Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Ineffable's Player Piano and the Symphony of the Apocalypse.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your nose always be cold and wet.

It just goes on and on, doesn't it? You keep expecting some significant event, some kind of game changer, for better or worse /but the vermin in the shadows are running into difficulties that we hear not one word about/ out here. One thing that is happening is that Zionist control, behind the scenes of Western European governments is being made public in a big way. The Zionist owned government of France has violated the civil rights of Dieudonne then, rather promptly, the Zionist owned government of England refused Dieudonne entry into their county... . Europe isn't America however. In Europe a lot of the public knows how powerful and venal the Zionists are and what they are up to. Blowback is coming.

Although it may be hard to understand how they got such wide control throughout so many countries, what has to be understood is that there is a world wide conspiracy of Zionist bankers and moneychangers, with a long range Satanic agenda for planetary domination. Are they smarter and more competent than the rest of us? No... they are better organized and also utterly devoid of conscience. That is not the primary reason that they have prospered. The reason they have prospered is due to certain operative conditions and they are; runaway materialism, the Kali Yuga, The Apocalypse and... of course, easily manipulated human greed and ignorance. The more stupid that you can render people, the more easily they can be convinced of nearly anything.

Present appearances are fertile ground for despair and that might be appropriate, if there were no other forces or factors at work. Behind the veil of appearances, in the temporary world of time, are vibrating archetypes, whose radio-active resonance is exclusively orchestrated by the ineffable, who is arranging all of the pieces and players on a massive globe-like gameboard, that spins through a continuum of time and is incrementally altered by the interplay between the archetypes. These archetypes are pulsing out variables of sound and color which are being radiated off the ineffable's player piano. You slip a roll into the player piano and you get a particular musical score being played. I suppose the same thing could be accomplished by the ineffable reading certain sheet music. I suppose it could be either one. Regardless of the process, the same objective is achieved.

In this particular period of time, the final movement of The Apocalypse Symphony is playing. As any informed metaphysician knows, everything is vibration. The repeating sequences of the Apocalypse Symphony are specifically designed in a solve et coagula kind of a way; heavy on the solve. What this does is to break up long standing pockets of darkness, beneath which dark entities have been engaged in dark doings. These dark pockets are dissolved by varying concentrations of light vibrations, which remove the covering, as well as illuminating the activities that were taking place beneath it.

Everything that exists in the mortal shadow play, taking place on the field of temporary time, is motivated and carried out by the interaction of the archetypes, which impact on everything going on in the theater of performance, where the choreographed dramas are played out under the waving baton of Karma. At any given time, in any given apocalypse, the dramas and demonstrations may be radically different from one another but the objective is ALWAYS THE SAME. The objective is always to inform human consciousness of the cosmic implications of their actions on this plane.

It doesn't matter to what degree it 'may appear' that the Zionists, the Satanists, the corporatists, the political flunkeys and any combination of materialists, atheists and criminal mentalities may seem to be in charge, they are helpless before the force and power of the ineffable's player piano.

Of course, the precise truth of the whole affair might vary in relation to the analogies and descriptives displayed in this posting but that's just one form of poetic license among so many others that all dovetail to the same conclusion.

The most difficult part of this whole affair is in trying to manage a life in the midst of the tumult and also to maintain a positive mindset, against the slow Chinese water torture drip of one day following another, in a seemingly endless procession toward some final and telling result that continues to glimmer from around the longest corner any of us have ever tried to find our way around.. It is the relentless and tedious oppression of worsening circumstance; an obvious pasticheur of sorcerers apprentices, performing their personalized mockery of the ineffable. In other words, 'playing god' and doing it badly. We live in an age of celebrated mediocrity. The more embarrassingly inept, the more it is celebrated. Incompetence is the new professionalism.

This is all to the good. The fact that it looks as bad as it does. The fact that the worst parasites and vermin among us should seem so completely in charge of everything. The fact that a huge portion of the population can at the same time be so mindlessly grasping and so woefully uninformed; possessed of such a deadly cocktail of ignorance, indifference, obsession and compulsion. These are none of them necessarily a bad thing. It's a bad thing if you are one of them. Yes, that would not be a positive career choice but... if you are not to be counted among that number, your potential for transformation and liberation are near limitless. The worse it gets in one direction, the better it gets in the other.

Yes, it is truly unfortunate that so many people are trapped in such circumstances but here is where a detached and dispassionate perspective provides insight into what's going on. There are very, very good reasons for everything being as it is. No one got to where they are by accident and at no time is anyone not being advised from a higher plane, concerning their situation and state of mind relative to it. That they have shut their ears against the urgings of invisible helpers, is a matter of personal choice. I mean to tell you that it takes a concerted effort across years and lifetimes to effectively shut out the voice of wisdom from one's hearing. Just because something makes no sense when seen in a particular point of time does not mean it doesn't make all kinds of sense when the window of observation is widened to the extent that one can see how things got to where they got.

There is no time in our days and nights when we are not being informed about the consequences and possible outcomes of our words and deeds. There is a veritable army of invisible workers who are employed at this and nowhere that you can be where they are not. It truly is a tragedy that so many hearts and minds have been shut against the sanctuary and succor of higher wisdom. Truer words have never been said, "Where there is no vision, the people perish."

Any genuinely intelligent person learns to look at adversity to see where the advantage lies. Very often conditions are not what they seem, obstacles are not obstacles. Where many might see liabilities, some few see possibilities. You don't wind up anywhere that you don't have an out, or a profitable result available, if you can only see it. Once again we return to the two variable states of Scorpio; the scorpion and the eagle. The scorpion doesn't see well in several respects, due to the volatility of ungovernable passion which can result in suicidal action. The proper channeling and control of this force, leads to clear and penetrating vision. The eagle sees and understands. The scorpion feels and misunderstands. This is why negative Scorpio is so prone to jealously, resentment and possessiveness.

Every sign has its negative side and every person has some degree of everything because of the way the houses and the planets play through the signs, or the planets and the signs play through the houses. These are all keys on the ineffable's player piano, which is more than likely a massive player, pipe organ with a number of different keyboards, one above the other, because of the complexity of the music, which, of course is much more than music. Every possible combination of sound can be generated from this device (the music of the spheres is played on it) and one has to imagine that it's not always a programmed player apparatus, sometimes its being consciously composed on. That would be the case for sure on certain lokas.

What I am trying to say is, 'don't be deceived by appearances'. Don't project predictable results from appearances. Don't get emotionally involved in appearances. Don't close off the consciousness from the interior voice. Don't get immersed in the voice of the world which precludes being able to hear the interior voice. Wherever you may be, there's a reason for it. Whatever comes before you, there's a reason for it, though it may not be the apparent or obvious reason. Adversity is quite often serendipity in camouflage, depending on the reaction to it. Nothing is more important than the quality and intent of one's reaction, or lack of one.

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BCii said...

Exquisite clarity of articulation, an eagle's-eye view and a core-deep comprehension of eternal wisdom truths, served up in an accessible form for the illumination of any and all who take these words to heart. My gratitude and joy at being blessed with the opportunity to enjoy, appreciate and – hopefully – assimilate these shining gifts, are boundless. Thank you, dearest Visible.

David Alan McBride said...

Thank you Creator for utilizing a messenger the likes of Les Visible. Our languages have a finite number of words in them, but Mr. Visible continues to marvel us with their usage.

This post and the previous Visible Origami are perfect. Put them together as one story. Read them both as one. Complete and perfect.

Thank you Creator for everything. Thank you Mr. Visible for you.

The word verification that popped up is:
AAsked which

Anonymous said...

damn that is good. I picture Sun Ra in a frenzy at the helm of this piano. And how about that Joy Division? Shadow play indeed.


Visible said...

Hi Folks;

I just bounced a comment because of extreme negativity that served no purpose I could see except to seek to bring everyone down. Since, as is ever the case, this was an anonymous comment, there was no way of telling whether it came from one of the many professionals and paid agents on the loose these days who engage in all sorts of things to upset the reader.

There are all kinds of reasons why someone would make such a comment and none of those reasons serve the greater good. If the person were identifiable I wouldn't mind but they weren't. As I've said, I'm not opposed to critical (intelligently critical) comments or certain others but these days there's no real point in letting cloaked personalities say whatever they like and not have a way of knowing who it is.

wiggins said...

More outrageous treatment towards the oppressed Palestinians....

Anonymous said...

Good on you for blocking the anonymous posts. I am sick to death of free speech. If everybody could say whatever they wanted, we'd have nothing but trouble. Well, I am off to the library now - have to burn a few books that I don't like. You know how it goes. Another day, another dollar. It's tough being a truther, but somebody's gotta do it.

Visible said...

See, this is what I mean, except it is significantly lighter than the previous one. I'll admit to a personal flaw in that I despise the kind of cowards who roam the internet with impunity these days and don't feel like giving them a forum. There are plenty of places where they can showcase their hatred of themselves and others. This isn't the place and I am going to be intolerant of them as policy from now on.

Given their already unpleasantly and limited form of personality at a particular age, getting older is going to be Hell for them, as well as anyone around them. Such are the times in which we live and such is the manner in which people demonstrate where they are headed in the aftermath if they don't adjust their attitude. This you can take to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Fine by me. As you say, there's lots of distraction here and it's by design.

It's plenty dark out there, no need for it here. Let's keep the oasis factor going.


Visible said...

The way I look at it, you've got this house somewhere that everyone is invited to come and visit in but there are these fecal freaks in the neighborhood and their idea of a good time is to come into the place and paint the walls with their shit. Now, it is possible that they have no other art form at their disposal. It's possible that this is the sum total of all they are capable of. It's also possible that that are agents of a group of many who traverse the internet looking to sow enmity and dissension. There is little individual difference to be found in the commentary coming from any of them so it really does seem as if they are all the same person or couple of.

I've looked at this and asked myself, is there any benefit to be had by allowing this kind of thing to happen where people with neither manners nor creative ability are allowed to do and say what they like, while never actually being anyone. Does this advance the cause of liberty and freedom of expression? Is there any kind of an upside? Try as I might, I don't see one so I am just going to not even wonder or concern myself in the future. If it falls into a certain category, it now officially falls short of publication. These people need to be among their own kind and there is a place for them. There is a place for each of us, defined by what we have, in cooperation with or in resistance to the ineffable, made of ourselves.

The good new and the bad news about wherever you wind up is that you wind up among people like yourselves.

David V said...

Thanks for this post, it really hit home! As have several others recently...I like the way you have become a lot more open and plainspoken about things, rather than dancing elusively around the edges in order to please certain blog owners.

Speaking of Rivero, is he still in the hospital? What gives? Did someone put him there? WRH has basically gone into dead airspace, unless you want to wade through Claire's lengthy comment pool.

As for the detractors, some folks just aren't happy unless they're stirring the pot, pissing in the punch bowl, whatever. Maybe you could set up a sort of "flailing wall" where all the slung mud could be placed like so much adobe, and left there for inquiring minds who just can't get enough.

Y'all love it, you know you really doo! Or, as they say in these parts, doo-doo calls!


Anonymous said...

Never feed the trolls..
It only encourages them (+__+)



Visible said...

I don't know what's going on there. When I decided not to be posted there anymore, I also decided not to go there anymore as I felt that made me less than a hundred percent; given that I am already less than 100% well, hopefully that's self explanatory.

It's interesting that this would happen just as it appears I am returning to the Hawaiian Islands where he lives. Of course, I'm not yet there, much could happen between then and now.

JackB said...

i am a scorpio and have ripped myself apart a few times. can i fly? i think i do. can i keep my reactions from being lousy? i try. can we still make this whole thing fly? i believe. und wenn ich wüsste, dass morgen die welt unterginge, so würde ich heute noch ein apfelbäumchen pflanzen. and if i knew that tomorrow the world would end, i´d still plant an apple tree today. i´ll try to really hold that thought and carry it from now to now eternally. anyone out there who´d care to help? ahoi from bohemia
i am not a robot, here´s proof: but niustroc

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an embarrassing rumour about the Tribe's friend in the Vatican. More Revelations courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse?
Paedo Pope?

Unknown said...

Hello Dog Poet,
I came across your blog from a powerful youtube video I was wondering if you have a youtube account where you post your blog posts? If not, you should consider it since many people prefer listening rather than reading, since it is just easier for many situations.
Thanks, and keep up the great work!

david griffith said...

what a beautiful song :)

Anonymous said...

Barbara aka Althea here: Found you through Chautauqua of Augur Eye Express. This post hits home and does it with aplomb, or is that a-bomb! The piano metaphor is one I've been playing for a long time, and I've discovered there are two pianos, one that will take those who want to go to the lower range of being human, and methinks that there are many who want to play there, when I consider transhumanism. And the other is the higher range of being human, which is to understand and thus be love. You are absolutely right that each shows the other what's up, doc, and thus we make our choices. I'll take the mark of the beats over the mark of the beast any day. Thanks, Vis, enjoy your stuff very much. Love, B aka A

Anonymous said...

"Good on you for blocking the anonymous posts. I am sick to death of free speech."

The guy that posted this is an asshole. Sarcasm is always the sign of a bitter spirit who possesses no wit. It's your blog and in no way are stopping anybody from expressing themselves. You are just insisting they go somewhere else to do it. And there is plenty of places for them to go.

I figure these assholes didn't get enough attention from their mommies and daddies. Don't know what else it could be.


Ginnie said...

Mr. Apocalypse seems to be turning over rocks...things are crawling out!

"And you know something's happening,

But you don't know what it is...

Do you, Mr. Jones?"

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

In knowing for sure that nothing is for sure, I didn't want what I just said in the last post to sound as if it's the truth. It's some goofy possibility of some sort. That being said, and just referencing some of the below commentary, I try to use my whole ass in saying such things non-anonymously. The ostracism's always worth it, but my responses to some, hell all of the ostracism I got worked up about before wasn't, and I'm sorry for the histrionics. My name is as such, and I refuse to post anonymously for various reasons, and I try not to grand stand as often as it seems. I just type/talk too much on here often enough. Here's my take on people and why they close their minds off to much that sounds crazy to them. It's just about fitting in and never getting ostracized, for the most part. There's a lot of fear behind that which they say they know about being crazy, from mundane issues that they know are "crazy conspiracy theories" to cosmological plots that they hate to talk about but love to laugh about, lest it pop "their comfy bubble". They enjoy many a veil, firmly clasped on the inside like they're walking around with a Snuggy on. The purposeful obtuseness to never lighten up about things that, less than deep down, frighten them, and it always makes sure, while the veils are still up, that laughing and scoffing are "the ways to go", lest they have to look at in a way they don't want to. It's scary. It's an "everybody else is doing it", popularity contest to always fit in, which will be something else entirely if who I'm serious about showing up actually does. I don't know and wish them well about the future. The last thing to mention would be that it's like there are a lot of ideological, philosophical "ponzi schemes" of sorts that they play against themselves, so it pays off, and pays off, and pays off, what they believe and how it makes them feel, year in year out, then it, their philosophies, go bust on account of a cosmological paradigm shift occurring; something the majority of non-metaphysical types "have to laugh about" currently. Then, the whole lot gets effected, and then they want to cry "different story". It's a big set up to make themselves look pretty feckless and, pretty much, stupid as a part of their individual demonstration of their values to more cosmological concerns...which they weren't concerned about, en masse, until so effected. Then, perhaps, the metaphysical types are "up to bat" while the rest ride the pine while pining about their newly found situation to certain degrees; not that they're going to hell or something way over the top. Some will be so mortified, sad, then angry about the level of intrigue carried out on their watch that they will want to help and will be prepared to die about that, so those types will have a "quickening" of sorts, I intuit. Heaven wins, not hell. So, no matter how much I pontificate, never knowing but intuiting as much as I can and honestly so, the Cosmos and its good and decent agents will be involved in taking out much equivocation regarding truth vrs. lies that many an individual were certain of...en masse. As I said before, I'm trying to handle that which I'm to be disabused about with as much emotion as that which I may be vindicated about, given I don't know much for certain, certainly. Not a very poised character over here, but I'm trying.

Eudoxia said...

I'm not yet there, much could happen between then and now........Mhmmmm I know how that goes - last year was a shining example of attempting to get somewhere else and ending up firmly in the same place. Now the destination or rather current plan has totally changed and could be subject to further change, we'll see. In saying that and as I typed this a blue kingfisher just flew in behind me hung out on the curtain for a few seconds then flew outside to a nearby tree, so I'll take that as an omen.

On the subject of trolls they seem to be less active but those that are still around have enough venom left in them to account for their loss of numbers. Or if not venom, then their lower Maslow functionality really makes you wonder how they haven't gone into extinction long before now. They truly are shining examples of successful tribe programmed serfs of the worst and most ignorant kind, clinging to a dying worldview. They are like those left on board the Titanic, scrambling for higher ground. Best not to give them a voice at all and let the cosmic penicillin do it's job. On the subject of poor specimens of humanity I see Mr Ultimate War Criminal of the century thinks people are interested in hearing his memoirs/excuses/outrageous lies for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in order to enrich himself even further. I only have one thing to say to that - open the window, check out the view.......and JUMP YOU FUCKER! Viz, I sincerely hope Rense and other websites regurgitate your Profile in Evil on this maggot for such a special occasion. Let's see how well he pulls his heroics off this time round? Not working so well from what I can see thus far -grin-

galen said...

Feel like a little wonder?:

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

Lips and Fingertips at the Cosmic, Cartoon Assizes.

wiggins said...

LOL....."Women In Sensible Shoes'.

Visible said...

Is that what's playing? I've gotten some laughs from that and some frowns too. Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

It's a rare soul who did get enough (righteous) attention from his/her mom and dad.

Anonymous said...


YES!!! Did you see the French carryin' signs saying Tribbles out of France?


Visible said...

Tomorrow's Origami is up this evening-

Being Resident in Through a Glass Darkly Land.

Anonymous said...

You might come across a Catholic Church in Hawaii. You might go inside and see if some Spirit moves you. You might dream before this of an eagle and a bear.

Keep an eye on Ukraine, Les. There you have Catholics and Orthodox, divided by a tiny minority that has even more control there than it does in France or the UK. I can promise you that the eyes of Zion are focused intently on Ukraine.

What if Catholic and Orthodox united?

What if the Eagle and Bear united?

Not to wage war, but to wage justice?

There is always hope.

Anonymous said...

There's this to consider, as to Ukraine

Anonymous said...

Food for thought - Ukraine edition.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine in the membrane

Anonymous said...

Brillinat, Visible, brilliant. Always a tonic but this was special. Many thanks and much love for all you do.



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