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The Modern Art of Cluelessness.

I really wish I could dedicate this site and all of my sites to the miracle of humanity and their sterling accomplishments. I wish I could laud the way they treat one another and isolate particular acts of selfless heroism; nobility of spirit and grand acts of magnanimity and generous giving but... alas... this is not so commonplace in the larger scheme, nor so prevalent in the individual as some would like to believe. The fact is that, if these things were commonplace the world would look different than it does.

I supposed we could chicken and egg it to death, whether the leaders or the people themselves are responsible for the state of the world. We know that the majority of the leaders are self-aggrandizing scum who line their pockets and the pockets of the ones who own them with the fruits of the industry of common labor. We know they have no shame. These days they do it right in front of their victims and then laugh about it. The people play their part in this vicious cycle as you can see here. This has been done before by others and Jay Leno used to have it as a part of his show in the feature called “Jaywalk”. I honestly don’t know what to make of something like this but the leaders certainly do.

So... as a result of monumental stupidity, as the public looks on with a gaping fish mouth at their changing world, it is no surprise that you are getting things like this. This sort of thing is becoming routine and the general public buys it. The general public thinks 9/11 was done by Stone Age Arabs who couldn’t pass small plane, pilot exams. They think three buildings came down at the speed of freefall into their own footprint within hours of each other with one of them not even being hit by a plane. Or... they know better but easy living (now on its way out) has taken their balls, their dignity and their honor and they don’t want to wind up on a list or get laughed at by their neighbors. But they are on a list. They are on the lists that says, “Dumber than Dirt” or “Too Chickenshit to make a scene.”

They think there is an Al Qaeda when their own media has reported their own spy agencies admitting that there is no Al Qaeda. You could watch the BBC videos at that site and then you can ask yourself if this is the same BBC that announced WT7 falling 20 minutes before it did or... is this the same BBC that refused to announce about the relief effort for Gaza because it might offend the country that investigated their own murderous actions and found no wrong doing?

No rational person gives a damn about inbred royalty poncing about and pretending to be important but a lot of people who worship tacky glamour do. They want to know all about how Michele touched the Queen or the Queen touched Michelle and, speaking just for myself, I would much rather see them in a nude, hot oil and mud wrestling death match.

The peace president... the president who was going to end the war is now sending drones into Pakistan, already killing hundreds of people; the usual people who had nothing to do with anything important and so the Taliban has sent him a lesson on his home turf, or so they say. Whatever the truth of that may be, it is part of the procedure for greater violence abroad and a precursor to the coming event that is intended to set off war with Iran. And of course... this president... this president who has access to all sorts of intelligence and who is supposed to possess intelligence, is talking about Al Qaeda. He’s either dumber than dirt or evil as sin, take your pick.

Yes... I wish I could point to some wonderful new vision that is loose in the world. I wish I could present evidence of a mass awakening and a joining together of humanity into a common effort to transform the world in which we live but, the only positive signs I see are that small percentage getting gassed and beaten by storm troopers because they actually do see what’s going on. So... kudos to you!!! I’ve seen what the press has to say about you. I guess that explains the police posters in London.

Millions of people have been tortured, murdered or displaced by what can only be described as corporate greed for resources and geo-political advantage; money and power covers it, I think. Some part of it is for the purpose of enjoyment I don’t doubt. Meanwhile the people, who do react, kill the wrong people so... stupidity is epidemic on both sides. Or... these people aren’t who they are made out to be but rather graduates of Tavistock or MKUltra.

It appears that dumbing down is in freefall too. I haven’t been in America in years. I’ve never been to London. My guess is that the general IQ has really tanked in the last few years. It doesn’t seem possible. It could be that it’s always been like this but I just presumed more and believed more out of some cluelessness of my own.

We need an international Declaration of Independence. We need a charter that says, “I will fight in no more wars for vampire corporations that have been dressed up in patriotism and duty”. “I will no longer buy useless crap that serves no useful purpose.” “I will no longer shop as an avocation.” “I will boycott the products of any country that practices genocide upon the people whose land they have stolen.” “I will no longer accept what my leaders and the media tell me and will assume they are lying every time they speak.” “I will not assume that another country is my enemy because corporations commanded our leaders and their media to proclaim it.”

There’s more that could be added but those who know already know and those who do not... possibly never shall. It is inexplicable to me. You can see it coming. You can see it coming down the line like a monstrous train with the face of a nightmare bull blowing fire and smoke from its nostrils and... the same inane shit is woven like macramé through all of the little hints and warnings that no one is paying attention to. It’s like Twitter. As I understand it this is some kind of a text messaging forum for people with bubblegum where their brains used to be. It says it all.

How did we come to such a pass? How do we ever get into these places? How does a man come from some dream of life, to lie bleeding in a cold, wet trench in some foreign land... dying in battle for the profit of bankers who created the war for personal profit.

How can bankers and stockbrokers, set up a system that they milk so far beyond the actual resources and then, once they have stolen what was there, prevail upon their victims to make them richer still? How can people, seeing this happen before their eyes, then buy into the coming, fabricated war, which will be just one more pointless engagement for even more profit and control by the darkest enemies that life has ever known? Well... there are other enemies; stupidity, ignorance, cluelessness and unbridled appetite are a few. These elements are combined into a noxious compound whose sole, and unchanging motive is to end all life on this planet and turn it into a landfill of dead bodies and broken dreams.

I wish I could applaud some thousands of community organizers who are diligently working to awaken their neighbors. For all I know, they are there... working and hoping against hope that some fortuitous light will break and that for once and for all the psychopaths and scammers would be exposed and given a swift and telling justice but... I don’t see it. I hope it’s there but... I don’t see it.

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Anonymous said...

Yes- the first video- Aussies do this very well don't they. I think it's because we have never taken ourselves very seriously so we whoop it up when others, who do (take themselves seriously), make fools of themselves.
As for the searching through each others garbage- you don't dob a mate, no matter what! Again self importance will allow anyone to 'be the boss'. Disgusting in human nature!
As for Al Qaeda, I see Obama is rolling him out for his own use- convenient- so, evil as sin would be my guess.
I have never been a fan of the French. I should be but my (unfounded) prejudices get in the way. They are the only ones standing up to the authorities as we all should be. Yae! the French.
I was 'selected' at a local airport terminal by the security for a random 'bomb' test the other day. Incredulous was my reaction. I said to the guard- 'get a proper job'. He was most put out so much so that he stuttered and stammered with his fixed spiel and fluffed the inspection. Every one loves to be 'boss'.

One of your best mate.


psychegram said...

The Great Awakening isn't obvious yet ... not by a long shot. Not if you pay attention to the media or bother speaking to the dead-eyed zombie cattle that wander the streets, wondering why they can't afford to buy all that great stuff and where did it all go wrong? And assuming that it must be the fault of al Qaeda.

Well, that's a bit of a strawman, maybe. I wouldn't know. I don't talk to those people, because, to be perfectly and perhaps cruelly frank, they are not worth my time. The period when I sought to wake as many up as possible is past, now ... now, I look for the light. It shines forth from some, those precious few humans who have begun the process of activating their higher selves, and, here's how I see it: in this struggle, they are the only ones that matter. There are not many of us, not yet, but there are also very few on the opposing side who are fully conscious of what they're doing. The vast majority of their minions are brain-washed livestock who are to one degree or another deeply asleep and, so, they count for very little. Yes, the other side has numbers on their side, but that's less of an advantage than it seems.

And those numbers lessen with every passing day and every new crime that's increasingly difficult for anyone to pass by....

So, guys, if you need to be cheered up a little, check out this lecture by George Humphrey, from about a year ago: 9/11 & The Awakening.

He was a guest on Alex Jones a couple of days ago and I was deeply impressed.

Will Wilson said...

Hi Les, wanted to add to your list-
your list of things average people can do (boycott, non-participate, waking up others.........)one other thing the average person might be able to do is to use the System against itself. A good example would be the cartoon which a wise artist paid his own money to put into a large, national newspaper, cartoon showed a waiter, labeled "the media" serving a human on a plate, labeled "the US public" to a uniformed officer, labeled "Israel"

This is just one example of the type of tactic I'm referring to.

Those who run and benefit from the System are creating enemies of the most intelligent and the most discerning among the public.

Zoner said...

You know, pointing out the stupidity of americans is about the easiest thing to do these days, but to sit back and poke at us and lump all "Americans" into the same pile is exactly like saying all Palestinians are wearing suicide belts and all Iranians are chanting "death to america" 24/7. You know it isn't true, so why the generalization? Do you have any idea of the lengths that the PTB have gone to to pull the wool over our eyes and lull us to sleep?

I wish there was more awareness here. I wish that my neighbors would stop looking at me like I'm from Mars when I tell them I'm looking for a rural spot and a community to live in a manner completely at odds with their idea of a good life. Being ridiculed isn't fun, but neither is living in denial or being lulled to sleep and led to your demise.

I wish we were rid of all these veils and blinders. But it is not so yet.

What do you want to see happen here, Les? What is accomplished by gathering in large groups and marching around with signs or even busting some windows or getting your head bashed? What will change as a result of the protests in London or France or Greece or anywhere that folks have organized to voice their displeasure? What has changed?? Look at those pics from G20 again. How concerned did the attendees seem about what was happening on the street? Were they enjoying the show so much that they couldn't wipe the grins off their faces?

If Americans rose up and took over their government, the result would only be more of the same. It would be a reaction to the prospect of losing "the American way of life", not a move toward equality and justice. People here need to fall a lot farther so they might learn, out of necessity and EXPERIENCE, what is REALLY important. When the time comes and the population is pushed to the brink, the most likely reaction will be violence directed at all the wrong people, and that is exactly what our masters want.

So keep poking fun at our stupidity. Keep wondering aloud why we aren't "doing anything". But until you come over here and see for yourself what is happening behind the scenes, it is all cheap shots and piling on. There are over 300 million drugged, distracted, and brainwashed citizens here that are so used to comfort and having someone else deal with their issues, that it isn't going to change overnight - if at all. Cognitive dissonance is a real bitch, and some are getting over it while others are questioning things. Slowly things are stirring. There are many more things moving in the shadows here than you might think.

You know where this battle will be fought, and it won't be on the street with pitchforks or signs and chanting. The anger is very real and very palpable. Let's hope it gets used in the proper way, and not in the way it is being steered.


Visible said...

Let's see, first you'll have to find where I lumped 'all' Americans together. Then you'd probably want to consider that the initial reference to Americans was based on the video. Then you might want to move on to the implication that it's people all over the world, not just Americans. Then... oh then you can read back over what you have written and see if you can find the things you are saying included in your text and consider whether they aren't actually in your head and then... oh... then you can ease back into the helpless despair of there being nothing anyone can do and finally... finally you can take this quote of yours, "There are over 300 million drugged, distracted, and brainwashed citizens here that are so used to comfort and having someone else deal with their issues, that it isn't going to change overnight - if at all." and note that you did indeed lump every American into the same mix, unlike myself and you might want to consider that you are saying more even than I am saying while belaboring me for saying it.

monumental stupidity said...

Les, it is not as much about inherent human stupidity, but intentional mass delusion.

The idea that societies can function in virtual reality is becoming a physical reality. Take a look at the comments to high quality images from the G20 protests in London.

To most it seems that it is all about class warfare between iPhone haves and iPhone have nots. Battle of appearances and gadgets. No one really cares that they all have their pockets picked while voicing their remotely evoked primal emotions. What matters is that they actually believe that this is real.

Anonymous said...

What separates those who see from who do not see? It is not education, of that I am sure. Myself and others who see through the mist have always seen while most have not.

My girlfriends son who just made the 'Dean's list' sees not at all.

I have the feeling the answer does not lie in this realm at all. I have felt and noticed a difference all of my life. When I meet others of the same stripe the recognition is almost instant.

I also think the answers to these questions will also be found in the long ago. When did we leave the garden of Eden? Were we ever really there. Somewhere along the way the human race become a cancerous mutation upon this planet.

There is that proposition that when a species develops technology it then destroys itself. This may explain our lonely journey in space.

I do feel that things will return to balance. Since things are so out of balance the process will not be pretty and maybe the human race will not be part of the show much longer.


psychegram said...

I find a lot of the time when people comment here they're speaking as much to themselves as replying to you, Les, either reassuring themselves or reminding themselves of something or emphasizing a certain point so as to not lose site of it - again - themselves. This is especially true when you get called out on something that there's really no need to call you on. I'm as guilty of this as anyone and I think you know this well, though I also like to think I've learned to read you carefully enough that I don't make this mistake as often as I did ... and I think anyone who hangs out here long enough progresses in like fashion.

And Z, man, you yourself and I'd say a majority of the commenters here are proof that not all Americans are brainwashed sheeple. In fact it's safe to say that most of those whose personal acquaintance I've made are intelligent and educated and, if not as awake as they might be, well, I still have high hopes for a lot of them because hell, look where I was not so long ago, all worried about pseudo-Marxists come to wipe us out with bioterror weapons (which wasn't so far from the truth I suppose but I figured the government was on our side in that struggle....) Then again they were all expatriates living in Japan, and you can't judge a country's citizens by the ones who choose to leave....

Anonymous said...

America truly is the mother of chickenshits. When the covert operators of the Axis of evil summarized of late as the G20 had the colonial traitorhood in place, the contracts were signed that lead to the foreclosure on global assets going forward at the present moment. The Paper Empire is predicted in The Protocols, in the Talmuds' blueprint now being "finalized" [at least in eyes only documents not being shown to WE the tripe. The putative America is Where the traitors who sold the "third world" to the Zionistas are going to go when the treason they committed against the natives ignites the pitchfork wars. True, the rebellion wont make this a better world but it looks like the earth will reject the plague of iondifferent humanity. Most modern bipedal hominid type creatures do not have the cognitive skill to discern their plight which is too bad because the answer to this madness lies in the certitudes described by The awakened. Good stuff though from Smoking Mirrors. Be of good cheer knowing what you really are is the four dimensional manifesto that drives Life itself. The beat goes on. Thanks once again Les for showing us all Why and How to be King and Queen instead of knights rooks and pawns. We are the cutting edge of the evolution of the local Universe just doing right cause it is right to do right and good to do good. Thanks for the forum. Chip

Anonymous said...

Hey Les and friends,
Just a note from Mr. Nobody in the middle of nowhere.
You all see the lights?
You all know the signs?
You all hear the calling.
Mr. Z is as close as it gets.
Mr. Les knows the score.
There is nothing to be done the cancer has just about run its course. There is no longer any cure regardless of all the hopiate you can pump into the system.
It is time for something a new.
So what the Fuck you gonna do?
Most people are lost in line with the Lemmings headed to the nearest cliff.
Most people can’t even understand the concept of knowing anything.
Those of us here are just trying to talk to each other in some sort of comforting way, wondering why the others put their blinders on and muddle through day by day.
Even if their was a cure, even you out there would be looking for some new kind of theocracy to come lead you into the greener pastures. Why will you always need a leader? Then what you would have is the clan of 8, the next simpleton promising to deliver you into salvation, yes a real postman. Perhaps you would prefer some interaction with the multitude of Hispanic or some other colored skins gang from the inner cities to take over and skin you alive because of your particular difference de jour.
Mr. Les indicated his absence from these shores for many years, having been here and traveled coast to coast every week for the last 20 years, interacting with all the changes that this land has endured on a daily basis, there are simply no words that can possibly convey just the deepness of suffering occurring with this terminal patient.
Its time to pull the plug.
We as an intelligent, resourceful, like-minded group of individuals do not have the numbers needed to quantify any change worth living. Should the masses revolt it will only empower those in the castle.
You see this was the plan Stan, this was the simplest of all the threads to weave.
Now with all of our great technology, all this information readily at finger tips, the best even we can come up with in our own little group is to single out the author.
With all of your great combined knowledge, who among you can facilitate even the slightest possible compromised solution? Yea that’s what I thought.
Thanx Mr. Les for screaming in the wilderness.
For the rest of you,
May you all be somewhere outside the PRIMARY BLAST ZONES.
Rock on
Your constant observer
Mr. Nobody

Visible said...

psychegram and others;

I suppose you realize that 'almost all the time' I'm aware of what I'm going to say in response before I say it; one exception to that was when I mentioned the redoubtable Martin (who took it in good stride) and I guess I need for that to happen on occasion to keep me aware that I am human all too human.

However... when I appear to be pushing people's buttons there might be a reason other than the seeming reflexiveness. Sometimes I'm looking to see what's really bothering the person and this tends to work.

Sometimes it's because I didn't answer an email and then person misses a greater and more positive action that I took in place of answering and sometimes it's something to do with the moon (grin).

But, at this blog there's a personality present and each of them are different and maybe I know what I'm doing and maybe I don't. In any case... if I buy into the idea that there's nothing we can do then I probably shouldn't be writing here any more either. Quite a lot of the time I'm not saying exactly what I'm saying. Dadnerd nailed it a while ago and I never gave him the credit he deserved for being as very aware as he is. I didn't because responding at that time would have meant accepting what was a compliment and I don't really like doing that.

Well... on with the show.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links to Fromm's paper in the previous post.

I liked this part, as it is practical:

"If more people became aware of the difference between love for life
and love for death, if they became aware that they themselves are already far
gone in the direction of necrophilia, this shock alone could produce new and
healthy reactions. Furthermore, the sensitivity toward those who recommend
death may be increased; many may see through the pious rationalizations of the
death lovers and change their admiration for them into disgust. Beyond this, our
hypothesis would suggest one thing to those concerned with peace and survival:
that every effort must be made to weaken the attraction of death and to
strengthen the attraction of life."

Les, I believe this blog serves this very purpose and your careful use of your gift makes it an extremely useful experience.

So I played that video clip yesterday for a group of people I "work" with. It was dismissed with total hostility and I swear their necks and faces turned flaming red.
Nobody (except the hispanic custodian) found any humor as soon as the patriotism subroutines went to work and put them in denial mode. This was enough of a shock for some of them to become extremely violent in their verbal reactions.

This is where the real battle is being fought.


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

Your comment about 300 million people being "drugged, brainwashed, etc. etc." is correct. I believe that not every American falls into that category but certainly many do. I know that my husband and I don't. We both work with those people whose life evolves around 'American Idol' and other such nonsense.

I wish it were possible to open their eyes to what is going on. I can't even get my own children to see the truth. I tried last week to get my 33 year old daughter to understand what is happening in Gaza and what is really going on over there. She was uncomfortable so I dropped the subject but not after I told her who the Ashkenazi Jews really are and that they not the real Semites. I'm sure that she closed her ears to what I was saying. What to do? One thing for sure, my husband and I will just keep going on and reading your very well written articles.

Thank you dear Sir for the various blogs filled with very thought provking articles. You are very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Aloha Les,

Another hopeless day in the Matrix, eh? It happens to the best of us. I would just say that the solution, if any exists, has to come from beyond our 3-D, 5-sense "reality". If you fixate on the meatheads and the Illuminati puppetmasters, who are really puppets themselves, then of course there's no hope. The "Agent Smiths" have that game completely rigged. Even "revolution" doesn't work; line the mofos up against the wall and shoot them, and they just come back again!

On my bad days, I am convinced that the key to our sorry state lies in the origins (the real, suppressed origins) of the human race. To adapt a concept from sci-fi (for ex. Doris Lessing's "Shikasta" or the original "Stargate" film) I believe our ancestors were designed by aliens as a slave race to exploit the resources of this planet. The slaves were made with a color-coded (racial) hierarchy for convenience.

When our alien masters got whatever it was they wanted from Earth, they left us to fend for ourselves. Predatory, parasitic, & psychopathic entities stepped in from other dimensions to fill the power vacuum at the top, and voila, here we are today. Already predisposed to slavery, with elaborately crafted illusions of freedom to anesthetize the few mutants who would stir up trouble.

William said...

The "art" of cluelessness is, and has been, an exercise in indoctrination and propaganda beginning with a child's entry into the public school system. In my time within the American system of institutionalized bullshit, there was no alternative medium, no internet. Consequently, all of my classmates accepted the version of history propegated by the likes of McGraw/Hill (the McGraw family being close friends of the Bush crime family) without question. Having attended school in Europe for the first 6 years of my "education", I noticed some discreptancies at the trough of knowledge, which have been verified with the aid of the internet. This exemplifies the position of the MIC, which considers the internet "the enemy". Their fears are founded in the fact that the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie.

As the younger generation becomes ever more computer/internet savvy, the cloak of lies and obfuscations is slowly being destroyed, the myths reduced to a burned-out cinder lying at the feet of the discredited puppet-masters. Knowledge is power. The awakening will happen, and the younger generation, less encumbered than the old guard, will take the fight to the enemy. This is my hope for the future, as many of my generation, to their detriment, are unwilling or unable to see the truth for what it really is.

At this juncture I see it as the snowball, which will eventually trigger an avalanche, part way down the mountain and picking up speed.

The net effect of all this is, that we presently live in a time of extreme danger. The ruling elite psychopaths are feeling the heat, and much like a cornered animal, will lash out with fury to maintain their self-aggrendisizing illusion of power and privilege. It will be a difficult struggle, as these animals, lacking the gene for self-restraint, control the money, and therefore the governments, and by extension, the military. I am not so naive as to assume that I will not be fired upon by one of my own; having served in the military I'm all too aware of the mind conditioning. For this and other reasons, I'm glad that I live far from a major population center. When the shit hits the fan, and the mysterious fleet of buses begin to collect FEMA camp residents, I might have enough time to employ self-preserving measures. They'll probably kill me anyway, but at least I won't die in ignorance and inaction.

Best wishes from Florida.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nobody,
You never truly fail until the moment you stop trying and give up.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm finding Michael Tsarion's viewpoint very interesting.

Zoner said...

I get the international angle. I re-read the essay a couple times and observed how a certain process kicked in and I didn't check it, but my comment represents my feeling pretty well. The video is funny, and I could go to any country in the world and if I interviewed enough folks could create the exact same impression of rampant stupidity. It is a cheap shot, and to use it as an example of our reality is the same thing (in my opinion, of course).

You say "the people" and then link to a video showing dumb folks - not "some people" or "many people", but "the people". You refer to "the public" and the "general public" repeatedly. I suppose it is my reactionary part that naturally assumes that that includes us all. That is my own weakness showing, or possibly a poor choice of words on your part. "Vast majority" may indicate you believe there are some people working to change things, but you end your essay by saying a couple times that you just "don't see it". That is what tells me you are lumping everyone into the same group. If it is in my head, then maybe with more practice these things will be revealed so I can figure out what to do about it. Or maybe I should simply keep my mouth shut when I feel things rising in a certain manner.

I appreciate your reply, but would also be interested to hear what you think happens as a result of the demonstrations we have seen recently. Not for the individuals who have experienced some solidarity and a sense of "doing something", but in furthering any sort of "cause" that might actually create change. Looks like a dog and pony show all around to me, but that's just me again. How far removed from the source of our oppression is the confrontation between the cop and the protester? And again, did the G20 folks seem worried or possibly amused or pleased with themselves?

I know this is your forum. You invite participation and allow a great deal of latitude in the conversation, and that is really cool. If you were to only allow praise and agreement, I would not come here as often as I do, if at all. I appreciate all you have done for the cause of humanity and truth (and for me personally - I really do), and thank you over and over for it. If my anger and frustration show, so be it. I am angry and frustrated, but I'm also quite tired of seeing and hearing the call for us to "do something" when much is being done by many people, just maybe not in the way some would like or on their schedule.

My reference to the "300 million" does, indeed, lump us all together. The external influences aimed at us are aimed at ALL of us here, and most places on the planet, and it is up to us as individuals to find ways to deflect it. My "lumping" was simply pointing out our common situation, not how many are currently free from it. And there are those freeing themselves, Mr. Visible, and you have helped in this process more than you will probably know.

As far as easing into helpless despair, that comes and goes, but I see the potential for positive changes coming and am positioning myself to do whatever I can to contribute to this process. I just don't care to aspire to burn myself out fighting my neighbors or a cop, or working to get us right back where we were for the last several centuries or so (or whenever this shit started).

I don't want this to turn into "The Fray", as I'm fairly sure you don't either(or maybe you do?), so I won't continue to try and do any "back and forth". I said what I said and asked some questions - you responded in the way you felt was most appropriate. I am not so highly evolved that I am immune to being kicked into a knee-jerk reaction anytime, anywhere, and I said what was present in my mind at the time. Words are so inadequate that I'm really tempted to try and avoid using them at all sometimes.

Sorry it didn't come out as "bravo" or "well done". I'll not spar with you here and if you wish me to cease comment you have that power as well. I just think it is pointless to spend much time and energy looking around and pointing out what others are "not doing". That's way too easy. But I also understand the feeling entirely, and it certainly isn't my place to tell you to think like I do or to stop doing what you do because it triggers something in me that I don't like about myself. If my comments were taken as a personal attack, I am sorry. They had as much to do with you as the bubbas in the video do with me.


Anonymous said...

There is one word which sums up the world...Babylon. When one babbles, they: utter thoughts, course of action, principles, guidelines, etc which 'make no sense'. The Edomites and their region called Babylon was destroyed all those years ago. All of Yahweh's Laws were ignored and mocked in Babylon.

Surely our modern-day Babylon will experience the same fate. It is cool to laugh at someone who thinks usuary is evil. Look at American Idol...idol worship and the desire to be worshiped as one. Does anyone practice the Jubilee? Debt forgiveness, that is a joke to most. What about the murder of innocent babies or the slaughter of innocent peasants in Iraq or Palestine? Big money to be made from murder. Genetic alteration of plants, animals and humans? Monsanto and its Illuminati make sure this practice never ends. All this stuff goes directly against what 'Christians' should be a part of. Those who rebel are 'freaks' to the mainstream sheeple.

The Bible explains to 'christians' that 2/3 will perish in the End-Times or Judgement Day. The money-changing vipers will perish as will the 8th Beast (Rothchild empire) and it's various anti-Christs (Jews). I wait for the day.

Visible said...


It's evident to me that you're pissed off about something else as evidenced by the 'maybe you do" comment which you know is false.

Through all my time here I've never indicated that everyone is stupid or asleep. The majority, however, are and they are headed for serious pain and suffering. Ergo, I speak as I do... most often for someone who passes by accident and who might be triggered to think. I'm not going to try to defend myself but I think you should read the last paragraph over

"I wish I could applaud some thousands of community organizers who are diligently working to awaken their neighbors. For all I know, they are there… working and hoping against hope that some fortuitous light will break and that for once and for all the psychopaths and scammers would be exposed and given a swift and telling justice but… I don’t see it. I hope it’s there but… I don’t see it."

and consider the phrases, "for all I know.", "I hope it's there but I don't see it." and consider also that just because I don't see it (to steal a line from one of my quote) doesn't mean it isn't there. I choose my words pretty carefully and the reader is supposed to formulate thoughts of their own as a result.

I've nothing further to say to you. I hope whatever your real problem is that you sort it out. You'd have long ago called in on this if that were the problem and, as I said, your own words make the very statements you attribute to me which I didn't even make.

This is the way it is here at the moment and this is the way the world is too. I can only hold a mirror up to it. If enough other people were doing so. If the media and the education system and all of the other systems were doing so I wouldn't have to do this. There isn't any money in it and for all it's small popularity it doesn't reach many people at all and the ones that it does reach mostly already know everything I have to say.

Saying it keeps it alive however. If none of us were saying anything then the illusion would be complete. I'm speaking as much to the people doing the bad shit as the people buying it. It could well be pointless and inadequate to the task but... that's how it is and as much as I've been able to manage.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much younger people may use the internet to become aware, theres a deeper physiological dissonance. Decades of sitting have not been kind to bodies designed to run and play and get tired and heal themselves.

Say you're 30 or 35 with a family of your own but still living with your own parents. You're overweight underskilled brainwashed and then "circumstances" reduce your supply of food!

What amount of mythos turned to ash at the feet of whatever idolatry you may have come to see as your source of sustenance will turn you into/onto that blade of grass within thats growin' away the stone on its way to light?

Its a lifetime of work to serve such people on their way. Every time I've tried to ignore this karmic path I have suffered. Serve or suffer. The tears that flow with the realization that "this is all there is" are the same I used to get from those "allies".

These tears fall like rain on the parched psychic desert and nourish whats hidden to those who only deal with the dry dusty surface.

My internal battle consists of focusing on the unifying force that animates this seedling as it comes in contact with the stone on its way to the surface. I feel it inside and it manifests outside in my interactions and perceptions. The harder it gets the stronger it grows.


Greg Bacon said...

Americans have been lulled to sleep for decades and are just starting to stir.
That Star of David shaped hand that's rummaging around in their pockets, picking it clean, was always accompanied by cries of "anti-Semite," so we went back to sleep.

Now that more and more of us are living on the streets and more of us are realizing that Obama is just another flim-flam man, we're getting restless.

This could get interesting.

These days, whether or not Paris is wearing panties doesn't have the allure as it once did.

Anonymous said...

They do it by using the internet, television, radio, movies, newspapers, billboards, and anywhere else perception management can be applied. Shit, they play CNN in line at Bank of America. It's constant, and every bit of it is under their control, or soon will be.

There's only two ways out. Go to the dark side, or work for expulsion.

Anonymous said...

Yatinam Brahma bhavati sarathih

For those who are established in the singularity of fully-awake self-referral consciousness, Brahm, the Creator-the infinite organizing power of Natural Law-becomes the charioteer of all activity.

Rik Ved. 1.158.6

That's all that I can share, today.

European American

paolocaruso said...

"""the same inane shit is woven like macramé through all of the little hints and warnings that no one is paying attention to."""

Ciao Les, I am amazed by the many precious little gems and such precise metaphors you come up. You are a great writer... and thinker.

Cluelessness is the state of America. Look at the majority of students on the subway with earphones attached to ipods, numbing their brains, text messaging semi-literate grunts to their pals. The future looks bleak for them.

Ruppert Fan said...

A Permanent Goodbye to the United States

Michael C. Ruppert

© Copyright 2006, From The Wilderness Publications, All Rights Reserved. May be reprinted, distributed or posted on an Internet web site for non-profit purposes only.

“Sometimes you get your best light from a burning bridge” – Don Henley, “My Thanksgiving”


August 16th 2006, 11:45 AM [PST] – CARACAS – It was about a week before I left the United States forever that I watched Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. tell Charlie Rose something all of us already know in our hearts. “Today,” he said, “the United States is hated around the world far worse than it was at the height of the Vietnam War.” I remember the Vietnam War. I will never forget it.

I opposed that war, and I still remember riots on the UCLA campus in May,1970 when four students were shot dead by National Guard troops at Kent State University in Ohio. I was a college student then, and I was 2S-deferred for the draft. A year later I would be re-classified 1A as the nation shifted to a lottery system. At least someone in my country was willing to risk his life in the face of injustice. It gave me hope. That kind of risk-taking was commonplace then, from the civil rights movement to the anti-war movement, to the American Indian Movement. American blood was shed regularly on American soil to resist American tyranny; from Watts, to Detroit, to Selma, to San Francisco to Memphis to Wounded Knee. It fertilized our lives and souls as it touched the ground. The willingness to endure physical suffering, material sacrifice, and jail for the sake of justice was a singular mark of the American character that earned respect as it infected the world.

What is the United States infecting the world with today?

Now it seems the American people won’t even risk their credit ratings, student loans, the next piece of ass, or a sideways glance from people who look at them like AIDS patients for daring to deviate from the corporate, media-instilled norm. We have come a long way backward. Rodney King’s “Can’t we all just get along” has become the modern day theme song for the surrender of America’s character, and the L.A. Rebellion of 1992 was probably the last flame of will to fight injustice in American history.

This new quiescence comes at a time when US crimes are far worse and more far-reaching than they were in 1970; certainly in the eyes of the world. In 2001 the US government both facilitated and executed the attacks of 9/11 against its own people, killing thousands of its citizens as an excuse to launch a neo-imperial conquest for energy. A few Americans held small rallies, organized some ineffective groups, bought a few hundred thousand books and DVDs, listened to a few radio programs and lectures, and then quietly lined up to have their bags, emails, credit histories, minds and bodies searched. Critical mass was never achieved as Executive Orders along with the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts shredded the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments to our Bill of Rights.

In my book Crossing the Rubicon I wrote that events that took place in the five years following those attacks would determine the course of human history for centuries to come. We now stand at the brink of that fateful anniversary.

After the 9-11 attacks the US government lied to create a war for oil in Iraq telling us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, almost-ready atom bombs, poison gas and deadly germs. We were told that he helped execute the 9/11 attacks. It was all lies, and no one has held the US accountable for the hundreds of thousands of deaths (murders) in Iraq and Afghanistan since then. Few have tried to hold the government accountable for 2,500 Americans who have died needlessly, and those who have, have been remarkably ineffective.

US presidential elections were stolen in 2000 and 2004 through rigged electronic voting software and intimidation. Not one drop of blood was spilled anywhere, even as the US Supreme Court rendered an illegal decision supporting the overthrow of the Constitution and trampling the rights of individual states.

I never thought I would call the 60s and 70s “the good old days”. I would cry tears of joy today to see just one campus overrun by a modern equivalent of the Students for a Democratic Society. I would cheer to see a general strike paralyze a city. It would be living proof that American character had not been submerged, drugged, weakened, and rendered anemic beyond revival.

My country is dead. Its people have surrendered to tyranny, and in so doing, they have become tyranny’s primary support group; its base constituency; its chief defender. Every day they offer their endorsement of tyranny by banking in its banks and spending their borrowed money with the corporations that run it. The great Neocon strategy of George H.W. Bush has triumphed. Convince the American people that they can’t live without the “good things”, then sit back and watch as they endorse the progressively more outrageous crimes you commit as you throw them bones with ever-less meat on them. All the while, lock them into debt. Destroy the middle class, the only political base that need be feared. Make them accept, because of their own shared guilt, ever-more repressive police state measures. Do whatever you want.

No amount of mind control spin can absolve any of us from acknowledging this ugly truth about the US and its crimes today. It lurks invisibly behind every corporate news broadcast, every commercially-made television show, every infomercial, every new magazine ad, and almost every new popular song that leads Americans deeper into ever-less-satisfying consumption, self-indulgence and debt. It stands grinning behind every report on the world’s rapacious financial markets and every new automobile, shampoo, or other product that promises to give the world larger and more potent sexual organs, bigger (more ridiculous) breasts, a better love life, and peace of mind.

I left my last classes that spring day in 1970 after four students had been murdered, crying from both the emotional pain and the tear gas that wafted up the Janns Steps and onto the Quad at UCLA. I went to my job as an intern at the Los Angeles Police Department. After donning my khaki uniform without gun or badge I returned to UCLA to work at LAPD’s command post, ferrying dispatches and running errands for Deputy Chiefs, Commanders, and Captains as LAPD batons shed the blood of my fellow students. My life has always been full of ironies. Then, I believed that the system could be changed from the inside. Then, I believed that the United States could be changed from the inside.

Mistrusted by both sides there was no safe place for me to cry that day.

My shame today is that it took a set of circumstances where my life was in danger to make me make the right choice, a choice I would now like to say was totally a matter of conscience, but it was not. The truth is that I was prompted to do what I should have done long ago out of a well-justified desire to save my life.

In this life I have chosen not to die a martyr’s death. As I am learning every day, there are more difficult and demanding ways to write the final chapters of one’s life. I left the United States with one large suitcase, my laptop, and a backpack. I left behind my precious library, most of my clothing, my personal possessions, my guns, and a house full of furniture. I brought with me less than eight thousand dollars in cash and gold to start the final segment of my life.

My permanent exodus from the US was actually ordained thirty years –- to the month –- before I left for good on July 18th, 2006. It was thirty years ago that my then-fiancée, a career contract agent for the CIA, disclosed to me that “her people” were interested in giving a major boost to my career with LAPD if I would become involved with her “anti-terror” operations that involved “overlooking” (i.e. protecting) large drug shipments coming in while facilitating the movement of large quantities of firearms going out. I refused to compromise my ethics as a police officer and –- as I wrote on page 6 of Crossing the Rubicon – “that has determined the course of my life ever since.”

Like all humans I want to hold on to dreams for as long as possible, even long after I know they will never come true. I have tried and sacrificed with every fiber of my being to change my country, but the plain fact is that the United States of America cannot and will never be changed from within. I recall the words spoken to me by a senior FBI agent in Los Angeles in 1986: “Mike, the world doesn’t want to be saved.”

Stupid me. I still believe it does –- at least the parts of it that lie outside the US, Great Britain, and Israel; the real Axis of Evil.

Today the United States is the cause of ever-expanding wars (covert and overt), carnage, suffering, and political and economic exploitation –- even within its own borders against its own people –- that fill our corporate-issued headlines and TV shows. The US economy, the privately-owned Federal Reserve system, and the government which they operate like a franchise are the greatest enemies of the entire human race and especially the rapidly- deteriorating and fragile ecosystem which supports all life. U.S. citizens are slowly discovering that they are not immune because of their nationality. On our planet today, what happens to one must inevitably happen to all. Peak Oil and global warming will spare no nationality in the end.

The US economy, driven by a fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, debt-based financing –- and “doped” with the billions of dollars of drug profits laundered through its corporations and banks –- is a superheated pyramid scheme of infinite growth wherein 5% of the world’s population consumes 25% of the world’s energy and a totally disproportionate share of the world’s diminishing resources and commodities.

In their silence and acquiescence Americans have voted –- even if by abstention –- to stand on the shoulders of all drowning peoples in the vain hope that they will somehow be saved from a paradigm which they support and empower by obeying it; by endorsing it with their silence or knowingly impotent protests; by refusing to throw themselves against the gears of the machine. In this world, a protest which is allowed and encouraged, corralled into free-speech areas, and then policed by the ruling government only to be ignored by the media is, by definition, meaningless.

The US is a nation where the “non-negotiable” and unsustainable “American” way of life is propped up by global conflict, out-of-control military spending, massive and unsustainable debt, and an increasingly-aggressive fascist police state. It is a nation where all US citizens who do not resist and disconnect from this paradigm enjoy their ever-diminishing privileges with the guilty knowledge that somewhere else, hopefully in some “other” country, others are paying the price for it.

The world is now my country.

With the passage of time, the degree of corporate oppression, the outrageousness of the cruelty, and the absurdity of the lies can only increase as dwindling resources diminish and desperation erupts. Ironically, the disappearing American middle class will still cheer at each new millionaire success story, even if they quietly understand that a hundred or a thousand of their kind had to disappear to create it. They chase illusions of hope rather than the real possibility of justice and change like lottery players with a one-in-a-billion chance of winning. They prefer that to hard work and sacrifice with much better odds where almost everybody can win something.

As the human race enters the first stages of inevitable collapse resulting from Peak Oil, it does so ass-backwards, in complete denial, and in the one way most certain to guarantee the greatest amount of suffering and death for future generations. It does so because, for a time at least, U.S. foreign, military, and economic policy holds the steering wheel of human destiny through dollar hegemony, military force, technology and globalization.

This control is inevitably weakening, and other hands in other countries are successfully struggling for an ever-increasing measure of influence. The Empire is dying from within, and like all wounded beasts, it is becoming more vicious and dangerous in the process; its lies more transparent.

A different world is possible. A better world is possible. It took the imminent threat of my own death at the hands of my government to make me fully admit to my innermost self what I have known for years. Having failed to change my country’s direction after 30 years of effort, I had to stop living in the problem and start living in the solution. If I did not, my soul would have died just as surely as my body would have died after the recent burglary that savaged our offices.

I do not know where I will spend the rest of my days. Maybe in Venezuela, maybe in Mexico with the Zapatistas, maybe in Bolivia, maybe in France, Germany, or even Russia. But because Venezuela has become the singular world leader in resisting US domination under the courageous, intelligent, and inspired leadership of Hugo Chavez, I want to begin the rest of my days here.

Being freer to speak, to learn, to experience and to witness real solutions being discovered and implemented by peoples willing to take risks and who understand the challenges, I will be better able to report usefully to FTW readers and the world in future books and articles. I am currently in a country where the people have changed and are changing their government; where the elected head of state has won six elections while George W. Bush has stolen two. Is it any wonder I feel better already?

One thing is certain about fascism and that is that its behavior and evolution are remarkably predictable. Five years ago I helped bring into world consciousness a forgotten quote from Benito Mussolini wherein he said that, “Fascism ought to more properly be called corporatism since it is the merger of state and corporate power.” Nothing better describes the state of the world today. The U.S. is a nation of the corporation, by the corporation, and for the corporation. As such it has placed something different from and opposed to the welfare of human beings on the compass as its “true North”.

Fascism always becomes more vicious as it evolves. It never retreats, and as with drug addition, larger and larger doses of oppression and violence are always required to sustain its inevitable path towards self-destruction. As the great Cynthia McKinney said to me not long before her just-orchestrated ouster from the House of Representatives, “any fool can see it coming.”

The burglary that took place at the new FTW offices in Ashland, Oregon on Sunday, June 25th of this year was the equivalent of my Kristalnacht, a replay of the night in 1938 when Nazi storm troopers, aided by an increasingly cowed and cowardly citizenry, raided synagogues all over Germany and smashed every piece of glass and every window they could find. German Jews not in denial who could (literally) read the writing on the walls (Juden Raus!) fled for their lives in the short time remaining before The Holocaust. Those who denied the meaning of that very specific warning remained in Germany, and their fate was sealed.

As a man who owns his own mind I can and do vehemently oppose the Israeli government and its policies and still have no ill will at all towards any Jew anywhere. Israel is a country. Judaism is a religion. All men and women are free to worship their God or Gods as they see fit, and in so doing, to bring knowledge of the unknowable and their truths to a human table that is increasingly deprived of compassion, love, justice, balance, and mercy. These will always remain the common threads in all true spirituality. Truly what is needed now is some spirit.

Those who do know history are not destined to repeat it.

Anonymous said...

Stay the course Les, you are a bright light in a very dark and gathering storm. For some reason I am reminded of Catalina's legion who all fell fighting Rome. But, they all fell with wounds on their front.


Anonymous said...

As we gradually work our way out of our own 'life programming' by embracing Truth there is much internal turmoil.

Our 'programmed' emotions begin to overflow causing the feelings of frustration and confusion. This is an 'early stage' of awakening that we all go through. While very uncomfortable it is necessary to allow us to 'see' the beauty and the simplicity of what the Truth requires of us.

We will in time, as we 'get straight' in Truth, discover that all we need do is:

Stop doing bad.

Treat all, even our enemies, with kindness.

Restrain our emotions.

Engage all in discourse that is without any 'judgment' or feelings of superiority.

Be not at all concerned about what others may 'think' about us.

As we assume our 'new character' in Truth we'll shine our light of confidence and boldness, pure and free of acrimony, which will serve as a powerful example to those who are also 'seeking' Truth.

As you walk the path of Truth what needs to be done will come 'naturally' and it will not be a difficult choice.

Again, the 'internal turmoil' is healthy and necessary. Try not to 'feed' it and it will in time be replaced with peace.

All of our human family is deceived. They are very much in need of our True Love.

Expose the 'rascals' without anger or resentment; the emotions they need us to give in to in order for them to bring us down to their lowly level. Unless we are fearful 'they' have no power to deceive.

What Les, and the numerous commentators here are doing, is providing lessons in 'processes' that will assist us in working through the 'rage.' The 'feedback' of readers is very instructive to all and is greatly appreciated.

It is truly a joy to see how more and more 'readers' are catching the 'gems' that are tossed our way!

Visible said...

Peter Zaza sent this in to me yesterday and I thought in the spirit of our contentions and agreements and in the way we are each trying to manifest what good we feel capable of that this is a pretty good example of something we can do in whatever way we find a way to do it.

As those who know me better surely know, I am an incurable optimist. This does not preclude my compulsion to scream that the bridge is out. And even though most people are not listening and often don't even come into contact with truth the truth any more often than a blue moon... you never know if someone might not just hear it.

I've maintained for a long time that the important thing is not whether we win a battle or the war. The war was won a long time ago, no matter how it may look. The divine is forever triumphant over all. The spiritual rules the temporal regardless of the opinion of the temporal. What matters is what we lived for. What matters is what we brought to the situation, not whether we were victorious at the time but who we were defined by what we did.

So... watch and listen if you get a chance

Stand By Me.

Anonymous said...

I don't see it either Les. The actions of the establishment lately imply that they are fully confident in their ability to check-mate in the next 3 moves. And they're right. This has been a rigged game from the start and our only hope is to flip the board, walk away, and find the Proles.

Anonymous said...

the post is most true... thanklyou

the larbats smalling by invisible invasion.. cerveau restriction...trigger points and shutdowns.. accepted ever suckling.

Edric Treewick of lemon seed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:15am -

Thanks for that. I needed that. No matter how 'evolved' or 'aware' we are, we are always at the beginning. Bismillah.
"It is truly a joy..." True that!

Something else I really needed was to see the film again on my friend John Trudell, called "Trudell". Though I've watched it probably 4-5 times, my partner hadn't.
I've told him I consider him the 'Poet Laureate of Turtle Island". He said "that works for me".
So anyway, Les, I consider you on an equal level with JT. I consider you both as the most eloquent word-shamans of our age, at least from a personal perspective of voicing my own thoughts and heart.
I am honored to know you, read and hear your works, and to be alive today with you around.
It's a good day to die.


Scarlett said...

Part of the problem is that most of us tend to get caught up in the blame game and we get distracted. I have to admit I had a certain self-righteous smugness in my approach to the world when Bush was president. I didn't vote for him. It wasn't my fault things were they way they were. It was easy for me to point fingers at conservatives and the crazy right-wing Christians as the problem. Liberals like me would make the world a better place ... Yes, I really thought that.

But, once the Democrats got control and NOTHING was done, I started getting pissed and had to re-evaluate everything I believed in or had been conditioned to believe. That is when the veil was lifted for me. It started with 9/11 -- but I still believed the Republicans were the enemy until the mask came off the Democrats. The "opposition" was more than willing to bide their time until "their team" could get in office. We let Bush get away with 8 years of crime ... Obama knows he has nothing to fear from us.

Still, I voted for Obama. Hoping beyond all hope that at least he would STOP worse things from happening -- even if he didn't have the guts to undo what Bush had done. Wrong again. And I didn't even need his first day in office to know what was coming. All you needed to ever know about Obama was in his cabinet picks. I mean, how many Zionists can one man choose? Once I saw Rahm had wormed his way in -- I knew he had sold his soul to the devil and there is no getting it back. And this time, I can't blame the idiots who voted for him because I am one of them.

I'm still a liberal -- though, I consider myself a liberal with libertarian leanings these days. But, it is time for TRUE conservatives and TRUE liberals to come together. We have a lot in common and what we don't can be put aside until we kick the fascist bastards out.

As far as I can tell, the only real way to battle is by taking yourself out of the system as much as possible. Stop borrowing money. Stop buying everything that you don't absolutely need. Stop watching TV. Cancel magazine subscriptions. Cancel cable TV. Use cash whenever possible. Eat out less or not at all. They need us to keep running on those hampster wheels or the whole thing will fall apart before they are ready. They want us to panic at the thought of not having modern conveniences. I say let's prove to them what survival of the fittest really means. They don't have a clue which is why they are always surprised that those darn Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghanis haven't died already ...

Anonymous said...

Great article. Stand by me video is brilliant. Thanks f or sharing it.

Anonymous said...

oh boy, you folks sure do sound ch-eerie
psychegram says:... dead-eyed zombie cattle that wander the streets

LaughingSausage says: i'm on the other side of the pond and we have them here too. What are we to do with them? If, we don't eat them, the rich will.

Zoner says:... You know, pointing out the stupidity of americans is about the easiest thing to do these days.

LaughingSausage says: Yes, and it feels good every time i do it. Point, pointpoint pooooint.
I was over at Hoffington Post and couldn't help myself. I created an account and left an obnoxious point.

Smoke and Mirror laments the absence of clue.
I quote him everywhere i go...
'People don't learn, they just explode.'

Logged in to tell you - Hello from a wacko at Vancouver 9/11 Truth.
We are doing our best to wake up the masses. (not really)

Don't say, you heard this from me...however,
we have "Issues" internal to our group.

After much head bashing, i arrived at this conclusion. we are flawed people trying to improve a flawed system.
help! send your donations now.

One time, i told members of my group that i blamed
the spammed for the 100's of spam email that i received everyday.
Because, i personally have never replied back to even one spam email.
For spamming operations to be lucrative;
Only a few need to reply back to the president of Nigeria. And even fewer need to fall for the 'Dead rich relative - send money now' part.

There was silence in the room. ...Oh boy...
could it be...that some had replied back to the prez?

Smokey, I hope this doesn't crush your hopes for salvation curtsy of Do-gooders. Most of us never attended finishing school.

Tonight, i got the word out.
Tonight's words went out to my dad.
He phoned to carry on the conversation,
concerning Big Pharma pushing bad drugs.

Was it me, was the facts, was it my caustic remarks,
or was it my relentless, tireless volunteer work...what was it?

"What?..Dad, don't hang up. Are you insulted? Don't be insulted. I wasn't calling you, specifically, infantile and selfish. I meant it in general...
Bye dad. Nice talking to ya. We should it do it more often."

laughing sausage

Franz said...

Hi Les --

Good one. Greg Bacon's comment, "Things might get interesting" was the kicker for that section of the comments. He's spot on.

Because the wife and I live in a Sane Remnant in this part of the Great Lakes Region, I get two channellers per week giving me stark and fine insights on news-before-it-happens. It got my attention last month, Big Time.

Seems like this: Myself, two oracles, and a even a few chance comments at work indicate that the Jack-in-the-box pops out around 19 to 23 July of this year. What happens? Squat if I know. But what I DO know is that everyone I know sees nothing past this period, the thirtieth week of the year.

(NOTE for youngsters: In ancient teletype code, -30- meant "end of article" or Break Transmission. It meant the piece was finished.)

I expect no one, especially anyone here, to be excited. As good Shaman note, all prophecies are nothing but probabilities. When they come from multiple sources, they indicate a lot of load interference in the Aether is scrambling around certain days. If local channellers can pick up on it, so can the Bad Guys, and they'll change their plans so the dates mean nothing.


Just in case, sharpen those battle-axes, my fellow former Americans!

pot said...

How? I believe it is one of the laws of nature. Those that can, do, the strong will dominate the weak for their own benefit. Survival of the fittest.

I believe man collectively has the ability to overcome this law of nature, but it does not happen naturally. Unfortunately, the Social Darwinists and Neo-Malthusians teach us that overcoming this law of nature is wrong, as it is a good law of nature. This is how they get people on board to the idea that evil can be done to do good, and that the end justifies the means. Green Terrorism is one of the tools employed to justify better control over the herd to controlling their population and consumption (living standards) in order to protect nature from man who is turning into a Green Hell.

So we expend energy and work to maintain the survival of the fittest doctrine where the rich and poweful can get richer and more powerful so they can control the herd. Any idea that shares the wealth is deemed socialism, which is accepted as truth by those who accept the Orwellian babble that conspiracies do not exist among the rich and powerful because our free press would be all over it and justice would prevail. Socialism is only accepted if the rich and powerful need help, since only they are capable to lead the herd.

As for hope things will change, I believe we reached the tipping point long ago, pick a date 1848, 1853, 1873, 1893, 1898, 1913, 1918, 1933, 1948, 1953, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983 or 1988 (notice the cycles getting shorter). While you can argue about when, 9/11 and the next 8 years really sealed the deal. It's too late.

The powers that be are too powerful today, and technology has given them tools to be able to assert 100% control and crush any resistance. This has been legalized since 2001.

As for the dumbing down of America, the problem really is that most everything they are taught and believe is a lie or myth, not that they are that dumb. The educational system, MSM and entertainment industry are a giant psyop operation. It is truly an Orwellian world. Those who speak the truth are considered nuts since the truth is so far outside most peoples perception of reality they can not handle it without laughter or rage.

William Casey, former CIA Director was said to have said "when everything the American people believe is a lie, then we will have succeeded."

In fact, one of Bush's advisers was quoted as saying something along the lines as "we created your history (reality). Every day we do something different to change it, and it is only for you to try to keep up with what we do." The present is fleeting, our perception of reality is based on what we believe happened in the past. Control history and news of recent events, and you control the herds reality. Of course, you can choose what version you like from the menu of consensus reality, different tastes for different folks. The truth is not on the consensus menu, those who choose it get indigestion or worse.

Few have the time or inclination to do the research to figure things out for themselves, so they simply latch onto to whatever item on the menu they want to believe in. Others may figure it out, figure they can't change anything, and make the best of it, and focus on protecting and providing for their loved ones.

Some try to spread the truth as they see it, knowing it's not very healthy to do so, and understanding it will do little since it is a truth nobody wants to believe in, even if it were true. It is truly an Inconvenient Truth, and is unwelcome.

The other issue with Americans is there really is no such thing as an American people or culture that binds it's citizens together. It is a hodge podge of global immigrants, a diverse mixture of race, religions and various social and political beliefs. Those who rule find it easy to exploit these divisions in executing a divide and rule strategy.

Our rulers serve the Queen and get knighted, maybe the British Empire lives on and Cecil Rhodes dream came true, American has been recovered, and today we are simply a defacto Commonwealth nation. You could say they outsourced the Empire building to America, at our cost, which we pay as a tribute to the crown.

Anyways, people are so busy fighting those who believe differently from them they can't see the big picture or the wizards behind the curtain pulling their strings.

I do see some signs of people waking up, but this is because they are being woken up by design. Depending on how the rulers choose to proceed, they may tone it down a bit and lull people back to sleep, having tested what they can get away with and what didn't work and buying time for setting up the next crisis, or they may ramp it up and try to create some civil unrest and perhaps a new war on homegrown terrorism. Signs point to the latter. Other signs point to trying to trigger a health threat like an influenza pandemic. Might even give us both, maybe even throw in a war against Iran to spice things up, and a dash of hyperinflation for kicks.

Signs point to them trying to sell 2012 as the End Times. The secular are given the Mayan Calendar BS, the religions already have their End Time BS. Makes you wonder if the conspiracy goes back a couple of thousand years ago when these religions were created by the ruling elite.

Another tactic is that people are asked to have only good thoughts, and that these good thoughts will allow a better world to be formed in the New Age to come. This gives some people an excuse not to listen to conspiracy theories as it is too negative and will prevent the better world from being created by our collective thoughts. Nice for those behind the conspiracy.

A new religion and economic order are in the works with the Green Terrorism underway, which will give us a global central bank and a carbon dollar, a carbon tax and a state religion where man worships Gaia by living simply (poorer), and where man must give up their rights to protect Mother Nature, and live as a 2nd class citizen.

In other words, let it happen, be hopeful, don't entertain the truth, thats too negative, live simply, don't consume, conserve, and all will be well. Until the culling begins.

Travis said...

I have been reading the Bible a lot more lately and it is starting to make more sense to me every day. Now, I am an atheist but grew up very religious. I think everyone should read the bible, it has a lot of good info as to who the bad guys are. A few examples...

Rzk said...

Thank you to Peter Zaza for the "Stand by me" link and thank you Visible, for sharing. Quite an uplifting moment... the music crossing space and time... and it is moments like that... bringing a tear to the eyes for the sheer beauty of that instant to behold... as i was singing along, smiling, sharing this experience with no one and yet with every one.
Yes, this is Mordor and yes, there is Fellowship (thank you Visible et al) without which we would all be so much less! Bottom line... we do what needs to be done. To each their own 'chores' and yes, i just finished watching hours and hours of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings this past week and was it ever apropos and a reminder... (again).
So then i watch "Stand by Me" and here we are all connected with the music and youz guys here and all i can say is THANK YOU each and every one of you for being! and thank you Les Visible, for each and every blog that we get to experience and communicate about. Such a Blessing.
Hugs and love

Visible said...

I have really got to take more care with my responses in this location. This is one reason that, for a long time, I seldom had anything to say here. Whatever I had to say was in the initial posting but... for some reason I've been here a lot lately and it's brought it's own bag of problems.

I see that I'm not comprehensive enough most of the time. I dash something off because I'm usually thinking about the next thing I have to do and the clarity of my responses suffer.

I see where I said to Z here in this thread that I had nothing more to say to him. Looking at that again I had to smack myself in the head and say, "You dummy." Yes, I meant to say that but it sounds like something it is not. What I meant was that I had no more to say on this particular subject. I can see how it might have been read otherwise.

I happen to like Z and would never intentionally say something like that but in my labors of the moment I got caught between being clear and being brief and clear suffered as a result. Susanne is coming in this evening so I have been hard at it getting the house presentable over the last several days. It should come as no surprise that I live like a Bohemian and that's okay when I'm alone but... well, I think you get that. Guys are not generally so tidy as their counterparts.

I had to stop in the middle of the next Origami today as I noticed that the quality of the essay was suffering due to my preoccupation with what I had to do next so... later for that now.

Anyway... if I have unintentionally offended anyone over the course of the last week it is due to my preoccupation with all of the chores I have been dealing with and I sincerely apologize for that; hoping for understanding in this regard.

I'll be done in a few hours and then it won't be on my mind any more. So... let me once again thank all of you for the extremely high quality of input this site receives and now, heh heh... I got to go and attend to a lot of things.

Anonymous said...

This article is an eye opener! I no longer watch television nor do my children or spouse; however, we went visiting relatives and did so for the first time in years. I viewed 'what not to wear' was indeed such a worthless program...the 'fashion victim' was either paid to appear 'dumb' or I must be really out of the loop with how 'dumbed down' some folks truely are! It was like watching an individual that could only speak in exclaimation phrases. Browsing through the channels after the program it appeared that the majority of options all involved fast paced commercials and violent and suggestive themes. Whew! Oh well...I'm rambling...but, thank you for sharing your views. You're right on!

jody said...

TV is boring, Les Visible is where it's at!

i think some of the responses that appear are as interesting as the original postings, i wish i had more to contribute. and thanks again Les for all the time you put into writing for us.

Anonymous said...

Just the beginning

Anonymous said...

I would put this bit of information out there. In 1900 the average high school graduate (US) had a vocabulary of 10,000 words. In 2000 it was 3000 words.

We are at a point where the elite don't need the masses anymore and are actually becoming a threat and a burden.

Les, see you back here in a few days.


Will Wilson said...

Part of what will lead to our success is communicating with each other, especially Americans with non Americans. I think we in America need your(non-Americans) help. We could use help from and communication from places like Venezuela, the Muslim lands, Cuba, Russia. The rich and powerful here demonize your lands and people, tremendously. And they really don't want us Americans to see or know of examples of different ways to conduct our affairs. Like Cuba having health care for all it's citizens. Or that Venezuela sent heating oil to America to help the poor here heat their homes. Or giving people outside the the US the idea that some of us DO NOT support war, greed, or the idiotic swill that passes for entertainment and is broadcast as "culture". Yeah, we need to find our own way, I think it's better to look at places that are less involved in the negative side of this world so that new "movements" here dont get co-opted by those who screwed things up here in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Wow, where to start—you don’t turn your computer on for day or two and bang—
1. I have enough confidence in myself to not care too much what someone may say about me—I do look to certain people for feedback, but I make my own decisions, change them upon reflection, or stand by them
2. Calling me an American means nothing to me. I am not defined by where I was born, the color of my skin, gender, or anything else that someone wants to use “against” me to lump me into a “group”. When anyone uses the term “American”, it means as much to me as “male” or “female” to describe individual men or women-I take you on your merits, whether I believe in what you do, or say, or not---informed passion goes a long way with me
3. If someone chooses to try and lump me into some group—I’m not falling for it, nor will I fall into doing the same—I call em’ as I see them on a case by case basis.
4. I’ll share my thoughts with you, but I hope I’m not pushing a personal agenda—I can tell you where I’ve been, where I am, but not where I will be—call me on it if you think I am pushing, or ranting—(see #5)
5. I’m man enough to take what anyone has to throw and will give it the credence your history dictates—I’ll know where it comes from—if the heart—I’ll look closely—if out of your ass—well, self explanatory

Now, to the points raised: America started going downhill when we started pulling levers for the high paying blue collar jobs. If you were connected, you could get a job at one of the auto or steel plants and make some pretty good green for your efforts—you had a union that had management by the balls and squeezed every time they wanted 12 million in Viagra benefits for their workers—how’s that union doing now? I don’t blame corporations in the least for moving offshore to build things—now, they’ve fucked themselves because their buyers in the USA don’t have any money—go figure—but of course, NO ONE saw this coming---

We also have the college graduate paper shufflers, and enough lawyers to circle the earth a few times—Just say Harvard or Yale, look where they are, and take aim.

Look at any TV commercial, by their own admission, they are geared to a 12 year olds brain—nuff’ said. Feel that twitch in your leg—better take a pill, it’s restless leg syndrome (WTF?).

Maybe wash down your $1,000.00 worth of pills a month with another Diet Coke and send another donation to Benny Hin—cha-ching, you’re saved—oops, almost—for another 4.95 a month we promise you a good seat at the right hand of god, and a set of Ginsu cooking knives--

The government won’t save you, the church won’t save you, jesus won’t save you—it’s up to you to save you—it’s called freedom and responsibility—

Act accordingly—

Look forward to what might be—not back at what could have been—
What might have been was all an illusion—it disappeared in a puff of second-hand smoke—
***The Producer of this work states that no one should get their panties in a wad because what was written here bears no ill will or whatever toward anyone living or dead, or in between--These are generally, in-general terms and therefore should be, or not be, construed as such--or not as such--construed, or otherwise---The MGT.****** Press "2" for Spanish

Great Matt Damon rant from Good Will Hunting—Watch it—The NSA job interview


kikz said...

enjoy your time w/susanne :)


nina said...

I am very pleased you backed up in reverse when you saw Z lying on the curb.

Visible said...


Backed up to clarify what I meant when I yelled out the window or backed up over him?

It's funny Nina. I'll go about my business which sometimes is happening more quickly than I like and sometimes includes more than one thing and I'll handle something too quickly and move along to the next thing but as time passes, things surface and remind me that I might not have done what I originally intended and so I have to go back and have another look and of course I hadn't done what I thought I had so I had to do it again.

All's well with Z and me. Complications that have nothing to do with the principals are bound to occur and we handle it well or we don't and then we handle it better maybe next time and eventually, it is my hope, we handle it and aren't even aware of handling it because it handles itself.

I can only plead too much going on sometimes and not enough attention being paid.

nina said...

That you took measures is all that matters. I admire that.
We always have this choice, but don't always act on it.
You know, like the Norah Jones tune, she could have called and didn't know why she didn't.
And anyway, I am no one to talk ... our rushing to whatever, our pride, builds a long list of casualties unacknowledged. The to-dos that don't get done hurt someone we don't even know got hurt.
You did the right thing, no matter who said what. I expected nothing less from you.
Love, nina

Jody Paulson said...

"I wish I could applaud some thousands of community organizers who are diligently working to awaken their neighbors. For all I know, they are there… working and hoping against hope that some fortuitous light will break and that for once and for all the psychopaths and scammers would be exposed and given a swift and telling justice but… I don’t see it. I hope it’s there but… I don’t see it."

There's not thousands of us out there, but we are there: Readers, hook up with a local faction or start your own!

Here's some inspiration as citizens confront Karl Rove:

We Are Change

(please send Janine healing thoughts and prayers, I hear she was recently diagnosed with cancer)

Anonymous said...

I don't see it either mate, I think most people are dumber than shit, but I will say this. I have a loved one in Afghanistan, fighting these vermin's war. If that person comes to any harm out there, I will dedicate the rest of my life to getting to Tony Blair. It'll be my tiny contribution to natural justice.

Still alive said...

If Americans were told that the flintstones were behind 9/11 they would be screaming "bomb bedrock!"

The red, white and duh morons are the dumbest, most ignorant scum to ever walk this planet. No contest.

I feel so sorry for the English people. But then again, perhaps their predicament is due to their ignorance and stupidity.

As for the war against Iran I personally do not think it will happen. There are too many regional interests and powers (Russia and China)involved. And if the lunatic terrorists in d.c. and London and Tel Aviv try it it will hopefully be their end.

Anonymous said...

Les and Friends,

I'll try to keep this short. During the 2004 presidential debacle, I made a suggestion that seems to fit in with today's blog.

My suggestion was that, to be a successful candidate, John Kerry needed to begin a war, ala "The war on poverty", "The Vietnam War", "The War on Crime", "The War on Drugs", "Gulf War I", "The War on Terror", "Gulf War II, the saga continues", etc. My point was, the successful presidential candidate needs to have some kind of war plan.

Therefore, I suggested that John Kerry begin a "War on Stupidity". There are so many advantages in this country to a war on stupidity. Stupidity seems to be our natural state of being anymore. May I go so far as to suggest that we Americans attempt to outdo each other in stupidity. Why did so many Americans vote for George Bush for a second term? Stupidity. Why else? Many Americans instinctively knew that they could share a beer with George Bush and watch NASCAR at the same time. Just like they were told on TV. They could go quail hunting with Dick Cheney, as long as they had health insurance. Could they do those things with John Kerry and John ($400 haircut) Edwards? Apparently not. So George and Dick carried the day; possibly with a little help from Diebold.

Well, you all know, or most of you know, that John Kerry didn't start a war on stupidity, or any other war for that matter. So he goes down in the history books as another also ran.

I'll end my little rant with a quote from one of my favorite movie characters:

"Stupid is as Stupid does" Forrest Gump


Anonymous said...


"It is not necessary to hope to persevere"

A saying taken from the Dutch fighting impossible war with Spain

GlobalistShill said...

Hello, and thanks Les!

Hey, I meant to write this to you yesterday but my computer was being insolent. Anyway, I see by your latest post that you are aware of the new proof of explosives at the WTC. And it's on Raw Story too,... I wonder if the drooling masses will bat their eyelids?

As for Twitter, I think you might find this one interesting:

On that note, in case you're interested I found out about that from this website. I think she may very well be the real deal:

- Gary

GlobalistShill said...

My apologies, I think one of those links was bad. Here's what I meant to send: said...

Just the fact that you posted this and have received so many comments means that all is not lost.

However, it does seem as though we are going to have to hit rock bottom before rising again. Expect much trouble ahead...

charlie said...

You know, reading this and the comments for some unknown reason made me think of a study of past empires and their penchant of being prone to catabolic collapse and the reasons the system becomes so complex in the first place.

Why? Because the starting premise of the society is based on a lie. Just think of a person who lies and the initial lie is seemingly a small one but has to grow in complexity to preserve the original lie as seeming truth. The the lies become so great as to cross the threshold from seeming reality to stark unreality. Then as the lie collapses it all collapses.

What's the original lie? That we need "these people" to survive, "these people" being experts, gov'ts, merchants, preachers, etc, etc, ad infinitum (inproper latin I and it's all a distortion of a very simple truth.

Who do we need to survive? Each other. As it's always been and always will be. Sooner or later we'll come to all realize this. So, I should let you finish the thought Les. You're really good at it.

Michael F said...

I use the website Facebook solely to share links with my "friend network" (ie: people I've known throughout my life but don't correspond with in the real world).

Posted this article and received one single comment from one of my "friends":

"That is Nutter Speak."

Ah well.

GenniePeach1965 said...

What the CIA, and the United States Government who are inposing the (German Police State New World Order Government) do in the dark, will brought to light, as each day becomes enlightened with "whistle-blowin' crusaders, to yank the blinders off of ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE, to see what's ahead for all of us. The United States, are actually the (weakest link, to a broader aspect in the Global Enterprise in everything as far as Military, Morals, and The Neo-Nonsense that the media, and the Government, is suppressing as I post this. Keep your eyes and ears in close view as the fall, and uprising of Anti-Christ in Rome Italy.... Research the Truth for yourself, and prepare your life, and mental stability, for what's ahead of us, and don't be taken by surprise, when we are subjected to unforeseen oppression, intollerant misdeeds, by our governed God Given Rights, on this planet Earth. May God Bless All Who Want The Truth. Amen.

Richard Welsh said...

Les --


The one thing I'd like enlightened people to do is to stop using the word jew as much as possible. We addressed the thorny dilemma of this loaded meaningless word and said that there has to something better AND A LOT FUNNIER IN THE BIBLE.

First eyeopener -- There are no Jews in the Bible only a tribe named Judah. Then what do they call them in the Bible? They are called the stiff-necked people. Initials snp, per Hebrew add the vowels and you get snipe ZOUNDS! SO WE LIKE TO CALL THEM SNIPES BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS SNIPING AT THE TRUTH.

Another point I'd like to make about the Chosen people is that in the ancient world when you were chosen it was for human sacrifice. In addition it is a great source of amusement to them because the lord they were chosen by was Satan.

Last rule we had was NEVER ARGUE WITH A SNIPE.
ALWAYS MAKE FUN OF THEM. If you're good at it you can actually make them faint when they don't smell the fear they're accustomed to smelling on the average GOY



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