Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gaza and the Psychopaths.

It has got to be said and I am going to say it as simply and clearly as I can. I’m not going to put a lot of links up. If you want information then just go to the sidebar and click on one of the news sites. There’s plenty in our alternative news about it... most especially at What Really Happened in the last few days.

What I am going to say, I am going to say because it needs to be said and I need to say it. What I am going to say is true. What you read in the mass media is a lie. All of the complex argument that is used to mask and justify the torment and genocide being practiced by Israel upon the Palestinians is for the purpose of confusion. I hope to dispel some of that confusion today. I may explain a few things but, for the most part, I’m just going to state them. It’s up to you to study and consider if what I say is true.

The first thing you need to look at is the shrinking map of Palestine. Take a good look. This is the motive for everything happening there. There are no other arguments that are not lies manufactured by the oppressors to justify their hegemony. This is the compelling argument. This is the damning prima facie evidence. This is what is.

You are told that Hamas is a terrorist organization. At the worst they are freedom fighters. They are also the legally elected representatives of the Palestinian people who were rounded up en mass, shortly after they were elected ...and then thrown into Israeli prisons where many of them remain today; political leaders, academics, professionals in various fields. Why were they swept up and imprisoned? Right.

You are told that Israel has to take punitive measures. This is because Israel routinely invades Palestine and kills some number of people labeled as terrorists who also happen to include a large percentage of women and children too. Afterwards some toy rockets land in empty lots. Sometimes they explode and sometimes they don’t and then more Palestinians are killed. There’s a lot of evidence that suggests that Israel is behind these toy rocket attacks. History shows that no other nation in the world has more false flag attacks to their credit as does Israel. Even if there are actual Palestinians firing off these rockets, THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO. They are being occupied, thrown off their land, squeezed into ghettos, starved and denied medical attention and much more.

You have been told that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. Hezbollah came about because of the Israeli occupation of Lebanon a few decades ago... give or take. A study of what Israel did in Lebanon at that time would prove informative. Recently Israel claimed that some of her soldiers were kidnapped out of Israel. They were captured while sneaking around on Lebanese soil. One might also consider the serendipity of Israeli forces grouped at the border and primed for assault PRIOR TO the alleged kidnapping. Israel wants Lebanon’s Litani River water. So Israel attacked Lebanon and killed a lot of women and children again, not forgetting to bomb a yogurt factory which had been threatening Israel’s yogurt interests and not forgetting to dump a million cluster bombs on the landscape AFTER peace had been declared.

Israeli black ops killed Hariri... not the Syrians.

You have been told that Israel fought two major wars because they were attacked by their neighbors. The truth is the opposite. Israel fomented those wars for the purpose of gain. In the first war, Israel attacked an American intelligence ship and sought to blame it on someone else. The preceding article should prove informative.

The argument is put forth that Israel was founded as a safe haven for history’s biggest victims. Circumstances show that Israel is also presently the head of the world’s biggest victim industry. It is the greatest irony that the world has ever known that the public relations wizards who sold the world the biggest lies ever perpetrated are now engaged in wiping out an entire people, inch by inch and day by day in front of the whole world while one portion of the world screeches like ravenous crows for a fantasy Jesus and his Disneyland Rapture and the other portion masturbates over images of photo-shopped blowup dolls as both of these groups swallow lies that would choke a whale.

The Jesus Christ with which I am familiar would have nothing to do with a great portion of those purporting to follow him and I have yet to get the sexual attraction of these images that look like they were blown up with a bicycle pump. The nipples seem to have a double purpose. The world wallows like rapacious swine in a landscape of plastic fantasies while torture and murder continue by the hour. Every one of the present conflicts was engineered by Israel; including the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, Afghanistan, Iraq and possibly ‘soon to be’ Iran. They are all on fire because Israel engineered it. That’s that. That’s how it is.

It could be said that this is a nation of psychopaths who operate in tandem with psychopaths of other nations, creeds and colors. I suggest that it’s also a cabal of black magicians; conscious Satanists who do what they do, not just for spoils but for sport as well. They do it because they can and they do it in front of you because it pleases them. I tend to believe that there may well be some diabolical ley line which crosses through this so called Israel. It could be that there are secret chambers below the ground where they practice arcane rites that draw power from something out of one of H.P. Lovecraft’s tales. There’s some reason for the location and it isn’t Biblical.

The bottom line is that Israel is a Murder Incorporated Killing for Profit and Sport Corporation. In what other ‘civilized’ nation on Earth do the police and military stand by and watch and protect insane settlers who beat people to death and throw them off of rooftops? In what other ‘civilized’ nation on Earth can groups of people arm themselves and cross borders for the purpose of injuring the citizens of another country? In what other ‘civilized’ nation on Earth do soldiers shoot pre-pubescent children for amusement and then empty their clips into their bodies? In what other ‘civilized’ country on Earth do snipers shoot little girls on rooftops who are gathering their laundry? In what other ‘civilized’ nation on Earth do bulldozer operators deliberately crush people standing in their way and then laugh about it and long for more opportunity?

What other terror nation is allowed to operate with such impunity while they routinely kill and torture without end? There’s something going on behind the scenes; under the ground, in hidden laboratories or red and black draped dungeons that is not apparent to the eye. There’s some kind of evil magic afoot that has the world in its thrall. Some of us are immune but I couldn’t say why. It may be that it is some combination of self-interest, cowardice, coercion and delusion that keeps the world indifferent and culpable in the suffering of others. It could be some sinister magic as well. Something permits the impermissible.

Regardless of cause and means of continuance let me say this; for myself, for other souls of conscience and for the people of Palestine... I accuse you, Israel, of mass murder, systematic torment, genocide, thefts of land, money and possessions, murder of children, murder for sport, lies without count, evil and devious machinations, the destruction of nations in the pursuit of personal gain, the manipulation of world economies and ongoing criminal activity of all sorts, the attacks on The World Trade Center and other American landmarks, treachery beyond imagination and the cold blooded intention of world domination through threat and deception. You are an abomination and you will not endure. Your day will come and justice will be done and that day grows closer with each passing hour.

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Anonymous said...

Talent AND Courage! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I too would like to say something to Israel.
My wish is that every act of violence and terror you have committed comes back to you 77 000 times more strongly.
And may the come back time be within a month from now.
For I too have grown so tired of seeing your bloodied grimacing mouth spitting out the bones of innocence.
And I am not talking about the innocent Israelis suffering, I am talking about those who knowingly and with supreme power pursue these perversions against humanity.
And that includes those in the American, British and French governments who have been allies in this bloodbath.
Can you imagine the consciousness of Christ finding one thing to celebrate in this Holy Land?

Anonymous said...

Pure truth said there, Les. Pure and simple. May the world wake up soon and stop this bloody beast of Israel. I am so sick of their crimes and killing and lies. So SICK. And so ANGRY. Do you feel angry Les? What about your fine readers? Do you feel ANGRY? Betrayed? Lied to by the media? By the tube? By the politicians? I sure damn do. I just do not know how to wake up those zombified and uninterested people arounde me. They do not know that pain of one child is pain of us all. It is a fine and noble job you do here, exposing lies for lies, grouping up the so needed critical mass of people which, so help me god, IS gathering. Daily. Finally. Inevitably.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add the murder of Princess Diana to the list. It's been said that her next project was to highlight the plight of the Palestinians - she knew she was in a unique position to do so. Imagine how potent the image of Diana, cradling a Palestinian baby whose mother had been killed by Israelis would have been on every front page? Sadly all Fayed did with his ludicrous accusations was provide a smokescreen for the real perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

There is a movie “From The Hip” in which Judd Nelson plays a young attorney. Nelson is defending a client accused of hitting another man. As Nelson is questioning his client, he asks him what he thinks of the Plaintiff. The defendant answers that the plaintiff is an “asshole”.
The Judge, Ray Walston, immediately throws down the gavel after hearing those words in “his” courtroom. Nelson asks for a hearing with the judge on the admissibility of the word “asshole”. He goes on to explain that no other word quite conveys the “particular slime” that the plaintiff oozes. “Jerk”, “idiot”…they all fall short of the one word—“asshole”.

Looks like we are at the same place here. “Evil”, “sick”--not even close.

I don’t know what the word is, but you’ll know it when you smell, and taste it. A word can’t do it. The closest thing to explaining it is the acidic bile that can come up in your throat without notice. The gas and liquid that ensues burns your nose and makes anything taste like---well, you know—can’t quite describe until it happens and then you still can’t explain it to someone until it happens to them—then you both know.

Any country or large corporation has the ability to procure young children for the pleasure of those they are trying to sway or control.
Any country or large corporation can have you whacked.
With the right connections, any country or large corporation can start and fund a war here or there. Just ask DeBeers, Monsanto—fill in the blank______.
Any country or corporation can shower you with yachts, chalets, and Swiss bank accounts.
Any country or corporation has the resources to buy, provide, or control favorable press coverage in their own country—and maybe in a few others.

Only one country has the ability to control the media and laws worldwide.

It goes beyond the protection thrown about by their mercenary, the good ol’ USA.

There is something else at work here.

What does Israel offer that the others can’t?

This seems to be beyond the level of what is seen or can be imagined. There is something beyond the words we throw about trying to describe what can’t be described-- only experienced.

Why THAT shitty little country?

It has to be something that those they suck in want to do for some reason.

Winning the World Series would be enough for most baseball players. Would it matter to you if you were on the Yankees or the Red Sox if you won the pennant?

There are plenty of kids, and adults, who have their favorite teams from childhood. When they grow up, they want to be a Yankee—or whatever. When they find out they don’t have the talent to play in the “Big Leagues”, they may sit in the stands or watch the game on TV, and wonder what could have been—the dream slowly dies.

Others decide that if they can’t play with their meager talent, they will do the next best thing—own the team—control it. Be the man at the top who never gets injured, never gets cut, never has to play.

It may have started out as just a dream-- to be close to baseball—but then it all gets perverted, and it’s about power. The players to the owners are like the whores to the pimps--just a way of getting there and staying there in a very elite and limited club of owners. The players may make big money for a short period—but the owners have the real longevity.

The same types are in boxing. Never put on the gloves themselves—but they say who will, or won’t fight, and when. They watch two of their fighters pummeling each other senseless and then they collect from both ends—leaving the fighters battered and broke.
Where is the thrill in the fight when regardless of the outcome, your guy wins?

It must be in the control, in the bloodshed and broken bodies-- in the hype buildup--in the illusion of a “real” fight that was created—a scam for the gullible—It must be in the knowledge that YOU are the guy who controls it all. YOU control who gets in the ring—U.S. Champ—European Champ—The unknown new fighter--it all moves through you.
It’s not enough for the sycophants they control to watch on TV. They never have to get in the ring either, but they can sit ringside—courtesy of the promoter-- and hear, and literally feel the thud of the punches—maybe get splattered with the blood flying from the mouth of one of the fighters. These guys always have a rental girl on their arm for the night—big fur coat—dripping in diamonds---

The illusion is created.

The illusion to themselves, and to anyone so inclined is that they are—connected-- almost in the ring somehow—as close as you can get to the action—a guy who actually—almost-- has the balls to do it himself—in his own mind and any mind gullible enough to believe what they see—or think they see.

In reality, I guess there will always be those who are too weak to ever be in the action—physically and mentally too weak. Too weak to ever satisfy the blonde in the fur coat—too weak to ever throw a punch--but it’s the illusion created that there is power under the $3,000.00 suit and $400.00 haircut when the reality is that under the suit are wrinkled, saggy balls and a limp dick. The haircut price was just another illusion—it’s a toupee’ covering up the liver spots and scabs of old age.

Yet, people still allow them to control the game—WHY?

Again, what do they offer that others can’t—What control do they have that others can’t manufacture?

There has to be a willingness to have always wanted to play for the Yankees only—where does it come from—and how is it maintained?

I suppose none of it matters--except to the discarded fighters and players—there will always be others who want to play the game—and there will always be those who control them.

But, there is only money in the game if people choose to watch and participate in the hype—pay for the tickets—sit through the commercials.

Never the creator, always the destroyer
Never the artist, always the critic
Never the writer, always the publisher
Never the debtor, always the banker
Never the soldier, always the politician
Never the player, always the owner
Never the boxer, always the promoter
Never the lover, always the rapist


Grab some chalk and write on the wall
Don’t need a stadium, just grab a ball

Write on this Blog to your hearts content
Don’t be the one to whom money is lent

Just play for the love of the game

Of life


Anonymous said...

Please email this post to Mr. David Milliband, Foreign Secretary of The UK. He is a known racist and is currently visiting shitty little Israel in order to help and encourage them in their continuing crimes.


God help us. What a stomach-churning revolting article.

Unfortunately, I fear.....

......everything you say is true.

Anonymous said...

All very well and truly said by a brave warrior for the truth. Thank you Les.
Further points.
1. Hitler always said that if and when a physical Israel was created sometime in the future, it would be a safe haven for all the criminal crooked scum to flee to so that they wouldnt have to stand trial in US or Europe. Which is exactly what has happened. From Russian Oligarchs, to Samuel Sheinbein, to Lev Sieglman (Porn and child snuff films), to the cockroach Phil Spector, they all go to Israel to escape justice. Lyle Menendez tried. Israel will not extradite. Israel considers all Jewish people worldwide, to be automatic citizens, and will not extradite them for trial, should they flee there to escape justice in their home nations.

2. One of the first things the US forces did in Iraq was to loot the Baghdad Museum and carry away most of the important treasures. Some of this has gone presumably to Israel for who kmows what occult reason or purpose ?

3. Much of the so called Sunni vs Shiites conflict is false flag Mossad agented. These scum bags dress up as arabs and then perpetrate horrors on both sides. Why would an iraqi Sunni or Shiite kill his own women and children. Blow up mosques. This is all Israeli backed false flag haliburton backed.
4. As for the 30 million plus Haggee Israel ass kissing rapture bunnies - these must be among the stupidest and most contmpitble on the planet. End result of terminal dumbing down TV induced stupor brain washing mind frucked.
Thank you Les - this last aint gonna be good on your resume !! Hooray for the truth.

kikz said...

well said, les.

Anonymous said...

I had tea in Beirut... with Hassan Nasrallah's immediate family 'ladies and children only' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hassan_Nasrallah about 3 weeks prior to the war in Iraq '2003' what a lovely experience, I shall never forget the moments spent with them, it was liken to being in presence of Royalty and simultaneously being treated the same (all in a casual atmosphere) what class these folks displayed...

I spent the night in Beirut and 2 days in Tyre, was whisked away for serious danger and eminent death at my heels...I left my only video copy of my reading my book 'the silent coup abridged' I had gone there to promote the book in the Middle East but danger was too high and had to leave within days...I left the video manuscript. This was prior to Hizbollah being marked as terrorist...

I fell in love there and to this day only fond memories of my friends remain. They taught me about the litani river and the battle over it. Whilst in Tyre I could look from the balcony at the home I stayed in and over the hills could see Israel.

What was alarming was the tent houses along the road from Beirut to Tyre filled with Palestinian refugees. I had never seen anything like it. Very sad to say the least!

When I think about what is going on there in Palestine and Lebanon, it makes me want to die (so to speak) 'for the pain is beyond relief...' but just the same, if anything could be done to rectify the situation there, and I could logically do so, I would in a moment!

The energy in that neck of the woods is enormous at some point it will have to balance itself by default and I hope and pray sooner than later!

Thanks for the kind reminder Les!


Anonymous said...

If history is any guide i fear the treacherous conduct of the israeli will worsen. Soon this beast is going to step over the line and then..... SPLATOLA! All the world will shoot the pupetmaster with it's hand up israel's costume DIRECTLY THROUGH THE HEAD.

I see israel as a symptom not the cause. Far bigger fish are frying this day.

Fat and Greedy fish.

Anonymous said...

And this will be our crime, punishable by death, for being 'anti-semetic' by speaking the truth against 'God's chosen people; the apple of His eye.'

What a twisted world in which we live.

Thanks for not being afraid to speak the truth.


Anonymous said...

Yes, clearly, Israel is at or near the center of this whole mess. But why? Les is on to something when he delves into the whole occult / essoteric / satanic thing, no question about it, but I will also remind people of their very advanced tech. The Mossad (along with the NSA and MI6) have the most advanced tech in the World when it comes to "monitoring", "communication", "mind control", and exotic weaponry based on frequencies and the so-called "night side" forces. They really are modern day black magicians, and have intertwined themselves into international telecommunications, banking, "security", and other high tech pursuits. The 9/11 episode highlights all their "specialities" very well if one is willing to look beyond the "standard truther" conspiracy explanations. For example, standard explosives were certainly not used to demo the towers; there is excellent evidence to show that not only did commercial planes not hit the towers, but that no physical airplanes did; and one of the most damning pieces of evidence (which were whisked away pronto) were all the strangely "rusted" cars many blocks away from the site.

So regardless of what you currently think then, 9/11 showcases Israeli use and involvement in: diabolical terrorism, exotic weaponry (particle beam stuff, holograms, cloaking, mini-nukes), control of the media, infiltration of most Western governments, control and infiltration of the telecommunication and security industries, control and fraud within the banking and insurance industries, theft and control of massive levels of wealth (including physical gold), and perhaps most importantly of all the ability to control and silence an extremily high percentage of would-be whistle blowing via their tech. Has an entity ever had as much control and power in the history of the World? I would say no, largely because "they" have created this current World (phoney money, credit, debt, fascism, etc...) thus they are in the best position to completely "game" (manipulate) it. It's there System essentially, and they know all the loop holes. It sort of reminds me of when I very briefly dabbled in "Dungeons and Dragons" as a kid, and joined a club where there were other kids who spent so much time creating and empowering their characters, that it was completely unfair and ridiculous to me. They had so many phoney powers, and exploited so many "rules" and loop holes, that the game became impossible to win, or make any head way, or even to have much fun with. Sound familar to your everyday life?! And I chose that example intentionally, because of the obvious essoteric / occult / kabbalistic and even satantic connections to D&D.

This is why the Protocols of Zion can be so illuminating, because the agenda is pretty plainly stated and time has proven it very accurate (irregardless of all the claims of "hoax"). The main twist is that "they" use very exotic tech to accomplish their agendas now, which makes it especially difficult to see or understand all the control that they maintain.

But, it is important to remember that Israel needs "partners" to accomplish their tasks, even if they are completely artificial - if you get my meaning "Notamobster". DO NOT dismiss the tech before forming your beliefs on what is possible, or even likely. Once a reasonable idea of the tech is established, then the logical conclusions really limit the number of rabbit holes one has to go down to find some real truth.

Anonymous said...

Another great post, Les.
I must say I stopped reading things about Palestine because it makes me too angry...
The only thing that will stop US support for Murder Inc. without which they cannot survive
is 'The Unspeakable Truth of 9/11'.
That would also take care of the ZOG in America...
I cannot understand why Assad of Syria or Putin or Chavez or Ahmedinajad wound not blast it onto the world media so that they couldn't ignore it??!!
Well, I also hope that we can still prevent the scenario in your previous blog and save the Palestinians in the process, by virally informing EVERYBODY, including the US Military....
Knowing is important, acting is a matter of survival for all of us.
Be safe.

Anonymous said...

uberswine Lieberman stays in charge of the SS.


Anonymous said...

"There’s some reason for the location (Israel) and it isn’t Biblical."

I would love to hear more on this if you have anything.

Great post.


Anonymous said...

...'the pupetmaster with it's hand up israel's costume'...
USA - asseholes.
What's wrong with you people.

Anonymous said...

Les, you are a warrior. A patriot. A godsend.

I hope that the Palestinians will be able and prepared to do to those inbred reptile, cowardly, murdering, parasiting, warmongering, eternal evil, cancerous, ashkenazi/khazar "jew" terrorist rodent scum what Hezbollah did to that disease of humanity in 2006. The days of that cesspool called israel are numbered. Of that the vermin can be assured.

Please join me, my fellow human beings, in praying for victory for the courageous Palestinians.

I also implore all your readers who live in countries where gun possesion is legal (or where guns are obtainable) to arm themselves as best thay can. For when those gutterscum are kicked out of the middle east and come like the bloodsucking parasites that they are to your countries (courtesy of your treasonous, traitorous slime "leaders") you can rest assured those rodents will not treat your families and countrymen any different than they treat Palestinians or anybody else. If you believe differently you are wrong. Dead wrong.

When the time comes lock, load, aim and eliminate every single one of those sons of satan.

There will only be continuing hell on earth otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Tony, we are all awaiting your awe-inspiring 12 step program to cast out the devils among us--please be specific and detailed. We have already thought of arresting them--shooting them--hanging them etc.--But I'm sure you'll come up with something original and bold that hasn't been thought of before and will actually work!!

We lowly americans just can't seem to think of anything and would be most grateful for any guidance you can give us.

Also, please list what your qualifications and experience are in getting rid of evil and tyranny in Australia, and may I be so bold as to assume---THE WORLD!!

Your Humble Servant


Anonymous said...

Ah, great post by "Jj" @ 4:41. Asking the big why question, as to why all the "boys" want to play for the same "team", as opposed to simply wanting to win with any team. Because they have the most diabolical tech that forces you to want to play for them...

Imagine if George Steinbrenner (sp?) had the tech to hack into the minds and "energy bodies" of young, talented baseball players whom he wanted to play for the Yankees. He could actually place that desire in their heads. He could also mimic "god's voice" telling them to play for the Yanks if the player was religious. If the player was strong of mind and resistent to the subtle mind f-ing, then the more obvious techniques could be used to torment and torture 24/7 until the player was screaming like a banchee and begging for the EM / microwave attack to stop. Then a big contract would be signed, but controlled by a variety of accountants, agents, lawyers, and go-betweens such that a good percentage of the money would not be in the pocket or even the control of said player. Then the player would be compromised and blackmailed via documentation of drug use, violence, sexual deviance, fraud, etc., and be further indebted to the Yanks. And around and around we go. Just ask the real life Alex Rodriguez about any of this...

So that's how Israel gets most of the boys wanting to play for them: mind f-ing, extreme intimidation / fear, riches, power, rewards of deviance, blackmail, extortion, and others. They are the best at that, and when they set their sights on you, you will be pulling on the pinstripes no matter what your ethical / moral blither-blather is.

Also, an interesting tie-in is with Jew ownership / control of pro sports. Why? Money and control. Professional sports (with soccer, boxing, basketball, baseball, and American football being the worst) exist in this World for 2 MAIN REASONS: the making of enormous piles of money due to fixing the sport's betting industry, which is estimated to be worth about 2 trillion annually, and 2) distraction of most of the World's male population, who because of sitting on their asses all weekend and at nights watching their bs sporting events (and drinking booze) have become completely oblivious of just how much destruction has been wrecked on their families, their homes, their neighborhoods, their countries, and the World. Those who should be the protectors and defenders have become the drunk and distracted. And naturally, ALL pro sports are controlled by the Jews. The commissioners of all 5 major league sports in North America are Jews, as well as almost all of the accountants / lawyers / agents involved in those leagues, well over half the owners, a high percentage of refs, and a very high percentage of interviewers and pundants (who are not the token ex-jocks like Terry Bradshaw, etc.). Money, control, distraction, and destruction. Sound familar?

I also like where "Peter" was headed with his comments on stealing ancient artifacts from Iraq and taking over the intensive excavation of Babylon, which is just north of Baghdad. This is VERY IMPORTANT, more so than the "it's just about stealing the oil" Iraq invasion explanation giving by some alternative truth seekers.

That small percentage of (pseudo or crypto) Jewish Zionists who created and control Israel are in possession of a lot of "candy" and "cool stuff", which one way or another, has seduced many of the World's big "boys". This is the main problem.

Anonymous said...

Jj, you're like the schoolboy who has toffee apple on his face and insists it wasn't he who ate it. It was the israelis.

You seem to think Israel is driving USA.
Does logic elude you? Do you have no common sense? Can you not follow the simplest of trails?
Is it true, there’s something in the water. Don’t blame me; it has to be someone/thing else, I wouldn’t condone or be complicit by my silence and inaction to something like that.

There are 300 million of you, get a couple of million of yourselves together and go and do something. Shit work- go and do it! You’ve helped produce the mess with your inaction over the years, you go and fix it.

Rachel Corrie wasn't an American she was an angel set in your midst to show you up as the cowards that you are.

m_astera said...

Ted Owens-

"I cannot understand why Assad of Syria or Putin or Chavez or Ahmedinajad wound not blast it onto the world media so that they couldn't ignore it??!!"

Much as I would love to believe in heroic leaders, for God knows we need some, I have long since concluded that one does not find one's self the leader of a country these days unless one is either owned by ZOG or is considered a useful idiot. Even the useful idiots know exactly how long their leash is.

The only heroes you will find today are ordinary people speaking out in their communities and on the internet. They do not and will not get close to a position of power.

As for virally informing everybody, many of us work on that daily and have for years. Many by now have had the opportunity to be informed and have decided against it. It's a free-will universe, but that decision to remain asleep will have consequences I think.

As a side note, it appears that one of the payoffs for actively supporting evil and engaging in evil to this extreme is escape from karmic consequences, at least for a while. The Rothschild family has apparently avoided all or most karmic consequences for 250 years at least, the Rockefellers for 150. It seems they have made a "deal".

Anonymous said...

I just saw this in the comments at the last article at the end. I was struck by the exchange. I don't know why exactly but I'm going to put it up here (hope no one minds).

Thanks Les. I would prefer posting on a blog that has no censorship, and you are right in the fact that I should not expect to be relieved of the ramifications of a "free zone" of varying opinions... imposter, racist, or otherwise.

I'm not quite sure where this blog is located but I have the same question that I once asked Alex Jones: When you become a massive spur in the ass of the International Establishment (Like Ron Paul and/or Alex Jones), why is it that many like you, have NOT caught a bullet in the head for doing less damage than this website and your on-the-mark postings? No disrespect or insinuations intended.

BTW: Alex Jones never answered this question... he danced aroung the question, but never answered it.

Les Visible
In retrospect; I'm hoping you get the irony in relation to your nickname and your question.

Gee... why haven't I been blown away yet? Good question I suppose. First, let me say that I admire the work that Alex Jones does but we are very different persona's whose techniques and ambitions are very dissimilar. He knows who I am as does most of those who have much more highly traveled and much, much more successful websites than I do. Alex, David Icke, Rense and others probably get more hits in a day than I get in six months or more. They also make a pot of money. I don't make any money at all... unless you count the beer and cigarettes donations that show up about as often as rain in the desert.

You will also find me appearing on their websites with the same regularity as rain in the desert. It's something to consider. If I'm as good as people occasionally say I am then why am I routinely snubbed by the major sites? A very small handful of sites link and/or print my work. That would be What Really Happened, The People's Voice and The Truth Seeker. Signs of the Times used to reprint me but I rarely appear there any more and never have been told why.

As for why I'm not dead or at Gitmo well... I work for a force that is stronger than all of the forces of darkness put together. Many may not believe there is such a force or that it is at all concerned with me but I know different and we'll leave it at that. My destiny is not in the hands of the darkness and I'll be here or anywhere so long as I'm needed and no longer but not because they say so.

Meanwhile... these forces of darkness have tried to destroy me over the years. At one point I was either in prison or on the run for a good six years; years that most people consider more precious than other years. The last time they tried to get me I was facing life in prison. Some mysterious force prevented that and I'm the only one in the history of Hawaiian law who walked away the way I did. Afterwards, enemies said that I bought off the jury. Apparently I did this with no money and a court appointed lawyer.

I've had my work destroyed and altered so that it was rendered non-commercial by those who promised to make me successful. My music was trashed and then released all over the world with the result that it crashed and rendered me mute. My novel was released with the title misspelled on the spine and on every page of the book and with the final edit left out. By the time that was fixed it's commercial appeal was ruined.

I was shot at and run off into flight and penury. I was forced out of jobs. I'm not going to laundry list the offenses here. There have been many and it's documented... all one needs is some facility with the Freedom of Information act.

I can't return to the U.S. and was barely able to leave the last time I visited. I can't see my friends and family and so on and so forth

I'm not whining about this, I just move on. I've been threatened. My website was fucked with and down for months. Then it took months to move it. All of my blogs are messed with so they don't look attractive as they once did. Every effort I have made to improve my lot has been met with enemy action from somewhere. I've had most of my resources stolen. No one in a position to grant me a wider presence or some measure of success will touch me.

You might say that I'm getting my share of grief.

I do find it odd that I rarely hear from the shadows like some do and I am free within certain parameters etc. I do have some special protections but they are from an invisible source.

I don't have any other answers. I don't know. I just do what I do and take each day as it comes.

Visible said...

Something new at Visible Stream of Consciousness

His Rachel Corrie Moment

in memory of Asma al-Mughayr

Anonymous said...

I suggest the israelites and other learn to swim, fast, cause Atlantis is going down...
When the winds have blown and the flood has come, all that will stand is the truth. Never forget.
Regards, J.

Anonymous said...

Good post.

Consider linking to Xymphora even though mostly populated with superannuated university types; they share your rage.

And why should not for sixty years, the Ashkenazi in Palestine be reduced to lowest poverty, and simultaneously the Palestinians be armed to the teeth?

Surely it serves a better Jewish future to have an end to that shitty little country.

PS I respect your posting restrictions, but Xymphora's hands off approach seems to work reasonably well.

Anonymous said...


These Bastards dare to tread here!!! I am so pissed about this I could rupture a main artery!

The Crown had best stay clear of such scum!!!


Anonymous said...

Dang Les, tis no wonder you do that K and X stuff 'not that I condone such for all'...stay safe Mr. lots of folk like you!!!


Visible said...


it is very rare that a comment doesn't get published.

Anonymous said...

m_, yeah, they zapped Superman didn't they and they PC'd Batman and I don’t know where the Phantom is or even if he would be of any use given our circumstances at the moment.
One of the lady's here mentioned Alfred E Neumann peering at us via one of the orbiting telescopes so maybe that'll be it; Alfred E Neumann will intervene.
Look forward to that.

Anonymous said...

new wave life for us humans...

Cognitive Radio aka signaling...wireless communications 'brain...'



send some RF candy this a way am still hot over the hoods hanging with the Royals!!!


Anonymous said...

"get a couple of million of yourselves together and go and do something. Shit work- go and do it! You’ve helped produce the mess with your inaction over the years, you go and fix it."

Damn, why didn't I think of that. I can see from the precise number you mention that it will need to be exact--something to do with numerology I suppose--you are brilliant Tony--Not one million, not 10 million--just get a "couple million"--any less and we wouldn't succeed--any more and we would be spotted creeping into Washington under cover of darkness--
And to top it off with "do some-thing"--you are a man among men--we were going to do "any-thing" but will change plans now.--I guess that means having new stationary and letterheads printed up but we will do as you direct.

I'm still not clear on "Shit work-go and do it".
Do you mean that we should do "Shit" work as in cleaning out our septic tanks with a ladle--straw-- or something else?
Is it some type of Australian Aboriginal slang handed down through the generations that we need to interpret?

When you say "go" do you mean that something should be done somewhere else by somebody doing nothing, anything, or something? Damn, this is like trying to read and interpret the bible--is this a prophesy of some type?

And when you say do "it" what "it" would that be? How do we seek the "it". We can't "fix" "it" until we know the grail that we seek. Should we take tools--duct tape--bailing wire--WD40?

We hang on your every word and wait for your next utterance with baited breath.

Your wisdom is the only thing keeping hope alive here.


Anonymous said...

I like how specific an above poster was about labelling our main "visible" enemy, because "JEW" doesn't cover it and creates too much grief and confusion for all who rely on that generalism. And in truth, a growing number of jews are becoming alarmed at the "agenda" too, such as Henry Makow and his ilk.

Diabolical Ashkenazi Zionist Khazar Reptilian Occultist Controllers (DAZKROC)? Does this work? Damn those DAZKROCs, one could yell, and perhaps avoid the massive hammer of "anti-semite" when investigating the truth. Any comments?

Anonymous said...

Ah, "Maestro", you are certainly onto some of their tech. Nice work. Ever heard of the "Moscow Zombies"? Ever heard of retired Colonel Tom Bearden? If one can stomach his love and praise of Israel, then his description of the tech is excellent. Of course, Reich and Tesla based science is what got them there.

Anonymous said...


that is goddamn magnificent. I thank you and the Palestinian people thank you and all people who still give a shit thank you.


Anonymous said...

Yes, anony, Tesla is my kinda guy...so simple and yet most just cant grasp it...but really I think many grasp it, they just won't share it.

This field is my true love "short of my Son's" but I am very protective of my research and knowledge on the issue "Maestron" I charge a million dollars an hour for my expertise on the matter...LOL, keeps things under guard this way...Just comming out of the closet here on this short note secondary to the more recent infiltration of the Crown over there 'cross the pond...' This is a Trust issue, shall be interesting to see how the cards fall...


Anonymous said...

I have concluded that Israel is in fact a Crusader state (inhabited mainly by make-believe Jews) set up by the Vatican using the Holocaust as an emotive cover. All part of the Vatican's well-known agenda of 'saving' the world by making them Catholic whether they like it or not.

I believe the 'Jewish' bankers are largely dependent on the massive wealth of the Vatican for their activities. There is simply to few Jews to have all the power that a lot of alternate news sites say they have.

Scratch a 'Jew' in charge of Homeland Security or whatever and I think would probably find a Jesuit, a Templar, Opus Dei member or something similar underneath... that's the way they work.

The old elitist, hard-hearted Medieval system of the Church (Roman Catholic), State (aristocratic) and Wealth (big biz) is about to make its last hurrah before disappearing into eternal oblivion... along with Satan himself.

m_astera said...

I posted for years at libertyforum, which for flat-out bluntness made these comments seem like 4 0'clock tea with the queen. We went through the whole Khazar/Jew/Zionist/Israel/Rothschild history over and over, thousands of pages of it. I volunteered my spare time for over a year to help a friend in Poland write a book about it, dong editing and research. We followed a pretty clear track back to the 1760s or 1770s when Catherine took over Russia and the center of Jewry moved from Poland to what is now Germany. The Rothchild's funded Adam Weishaupt who founded the Illuminati. The trail gets a little muddy there, but goes back a couple hundred years to Isabella banishing the Jews from Spain, from whence they went to Amsterdam and funded the English Civil war, the result of which was that the prohibition of Jews from England was rescinded after 300 years in effect, and the power of the Church was smashed. The Jewish industrialists and bankers marrying their daughters into the royalty of England throughout the 1800s is significant also.

BTW, no publisher in Poland will touch the book but we had fun anyway.

G. Washington was losing and his troops were starving, freezing, and deserting at Valley Forge; he finally decided he had no choice and went in the middle of the night to arrange Jew financing. America was founded owing that debt.

No, the USA does NOT control Israel any more than a parasitized fish controls the remoras sucking its blood.

Anonymous said...




Obama is just a corporate-puppet. I mean haven't you noticed how easy, how soft, how *diplomatic* and un-agressive Obama seems to be when he met with Bush this week? Didn't you notice how friendly Obama is with Bush? i mean if Obama was a real revolutionary realist reformist. he would even insult Bush in public (Like Chavez did at UN), because of the fact that Bush is a criminal and an *Illegal president*. But it seems to me that Obama doesn't care because he seems to *care-less* (a trait of many americans indeed, who are apathetic, unemotional and unaroused to what happens to the weimar Republic.

Carelessness is indeed the attitude that Obama had when he met with Bush.

it's like if a rapist raped your daughter and after you meet him, you would have a couple of beers with him. That's how Obama seemed to be with Bush, with Federal Reserve and with corrupt capitalists.

Take care my friend, and keep posting great articles

Anonymous said...

One thing missing from the posts was religion. The Christian religion was/is based upon false premises and historical allegory. The Jews know this and thus are able to manipulate the 'believers'. Unless one can get into the Babylon Talmud to see how the Ashkenazi view the 'goyim', then one may not see howw this 'shitty little country' can get by with anything they wish to do. In order to combat this evil, it will be necessary to become as they. Most Christians will falter here and fall back on their Biblical indoctrination, the Jews will not. To dispose of evil requires evil.

Anonymous said...

You are right on the mark as usual Les. However, as I have questioned before, WHY is the Israeli Army and other nations being continually permitted to commit these acts of genocide? You have denoted the possibility that the Israeli Army has sunk to the lowest of lows, and may be merely creating a sport of these genocidal Palestinian civilian killings… but is it possible that there may be another incentive hidden within this chaos?

Iran and Syria have already deflected all of the adverse publicity that the Neo-con USA, Israeli Zionists, and the coalition of the willing have disseminated throughout the MSM and WWW-Internet sites, and Russia has already expressed their intent to protect their Middle East interests… but WHY isn’t Palestine part of Russia’s protected Middle East regional interests? In my opinion, the Israeli Army is attempting to provoke a War before Iran or Syria obtain nuclear weapons, thus giving them the ability to create a mutually assured destruction stand-off with Israel. Do we see anyone threatening North Korea… again, WHY Palestine but not North Korea; perhaps because North Korea has nuclear weapons? WHY Palestine and not Pakistan; perhaps because Pakistan has nuclear weapons?

After all, the USA is doing the same type of genocidal acts in Afghanistan and Iraq, just as Russia had previous done years ago in Afghanistan, and the same tactics have been applied in the past/present of Yugoslavia and Africa. This is why I have said that this genocide is inevitable because there are too many people for the International Establishment to control, especially when all the members within the United Nations have done nothing to stop these atrocities. Which leads to my next question: WHY hasn’t the UN done anything to address or STOP any of these acts of ethnic cleansing and genocide, in which the Israeli Army is but one offender of these massive, horrendous killings of innocent civilians? Furthermore, WHY haven’t any of the other Arab Nations come to the defense of Palestine?

Is it a possibility that we are witnessing the inevitability for all of us, and that we are powerless to stop this near-future, worldwide, impending incursion to reduce the World’s excess populace? This is just a logical observation on my part but as “Still alive” has often said, talk is cheap… what can be done to stop this, or do we just wait for this bullshit to arrive on our doorsteps? It is easy to literally observe an obvious problem but it is much harder to physically resolve it. To be completely honest with you, I don’t have any answers to these World problems. Someone has thrown a rock at the hornets nest and all we can do now is stand back and watch at this point. Perhaps this is when a prophetic savior or Messiah will appear out of the blue to save the World? God knows, but we shall have to wait to see the outcome.

Anonymous said...

M_ thanks for that.
Cancerous would be more my take on the association re USA and Israel but I can understand the parasite analogy also. However, whichever, it is still incumbent on US citizens to detach themselves from same or be complicit in the association and by default responsible for what is happening.
Money, equipment, people, intel and tacit approval for all atrocities is implied as coming from USA. You cannot deny that. And that’s just Palestine; Iraq is also part of the ball of wax and anywhere else that USA has stuck its nose to cause trouble.
What I'm saying is that the beginning of the cessation of all of this (Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc) must originate from the USA people, we the people, the politicians will not do anywhere near what the people wish or is required. If you start, the rest of the world is sure to support you- it’s in their interest.
It will take an enormous amount of courage on the part of the everyday US citizen as much as it took for the little girl to stand in front of the bulldozer in a strange and foreign and dangerous land. I don't think there are enough of you who think this way and so- doom. You are all doomed. You are all Iraqi. You are all Palestinians.
My wish is for China to take you over; foreclose on your debt. At the very least you should be pulled into shape and have a future, the majority of you anyhow.
I’ll add this here – I don’t think your pride will let you – and that’s a shame because nothing will change. You will continue to be the troll under the bridge and continue to toy with the world’s future. Not acceptable.
What I’m also saying is that after the fact equity should be applied on a world wide basis.
Again thanks m_, I wouldn’t have done this if you hadn’t have formed your response as you did. I don’t normally respond as such for my take is ‘find out for yourself’ and if I must tickle you a few times to get you thinking; that’s fine.

Biological_Unit said...

I tend to believe that there may well be some diabolical ley line which crosses through this so called Israel.

Israel has the Lowest Surface Point (Dead Sea).

It wants to bomb the Highest Surface (Hindu Kush).

Kevenj said...

Tony's right Jj,

You are just a lazy scumbag for not going out (like NIKE) and 'just do it'.

We must come to grips with reality and focus on what counts in the world: Money, Power, Sex and a good cold beer.

Since the USD will be worth far less than the AUD in the near future I fear we should, as you posited, be his humble servant.

Tony, I apologize for my fellow American's rude behavior. Thanks.

ps. Les, won't you comment more on the:
"There’s some reason for the location and it isn’t Biblical" thing? Sounds kinky.

Anonymous said...


URGENT: Kidnapped by the Israeli Navy

[Send to Friend] [Print]


Fifteen Palestinian fishermen along with three internationals have been kidnapped in Palestinian waters by the Israeli Navy. They were fishing seven miles off the coast of Deir Al Balah, clearly in Gaza fishing waters and well within the fishing limit detailed in the Oslo Accords of 1994.

The fishermen and the human right's observers were transferred from 3 separate boats to the Israeli warships. Other Palestinian fishermen reported that the 3 boats were seen being taken north by the Israeli Navy.

The three internationals are Andrew Muncie from Scotland, Darlene Wallach from the United States and Victor Arrigoni from Italy. The U.K., U.S. and Italian embassies in Tel Aviv have been contacted and know about the abductions.

Please call the Israeli Ministry of Justice at +972 26 46 66 66 and register your outrage over these illegal actions by the Israeli Navy. Then call the Embassies in Jerusalem and make sure they know that many of us are appalled by Israel's illegal search and seizure.

Stephen Brown, UK Consulate +972 25 41 41 00
U.S. Consulate General + 972-2-6227230
Luigi MATTIOLO, Italian Ambassador +972 3 5104004

Caoimhe (Gaza) + 972 598 273 960
Donna (Gaza) + 972 598 836 420
Fida (Gaza - Arabic) – + 972 599 681 669
ISM Media Office - + 972 2-2971824


+ ISM Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Gaza City, 10 a.m.- Fourteen Palestinian fishermen and 3 international
Human Rights Observers (HRO’s) were surrounded by the Israeli Navy and
taken from their boats 7 miles off the coast of Deir al Balah, Gaza

The fishermen and the HRO’s were transferred from 3 separate boats to the Israeli warships. Other Palestinian fishermen reported that the 3
boats were seen being taken north by the Israeli Navy.

The Human Rights Observers are Andrew Muncie, a Scottish British citizen, Vittorio Arrigoni, an Italian citizen, and Darlene Wallach,an American citizen. They have been volunteering with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) since they entered Gaza on ships with the first Free Gaza Movement voyage on the 23rd August 2008. All internationals have previous experience working with the ISM in the West Bank.

Fellow activists have been unable to establish contact with the HRO’s or with the fishermen since they were abducted.

Since their arrival, the ISM volunteers have been regularly accompanying Palestinian fishermen who are regularly attacked by
Israeli navy vessels from as little as 3km from shore. They have regularly filmed Israeli forces using live ammunition, shells and
water cannons against unarmed fishermen.

For videos from these attacks please contact palreports@gmail.com or the ISM Media Office - 02-2971824

For more information please contact:
Fida (Gaza - Arabic) – 0599681669
Jenny (Gaza - English) - 059 876 5377
ISM Media Office - 02-297-1824 or ISM contacts in the Gaza Strip

When confronted by the Israeli Navy, the boats were 7 nautical miles from the shore of Deir al Balah, well within the fishing limit detailed in the Oslo Accords of 1994.

With regular claims that from the Israeli government that it has ‘disengaged’ from Gaza, these patrols and attacks from the Israeli
navy, regularly occuring from as little as 3 miles from shore,represent a clear signal of the continuation of occupation of Gazan
territory as well as regular breaches of the current cease-fire.

Over 40,000 people in Gaza make a living from the fishing industry,yet this community has been decimated by Israeli restrictions on

Activist arrested off Gaza coast

A human rights activist accompanying Palestinian fishermen on a fishing trip has been arrested by the Israeli navy off the coast of Gaza.

Andrew Muncie, 34, and two other campaigners were being held near Tel Aviv Airport, according to his father, who lives in Spean Bridge, Lochaber.

John Muncie, a retired teacher, said his son was refusing to be deported.

He said: "Andrew and the fishermen were doing nothing wrong. We are obviously concerned for him."

News agency AFP said Mr Muncie was arrested alongside Vittorio Arrigoni, from Italy, and American Darlene Wallach, as well as 14 fishermen.

It reported that the Israeli military said the action was taken because the boats deviated from a fishing zone off the Gaza coast and the crews had refused to turn back.

John Muncie said his son, who has been in the region since August, had previously witnessed and filmed gun boats "intimidating" fishing boats by firing near them.

Andrew Muncie was detained in 2003 after obstructing Israeli soldiers in the West Bank town of Nablus in 2003.

His family has been in contact with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Parfer DeCourse said...

“Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity”, such is the motto of the FBI. Seems more like the title of a merit badge for the Boy Scouts! (the only difference between the two is adult supervision) It’s certainly no call to action. It isn’t even a complete sentence much less a mission statement…

“…And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” says the motto of the CIA. It is just a fragmented statement stolen and paraphrased from the Bible. Not much here to go on either. Call to action? NO. Mission Statement? Certainly NOT. I get the sense that I am not free, however, as I have never known the truth and cannot rely upon the CIA to provide same.

“Through deception thou shalt do war!” goes the motto of the Mossad. Now there is a motto you can sink your teeth into! It is direct and to the point. Is it a call to action? Absolutely! Can it function as a mission statement? You bet! Notice it makes no bones about it, thou shalt do war! It does not say IF or WHEN war comes along nor does it say to deceive occasionally when it happens. It’s more like the Nike motto: “Just Do It!”

This motto has appeared to capture the imagination of the entire DAZKROC nation (thanks anonymous, I needed that label). Everywhere you go, be it media, finance, banking, politics, security, you name it,, they are there and they are at war WITH US - YOU & ME!!! What the fuck did we do to them?

Ahmadinejad has been falsely accused of saying that “Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth”. (that’s just DAZKROC media spinning) But I would certainly not blame him if he had made such a statement and I certainly could not blame him for any and all nuclear ambitions he may actually have. Israel needs something to worry about and if they dare touch Iran I hope something else smacks them in the ass as a result!!!

I admire your fidelity, bravery and integrity, Les and I hope the truth shall set you free, but, most of all, I hope you stay safe and continue to state what is real!



notamobster said...

Tony - Seriously speaking here... are you retarded, or just out of meds? I really don't see how your country is any better? For all your snide jabbing at Americans, Australians are in the same boat. They have a ZioNazi central bank. They have a zionazi bank insider elected. They support the US and Israel in all of their diabolical affairs. They have a history of giving up their freedoms (more every day). They are bullied by their 'leaders'. They will be the first 'free' nation to lose their internet freedom of speech.

My god man. I think you need to get a couple million of your closest homeys and go do something, like go fuck yourself!

I'm sick to death of your constant attacks against all Americans. I and many like me, are loyal to truth and individual liberty. I support anyone, from any country, and of any political ideology - who stands for truth, justice, and self-determination. Most on this site are of a like mind, though we differ in ways. All Australians are not assholes, just as all Americans are not. You need to get back on your meds, or find someone to give you a hug, because all that hate will eat you up.

(yes, Jj said it more eloquently, I didn't feel like gilding the lily - you're an ass!)

notamobster said...

good article, vis.

GodSend said...

The End of the "Rebellious House of Israel" (aka "The Synagogue of Satan"):

"As men gather
silver, bronze, iron, lead, and tin
into the midst of a furnace,
to blow fire on it, to melt it;
so I will gather you
in My anger and in My fury,
and I will leave you there
and melt you."
Ezekiel 22:20

Randall said...

Holy cow.

Anonymous said...


lovely, just lovely

GodSend said...

Hey, people, The Puzzle of Human Existence (Past, Present and Future - including Zionism and Israel) has been SOLVED. You can SEE! ALL the important pieces IF you have "eyes to SEE!". Just click on my name (GodSend) and STUDY my website, including ALL links. Or go here:


"I (too) once was blind - but now I SEE!"

Before you can SEE!, you must have your spiritual eyes opened for you (you CANNOT do it yourself!). It's all explained on my website. HINT: "Seek and you WILL find" (there are some 'tricks' to Seeking)

nobody said...

Hey Les,

Well mate, in this bar the bartender never asks if we want we want water with our Lagavulin. We take it straight. Onya.

GodSend said...

Location, location location. Israelis attempted a Night Commando Raid into Baalbek in Northern Lebanon during the last incursion. It failed. Iraq, Lebanon and Syria contain the last known stargates used by the Annunaki (see Zecharia Sitchin's research into Sumerian civilization and Nibiru {Planet 'X'}). Who ARE those Zionist slimeballs, really!? Do I hear 'Vestiges of an Alien Race of Reptilians'? Is Satan (the Dragon) of the same lineage? Does 'Rahmbo' act and look like a Raptor - cruel, cunning, calculating and carnivorous?

You betcha!

Like I said in an earlier post: ALL the important pieces of The Puzzle are located on my website. Be prepared for 'Shock & Awe'!

GodSend said...

Excellent and courageous piece, Les - but it's only the tip of the iceberg. My website goes to the Root of (Zionist) Evil!

GodSend said...

For all those sincerely interested in Seeking (Truth), I suggest that you start with this short article about Dr. Ivan Panin:


It can be an 'eye opener'. ;)

Anonymous said...

Kevin_John 3:08 AM, don't apologise to me mate, it's your funeral.
nota 5:07 AM, my apology for your tears, I didn't mean to upset you so. I will tone down in future

Anonymous said...

Tony, you'd better get a 'couple million' Ozzies and 'do something' about yr gummint's planned Internet
filter toute de suite. What was done about your gummint's
gun confiscation? Jebus say pick the beam outta
yer own eye first.
Great essay on that big sandbox in the mideast,

Anonymous said...

G'day godsend
Pleased you're still around
Learn't anything yet??
ps I'm sure you have you rascal you

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:33am said:

“I have concluded that Israel is in fact a Crusader state (inhabited mainly by make-believe Jews) set up by the Vatican using the Holocaust as an emotive cover. All part of the Vatican's well-known agenda of 'saving' the world by making them Catholic whether they like it or not.

I believe the 'Jewish' bankers are largely dependent on the massive wealth of the Vatican for their activities. There is simply to few Jews to have all the power that a lot of alternate news sites say they have.”
What you have anonymously said is also what I have always contended as well. When we consider the fact that Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit, and also the founder of the Illuminati of Bavaria in 1776… everything you have said makes perfect sense. It is also contended that the origin of the infamous “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" had come from the Jesuits as well. Furthermore, when you consider that the Vatican has some(?) of their clandestine finances overseen by the Rothschild banking system, also supports your post. Anonymously well said!

I have previously made the statement about Israel being inhabited by “make-believe Jews". This statement really set off one little guy who I believe is still alive and waiting for the American/Zionist Jewish Army to invade his tree fort in his parents back yard.

Anonymous said...


Justin_n_IL said...

"I sure damn do. I just do not know how to wake up those zombified and uninterested people arounde me."

Either HE will awaken them or off down the highway of destruction they will continue. Their worst fears brought upon them all who receive not the love of the truth.

And yet for the truly meek a metaphysical paradise awaits.

Anonymous said...

Just one question--Did the bulldozer win?
If you know your history, past, and present, you will see that the only way to win against a superior force is by guerrilla warfare.

If you have ever taken the time to read Che', you will see that timing is everything and that you never take on the "enemy" unless you are sure of victory with little or no casualties--Live to fight another day so to speak.

Simply by being in here we are all on a list at some level.

Unlike yours, please don't assume that my lazy ass is always sitting in this chair either.

You are simply not part of the solution, you are part of the continuing problem of separation. You are the guy who reads books on how to build engines but have never picked up a wrench--You read about growing plants but have never smelled and felt rich soil--I could go on but I won't.

Kevin John--I am not your "fellow american" any more than I am your fellow white man or whatever...if there is a need for me to apologize for anything, I think I can take care of it myself.

Get over where fate and life plunked you down to live and see that we are all in this together. We will sink or swim together--when the time comes.

Also, speaking of lazy asses, Tony will be at his computer screen getting back at his imaginary americans right up until his fellow australians blow the back of his head off. I can tell from the way you write that you won't be a man of action, and honor, when the time comes--if it comes. You'll be too busy trying to figure out what the hell happened to your imaginary world. As a matter of fact, that will probably be the last thing that goes through your head before that bullet.

I don't go looking for fights but I will stand up to bullies and bullshit artists--you fall into the latter group.

Grow up and contribute or shut the fuck up.

You just make this too easy.....


Anonymous said...

Wow. I guess the tone of the original posting set the bar for the comments - gloves off and all. So there seems to be some genuine emotion behind these subjects, but what have we accomplished by all this? We have come together in our virtual circle and now the STFU's have started flying. Hell, we even got Godsend into the action! (gee, do you have a website or something?).

I see that we mostly have common views and values/concerns, but are doing a better job of finding out the subtle differences and have taken the opportunity to puff up and begin the dick waving. Man, talk sure is cheap - especially from a distance and with the assurance of no actual physical repercussions. Pretty tough talk from the comfort of our own homes/continents.

I hope you all feel better now that you have vanquished your foes and established that your way is truth and the rest of us are poor, misguided fools. Enjoy the victory party.

Folks here in the US have so far to fall, so much to lose still, that any thoughts of a mass uprising creating change in the name of what is moral and right on behalf of a foreign country - not gonna happen. Talk of honor and virtue and TRUTH are great exercises in our own little sheltered spaces, but I believe when push comes to shove most of those beating their chest the hardest would either act like a turtle or take out their aggressions on the wrong people. And that is probably part of the plan.

Savage each other all you want if it makes you feel better, but just remember what happens when we see only the faults and ignore the virtue.

A very honest and well reasoned assessment of the situation, Mr. Visible. Your words ring true and I share your condemnation of the actions of the Israeli murdering bastards and the sick fucks that celebrate and support them. By being a citizen of the US, I know I am contributing to this is some small way via taxes, but I am trying to do something about that as well. This CANNOT continue. It WILL NOT endure.


Anonymous said...

Z, ur funny, do you feel better now that you have beat ur chest lol, just pickin Z...

Y'all know all that energy may just collide and take u into another dimension where your buddies may just hook you up and equip you with the amo needed...never give up for what is right and just, nothing is for naught!


Anonymous said...

Quickly Jj- In no way did the bulldozer win.

Anonymous said...

Les,you are close to hitting the nail on the head,when they BBQ the Red Heifer all will be clear to those that can see.These evil bastards that hide in the shadows will show themselfs,and it is written and no man can change a thing.There is something special about the ley lines,power points,rituals,and the third temple.Get ready for the greatest show on earth.

Anonymous said...

While we are on the subject of psychopaths;
Les this is for you but I am placing it here because I'm baffled.
How come 'our Rupert' has just spent so many years in USA helping in no small way to wreck the country and yet comes back here (go home Yankee- he's also a US citizen) and implores us Aussies to try harder.
Not only that, he tells us we are leaving too many of our children behind as our education system is not up to scratch. Isn't he the king of 'dumbing down' in the US??
What does it all mean?
This is the first of a series of lectures (Boyer Lectures) 'our Rupert’ is giving in Aus. over his Chrissie break. The following five will be very interesting.

Visible said...

There's a new posting here Visible Origami

Anonymous said...

Israel reminds me of Stephen King's book "Needful Things". Israel is the mysterious shopkeeper who peddles the heart's desire of every person ... but for a price. The requests seem harmless enough -- a prank here, a provocation there ... but it soon spirals into unbelievable mayhem of death and destruction. All for some sick amusement. A giant evil game of strategy. Watching those around him obliterate each other gets him off.

Israel has a plan and back up plans. She is by no means down for the count. But, good will always triumph over evil as long as there are people willing to stand up to the forces of evil. Eventually we will have to make a stand and eventually Israel will lose. I would rather it be now than later. I want to fight this fight -- not make my children do it for me.

Anonymous said...

Every word in your article is true Les, except the last paragraph. They will endure, and the justice will not be done. Why? because world is not governed by justice or even common sense. Who may I ask is going to deliver the justice? Look at this big nation scared to death and willing to sacrifice everything they have by mere mention of terrorists nobody ever saw. Is that they who will do the justice? or maybe it's those European nations who enacted unthinkable laws punishing for questioning Holocaust? perhaps if they were going to do the right thing, it would be logical to start by looking at their own laws, whether they are compatible with basic human rights. Is that on the way? afraid not. What's on the way is even more cries about "increasing worldwide anti-semitism" and new Holocaust museums erected.

new holocaust museum

Wayland teacher has say in new Holocaust museum
The Grand Rapids Press - MLive.com, MI - Nov 17, 2008

Illinois' New Holocaust Museum In Skokie
WBBM780, IL - Nov 11, 2008

Holocaust-era boxcar at East County Library from Nov. 21 - Dec. 1 ...
Lehigh Acres Citizen, FL - 6 hours ago

The National World War II Museum to Hold Special Screening of PBS ...
MarketWatch - Nov 14, 2008

Library to host Holocaust-era boxcar 11 days
The News-Press, FL - Nov 14, 2008

Holocaust museum to project survivor portraits
Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY - Nov 11, 2008
WASHINGTON (JTA)—The US Holocaust Memorial Museum will project portraits of survivors on its exterior walls as part of a slide show throughout Washington. ...

Yeah, sure, justice is just around the corner.

Afraid not.

Anonymous said...

To Masher1 5:50pm
Are the far bigger fish to fry The house of Windsor and ROTHSCHILD who reportedly own almost 51% of everything on the planet?

Anonymous said...

Masher2 5:50pm
Are the bigger fish the House of Windsor and Rothschild who perportedly own 51% of everything?

Unknown said...

I'm plagerizing myself from another blog entry, but this works here too: I try to differentiate between Jews and Israelis. I don't have a beef with Jews, I have a few Jewish friends, and I enjoy studying the religion. When we single out a whole people it makes us bigots just like Israelis who see every other person in the region as something less than human. That frankly cuts to the chase of what offends me about Israel. Ain't nothing special about those people, and they definitely are not anything more than human. However there is nothing wrong with hating a country. We do it all the time usually for good reasons. The whole world put pressure on South Africa a few years ago, and I loved hating that country till they cleaned up their Apartheid act. Israel has amassed an enormous amount of crimes against humanity in the last 50 or so years of its existence, and no other country in the world is more guilty of violating UN mandates. It becomes frustrating to watch a country being treated with kid gloves like they are totally blameless, and at the same time reading of racist atrocities committed by IDF soldiers in Gaza and the West Bank every day. We in America were all in over our heads in domestic espionage from Israel at a time that we suddenly find ourselves having to handle our own kind of Palestinian state full of Iraqistinians who hate our guts for good reason. That's just watching my own country becoming too much like Israel for my stomach, and it's obvious how Israelis pollute themselves with this elitist superior race state of mind. Funny how thinking you are better than everyone else makes you worse. The state of Israel offends my morality right down to my core and it offends me to see my tax dollars funding Israeli atrocities that I then get to read about on the Internet. I can not support what Israel does and still conscientiously consider myself a decent person. I also get to observe the bias of television, and compare what it doesn't tell me to what the Internet does. I wonder what Israel has to do with that? Hate the illegal state. Jews are just people though. None of this hatred is directed at Jews. I wouldn't want to be a bigot if that's my problem with the citizens of that country.

Anonymous said...

As it is getting down to the nitty gritty the Rothschild and House of Windsor are going to battle. Roths 'zionism' wealth is a fake 'they lost it all, long ago' Windsor will be picking up Van Buren Trust (1800's to 2000's) (20T...) and well, I hope to be a fly on the wall when that crap hits the fan.

Those who take zionist and its allies stand will lose out in the long run. This is no game, folks do not take such wealth lightly...

As of now, everyone is on notice!!!

Those of you with a conduit via wormhole to another dimension, would do good to link in ASAP 'will ease the pain'


Anonymous said...

To Davol White:

it's a big mistake to differentiate between Jews and Israel. The vast majority of Jews do support Israel, and Israel has acquired this power in the US mainly thanks to American Jews who always act in its interest, and who readily attacks any institution that dares to speak against Israel with shower of protests and threats to withdraw advertising (if newspaper), alumni sponsorship (if university), and so on. Who do you think pressured and blackmailed DePaul University so it eventually scandalously denied tenure to Finkelstein? or who do you think demanded from everyone to cancel all appearances of Walt and Mearsheimer and ban their book? do you think it was Israeli Embassy? or who do you think demands from every city to erect another Holocaust museum on taxpayers' money?

Jewish community in US is absolutely formidable force, and their political agenda could not be more transparent. If you have a chance, tune one day to their local radio station in any big city and listen for 15 minutes what their hosts say, and what callers to the station say. In 15 minutes you will realize that Goebbels was but a naive idealistic humanist - that is, if you don't puke already on the 2nd minute.

nobody said...

And thank you Z.

My tuppence worth is that, if it looks like bait, and smells like bait, why are you taking it? Just leave it there. It is do-able. Tony (who's heart, believe it or not, is in the right place) is a curmudgeon sure, and he has a bent for 'yank bashing'. Blink. Next. Can you dig it?

And Tony, I dropped you a quiet note over in the comments over at my place in the McGowan thing. Yoroshiku.

Anonymous said...

Heres a little list I found in the back of my head, and just thinking of it gives me that tingly sensation that seems like a spiritual pat on the head.

Financial crisis : Con Job

Carbon Tax : Con Job

Global warming : Con Job

War on Terra : Con Job

Zionism : Con Job

Organised Religion : Con Job

War on Ossetta : Con Job

Sales Tax : Con Job

Global Tax : Extortion

War on Drugs : Con Job

Health System : Con Job

Insurance : Con Job

Banks : Con Job

Capitalism : Con Job

Actors : Artists

Corporations : Theives

Politicians : Con Artists

Shisters : Politicians

Crooks : Politicians

The Mob : Politicians

Liers : Politicians

Working Class : Victims

Harlets .... figgin hell I could go on forever

How the system works : Eat the hand that feeds them.

The purpose of the well accepted list of known con jobs is to say, given the amount of BS that has come from our demented psychopaths with all the money and power, how is it that so many still cling to the rediculas hope and belief that they don't conspire against us.

Simple enough to do I guess if you feed the sheep a constant barage of evil controlling brainwashing dribble. Why a good proportion actually particpate and help design their own brainwashing properganda for the illogical pipe dream of MAKING IT BIG. So they can then cons lots of people themself and make it to the top of the pile of moronic arseholes constantly shitting on their fellow man.

The goals of this society are pure unadulterated evil greed wastefull consumption and lust, it is a sickening putrid sight this hell some lieingly call civilisation.

So why are their people here saying the effort we put in is useless. If that were so then why is Israel doing its damnedest to hide the evil it does ? The answer is simple, zio-nutty Israel is ashamed of itself and its actions and its very existance because they are trying to pre-emt the holocaust, the melting that god has warned them of if they try to gather again as a nation. So by pretending that WW2 was the melting then they think they can create the nation city of god. Self delusion is their maddness and continueing to expose to others the lie of Israels existance is the greatest action we all can take to destroy that lieing wannabe creation that is fullfilling the wishes of satan.
With truth as our sword and love as our sheild we can destroy the lieing hatred of the damned.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem we face is that those with the strength to topple these evil regimes and monstrous cretins who now control the US in it's entirety along with Israel are caught up in the materialistic world designed for them by the cabalistic judaists and refuse to LET GO of this material world for what is both spiritually and morally RIGHT. In fact, MANY would have to GIVE UP THIS WORLD COMPLETELY to stop these beasts, but the glamour of all that glitters and the belief that somehow one life is more important than another is what's holding us back.

Even amongst those who are SUPPOSEDLY "awake" there still lies the desire to cling to everything that they think they know. The reason there is no stopping a lot of what's coming is nobody has ever stepped up to stop it for the past 232 years of America's existence. Even upon the founding of America the average person had no idea what they were signing on for and they bought the lie of freedom, bills of rights, and righteousness; never once realizing that this so-called righteousness was just another step in the ritual of destruction and control by the same people.

So here we sit today with the completion of their armageddon ritual facing us head on, and what? STILL not one man is willing to give his life so that future generations might not suffer. Still many of those "in the know" don't really know what it is they're "fighting" from their keyboards, and every last one of those won't get up from the keyboard and take the fight to the streets like a real man hoping that somehow, after THOUSANDS OF YEARS of oppression and destruction by these same people that simply awakening the masses will stop it. Believing that somehow if they could only notify enough people things will change, like a murderer isn't going to kill you because you've alerted your neighbor. Or that rapists don't continue to rape because people know somebody is out there committing rape. Or believing that genocidal maniacs will stop the genocide if enough people know about it. How many millions do you think knew about the genocide while they were getting two bullets to the skull with their hands bound behind their backs?

This belief that you can reason with a psycopath will be your undoing. The belief that someone else, somewhere else will stand up and stop them for you will be your undoing. They kill, rape, and pillage for FUN, and unless you're willing to implement a final solution against them, they will not stop and you will only deserve what fate has in store for you.

To put it simply for those who can't decifer cryptic refrences when the truth is only alluded to. Either take action, or take your pills of apathy, fear, and ignorance and wait for the flames of hell to engulf you.

m_astera said...

A few random thoughts after reading through the comments:

Jews are not the problem, only some Jews, only the bad ones, seems to be a refrain. However, this whole eternal victim/persecuted minority shtick has been allowed and promoted by the world's Jews. How many applied for holocaust reparations? They protect the worst of their own out of tribal loyalty. Also worth noting is that the comparatively innocent Jews took the brunt of Jewish pain during WWII; the rich Zionists didn't go to the work camps, they worked to put the common Jews in the camps and keep them there. Yet, all was forgiven out of tribal loyalty, it seems.

Much the same is likely to happen in the USA; the majority of relatively innocent Americans will take the brunt of the pain of what's coming, the architects of downfall will skate, or so they think. It's always worked in the past, no?

Jewishness is inherited only from the mother's side. What else is inherited only from the mother's side? The mitochondria that control each and every cell of the body. Might be on to something there.

As for the Jesuits and the Vatican being the real bad guys, the bad guys are the bad guys wherever they are found. Jehovah the jealous, judgmental and torturing is the god of both groups. Pyschopaths know no religion and no true loyalties, all organizations are simply vehicles to them.

Humanity has been marched around in circles on this planet for all of recorded history, and those directing the march have been the same group from outside of humanity. The existence of "demons" is compartmentalized in the mass consciousness; OK to talk about in the context of religion, not allowed in the "real" world. They are real all right. There are likely a couple of them in the room with you right now. Pretty easy to march us all around in circles when one is invisible, close to immortal, and not restricted by time. Most people can't get past this hurdle; they stop a bit short and look for someone closer to blame. OK for the preacher to read and talk about that stuff in church, but out in the real world you don't want people thinking you are crazy.

What we are each participating in right-here-right-now is the end-game of a long experiment and struggle. We are also making an individual choice, consciously or unconsciously, through action or inaction. The choice we make will determine where we spend the next slice of personal eternity, either learning the lessons we chose not to learn this time, or moving ahead into the ongoing evolution of creation. I personally believe that the Creator is about as sick and tired of the evil, boring game these entities are playing as I am. They have already had all the reward they are going to get, and their new playground won't be nearly as nice. Choose wisely, y'all.

GodSend said...

"We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not physical beings having a spiritual experience" (Anon). "This mortal must put on immortality" (Holy Scripture). "You must be born again from Above" (Holy Scripture). Our physical life is a test - PASS or FAIL. "No one comes to the Father except through Me" (Holy Scripture). "Narrow is the road...(to God's Kingdom)...and there are few who find it" (Holy Scripture).

So, those who Seek diligently and 24x7 and with humility will PASS (because they will Find). The rest (vast majority) will FAIL. 'Choose wisely', indeed - because you will have to live with the consequences of your choice for Eternity! Everything you need to know in order to PASS has been placed within reach and understanding - it's NOT complicated (by Divine Design).

"God is Love" (Holy Scripture). God is omniscient and omnipotent. If there were any other Way, He would have thought of it and would have made a PASS available through some other ways. It's simple, really! He gave us Free Will, an awesome gift with awesome responsibility. Everyone who makes the wrong choice will be "without excuse" (Holy Scripture).

It is what it is.

Visible said...

I don't like to comment or tinker with people's 'religious' beliefs but... I have to say something about this 'for all eternity' thing Godsend. That's bullshit.

What I'm going to state is fact and it doesn't matter who believes it and were I of a mind and had the time I would provide your own scripture as evidence. Maybe next time I go to Origami.

Anyway... eternal Hell is only for demons who enjoy that sort of thing. Pinhead from Hellraiser gives a good template. Also, very few go to Heaven and just stay there. Heaven runs on a meter and sooner or later the meter runs out and the attraction for manifest life begins. And certainly no double wide Alabama racist is going to sit on the right hand of God just because they got saved by someone with bad hair and a Rolex.

Reincarnation is a fact and you see justice done every day by example of the conditions of a person's birth and the circumstances they encounter.

It is true that there are some who dwell in Heaven even though their envelope is on Earth but that again is a rarity especially in these times which are a dark age.

Quite simply, we evolve or devolve or just repeat in variations.

Salvation always at hand in every moment. It takes an unbelievable effort, the same kind as that which makes a saint for singular souls to move to any great depth of perdition and their is housing available. The reason so many are on Earth today is because one of the big summing ups are at hand and they get rewarded in their own coin by the dark face of God just as it is on the bright side.

The war is on for human souls and there isn't anything else taking place. Shouting the name of Jesus at every opportunity does not make you his good buddy. "By your works are ye known."

Of course, scripture is open to interpretation and the priest class makes serious coin selling their hellfire and damnation routine but God is merciful far beyond what is worked for the rubes and that applies even to the most evil of men should they seek that recourse.

Anonymous said...

Les-Thank you for your last post (at 10:25am). Of course anytime I say this to one of the many glassy-eyed, re-born, Christians... they just simply claim that I need to be saved.

One of my favorite quotes:

"Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, you'd have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.” - - Steven Weinberg

One book that I have read recently, is far-reaching, but profound. The thing that hit me and amazed me the most is that this book answered most of the unanswered questions I had. Titled: "Alien Interview" by Lawrence R. Spencer; a $5.00USD download from:


Please understand that it is highly unlikely that Godsend will ever look beyond the pages of the many revised/edited/contradicting versions of the New Testament, and the ambiguous, self-serving fraud, which it represents.

Kevenj said...

"I am not your "fellow american" any more than I am your fellow white man or whatever.."

jj, what the?..where did that come from? Even Tony got that bro, ..well then maybe he didn't come to think of it.
My comment was a hyperbole, probably not in good taste given the seriousness of this conversation.My apologies for offending.

Scarlette, your Stephen King analogy is very good!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent article once more. The people of Gaza deserve kudos and support for their principled and just stance, against their oppressors. The Gazans know their enemies. The occupation of America is not as obvious to the simple, the ignorant or those who benefit from it.
Today is not the first time Gaza has stood against those-from the middle east- who would level it and kill it's inhabitants, they have a proud history worthy of respect. And I wish them well in their struggle

Anonymous said...

Kevin John: No apology necessary. Sometimes when I shoot from the hip my aim isn't very good--sometimes a rifle is better than buckshot--I have to remember that.
I'm a work in progress and can still tend to fly all over the place-but I like flying-you'll see that depending on what room (mirrors,origami,petri) I'm in, sometimes (without my "knowing") has a bearing on what, and how I respond/write.
To get a truer picture of where I am (for now) you would need to go into the other blogs as well.
When people only come in here (mirrors), you are also only seeing a tunnel vision of what Les has to offer too. When you go into the others, be sure to leave a comment so that those portions can grow among us, and with us.

Would love to hear and understand what you all have to say outside of mirrors.
Mirrors seems to go around in circles from time to time but the others (origami-petri-stream) are alive in a way that I hope you will see as I do.


GodSend said...

Les et al

Let me suggest that you stop inventing your own religion or succumbing to some previous and far-fetched (though highly imaginative) explanation of what lies beyond the physical world. No matter how vast your library, you will NEVER obtain spiritual enlightenment through your own efforts - including reading all the books ever published, or to be published. Holy Scripture itself CANNOT be understood UNLESS, by Grace, you receive the gift of spiritual understanding. No one is likely to receive that gift until they have surrendered their 'Abominable Self' at the foot of Christ's Cross. The usual 1st step is for God, through His Grace, to make you come to your 'senses' (and His presence) by administering a blow to your Abominable Self with a Heavenly 2x4. That blow will either set you on the path to Salvation - or it will set you on a path of despair and destruction (including insanity). How do I know? I received several of those blows - Thank God!

You are a confused puppy when it comes to understanding the (spiritual) 'things of God'. You have a lot of company. Understanding Evil (Zionism, for example) does NOT automatically bring with it an understanding of those 'things of God'.

You will not be able to twist these matters to your own liking by using the Word of God - NEVER! Remember that God has authenticated His Word (Bible Codes, like Dr. Ivan Panin's 'discovery', for starters. SEE! the link in my earlier comment). Better start Seeking in all the right places! ;)

GodSend said...

Why the violent opposition to Christ and His message? Here's a short article by Theodore Austin-Sparks which puts it in perspective:


kikz said...

hmmmm.... another about face.

m_astera: smoking mirrors/gaza psychopaths:
'I personally believe that the Creator is about as sick and tired of the evil, boring game these entities are playing as I am.'

m_astera: origami/darkness brims w/light:

'As to why the Creator would enable or allow such a thing, I don't presume to limit the Creator or the Creator's motives or ultimate purposes.'

apparently you do presume. :)

Visible said...

What Evil Lurks in the Space where there is No Heart in those who pass for Human?

Anonymous said...

Glenn Dormer- Who can say just Who they are.

By there deeds 666 will be their number.

All are going to fall a deep fall.

Peace is far harder to ruin that THEY will ever know.

Look for the HUGE tonnages of basic elements in gargantuan amount and PRESTO! You have your house.

Gold is not the king in commodities. Man is going to need a HUGE amount of energy to remain standing. Energy THEY are sowing up fast. Uranium is VERY energy hungry to mine and render as fuel.. Energy that no longer will be around. Highly Enriched Uranium is the new King. Shed your need for this usage or you will FALL. They will run POWER for some time to come on sheer possession alone.

Ground Force is useless to even crude space weapons.

Anyone here think the two hundred PLUS space shuttle missions ALL adhered to the no weapons in space DOGMA????

Surface control is the game. A game they hold all the doors.

9/11 works. And will Work Again. They will up the game as long as they win some gain.

Your going to have to see the WHOLE game and stop it from below.

We are 3/4 of the GAME DON'T FORGET THIS!

Anonymous said...

To "M_astera": Well stated. Clearly, the "henchmen" of this World (call them Jews, Freemasons, Illuminati, Jesuits, Zionists, "DAZKROCs", international banksters, pirates, reptilians, etc. etc.) are all that the vast majority of us can identify, and only after opening our first set of eyes at that!! But, once we have selected our particular physical villain, then what? Rant and rave, bitch and moan? What does one actually do that is constructive?

My feeling is that one can always go higher up the almost infinite pyramid to find another "puppet master" pulling the strings. And the idea that the ultimate puppet master is slightly beyond our senses or ability to comprehend makes much sense to me currently. What I do know, is that the hi-tech that the physical villains (name them as you prefer)use capitalises on this same idea, in that it is beyond our detection and comprehension currently. And if actual physical entities using actual hardware are doing this, then is this not some sort of mimicry? How did they come across the idea and so masterfully understand the "occult" forces? Clearly, this understanding and eventual mastery has been around for a very long time on this planet (many thousands of years), so me thinks understanding of the "ancients" is crucial in this regard. And what one comes to appreciate when one really studies the ancients is that they (at different epochs and at different locals) were able to correctly identify the ultimate "puppet master" of humanity, and they then had to "fight fire with fire" to at least neutralise the threat. And again, call them demons, aliens, fallen angels or whatever, but the ancients realised that the threat was outside of normal human perception and comprehension. Thus, the "occult forces of nature" were discovered, understood, practiced, and mastered by various ancient peoples as their "national defence", so to speak. But, because of cyclical Earth cataclisms, each successive civilisation had to "re-discover" the ultimate threat and deal with it in similar ways - some more effeciently than others. And the beauty of it all, is that they often wrote about it openly, as it was a dominating pre-occupation in their lives, but unfortunately, it is often presented to us moderns as "myth", or "superstition", or "allegory", or "metaphor" etc.

Now, in modern times (but thanks to all the various archaeological discoveries by the controlling elite and the incredible information collected), physical hardware can mimic and has largely replaced the need for gifted and well trained individuals who can protect us from the hidden enemy (previously called witches, majicians, druids, seers, priest classes, etc. etc.). And ironically, the controlling elite has used the tech to further control, harm, and "feed off" us, just like the ultimate "puppet masters" or "watchers" could of old.

So my main question now is what is the connection between modern "black magicians" (who are factions within the NSA, MI6, Mossad, and other intel groups) who use the physical tech (but whom also rely on gifted individuals with certain genetic markers), and the ultimate "puppet masters" of old? Are they one in the same? Are they working in tandem or competing with one another? Is using the physical tech just merely a short-cut into the realm of the occult (the hidden parts of nature)?

Regardless of the answers, us sheeple must also rediscover the real threat and also think in terms of "fighting fire with fire". But, that does not entail conventional guns or demonstrations or writing your local congressman... far from it. We also must better understand that hidden realm, and eventually use our own minds to not only fight those negative elements with the physical tech, but also that other more ancient threat. The difficulty is that we have been taught to completely dismiss all of these concepts, and also there are not mainly of us left who have the natural abilities (call it psychic or whatever) to see it "with our own eyes", so to speak. Thus, the realm of "psychedelics" (such as ayahuasca, iboga, or similar) could be crucial in letting the majority of us "less gifted" see the real threat for what it is. This is our "short-cut" and doesn't require fancy hardware and this is what must be done to truly wake up; not ranting and raving, bitching and whining. Just my constructive and practical 2 cents...

Anonymous said...


The cosmos being key to the energy issue planet earth is faced with. Quantum mechanics and astrophysics as one are the cutting edge technology of our time. This is the dimension of the elite and all else is scraps from that table...

It all does not begin here and to think it is the end all is silly and ignorant. Over and over it is said that it all is beyond sight...but who can explain the simplicity of such to those who can't get past the material...?

Thus, the elite rule by default 'laws of nature'...when common man steps up to the plate they become elite 'is truly for all' but this is where choice comes in and no one but the individual can make such 'again law of nature'...

Of coarse there are those that are not capable, for what ever reason, to step up and this is where the command to care for the weak...comes into play. Some elite follow the command and some do not and thus chaos on planet earth.

Wow, what a web is weaved!

Anonymous said...


Ha, this is the fun part(stepping outside the surfdom box) "ranting and raving, bitching and whining (as long is some control)" You bottle that energy up and there will certainly be an uncontrollable explosion!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:39 PM, please consider giving yourself a nick(name). i think i recognize you as the same person in quite a few interesting posts lately but i'm not 100% sure it is the same person each time.

You said . . .

"Is using the physical tech just merely a short-cut into the realm of the occult (the hidden parts of nature)?"

Maybe in the way that training wheels are a short-cut into the realm of riding a bicycle? The moment you realize you're riding, you also realize you didn't actually need the extra wheels. i keep having the thought that 'our' (their?) current, supposedly-'advanced' technical culture isn't going to lead to 'super-advanced' technical culture . . . because at a certain level of development 'technical' things can be done without the tech, or with much simpler tech. At that point it will become clear to modern people (for example) how the pyramids were built.


m_astera said...

Godsend @ 5:00pm:

Thanks for clearing that up for us.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this courageous article. Having been a serious student of history and world events since my tour of duty in Vietnam, I have found everything you said to be the truth. One more truth I recently discovered concerning the JFK murder, having read the great work "Final Judgment" from Piper, there is no doubt left that the mossad was deeply involved with our cia and other elements to bring this event about. They orchestrated it. Just as they are neck deep in the orchestration of 9/11.

GodSend said...

How does humanity fight back?

With a growing collective consciousness.

Consciousness of what?


It's 'spiritual warfare'. The negative spiritual energy on which the 'Alien Race' feeds, versus the positive spiritual energy which emanates from Christ-consciousness.

When God promised to pour out His Spirit on all Flesh in the End Times, Satan and his worshipers (including Zionists - Satanists) will be overwhelmed with the positive spiritual energy of humanity's Christ-consciousness! There is good reason for Eternal Optimism, no matter how dark the world will get! :)

m_astera said...

In Edgar Steele's fascinating book Defensive Racism he makes the observation that although we can readily tell if someone is less intelligent than we are, we lack the ability to see that someone is more intelligent. An analogy might be if we encounter someone who can see further into the infra-red or ultraviolet spectrum, or hear higher or lower tones. We can't see or hear what they are seeing or hearing; we can believe it or disbelieve it and that's about it.

Ever encounter someone spouting off about a subject that you know far better than they do, so much so that you have to keep your mouth shut out of kindness or to keep from laughing?

I would hypothesize that the same applies to those who are more or less emotionally aware or spiritually aware than we are: we can tell if they "get" less than we do, but how do we recognize one who perceives more?

I'm tossing this idea out there based on the recent rants by "godsend" of course. The regular dogmatic cant that Les addressed a few posts earlier, and nothing that anyone raised in Western culture hasn't heard a few thousand times: "Jesus is Jehovah of the Old Testament, kiss his ass you sinner or be tortured for eternity". When confronted with deeper understanding and true knowing, he is unable to recognize it. We would all do well to keep this in mind in our everyday dealings with others. One can only learn when one realizes that they don't already know it all.

Visible said...

We have a winner. Michael you are our one hundredth caller and you get uh... I don't know. You get something and it is going to show up within the hour and then you can testify accordingly because somethings are realer than real.

Let me take this opportunity to say your contributions have been very deep and meaningful for me of late and I now thank my lucky stars that I apologized to you. We should 'get a room' in a metaphorical way.

And let me say again... any of you regulars that can afford a cheap plane ticket really ought to come and visit me this winter. I'm alone here for six weeks beginning mid-December but I'm here till late May and there's always room; just a thought.

GodSend said...

Les, you deserve credit for publishing my comments! :) Even though you keep showing me the door, I keep coming back to show you The Door. Why?

I suggest that you go to my website and just look at the opening page for a while. Look at everything that's there and let it sink in without trying to figure things out with your intellect. Look at the photos, look at the words. Let them speak to you.

When you SEE! the Light, we will all benefit! :)

GodSend said...

m astera

"we lack the ability to see that someone is more intelligent"

I hope you include yourself in "we". ;) Personally, I know many people who are more intelligent than I am. However, intelligence has just about nothing to do with spiritual understanding. Do you understand?

Anonymous said...

"ellis". Yes, I've been the author of many long winded posts of late, which maybe hasn't been too wise. I will sign off now as "Dr.F", if that is important to some.

Your "training wheels" example is excellent, as is your alluding to the pyramids (which I mentioned in a prior post). The hi-tech mastery of the ancients obviously did not require PCs, software, plastic, hydraulics, or "equipment" in the sense of what we have become reliant on. They did use physical things like certain crystals, precious stones, metals, chemicals and such, but at the core was frequency manipulation and an understanding of the occult forces of nature - which really is where "cutting edge" physics is starting to now encroach upon. You know, it reminds me of when a near perfectly mummified man from about 10-20 thousand years ago was discovered in Europe a handful of years ago and appeared on the front of National Geographic. What most people paid little to no attention to was what he carried on himself in his "amulet" (which was only what National Geographic decided to show us, of course). Those sorts of items represent a type of "hi-tech" that COULD HAVE been used for wireless communication, or protection, or healing applications, or fire starting, or weaponry in ancient times. But yet, we dismiss it all as jewelry or superstitious junk. It was their "training wheels", so to speak, with the more advanced masters of their times only needing their minds or words.

For example, I've seen a group of chanting Tibetan monks (about 70 in number, although their number and chant selection was very specific and scientific to them) raise a large piece a granite weighing many tonnes about 3-4 feet off the ground and slowly transport it (at about the speed of a person walking) about 100 yards up a slope and deposit it softly down on the ground at the top. They described it as them matching (with their voices and chant selection) the exact vibrational frequency of the granite slab and thus creating an anti-gravity effect which allowed the slab to be bouyant in the "ethers", then it was easy to direct it with their mind's intentions. Now, here is the amazing part: they believed that even this ability and approach was "childish" compared to what the masters of old could accomplish! And when asked if it's the same principle that allows an opera singer to shatter a crystal glass, he nodded and added that ancient books were written that gave chants in certain dialects that cured all of man's common ailments and allowed for a variety of wonderous physical feats. Are you starting to understand what might be possible now? In fact, many of the stories in the Bible (which were lifted from Egyptian / Babylonian / Sumerian accounts) are either describing the ancient mastery of the "tech" or actual Earth cataclysms. The mysterious golden Ark and the "parting of the Red Sea" are good examples of each. I mean, hell, accounts from very reliable Western sources in the middle to late 1800s talk quite literally about Indian gurus "walking on water" and levitating, and describe it either as "mass hypnosis" or mastery of some "occult powers / forces". And despite all the claims of "hoax / fraud" and "liar" and "charlatan", the writings of Baird T. Spalding and Madame Blavatsky are very illuminating in this regard.


Anonymous said...

Plane ticket to? And what would the dates be? ha, too much Les, what a tease...


Anonymous said...

On the topic of ayahuasca, I have become increasingly convinced that this plant could be a serious tool for us "truth seekers". Of course, this is what David Icke used a handful of years ago and wrote about. Fascinating stuff. I've never done it, and am aware of it's very raw ability to expose certain things to your mind, most often in a dramatic and traumatic fashion, but we all know that the truth is never easy to deal with and acquant with. I am also aware of a variety of essoteric techniques to train myself to be able to retrieve aspects of the truth, but honestly, I don't have the time or perhaps dedication for such involved training nor do I have convenient access to certain specialists for certain procedures. I am reminded of the writing of old Lobsang Rampa here, where in one of his best books he narrates his selection and training over many years, which culminates in an actual operation to manipulate his pineal gland (which he coined the physical "opening of the 3rd eye", which was the first "modern" use of that term in the English language back in the late 1950s). Say what you will about old Lobsang ("fraud", "liar"!), but he really let the cat out of the bag and pissed off those real "lamas" and occultists out there. Really worth the reading if one can get beyond all the negative propaganda about him.

My point: I (we) need a bit of a short-cut to expand our senses in order to perceive the truth. I'm sure Les is aware of certain chemicals also and maybe can offer advice, but I prefer a plant based method. Can you imagine the revolt if they switched out flouride for ayahuasca in the water supply?!


Ben There said...

Can anyone tell me if GodSend has a website?

Visible said...

Godsend, I have no problem with you coming around. i have no problem with Jesus Christ and I assure you he has no problem with me. All of these things are very real for me. I live with and talk to reality every day and that was what the Visible Origami post was about. I have a problem with dogma and cant. It is a 'living God' not a something somewhere out there I don't know in the past who talks in languages that were hijacked by psychopaths from the Chaldeans.

God is real and alive in right inside all of us at this very moment when you read this or it's not real at all.

The Old Testament is Gematria and can only be understood that way and is not at all part of the New Testament which got butchered right well almost right after Gutenberg got to work although the real rape went on much earlier.

All one needs to know about Jesus or God is in the comprehension of Love, compassion and gratitude and that they are a triune expression of that which cannot be defined.

The key phrase, "chosen people' is well exemplified in the tales of the Old Testament and best expressed in the behavior of the characters which should show quite clearly that that God is Satan and that is who these are the chosen people are. This is what Christ came to save them from but they rejected it; though not all.

The day of reckoning is coming and it is not far off.

Visible said...

I'm not buying plane tickets. What I am saying is, if you can get here you can be my guest and I will feed and house you for a week or two and you can use one of my cars and we'll have a chat or two. If you bring some Ketamine then I'll probably even let you walk through one of the portals but I'm not promising anything. However, good company and scintillating conversation and even some possibly outrageous behavior might just be on the menu

Visible said...

I visit ayahuascaland about four times a year. It's not for the timid. Mushrooms should certainly prime the entry point first.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would offer some advice Les. Thanks. I also find it curious that this "God is within us" idea you just expanded on was very prominent in the writings I mentioned in my last 2 posts: Spalding, Blavatsky, and Rampa. Not coincidentally, these 3 (especially Spalding and Rampa) were villified horrifically in their day and ever since, although when one picks up their material and reads it, despite the incredible stories and claims, a wonderful feeling washes over you - and one that I have come to know as "truth".


Anonymous said...

I know your not buying tix...just messin w/ya!


Anonymous said...

For those of you who want a B line to that esoteric realm in high speed...Get born again in the holy spirit, speak in tongues and start singing praise and worship regularly as much as possible! "this is a crude but real wormhole" YOU WILL BE INNOCULATED into a realm that all those drugs can take you. Just keep in mind; it is a danger zone.

I know seems strange, but is logical...just won't get into that sphere of it all.


Anonymous said...

Godsend, I have often wondered about the following. I am sure you will recognize it:
Our father who art in heaven........
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil....
Why would one pray for god to not lead them into temptation?
I have to assume that if one is asking him not to, he can, and does.


Visible said...

I've got a lot I would like to say but it's late night in my part of the world and lots of physical work on the morrow so later for that and so on and so forth. Thank you all. It's great to be here and even more so to find that the company that I believed was there actually was after all.

Anonymous said...


Resistance rises in the Dominican Republic

Emmanuel Santos looks at state repression in the Dominican Republic and the spreading resistance.


November 17, 2008

A march against police repression in San Francisco de Macor�s

A SERIES of social struggles in the Dominican Republic are challenging the increasingly repressive regime of President Leonel Fern�ndez.

On October 21, a 48-hour strike to protest the high cost of living and lack of electricity, health care facilities and infrastructure investment paralyzed San Francisco de Macor�s, the third largest city in the country. The strike, organized by the Alternative Social Forum (FSA), had a huge economic impact and led to street protests in adjacent towns.

Police SWAT teams were dispatched to put down the strike. Officers shot at protesters indiscriminately, wounding 20 people during violent street clashes. More than 50 people were arrested.

The death of two teenagers shot by police shocked the entire country. Then, four people were wounded when police interrupted the funeral of one of the murdered teens.

But this was not the first time innocent people faced the wrath of the local police. In fact, the police in San Francisco de Macor�s have a history of carrying out extrajudicial executions against poor youth. In 2004, Rafael Guillermo Guzm�n Ferm�n, was removed from his post as police commander because of protests.

Ferm�n had led a death squad that hunted for young people at night. Locals nicknamed his gang of uniformed assassins "Los Cirujanos" (the surgeons) because many of those shot became paraplegic.

But Ferm�n's career wasn't ended after his removal from local office. Last year, Ferm�n was named chief of police by President Fern�ndez, whose government is instrumental in legitimizing repressive measures to fight crime under the guise of the so-called "war on drugs." In the meantime, new media revelations implicate upper echelons of the military in the drug trade.

Under a "democratic security policy" put in place with the aid of the U.S. and Colombia, police and undercover units are conducting raids in poor neighborhoods, killing Black youth and criminalizing the poor.

In San Francisco de Macor�s, complaints about police brutality had reached a crescendo before the strike October 21. The local governor, a member of the ruling party, was forced to ask government authorities to transfer the entire police department. On October 23, however, a massive demonstration in the city sent a loud message to the government in one of the biggest demonstrations against police brutality in recent memory.

For a moment, the strike had the potential of spreading nationwide. But a section of the FSA, the left-wing Broad Front of Popular Struggle (FALPO), opened a dialogue with the government and negotiated a truce. FALPO's willingness to make a deal with the government has to do with its recent decision to participate in local elections, leading it to set aside its more radical politics.

Moreover, the government has already had some success in co-opting the opposition. A deal signed between the bosses and the main labor unions freezes salaries for two years.

But agreements and negotiations are unlikely to bring an end to the rising social struggle in the Dominican Republic. So far this year, public sector doctors from the Dominican Medical Association (CMD) have struck ten times to demand a salary increase. Their actions are giving confidence to other union workers and the unorganized.

Fern�ndez is trying to divide the union through both co-optation and violence. On every occasion, CMD marches have been dispersed by tear gas and brutal police force. In early October, SWAT teams and police forcefully removed doctors during a hunger strike in the Health Department headquarters. Additionally, displaced hurricane victims join in with those affected by constant blackouts to organize protests regularly.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

THIS CRACKDOWN is part of broader shift to the right by President Fern�ndez. During the recent presidential campaign, he declared himself the political heir of former right-wing strongman Joaquin Balaguer to appeal to conservative voters, and fill the political vacuum left by Balaguer after his death in 2002.

Between 1966 and 1978, Balaguer's U.S.-backed reign of terror wiped out the left and the labor movement while opening up the economy to foreign multinationals in an employers' offensive that continues to this day. And like his predecessors, Fern�ndez embraces anti-Haitian racism and social conservatism to push forward the employer's offensive.

In August, Fern�ndez announced new cuts in food subsidies and a freeze on infrastructure investment including roads, schools and hospitals so as to reduce the deficit and guarantee the payment of the foreign debt.

As the effects of the world financial crisis destroy jobs and wages, ordinary people in many parts of the country demand solutions to their problems in the form of strikes while Fern�ndez escalates repression in manner not seen since the 1970s. However, this is not having its intended effect and instead, is creating a backlash against his government.

A key focal point of the resistance is the scandal over fake milk used in the government's school breakfast program. A media uproar pressured the government to transfer the Minister of Education to a less visible cabinet position: that of women's affairs. The fact that an arrogant, corrupt government official was put in charge of this department highlights the government's low regard for women's rights.

But the battle was far from over. L�cteos Dominicanos (Ladom), the milk supplier, sued two veteran independent journalists, Huchi Lora and Nuria Piera,for their role in breaking the milk scandal. A court ruling allowed Ladom's lawyers to enter the journalists' office to get unedited footage related to the scandal. This infuriated journalists and left activists who denounced it as nothing more than a typical intimidation tactic to silence independent media.

The court ruling was far from the only attack on the media, however. A new wave of violent attacks against independent journalists erupted after a cameraman was shot in August. Many journalists have become more reluctant to cover politics because of fear of reprisals.

But on September 23, some 300 people marched to protest the court ruling on the milk scandal as well as the climate of fear that has made it more difficult for journalists to do their work in recent months. This was the first time in many years that journalists marched against state repression and censorship.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

WHILE CRACKING down on the press and protesters, the government and the far right has ramped up its attacks on the traditional scapegoat in Dominican politics: Haitian immigrants. Between September 2004 and June 2008, more than 65,000 Haitian immigrants have been deported, all this under Fern�ndez's watch.

On July 14, Gysselle Baret Reyes, a Dominican married to a Haitian immigrant, was kidnapped by two men and a woman for several hours. During her ordeal, her assailants poured acid on her left arm. They also questioned her about her family and her ties with Emildo Bueno Oguis, a Dominico-Haitian who is conducting a legal battle against the government to demand a birth certificate so he can travel to the U.S. and reunite with his American-born wife.

The attack on Reyes was in retaliation for her appearance on public television where she denounced government authorities for denying birth certificates to her children. This is typical: the Dominican government refuses to grant citizenship rights to thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent.

Anti-immigrant rhetoric serves to justify border militarization under the banner of fighting the drug trade, terrorism and human trafficking and national sovereignty.

Under the U.S. Merida Initiative, more military aid is on the way to upgrade the Dominican army, which will be to conduct more raids and deportations against Haitian immigrants. Furthermore, meetings between the Dominican government and the Brazilian-dominated UN military occupation forces in Haiti have fostered closer links with the Brazilian military, which is inflicting a brutal repression against followers of former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide.

This attack on immigrants is part of an employers' offensive that instills fear in Haitian immigrants and prevents them from organizing in unions. Still, immigrants are fighting back. Early this year, 120 immigrants mutinied while on route to Haiti. And immigrant rights marches in the border provinces have taken place.

If President Fern�ndez gets his way, anti-Haitian measures will be enshrined in a proposed new constitution that would grant him additional powers and allow him to be re-elected indefinitely.

The new constitution contemplates, among other things, defining marriage as "a union between a man and a woman" and strengthening what are already harsh anti-abortion laws.

But perhaps the main target of the constitution is Haitians. According to the new constitution, children of undocumented immigrants would not be granted citizenship. No other immigrant group, other than Haitians, has been subject to these segregationist laws.

Even without the constituional changes, Dominico-Haitians constantly find their legal status threatened. Last year, Sonia Pierre, an immigrant rights activist, came under attack by a small right wing party, part of the governing coalition, which tried to seek a court ruling to annul her citizenship under the grounds that her parents were undocumented Haitian immigrants.

But she scored an important victory against the right and the government when activists launched a campaign to defend her, setting a legal precedent that opened the door to future legal battles.

Yet if the Dominican can't strip Haitians' rights through legal means, it's prepared to use violence to intimidate them. Recently, Haitian immigrants were subjected brutal attacks at the same time strikes and protests were taking place in many parts of the country.

In the city of Neyba, two Haitian immigrants were murdered by Dominicans after a Dominican was supposedly killed by a Haitian immigrant. Other violent attacks followed in the town of Guayub�n, where 30 houses belonging to Haitian immigrants were burned by a mob after a Haitian was suspected of murdering a Dominican man.

As usual, racist violence against Haitian immigrants remains unpunished because local authorities are behind the attacks. In fact, the mayor of Guayub�n is accused of being one of the organizers of the latest violence.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media spread racist ideas about Haitians, who are portrayed as drug dealers, delinquents and rapists. Both politicians and the Catholic Church whip up racist frenzy by blaming Haitian immigrants for crime, "stealing" jobs from Dominicans and spreading disease.

But contrary to mainstream media propaganda, Haitians and Dominican live side by side in poor neighborhoods, and are more integrated than ever before in their workplaces. Though, many ordinary Dominicans embrace racist ideas about Haitians, they're not responsible for spreading racism and organizing violence against immigrants. The blame for those atrocities rests with the government and the employers.

The more recent attacks led to the deportation of some 500 Haitian immigrants under the pretext of "protecting their lives." In any case, the same army and police that are responsible for suppressing labor struggles and murdering Black Dominican youth can't be expected to protect the lives of Haitian immigrants. As of this writing, the town of Navarrete is under military occupation after street protests exploded in protests.

The resistance to Fern�ndez's repression provides a new opportunity to challenge the government's divide-and-conquer tactics. Working-class unity between Haitians and Dominicans will be crucial to rebuild the labor movement and the left in order to challenge racist violence and fight for better working conditions and wages for everyone.


Anonymous said...

In regards to god(s) in various ancient texts, including the Bible, I like Z. Sitchin's take on it; mainly, due to intentional or accidental poor translations over a long period of time, what the ancients were describing has become severely distorted to us. It would appear that much of what the ancients were talking about were physical beings ("the gods who came from above") who were more advanced technologically than the common human being in a variety of locals. They had physical prowess, were bigger / taller, lived MUCH longer, had tech, understood much about nature / occult forces, could manipulate genetics, were here for selfish reasons, could be vengeful and violent, and came from off planet (Nibiru was one name for their home). They had some sort of off planet ship also (in "heaven" which was wrongly translated, but is thought to have meant within the asteroid belt). Now this talk about the god(s) is largely what the Bible rambles on about, albeit it in a very distorted fashion (intentionally), BUT should not be confused with the idea-concept of an eternal spirit / wisdom / force / light / love that is in every one of us, and which is ALSO talked about in every ancient text of every ancient civilisation. So, what must be distinguished is ancient people with god-like powers relatively speaking, from an eternal "GOD" / Christ / light consciousness that exists within all of us all the time. The ancient human beings (Sumerians and the ones long prior) knew this very well and most eventually embarked on how to become god-like by tapping into the GOD force (occult), if you get my meaning. The Bible blends many old texts and stories together, which have been edited and poorly translated by a variety of physical people (Kings, Popes, priests) for political reasons and other agendas. In this context it is a fascinating document, but one that is a real complicated mish-mash of stuff. If only someone who lived in about 400 AD had collected all the ancient texts that the Bible "makers" later used (which were at one time housed in the infamous Library of Alexandria no doubt), and then included the "gospels" and writings of ALL those who had important things to say at that time, and then if we could properly translate it all into modern English without intentional mistakes, political agendas, or overt editing, THEN we would have some extraordinary reading. Real history would be exposed. Real villains would be exposed. Real solutions would be evident.

In fact, something very similar to this type of document did exist and was "written" about 12-15 thousand years ago. It told the history of the Earth over many different cycles, and one that detailed the occult forces of nature, detailed the sciences to an incredible standard, and one that outlined humanities main issues. That "book" was in fact inscribed all over the face of the Great Pyramid at Giza, which for the vast majority of its existence was covered in a light colored fascia. It was still partially on the pyramid up until Napolean's visit and was recorded in many personal accounts of the late 1700s and indeed before, including ancient Greek and Roman times. Then, incredibly, it was systematically shelled and scraped off the pyramid entirely by French (and/or possibly British) forces. What could have been written all over that massive structure??? It was probably the best collection of truths that have ever existed on Earth.

GodSend said...


Yes, He can and Yes, He does - on occasion. But remember, He will not allow us (those who worship, love and trust Him) to be tempted beyond what we are able to resist. Sometimes the test requires us to surrender our life ("Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him" - is the correct response). It's usually a non life-threateninga test (of our Faith and Trust in God) when it happens. It's not usually a pleasant experience, so it's understandable to pray that He would not lead us into temptation. Of course, if you're a masochist............;)

m_astera said...

Hello Ringmaster-

That's a circus reference, not a Tolkien one, BTW.

Yes, I got my prize, thank you. And it was within the hour, too. The first was your marvelous post on magic at visible origami, which I had to let settle in for a little while. It was a bit past 4pm here, and I needed to ride my bicycle uptown to sell some silver to a jeweler there. Usually I turn left going out the gate when going into the city; this afternoon I turned right and headed down the sidewalk towards the beach. The sidewalk is between two high concrete barrier walls that surround the low-rise complex I live in from the high-rise next door, an open-roofed tunnel about 3 meters wide and 100 meters long, with grass and bushes growing either side of the walkway. The first 20 or 30 meters is maintained, then it gets wild and the trinitaria vines and flor de reina bushes and the tall grass take over. I needed the nature connection you wrote about. I've been wrapped up in the book project for the past six weeks and out of touch with my real home.

So I stopped the bicycle where the jungle was, and connected immediately. Sometimes it takes longer when I've been out of touch and focused on human things; not today. Today it was Hi! Where you been? And I asked, just as you suggested. Funny how someone else's perspective can remind us of what we've been forgetting while giving us a new approach as well. I don't mind sharing what I asked for. I said "Oh my beloved, take me to a new place, a place where I am appreciated and can use what I know and help to make this world better". And the colors glowed and the peace settled in.

The tunnel ends at the beach, where I turned right again and rode along to where a road comes down that leads back to civilization. The ride of thirty or so blocks to the city center of Porlamar was sweet; traffic wasn't bad, and the negotiations with the jeweler went smoothly for once.

Thanks Les. Thanks for the prize. And thanks for what you are doing here. I have been so damned lonely; not for people to talk politics with, but for those to talk spirit with who get it, who know it. I can still be bullshitted about some things but spirit isn't one of them. Thanks for being real.

Love you, brother.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les and friends: truth is ugly indeed. I try to be as close as truth as possible. According to Bob Avakian (Chairman of the US revolutionary Party (http://www.rwor.org) there will be a Civil War in USA. there is just too much hatred in this country, too much division in the Divided Zionist Capitalists Racist States of America. (DZCRSA)

my sisters and relatives don't talk to me and my parents, because i offended the right-wing pastor of the church that she goes to. They (The zionist baptist pastor) had an anti-obama blogger so i told him that there is no mccain-palin to protect their zionist freedoms anymore

Things will look ugly indeed !!

Canfood, rum and guns !!


Anonymous said...

A speech conference about the current Economic Situation from a workers point of view:



GodSend said...


Here, for the record, is the entire Lord's Prayer:

"Our Father, Who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come,
Thy Will be done,
On earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.
For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, for ever and ever.
Amen" (Matthew)

Do you have any more questions about the meaning?

m_astera said...


Yes, every souled being wants love, and that unfortunately brings up my unanswered question "Do all humans have a soul?"

The organic portals thing, or the sons of satan. Which I was sort of alluding to with the mitochondria reference.

I've had the J's Witnesses come around; more so the young Mormons posing as elders. Makes me smile. If they wanted to talk spirit, they were welcome to come in, sit down, have tea or coffee (coffee is a sin for some; good thing it's not one for me or I would be in trouble). What it always turned into though was they wanted to preach about things they knew nothing of, hoping for an ego-boosting new convert, but they were unable to discuss, or even to listen. They were always welcome if I had the time, but they eventually quit coming around. Bless their little cotton socks. :)

Dr F:

Technology indeed. There's a very interesting book written in the late 1980s called War In Heaven" by Kyle Griffith; one can find it on line. Quite a bit of the book has to do with what is apparently machine technology and computers that exist on the astral plane. That old as above so below thing. Hey, why not? If you haven't read it I'd say check it out. I found it especially valuable for the description of the stages that the hyperdimensional parasitism has gone through, from human sacrifice cults (think the Aztecs) to organized religion to today's sports arenas and rock concerts where the crowd's emotional energy is whipped up to a fever pitch and siphoned off as food for the needy ones.

As for competition, my feeling is that it is all competition for that crowd. Like a pack of jackals without the redeeming qualities of true jackals. They will band together to bring down succulent prey, but are ready to turn on each other in a heartbeat and rip their allies to shreds if it serves their personal advantage. Cooperation is strictly opportunistic. They are not in open competition with each other only so long as the actions of one serve the interests of the other.

I liked Les's comment about them being paid back in their own coin:

"one of the big summing ups are at hand and they get rewarded in their own coin by the dark face of God just as it is on the bright side."

Oh man. As you sow, so shall you reap.

So what exactly is our best defense and protection? All my evidence convinces me that the dark side is the opposite of creative; they couldn't create their way out of a wet paper bag. :) Look at their dumb stuff: celebrating in graveyards, wearing crosses upside down, saying the Lord's Prayer backwards. Derivative, juvenile, and boring. Boring pretty much sums them up in my view. If they ruled the world, what would they do with their time? Play golf? Lounge around their palaces and yachts? Hire entertainers?

I'm being humorous, but I don't underestimate the danger and harm they represent. We can't compete head to head with them on causing damage, we simply don't have it in us. Paraphrasing Edgar Steele again, someone with ethics and morals going up against them is like a bare-knuckle fistfight where you voluntarily tie one hand behind your back.

What we have, though, is access to the creative power, and they don't. They resort to sacrificing animals and humans to release the life energy in the hopes of directing it to nefarious ends. They torture, browbeat, threaten, blackmail, starve, and whip others to force compliance. We have all of the creative energy of the universe at our beck and call simply for the asking. They need to trick or coerce or bribe those with higher talents into working for them, as they cannot access those talents themselves. They are reduced to working mass to mass, on whatever dimension, while we can simply dream it into being if we are in harmony with creation. That right there is our advantage: We can create our way out of this mess.

And have fun doing it! (fun is mandatory)

GodSend said...


Your reading of Holy Scripture is very unique! For example:

All one needs to know about Jesus or God is in the comprehension of Love, compassion and gratitude and that they are a triune expression of that which cannot be defined.

I'm afraid that LVV (Les Visible Version) is unacceptably deficient in content, meaning and accuracy. You flunked Reading Comprehension!

On the other hand, this summary is 'spot-on':

It is a 'living God'

It is also a 'Living Word'. "The Word of God is living and powerful"

Here you get somewhat fuzzy:

This is what Christ came to save them from but they rejected it; though not all.

Christ came to "wash away the sin of the world" - from ALL of humanity - including you and me - IF we accept His sacrifice on the Cross and Repent (change our sinful and/or rebellious behavior). They (Jewish religious leaders) rejected Him, even though one of their prophets (Isaiah) clearly identified Him in prophecy (Isaiah 53). Yes, not all rejected Him. Then, as now, rejecting Him means that you disbelieve what He said. He said that He is the Son of God and is God ("I and the Father are one"). He also said many other things, perhaps most notably: "No one comes to the Father except through Me". My all-time favorite is: "I AM". Granted, it's very short - but does it ever pack a punch! :)

su said...

That Ketamine portal walk through does sound mighty appealing.
Time for a break..........

GodSend said...

About Anon's 4:13AM comments:

Zecharia Sitchin believes in the accuracy of Holy Scripture.

Holy Scripture is the 'Inspired Word of God', not some mish-mash of revised and inaccurate ancient texts. Bible Codes embedded in the OT AND the NT (see link to the article about Dr. Ivan Panin original discovery in one of my previous comments) represent God's 'Signature' of authenticity. No such 'Signature' has been discovered in any other ancient text, to my knowledge. The KJV and the NKJV are both acceptable translations into English - even though some nuances of the original languages have been 'lost in translation'. Various people who have a command of all relevant languages have offered more meaningful translations of selected passages - so they have not really been lost.

The bottom line is that Holy Scripture, as presented to us in their original languages as well as in the above-named translations, delivers God's messages to humanity with clarity. "God is not the author of confusion". In this, as well as other matters, God used (and uses) 'ordinary' human beings (including non-believers and evil men) to carry out His Will. He lets other things happen through His 'Permissive Will'. All of Satan's actions fall into that category. 'Why?' is not an appropriate question for us to ask. He is the Creator - we are His creatures (the Potter's clay). Our spirit originated with God and returns to God when we die (once!). These statements are corroborated by Holy Scripture. Let's not talk about the 2nd Death because it's too ghastly to think about - especially late at night when it's dark! ;)

Anonymous said...

To m_astera at 6:35am.

I really enjoyed reading your recent post regarding the the dark forces, and their pathetic means of compensating for their lack of creative power. This is an interesting perspective that I never really considered. I also appreciate Edgar Steele's commentaries... he is a brilliant "creative" writer.

To Les- Yesterday afternoon I listened to your posted MP3 files. Between, your picture, your music, and MP3 files, I have a very vivid understanding of you. I truly hope that before the shit hits the fan that I can swim across the pond that separates us and meet you in person... have a round or two of beers. Unfortunately, my business travel is only State-side because my International traveling ended over 18 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Dr. F, certainly no apology needed for any reason, and i enjoyed reading all of what you posted. And what you are describing is kind of what i have been suspecting from things i have read*, and it's awesome that you actually saw a demo and got to talk to the people who did the demo, who themselves realized that what they could do was child's play compared to what the older people could do . . . (sigh!)

*Including Christopher Dunn on the pyramids, and the Heath brothers on stone circles and (pre)ancient 'mensuration.' (They didn't need electronic calculators . . .)

BTW i am going to claim that what i just did was, i just produced the very FIRST Mirrors comment with an ACTUAL FOOTNOTE ! ! ! ! !

Also BTW, Dr. F, are you aware of Lost Star of Myth and Time, by Walter Cruttenden??? IMO a very helpful arrival.


Anonymous said...

GodSend: Hey, I'm sure you are a nice guy, with a big heart, and passion to change things for the better, so please don't take offence. BUT, to claim that any "modern" Bible (including the KJV) is a "Holy Scripture delivering a single God's direct inspired message with clarity" is absolutely preposterous and completely ridiculous. Now, I do think the Bible is an important and fascinating document (on a variety of levels), but it is very clear it is a pieced together and HEAVILY EDITED document with much political agenda behind it. The Word of God (singular), you say??!! How can you read it and say that? KJV is literally a King's "version"; what don't you understand about that? Many corrupt people were responsible for physically editing the Bible. Do you have an original edition from about 400 AD to compare? I didn't think so. Even something as fundamental as Eve being created from Adam's rib is ridiculous and confusing, until one realises that the translation was wrong (intentionally); although one defintion of the Sumerian word was "rib bone", the other more appropriate was "life essence / force", meaning either from Adamic Man's "soul" or "blood / genetics" depending on your take. This is one of literally 100s of examples.

The Bible does contain codes (many of which are secret society stuff, similar to what is embedded in "Shakespeare"), but nearly at every turn there is misdirection and intentional confusion. The ancient documents and texts (from Egyptian / Babylonian / Sumerian times and perhaps even before) that the Bible is largely based upon were written in literal fashion and were accurate accounts of history often mixed with warnings and lessons. But, the way the Bible has "mish-mashed" it forces intelligent people to accept it as fable / allegory / metaphor if at all, which is the biggest tragedy in my opinion. And frankly, the stuff that was "edited out" of the evolving Bible over the centuries was most likely the most important to the common man, and most threatening to the Controllers. It must be understood that the ancients wrote in literal terms, although a common "style" (again, similar to what "Shakespeare" did) at least in Sumerian (but not so much in Sanskrit of the Vedas) was to weave in "double meanings", sort of what we would call a pun. This was important from a political stand point (ie. being able to state something controversial indirectly) as well as artistic (trying to impress by being clever).

And as I've stated above, the various ancient civilisations that have existed on this planet had experienced certain things, learned certain things, and worked out much of what confuses and enslaves us today. And they wrote it all down before the cyclical Earth cataclysms wreaked havoc on them, hoping that their survivors wouldn't have to start from complete scratch. This is why "megalithic" architecture flourished nearly everywhere, because it was meant to withstand crazy levels of destruction, and then leave valuable information to the survivors. Every ancient culture says that we are now in the 6th "rise of man", meaning that since Sumerian times until now is the 6th time human beings have risen from nearly nothing. And that the 3rd and 4th were actually much more sophisticated and advanced than we are now. The irony is that we moderns officially acknowledge nothing prior to the Sumerians ("everything before that was cavemen and wild Indians"), so we are ignoring 5 complete cycles possibly spanning many millions of years. Atlantis existed and was the concluding civilisation of the 5th cycle, for example, and MANY, MANY artifacts have indeed been found, but this would be under the heading of "Forbidden Archaeology" because it all turns standard theories / science on its ear - and the Controllers can't have that. Average people would be completely astonished at what has been found around just North America since the early 1800s - and you can thank the Smithsonian Institute for being the official gatekeeper to all those finds. And I'm not even referring to incedible finds in the Middle East and Asia.

My point GodSend: the Bible is an important document in that it primarily represents what our "6th Rise" is all about - and that is control, manipulation, and confusion. In that sense, the Bible is no different from any current University history or science book that is very tightly edited and devoid of most real truths. The Bible exposes the fact that there are Controllers who wish to misdirect and hide things that are very important to common man, and this is of value. The fact that it is the most published book of this long era should tell you something profound, if you UNDERSTAND WHO HAS CONTROLLED PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTION since the invention of the printing press. They are people who have never been about truth, at least for us goys. King James didn't give a shit about spreading any truth to commoners, nor did the various Popes who influenced the Bible. Do you actually think that the Controllers would allow such powerful truth direct from the mouth of God to exist in every shitty little motel across the USA??!! The Bible is the greatest piece of psych-ops ever written and distributed en mass, but very important in highlighting certain agendas, certain concerns, certain villains, certain scenarios. In this way, it really is important, but obviously not as HOLY SCRIPTURE.

I'm sure you will want to debate me endlessly, GodSend, but I will respectfully decline. My understanding of history and the Bible does not mean that I deny the existence of a "god-force" or a "christ-consciousness" or an eternal "soul". I am certainly spiritual, but not religious in any way. We both have our opinions, neither of which will change in the near future, so let's just leave it at that, shall we?


Anonymous said...

You go Dr. F LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Ellis: Yes I am familar with your references. Very coincidentally I happen to have a copy of the "Giza Powerplant" 2 feet away from me as I was going to lend it out soon! For a relative "non-connected outsider" Dunn has made some very logical and fascinating conclusions.

My original training / speciality was in human evolution and archaeology, but I began to see all the ridiculous politics / agendas / faulty theories / cover-ups and just plain intended misdirection for what it was. That lead me down some long rabbit holes that has been quite a journey. I understand that people stumble over comprehending the extent of the "conspiracy" needed for covering up our true history. I understand the pain of cognitive dissonance. I understand human ego, greed, arrogance. People are born into such a Matrix now, and it really is ironic that not only did the ancients know more than us in mnay ways, but people who lived just 100-200 years ago were onto things and aspects of the truth that are out of reach for most now. As a tiny example, in the mid 1800s in the USA, it was relatively common to unearth ancient mummified remains that were between 7-12 feet in height who were blonde, robust, and garbed in stuff that was a cross between ancient Chinese / Egyptian clothing and jewelry (but would have predated those cultures by thousands of years...). They also had coins and advanced metal weapons / tools. I have a science degree in human evolution / archaeology and never had a clue about any of it! That is powerful censorship and propaganda, my friends. Hell, even the native American Indians would tell you that tall blondes with a strange and advanced culture pre-dated them on the North / South American continents by countless years, and that there was interaction of sorts in the very early days.

But, the good news is that all the ancients talk about the real, good stuff, and as long as it is correctly translated (which is no small feat) and then taken at face value in literal terms, then the "truth" begins to be fleshed out, as crazy and as wild as it may initially seem. How many times and in how many languages and by how many people over a vast time frame must it take before what the ancients claimed starts to sink in? If they all say our ancestors came from space in rocket ships, for example, then how useful is it to keep laughing it off and labelling it allegory or myth?


Anonymous said...

Dr.F said, "Ellis: Yes I am familar with your references."

But does that include the Cruttenden book? . . . and i'm asking only because (1) the book is kind of new and some people who i would have guessed would have heard about it already, haven't, and (2) it's about a piece of information -- having what i would say is a very high likelihood of being valid -- that IF valid, is one of the most important facts for humans to orient themselves in the natural environment. Out sun has a 'life partner'.

("ellis, are you sirius?" "NO, but IT is!")


Anonymous said...

Of course that's supposed to read, OUR sun has a life partner.


Anonymous said...

To: Dr F.:
Your posting to Godsend was similar to mine but I failed to expand on my post as eloquently and thoroughly as you.

In one of my posts above I gave mention to a book that I had read recently:

"One book that I have read recently is far-reaching, but profound. The thing that hit me and amazed me the most is that this book answered most of the unanswered questions I had". Titled: "Alien Interview" by Lawrence R. Spencer; a $5.00USD download from:


I don't know if you would be interested in reading this book, or the audio file of the interview that Rense.com did with Spencer.

(edit/find word/spencer, to locate this free audio file in the website directory)

If you reply to my email (shown in my profile), I will send you a PDF copy of this book, and pay for the additional $5.00USD copy costs with Lulu Press Publishers. I would appreciate your knowledgeable opinion on the transcripts that this book is based on, which parallels Zacharia Sitchin’s books on the Ancients as well as your previous posts. Thank you for your reply, and your previous posts.

GodSend said...


Is that Dr.Fearless, Dr.Filibuster or Dr.F***?

Did you hear the one about the Dr.Who delivered a big F*** in a crowded elevator - and then ran like Hell?

Are you the Dr.F*** president of your local debating club?

Gimme a break - no, scratch that! One F*** from you is more than enough! TGIF.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

To Godsend regarding his reply to Dr. F.:

“Dr.F- Is that Dr.Fearless, Dr.Filibuster or Dr.F***?”

Dr. F. was being frank with you G**send, so I guess that you can refer to him as Dr. Frank.

This blog is a shared forum of ideas, and thoughts… not a debating session. However, even if this was a debating forum, you have attempted to turn it into a pissing contest. Your previous posted responses become nothing more that a quote from a book, which was grossly edited and poorly, translated from its original content. Even the true content of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been abridged. Analogously, you are aimlessly walking around in a round room looking for a corner to piss in.

What Dr. F. (Frank) was telling you is based on factual evidence, and he even told you his beliefs in his closing:

“My understanding of history and the Bible does not mean that I deny the existence of a "god-force" or a "christ-consciousness" or an eternal "soul". I am certainly spiritual, but not religious in any way. We both have our opinions, neither of which will change in the near future, so let's just leave it at that, shall we?”

However, Dr. F.'s posted comments left you temporarily speechless, so you start-in with your rants, even cryptically utilizing the F*** word… just say it G**send; FUCK! It’s just a fucking word!

I see a lot of arrogance in your nickname of “Godsend”. Do you really believe that God has appointed and sent you to come to this Smoke and Mirrors blog to debate us, or even save us? I mean realistically, why not call yourself the “Ubiquitous Most Puissant Grand Master of the Universe”, it will have the same meaning, and this nickname would be just as false as “Godsend”.

I use the nickname “In retrospect” because I find myself constantly backing up, changing my thought processes and discernments based on other peoples’ perspectives, factual discoveries, and archeological evidence… not mythical religious conjecture that was pumped into my brain since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.

Throughout this entire string of blog postings I have read every word that you have posted, and the patient responses of people who have offered you their thoughts and opinions. I see you as a man, who thinks he is on a mission from God to spread the gospel truth as you see it, based on a book that is laced with 2000+ years of self-serving intent… and you are afraid that perhaps, in retrospect, you may actually be supporting one of the greatest, of many frauds that has ever been committed through religion. We are all part of a living God, composed of matter that exists on a linear plane of time, and we communicate through a common linkage of thought. Some people like yourself have a hard time grasping this concept and, yet, wonder why people refuse to reduce their perspective of understanding the truth through your myopic visions and self-appointed agendas. You are not a messenger of God, and if you were, you would be nothing more than a living example of why our World is so fucked-up!

My children are all grown-up now but when they were young they would ask me the profound question of “Why”. Why do people kill, why is there War, why is life unfair, why, why, why, why. To answer these endless questions of “why”, with an answer they would be able to understand and grasp, I would tell them the story of the “Dog and the Whale”.

Story: A whale is the largest animal on the face of the earth, and certain species of whales have throats that can only open wide enough to swallow small fish and plankton. A dog is one of the smallest animals on the face of the Earth, yet a dog’s throat can open wider to swallow a large piece of meat whole. Did you ever wonder why a large animal like a whale has a tiny throat, and a small animal like a dog has a larger throat? ANSWER: Because that’s the way it is, and there is nothing you can do to change this.

I hope this story will help your understanding of the World, and to expand your sights beyond the Bible. Even Jesus did not require a Holy Scripture to speak the truth, and the Bible has far-removed the meaning of anything that Jesus would have said. In closing, please ask yourself these questions: If Jesus was a teacher, then logically you would presume that Jesus wrote his own gospel. Why isn’t there a gospel of Jesus in the New Testament; perhaps because it was destroyed? What would Jesus have written; perhaps something that contradicted the authority of the high priests of the church, and possibly the fact that he was not the Christ?

Like, Dr. F., I have posted my thoughts and my beliefs to you, and feel that you can either accept this or leave it. Let’s leave it at that.

GodSend said...

So, in retrospect, are you interested in listening to a reply to your comments - or do you just want to 'leave it at that', like Dr.F? Dr.F got on his soapbox and then got off and left the room. Basically, he FARTed in a crowded elevator (this Blog) - and then left and slammed the door shut (not wanting to listen to a counter-argument). You totally misunderstood my comment to Dr.F - as you misunderstand my use of 'GodSend'. So perhaps this is another time to be retrospective, as well as introspective?

The search for Truth should not end until one finds it. Once you find it, you can stop searching (SEE! the parable of the treasure in the field). How will you know when and if you've found the Truth? It will be self-evident and you will be able to clarify your spiritual knowledge with your intellect (reason). Of course, if the recipient is not on the same plane, you could be talking and expounding 'til the cows come home'. It will be 'Greek' to them! ;)

Anonymous said...

godsend has been coming here for quiet some time now. He always gets the same response (from different people as they pass through or not).
He wouldn't be here if he was sure of his dogma- and of course, purely by him being here, he is not.
Like all of us he sees Les as someone very special. Someone who may be able to help him in his continuing understanding of what he has already learnt but is frightened to continue with.
Keep at it mate you'll get there- our (your and my) God will see to it!

GodSend said...

Tony, you are a deceptive little Aussie bloke. I think I hear your lonely camel braying for your company! ;)

GodSend said...

PS to Tony

Hope you and your lovely camel, Sheile, have a great weekend! (I always wondered why camel jokes are so popular 'Down Under'. Of course, 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' (Kiwis prefer sheep)).

Anonymous said...

Response to godsend:

A parable is a allegorical fable, story, or tale with a hidden meaning, such as “The Treasure Hidden in the Field (Matt. 13:44)” and “The Dog and the Whale (In retrospect 3:57pm)”. One person’s treasure may have no value or could be considered meaningless trash to another person’s needs. The truth is a priceless commodity, and people have paid a big price to expose it (e.g. people who have dared to expose the Jewish Holocaust myth; people who have dared to expose the hypocrisy and lies of religion). Throughout the history of humanity, the Ruling Religious and Authoritarian Establishments have buried the truth, and have killed to prevent its discovery. One of the greatest assets that a person can have is a clear conscience and the unbridled ability to speak the “EVIDENT” truth freely. Regardless of the value and allure of gold/gem treasures, some people cannot be bought and will continue to seek and speak the truth at all costs… they would rather die than support a lie. This is my understanding and opinion regarding your biblical fable of “The Hidden Treasure in the Field”. You and I will always have different opinions and values… because that’s the way it is! What is your point in wishing to continue with this conversation, do you feel that you have something to prove?

BTW: You still have not answered the ‘two questions’ I have asked you at the end of my last post at 3:37pm.

Anonymous said...

To Tony who said:

"He wouldn't be here if he was sure of his dogma- and of course, purely by him being here, he is not."

Yes Tony, this was also my contention with regard to G**send’s posts. I've only been posting on this blog for a couple of months, and at this juncture I will tend to read more than I write. However, I felt that I had to say something. G**send’s crude responses to your post, shows that you forced him to push his distress button, just as Dr. F. did.

I have experienced many years of civil litigation as a pro-se plaintiff (without an attorney) in U.S. Federal District Courts. During the pre-trial Discovery phase, you serve interrogatories (relevant questions) to the opposing defendant. It doesn't matter what questions your opponent answers, or what questions they ask you... what really matters are the undisputable facts that your opponent avoids or refuses to answer.

Such is the case with G**send, in which our posts, and his (lack of) response has demonstrated this avoidance factor very well. Putting aside the fact that this continued string of posts have no relevance to Les Visible’s original blog article, we can only contend that G**send’s intent is anything other than righteous. This also supports the point I made in my first response to G**send:

“You are not a messenger of God, and if you were, you would be nothing more than a living example of why our World is so fucked-up!”

GodSend said...

In retrospect, you remind me of an old car - the Rambler! I haven't quite figured out the reason yet, but I suspect you're someone who is caught up in his own fantasy world and can't find a way out into reality. The chances are that you never will because the imaginary walls of your mental prison have become so thick over time that breaking them down (being confronted with Truth) would render you insane.

End of discussion. You need to consult a psychiatrist. Good Luck!

GodSend said...

PS to in retrospect

During your first visit to the psychiatrist, tell your story of 'The whale and the dog'. You might want to include a giraffe in the story, as well, to make it more multi-dimensional. :O

Anonymous said...

In retrospect, the more appropriate definition of me would be “Traveler” or “Gypsy” because I have never lived in one place more than 5-years. Of course since you were referring to the Rambler automobile, it may be because many of the early 1960s Rambler models had pushbutton electro-magnetic, transducer-interfaced transmissions. I once had a Rambler Ambassador; the old guy I bought it from called it “the poor man’s Cadillac”. And you were correct in the fact that I DO like to push buttons.

As far as your assertion that I need a shrink… it has been shown in legalese terms that a person can be certified to be insane, but a person cannot be certified to be sane. Furthermore, I don’t believe that you are in any position or stature to be throwing stones at me (John 8:7).

BTW: If you haven't heard, Mary Magdalene was NOT a prostitute, and it only took the Catholic Church almost two-thousand years to admit this lie! Enough said.

You mean well g**send but you are blinded by your skewed ambitions, which are very transparent and nothing I haven’t encountered before. May misery, pain, and misfortune, follow you the rest of your life… but never catch-up! Chow

kikz said...

quite the love of jeeezuz there godsend...

quote scripture, then make jokes 'bout camel/sheep rape.


Anonymous said...

Kikz, I know I'm snarky at times but it does conjure the worst from the worst to the light of day.
To me that's important as the truth will out!
My actual being is not always reflected in what I write.
I really do wish godsend would get a grip!

Anonymous said...

To Tony Kikz:

I didn't see you as snarky with what you wrote Tony, and you Kikz, are very correct about people who childishly throw insults, and then hide behind the Cross. It is quite pathetic when a person, such as G**send, is so caught-up in his vain attempts to save whom he sees as the sinners - that he doesn't even see himself as part of the cause for many of the World's problems.

G**send, and many like him, may eventually face the punishment that false profits of the past received. Or as George Carlin would say: 'He'll be smoking a turd in purgatory'.

kikz said...

no probs tony...

you have not presented yourself here as an emissary of the JC, so my expectations of conduct for you are not the same.

godsend's mindset, while (thankfully) physically limited by this medium to inflict its deadly dogma on humanity at large is one and the same w/those who throughout the ages have done so under such auspices... to save our souls... for their bloodthirsty, jealous god.

as a student of religious history, its lessons and sharing common heritage w/many of its innumerable victims...
i'll borrow a line frm python.

i always expect the spanish inquisition. >:)

... for organized religion always ascends to bloodthirsty zealotry to accomplish its goal, to separate humanity from its source - control thru coercion.

as someone else is fond of saying... truth needs no manmade law to support it.



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