Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Howdy Doody Hypocrisy and the BS Express.

I was packing for and traveling on yearly migration to the other location and then I’ve been waiting for my new monitor so that I could see what I was writing and... in the meantime came the Iranian election.

During this time, I have seen and heard some news about what is happening in Iran. The first thing I have to say, because it is the single most important thing, is that the Zionist owned media is an international lie machine. Its business is based on lies. Its products are lies and all of its employees are liars. The first thing any reader of the MSM must say to themselves as they begin to read or listen to anything found there is, “This is a lie. What sort of lie is it? Why is this particular lie being told and... what sort of amplifiers are they using for the air guitars and lip synching?

Now that we are on the same page, let us first address the dripping irony which hisses as it hits the sidewalks and pits the cement like the acid blood from the creature in “Alien” it burned its way through the spaceship. What is that irony? It is to be found in the words of the Howdy Doody President as he tells us that, after watching TV for a few days, he is compelled to comment on the uproar in Iran. This begs the big question. If Howdy Doody is so moved by the manufactured, small public uproar that produced a dozen deaths over a few days then... why? Pray tell why did this president remain silent over the many, many, many deaths in the Operation Cast Lead adventure in Gaza which played across the TV screen for weeks?

I don’t have the exact quote from Fox News that I saw a few days ago, where Howdy Doody said something about it being impossible for him to remain silent while observing this inflated, blow-up doll, exaggeration of a manufactured news item. I don’t need it. His simpering, sanctimonious posturing, in the link already given, would make Joe Lieberman green with envy at the power of the sycophantic posturing, performed by this wooden puppet at the teleprompter screen.

All this hypocritical concern for the fairness of elections abroad in the face of proven, domestic election fraud that gave the presidency to a psychopath who didn't legally win... once; not once.

Who is fomenting the media uproar? That would be the fellow travelers of the ones telling the lies about what happened. Who is making a news item out of this seemingly, unrelated hype? One needs only to look at who makes up the majority (and in some cases, entirety) of the board of the organizations reporting it. Then one should take the actual numbers of all of the players to assess the relative importance of this news as compared to the amount of people hit by lighting- or hit by red cars on a Tuesday while crossing the street- to get some measure of its real importance. Don’t link this information and/or the rhetoric to the impetus for increased hate crime legislation. Don’t go looking for the real connections that exist behind the smoke and mirrors or you might be named as one more ‘terrorist truther” looking for an Al Qaeda ‘friend with benefits’.

Do I need to mention the connection between Ghorbanifar -the arms merchant- and candidate Mousavi? Do I need to point out that, just as in Venezuela, the opposition reflects the disenchantment of the elite and the rich ...with the incumbent’s efforts to improve the lives of the middle class and the poor? Do I need to point out the connections between the CIA/Mossad apparatus and the opposition in both locations? Do I need to point out that the polling before the election was very accurately reflected in the election results?

How stupid and incurious does one have to be not to be able to connect the dots? I won’t measure that for you. Stupidity is a major growth industry. Some people believe what they are told and some people believe what they want to believe. We live in a time of continuous lies, produced for the profit of a handful of power mad bandits, counter-pointed by endless revelations of the same. This is due to the apocalyptic, unveiling force of the moment, between the passing of one age and the arrival of the next.

Those telling the truth are reviled by those manufacturing the lies. Much of what is being done is being done in plain sight. It is clearly seen by those for whom the truth holds more importance than the lies ...and it is invisible to those who have embraced the lies and the liars for the promise of personal gain or the possibility of being left holding what little has yet to be taken from them. Fear and self-interest blind those motivated by them. Truth looks like the creature in a Japanese monster film. They run screaming through the streets in search of rat holes and loose floorboards in which to hide themselves from the revealing light. The tormented and imprisoned, cry out against their liberator and wrap their arms in the bars of their cells.

Listen up world; you may not like it. It may interfere with your plans. You may twist and writhe like a dog that has rolled in a road side carcass and who is now being bathed by its master but... all your efforts, all your denial, all your uninformed outrage are of no avail against the greater force for good, operating for your best interests and despite your complete ignorance of what that might be.

What it is is... most people don’t really want the truth. The truth is inconvenient. The truth gets in the way of selfish behavior. The truth makes the posturing demagogue look foolish. The truth is bad for business. The truth exposures the venal operations of those who feed off of the public like ticks on a stray dog.

For some long time the truth has been marginalized, imprisoned and slandered. For some long time, people like Giordano Bruno, Wilhelm Reich and so many others, have been burned at the stake or had their books burned on the docks. Those seeking cures for ancient miseries have been murdered by those for whom these miseries are a business enterprise. Evil has waxed triumphant and flaunted its power before a trembling world. Those days are coming to an end. They will not come without a terrible cost because evil will not go quietly toward its certain fate. It will go though. The signs are everywhere and hidden in plain sight.

All over the world, the people are waking up as ever greater burdens and misfortunes are laid upon them. The newly emergent war against those seeking and telling the truth exposes all anyone needs to know about the growing fear in the heart of evil against what it can no longer contain.

I make no claim that Iran or any other country is without the blatant offenses of the so-called good guys. Evil is ubiquitous and present in every place where government, religion and corporate interests practice their ageless pursuits. However... there is something in the wind that cannot be contained anymore than the wind itself.

Twitter on you deluded fools. Dream your dreams of empires and personal comfort zones. The infrastructure of lies that support you are giving way. Your houses are made of straw. Your weapons and your armies will turn upon you and each other. It just happens to be one of those times. Whatever the reasons may be, those times are here. Real change is at hand for anyone who will make the changes necessary to accommodate it. Real hope is at hand.

The unmasking and the revealing go on by the hour. Somewhere, somehow, someone has had enough. We are here at the summing up of the age. Let your response be your destiny, just as your character is your fate.

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Visible said...

Google Zio-Nazi's have shut down comments again so email them to me or go to the wordpress mirror (link is at the end of the article)

Zoner said...

Whew. Welcome back.


Anonymous said...

On the button sir, on the button.

Anonymous said...

Truth will always remain hidden. Nobody is waking up, unless you call blind anger and frothing at the mouth waking up. The Messiah is still most American's hero, in spite of being a sexual deviant, coke using, communist criminal.

Evil will never disappear, because the basic nature of Humans is corrupt. They are greedy, lying, cowardly, sadistic, jealous, etc... . There is actually nothing good about Humans at all.

They truly are a toxic mess. What can be looked forward too real soon is the Human race bringing about its own complete extintion. This will in fact be the first glorious deed of this cosmic mistake.

Hank said...

This is just a test to see if it goes through.

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

It is becoming so predictable, if this were poker, we could be walk away with more gold than we could carry. The media response to the Iran election is so crude, pure CIA play book, so much so that some sections of the MSM here in the UK are clearly alluding to it (hedging their bets….they can see which way the wind is blowing).

Time is running out for the bad guys, we know it and more importantly, they know it too so they will soon be pulling all the rabbits out of the hat and creating more 'laws' to corral the sheeple. Personally, I think the pussy is loose, running amok and is not going to live in that bag no more and when the penny drops, evil will unveil itself in all its mediocre grandiosity for all to see.

My hope is that the sheeple will remember the difference between good and evil as the moral compass has been replaced with Orwellian double-speak, everywhere distraction sucking at all the spiritual markers we need on the path to our destiny.

In truth, none of this worldly stuff really matters very much except when it becomes the super-glue binding the human spirit to this so called 'life' the so called illuminated ones offer us.

Surely, there is a better way? I think so….


Visible said...

For the moment we are back on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, best

Great verbiage and concepts in this one. Even better than your usually high standards.
Since I suspect we read from some of the same sources (like WRH) I'll refrain from
mentioning specifics on recent events, here, except to comment that there's been exposure of quite few financial crimes lately, hasn't there?
take care

"William Wilson"

Hank said...

Les, good to have you back, hope everything went well with the move.

I do know that the MSM is all lies, and I scrutinize it in that light, or dark as the case may be. Knowing this, I find it very curious that so many of the signs being held up by the "protesters" in Iran, are in english. It just comes across too much as playing to an American audience. Knowing so much about previous American interference in Iranian affairs by the CIA, I have to suspect that they are once again fanning a spark, that they introduced, into a flame, also of their making.

But knowing the way they work, I have to look where they are not pointing. Iran is a distraction, to facilitate some kind of slight of hand elsewhere. After watching the "news" today, I'm thinking it's right here. Here being America.

First let me admit that my optimism about Obama seems to have been wishful thinking, and what I'm seeing is the same old thing, in a much slicker package. A president that can actually pronounce the word nuclear was a little intoxicating I guess, but I digress.

Is seems that Howdy Doody is proposing a bunch of new government crap, obviously designed to muddy the water and confuse. At the same time he refuses to release a list of who has visited the peoples house, to the people, just like Bush. His CIA director is trying to block release of torture documents, just like Bush. And the most disturbing thing of all, to those of that are looking, is proposing to give the criminals at the federal reserve, even more power.

I spoke once before about the speed at which the Doody boy is trying to do things, and wondered who it was designed to confuse. I now believe it is we the sheeple that are the designated target. I am fearful that the only change we are going to see, is the change we are forced to beg for on the street corner.

However I do believe you are correct that the lies are becoming too numerous, and spread too thin to contain all the truth that each lie is intended to hide. The truth is bleeding out all over the place. More and more individuals, with credible credentials, are speaking out about the crucial event, that set so many of these nefarious events in motion, that is 911.

If we can keep picking at this chink in their armor, and the truth can keep pushing from within, I believe that the forces of good, will find a hole big enough to drive a steak into the heart of the beast. It will finally become clear to the masses, that the book the evil ones have been selling us, To Serve Man, is in fact a cook book, and that we are just a menu item for the beast.

We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted from our focus, by all the little distractions, that are being presented as monsters by the media. The truth will come out, and the good will prevail, and this will remain my focus. Peace to all, and once again, welcome back.

James aka jackruby64 said...

"The Federal Reserve, already arguably the most powerful agency in the US government, will get..." So begins an article published yesterday in the Washington Times, with a lie.
Un-fucking-believable. I had to post a comment immediately, and found I was in good company of people decrying the falsehood that was published.
I don't know what else to say.
James aka jackruby64

Anonymous said...


Good looking out. The Howdy Doody Pres isn’t working he’s magic so well, already? We didn’t make it six months yet, and all the fears and scares are washing off? I only wish people could look beyond the puppet. Somehow, the US mind is a blank when talking about things outside the borders of the nation, sound like another nation from the resent past? The links between big business and government aren’t being well hidden anymore, why? The one man whose role is to hide such things is failing big time!!! Problem, the masses of “normal” people in the US, aren’t keyed into this poor performance, why? They don’t care, they don’t know, or they can’t find anything wrong to begin with? All three, I say. The worst being the last. I know too many people looking for reasons to support the SQ. It’s like knowing your ship has sprung a leak and looking for reasons to enjoy a watery grave? Or even looking for a heaven or hell after this ship’s travel, they all want to control the outcome of a world they never tried to move with and live in, in the first place! The mass of US mind slaves haven’t done their homework and the cliff notes aren’t helping anymore. What do they do, twitter!

I for one like that new toy, twitter, it helps me filter out the lost, Xbox comes in second. It would seem we are on track and all is well, so long as the tax rebates and AC stays on!!! People are to easily sidetracked from spiritually health actions, and we can see this effect in mass these days.

Les, you’re so right, “evil” will destroy itself, but I say, never leave us. The trick is, strife, pain, love, compassion, and what ever words work for you, are to building blocks for our intentions. Those pieces are put together via living, and the end return is the same as the intent started with. Could we, in human form, ever move past strife or pain? I say no, but no fears, trying to is the salt of life? The Howdy Doody Man can’t keep a warm fuzzy going for very long, he’s lifeless, and to can’t keep the mask from falling off. What will the masses do? I hope many will question and began to “wake up.” But I fear, they will just look for what ever promises to take the “pain” away? The corp media machine has many toys for pain reducing.

The pill of material wealth isn’t going away, but the means for is production may. This maybe the only side effect, the controllers, can’ factor in. If more people lose their homes and Xboxs then more have a chance to “unplug.”

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Those poor Iranians with their election stolen. now having to deal with ? more years of brutal dictatorship under Ahmadinejad. That same evil man who denied the holocaust no less. We really need to spread democracy to that poor country no matter the cost. We mustn't forget they're a potential nuclear threat! It looks like war is the only solution and our wonderful ally israel will no doubt help in this regard. Look, only 1.3 million deaths in Iraq. Those are acceptable loses for democracy! We'll do even better for Iran no doubt and as a bonus get our economy turned around! It's just a win win situation for all involved. Gawd....

Phil R

LanceThruster said...

It was reported that much of the Twitter support for the opposition candidate is clearly made-up (duplicate accounts opened only recently with the same pics, bios, friends, and messages). Typical Hasbara tactics.

LanceThruster said...

Details on the Twitter fraud here:

Anonymous said...

Welcome back... was worried there a few days w/ Les Invisible & all this cosmic background noise, Iran, etc. Didn't the CIA bankroll the anti-Mossadegh demonstrations (and coup) in 1953? Hasn't BushBama given $400 million to Iranian troublemakers to foment disorder? With all those protest signs in English like the ones during the Ukraine "orange revolution," just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Les.

European American said...

I've been withdrawing my "money" out of the bank over the last few months. Not that I have a lot, but enough where I have to take it out without getting "the look." They don't want "MY" money taken out of "their" Federally "insured" institution. If the amount removed is too large, they "note" that. It's fucking weird and I can't wait to get it all out and close the account. Having "them" making interest off MY hard earned "energy" really pisses me off. I would rather not make any interest myself than to see them multiply the number on paper to enslave others.

I've been buying some gold and silver, even though I can't eat it or it doesn't keep me sheltered at night, but that paper shit looks more unreal every day and gold just "feels" better to me. The so called "precious metals" may become worthless as well, but at least I can melt it and make some really cool bullets.

European American

Anonymous said...

Smashing the impotence that twisted man out of mind for the long run, immortal was revolution against the few that found sacrifice a dark desire that fear of losing Slave could never truly satisfy. So.. to place a threat that lurks upon the precipice between life and death a slowly burning noose of fire around the necks of all mankind, one that could could push the button of end, of wasteland,and all fall into place, would all have the choice, if night became day.

Edric Treewick of Mirror Window.

Anonymous said...

European American,
King Mossabe - silver bullets will surely do the trick even against werewolves and bloodsucking vampires!
Hi ho silver!!!

JollyJokay said...

Oobee's sure a fly guy, yo!
No flies on the Prezz, huh?

Quick n Slick !!! ain't saying it's impossible but faking it ain't too hard either

say he'd missed, got up chased it around some, would that get aired?

would anybody apart from the karma-challenged masses allow a fly to buzz 'em during an interview?

is it just the Prezz and the press having a giggle - say, I have an untelepromted idea...

Beelzebub - Lord of the flies

Tom Dennen said...

This is the introduction to 'Grand Theft'


Anonymous said...

Phil R 7:26 PM
That's the sales pitch Phil but I really think practically that's all it is.
I know Europe has it's head in the sand or maybe it's tied up with it's own problems but 'the rest of the world', which contains many powerful nations (SCO) (see here), will not let this happen. They are already changing the default world currency.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that such a short time after you dissed twitter, it became the tool of the dark forces' media campaign in Iran.


Anonymous said...

Nous sommes les enrage's.
Holy chacrona and jagube will last forever.
Amerika and its evil will soon perish.
God grace Huasca, Padrinho Alfredo, Father
Raimundo Iraneu. Viva Brasil. Death to Amerika.

nina said...

Dear Visible, welcome back, to your home away from home, a lot of people are saying the same things, but there is one huge difference, the Visible difference, you say it better.
Love, nina

William Crouse said...

This article is on target. If you'd match it with you'd be at your final truth seeking destination.

hANOVER fIST said...

I gotta say, it made me ill as well, to hear this total fakery pretending to be empathy - have some for EVERYONE being preyed upon.

Zellie said...

Beautiful Les.....I do believe, truly believe, that MORE people are waking theory is this.....more people are unemployed, unhappy, restless, messed with and messed up...this naturally seeks an answer/solution...the message of this generation is - SEEK and YE SHALL FIND....that is why the PTB can't stop it...they can, yes, distract, divert, etc., but ALL the money, sex, food, greed, lack of food, possessions/lack thereof, etc., in the world CANNOT turn off your GUT instincts... Okay, well, let me back up a little, IT CAN BUY OFF GUT INSTINCTS as in the Neo-Cons, and Bushie, Cheney, Rumsfield, etc., you know that WHOLE crew...but to turn off a multitude that is virally getting its information (consciously and sub-consciously), the only way to control that multitude is to turn off the when that out...! Back to horses, and Paul Revere days...excuse me, I'll be on my bicycle...

Anonymous said...

I luv you Les. You are good people. I know it and I feel it... I dont know how it works, but you IS good. You are righteous! Maybe it is being in Brasil but I love you, I love my little girls, I love the Truth. God Bless You in Switzerland or wherever you moved. I "feel" you are okay.

Frank Wagner said...

Kudos to you,Les!
You are a beacon of courage and insight in an ocean of lies and deception - it is the like-minded spirit that shines which will awaken the global mind. We are at the end of an age and the vedas as much as the mayan calendar are the word of the supreme godhead and his timetable. The delusional materialists and judaic expeditors of decline will pay bitterly for denying krsna and his guiding spirit as the fabric of 'reality' - gods dream. That evil entity jahwe and his 'commandments' show us the true quality of their 'religion' which is nothing less than an ethnocentric tribal monstrosity.
That cancer rabbinical judaic thought is THE SATANIC FORCE in the world today and responsible (through its many different manifestations communism,zionism, capitalism)for more human suffering, arrested development and suppressed knowledge than any other ideology or movement. They truly are the enemies of truth and humanity. Can't wait for the kalki-avatar to show them the fruits of their 'labors'.Cosmic laws can't be fooled and cosmic creators even less. So that in humanities future we may never have to say again :"For the benefit of the (f)jew , to the detriment of the many!"

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible:

Isn't the Federal Reserve unconstitutional? Where are the American Lawyers to question the new powers given to this unconstitutional body? It would seem that most Americans are too ignorant to question these important issues which are aimed to control their lives.

Arrogance when added to ignorance lead to destruction.

Sultana Afroz

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Oh my......... your essay makes me feel again worth not paying taxes since 1995. As I have not!! NO MONEY FOR WAR!!! Remember Black Elk, who said...................everything we need to say.

Anonymous said...

I have taken six sessions of ayahuasca.I can say after my visions that all will be okay.
Horrible things in front, but after that, bliss.

If eat quacks like a bear ducking in the woods said...

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