Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Dolphins Sunbathing on The Armageddon Train.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Tell me that you are surprised. Go ahead, it is okay. This congressional bill that they spent so much time wrangling over and twisting their little hands over while their mouths were busy elsewhere working on the bankers accomplished not only no good but attacked the very things they needed to protect for their own physical survival. Forget their spiritual survival, which belongs to the bank. You can finish the joke about the check being in the mail and not have to wonder where that final deposit got made.

One thing I can tell you for sure, if you live in a large city it is time to move to the country and paint your mailbox blue. It used to be you couldn’t get heroin out there all that easy and had to stick with methamphetamine but you probably won’t be able to afford either of those so you will have to go for the alcohol. Later on you can strain Sterno through Wonder Bread under a bridge abutment and hope the bridge falls on you first. I always wonder how the people who expect that the dreaded socialism will get them when they aren’t going to be getting any social security anyway.

You don’t have a president; you have somebody that I can beat at one on one basketball with a rubber stamp for a head. Personally, I don’t worry about social security; I never had any intention of applying for it in the first place and the Moody River keeps on flowing.

What happens when an imperialistic economy comes to the edge of collapse after it has over extended itself with foreign wars? It finds a bigger war. Hello hyper inflation. Wow! I’m actually writing like a mainstream journalist this morning (except for the opening paragraph), I’d better cut that out, someone might think I lost my eleventh marble.

You can stick a fork in the American Empire but I don’t suggest raising it to your mouth afterwards. This link shows how afraid they are. Still, they can’t help keep on keeping on. They are going to hang together and separately and they are inflaming the mob that’s going to carry it out as if they were unaware of this fact. When the Italians start going nuts in the street you will really start to see some action. London Town is going to be falling down and you won’t want to be anywhere near The City when that happens, not that there would be much room.

It’s the fitting epitome of The Boy Stands on the Burning Bridge. Instead of traders waving banknotes out of the windows of the banking houses there will be people waving bankers with banknotes stuffed in their mouths. They’ve got plenty of CCTV cameras to catch the whole thing and it’s going to be ‘buckwheat’s all around; if you’ve seen “Things to do in Denver when you’re Dead”.

You cannot get rid of the middle class. It does not happen, revolt comes first and they are breaking into the armories to get the means, not that they don’t have enough guns to accomplish that already. We’re about to see the Charge of the Light in the Ass Brigade sort of as the bankers swoop in to take what isn’t even there anymore. They’re not sure though, well, of course there’s still something there but all the people working for them who accomplish this result are the same people they are taking it from. It makes no sense and that’s just how it should be. They stole everything that wasn’t nailed down and then they came back with crowbars to pry up the rest and got hit on the head with Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”.

Ive no sympathy for them. I won’t be dancing in the streets as I did on the day that Nelson Rockefeller went to Hell but I will be listening to the soundtrack. No one has EVER taken over the world, just as no one has ever pacified The Graveyard of Empires and if you don’t believe that, I’ve got some Khyber Rifles to sell you. Their only resort is to flee to the far off provinces and pretend to be “The Man who would be King” and darn it, they were both Masons.

I often get the same lunatic coming around and threatening me, in all caps and in the name of Jesus Christ, with being sent to Hell for defending The Masons when all I ever want to transmit is that it isn’t the system of Masonry that is the problem, it’s the people running the thing. All Masonry is, is a geometric system with a lot of math that came from The Egyptians. It’s like the principles of The Kabala, which was not invented by the Jews and neither was their alphabet which they took from The Chaldeans. Once again, I point out how the Hebrew alphabet reads from right to left and that The Crown and its colonies drive on the left hand side of the road.

I could point out a lot of things about language and etymological roots but I’m not a philologist. You’ll have to see Brother Tolkien about that and T.S. Elliot was a banker; “I’ve seen the mermaids singing each to each” until human voices woke me and I drowned. I drowned in a sea of love but I won’t get into that now.

VP Biden is charging rent to the Secret Service to protect his hair implants, while Howdy Doody dances and Kissinger is in Paraguay sticking kittens with a fork. All aboard the Armageddon Train, I can feel the hammer coming khumbamela jambalaya; I hope the vegans don’t take me down, in avocado tofu town where the dolphins are lying naked in the sun. Come on all you religions, acting out your false traditions, come on you politicians; get on board the Armageddon Train and in the main spaces of the market places all the warlocks are waiting for the Armageddon Train and that will be a song soon enough, soon enough.

Yeah, I could say more but you’ve heard it before. In Germany you can buy the most expensive German beer for about sixty five cents a half liter bottle and food doesn’t cost that much because they subsidize it so the poor can eat. Rents aren’t that bad, not that I pay rent. You see people sunbathing naked in the public parks, you can walk right by them and no one says a thing. Imagine that in the US. I’m not promoting it and I don’t do it. I’m just pointing it out along with drugs decriminalized in Portugal reducing the actual usage by a significant percentage. I knew a guy who was in a Danish prison who was growing a pot plant on his window sill there and was in there because of drugs. You see, they know how to get around problems over here (grin) and that’s why it won’t be so bad in some places once they all figure out how to follow Iceland where, strangely enough, any journalist who’s catching shit somewhere else can have sanctuary if they want it.

Once some people find out that all they have to do is pretend that they are a corporation and outsize themselves to Mexico there’s going to be a lot more guacamole and salsa being passed around. The Amerikundalini is rising in the wrong direction which explains all those erections that are stiffening like corpses soon to sundry in the desert of a place that used to be and never was.

I suppose that should cover my end of things for the moment. Keep your powder dry while you’re waiting in line to use the restroom and remember, the Czech’s in the mail.

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

Okay then-Now this is a Brave New World. and let's have part two as well.

Anonymous said...

Less is always More,
Visible with
gucamole and salsa.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a story about how the British government is turning against the middle class.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's more evidence of discontent:

Ben said...

Vis, All,

The Biblical man Job had something to say about this as well. Kind of reminds me of your writing. Job speaks thusly in Chapter 12:

13-25 "True wisdom and real power belong to God;
from him we learn how to live,
and also what to live for.
If he tears something down, it's down for good;
if he locks people up, they're locked up for good.
If he holds back the rain, there's a drought;
if he lets it loose, there's a flood.
Strength and success belong to God;
both deceived and deceiver must answer to him.
He strips experts of their vaunted credentials,
exposes judges as witless fools.
He divests kings of their royal garments,
then ties a rag around their waists.
He strips priests of their robes,
and fires high officials from their jobs.
He forces trusted sages to keep silence,
deprives elders of their good sense and wisdom.
He dumps contempt on famous people,
disarms the strong and mighty.
He shines a spotlight into caves of darkness,
hauls deepest darkness into the noonday sun.
He makes nations rise and then fall,
builds up some and abandons others.
He robs world leaders of their reason,
and sends them off into no-man's-land.
They grope in the dark without a clue,
lurching and staggering like drunks."

And now here we be... observing the show put on by Mr. Apocalypse and waiting to see whom he taps next with his stick.

kenny said...

Good links on the energy innovations that unfortunately may not go anywhere. I especially liked the Sonea, 30 watts per one decibel of sound. Gives a whole new meaning to cranking it up to 11.

kikz said...

"Come on all you religions, acting out your false traditions, come on you politicians; get on board the Armageddon Train and in the main spaces of the market places, all the warlocks are waiting for the Armageddon Train and that will be a song soon enough, soon enough."

sounds like a song to me :)

Anonymous said...

For Heaven's sake, O, ye much-honored chiefs,
Ye brilliant penmen and ye great elite
Of every clime and country on the earth,
Forbear, and let not your ambitious plans
For more dominion, prestige, markets, wealth,
Resources, domination or revenge,
Pervert your thinking and subvert your will,
And losing sight of what a war would cost,
When fought with nuclear engines, pray restrain
Your ardor and in calmer moments ask
Yourself: How can you gain your cherished ends
If, only after a few hours of fight
With missiles, earth would be a wilderness,
And all that on which you now build your plans
Dissolve into air, like a vanished dream,
And you will find yourself, if still alive,
The monarch of the waste surrounding you!

Neko Kinoshita said...

"Have you paid your dues Jack?"
"Yessir, the check is in the mail."

The pillars of Heven are about to shake.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,

Great post...

I thought I would add this link since we are approaching the 9/11 Anniversary soon


9/11 Pre-War Intelligence & Missing Tapes



Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

Anonymous said...

thanks for the shot-out

but you are WRONG, still, the entire system of freemasonry is completely evil if only for the simple fact that they all cover for one another and MUST keep their mouths shut about the crimes they do in every city on earth

and no , no threasts, merely hope that those who cover for them get theirs. And it certainly seems like you ave done that a feqw times.

Dont worry , it isn't up to me though

I dont even care anymore as I said repeatedly, and I dont. The "truth" community is so god damn clueless and caught up in their own petty agendas that they wont ever win, that much is clear, now.

And mostly, your writings are pretty irrelevant. At one time it looked like your writing was a puncturing punctuated condemention of our times but then you just have to insist about how great or even how benign the actual unknown foot soliiders of the NWO are. The same ones hardly anyone will talk about. The ones that will kill me and many others who come here. I'm sure we'll remember how Les was soooo convinced they aren't "evil" when they are torturing our loved ones. Only God can do this now, and if there is a GOd then this accursed organization will get their full due for all deeds committed and all deeds they hoped to commit. And their mouthpieces and those who obfuscate their activities will share in that. No threats necessary, it's just math.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Perhaps the retribution is out of the hands of the humans now and Mother Nature and her agents are going to fulfill their dharma.

They have fulfilled their dharma up to this point so why would they stop now?
They wouldn't, they won't, they cannot.

"By the law of nature, the nuclear weapons have been produced for crushing the result of blind-materialism"

-Srila Prabhupada

est said...

jonathen swift
just looked over at

dante alighieri
and grinned

i think i saw
a wink, also

Anonymous said...

I suspect the term "comestible" as used in recent post also refers to intoxicants and elixirs.? 90 day window?

Anonymous said...


Reading and hearing your words combined with most of the comments at your blogs allows me to check my sanity, obtain some comfort and healing and feel the love!
I noticed an article at Truthseeker; A new jury to put the British public interest first. The editor’s note is interesting. If true then I find this another example of the vermin prepping to infiltrate, yet again, some worthy cause they think will provide cover and to position themselves to later vector things in a self interest aspect. I think it also points to why the entire system must be scrapped and a new focus begun. Which is pretty much just what the apocalypse is all about. The old ways just do not work. We’ve had plenty of time to test them out and see (or be shown) just where it leads.
For all the pointing out of where the current system has failed and the how to correct it (rebuild the same ol‘ same ol‘), I’ve seen precious little about replacing it. (Jacque Fresco is the only person who seems to have put any thought AND demonstrated examples from a nuts and bolts standpoint. Plus his love and concern for humanity shines through, imo.)
To quote Ghana, "When I actually see water, wisdom or compassion pour from gold, then and only then, will I be convinced of its societal value".I would think that at this point it would be obvious that money should be the first thing in the trash heap. It reeks of a “tit for tat” mindset that I doubt comes from the Divine. And as for the current system; the bottom line is that’s what they’ve tried to make it all about...money. Every thing and every person is reduced to a mere commodity. Some system, eh?

Visible said...

I defintely have a 90 day window because October is the cutoff date.

kikz said...

@anon 6:50
“but you are WRONG, still, the entire system of freemasonry is completely evil”
If ya don’t care anymore then why bother to comment and run down the owner/author of the site?

“The ones that will kill me and many others who come here. I'm sure we'll remember how Les was soooo convinced they aren't "evil" when they are torturing our loved ones…and if there is a GOd then this accursed organization will get their full due for all deeds committed and all deeds they hoped to commit.”

xcuse me……… a general stroll thru history bears out; that among hierarchical institutions/governments/organizations that torture/maim/manipulate/kill on an industrial scale, usually in the name this ‘God’ you reference, Freemasonry is the least likely candidate for that horrific honor. historically, Freemasonry and the Deists, have at various points been the only guardians of the world to stop its complete domination by theocratic vampires/absolute monarchies who would rather we had stayed in the dark-ages, wiping our asses w/rocks.

so if you wanna call that evil..
flail on dude.

p.s. I ‘know’ where you live :D

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the "honest brokers" of the world. The ones that took the jump themselves after they were ruined after the'29Crash?

This time around no one even goes to jail or is investigated?

Yes, I am not suprised Les. I knew they would make it all dramatic.

Keep your powder dry seems to be the right thing to do at the moment.

Miriam said...

Great blog Vis.
I am looking forward to the October cutoff too...

wv: mewin~ cats in protest

neal said...

Guacamole should be prepared in lava rock, for the sublime part of the ritual. Kind of like sex in a graveyard, all turned back inwards.

October will be interesting, or so I hear. One of these days, the witching hour will stick around for a while. That's just the machinery taking a big break, and that is the place where some walk away, and some just try to stay sticky, maybe just missing the familiar.

When that cosmic hypnodisk slows to a crawl, even the children know that bedding down with monsters and freaks is always something, verses nothing at all.

Rob in WI said...

To anon 6:50,
Appreciate your observation that Visible, and those who comment here, are evil. Now I understand this strange hatred I have toward fellow living things. Couldn't have seen the true picture w/o your wisdom. Many thanks to you, enlightener.

Greg Bacon said...

From a Norwegian 16 yo who survived the latest MOSSAD FALSE FLAG. A bit off topic, but it shows that there is ONE thing in the world that the psychos running and ruining this planet can't kill, corrupt or buy off, LOVE and that gets their knickers in a twist.

'Dear Anders Behring Breivik ... you failed'

You are no hero. ... But one thing is certain, you have created heroes. On Utoya on that warm July day, you created some of the greatest heroes the world has seen, you united the people of the world.

A 16-year-old survivor of Norway's shooting rampage has written a heartfelt open letter to his attacker, telling him: "You failed."

"You describe yourself as a hero, as a knight. You are no hero," Ivar Benjamin Oesteboe, who lost five friends in the shootings, said in the letter addressed: "Dear Anders Behring Breivik."

"We are not responding to evil with evil as you wanted. We are fighting evil with good. And we are winning."

"You have united us ... You have killed my friends, but you have not killed our cause, our opinion, our right to express ourselves. Muslim women have been hugged by Norwegian women in the street in sympathy ... Your act has worked against its purpose. We have created a community," he told his attacker.

"You deserve to hear how your plan worked. A lot of people are angry, you are Norway's most hated man. I am not mad. I am not afraid of you. You can't get to us, we are bigger than you."


neal said...

Anon 6:50, please come back in, it's cold out there, and fire is not evil, just bright, if you take a little time to think about it. That is not sarcasm, just an invitation, you are close, now, and need a hug, from those who don't mind ducking after the suggestion. They will bite back, if pushed, that's only to be expected.
There is something else going on, and if you are brave, and invited, you might find some things you passed by, and maybe should consider again. There is just a little time for this, maybe just enough, if you want it.

Cassandra of Troy said...

Serena, thanks for your comment. It has a lot to offer us.

wv: ismout: all ism's out of the gene pool!

Odin's Raven said...

Now it appears that Breivik's mother is Jewish.


When he gets out of jail, he'll be able to 'return' to Israel!

Anonymous said...

No one has taken over the world, until now (or very soon). Antichrist!

Rabbit said...

That anonymous character with its Freemason rants is a douche bag.

Look anonymous douche bag. I know a few Freemasons, one I have known for about thirty years and is one of the finest men I know and the best example of a real geuine Christian I have met. Nothing especially obvious about it, he is just a good Christian man in the truest sense of the word and I am proud to call him a mentor.

I read some of the ridiculous tripe that you post and I see an insecure somewhat mentally disturbed person with some hysteria issues. You're ill informed, a hypocrite and really not a Christian in any real sense of the word. You appear instead to be a reactionary cultist. You can call yourself a Christian but you can call yourself a pumpkin and it is just the same. You don't appear to be either. To be a Christian you have to follow Christ's teachings and He didn't even imply anything against Freemasons. Given their roots go back to ancient Egypt I think he might have been able to slip a warning of some kind in there, but no he warned you about the Pharisees. Today they are called Rabbis.

I'm personally sick of your ignorant rants, it offends me to see such a worthless sack as you slandering people you have never met know nothing about. A good man can be a good Christian and there is plenty of evil ones too. So too a good man will be a good Freemason and sure bad ones will use any association to further their ends. Just like you use the term Christian to try and give yourself some sort of leg up. You're using it as a shield whilst you spray ink about the truth like an octopus.

The eleventh marble said...


You cannot lose something which never existed in the first place.

Thank you for your post.


Anonymous said...

I read this post listening to mental rendition of Taj Mahal playing in the background. Very nice.
Mo visible

WV mallo yes indeedy

Anaughty Mouser said...

Putin denies American secret service involvement in 9/11. FAIL

R.Paul states israel is a good friend of USA. FAIL

A.Jones states israel had nothing to do with 9/11. FAIL

M.Rivero states a plane hit the pentagon. FAIL

R.Dawson states a plane hit the pentagon. FAIL

A.Lawson states there was no video fakery involved in 9/11. FAIL

Anybody left besides L.Visible, Kenny, Aangirfan, Veritas, J.Friend and K.Bacon?

P.S. Why am I in this handbasket and where are we going?


Anonymous said...

G.Bacon as in Greg.

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered Johnny Cash's
The Man Comes Around - brilliant.

Anonymous said...

pierre said... (2 glasses, its a weekly (weakly?) thing lately.

mmm. on social welfare aka "security". I've been on it for the last 17 years. just about to find out, in part, why.
and if that had not been available to keep me on the topside of the bridge, I dont know, but I doubt much good would have come of it. so I thank goodness for that much (or Yid lefty bribery in our corrupted socialism?) .
and if there was a definite Citizen Rights and fair distribution of the surplus (the rich can never have enough ) and the machines do most of the work (smarter not harder), then a minimum *guaranteed* unconditional income would surely take some of the wind out of the systemic protitutionalisation of pretty much every "hard earned" dollar, and every fearful, pandering, blinkered, cowardly embedded slave artist. and maybe a few less overly pround (and green) Marines, for instance.
take the 90% of this evil doing out of the equation, there's plenty. and with more freedom and good will, maybe less (not no) need for systemic corrections.

just a just a

wv: roishe . even on special, can't afford it, and good for that, it makes for indigestion (Dear Oliver, thank you Charles Dickens).

BullOfMyMother said...

Sorry, I didn't know where else to post this:

The Triquetra is the representation of three vulvas, each giving birth to the other. That circle some see fit to use is confinement and death. The sign of the virgin mother is but one. Many churches have been built with it as a model. See the arched doorway? Step inside. The womb of the Mother Church is that to which it guides you inside. Some say the three is a representation of the masculine triune deity. They lie. As for the Triple Tau, ahh well…

-> Shhh… Silentium est aurum.

And doesn’t this silence stink of dusk, this foul good and evil imperium! You can it not go beyond. You must destroy it.

-> In twilight does the mind contend. For it stands between two worlds. The world of light, the world of dark, the world of spirit and of man. Provoke the twilight and busy shall they be, lusting and fighting over the shadows they see.

Begone with you and your twilight. Take that recrudescence of a vaginal eye with you too.

-> Ha! How can they see when they still virgins be? ‘Tis all they know this twilight. Go, go out amidst them and where ever you go witness in the dark the light of people’s vanities. How the perception of light makes the darkness so sweet and interesting. Their hearts are for the darkness and for their delight do they beam. Boredom be the only shame they know, boredom worthy enough to induce its facsimile.

Then fear me twilight, for my darkness is pure. Let those “stars” shine within me and I shall their light neither aid nor impede. Let us see how luminous each truly is when they are from your illusionary twilight freed.

-> Yet, from it are you yourself not freed.

Let well my Father alone. When I within his pure darkness appear do I cast no shadow in the full light of my day. I illume a World where twilight people shall have no sway. And in my furnace shall he die, be refined and born again to with me shine. So foul illusion, whether god or devil, meditating monk or prestidigitatious pilgrim, witch or wizard, atheist or bum, off with thee. Our darkness and our day comes!

My blessings upon thee, Daughter, Mother and Wife.


And for that special shit stain out there, remember you're on our clock, we're not on yours

su said...


your response to anon, welcoming them to the fire of potential understanding caught my attention and gratitude.
thank you for that.

De-NWO your heart said...

Anon 20:17,

Are you grandstanding?

Don't you have your own blog for that?

Anonymous said...

It's going badly for the zionist NWO Rothschild regime. - "Damn that internet!"

Here's what the next global move may well be:

False flag, psy-op blamed on the 9/11 truth movement leading to the necessary implementation of marshall law in USA with direct spreading to Canada, England, Australia and Europe.

The assassination of president Obama with "undiputable" links to the 9/11 truth movement requiring marshall law. Any one linked to the 9/11 truth movement can be incarcerated without trial or jury.

Of course it will not be 9/11 truth and peace activists who "kill" Obama - actually he will just 'retire' alive somewhere in S.America (Patagonia?). But the fix will be in so anyone telling the truth will be automatically arrested and imprisoned with out any due procees.

Two (three?) birds with one stone. Marshall law implemented, 9/11 truthers silenced, Barry Soetoro retired.

It will be just as fake as WTC7 falling down on 9/11 - never even hit by a plane

Anonymous said...

Excellent point Les, I have tried many times to distinguish for people, it is not the Egyptian system of Sumeria that is the problem. It has been taken over by the lefthanded path and it is evident they do not understand it but simply twist it to their own goals.

The same problem exists in Tibet with the so called dark brotherhood. They kidnap children in the shadow of the Potala. They seize all of the esoteric knowledge and twist it for their own purposes.


European American said...

Avast ye! I'd rather be in Davy's grip out thar at sea. Screw the pirates, I am a Pirate! Shiver me timbers!

All aboard who's going aboard!

Does it feel like time is speeding up in slow motion? Or is that just feeling ones years?

wiggins said...

I might bump into some nasty Jinn types if I hang out in deserts.

Kray Z8 said...

Anon 8:56 AM...
Yes, it's not only great music, it's spot on.

Is it just me, or did anyone else notice the phantasmagoric script we were subjected to the day of the budget vote? Gabrielle Giffords (reserected princess) shows up in the nick of time to cast her vote (blessing) in congress (well-meaning but confused Sages) to help them and the president (benevolent despot) narrowly avoid a Catastrophe of the Highest Magnitude! Thus, we the people (mentally incompetent serfs) are SAVED!

The plot seems a little weak to me, but what do I know? I know that in the past when they give us theater on this scale, something bigger is on the way. This event and the recent tragedy in Norway are just lead-ups. If there's a good side to all this, it's that their attempts are becoming more transparent and amateurish, as you have pointed out, LV. By their actions they shall be known.

We'll all arrive at the truth one way or another, IMHO, and Love and awareness seem like the preferred method.

Thanks, Les and Friends, for sharing your insight and compassion. The Vibe is excellent.

LV, about Sunday; a message can be received whether one was sent or not. Keep up the good work, please.

Peace, Love, Energy,


dilbert dummelfuxen (mollusk) said...

Is the armageddon train music sung & played to Cat Stevens (*evul muslim*) Peace Train? It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

Anonymous said...

False flag, psy-op blamed on the 9/11 truth movement leading to the necessary implementation of marshall law in USA...

Sheesh, all these people using big words they don't even understand. If you're going to prattle about it, at least get the spelling right. It's "martial," not "marshall."

Anonymous said...

Sue Rabbitt Roff is the academic in Scotland saying she supports the selling of kidneys to pay off student debts (sic).

I will bet my eye-teeth this "woman" is a zionist. Here's why selling of organs is wrong. The zionist elite can print up as much money as they need for each other and themselves. Paper or electronic money has no real value in the universe. Your life does and therefore having all your organs as God made you is important.

These zionist "humans" can print all the money they need but they can't construct good health. Legalising organ "donation" and a tissue type matching service would put working and middle class people with organs who match infinitely rich zionists at a serious risk to have a freak accident so that their organs could become available to the ultra-rich who need them.


Sheesh what a prattler! said...

"Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis—usually only temporary—when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, and provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread. In most cases, military forces are deployed to quiet the crowds, to secure government buildings and key or sensitive locations, and to maintain order."

I stand corrected.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Unheimlich and Strano.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les & All,



I find it rather interesting that folks who hate or dislike the New World Order Elites, the Illuminati, the Banksters, Bohemian Grove attendees, the Satanic Bloodlines ( Rothschild, Duponts, etc..) the Zionist Movement and all other sorts of evil, defend with great Gusto - freemasonry...

NOT pointing the finger at anyone, but just observing..

And it's all so interesting...

Well, here is what Gordon Duff has to say about 9/11, Terrorism and Freemasonry...

I'm sure you can leave comments for him...



Thanks and God Bless,

Red Pill

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Thanks Dilbert @ 2:27AM for bringing Cat Steven's "Peace Train" back to mind. A great thing about the net is that you can summon up a song so easily and while doing so I thought how I wish I had the talent to write a song about the "Truth Train" because I can see it heading on down the tracks to awaken the sheepy heads in ever increasing numbers.
wv: erodr -- Bit by bit the lies are being erodr'd away.
My first attempt at a hyperlink -- Peace Train
If it doesn't work --

Anonymous said...

I miss my son. I thought he would come back in six months, but it is now years. He is in Germany and speaks German, and he says he will never, ever come back to Amerika. He expatted about Bush. He broke his arm in a bike accident west of Berlin and instead of being out of pocket thousands of dollars with his insurance it was less than a hundred. He said "I cannot AFFORD to live in Amerika"!

Anonymous said...

When I hear Xtian Zionist preachers like the fat John Hagee yammering about Syria I wonder about the Israelis.
Who supplied the arms we saw the "rebels" using against the police?
It's always Israel.... stirring up the shit.

Visible said...

We have a new Origami-

Crimson in the Clover, Over and Over.

Zebedee said...

I feel extrordinarily privileged be be here amongst Les' community.

Thankyou Les. Mr Armageddon is one of your finest! Bravo.


Anonymous said...

I had to do this Les, Crimson & Clover.
I liked the original hippy version but I really like this one from Joan. Mind you the wording must have been difficult to come up with.
funny I just downloaded this today...
'because I’m still not who I should be' and we were talking Cat Stevens elsewhere... so this is for you The Wind.


GTRman said...

Les Visible says :
"London Town is going to be falling down and you won’t want to be anywhere near The City when that happens, not that there would be much room."

Hi, been a while . I couldnt help but remember these words from Les as I saw THESE PHOTO ...LONDON'S BURNING , LONDON'S BURNING...."

Riot blaze: North London in flames as police cars, bus and shops burn over police shooting of 'gangster'
Twenty-six police officers hurt in clashes, with eight being treated in hospital
Scotland Yard still dealing with 'isolated pockets of crime' this morning
Mob of 500 people protest about death of father-of-four Mark Duggan who was shot by officers
100 riot police on the streets as Tottenham burns
Fears that violence was fanned by Twitter as picture of burning police car was re-tweeted more than 100 times
Shop looted and youths storm McDonald's and start cooking their own food
Mail on Sunday photographers beaten and mugged by masked thugs

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2023254/Tottenham-riots-North-London-flames-Mark-Duggan-shooting.html#ixzz1UL9GNo6B

WV : grablen...ever seen that Onion skit about the "Grabler?"

Anonymous said...

Les, I've been reading your blogs for a while and I appreciate and enjoy them. But I don't understand how you can say that Germany was the protagonist of the two world wars. Anyone who digs deeper than the Jew propaganda about Germany's aggression can see that it was the evil Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin alliance that made every effort to start both wars. And that Germany had no intention of "taking over the world". Germany's mission was simply to defeat the communist threat from the East. In fact, Germany was the only country sane enough to try to negotiate peace and prevent a war (Rudolph Hess etc), attempts which were sabotaged by the "allies".

Keep up the good work and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that last comment about Germany being the protagonist was meant for the "Grim Reaper / Slouching Beast" post.

Anonymous said...

Kray Z8, Wednesday, August 03, 2011 11:27:00 PM
The thing is with this music, great as it is, pilots love to drop bombs on brown people listening to this type of song, heavy metal, etc. anything that stirs the blood.




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