Thursday, September 15, 2022

"She is Not Old at All in Appearance. She is as Young as Forever and Becoming More Beautiful with Passing Time."

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I haven't been by these sites more than a small handful of times, and always through a link from somewhere else, BUT... yesterday, I went by the websites of Vice, Vulture, and The Daily Beast; dear God!!! Madness arrives on the unsuspecting in baby steps to begin with, and then... by leaps and bounds. The foul substances found at these sites shows clearly the intentions of those who created it, and... are presently losing it.

In recent times, I have gone by Huffington Post...Slate... Salon... Rolling Stone... CNN and The Washington Post. For a long time, I have avoided these sinkholes of lies and sleaze, BUT... I go where I am directed... WHEN I AM DIRECTED, and... for a time, I am meant to see the advertisements for what is to come, but not in the way intended by those spinning their false narratives to the sleeping classes.

I am truly fortunate in what I am allowed to see... as well as the firm knowledge that The Divine is in command of all things. Sometimes I don't care for what I see but... dispassion and detachment are art forms. They take extended applications of restraint and intention. It's like playing the piano, but... with a great many more keys. Think of it as something like the Midmer-Losh Pipe Organ. It's also a case of not playing, as opposed to playing. There are just so VERY many situations to restrain yourself from acting in.

I know... I am supposed to see the highest in everyone and I do strive for this. At the same time my critical intuitive sense of others, AND myself... tells me not to close my eyes and fall asleep in some dangerous new mind trap of what I don't know anything about. I should strive to see the best in everyone, however, at... my... stage... of... The... Game this is not always possible for me.

I aspire to be divinely impersonal. It is a work in progress.

The laughable insanity of Pakistan being flooded across the country is best illustrated in this little vignette. Some Chief Justice from that country set up a Crowdfunding account to build this massive dam that was going to fix all of Pakistan's water problems. They raised 40 billion dollars. It turned out that they also spent over 60 billion promoting the effort.

Then... as per usual, other complications surfaced and the dam has not got built because they... still... need... another 13 billion dollars. Then the Chief Justice said something to the effect of, “Well... we weren't going to build the dam anyway. We just wanted to see what the interest level was.” BWAHAHAHAH!

I can see someone from the intelligent sector of the Pakistan mindset saying; “What! Are we now the new Poles? We didn't lose any tall ships because we don't have a seacoast?”

Wow. That might have been impolite on my part. I hope no one from the Department of Cancel Culture sees this... let me ask you... because you look a tad concussed; how... many... fingers... am... I... holding... up? You know this one? Never mind.

It is becoming more and more clear that corporation heads... politicians... heads of entertainment and crass media... bankers and financiers... all areas with massive public influence are being given their marching orders from some secretive source; NOTHING... ELSE... MAKES... SENSE. Why would Trannyland be the new Disneyland? Where is this endangered feces thing coming from?

Over a very short reach of few years there comes this Trans-humanist, Frankenstein monster. It eats children and the unwary, and if you get in the way... the protective detail stands up. In Scotland, they arrest you on the slightest pretext for thought crimes against LGBTQ (and affiliates) Zipperheads.

It's getting hotter and hotter, and ever more and more tense. Every day, you see videos of street battles fought by those believing they should have the entitlement they resent in everyone else. You see violent displays of rage directed at the known and the unknown. If these times had a face, it would look like Smallpox and Acne had a steel cage match in The Octagon.

Kanye is about to implode. He's going to have company.

Consider, if you will, that all of this is being manipulated by those with a particular end in mind who... are also being manipulated inside their own minds by a power they cannot guess at for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

As one who has had a lifetime love affair with food preparation... right now, it is at that stage of simmer just before the boiling state engages. C-o-i-n-c-i-d-e-n-t-a-l-l-y, The American Midterms approach. More marbles are on the table than at any time before this. More stands to be lost, and gained... by interested parties. If it goes one way, a whole lot of people are going to jail. If it goes the other way, it's the same thing, only worse... because the worst of us came out on top.

Once again... I have limitations in exposition here. This is when the Dogs of Discontent begin to howl about statements I have not made, and things I... did... not... say. It's of no great matter. When they are unable to come at you on the merits, they... fabricate. I am in awe, sometimes, at the sheer reach of the fantasy projections I encounter... now and again. It is then that I am swept up by a kind of glee that I am not among them. Then... I am instantly informed that I am among them, but simply quiescent when they are not. There... but... for... fortune...

Apparently... The Chinese have loosed thousands upon the internet to employ Sinicization upon those speaking of God. The hits just keep on a coming.

Yesterday I saw a video of James Taylor playing at some event in France, half a dozen or so years ago. It's mostly been scrubbed from the internet, but... I found a copy. You know what? I'm going to break with recent tradition and put it in the post.

Here you have a world-famous songwriter, shilling for... probably some bogus climate thing, and... heh heh... heh heh... the mic slowly bends down and away from Taylor, who had to contort more and more toward it to be heard. This goes on for a bit... until one of Kerry's attendants steps forward to hold another mic off to the side.

This was... somehow... meant to happen. I've nowhere near the public performances of James Taylor, but I know quite well what to do in a situation like that.

There was no one there who knew what to do. These people are going to fix natural global warming? No... they are not going to fix that or much of anything else. Why was this allowed to continue? They must have had sound people around. It's Mr. Apocalypse. All these situations and conditions that I have brought up in recent times, and probably before that too, are the fruit of the genius of Mr. Apocalypse.

Think of some ancient woman sitting at a loom. She has been sitting there for countless aeons. Why... she is not old at all in appearance. She is as young as forever and becoming more beautiful with time, as our eyes... slowly progress to newer states of perception, in order to see how truly beautiful she is.

She is spinning out a carpet with all of human experience woven into it. Whispering in her ear is Mr. Apocalypse, and she twists and turns like a dancer sitting down, and in love with the motion of her never-ending creations, interacting in the weave. It's... all... headed... somewhere.

Everything you see, hear... and experience is TAILORED to the necessaries of your awakening. If you do not adjust, YOU... WILL... BE... ADJUSTED. Those who refuse to hear... will be compelled to feel. Everyone is presently acting out in response to the apocalypse coming upon them. Some... as the videos show, are doing it badly. Some are unable to survive the experience. Some are determined that others will not survive the experience.

John wants what Jack has. Jack wants Jill. Jill is with Sam. Sometimes they all get together to conspire and take what some other people have. Either way, they are never happy for very long. Suffering IS NOT A FIXED RESULT. Suffering REQUIRES your cooperation to bring it about. Remember what can happen to those who try to save someone who is drowning? There is a way that you must approach this so that you don't both go down.

You do what you can. You do not do what you cannot do because... the outcome will not be good. HOWEVER... this does not stop most people in Times of Material Darkness. Sometimes it is equal parts of trying to get something... AND get away from it. I think of it like the mating dance of a black widow spider. Life in certain aspects is much like that. Some learn and some do not. This is going to become more and more clear with passing time.

God is real. Everything else is a case of mistaken identity.

♫ People can be so cold
They'll hurt you
And desert you
they'll take your soul
If you let them
Ah... but don't you let them ♫

You just call out God's name, and... you know? Wherever you are... God will come running, to help you again. It's... what... God... does.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...


Missing Munich said...

Greetings Les,

been to the homeland for 9 days, and boy what a disappointment. I was hoping that the remaining family had not fallen prey to the lies and deception, but alas, I was wrong. Munich, the never-ending construction site, has morphed into helldom of high powered, money hungry nouveau riche, the Munich I know/knew is gone. I visited the city with my step-mom, who wanted to check out some high-priced shoe store (nothing under E250.00), and even she decided that the collection of unwearable shoes was beyond her. But there were plenty others, who invested in such foolishness. Numerous conversations with the half-siblings made very clear that they had taken the bait of money-over-everything (one of them going to Tanzania to hunt Cape Buffalo aka the widow maker).
I also visited the remainder of my in-law family up north, who are "simple" folks. But boy, they have more brains than the well educated in the South. I took the opportunity to go, because both countries were without restrictions for us un-jabbed, hoping to find kindred spirits. But as the saying goes - Geld verdirbt Alles (money spoils everything). Lesson learned. Thanks for listening.
Thank you as always for writing every day, it's truly something to look forward to. And just because it's my latest favourite piece of music in all it's dramatic glory: Barber-Adagio for Strings with L. Bernstein (

Best to all,

Missing Munich (still - the real one)

M - said...

Love the video of the chiropractor working on animals!!!

Thank you.

Visible said...

Missing in Munich;

Everywhere this disorder of Material Culture is ruling in the hive mind. Consider yourself EXTREMELY fortunate that you can see this and ADJUST UPWARD. In all cases, pray for them. Anything else can lead to inconsistent and undesired results.

When we leave The Details to God, all will be as it should.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Visible. Thank you, sir.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Heaven Has a Form of Castor Oil for Those Times When Being Full of Shit is No Longer a Tolerable Condition."

Guldur said...

The last sentence of this post of yours is the most important one and most profound. Thanks for reminding!
God The Almighty always bless and help you!

Heidi said...

Glad you're still here Les! Your friend Heidi from Kansas 💜🦅😊



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