Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All I Can Say is... "Whoomph, They it Is."

Before I get into the text of today’s brief, whatever that is going to be, I want to let you know that for some reason, the comments section here at Smoking Mirrors has been shut down. There’s no evidence of why in my control panel. People who read here on a regular basis probably know that for months now I have not been able to control my page or font colors. There are other problems as well. Also, I can’t post anymore without having to do a lot of html-related editing and it takes me more than ten times as long to get anything up now. It’s been incipiently incremental (did I just say that? Does it even make sense? Heh heh...) and it’s getting worse. My web page was under regular attack as well.

I can’t reach the authorities at ‘Google’ BlogSpot and that is no more of an accident than what’s happening at my blogs... all my blogs are affected but so far only Smoking Mirrors has had comments cut off. Should they take the next step and attempt to silence me completely, you should go to and I’ll have some kind of a message there if worst comes to worst. As for comments, please go to Visible Origami and leave your Smoking Mirrors commentary there. I will also announce whatever is happening, if this blog disappears, at that site and if they all go... well... go to the webpage. For all I know I won’t even be able to put this up here now (oops... there’s another one of those strange comments by me). I’ll work around this one way or another. Okay... enough about me... let’s go to Visible’s perspective on the big spinning disco ball of the here and now.

Today's Brief... as follows

As I look out on the great sea of faces that are correctly identified as fish, I am reminded of something I will occasionally say... “It’s ironic that when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there.” They don’t look like the same people immediately. It takes a while for the government software to morph them into the mold.

Now some might say... “Visible, this is a great and historic moment. Let the people have their hopes and dreams for their brief hour of life.” If they were to say that, I would complement them on the elegance of their sentence structure first and then I would say, “Yes... I intend to give Obama a honeymoon period right up to the moment when I see if he uses the inaugural address I wrote for him.”

I hate to rain on anybody’s parade; certainly not on that great sea of dancing fish with their mouths open for the glittering confetti that hides the hooks. However, after all, they are fish and fish are plentiful and often tasty too. As long as there are oceans and seas, there will be fish to swim in them... unless we wind up in Terminator-Land and even then, there will be something swimming there and something will eat it or vice versa.

We now enter the scariest two and a half months of the last decade. As Zionist catamite, Joe Biden said; reading from the script handed to him, “I expect Obama to be tested by (insert the name of your favorite Boogeyman here) within the first six months.” That’s probably not verbatim but it’s close enough for rock and roll. Those six months start today.

You may be very, very sure that the pinheaded front man for the fascistas is going to be very motivated to do whatever he is told to do in these next 80 odd days. The moment the last lottery ball dropped, Plan B went into action. For some time, America has been under the control of some extremely nasty people and they’ve marched from condition to condition and from event to event all the way to where we are now standing, sitting, lying or whatever your posture may presently be.

People swept up in this moment’s euphoria are not going to want to hear this. They haven’t much wanted to hear much of anything that is an inconvenient truth. I’ve maintained for some time that the amount of stupid and deluded people is a lot greater than the hard core 30% regular cast from “The Trailer Park Boys”. As you can see... near half of the people chose to vote for a new standard bearer for the old regime. They were ready to be just as happy as they thought they were the last eight years for another four years with Senator Freeze-Dried and the woman who wants to be Greta Sustern’s replacement at Fox.

People think they won something. They’ve got this ticket in their hands and they are going to go down to the One Size Fits all Warehouse and claim their bright, shiny whatever the hell this thing is. They can put it on the mantel next to the photo of their dead son or daughter that didn’t come home from Iraq. For all I know, this thing will rotate and glow in the dark and they can use it for a TV antenna.

I have no way of knowing if Obama is a good man or not. I know he was groomed for this by particular forces since a good while ago. He’s a member of the Council of Foreign Relations that was set up by David Rockefeller who, as we all know, is... well; it’s hard to say what David is because there aren’t any words for it. Let’s just say that David is not one of the good guys in the same way that a T-Rex would not make a good house pet.

There’s an illusion that has been around for a long, long time and that illusion is that the man or woman who looks like they are in charge are actually in charge. Au contraire. There are exceptions to this, as in the case of dictators and sundry, yet even then there is the possible implication that something you can’t see is controlling them. In the case of Barack Obama, he hasn’t been around long enough to make even the usual work related associations of any length because he hasn’t been around for very long.

They’ve fast-tracked him to be sure. It’s not an accident that he’s on the Homeland Security committee that is run by Smoking Joe Lieberman. It’s also impossible to be associated with that particular operation and not know that 9/11 was an inside Job. It’s impossible to be a senator and not know this. Even an ordinarily curious mind might wonder what a dual national Zionist is doing heading that committee AND... that other dual national Zionists hold nearly all of the important posts over at Homeland Security as well as The Justice Department. No... don’t strain yourself. It’s mere coincidence that the two percent demographic happens to be where they are.

Let’s get back to the final days of the Boy Emperor, Bushligula. Well, going back isn’t the proper term because you’re in it now. You are “moving through a dimension of sight and sound.” Uh huh... The next 80 days, Bushligula is going to be wishing it was only James Gannon on his back instead of a fire-breathing dragon of a priapic butt bandit. As much as Bush may have enjoyed his Hollywood moments of mass murder, treason and all the rest of the crimes on his lengthy laundry list of offenses... this retarded psychopath does know the meaning of fear because, as some of us know, he’s a mortal coward. It’s there in the eyes for those with the ability to spot it. He’ll be having some interesting meetings now and going over some seriously bogus intel as his handlers plot which Tavistock robots to use in the coming ‘event’.

Let me be perfectly clear in a moment of digression here. If this new congress does not immediately move to get the machinery in operation to try this evil sonofabitch for war crimes then that should tell you all you need to know about what’s really going on for all the smiling fish and shining confetti of this historic moment filled with garlanded dancing girls and dreaming knights on horseback.

As I’ve said before, you really can’t expect the people who screwed things up to be the one’s to fix it.

I wish you well and I hope your dreams come true and I am ready and able to endure the sort of censure one can expect from pissing in the punchbowl but don’t say you haven’t been warned. I’m going to give Obama a period of grace, like I said... I’m not going to talk stink about the guy while he’s getting his pants on and shaving in the mirror; unless I see Rahm Emanuel headed for the White House as chief party planner. I might say something about that. I might do some bios for your edification of the genealogy and background on certain appointments but I’ll leave Obama alone for the moment.

In closing, I will say this... President Obama and anyone who cares about him and is in a position to do something had better vet the Secret Service well because there are some interests out there who would love to have Joe Biden in the driver’s seat. If Obama should seek to take the high road then he should know what has happened to others who have attempted that and take the necessary precautions. MLK and JFK should ring a few bells.

Alright... you can go back to dancing in the streets now. This is a Hollywood moment and there’s a catchy beat pumping out of the speakers. I sincerely hope your dreams come true. Just remember what kind of a hangover might be tap dancing in your head when the party’s over.

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Anonymous said...

This comment is a test. Don't know if it will work. If not, then I'll know that comments do not work.

Anonymous said...

How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky.
Yes and how many times will a man vote for a dupe/dope before he knows its a lie.

Strawman said...

Hey Les, been noticing some funny HTML at my blog as well. America really had no choice in this election. I am convinced that McCain was a Manchurian candidate and I'm equally convinced that Obama is the Anti-Christ. In either case they both were working for the same evil. Thanks for trying to wake 'em up.

Anonymous said...

Just cos your comments don't work, ain't gonna stop me posting one!

Of course, all who read your blog regularly know that what you say is undoubtably, undeniably (to me), true. That no body (sic) is going to get to be president if they are not at the very least compliant and manipulable by the psychosis-egregore we label the NWO, or Illuminati, or whatever other inadequate label one uses for 'Them'. ) I usually call them 'Them' to differentiate 'Them' from 'Us".)

But, for a short while, there is the hope and chance that he'll be different. That he will at least try to represent the interests of the people who voted him into office specifically to represent their interests. Try to control the lunatic vested interests murdering, raping and stealing in their orgy of destruction that will, is, without any doubt at all, killing us and our mother earth. That chance may be less likely than my wining the top lottery prize this month, but it is at least there.

PS - although I fantasize regularly about how I'll spend my lottery millions, I don't actually buy any tickets. Hi ho, fish food anyone?

best wishes Les,

Anonymous said...

gotta love it..
keep dancin ya'll

Visible said...

comments are suddenly back on with no explanation. Before the 'comment as' box was unavailable and nothing happened if you wrote something in this box. For the moment, here we are.

Anonymous said...

Ah I love to read those mind stiring words...thankee kindly.

the Silverfish said...

Glad to see your back.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I have been watching world events closely, and with a large dose of aprehension for some time,and find that on the whole les is right on the money. these are indeed strange times that we live in,will mr Obama make it to the white house in january? I personaly believe he will not!. all the signs are there for an event occuring on the west coast of the USA sometime in dec/jan,REF to colin powell's remarks about the 21st-22nd of jan.this event will give bush the means of declaring marshall law thereby negating the inaugeration of Obama into the white house,and god help all of you if this does occur,as you will soon find out what the "HIDDEN" fema camps are for. Now, it's all well and good the armchair commando's saying they are armed and ready,BUT at what point are you prepared to pull the trigger? who are you going to shoot? the policeman/woman who comes to herd you into a truck? the military personel? is any one prepared to make the first move,or will you wait for your're neighbour to shoot first and then join in the turkey shoot that follows...
Remmember in a war situation there are usually two sides to the conflict clearly defined,the enemy and the team you are on. and you take orders and kill for your country,with you're superiors making the decisions for you, in a civil unrest who is your commanding officer? who is you're enemy? the mugger,the rapist the gang who come to steal the food you have saved? the police the marines WHO?. I do not have the answers, i wish that i did,but i do not think a RAMBO style approach will do anyone any good. I am not anti-gun at all,hell i have some myself,would i use them to protect my family? you better believe it! but only when our lives are threatened. as i said, think carefully about it. WHO would YOU shoot first? the conseqencies could be a lenthy spell in a state penitenciary or worse...
hoping for the best. a Brit.

Anonymous said...

What if BHO is such an egotist that he turns on his masters and bites their hand? Unfortunately, even if the King is Dead, long live the King. A Malitia of One...

Anonymous said...

Check out the interview with Ron Paul on the Alex Jones radio show, talking about Obama. It is a free MP3 download at There are other interviews as well with David Icke, Alan Watt and more.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that the boxers come and go, but Don King remains? You don’t get a shot at the title without Don’s OK, and he owns both fighters. The fighter everyone likes doesn’t necessarily sell tickets. Sometimes the villain fills more seats if all has been marketed properly.

While they are fighting, and after, Don gets the money and the fighters end up with mush for brains, sitting on a mountain of debt. There are always the up and comers hungry for a shot at the title but you have to prove your allegiance to Don first by taking a fall from time to time. Sometimes the title match doesn’t come at all—just promises.

So many football coaches never played the game. They stay on the sidelines, healthy, while they promote steroid use so that they have the meanest bastards on the planet playing for their team. Even the coaches are expendable. They come and go depending on their record at the end of the season. Most never even get an invite to the owners house. They are not equal’s, they are employees just like the players.

Players are often referred to as being mercenaries because they will go to the highest bidder. They have no allegiance to any one team although from time to time the cream of the crop coming out of college will say, “I always wanted to be a Cowboy, Bear”, or whatever team they think will draft them. It plays well into the endorsements they hope to receive until they realize they can’t speak English well enough to do commercials. You can spot these guys, they get the commercials, but they never speak in them. Interesting.

Of course the ones who can speak and are relatively good looking like Obama (oops) I mean Tiger, can be cross marketed and are the most valuable as spokesmen for certain products or ideologies.

Obama is more a guy who hangs out at the county club wearing the golf attire, but never actually goes out on the course. You may see him at the ski lodge looking good, but he owns no skis. He can talk skiing and golf like a pro, because his script is written for him, but he’s just another actor shooting a commercial. It’s the look that counts in America.

I think our next President will have either an English or Australian accent.

How do I know? Ever watch those “Miracle Mop” commercials that are on the TV?
Americans will buy anything—and lot’s of them-- from a guy with an accent.

Hurry now, and you’ll also get the congress and senate with your purchase of one presidency for only 4 equal payments of……………

It’s all in the marketing—


Strawman said...

To the Anonymous Brit;

You ask some good questions. Who to resist and to what level to carry that resistance. IMO, Americans will first be told to voluntarily turn in their guns. Some will not comply but for the most part there will be lines around every Police Station of people willing to trade promises for security. After a few months it will be determined that the number of weapons turned in doesn't match the number of registrations and a few staged incidents later, the government will institute
'friendly' door to door searches. "If you have nothing to hide, you won't mind" IMO, THAT would be the final straw. No more fooling around because when the guns are gone the final link in the chain around your throat has been forged. "Die in your feet, or live on your knee's". The choice is really up to you and it may be coming sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

I voted for McKinney.

papillon said...

.....'unless I see Rahm Emanuel headed for the White House as chief party planner'......lets hear the nitty gritty

Incredibleedible said...

Rahm Emmanuel in as we speak

Randall said...

So, if Chertoff stays on as director of DHS,
that will mean our country is almost entirely
run by the same types who ran Bolshevik USSR,and East Germany, right?
And Obama wants to run through legislation
about "hate speech", and Bush put into place
laws which are really just reworded versions of
the laws by which the USSR was run.
How aren't we fucked?
Really I'm of the opinion that these people have already shown their willingness to just kill at random, large groups of people, and
we're talking about WHO to use guns on.
Personally, I think the fight should be taken TO them rather than waiting for some crumbs of mercy when it's too late, and wouldn't be forthcoming anyway.
Haven't they done enough? Not just to America, but the World? How many Palestinian kids have to be gutted, how many Dead Afghanis, Iraqis,
and Americans?
America accounts for a full 25% of the imprisoned people of the world.
I know this: I'm not going to be locked up again. Never.
I'd rather take a bullet than be put behind bars again. I know it sounds corny, but I'd rather die free than be locked up with a bunch of psychos. I don't ever again want to have to sit down at a table and have as my
table guest a guy that murdered 7 girls because
they "looked" like the girl who dumped him.
If I had the funding, I'd be on the road right now, and it wouldn't be for fun and games or a vacation. I'd bet half the people here still have enough American culture (me too, some)
in them that they'd call me extreme if I suggested assassinating some key players,
who aren't that well protected, but who are responsible for at least a key portion
of the Death of 3,000 people in New York and DC.
I won't name names, because it wouldn't
be prudent, and this isn't my blog anyway.
But if you've done your homework you know who I'm talking about.
Some of them are CEOs of large companies,
some of them are Real estate guys and some are politicians who had to be in the loop for it to happen.
Just like the head Secret Service guy that
ordered agents not to run beside the limo
in Dallas, these people have indicated their
own complicity. And since ALL other venues for justice have been compromised ('cept the final One) what is left?

kikz said...

sigh:) nice to have some leg room back :)

was kind of crowded w/all of us folded into visible origami :)

i've been over there all day, playing macro/micro; putting bunny ears on the galaxy and drawing smiley faces on bacteria :)

hope ya weren't hung too terribly bad taday les, wine does me in. dehydration headache, oh my!

Anonymous said...

hh, I have been dealing with the clowns at NIST at Boulder Colorado.. for the past few days "I had to write letters (y'all know I am a crappy writer) and I even did a video e-mail for those punks." Nice lil set up, here I am in all of my glory; brain science, quantum entanglement, quantum teleportation, a finance background that puts Nations on alert…and I just recently come up with this…”dang im slow” lol


… The National Medal of Science honors individuals for pioneering scientific research in a range of fields, including physical, biological, mathematical, social, behavioral and engineering sciences, that enhances understanding of the world and leads to innovations and technologies that give the United States a global economic edge. The National Science Foundation administers the award, which was established by the Congress in 1959. This is just a pinch of what is going on there…as well as who is capable and involved….

NIST of coarse is the National Institute of Science and Technology and is a Government entity. They are out of MD and have a huge lab…here in Boulder Colorado (CU). In short NIST covered up the 9/11 truths but what was not apparent was how. In seeking ‘contract work’ I came across the same folk/entity (NIST) that work along the same lines in physics, quantum entanglement/teleportation… ‘ my book exposes (crappy writing but scientifically state of the art) the silent coup abridged “the overthrow of sovereign Nations via this science…”

WOW and how I found “after these fockers kicked my arse” that it (NIST) is right up the road from me and right up my alley “sciences” that instituted the science necessary in order to overthrow this and various other nations (via signaling/quantum teleportation/quantum entanglement) for the Zionist movement…

What initially revealed this whole matter ‘the science labs responsible for promulgation of the science used in the silent coup…was a thesis written by physicists out of NIST boulder ‘same labs’ that I came across last week explaining the very science ‘quantum teleportation/entanglement…As I jumped in and communicated with the heads of this thesis and their crony bosses it all came to light. I invited them to a party this fri but they declined ‘think they knew it was a lynching. Lol…I did tell them to get the hell of my land/mountain and revealed their lil plot as just that REVEALED! NORAD being right up the road ‘backward from NIST from me, is not happy about being scrambled! They NORAD will in a new york minute kick boulders arse for putting us all in this boat! And the International community just wants to understand the contract (Trust, debentures...) so they may sustain themselves...

Which brings us to the Van Buren / Maes estate. You see the whole objective of this trust is to protect America (thanks to President Van Buren) and when any entity or plot tries to infiltrate, it just backfires by default and when shit hits the fan as in the NORAD/NIST debacle recent “9/11 and Silent Coup, well this is what we get "finances getting pulled back into old world $$$...and 9/11, silent coups..."

I know the Old World Order, its finances and its existence and why. I understand the New World Order “Zionist movement” and their plot to overthrow the Old World Order. I am fully aware of my (Colorado, USA’s) personal involvement in the world arena. U see folks the finance situation is not a conspiracy it is a scam now being reined in..." that the Zionists are using to make the world think they are in control. The Old World will never succumb to the New Zionist/Satanist movement lest the earth cease to exist as we know it. IT JUST AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!!

With all that, it has certainly been entertaining but now the best we can hope for is the blackest of ops to hit that mountain and clean out the wood pile, lest we all go down and soon!


notamobster said...

oh sooo good to be back in the funhouse...

Anonymous said...

Well it`s already obvious how much "change" the good Obama represents. Yesterday he nominated a zionist jew terrorist and Israeli firster, and ostensibly the head of Mossad for North America, Rahm Emanuel, for the position of White House Chief of Staff (and of course that inbred reptile took the post because that was already scripted). All you braindead Americans who were so euphoric and giddy that mr. "change" is your new president-you are more laughable and delusional than the Bush nutjobs. I hope you enjoyed your overnight happiness.

Dear America,

Welcome your new president.

Barack W. Bush.

God bless American terrorism!

I wonder when the second revolution and civil war will start. Should it ever start given the cowardly submissiveness and good programmed gobot idiots that Americans have been with respect to their government throughout their history.

Anonymous said...

The farcical carnival may seem obvious to the posters and blog proprietor here, but average Americans really do believe positive change is afoot. Nothing could be further from the truth. Right out of the box, Obama has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he is a whore.

I think more than anything, America has a date with the laws of physics. Laws she has ignored for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

I voted to bring forth the beast, because unlike you snobling panzies who cower, and are coddeled by the New World Order, I would look the Devil in the Eye and Spit at the.

Kevenj said...

"It’s there in the eyes.."

Great point Les, what an encouraging thought!
I believe however, that Congress cannot, by law, bring charges upon President Bush because of the last passage by Congress authorizing the extension of Homeland Security Surveillance Act -that had an addition that protected ALL government and Executives from future punishment.

Even so, it shows he's definately scared out of his fool mind. Maybe he'll have an 'accident' clearing some of the brush down on his ranch in Texas or Argentina?

Jj, you hit it on the head Bro. Marketing is the magical key, and these guys are really good at it.

Rights of Man said...

Somebody did something right (or maybe wrong) cuz I received 2,295 hits on the brushfire, so far today!

Anonymous said...

America's first black president...I love that. They never say that he's also half white as that would spoil the illusion that is. And america never even noticed.

Clinton is crying as he thought he was the first black president. There will probably always be an asterisk next to Obama's name because of Bill. Or maybe next to Bill's because of Barack. Or will the first real black guy...I mean all-black president fuck it....

What do you think the chances of a "black" I mean BLACK guy getting in were?

We are safe though. Oprah had her "black" on the other day on her show celebrating Obama's win. She gets that way when certain non-black blacks are on the show or in the news--you know, the black slang/swing, like a white guy doing an impression of a black guy--or, woman in this case. Why is it that you can never see a white comedian doing an impression of a black guy but black guys can slam white guys all they want to? Must be linked to anti-semites somehow...hmmmm

The other thing that I noticed was that Dr. Phil was doing a show on mind control cults....I couldn't make this stuff up.

Gonna' go bust a cap in some crackers ass with my nine now........just practicing, just practicing...

Anonymous said...

wow! you all have proffered a whole bunch of stuff for us to ponder, is fun to read this blog and I appreciate Les and the son called me last night and he was so happy that Obama won...I said that is was a historic day and the tears on Jesse Jacksons face made me cry...."keep hope alive"
that was his mantra....I think we must "keep hope alive" and now...let us get to work, caretaking this awesome planet, 'caretakers of wonder', a childrens book that reminds us of our task at hand. Best Wishes, Skywatcher

Randall said...

Well, I just had to (like les has) put something up personal which identifies me as a PERSON
and not just some name/text deal. I felt I had to. I want people who read anything I say to know I'M real, and have interests and hobbies.
And a face. yep the guy who advocates pre-emptive strikes against our enemies is just a simple musician and idiot. Am i an extremist?
Or a Patriot?
How about everyone else?
I'd like to see something a little bit personal for the same reasons I put mine up:
just cuz I'm dying to put a face to the text,
and if you can put it up with something that means something to you (Nina's exception, i've seen her excellent artwork) so much the better.
I know others will see me in a different way,
and i'd like that same thing with you all.
(see The great Linking.. Link)

Anonymous said...

The more that consciousness expands and grows, the more difficult it will be for evil to flourish.

Anonymous said...

Obama is President and Hamilton is F1 champ. That's so cool.. In a year that I'm alive. Oh, the stories I'll tell my grandchildren in 27 years time.. can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression the form stopped working because the replies went too far down the list; but i haven't made a a website in time so i could be wrong.

Great post. I really needed to read that after playing online and hearing all the Americans in such joy that Obama won. Even reading the news, or seeing people here in Canada wearing Obama shirts.

Like hasn't anyone learned that every politician is full of shit? Obama hasn't done anything but win an election against an old fart and an inexperienced ditz. Well he has made history by being the first black president. Still just because hes the first black president, doesn't mean hes incapable of being full of shit. I'm just sick of people acting as if he's already fixed the recession, brought the troops back and created world peace when he hasn't even been in augurated yet.

As said in the post Obama is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations formed by David Rockfellar (the same man whose a big member of the bilderberg group and the trilateral commision). Other members of CFR include Dick Cheney, Stephen Harper, Paul Wolfowitz, and pretty much anyone else whose an elite banker or politician. If their not CFR their part of the Bilderberg group or the Trilateral Commision, and they all work together towards a sinister agenda of complete control of the world.

Anyone else like how much Obama has emphasized making change when on his campaign. Not to mention Joe Biden predicting that Obamas going to have an international crisis which will test him in his presidency. It's almost like their foreshadowing events yet to come.

I hope I'm wrong, because it's hard enough convincing people that 911 was an inside job; but I have a feeling that there will be another false flag attack more destructive then 911, which will trigger an Iranian invasion being demanded by the people.

owen said...

"Change and hope." Two big themes of Obama. Right? Well, change is a given for everything. Hope? Hope for what? Hope the bank doesn't take my house away? Hope the dog doesn't bite me on the way to the mailbox? Hope that girl on the bus thinks I'm cute? Isn't there a saying "A man is known by the company he keeps." Thus far, Obama has surrounded himself with advisors/staff that are every bit as tyrannical as BushCo. We're fucked. That's all there is to it.

Visible said...

There is a new post ("Madonna, the Whore of Babylon Lite")at Reflections in a Petri Dish

Anonymous said...

Re: Randall's comment: We are what we write here, to me that's pretty clear and putting labels (here I go again) on ourselves about what we do for a living, are we married,where we live, age, race, me, only distracts from who we are--or peoples perception of who we are. I don't think that was exactly what you were asking for but I'm not a photographer or an artist--I'm not very creative in an artsy way. Interesting thought though if you had to post one photo, drawing, or "slogan" about yourself, what would it be?
I would be posting a new one every few hours--or more.

Who we are is not where we live, how tall we are, etc. it has to do with what is written--cancel that, it's how we write--the "style" if you will and the "style" doesn't mean grammatically correct or Shakesperian.
The subjects don't even really matter as much as the content does. I see passion, anger (at times), humor...that is what I like about hanging my hat here. Most of us know what is going on, and most of us are guessing at the rest but it's as honest a guess as can be given or shared.
The internet gives not an anonymity, but a place to be yourself or more importantly find yourself through honest thought and comment--if you choose to--and allows others to do the same.
We live in a world that we think is traveling at the speed of light when it is traveling at the same speed it always has--or it is still and we are traveling through it--or something in between.
I am actually surprised at times that I am in here...I like the feel of a book in my hand--it's more personal to me than an electronic screen but it is what it is.

I have romanticized in the past what it must have been like to write letters in days past that took weeks or months to reach their intended recipient and were relatively expensive to send. What would you write and how careful would you be about choosing your words?

When I read Les's style and content, it reminds me of a Children's book of rhymes that adults will never get but makes children laugh and helps them understand themselves and grow.--just thought of that...hmmmm-time to post another picture or slogan.


Unknown said...

The dance is about to begin! Are you ready? Better put your battle gear on and get ready to rock and roll. Our currency will be bust by January 21, 22, 2009 and a new world currency will be stuffed down your throat. Do you feel like Deep Throat? Put them dancing shoes on the music is about to begin.

Visible said...

Good images and... that's why it's called a 'continuum'.

Unknown said...

The dance is about to begin. Put your dancing shoes on because the music is starting. The world you know now is going to change so fast that you won't be able to keep up. Look in the mirror and see who is looking back in 6 months you won't recongize that person. By January 21, 22, 2009 our currency will be gone and the New World Order currency will go into effect. Prepare your selves if you plan on surviving this new change that is coming our way. Change is not always what you think it means. There is a dark sided change coming and it is going to be stuffed down your throat. Do you feel like Deep Throat? Get used to it or stand up, take your stand.

Randall said...

Jj, I get what you're saying but I already knew it.
Okay, I got say Les a little more by seeing
a picture on Soundclick with him and his wife
( a cutie by tha way) and he's smirking and sticking his finger out his fly the way me and my friends did when we were younger. made me laugh
and imparted info that could come by no other way!

Rights of Man said...

Something like: "I voted to bring the beast forth because unlike you snobling cowards...yada, yada, yada - I look the devil in the eye and spit at thee"

Hmmm.... curious that all of your bravado to stand up to the New World Order has you posting anonymously... Cowards indeed!

...and before you even bother, I am not anonymous to those who avail themselves, just those would post my personal information about, in an attempt to smear or harrass.

notamobster said...


notamobster said...

jj - I agree, with one addendum... where we live is very much a part of who we are. I get what you were saying. I just wanted to add that. Many people's perspective are tempered by their environment (social, political, natural, other).

Camber said "dark sided change" - racist!

Did anyone see what HOPE and CHANGE really mean?
H.O.P.E. Hand Over Private Enterprise
C.H.A.N.G.E. Come Help A Numbnuts Get Elected

sorry - had to.

Anonymous said...

OMG, poster in re: to America has a date with the laws of physics...Soo true! Are you male and single? Maybe I need a date with you :)

Spoke over the phone with the nicest/wise man yesterday eve from we are change Colorado. Briefed him for over an hour or so...y'all know the drill 'I have been here for some time on smoking mirrors...' Anyhow, he is going to set up an interview 'most likely video taped' he asked for 12 hours+...this may be it, am coming out of the closet (no am not gay lol) and bringing all the facts! Mostly the revelations of NIST here in boulder and the fact that they not only covered up 9/11... but facilitate the silent coup! And I know y'all don't get it but it is the overthrowing of sovereign Nations via signaling...and that includes America. How do you correct a problem if you do not know what or where it is? Been an auditor all my life (as a lil baby 2 or so I was getting down to this (what, where) is simple simon factor.

Nice Gig Randall, I am sorry if I yelled too loud at, u just can't believe the pressure on my spine for a long long time now...anyhow, nice to see ya


kikz said...

did anyone else notice the obvious differences in the scale of venue/fooofoo for the election night speeches? mcpalin much smaller golfresortish, only the big flag on stage - no bunting, balloons, and those odd yellow striped, star topped banners.
by those faces, at concession time, those gathered had not been in the loop.

contrasted w/the huge park and dressings in chitown...

the time/logistics required in advance of renting and outfitting the venues ....

even w/the early voting numbers bet on... not enuff time to prepare...

sez ta me... the outcome was known well prior to the scheduled event. >:)

no surpriZe there.

Anonymous said...

So you don't want Rahm Emanuel as BO's chief of staff or Lawrence (Larry) Summers as head of the Treasury- Tell them
Don't rest on your laurels now. Get involved!

Unknown said...

Not a racist! Dark sided - satanist - surprise!! Our country is run by satanist - wake up, knock knock anyboby home!

Unknown said...

I get sick and tired of people calling people racist - just because you mention dark - did dark mean black? Hell no dark sided meant evil - satanist. Wake up fools, get you heads out of your a--. EVIL is riding the dark horse of death and destruction. Now call me a racist you politically correct fool. See who laughs last! Go board your happy train to your happy camp! They have a room waiting just for you - hope you enjoy your vacation!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I believe the song is Whoomp There It is

notamobster said...

Camber... breathe...think... I like the way you responded :)

Political correctness is not something most of us here are fond of.... breathe...think... I was fucking with you ;) We're an odd lot, but fools; we don't be.


Visible said...

I was making a deliberate play on words. Ergo, "Whoomph, They it is."

Visible said...

There's a new post at Visible Stream of Consciousness

Anonymous said...

Something to ponder whilst we await the birth certificate

Anonymous said...

Best read since the clown was elected. I basically say the same thing to all my friends hailing this guy as the second coming of Christ. Just not as eloquently.

Too bad they think we are the one's who are crazy.

Well, one day we'll have our "I told you so." and we can all get on with it and hopefully move towards a future that isn't masked in lies and avarice.

Keep doing your thing. Peace and prosperity.

Justin_n_IL said...

Change we can believe in? RFLMAO before and after the election.

"It's a Mitzva"

Now, here's a change we can believe in.
This Story

It's a Mitzvah
Transcript: Washington Sketch

A mere 12 hours after claiming the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama appeared before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee yesterday -- and changed himself into an Israel hard-liner.

He promised $30 billion in military assistance for Israel. He declared that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force has "rightly been labeled a terrorist organization." He used terms such as "false prophets of extremism" and "corrupt" while discussing Palestinians. And he promised that "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided."

Vowing to stop Tehran from getting a nuclear weapon, the newly minted nominee apparent added: "I will always keep the threat of military action on the table to defend our security and our ally, Israel. Do not be confused."

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Anonymous said...

Shift change at the White house. Team A is on shift in Jan.

notamobster said...

I suggest reading the WHOLE ENTIRE (redundant, I know) article. The "one reason" makes Obama's election (pre-planned stagecraft[kikz*], and already won attitude) seem as a wholly pre-planned venture!


Anonymous said...

It was all preplanned right down to Sarah Palin.
Mugabe would be proud.

nina said...

Les said: Also, I can’t post anymore without having to do a lot of html-related editing and it takes me more than ten times as long to get anything up now.

Go into your post settings, down almost to the bottom is a wysiwyg choice. Click yes. This will bring back your posting in plain text without html. You will only see the html for about 2 seconds after which it disappears. Whsiwig is what you see is what you get. Reasonable, right?
love, nina

Visible said...

Hi Nina;

It is set that way already. I've been to every dialogue box and fiddled in every way and it remains the same. I change the fonts and the background color and nothing happens. One day it was like this (on all my blogs) and it has stayed that way since.

Anonymous said...

Whatever did happen to that idea of a community in Western Australia?
I think the time is right.

nina said...

I am so bummed to hear that. Okay, so its back to worst case. I'll leave it in your capable hands until I think of something else.

Back to business:

You might remember I was originally convinced the campaign entertainments were photoshop projects with underpaid screenwriters, meaning not very creative and weak at their craft. So badly did they underestimate the public's perception they could easily have contracted with the video gamers to do it. The public got a children's bedtime story campaign. The silliness good and evil, black and white, hero vs. (911) villain, Rev. Right and candidate wrong and so forth, while being under pressure to include formerly successul appeals to the soccermom/hockeyom/rednecks, plumbers, hourly wage earning clerks and their vaccinated offspring.
Bill moved his offices into Harlem right after his term and made friends. Originally those friends returned the friendship by showing their love for Hillary. But the brothers got together and figured out what they, as brothers, should do, and what anyone "should" do is do the right thing. However, that cost them more then they planned, and a man's word is a man's truth, as all oppressed brothers agree, everywhere. You can't back out of deals, not there, not with them. There should be no surprise that Rahm was first pick. I expect many more. Somewhere there is even a permanent walk-on for sourpuss (a face only a mother could love) Lieberman, Among them all, the neocons and the analysers and the hangers-on that know where everything is and give lessons on how to dine in a royal palace without trampling the Queen's roses and those that run stats on the huge ethnic voting blocks, many, many promises were made to friends and loved ones of those friends, we now shift away from a level of guarded relief into our newest old screenplay, reruns of Dynasty in black and white. Its pretty interesting if you see it that way.

But this brings up a question for seekers of equality on Earth, if "all of life is pain caused by ignorant desire" what then is it when "all of life is pain cause by enlightened desire"?



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