Friday, June 19, 2009

The Guy with the Ice Cream may not be your Friend.

It’s not that hard to see the future. It’s a little harder to see how it is being shaped and then harder still to see the principal shapers and it can be even harder... or should I say... ...rare? spot what is actually going on? It’s hard to see who is doing what, if they look like someone else.

If the truth goes to a Halloween party dressed as the family dog and you go dressed up too; the dog may not recognize you and bite you on the ass. So we begin today focusing a perspective on what’s happening.

The good thing about the truth is that the family dog knows its master, it can smell the truth, and this should hip you to a few other things.

One thing you should never do when you are very much in the game and people don’t know, is to tell them too early. Kissinger? not one of your smarter moves. I know you hear me too... or... maybe you hear someone else...? I hear the Hound of the Baskervilles. We know about the black spot and I am “as smart as paint.”“Know when to hold them, know when to fold them” ...and especially know WHEN to let the people you intend to kill find out that you intend to kill them.... If you are clever- and no one is that clever- ...don’t do it too soon... or they will know that it is you and not the guy you are pointing at.

Now lets consider Dodd for example and who is this guy Schiff...? Some people are not all good and some people are not all bad... and then there are the degrees and that’s where Slim Shady and “ssssssmoking!” comes in and no, I’m not Jim Carrey.

These days even compromised people want to get uncompromised. Remember the boys in the back room? The backroom is on fire. Pretending it is happening somewhere else isn’t going to work this time because... because? You are actually there. You’re in that place with all the fire extinguishers and dry ice insulation made by Bechtel, Dow and Monsanto and you got dropped into the world’s biggest volcano.... ...”Preciousssssssss.” Things like that would make me nervous but I don’t get nervous because I don’t do things like that.

Twitter huh? And look at those klaxons and klieg lights. Hollywood ain’t got nothing on you guys. No... I’m not impressed. If it was on TV I would change the channel. More to the point... I don’t watch TV. I watch suns set and sunrise. I watch things that are too beautiful to see... that’s what I watch. It doesn’t mean I am unaware of time and schedules, appearances and special effects. Some of them are some of the things that are too beautiful to see because of the Cosmic Justice angle.

Some people might not know this. In fact, a lot of people don’t know very much at all. They think they do and... it keeps them going... and going and going... but where? You see my friends... justice is real...truth is real... integrity ‘can be’ real and is... even what’s real is real and then there’s truth and the family dog and you dressed up in that costume.

You know... or maybe you don’t? Whenever I put on a costume, the thing I ask myself is... can I move around in this thing with the same ease as when I am not wearing it? Is this costume going to encumber me? Can I see through the eyeholes? Of course it depends on the part you want to play... Mr. Disappearing Act? ...The Armies of Heaven? ...The wind in the willows? Oh, I see, you’re coming a tweet? ...A bad smell? ...A tight shirt? Well... you do have to play a part... there is no getting around that and... yeah... no part? That’s a part too. So... let’s see what we have and... remember... this is a movie and the bad guys get it in the end.

I know that there have been a lot of movies over recent years where the bad guy gets away or worked for the right people or.... There are a million, million oars but... no boat. “Let’s throw in that lake of fire thing, I like that...” and then we will turn all the bad guys into gold and use them for money. Evil has real potential. It’s like rocket fuel, you just have to be able to get it into the rocket to begin with. Of course you have to be able to build the rocket too... or get one somewhere. I have a flying saucer... yeah, that’ll work. You can heat your home with evil. You can bring a guitar to the campfire. The heat from the evil in the campfire will keep you warm. That’s what evil does anyway, keeps you hot, fired and amped or maybe slow, sleek and shimmery... in dreams... in stories... in movies and in real life... or so it appears and yet does not appear to those invested in turning themselves into gold.

Digressing... was the fly that was bothering Kung Fu Obama supposed to be Iran? The Mind is a very strange place. Right around the corner, Tony Perkin’s is talking about how he wouldn’t even hurt a fly... that’s Kissinger’s job as the source who isn’t named.

Sure, life is a scam... if you are a scam artist. Life is pretty much what you are... or become... or stop doing or begin to assemble on a picnic table during a long, sweet, summer afternoon instead of... putting it together in the dark. The thing about putting it together in the dark is that you can’t see it. It’s like sex. It’s probing and` of course... in and out, yin and yang ...and then there are the players.... I think I mentioned that we are all players? They don’t tell you who he is and what his track record is.... Wait a minute; I have to call the laundry... “Are you done with Mousavi yet?” “No, we’re still working on room temperature.” How come that same video-face is in both places? Whatever happened to that other guy that just got elected and used to be president?

Okay, let’s get the show on the road. What do you mean we’re halfway through the second page? No... I’m not going to hurry up. ...I have to listen first.... That’s what I do, I listen.......I hear....... ......I think...... (“But I just don’t know.”) And neither do you. ...And that is the first thing you should tell yourself... “I don’t know.” ...He’ll be coming down on stage in a white suit in a New York minute, riding six white horses via twitter and he will be speaking English just like the placards and signs do in the photo-op.

But ‘they’ say, you do know. They have you in Kafka’s Castle and Dick Cheney is the maitre de. “Now, what can I bring you?” ...and it is all happening in your mind. Inside, outside, same difference.

I may lose some readers but I’m going to have to say it. The bad guys lose big. That’s a reality headline. It’s not the headline on your screen. It’s the headline in your mind. And that is where the bad guys lose... in their minds and... why it becomes real life. Man, that’s physics... hard science... don’t blame me. And... when you lose your mind? the common vernacular the real world? That’s show biz. Show and tell turns into understand and hear... or is that backwards? It works either way in this case and that is how and why the bad guys lose due to the fact that being bad makes winning easy in the short term. Wow! The stock market just walked through my head. Give me a minute.

Like I said the last, however-many-times, ...the media is a penis pump. Let me think...? What does that make the government; given that there is only one choice left? Don’t forget the person thinking about having larger sex ...that’s the corporations. Then there are the people who make you believe you can perform according to the pump instructions which left out the details about technique which you don’t possess or you wouldn’t need a pump... that would be religion.

You know what? It would be real interesting if truth were the family dog. What would you rather; that it shows you affection? ...or aggression? ...Or, aggression, ...but it’s a mistake. ...but it’s a mistake? No... it’s a misunderstanding. You’re dressed in a costume as something you are not. You are playing a part. In the movie business... the actors leave the set and walk off into their real lives... (If they have one.) But what if you, ‘you’ are the ‘stand-in’ for the action shot they are playing... in real life?

Then the cards on the table are alive. Real Life... cartoons... fairytales....the froth from your latte? Quo vadis? And it is happening right in front of your eyes and you won’t know until the family dog bites you... or wags its tale... or pulls down your shorts in that Coppertone commercial when you were ...that little kid in the commercial? Do you believe that? Do you think it was staged? Do you find what you are seeing and hearing to be staged or are you just going to go out and buy some Coppertone? For some strange reason, lives hang in the balance and one of them might be yours.

In any case, help is on the way. Endure and believe, because, whatever happens is supposed to happen, because evil is in the process of destroying itself; however they do it, let them do it. Get out of their way. Believe me.... They will be running for the fire doors. Step aside. You know what? Don’t listen to me. You can do as you like. Do something. Don’t do something.

The ball is either in your court or the dealer wants to know if you would like a card. I can’t make that decision for you but based on what I have experienced, read about, dreamed ...and... that inexplicable thing. I think you are going to be okay if you are and if you are not; then there’s still time because you are reading this. What you are is what you are. Everything is what it is. We’ll see how that sorts itself out pretty soon.


Zoner said...

I like this cat coming through the usual LV channel. Lots of detail and a new method of delivery. And I didn't even get the converter box!

Hopefully there is plenty of unseen info that will soak in unnoticed and unfiltered.

You are using these new carrier waves for the planting of subliminal messages and to monitor us, hidden along with the usual entertainment content, right?


Hank said...

"These days even compromised people want to get uncompromised"

Les, I heard what I think may have been some amazing shit on MSNBC this morning. A snippet, that just seemed to come out as casual as all the bullshit it was mixed with. There they were, Zibignew Brezinski, and Pat Robertson, and the bigster was saying that there were people in American government that want to instigate conflict with Iran, because they see war as inevitable. Then, to my amazement, Robertson actually told a fundamental truth. He said that Bibi Nitwityahoo wanted the US to go in and take out Irans nuclear facilities. He uncompromised himself, and the Bigster as well, by sneaking in some truth.

They planted a seed. Whether it grows or not, we'll have to wait and see, but they set the stage for more truth and uncompromising to occur. In their way, they pointed right at the bad guys, dressed in the white hats, and riding the white horses, and barked a warning.

Yes, it's all a big costume party, with everyone playing parts, whether they are playing or not. No part is a part. The cardboard cutouts in the background do have an affect on the viewer.

One of the big problems is that it, in some sense, is like Total Recall, where what is real and what is make believe get blurred. We in the show start to see two distinct realities, but which one is the REAL reality.

We as humans have been dressed for our part from birth, by players that did not know that they were part of a show. They sold it to us as reality, because, to them, it was.

Enter the true culprit. That deeeeeelicious flavoring, that makes the shit go down so much easier. "That would be religion". We have been over this before, but the underpinning for the entire show deserves to be hammered at, at every opportunity. The guys in the white hats, with the big guns, have used two basic mechanisms to pit gods children against each other. Nationalism and religion.

With the advent of the internet, and the world wide communication that is available to the individual players, the lines of nationalism have become blurred. What do you mean we're borrowing money from China, our enemy, to attack Iraq... who is our enemy? Huh? This is the example that comes to mind, but you get my point.

That leaves religion. That man made THING, that is used to sell humans the lie that they are different from one another. To those of you that have children, that is, more than one, go into the kitchen, get knives, give them to your kids, and tell them to battle to the death. The proper response to this request is, are you fucking insane! Yet THAT is what religion does. It tells you that the father, or mother of all humans, wants you to battle to the death with your brothers and sisters.

Anyone that has bought the lie of religion, and actually sees differences between the hearts of men, and their desire for life, is supporting these actions. The sanctions, the wars, the pograms, the genocides, the destruction of our fellow creatures and the destruction of the planet itself, you are a player.

There is a god, although I don't believe, as humans, we are capable of understanding the nature of. Who, I like to think of it as a who, is the source of all life. God is not so evil, as to give his children knives from the kitchen, and pit them against one another. Only man is that evil.

Step back, now step back again, and allow yourselfs to see that it is a show, a costume party, that the minions of religion have dressed you for. The time is coming, and may well be here, for the costumes to come off, and for us to stand naked before the world and our fellow players, and see each other for who we really are. Gods children, and ...beautiful. Peace to all.

Visible said...

I think the two of you should buy each other a beer because you just proved my point in Hearts.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

“Know when to hold them, know when to fold them”

"And somewhere in the darkness, the Gambler he broke even...." Which is what I strive for, and which for me would be a form of "winning."

Hank said...

Zoner, what kind of beer do you drink? At a designated time we should lift a toast, to he who deserves it most, our host. Les, thank you for shining lights, and allowing us in. Peace and love my brother.

Anonymous said...

Just testing 123

msadams said...

Sorry but I got tired of the directionless rambling before I could decode what this piece is supposed to be about.

A bit of preamble is ok but your preamble goes on and on and on, so long that after 8 paragraphs I still didn't know what the piece was supposed to be about and stopped reading.

Visible said...

Well... you're in the wrong place. You didn't have to shit on the doorstep if you never went into the house so.... right, right... I get it. Carry on

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

It sounds like you settled in just fine!

After reading your latest post, the 1st thought was It's all just a big stupid game. One evil pitted against another with everyone else being just pawns knocked around this way and that. Inevitably being taken off the board. On a personal note, when my company was bought out, the new boss would tell my wife he was going to break me. She simply said "you can't break him, he doesn't play your game". "THIS ISN"T A FUCKING GAME!". To them it's real in a sick and sad sort of way. Look at Brezinski and Kissinger on this side of the pond, The hypocritical mullahs and Ahmadinejad, Mousavi, even Nitwityahoo the mideast. The list goes on and on everywhere you look. OMG, Kim Chee has a nuke on a freighter and it's heading our way! Evil of the worst sort pitted against evil of another sort. We're always given a choice of 1 evil over another. How about not playing at all? It's just a game.

m_astera said...

Yes, it's me. Not that I'm important. Haven't checked in for awhile though. I am drunk right now. Should I have said that? Well there it is. You are kind enough to publish all comments and that I appreciate. Hello my friend, I haven't forgotten you. You still, and always, bring a smile to my face.

Love you lots, you should know. (even though you are totally full of shit about Venezuela) :)


Visible said...

Zio-blogger-google has shut down most of the commenting to the site and now they are shutting down the email as well so you can always go to The Guy with the Ice Cream may not be your friend. and leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Adams, this isn't enlightenment 101. There is a whole slew of prereqisites involved. Might I suggest about six years reading Daily Kos or some such garbage, until the ball peen hammer smacks you in the forehead.

Kuntaleany Koala Candy Beer said...


Jaw top notch waffels awe a ware tweat!jah,jah, you sauce it coming, watt cnn you expsekt?

here comes the ice cream man
he's driving the ice cream van
i know, i can tell, youmeverybody else as well
we can all hear him a'coming ringing that bell

Dadnerd said...

I like this whole costume idea. Say we are all wearing one and when we stand in front of the mirror that's what we see. We picked it, or wasn't it handed to us at birth? There is such a limited variety of mediocre costumes to choose from, who made these things?

Heres what I've noticed over the years, people love their costumes. It gives the wearer such security and the ability to hide behind the ugly truth of what they really are. But why do we believe the truth is ugly? Who told us the truth is ugly?

Just try to pull a mask off someone and watch them scream. I think the gist of all these discussions boils down to this; How to get someone to pull off the mask themselves.

Zoner said...

Hank, I will be toasting all there is (or appears to be, I haven't decided), with special thanks to our kind host, at 6:30 PM
CST. Make mine a Shiner Bock, from down 'round Texas way.

Your comment was to the core, spot-on, especially about the division created by organized religion.

Cheers, people.

Thanks, V.


Anonymous said...

People dont know it. People are stupid. Christopher Dodd, bankster-fraudster bribe taker, is the son of the One who banned LSD for all taking time. Thomas Dodd. 1966. That is all you have to know about the Dodds. Reptilians, illuminati. These men are evil. Is there something in the water of Greenwich, CT?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

While reading your article I found it a little heavy.

But then as I read on, I found similarities with my past.

It would seem eons ago, but in reality only 50 years.

When I remember old men in my parish who always seemed to have sweets, or a few pennies in their pockets.

But alas for those of us who liked sweets, and pennies, Mammy had told us of those old men and their "difference".

We were told to tell our father if those old men were nice to us, they were never nice to us as my father was "mad" (thankfully).

Sadly your men with the ice cream in our parish to-day are more powerful, and far more evil.

The names of those fiends in your piece, not to mention their countless lackeys, we just have not got enough mad fathers.

As I have said before, I like your optimism, but when even a simple effort to post a support note on your site keeps getting error and deletion, I curse my pessimism.

This is why I think you may have been a tad harsh with msadams, we are not all so eloquent as you may be, but we do our best to give you support. This when we have to try to write or rant, and often the time spent writing is lost thanks to censorship which is in the here and now.

No Les, truly the man with the pennies, or ice cream is no-body's friend, but how did he get to the pulpit to tell us he was our friend?

What happened? How did the greatest country on earth, with the thinking of all cultures be fooled so easily?

How is it possible, that within the MSM there is such a lack of honesty, which could be controlled by a minority culture of the worlds population?

How was truth marginalized so easily?

I sometimes wonder if those fiends who would destroy the good in man, while worshiping their morning star, do they think this deceiver will honour his pledge. Thankfully I firmly believe their deceiver has deceived them.

I should stop this rant with my own belief in a just God who will outshine all of mankind in his own time.

For I believe, what it takes mankind to achieve in eons is but a blink in time of the Creator of all this madness, a time which is mans concept.

Anyway Les, wish you well and will try yet again to post.

Regards, Mac.

Visible said...

You've got me baffled. I didn't say anything to that person. This is starting to feel a little strange and I am already strange enough.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know I got a weird template when I tried to comment to your essay. It asked my social security number. I dont give that. Then, later, it returned to your usual blogger thing. Relief.
I will give it to you straight -- I dont pay income taxes since 1995... Because I do not support war and lies. I suppose I owe a "monumental amount" but I dont care. I will not support a death system, and I dare other people to put their money where their mouth is. The Income Tax is illegal. I wrote them a certified letter in 1995 stating I planned to do this. Citing the amendment in the constitution. Never heard anything and now it is 14 years later. Go figure.

Still alive said...

To "msadams" (poster above)-don`t waste your precious time here trying to understand things that are 2 million light years above your head.

Quick! Set yourself in front of the tv! The latest episode of The Simpsons is about to start!

Anonymous said...

Essas forcas verdadeiras....
Eu che feui nesta casa.
Daime Padrinho Sebastiao, Daime Padrinho Raimundo Iraneu!! Santo Daime. Viva Brasil!!

Hank said...

Les, you been toasted dude. The zoner and myself tiped one at the designated time, at which point, I continued to toast to the point of toastiness. On occation it quiets my mind, and improves my voice. I think I'll go sing a song in your honor. Til next time.

P.S. did you get my email update?

krash2fast said...

To those commenting about "msadams"... Visible was right; she was in the wrong place. And no, she didn't have to shit on the doorstep. However, not everyone is ready for this trip. In fact, most of Visble's regular readers are/were already ON the trip before discovering LV. That's why we relate. But let's bear in mind that the quality of our reality is only as good as the quality of our thoughts. Don't waste a thought on the moral equivalent of "haha, look at the stoopid n00b!"

Every living loving thing wakes to the next level of reality in its own time. There are people "further" or "higher" than you on your journey. They don't gloat on the fact!

Nayon said...


The actors and jesters are here
The stage is in darkness and clear
For raising the curtain and no-one's quite certain
Whose play it is
How long ago, how long?
If only we had listened then
If we'd know just how right
We were going to be
For we dreamed a lot
And we schemed a lot
And we tried to sing of love before
The stage fell apart

If everyone was listening, you know
There'd be a chance that we could save the show
Who'll be the last clown to bring the house down?
Oh no, please no, don't let the curtain fall

Well, what is your costume today?
Who are the props in your play?
You're acting a part which you thought
From the start was an honest one
Well, how do you plead?
An actor indeed! Go re-learn your lines
You don't know what you've done
The final is begun:

Kevenj said...

Wait...I like the Simpsons!
What's your point?

Kevenj said...

Damn, and THAT comment actually might have gone through.



Peter of Lone Tree said...

"What happened? How did the greatest country on earth, with the thinking of all cultures be fooled so easily?"

Anonymous (Mac), your question was answered by "Still alive" with the statement "Quick! Set yourself in front of the tv! The latest episode of The Simpsons is about to start!"
And no, not just The Simpsons, it's ALL TV.

Have you read "1984?" Of so read it again. It's online at

Anonymous said...

Resisting the Income Tax is the best thing you can do. I have withheld $750-850k from their death machine, by my estimation. Maybe more. Think about it. I know you sheeple worry about prison and Leroy leering over you shoulder. Think about it, nevertheless. Cut them off where it counts.

Visible said...

Is'nt she lovely.

They will spare no expense

Is'nt she wonderful

And the show goes on. yhou have to be a turnip to believe this.

TruthSeeker said...

Hey Les, welcome back. Well, I am late I know but I did try to send a comment but it just couldnt be sent and it was lost. I was lazy to re write. Now I am being smarter, I am writing in my notepad so I wont lose anything.

Anyways, I like this post. I like even more the reaction it provokes in each one of us. One text and so many ways to read it.

I wish I was an optimistic person as you are. If it is just a halloween party, what a machiavelic evil mentality would invent a party like that? I wish I didnt come for such bloody party. What else am I waiting to leave the party

2) Hank, I like your comments very much. I do believe you speak with the deepest truth of your heart.

I dont think religion is bad. Religion is the first set of laws, the first constitution, a set of conventions we had in order to live civilizedly in a community. It would work better if it was followed. Actually, the bad bit is what men made with religion. Man just corrupt it as everything else. But in its essence, without the fantasy veil that it has been covered with in order to hide the truth, there is a good way of life. Many of our believes ( well, we are all believers in one thing or another) but specially our behavior to live in a community came from the religion. Besides that, I do admire the virtuous religious people.

It is good to have a religion to follow, a thing to believe in. It's conforting. It might not be true but it conforts you in the time of tribulation. It gives answers to questions that actually dont have any answer. It makes you happier and conforted. And to whom will I pray to protect my babies? Well, I guess i am obliged to believe in god, although I dont. There is a very good book written by 2 neurologists about the benefits of the belief in god in people's life. It brings quality of life as well as you get more relaxed, calmer. attentive, serene.

Another point, I dont think we are all the same. Yes, we have some universal similiarities but the differences are evident and the zio belief of iguality has been very destructive and unfair in all system it was implemented on. It privates one of their own singularities peculiarities and nature, it supress the different abilities. It brings wars, enemity, conflits...Feminism is another kind of very evil and destructive system. Guess which group of people created and implemented both??? You get a sweet if you guess it.

I guess I am totally off topic.

3) Pot, where have you been, I miss your plato reptilian shapeshifters ideas. I want to know, based in your last comment ( a long time ago) why they want us to spend the resources of the planet before they come back.

4) Thank you for the opportunity to express myself. Peace and serenity.

Anonymous said...

awake and listeing says.....
yes....."being bad makes winning easy in the short term..."...... its watching and waiting time.... its a fly ball down the left field line toward the foul pole....and from the bleachers in left field a glove comes out ,a 'fan' interferes.... and the game is interrupted ,shut off the air so that the network can show 'Heidi'..... heidi has no track record,but suddenly hundred thousand student protesters....looking like a duck,and quacking like a duck ..... my surprize is in the wonderment at how they could have crafted this puppet in secret, for how ever long it took,and put the student network in place....and orchestraded all this with precision,like this..... from withinthe country.... thats good subversion you would have to admit.... If the Iranian government is going to be able to compete in the big leagues against this kind of adversary...they will need to respond to this in a very clever ....peacefully....or maybe a nationwide referendum, a town hall forum, a television series of debates and redresses....all peacefully, and open to the world public demonstrate the benevolent nature of a ...really good country....what a greater victory that would be for the good side, or is it the bad side, or the good side, or the other side....
I think I saw that game when the station changed the program to show Heidi. it was unflippin believable.....

Visible said...

As I remember, I think that was a football game and I think one of the teams was Oakland. Beyond that I am not sure except that the part of the game missed was very important.

Dadnerd said...

Kevin John:

Thanks for the laugh, it's late and I needed that.

Dadnerd said...

Anon @ 8:20

Wasnt that the cubs game, poor kid he had to leave the city...

Anonymous said...

Hank 4:01;
GREAT post!

Anaughty Mouser said...

William Shakespeare said,
"All the world is a stage and we are nothing but actors."

Ralph Waldo Emerson said,
"Life is but a masked ball, where everyone hides his real identity but reveals it in the hiding."

Thank you for your post Les.


Hank said...


Good to see you back, you've been missed.

I understand that religion gives comfort and securtiy to the fearful, but I don't believe for a moment that you are one of those.

Your name says it clearly. Those that seek the truth are the bravest of people, and do not need the security blanket of religion. I don't believe that someone as intelligent as you needs anyone to tell you about the nature of god, and or what god wants. You know these things before you ask the question. You and god knew each other before you were born, and will know each other for all of time. Your concept of god is irrelevant. I truly believe that a simple acknowlegment that god is there, and that you are part of each other, allows god to work, not only in your life, but by extention, every other life that you touch. I know this because, although we have never met, you have touched my life and improved it. Our connection to god, connects us to each other, and that is all you need. Peace and love live in your heart, with or without religion.

Mouser, thank you my friend, I am always flattered and pleased when someone finds something they can use in my ramblings. Peace to you and yours.

Visible said...

I'm off for the solstice celebration so go ahead and post your comments but they might not appear for 24 hours.

oh yeah!

mNemosys said...

anonymous said:

"What happened? How did the greatest country on earth, with the thinking of all cultures be fooled so easily? [patriotism?...ahem...]

How is it possible, that within the MSM there is such a lack of honesty, which could be controlled by a minority culture of the worlds population? [where you been jack? wuz all a lie from the giddy-up....ask da injunz and negritos if'n you don't grok]

How was truth marginalized so easily? [troof? who's troof"? surely you ain't referring to "THE TRUTH" as she ain't been seen on stage cept for the gang bang at half time]

I sometimes wonder if those fiends who would destroy the good in man, while worshiping their morning star, do they think this deceiver will honour his pledge. Thankfully I firmly believe their deceiver has deceived them. [ wuz deeeeppp...excuse me gottago]

I should stop this rant with my own belief in a just God who will outshine all of mankind in his own time. [beliefs iz fun, no? I don't "believe" nuffin: i know thangs...believing ain't knowing...werk it out...

For I believe, what it takes mankind to achieve in eons is but a blink in time of the Creator of all this madness, a time which is mans concept. [gak!]

[gotta be a white offense to any of the cool AWAKE white boyz out there...ahem..though I must say: dey sho nuff iz a lotta sleephead colored folks out dere too huh massah?
"Indeed" replies spok. "fascinating"]

meanwhile: Les: rite on...not sure if'n it changes thangs but at least eats good....there are way too many stoopid peepuhlz out there...kinda what "the game" is predicated upon...ah well...
peAce+B wyLde

TheHeadTimeWaster said...

Justice Is Lost
Justice Is Raped
Justice Is Gone
Pulling Your Strings
Justice Is Done
Seeking No Truth
Winning Is All
Find it So Grim
So True
So Real

Ivan de Coward said...


It's getting harder and harder to get to your blog and submit a post. Congratulations, brother - clearly you must be doing something that's not only right but carries some weight with it. When I see your name encrypted on The ADL Sacred Shrine among other honorable people like Hesham Tillawi, Ernst Zundel, Kevin MacDonald, Bradley Smith, just to name a few, that's when I'll know you have been promoted to a saint. By the way James Von Brunn has already made it to the shrine.

Big J has been pushing for regime change in Iran for quite some time now. I have enjoyed the kick in the butt Norman Podhoretz has received from the public while pushing his Case for Bombing Iran. I hope your readers will enjoy it as much as I did (please make sure to sit out the noisy introduction and subsequent annoying interjections).

Masher1 said...

The heights of the tower of Bable are lofty... But the evil mind will recoil at the suddeness of the work stoppage as the real FIX for this crowd of poo eating scum slams into their wall at 120. The crumpled bits of their swollen noxious empire will fall to the ground as fertil ground for all of our coming lights to take root and gain sustnace. We will live through the coming storms of justice almighty with aplomb and pride! To hell with the likes of the crack smoking Kissinger and his twisted hopes to enrichen his comrades. To hell with all their stupid thoughts and deeds. We will overcome them all and become far more than they fear we will BECAUSE of that fear.

Our days are going to be OURS soon. Our days are not going to allow THEM to continue the lies and death. Our days will be their WORST nightmare come to roust them out of the land and cast them into fire.

Burn baby BURN! Kissinger will be first i bet with all that flab.

Fire! Fire and more FIRE! for the liar users.

And not a single drop of piss will stem the flames.


Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese woman. I am in China. I have to ask, WHY, WHY are we subhumans? I am TIRED of it!
I am TIRED OF IT!! Why are we subhumans? Im sick of it. I take drugs, and I am aware!! I hate it!!! Liberate us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul A Drockton M.A. said...

For those that doubt the existence of the illuminatti and Satanic rituals,murder and control over the narcotics trade I tell my story. I have bet my life on the belief that a few might listen.

If you would like and interview, email me at

Jay said...

Holy Crap Visible. I think I just went up the river and listened to Kurtz.

Ray Zerwitt said...

How can you stand sycophants? I see another religion running amok here. A make-it-up-as-you-go religion with no book and rules always tentative and subject to change. A faceless god of clay for their molding. Brown nosers and back stabbers are the same people and they're all indecisive hypocrites.

msadams doesn't have all day to study the jots and tittles of your holy writ and neither do I. What cliches do your parrots have for me this time?

Hank said...

Ray Zerwitt,

If you don't have time to look and to objectively question everything, then maybe you are not quite ready to swim in the deep end of the pool, and certainly not ready to swim in the open ocean, which is where Les and most here swim.

I have no cliches for you, and no denegration, for you to feed your impatience and anger. Some people simply cannot function or find comfort without some kind of structure to guide their thoughts, and behavior. Perhaps you are one of these, I don't know. If so, then you can console yourself with the fact that you have LOTS of company. At least you had the courage to get your feet wet. Peace to you, and I hope you find whatever it is you are seeking in life.

Anonymous said...

All of Gods creatures got a place in the choir,

Some sing lower and some sing higher.

Some sing out loud on the telephone wire,

And some just clap their hands, or paws, or anything they got.

And some just disagree.

No one man is an island as any good blog will show.

The lesser writers will hold the greater in esteem, but without the lesser writers, and readers, the greater writers will have a lonely pulpit.

While this writer would not try to assume he is educated, he will make some attempt to have an opinion.

And for those who do not know the writer, I will say he did have some thoughts but the least of which would be to fawn in the company of his "betters".

The writer has read the odd book in his time, and George Orwell would be one of the writers he has read.

I also read Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee, which I thought was a damming indictment on mans inhumanity to his fellow man.

Which will lead me to say, some of the most heinous offenders against the "Injuns" in the new world came from Ireland, while escaping oppression, went on to be the oppressor.

This will also lead me to say, heinous men are not particular to any given time, they are always about us and are only given freedom in the silence of sanity.

The reader may not be aware, but it is very possible the torture which we have in the world to-day may well have its inception in, Belfast, Dublin, or Castlereagh, for in the silence of the 70s torture was becoming acceptable.

When the British Government was installing its draconian laws about that time sanity was silent, and evil men were only too well aware of this silence.

Any this scribbler has to go now as he has an appointment with his redeemer, in a worldly sense.

So good wishes, and keep your own God about you.

Regards, Mac.

Anonymous said...

"How stupid and incurious does one have to be not to be able to connect the dots?"

Well, a bloody sight more stupid than me, Les,(and I couldn't even manage to pass the entrance exam to grammar school in England!). The lies, hypocrisy and propaganda are so blatant ("much of what is being done is being done in plain sight") it is breathtaking in its audacity. But the latest group of morons I have to have a little chuckle at is the Iranian "exiles". Do they realize they are Zionist stooges? What perfect irony!

You won't ever lose me as a reader, Les, but I am struggling to keep the faith that "the bad guys will lose big". Nothing else to cling to though...

Love, Susan

Anonymous said...

I’m also an admirer of your 'comments' (tried to say so a few posts back, but couldn't get it through).


Les, should we all agree to change to WordPress, or is that likely to suffer the same attacks as Google?

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Les...... that was cute........ you topped yerself with that one....... wow........

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri dish up now.

down the Cosmic Toilet into the Fires of Hell.

Visible said...


This isn't a competition here. Just because people (for whatever their reasons) seem to appreciate what I have to say, as well as other contributors, does not mean that you are diminished as a result which, is the hit I am getting from this.

Through my life I have encountered this in everything I have done. It has been responsible for a lot of harm coming my way, including prison time. People don't like the fact that some people like what I do.

I make no claims about myself. I don't even know who I am. I am clueless about the phenomenon of my being. You have no idea of what I have encountered or how many times I left town to get away from some version of success that would have just turned me into another person commenting on things as if I knew what I was talking about.

I don't consider people sycophants. Praise and blame ...neither of them are desirable. One is a fly. The other is a mosquito. I'm not anybody at all. I'm not into calling attention to myself. It so happen that, since I make music and write, entertain, whatever I am up to... I encounter people... that's how it goes. You may be sure that sycophants, as you call, them do not outnumber detractors. In some ways I am a sycophant of people who comment here and maybe because I don't come to your convenience store you think I don't like your products. The truth is that I don't shop much anyway. I only purchase what is necessary and I give everything else away.

I have spent my life trying to do the right thing when the wrong thing was the way to go. I definitely spent a lot of time in the Spice Kingdom on all levels and that probably doesn't reflect well on me but I'm a passionate guy and I made the usual mistakes everybody makes. None of that is relevant to the here and now. I don't have to worry about people liking or disliking me. I don't like myself to begin with. I was brought up that way and taught to believe that I was a piece of shit. I'm just trying to turn it into something else because that's what I got and I can't make lemonade out of it.

What am I supposed to do? Just stand in the corner and keep my mouth shut? I don't like what I see and I know that there is a better way. I don't give a shit about fame, money, power or any of the rest of that happy horseshit. I could have lived my life in peace if the world were the sort of place where that is possible but it isn't. So I have to go out into the trenches and do this when I would rather be doing other things. There are a lot of other things that are a lot more fun than doing this.

So... for some reason a few people like what I do. Listen up buddy. Lots of people don't and I have had to deal with it for a cruel fucking long time and what hurts the most is that it's the right thing but that and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee.

I think I was trying to say something but I expect it will make about the same difference that it ever did so just click on one of my advertisers that I have placed all over my site to show your support cause you can see I'm all about getting rich and having people throw flowers at my limousine when I drive by.

Anonymous said...

Like a message in a bottle I toss this note into the cypber sea in hopes that it will see its destination.

Manipulation and control are the words for the day. The populations have been dumbed down, distracted, diseased, divided, and drugged to the point that I don't think we really resemble humanity at all.

The core power of any society is the family - mostly broken relics in these times.

The core survival tool is education - our present population is dumbed down and distracted to the point of silliness. They can't even recognize a serious issue when it is sitting on the tip of their nose.

There isn't any cohesiveness in our society. No organizations allowed to form of any importance. Labor unions are a thing of the past. Political movements are a joke.

So, the two dollar question is, why? The methods suggest that we are being raised just like sheep. Just a bunch of "eaters". There are so many that are content with that.

The sheeple better wake up soon. The farm is getting a little to crowded and the farmer behind the curain may decide to make some adjustments that are not pleasent.


Ray Zerwitt said...


Yes, I need structure. I'm a carpenter. The same rules apply every day and there is never an exception. You may think those rules inhibit a carpenter's creativity, but au contraire. They unleash it.

I don't know why you think what you do. That I'm in some shallow end of YOUR pool, where you deem yourself out-raking me. FYI, I woke up early in 2002 when 2 influences came together. I was studying Genesis word by word and verse by verse when I watch "911 Road to Tyranny" by Alex Jones. It punctuated what I learned in genesis. I puked twice that day and every day that week, 20 times that month and at least 50 times that year, every time I thought of 'jews'. I was a marine and I was in prison too, just in case you think I can't handle a real shit sandwich. Anyhoo, before that I was looking up dead donkey's asses for answers, like you do. Needless to say I never found any. The mind of man doesn't know reality from fiction. You'd be surprised to find out reality exceeds anything you could ever imagine. Maybe you're the one with too much structure, in the form of a box around you. Or maybe you're a scribe.

Ray Zerwitt said...


I've been reading your essays since the 800 pound gorilla. "The hydra headed bitch media and the shitstorm machine" is a classic I like to show to everybody. I only started reading the comments here lately. Some of them piss me off. I think you have some provocateurs here. In spite of all the hell you've suffered, you still seem a little bit innocent. Power to you and what you do. Your allies are stronger than your detractors. I'm one, and I'm no sycophant.

Anaughty Mouser said...

"I don't give a shit about fame, money, power or any of the rest of that happy horseshit."
I know. That is what makes you so real.
I have been trying to give you something for a couple of weeks. Do you want it? Does it fall into the category of what you need?
My e-mails to each of your e-mail addresses remain unanswered. Every word in each e-mail is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
An answer would be cordial.
Glenn Dormer a.k.a. Mouser

Visible said...


I will be answering you. I haven't answered nearly any emails in almost 2 weeks. I keep apologizing for that here. I will be getting to it this week.


No offense intended on my part. I just say what comes into my mind. I could as easily be wrong as right.



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