Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Madness at the World's End.

Many who read here must have been noticing a new trend that has been moving away from specific subjects to a more general overview. The reason for this is that talking about Obamabush; torture, cover-ups, 9/11, wars in progress, wars on the horizon, financial crashes and the screeching demon spawn of modern day Israel, as well as the genocide in Gaza and across the globe from Peru to Western Papua doesn’t accomplish much because we all know about these things from the minority- I still have a heart- view or we don’t know much about anything because we really don’t give a shit about much more than our stomachs, sex organs and position in the pecking order.

The real reason I’m staying with an overview instead of specifics is that chain reaction, domino factor and my constant awareness of the Apocalypse thing. I’m an intuitive sort, being nearly all right brain. Most of you are left brain. However, it doesn’t matter how we come to our conclusions as long as they are accurate. It doesn’t matter if you use deductive or inductive reasoning. It’s the results that count. By my experience, my intuitive sense has been about 98% in governing my life experiences. There’s something to it. Rationalists can harp about empirical data all they want. It doesn’t change how I do things.

People think past life regression is a lot of BS but... they have no answers for uncanny events where people are speaking fluently in tongues unknown to them. People scoff at UFO’s, yet evidence of them exists in ancient cultures and large numbers of people have had experiences in the modern day. I am one of them. It is without question that there is as much fantasy and chicanery in these fields as there is in many of the holocaust memoirs but... some of it must be true and I am a firm believer that “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Even being mostly right-brained, as well as a metaphysician and mystic, I believe that anything which exists, no matter how fantastic in appearance MUST have a scientific basis. I believe that all the supernatural claims of religion MUST have a rational and scientific foundation. My explanation for this is that we only know a few of the laws of Nature and The Cosmos. The answer to what mystifies us lies in the laws we are not aware of or do not understand. Every bonafide, yogic master; Theosophist, metaphysician, holy man, woman or entity from the beyond will all tell you, “trust but verify.” Any authentic source will tell you to question everything. In many ways we are in a dark age. You don’t have to look far to prove this to yourself. The state of religion is always a good indicator of the degree of relative ignorance; this can be measured by the distance between the proclamations of the founders and the beliefs and behaviors of the followers.

Let’s go to Spengler’s theory of cyclic recurrence. Let’s look at the well know comment by Santayana that “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” If you were asked to verify these statements that most of us take for granted you might find yourself wondering how it is that you came to believe they are true. The seasons repeat. Day and night repeats. The planets and the moon go through their rotations and phases. Life is cyclic. People come out of the unknown and disappear back into it. History shows us that global crisis materialize and repeat in various aspects all along the length of itself. Revolution is a recurring fact. Catastrophes come and go. Civilizations rise and fall. It should require no great leap of the imagination to accept that apocalyptic periods occur according to their mysterious schedule. Once again I point out that the actual meaning of ‘apocalypse’ is uncovering, revealing. You can add ‘exposing’ to the list of possible definitions.

Let’s look at some of the things that are being revealed and exposed to the population which at any other time would have been swept under the rug; hundreds of facts concerning 9/11 and who did it, the root causers of financial mayhem, the dirty dealings of bankers and politicians, scams without count, genocide in Gaza, massive historical frauds about great events that clearly did not happen the way we had been led to believe they did, ubiquitous corporate malfeasance and so much more. Much of this has been uncovered and the veil lifted by tireless, internet detectives but... much of it has been made public by the very organs of disinformation that serve at the beck and call of those feeding upon the flesh, blood and resources of the peoples of the world.

I’m not a traditional prophet with a long beard and an even longer robe who feeds on locusts and cosmic fire. I don’t have to be. All I have to do is add up what is in front of me and weigh the possible scenarios against the conditions and the players and then see how that stacks up against what we know of the past.

Here’s what I see. I see a hard core minority of power mad reptiles who will stop at nothing to get what they want and who care less for human life than a boa constrictor cares about the comfort of the rat in its jaws or a psychotic pimp cares about the emotional state of an underperforming hooker. It’s probably less than that. It’s not personal with the snake and the pimp just sees himself as a business man. These other creatures enjoy evil for the sheer joy of doing it. You can’t take someone like a ruling member of The Rothschild family, David Rockefeller or his protégé, Henry Kissinger and attribute human qualities to them. They don’t have any. You may find this hard to believe or visualize but it is so.

On the other hand, you have a general public which, by dint of poor education, less curiosity and the endless assault of the Madison Avenue spin machine, has been reduced to a clueless automaton not far above the beasts of the field whose sole concern is the satisfaction of their appetites. Then there’s the people who get things done; heard, interpret experience, speak out in the available venues and who are awake by various degrees to what is going on. There are two groups here, those who serve the psychopaths and those who do not. The first group is the larger one.

You take these personnel and you analyze their possible actions under the influence of certain pressures such as the disappearance of basic needs and the rapid decrease of appetite satisfaction products. You consider the global money game being manipulated by the non-human entities I have mentioned and their reptile associates. You should remember that these characters have no more love for each other than they have for the rest of us. You add in natural calamities and engineered disasters which include assassinations, technical malfunctions, bio-engineered viruses and sundry. You factor in the intense pressure of the urban environment and the rapidly increasing population as well as the corporate fever to produce ever more dangerous items of ever more questionable quality for an ever increasing margin of profit.

There’s a great deal I could add to the mix should I be so inclined but you get the picture. What this all seems to indicate is that what is happening can’t keep happening and remain successful for the majority of the intentions of those profiteering from these things. The larger public is going to become more and more fearful of the loss of more and more of which they were accustomed to and more and more angry about it. The emerging of the police state in the U.S. and the U.K. is the reaction of the power junkies to the public unrest. Keep in mind their dislike of each other and the apocalyptic nature of the times.

Between now, on into 2010 and beyond, the world is going to be set on its ear. You are a fool to believe otherwise and we’ve got no shortage there. This is the time of shit introduced to fan. This is time we always heard about but which always happened at some other time. These are the ‘interesting times’ of the well traveled Chinese saying. Some of you can surf and most of you can’t even swim. The one thing I will say in conclusion here is that no one knows what shape it’s going to take. You’d better have something you can rely on because there are far too many everyone’s out for themselves.

When it really starts to get underway it’s going to be like a tsunami of dominoes and the usual assortment of people will be impressed by all the new extension of beach and whatever they can grab out of the retreating tide. There’s little more that I can say but there is a lot more for you to think about.

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Anonymous said...

Great. My food for thought w/ morning tea was reading
this new essay of yrs & Israel Shamir's new one,
"Oscar for Obama." Much more to think over indeed, as you concluded, while hoeing out the crabgrass in the garden.

Will Wilson said...

Hi Les-Great article.

These are days of Mr. Shit being introduced to Mr. Fan. Pleased to meet you hope you guess my name.

Anonymous said...

Kilaya here,
Les, another great essay and food for thought. I would just like to comment a little on the aspect of practicing a religion or having an affiliation with a religion. I believe the key to the worthiness of engaging in religious practice is whether or not it makes one a more warm-hearted and caring individual towards all sentient beings and towards the earth as a whole.
As a Buddhist practitioner, I try to constantly keep in mind that death is the one event in our lives that we can definitely count on and that the moment of our death cannot be known. For that reason I try to make my short stay on this planet in this present human body as meaningful as I possibly can. There really is no reason to become upset about future events or present ones. In every action, word or thought that I project I ask, is this of benefit to others or am I letting my ego take over and am thinking only of myself. In this way mindfulness of every moment begins to build. I cannot change the world and the events which are about to unfold but I can certainly change my perception of them and along the way be of some benefit to others in my own spere of influence.
Take care, my friend, and keep on with your fantastic writing, it is a great joy to communicate with you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Vis!

"like Sanskrit read to a pony"

As usual, all I can do is grab a quote and head for the hills.


ddjango said...

As usual, 99% of what you say rings exactly true.

My only point of disagreement is your argument that the meta-elitists do not possess human qualities. Just the opposite - they possess and display the very human qualities of greed, jealousy, and fear. Unlike most of us, they have never been subject to the laws of society which prevent most humans from exercising those terrible instincts to their fullest. They have gathered the "stuff" of "power" with no restrictions and see every other human as an enemy threat to their survival.

Honestly, if I were in their shoes, I probably would be no different.

Never having such power, we have had to learn the rules of society which posit that humility, self-restraint, and compassion are the true ways and means of survival.

I will not be saved. And I think that I will not go down fighting: I prefer to go down helping, comforting, and loving my fellow rabble. For I am fear without power.

Visible said...

psychopaths are not human. Read "Political Ponerology" Furthermore any psychiatric study will tell you they lack human empathy and other relative emotions and move about through the human herd mimicking emotions that they do not, cannot and never will experience. One must study what makes one a human being and then assess that those who lac these qualities effectively prove themselves not to be human.

Anonymous said...

I would not "be in their shoes" in the first place. I would do what it takes to get rid of that pair of army boots or gucci loafers or whatever else thats worn out or simply doesn't fit.

The trappings of the so called "wealthy, elite and successful" as portrayed by the wannabe creators media machine are so much junk. The business jet, the yacht, the plastic female struttin down that runway and that hole "lifestyle" are disgusting to anyone whos human.

Comfortable my ass!

Just being around those who lack empathy can make humans sick. I believe he termed it characteropathy.

Buy nothing and see the scaled ones squirm.

William Wilson said...

What I see the powers-that-be engaged in is-distracting people from vibes.
Vibes meaning non-materialistic forces and energies. It's an old 60s, hippie, freak term I guess

These vibes can be intense or less intense, depending on the person. Things from outside can assist picking up on them or distract.
Being stressed, buying useless crap, working like a dog, being worried about what others think, engaged in and pissed off about the corporate rat race-that's exactly where the bad people want their victims to be. One of my hopes is that more people refuse to play their game. It's not worth spending time and energy on.

Hank said...

Les, this article further confirms my belief that there is a congregation of the psychic nuclei occurring.

I too, as has been evidenced by my comments of late, have been looking more at the big picture. I think getting lost in the minutiae and the mechanics instead of focusing on intent, is part of what they want us to do. Part of the distraction, along with the constant satiating of our materialistic and physical gluttony.

They will never willingly let us see the bigger picture, because they know that it looks more like a frankinstein monster than a real man. The parts do not fit together very well, and when viewed on the whole, looks freakish. They don't want us to have that, wait a minute, what the fuck is that, moment.

I don't believe any truth seeking, reasonable person can deny the extraterrestrial influence in human culture and society. The available evidence is overwhelming that they have not only visited, but lived here. ETs are probably responsible for all of contemporary religion, and may very well be responsible for humans as we know them today. There are many myths, legends and stories about the "gods" coming down and breeding with humans. The oldest one I know is the story of Gilgamesh, who according to the tellers, was half human and half god. There are many similar stories, including some in the bible. "the sons of god, seeing that the daughters of man were fair, took them to wed...".

Now combine these stories with the fact that no evidence has been found to link modern man with the primitive humanoid remains that have been found, and one might reach the conclusion that aliens with a more highly evolved, but compatible DNA, introduced it into a more primative, less evolved or actualized DNA, and skipped an entire chapter in human evolution on this planet. But I digress.

The thing is, there IS a truth about who and what we are, and I believe there are those in power that know what that truth is, even if they don't know all the details. They also know that if the masses find out what that truth is, they are not only our of power, but they are dead.

There is no war they will not start, no famine they will not create, no disease they will not loose on the population of the world, there is NO length they will not go to, to keep this truth from us. They know that if we find out, beyond doubt, that humans are part of a galactic community, and not alone in the universe, all the shit they are selling us will rot on the shelf. All the things they use to separate us, and pit us one against the ohter will evaporate, and all their power over the masses goes with it.

Life on planet earth will change, virtually over night, but I am not nieve enough to believe it will all be good. You think people are afraid to see the truth about 911? Shit, you aint seen nuthin, like what will happen when the masses find out that everything they believe is a lie, and I would not want to be the ones that sold them that crock of shit.

Some of us see, or at least have the courage to look, and are ready in some sense for the truth to come out, whatever it may be. We know through whatever means, that our individual place in the universe is what it is, regardless of what perception of reality may exist on this earth, and it gives us courage to accept our connection to the life force, and to each other.

I only wish we, with the still have a heart view, were not in such a minority. Of course, if we weren't, I probably couldn't get a word in edgewise here. Peace to you all.

Visible said...


I had a flying saucer land right in front of me in the desert outside of Palm Springs, California and the inhabitants step out of the ship and start talking to me in rhythmic sounds. It's quite a story and this isn't the place for it. However, I was accompanied by a particular witness who in his community was considered the most truthful person around.

This is not the only event. I had about four more of different types. There have been none further in the last twenty years. I don't swap UFO stories and I don't spend any time reading about sightings or any of the rest. I don't care one way or the other about unexplained phenomena. I know it's around but I don't know what it has to do with me. I'm concerned with the spiritual realm and my invisible friends as well as high beings who occasionally step into my mind and tell me things.

As I have said, all of this has a rational scientific basis to it. But I'm about as concerned with it as I am with Hollywood. Special effects don't do anything for me. I'm after Wisdom and Understanding and certain other qualities and the removal of the obstacles to my self realization as well as whatever weaknesses I have. After that is accomplished maybe I'll give more attention to these things.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les-ji Bhai -

I know you don't buy into this program, but, other folks, please be aware and seriously "question everything", especially the "instincts" that you may think are 'natural' to human beings. Ponerology is crucial indeed, and too the bullshit idea of "original sin" in its many variations and permutations that get subconciously taken on as we struggle to comprehend the vile actions of the human-imposters.

An interesting statement recently regarding the genocide in (Sri) Lanka where the writer calls the place the "Island of Demons". (20,000+ civilian deaths in a week!) Hmmmm, that reminds me of something....can't remember....oh yeah, the RAMAYANA!
Sheesh, what's next, prime minister 'Ravana' kidnapping Sonia Gandhi? Strange correspondences indeed in these times.

Jupiter is the GRACE (Teacher), smack dab on top of the Neptune-Chiron conjunction mirroring the present unveiling of delusions. Be open. The Teacher is everywhere.

Well, gotta go tend the garden and my lovely flock of young hens and ducks.....

Loved that line "Saying is the new doing" on your other blog, BTW!

"if you run to the sea,
the sea will be boiling
if you run to the rocks,
the rocks will be melting
if you make your bed in hell,
I will be there...
where ya gonna fuckin run to?
where ya gonna fuckin run to?"
-Sinead O'Conner, Peter Tosh's
"Downpresser Man"

Carry on, Shiv-Jah Guide I & I,

Anonymous said...

LOL -- viddy their flag
Were they separated at birth? The 13 bars
represent 'commerce and free trade' (and the
colonisation of Asia by UK/USSA).
Nothing but the glorification of War on the news
today; as if two ongoing aren't enough we've got
to get all warm and fuzzy again over the mass slaughter of 6/6/44.
I suppose when a country has outsourced all its
manufactures except perpetual war and the building of new prisons it makes a sort of 'sense'!

Masher1 said...

I trust God.
Faith is all I need.

I fear NO man or any manly deeds. I fear God.

Good luck everyone.

Anonymous said...

What's a psychopath? Someone who serves themself. Liars, cheats with little to no guilt or remorse. They stomp their way to the top of their respective fields and declare themselves a winner. They stomp on each other too as all are fair game and it's just business. A lot if not most politicians, church leaders, salesmen and business leaders are psychopaths. They go to church on Sunday to have their sins forgiven then are protected on Monday by their corporations. Around these parts, they build golf courses, surround them with large houses and whack their balls all afternoon while conducting business.

Then it's off the course to their wife, hummer, or a combination of both. It's a good life we're all supposed to aspire to if we could only lose our humanity and become evil rotten scumbags. So, what's your handicap?

Phil R.

Greg Bacon said...

Whether man created god or god created man remains to be seen and we'll all find out eventually.

Personally, I think that when it's all said and done and our corpse lies moldering in the grave, we're nothing more than a banquet for flesh-eating worms.

If there is a god, it should be one of love on a pure, unadulterated level without the hangups and manipulations created by men to control religion and people.

But I do detect something coming this way, and I don't get the feeling that it's going to be all that bad.

Anonymous said...

I saw a hummer headed towards me yesterday sporting an American flag license plate on the front bumper and flying an American flag from the radio antenna. Riding my bike home, I saw a black Cadillac Escalade with an American flag sticker emblazoned on the rear door. These things are everywhere. I personally know people who are aware of the 9-11 scam, and are down with the plan.

The plan is doomed to failure. The plan relies on the hegemony of Federal Reserve Notes within the context of world trade. That is unraveling.

Once the world's savers figure out the dollar is glorified toilet paper, and US bonds have zero hope of ever being paid back, it is game over. We're in the home streach.

I'm not a financial guru, but to the good people that read this blog, I say protect your savings. Trade your paper dollars for physical silver or gold. The Anglo-American empire is crashing.

Hank said...

Les, first let me say that I am envious of your encounters. It is something I have wanted almost all my life, and have not had.

I also believe that there is a rational, scientific explanation for everything, and I cannot discount the possibility that what we know as spirituality, may also have an explanation in science, even if that science is beyond our knowing. Although I have never had an alien encounter, I have had a spiritual encounter. My belief in a spiritual realm is as certain as my belief in other life forms in the universe.

I have had a metaphysical bent most of my life, even when I didn't know what it was. I have always searched for answers about everything. Some have called me a know it all, and my response has become, no, I don't know it all, but I want to. The hardest part for me has been unlearning all the bullshit that had been drummed into me from day one. At times, I have found it extremely hard to unburden myself of all the lies, in an effort to make a place for true knowledge and wisdom. I have discovered that lies and true knowledge cannot occupy the same place at the same time. However, I have also come to believe that if you reject and expell the lies, true knowledge is more than happy to take it's place.

I have reached a place where the lines between physical life and spirtual life have become blurred, and at times I feel that if my desire to know was strong enough to overcome my human fear of the unknown, I could travel between the two realms unfettered. The main impediment is the human condition. I believe that IT is the weakness in us all. It is the fear that is programed into the human animal that prevents true leaps of faith. Some have been able to overcome the condition, but to date, I have not. I can only conclude that my belief, simply is not strong enough, and that shadow of doubt is what keeps me from being able to pick that lock of fear. At least I have reached a point where I know that the battle, and the answers are right here within me.

Let me finish by saying that I have found comfort and knowledge in the words that your spirit has been gracious enough to share, and it will be a sad day, if it ever decides to stop. Peace and love to my friend.

Anaughty Mouser said...

"...find out that everything they believe is a lie..."
What is the greek or latin or some other old language's word for the moment when the character in a play realises everything they had thought to be true up until that point is in fact a lie?
There is a specific word for this moment in theatre.
Wonderfully written and fuly correct as always Les. Kudos.


Anonymous said...

tell us about your ufo encounter

DalGuy said...

Great article Les! I pretty much agree with everything you say. I am amazed on a daily basis at the ignorance of peoplet in my little circle of friends and family.

"Whomever" did an outstanding job of brain washing the American Sheeple. I feel like I live in a differnt world, or reality than most. I don't want to give the impression of arrogance here, as I am not neccesarily more intellegent than them, I guess whatever it is "they" did to the Sheeple, did not affect me.

I have friends and family who are millionaires, all their fortunes in the stock market, and they refuse to even discuss what we know. I don't know what it takes to get through to them, besides when "it hits the fan", perhaps they will wake up. And find themselves in an alley somewhere, probably still denying it happened.

Like I said, "they" did an outstanding job of brainwashing the American Sheeple.

Anonymous said...


Great piece as it gets to the very (simple) heart of our condition. As you rightly point out, "they" don't want us to see the big picture, or even a large fragment of it. Thus we have layers of "institutions", and think of that word in its meanings that suggest "requiring confinement", that are precisely engineered to explode our perception of the world into tiny fragments, and then rearrange them into nonsensical pathways leading always away from the big picture.

Thus, Krishnamurti informed us that we should only use the details to make a living, raise our kids, and so forth. But all the other time we have should be spent in a purely observational mode. When we look at a tree, instead of the verbal brain dismissing it as a mere "tree", perhaps we should take in the many glorious details which make that particular tree unique. With practice, this "x-ray" vision will extend to the people around us. So instead of constantly substituting the image we have settled on for our spouse, say, we actually watch very carefully without prejudice or attempting to jump to a conclusion all the signals they are sending out. Where silence begins, understanding ensues.

From there the big picture is only a heartbeat away.

Love and Peace to All who understand.


Anonymous said...

Stepping out, getting there has it's moments,through the hall of riddles to the calls for return, friend or foe and into stop, is out still in.. middling betweens dangerous to the old weave, to hammer-man's release valve tapped on time as the angry couldn't feel it, stuck inside the crows mouth, damned if others don't drink the same song, take the medicine, spread the disease, life in a dark place.
Trouble to the energy of that body that builds to fill with sweet nothings, that is pleased with those that join the chain, who lock themselves and forget the key's existence.
Outside in just before after their nightmare, not a door they favor, one they need kept shut.

Edric Treewick of beyond is here.

Anonymous said...

Another powerful piece from you, Mr Vis. You make my day, you really do. Especially when I'm feeling a little depressed by the state of the world, the optimism which somes through in your writings buoys me up again. Thanks you, Les.

Some of the comments today, about the interaction and mix of 'alien' with human genes have encouraged me to post this link for a book by William Bramley called 'The Gods of Eden', about just such matters, which can be found on-line here:

You and some of your readers will probably know of it, but if you haven't, be prepared to be stunned!

As for psychopaths, what hasn't been mentioned is that they cannot be 'cured'. There is no way to treat them, because they are lacking in those qualities which define us as evolved humans, e.g. compassion and empathy. How can an abstract virtue, such as a conscience, be implanted into someone? It could never happen. Psychopaths are UNTREATABLE! And these people have all the temporal power; these are the people who are controlling (or not!) our lives.

Love the Nakba Flame, by the way!


locust said...

LOCUST / I am a nobody. I'm not half as smart as the rest of you, but I have wanted to know truth since I was a child. I'm 51 years old and tried several different beliefs. 30 years ago I was 100% sure the rapture was close at hand. Now I believe everyone is insane and nothing is going to change. happy death to us all.

Franz said...

"...psychopaths are not human"

Bang on!

Wish more people knew that.

See, there's an esoteric-conspiracy thing about 2012 that fits right in here:

YES -- there are cycles, but the one confusing us re 2012 is that this cycle is NOT set-in-stone, nor even especially rigid.

It's been kept under wraps by the usual suspects because it's a cycle of Optimal Trigger. Elites, bad ones, interacting with nature, can weaponize the Music of the Spheres.

Our orbit around the galaxy is not a nice round circle. It's eliptic. We are on a squeeze curve in this elipse, right now. Been there awhile in fact (John Lamb Lash says since the end of WWII which sounds depressingly likely.)

At this point, Elites can trigger immense energies and cascading disasters should they choose, and it looks like they have so chosen.

"Human" is a choice and they've chosen to be deranged gods instead. Catastrophe is literally possible.

I like your approach, along with Lash and a few others, because you are aware this is not a political opportunist's dream, this era we are in.

Hell, political pundits are AVOIDING issues right now and sticking to tripe because denying the cosmic importance of our situation is no longer possible. They are trying the ostrich thing and it's getting flimsier by the day. Ruch Limbaugh is openly mocked. People are getting wise, however slowly.

I believe the Archons, which is what Wise Ancients called those who have power and choose to be demented gods instead of human, are going to overplay their hand. They will lose and lose big.

But their loss may not be our gain. The importance of your metaphysical approach is that mere politics cannot help us. If we play it that way we will become as bad as what we are fighting. But you know this, sorry for rambling.

Best to all of us on the Other Side. This will be a tough nut for sure.

notamobster said...

dearest vis - as you may or may not have noticed, I have been quite infrequent these past many months... I feel the cold fingers reaching for my neck, and decided to enjoy every minute with my children and wife.

As I said to the fine folks at yesterday, be bold in all that you know to be right & good and forget all the other shit . . . I still pay attention, but only so I can see the road sign before we reach the curve.

Love to you, as always, vis!

Anonymous said...

During the Carter years when we were having horrendous inflation someone wrote a book describing people in this country splitting into two groups. There were those who had the jobs, income and wealth and could stay ahead of the curve, and the misfortunates who had none of this and were being left permanently behind. There would be little interaction between these two groups and eventually they wouldn't even be able to relate to each other. This was to be an economic separation.

Well we are older and wiser now and we do indeed have economic separation, but some of us have come to realize that the disparity goes much deeper. "There are creatures who enjoy evil for the sheer enjoyment of it." They have been around for a long time but with the advent of the internet their cloak has been removed. We know who many of them are. Reptiles, clones, demons, inter-dimensional entities, psychopaths, lets just call them the dark. On the other end of the spectrum is the light. These individuals can also be inter-dimensional, 5D, or aware humans loving and working for the betterment/awakening of mankind. Unfortunately, as Les said, the largest group of individuals are the clueless zombies who have no idea what is going on. They believe what they are told and will fight to the death to protect their most precious commodity, their personal ignorance.

What a fucked up predicament. The way things stand today i'm aftaid there is no way out. Just being optimistic won't cut it. Try being optimistic about winning the lottery. As I've said before we need help. The dark ones have their demons and they are on the verge of a complete takeover. Even if they were to fail on the first grab they are very patient and can set up again.

Do you follow/believe channeled material? There is plenty of it out there. Some good some not so good. As with everything else you must use discretion. Does it ring true for you personally? Ask yourself this, short of landing in Washington or your back yard, what other method could the light forces use to communicate with the human race? Could they send articles to the Jew York Times? Les said he has had contact with aliens. So has thousands of other people. I wish I could say I was one of them.

The light forces are reaching out and we damn sure need their help. The clueless are watching the NBA, American Idol, Survival bullshit and playing video games etc. The dark hats are slobbering all over themselves while planning their next diabolical move. If enough of us ask for help and our supplication reaches a critical mass help will come. Pester those clueless slugs. Send them a link to Smoking Mirrors, What Really Happened, Truth Seekers etc. Follow up, slap them around intellectually. This is war and we need all the troops we can get.

As an aside, how about all those chemtrails. They are spraying almost daily and covering the whole sky. It must be costing billions, because they are doing it everywhere. How about our brave pilots spraying all that shit. Their wives and kids are breathing it. What kind of bullshit do the higher ups feed them ? They are saving the world from global warming, weather modification, blanket of protection over our skyes? How could they be so stupid? Someone must have stuck their head in a barrel of the shit and they lost all their marbles. Well I guess if they can bomb wedding parties in Afghanistan and kill women and children in Iraq for corporate America and Israel they are capable of anything.

Amazing, I can't copy/paste on your site. I have two computers, same thing with both. I can copy/paste anywhere else on the net. ZOG doesn't appreciate you Les!

Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

It's easy to occupy the simple mind, even easier to control it.

simon said...

Hi les, great article

Just a heads up - For the last few smoking mirrors, when I've loaded your site, my browser (safari, and opera) continually loads and then immediately reloads your site, which I can only stop by forcing a reload and then interrupting it. Which sometimes leaves the page incompletely loaded, so then I have to try again and catch it right - a royal pain in the arse.

Ps. apropos nothing at all - science is not a position, it is a method.
Observation-Hypothesis-Test-Theory -Repeat.....

That's All of science.

It is a good method, but to automatically equate Science with the Truth (as some do, and as the implication often is) is, to my mind, a bit like equating God with the Abrahamics or any other particular religion. Which is not to say that that point of view is wrong, just that it's probably quite a limited perspective.

No offense meant.


Knight Templar said...

Greeting Dumballah... Fud is at the Gate! keep pounding brother. I have not been able to bug you with my rhetoric for days, it's getting so my keyboard is fucked, and then if that doesn,t fuck me your page continually refreshs, as it is doing now FUCK ME WHEN I GET MY HANDS AROUND YOUR THROATS! Oh, in Aussie we have some anonymous haters parading as extremist muslims - definately sayanim. A nob hed that pretends to be a mullah and some dopey Israhelly slut that pretends to be an offended muslim woman! If you have never heard an Israhelly accent google for one!

The time of the helterskelter is near! Be on the right team or else, don't think it aint you that will cop a flogging, it's all about you and me (generic slam, grin). I hope this bile gets through tonight, if only for the sake of the rebellious bile!! You have never been alone. Nor are you or you or YOU!

A Temple Knight standing to the barricades!

Remember it might be your loved ones that we risk our lives to defend..Gaza here we come!

I'll give ya 'shek inar' C%#T! Israel must be dismantled!
The 'fallen' won't give it up. It has to be taken, Gold digging Bio-slaves or not! Oh, and if I was created to be a Bio-slave THEY FUCKED UP! I like my life and I love my kids, and whatever it takes, I fight!

Kevenj said...

"But I'm about as concerned with it as I am with Hollywood."

Umm. They actually landed and talked to you?
Pray Les, tell us more!
To attribute your incident near Palm Springs to silly special effects wouldn't be the first ah, description I might give it...but then I never have a change of pants available when I need them.

Perhaps they were trying to tell you to get in the CA. R.E. market before prices were starting to go through the roof?

Just a thought.

paolocaruso said...

Les, a brilliant and prescient essay. I agree with you that all what we perceive as supernatural has natural explanations.

As for the shit hitting the fan… it is coming in a bad way. The sheeple sleep and gorge themselves on crap, while the U.S. government is arming little local police departments with M-16s. Swat teams are not enough evidently. There may be terrorists in Mayberry RFD.

The propaganda coming from CBS and NPR has become most outrageous.

Bernie Madoff has disappeared from the media. The investigation of his sons and wife is non existent. Where’s the money Bernie?? The great philanthropic Carl and Ruth Shapiro Foundation where bemoaned as victims, until they found out that Carl Shapiro (an old Brandeis buddy) was indicted for collaborating with Madoff on the swindle. The news broke one day only, and they did not refer to the Shapiro Foundation, but only Carl as a woman’s clothier. But that story completely disappeared from the MSM.

The minority of us, who are not comatose, are too small to stop what is going to occur. In order to gain a perspective on the scope of the carnage one merely has to drive through the metropolitan suburbs with hundreds of thousands of homes and family, who are critically connected intravenously to the produced nothing leveraged debt economy. The party is over and evil and suffering will soon be uncovered for all to experience. Only then will they listen to the prophets and desperately look for a savior.

Anonymous said...


The opener seems clear? I too have seen things of a nature not understood yet, ie UFO’s. I too have a friend who thinks in Latin but speaks in English, and she wasn’t born in Rome. What is not clear are the links to past life events to me? Unclear are they until I begin moving and thinking in a more balanced and paced manor. Then, all thing here, before me seem unclear and somewhat lifeless? Its kinda one or the other?
Now left and right only work if you care to spilt yourself up in a scientific way? We are all sides of oneness, at all times. You seem to need answers that can be shared with your left brained friends? Well to do, but the form of your ideas can be misleading if you hope to reach out past the western world? If the answer seem clear, they maybe, are too clear? The root or need of the question itself is lost in this way? The details will mislead ever the most high minded and why we even need to question comes into play? Please, keep asking, it will come to you after all other forms of the same thing have no questions nor details left to comb though, but keep in mind the “why.”
The lizard detail is of great value too. What I say, not being well versed in the area, is that we all have the “lizard” in us too. We have a hard job to complete here. Be as we are but know we have an “other” nature to us. A not so earthly one, that pulls us out of whack? Now I say that the elite of this world are just moving with the “alien” self and not our older and more motherly earth self? The effects are clear, look at any Wally World in the US and you can see the green skin right below the surface?
The hope is to “change” that nature in the self and as a group to share how? In time this new addition to the dna of man will leave us? What comes of that is too unclear, but knowing what not to follow will help?

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Weird. This is the first time I could not post a comment on the first try. So I guess it's spread to me. Also, on your blog list, that CasaZaza thing, I clicked on it and was told it no longer exists. Did the Canadian version of ADL come after them or is this just more errant fucking w/ yr site by unknown parties? Quien sabe.

Anonymous said...

fragments of the big picther?

Keyth Vance said...

Les, I don't know if you read your readers comments but the last Blog you wrote I asked why people were not mentioning ET's and to my surprise you spoke about the phenomena this time, I thought that was awesome!
The reason I asked is because the role ET’s play is an important one, a beautiful one in fact and I’m not speculating as I’m making these claims, I have had subjective experiences that have allowed me to come to all of my conclusions.
Friends Fear Nothing... One person commented that he only feared God, but what’s there to fear about God? Nothing reasonable, nothing plausible, nothing that can destroy your soul if you are in compliance with the universal laws, so what about God do you fear? You are God! Look around you we are all God! Is God not omnipresent? Some people say that many others are sleep... well how many people here are fully awake? How many Buddha’s are among us? Or how many people are just too afraid to cross over to the other side? Yes to obtain higher states of awareness much has to be sacrificed, but that which has to be sacrificed has proved to be unreal hasn’t it? A course in miracles sais “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal can exist herein lies the peace of God”. I think we should all experiment with collective consciousness; it’s a very simple process all we’d have to do is meditate on a specific object, event, outcome, etc. It works and we can prove it together, we can stop talking roll up our sleeves, and go to work. Or maybe we won’t. Because even though we come here and agree with one another, and uplift one another, even though we have all obtained a level of consciousness that exceeds that of the majority of the world’s population, and continually educate one another helping each other expand their individual awareness, even though all that come here are undoubtedly special… Maybe we’re just too afraid to make moves together. And that’s where these nonhuman, psychopaths win!!! Can’t you see it???? We are allowing them to win! They can only use human beings free choice against them this is why so much effort is put into dumbing people down! These Manipulative forces allow these diabolical beings to seemingly stay in control.
In the end I love you all! Les your Amazing… and can we all please just get to work!

A.Mouser said...

Your site would appear to be under attack both from without and from within.
Cyber screwing with loging-on and posting from without, and you being goaded to go onto an UFO tangent in order to undermine your credibility from within.
Continue to be be wiser than all the authors of these sugar-coated, acid-laced compliments Les - as I have seen you consistently be over these past 12 months.
May God grant more power to the bearers/barers of truth - the bearers of light.

A.Mouser said...

(definition not according to zionist controlled wikipedia ;)
A cat good at cathing mice.

This particular mouser sometimes gets so angry at the free reign and the size of the rats thriving in this sewage dumpster of a society we live in that he will fight and kill a rat bigger than himself. Sort of like territoriality where in nature a smaller animal will consistently defend, defeat and dominate that revere it sincerely believes is its home.

A sometimes right pissed-off rat-killing mouser

Zellie said...

My path, step by step...curiously, innocently, without preconceptions has lead me to a view point that a) accepts aliens to be true b) accepts the paranormal....I don't have a lot of 'proof' only experiences...that's my proof...when I open my mouth...only my dear Dad wants to listen...other siblings listen with a smile upon their lips and laughter on their throats...but when a dream comes through, and then I share it, and then it comes true, OR a variant of it...their eye brows raise, and the inner eye gets opened...a's the chip, chip, chip...sometimes, I think...why do I bother to warn, to educate, to share, to try...? I am not wise, nor good at any of it...only reason I can give is my intuition tells me that what is coming is going to be a good thing in the end...will many lives be lost??? Maybe....will many lives be saved? Absolutely! What profits a man/woman to gain the world but lose their soul? I plan on keeping my soul even if I lose the world... that's the message I hold in my heart...if I stay, make me an instrument of thy will...if I go, take me to my maker! Either way, win win/Live Live/Love Love.

I've had UFO dreams all my life...before close encounters of the third kind...Had one unusual experience that came to me, as a remembrance weeks AFTER the original event...I was in my bed and a blue/teal light was lifting my body up, and I knew there was a craft over the house...that was about 19 years ago, and nothing until this last the early hours, I woke up, and I felt something crawling up my nostril...and it was painful...and it felt like it implanted itself right up inside my nose...the pain woke me up...and I lay there pressing my fingers on my nose, it was a very weird experience...and painful...I wonder about it...but I can't explain blood, no snot, no bugs...I just do not know what that was. Mostly my spiritual insight has come through dreams, signs, two times distinctly hearing a voice - one in sleep, one during awake (for example, I was struggling with the saying, "to do God's will...since I don't go to church nor bible study, I didn't really have a template of what that exactly meant, besides trying to be a good person...well I took a nap, and a voice distinctly said to me: "Manifeting the fruits of the spirit is doing God's will."...but it is my intuition that I listen to....I think that a lot of people have these abilities and can grow to be more aware of them...many spiritual evolved people have written it, said it, and demonstrated it...

Anonymous said...

Someone should organize a site, whereby we all focus our collective consciousness together, at the same time, UTC time, and focus our thought together, on a particular subject matter. I don't think this has ever been done collectively at the same time by. Imagine the power.

Zellie said...

P.S. I meant to other very very very unusual dream about a year and a half the end the message was: "Do not resist the coming police state." That's how I knew a police state was coming to the U.S. And I do not plan on resisting it.

Duke said...

Peace be with all.

"Between now, on into 2010 and beyond, the world is going to be set on its ear."

Right on.

rob said...

geez, i clicked on your site after listening to steven jones' latest 911 research on KPFA's "guns and butter" hoping for some additional inspiration and a i get spiritual narcissism pretending to be well-wishing from the lifeboat to the people left on the titanic. let me spell it out. there's real hard evidence, forensic, expert testimony, etc. you don't need to feel any "vibes" you just have to read or listen. hey, i've got an idea, let's get our heads out of our asses and stand up like americans. religion and UFO sightings along with relativism, has inpaired our ability to make sound judgements about fact vs fiction. i'm a spiritual person and both sides of my brain and my gut are telling me to focus on 911 right now. dr steven jones, a courageous wonderful genius, is conducting the most important scientific inquiry in the history of this nation on our behalf with very little support. my investment advise is send him some money because our country has been taken over by blood thirsty killers whose massive bailouts may be massive blackmail payments. stop cowering and backsliding into comforting spiritual postures. stand up and fight with clear articulate thinking and lets expose these people. if we can't do that, then we deserve destruction. we're already a disgrace. a million people were killed on what we admit were our lies and no one has been brought to justice. instead, we elect a black president to do the same damn thing while we bask in how great we are for electing him. anything changed? and in the midst of it we wax philosophical. hello? frankly, i'm ashamed and some of what i've heard here is dangerous because it's tolerated and insidious. hey, dude, don't call on the spiritual realm when we're looking like this. they probably don't like us right now. nor do the aliens. besides, we don't deserve spiritual assistance because we've not exhausted the earthly remedies at our disposal. we can turn this thing around. we've got real evidence. science. 911 truth. let's get busy folks, time is running out...

Visible said...

It's always an amusing moment for me when someone suddenly catches on to things that others have known for years and becomes, not only an expert but capable of analyzing the works of others with barely a glance needed while sprouting a third eye in which the very core crystal of the world's truth rotates unceasingly before them.

It's a good thing you bypassed the need for any introspection because that would only slow you down, the same as would concerns over punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Hank said...

Rob, about 911 and the bad guys and what they are doing.... We know. All of us here, well almost all, know these things and much more.

Your search for truth is admirable, but obviously having a young soul, you have not yet learned finesse. You attempt to assualt ignorance with a battring ram, and it is impervious to such attacks. You my friend, are the reason they came up with the phrase, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Your attempts to enlighten others is again, admirable, but you have to have noticed that you are not having much luck. I would suggest that you now try and enlighten yourself as to the nature of ignorance. Know your enemy.

Ignorance is a choice, and it does have benefits. It allows the comfort of bliss, which many find too nice to give it up, for a truth that will require action, and discomfort.

You must also know your weapon. Truth is poison to ignorance, and it doesn't take much to kill it. It is also much easier to sneak a little in ignorances drink, than it is to splash a bucket full in it's face.

Lastly, as to all this "spiritual narcissism", it is also important to understand the beasts that house and utilize ignorance. They are bombs, these ignorant humans, and if not defused in the proper manner, will likely as not, blow up in your face. I would humbly suggest that you slow down, take a breath, and listen enough to be able to hone your weapon of truth into something effective, instead of expending all your energy on a frontal assault, that is doomed to fail. Peace.

Jody Paulson said...

Anonymous 8:02 said: "Someone should organize a site, whereby we all focus our collective consciousness together, at the same time, UTC time, and focus our thought together, on a particular subject matter."

There are actually sites like this out there right now. comes to mind. I've also worked with (they've slacked off on posting the community healing times, but I go on just assuming they're continuing at the same time on full/new moons.) The best time to do this kind of work is, in fact, during full/new moons, esp. eclipses.

A while back ago, Les invited us all to levitate the Pentagon, and I'm still waiting for a GMT on that, Les! We don't need to be physically present within a quarter mile of the Pentagon, we just need to be psychically present, but I think it would definitely help if you advertised a time and we all perform a little experiment. :)

Keyth Vance said...

Hank that was wonderfully said=) Friends can we come together and experiment with our collective consciousness? If we can sincerely attempt to participate in such a project and focus our thoughts, the results will not only be verifiable but they will lead to many more projects of the same nature, more and more people will come until we became the most powerful, most revolutionary, and most peaceful force that was ever assimilated. Again my claims are not based on speculation as I have had subjective experiences as a result of meditating that has allowed me to realize the power that comes with it. And I’m sure anyone else who meditates often can testify as well. The space between objects is not empty but filled with a living essence we truly are all connected. Our brothers outside of light use force in the form of guns, bullets, bombs, etc those inside of light can choose to use that which cannot be affected by these weapons, the spirit and the power that lies within it can produce an infinite array of results, just imagine the possibilities. Any feelings of not being able to create significant change in this world will vanish as we all work together to produce the desired results. We will not fight fire with fire, because we know there means to be obsolete. We are all here to interact with each other for a reason are we not? Is now not the perfect time? Are we not the perfect group? What is holding us back?
I love you all. Meditate. Peace.
Thank you Les

justoffal said...

Greetings Mr. Visible.

I find it amusing that the evil elves of wall street are blindly dancing to the pied piper of doom. The market is doing a dead cat bounce while the fools and morons are running out to buy more kitty litter.

Jeremiah circa 2010!

I once said that I felt that you were on the precipice of something huge...and so I see it has come to pass. You have become the voice of our age.


Anonymous said...

I do like your attitude.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Celente ain't bad either..

sounder said...

Keyth Vance wrote…
"Any feelings of not being able to create significant change in this world will vanish as we all work together to produce the desired results."

We need to be coming from a new center so that we have a way to truly ‘all work together’. A new assessment as to the nature of being is called for. Not ‘direct knowing’, but a set of relative truth forms that connect God more closely to our expressions of consciousness. It is one thing to say lets all work together; it is another thing to create the tools that facilitate this working together.

There is a essay on my blogspot called; Creativity Unleashed, that is an attempt to cultivate a new style of consciousness. I would love any comments or help in refining the presentation.

What is holding us back?

Pride, ego and beliefs, or lack of a proper center for focus?

I love you all.

We love you also.

Masher1 said...

Who drives YOUR car Keyth? Do you think anything you experience comes from any other source than God?

Do you think thats "Air" you breath?

All we know,see,hear and touch is sourced from ONE point.

Everyone needs to learn the true driver of the CAR and fear not laerning the lessons.

Worldly diversions and untruths abound to TEST and EDUCATE you if you are willing to learn.

If you are unclear on the God concep your days will be frought with falls and pain. Follow along the offered path and NOTHING will ever come between you and the force driving your CAR home.

See through the fog of man and the evil curtains he weaves before your time is expired and your gas runs out leaving you at the roadside awaiting the storms that come this wayeth.

Time for pissing around is over folks. The sorting out is moving along at ever increasing paces and scales. Those that sourt out there own lessions and work there OWN fixes will have a much better outcome, Those that don't can expect serious Godsmacks and fire.

I fear not having enough of my own shit together unlike so many i see all around me. I fear i have missed doing some vital bits... God knows this.

Man is trapped here on planet "HELL" and has to work his ass off to earn a PASS off this stinking rock of mammon.

So Keyth Who is driving YOUR car? You or God??

I can't drive yet but i hope to be able to one day soon, how about you?

FunnyMoney said...

FunnyMoney from the GIM forum here.

Loved the article, someone linked to it over at Gold Is Money.

Lot of talk about God over here, did anyone see the video where it debunks a lot of that as misguided energy and points to the Creator instead?

Just thought I would mention it.

They essay was really great, sorry had to repeat myself because I really felt so strongly about it.
Reads like this always trigger a memory, "was it the blue pill or was it the red one?"

Well anyway, I will try to do my part.
I see everyone here is doing theirs as well...
Please carry on.

Still alive said...

Why is it that America is always in the dark ages?

Egy Azziera said...

End of the World? Clearly, attribution will be difficult to prove. but there are significant possible implications, beyond further proof that cyber warfare is becoming a part of mainstream international conflict.



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