Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bloodthirsty Demons in Human Form

There are so many examples of pornographic insanity, rotating on an endless loop, like tin ducks at a shooting gallery, in this carnival of the absurd. Things like this are so far beyond understanding that you are left in awe of the darkness in the soul of man. Here in the age of the unconfirmed reports and the anonymous government spokesmen, we are led to believe that the Iranians are throwing people off of bridges and chopping them up with axes in the street. It isn’t happening.

In the meantime, the American government; the Israeli government and the British government are killing hundreds of thousands of people; wiping out villages with unmanned drones, torturing people in secret prisons, tazering citizens on the streets, butchering women and children. These things are confirmed. These things are happening. Compared to the Charlie Manson antics of the aforementioned gang of three, Ahmanedijad is Mahatma Gandhi.

The hypocrisy is off the charts. The reality of what is taking place is not a matter of debate. It has been a long time in the planning. Consonant with these psychopathic efforts has been the progressive dumbing down of the populations of the West. Because you really have to be remarkably stupid to even consider what we are being told about world events and government policies, it is Job One to make the people as stupid as possible so that they will swallow any and every lie no matter how they contradict reality.

The country that runs America and her wooden puppet president can do anything they like. They can gun down people on the land they have stolen from them. They can do it every day and they do. Then they can raise their hypocritical cries of protest about the death of a woman in Iran, through their control of world media, as if this were the greater injury. We do not know who killed this woman in Iran. We do know who is murdering Palestinians each and every day. We do know who is doing this and we do know what is going on with this.

I have to assume that all of this is being done for the purpose of demonstration. I have to believe there is a cosmic law at work that is compelling the demons among us to broadcast to the world the damning evidence of their evil actions and intentions. I have to believe that this is all a part of the process of some higher court that is putting all defense of such callous behavior beyond any possibility of success.

A South Carolina, Christian hypocrite of a governor, inexplicably flies off to Argentina to see his paramour. This is the same governor who made such a big deal about Bill Clinton and his ambulatory, cigar humidor. In the Louisiana legislature we are treated to the certain evidence that life has become a Grand Guignol by way of Donald Duck. Strange events around the world have become commonplace. It’s getting crazier and crazier by the day. “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” Madness... utter madness.

While various ancient cultures seek to maintain their continuity, another culture which has gone from empty promises to; bankrupting the population and destroying the manufacturing base, instituting fascist laws and phony hate crime legislations, to reality shows that celebrate the vapidity and fast foods superficiality of a wasted existence, onward to who knows what banal enterprises and suicidal patterns of inspired self destruction... where people get probation for murder and mayhem and life sentences are handed out for ingesting chemicals many times less dangerous than those provided by corporations in the interest of destroying the nation’s health... so that more profits can roll in for treatments that treat nothing.

What do we make of this? I am so transfixed by the unbelievable spectacle of what I am seeing that I can no longer even answer my emails. I don’t know what to say to anyone. I can’t continue with my projects because there is no longer a recognizable world to produce them for. We have become a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Brutal bloodthirsty demons walk with impunity among us. Their cabals of serial murder with connections to the highest levels of government continue to be revealed. The rape and murder of children and the connections between the various killers and the governments empowered to arrest such activities have become inarguable. Rent boys in the White House. The British pedophile rings and the world-wide pedophile rings. What does one say to all of this?

Indigenous peoples are being murdered and threatened with extinction by corporations who want what’s to be taken from their lands. These are very strange times. Whatever is coming must be very near at hand. Certainly this summer we are going to see outrage and violence explode around the world. In the meantime, some large portion of the population is indifferent to anything but the satisfaction of their self-interest. Their blindness is near absolute. The cynical media outdoes itself by the day in catering to the very worst elements in human nature. I am in awe.

As many of you here know, I go to a certain forum that purports to be representative of the educated and intelligent among us. Here we find people with degrees and lucrative professions. These are people with pretensions for having read great books, who talk glibly about all manner of things and wax wide with incredible vanity about what they know and how well they know it. Across the internet in similar locations, those of us who should know better, spend their time preening like red assed baboons, masturbating for the public’s entertainment and their own.

Dear reader... what can the outcome be? How deep will they sink and how great will be the outrage that they practice and permit? Are there any limits to what they will pull out of their asses and set as a centerpiece for their lives?

I have to wonder if I have gone mad. Have I walked through some unknown door into a place that is no longer on this Earth? Did I fall asleep and wake up in some purgatory; some twisted bardo? If fifty foot demons with enormous bellies suddenly appeared on the street and began to dance an Irish jug I probably wouldn’t bat an eye.

Something’s coming people; it cannot go on as it is. Some great summing up is at hand. I feel as if there is some carrousel like the records in an old juke box. Each record is a door and the carrousel stands before everyone on the planet at the same time. Each person inserts their quarter and dials up the world that they intend to enter. At some point, all of the worlds that are represented by the chosen songs will spin off into space and begin to rotate around some distant star. There, like will engage with like, as they begin a cosmic cycle all of their own.

There is no reality. There is no balance. I would suggest that everyone take some time to look within themselves and determine what they truly want and what matters the most. I can’t shake the feeling that this is the main determinant for what will appear to each and every one of us.

All of this said, I remain hopeful that the better part of what we might have been will endure in some way, in some place, once the darkness of these times is finally sorted to its well deserved end.

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The Zionist puppet-masters have created a perpetual Twilight Zone here on earth. Our only refuge lies within ourselves...human culture has been poisoned well beyond any hope of cure.

Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

First "they"- i.e., Gore Vidal's "the 2% who own the country" -- destroyed the agrarian, rural way of life, "the American enclosures of the commons," herding millions into industrial slums -- or slavocracy in the South. Then they came for the South, destroying that land and culture in the "first totaler Krieg" & absorbed it, setting up Boss Hawgs to pit the vast majorities of sharecropper/serf blacks and whites against each other. It has always been divide and rule.
Then "they" went after the Native Americans and exterminated most of them, herding the rest into bantustans on the arid plains, like the Palestinians. Then they stole the gold and ground water and what little left to the Natives (the Lakota's Sacred Black Hills). After plundering their own turf, it was on to Cuba and the Philippines to plunder others' lands; hundreds of thousands died in the Philippines.
The rest of the story is the same, but only accelerating geometrically....killings in the millions,more brazen extortions and coups, now "they" gobble up and process several countries a year. They gouge the Solomon Islands and West Papua with hyperenormous land movers for their worshipped gold and flush the toxic tillings out to sea. They fish out the oceans to the point we'll all have to eat jellyfish and plankton in a few years.
Their greed and insanity is infinite. Psychopaths or aliens plundering the planet doesn't really matter.... finally, they'll come "to serve" man -- Soylent Green! - and "feed" on us. Short of some sort of Divine intervention, it all seems too far gone. Like the plebs at the bread and circuses in Roman times, the American sheep will not even look up as long as they can shaft their wick and fill their bellies. But cut off their electricity, petrol or food feed blaming Iran or x, y, z and they'll be on board again, tho' they can't find Enemy Z on a map!

Anonymous said...

I've been feeling this as well Les. The boiling point is near. Your post reminded me of the Andrei Tarkovsky film "Stalker" where three men are searching "the Zone" for an artifact which will cause their deepest desires to come true. As they get closer the men realize that they may not know what their deepest desires actually are and it may be a bad idea to proceed. I have no doubt that the clowns posing as leaders of nations have deepest desires which do not benefit humanity.

It seems the Truth movement (and not just the 9/11 Truth movement) has reached a mass consensus of sorts. The Media continues to play their games. Anyone who has managed to connect only a few dots can easily see the disconnect of logic in what is being reported as "news". It's time to draw your line in the sand and seriously consider the results of that line being crossed. Your children and grandchildren will someday ask what you did to try and stop this. Gandhi said "Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." It's turning a battleship around with an oar; an impossible endeavor until you realize we all have an oar and we are all on that ship. Do your part and we can live in a better world.

Anonymous said...

It feels so much like a 1960's horror movie with armies ghouls and dark castles. The warriors of light huddled around campfires scattered in the forest.

The masses are under a spell and so few see the light. Where is the army of light amongst this universal courruption and evil?

Look towards nature, there is the light. The farther man moved from what is his origin the darker things have become. the more we destroy our natural world the deader this world has become. The cities will soon become nightmares out of hell.

Look innside and burn brightly the candle of love within. It will guide us together and into a new realm.


Zoner said...

A madhouse indeed, Mr V! We have developed so many new ways to present the story that has been repeating since we first forgot who we were, that if one desired, they could immerse themselves in gore and mayhem 24-7, now in high-def and with a digital, surround sound soundtrack.

Is there more evil now, or is it just easier to see?

I am not a professional, and have no degrees. I am uneducated, except by the experience of being here in this world and having to find a way to keep going through it to whatever is to come next. I kdon't know Jack, but I do believe some things. I believe that you are absolutely right about many things and I also share a certain intuition that tells me we are near a tipping point of some sort. Or this is truly a madhouse, going all the way over the edge.

It has been said by many different people that we are here to learn and grow, and if it is truly the job of the world to distract us and challenge us to look within in spite of the spectacle at hand, then it seems logical that as momentum builds toward a larger "event" that may be imminent, the spectacle would become that much more profound.

About "the Show";

To connect the dots in Iran, you don't even need to go to any "conspiracy" sources, just look at what was the stated intention of our government regarding regime change there. We said we were going to mess with them and create havoc, and so we see the results. None of these actions are a mystery. WE SAID THIS WAS THE PLAN, and yet there are those that will STILL argue about our involvement.

Yeah, people with degrees and years of refining and schooling and having their egos stroked - they are just as likely to be as totally fucking clueless as anyone else. Probably moreso, since their "higher education" seems to grant privelege to be arrogant and incapable of dealing with cognitive dissonance. Don't EVER think that anyone is better than or above you just because they have been "schooled" and have some kind of title. Bow to no one! These esteemed and decorated and titled clowns have always been at the fore when making a complete disaster of anything they touch, leaving the mess for the rest of us to clean up.

I hope you can still laugh. I hope that the din doesn't fully envelop us and blot out the real world, because the more of THAT that gets revealed, the less power the spectacle has to entangle.

"Enemy?" Z

Hank said...

The murder of 3000 on 911. The subsequent invasion of 2 countries and the killing of hundreds of thousands. The slow motion genocide in Gaza. Darfur, Rowanda, Sri Lanka, and all the children that no longer have hands or feet. The stoning to death of young women because their hearts couldn not be hardened against love. The "honor" killing of ones own children and wives. And, Oh my fucking god, did you hear that the governor of South Carolina fucked some woman in Argintina!

Bizar? That doesn't begin to describe the chaos that has become life on earth. Life on earth? Even that sounds strange.

But then again, not so strange when you realize that everything we have ever been told is a lie. Not just santa clause mind you, but EVERYTHING. Evolution, religion, the holocaust(this one should have one of those trademark thingys), freedom and democracy, America is the good guy, there are no UFOs and on and on and on.

It has become one of those scenes in a movie where suddenly disaster is happening all around you in slow motion. Suddenly you are outside of events and "real life", and you are a spectator at your own destruction.

The staged election unrest in Iran, the subway train wreck in DC, the air france crash, and oh my fucking god, did you hear that the gov. of SC fucked some woman in Argintina! All smoke and mirrors to distract people from the real dirty deeds. Those little things that are made to sound like business as usual by the corporate, jew controlled MSM. Legislation to make it illegal to question the holocaust, to deny second ammendment rights to those on the terror watch list, to steal the financial futures of Americans by giving all their money to the already wealthy, to finance their obsecne perversions. Our "elected representatives" working furiously to find some way around the promises they made to get into office, without looking like the blatant liers they are.

Life on earth, is and has never been what we were told it was, and at this point, has become 100 cans of alphabet vegetable soup, being flushed down a toilet, and if you can make sense of it, you are way smarter than I am.

I believe The Irritable Farmer has the right of it. The only things I see that are real are the ones I see when I close my eyes. Those things within that glow with the soft light of life. That essence that strives to connect to its source, and to the essence in others that are attempting to see, with their eyes closed.

I do not know exactly what is coming, but it feels bad, and for some reason I cannot get the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupery out of my head. Those being-- Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essencial is invisible to the eye.

Peace, and I will be looking for you all, next time I have my eyes closed.

Anonymous said...

Les, I did hesitate with this the preceding months but finally I can´t resist and tell here and now: I am seeing specific numbers mainly on license plates but also on digital clocks.
I mean that I am not looking for them, they are looking for me. 555, 666, 999, 777, 444 ,333, 9999, 222, 321, 123, 11.11, 22.22 etc.
I don´t know what to make of it and I always try to comprehend my thoughts I had before they show up or right when it happens.
Nevertheless do I have a real good and calm feeling when they appear.

Anonymous said...

Sir, It took me a deep breath to decide on a comment that I felt was definitely owed. The current dark cloud is based em and scalar ellw, ellf, etc. - plus the shit embedded in every human body through deliberate poisoning of earth, water, air and even space to an extent. But this cannot last..., it can not last. It is more likely that human capabilities are enhanced in the 4th densitiy or 'dimension', creating a more equal field of encounter. The entire attack is aimed on the destruction of individual-minded humans. I do hope that the black army isn't coprised,of more that 8million. And not too may hybrids and robocops. It can't last....... E.Th.

Anonymous said...


“I would suggest that everyone take some time to look within themselves and determine what they truly want and what matters the most. I can’t shake the feeling that this is the main determinant for what will appear to each and every one of us.”

Please, I hope you share this more often. I believe you are right. The power of fear can be used to misguide this personal awakening. The media’s main goal is to give us “quick” outs and not let us look inwards. The more they (media) show us the more it has to consume the mind in physical terms. Good old sitcoms wouldn’t work anymore, sex and blood are the better tools. What we fear in body is shown on the TV.

Les, sounds like you’re getting close to another big “change” soon.

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

On Sept 12, 1924 a great Austrian, in one of his last lectures, predicted: "...before this century is out he (Sorat) will show himself by making his appearance in many humans as the being by whom they are possessed. Human beings will appear of whom it will be impossible to believe they are real human beings."

Astraea said...

This may seem abstract I suppose, but the problem is, I think, that FEELING has been numbed.

It started in about 500BC when the THINKING function started to grow. It is obvious when you realize that the Bible was written up or rather, copied from the Wisdom teachings of the surrounding cultures such as the Egyptians.

Taking the Wisdom teachings of someone else and cliaming that you were inspired with these teachings means that you never had any idea what they actually meant!

For example, the psalms are almost all entirely and word for word taken from the sacrd hymns of the Egyptians.

The Ten Commandments are all taken from the 42 Commandments of Ma'at. Look up "The 42 Commandments of Ma'at." and you will see for yourself - but her commandments are much much much more concerned with Nature and they are very beautiful. She even expresses horror at the idea of anyone diverting a river.

During the time of Hezekiah the so called "priests" - teh Levites - "found" the Torah in the"temple" and took it to Hezekiah and soon they were pronouncing that there was only ONE GOD.

They destroyed all the smbols of his consort whose name was Asherah. They called him Yahweh, but his wife they decided to kill. They "smashed her, burnt her in fire, ground her fine to powder and threw her in the River Hebron."

They were intensely vindictive towards Asherah - and her main symbol was (still is) the Tree of LIFE.

It seems that they did this in order to colect the offerings of the People. Up until then the People had always made offerings to The Queen of Heaven at the traditional places where traditional people still naturally make offering and say prayers - at rivers and great trees, or at specially impressive great rocks. But, more importantly, to collect the people's minds into their own hands, into their own power.

The point is that they began then the process of pushing FEELING and NATURE out of consciousness because they preferred the new way whihc ws - and is - THINKING oriented. That silly old fool Socrates was not long in coming along with his obsession with "logic" whihc they called "reason""

Actually it is completely without reason. It has now become so unbalanced that Nature hardly counts anymore - and tehy go on about "global warming"! Tehy also see nothing to worry about when 150 to 190 farmers have committed suicide iin India over the last two years because they have been trapped by Monsanto.

The point is that the feminie feeling function of the mind of humanity is dormant or pushed into unconsiousness while the cold dry thinking function has taken over almost total power over the World - and guess who is displaying this monstrous power mos of all - "israel" and the Jews!

I hope that make some sense Les.

Did you know that the Song of Songs was the love song of a priestess (a real priestess, not at all like the Levites) of ancient Sumeria. It is amazing that the Jews can be so shameless in apppropriating the cultural jewels of other People! They do not even sem to realise that such coarse behavior shows that they have no idea of the value of such things. They even call it "The Song of Ssolomon" - when there was no Solomon.

It also amazes me to that they call a minaret at th Est Gate of Jerusalem "King David's Tower." (If ther was a David he was nothing more than a petty chief of a tiny tribe or bunch of brigands and plunderers. There is no metiono of any "King David" in any of the records of any of the surronding powers - none)
That minaret was built by Suleiman the Magnifient in the 16th Century!

The West Wall, which they like to call, sentimentally, "Theililng Wall" was built by Muslims.

And so it goes on.

The point is that Feeling and Nature have been pushed down into the UNconsiousnes of Humanity and this so called "enlightenment" or "reason" is out of control because it is a monster when not balanced by FEELING

It is Water versus Air - and they must be balanced or we go insane.

Unknown said...

Ciao Les, Your recent posts have been outstanding and profound.

Yes, I get the same feeling. It is all getting just too bizarre. Its coming.

As for a governor of S.C., to take off under such circumstances, it looks like a Jim McGreevy honey pot deal. BTW Bill Clinton was in argentina at the same time... probably with is mossad handlers to greet Sanford.

Who knows?? Everything has become a murderous ruthless scam. All we see are lies and subterfuge.

Thank you for your cerebral sanctuary, Paolo

Wiiliam Freeman said...

Quote:Dear reader… what can the outcome be? How deep will they sink and how great will be the outrage that they practice and permit? Are there any limits to what they will pull out of their asses and set as a centerpiece for their lives?
Somehow I have the feeling that one shit will be simply replaced by another. This is what has been happening all along. It's what drives me to despair, and I see it does the same for you, Les. (In your last post you had no more words to say, which I know the feeling of.)
I don't know how the worlds of the informed and disinformed will ever come together. It's like the foulness is embedded into the liquid mind of the feeble, part of it, not added, not an outside influence.
As far as the waking-up-process is concerned, we need to understand that it's a long process involving voluntary choice and work. Where are these volunteers? Where will they come from? Will they transform from ignorant, selfish consumers, murderers and rapists to woken up and just individuals once the miracle has arrived, or the planet has witnessed a complete makeover, where there are only 2 million of us left?
The great summing up, which is at hand?
I hope so, I so so hope so, but somehow I don't believe it deep down, where the darkness is forever gnawing away.
Maybe it is time to look inward to escape the daily madness in almost every aspect of living. Just a "normal" shopping trip to the local supermarket confronts you with stupid regulations and jobworths and plain sadness in the eyes of the other shoppers.
And that's just shopping!

Personally? I'm praying my damnedest for a huge win on the lottery. I'll buy a small island somewhere, take as many like-minded souls as I can with me and hope that we've been forgotten about.

Sorry for my pessimistic outlook, but I'm just fucked.


William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best

The events and conditions you point out are frustrating to the max to me, also. The stupidity and greed and arrogance of far too many. Others have said to me "You're too sensitive".
So, one has to dumb down their receptivity to vibrations in order to deal with things? Not for me.

Anonymous said...

"There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed and nothing undisclosed that will not be made known and brought out into the open."

Expose weapons of mass mind control.

There is no "star of David" in the Bible.

Anonymous said...

Out of great despair and evil, comes great opportunity and good. We are in a transition period, and are hitting one end of the cycle.

Anonymous said...

It is an honor to be one of the "followers" of the intrepid blogspot. What an awe inspiring emanation of fellows you all are. I'm as impressed by the correspondences of other "followers" as I am by the brilliant analects Les gives us. Maybe the world system HUMANISM does have to crash and burn, I do not KNOW the future. I get previews of possibles and probables but truly...I do not know. Where is The god going? I take it that we are on a cusp of heightened understanding and commitment, but will it bve enough to overcome those who are so guilty they want the earth to swallow them? If I knew I would share it with the Smokers. That said, maybe the course of action is withdrawal from intercourse from the profane self seekers we formerly sought to help. Maybe My-Your and Our real contribution is that we know compassionate omnipresence. What I, You, We are is always and everywhere.

A.Mouser said...

Wooden puppet presidents, CEOs and editors on an arcade fire carousell increasing in speed until the entire disc becomes unhinged and plows through the observing crowd (that's us). Total Disneyland destruction and pandemonium. America elected Mickey Mouse as it's honorary head of state and that is exactly what we have - a mickey mouse government puking out bile as news.
Here's the rub. Just like a pyramid/ponzi scheme, as soon as there are no more sucker feeding in at the bottom the whole pyramid goes bankrupt.
In the west's case that would be morally as well as financially.
The carousell has absolutely no signs of slowing down - in fact it is STILL picking up rotational speed and thereby cetripedal and centrifugal force. Any man-made wheel has it's physical limits and the moment the ball-bearings and lubricant break down - the disc is going to seize like an extremely over heated internal combustion engine. The pistons are going to come straight through the bonnet and all the wooden puppets and co-riders will be terminated faster than the rate of fall of 110 floors of steel reinforced concrete on 11/09/01.
My thought is to stay as far away as possible from the carousell-media show now spinning wildly out of control.
They will bring the carnage upon themselves by continuing to totally ignore truth, feelings and nature - just as they have been doing since before Christ was even born.
They are quite simply spinning themselves to death.
I choose life.
Peace and love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Just fucked,
You could get together with that governor of S.C. and Bill Clinton to talk about your experiences! ;)

Nayon said...

To Martin

''I mean that I am not looking for them, they are looking for me. 555, 666, 999, 777, 444 ,333, 9999, 222, 321, 123, 11.11, 22.22 etc.''

You're not the only one pal. This happens to thousands if not millions. Its been happening to me for 20 years and it is amplifying in my life right now. Research 11:11 and you'll see the scope of it.

I personnaly believe this phenomena is the proof we are living in a virtual simulation in which we are to learn about the duality of good and evil. You can check out those :

I also can feel things are going crazy right now. My parents turned on me, my ex threatened to cut off my time with my doughter on the basis of my ''insanity''. Tru, the essential is invisible to the naked eye, and those people are blind, both with open and closed eyes.

Between the Web bot predictions, The Black Jack false flag look alike, the summer of rage and the tickeling of the Zio-con happy trigger finger, the last Northcom exercise and the semi-secret nuclear exercise in New-York 2 weeks ago, I believe this fourth of July could be a tipping point. Its numerology would be consistent with past evil deeds, and they might want to crush any attempt to a revolution, on this 233rd anniversary, which is a reverse version of the Skulls and bones 322 number. All coincidences?

We'll have to wait and see....

European American said...

What's that I see and feel? Why it's a Phase Transition unfolding! Holy moly! We've reached the boiling point now if we can only... lower... the... temperature... to... Absolute Zero. Viola! Negative Entropy!

How about collectively tapping into a little Zero Point energy to inspire Those who govern Natural Law? ...frictionless flow...that creamy, smooth, silky, unbounded Field of Life just over, beyond the senses. Yum, yum! Violence begets more violence. Calm begets...?

European American

jackruby64 said...

Has anyone seen this article yet?
Just thought I'd pass it along, food for thought.
James aka jackruby64

john c, UK said...

A bit off-topic, but if Mr. V doesn't mind I would be interested to know what the readers here thought about the Telegraph's Blackjack series and the hidden codes et al.

Curiouser and curiouser....

Anonymous said...

testing 12

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Sadly I see you back to reality, sadly the pessimism is short lived.

I don't gloat at your return for I had a vague dream that you may be right, perhaps I am too long in the tooth to believe in miracles.

Rightly so the bloodthirsty will walk atop, not among us.

When we see the likes of Kissinger, Soros, or any of this "Rothschild's" type of people, they have ever roamed the world and had it at their command.

Those type of inhuman, and ungodly perversions wish to live in a 17th century lifestyle with the comforts of century 21.

Needless to say, there will be but three tiers to this society, the elite, the servers, and the workers.

What I wonder is the answer to all this?

While reading Benjamin Fulford recently it appears he has a plan. Now I don't know if this is true whereby he has put certain of the worlds betters on notice of death, but it would seem a very sensible idea, regardless of if it is a plan or not.

When we consider the corrupt cretins who would control the world is but 2% of the worlds population, the other 98% is in dire need of plan.

What is to be the outcome? The answer is in the people with degrees, and the intelligentsia, and the so-called elite of the world.

How many of the preening red assed baboons came out in support of the slaughtered of Gaza.

In my country while the people of Gaza were being systematically being murdered, my national tv had the population on a strict diet of evil nazi war films. This in a christian country celebrating the birth of baby Jesus.

Perhaps if I had called my local media and told them the same bastards who created the nazis were busy planning our demise now and in the near future, now I see why my calls are not answered.

Quite right something is coming and I think it may not be good regardless of how it gets here.

There is a reality. There is a balance.

Both of those things are not within the control of mere mortals I think.

The ringmasters who guide the carousel seem to forget their mortality, the reason for this eludes me. Perhaps they all have their individual portraits like a certain Dorian Gray?

Rightly so, I do believe we are at a balance in mankind's existence, and there is a summing up for us all.

Maybe the cook,(if there is a cook) who is watching the melting pot, will get fed up and fuck the whole pot in the trash can.

Regards, Mac

European American said...

Where's everybody heading during the upcoming "Banker's Holiday" taking place in the U. S. of A.? The beach? The mountains? Under the mattress? Recommendations?

I thought the Bankers were already on vacation?

European American

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, I wouldn't bat an eye either if I saw fifty foot demons dancing the Irish jig in the street. I would try to see if I recognized any of the faces. We have demons in our government. Hey, maybe they became so full of shit they blew up to fifty feet. How many times I've told people absolutely nothing suppries me anymore.

As we all know this crap has been going on for hundreds/thousands of years. Earth is a veil of tears, and we as individuals can make it as tough on ourselves as we choose. That is the nature of God given free will. Look at all the people that are loosing their McMansions, graduating from college and find themselves $50000+ in debt and no job to be had, or with a house they can't afford full of junk from China that they couldn't sell for ten cents on the dollar. You know what, the devil really did make them do it. The devil is in that HDTV and he is poisoning their minds. They don't think/reason they just have feelings and opinions and their opinions come straight from the TV. Watching TV will alter your mind and change your perceptions. There is no way around it. It is just like the old drip drip drip water torture err inhanced interrigation.

I've been reading about the 2012 thing for probably thirty years. If you follow channelings the celestials tell us the earth will ascend at that time and a certain percentage of the human population will accompany her. The dark ones will be removed and taken elseware where they can continue their perversions. An additional large share of humanity who are stuck in a belief system they are unable to shake will also be removed to another "world" where they will be with like minded individuals. Everyone has eons to get it together so even the perverts, preachers, hiney bandits, zionists, politicians etc. will eventually reach Source.

Does this sound far fetched? If the world economy is completely distroyed and several billion people eliminated what will arise from this chaos. Do you think the dark elements which survive will have a change of heart and create a "just world order"? Will Lucifer see the "light?" No, before long the world will be right back in the same predicament. There is no way to escape duality on a 3D planet, and material man can't fight demons.

This post was originally much longer but........


European American said...

Shame on any American who pays federal income tax.
You know exactly what I mean.
No excuses. No where to hide.
Violence begets violence...
When you pay for it, you end up paying for it.

European American

Visible said...

I sent out about 150 copies of my book, "the Dark Splendor free to everyone who asked with only one request, that you would go to and write an honest review of the book to help offset the ugly comments left there by the people at The Best of the Fray forum. Not a single one of you did this. Few of you even wrote me to tell me what you thought. I just thought I'd mention this because it did hurt my feelings.

Atlantis said...

Honest to God Les I've been feeling the same way. I don't recognize this world anymore either.

I just read your comment about your book. I'm so sorry to hear this. I should have asked you for one.

Anonymous said...

Recurrent MSM theme today (when not using the endless loop about Farah Fawcett RIP) off the
TeeVee one couldn't turn off in the doctor's office: The story about a homeless black man (he lived in the back of a van from the 8th grade on!)
now going to Harvard. I thought of the likelihood of this being true (like the "honor student" black kid in Bonfire of the Vanities) and that segued into how the J media sold us Howdy Doody as the New Messiah.
These MSM "stories" are of course always lies, but they are analogous to the lottery winning stories. Some week ago it was endless loop about some born agin cowboy winning the $200 million powerball. Think about it and you can write down hundreds of these stories/lies. They have increased since the economic collapse. They were very prevalent in the Great Depression.
Everyone can be president, even people of color!
Anyone can go to Harvard! Anyone can win the lottery. Anyone "they" select, that is. All lies, but it keeps "hope" alive for the lumpensheep. Expect many more of these stories as things get worse. Bombing in Iran will be reported; burning Amerikan cities get short shrift. Hope 'n' change? Bush was worse than Clinton and as it unfolds, rest assured Howdy Doo will be worse than Bush. And you won't like the "change"!

Anonymous said...

william wilson...... bang on ! Covkid.

Josey Wales said...


Aim small, miss small


jackruby64 said...

Les, as one of the many that received a copy of your book, I must wholeheartedly apologize. I found the book to be exceptionally well written, far superior to the drivel that's being published these days. I believe that I commented on one of these posts that I enjoyed it, but I must have missed or forgotten about going to Amazon and posting a comment (favourable, of course). I will do so post haste, my friend.
James aka jackruby64

nina said...

Daily there is more nausea, daily there is more spiritual awareness, one empowers the other because spirituality is the antagonist to fomenters of nausea. Black/white, encircling one another, each with a hole in its heart. Black is what you get when you mix all the colors together, white is the absence of color. The battle is to keep black from overtaking white and vice versa. The more people playing this game, the bigger and more invasive it becomes. Its so big now, its a battle of wits just to keep out of the game.

VIsible, I just saw your post. My gigs are running so low I deleted my PDF reader awhile ago. If there is anyway I can get an html version, I would be thrilled to do a review. (More thrilled to read it to begin with...)

Visible said...

Anyone who didn't get a copy of the book just email me at

If you need an Word Document instead of PDF let me know. If you have some other word processing software you should have no trouble converting a word document.

Visible said...

Some of you may be noticing that comments are now coming through again. I don't know what happened. I did get one complaint from a woman who could not post and told me to take that stupid picture of myself off the front page.

Anonymous said...

I did mention this before, I read the book, bought the book and have recommended it to family and friends, even my daughter. :) She is 20.

I apologize for not making it to Amazon. As mixed up as the big world is, so is my little world. I just Amazon on the daily to do list. My apology. It is a fantastic book. I will buy the next one without even looking at the cover.


nina said...

Oh Viz, Viz, you must be aching terribly and laughing through your misery, if its any solace, I'm in love with all your pictures. Tell that bitch to go FH.

nina said...

And, please, I request a word document.

REB said...

I don't watch the tragic lantern (t.v)'s highly offensive and totally corrosive to the third eye.
I don't even attempt to wake up the sleepy sheeple anymore...they Really don't appreciate it (remember that old slice of advice, never wake a sleepwalker)
I do seriously furrow my brow when pondering the future state of humanity...because from where I'm ain't looking that pretty!
Love to all (--_--)

Visible said...

I would like to invite all of the readers here to take the opportunity to inform this lying shill what you think of him for saying that he saw the militia kill that Iranian girl.

Here is the article on him Article on Dr. Hijazi

And Here is his web site where you can email him

Pathetic. Just reading the article you know he is lying.

Anonymous said...

"Some commentators point out that a certain country cannot do what it is doing without a lot of money from private supporters in the US, in addition to government support. See
So the ultimate responsibility for this savagery lies equally with American supporters who back the election of officials who will do their bidding. And similar support by European supporters who elect their puppets. Without their money, these rampages cannot be carried out."

Visible said...

Given that I'm commenting a little more than I usually do in a month, I'd like to make another comment and that is to apologize to all of you whom I have not emailed. When I get around to it it is probably going to take me several hours (grin). I just have not been able to. Some of you even want to send me some money and I still haven't been able to. That sounds serious (grin).

Anyway, now that I 've got you here I would like to make a request for those who can understand what I am talking about. I am (quite seriously) engaged in a alchemical process and a very important component of that work has been difficult for me to come by. I would like to ask any of my readers from the UK to look into their mental Rolodex and see if they know a friendly vet who might be friendly to this particular animal. Also, if you are someone who attends to the club circuit or someone who has interesting tastes in so far as you perform certain chemical operations upon yourself and might know someone who might be favorably disposed to me, I would surely appreciate the assistance in a foolproof exchange of something that I am going to have to rely on your knowing what I am talking about. If you are in such a position please email me (heh heh.

It doesn't hurt to ask and so I am and that's all the more I'm going to say about it. Carry on.

Anaughty Mouser said...

I would like a paper-cover of your book, and/or a Word document.
I will happily do a book review of it at
Glenn Dormer
Bandstolsvägen 52-199
756 48 Uppsala

Anonymous said...

Dear Les-ji,

I don't know what the problem is with the rest, but, here and now, I'm on PAGE 147 of DARK SPLENDOR, GETTING IN TROUBLE 'CAUSE I CAN'T HARDLY PUT IT DOWN, ENJOYING IT IMMENSELY, and will surely write something on Amazon.

My respect for you increases daily, since I can see (even if it may feel to you like 'another lifetime') the places you've travelled to, the courage required to not blink and to so eloquently tell about 'it'(reality - or one big dark part of reality), and continue to speak the truth ruthlessly and fearlessly.

Its more clear to me also that practically no one here can surprise you with anything 'new', I suspect. I feel I should keep my words to a minimum unless I have something of value to add.


gurnygob said...

Les Re: “If fifty foot demons with enormous bellies suddenly appeared on the street and began to dance an Irish jug I probably wouldn’t bat an eye”.

Are you trying to say something about the Irish? You should have said
“Morris- dancing” or something. grin………..

Anyway, great post. Les, your post reminded me of something I heard a few years ago. It was a message from Jesus. Now let me explain something before everyone thinks I am nuts talking about messages from Jesus. Simply put, I believe Jesus is communicating with certain people on this earth and has done so from man was created. He ‘Jesus/God’ as in, father, son, and Holy Spirit has given his word to his prophets and He never does anything without warning us first. As it was in the past, so it is today. God is using people/prophets to warn his people, (I am not talking about the “Chosen People” If you get my meaning) I believe we are, all of us, gods people.
So god warns us that we need to change our ways, because if we don’t then He will have to do it for us. It’s works kind of like the ‘central command’ thing that you talk about.
So we know that there are ‘beings’ out there that give us messages about the past, present; and the future. Anyway, now that I have made a hash out of explaining that. I know these two people who claim they receive messages from Jesus. Believe or not, it’s up to the reader. In one of those messages Jesus said, (can’t recall word for word) that because people were not listening and with ‘sin’ being the excepted norm these days that He would “step back” and let people experience the full weight of such sin in the world. He said that those ‘personal sins’ that we all partake in would become exposed to the world. I can see this now in all the revelations coming out. Not only personal sins would be exposed but the collective sins of governments and whole nations would be exposed to the world and the people thereof would feel the full weight of following the law of the world as apposed to following God’s law. We can see this plainly taking place today. We can see many things taking place, bad things, like we are being prepared for something. Some call it an ‘awakening’ others call it something else. I call it God. These revelations we see taking place are only the tip of the Iceberg. Things that have been hidden will come out into the light. The things we parade in the streets as ‘good’ i.e. political correctness, abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage, and so on and on and on…to say nothing of the unjust wars (Gaza and such likes) will turn round and bit us. Most people live like animals these days. We except things that even dumb animals would shy away from and we do it with so much enthusiasm. So you are right, something big is coming; and for the most part, we deserve it all, and much more. Sometimes I can’t wait for all the “shit” to hit the fan, but in other ways I fear for myself and others around me. I fear for all the mindless people out there who have been sucked into the ‘big lie’ (peace and security) and are willing to throw their lot in with whatever the world tells them. Sometimes I get so bewildered with the things I see in the world that I wonder how we even managed to get this far. I, like you, don’t know what the outcome will be, but it won’t be pretty.

You, Les, are a prophet. I can’t tell for sure where you get your messages from but, they certainly sound familiar to things I have heard from others.
God be with you.

ps. that picture of you is crap. you know i would not knowingly tell you a lie (: said...

'there is no balance' ... exactly.

there is the sublime zero of the center which in turn becomes the whole. the koru of repetition and stasis. the swirl of Alma and Alien. of words and instinct. obliteration.

there is no reality - just a 3D GREED mega monopoly holo-game complete with self-hypnotizing instructions (in all languages).

language is a razor sharp sword always out of the scabbord. instinct is the beast it slays.

what do the animals think as they lay drowsily in the shade of a tree and why do they not speak of it?


as les so accurately says. evil will overstep and destroy itself. it's doing so now. we're in the closing 15 minutes of a film so don't go for popcorn... on second thought - let's get the hell out of this theater!

morris said...

Zionist views from North London

Anonymous said...

Bear in mind is another zionist playpen like joogle & they don't necessarily play fair.
The New Yorker wrote a story years ago about how their "ratings" were manipulated & bore no resemblance to reality... at one point they refused to handle Michael Hoffman II's books on Judaism. I _have_ written reviews, e.g., on Finkelstein's book on the "Holocaust Industry" that never appeared in the reviews. They screwed around with my books and I subsequently found it much better to deal with Powell's books in Portland. They charge more than amazon, but they don't play near so many games. Screw amazon, I've sold far more via Powell's. The sanyahim and the "watchers" can always slam a book unpleasing to them and keep it to one or two stars.

Anonymous said...

Oy veh! The King --King Michael! is dead! This one will last the MSM four weeks 24/7. The sheep won't even pay attention to shock and awe over Iran....will Howdy Doody do the M.C. and DJ act for Michael before Congress? Will he lie in state at the capitol?
Will QE2 donate the pure gold carriage? Will rappin' representatives break dance and slam dance
on the State House floors? Promises to be a loooong, hot, fucking craaaazy summer. Truly

OleFeller said...

sincere regards LesVisible:
Yes,you have travelled far and deep my friend,
Alas the planet is revealing it's intention as though the unseen
hand is accumulating the bewildered souls .
Relax Les, Let yourself flow outward and no longer go back inside .We must ,all of us reach out and blend like a cell to embrace the realization and look in awe at the coming revelation . where you are there I am also.


Anonymous said...

gurnygob 1:03 AM
God is within. We all know right from wrong. It's our choice not some fantasy Devil or God who 'made me do it'. We are it!
Many, many, many people are making 'wrong' (sinful?) decisions.
Sin- that which is not good for man (homo sapiens)!

Kevin said...

to quote satan, if one could ....
"You ain't seen nothin' yet"

Zellie said...

Edgar Cayce's readings state about the high ups being brought down, and so do the Mary Summer Rain, "NO Eyes" material as I have mentioned before in the comments section....Look into both of those...they came way before the 'channeled' information that is so prevelant. I for one, am very glad about the 'revelations' that are coming out..more to come...more to make everyone blush and to put legions to shame....they are going to come one can stop it...the ebbs and flows do not only apply to tides, or cycles but to revelations as well... when things get so bad, the 'revelationers' will ask themselves, 'what do they have to lose?" And their answer to themselves will be nothing, but the ideal of righteousness within themselves, and that will be their is as it has always been, honorable men and women exist in spite of society and the paid for minnions, there are some people that you cannot pay ever...they will reveal themselves...

WWW said...

I like the picture also nina's picture.

Visible said...

My dear friends;

A few things.

First, I have no desire to be featured on Amazon. this isn't about that. A couple of years ago I ran afoul of the alkies and meatheads at Best of the Fray at Slate and several of them banded together and attacked my book there. You can read the reviews and see what I mean. A couple of friends tried to balance it out but didn't quite get any volume. So this is just about countering the smear and slander. Remember... you don't have to write a review at all. It just popped into my head last night that no one had and I thought I would mention it.

Several of you said that you are unable to access the site again. please people... go to
The Wordpress mirror site

or you can go to Reposting site at Justgetthere

You can comment at any of these places as well. So... there should be no problems eh. I go to a lot of trouble to make this happen and constantly remind the readers but for SOME REASON it doesn't seem to take (grin)

I'm going to answer all of the emails this coming week and a new Origami should be up today (I hope). Also the next radio show happens this Sunday night. I've got a nice camera and soon we will have the return of "Mr. Visible's Neighborhood. Here is one of the first shows that I did years ago before we got the broadcast camera and special effects board. A fellow who produced it for me put it up on line here Mr Visible's Neighborhood

Okay, it's pretty rough and mildly embarrassing but what the heck, it does have some funny moments. I was just winging it here. It got a lot more polished later on.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Talking Bout that Low Rent Shangri La.

Visible said...

Dear Friends;

I'm getting a lot of requests for my book, "The Dark Splendor" again so it seems I should provide a little explanation about what you are going to find, One person wrote in yesterday in a disappointed frame of mind because the book is fiction. I didn't quite know what to make of that. Therefore some explanation is in order.

This book is an occult thriller and it has some gruesome moments. It is gritty in places; almost Tarantino like and that is counterbalanced by a more pervasive metaphysical aspect.

What I tried to do was to take this particular template in order to present ideas that are independent of the format they are presented in. They are relevant to the book but the book only exists for the purpose of presenting these ideas. Do not be dismayed if you find the early parts of the book to be lacking in the deeper perspective. That comes along gradually and you will see what I mean after the stage has been set.

I apologize if certain elements in the book might offend the softer sensibilities among us. I wrote the book like a movie because that is the effect I was looking for. Stay with it and I have the hope it will not disappoint you in the overall impact.

Bholanth, thank you for your kind words. I think of myself more as a herald than anything else. If I have a certain impact on the people who come here it is not because of anything I may be doing but rather it is accomplished during the times when I manage to get out of the way. I have the priceless gift of a bonafide spiritual teacher and anything positive is due to his efforts. The mistakes are all my own.

Anonymous said...

USA ranks 83rd ex 144, nuff said.
Peace Index

Anonymous said...

grandma in col says, Enoch writes, "The Lord shook the earth violently"....7 days before water rose....3600 yr/orbit explains those crop circles.

Satan is prince of the air....explains the ufo's. Babylon, Annunaki, Ancient Egypt, etc. Annekin Skywalker..either you're a Jedi or Storm Trooper.

Wheat and tares....sheep and goats. Truly a battle of good and evil.

It turns my stomach too. It's rather frightening as to how many are in the days of Noah.

May the Word of God be true and every man a liar.

Anonymous said...

From morris
At Blogspot you say email you the comments, but there is no email address I could find.

Two videos your readers might want to see

Asking Gilad Atzmon about AIPAC and Obama×3E

Zionist views from North London

Anonymous said...


i hope that my comment was not misunderstood. I don't know if it was mine that you were addressing but I was commenting that even though it was fiction it was a fantastic description of reality. Anyway, fantastic book. It is my dream to write at least half as well as you.

In regards to community, I have sent you an email in regards to its development and sustaining concepts. What you describe has been a vision within me for many years, many!

It is most imortant to be by water. The ideal place would be where a river meets the ocean. :) That supplies both fresh water and transportation. I don't own a car and use a bicycle as my mode of transport. We would need to have several boats of various types.

My life has been a mixture of music, health food, electronics, education and observer of the the beast that is now emerging. I am now working on learning as much as I can on alternative energy technology. I hope that i can fill a need and play a part. As you said once before, will be meeting on the beach.

Shine on les!


Visible said...

Amicus... of course not. this took place in an email exchange. The person seemed real friendly at first and then seemed pretty curt when it turned out to be fiction. You can assume I wouldn't respond to you like that in public and probably never in private either.

Morris, my email- is listed right here in the thread and I'm pretty sure it is available in my blogger profile as well. Anyway, there you have it. I'm waiting for someone to volunteer to set up a blog for the interactive community (grin). tap..tap...tap...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

I share your frustration and disbelief at the current state of the world. But it's not new. I believe what you'r going through is a low spot on the roller-coaster of watching the world events. I might also say that 100 years ago, no one would have experienced this even though the murder and genocide was goin on at rates similar to today. We only see it more now. That's not to justify it or alleviate our conscience, only to point out that what we see today, albeit horrific, is something powers have been doing for generations, right down to the pedophiles and religious loonies.

Les, don't let it hit you too hard. Put it in perspective. Our problem lies in the lack of organization. Fighting these injustices is like fighting a hornets nest. It's organized, but very difficult to battle a swarm. You can only destroy it at night while all are in the nest. The problem lies in the fact that "they" never sleep. Our opposition is fragmented at best. They know this and they also know that until we are organized they'll continue down their path of destruction, greed, subversion, distraction and death.

Les, take a breather. Accept that humanity is finite. Our lives are finite and their powers are finite and eventually change will come as it has numerous times in the past. Man has destroyed himself before, covered his own history and moved on to the next installment. It's as predictable as the sun rising. Life is a series of cycles. Movement and rest. It's the timeless truth of all that is.....


Anonymous said...

well, ok... :)

I will volunteer to set up a blog dedicated to developing community. Not an expert, but i enjoy learning by doing.

I envision that we will need to address number of topics:

1. Location
2. Size
3. Who (this will require we put a skill set together)
4. Then there is the vetting process...

let me know.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the chairs are getting less, exponentially, not one by one but by the dozens every time the music stops, I already see them double stacked sitting on each other’s laps, taking turns in who gets to be on top.

Initially, in October (right after 9/11), when I started to take a closer look at things in general, >>forgive me for not doing so sooner<<, there were hardly any web sites to be
found, dealing with the exposure of the evils and the crimes of our government and the
driving forces behind it.

It seemed hopeless to find credible sources that would confirm some of my suspicions, but there were indeed a handful of critical observers that had made their voices heard for some time. Of course, there were also a view “extreme” web-sites out there, you know, those diehard “Anti Semites”, spreading lies about Jews and Zionists (a word I had to look up first). I was outraged and filed them away under category; ”Jew Haters”.

However, I did find my way in to, what back then was called; political forums, (I don’t think they called it blogs then) and started my learning process, soaked everything up that I heard and saw, cross checked all possible info, picked up and inhaled volumes of history books went through literally hundreds of virtual libraries and archives, spend many hours consulting government archives etc.

Then came the confusion, then came the sobering up and sorting out and then I was on to something.

And something was on to me, fighting me, keeping me from telling other people my findings. These forces got stronger as I got stronger and more curious and knowledgeable. And I became aware that my findings constituted a danger to our enemies, enemies not from without, but from within.

Eventually, our government invaded Afghanistan and later Iraq, I learned about the massacre in Jenin in Palestine (not too far from Gaza where I was in October of 2001 and which was the trigger for me to take a closer look at this conflict) and heard about the slaughter of Fallujah in Iraq, read about the “Patriot” –act and the severe restrictions it would rule upon our civil liberties, found out that “weapons of mass destruction” never existed in Iraq, that 9/11 was an Mossad/CIA –operation, protected by our government and the truth distorted by our mainstream media, that the Bush- election was stolen , and that trillions of Dollars were gone missing from the Pentagon and on and on….

They cannot hide all that, they just cannot hide all that, all these crimes committed right in the plain of our sight….. I was hopeful and I was convinced that after some popular citizens came forward, some courageous whistle blowers spoke out and some of the world’s renounced scientists assembled to bring scientific proof to counter the official findings of these heinous attacks against our civilization on that fateful day in September of 2009, that enough noise was made to wake up a majority of our people throughout the world.

Sadly, this is not the case.

But I am not discouraged. I am not for a simple reason. Look at the population of this place right here. This blog is being visited by hundred thousands of people. So are others.
All of which are people whom at one point must have snapped out of their misled state of mind, each at a different time at a different occasion, but triggered by a unique eye-opener.

I simply do not believe that their brainwashing is permanent. For the most part of the population, it can only be a temporary state of mind and it is my believe, that there is indeed a very particular magic word or experience that unlocks the hypnotized mind of
every average normal person. But what is it? Can’t we find the key?

I have a clue!

R. Zuercher


Astrea you've got it so right. Feeling!!! Still waters run deep. It's time we move the unshed tears to heal ourselves and ultimately humanity will follow.

Anonymous said...

R. Zuercher, you said, "the brainwashing is not permanent."

It doesn't have to be. Laws will be passed to outlaw the speaking out against everything from US/Israel/UK atricities right down to questioning the education system. There is then, no need for more brainwashing as we will be living in the next Soviet Union-styled authoritarian state. The "hate" bills currently being mulled over are exactly that. Then there is the internet "fees" being planned to basically disallow the free flow of information unles you pay for each site you visit.

Everyone is a terrorist today - except, of course, the real terrorists. They are called 'world leaders'. But the human mind can easily be plunged into darkness once again just as it was under the roman/christian empire. Then another 2-3 hundred years of illiteracy and abject poverty while the new empires consolidate and grudgingly allow another middle class (currently being destroyed) to emerge. History will repeat just as it has for millenium ad infinitum. Highly advance civilizations existed in the past. Soon, we will be one of them; a previously, highly advanced, civilization.


nina said...

I see that Amicus is already at work which is a good indication he has no reservations and just went right inside the idea. That's really how I think it needs to be approached also. Jaw boning isn't how things happen. I remain available for back up and suggestions.
Ocean, yes, hands down. Health, healing, food, communing with the Life Force, minimal clothing requirements, coconut milk, ooconut meat and coconut oil.

Anonymous said...

Kilaya here,
The quality of comments here are exceptional, just as your essays are, Les. When dismay at the state of our world and the seeming indifference that many people have to the horrors inflicted on others by our governments becomes overwhelming in my mind, I have the option of, at least, communing with like-minded people through this forum. It does help to keep me sane. Another thought that sustains my sanity is just knowing that the laws of cause and effect are infallible. There is no need to take sides, to hate or waste energy in rage at the system. Even those beings who seem all powerful will succumb to that infallible law and I would not want to trade places with them for all the power in the universe. The main point in being aware of the sorry state of our world is to be able to make the right choices individually, to use our short time here on this planet in a worthwhile manner, to learn and to love. Abandon hope and fear altogether and remain in a state of freedom and awareness. Give up attachment to phenomena, including one's own body, and the storm will not affect you. Visualize as much compassion as you are able to muster, work on it daily. The alternative is insanity.

Truthman said...

I am a songwriter myself. I understand the misgivings about Michael Jackson's reputation, but given what I know about reality, it could WELL be that he is completely innocent of ALL suspicions. This song proves his soul's worth, at least to me. As a song writer, I would give my left nut to have written it. As a listener, it always lifts my spirit to where I feel it almost needs to be. And as a human being, it brings me to hopeful tears and instantaneous bodily gyrations..

The Man In the Mirror by M. Jackson

For Once In My Life
It's Gonna Feel Real Good,
Gonna Make A Difference
Gonna Make It Right . . .

As I, Turn Up The Collar On My
Favourite Winter Coat
This Wind Is Blowin' My Mind
I See The Kids In The Street,
Without Enough To Eat
Who Am I, To Be Blind?
Pretending Not To See
Their Needs
A Summer's Disregard,
A Broken Bottle Top
And A One Man's Soul
They Follow Each Other On
The Wind Ya' Know
'Cause They Got Nowhere To Go
That's Why Now I Want You To Know

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place

Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change

I've Been A Victim Of A Selfish
Kind Of Love
It's Time That I Realize
That There Are Some With No
Home, Not A Nickel To Loan
Could It Be Really Me,
Pretending That They're Not Alone?

A Willow Deeply Scarred,
Somebody's Broken Heart
And A Washed-Out Dream
(Washed-Out Dream)
They Follow The Pattern Of
The Wind, Ya' See
Cause They Got No Place To Be
That's Why I'm Starting With Me
(Starting With Me!)

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place

Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change

I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
(Change His Ways-Ooh!)
And No Message Could've
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place

Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make That . . .


I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror,

I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
(Better Change!)
No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
(If You Wanna Make The
World A Better Place)
(Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make The Change)
(You Gotta Get It Right, While
You Got The Time)
('Cause When You Close Your Heart)
You Can't Close Your . . .Your Mind!
(Then You Close Your . . . Mind!)
That Man, That Man, That
Man, That Man
With That Man In The Mirror

m_astera said...

Amicus, nina, re community-

Methinks a good forum format would work better than a blog format. A format that would allow one to easily track their own posts, know who was responding to whom, flag others to posts or articles of interest, and nothing would get lost or confused.

The old format was the best I've seen for that. Nina knows. Nolajbs has pretty much the same set up and it works. I've just been on too many that are linear and time-sequential and they degenerate into confusion. And simple too, no need for fancy stuff.

Looking forward to it. I've given a lot of thought to the concept of communities that work and have a couple of pieces written and ready to contribute.

Les, it takes you a few hours to catch up on your email? Sheesh. It takes me a few hours to correct my typing mistakes.

And I too forgot about your request to leave a review at Amazon. Will remedy that.

Ciao Bello

Anonymous said...

Folks, puhleese don't cloy the comments with Michael Jackson shit. I know if you've watched corporate teevee the past two days the memes are spinning round in yer head. That's the poison of TV. The corporate media has supersaturated watchers of their bile with this meme 24/7 - hell, even Fox has spiked Iran and Korea and fear for this cloying pseudo Kaddash.
A friend emailed me he sent this comment to NYT
comments today:
"WHO CARES? Second rate talent, first rate creep. Hollywood publicity machine (Manichevitz?) in full force. Humping corpse for a few final bucks."
It was not used, of course. Doesn't fit the paradigm. He concluded: "As Joni Mitchell said a few years ago, the Music business is now a lot less about the Mus(e) and a lot more about the ic(k)."
Discuss Jocko over at slate!

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish entry up now

In the File Cabinet of Dirty Deeds.

oh yeah.

justoffal said...

In the book of Daniel Michael Explains to Daniel that his arrival to the prophet was hindered for three days by the "Prince of Persia".....

Puppets they are but the puppet master is far more powerful and unstoppable than we have ever imagined. In his hands are the abilities to deceive, to manipulate and to obfuscate so thoroughly that he is by virtue of such clandestine means fully in charge of the lemming herds before him with his greatest accomplishment being the denial of his existence completly.

Anonymous said...

I am consistently amazed at the people who lecture you as if you didn't already know what they were saying. Often you have even said it in the article they are responding to. There's a lot of myopia going around.


nina said...

Master A, you don't know how glad I am to see your imput.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Les,

I just finished your book...this is my feedback...I'm 49, and female...your book was the most violent, pornagraphic and descriptive book of evil that I have ever read (beyond some Stephen King books in my youth, it is the only one of its kind that I have read)...I read it out of respect for you and the message you may have wanted to convey...I am shocked to my core...but I read it all....

I wrote that not to offend but to share with you the impact on my was very brutal for my mind and spirit...

However, if your intention in writing this book is to show and demonstrate evil as you know it to exist in this world then I learned a lot from you. I have lived a sheltered life from this I say that...your book deals in life, my family has mental illness in yes, I have looked into the eyes of madness and struggled with dealing with it for a long time it flits in and out of its being family, I have not found a way to get away from it physically, so I can relate to your hero's final efforts to not go with the program so to speak...and thus to over come it.

So, as I type this, I can relate to some degrees....

I think you have opened my eyes, and that is the shock.

The message I get is....there is murder, drugs, abuses beyond description all in the name of power, thrills, evil occuring on this planet right now and in the United States...Let's not forget that bush 2nd actually mentioned the slave trade in his state of the union speech........anyway, words leave me...the horrible violence against women, children, and men...the existence of this...the truth of this, is what is shocking my spirit right now...I see the undercurrent evil in the governments and the murders of the innocents, but maybe I am out of touch with it after being bombarded with the information and images over the years or lack of details as whichever the case may be, so maybe I have lost that explicit connection with it, that your book bombards the senses with. I can relate to the sense of justice in a person though...definitely....integrity, high ideals, values, love...

I could follow the spiritual path that you also interwove in your book....yet, the graphicness of your descriptions will haunt me longer than the spiritual message...I am not sure why this is...I guess because when horror is written down, combined with an active imagination and intelligence, it imprints on the heart, soul, and mind...this is why I do not like to watch tv or see movies...I try very hard to limit the special effects going into my head.

What a read...what a book...



Eleni Muller said...

"I am so transfixed by the unbelievable spectacle of what I am seeing that I can no longer even answer my emails. I don’t know what to say to anyone. I can’t continue with my projects because there is no longer a recognizable world to produce them for. We have become a Tom and Jerry cartoon"

I find such a connection with your posts. This could be me saying these things. There's that ole' universal truth again. When you tap into it, you can immediately sense when others have as well. No, you're not going crazy. You're just seeing the the end of a chapter. We're all on the cusp of a new one. Beyond that is anyone's guess.

As for me, I feel both repulsed and fascinated. It's truly an odd combination. I'm repulsed by all the violence, murder and needles death. Yet I'm fascinated that I get to watch the transition of the old into the new. We're all seeing history currently being shaped in such a major way.

Like you, I feel something big is coming. I've seen various visions that have nothing to do over man made disasters; however, being a skeptic, I take them with a grain of salt. What I can only know is what happens now, in this given moment. I keep my eyes open and prepare for whatever may come our way. Thanks so very much.

Anonymous said...

We interupt our regular programming for the following news items. Last Friday, five more
banks failed. There has been a military coup
in Honduras, the leftist president has sought
asylum in Costa Rica. Now we return you to
regular programming of round-the-clock coverage of Michael Jackson updates...."

Anonymous said...

Sent you an email Les. You can post if it seems appropriate.

A very important message:

this is a time to stay strong, both physically and spiritually. We are coming to the climax of this story.

I am opening up spiritually. i am getting to a point when I can communicate without words. Sadly, you sometimes end up finding out things you don't want to know, but need too.

Les, not sure when you will read your email but I have several product ideas that would love to share with you. Hoping that they could be part of the income for the community.

Hope all are well.


Looking forward to that walk on the beach.

Visible said...

I'm on the radio tonight here

Visible Radio Show.

or you can download it at the link in the right menu on the main page in a couple of days.

Still alive said...

If the cartoons that pass for the "news" in America told the red white and duh flat earthers that The Flinstones were responsible for 9/11 all the fake free, phony brave, non-christian gobots would be screaming "bomb Bedrock!"

To America-don`t think for a second that your zionist jew Israeli terrorists owners are not going down without taking you with them. Because they will destroy you like they did Russia and Germany and Palestine and every other land that eternal evil have hijacked and poisoned from the inside out and you will be no different.

Perhaps then Americans will finally wake up and get a clue? Yeah right.

There is a whole world out there that has had it with your "democracy"-i.e international terrorism, genocide and warmongering-and everything is slowly coming full circle.

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself. We are not terrorists.

Visible said...

Not all of you... but some of you? Oh yes you are... just as the post describes.

Gabe said...

We've got One that Can See....., aprox 6'3" wearing sunglasses...., Momma don't like Tattle tails ....

But Seriously...., it's nice to know some people are aware even to any level approaching acknowledgment of what I've been aware of...., I hope there's a lot more of us than it seems who are aware of This Ultimate truth..

so Sad..., the way in which so many are blind & asleep...., several comments I have seen sound about right..., living in a world surrounded by various breeds of Demons & the many people who serve them..., while most remain totally ignorant ...., even amongst the groups of partially awake..., Rarely do I find many aware or courageous enough to Call a Demon a Demon....., Far too many..., to paraphrase..., Who Having eyes See not & having ears Hear not..., neither do they understand...

"Matthew 13:10 And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 11He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. 12For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. 13Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand."

"Blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them."

I started really Researching & seeking the Truth, back in about 1995, Actually one of the things that first got me thinking was the movie They Live & I remember watching that movie & suddenly feeling like the World was beginning to make more sense..,

used to listen to Rage against the machine & sorta got these Lyrics Stuck in my Head ....,
"If Ignorance is Bliss then Knock the Smile off my Face"

Well I've Certainly knocked the smile off my face....., or rather the knowledge of the events of this world & the blindness of the masses have done so...

it is Saddening...., how can so many be ignorant or complacent...,
I would imagine it's kind of a lonely place for any of us awake enough to know about all this shit, while living in the land of the blind, Seriously a Screwed up time we're living in...,

I sure hope there's a lot more good people AWAKE or Waking Up Very Soon.... & I mean to the Real Full Extent..., like the elephant in the room, or should I say 50 ft demon....



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