Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whistling Past the Graveyard in the Night of the Living Dead.

A couple of days ago the main headline at MSNBC shouted that by 2011 there would be 20,000 soldiers stationed on U.S. soil for the purpose of protecting and defending against acts of terrorism and acts of nature. The image I got was of ranks of men firing into the ground to stop an earthquake or firing into the air to stop a storm. The other image was of ranks of soldiers firing into crowds to defend the authors of a domestic attack, engineered by the leaders of the country.

The next day the headline screamed that America should expect a biological agent attack by 2013. This is something that ‘they’ wanted you to know. Ask yourself why they would tell you something like this.

Watching Obama go about the business of filling the seats of his high command is a gruesome ordeal. He has appointed Rahm Emanuel. As I am writing this, Obama is seriously considering appointing Jane Harman to a top intelligence post. This is a very dark individual. Jane Harman is deep under the covers with the most prominent serial killers of our time. She sneaked HR 1955 into operation under the nose of the American people and you don’t need to know about her other dirty deeds, this one is enough.

Dennis Ross is a Fox News kind of a guy and like Harmon, a Zionist Gollum. He’s Paul Wofowitz’s good buddy. Obama has put him in charge of Middle East policy. Given what I can only imagine these people are up to, I would say it is time to get far away from large population centers. Here be psychopaths, my friends. Here are the faces of evil and they are soon to be pustulating with venom for the human race, in a room crowded with like minded snakes.

For those of you intelligent enough to see what this means; those of you who supported Obama and his talk of hope and change... what must you be thinking now? What must you be thinking? What Obama has done is appoint George Romero as Secretary of Reality. America... you are screwed and, by extension, so is everyone else.

I don’t want to go into the sordid details of these individual lives and their ceaseless efforts to make life as difficult as possible for those they have been empowered to serve. You can educate yourself about these dung slugs on your own time. I don’t want to trouble my beautiful mind, picking the white spots off of the chicken shit.

I’ll just give you a little analogy about one of them. Let us say that you go to school in a bad neighborhood and that it’s 1958 and the school is mostly white and the school is somewhere in Mississippi and that there are five young black children who have entered this school for the first time. Let’s say that these kids are in 6th and 7th grade and let’s say that there is a gang of white, high school dropouts who hang around in an area near the school that is also a place which you have to pass by on your way to the black neighborhood. Let’s say that this gang hates black people and thinks that they are animals and that they can do anything they want to them without fear of consequences. The head of this gang would be Dennis Ross and the little black children would be the people of Gaza. There is no hyperbole in this description... none at all.

You could say that the other members of this gang are some of the names already mentioned and you could find out the other names by looking at Obama’s other appointments. You could add some other victims to the list that includes Gaza and they would be the American people and any other people anywhere that are in the way of anything that these gang members want. You should remember too that the parents of these gang members are all friends of the local police, the politicians and the judiciary. There is no hyperbole in this... none at all.

Before the dawn breaks and break it will... there is going to be one long dark highway into night that we must travel. We must walk past the cemetery and there are flesh eating zombies there. We must rely on our wits, our reflexes and whatever we have placed our faith in to protect us and the ones we love. This is very like the video game, Doom.

I want to find something positive that I can say to you and it is a difficult task. I could tell you that challenges and adversity can strengthen your resolve. I could tell you that you could afford to lose a few pounds or that materialism has been clouding your mind and stifling your spirit and that what is coming is going to make you a better person if you make it past the graveyard. I’m not sure that this is the positive message that you want to hear. I’m wondering if this message is even positive.

I will tell you that humanity has suffered some grim periods of transition. I will tell you that this is definitely one of them. I can also tell you that there is an indefinable power in humanity that rises to the occasion when the need is upon it. I will not attempt to define this or speak about its mysterious origins in the hearts of the true heroes who appear in our time of crisis. I will tell you that it is there and it will appear. Across this land and every land there are hundreds of thousands of us, possibly millions of us who will “not go gentle into that dark night.”

This is the hour that you must look within you and seek out who you are. It does not take a genius to see what the combination of these individuals and their henchmen and lackeys implies for the fate of the world. If you are not in deep denial about what is happening in front of your eyes then you are most likely troubled indeed.

The same people who did 9/11 and who engineered the London Tube attacks and the Madrid Train Station bombings are the people who orchestrated the Mumbai attacks. They have quite a few more events planned in their relentless pursuit of world domination. They are no differently intending than Hitler or Stalin or Mao was. They are this year’s representatives of the same malevolent evil that appears as regular as the seasons in human affairs. It can no longer be in doubt who this Obama is and what he has in mind. It would make no difference if George W. Bush were to just stay where he is for another four years. The proof is in the pudding and it is there to be seen as clear as day in the physical evidence of those with whom Obama has chosen to associate himself.

I’m not Gandhi or anyone like him. I can’t lead you to a better world. I am no well-placed general with humanities interest in my heart. I have no political or social cachet. I’m no one, in the middle of a rural farming community, telling the few who will hear this that you had better think about where you are and what you are doing and you had better think about it now. There are people and places that will weather these times and there are people and places that will not. It is for you to decide. It is for you to look within your heart and determine what is best for you and yours.

Make no mistake; what infuriates these people is the very idea of human freedom and positive, creative expression. It makes their cold blood curdle. They hate what is good and true and decent and if that is you then... they hate you. Take comfort in the fact that they will be dealt with when the time comes. But there is a space of distance between now and then.

Simplify your lives and clarify your hearts and minds. Find what you know to be true and hold fast to it. One of their chief weapons is to make you degenerate and to weaken your will by distracting you with banal and trivial entertainments. It is past time to find the unbreakable cord of strength that runs from generation to generation. It is inside you. You can find it if you will. If you can find your calm center within, you will pass through the zombies who will most certainly grab the others who are lacking the connection to their essential core. Define it any way you like, just make certain it is real.

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Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up Richard Dawkins Tells it Like it's Not.

Anonymous said...

My God, Les, the zombies are everywhere. At least most of them are the shuffling sort, not the amped up 28 Days Later sort. Perhaps they're being held back for the true giggles to be experienced later.

What the zombies don't know is actually enslaving them. What they do know is just slogans their parents, teachers, and the TV made them repeat.

What I think you do real well is to rubberstamp that feeling that SOMETHING IS NOT QUITE RIGHT. As in, it's correct to feel that way. As long as people don't lose that feeling they'll go in the right direction eventually.

Once you've gone past that signpost, it - I think - is damn near impossible to go back to ignorance. There's stacks of positivity in your work. It just doesn't come with a comedy (((boing))) noise - it's kind-of coiled through the words like a DNA helix.

Keep going, fella.

Anonymous said...

"Thoughtcrime Harmon", huh? She's a disaster. Thanks for the heads up.

kikz said...

i don't know what this speaks of me.. i grew up playing in a nearby cemetery...i'm sure most would think that macabre or odd, in a wednesday addams sort of way. >:)

it taught me not to fear the dead, and respect for the living, coping w/the dead, among many other things.

it's the live ones.. or in this case, 'half' living ones ya hafta worry bout.

well if nothin' else, i'm familiar w/the metaphorical ground and the fears in can inspire. nods to tzun tzu. :)

Jon Doe said...

Very good writing. A

A new gang is moving into Washington except it is a old gang that has not been the top gang in a long time.

notamobster said...

"Make no mistake; what infuriates these people is the very idea of human freedom and positive, creative expression. It makes their cold blood curdle."

Master_a has been telling me some things about chakras and not having the higher centers for creativity, emotion, remorse, etc... All incredibly interesting.

I have been doing many things to help prepare myself and take care of my family for what's coming. I am still functioning within the system, though. I still work for a company who pays me, and I still pay on my debts. I don't have any major credit cards for personal use and I no longer buy on credit. I am still paying for my house, because I need a place to live and there are few houses big enough for all the kids I have. Had I been paying more attention ten years ago, instead of chasing women, chasing dollars, glaring longingly into the mirror of vanity - I would be a non-conformist and completely off the grid. I would also have not bothered with having children.

That is the variable underpinning much of my inaction. I fear many others are in the same boat. Oh - what to do? "Did you ever have the feeling that you wanted to go...then, you had the feeling that you wanted to stay?" I'm deeply conflicted! I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know it's a train barrelling toward me with the intent of running me over or giving me a ride to the nearest concentration camp, but still I stand; waiting like a deer mesmerized by the beautiful lights...

Anonymous said...

This Obama thing definitely has me in a funk. I did vote for him -- in the same way that I sometimes buy a lottery ticket. I knew the odds were stacked against him being the real deal ... but I guess buying it gave me the fantasy of what could be ... at least until he started picking his cabinet and it was clear that I wasn't a winner after all.

The real downer for me is that so many people are still holding on to the fantasy. I can hardly fault others for being sucked into his "hope" con game -- since clearly even someone as cynical as myself had some tiny hope that it was true. But, there are so many people -- especially in the black community -- that will NEVER allow themselves to see the truth. They just can't fathom that evil is not just a Republican game. Republicans may be the champions of evil ... but the Democrats are formidable rivals. In fact, Democrats may actually be the best considering that Republicans are free to spout hate and embrace greed. Democrats have to pretend that they care about human rights, minorities, working class people all while making sure that no policy ever gets created to futher these goals. That is tough to do when you control Congress. Even tougher when you control the White House and Congress. But, they'll find a way -- and somehow make "liberals" believe it is all the nasty Republicans fault.

I consider myself pretty clueless and naive when it comes to politics and even I can see what is going on. That is what truly scares me. If I, someone of only slightly higher than average intelligence, took so long to see the light -- how stupid must average intelligence really be and what will it take for the masses to see the light? That is the stuff that keeps me awake at night.

Anonymous said...

Remember in the film "The Matrix" (1st one) where Neo (aka Keanu Reeves) first learns of the Matrix, and he proceeds to hurl all over the floor? Ahhh, the awakening, the sudden and profound realization of the 'world' within the World. I can see a bit of that happening on a daily basis, it's all around us, and you Sir are a bit of a Morpheus of the sorts. Keep pounding away Les, your words speak volumes. Let us all hope that a few more people each day decide to swallow the Red Pill and become aware of their actual surroundings. And I agree, this one's gonna get real interesting before the final curtain call...


Anonymous said...

If you entertain real evil it will open a door to an inevitable mess. Of coarse one must understand that it does exist and where it dwells in order to avoid it and the stronger folk can actually cast it out...

The people you speak of here Les need a good ol fashion exorcism!

I have never indulged in politics; is liken a room full of astrophysicists studying the science whilst in line to get their heads chopped off by the guillotine “gonna be some serious particle acceleration going down”

Politics muddy water and few humans (in politics)have ever had the touch that makes better worlds for the individual. In my view, Martin Van Buren and Andrew Jackson had that touch and have left our society a way out of the banking crisis (same as; we were inevitably facing back then as well as presently.)

Oh, well just a couple of angles on the subject matter…

Jj, u r a goof LOL


Anonymous said...

I did not vote because I viewed the candidates as simply sock puppets resting on hands attached to the same body.
I was labeled a "negative", cynical person for holding that view.
It's somewhat comforting that there are others that also saw through this fraud, posing as "freedom of choice" and "change".
In the Matrix movie, Neo certainly wouldn't have bothered to vote once he realized that his current world was nothing more than a lurid, rigged casino.
It's sure looking like Obama represents the same diseased, toxic, predatory system, only he's a slightly different looking expression of the nasty rash it produces.
Those that drank the Obama elixer, thinking it was going to purge the existing poison out of the system are going to be disillusioned.
The final looting and gutting of civilization is well underway.
But that may be good for them, as they'll lose their illusions, making room for reality.
I suspect that reality is going to be very uncomfortable.
We're on a gigantic spherical pirate ship, and
it's not "negative" to admit the obvious.
If I remember correctly there's a line that goes like this:
"Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out!"-I, Claudius

Anonymous said...

This is a bit off topic and I hesitate to even bring this up but since you, Les, and the people here seem to be pretty open minded and free thinking, here goes.
I think the last "big lie" that almost everyone is still falling for is the official depiction and demonization of the German National Socialists and Adolph Hitler. We can all agree that Israel and the Zionists and their control of finances and the media, etc, is the culprit in most of today's problems. The fact is that these same forces were at work in the Germany of the 30's, to the point that Germany had been broken up and economically destroyed after WWI . The war was pretty much a stand off and peace was prety close to breaking out until the Zionists went to Britain and promised to get the US into the war against Germany if Britain would guarantee to turn Palestine over to them after the successful end of war -that America's entry woud guarantee.( see the Balfour declaration and look at why the US entered WWI)) The rest is hstory. Hitler came to power, by election, by focusing on and publicising the destructive power of world zionism especially regarding its effect on germany, and their creation of communism- a serious threat to Western civilization as he saw it. The fact that we had to fight a nuclear cold war for 40 years over this issue proves he wasn't wrong. The amazing turn around of the german pre-WWII economy was a direct result of legal measures taken against vital areas of the german economy and media that were in control of these foreign interests.
I think it's pretty obvious that we are now in a similar situation but an even worse one since the zionist power is exponentially stronger now than 70 years ago.
Germany tried to free itself from this strangle hold and succeeded.It tried to rally Britain and Europe to defeat Communism but the zionists fomented WWII instead. All the horrors of WWII , 50,000,000 dead, are a direct result of this worldwide effort to stamp out the anti-zionists.
We are all so brainwashed regarding Germany's atrocities during the war that we fail to discover that the allies atrocities were far worse. For example, it was Britain who first started indiscriminate bombing of civilian populations- not Germany. It was America who started killing POWs - My uncle, told me this himself- he was an infantryman on D-Day. He said they shot all prisoners. It was britain that started shooting pilots in parachutes. It was the US and that firebombed german civilian populations killing 100,000 per night.
What did Germany do? Well we have the Holocaust. Anyone who looks at any revisionist history of this will come away convinced that this never happenned. For example, it has been scientifically proven that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz for killing people. The one they they show off there was a "reconstruction" built or modified after the war by the russians. (But there was a music hall and a swimming pool for inmates that they don't show).
The demonization is complete and serves the same purpose as all the other "big lies": to prevent any awareness of what the real problem is and therefore preventing a solution. I know this viewpoint is going to be difficult to swallow but before just casting the possibility aside, just do some research- it's all there in plain sight.
In about 13 countries I could be put in jail for writing these things. That, if nothing else, shows the power of the effort to keep these facts buried- the only events in all recorded history since the Inquisition that can't be questioned.
Please do yourself a favor and look into this- without this perspective it is impossible to fully understand how we got in the mess we're in. Read this for starters-

(And Les, If you think this opinion( based on a LOT of study),is too extreme, too dangerous, too crazy ,too whatever, please don't post it.)

Anonymous said...

"Make no mistake; what infuriates these people is the very idea of human freedom and positive, creative expression. It makes their cold blood curdle."

It truly amazes me that people like Les, can spot this evil & Identify it, maybe without personally being actually physically harmed. As someone who has, and is, suffering intensely, (such that my life has been changed forever) as a result of evil unleashed on me, I can testify to the veracity of Les’ vision. Stand up to to these talmudists, & they will show you who is boss: after all, they control all the levers. It is no exageration to say that they hate humanity

Anonymous said...

i do believe there are a few of us out there that do care about whats going on and are willing to fight. my question is how do we unite. they are so few and in between the cowards. i mean damn near everyone will tell another person when they are raising their kids wrong or when they are driving like a idiotor bitch about any one of the issues that cause friction between us everyday. but yet we will sit bitch about the gov and KNOW that the gov is robbing us but who is willing to let the people in charge know that this isnt going to happen anymore instead of bitching to the people who are not in the least bit incharge of it sorry this is a little crazy but WHAT DO WE DO???????? i do not want to just make sure my family is alright i want to make sure that we make the effort to take back what is ours and fight for what is right.

Anonymous said...

Nota, you echo my thoughts pretty closely, right down to the thing about kids and the feelings about wanting to go and stay at the same time. The thing I notice however, is that the part that says "run away!" is located in a part of my carcass that is always opposed to the part that says "hold fast, no matter what". One of them is running around screaming at me and throwing things, and the other just sits there with a smile and calmly says "be cool, it's not time yet". I don't know what is at work here, but I'm not going to be run by panic. Learning what the source of these feelings is has been the primary challenge and I trust one absolutely and reject the other because it isn't there to do anything beneficial. Good luck, brother. Hold those kids tight and feel what they bring to your life, and return it fully and then some.

Just as I believe there are forward positioned nukes, I also believe there are forward positioned humans that will be the real "leaders" when all hell breaks loose (and they will not be wearing nice suits and be officials in any capacity - they will likely be the opposite of those who seek out power and chase glory, and smile at you while planning your demise). Consider we are all in this together even if we are bunkered and isolated by choice or separated by oceans, and no matter where we go, there we are so - the notion of bugging out or running away seems silly. Avoiding a mob is one thing. Avoiding the world is quite another. Finding a physical area on this planet that will offer protection is a fools game I believe.

I see a train coming at me, too, but as I stand on the tracks watching it hurl toward me at full speed, all I can think of is "bring it on" and "good luck with that"


Anonymous said...

I apologise to Les for this but nota, you are so close to obscene it doesn't matter.
You and your ilk deserve everything you have so covetously sort.
And before you write some angry retort stop for a bit and have a think!
Maybe all of the horrors the US has imposed on the world in the last fifty years or so is finally coming home to roost at the feet of the American people who allowed this to go on unchecked and dare I say proudly so. Obscene.

Anonymous said...

"Sir Evelyn de Rothschild: Banking Scion Instructs Commoners on Ethics” (according to Jones)

This guy may have royal blood 'line' but he is too broke! "The pot calling the kettle black LOL!!!"

Just the same he is right tho there is just as much bunk in the car industry as banking and as for the low life execs and the jet setting piss on you mentality, well Roth tanks for the hand in the slam! Maybe I will throw you a royal bone he he


Anonymous said...

Were all living in the past,hoping for a better future,were not living in the now,so whatever the future brings will be nothing other then what we have had before.Were all trying to fix the world with outside roles,thats why it has never worked. To fix whats coming,one must go deep inside and understand oneself,and remember fear will keep you in the muck.
It,s time to stop going north,and begin going east,west or south.

nina said...

We are under seige from ruthless, relentless and well-protected product managers with stolen calling cards reading loud noise in bold type. They remind me of the Video Professor carrying suitase nukes(please buy my product). When we vote, we're voting for the interests they push. We're Diebold's field testers.
Advertising never was all that truthful. Its always been out there for anyone to see, remember Armstrong Williams, No child Left Behind? (Insert pronoun of choice, Insurgents, Iraqis, Pakis, the Pals, Chinks, whomever resists.) We didn't want to look. We didn't want to see why Saddam got the noose, we wanted to believe the tales because we still believed. "Seeing" means you have an "extremist mindset", thanks to Jane's marketing genius. But this economic failure, worldwide, reveals everything the way a sledgehammer does and the way torture never can. Sledgehammers disturb the masses, enter Jackboots. And it all came about in the exact same way God is anthropomorphized - to ascribe human characteristics to things not human. Its just that old worship of false idols, again. I used to really wonder WHY, WHY, until the market crisis then it all just unraveled like a roll of saran wrap.

Anonymous said...

"Expect a terrorist attacking using weapons of mass destruction in the next 5 years" says the non-partisan group as reported by the guy on the radio a few minutes ago. That heads-up just flew by me, Les, but it was a shock to hear it tossed out so casually on a "progressive" radio network.

WTF??? Did they just threaten us? Why, indeed, would something like this be casually tossed out into the public mindset? Do people actually sit around and come up with this stuff based on facts/intelligence/magic 8-balls or is this the official notice that all gloves are off and nothing is to be hidden anymore - that those in power are gonna try to kill us off at an increasing rate with more exotic means and not even pretend it is someone else's doing? Bastards!!


Anonymous said...

"Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out!"-I, Claudius
Thanks for that, BK, LOL!
I and my mate just finished re-watching the whole PBS I Claudius video collection - couldn't be a better portrayal of our "heritage".

Vis, sir, want to share a quote from book I'm currently reading, Crazy Horse, the Strange Man of the Oglala, by Mari Sandoz, 1942:

"A council was called and with the two medicine men leading, some of the old Cheyenne ceremonials were made to give the people strength and courage...and after a while the dancers truly became of another world, and then the drummers, the helpers and the people melted into one power, and finally the circle of the earth and sky about them too, all becoming one sacred whole, as many small rivers give themselves to one great roaring stream.
Then the two medicine men, each painted and dressed in his own way, led the people to a little lake and, with everybody watching, dipped their hands into the water while they sang their medicine songs and made the medicine gestures. Now a warrior was called out to shoot at them. He did this, shooting first at one and them the other with a good gun from very close, but both of them held up their hands that had been in the water and neither was hurt. Seeing this, a trilling of joy went up from the women, and when the men picked the lead balls from the folds of their belts, all the people, the warriors and everybody, sang songs of praise and thankfulness and went back to the village to make a long feasting and dancing.
Now let the soldiers come."


paolocaruso said...

Obama appointed Janet Napolitano as head of Homeland Security. Many of you may think.. what a refreshing concept, a non-Jew that is head of the US Gestapo. WRONG - Janet Napolitano (governor of New Mexico) is a native New Yorker whose mother is "Winer" (Weiner). Same hidden name of a rabid zionist radiojock Mike Savage.

Wikipedia...the official zionist editor for America, states that Janet Napolitano is of Italian Heritage... partly true. But Wikipedia does not point out her Jewish side. I will predict that in about a year the media will inform Janet Napoletano about her jewish heritage and she will be as surprised as was Madelaine ALbright, John Kerry and Dr. Laura Sclessinger. But all will be delighted, and Wikipedia will include the latent epiphany.

Anonymous said...

Lock and load, America, for only a second revolution and civil war will save you now. Be ready to fight like hell for your lives and the lives of your families for one day you will need to. You will have a monstrous task ahead of you sometime in the future. You will have to somehow team up and reclaim your land from the zionist jew terrorist filth that has stolen it while you were busy being the prgrammed sheeple that you have always been and all the treasonous traitors and domestic terrorists in yor government and military and police and courts and fbi and cia and dhs etc. The duty of being the vanguards of American freedom and restoring the country to what it used to be will be the task of an absolute maximum of 250,000 real American patriots who can see things for what they are and are ready to fight to the end. All remaining Americans will continue to be the braindead, overstuffed, submissive doughboys they have always been and will suffer the consequences of what is coming.

The eternal evil known as the zionist jew is 90% complete in doing to America what that plague of earth did to Russia in 1917 and Germany in the mid 1930`s and every land and culture that disease of humanity has infiltrated and murdered from the inside out. And Americans are too "free" and "brave" to notice or care. What a shame.

More power to you Les and thank you for posting my article.

notamobster said...

Obscene indeed, sir! I am obscene. I am evil. I, and every American am evil and should be taught a lesson.

Though my allegiance is to family and individual liberty; and not some artificial border; or birthright... We Americans are responsible for our complicity in the central banking ponzi scheme... We Americans are also responsible for the forcible reduction of our indigenous population... We Americans have allowed our country to be plundered and abused by a foreign power whose sole concern is their own benefit. We Americans have allowed our country to be over run by a zionist cabal bent on global domination. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! You are also, in the same boat, sir!

Substitue the word 'Australian' for 'Americans' in the preceding paragraph. I haven't read any news reports of you jumping to take on the Zionist Cabal which is running your country into the ground! Bravo, sir. Bravo. Once again, I try to make a point of common interest, about how people can remain conflicted, due to external influences - and you attack me as obscene and getting what I deserve. You're right.

I have contributed to the problem, because for many years, I ignored what I was taught. I chose to be blind, because it was easier to just not give a shit. I think to run away at times. I think to stay and fight. I am human, and respond rather predictably to a given stimulus. I am also a thinker who choses to no longer be blind, and wishes to engage his fellow traveler and ackowledge that his fearful inaction is not alone. I'm just as lost as anyone else (aside from you, of course - you who blazes the path of action and justice).

I'm sorry to subject you to my obscenity. I will forthwith, punish myself in a manner suitable to your liking.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, it is not the Government who is doing the robbing.

It is the duty of each and every American citizen to control the Government according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If the Government is out of line and the citizens fail their duty to correct the situation then the citizens have absolutely no LEGAL right to call foul play on the Government!

The (educated) world understands this scam the citizens of the United States are pulling and this is why the world is allowing the American’s to die on the front lines for Zionism!!!

Yeah Americans, imagine that; you may have to die for what is right in order to keep what is yours “America, land of the free, home of the brave” but listen up goofballs, this fight is local homegrown, focus on the real enemy at hand versus the perception of some radical entity from far and away...and don't forget to brush up on the weapons/technology of the day for it is not a battle of the old days...fine tune those lil brains of y'alls


Anonymous said...

People do get nasty, its kind of understandable in these times, but sometimes when I read comments on here I have to double check Im not in the 'Arrogant? - No just better than you in every way - blog' edible

Anonymous said...

I'll say this because it has to be said, even though I will take some grief over it, as per usual. Where do you think the 20,000 domestic soldiers will come from? More to Afghanistan also? Who or what are we sending? Once again, this is where the underground types and/or "clones" will come in. Bare with me...

It reminds me of the people who seriously researched the identities of all the people who supposedly died on the planes of 9/11 and found precious few SS numbers and confirmed IDs, which points to either few real people on the planes (ficticious made-up names), or "people" on the planes that were not quite what they seemed. So, how many confirmed real human beings (ie. family members) actually lost confirmed real human beings (killed victims) on 9/11? Much less than one thinks, and some of the legit family members of some real victims from that day are figuring this out and coming forward and never took any money. The numbers just don't match up, regardless of all the hush money payed.

Same thing in the military / intelligence community. Where do these people come from? Do they have confirmed families? Who's sons and daughters are they? This also helps explain the MASSIVE descrepancy between official Pentagon numbers for dead Americans in Iraq (less than 10,000), and the more accurate estimates of well over 100,000. But, have the victims families connected with each other and COUNTED coffins? No, of course not. So although it would appear that many more "people" wearing US uniforms have died in Iraq and Afghanistan than has been admitted to (at least 10X more), it also appears that many were not "registered" with real IDs or families. What is going on? Could it be some type of cloning? Some type of underground breeding program? Could it be the grown-up versions of the kids who were abducted in the '70s / '80s and now completed fucked in the head? Remember, between 100,000 - 200,00 kids PER YEAR go missing in North America alone. It has been confirmed that many so-called "Delta Force" are these types. Just think from a business point of view: no real identities, no unions, no salaries, no benefits, no pesky families, no ethical issues, and most importantly no loose lips. Governments and militaries of the World would salivate over these "workers".

Who will these 20,000 plus plus plus people be patrolling and "protecting" us? They can't all be real and confirmed even if they are "UN Forces" in the end. For those who count the numbers, it's just not adding up.

Anonymous said...

Superb! I find myself increasingly filled with dread - and I'm better prepared than 95% of my countrymen!

We are headed into some unprecedented times, and that's not hyperbole.


Anonymous said...

Our worlds are getting smaller. Perhaps, smaller may give some meaning.

We’ve tried bigger and didn’t do so well with that.

We hear about news from around the world-- soon, we will be the news that no one will hear.

The world will be as far as you can see, or are willing to walk—but will the walking get you any farther than you already are?

So many armchair quarterbacks who very few will ever see play the game—have they ever played the game---it is a game---right?

Over in an instant---or dragging on day after day—for what?

Like most soldiers, how you go, or how you live, will only be seen and felt by those who are close to you—in that moment—but isn’t that life anyway?

Look at what you have, not at what you don’t have—appreciate this moment—it won’t be here again—appreciate every moment—

There will never be another one like it.
Appreciate each other—Respect one another

Yesterday is dust, tomorrow is only in your mind.

Take this moment “off”
It’s OK, you don’t need anyone’s permission.
Just your own


Anonymous said...

This is my response to all those who say, What can we do?
Having read all the posts, I have to agree, IT is coming. But what is It? What does IT look like? People have said, arm yourself, but who will you shoot? Will it be your neighbor, from the National Guard, or the local policeman? Remember the “SCUM” who are in control, will not be on the front lines. They will send out those not informed to do their bidding. Your enemy will be your neighbor who is not enlightened. Are you going to shoot him/her? This is my suggestion and what I have been doing. Down load videos/audios to CD and DVDs. Like “Loose Change”, “Terrorstorm”,”The Creature from Jekyll Island” etc. Give these to the local cops, Firemen and neighbors. We must flip these people. As our numbers grow, “their” numbers shrink. It is the “Truth” that shall set you free. “ The pen is mightier than the sword”. Thanks Les for all you are doing.

Anonymous said...

My wife is an alcoholic; she wishes to have our grand daughter for a few days sleepover.
My daughter is also an alcoholic, she will not let her daughter sleepover at her mothers place for fear of an accident or neglect re my wife's drinking.
My wife thinks this is unfair because her daughter is an alcoholic and that her daughter drinks; why shouldn't she have her grand daughter for a few days.
Is there something wrong with my wife's logic?
This is your logic mate- can't you see that??
ps and if you say no wonder I'm such a curmudgeon (nobody's terminology) then you 'are' a fool.

m_astera said...

"Should I stay or should I go now? If I go there will be trouble. An if I stay it will be double..."

The Clash, from Combat Rock 1981

"The magician is about to lose his veil of darkness and be seen in the full light of recognition, and it may not be at the time of his choosing."

Handbook for the New Paradigm, 1998, p136

"....there is a passage through this experience for mankind, but you must move into a creative stance, not a resistive posture. This is not what is expected of you based on your past modes of experience. I can assure you that your history has been analyzed and studied by minds and computer model to the point that you are known to an extent you cannot even imagine. Every reactive scenario has been dissected to the cellular level and restrictive actions planned for each of them. You are faced with the possibility of your extinction unless you can make a cosmic leap to a level of creative imagination that will completely nullify those plans."

Ibid, p3

"Be sure you are right, then go ahead"

Davy Crockett, 1812

Some of us got the very clear message that we had best get out of Dodge if we didn't wish to be taken out of action. It's damn hard to affect the course of events from a prison cell or while dead. If one is getting that message, it's probably wise to listen to it. A good clue would be that when you make the decision to quit fighting a losing battle the path to strategic retreat becomes easier, and things start to go your way. If you are up against the wall with the odds stacked strongly against you, discretion may be the better part of valor, rather than praying for a miracle. I think those who are in that situation right now already know who they are.

I have been accused of being a quitter and a coward for leaving the USA in a time of crisis, but I found myself unable to muster much enthusiasm for martyrdom in the cause of those who can't be bothered to wake up. That name calling is social programming anyway. Who had more guts during the Vietnam War, those who meekly reported to boot camp because they had a letter telling them to, or those who said "Hell NO! I'm not killing and dying for your lies!", knowing that they would be ostracized and get no support from society for their actions? And among those who chose not to go, who was more effective at keeping the dream alive, those in exile in Canada or those in Leavenworth Federal Prison?

If one is not in the place of needing to make such a decision right now, then perhaps one is meant to be where they are. There could be a number of reasons for that, ranging from being a crucially important player already in position, to being such a useless brain-dead zombie POS that one is not worth preserving anyway.

It can help to look at what one is trying to accomplish and see what progress is being made. No worthwhile goal is easy to accomplish. It could be likened to attempting a long voyage across unknown seas. Difficulties are to be expected, but if one keeps getting blown back on shore before the voyage is well begun, or if the crew turns out lazy and mutinous, there may be a message there such as find a new crew or maybe, maybe one isn't meant to make that particular voyage?

If one is in a place that appears survivable, meaning food, water, shelter, the possibility of defense and allies, and with a clear path of retreat should that become necessary, then one may already be in the best place for them. Family, children, jobs, responsibilities and obligations become somewhat ephemeral when TSHTF. Your minor children and those others who count on you for survival remain your responsibility, but if they are your responsibility they must be willing to follow your lead. Keeping your seven year old daughter alive is important; getting her to soccer practice or music lessons is not. If your gut tells you that where you are is not survivable, find a place that is and be prepared to get there fast on a moment's notice.

Les has barely hinted at how bad it is likely to get in the next few years, simply pointing out the 'possums, weasels, and shrikes being openly appointed to positions of power over the chickenhouse. It's going to be real bad, and the USA is walking around with a "kick me" sign on its back. America has two major things going against it: It has been the symbol of sovereign individual freedom for the world, which the evil ones hate, and it has abdicated its responsibility along those lines to become a murderer, bully, liar, and thief, which everyone else in the world hates. When the whip comes down on the USA most of the world will be thinking it serves them right, if not openly cheering.

The world that is waiting on the other side of this chaos is worth the trouble, pilgrim, but it's time to get real right now while you still can, not when the jobs, food, money, and means of self-protection or escape are already lost or taken away. Realize that armed resistance and attempts at revolution are exactly what the dark ones expect and plan for; violence is all they know and they are much better at it than we can be, but they cannot access divine grace or power. Now is indeed the time to "move into a creative stance, not a resistive posture".


Anonymous said...

J. Krishnamurti talking with children.

Questioner,why do men fight?
Kriahnamurti:why do young boys fight? You sometimes fight with your brother,or other boys here,don,t you? why? You fight over a toy. Perhaps another boy has taken your ball,or your book and therefore you fight. Grown-up people fight for exactly the same reason,only their toys are position,wealth and power.If you want and I also want power,we fight,and that is why nations go to war.It is simple as that,only philosophera,politicians,and the so-called regigious people complicate it.

You know it,s is a great art to have an abundance of knowledge and experience-to know the richness of life,the beauty of existence,the struggles,and miseries,the laughter, the fears-and yet keep your mind very simple,and you can have a simple mind only when you know how to love.
J. Kishnamurti can be found on you tube video

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy your blog.....great ethereal writing that is scary and yet holds some truth.
I am an old infantry soldier who does not fear these people of whom you speak...they are weak and afraid...afraid of losing what they have, mostly material things, that they cannot take with them when they fall....and they will fall.
sooner or later...and sooner the better. They have no empathy and are not 'on the ground' where most of us frequent. Best Wishes, Skywhatcher

Anonymous said...

To greg,

In his current Origami posting Les links to a thread containing a 'poster' ASMarques, who Les says "may be one of the smartest people I have come across in many, many a day," and who is going up against a whole mob of holocaust believers.

At one point in the thread ASMarques says that the German and Austrian governments go along with the holocaust hoax for Carthaginian reasons, and someone asked him what he meant by that.

Here's what he replies . . .

"I meant a historical parallel. The Romans are reputed to have destroyed the foundations of Carthage, not simply by destroying its defences, taking captives, imposing taxes and garrisons etc., but actually by burning the city to the ground and dismantling it, not leaving stone upon stone, and finally sowing salt on the location in order that no new life would be growing there, in symbolic fashion. Later a different Carthage, a Roman one, was founded nearby, but the Punic Carthage completely vanished from history. What I meant by 'Carthaginian reasons' was Germany goes along because she underwent a total defeat and has not recovered from it, remaining -- even in prosperity and comfort -- a traumatised country with no will of its own, under a Jewish grip imposed largely through the agency of the 'Holocaust' libel."

i think that's true, and when i read that i thought of what you had written in your post, and there's nothing you said that strikes me as "too extreme, too dangerous, too crazy, too whatever."


Anonymous said...

Going back to Anon, 12.10 am, I once heard on tape a lecture by one Al Fast Thunder (dating back to around the mid-90s) that included mention of cloned soldiers, and I think that was in Vietnam days! Mind-boggling and horrible, all at the same time. Expendable, organic, soul-less product. Can we check for patents?

I'm watching the skies. If The Creator ain't sending in reinforcements, maybe our space brothers will.

Mixing blogs for a second, I wonder if Richard Dawkins is a runty clone of Charles Darwin? These ain't nice thoughts. I'll go and punish myself, too.

Love and peace to all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There are many commonalities between 9/11 and the Mumbai attacks that one can't ignore.

Within hours of 9/11, the American MSM was shouting it was Muslim fanatics like Bin Laden and aL Qaeda that were behind the attacks.
Hell, they even managed to "find" photos of the 9/11 crew for our viewing pleasure the same day.

Within hours of the Mumbai attacks, India politicians and the MSM were shouting it was Muslims/ AQ without offering any proof.

During the 9/11 attacks, Cheney was watching the jet headed toward the Pentagon and refused to give an order to shoot it down. Why?

During the Mumbai attacks, India's special ops group that were trained for this type of incident were stood down for over nine hours before responding. Why?

Who shot up the dead Mumbai attackers so badly in the face that they're having trouble identifying them?

Lucky for the monsters behind 9/11, that the explosions and fire and collapse of the WTC helped destroy any evidence of who the attackers were.

And only 10 attackers were able to hold off hundreds and hundreds of Indian security personnel for over 50+ hours?

Only if they had help from outside sources.

Who most likely escaped in the fog of battle back to Tel Aviv.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you really want to know what to do—how to kill the beast—or at least weaken it?

It’s not gladiators—though you may need to become one. It’s not sitting on a mountain—although you may choose to do that.

If we keep doing the same things that have always been done, we will get the same results. The same shit will rise to the top of the toilet bowl water as it always does. We will get the same “Wonder-Mop” salesmen and actors for leaders as we always do. The same “Made for TV” “B” movie will continue to roll across your screen.

There will be the same “Pray to Jesus” people dead in the alleys—or left to starve--killed just as viciously as non-believers. The same “patriots” with limbs blown off—dead if they’re lucky. Maybe it won’t be that dramatic—maybe it will be a slow painful ride—a burr in the saddle of the ass of your life— it’s up to you.

The same people will control everything like they always have—label them what you will.

The difference does not lay in having more firepower—just ask Russia or the good ol’ USA—or the Romans—or the Germans—or the __________ . As Les says, “All That Is” (my phrase) has a way of flushing the toilet from time to time.

What we need to do only comes to us individually. It’s really quite simple—not as grandiose as holding off a battalion of Blackwater mercenaries with a pocketknife and your Red Rider BB gun—not as spiritual as levitating yourself —

The answer is in levitating yourself spiritually every day—doesn’t matter how you do it. Either allow yourself to fixate on anger, blame, hate, and superiority—or let those things go and live—in the living is life—positive vibes if you will.

THAT is the difference—it’s a darkness and light thing. Always the question—“How can I make a difference”—well, now you know—sorry, I know you were hoping for something more “Hollywood” or “John Wayne”.

Not glamorous—not the stuff that movies and books are made of—It doesn’t get the same ratings as a good rape or murder-Just look at the hits at mirrors as opposed to the other Les blogs—everybody loves a good car crash, or so it seems-

But it is the answer and it has always been there.

Pay no more heed to what happens, or the fear of what may happen than is necessary. Refuse to add to the negative energy that pervades this world. Be aware, but don’t take it personally. We are getting another chance as generations before us have—this is the opportunity for growth and wisdom that has been put on the table in front of countless generations only to be swept away by anger, rage and fear—you know, those things that the world has told us—and we have bought—not me you say? Just look at what happens in mirrors---When you think you have become enlightened, go spend a week with your parents.

Your food has been poisoned to scramble your brain—rendering you unable to decipher what you already know. Your job hangs on a thread to dangle in front of you like the same carrot that has dangled since the beginning of time. There is a terrorist with a Star of David tattoo under your bed and an Obama or two in your attic—if you give them the power of fear—THEY will win again.

Do you get what I said? This keeps happening because it is allowed to happen in order for us to FINALLY choose not to play the game under THEIR rules. It’s not in the WHAT you do, it is in the HOW you do it—not how WE do it.

This is NOT a group movement—that is where we have failed before—waiting for others that never come—waiting for a god that never comes—waiting for a true leader that will never surface—It is up to you to live your life with clarity and joy—

I won’t get all esoteric on your ass’—because I can’t explain it but you know it, or you don’t.

So, when you take aim—be sure to be smiling and singing Kumbaya.


notamobster said...

Israel Continues Starvation of Gaza Without Regard to Humanitarian/UN Pleas

more of the same, folks....

Ben There said...

Jj -

The answer is in levitating yourself spiritually every day—doesn’t matter how you do it. Either allow yourself to fixate on anger, blame, hate, and superiority—or let those things go and live—in the living is life—positive vibes if you will.

Very nice - the whole comment. Enjoyed it and...I agree!

notamobster said...

Ah Tony, I get your point in it's entirety, sir. You have ailed to grasp mine. it is, again:

I have renounced the actions of my government.

I have discontinued purchasing on credit (for a few years now)

I have taken every step available, under the legal framework of my country to effect the change so desperately required, to no avail.
(calling, writing, voting[attempting to], engaging in dialogue with my fellow citizen)

To be clear, I speak for no man, aside from myself. I believe in the absolute sovreignty of man over himself.

I was not justifying my nations actions because your nation does it, too. I was merely illustrating the hypocrisy of your constant barrage of attacks against me. I notice you didn't answer the charge...Convenient.

Anonymous said...

Beyond The Grave:

Does a black hole care

Does it not swallow everything in its path

What is it within this matter that propels it to merge with everything evident

What gives it permission to subsist as the grand commanding medley in the cosmos

What authorizes it to emanate at will
Being no chance at these levels what in truth is matter/mass but ability

All that exists (life) is energy (power, force) utilize it astutely “life = power x force”


su said...

One could argue that this should be on Spiritual Origami but it found itself here.

"The investigation into your true nature will not make of you anything that you are not already, but it will, over time, destroy the false belief that you are at the mercy of this body, this mind, this story, this life".
John Sherman.

Visible said...

One could argue I am from another planet. I must have got lost because I wound up here (grin).

Anonymous said...

Watching, grinning, occasionally winceing....This short note is a must speak type a deal. Ahhh Tony? I'm a-wonderin why NOTA makes that bug in yer ass scratch and claw so? Watching your repeated attacks directed @ him makes me soo curious. Do you dislike americans in general, or do you portray him in your devious little mind as some sort of GI Joe? I would tend to agree in concept with the "remove the log in your own eye before you contend with the splinter in anothers eye". I do not know NOTA but I can respect him for what he voices in personal accountability, family responsibility, and doing what he deems doable to address his perceived wrongs in this wacked out globe we spin on. Ease up Tony, you're ok, we're ok, OK???? Ohh and by the way, my Aussie friend, driving a large truck and reeking of English Leather will not make the girlies think ya got an oversized love muscle,.....U had that one coming, Peace Mr Visible, grin

Anonymous said...

Commission Recommends U.S. Use ‘Direct Force’–If Needed–to Stop Iran, N. Korea Nuke Programs.

You’re being swindled, friends. And the crooks are getting away with it! The mainstream media does nothing, the FBI does nothing, the lame politicians in Washington do nothing, and the whole mass of brain-dead onlookers just stare at the scene, eyes glazed over, not understanding what they’re witnessing right before their very eyes. The mainstream American people have become too complacent and mathematically illiterate to even realize when they’re being jacked! Sez it all!!!!!

2009 should make for an interesting year. They will try and starve us out or use wmds against us so isreal can throne the antichrist.Or the ufo card. Mark of the beast will be implemented on the brainwashed masses

America was built on gangs and Run by gangs. I.E. Fed, FBI, DHS, CIA etc… When some people get killed in some random country, Amercia says no thats messed up, We gotta show em who the real killers are!

America has nukes, Isreal has nukes. And they tell the rest of the world - you can’t have them. That’s like saying do what I say not what I do. You say you protect our freedoms and keep the world in peace and that Iran and the like will make war - says YOU. I’m sure their side of the story is very different with having a strong arm over them, illegal operations on their soil. I wish there were no nukes, but I’m sure these war mongers would only come up with another solution of mass destruction and world domination. But until the American people have had enough, this will continue to go on. I’m sure by the sounds of this that they will have to have a false flag nuke attack to say - “we need to go in, look at what they have done” and the American people will follow along with these war mongers. As any court will say - “guilty by association” & “being ignorant is not an excuse”. It’s time we hold them to account and stand up for the truth, but most will continue to bury their head in the sand.

get ready for a False Flag Nuke attack on American soil, so that they can blame the Nth Koreans and Iranians. And the American sheeple will call for false justice.

I am going to get a batman suit & infiltrate terrorist attacks so that I can expose the zionist jokers.

Nuke ALL military and their mammas—-insurance from tyranny and restitution of individual liberty.

The Transparency of Loyalty in Government Amendment is 353 signatures strong today, 4 Dec 2008. If this proposal were law the ramifications would TRULY be revolutionary and more effective than anything the TRUTH/REVOLUTION movement has yet to propose. The last time this legislation was passed the US was INVADED BY ENGLAND and the TONA was PURGED from American history. This IS the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment, it should be an easy sell! Please sign and support. For the love of justice PASS THIS ALONG!! This battle can’t be won alone as one voice cannot be heard above the shitstorm of corporate propaganda.

If you want to know who is a CORPORATE self serving shill SELLOUT, send them this petition and see if they will PLEDGE their ALLEGIANCE against corruption. If you are not against CORRUPTION,you are for CORRUPTION! If you are not for AMERICA, you are against AMERICA!

GET MAD, GET MAD AS HELL!! If you aren’t uncontrollably mad, you are still asleep! Fill your heart with anger against corruption brothers and sisters. This will give more fulfillment than any corporate mortal pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Greg: How come that when 100 people die for example in Africa, or Latin America in a hurricane, starvation or some other atrocity, the capitalist media doesn't mention it so loud and sensationalistically like the media yelling whores of CNN like Campbell Brown, Lou Dobbs, Anderson Cooper do so well with their shouting style. The capitalist media repeated the Bombay attacks like if 1 million people died there or something !! I know that the India's terror events were tragic and evil. But i don't think that the media is objective by repeating it so much like if if the Indias terrorism was such a big deal Armageddon end of the world and the end of life as we know it. The Indias terrorism events were 1 isolated events that has been happening for centuries, but the capitalist media made it to look like if it was a Nuclear Armageddon.

Anonymous said...

Having completed a 3 week abstinence from the internet while in the good old USA, a return to reality is a breath of fresh air, even if somewhat sobering. Gas is down to 1.80 per gallon to sucker those into spending more on Xmas, before the next rise (due to either carbon tax or a manufactured shortage, or just good old speculation, or some combination of the 3)

To understand our reality one must understand those who create it, and who they are. They are known by many names, the elite, illuminati, the pysychopathic powers that be, even Luciferians. They are for the most part descendants of great families over the past millenium or two who have conquered and ruled nations, and have acquired great private wealth, much of it hidden behind tax exempt foundations and in private accounts in various tax havens. They are few, and not many, although their legions are many. For the most part, the legions who do the dirty work believe they are doing good, as they are given only the information needed to execute orders and justify their actions (eg Global Warming, Terrorism, etc)

What motivates them is not greed, it is an almost religous belief in their superiority over normal men to the extent they see themselves as extensions of a God who seeks to know himself through them. They have a little ego problem.

These neo-malthusians believe the human race has undergone an evolutionary jump and those left behind are no more than beasts, beasts which consume a great deal of resources and are a threat to their evolutionary progression towards a state where man evolves to become God-like.

Today, man and beast live side by side and the beasts are taking it in the behind, wondering at those strange sensations, before being left behind - while praying it is their neighbour who gets left behind instead. They look forward to being free of that persistent pain in the ass following the rapture. Perhaps they believe the former is needed for the latter.

The elite do not hate normal men, or beasts, so much as they see them as a nuisance and potential security threat requiring control and eventually depopulation.

Globalization and interdependence is simply the process for exerting their total control globally, after which they can cull the herd. America is a done deal to them, a completed project if you will, except for the depopulation phase.

Having just visited the US I can say the brainwashing is still very effective, and while the beasts have the sense that things are not well, they are so divided and blinded by party and/or racial/ethnic/religous loyalty they can not see they are all victims of class warfare being conducted by the elite, and still believe that pain in the butt can be treated by Preparation H, or by voting every 4 years.

At times, I wonder if it is possible that we were colonized by an alien race 6000 years ago. The purpose being to allow our colonial masters to globalize the planet and develop man through the industrial age to eventually exploit our resources using human slave labour (some genetic engineering may have been required for this). Our history in this context makes sense, and explains some of the mythology and old testament references.

Of course, it could be a simple law of human nature at work. Evil simply floats to the top, as does scum (beasts doing evil go to jail, analogous to being devoured by sharks before reaching the surface). The evil that reaches the top acquires great power, and unlike normal people, they will exercise this power to do evil and not good (except in the Orwellian sense where Evil = Good). As Luciferians, they believe evil was created to do good. The end justifies the means. And besides, as beasts, normal people have no more rights than cattle to them, and unless there is an intergalactic market for human steak, we are not as valuable.

Industrialization and technology has given Evil the tools to dominate the rest of us in a way that has never been possible before. It was inevitable really, and had been predicted. Our trust in Big Brother was our downfall, and this trust was the product of the elites control of media and education. A well executed plan. Our elites are not incompetent, sad to say.

Robert said...
2008 Continuity Error: Guts, Goo and Obama's Imperial Dream
Written by Chris Floyd

Barack Obama's new "national security team" is a grim conglomeration of war criminals, warmongers and apologists for torture and empire who have been praised justly by some rightwingers as a continuation and validation of the Bush Regime's foreign policy. But despite the growing unease these choices have induced in some "progressive" quarters, they in no way constitute a "betrayal" on Obama's part. He has always made it abudantly clear that he stands squarely on the side of a militarist empire – expansive, dominating, brooking no challenge or hindrance to its actions or its preeminence. An empire conceived in bloodshed and dedicated to the proposition that no nation is created equal to the divine American state, whose "interests" – as self-servingly defined by whatever faction of the ruling elite holds temporary sway in Washington – must be pursued at any and every cost. A cost to be paid, of course, by the lesser breeds beyond the Homeland's borders, and, increasingly, by the American people themselves.

Obama's forthright stand on the issue of empire was evident throughout the campaign, in speeches, on his website, in his Senate votes and in his publicly announced positions – such as his always conditional, circumscribed promise to "end" the war in Iraq, on essentially the same terms by which George W. Bush claims to be ending it now. At no point in his much-ballyhooed "opposition" to the nation-gutting in Iraq did Obama ever once call it what it is: a crime. An abomination. An act of mass murder that has left more than a million innocent people dead.

Who then can be surprised that he has chosen as his own war chief a man who has presided over this pointless slaughter for two of the five years that it has been going on? And who can be surprised that he has chosen as his secretary of state a woman whose chief contributions to foreign policy have been: urging her husband to bomb civilians in an illegal, undeclared war against Serbia; promising to "obliterate" an entire nation of 65 million people from the face of the earth; and voting for one of the worst war crimes in the last half-century – then damning the victims as lousy ingrates for not appreciating America's benevolent destruction of their country and murder of their children?

Really now, what did anyone expect from a man who walks into a room where a dozen children have had their head bashed in by a thug in a silk suit still holding the blood-dripping bat in his hand, and says, "My word! I think a mistake has been made here. By gum, I think beating these children into a steaming pulp of guts and goo might have been a 'stupid policy.' If you give me that bat, I promise to stop beating these children into a steaming pulp of guts and goo within the next 16 months – depending, of course, on the conditions in the room at the time, and the advice of my new top adviser, an experienced, pragmatic, safe pair of hands who has just spent the last two years helping this thug – who should not be prosecuted, by the way, because that would just criminalize political differences – beat these children into a steaming pulp of guts and goo." This, in a nutshell, is Obama's Iraq policy, and always has been. Where then is the betrayal?

Here we must turn, once again, to Arthur Silber, who has long understood the true nature of the Obama candidacy and what its triumph will mean for the future. No talk of "betrayal" from Silber, who knows that Obama's recent appointments are only the inevitable fruit of the imperial, exceptionalist philosophy that has always guided his votes and positions on foreign policy. Silber's new post, "Clinging to the Wreckage I: Murder Inc. -- The Continuing Obscenity of U.S. Foreign Policy," is a masterpiece of bitter clarity about the reality of the American empire -- even in the rosy glow of the false dawn of the era of "hope and change." You should read the whole, devastating piece -- and follow the links in the original -- but below are a few excerpts:

"Our troops did the job they were asked to do. They got rid of Saddam Hussein. They conducted the search for weapons of mass destruction. They gave the Iraqi people a chance for elections and to have a government. It is the Iraqis who have failed to take advantage of that opportunity." – Hillary Clinton

"It's not change when [McCain] promises to continue a policy in Iraq that asks everything of our brave men and women in uniform and nothing of Iraqi politicians..." -- Barack Obama

If you have ever wondered how a serial murderer -- a murderer who is sane and fully aware of the acts he has committed -- can remain steadfastly convinced of his own moral superiority and show not even the slightest glimmer of remorse, you should not wonder any longer.

The United States government is such a murderer. It conducts its murders in full view of the entire world. It even boasts of them. Our government, and all our leading commentators, still maintain that the end justifies the means -- and that even the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocents is of no moral consequence, provided a sufficient number of people can delude themselves into believing the final result is a "success."

We are a nation that has voluntarily renounced all its most crucial values, and all its founding principles. We can appeal all we want to "American exceptionalism," but any "exceptionalism" that remains ours is that of a mass murderer without a soul, and without a conscience….

As a nation, we are resolute in our refusal to identify the true nature of our actions, and in our refusal to acknowledge the consequences of what we do. This may well be true of most nations throughout history. Yet there is a direct correlation between a nation's power and influence, and its reliance on myth and other public relations ploys. As the world's sole superpower, the United States via its ruling class saturates its subjects at home and abroad with propaganda on a scale and with an intensity that have rarely been surpassed. As is true of all propaganda, permissible viewpoints are confined within suffocatingly constricted boundaries of thought; variation of any moment from the prescribed guidelines is prohibited.

Consider how far into fantasy we have traveled, consider the scope of our determination to banish facts from our awareness. It should not be controversial or noteworthy in the least to observe that conquest of foreign peoples by force of arms necessarily involves bloodletting, dismemberment and mutilation, that subjugation shatters the mind and the body, not just of the subjugated, but of those who would rule in this manner. History tells this tale repeatedly. Indeed, when our leaders wish to condemn other nations which utilize identical practices, they will examine these evils in endless detail. Our leaders will explain to us with enthusiastic commitment that such practices are deeply immoral and can only lead to disaster. But suddenly, when the United States sets out to conquer entire regions of the world, all these evils are not only transformed into a force for good: the evils miraculously cease to exist. The United States is good -- it is "the culmination of human development" -- and all its works are good. In "respectable" conversation in "respectable" places, you may not say otherwise….

In the context of what the United States has done and continues to do, the statements from Clinton and Obama about the "failure" of the Iraqis to act in a manner they find "acceptable" are loathsome in the extreme. Their views, which I emphasize again are shared by every national politician who actually wields power (by which formulation, I exclude the very few exceptions such as Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul), represent the murderous triumph of "American exceptionalism" -- the doctrine that lauds the United States as uniquely "good" and Americans as "the good guys" in a manner that no other peoples can ever hope to equal, and that, with its always implicit and frequently explicit racism, condemns all other peoples on Earth to sub- or even inhuman status. That final element, of course, makes it considerably easier to slaughter them in large numbers, even when they could never possibly threaten us.

This is the philosophy that has guided American foreign policy for decades; it is the philosophy that has guided it during the Bush Administration; it is the philosophy that will guide it in the Obama Administration. Obama has made this clear, once more, with his "national security" appointments. But he has not betrayed us. He has indeed brought the promised change – a change in the faces that will mouth the required pieties when the next small child is beaten into a steaming pulp of guts and goo.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for more fake-terrorism like 9-11 as pretext to continue the US Israeli-fascism

Some comments about Pat Buchanan and the latest Mumbai's false flag, fake-terror events.

Patrick Buchanan is perhaps not a lefty and knows, from experience, that when atricities like this occur, after a year of planning, the planners had plenty of time to consider the consequences of the acts of violence. Terrorism is a violent act of politics and war that calculates it's effects politically, operationally and stragegicly, and weighs the future actions of the victims and their support bases.

Hatred and suspicion are ugly human traits and this ugliness is the desired effect of terrorism. If India's population grows in it's hatred of Pakistans ISI of national government, the relations between the new government in Pakistan and the existing hierachies in India will dissolve into a cold war or worse.

Both Ceval and Begemot, are haters of both Islam and Christianity, Asti a Turkish spy and Begemot a shin beth apologist are in league with the Christian killers in India. You work as denigrators of Islam and Christianity shows both of you to be aligned with the "New World Order" folks. That is your right, this is a fre world and you can choose any affinity you desire. What I would like to hear from either of you is what your feeling about the ethnic cleansing of Christains in India is about.

Ceval has been vocal in the past about Christians being a "virus" that plagues the planet, while Begemot is a right wing zionist with his blinders on, showing Israel to be a Saint like nation of restraint and good will for the planet. Both of you are employing selective mindsets that tell your stories well but seem to miss the pain that Israel and Turkey have inflicted in the Muslim communities through their allied cooperation with the United States and Great Britain in the war on terror, neither nation actually fighting in this war, but acting as stageing grounds for intelligence, military ports of call and spying operations in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, the United States, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

I realise that both Turkey and Israel have a great interest in bringing India into the war on terror fold and that Pakistan has an intertest in keeping them nuetral and friendly to Muslims in the theatre of the wars. As for Buchannons looking at who profits from this horrible act of cowardice, Muslim instigators may have some small reason to feel that this is good for them, but certainly Israel and Turkey profit more so than Islamic peoples .

India's best intelligence is drawing the conclusions that EX ISI agents and operatives trained and funded this operation in Pakistan. My question is who would be EX agents of ISI, but infiltrators on the payrolls of war on terror related spy organisations that were booted from ISI for their complicity with the west and decided to get some reveange for their homefront sedition plotters...

Lets be frank, please and see clearly that the CIA and Mossad are involved in most of the world's calamities as their way of looking out for number one, their people. Mi5 and 6 are in the imperialism buisiness for the Crown city. Mossad is in bed as deep as any with these two groups and the CIA is as well, they form a front that speaks to the needs of their government's alliances and the security of their respective collaberative empires. Basicly they work for the bankers in their home nations and are tied to the buisiness interests and markets as well as the military arms that prosecute acts of state terrorism to further these buisness and global strategic designs on unipolar rule. India is "invited" to join this cabal and for good reasons, India offers the cheap and well groomed labor for manufactureing and service sector customer service and debt collections at a low price for these empires.

Where Mossad fits in is in the security sector with hardware and software that has spying appertanances in it's design that sends information to Shin Beth analysts to detect insubordination against the empires designs.

Mi5 and 6 are in it for the Crown Cities bankers and market strategists who need fodder for market growth or face contraction of both their markets and banking sectors control of world trade and investment.

The Cia is in it as the purveyor of the intersts of the USA and it's largly Jewish American goverment and the central military arm of the war on terror. If you take note, it's the US thats doing most of the killing of Muslims. They kill in Indinesia, Somalia by Ethiopian proxies, who are basicaly finished with their wild death march in Mogadishu. They kill in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria,Colombia,Venezuela, Cuba and sanction others nations and peoples by denying investors the opportunity to do buisiness with those nations that present a threat to Israel.

This is where Israel is involved, they are a base of huge capabilities in nuclear, strategic and operational spying and forward reconnaisance and provide advice and intelligence in every aspect of the war on terror in terms of tactical stragegy in field operations.

If we are honest about this Begemot and Ceval, we can see that both Turkey and Israel are in a position of unmatched strength through alliance, but if the alliance fails and NATO falls , bot nations are in deep shit, so expansionist wars of agression and division of targeted non compliant nations is in their best interest, correct?

My feeling is that India is dragged into this fray by this terrorist act in Mumbai, and that Pakistan gains not in this act, but the general front of the war on terror with all of it's co,patriots gains strategicly, tactically, operationally and politically and they moved quickly to capiatalise on these gains....

Condi Rice was very quick to point the finer at Pakistan and provide "intelligence "help as was Israel, Great Britain and ISI. Everyone wanted to get into the heads of Indian Intell and policework to sway the results on the investigations to their ends.

If we know history we can discern this as a repetitive pattern in strategy. Israel refutes the 15 agency intelligence report of the USA and WINS this argument in the US governmet.

the CIA corrupts ISI by infiltration and control of its heads of station so that the lower operatives in ISI are marginalised in their support for Pakistan and defect due to this insurrection in their top ranks. The defectors, disgruntled at the lack of sovereignty of their highest form of national intelligence, are forced to react againt the corruption of the governmet by foreign agents and may have planned this attack or just take the blame for it. hard to tell, right?

The United States, under it's newly minted administration is reforming the rendition and interrogation tactics and strategies of the CIA and private interogators, or "GATORS" as they call themselves by confining their interrogations to lies, deceptions and feigned sympathy for detaineees, which is coercive but not violent, representing the original use of interrogation manuels as the guide for their work in public but reserving their no holds barred nmethods for "emergency" cases(off the record).

Under the new studies of these changes in strategic interrogation and rendition, some intersting new developments have been documented that indicate that the past stratgies of Donald Rumsfeld were, in fact designed to instigat and escalate resistance to show due cause for the war on terror, capitalising on the short memories of most onlookers at daily news, People don't notice that this is occuring because of their spotty attention to news, they just see horrific terrorism and there nation fighting it.

While milder methods of interrogation consider the geneva conventions, they are not considering the acts of state terrorism that these new methods render intelligence for.

The concentration on a morality in interogation deflects the attention away from the acts of state terrorism that are the result of these interrogations. Case in point...

Zarqawi, the supposed mastermind of the Al Qa'ida in Iraq operation is basically an idiot radical murderer, but is dead and now accused of perpetrating the demolition of the Mosque in Sammara, the biggest catalyst of escalation of insurgency in Iraq's war. He is not even close to being smart enough to do this act or plan it and the CIA knows this but lists hom , after his death as the perpetrator of this act. when it is common knowledge that Mi6 did this deed in intelligence circles.

Ceval, Begemot, we are all uman beings, are we not? why hate each other and sling shit in faces thatare trying to end this horrific gamesmanship? Do we not owe it to our respective nations and people to try and clear up this war and hatred before it escalates out of control.

I'm a Christian/Islamic, Judaeic adherant and sympathise greatly with India's impoverished people, the poor in Israel , the US and in nations where imperialist stragegic gamesmanship has created poverty, none more guilty or unapologetic than the Great British empire, so civilesd and cordial on the surface and maniacal, devios and visceral in their warooms and spy operations.

My nation is the center of these conflicts, but you don't see me making ecuses or showing a dubed down ultra nationalist front in my work. I tell it like it is, not how my nation wishes it is. Why take this belligerant hatful rhetoric as gospel in Israel when it is both Irrational and counterproductive to do so?

Israel can paint itself as the angel of the planet, the chosen and peaceful intellectual and tolerant people with a mission from God, but until Israel realises that the planet is waiting for it to stop the denigration of Arabs in Palestine to end the economic seigeof the USA, EU and UK, Israel will sink in world status, public approoval in Israel and be confined to the status of it's now well documented use of propaganda to hide their seditions of goverments that send military operations into Islamic countries to further weaken the fabrics of world societies to make it easier for them to see their world domination schemes come to fruit.

Hedgmony.States terrorism, opaque propaganda,glorifyication of nations, glorification of usery, and the militarisation of the United States as the enforcer for Great Britain and Israeli money changers, is gross negligence of every sector of the intelligence community to ensure that the truth is the result of their work, not propagandised megolomaniacal violence for the sake of accumulating excessive wealth to insure the solvency of centralised empire that increases poverty, desperation, lack of education, medical care and enrichment of souls the drives the engines of petty terrorism against the behemoths of state sponsored, largescale sedition and corruption.

Until I hear some haed of state in these great empires stand up and exibit the courage to apologise for these horrific propagandised wars of agression and occupations, I will have every reason to feel that the devil is king in these nations, for to live a lie, is to glorify the father of lies.


Anonymous said...

the prince of darkness is a gentleman. ye shall know him by his fruits. great post.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Governments manage to get out of hand when they think nobodys' looking.
While in Greece , a local girl I met in Sparta told me how the politicians used to have to throw themselves offa cliffs if they didn't fall through with the promises they made to the voters.

If today's political GoodFellas were to do the same thing today the pile up would fill a canyon.

Anonymous said...

Before Election Day I too was in a happy trance of "hope" and "change."

I tried to vote early three times. The first time I was too late; the second time was during the lunch hour; there were dozens of people already there who had the same idea. I decided to go take care of some other business and return at five. Well, when I did there were at least a hundred people there. While I was glad to see all the people coming out to vote, I didn't feel like waiting two or three hours for the privilege when I could do it on Election Day with no hassle since I had the day off. (One co-worker expressed her skepticism of early voting; to her it was just another opportunity for the fixers to toss the ballots they didn't want to count into Lake Michigan.)

Once the voting was over, I was VERY surprised when the announcement of Barack Obama's victory came around 10 P.M. C.S.T. I had expected to stay up very late, as I have for previous elections, while the votes were counted and contested.

In retrospect, I agree with Kikz; they already knew the result. Mayor Daley was only too happy to have Obama make his acceptance speech in Grant Park to distract people from the city's budget problems and the fact that Chicago is now the murder capital of the United States.

That night I called friends and relatives to share my joy. Everybody was ecstatic, except my brother down South, who doesn't like Obama. (He calls him a "weasel." The previously mentioned co-worker also expressed doubts about Obama. She pointed out that he didn't have the history of slavery that black Americans do. At first I thought she was hating; then I realized she was just being honest.)

Enough euphoria remained for me to feel proud walking downtown on Dearborn Street and seeing the red and blue banners hanging from lampposts congratulating "Chicago's Very Own, Barack Obama."

My bubble burst when I heard Obama had chosen Rahm Emanuel for his Chief of Staff. Emanuel has been my Congressman for years, yet I can't really tell you anything he's actually done except help people get elected. Plus he's a Zionist and a Clintonite.

Living in Crook County and knowing how things are done here, I felt "Rahmbo" had been appointed because he'd helped Obama in his political career. Ok, I understand that. But I still don't like it.

Next came the selection of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. Upon hearing that, I clutched my head and moaned, "Why, Barack? WHY?" Everyone I talked to about it expressed serious misgivings, to say the least. I also heard that some believed he OWED it to her. For WHAT? Not having him assassinated???

That's when the post-election depression set in. We got a Cabinet full of Clinton leftovers, plus one Bush guy whose main virtue is that he's not Rumsfeld. "Experience," they say. B*** S***, I say.

The local media has gotten ridiculous in their Obama worship---err, coverage. One recent Tribune article was about how proud multi-racial people are about Obama's victory. Oh, REALLY? Didn't he get 95% of the black vote by identifying himself as black? Is he not the first, quote/unquote "African American President of the United States of America?" (I'm black BTW. I mention this only so the PC Police don't jump on Les for what I'm about to say.)

Another article that stood out was one about how some blacks regard Obama's election in religious terms. WTF? Are these folks delusional or what? (Another co-worker, a devout Christian, was deeply offended when she actually heard someone compare Old Boy to Jesus Christ. Seriously.)

Barack Obama is NOT the messiah. He's a human being like you and me. Face reality people. No one is coming to save you except yourselves. Anyway, all our heroes are already dead. There's nothing like death to instantly canonize someone (witness Ronnie Raygun). Or do you all know something the rest of us don't?

Well, here we are. NOW what?

I've read a lot of useful thoughts here on SmokingMirrors: NotAMobster suggested taking action, whether it be writing on dollar bills, wearing T-shirts, writing letter, or even running for local office. Another writer advocated spreading information: websites, videos, etc. JJ suggested elevating our consciousness from negativity. Still others have recommended taking things day by day while enjoying the pleasures life and nature have to offer. All these are good ideas.

What I've decided to do is e-mail Mr. Obama's website (yes, that IS the name of it)and send suggestions about how he can achieve his stated goals for this country. I will also be writing him (and others) letters. Here is Obama's current mailing address, courtesy of columnist Dan Savage:

President-elect Barack Obama
Presidential Transition Office
Kluczynski Federal Building
230 S. Dearborn 38th Floor
Chicago, IL 60604

They will only accept postcards or business-size envelopes. Too bad. Now we can't send him any Christmas (or Kwanzaa) gifts. :)

Keep up the good work, Les.

West Side Gal



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