Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Conscience of a Crocodile, the Morals of a Pig.

Oh the coconut telegraph sounds like ten thousand Taiko drums at a Guinness world record event. We haven’t seen this since the build up to the Iraq War and the intel is more of the same. We’ve got a dead philosophy student- no doubt shot dead by the guys in Arab suits from Basra- and she’s making Rachel Corrie look like an extra in the Paris Hilton sex video; lets have another close up of the blood on the sidewalk. We’ll be tweeting in color all day long and Brit Hume is going to tell you in between dry martinis what nasty thugs those Iranians are. Lawyers are jumping out of toilet bowls around the world to sue for the psychological damage of all those guns fired into the air to scare the protestors off of the streets in Tehran.

Bennie Netanyahoo is going berserk about the carnage in Iran with nary a mention of 1500 ruthlessly murdered Palestinians. Has there ever been an international hypocrisy so clearly visible and easily defined? Never have I seen it as it is today.

Gaza... you don’t need another contrast. You don’t need to look any further than Gaza for all you will ever need to know about what is happening today and it stuns the mind to see the whole crew of scoundrels from every field of endeavor doing what they are both trained and inclined to do; lie like there is no tomorrow, not to mention that yesterday never happened... never happened at all.

How many cluster bombs have the Iranians dropped? How much white phosphorus has been fired into the crowds? How many children have been shot down in the streets? The Iranian forces have been restrained in a remarkable way. I don’t have to tell you any of this. You know and they know.

It’s all right here. You don’t need any more than this. It can’t be argued with. Everything Iran is accused of has been practiced with a thousand times greater, vicious persistence and at a million times the cost to everyone and everything in the way of these monstrous villains of the moment. These are comprised of the governments of Israel, the United States and Great Britain; twisted and trumpeted by the Zionist dominated, world media and distorted and reported on by newscasters in red micro minis and thigh high, white boots leaning into the windows of the world as it cruises down the boulevard looking for a little taste of strange.

I keep coming back to Gaza. I keep thinking of Gaza and all the things that never got said. I think about the razor wire and the relief convoys stopped at the border. I think about the Palestinians dying by the hour as they are denied food, water and medical care. I think about the bulldozed homes and orchards and gardens. I think about the young children shot for sport on their ways home from school. I think about the old men and women beaten into a bloody pulp by illegal settlers. while police and soldiers stand by and watch with smiles on their faces. I think about DIME and white phosphorous and bombed elementary schools. I think about a million cluster bombs dropped on Lebanon AFTER peace had been agreed upon. I think about decimated UN buildings and entire families shot down in the street and crushed in the debris of destroyed buildings. And it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all.

The Howdy Doody president says nothing about Gaza. He’s got plenty to say about Iran though. The whores in the U.S Congress pass bills of censure and outrage against Iran and say nothing about Gaza. You are every one of you murderers by proxy. You are hypocrites and liars. You have sold your soul for the right and opportunity to steal and lie with impunity. You are on the wrong side of history and your names will be recorded in infamy, mark my words. You are scum with the conscience of a crocodile. You have the morals of a pig. Read it and weep. Does this mean that Kucinich voted in favor? If so then add his name to the list.

No more need be said. No more need be said but I will say more. In this hour when the very worst in humanity is paraded as virtue in defiance of all of the evidence to the contrary, no more need be said.

Israel and her catamite, cabin boy of a sold out America culture be damned. The UK be damned as it continues in activities like this. Australia be damned as it continues in activities like this. The madness has reached a level of absurdity that cannot be defined. It is beyond definition and description. It is horror and indifference raised to the level of a religion. I don’t know what’s coming but it must somehow relate to what we are seeing.

I don’t know what else to say. I have run out of anymore that I can say. For the first time since I have been doing this I have to stop halfway through the usual length and end it here because there is nothing more to say... nothing at all.

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miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

Brings me close to tears, how did we (the majority) get here. How did we let these Satanists rule us like this.
Run far away into the countrysides, where we can forget that this world is slowly defecating on itself.
This is what secularism does, bring back the Church in Europe and the Western countries. At least then there was some sanity.
I'm just as disgusted at the state of this world as you are...
more disgusted at those who are still asleep and refuse to be woken up...
Run to the countrysides the cities are burning!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Les where these abominations are allowed to happen.
Not just to children but to our indigenous people (and all groups that are unable to represent themselves adequately) as well. There are people doing things to counteract the terrible decisions made through our (Australian) courts.
This is one woman that does wonders as does this group
There needs to be more community outcry against these terrible decisions and the people who make them.

Anonymous said...

There is more to say, there the indictment of the people,I feel funny calling them that, of the US of Sh*t which see this and can't see it at all. Self interest overrides all in this land of me. It is bread and circuses to the extreme. Only it is not real bread and the entertainment is manure.

Wow, to exasperated to anymore myself.


Anonymous said...

Tick tock. Tick tock. The crocodile has swallowed a clock. Makes it so easy to tell what the Beast is up to.

"Don't be taken in, by his welcome grin...He's
imagining how well you'd fit within his skin."

Dead on, Les.

Hank said...

Hash and rehash. Nothing new to say, but a NEED to say it.

We have been over and over the big picture in minute detail. Photo after photo, with circles and arrows pointing to the atrocities, the bloody hands and the knowing smirks on the evil doers faces.

We know the weapon that will kill the beast, and we know where the vulnerable spots are, but the media has them well guarded, with their emergency crews, their men in black, that rush in and quickly cover any breach.

The corporate owned and controlled mouthpeices have their orders, and the areas they cannot go are well defined, and the consequences for straying there are swift. You say the wrong thing, and they turn you into bozo, complete with big red nose, funny hair, and big shoes.

They know, these mouthpieces, they saw who did the shooting, but when the cops show up, the shooters are still there. A glance, a scowl and a knowing pat of their coat pocket lets the withess know that they have the poleroids of their wife and kids, and they dare you to point to the man with the gun. Then they see the look in the cops eyes and they realize there are pictures of his family too.

The truth is a powerful weapon, but so is fear, and these reptiles have honed it to a razors edge, and brought it to a level of sophistication that allows them to murder thousands at a time, without so much as a public, WTF!

They have conditioned us so well, they can inspire murder with images of doctors who perform abortions, yet when we see the pictures of the broken and burned bodies of children that are already hear and living, we don't even look, and if we do we tell ourselves they must have deserved it somehow, because that's what they tell us. They show us an apple and call it an orange, and tell us to go shopping.

We have the truth, and in this case, posessing it requires that we use it at every opportunity. We must continue the assault at all costs, until the defenses are breached.

There are signs that we truth seekers and tellers may have lit one corner of a bricket in the grill. If we have, then it is only a matter of time before the whole pile is lit and burning, and this group of pigs is roasting. Until then we must hash and rehash, and then rehash again and keep saying it, even when there is nothing left to say. Peace my friends, and keep up the fight.

European American said...

It's ALL a distraction, folks. All of it. Everything.

How's your local community doing? Friend or foe? And your health? How about those bills? Feeling any...pressure? Getting "side tracked" in your life? Can't quite seem to get over the hump? Even the Internet becoming a distraction? What is really important, what has value?

Learn to adapt. Infinite flexibility. Stay centered, calm AND rested. Close the eyes and feel the Self...know the Self. It's your only friend.

"Someday it will be a crime to go outside."

European American

Anonymous said...

European American

You spelled it out!!!

The world is always pushing or pulling at as, at all times. The nature of this in nothing new. The "Infinite flexibility" is soo key. We have the power ride out this waves of fear, in our lives and in our minds? The tools that kill arent guns or bombs, but distractions. The way is before our feet, but media man wants you to stop and qusetion that path. We are lead to believe that matter and forces outside us are "acting" outside our own minds. Well, sorry but the world is created by self thought and to is killed by it. What we "think" is far more powerful than what we "see." The differnce between the mindless masses and others posting here, is the intent or reaction to the outside world. Knowing we are masters of this plane and can have or create anthing. This is hidden and even feared.

Le Mat

Visible said...

Here's how they're taking this post over at that forum.

The General Public.

Anonymous said...

we know how things go down in israel, how the master race can kill poor palestinian children in their sleep and schools, we can see the savage death of the whole of the iraqie nation, the state of the art army's of hell fighting unarmed nation's to doom, some love this show of death, others like you and I are shocked at how savage they can be, to see other peoples children blown up and killed in cold blood ,I see those dead children as my own, they are killing our child, those savage killers from hell are killing us all from the inside.
they make fun of us all, they lie and cheat us every hour of every day, with their million dollar news show of lies, just think about it, what if those who did not vote for dick-n-bush in 2000 where to do the same as those in iran did, there were only 500 votes apart, not millions of votes like in iran.
what if they (iran)where cutting off the life blood of city's like they did in gaza and iraq how would that go down in this backward and savage free "my ass" western world from hell.
I dream of a day that the whole world would live in peace, my , your's and their children well live to see their children live a good and peaceful live's.
Les you speak as if you'r reading right out of my mind , thank you.

miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

why do you post there, they don't even deserve it!!! dimwits

Visible said...

I post there so that they can demonstrate what they are as a prelude to what's going to happen and as an indication to me and to themselves what they are as well as evidence that they can't say they weren't told.

Dadnerd said...

So, I wonder if Spielberg is working on a new movie. Achmed's list, or something. I can visualize the Israeli soldier leveling his rifle with the cross hairs over the little child's head. The Arab gentleman saying, "don't do it, you are better than that". When will we see that movie?

Sandra said...

You've completely described the whirling, bewildered conflict that has been my mind for several days now. Many times it's left me speechless or sputtering. I can't seem to settle on rage or amusement over their blatant hypocricy. I can't comprehend the stupidity of Iranians in the West cheering on intervention, as exiled Iraqis did 6 years ago - and the tattered remains of Iraq are still bursting into flames. How can people's memories be so short? How can they be so arrogant? How can they wave the flag of the Shah...did they forget how for 2 decades he sicced the SAVAK on their people? 1 million Iranians died to overthrow that bastard, and there are people stupid enough to root for his son! Forget the embodiment-of-evil Israel; it's an obvious comparison. Let's talk about Egypt, where "President" Mubarak has won elections for 20 years by a margin of over 99%! And as soon as an election is over he throws his opposition into prison. Egyptian protestors are routinely beaten and killed. Then we have Jordan which employs a secret police so brutal that teachers quake in fear of their students whose relatives are involved and no one dares utter a word critical of the government, even in their own homes. These are American allies, supported and endorsed by the US. The Middle East wants democracy; they just don't want the West's hypocritical, interventionist version!

Anonymous said...

Today the Dutch govt revealed plans they have for taxing the internet. The revenue would be used ONLY for the main stream media to invest in innovations on their websites

Anonymous said...

Australian and ashame of it:
I could not agree with you more on this artical, You have realy hit the nail on the head this time.
Though our Governmnts, are becoming evil tyrants, and the western style of life is faiding fast, being replaced by fears of our own nightmares, we thpeople are to blame, not those we allow to bully other.
We have spent so much time clasping our ankles, we no longer know how to stand up straight anymore.
The more evil spreads the harder it is to remove, even removing the source, still leaves the stain, it all has to be purged.
Perhaps the comming armageddon will be good for us after all.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Well..are we really surprised by the fraudulant double-standard employed to the arabs and to the jews? After all, all the news that's fit to print/televise is ok'd by a jewish controlled editor or CEO.
Howdy Doody is like-wise controlled so that he chirps up on cue to "condem" the arabs.
Utterly and wholely bovine excrement. Both his actions and him.
I sincerely hope if a finger is raised against Iran, that Iran goes right to the root of the problem and snuffs out enough zionist swine to make the whole world WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

You could send a copy of this, and every other piece you wrote, to every citizen of the world and nothing would change. Not that what you say is wrong, it's just that most people aren't ready for it.
We tend to think the world is fucked up by accident. This is not the case. The world is a school which teaches its lessons primarily through experience. We learn by observing contrasts. How can we know good until we know "not good".
The world may not be the way you or I want it to be, but it is still perfect in the big picture.
The hardest thing is realizing that we all still have to go down the same road, because the road is for mankind. We're all in it together. The spiritual acendency of man is on all of our shoulders.

Anonymous said...

I think what happened with the election in Iran is that ZOG bribed some people to cheat in favor of Ahmadinejad, especially in those areas where Mousavi would be deemed to have some support, just so they could later reveal the obvious "election fraud" and taint Ahmadinejad's (inevitable anyway) political victory; thereby creating in Mousavi a sympathetic political underdog.

And then the "aggrieved party", Mousavi, will do his part and do all the commensurate moral posturing, ultimately calling for public disobedience, thus opening the door for the follow-up with agents provocateurs.

I can see some violent "pro-Ahmadinejad" agents provocateurs attacking some "US" assets somewhere, and the Iranian government "failing" to respond adequately, thereby "necessitating" some kind of "response" by ZOG.

Anonymous said...

That Slate site reminds me of the old Cisco financial message board before Yahoo messed all their boards up. They had some very sick minds. I don't go to the fray often so I'm not familiar with individual posters. You once said it is like being in a insane asylum where all the patients think they are psychologists. Good analogy.

Yep, you don't need to look any further than Gaza, or 911, or 77, or the trillions being stolen buy our financial institutions, or our less than worthless congress, or the controlled news media, or the two wars of choice, or our homeless sleeping on the streets, or all the "gay pride fests", or California going broke with the other 49 states not far behind, or the Zionist control of Washington foreign policy, or the real estate debacle, or the deindustralization of our country, or our open borders, or the "war on terror", or the unconscionable distribution of wealth, or the CDOs, CDSs, SIFs, or hundred year old corporations going broke, where is that 50 billion Madoff scammed, or the 20% unemployment rate, or the Fed, or or or.........

Nothing wrong here, green shoots everywhere. This is all perfectly normal.


Anonymous said...

Anybody who is paying even the slightest attention knows that we've entered into a new chapter of the "Dark Hour", where truth is viciously attacked like never before and the victims lie in the streets in their own blood.

Heads up -- we can chronicle these atrocities until Judgment Day, but it will not do any good. If it would have, we'd have actually accomplished something by now.

Therefore, understand that it's time to rally the troops for war. There is a decided difference between a fan club and a assault team. Both can read, but only one is capable of actually doing anything.

Anonymous said...

The beast is now so confident that there is no one in its way, that caution has been thrown to the wind. Forget subterfuge and subtley, its going to be more "in your face" to the world, and its coming soon. All conscious people will simply lose the ability to be shocked at upcoming slaughters and media caterwauling. One just wonders what the tipping point is for all of this madness. It can't be far away now.

Anonymous said...

OBTW Howdy Doody and Gates just sent the drones in and killed 70 more people in Pakistan. In true Israeli fashion, they returned for a second strike as the tribal people were burying their dead! The Amerikans really like to bomb weddings, and funerals, it would seem.
As for
Howdy Doody, plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose! Nothing like a BIG four-way war to get the Amerikonomy humming again. I wouldnt put it past Howdy Doody to reinstate the Draft & require compulsory civil surface to take care of the restless young unemployed.
CNBC did a hatchet job on the Humboldt Cty. California marijuana industry. They had some bureaucrats on saying the Calif. economy is so far down in the shitter that probably 60% in the county got some money or other from the pot biz.

Anonymous said...

Les, I wish you wouldn't malign pigs this way. I have by experience found them to be very friendly, sensitive, intelligent and loyal creatures as a whole. As for their morals, I believe they reflect their personalities.

And at times, they can also be delicious.

As for crocodiles... weren't they worshipped as gods once? How times have changed.

Croc is tasty too, and the hide is useful.

Never forget that.


TruthSeeker said...

Dear Les, I couldnt add anything else to your brillant text. You said it all. The truth is clear and so is the lie and liars as well.
Your blog is my refugee because what I have seen around this network are just examples of how the lie is powerful and does reach its target. I have seen people believing in lies as the ultimate truth even if this is crystal clear. What is happening?

I believe I dont have emotional stability because it does disturb me so much being impotent. There is nothing that i can do more than talk to people and spark their attention to the real facts and expose the lies. I wish I could enter in people's mind and wash their brain to take off the crap they have but i cant.

It's sad to see the ignorance that goes on. The hypocrisy. Zio youtube has a special channel to Iran's case while to Gaza, the videos were deleted, accounts were closed and banned. Zio twitter also working with the same wish to see justice in Iran. Suddnely the west became the peace makers, justice defenders if we were some example of such things.

Dear Hank, please tell me, my friend what else can we do? We know the truth, we have it in our side but it seems we cant do much. Why? I feel locked in this dirty system. It's sufocating me :(

Knowing that you Les, Hank and all those truth seekers and speakers are awake and aware, I feel conforted.

I am going to sleep. At least, sleeping my soul feels free from this whole evil things.

" Hush a bye, dont you cry
Go to sleep my little baby.
When you wake, you shall have
All the pretty little horses....

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq0dZsgmdzY )

Anonymous said...

Best I've seen you write for a while Les. To stop any of this shit you describe, we would need to break the system. They rule. They decide what people hear, who they elect, even whether they're screwing men or women. Breaking the system from our side of the glass would be impossible to do, as they're reading our communications. Isn't it funny how you can slip into a fascist dictatorship without the general population realising it. All you need is a new pearl harbour and whammo, they're hacksawing your rights off anything they were on. Keep up the good work Les, who knows, we might meet in the same labour camp someday.. take care, Les, ian.

Hank said...


I don't know. We have all felt the same way, and I have written almost the same words describing my own inability to communicate a truth that seems so obvious, that a 3rd grader should be able to understand it.

We keep trying to find that verbal silver bullet, that precise turn of phrase that flicks on the light in the room of truth, that makes it clear to everyone.

I think the main problem is that there is no single reason that people do not, or will not see the truth. Some will not even look. Some are just too afraid, and others lack the ability. I have even heard someone say, when confronted with the truth, I wouldn't believe that even if it were true.

The only conclusion I can come to is that, for what ever their reasons may be, people don't want to know. They prefer the matrix, their little worlds of make believe, to the harshness of the truth.

I, like you, come here for respite. To this oassis in the desert of human ignorance, to share with others that can see and hear. To gain the perspective of others, and perhaps combine it with mine, and forge that silver bullet. I am grateful to Les for letting us come here, and rest under his tree, and share his water, and I am grateful for you and all the others that come to share.

I do not know the answer, but I will continue to search, to learn, to speak, to fight, and try and forge that silver bullet. May peace find you, and remember, you are not alone.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les-
what's going on now with the mainstream media is a grooming and conditioning process similar to what a child molester does to it's victims. In this case the victims being the American people, getting prepared for totally immoral actions planned against another set of victims, sold to we Americans as enemies.
It's nauseating in the extreme.

Mouser said...

Anonymous 3:10
I think you have a VERY plausible theory there.

Anonymous said...

The truth, like fruit in a tree, must be sought after, reached for, picked. It is possible to survive without the truth, but it an existance much like one living on fast food; illness and death are but around the corner. You are not really even alive.

Humans are not really alive anymore. They live on fake food, their reality is fake, there minds are shallow. They no longer feel the vigors of true life; the exuberance of being truly alive. To know things such as courage, fear, honor, respect, and most importantly they lack the ability to sacrifice. Those words of virtue who have lost there meaning and power are also but shadows of their former self.

I believe that most modern humans are but shadows of who they could and should be. The true human experience is not found in front of a TV, or even a monitor. How many souls travel through life now without ever really knowing what life is?

To know the limits of ones courage is where life is found. To value truth and to have the courage to seek it out is the true path in life. There is no value in life as a sheep.

The truth is out there for all to see. Most just pass it by, not wanting to feel. They just amble along in line being safe, fed, and entertained. The grandest illusion of all time.

In times past when men who saw the truth needed to act, they either rebeled or they sought out new lands. Neither seems to be a choice in these times. There is only one choice now.


Anonymous said...

So, Move on, had this on their email list:

The Iranian people's courage in the face of brutal repression has been inspiring.
But the situation is getting worse. The Iranian regime has begun a violent crackdown against the protesters—including hundreds of arrests and a number of deaths.
Now, it's crucial that the Iranian regime knows that the world is watching and that they must stop their violent repression of peaceful dissent.

So, I wrote this back:

Where were you when Israel went after Gaza?

Let's reword your 1st paragraph:

The Palestinian's people's courage in the face of brutal repression has been inspiring.
But the situation is getting worse. The Israeli regime has begun a violent crackdown against the protesters—including hundreds of deaths and a number of arrests.
Now, it's crucial that the Israeli regime knows that the world is watching and that they must stop their violent repression of peaceful dissent including women, children, and old people!


A peaceful Move On Member

Utter Hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

That comment about Rachel Corrie was not thought out well. If her parents read that it would hurt them deeply. I know what you were trying to say and you like to be over the top all the time but this time it just came out all wrong,Les. Might want to clarify the thought and the intent of that statement.

Anonymous said...

Moveon is run by George Soros, a Jew. It was created for the purpose of getting Lieberman elected as an indie so he'd have more power.

Anonymous said...

If this is to happen it will be the point at which nothing will be able to return.

Anonymous said...

In order to understand the forces in place when the major powers decide to change things everyone must read this book. "Gruesome Harvest" by Ralph Franklin Keelin. It is freely available for you to download from www.archive.org/details/GruesomeHarvest. If you have difficulties just google the title.
In this book is a clear illustration how far avarice for power and money will go. And believe me when I say that we are not the nice guys.

xmastri said...

I feel like I am living in the matrix all the time, only I and a very few others realize what it is...and what is reality and what is not. Most just go about their day swallowing the spoon fed propoganda. I feel sensitive to energies and vibrations but I struggle with trusting my perceptions. It is hard to shake the domestication and indoctrination as Ruiz so subtly stated.

Still alive said...

Hello Les-

Perhaps I can finish your post by saying "let the worldwide revolution begin!"

We, humanity, know who the enemy is and who the enemy has always been.



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