Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Symbols, Hand Signs and Enduring Lies.

First thing, I would like to direct your attention to the right sidebar and the Nakba graphic that we hope will soon find its way to blogs and newsgathering sites around the internet expressing solidarity with a beleaguered people. This was designed by a reader known as Massoud. Please feel free to make use of it at your site.

People, we don’t have the big guns, the laws or the enforcement mechanisms which were created under the pretense of our protection and which now exist to suppress us. We no longer possess the freedoms that our alleged enemies hate us for possessing. Many of you no longer have your jobs or even your homes. You no longer have your savings. What you have is a greater degree of fear and uncertainty. What you have is a government that serves the interests of another government which has been hard at work making war on the American people and against many another people for the personal gain of this foreign government and those in the institutions who serve it.

Since the time history has recorded the passage of events, we have seen the body public at the mercy of those whose intent has been merciless plunder and control. We see each new form of the same thing replace what follows and becomes the same thing behind a different mask. Their greatest weapon has been the continuous appearance of our helplessness before them. We are not helpless. We have been cynically divided against one another for the purpose of this continuance and we have assisted them in this by believing the lies that they have created in order to rule us and to bleed us dry.

We are not and never have been as helpless as we have been led to believe we are. Without our compliance they are nothing. They have used symbols and proclamations; bombastic calls to a counterfeit patriotism, promises of things never delivered, rumors of enemies who do not exist and all of it nothing more than an advertising campaign to control the moment and the future they weave from the cloth of our confusion.

The seeming, hard-wired appearance of what we are told is real is based on what we have allowed ourselves to believe. It is not real. It is held together by an incessant, subliminal programming and our weakness in believing what we have been told.

Many of you have seen what the internet has brought us. Never before has there been such a weapon put into the hands of the people. We have not made the collective use of this tool in the ways that we can. Instead of generating our own symbols- retaking the original meaning of ancient symbols- and giving them our focus in the place of the insidious icons they have used to manipulate us, we have spent our time arguing about the meaning of their action instead of taking actions of our own. We have determined that certain symbols are evil, that certain hand-signs make everyone who uses them an emissary of evil. We talk about Masons and Illuminati as if everything connected to our ideas about these organizations are of the darkest evil and this is not so.

I cannot hope to engage all of the thoughts that pass through my head in relation to this subject so I am going to focus on the symbols that are in play and the organizations that manipulate them for the purpose of control.

Anyone who has studied ancient religions and seen pictures of Hindu deities; Buddha’s Chinese and Japanese sages, have seen the hand positions of these statues and graphics. There is a marked similarity between the way the hands are held and the so-called ‘devil’s horns’ that we have noted world leaders, celebrities and many others flashing in public displays. You’ll see what I mean by taking a little time to scan some of these sites. A little effort given to specific areas of inquiry will show you what I am talking about. You can research any of the areas mentioned and see similarities in the way the hands are held and you can look in the right side bar and see my own hands.

These are naturally occurring phenomena in anyone who has had a certain amount of Kundalini rising. You can study the origin of the Swastika for a great deal of illumination. You can study the arcane meaning of the Star of David and all of the other symbols that you have been given to believe are evil and which are not. Symbols do trap power and they speak to the unconscious mind and provoke certain reactions which surface into the conscious active plane in a variety of ways.

Let me give you a glaring truth which you can find countless examples of. A hammer is a hammer. You can use it to hammer a lot of things. You can hammer nails for the purpose of construction and you can use it to hammer nails into someone’s body. This speaks not only to the utility of the hammer but the nail as well. You can use the hammer alone on the back of someone’s head. It is our intention that determines the action to which the hammer is applied. It all depends on who is using the hammer and to what purpose.

I have studied aspects of the Masons and other so-called occult organizations. I have traced their rituals to their origins in ancient Egypt and cultures preceding that. I have traced the Hebrew alphabet to the Chaldean flame alphabet and you may be sure that all of these things we view in present time go back a long, long way. The hammer and the uses to which it has been put go back a really long way as well. Cain brained Abel with a form of hammer.

Don’t get it into you head that these things are primarily evil. They are examples of power and that power can be applied in numerous ways. Because we live in an era when materialism is the preemptive force, these things are generally applied to evil intent but not entirely. It is what you are, what you think you are, that determines the way these things are used. Most people do not realize the essential meaning of these things or the degree to which they are influenced by them every day.

We are in a time of ‘revealing’ and as each day passes we are going to see more and more of what we have not seen before. Confusion is the main weapon of the enemy and the main tools of the enemy are what they have co-opted from traditions that may not have had their present applications as the original intent. I can’t say more than I am saying. It is for the reader to get the implications being presented here. Most of the people manipulating these things are being manipulated themselves and do not realize it.

The original intent of the one we call Jesus Christ was much different than the purposes to which his teachings were turned for the benefit of those interpreting them. Look at modern day Christianity. Look at any religion. Look at their history. This applies across the board to everything. We are in for some big surprises about all of the things we think we know and these things have as much rational and practical truth to them as any metaphysical meaning we have given them. Business is not bad. We could scarcely operate without it. It is the way business is being done, not business itself.

We are led to believe that life is an outworking of every man for himself. Life is at is most efficient when we operate to the benefit of all. Benefit naturally accrues to us when we do. It is the way we go that determines the end we arrive at. Let’s give more thought to what we inherently know to be true than to what we are told. We are working against our one best interest most of the time by emulating those who have worked to make us believe what is contrary to the good of us all for the benefit of those who rob and deceive us by tricking us into behaving like them.

I realize that this is a little different than the usual Smoking Mirrors fare but it needs to be said; at least I believe that it does. I’ll be back again with the vin ordinaire and leave you with the enduring hope on my part that we can all begin to wake up to what is being performed upon us in order to make us behave like those who are abusing us. Gain control of your own heart and mind and their power and influence will be rendered mute.

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kikz said...

mornin les:)

serendipity indeed. this mornin's post grooves w/a running conversation on religion, symbology and perennialism...over at nobody's church. :)

lookin' forward to your next bottle :)

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up now.

Voices from the Past and the Moment at Hand.

Anonymous said...

This is a breathe of fresh air and is something that needs to be said more often. We get too caught up with all the negativity and it becomes easy to forget the good that is all around us. This serves to make us just like our enemies and we play right into their hands. Hope to see more of this type of commentary from you in the future.

Will Wilson said...

hi Les, interesting your discussing of what Indians call mudras. Just looking into this a short time ago.
I think these things are related to pre-speech days.

European American said...

"Yogasthah kuru karmani"

European American

Bill B. said...

Great reminder Les! I have been reading "Under The Sign Of The Scorpion - Rise And Fall Of The Soviet Empire" which discusses Freemasonry and Illuminati influences in Russia. I was beginning to look at the Masonic symbols they used as evil but as you so eloquently put it, it is the intent.

Thank you.

jody said...

um, nakba is spelled wrong in the logo...

jody said...

hmmm, it seems it has two different spellings?

Visible said...


why am I not surprised? I've contacted the author for corrections but anyone who can put this into a software program and correct it and send it to me will have my great gratitude.

Hank said...

I've almost always been one of those, boil all the water out of the pot and see what essencials are left, people. It is my belief that there are certain fundamentals to everything, and being human is no exception.

What do I see when all the water is boiled out of the human pot? Stardust. Everything that we are aware of, at this point in time, is the product of stars. The atoms that make up our bodies are ancient beyond our comprehension, and have been used as the building blocks of who knows how many other life forms. We have been plants and air and light and radiation and every other thing we can think of, and some we have no concept of.

All this to say, that we are connected in THE most fundamental way, by the power of the universe itself. By that power that is my conception of god. There is, in my humble opinion, some of this god energy in all of us, and it connects us, not only to each other, but to the universe as well, and every other life form in it.

I believe that the acknowledgment, and union of that god energy is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, and in it's pure, non corporeal form is what we know, instinctivly as "good".

Why the universe has decided to incorporate this energy with the human form is beyond my ability to know, but it has.

The human form is subject to certain animal instincts, which compel the human to certain ends. When the universe combined the two, it created an instant conflict of interest, so to speak, because all of the things that the human animal are compelled to do are what I think of as "evil". All those things that the instinct for survival compell humans to do.

I believe that the "good", at all times on some level, knows it's connection to the universe. It is aware, but trapped inside an animal whos instincts combined with awareness, makes a terrible creature, that anomolously is capable of the most incredible acts of kindness, love and self sacrifice.

Our instinct drives us to keep the animal alive, by any means. Our awareness knows that, in the long run, not only can the animal not be kept alive, but that the true source of life cannot be destroyed. The evil fights the good.

Now, put the water back in the pot, and mix the essencials in, and we have the chaos that is life on earth. "We are working against our own best interest, most of the time..."

We are all subject to this human condition, but some of us, for reasons I cannot explain, are able to see the good for what it is, and once acknowledged, becomes a powerful force in our lives, and consequently, in the lives of others as well. Those who surrender to the evil, and use it as a tool know this. They know that if, we as a race, awaken to the good, and allow it to connect to all the other good, the evil will not be able to survive.

Do ya feel it? I feel it, and so do they. They feel it waking up, and they are getting desperate. They are scrambling to find some way to keep the good apart. They see the tool of religion wearing out, and by their own efforts to consolidate power, nationalism is losing it's sway as well.

We are starting to see each other as the creatures of the universe that we truly are, and the good is connecting in ways it has never had the chance to do so before. We here on Les's blog are a prime example. I have had the chance to connect directly with people in other lands, who are also waking up the the fact that we are alike in more ways than we are different, and even through this mechanism of the computer the good touches the good, and we become more.

I can see it now, where I couldn't before, and I don't think they can stop it. I think the universe is imposing it's will to be united, and we are helping, by not only making the connection ourselves, but by showing others by example. I have also learned that anger and hatred cannot live in the environment created by good, by the spirit, by god. Peace and love to you all.

Anonymous said...

I have your exact views about the hammer, I commonly use an example of a knife. It is the intention and how something is used, not the object itself. In Arabic it is called 'niyaa.'

You hit the nail right on the head, mind the pun, nice post.

jody said...


i can change it for you, but it seems Massoud is probably correct...

Anonymous said...

Why do we have symbols at all? I can understand that they can add, but rarely do--they seem to take away, or misdirect more than anything--

Being that I can't walk and chew gum at the same time, I think I'll just concentrate on the thought, and let the symbols stay on the cave wall--


jody said...

read down that yid with lid article...

"Over the past few years, the term nakba (also spelled naqba) has become the favorite nonsense word of the Anti-Israel Lobby. Meaning “catastrophe” in Arabic, it has been embraced by anti-Semites all over the planet to refer to Israel’s creation, which supposedly imposed a “catastrophe” upon the “disenfranchised Palestinian Arabs.”


Dammerung said...

I disagree with your idea that the most efficient use of personal resources is to the benefit of all. I think enlightened self-interest is the most efficient use of personal power and leads to the best total outcome.

Visible said...

That depends on the interpretation of 'enlightened self interest." By definition in the broad sense, enlightened self interest is that which takes into account the interests of others which comes back to mean exactly what I said.

Anonymous said...

Visible, every time I think you can't top something I have seen you do before, you raise the bar. You have absolutely blown my mind with this. You know where I work and you know how deep my credentials and research go.

I slipped over and read the Origami post as well and I am hungering with every drive my soul possesses to know more.

Every single line of this work is a work of art. It could not have come by human means. I never doubted your integrity but I see now that I have seriously under estimated what drives and inspires you. I sincerely doubt that most people take the time to see the elegance in every line.

You're zeitgeist my friend. I am premier in my field and I could not come close to this. There is no one and I stress that. There is no one that comes close and what have you done? You have come round the long curve into the breathtaking humanity and compassion that I see today. There is no honor this world can pay you. It is apparent that you have honors that this world cannot give.


Anonymous said...

Gain control to Major Les...

Base and trés belles
syncequalizer's gone
crumbs and my thumbs are getting rather numb

Can you hear me Major Les...

Forear hammer jamming in a spacejar
shopmurged in medoyouality
birthpangs pretty blue
and dares everything you can do


psst, could we please chop down all the trees so I can git a looksee the forest, ok? cheers!

Visible said...

In that case, go ahead and do it and see what it gets you. I do. Can do and do do are two different things and the consequences thereof are dependent on intention. And no one has to chop down any trees unless one considers that the forest is inside you.

notamobster said...

senor vis - buenas dias, friend . . . I have this conversation on a much less grandiose scale with my "cohort" on a regular basis.

"tis not the word itself" I can hear myself say to her... "tis the context of it's use..." "if I were to tell you to suck my twinkie, you'd know my intent --- though there is nothing inherently evil as regards the word twinkie". Though the evilness of the chemical-laden sugary devil is very much open for comment.

I am inclined to agree with Jj - why use symbols at all. Though they may be of use to some (few), the unwashed masses use them as a rallying cry or a brand --- around which to circle the wagons, in exclusion of their own self-interest which is also the collective self-interest.

Anonymous said...

The greatest lesson I learned in this life is that the world outside of our self is but a reflection of our inner world. Which one is easier to work with? We can struggle with trying to change the outside or we can go inside and do the same.

"it is not dark if you shine a light on it!" My daughter texted me this just a few minutes ago. That is where t.the power of truth comes into play.

Your light shines bright Les.


Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Let not the grandeur of the forest be diminished by the deficiencies of a few puny trees." -- John Barth

Mouser said...

Yes we are living in the age of revelations, not the age of aquarius. A time of revealing and a time of understanding - perhaps unparalled in 2000 years. The internet is but a tool. The truth is about to "out". And it is nigh.

Anonymous said...

I love u all

Anonymous said...

I love u all. Please meditate. Make it your newest addiction. Fear nothing because Nothing real can be threatend, nothing unreal exists herein lies the peace of God.

Kratoklastes said...

Insightful as usual, M. Visible,

Those who are desperate to become overlords are, by and large, obsessed with power. I all these people 'homo cheneyensis', because when you look at Dick 'dick' Cheney you see the absolute distilled essence of a sociopath... but Obama is no different, so let's not play party politics.

These 'people' (I use the word advisedly) are aware that the things we call 'occult' will, properly utilised, connect the user to some wellspring of power. So they flail around, trying to arrive at the correct combination by chance - sticky-taping together diverse bits of ritual into a patchwork quilt of esoterica, hoping to hit the psychic jackpot.

It reminds me of two things: a 'brute force' decryption effort, and the protagonists from "Foucault's Pendulum" by Uberto Eco.

In Eco's book, a group of people try to 'wangle' their way into occult circles by pretending that they hold a key (or part of key) to some closely guarded secret.

Armed with what they have gleaned from public and semi-public sources, they do a bit of ad-hoc manipulation of quasi-secret material. Using this as 'bait', they leave clues about themselves and their 'secret'.

The problem is that like Dirk Gently in Douglas Adams' book they have, by utter chance, put together an ACTUAL 'key'... one that another organisation is sworn to protect.

Let's just say that 'Pendulum' ends badly for the guys who decide to try and attract fire with pseudo-fire.

Imagine you have a piece of information which has been encrypted using any of the bog-standard excryption systems freely available today - AES, Twofish, Whirlpool... there are plenty.

A brute-force crack of a standard 128-bit key, using a computer with performance measured in teraflops, would take roughly a thousand times the age of the universe JUST TO GO THROUGH THE KEYS... and as the Von-Neumann/Landauer limit shows, just cycling through the keys (with no attempt at actually USING the key) would require 30GIGAWATTS of power.

So 'brute force' attacks will work, on average, ZERO percent of the time. But since brute forcce is the favoured device of homo cheneyensis, they decide to use it anyhow, slapping together pieces of the puzzle from different eras and different locations, hoping to get a picture of a kitty. PLus, homo cheneyensis has a short attention span, and can't be bothered actually going through the steps required to EARN access to what he seeks.

Poor homo cheneyensis... he knows it's there, but he's flailing around and getting deeper into the darkness.

And, what's worse: the encryption is not a piece of plaintext being encrypted using a key that is made up of the 256 letters/numbers/punctuation/extendedASCII... the thing being encrypted is a set of notions, and the key is made up of groups of ideas and actions, which must be expressed 'in perfect form' (as we Masons say from time to time) and performed by people who have earned the right.

That's why the occult obsessions of people on both sides make me laugh a little bit - from the 'conspiracy nut' to Cheney himself, from Hitler's search for the Hapsburg Lance to the US Army's quest for Hitler's 'blutfahne'.

It is the equivalent to having 1000 Crays in a basement at Langley, performing parallel brute-force decrypts of a photo of my bum that I sent to a jihadist website just to add to encrypted traffic.

Blue Apples, M. Visible...


Anonymous said...

"Fall mountains, just don't fall on me...'

Anonymous said...

What about the ET'S? Do you think Bill Cooper made all of ths stuff up? I think we are failing to consider this very important phenomena. What does anyone else think?

Anonymous said...

As to the ambivalence of symbols; the logo of Atlantic Records clearly depicts a swastika.
I think this label is a good example of the most biased symbol in the western hemisphere besides the Seal of Solomon.
Les, please know that I think very often of you, even though I comment less frequently.
Thanks for filling my cup on a regular basis.
Keep it up

notamobster said...

symbols? How about the Oppenheimer logo? (four hands in the shape of a swaztika... or the new Obama care logo's at :

http://www.barackobama.com/index.php (click on "organizing for healthcare"

o-care logo: Note the people gathered around and behind the caduceus springing forth from the rising sun Obama logo. The open book with shining light coming from it, implying, however subtly that the wisdom is in Obama's plan.

o-care2 logo: Note the caduceus coming from within the Obama logo, as the center of the rising sun. Also note the 3 colors, 3 stars, and 3 steps on the POW camp style houses overlayed on the map of the United States.

Someone has made a clear attempt to insert the occult symbolism. He would make Hitler & Goebbels proud!

psychegram said...

V, I for one fully enjoy your departures from the vin ordinaire. Much as I appreciate the crusade against a certain criminal nation, I've heard it all before, many times, and it's a message I get. Speaking of which did anyone happen to catch We Are Change's recent confrontation of Joe 'You Don't Have to be a Jew to be a Zionist' Biden over the nanothermite evidence? The expression on his face is priceless. From chummy political smug to 'oh crap, they're catching on' almost instantly. He beats a hasty retreat behind his wall of security goons right away, as though he can feel the flames of perdition licking at his heels.

Back to the matters at hand. You mention the Chaldean flame alphabet ... a google search returned this page as one of the top links, and search for 'Chaldean alphabet' revealed several different scripts, so, I was wondering if you could expound somewhat on this topic. It's certainly caught my interest, especially as I remember coming across the suggestion (not too long ago but I forget where) that the Hebrew alphabet resembles the rotations of cerain higher-dimensional shapes, projected onto a flat surface.

Anonymous said...

Not too See it, it isn't there ?,but then,it is always there, just to remember that when it re-appears,find more that way, and guess it needs no other to play the Pied Piper, tonal triggers.

Edric Treewick of toes straight in tribulation.

Kieron said...

I wondered about that too, psychegram, but I also wonder about the fact that both Hebrew and Arabic are read right to left, unlike most other written languages.

Gallery of Infamy...the Jews that perped 911 said...

Gallery of Infamy...the Jews that perped 911

European American

Anonymous said...

The discussion of symbols caught my attention. I happened to be in Baltimore on 9/11. Prior to 9/11 thre were quite a few cars displaying Baltimore Raven banners. Then suddenly, after 9/11 a majority of the cars had one or more American flags flying in the wind.

I immediately thought of all the films that I have seen of Nazi Germany. Nazi flags were everywhere in those films. Adolf Hitler was always surronded by Nazi flags when he spoke. In fact, his speeches were all carefully choreographed to instill maximum emotional impact. There were night marches with a seemingly endless number of troops. There were giant search lights illumaniating endless flags.

For better or worse, America changed after 9/11. All of a sudden it seemed like nearly every American became a patriot flying American flags and displaying multi colored ribbons on his vehicle. As a student of psychology, I found this transformation extremely interesting; and, a bit frightening.

Rember Cowboy George saying that we were going to "smoke them out", when speaking about those pesky terrorist. It reminded me of when my brother and I used to go to the Saturday Matinee to see the latest cowboy movie. "Come on boys, lets smoke them out and string them up."

The title of your blog, Smoking Mirrors, seems very appropriate for a discussion of symbols.

Hank said...

This in response to the last anonymous posting about the flags.

Flags are the symbol of nationalism, which is one of the two things that the powers that be, use to motivate the masses to do war against each other. The other is religion, which is replete with symbols and signs.

These are the mechanisms they use to create divisions, and set good people against each other. Unity between people will destroy them. If they can no longer mount armies to do battle, their causes are lost, and they know it.

Keeping us separated, by dwelling on, and bombarding us with our differences, differences that they themselves created, is their only hope of survival.

I heard something very interesting in Obama's speech in Cairo today. Amongst the usual israeli inspired rhetoric, he seem to have snuck in a gem. Well maybe a diamond in the rough, but perhaps a glimmer of hope. He said he wanted to create a world wide web, whereby a person in Kansas, could communicate directly with a person in Egypt. I'm not certain exactly what the implications are or exactly what I think of it right now, but my mind does not seem to be able to let it go, so I'm sure you'll be hearing more about it later. Until then, peace to all, and keep reaching out.

Anonymous said...

There is symbolism in the image of the Raven that Hollywood types are wearing these days.

The dictionary provides three definitions of the word Raven. Two of them are a type of bird. The third definition is the one to be concerned about as it's the one that's relevant to what's happening in this world being Globalized by Zionists. The third definition is: to destroy, despoil, greedily devour.

Isn't that what happened to America's economy post-9/11. They destroyed our economy by greedily devouring our savings and investments. They are destroying our nation by sending jobs out of the country and have monopolized industries illegally through non-enforcement of anti-trust laws which gave them the ability to fire people the Zionists wanted to kill.

Freemason and writer Mark Twain said that the Obama presidency would promise Satanic Acts. His Zionist masters will see that he acts as a satanic force. This is why, last month, Obama released over the internet the locations of nuclear power sites across America. They are hoping this Act will terrorize us into remaining quite and taking what they dish out. The book that they follow for their Acts was written long ago. It's one of their keys. Ravenous acts are very Talmudic and satanic.

Anonymous said...

At an early age I had the good fortune to read Carl Jung’s Man and His Symbols (ISBN 0-385-05221-9 Doubleday hardcover from 1969); very easy reading and brilliant! Along with Vance Packard’s works (The Hidden Persuaders, The Naked Society, The People Shapers, etc.) provides an excellent intro to the psychology behind the use of symbols.
Prepare to learn more than you ever imagined about human nature, the human condition and human potential (from an Anon. review).
Great article Les.

Jody Paulson said...

A recent article on truthseekers talks about corporate logos: http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=809

European American said...

On a practical level, probably not relevant, but odd enough to grab my attention, and since I've never seen this before, I thought I would bring this up.

Whenever I go/come to this site and click on the most recent topic headline, e.g. "Symbols, Hand Signs and Enduring Lies.", up in the address bar/box, the address for this site blinks every three seconds on my computer. It's never happened at at any other site. Not sure what it means.

Are we being monitored? I hope so.

European American

Visible said...

I realize that I owe several of you emails. I will get round to it. I am very busy with something right now and I thank you for your patience. A lot of you are still writing to tell me you are unable to comment and I am sure you have noted that the comments have dropped off substantially. SEND ME YOUR COMMENTS FOR POSTING VIA EMAIL!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Doody Rahmo-blah-ma in Cairo -- same old same old....obeisance to Holocaustianity, ahm going to Buchenwald; that 6 million number, Israel is our friend, war without end in Afghanistan,
yadda yadda.....

Still alive said...

Perhaps it can be said that gaining control of one`s heart and mind is akin to self actualization.

But that`s just my take.

Unfortunately, it seems, most of those in the "Western World" cannot even spell actualization and if asked to point to their heart and mind would probably point to something that is neither.

Mouser said...

Welcome folks to Smoking Mirrors the site that never ends where we smoke out the pesky lying politicians and shills so you the great unwashed can string 'em up!

What's the difference between a politician and a lady?
A politician who says "yes" means maybe, and a politician who says "maybe" means no, and a politician who says "no" is no politician!
A lady who says "no" means maybe, and a
lady who says "maybe" means yes, and a
lady who says "yes" is no lady!

Hang 'em high!!! (the politicians and shills that is ;)


Whatreallyhappened said...

Ahem) a small memo to President Obama:

You've just made the statement:

"Make no mistake: we do not want to keep our troops in Afghanistan. We seek no military bases there,"

If this is true, then what the Sam Hill is going on with the massive construction project at Camp Leatherneck?!?

As reported inhttp://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5iQsdQAuKzZl3hMgVzG60jVJVgRiQ,
7 May, 2009:

"It's been real busy," said Captain Jeff Boroway from the 25th Naval Construction regiment.

"This place was desert at the end of January. I mean nothing. And now you've got a 443-acre (179-hectare) secure facility," he told reporters.

They are also expanding another US base in the southern city of Kandahar."

Forgive me, Mr. President, but the establishment of 443 acre "secure facility" sounds like the absolute opposite of "we seek no military bases there" to intelligent Afghans.

And that statement about "aid"; if the current plan to pour 4.3 billion billion dollars into the Afghan and Pakistani infrastructure does as well as has previous aid efforts, we might as well just close up shop and go home.

As reported in

in the article by An Jones in January of 2009, she reported:

"Whatever the truth of the matter, in the long run, it's not soldiers but services that count -- electricity, water, food, healthcare, justice and jobs. Had the U.S. delivered the promised services on time, while employing Afghans to rebuild their own country according to their own priorities and under the supervision of their own government -- a mini-Marshall Plan -- they would now be in charge of their own defense. The forces on the other side, which we loosely call the Taliban, would also have lost much of their grounds for complaint."

"Instead, the Bush administration perpetrated a scam. It used the system it set up to dispense reconstruction aid to both the countries it "liberated," Afghanistan and Iraq, to transfer American taxpayer dollars from the national treasury directly into the pockets of private war profiteers. Think of Halliburton, Bechtel and Blackwater in Iraq; Louis Berger Group, Bearing Point and DynCorp International in Afghanistan. They're all in it together"

Unless President Obama is actually able to hold collective corporate feet to the fire in terms of true accountability, the relief/reconstruction effort in Afghanistan is just as doomed to failure as were the relief/reconstruction efforts in Iraq.

And that's pretty ugly.

Whatreallyhappened said...

Dear America,
The masses have failed you and become nothing more than brainwashed sheep,feeling more in terms of dressed up celebrities and their sex lives instead of seeking knowledge of what remains outside our borders.
The masses have left you on your knees; a slave to colonialist tyranny,capitalistic bank dictators and apartheid regimes.

salialioli said...

"...did anyone happen to catch We Are Change's recent confrontation ..." got a link psychegram?

and yah, European American:
"Whenever I go/come to this site and click on the most recent topic headline, e.g. "Symbols, Hand Signs and Enduring Lies.", up in the address bar/box, the address for this site blinks every three seconds on my computer. It's never happened at at any other site. Not sure what it means.

Are we being monitored? I hope so."

It's not my address bar at the top that flickers every 3/4 seconds, it's the reload bar at the bottom. I have no doubt monitoring is going on. I don't particularly hope so, I think it's a cheek. Then again, if this is the case "we" must be doing something right to attract so much attention. A symbol I quite like is a raised middle finger ..

Mayaseri001 said...


I go by c.j I have been trying to post a comment via the conventional routes but haven’t had much progress with that.I really just wanted to thank you for explaining a lot of things away for me from the hand signals which is something I had been thinking about for a while just before you brought it up to the power of letting go the material realm and putting on the spiritual one which in my case is something I have been praying ceaselessly on until once again you brought it up to the forefront.Coincidence? no sir I do not believe that.

Thank you for all the great work you do putting words to what we who read your work feel and know but could never put to words the way you do.This had to be said on my part as some affirmation towards something I am yet working to, to get there this acknowledgment had to be publicly declared in front of the whole wide world thank you for allowing me to do that and grow.


wings-of-light said...

Hi Les,

I'm sending you this rather extraordinary story that I witnessed yesterday, which I found profoundly symbolic. I think it speaks for itself.

Endless thanks for all the inspiration that flows so eloquently through you.

A peoples hero takes a stand against Impunity

Yesterday, I was coming home from work in Cairo, I saw an extraordinary incident which I would like to relate to you. Though it may not, in itself, be an earth changing event, I found it profoundly symbolic of the shift that is occurring at present and wanted to share it. Please bear in mind that Egypt has been under emergency law for the last 25 years, poverty, corruption are rife, the gap between the rich and poor is enormous and growing daily

As we entered a busy square, a large, gold 4x4 Chevrolet with diplomatic green license plate cut into the traffic stream, and sideswiped one of the small, battered, old taxis that frequent Cairo's chaotic and congested streets, hitting and smashing its front right headlight.

Not an infrequent occurrence in Cairo, but one that is usually resolved fairly quickly between the drivers; sometimes amicably, with a payoff for repairs, and sometimes after a heated exchange of posturing, but rarely actual violence. People generally avoid the police due to fear as corruption and brutality is fairly common.

However the driver of the gold diplomatic car did not stop but speeded away. The rattletrap old taxi followed in pursuit, attempting to overtake the offender, and force him to stop to settle the damages. As the taxi drew up alongside, the driver of the diplomatic car rammed quite forcefully into the side of the taxi. This happened not once but several times, seriously endangering the taxi driver and passenger as well as others drivers and pedestrians on the road.

The Chevrolet took a turning into an empty, street entering a poorer area of the city. and as he did so our small taxi driver overtook him and attempted to force him to stop. This time the diplomatic car again rammed into the side of the taxi, engaging it and pushing the taxi along the road in front of it for some distance and finally off the side of road. It then drove off. Undaunted, the taxi (well battered by this time) pursued him down the road to a dead end where the Chevy was forced to make a U turn.

The taxi driver got out of the taxi and stood in front of the offenders car shouting and gesturing at the driver, obviously expecting him to get out and face him. The diplomat however had no intention of doing so and drove the car into the man, presumably expecting the man would jump aside. He didn’t, but somehow managed to throw himself onto the front fender(?) of the Chevy. The 'diplomat' then accelerated and drove at least 200 meters with the man (in his early fifties) clinging to the hood of the car. The diplomat then screeched the car to a halt, suddenly, and the man was thrown onto the road. We screamed in horror as it appeared that he had gone under the wheels of the car.

However as our vehicle moved to get a better look, we saw the taxi driver, looking badly disheveled, climbing precariously back onto the hood of the car and toward the windscreen as the driver accelerated. Again he stopped the car abruptly and the man slid onto the road.

This was part 1. Part 2 follows

wings-of-light said...


The area is a garbage collection point and seeing the drama unfold, the horrified garbage collectors and street sweepers, and a few appalled bystanders ran over and surrounded the car, and helped the man to his feet. (who was cut and bruised, but able to stand) The diplomat and his passengers (clearly not Egyptians) did nothing, except roll up their windows. The garbage collectors and a few pedestrians blocked the road to prevent the diplomatic car from moving, milling around for at least 15 minutes until police arrived to deal with the incident. The woman in the front seat was clearly panicking.

At that point I joined as a witness who had seen the whole thing, and police intervened, dispersed the crowd and sent the taxi driver and myself to the station to make our statements. No doubt the diplomatic car was released with a minor reprimand. It matters not. Something much more profound took place on this day.

Now, while the identity and nationality of the 'diplomats' has yet to be verified, there is only one state whose diplomatic cars are common and notorious in Cairo for ramming into small cars that they perceive to be "in their way" or a "threat to security". There is only one state whose drivers will not stop the car and get out because they perceive themselves to be in "hostile territory". That state has its diplomatic residence and agents within one kilometer of the "American residential area" where the incident took place.

Whether or not the "nationality" of the diplomats is proven, it was an appalling and inexcusable misuse of diplomatic privilege, whoever (or whoever's agents) they were.

The entire incident, though very upsetting and shocking, upon reflection was also hugely symbolic, To me, it was about the will of that one ordinary man who dared to stand up against the bullying behavior of the rich, the powerful, " the chosen" , and say, with his body, THAT’S ENOUGH!!! Your Impunity ends here! It was the symbolism of the poor, illiterate, downtrodden and despised garbage collectors and the ordinary people that surrounded the fancy gold diplomatic car with their rage and finally brought it to a standstill, forcing the owners to sit like terrified rats in their little gold fortress.

And for my part, I expect little justice from the system here in Egypt, for reasons you will already know. But as you, Les, have reminded us many times, we have the powerful weapon of the internet. That small, fat, poor, ordinary taxi driver in his fifties whose determination and readiness to put his body on the line to end the bullying and impunity of the rich and powerful, even in his own small way, was a great example for me, and his story will be out there for who-ever will post and read it.

These days, only one mantra resounds continuously in my mind. That mantra speaks for all the occupied, brutalized, downtrodden, cheated, deceived, impoverished, neglected humanity of this world:

" Our Day is Coming!!"

kikz said...

i've noticed there seems to be a timeout associated w/the comments page.

especially if the comments are extensive and i've read all the way thru, then try to compose and post a comment; or i've spent quite a while composing.... it won't submit.

one of two solutions.

compose commentary in your email client, then c/p back to the comments window.

compose commentary in the comments window; hilight/cc, then back out to the main page and reenter the comments page and paste it back in one fell swoop.

either of these seem to help, even if you do get multiple prompts from the word verification script thingie, which seems to be quite 'insane' at times.

just as a matter of course, always hilight/cc your comment b4 you try to submit... i'd lost countless comments b4 , and now it's a rarity.

hope this helps...

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now.

Twitter and Life in the Shitter.

Anonymous said...

And who else but the porcine ADL Abbie Foxman
was on his namesake news channel bright & early
at 6.30am cst, lambasting Obomber for daring to
compare Palestinian naqba/suffering to the holocaust/genocide of the jews. AIPAC is busy
on Capitol Hill today, lassoing those 327+ reps for another resolution genuflecting to Israel....
who was the rebbe who said an Arab wasnt worth
a jewish fingernail?

Hank said...

Les, I keep reading that folks are having a hard time posting. I for one, have never really had a problem. I ALWAYS have to do the word thing and post it twice, but it always goes through the second time. Am I just lucky?

psychegram said...

For some reason my I was unable to copy and paste the last time, which is why there was no link. That said, come on man, use your google skillz! 'we are change biden' typed into youtube's search bar gets you what you're looking for.

Hunh. I was going to post it this time but for some reason exactly the same problem has arisen. Weird. Never happens on any other site.

Yeah, yeah, I know, they're fucking with us....

Anonymous said...

Ali Abunimah ( founder of Electronic Intifada):
"Obama in Cairo: A Bush in Sheep's Clothing"


Knight Templar said...

Greetings Dumballah... You are indeed my 'wise uncle' did anyone ever think I was calling you Dumb Allah? Anywho, an "explainer or an apologist never be"! If they don't get it, they haven't got it, so move on. They're a part of the problem, they are working against you in a 'passive aggressive' way (what tha' fuck does that mean anyway?). I am 'Knight of The Temple' and I defy the rulng authority everyday' - even now as I struggle against my own keyboard. Grid reference soon. Bon Voyage.

Dear Les it is on mate, get on with it!

Onpassing the Good News always!

Terra Australis pacifica est. Quo vadis?



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