Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vampires and Werewolves and Ghouls, Oh My!

I’ve been living in a country where the northern half is rich and the southern half is poor. I’ve been in both but I live in the south. I don’t notice that people are poor. They are vibrant and alive. They appear to be thriving. There’s a movement among the residents of the north to cut the country in two. That won’t ever happen (I don’t think) but it tells you about what you can expect from human nature.

I go to the alternative news sites and I get one variation on ‘the news’. I go to the MSM and I get something very different. Reading in the MSM you get the impression that things are pretty much like they’ve always been and that the financial crisis must be pretty much over because you don’t hear much about it. I find this strange since millions of people have lost their jobs in the UnitedStates over recent years. Industries have collapsed. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes or are about to. Despite all of this, the celebration of cheap entertainments, celebrity worship and the tackiest creations I have ever seen are the bulk of the daily fare.

In the larger alternative, news-gathering sites like or The Truthseeker you find news that focuses on conditions and events which are ignored or given a reverse spin by the MSM. In the alternative news sites you find troubling and revealing information on what’s actually going on. It seems that the MSM does not report the news. It manufactures an appearance of the news for the purpose of mind control. What is the impact of this on the minds of the sleeping classes who are faced with a much different reality in their lives by comparison with what they are being told? Maybe that is also part of the intent.

There’s something I have been trying to say for awhile but have never managed to express with the clarity I wanted. I’m going to try again because, to me, it is the most important thing we face in our lives. How we approach and process information is a direct determinant of the quality of our lives and what authors the roadmap of our personal journey.

There are three main influences in the world that are responsible for what we perceive as the world. These are government, religion and the media. Over the course of history, these are the forces that have determined who our enemies are. All three of these forces are under the control of the ones who control the money. There’s nothing more to say about it. Expediency and profit are the motives and the end game. Both of these are increasingly ramped up over time so that there is more and more expediency for profit and a larger and larger percentage of profit for those engaged. The cost is an ever diminishing quality of products and quality of life for the masses.

The lives of the masses are of no account to the ruling classes except as canon fodder and cheap labor. Many political movements have attempted to address these issues but these issues cannot be addressed because every political movement comes under the control of the counterfeiters who soon take control of it and whatever religions and media might exist at the time as well. What happens is no different than what occurs between rival criminal gangs when they carve up territories for their mutual benefit. Most of the religions tell the people that they must submit to temporal authority and that the payoff for this comes about in an invisible place to which death will deliver them.

This is all becoming more and more clear to some number of the population because we are in a time of revealing. The corruptions in the churches have been trumpeted in the headlines. The corruptions in government are a daily affair. The lies of the press have been so severe that anyone of even ordinary intelligence can see it. The only exceptions are those who buy into the idea that there actually are competing ideologies like Liberal and Conservative or those who are actively involved in the lies for their own gain.

My point is not about what the reader already knows. It needs to be said and said again but... the reader knows these things. My point is about the operation of your mind. Even while we know that all of these forces are hopelessly compromised and corrupt, some part of us continues to doubt our own perceptions. Some part of us cooperates in an internal way with our psychopathic abusers. We do it to get by or because we feel we are powerless. We do it in the hope of protecting our loved ones or in the hope that someone will say, “Yes we can.” and mean it. We hope we don’t get fooled again but we always get fooled because we just don’t make that internal shift which sets us firmly rooted in the knowledge and belief that every one of these forces are inveterate liars who are incapable of the truth... ever.

We can see the soulless pandering and venal behavior on the part of each of these forces as they line up to get their marching orders from the people in control of the money. We can see the behavior of their private police forces maintaining order in the face of public resentment at their enormous thefts. We SEE this but some part of us just doesn’t want to accept that it is irrefutably true and that there is no difference between them and a vampire, a werewolf or a ghoul.

I’m talking about waking up because we are in the midst of a paradigm shift. There is more to the picture than the appearance of their total control. The fact is that they are losing control and the primary control upon which all of their schemes and efforts depend is the control of the human mind and its perceptions. For whatever the reason, they are losing this by the hour. The growing emergence of the 9/11 truth movement; the rise of the blogs, the pervasiveness of the internet and alternative news organs, the growing perception of the people, in a general way, to the transparent lies of the day are all collectively throwing a spanner between the legs of this New World Goose-stepping revue.

I once pointed out the immediate police response that was provoked by a group of 60’s protesters who attempted to circle the Pentagon and levitate it. Go ahead and laugh at the idea but... ‘They’ know what collective human thought is capable of. They do not want us with our eyes open and they do not want us organized which is why they infiltrate every effort to do so. However, there is something possible for us now that was not possible in the past.

It doesn’t matter where we are. It doesn’t matter if we meet each other. If we can join together across time and space from wherever we find ourselves, in a common agreement to SEE these forces for what they are, that alone is going to make more difference than you can now imagine. We need to agree to be a part of this and work to include everyone we meet (who might show enough signs of integrity and intelligence) into it as well. We need to tell ourselves in our minds that every time we read an MSM article, every time we hear a politician or religious leader speak that they are lying. Say it in your mind and say it out loud. Do not look at the world the way it is but as it can be once enough of us are in agreement about who is torturing and murdering us for profit and sport.

Most of you know that the government has been involved in mind control, remote viewing and all sorts of occult enterprises for the purpose of increasing its power. There must be some truth to the idea that there are practices and principles which can be applied for purposes of good or evil. Look at their use of symbols and even the dates upon which they have recently attacked buildings and institutions of their own countries. The force of revolution is the very collective mindset of which I speak. There are all kinds of revolutions and they all begin in the mind. You have to free your mind before you can free anything else about yourself.

For the moment I would like for you to think about this and see what your own mind comes up with. This is no different than a virus. It can sweep the world. It can also sweep it clean as well. We have to start with ourselves, inside our own minds, before we will ever see the effects outside of ourselves.

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Visible said...


I have to tell you that now I have discovered that my mail isn't being delivered via Google. I got conclusive proof of this this morning when several mails that would have infallibly arrived did not arrive. Also, blog comments are not showing up now and this I know because they show up at my Dashboard.

So... if you feel inclined to write me (even though I can't answer any one for a few days yet. I suggest you write me at or
and see how that works.

I don't know how severe this will get. I just know it's happening. I'm not concerning myself with it. They're doomed, each in their own way and so it isn't necessary for me to get worked up about it.

salialioli said...

just trying to post a comment to see what happens. More later if I succeed.

Anonymous said...

Boy everyone seems to be on the same page today. So I'll just bet joogle won't let this get through! My nightmares get me up again at 4am and the local AM radio station is doing their rebroadcast of Coast to Coast AM. Topic: Ash, thermite and WTC. Then, Les has posted this great one on werewolves and human perception. Nina has put up a new one rattling the cages of the psychopaths as well, as has After Armaggedon. It's even sprinkling rain outside after not a drop in four months. Yes, a shift in paradigm.
Yeah I read the Northern League increased their vote & the Brits will have Nick Griffin to kick around but meanwhile, over here, antiwar protesters beat drums and Cindy Sheehan (oh her again?) are trying to make life miserable outside the cul de sac in which George Bush now exists (mentally and geographically). May they throw shoes toward his mansion 365 days a year until he decides he'd better slime his way to his finca in Paraguay before the Spanish judges send papers for him.

Anonymous said...

If nobody told you that you were poor, could you even have a concept of what it means?


sounder said...

Yes Les, we have to start ‘inside our own minds’. I am not able to post on my existing blog, so this is a new blogspot.

This may be of interest to readers of Smoking Mirrors as it deals with finding a better center.
It’s in response to the call from Les for renewed effort.

Clicking on sounder will take you to my old blog. Creativity Unleashed is the article of interest.

Now I see that the link went dead, so here is the link;

Love to All

Hank said...

They're feeling it Les. They are feeling that distrubance in the force that is caused by unity, and they are sensing that the force is strong in you, my Jedi master friend.

They see their mechanisms of control failing. Religion, nationalism and yes, their ministry of propaganda and misinformation, the MSM. It's amazing to me how transparent they become when their intent becomes clear. When one realizes that their intent, is to prevent unity and the awakening of the masses to the fact that we are all the same, their methods appear cartoonish. Unfortunately their results are anything but.

I watch these talking potato heads every day, to get clues as to where to look for the truth. If they are talking about it, don't look there. There seems to be no length they will not go to, to obfuscate the truth. They assiduously work to perpetuate confusion about simple matters, to pressure the simple minds into throwing up their collective hands, and doing the laundry or mowing the lawn instead.

Allow me to be mundane for a moment with an example. Health care. What we have in America, is an internationally unique system, where the government allows corporate entities and individuals to amass obscene fortunes, on the illness, pain and injury of it's citizens. There has been an increasing demand by the masses for the right to medical care, and affordable medication. The rats on capital hill are scrambling to find some way to put a different lipstick on this pig, so they can perpetuate the stagnant quo. As with everything else in America, it comes down to money.

Here is where they obfuscate their asses off, to hide the simplicity of the answer, in order to protect their pet parasite. The federal reserve bank is an unconstitutional parasite, that bleeds almost a trillion dollars a year out of the American economy, in the form of interest paid on the money it illegally lends the American government. If the American people were ever given a clear picture of what, and more importantly WHO the federal reserve is, they would kill it in an instant, and their financial woes would be over. An extra trillion in the economy would pay off our national debt in a mere 20 years, AND provide excellent health care and education for we the people. But I digress.

It took me a long time to understand that focusing on mechanisms, will almost never acheive ones intent. That is, if you focus on how you are holding the ball, and watching the path that your arm follows, and making sure that your wrist snaps at just the right moment, you will never hit your target with the ball. However if you focus on your target, all the mechanics of throwing just take care of themselves.

As I said before, I believe there is congregation of the psysic nuclei occurring, where many are starting to see the truth, and are feeling a connection to others that are seeing, and are feeling a desire for unity, but most don't know how to stop focusing on the mechanics.

Les, that's where you, and others like you, come in. You are wise in the ways of focusing intent, and not worrying about the mechanics. You have a clarity of vision and presentation that is very effective. They fear you. They fear your effectivness and the unity you inspire, and if you had any fear for yourself, I would fear with you, but I know you don't.

You are the serpent from the garden of eden, and they fear the knowledge you want to give humanity. See, in the original translation of the bible, the serpent was not a snake, but a being of greater intelligence. You continue to entice people to eat of the fruit, to gain the knowledge they don't want people to have. The knowledge of good and evil. Simply put, if you succeed, they fail.

Always remember that you are not alone, and judging by results, you are less alone with every passing day. The force is strong in you, so lets kick some metaphysical ass. Peace to you my brother.

Anonymous said...

“We need to agree to be a part of this and work to include everyone we meet (who might show enough signs of integrity and intelligence) into it as well.”
Yes, very much so, however we cant, as I feel, leave anyone out for lack of brainpower? Its a hard thing to judge before man? The intent of our actions is of great importance but that’s about it, in the material realm? To link diverse things together in an “intelligent” manor is all about the doer and not the idea’s worldly form? Moreover, the mind is the key, thank Les. We take in and use others notions to quickly and without question find a lacking in our lives? What others seems to be doing and thinking for us is, in the end, an alien world. A world carried on the shoulders like an atlas? The yoke isn’t ours. The pain isn’t self created, and the need for action is only to throw off this weight. But for that, we have to toss out the “atlas” itself? To see into the nature of this problem doesn’t take much brainpower but to create an outcome, a healthy one, sure might?
I would suggest, we think for the mind and not the other way around? What we think is to, a big part of our larger whole, again thanks Les. The whole isn’t anything more than a filter if the eyes and ears are used? But still more, are we? What are we doing with the “rest” of our self? I sure have a hard time figuring this out, so I try and give others that room too?

Le Mat

Richard Welsh said...

Dear Les --

Today is the first day in a month where there isn't some strangeness at your site. Most recently it's been a repeating loader bar -- before that a flashing address bar -- before that endless security blocks...

Before I get carried away, let's see if this gets through...


hANOVER fIST said...

Something very disturbing to me will be occurring nationwide this Friday...that being the conversion from analog to digital signals for television sets.

Now, let me be clear - I don't even watch TV, with the exception of 30 Rock and House. I am disturbed by this change because DIGITAL SIGNALS CAN BE MANIPULATED EASILY.

An analog signal, when interrupted, does not simply degenerate and sit upon your screen like a digital signal does.

Sounds a tad paranoid, I'm sure, but ask yourself this: what's being done with this now-unutilized resource?

What exactly was the push behind mandating that all television signals must be made digital?

Anonymous said...

Gee things aren't going Israel's way so there's a big shooting at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. Gee, why am I not surprised? Expect many false flag ops till everyone is all tears and flowers for the poor Israelis, never again!

nina said...

You could just dump blogger and move over to Wordpress, taking all of your blogs. I am hearing lately that Typepad is even more fluid than Wordpress. You can transfer posts and comments from somewhere else right into the new location. Everyone should be using the Firefox browser if they want a smoother experience, too. I'll never go back to explorer. But you have to be interested in doing the work and playing with it, like exploring your guitars, what feels good and where else the expression might lead. I know you do not have the time, it seems you are looking at it as a chore. Maybe think of it as ensuring you can continue to do what you love and do it better feeling good about it. There is nothing to lose. The blogger parts stay until you delete them, everyone will follow you wherever you go anyway. Do you want me to do it for you? You already have a good start on Wordpress, go all the way and then keep going farther.
Love, nina

Anonymous said...

Will all the werewolves please stand up..

"He who, seeking his own happiness punishes or kills beings who also long for happiness, will not find happiness after death."
Buddhist Dhammapada

"As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap love and joy."

"He who does not value life, does not deserve it."
Leonardo da Vinci

"Flesh eating is simply immoral, as it involves the performance of an act which is contrary to moral feeling--killing."
Leo Tolstoy

Visible said...

HI Nina;

I'm not sure what you mean. I'm already at wordpress and the problems have suddenly gone away. It's not a chore really. It's what I do. My situation inasfar as being troubled is something apart from all of this.

Also, I don't play the guitar any more. I have given it up and I won't play again. I have my reasons. I will keep my keyboard and piano and concentrate on that (grin).

I use Firefox and have for some time. I wouldn't even consider using IE.

Everything is going to work out. There's just a certain amount of dark highway. On the positive side I will soon be in my other locations with access to lots of amenities which tend to take my mind off of things (double grin).

nina said...

All positive then. Green lights ahead. If there was anyone ever on this plane that should be gracing the ivorys, it is you.

I can sing now. Yes!

Your post today, man, you are the heartbeat of these moments. No one can deny the One Mind after experiencing the circumnambience in your message.

Jah Guide the I in your journey to and from. May love and inspiration be your passengers.

Richard Welsh said...

LES --



Anonymous said...

Hum on hum-anity hum it wit me

Hum me to you, a triple - bot-hums up!

Things are really humming together

Maxinumb TVgether Under One Hum

Fee-fi-fo... hum
Qui hive plotted the frequencies of Everyman
Beehive alive or beehive dead
Wheel spread hybrid embryos on wonder bred

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I am here. :)

Each of us is a point of energy that emits a vibration. When we are in phase (sync) with others are energies add. That is the reason for all of the noise that we are bombarded with. As we meditate on the same thought are vibrations add and become very powerful waves of energy.

EAch of us has a different amount of force. Call it a fild of influence. In this you shine Les.

The days of light approach...


justoffal said...

My Dear Brilliant Friend,

A few years ago I opened up a post on a board that was in the kingdom of far, far away and was virtually stunned by the brilliance of truth. Soon thereafter I had discovered a favorite past time, reading the words of the modern-day prophet. So often we are hesitant and even loathe to let the sun shine through the curtains because if we don't see the filth, well we suspect and we theorize and we philosophize that it doesn't exist. We go so far as to attack the sun...cursing it, calling it darkness instead of light. Yet the sun will rise, the light will illuminate the dark corners and the goblins of falsehood will be scattered back to the shadows where-from they will continue to defecate in their own hands for the purpose of pitching their bile.

Great posting! I see the message and hear it loud and clear BTW.


Anonymous said...

As WRH editorialized beneath the Holocaust museum shooting story they linked, well of course the perp is "connected" to everything the PTB don't like! Corporate TV has already worked it to death in the six hours since it occurred: We learned the perp (armed with a very dangerous .22 rodent-shooting rifle): is (or was) anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, a "gun nut" (and a felon with a gun!), a Holocaust denier, a general all around racist, pro-Life, anti-Federal Reserve, a 9-11 Truth Movement aficionado (that from Mr. Drudge!), a fan of Alex Jones.... gee, did they leave anyone out?
(I suppose the organic gardeners and PETA, perhaps?) Mr. Blitzer the former AIPAC flack trots out all the same fading footage of "neo-Nazis" etc. broadcast countless times after Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC, Columbine, 911. Now the spotlight is on 'domestic terrorists'. Why are we not surprised?

Kevenj said...

"All three of these forces are under the control of the ones who control the money."

Does that mean my pastor really doesn't love me?
Damn, and with all the money we've donated for the pastor's new addition.

That just sucks.

Anonymous said...

Great article Les, I took the liberty and sent it to the Jew York Times.

".we just don't make that internal shift which sets us firmly rooted in the knowledge and belief that every one of these forces (government, religion, media) are inveterate liars who are incapable of the truth...ever." And the bible called the prince of darkness the great deceiver, could there be a connection.

If you can't accept the above as FACT then you will never be able to free your mind. The indoctrination has been so pervasive for so long that I doubt anhyone could ever be completely free. You must continually question your beliefs. Be on guard, when day after day it is nothing but lies some of them might stick. Did that televangelist say you would burn in hell for eternity if you didn't follow the precepts he was outlining. You know the same preacher who "got cought screwing that hockey player." Then you went to church and another preacher told you God loved his flock so much he sent his only son to be murdered by these same people. Because the "chosen" killed Christ that allowed us to be saved. That would be well and good if we were all going to be "saved." The problem is if we don't conveniently follow the tenants of Christianity we will burn in hell for eternity. Confusing huh, I smell a rat and he is probably on the pulpit.

And then we have our government fighting that never ending "war on terror." They invaded two countries and murdered over a million people. Blew up three buildings (four counting Oklahoma City) and killed thousands more. Armed mad dog Israel to go on killing rampages. Gave trillions to crooked banksters, while many of our citizens sleep on the streets. Where did the Madoff billions go? You get the picture, and I don't even have to mention the media which covers all these stories and spins them to make the government look like the good guys.

We are talking criminal enterprise here. It can't be changed only ignored as best you can. The internet is no panacea, much of the rubbish from main stream media has found its way to the Net, and the dumbed down zombies don't have the intellect for discretion.

Good luck sweeping this virus from the scene. It's a retrovirus, no vaccines available, and unless we get help by the time the scourge is done will have a "new world order." Down through history countries have always been dominated by the few who couldn't give a shit less what happened to the serfs. It has only been in recent times with the advent of the computer, global communication, mind control, and mass killing machines etc. that it is possible to consolidate the grip.

It's a shitty situation but that's the way it is. People are slowly waking up but will it be in time? Will we get that help we so desperately need. The dark hats have their demons. I know there is a counterbalance out there, yin/yang. We will just have to wait and see. In the meantime DON'T PLAY THE GAME.


Anonymous said...

How can I tap into this knowledge, I want to know more. Help me, help myself. I agree and see eveything you say, to be correct, but how do I free my mind of outside influence?

Just A. Human said...

It is my computer or others also having hiccups in opening your page with IE 7? All pages were opening fine but somehow IE had been showing allergic reaction to your pages.
I just downloaded Firefox and seems it has no grudges against you!

My friends, we are in an era of once-in-centuries upheavals and drastic changes. We are no more than a few years away before the world will take an about turn and the truth will finally take hold. The wheel of change is already churning. And, it is not the change some are envisioning.

The real change has its own momentum and its own energy. As the history confirms, ones set in motion the change takes its own course.

Obama is the face of change. It is during President Obama’s term that the political, economic and social shift will occur. Obama is The New Era, as you will see in my new article. Read it, think about it and read again to see the significance of the rise of Obama:

Article: A New Era: The Obama at:

“Barak Obama's meteoric rise to the national political stage can only be described as a miracle. Prior to Obama period, such miracle could only occur in the fairy tales. It is such a historic event - rather a history making event - that has changed the world forever. Humanity may very well start a new historic point of reference; BO will refer to Before Obama and AO will refer to After Obama.”

Anonymous said...

There _are_ no accidents. This evening I walked into the local Barnes & Nobel and there, side by side, in the new titles display up front are "Attack on the Liberty" and Daniel Pinchbeck's new book, "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl." Of course I had to buy both of them!, that's why they were set there, obviously. I had read Pinchbeck's "Breaking Open the Head." I open the 2012 book randomly and it is Terrence McKenna's account of seeing a UFO at La Chorrera! Days after reading Les' account! These synchronicities are just getting too bizarre!

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by the fact that whatever I am thinking immediately prior to reading your blog, is always mentioned in your blog. What do you think it is? I believe there is some connected thought, or shared knowledge…I do not have the vocabulary to articulate it.
So- the thing I was thinking about is…I recently saw a show with the “Flying Tomato”. He is the redheaded kid who won a ton of gold medals in snowboarding. Well, he went to Africa and during this show that documented his trip, he said “It amazes me that these people are so happy. WE think they need all this stuff like we have but they seem perfectly happy without it.” Simple but completely poetic.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing any of us can do to save the world if the concentration of evil has doomed/fated it to destruction/renewal.
Maybe it's all part of an endless cosmic cycle...and those souls ready to graduate to a new level of existence will do so, and likewise those souls who need to go back to kindergarten will do so.
I had a weird dream a little while ago. The world was cataclysmic, as though humanity was in the midst of thermo-nuclear war. The terror of the situation was palpable and strikingly lucid. Then suddenly - in the blink of an eye, people's mortal bodies disappeared, and we were transformed into beings of radiant light... flying up, up, up into the sky.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"What exactly was the push behind mandating that all television signals must be made digital?" -- hANOVER fIST

I posted your entire comment to a trusted knowledgeable friend and the reply read:
"Digital signals, unlike their analog counterparts, can carry packets of information not part of the visible/audible signal."

STOP watching ALL television.

A.Mouser said...

"Sweep it all clean, that which is related and that which is not." Anaughty Mouser 11/6-09

A really EXCELLENT post Les. It deserves to be published in the New York Times!

Coincidence is just God's way of remaining anonymous.

All the most valuable things in life are free. John Lennon

Before one can get oneself truly free in this pseudo-reality we live in, where those with all the money control everyone through themarionettepoliticians, organisedreligion and themainstremmedia, we must become free in our own minds to one thing - truth.


Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up.

Glenn Beck, Shit Golem for Zombie Nation.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

As an addition to my comment above which ends:
"STOP watching ALL television," and at the risk of appearing somewhat dictatorial, let me add:
BEGIN studying "electronic pollution".

Anonymous said...


Awesome post as always. Keep it coming!!

Also, to all reading this, you should check out:

"Fabled Enemies" at google video!!

psychegram said...

"It's not where you are that counts, it's who you are and what you see."

- The Cassiopaeans, possibly their most powerful statement yet.

My comments are still publishing, so far as I know, but for some reason the arrow keys and the Ctl key, and possibly others, aren't. Very odd. This happens at no other blog. They are certainly are finding creative ways of fucking with us.

Zellie said...

I think 911, was for the PTB, their strategic crown on all their stinking thinking and "perp"eration (instead of preparation)...but they should have consulted someone outside of their mania net..their little game plan has backfired....Me, a very simple, simple, un-conspiracy theorist, trying to make a living (out of work due to THAT recession) woman....saw 911 for what it was from the very first view....GOT IT, right away....the reason, of course, as you know, so many OTHERS didn't was the MEDIA, and the GOVERNMENT, and the CHURCHES...just as you have now it if that emotional, mental, onslaught holocaust of 911, which has NOT left people's memories, is coming BACK to BITE THEM in an unexpected way! There were just TOO many things that didn't make sense, did not connect, and HAVE NOT held the truth through time...seems like they are getting what they deserve...conscience is after all 'potentially' within us ALL, and when a society makes it very uncomfortable for people to go about achieving basic wants, desires, and satisfactions, it necessarily stirs up a desire to figure things out...that's where they've made their biggest mistake...underestimating the ignorant masses, thinking that they would just keep eating the deficient junk they kept feeding us....well, people grow, they change, they mature, they age, they wonder...can't stop that...and the more ridiculous the PTB act, and the more inconsistent the message, and the more outrageous the hyprocricy, people's consciousnesses just naturally start opening's as natural as a flower budding out in the spring...can't stop the revelation will come upon and to the masses, BUT it will also come from the defectors in the PTB...their conscience will smite them more thought, Elisabeth Haich wrote a book, called "Initiation" is a very good it, due to her spiritual practices, she was immune to all all of you, keep up your purity, purification, right living, and right will be healthier than you realize....This time of awakening will also show itself in the PTB opposing crackdown of freedoms, travels, policies, that noose tightens, you'll know for sure without a shadow of a doubt that the masses are awake....Woe to them then...

Anonymous said...

I sometimes catch myself wondering why I curse outloud every time a politician or news actor gets his or her stupid gated community singalong in the newsrooms to try and get the public to think there are no innocents suffering and dying. The true patriots are growing by the millions everyday that have decided not to turn off the mind and let the masters do the thinking for us all.

OK, the IQ's in both America and Canada are dropping like flies. But it is those who used to say "it can't happen to me", that have now decided it's denial that ends up becoming your own worst enemy.

The MSM diversion are not lasting long enough for the illuminati to come up with fresh idea's. They can't even 'hit'n'run' like they used to.

I feel the mass public has come to the conclusion that the sadistic and satanic members of the elite chain cannot reach it's desired goal of the New World Order only because we have decided not to let them. This NWO we see rising from the toilet is really just the old fallen order, only it's wearing a more sinister - golden psycho killer smile.

It's nice to know people like you care enough to inspire and rebuild positive projections.
Pray, meditate, and all will see the goal being reached. Determination is the key.

reenie said...

I think our numbers grow by the second. I,for one, will never be fooled again. Les,thank you for all you do to keep me focused and on the path. Love to all of you Reenie

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dumaballah.. will comment anon' if you don't mind, see if that gets through. Made a comment on the wordpress page. Have you seen it, if yes whadya reckon?


The Mad Monk - Beauseant!

Anonymous said...

Go to and listen to a new Daryl Smith interview of Adrian Salbuchi. The whole program is very informative and at the end Daryl asks Salbuchi if he has something to say and what he says is encouraging. It is a long interview but worth the time.

Visible said...

Hello my friends, (and I will repeat this at the other blogs)... I have to move myself and my loved ones and the usual tools to a further location for the benefit of another environment and certain things that I have to do now which I can do more effectively where I am going which includes finally getting around to recording a number of new albums and several other things that this rural space makes exponentially more difficult.

Therefore, I won't be able to do anything at these blogs as of whenever I stop and for a few days so... just letting you know.

Interesting times huh?

I want to leave you with something that has just come my way through a new friend who was with me all day yesterday and whose work blows my mind. In case you want to see an idea of the model of this community where you are welcome to live and which is going to become a reality and which is not earmarked for Belize or anywhere else yet ( thought I should say that)... you should look at this

Your new home coming soon in an undisclosed location and cheaper than stolen.

I've been meeting some very surprising people lately whose intentions dovetail with my own and all of whom are not shy about admitting that their talents and intensity come from more in-visible locations... so... I have to get the show on the road and Susanne is a little on my case (grin) so... if no comments get posted for a number of hours that is why. For the next so many hours I am still around and that will happen but I am going to be incommunicado for awhile.

Oh, right. The person whose website that is is not the person I was meeting with yesterday. They are associates. He has his own abilities in permaculture and other things so.... heh heh, I almost said, Yes we can. Just don't play it backwards if I do.

Anonymous said...

A hobbit hole, a smial! Wow, too much!

Will Wilson said...

Hi Les, best
Wanted to add my take on why digital TV and no more analogue.
The powers that be are probably going to use the analogue bandwidth for police purposes.
And the shooting at the holocaust museum-how convenient!! Guess whose interests are served on that? So the Mossad, the CIA, ect, the usual crew-found some nut, wound him up and sent him off to do their dirty work. One thing they can't hide is timing. Why should this happen right after Obama mentioned that a two state solution is Palestine is needed?
Lord, will the public fall for this "sympathy for the Zionists" tactic once again??

Anonymous said...

Take a stand against anti-semitism: Support the Palestinians!


Anonymous said...

ZIONISM: because white supremacy has an even uglier sister

Anonymous said...



beware of the website which is supposed to be a forum and board about socialism and leftist ideology. But it’s not really about socialism and left ideology. That site is a left-gatekeeper, fake-leftist site which is funded by The World Bank, AIPAC and corporate lobbies to confuse the american masses most of their members are hardcore jewish and zionists CIA and Mossad shills. Every time i critisize Israel i am labeled as a Nazi there.

So beware of that site. I think that site is funded by the jewish zionist fascist lobby AIPAC.


ReadMyEmail said...

I wrote you an e-mail today. Please take the time to read and respond.
Mvh, Mouser

Visible said...

Hello People,

I've arrived at my next location but I am without a monitor for a couple of days until the new beast arrives. I can't do much on Susanne's computer except make myself angry (grin) so... whenever things come together you will hear from me.

Anonymous said...

KOSHER: That inequitable tax paid by 98% of the population so that 2% can pretend their mythical god is pleased.

Anonymous said...

Shame about your google mail Les. Maybe it got re-routed to Koogle (the new Kosher google)


Anonymous said...

AIPAC is just the US chapter of the Mossad


Still alive said...

Fantastic, Les.

I think mandatory reading of Smoking Mirrors should be required in all American schools.

Anonymous said...

I'm not anti-semitic. I'm anti-Mongolian. They pose as descendents of Abraham so they can steal land from the Palestinians, kill everyone but themselves and destroy whatever's left of the planet after they get through conquering it.

Anonymous said...

I dont like you, Les. You are bizarre. You are very uncomfortable.........
The problem is, you say what you say, and
then I have to check it out.... and that's when
it checks out. It causes me with my australian macho a back off.... weird. "Les is right" weird.
It's weird les, you dont understand.... it takes awhile....... in my case, two years.........



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