Sunday, August 22, 2021

"God Is The Light of The Spiritual Sun, and We are Dust Motes Dancing in that Formerly Cloudy Room."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is a curious view, to sit in an awareness of the malign forces who seek to hijack The United States of America, after first making her weak and vulnerable to corruptions they were also considerate enough to supply. ♫ all the world looks sad and dreary ♫ at the moment, (thank you Stephen Foster; no doubt you are now a racist) BUT... appearances are deceiving. We ARE NOT witnessing the whole of The World, tinder-dry, on the edge of conflagration. Hmm... perhaps I should clarify that; some will INDEED experience The Conflagration because that is the certain result of their intentions and their actions. An early seer pointed this out in the song, “Going to Kansas City.” If you are intending to get to Kansas City, you should not be surprised to wind up there.

What we are... more precisely facing, is a destiny in accord with our ambitions and in line with the specific fate that accompanies them. It's all Purpose of Demonstration down here on The Field of Pentacles, or Material Plane, if you prefer. Those seeking to take over The World WILL fail. They will fail in spectacular fashion as well, because this is an apocalypse, which is one of the most profound teaching moments, courtesy of The Conscious Cosmos; also known as God.

I forget the whole of the story now but someone once asked The Buddha, “why... when The Buddha-Lands of the Ten Directions are all very pure, why is our world so corrupted and filthy?” The Buddha replied, “You cannot comprehend the world in which I live.” Then he pressed The Earth with his toe and The World immediately became brilliant, pure, and filled with splendor. Then The Buddha said, “This is The World I live in.”

We ALL live in a world of our own creation. If you do not like The World you are living in- CHANGE IT! Often what you hear after having said this is... “Yeah... but... what about this and what about that?” Uh-huh... what about it? Some people prefer dismal states of being. It gives them something to whine and complain about. Some will say that they do not have the money to change the world they live in. I've no money. I changed the world I lived in. It did take some time, and that is possibly what most people will object to. It REQUIRES... no, it DEMANDS that you provide a consistency of effort. Bad habits have to be resisted for certain amounts of time in order to be overcome. They ALSO have to be replaced by good habits. In other words, it takes WORK.

People are okay about having a job. They get a paycheck. They pay their bills. They live in whatever comfort and supply their intelligence and industry have provided for them. They can SEE the return on their investment. When talking about actually changing yourself, which automatically changes your world, it becomes amorphous. You can't see what it would be like or hold it in your hand. It is indistinct. This is because of an undisciplined imagination and a weak and compromised WILL. Concentration is The Key to The Magical Art. If you can't focus, how can you pay attention? How can you be consistent? Yet this is what you need, and some need it desperately.

What is it that The Enemy does? He DIVIDES you against yourself and each other, all of whom are another version of yourself, composed of the same animated dust. He creates hobgoblins in your mind and then manipulates you through your Fear, and also through your Guilt. Guilt is a major industry for the enslavement of humanity. Well, I probably deserve it or it wouldn't be happening to me. How do you wind up with guilt to begin with? You acquire it by going contrary to your better nature and your Higher Self. Why does your conscience nag you? It wouldn't nag you if you weren't disappointing yourself.

The Avatar is a kind of Cosmic Turbocharger. It is like The Sun entering a room when it had been cloudy for days. If you are at all inclined to rise to a higher plane of understanding, he will make it easier than it has EVER been. You CAN get caught up in his tailwind. If you are not opposed to him doing a little Spring Cleaning on you, you will be lighter than you have ever been. The Light has enemies, as ineffectual as they are, he has them. There are those who can only do their mischief in The Dark. They will shortly be driven into The Dark because they cannot abide The Light. If you carry the light about you, The Dark will flee, just as it does when you turn on the light in a formerly dark room.

That formerly dark room is your own mind, and it could be lit up like Christmas Eve. You have to invite the ineffable to reside in you and make you his/her abode. It is explained in the 23rd Psalm. It is explained in EVERY OTHER tradition as well, if you know where to look. It is the very best of advice to have The Heart swallow The Mind. As you may know, The Limbic System is in your mind. You may feel things in your heart but the trigger point is in The Mind. This format is too brief to get into any real detail, but there is more than enough here to get all the way home.

The Divine IS resident within you. You must summon him forth by devotion and through good acts. You must emulate his/her qualities. God is both male and female and neither. God is Father and Mother. God is the light of The Spiritual Sun and we are dust motes dancing in that formerly cloudy room. You have to become a Charged Particle. Awaken from your dream of life. That is a mortal dream. Awaken to the promise of Eternity. It is quite real.

When the presence of The Avatar becomes more palpable, people will be greatly energized in the direction of the heart's intentions. The goodwill becomes so much more good, and the evil... well... God set The Light and The Darkness. He created both good and evil. They are there for your consideration and enjoyment for as long as your particular appetites and enjoyments remain pleasant and agreeable, and often well after that. It is IMPORTANT to realize and remember that good actions attract good entities who come to reside in your aura. Evil attracts evil entities. Each of them inspires forms of behavior and opens particular doors for experience.

Buddha's, Bodhisattva's, Saints and Sages, and all who are illumined DO NOT SEE evil people. They oppose no one's way. That is not their area of concern, except that Evil provides them with raw materials to work with. This is why Jesus the Christ hung out with publicans and sinners. If you separate your world into good and evil, you will experience both of them. Just as you will have an equal amount of pain to go with your pleasure, one comes with the other. Happiness and Hope are flying birds going by. There are higher and more permanent states to aspire to and to live in the awareness and performance of.

It is IMPORTANT in these times not to get into pissing matches with skunks. I'm not disparaging skunks but there is a potential downside to the relationship. Animals are wonderful learning experiences IF YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION. You can see all of the various animal natures and behaviors in people. The entire animal kingdom is within us, and it expresses through us if we are poor animal trainers. An angry bear is a different animal than a dancing bear. You MUST gain mastery over your animal nature or it WILL devour you in one fashion or another. For some, the actual animal is employed.

What you are experiencing now you dialed up for yourself, but what awaits further on is in your power to alter, especially if you have placed all further and future concerns in the hands of The Divine. Heaven is VERY generous and forgiving. There is no telling how Heaven might respond to a sincere and sustained effort. I KNOW this to be true.

Dark times are coming in many locations. This means that The Light will be MORE CONCENTRATED in other locations. This is a cosmic imperative. If it is really dark in one place it will be really light in another. It is profitable to be mindful of this, and especially profitable to let your little light shine and not hide it under a bushel. I heard a great man speak in The Way to the Kingdom. He said that one MUST focus their hearts and minds on higher things, and the light within, and then one might prove to be USEFUL to others in times of tribulation. Otherwise, they won't even be able to help themselves, much less anyone else.

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You have to lay the groundwork for a spiritual life. Where else can you do it except Now? The past is gone and the future is not yet Now. It has to be a continuous application of your Faith invested in what is yet unseen. I can assure you that help will fly to your side, just as I can assure you there is always Difficulty at the Beginning. This is why so many turn away after a brief burst of enthusiasm. You are EITHER committed or you are not, and this you will discover if you cease or you continue on. It takes everything, BUT... the rewards are beyond measure.

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Anonymous said...

You have to lay the groundwork for a spiritual life. Where else can you do it except Now? The past is gone and the future is not yet Now. It has to be a continuous application of your Faith invested in what is yet unseen. I can assure you that help will fly to your side, just as I can assure you there is always Difficulty at the Beginning. This is why so many turn away after a brief burst of enthusiasm. You are EITHER committed or you are not, and this you will discover if you cease or you continue on. It takes everything, BUT... the rewards are beyond measure.

Yes that there ^^^^^
As always thank you for sharing Les.

Justin Virden

Anonymous said...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I found the perfect analogy for what's gonna happen to the wrong side of history.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'divine' column. Thanks!

Vis: "The Avatar is a kind of Cosmic Turbocharger."

Think of it this way: If I spontaneously started levitating, word would soon spread. Thousands and then millions would focus on me, through word-of-mouth and then television. 99.9 percent of them would doubt that this was real. (Plus, baddies would chip-in to try to suppress the happening.) That is a tremendous psychic 'force' to overcome; to not implode and get shut-down. A few entities have that innate power; the rest have to rely on their 'lineages' to provide sufficient opposing non-doubt. And, that is just for levitation...

'Whomever' comes-in (as an Avatar) has to out-charge or over-balance ALL the forces which want the world to stay as-it-is. That includes not only the conscious baddies, but the multi-billions who are 'set' in what they think Reality is. Therefore, either 'massed' legions of good-guys are necessary to overcome the worldly-inertia which is present, or a very-high-level (Powerful) Being. Maybe both.

Some Beings are powerful enough that they can 'impose' their pattern upon others. Real psychic healers claim to simply hold a healthy pattern over a diseased person, displacing the disease pattern. (They may have Unseen help.) The body responds, and physical-healing occurs. A really-powerful Being (Avatar-like) can set a pattern for an entire planet, and the world will respond. How it responds will be interesting...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

steve said...

Crikey Ray B its not a pissing contest with Les- give it a break from time to time.

Ray B. said...

Steve: I am not in a "pissing contest with Les." That is in your own fevered imagination. As I stated several times before, I write in an extended form (not just "Thanks, wow!" ) because the bad-guys are winning. Psychic or spiritual material (especially experiences) is getting as rare as hen's teeth on the internet. Vis chooses to stay with broad-brush descriptions, probably to avoid giving ammunition to his critics. I am trying to supplement that with detailed descriptions and explanations, for those who may be opening-up in the near future. Feel free to contribute your own...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

"Animals are wonderful learning experiences IF YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION."

Lord Dattatreya and His 24 Gurus
23. Spider (Makari)
Spider builds a beautiful web from his heart through the mouth; play and enjoys with it and then after some time swallow that very same web.
Lord Supreme creates material universe from His Maya, preserves it and after a while draws it back into the Self. The Supreme Self has no desires and is beyond the reach of cause and effect.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Ahhhhhhhh, Sunlight.

The best disinfectant on so many levels.

But there's more. Focus for a moment on something that isn't there. "What is that?" you ask. Oh, just the advice from the Medical Establishment and/or Governance to get your pasty body out in a little bit of sunlight every day, if you can, to build your vitamin D levels. Now you don't want to burn, that causes damage, even cancer. Though FM radio may be more responsible for the melanoma surges, but that is a different story.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with bad Covid outcomes. Vitamin D is also essential for good health overall. Don't trust me, do your own research.

But there's even more. The light you get may seem steady, but actually it is fluctuating. Those fluctuations play on your cells, like a song being heard by a microphone. There is no way to determine scientifically whether there is meaning there. It is like looking at an encrypted stream and trying to determine if it holds a message or is just random numbers.

For those looking for a physical foundation for some of your metaphysics, there it is.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Lions 5 Christians 1
Lions scored a point today. Pfizer is now APPROVED Fookin Deranged Arsewipes
The Avatar may be coming but he will need an army of free will thinking people behind him.
Can’t expect him to save us while we sit on our butts.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"We are Self-Programmed Slot Cars on Endless Cloverleafs of Action and Reaction."

Anonymous said...

@Ray B
I always read your comments with interest. Today, your thought and attitude were particularly useful
Many thanx : )

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Dear Laura,

Sounds blissful. Hope you get some barefoot time in, too, getting truly grounded. There's Telluridic currents afoot. They are very much the product of the strains expressed by the Earth, being of course, buffeted by fluctuations from the sun, and cosmic rays. Let's not forget cosmic rays.

If you want to add an old man and dog to that list, give a holler.

Mr. Nah

Tetragrammaton said...

I had a look at the record—thousands and thousands of years of tempting stubborn saints and seducing all too willing mortals, pandering to the grossest vices of a breed already depraved by original sin; years of frightening dimwitted peasants with horns and hoofs and tricks that a sideshow conjuror would be ashamed of; years of making theatrical blood pacts and mixing obscene love potions for senescent scholars whose libidos had outlasted their wits; years of dancing on drafty mountaintops with bevies of bearded hags who wanted to be Rockettes for a night; years of tormenting damned souls until the mouth of Hell smelled like the open door of a cafeteria kitchen.

Whittaker Chambers, 1948.

A. Fool said...

That Ark of the Covenant scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) is the light exposing itself to the forces of evil and destroying them.
Of course the abomination that is the best government that money could buy would hide it in a warehouse.
Some say the Arc of the Sun is the covenant, some who are much smarter than I.

lilbear said...

Hiya Vis,

I appreciate your inspiring and encouraging words in this time of super weirdness, which seems to be speeding up at an expotenial(sp) rate. People are losing their minds out there! Surely you have noticed?

How does one become successful in a failed state such as ours? According to Manly P. Hall the success as defined by universal law is to leave the world a better person than when you arrived here. You and select others appear to have that covered. (jury is still out on me).

I think I remember you mentioning in one of your posts years ago the gnostic Dr. Joseph Chiapalone; Theres so much evidence supporting his view that this world is inherently evil,(the material realm in general)the only solution left is its complete destruction. Dark matter is rapidly erasing alot of material planes, I think I read sometime ago, so looking like we're headed in that direction, full stop...oh well ce la vie. Couldnt happen to a nicer planet. :-)

Stay safe and God speed!


Visible said...

I am a bit (a lot actually) more hopeful than that. I have seen much beauty in the lives of spiritual men and women that inspires me and PROVES that there is something finer to be found.
We have to allow ourselves to be shaped into it. That's the world I live in.

Visible said...

You know, when people show up here with a new persona and different tactics, on their way to doing the same thing again, I know who they are. "It's a gift. It's like I can't control it"; one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies. I let things go by. This does not mean I have fallen asleep.

lilbear said...

Huh? I hope that last comment wasnt directed at me somehow. No double meanings implied or intended. And I'm a long-time admirer of your work. :0



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