

I believe that many, if not most, Mayas had learned to travel as spirits in that other dimension, and return at will and it was from that other dimension that they gained much of their advanced knowledge. And , for whatever reason at some point decided, as a culture, not to return. I remember asking a Belizian worker at Alton Ha how he liked working at he ruin. He said, "I like taking care of it for when they come back". He said this so matter of factly that I had to believe it.
Anyway, I could go on and on, but I'll leave it at that. But something cosmic and transcendant is going to happen at the winter solstice, 2012.

Randall said...

Here is a great movie for people to watch online.
Just click off the ad page when you hit the play button, and you go back to the film.
It's a wonderful thought provoking film, but it ain't Hollywood Bullshit.
An exclusive for les' readers.
I posted it on my blog, so you can watch it there. Give it a watch.
The lead guy is a guy you'll recognize, and he does just a great job, very understated andpro acting.

Randall said...

Please watch this film, I REALLY think everyone who reads les' stuff will be Affected by this film: it's that good.

Anonymous said...

Have become very reluctant to post here due to the high standard of writing and am normally satisfied to just read.
Obviously there is a group dominating and destroying the planet. That is clearer then clear.
And a few posts have mentioned that perhaps a mass awakening is going to de-stress the situation to a point of survival.
My argument is that this group that is seemingly in power and pulling all the strings has no guarantee of infinite success.
For each every action we participate in there are infinite potentialities.
Likewise for the mob - their plan is to put in a new puppet. Their plan is that he continues to do the bidding.
But what happens if this new puppet was willing to be the Judas Goat and agreed to some deals, but upon seeing the euphoria the people exhibited as hope for change, something within this puppet shifted, and he became human.
And with that developed his own course of action.

Now of course this would not be allowed and it would be quickly terminated, but this is just one example of where things don't go according to plan. That is my daily experience, things don't happen the way you planned.

Perhaps the same thing will happen to the neo cons, things won't go the way they were planned. For a million reasons.
Perhaps Shiva has joined the game - and things that used to be so simple in our collective imprisonment will be become impossible for the leaders.

After seeing the movie about the power of water and what labeling a bottle of the substance with an intention can do, my intention is to be cautious what I throw out in future prognosis and silently hold the intention for change for the good of all.

It is the only thing I can do at these time.s

Jon Doe said...

Very good post indeed. I have not read something this good in a while. I commend you for writing the truth in an age of accepted deceit.
You make a lot of good points and expose the truth which is right in front of everyone`s eyes. As of late I have not seem many good blog post about 9-11 truth coming from independent bloggers like yourself. This was a real treat for me. I am adding you to my blog roll and follow list. I look forward to many more good post from you.

Visible said...

Wow! That was great to find all of these comments this morning; much appreciated. On another note, Biological Unit... I didn't write that comment which should have been obvious. On a related note you might want to look at this Interesting item.

I've no way of knowing what Saruman's workers are getting up to below the Earth's surface but I am sure they are working on some pretty nasty shit and I am convinced that they broadcast certain radio (and other) waves out for control of the common mind. As for the rest of it, that's not my field so I wouldn't comment on it.

I am however, familiar with the remote viewing experiments and parapsychology efforts of the Russians, British and Americans and have no doubt The Chinese are up to similar things.

Biological_Unit said...

I am however, familiar with the remote viewing experiments

I believe that Remote Viewing might be useful in incredibly narrow parameters and situations.
The Commercial Remote Viewers are noted for being absolutely useless.

Sound Waves are useful for mental clearing, especially low vowel tones. I have an Alleged UFO Sound that is weirdly metallic.

Visible said...

We seem to be at cross purposes here. I'm not promoting any of these things, merely pointing out that I've researched some of it. My own studies and practices come out of the metaphysical and deal with 'occult' and 'yogic' practices which have been discussed at length in the Visible Origami blog.

I don't know what these people are up to nor am I curious overall. My experience has taught me that there is a conscious power that has everything under control for it's own purposes regardless of appearances otherwise and I trust in it implicitly.

Visible said...

There's a new post at Reflections in a Petri Dish
and we hope to have something up at Visible Origami a little later in the day or tomorrow.

Biological_Unit said...

there is a conscious power that has everything under control

I accept that, in a spirit of diversity and inclusiveness, but my mind recoils in horror.

The Ultimate Reality of Conflict is unpopular.

Anonymous said...

All is finished, in balance and in harmony
We are here merely to discover

Anonymous said...

Visable brought-up a very good point regarding the unknown aspects of the Mayan 2012 Prophecies. I’m not necessarily a person who gets-off on the doomsday scenarios, but if we are searching for the truth (and we are), then like the hypothesis of Sherlock Holmes, we must eliminate the unlikely, to see what plausible possibilities remain. There are many interconnecting situations with money, and the aspects of money, or gold, are just one of many illusions we have to deal with on a daily basis. So I will skip 911, and move to the questionable motives of the USA and their occupation of Iraq.

Why did the USA and its "accomplice coalition of the willing" invade Iraq? Some facts have speculated that it was because of the oil… but the USA has already expended more losses than they will ever recover through the spoils of War. Some facts speculate that it was done to protect the interests of Israel from its “alleged” hostile Arab neighbors; however, Israel has been armed to the teeth with Nuclear weapons for decades and could easily turn all of the Middle East into a glass-covered parking lot if they were attacked. Other explanations have said that it was because Saddam was going to stop trading oil in US dollars and switch to the Euro; however, if this was the case then no European Nation would have assisted the USA as a coalition partner and, more than likely would have entered this conflict against the USA. Another explanation of the USA's purpose for invading and remaining in the Middle East was to remove Saddam and Bin Laden and their arsenal of Weapons of Mass Destruction; however, both of these "alleged" villains are dead and no WMD’s were found. Finally, a far reaching hypothesis, which enters the realm of the supernatural, is that the USA and its allies are searching for a Stargate portal that is hidden within the ancient Babylonian artifacts… but if this were the case, the Stargate would have been found and/or removed by now, and there would be no need for the USA to set their War machine into overdrive to commit massive genocide of innocent civilians. So the only fact that remains (IMHO) is that this region in the Middle East has historically remained as the only people in the World who have always successfully resisted foreign occupation for thousands of years, and the USA’s reason for being there is to kill as many of them as possible through a massive campaign of genocide. But this leads to another question: Why?

I will attempt to answer this question of “why” with another question, and I will leave it to the reader’s imagination to determine. What if the World Governments know that a cataclysmic event is going to occur between now and the year 2012, and that this event will destroy a majority of the Earth’s surface, leaving only a scarcity of human survivors?

Anonymous said...

in retrospect
I really appreciate your Stargate scenario however you missed one real reason
George jr wanted to show off to his father and do what George sr couldn't do- subdue Saddam??

Biological_Unit said...

What if the World Governments know that a cataclysmic event is going to occur between now and the year 2012, and that this event will destroy a majority of the Earth’s surface, leaving only a scarcity of human survivors?

Are you not watching the Stock Market ? 2012 is when the last person EATS the next-to-last person !!

notamobster said...

The Grand Chessboard ladies and gentlemen. The Grand Chessboard.

One need look no further for a plausible motive of invading Iraq and Afghanistan, soon to include Pakistan, and Iran. We've already conquered (through 'diplomacy' the others in the region). That any plan for true global domination must include Russia/Indo-China, is apparent. Bill Clinton helped to further this agenda, by granting 'most-favored-nation' status to China in the 90's, thereby getting them hooked on the US' bullshit brand of 'capitalism'. Now, if we can control the flow of resources to both, well...

ZBig and KissKiss are running out of time, to see their dreams of Global Hegemony come to fruition. Thus, things are speeding up to break-neck pace. Alot of the folks who helped to institute these massive global changes are dying off; or soon to do so. The Russians, of course moved their queen and put us and our cohorts in Europe in check, by using good old-fashioned, "join-us-to-beat-the-bully" diplomacy. The masters of the universe, in our country and others who follow our Keynesian economic model, got too big for their britches (greedy) and are now pulling out all the stops to keep from destroying all of their years of planning.

If I had to guess as to an alternative motivation, I'd say Tony's 'daddy complex' sounds plausible.

Rights of Man said...

Our oh-so-honest, freedom loving 'friends' in Israel don't think there's a story in Gaza! Fucking pigs!


Anonymous said...

We have an intelligent person in "Biological Unit" stumbling over some hurdles: mainly lack of understanding of the ACTUAL TECH that is in the hands of the criminal elite, which is very much related to what we would now call, "occult, essoteric, black magic, or voodoo stuff", which back in Sumerian times (and before) was simply the science practiced by the elite priest classes. And don't forget that "occult" in this capacity simply means "hidden forces of nature", which was used for a variety of things including building the Pyramids and harnessing electricity. Even Nicola Tesla had re-discovered and mastered aspects of the occult or "night side" powers of nature. The main difference now is that the current criminal elite use more hardware / software because it's sort of a "short-cut", whereas in more ancient times many years of "special training" and dedication was needed.

So I am somewhat amused by "Biological Unit" scoffing at my comment above in regards to the Russians cloning people. The first substantiated cloned human that I am aware of happened in the mid 1970s, which means that it must have occured earlier. In fact, that's one of the main things old Dr. Mengele was working on in Nazi Germany, which explains why the Russians and Americans "never found his lab notes / journals". Yeah, sure. The Russians got the notes, and the Americans got the man is more like it. Mengele was also the modern day "re-discoverer" and "advancer" of human mind control, initially based on extreme trauma and advanced drugs. His barbaric techniques were actually practiced in Egyptian times, which was probably his initial source of inspiration.

Thus, in regards to cloning people, the tech is certainly there (and has been for a while), the motivation and interest is certainly there (and has been for a very long time), the money is always there, the secret facilities are plentiful in a variety of countries, so what more do you logically need to come to the correct, albeit disturbing, conclusion? Are you tripping over the 2 week time frame? Are you tripping over the ability to kidnap important people? Are you tripping over the ability to transfer memories and learned behaviours? These are the "relatively" small details that they have had decades to work out and improve upon. I don't believe the process is 100% perfect and undetectable, mind you, but one must use very clever methods for detection. The glasses used in the cheesy movie "They Live" come to mind, but don't think they really look like Raybans... And of course, the greatest cover for it is the sheeple's total disbelief.

As an interesting little example of how weird our World is: the Russians for years were controlling and re-routing the drains / sewage systems of the top notch hotels that foreign elite would stay, and literally collecting their body wastes for very detailed examination. They would check for any diseases, conditions, drug residues, and of course it was a source of genetic material. They could use the genetic material to cross check if they were dealing with a body double, or the real person, and then of course they could use that for any cloning if appropriate. They could also use the genetic material to gain some control over the person (in real time and from a distance), which is what "voodoo" is based upon, but the more scientific term would be "Radionics" which has an established history since the 1920s. Naturally, the Russians lead the field at that time of video/audio bugging of hotel rooms too, as well as various types of remote viewing / infrared, well before any of these terms were popular in the alternative media. They were also blackmail experts, based on the information they could gather on people by using their tech. And you thought James Bond plots were wild??!!

In point of fact, I'd be willing to bet that there are a number of facilities around the World like those depicted in the movie, "The Island", although much less stylish of course, and certainly not known about by the regular rich and famous. Body doubles is a completely different topic, but what was depicted in the movie "Face Off", is pretty accurate also. In this way, the forces that control Hollywood walk a tight rope, because their stategy of trying to control and fictionalize certain sensitive topics (such that the media can laugh and point when any whistle blower talks), often can let part of the cat out of the bag.

As a final note, it was discovered in the 1800s that the ancients had nearly unimaginable "tech" based on their near mastery of the occult forces of nature. They used their minds, certain metals, chemicals, crystals, words, chants, symbols, colors and the like to do "magical" things, albeit VERY SCIENTIFIC to them. Then, destruction happened on a huge scale. The Sumerians / Babylonians / Egyptians / ancient Chinese / ancient Indians / Druids and others were remnants and survivors who knew bits and pieces of the truly ancient tech, and excelled in some aspects therefore, but it was always degraded and less than that practiced by their ancient ancestors. Since about the late 1800s, the race has been on to somehow get back to that mastery (with Tesla being a very important part of this story), unfortunately the motivation now is almost entirely for negative purposes. But, the potential for good is almost unlimited, which is the good news, and another tight rope that the criminal elite walk. For example, instead of broadcasting frequencies for mind control / fear / depression / confusion, if one could take over the use of the tech then most disease states could be eliminated. Strange but true, and something that a long forgotten Dr. by the name of Royal Rife "re-discovered" in the 1920s. Me thinks that the 1920s were a very important crossroads in modern times, and one in which we were forced to make a wrong turn. If we had made the right one, then we would most likely be living in a modern day Atlantis, and I mean that quite literally.

Again, don't dismiss certain scenarios because you are ignorant of the tech, and ignorant of the real occult forces that exist in nature, which never make it into any modern physics or chemistry books. Learn from the ancients. Read the true translations and then take it literally, not as some ridiculous fairly tale. The ancient East Indians wrote about their flying crafts, anti-gravity, and atomic weaponry and meant it. They gave detailed diagrams. Why don't you know about that? Because the criminal elite have know for a very long time and have used it AGAINST US, that's why, and they are up to shennanigans that would make your head spin. When Robert Oppenheimer ("father of the atomic bomb) was asked, "Was the bomb exploded at Alamogordo during the Manhattan Project the first one to be detonated?", he answered, "Well -- yes. In modern times, of course." Did you know that Oppenheimer could read Sanskrit (surprise, surprise) and is also quoted as saying, "Access to the Vedas is the greatest privilege this century may claim over all previous centuries."? Exactly.

The evidence is there people, but you have to wake up to see it.

Anonymous said...

Obama's Challenge: To pave the way for Socialism of the XXI Century


Obama's Challenge

America's Economic Crisis and the Power of a Transformative Presidency
by Robert Kuttner

"As Kuttner convincingly argues, a President Barack Obama will have an historic opportunity to radically transform America's direction--but only if he rejects the tired centrist policies of the past and inspires his fellow citizens to forge new progressive paths. Kuttner systematically lays out the case for why Obama should give full voice to a robust progressive message at a time when the American people are suffering from years of conservative policy. Obama's Challenge is an enlightening road map for all Americans who hunger for a change in direction and priorities in America, and who hope Obama can be our leading agent of change."

�Markos Moulitsas Z�niga, founder of, author of Taking on the System and coauthor of Crashing the Gate

The Challenge: To Be a Revolutionary-Socialist President like Hugo Chavez

Barack Obama approaches the Presidency at a critical moment in American history, facing simultaneous crises of war, the environment, health care, but most especially in the economy. If he is able to rise to the moment, he could join the ranks of a small handful of previous presidents who have been truly transformative, succeeding in fundamentally changing our economy, society, and democracy for the better.

But this will require imaginative and decisive action as Obama takes office, action bolder than he has promised during his campaign, and will be all the more difficult given the undertow of conventional wisdom in Washington and on Wall Street that resists fundamental change. Decades of regressive politics and political gridlock have left America in its

Anonymous said...

'I would call my attorney general in and review every single executive order issued by George Bush and overturn those laws or executive decisions that I feel violate the constitution,' said Obama Other goals for his first 100 days: work out a plan to withdraw troops from Iraq; make progress on alternative energy plans and launch legislation to reform the health care system.

Anonymous said...

For those of you with no imagination, I'll also add the following of what is possible if the tech can be wrestled away from the criminal elite. Within a handful of years, imagine the following:

No more harmful frequencies being beamed at us from numerous sources. No more manipulative audio / visual subliminals imbeaded within TV / movies / music. No more complete control over the media. No more chem trail spraying. No more need for 95% of oil and gas. Vast changes to travel. No more need for 99% of drugs. Vast changes to "health care". No more chlorine and flouride in water. No more GM food. No more preservatives and other diabolical crap (aspartame) in our food supply. 75% less government and complete overhaul of tax structure. Real non-manipulated elections. Dramatic change in "work week" and job definitions. Dramatic change in farming technology. Proper detection and labelling of the true criminals and perps of the World. Safe wireless communication and electrical access. Super cheap utilities. Vast reduction of pollution. Much less war and no more diabolical weaponry... etc.

It is all likely outcomes, IF the known and very real tech can be wrestled away from the criminal elite, which is no small feat. As well, those who might wrestle it away, might simply become "the new criminal elite" with slightly different agendas. So this is where access to and existence of a free internet will be crucial in the near future, because all the tech / science / discoveries / suppressed inventions / and occult info can once and for all be given to the people for free. The genie can be let out of the bottle for real. The questions will then become, what will become of the genie, and what will the genie do, and who will control the genie, and does the genie have friends, and do we have enough time with the genie before it is too late??? The last question is my real concern...

Anonymous said...

HEY LES: I CAN IDENTIFY WITH YOU !! WOW I AM LIKE YOU AND YOU ARE LIKE ME !! INDEED !! I mean i wish you were here in Knoxville, TN, USA so we could at least start a study-group, a revolutionary study movement, to study revolutionary literature, books, and to share and spread knowledge and philosophy among people, to wake people up from their slumber. and the more we philosophize and debate ideas, the more we learn, but being alone is a *lose lose* situation. I am alone in this city.

What you said about Huffington Post, Greg Palast, and other status quo centrist sites is true. I am a member of magazine. and they are not revolutionary-marxists at all. They are more like 'Social democrats' in fact, if you talk about giving power to workers in that site, you might be labeled as a "Radical" like Bill Ayers (Who is cool by the way). In any case, i think "We the People" need to unite, get off the internet for a while and create a United Socialist Party of The United States of America, a party composed of all alternative third parties (even libertarian parties might be included there)

I devote a lot of time to politics, because i have nothing in this world, in this life, i have nothing to lose except my chains and a whole world to win !!

take care

notamobster said...

"They could use the genetic material to cross check if they were dealing with a body double, or the real person, and then of course they could use that for any cloning if appropriate."

Using shit to clone our politicians...that brings the entire picture into focus! HAHAHA

(I'm not making fun of your info - it just struck me as extremely funny that our politicians could be cloned from shit!!! I can't stop laughing.)

Anonymous said...

Truth and logic are synonymous as well as the “occult; laypersons understanding of quantum physics” quantum physics too, being synonymous; all are the same! Once anyone or thing grasps/applies this concept they are capable of utilizing the ultimate principals of existence. This is the genie…anything opposite of this force is the destroyer/degeneration of itself (we label as ignorance, lack of knowledge, denial, greed, dangerous…) Anyone can open the portal of truth and the opposite force of truth will be there on a dime ‘by default’ and this is precisely why people shy away from truth…

Did a 3 hour interview with we are change Colorado…will be mp3 versus video ‘was chicken to do the pic view…’ the forces are pissed off HA and I could care less!!! The truth does not have to be understood to be utilized thus any info ingested by the senses will automatically be applicable in the quantum realm ‘free energy is liberty’…will be fun to see where this goes. Just note: this is very dangerous for me but no matter the bottom line is to let the genie out of the bottle and always has been. There are some real shit heads out there that have only evil intent in regard to me and they are very close in proximity, we will see where this goes and keep an eye on the traffic. In the interim (Dan and Becky) get off this land and do not come back!

I will be reiterating for a while now, that NIST Boulder needs to be dealt with swiftly if we are to open the necessary truth portals that may bring us all to a higher place on this lowly planet, from a positive view. This is a gig for NORAD.

Great posts y’all, nice company and thanks for sharing your good stuff...


Anonymous said...

For those of you who aren't aware of this yet, check out the Digg submission "Beware Of The Hidden Messages." Is seems that there is a new movie coming out titled "The Insurgents" which uses 9/11 patriots as the villains. We all need to be aware that "Big Brother" is not going to stand quietly by while his vocal critics are getting the truth out.

Anonymous said...

We have a problem.
They have complete control.
There is not one country or
one town
where they don't have their fingers
in the pudding.
I give up.
Why don't we have a leader?
Why don't we attack?
Attack what?
Can't fight fire with fire.
Will Jesus come back and do a number on them all?
I'm getting the feeling that this has nothing
to do with politics, money or power.
But more to do with Satan.

Everything's gonna work out just fine....

. said...

A place of refuge here of sorts. Over in England now reporting that we may be sending more troops to Afganistan, 70% of the population want withdrawal, but the reporter said it would be difficult for our politicians to go against Obama's expected desire to put 8,000 more troops in there as he is so popular!! Incredible indeed, it still seems so difficult to say no...

Fear is the enemy we are fighting, it is not about the darkness of the illuminati, the CFR, etc, that we need to focus on as so much as our own darkness. We still believe that 'things' happen 'out there' when really I think we are learning to see that it all happens 'in here', in us. Its our darkside.Everything we need liberation from is inside ourselves. I think the fact that so many are seeing this now, especially on here, is a good sign that we are shifting into a different level of consciousness removed from our duality reality. By accepting OUR OWN darkness we can then be free of this duality.

I feel this is why I feel so despairing sometimes as exactly what to do with all this information we are gathering and the deepest underground horror that stirs sometimes in my own depths can be terrifying. Its becoming clear its not so much about 'doing' something external as 'going with' something internal. Trust, and as Susanna said earlier, we don't KNOW what can happen, but our intention is a very powerful tool and being OURS is 100% capable of creating a new reality.

Biological_Unit said...

Again, don't dismiss certain scenarios because you are ignorant of the tech

Let me guess.

You know somebody who knows somebody WHO READ SOMETHING IN A BOOK !!

You are a Cloud-Dancing (in Bengali) NACHON !

Anonymous said...

It would indeed be a huge ask for the worshippers of greed to understand that their moronic imbecilic behaviour is going to cause the death of our planet. Intelligent slime now that would be a good trick ;(
Elite said: If you think we can survive on this planet for another 1000 or so years than your the optimist, not the intelligent one...

Dodgy said:
1000 years is a long time, I doubt even the wanabe elite could stand themself for that long But of course you were talking about future generations being able to be born in a world where the gene pool has been bought and corrupted by corporate beasts of toxicity. Who are completely obsessed not with producing usefull stuff but rather slealing others stuff so they can worship their huge pile.

Optimism lies not in surviving corporate induced hell but cancelling it altogether. Fat chance one would assume without a devine intervention. You can wait till you are a sick starving beaten slave serving absolute evil but then somehow even death will hold no escape.

But getting back to the financial crisis and why it is the next 911 false flag attack on the entire world. Just listen to the polly harlets salivating at the prospect of a global financial new world order whereby they get to impose yet another even greater level of GLOBAL TAX on everything and everyone Obama to Inherit "New Global Order" from Bush

The only solution governments can and will ever find is the screw the poor ever more.

Thats it folks the next 911 is the manufactured financial crisis con-structed so a global tax can screw the poor even more.

Anonymous said...

How to create a financial disaster :

1. Create a bunch of worthless stuff on bits of paper and say they are worth trillians of dollars.
2. Sell this toxic derived dribble to all and sundry and make a huge robbing.
3. Then tell all your friends to get rid of toxic dribble papers before you expose the fact that they are worth less than the ink used to write them.
4. Your enemys are left with heaps of crud and collapse, you then rush in and buy them out with the money you extorted from them.

Wallah you have a toppsy turvey mostly dropping share market and get to pick up the spoils. Then as all are panicing you who created the whole thing come in with a plan to solve the mess you made and take over the whole world in the process. Simple really

Anonymous said...

At a book club meeting in a fairly conservative town with some very conservative farmers, I nearly fell off my chair when one of them asked me what I thought about Obama's win.
I started to tell them.
These people are still completely blindfolded by what the media has told them.
And yet they are so completely open to hear what really happened.
So good fellows I wanted to ask you what links you could suggest - the most clear and concise 9/11 links that you would recommend and any other introductions to the world as we know it.
Would really appreciate this. I am asking here because someone recently posted about a 9/11 site that they felt was the best, and yet when seeking that post, it alludes me.
Thanking you

For these women to be willing to question is truly astounding.

Randall said...

Hey Sharon, there's a release on the\web of this film that was slated for '07. Concerns a truck bomb or some such.
It is propaganda, because how they are portrayed, but I guess the question
is, are they justified?
Just a thought. If it's the same film.

Randall said...

Anonymous on the occult Tech:
I'd like to talk.

kikz said...


good luck.. just don't overload them right off the bat. this can and usually is a painful process... :)

Visible said...

There's a new post Cimbing the Mountain with a Piano on your Back. at Visible Origami.

Visible said...

Hi Susana;

Go into the latest article (the one this is the comment thread for) and to the last link which is titled, "You can start here." That is very comprehensive and the one you were looking for. The other places I like are those like "Scholars for 9/11 truth" "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" and "Pilots for 9/11 Truth." all of these you can find through Google.

Anonymous said...

Two little bits of news.
The famous forecaster 'Trends' is telling us as it will be. Hardship, revolution and the USA a thirdworld nation by 2012

And completely unrelated - or is it?
Obamas birth cert - the one released - is a fraud. What a surprise?

Best article I have read of yours, invisible. Thanks

Anonymous said...

First comment, but I have been reading here for nearly 2 years. I have to say, Les, that your blog is my absolute favorite. Not only do you provoke thought and speak truth, but you do it so damn eloquently. Also, you have the best commenters, too. It's a treat with every post to not only get to read your poetic words, but also those of the commenters as well. Love it! Just had to get that out...

notamobster said...

susanna - email me at

I will send you good info and a couple links(les' links are the best ones to start with, important to note to these folks that what actually happened is all speculation, but we know ABSOLUTELY what didn't happen!!!).

ANYONE else who would like good info, I have a pdf file, i'd like to send, so feel free to email me...

Anonymous said...

To "Biological Unit": your predictable stages of cognitive dissonance are on view for all of us to see. Ending, of course, with personal attack. Why? If something I said sparked something within you, then ponder why it did such. Search and investigate for yourself. Try and prove me wrong if you like. Whatever, but I'm merely adding my 2 cents in efforts to sparking discussion and ultimately getting a better grip on WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AND WHY.

Unfortunately, human beings have been completely deconstructed down to our very basic fundamentals for quite some time behind the scenes (and the Human Genome Project is the cover and a complete joke to those in the know). And this true understanding of what makes us tick has been used by those who are __________ (fill in your own negative). When one realises that a human being can be operated like a puppet from a distance quite literally, or killed with a frequency device that looks like a garage door opener, or manipulated while they sleep in ways that are unfathomable, or even grown within a lab in a very short time frame, then the scenarios of what is possible (nay, likely) really opens up.

For example, because I knew of some happenings but not the documented tech, I once assumed that "aliens" of some sort might be needed for explaining elements of this grande conspiracy. But, then I realised that actual human agencies have the tech and have had all along. Like the Nazis in the 1930s quite literally having flying discs - when you see all sorts of pics and archival film and read all sorts of varied accounts on this you realise there is no need to play the "alien card" when trying to come to terms with so-called UFOs, because the Germans had them in the 1930s at the very latest. This, in turn, dramatically changes your view of history.

Same as the famous Roswell book by Colonel Corso. I now know that all the tech he claims came from the "aliens" was in the hands of the Germans in the 1930s and 1940s and has been documented. But when I re-read that book for the 4th time last year, I realised that it depends on how one defines "alien" (and there is a very distinctive legal definition that has nothing to do with "little greys"!). He talks about EBEs also, but if you substitute "German Nazi" every time he mentions "alien", then it makes much more sense now - and maybe that was his purpose, who knows? And besides, logic dictates that if human beings can be cloned / artificially grown, than so can little greys by the same people...

But the point is, if one has a grasp on the tech, and on the ancients, and on the true history of our planet, and on the true occult forces of nature, then the true nature of the grande conspiracy starts to reveal itself, and largely by the exclusion of scenarios that become extremely unlikely or impossible under the new "illumination" (no pun intended). I'm just trying to seek the truth, like most of you, and I'm coming at it from my own unique perspective, that's all.

Visible said...

Having studied 'occult' things for more than this lifetime I can say that there a few limits to what is possible but that there are great limits to whom it is possible for.

Anonymous said...

Les, well said and that is and has been the main hurdle of the "criminal elite" (as I simply call them) for a long time, and why exotic hardware / software must be used in more modern times in my opinion. Getting around or through or over certain boundries has been the main motivator for hundreds of generations that have wished to control, harm, and dominate. Although, I think history has shown that many "characters" with negative intent have often pushed the limits and (I fear) have figured out ways to cross them.

Of course, when used for "good" then no limits, and this perhaps existed at times we might call "Lemuria". It is hard to even fathom such an ideal society during our own ridiculous times. Most can't even fathom a time of no income taxes, which was the case only about 100 years ago...

Anonymous said...

Well Les, I think it is pretty damn easy for evil to be evil and this is why it is so prevalent round this neck of the universe. As for the flip side, unless a person is knowledgeable of the ins and outs... well, they are pretty well focked by default (kinda like the clowns gathering in the US this weekend for some kind of solution to the banking/economic status of the world LOL, sorry but I have no regard for ignorance by choice and I am sick of spelling it out 'broken record' for these clowns "note: I hate spelling lol")

Yeah sure at the end of the day it is just wealth and priviledge the funny thing is that 99% of humans do not have a clue what true wealth is much less what has to be done with it "rules of Nature." This is why they do not have it 'though it is for all to have'...


Randall said...

No, anyone could have that attitude
on any subject, say 911 and they would never know. it's called A Priori
dismissal or denial.
You want to know some truth?
You'll say something about proof,
etc.. But the truth is I Knew my Dad, and when he told me about the Colonel
in the USAF who was his drinking
buddy, I believed him. Because I knew
my Dad, his word was gold.
He said nothing for 42 years.
The guy told him about Roswell
and the crashed craft and the bodies and that some of it/them was being stored and studied at Wright/Patterson where he worked.
They were drunk. The next day my Dad got a call from the guy whimpering and begging my Dad not to say anything, and he didn't. For 42 years.
Actually my Dad cared nothing for the topic, and just forgot about it
until I called him around his birthday Oct '89, and mentioned a show I'd seen about "Roswell" just hearing the word jogged a memory, and there it was. He was a lead man at an aircraft parts factory near Indianapolis at the time.

Anonymous said...

hey, you sound like an asshole, youll never do anything about these things, the powers that be, and phoney pieces of paper that rule our lives say so. we will never be free untill someone in the right place gives a shit and guess what, thatll never happen, look what happend to JFK. youre not going to change anything and youre wasting your time, just go to the store and buy a people magazine and absorb it all and care about paris hilton and britney spears and the sexiest man alive, because that is all your life will ever be. who do you think youre helping here, no amount of blogging will make this country the way it was intended to be. you know alot of scandals and lies and secret plans, blah blah blah, youre like the honor student of the special ed class, the population knows this shit, they just dont care. if you dont like it, get the fuck out, go live in a 3rd world country and preech to them, get them all excited and make them question why they cant eat today, because in this disney world existence that youre accustomed to, it is clear that no one cares and no one ever will, theyd rather sacrafice rights for homeland security, you cant reach people like that, so stop acting like you know what youre talking about. enjoy shitting in a real toliet today and washing your hands with clean water and being able to walk 2 blocks to get something to eat and shower in a room in your house, and stop whining about shit thats never gonna change as long as greed exists in the hearts of old crusty power hungry men, asshole.

Anonymous said...

I am going to stick my neck out.
I have believed implicitly in UFOs for probably more years than some of you have been incarnated in your present form.
I read the books of Major Donald Keyhoe and have never doubted, following the subject for all these many years.
Seen the film - 'out of the blue'. (hope I have that title correct) Excellent.
I also believe just as strongly that 9/11 was an inside job probably in cahoots with the mossad.
It was obvious from 10/11 when you looked at the Pentagon - there was no airliner. If they were lying about that they were lying about everything. WTC7 and the explosive charges came later.
I also believe that Obama is an evil man backed by thoroughly evil beings and that the USA is on the downward slide leading God knows where and taking Britain with it.
Well I am ready for the rebellion. I may only have a garden fork - pitchfork - we in England have no guns unless we are on the other side. Criminals here are allowed the guns, law abiding people have been left defenceless - but I am prepared to do my bit when the time comes.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Given the trajectory of this comments thread, this is as good a time as any to trot out my pet theory as to how the Elite can pull off elaborate operations like 9/11 without leaks. One of my friends dismisses 9/11 truth because "someone always talks" and so far, no one directly involved has. My answer is, that may be true if we're talking about regular humans. But I suspect the guys who actually rigged the WTC don't even live in the same world as we do.

Think of all the people over the last few decades who just "disappeared". Not all of them were used for ritual human sacrifice. I reckon a lot of those "milk carton kids" have grown up in underground cities as mind-controlled slaves. As such, they are capable of superhuman feats, like planting demolition charges in the WTC in one weekend, working round the clock. After such missions, they could either return to their subterranean bases or be disposed of. No way would we ever hear from them.

As for the operatives who do live among us, such as the "dancing Israelis", I figure their awareness is very compartmentalized, so even if they wanted to talk, it wouldn't be much help to us (and they'd have a tragic, fatal accident soon thereafter).

Even with all this working against us, you can count on Eris to screw up the best-laid plans. Hail Eris!

Anonymous said...

Alan Keyes has filed suit against officials of the state of California over the question of the missing BC.
Good case worth perusing. f...yes_v_bowen.pdf
Good for him. As a presidential candidate - he must have 'standing'.

Anonymous said...

The who: my Pedigree, the Trust 'van buren/maes' and the battle...the players go way back to maes howe 5k years ago to present day "dang, smokingmirrors" LOL... point being, good thing me and mine know our signaling/teleportation cuz this is the bigon! Man ur lasers folks... lil neutrino's tie your shoe laces...The true elite are fixin to kick some poser arse!

Maastricht was the first with Medieval city rights, a system which evolved to the current system and, thanks to the Romans, the first settlement with city allure. However, Maastricht was without a doubt the first settlement in the Netherlands...

MEUSE (Flemish=Maes, Dutch=Maas)

The Maas was forded in Roman times; the city derives its name from the Latin Mosae Trajectum [Maas ford].Mosaic: (with a capital M) adjective from Moses, e.g. Mosaic Law (the Ten
Commandments). Mosan: adjective for the R. Meuse (Maas). ...

· Torah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Redirected from Mosaic Law ) ... The Torah ( תּוֹרָה ) is the most important document in Judaism, revered as the ...


Definition for Mosaic Law

- Hebrew body of law: the code of law of the ancient Hebrews, beginning with the Ten Commandments, believed to have been set down by Moses and contained in the Pentateuch

Adriaentgen Joosten of of the Maes. Born ong. 1551, from this marriage: ...... Dodo I Van Egmond. Advocatus abbey Van Egmond, died 0977, children: ...

Adriaentgen Joosten Van Der Maes. Geboren ong. 1551, Uit dit huwelijk: ...... Dodo I Van Egmond. Advocatus Abdij Van Egmond, overleden 0977, kin...

Cornelis Maas Van buren Born: 1610 in Burmalsen, Gelderland, Netherlands

In English:

Adriaentgen Joosten of of the Maes. Born ong. 1551, from this marriage: ...... Dodo I Van Egmond. Advocatus abbey Van Egmond, died 0977, children: ...

Adriaentgen Joosten Van Der Maes. Geboren ong. 1551, Uit dit huwelijk: ...... Dodo I Van Egmond. Advocatus Abdij Van Egmond, overleden 0977, kin (note date and name of Egmond…) Dodo I van (ovl. 977) 878

34’359’737’368 – 8’000 mia
8’000 mia
36’006’136’736. Harald "Schoonhaar" van Noorw. (860/940)=AD (after death

Ahnentafel / Pedigree

T Maes Maestro

nobody said...

Hey Susanna, if you want a really good round-up written in a marvellous 'regular-folks' fashion I'd recommend Dave McGowan.

The 'September 11 revisited' series is brilliant. Mind you, if you really want your head done in, read his ongoing Laurel Canyon series. Nothing is what you think it is!

Otherwise my old man (old school thirty-year infantry guy) was utterly gobsmacked by the assorted 911 architects for truth, pilots for truth etc etc. The number of decades-long professional heavies signing up is a story in itself. When I asked him, 'How is it possible that people of this calibre and in such numbers isn't a story for the mainstream media?', he could only shake his head. They should be google-able and one should lead to another.

all the best...

Biological_Unit said...

To "Biological Unit": your predictable stages of cognitive dissonance are on view for all of us to see. Ending, of course, with personal attack.

Of course I attack LIARS.

What are you selling, really ?

Anonymous said...

For Wayne: nice deductions sir. Yes, when you add up the kids who have been taken off the streets over the years (and don't forget the huge snatch and grabs that occur in war zones - thank the UN for that), and the many who are simply "bred" in underground or private facilities by "breeders" (younger women who are continually inseminated, then eventually ritually sacrificed), and then the possible cloning projects, we are left with hundreds of thousands at least and more likely in around 10 - 15 million human bodies that are trained in things and mind f-ed in ways none of us can fathom. So, where are these people ear-marked for?

Well, obviously the elite agencies that are into things that can never be blabbed about. I'm thinking positions within Delta Force, the NSA, the NRO, Army intel, MI5/6, and many others we don't have the "initials" of. There is talk about a work force on the Moon. Is Mars possible? How about within those huge space vehicles that Mr. Walson has photographed out in distant orbit of our planet? Obviously workers are needed within the hundreds of underground facilities World wide. Obviously workers are needed for the escalating Microwave / EM torture from a distance programs. And there are other jobs too, more "mundane" like drug runners and sex slaves and various stalkers. Of course the beauty of these workers is that they are not paid, and are worked until dead, and are completely outside of our System.

The more visible perps in 9/11 and other inside jobs and conspiracies are controlled in a multitude of ways, intimidated in many ways, and rewarded in every way their sick minds can think of. They are the puppets on strings, whereas the many others who are embedded into our society are more like the robots.

You see, when you understand the tech, you realise that "they" know almost before you know that you might "blow your whistle". Then, "they" simply change your mind or confuse you or threaten you directly in your mind. The main perps in any operation are monitored 24/7 in ways that are well beyond "Star Trek". This explains why even relatively good or innocent people who get caught up in crap (or at least witness it) don't yap about it. The blanket of control and fear is almost complete thanks to the tech that has been developed.

Anonymous said...

Biological Unit: selling?! I'm offering opinions on my take on reality, which can explain a great deal of "mysteries" and "strangeness" we sense all around us all the time. Take it or leave it, friend, but no one is asking you to buy.

Liar? That is strong language indeed...

Anonymous said...

I will also add another tidbit, in regards to "their" monitoring tech. There was a famous quote many years ago about some Senator or Congressman referring to the secret controllers behind the scenes, that the men in the know were affraid "to even whisper about in private". He meant this literally, most likely, because the monitoring tech was on that level that many years ago. Now, it is on the level of thinking, and even directing thought as well as monitoring normal thought processes.

Another angle is simply erasing memories that might lead to certain thoughts, which might lead to whistle blowing. For example, I knew of someone who worked at NORAD as some "computer specialist" back in the early 1980s (at least that was his cover story or what he believed to be true). His wife was a real spunky gal and noticed a number of strange things, such as her husband (and other men that worked with him) very frequently forgetting where they parked their cars, despite having the same assigned spots. He could remember the conversations in the morning at home, and what he had for breakfast (and was known to have a very sharp mind and photographic memory otherwise), but almost never where he parked his car at NORAD, eventhough it was always in the same spot. It turned out that after he finished his day shift, he was debriefed for 20-30 minutes at which time his memory of what he did during the day was "erased" or "blocked" or "compartmentalised" back to a specific time in the morning that usually overlapped with him pulling into his parking space! That's how they were controlling any "loose lips", and of course this man's house on the military base was also bugged (which is true of ALL buildings on EVERY base). Presumably then, his memory was re-altered just prior to his starting his shifts also, and that's how he was able to work on super secret stuff for years.

Now many other things happened to him and his wife, but my point is when minds can be so diabolically manipulated, don't assume the perp really knows any real truth of what's going on. He could be some expert killer one minute, then think he is an insurance salesman the next. It really is a mind war, and a great many things going on in regards to the tech are geared towards this. I mean even flouride is meant to destroy specific parts of our brain and represents a type of mind control, but you really have to take the blinders off to even start to comprehend what "they" really have in their toolboxes these days...

Anonymous said...


I have read and listened to many of the stories of bunkers and teeming populations under ground for all sorts of nefarious purposes and reasons, but I remain unconvinced. What is the point? .
I wish someone could give me a good reason to believe because the facilities clearly have some substance - but the use of them? - I admit confusion.
I look at it this way.
If the Americans really had these space machines up there - yes I have seen them on Rense and they are incredible and frankly I believe they are extraterrestrial - why are they so humiliatingly having to crawl to the russians to buy a space rocket or two to get to the space station.
I am highly sceptical of those who claim that UFOs are our latest technology and claim that they are being hidden from public scrutiny in the pretense of being alien.
I believe that the elite are using the story of us having space technology to hide the fact the alien craft are out and about and increasingly being spotted and filmed.
The missing people. Well I think abduction is going on. I am not convinced that some of it is benign. 'The Threat' by David Jacobs will make your blood run cold.
John Mack and his interpretation I found rather unbelievable.
But I think we have a good many mass killers out there - as any honest crime expert will tell you.
If all these huge underground facilities exist - what are they producing? and why is it secret?
It seems jolly illogical to me, Mr Spock.
Perhaps some of you experts can convince me of some scenarios that explain it all. I am pretty open minded. But I fail to see the sense of some of the theories being promoted.

Randall said...

Yeah, always a bad sign when I wanted to respond to someones comment, but I forget and it hits me in the middle of a movie:
Joe, you sound scared and your words say more about you than anything else.
Have you read what you wrote?
All things begin as ideas that develop and coalesce when thrown around like this.
In fact, you have no idea what will or will not happen, either from your own insight or reviewing what is said here.
All develops as it does/will, whether that means getting shot, shooting someone, doing nothing, or being part of a resistnce movement
Humans haven't changed that much. It will just take the ol' slap in the face this time, due to all the programing.

notamobster said...

vis - an observation, if you'll permit, sir?

There seems to bea GREAT number of incredibly unrealistic - nay - ridiculous theories abounding on your site, of late. Could this be a deliberate attempt to discredit anything which is said on this site? Underground peoples staffing delta force, etc? I know many of these people. I have brken bread with thir families...stood in their weddings. This is silly. I'm not speculating when I say that many a spook is a real human who thinks they are doing the work of their nation, not some soul-free clone, who was raised underground.

To be sure, there is nothing beyond the inmagination, that it couldn't be true, but much of this, I think is retarded! I just want a dissenting voice, should someone cme along and try to dscredit all of us, based on some wild-eyed jackass' spoutings.


Randall said...

Nota, wtf?
"you broke bread.. etc" WTF? It's perfectly cool that you've broke bread, after these same people have been associated with torture and other atrocities since Vietnam, and going into now, but
these other things, WHICH YOU JUST HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF... it suddenly becomes "Theories"?
Do you actually permit this stupid shit in y our brain?
That it's pefectly "normal" in your mind that
intelligence operatives were involved in killing civilians in America on 911, but it's wild-eyed jackasses conspiracy theory
(which is nothing but ad hominem bullshit,
you don't really give anything that refutes anything) if someone states something about extraterrestrials and intelligence operatives? Because you ate food with some?
I could say the same thing about anything, and what would I be saying? Jack shit.
If aliens came here (and I KNOW they have) then why is the other, so "wild eyed" to YOU.
Why is an underground base (or whatever)
so far fetched, but people murdering other people on 911 make so much plausible sense?
The first post on my blog I wrote about how the same set of skills a person has in one area
is totally lacking in another, when the same set should be used in both.
"discredit this site"?
Are you nuts?
This is all opinion and conjecture on this site
!?!?! How do you "discredit" opinion and conjecture?
Fuck Nota, get a clue.
Just because you haven't looked into certain things, just means You Haven't Looked Into Certain Things.
Nothing more.
There are tons of underground bases, and I could show you places on the net with pics.
They've been putting them up for years. They just give conventional explanations for ALL of them, while other people have said to have seen certain things in some.
But you having ate with them, mean all these things are wild eyed theories right?
Why you can't compare the fact of how many people think of 911 truth people as "retarded",
then make that statement without qualification
is beyond me.
Torture by the same "types" (military special ops/intelligence agents) have been proven-time and time again- to be involved in shit I can't fathom as a Human, that is, torture, murder
etc, but... because you've been to "someones" wedding .....??!!??
Pleae, think about something, then look into it.
You just acted the way all the people do who are in denial about 911 IE "it couldn't be true" therefore "it didn't happen".
Sorry if i'm a little harsh, but I haven't hardly slept in 3 days, and when I see the same shit, time and time again....
Just for a lame example... Ramirez, the satanist/nightstalker, was cool with his cousin
who was Special Ops guy, and all he could talk about was killing and torture. Then he murdered his wife in front of Richard.
But that's a fact. So if this someone said this same guy (you may have been to his wedding) was involved with aliens in some base,
all of a sudden thats a "wild eyed theory" to you? Sorry, but what you find hard to comprehend is at odds with what I find hard to comprehend. Torture is harder to comprehend
for me than the existence of other life forms,
especially with the math involved and my personal knowledge.

notamobster said...

Randall, others...Please, excuse the comment if worded rather coursely. I was 'under the weather' (read:'influence'). I don't terribly often, partake of the spirits(every couple of weeks or so), and things come out without thinking.

The soul-less people/delta force/spook thing was meant, if I may expound, to illustrate that a great many of these people do it out of a misguided sense of duty. It doesn't take a person with no soul to torture, or kill with impunity. Just a paycheck and an order, or cause.

It struck me, while sitting here, that there has been alot more of this type of speculation of late. (COINTELPRO worked/works just this way). Infiltrate, rouse the rabble, cause one person to do something stupid, take down everyone by association.

My apologies to any I have offended. I don't want anyone to feel unwelcome.

Randall, thanks for pointing it out.

Randall said...

Nota problem Nota (heh heh) I didn't even know if I was being a shit head or not.
Heres what it seemed like: I've got exactly 44 years of looking into this angle of the world.
44 years. Not constantly, All the time, but when I was little my Mom, bought me a yellow journalism rag that was half good, half bad info.
I was able to discern the bad shit from the good (85%) by the time I was ten.
That you made a statement that I could discern
to be of (what I thought) clearly a Product of culture/Media/education, really pissed me off.
I can see through that kind of shit better than a trained shrink, with the certificates.
To be able to Read people is the Art of Survival if you've ever been incarcerated.
Or live in a ghetto environment.
I Know, 100% that Les Knows these same things.. to a fucking tee. 100% I know from reading what he's written.
It's using that same skill set to acknowledge that someone else has the same skills.
And all those things were just adaptations of the stuff i'd learned at 10 years old, that were much less important to survival.
So, no hard feelings, we're all just doing what we think best, with what we have.

notamobster said...

Reading people is an acquired talent, which I possess. That's why the red flags went up, sir!
You're absolutely right about the ghetto thing. That's where I got it. Never been to prison, but the shithole my mother had us in gives one a keen insight into the behavior and mannerisms of people. (Coincidentally, one of the reasons I so dislike Obama - I've known a thousand smooth-talking [narcissistic] hustlers just like him. The kind of guys you don't turn your back on, when shit goes south...

Anonymous said...

Once again, "Notamobster", I will remind you that you are either unaware of the tech, or in extreme denial. For crying out loud, they have been cloning animals for many decades, so why do you think not humans??!! Morality??? Give me a break...

"Broken bread with...". I am not claiming that every operative is a clone, for pete'sake (although as a matter of complete fact, you wouldn't tell the difference anyhow, would you?), although every operative is at the very least a variety of psycho who is being controlled and manipulated in a variety of ways. And heavily monitored. If they were not a variety of psycho, then they would not be recruited or "invited" to be an operative, simple as that. And yes, the money is a factor, and yes, they are told a variety of cover stories so that they think they are saving the World or the USA from the bad guys or aliens. My whole point is that these perps don't know the agenda in full, or understand the extent of the tech or control themselves. And here's a question for you: do you think a clone would know he is a clone? Of course not. Do you think a Delta Force member is going to tell you things after a few glasses of wine at a wedding? How do you know that he is the same "alter" in his mind once he is out in public? Do you have any clue what the NSA are able to do, much of which is actually documented by real patents and most of which are classified once you find them and read the abstracts? This is a mind war now, and if they know nothing else, it is the human mind, right down to smallest detail.

And I'm trying to discredit this site??!! I must say, Randal called a spade a spade in calling you out. What a ridiculous rant. You should be ashamed, Nota, especially considering what you have claimed previously.

And for, "rosie", you poor dear, you really must work on your imagination and re-think your definition of illogical. Take things to their logical conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Who's this last Cookie. Creds mate??
If you're going to get technical at least point us to something published that may give us an idea.
Cloned people. Exterminate! Exterminate!



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