Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Out the Door and Innuendo

I get a lot of comments from people and a lot of emails too. Most people are quite satisfied with what goes on here at Smoking Mirrors. Then there are those who are not. Well... we wouldn’t want to satisfy everyone would we? Some people have told me that I have to love everyone so... maybe I should buy some velvet chaps for the comfort of those who would like to take advantage of that love. Some have told me that my implying people should take their country back ‘by any means necessary’ is too severe and wouldn’t work anyway.

There are people who think I am anti-Christian or anti-Jew. No one seems to think I’m anti-Muslim. My spiritual roots are in Hinduism but... so are the spiritual roots of every other religion... like it or not. What it is is that I don’t care for fundamentalism of ‘any’ stripe and that includes Muslim as well as any who fit that description. I don’t like ‘by the book’, ‘by the numbers’ ‘sex is bad’ bullshit “if you’re not saved you’re going to Hell” garbage and I don’t like Sharia either. I don’t like Zionism which is racism and neo-Nazi tactics. If you happen to be a member of any of these groups and in fundie mode then we don’t have anything to say to each other.

People who tell me I should love everyone certainly do not do so themselves and also don’t know what love is to begin with. The cloying, new age, treacle of kissing everything and making it better are easy words to say and hard words to live by. I do my best to love and care for others but you don’t take an asp to your breast or pet a scorpion. On the day that you are truly one with all, there won’t be any questions to ask or problems to solve anyway but... this is here and now. If everyone who was pointing out what is going on were to stop, then the people who do rely on them would be reduced to getting their information only from the people who are abusing them.

It happens every now and then. A handful of wealthy psychopaths decide that they don’t have enough and have managed to gain control of the press and the police, the governments and the courts and, of course, the means of production. Then they squeeze the world in their hands to drain everything of value from the lives of those they consider to be less than human and by virtue of this, they show that they are the least human of all bi-pedal travelers.

They had a revolution in France because of this and they’ve had them other places too. Heads rolled, literally. Violence and bloodshed do not make me hard. I don’t like that kind of thing, at home or abroad but... it happens. Lately it has been happening exclusively to a certain class of people and not at all to those who deserve it the most.

Gandhi did a marvel with non-violent protest but it was certainly not non-violent. Martin Luther King took a page from his book and that wasn’t non-violent either. There’s no shame in walking away from the world in times of darkness and many wiser souls do. Some of us are meant to be engaged in one way or another. Or maybe it is all a random pinball game and some of us just choose to engage. Some of us screw things up worse than they were before as has been seen in the efforts of certain social and moral reformers.

I’ve had over 250 postings here. It’s a no brainer that they haven’t all been cutting edge or more useful than not. I wish I knew what to tell you, once and for all, but I do not. Another day comes and another week follows. There’s always something more to say, even if there was nothing to say to begin with. You can say it’s all pointless and you can say it has a point. You can say there is a God and you can say there is no God. Whatever you are, you are the sum total of what you believe to be true and that is what motivates you. Regardless of what we believe or do not believe, the world goes on. We have our parts to play and for the moment this is mine.

The psychopaths who are engineering all of the nasty shit that you hear about and, in some cases, experience, are getting ready for one of their periodic slam dunks on the heads of the human race. Governors are getting white powder in the mail. In Mumbai they softened up your credibility and let you know the boogeyman was around. They’ve been taking away the homes of millions of people. They thrashed the financial system while looting the same. Now they are going to throw the world into turmoil, close borders and restrict travel. They are going to tighten up on the food and other staples and necessities in order to keep the population focused on survival rather than the loss of their freedom and security.

I know there are many people out there who can see what is happening and who have not sold out their humanity for a mess of potage. I know many of you have tried to do your best and will continue to. One thing history teaches us... regardless of the appalling body count and bloodshed... is that sooner or later it passes. Life on Earth may be a cakewalk for some but it is a struggle for the majority. No system seems to be a solution because, sooner or later, the gangsters take over. This is why you hear that, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

Tyrants and despots have done their share to make portions of the world unlivable but bankers and corporations have got them beat in all directions by the incessant longevity of their evil ways. For these men and women, it is a game and you are mere ciphers on a balance sheet. Theft, usury and the destruction of the competition are applauded. They congratulate each other on their efforts and they laugh about the carnage. They do.

Many times here, I have suggested that if the people would only step away from the machine and refuse to contribute; refuse to work, refuse to buy, refuse to watch their televisions and gather in silent protest in their communities across the world that the engines would grind to a halt. I have always felt that this was the greatest power the people have. It is the complicity of the people in their own oppression that allows for it to continue.

Unfortunately, the majority of people are not very bright. It may not be only the lack of intelligence and a capacity for objective reasoning that is the problem. People are also inclined to obey. For some reason they believe that those in authority have their best interests at heart, regardless of how many times they are shown otherwise. Regardless of how often they see criminal behavior in high places they somehow think that someone, somewhere, is honest and knows what they are doing.

I’ve looked at this from a lot of perspectives and all I can come up with is that people have to suffer. It’s a mysterious component in life. They hunger for their own destruction and their lives bear this out.

Here at Smoking Mirrors, we like beating our head against the wall and pointing the same thing out, over and over. It’s what we do, so we must enjoy it. We don’t always get it right and we hope that, at those times, we are at least entertaining. It’s hard to know what to say to someone who won’t listen. It’s hard to know what to do in an enormous ocean of fish, swimming in large schools into the nets.

You stand on one side of the river and you cry and you stand on the other side of the river and you laugh and neither of these affects anything. I believe that people wake up here and there as time goes by. I believe there’s some grand summing up somewhere up or down the road but I couldn’t tell you what it is. Take what is useful and freely given and leave the rest. Given that it looks like bad weather up ahead, I suppose it’s only fair that winter is coming too.

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Anonymous said...

Les, you just keep right on doing what you're doing here. As one who is prone to snooze, I need all the noise I can find to help me stay awake. :)

notamobster said...

Winter you say? Well, I think it's summer...and you should write that it's summer, because that's what I think. Ha!

I love the gathering of minds here at Smoking Mirrors. Though some get under my skin, **** :), I still appreciate what they offer.

The objective, for me, is not to convince everyone that I am right - because I hold very little as sacrosanct - but, rather to absorb as many independent views as possible and maybe learn a thing or two (but not too much, I wouldn't want my understanding of things to interfere with my ability to comply :)

Thanks for putting it out there and drawing us to it, vis.


Arch said...

I appreciate what you've written here, Les. I don't know everything, either, but I do know some things. What challenges me the most is that so many people are unwilling to spend any time considering the more disturbing or time-consuming information that genuinely affects them and their future. Is there any greater travesty than when those who are awake become a minority in society? :(

Anonymous said...

I see American Ministers are mostly preaching about how to find paradise in the stock market. In Mathew it say's it's impossible to worship two gods, wealth and the spirit of God.

These modern day evangelicals probably say a corparate prayer every morning, a "prophets should profit" mantis manifesto. They have mmanufactured their world to the point where they now have to as easily as possible sell the idea to all Christians they must become wealthy. Simply because, if they donot, then all those millionaire Ministers will be fair game to all Christians who have lost their homes and jobs and can't feed their kids.

The sheeples might even want all that money back that they sent to all those corpo-churches and realize they never got anything in return.

They need to build an army of rich christians or they will be out on the street.

America uses God in the same way a drunk uses against a lamp-post.
More for support rather than illumination.


Anonymous said...

Yes, some of us beat our collective heads against the wall until we are bruised, bloody, and passed out on the floor in the hopes that someone might notice our limp bodies lying there like a warning sign, and at times they do notice, but unfortunate as it may be, most people in today's world will step over an unconscious body, or even trample one to death to get to the shiny goods that lay ahead like the proverbial donkey chasing the carrot.

Anonymous said...

I remember a - what do i call it? It's not even a phrase - from some silly science fiction story I read a few decades ago (not that I'm implying SF is silly, just this one story)

It was "FREEDOM - I WON'T"

Stepping away from the machine. The right to refuse. That's what we have to excercise while there's still time. Get a garden or an allotment. Trade locally, avoiding bits of paper ($$, ££, €€ etc). Work together for the benefit of friends and family. It may not bring down the criminals who call themselves government, but it will keep us alive for a bit longer as things continue to get worse.

Another good one Les. You may be preaching mainly to the converted, but you've got a lot worth saying, so keep doing it for as long as they let you.

Anonymous said...

Les... Keep doing what you do! Many of us are in the same state of "awakening" (admittedly at different levels) and it is a comfort to be able to rub "elbows" here on your site...

There will always be nay-sayers and those who are blind to the Truth... To them I say, go in peace - but, go!

Anonymous said...

you're a nutjob.
but God loves you : )
re"My spiritual roots are in Hinduism but… so are the spiritual roots of every other religion… like it or not. "


Jesus said "I am the only way, the truth, the life." John 14:6.

Get over it. NB it is 2008 for ONE reason - Jesus split time in half - not YOU
: )

I read your stuff but could you pls yone down the potty mouth, it is not needed.

ps: I am no baptist or fundy etc.

I am no zionist.

There IS a true "Israel" but it is a spiritual race not earthly.

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work les we need to break the mental shackles that the masses have been put in, when shit hits the fan it'll be people like us that will stand up and show the way to the light

alan sweet blackpool

Anonymous said...

Noticed you did not post my last post! So maybe you enjoy believing people who come here are sincere and not out to manipulate the system. The only way to confirm one's sincerity is to test it and if you can't identify it well you are playing a shell game. If you want to feel sorry for the loss folks are taking out there go right ahead. Do you know these folks and what it is that they have done in their lives that they may have induced their own demise! Or does that even matter.

Les, you are a good writer but a perverse (illicit drugs and illicit sex…) individual “ in my view” so what! I may be a crappy writer ‘too cryptic or informal’ but I am no pervert so what! I do my due diligence and not just surface work, I live the gig and I resent that the babies who hang out and whine because they can and have no real substance to back up such. Do I need to hear terrorist crap, which sends folks emotions into a tizzy, but not question the truth of the matter! What the hell is the hoop-la over 9/11 if this be the case? I could go on and on but is not worth it round here…


Visible said...


I've been over this ground with you before but you are either deliberately not paying attention or there is something functionally wrong with you. I have been at great pains to let the reader and commentators KNOW that quite often comments do not come through and I have said that you must send them to me so that I can post them for you if you have a problem. I can't do more than that.

What the hell is 'illicit sex'? explain that to me. And as far as illicit drugs go, I will take anything I feel like taking any time I feel like it and the government and anyone else who doesn't like it can kiss my ass.

I really want to know about the illicit sex. If I'm having a good time I would like to know about it so do let me know so that I can at least have the benefit of someone's psychotic projection if not the actual act.

Visible said...

It's not fucking likely that 'alleged' potty mouth is going to be reeled back and certainly not for the Jesus way or the highway folks. If this distresses you then it is unfortunate because there's not a goddamn thing going to be done about it. it is punctuation, no more. It's rare and it arrives to emphasize a point. Compared to what passes for okay these days I am way at the back of the line.

Anonymous said...

Every day it becomes increasingly difficult to keep my anger in check. I do not know which is worse; the despicable scene in Gaza or the stormtroopers ransacking an organic foods co-op in Ohio. What is the difference between killing olive groves and destroying an organic co-op? Both actions are filled with venom with the intent to hurt innocent people. One day perhaps the 97% of the world's population may some day begin to truly correct the unjustice doled out by that 3%.

Anonymous said...

Very well said.
At this point in the author's evolution it might serve him well to step back and grasp the bigger picture.
What is happening on this planet is either a cruel joke by some disgusting god who invented psychos (too) - or maybe there is another agenda at work at another level.
It may require a dimensional shift in perception to get a glimps of that agenda.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Les! A simple "I did not get your post" would have done, at least your credit would have been considered, the abusive answer is questionable in my view.

Get a thesaurus and pick your own version! Am sure once you take command of the English language and put my words into context you will not be so hot headed over the post.

If you feel you need to decipher/clarify things your own way 'others may take it out of context' go right ahead..

Don't blame me dude, I did not write the dictionary nor the thesaurus, I just utilize it. If you question my motive and address me on the matter with respect, I would consider kindness in return but your verbiage is grotesque at best...


Anonymous said...

nice work,thx
go figure about people and mob think and just stupidity lots of examples of people starving because they will only eat religously approved rice ect ect.there still supporters of gwb if you can believe it!where on earth are things becoming more civilized?

Visible said...


I'm not going to waste too much time on this. I already gave you a simple answer before- the last time you jumped on me. I'm not in the habit of indulging people over the same matter on and on just because their short term memory is gone. You were abusive then and you are abusive now.

You still didn't explain to me about the 'illicit' sex or how I came to have it or even what it is. That is why I need you to define what YOU INTERPRET as illicit, not what some thesaurus has to say. I know quite well what the word means. You haven't got the faintest clue about my private life.

Now, I think we would all like to know what you mean by illicit sex and how you come to have information that even I don't possess and I'm the one who is supposed to be engaging in it.

Anonymous said...

"Maestro": you seem to have much to offer, but why "stir the pot" in the ways you do and in this forum of all places?

Live and let live, friend. Let's talk about the Grande Conspiracy, the tech, the perps, any interesting theories, any helpful solutions, and try and piece together a mosaic of the truth and mount some sort of defence against it.

Les, regardless of life-style or writing ability or word choice, at least is "hosting" and allowing the discussion to occur, so let's show a little more respect.


Anonymous said...

Les, take it to the alley...anyone with half a mind and reads your stuff gets you...you think you can libel me cause you "think" I have you...or maybe no one gives a shit! I do; and really is all that matters.

If you have further questions you may address them to tmaastricht@aol.com and if you do so with your abusive tone, I will NOT excuse you on the matter!


Anonymous said...

I agree that we do have the option of turning our backs on the corrupt system. People will say they have no choice, but they do, even if it means living in a tent in the woods. Hopefully, most people wouldn't need to resort to such drastic methods to "check out" of the system. I feel I have found a tolerable balance for now, distancing myself from the system, but not living in abject poverty, at least not yet.

As to whether people seem to have a self-destructive bent, I think they do, and the reason is that they are miserably unhappy in this world! They hate the system under which we live - notice my phraseology: the system we live under. Animals don't live "under" a system, why do we put up with it? People are aware of the human-contrived ugliness in which they swim, yet they feel increasingly disenfranchised, so their subconscious longs for a way out, self-destruction being one such exit plan.


Eugene said...

Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

Love it Les! Holy musings mad Pontificator.
Your game is still wild, musty and horned.

Have often mused about this love thing of cant kill, cant harm. Often spouted by the ones who just cant see the badmen just around the corner.

Does the mother bear love anything less while it feeds its young, protects its young? It bats not an eye or lessens claw marks. We 'conditioned' animals are the only animals who allow our young to be easy food for others, etc.

Air conditioning it is from blow hards and dead letter writings that cools our minds to this animal love. I say away with these blow hards and dead letter writings that make us easy prey who easily set our offspring on the tables of others.

Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God - Benjamin Franklin

Those who would say "illicit, do not, touch not, its against the law"...do you not know "habeus corpus"? No body, no crime? All law at present is pretense, thought crime, was about to, has terrorist thougts, etc.

Toto were not in Kansas anymore is the story of when the real whirlwind comes and blows away the windbags of usury, inflation, tithes, and all the other lies from the dead letter zombies. As the dead letter shell game tauntingly reveils Belief comes by hearing as shown so plainly in how the windbags work...ie on the comfort and the shepherding of women.

Anonymous said...

Dr F,

I don't know you from adam, you seem awfully interested in my science…

This whole mess started with posters on this forum coming round without identification 'so to speak' and this is a problem for me; I have an extensive background 'spec ops (and NOT by choice)' and my intellectual property is immense. My 'science' is not for sale short of 1 million $ per hour...there are goons everywhere in my life trying to extort, steal or even torture info out of me and if slavery is the ticket, I will not be buying!

I am not afraid to face the truth and I clearly understand death is part of life ‘so to speak’ but if I am having to live on this god forsaken planet, I will stand up for myself and what I believe in “I am not a band wagoneer” ..Point being; maybe time for a new drop site…

Les, is not going to show respect and apologize, he is like most out there “into himself as programmed” and regardless of his talent he will stand in himself ‘he is a subject, his background is clear, he has written extensively on it’

I have worked tirelessly at this blog in trying to help without selling myself out “is not going to happen” and yes, the rubber has met the road.

I am not going share my science and if the friggin world comes to an end because I refuse to work for free or be a slave to the masses...I really could care less...I am into freedom and truth not truth as a slave.

Now, tell me who the engineers are! The disinformation on this site and many others 'supposedly truth sites are repulsive!

People perish for lack of knowledge not because they are engineered to choose stupidity ‘most of the time’ I am so sick of the blame game and by the biggest idiots out there...!!!


Anonymous said...

herefortheshow says: In spite of the best efforts of 'non-humans' to ruin humanity, it will be impossible so long as the thinnest glimmers of hope and individuality exists. And I suspect that neither of those will ever be done away with - unless there is a hybrid breed coming. And if the latter be the case, then those of us with still a conscience and humanity will be the first targets of erradication.
It is NOT the wealthy humans who are to blame. Theirs is but 'a paying homage game' to those forces more deranged and inhuman than they themselves have become. Their 'rulers' are without a whit of mercy! and certainly have no sense of humor about what it is they are here to do.
My advice - PRAY as you have never prayed before. Send the clearest, most concise thoughts of hope and survival that you can muster. PRAY that the other benevolent forces of the multiverse will come - upon your sincere requests - to help us rid this planet of the evil infestation that has been growing like a wildfire cancer for decades.
THEN, maybe, we humans might stand a chance of discovering ourselves and our humanity and finally learn the true story about our rightful place among the worlds around us.
Stop focusing on this in-your-face series of distractions crap that we keep allowing to be shoveled onto and into us every single day. Focus on the much, much bigger - and FAR MORE IMPORTANT - issue of realizing that we are but one of many, many lifeforms in the multiverse and we, collectively, need all the help we can get. PRAY!
You may laugh at what I've said all you want, but I can promise you this - without a much more highly-concerted effort by we humans to re-find our true natures and place, we, as a species, are doomed to first become the slaves we are being set up to be, and then extinct (in our present form.) It is clearly beginning to happen. "The dye is cast", as they say. All that you see crumbling before you, piece by piece, IS THE BEGINNING of a long, slow and highly-distracting march into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Isn't innuendo such a wonderful thing??
Point proven!
But please no to 'out the door'

Anonymous said...

It would scare me, and depress me if I was writing the same things today that I was five or ten years ago. I don’t go to the same web sites now, as I did before. I used to copy other peoples work and now I write my own with an asterisk. The asterisk is being in a place where at least some people get what I am writing about—finally someone gets what I am saying and I get the gratification of a little feedback from time to time. It may be shallow of me but I really don’t care. I hang out where I feel welcome, and I do here.

I don’t belong to anyone’s choir—

I have found an opportunity here that I am going to run with until my legs give out.-whenever that may be--

I am hopefully a bit more thoughtful and reflective these days than perhaps I have been in the past. Maybe I just got tired of talking to people and I can’t type as fast as I used to talk—who would know anyway? I like being able to say more with less—maybe with a little “gonzo” humor mixed in--now where did that come from?

I am intrigued by the writing here. It’s not spelled out exactly because in a way, it can’t be. That is what gets me to think—actually go beyond thinking--, and interpret the colors on the pallet—some of which I haven’t seen before in the combinations they are mixed. It’s like the Ink Blot test in Technicolor.

Call it a feeling, but I don’t think if Les was here in the States that the perspective we see every day would be here—just a guess. Where I am, and my perspective, will differ from yours—so what—Viva La Difference’.

I get no challenge at other blogs or sites—maybe that’s why this is the only place that I take the time to read, and think about what is being said—and a lot of the time, what is not being said—and hopefully contribute.

“I get no kick from Champaign, mere alcohol, it doesn’t move me at all”—thanks Frank.

To not write my thoughts from the heart in here, or speak them wherever I am, is a disservice to all of you, and to myself.

Maybe there is some history in here I don’t understand—nor do I care to.


kikz said...

like it has eyes, les. ;)

kikz said...

all right...

who's got the dart gun, and where's the straight jacket?

nina said...

It is always interesting to note when people get angry, how few are on topic with their anger. Most of the time its safe to assume something else is happening that has nothing to do with us. But, if you happen to be feeling guilty about something, and there's always a little something way down deep, its natural to anthropomorphize the anger. Everything gets easier when you realize it wasn't really about you.
Realizing it isn't about you is very hard. For example, in the brilliant essay "You Are Who You Are Looking For", its clear everything comes down to us. Standing back from "us" is a learned art, you know this, you wrote it.

In these hard times, everyone has a breaking point and targets an easy outlet to release inner anguish. I dislike conflicts, personally, but have learned they are lights showing the path to growth. Nothing but growth is permanent. Remember?

Do carry on.
Love, nina

Anonymous said...

Some people don't want to wake up and they will defend their sleeping state even if it takes them trying to change your thoughts and try to shame you into their thinking or attack you in order to defend their sleeping state because they live in sleep. They don't want to know any different. I know for me, it took enough pain and suffering to finally wake up. Maybe that will be for most people. Sooner rather than later...
Please keep writing!!! never quit!
I will never quit reading!! Thank you!

Visible said...

Nina; the elegance and beauty of your soul is apparent. Wisdom is not a quality easily gained. Halfway between you and Kikz lies my position in the mix. Of course, there's a backstory to everything and that may not be so apparent.

I adjust my persona at certain points just for the exercise and to see the results. Some places are more sacrosanct than others.

Truth be told, I'm getting it hammer and tongs from somewhere lately and my situation is not unlike Z's. At the same time I favor blunt over finesse at certain times and vice versa at others.

In this respect I felt it was honest to be direct about what I felt to be sanctimony and moral fascism. It is true that I take 'illegal' drugs but that is because the legal ones are useless; alcohol and prescription drugs are the worst alternatives around.

I've always been a free spirit sexually but that doesn't mean I engage in it. I've probably had less sex in the last few years than anyone who reads here. This isn't something I should be discussing but I've no need to hide anything. I have sex internally these days and it lasts longer and is not debilitating as is the garden variety. I don't miss it and I'm certainly capable of it.

The thing is... those comments were completely unrelated to the imagined offense in the mind of the other. It was just an attempt at wounding. In order to wound me you have to cut deeper than the wounds already in place and that's pretty deep.

I was just waving my hands at invisible bugs; probably because of the illicit drugs that I don't have (grin). I haven't had any illicit drugs in months so it's got to be a flashback.

Anyway... I wasn't angry. It takes a great deal more than blog comments to make that happen. I'm just doing my B.F. Skinner routine. The place needs to be lively and in a kindergarten like this you expect a certain amount of back and forth and we have had that lately in spades. Gone are the days of warm and fuzzy around here but they will be back.

Like I said a little while ago, I forget where, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" but... sometimes it's not. Sometimes we're playing "Go"

Anonymous said...

Hi Les....Your work,in my mind, has become something of 'a blunt force elemental',so strong that it recquires no defense; it just IS. I return to your work again and again for the same reason that I do chores outside in the wintertime wearing carhartt canvas shorts. It`s bracing. With a tendency to reduce and clarify. As with all the useless fucking merchandise now piled up , so too our mental dross is in need of an ongoing fire sale. The better we are able to discriminate in our moment to moment,biased towards life and indeed the terror and sometime severity of real Love, so we may approach ourselves as Artifacts Zero...a position of strength and self knowledge. I`m back at the desk and computer where I first encountered your work several years ago,this time caretaking my mother through a certain transformation(s). Your work is a tonic and a kick in the ass. I salute you.And the place! A Madrona tree, a yawning chasm to the right....An Emerald Green river. H

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

Another spot on post. For those who don`t like what you say or how you say it, perhaps they`re not being honest with themselves. Deceiving oneself is a human trait and we all do it albeit some more than others. Lacking in ability to engage in critical thought doesn`t help either. If you can think, you can think, if you can`t, you can`t. I try to do my best. But then again I`m only human.

Taking back one`s country "by any means necessary" sounds like a good idea to me. Perhaps one day Americans will overcome their disgusting ignorance and do just that. I know the chances of that happening are practically null-but anything can happen.

Should that happen then America will be a beacon of light for others and then you will have your "Independance Day".

Keep on fighting the good fight everyone.

kikz said...

geeez i was half jokin >:) the 'tone' was getting shrill & panicked in here frm certain quarters.

think i'll move to the other side of the room, standing next to nina, i look poZitively froggy >;) hophop.;.;.;.;

notamobster said...

Not that anyone in America is going to believe a brown guy (Ay - rab), but the former head of the ISI finally admits that the US was behind 9-11. Notice, it's only after the vipers have turned on him, that he speaks out...


m_astera said...

For some reason this essay and the comments made me think of free will. Someone important told me once that one always has free will. It took me a while to reconcile that with my view of the world and life, but finally I realized they were right. Even if you are being held over a cliff with a gun to your head, you still have free will. I think that's pretty cool.

Another realization around the same time was that the reason I take so much flak from so many directions is because I can take it. That's pretty cool too.

Les, have I told you lately how wonderful I think you are? What? I never have? Well I do, and you are. Keep on keepin' on, bro.

Anonymous said...

Left a little somethin' for y'all over at Petri.


Anonymous said...

As some one who has been beating his head against the wall for 40 years and has been self medicating a chronic (30 years) auto immune disorder which has now progressed to liver disease, after doing a year for the man,keep at it Les. Got to cut it short and make my bi monthly contribution of precious bodily fluids,so I can inhabit this large prison called america as oppossed to the smaller one they had me in.

Anonymous said...

Prometheus took Zeus's fire and gave it to man. Somewhere along the line, centuries ago, the power to create money was taken by a very corrupt group of thieves, and never given back. These are the people responsible for all the mayhem currently infecting our planet. At one point I actually believed they had hijacked the US military, and used it to fight Israel's enemies. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was never the US military to begin with. It was theirs.

Without religion and nationalism, none of this would be possible. It seems so self evident, yet new churches the size of Wal Mart super centers keep springing up daily. They bloviate for free on eight different fundamentalist television stations, securing a constant flow of brain dead minions. We're powerless against the forces of ignorance.

I take comfort by considering the long view. All this has taken place within the geologic blink of an eye. That is, if a human life were represented by the length of a cigarette, the 3.5 billion years since Earth was created would stretch from Tampa to San Fransisco. With the enormity of time involved, I'll remain agnostic. How could anyone presume to know the origin of the universe?

Anonymous said...

This to Maestro: If you don't like what Les provides, why come here? This is a blog. Take from it what you will and leave the rest, but there is no place for condemnation.

That said, I would like to share what so many others have posted: There seems to be a large portion of the population which runs on emotion rather than reason. These many do not experience the freedom of self and to ask why is without answer. Years of study usually brings one to the point of nihilism with regards to all of the teachings received while attaining maturity. Universally, there appears a desire by some to dominate others. The degree of this domination and rebellion against it is dispensed over a wide spectrum.
My personal feeling is that most humans are born with an inate intelligence which is focused upon survival. What takes place during growth often amounts to a diminishing of this intelligence. I think that this is demonstrated by separating oneself from the handed down parental aphorisms and platitudes and drawing away from the media for as long as it takes for the last vestiges of the prior intelligence to return. Some suggest that this is what occurs when the mind is exposed to certain natural substances and undergoes a transformation. Others will denounce this as lacking valid proof. The best answer to sceptics would be from the Bhuddists: To him who has not had the experience, no explanation is necessary; to him who has had the experience, no explanation is necessary.

Anonymous said...

*might be a duplicate post, if so, disregard*

The masses are herd animals. If there are revolutions, the revolutions will have been instigated by agent provocateurs who do the bidding of the ruling elite.

The French and American revolutions were Illuminati projects to create secular states free of monarchies, and give them liberty from Gods laws. Communism and it's spread was also one of their projects, as was Zionism. Zionism is not a Jewish conspiracy BTW, Anglo-American oil interests recognized the need to put in place a pro-western secular state in the oil rich Middle East as early as WW I, which was the reason for the Balfour Declaration, which was to convince the Wall Street banksters to support entry by the US into the war on the side of Britain and not Germany. Oil is after all Black Gold, and banksters love gold of all colors.

Albert Pike was a leading Illumaniti member and head of the Scottish Rite Masonry in the US. He created a plan for the Illuminati almost 125 years ago or so. His statue stands in DC despite his role in the KKK which was created to maintain racial divisions in the US after the Civil War. His plan called for 3 world wars to accomplish the mission of One World Government, the last one would pit Christianity and the Muslim World which then was mainly under the control of the Ottoman Empire. Ultimately, it was expected this last conflict would act as a trigger for the clash of civilizations, which is currently in progress and which may escalate in a conflict between Pakistan and India, and could result in a conflict between China, Iran, Russia and Nato, winner takes all and rules the world.

Regarding the talk of illicit sex and drugs. People should know who the forces behind the drug trade and human trafficking are, much of the latter is related to the sex trade, including children. Consider those who controlled Opium and the slave trade in previous centuries. The corporations, such as British East India were owned by the ruling elite, and they simply went underground when these activities became illegal. They provided then and continued to be a great source of income for covert operations of the elite, funding used to finance the dark side of their intelligence operations and those terrorist organizations who do their bidding. The funds are laundered in banks in tax free havens controlled by the same banksters we are bailing out today. Does anyone really believe it is only the Taliban profitting from that Afghan poppy which is being grown in historical amounts.

The ruling elite also have some control over the religions of the masses, such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. For example they assassinated the smiling Pope in 1978 after 33 days because he intended to lift the ban on the use of contraceptives, and overpopulation in 3rd world nations was essential to their plan to keep them impoverished and limit their consumption of resources our elite have their greedy little eyes on. Zionism is another example. As mentioned, it was mainly a project of the Anglo-American ruling elite, many of them Christians, but which also included prominent Jews, especially when Oil and other geo-strategic benefits became clear. Most religious and secular Jews rejected the notion of a need for a homeland or a return to Palestine, and even those who did considered parts of Africa and even Texas as better alternatives. Hitler and WW II were needed to convince the world of a need for Israel, just like 9/11 was needed for American to rebuild our defenses per the PNAC.

I believe the translation into English and publishing of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a plot of the ruling elite to fuel anti-semitism and it was around this time that Hitlers Mein Kamph was published, and also an English version of the Talmud began circulating for the first time. Perhaps this was coincidental, but then you look at the financing for Hitler and who was behind it and it seems clear there was a conspiracy to sacrifice a great many Jewish people for the cause of a homeland in Israel which was in the interests of the ruling elite, and following Albert Pikes plan for WW II.

While in public the ruling elite are Christian, Jew or Muslim, but they have their own religion where they worship the other God we know as Lucifer. This religion does not distinguish between Jews, Muslims or Christians and is reserved for the elite. They believe Evil was created to do Good, even if it could also do Evil, and thus employ the occult with their knowledge of the the Ancient Mysteries that has been handed down from ancient religions in India, Persia, Alexandria and Babylon and combined with the heretical version of Judeo-Christian beliefs known as Gnosticism and Kaballah.

Does anyone really believe the masses can unite against a shadow government that has no visible face, when their world is a 2 dimensional world limited to Left vs Right, Black vs White, Christian vs Muslim, Fox vs CNN, and Jets vs Dolphins. They are for the most part unaware of the 3rd dimension when looking around for who is reponsible for their pain. They do not know enough to look up for the source.

If you imagine the power structure of the world as an inverted pyramid, power, wealth and knowledge is concentrated at the top of the pyramid, and ignorance, poverty and fear dominate the bottom. How is it possible the bottom overcomes the ruling elite on top, especially when the middle rely on the top for their well being?

Would we really be any better off if that 51% of people rule by virtue of their majority, given that many of them believe in Creationism and that Saddam had something to do with 9/11.
I doubt it. Intellectual giants such as these would plunge us into the Dark Ages where we would be burning witches, sexual adventurers and atheists.

For better or worse, the laws of nature dictate that the strong will always dominate the weak. From Plato, and especially since Malthus and Darwin, our ruling elite have accepted the need to apply Eugenics, although under a different name post Hitler. Hitler indeed learned many of his Eugenic beliefs from the American Eugenic Society and was funded by the tax exempt foundations through which the ruling elite fund their legal pet projects. In fact, many of the banksters and industrialists who make up the ruling elite today have roots going back to the financing and rebuilding of Germany under Hitler, including Grand-daddy Bush. To be fair, they also helped Stalin thanks to FDR opening the door there. FDR also keept the door open for Hitler to get investment from American corporations during the Great Depression when many Americans were dying of starvation due to lack of jobs while he paid farmers to burn crops and slaughter herds to prevent affecting market prices becoming too low and protect the big farmers.

The most profitable wars are the big long wars and for this you have to build up both sides, which our elite did. While many Jews died, they were the religious Torah following Jews, the secular Jews like Einstein were pulled out, and the numbers, whatever they are, paled in comparison with Christian deaths and the destruction of Christianity as a result of the spread of Communism.

If you look at who the real victors of WW II was, it was Communism and Israel, both of which were Anglo-American ruling elite projects, and they were able to establish the UN which is the operations base of the NWO and future One World Government, and which implements it's Eugenics plan in 3rd world nations using environment and population control as covers.

In the end though, leaving the past aside, the elite believe the human race will be the better for what they do, and that the end justifies the means. In order to do evil, even psychopaths must believe they are doing good, even if it is only good for them, and must convince those who do the dirty work of the same.

You see, they believe that for man to reach the next evolutionary jump, as it must for man to become one with God, the herd must be culled of it's inferior genetic stock. This stock may have had some positive attributes in the pre-Industrial age, but these qualities are not as useful in a world based on technology, so they think.

My bet is their plan in the end will fail, as once they have consolidated their power and have crushed any possible opposition from below, they will fight among themselves and civilization as we know it will end, only to rebuild again with those who are left behind.

At some point, humanity may get it right, maybe after the next ice age.

That said, and I realize it's way too long for a comment and will not be offended if it is not posted, discussing ideas is never a waste of time. Nobody actually knows the absolute truth, but the ability to reason and knowledge make some peoples truth more probable than others, so I like to stop by.

Perhaps one reason for the internet is to take humanities pulse via continuous monitoring and analysis by quantim computers. If there is a sense that people are awakening though their monitoring of the internet, perhaps our ruling elite will step back and go into hibernation mode. Our elite have it pretty good already, they will not proceed further unless they believe it is risk free. The odds are slim though, but hey, you can just do what you can do, and no more. What will be, will be.

Nice day, thanks to Global warming I guess, so off to enjoy it.

Randall said...

Hey les and ALL,
I see some controversy, but I heven't even read this yet.
Please, Les and ALL 911 TRUTH people,
head over to IMDB and help out in this war, by posting to these trolls over there, in the World Trade Center Movie forum.
They have a lot of idiot trolls there.
Randallcasters is me, and we need HELP!!
The idoits are thick there. Go and Help!!
I'll read your post now Les, sorry, been busy.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...


On what else we can do, that is non-violent, and perfectly legal, to bring about a change for the better.

There is an option for us here in the U.S. It is to liquidate all stock and bond holdings in our 401K plans, 457 plans and any other retirement accounts and place the monies in short-term treasury money market funds. After all it is our money, and should be protected. Has anyone been protected. I didn't think so. At least treasury's are safer and liquid.

Will Rogers, a great American once said, "I'm more interested in the return of my capital than the return on my capital."

Here are my reasons why liquidating may make sense:

One reason is that the information that is being published (what little there is) may not be accurate, this has increased the risk in the markets. Two, the governments intervention in the markets from day to day is unknown; the rumored Plung Protection Team may be buying up stocks, bonds and other instruments in companies they like to reward their friends, while saying it's good for the economy and/or to move averages in order to make people think the situation is better than it is,..... we simply do not know and it should be disclosed. On the other hand they could ruin their enemies, by shorting the stocks, who's watching? Can they be trusted not to abuse this extraordinary power? Based on history, NO.

Three, what companies are going to get bailouts is unknown, this can change overnight as we've seen and can change the prospects for competitors, etc.

Four, we can't rely on the government for accurate figures on which to base our decisions, for example the inflation numbers have been rigged, to show less inflation in order to reduce the cost-of-living increases that social-security recipients and others are entitled to. The un-employment numbers are rigged and only show those collecting un-employment benefits, once that runs out you don't count any more. This means that all those people still looking for jobs don't exist. The real number is well over 10%. Also, Part-Time workers are not accounted for accurately.

Five, more than $5 Trillion has been lost in these plans and more will likely follow, who along the way has said to sell. What?... are we suppose to take further losses for the good of the country. All these free-market analysts, should have no objection to people voting with their dollars to leave the markets until they get better information and full disclosures.

Companies and mutual-funds and officers and directors all have far to cozy relationships, they are counting on peoples deductions from their pay each week or month going into 401K and other plans to keep their money-machine going and keep their jobs. This means workers are often investing un-knowingly in companies (by way of mutual funds) that they would otherwise NEVER invest in on their own. Are you happy that you invest in some of the most oppressive companies that treat workers like dirt in order to make a couple of dollars (which by the way just disappeared) and give the executives multi-million dollar bonuses? Do you even know what your invested in?

You want to stop the machine? If this constant stream of funds disappears, which they feed off, then, advantage citizens. Watch how fast the system changes. I think investors should be treated and respected for their critical role.

And, no one should fall for the trick that now the market is so low that Social-Security Trust Funds should be invested in the markets.

I know people are suffering, I know 401K plans and 457's have been hit hard, but consider my reasoning. If not buying products that we don't absolutely need is stage 1, then it makes sense to consider stage 2.

Of course I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...


Anyone who confuses "illicit" with "perversion" is already a slave and obviously doesn't know it. Perhaps you should consult your own dictionary

Anonymous said...

A lot of people won't fight back till it's really in their face. At the moment it's still just a tiny number of us who know and question, we need mass obilization as they are seeing in Greece. When the masses can't deny it anymore the violence will start. Many of the targets will be safely ensconced behind private security, underground or living on islands, but we'll get a few of 'em, and who knows, something or someone may even come along to act as a rallying point for a real fightback.

Enough talking, lets get on with it.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good fight, my good man... One day they will all be hung from lamp posts for their wickedness...

Visible said...


That is a cracking good idea!!! For some reason I was focusing on banks but hadn't said anything. Yeah, if everybody takes their money out of the stock market then these people would have to play with themselves.

Sounds like the next Mirrors.

Visible said...

From the Truthseeker;

An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception.

Those who will see it will be thought of as insane.

We will create separate fronts to prevent them from seeing the connection between us.

We will behave as if we are not connected to keep the illusion alive.

Our goal will be accomplished one drop at a time so as to never bring suspicion upon ourselves.

This will also prevent them from seeing the changes as they occur.
We will work together always and will remain bound by blood and secrecy.

Death will come to he who speaks.

We will keep their lifespan short and their minds weak while pretending to do the opposite.

We will use our knowledge of science and technology in subtle ways so they will never see what is happening.

We will use soft metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food and water, also in the air.

They will be blanketed by poisons everywhere they turn.

The poisons will be hidden in everything that surrounds them, in what they drink, eat, breathe and wear.

We will create medicine that will make them sicker and cause other diseases for which we will create yet more medicine.

We will render them docile and weak before us by our power.

Their minds will belong to us and they will do as we say. If they refuse we shall find ways to implement mind-altering technology into their lives.

We will use fear as our weapon.

We will establish their governments and establish opposites within.
We will own both sides.

They will perform the labour for us and we shall prosper from their toil.

Our families will never mix with theirs.

Our blood must be pure always, for it is the way.

We will make them kill each other when it suits us.

We will keep them separated from the oneness by dogma and religion.

We will control all aspects of their lives and tell them what to think and how.

We will guide them kindly and gently letting them think they are guiding themselves.

We will foment animosity between them through our factions.
When a light shall shine among them, we shall extinguish it by ridicule, or death, whichever suits us best.

We will make them rip each other's hearts apart and kill their own children.

They will bathe in their own blood and kill their neighbours for as long as we see fit.

We will benefit greatly from this, for they will not see us, for they cannot see us.

We will continue to prosper from their wars and their deaths.

We will make them live in fear and anger.

We will use all their tools we have to accomplish this.

The tools will be provided by their labour.

We will make them hate themselves and their neighbours.

We will always hide the divine truth from them, that we are all one.

This they must never know!

Drop-by-drop; drop-by-drop we will advance our goal.

We will take over their land, resources and wealth to exercise total control over them.

We will deceive them into accepting laws that will steal the little freedom they will have.

We will establish a money system that will imprison them forever, keeping them and their children in debt.

When they shall ban together, we shall accuse them of crimes and present a different story to the world for we shall own all the media.

When they shall rise up against us we will crush them like insects, for they are less than that.

They will be helpless to do anything for they will have no weapons.
We will recruit some of their own to carry out our plans, we will promise them eternal life, but eternal life they will never have for they are not of us.

The truth will be hidden in their face, so close they will not be able to focus on it until its too late.

Oh yes, so grand the illusion of freedom will be, that they will never know they are our slaves.

When all is in place, the reality we will have created for them will own them.

Their minds will be bound by their beliefs, the beliefs we have established from time immemorial.

But if they ever find out they are our equal, we shall perish then. THIS THEY MUST NEVER KNOW.

If they ever find out that together they can vanquish us, they will take action.

They must never, ever find out what we have done, for if they do, we shall have no place to run. No one shall give us shelter.

This is the secret covenant by which we shall live the rest of our present and future lives, for this reality will transcend many generations and life spans.

This covenant is sealed by blood, our blood!

Written by Unknown Author, Posted 6/19/2002
From: "anthony leeQueensland"
To: "togethernet"

Visible said...

I continue to get emails that people are unable to comment here. Email me your comments and I will put them up.

kikz said...

'Albert Pike was a leading Illumaniti member and head of the Scottish Rite Masonry in the US. He created a plan for the Illuminati almost 125 years ago or so. His statue stands in DC despite his role in the KKK which was created to maintain racial divisions in the US after the Civil War. His plan called for 3 world wars...'

Pike was grand commander of the southern jurisdiction in the us.

this 'plot' you mention has been proved to be a complete fabrication since 1897.
leo taxil/fabricator


you really should spend your time on verified reading material.

Visible said...

You beat me to it Kikz.

Anonymous said...

Les, the excerpt from "the Truthseeker" from anthony leeQuueensland is surely an excerpt from the Protocols, no? I have a copy somewhere. I'll look it up

kikz said...

ewwpz, wrong url


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Another Anthony, Les, 11:16 AM
AND a Queenslander to boot
Banana benders!
Rebellious bastards!!

Anonymous said...

Buy and Hold Debunked: What You’re Broker Isn’t Telling You
Posted by chartingstocks1

Dec 5

I’m amazed at the amount of optimistic propaganda peddled by the mainstream media as well as major investment houses. Countless are their graphs and comparisons which claim that buying and holding stocks is the best way to grow capital. They tell you that the average return of the stock market is 10% and if you just wait things out, you’ll be OK.

What they don’t tell you about their 10% figure

1. It assumes dividend reinvestment. Without that, the number is reduced to 6 or 7 %

2. It does not account for commissions or fees (or taxes of course).

3. The time period of their research is cherry picked. You’ll often see the first year of data as the year of a major market bottom (so to greatly inflate the number). Further, you’ll probably never see a study that goes back to 1900. Why? It isn’t because they don’t have the data, but because it throws their numbers way off. Some reports only go back to the early 80s which should be disregarded at all times as the 80s-90s bull market was the greatest in history.

So what are the real numbers?
Anyone with a financial calculator can easily debunk the 10% myth. In 1900, The Dow Jones was worth 48, and worth 8,000 in 2008 (108 years later). Average annual return is 4.83%. (See Graph Below). Remember, this number is even overstated as fees and commissions are not accounted for.
Wait till they just "up" the tax rate too. With Corporations buying Corporations just for their retirement package (self-funded) money as has happened with so many, or so many in the financial industry being "paid" in worthless stock options--it's the carrot on the stick and it's made out of wood.


RML said...

Okay... my two Ameros worth:

1) We all know (if we don't, we sure as hell should) who and what are to "blame" in this time and space for the messes that plague us. The majority who refuse to see the obvious cannot be swayed or cajoled out of their conditioning.

2) We know that these blamed "people" control banking and economies. From their perspective (and genetically manipulated into ours), this is a "Money" planet. Money is life, life is money.

3) We know the names of these people, and it is fairly easy to find out where they live.

4) Their god (and regrettably ours by default) is/was Anu, of the Anunnaki fame. You know, the "jealous god," the one who commanded all of his people to put none of the other gods above him, the one who promoted(s) blood sacrifice as a means of worshipping him. That god [That a Supreme Creator, out of Love and nothing else, would demand human sacrifice and worship isn't enough of a clue, I don't know what is!].

5) There is also something in our manipulated DNA that prevents us from doing anything substantive about/against our individual and collective problem-primera. We somehow feel better/superior to those hiding under their beds waiting for their despot’s goons to break in and haul them off for speaking out. In our Western society (VS totalitarian regimes), our puny right to bitch and complain is -- quite honestly -- the only component of which we can proudly boast. We are clinical paper tigers. The starving French peasants going after their aristocrats had more guts and integrity than any of us. "That was then this is now...” we so smugly say, as we respond to “… Room for cream with that...?"

6) History does tell us one thing -- we will remain stuck in the complain mode until we, individually, cut ourselves free from this imposed yoke. We cannot take on this opponent head on.

7) We live in a framed false-flag dilemma: damned (to eternal hellfire of all things) if we don't continually go along with Anu's plan, and damned if we do because we give up our Sovereignty and integrity to get along.
An example? How about our feelings and the outplaying of the "Bailout". The banksters (sons of Anu) asked for and quickly received even more than what they asked for (more than $1 trillion and counting). This was a napkin pitch, and they got it, and without an erg of resistance or oversight. Then, the hapless 3 auto stooges begged for a few billion and it's like they wanted out first born or something. What did that entire exercise tell us?!

8) We have powers and insights (and a future) that Anu and his minions do not have. This may sound new-agey or wacky... but our power, strength and resolve resides in the integrity and transparency of Nature (wait and see before judging out-of-hand). Nature (the true Creator's manifestation) will take care of the "larger" picture. Ours is to simply (not in it being easy, just uncomplicated) turn our backs on this false-flag dilemma. We have been protecting, energizing and tending to this "Gehenna" for way too long now. (expletive deleted) and the horse they rode in on.

Visible said...

Thank you RML and jj for two great takes on the situation! I'm definitely getting ideas here and an education as well

Visible said...

By the way posters, if you've been getting a message that says your comment can't be posted just hit post comment again. It's been happening to me too but I just hit the button again and it works. When it doesn't work I copy my text and refresh the page and then it works; just some tips that might help. I'm going to migrate to wordpress soon. I can actually move the blogs entirely as they are to a much better location. Of course, I'm not too good at this kind of thing so it may take me awhile but, one way or the other, the blogs will be on wordpress and at least link back to blogspot where everything else that got written will remain.

Anonymous said...

Gotta have it now.

Take a loan out for college and be $100,000.00 in debt before you get your first job—how about a nice juicy government loan—no fine print there. At least 2 years of college are bullshit where you learn nothing so they can get more money from you.

Save all your life to send your kids to college so that they can wait tables when they get out. How about a nice Liberal Arts degree? How about the kids working their way through college—how about taking that money and living for the next 10 years?

How a bout a good paying job in the automotive or steel industries—those same doors are there, they just have a military recruiter behind them now--

Buy your house for $150,000.00 and maybe sell it for $250,000.00 thirty years later. Subtract from the $100,000.00 “profit”- $250,000.00 you paid in interest--$60,000-$100,000.00 you paid in property taxes—subtract every nickel you paid to keep a roof and paint on it—every penny you paid for the lawnmower and gas---yada yada—it’s the amerikan dream.

Bankers don’t want to become landlords—they want to fuck you once, break it off, and leave it in for 30 years---mmmm tastey!!

Think you own that house? You do if you never miss a property tax payment. That’s the new thing—increase the property taxes to get the money as if people won’t notice.

It’s for the children!!

My grandfather worked the same job for 30 years.
My father was in the same industry all his life and worked for 3 different companies.
I have had 6 different “careers”.

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax
Capital Gains Tax
CDL License Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Court Fines (indirect taxes)
Dog License Tax
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Interest Expense (tax on the money)
Inventory Tax I
RS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Local Income Tax
Luxury Taxes
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Recreational Vehicle Tax
Road Toll Booth Taxes
Road Usage Taxes (truckers)
Sales Taxes
School Tax
Septic Permit Tax
Service Charge Taxes
Social Security Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax
Telephone State and Local Tax
Telephone Usage Charge Tax
Toll Bridge Taxes Toll
Tunnel Taxes
Trailer Registration
Tax Utility Taxes
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers’ Compensation Tax

How did we ever survive before this extortion? How were the poor taken care of before the government decided “they” would do it?
Maybe it was the churches with the money they extorted—maybe it was families taking care of each other because they all lived in the same area—try that now.

Think of the number of government and government-related paper shuffling jobs that rely on this “redistribution” of wealth.

Good thing we know where every dime of it goes—before we see a penny of it.

The illusion that you make $50,000.00 per year is just that—so much is taken out even before you get to see your check—they don’t want you to see your check—they want it direct deposited and then have you “sign up” for your creditors to just get it directly from your bank account. Your actual mileage may vary.

Go ahead and try to prove to a court that you have a dime in the stock market or the bank—
Your most recent statements will only show what you had last month—or their new trick—quarterly statements. Try to fight city hall—if your bank or brokerage goes belly up, what pieces of paper do you have to back it up? Everything, including cash, is electronic—it’s “X’s” and “O’s”.

Of course the experts on TV will tell you to keep your money in—it’ll go up—always does. Well, they need you to prop up the house of cards until they can sneak out of the mess---IT’S ALL PAPER---Nothing more.

Want to take it out early—bend over—here comes the freight train—no light at the end of that tunnel.

How about the “Gold Fear Merchants”—do you have it in your hand? Will it actually be worth anything? How do you get change for a Krugerand?

Take those colored pieces of paper and buy what you need—just do it—or you’ll be wiping your butt with them—and it won’t take a major anything for that to happen—it’s already here.

Have a nice day!!


Anonymous said...

Hey dis info ist 1:59,

It is not only I who dare have a problem with this man ‘obviously…’and up till now I was not sure if my suspicions were correct as they proved in regard to Alex Jones... His (Les) blatant intent so discredit me has been noted.

Allow me to note this; my best friends in the world are on the ground in the cluster of Countries Les, hangs out in. They have and will lay their life down for me, I have proven who I am and am liken the wife to Hasan Nasrallah of Hisbulla “as far as the respect and regard I hold in that neck of the woods” I have posted much on this subject here on this guys site… to discredit me as this man has is not wise in that neck of the woods “America would proudly pat you on the back though!” This is not child’s play anymore than Palestine is a joke and when you treat it as such there is consequence. Just as the jokers (who induced 9/11; as well as cover up the truth) will have to contend with…

Alex Jones can play the double agent here in America and get away with it. Les on the other hand is not in America and the consequence is dire when you fiddle round on such notes where he hangs; just as if Les were here in America posting what he does about drugs, the DEA would have him arrested in an instant kind of thing.

I have been honest and up front in regard to who exactly I am. Not because it is anyone’s business but because the serious shit going on in the world and yes, I am all too connected from many angles and I do not want anyone to get hurt if they are not deserving…Les, is no fly by night…he makes his own choices and is informed ‘no excuses’ and secondary to this, the principle of to whom much is given much is expected applies to him by default. This is why so many will blog anonymously; they do not want to be held accountable “as if wanting gravity not to be an issue on planet earth, is going to make it so.”

Les, my friend Basil wants to meet your acquaintance he will contact you… ‘Am just the messenger’ I have no idea beyond…

And to the real brainy poster remarking about the dictionary…when you read and comprehend if you take a word out of context and not implement the correct synonym you cant possibly define the word in the subject matter by spelling it and looking its meaning up in the dictionary but then again ignorance is bliss…apparently folk like you can!

Anyhow, y’all try to have a good life and be a decent ‘at least’ human being…


Visible said...

Thank you for threatening my life Maestro, because I called attention to rude behavior on your part. You'll want to keep in mind as Lao Tzu most astutely remarked, "Weapons often turn upon the wielder. I'm not afraid of you. You have exposed yourself though and not in a good way.

Anonymous said...

re: "“if you’re not saved you’re going to Hell” garbage."

Well, I think Jesus is more of an authority than YOU. He said it was a fact.
The problem is always "big I - little you".
Humble yourself and seek His face.
He loves you and died as your replacement.
Only God could suffer in your place.
And He did.

Anonymous said...

"Les Than Visible"--an internet based suspense thriller starring Dennis Leary as Les Visible and either Kathy Bates or Max von Sydow as Maestro. Basil will be played by David Niven--whether he's alive or not---I'll have the screenplay put together later today.


Anonymous said...

You don’t have a life you are full of evil, dark, venomous attributes! You are a doped up trivia based turn coat! You threaten your own life "by default" because you have no regard for life! You need a lobotomy at the least!

You only reveal yourself as a loser, you have no credibility and have exposed yourself! Everything you write is based on trivia "other peoples news" which is all over the Net en mass. You are a dead beat artist, capitalizing off of others demise '9/11, Palestine,,,' You are a trillion times worse than any of the people you write about!!! Don't blame me “you punk” for your own self-indulgences and do not ever attempt to communicate with me again!!!

If your life is in danger, I do not give a shit! One less Zionist subject thug (by your own choosing) is better for this planet and then some! Anyone with half a brain is not fooled by your bullshit. No one cares to save your ass Les, cause you have no real friends because you are not trustworthy and you certainly cant hide behind me “you idiot” as if I claimed to threaten your life; you piece of shit!!!

Mark my words, I will make sure that the Country you reside in deals with you legally and accordingly and YES, I have no qualms in rewarding them graciously for doing so!!! You go around promoting your illegal drugs…, with total disregard for the law, knowing young folk frequent your bullshit site “you make me sick!!!” You are blatent drug runner on the Internet and friggin get away with it! NO, not as long as I have any say!!!

Oh and did I mention you are one UGLY Mother FU****! Every time I ever viewed your picture I wanted to barf, must be the evil in you projecting outward. This is for real!

Post this Pussy!


Anonymous said...

Holy shit! I read the article, but by the time I read all the comments, I had no idea what you said in the article.

Ah, a quick re read and here I am, still wondering. Kinda like life I guess, as I have been wondering during most of it. I have been searching most of my life for some fundamental truth, some REASON for being, if you will. My search has turned up more questions than answers, but some answers have come. At this point I realize that I got dropped off on the wrong planet. Stopped off for a drink and ended up in the middle of a bar room brawl, that I have no clue as to what or why. When I was a kid it was Santa Clause, that was the reason for living, until I found out that it was a lie, perpetrated upon me by those I looked to for truth and security, my parents. Since then I have encountered little of either. I thought maybe religion could provide some answers, until I found out that religion in it's totallity is a lie. Not that there is no god, mind you, it's just that religion has nothing to do with god. I think that humans are born with knowledge of something greater than we are. That is to say, if you were dropped off on an island as a child, with no knowledge of religion of god, there would come a day when you looked into the still pond and saw your reflection. That is when this knowledge is awakened and we ask, who am I, where did I come from, and what is my purpose here. From there the search begins, and somewhere along the line religion was created by man to take advantage of this inate knowledge, and by providing contrived answers to these inate questions, was used to manipulate and control the masses. Oh, and to extract payment, because of all the things god can do, he can't pay for anything. Needless to say religion wasn't it either. Then I thought if I could understand human nature I could find the answers I sought. However my search here was probably the most dissappointing of all. You see, there IS no human nature. There is only human behavior, and most of it is bad. Indeed, I realized that we are the most degradous form of life on the planet, perpetrating attrocities on each other too horrible to discribe, on our fellow creatures, also too horrible to discribe, and on the planed itself. Our planet is our lifeboat in this unimaginably huge universe, and we are drilling holes in the bottom just as fast as we can. There seems to be this prevailing attitude that it's OK to kill the planet, as long as you make enough money at it. No, no answers in human nature either.

One of the biggest problems I've run into is the fact that I am subject to this human condition. I keep getting roused out of my observations by outrage and hope and incradulity and satisfaction and the entire gammit of human emotion, and keep being compelled by them to take part in the brawl.
Even though I've taken the blue pill, and realize that it is all an illusion, I am compelled by forces beyond my control, and I find myself wanting the uprising that Les alluded to. I want to see the people that serve as batteries for the machines, rise up, drag them out of their hideaways, and crush them. But then I snap back and realize that when and if that happened, others would just take their place. The only answer I have found is that the fundamental truth is that we all die, and I will try to understand the nature of that until it comes for me. Peace my friends.

m_astera said...

Hey Josey/Joe-

I'm just a simple gardener and craftsman, so I never studied high finance in school much, but let me see if I read your advice right:

You are suggesting that people quit gambling in the stock market, hoping to get a usurious return on idle money, and instead buy treasury bonds. If I get treasuries correctly, the money you pay for them goes to finance the US Gov't, and the payback on them is guaranteed by the gov't's ability to extort it from the taxpayers.

What I see the gov't doing with the taxpayer's money right now is enriching war profiteers, bailing out crooked banksters, and killing a bunch of innocent people in other countries. You think it's a good idea to give them more money to do this with, based on their always before trustworthy ability to take it out of the taxpayer's hide or borrow from those in Asia or Arabia using the people of the USA and their property as collateral? That this is a better idea than gambling in the stock market, which could at least have the potential to provide capital funds to a company that actually produces something of value?

I mean a better idea not only financially, but morally and ethically?

If you think the safety of your idle money is of paramount importance, I have to tell you that I hope what I see coming happens, especially to you and others to whom money takes precedence over making the world a better place. Doesn't scan as if making the world a better place even by defunding the beast has much weight with you.

What's your take on how to get rich from other's misfortune in the coming depression? How long would you advise waiting before one sells their treasuries and buys up foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar?

Here's some moral and time-tested advice for those who care about doing something positive: If you have money in anything that supports the psychopaths in power, get it out now and buy:
Good farmland (expect to pay top dollar)
Gold and silver
Food and tools.
and if there's some left for investment, invest in sustainable enterprises in your own community.

Visible said...

Ok Maestro... you're banned. But one final word. I know you're a deluded psychotic as does everyone here. Only a crazy person talks about making a million dollars an hour and how they're hooked up with every important secret agency and thing since the invention of pizza.

You're going to achieve Jack Shit with your threats however... I and others here will see to it that what you've said comes to the attention of law enforcement. I guess you don't know much about internet tracking and IP's but yours is now in the hands of several agencies that deal with this sort of thing and I think you will find that you can't say what you said to me or anyone. It happens to be against the law.

Your accusations toward me are groundless AND since your evidence is based on what you read here, the proof of your madness is as well. Drug runner... heh heh, yeah. you bet.

Well sayonara... see if you can find yourself another location for these bi-polar flareups where there are people more like yourself who are still on the street and have internet access along with lots of guns and booze...

Good one jj

And thank you to all for the great comments. I'm sorry you've had to step around this situation on the sidewalk but some people are coming in to hose it down later on today.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, does that mean the dating service idea is off??

Anonymous said...

To maestro I'd just like to say, that if ever I heard of anyone that was in dire need of a great big fatty, containing crucial nuggs, it's you. At the very least let me suggest that there are many many fine decaffinated brands on the market that might be better for you than what you are drinking now. Boy, talk about someone caught up in the brawl.

Randall said...

Maestro! Encyclopedia Dramatica has an entry on you! (So you must be Important!)
Look under internet tough guy. It's fab,
and you'll dig it the most!
(hey, can you send me a "shoe gun" from the secret arsenal?)

Anonymous said...

m_ 6:29 PM, that's better- I like that propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Look, somewhere else to play other than here.
Some of us? will be relieved although I suspect there will be galactic do do to circumvent there as well!

Anonymous said...


The Zionist Control Hypothesis (ZCH).

The Zionist Control Hypothesis is a theory that claims that the United States foreign policy towards the Middle East is shaped, or dictated, by a cabal of Jews. This theory argues that Jews living in the USA have acquired awesome power to make the US media and government do its bidding, all to the greater glory of Israel

The theory has many different shades of "strength," with Mearsheimer & Walt's version actually constituting one of the "weaker" forms. Since the authors of "The Israel Lobby" are fairly prominent scholars, their article has attracted a great deal of attention.

The ZCH has several corollaries to its claim that Zionists control US foreign policy. One is that Zionists also control the US media, which in fact goes far beyond a "pro-Israel slant": one may as well say the US capitalist media presents an historical narrative that is almost completely divorced from reality. It goes far beyond "spin" into the realm of profound mendacity.

Another is the corollary that opposition to the Zionist agenda is reliably and successfully tarred as "antisemitism," thereby putting the speaker beyond the pale of polite discussion. In some cases, the odium of "antisemitism" is proposed to explain the success of the Zionist agenda: people simply panic when they're accused of being antisemites, even if they happen to be Jewish themselves.[2] Again, there is a lot of truth to this corollary


Anonymous said...

Cancel my last idea...I spoke with the Monty Python guys and.....


Ben There said...

Maestro -

Get some help. Seriously. With that $1 million per hour you're pulling in you should be able to afford the best psychiatric care in the world.

Anonymous said...


Karl Marx
The German Ideology


Part I: Feuerbach.
Opposition of the Materialist and Idealist Outlook
D. Proletarians and Communism

Individuals, Class, and Community
In the Middle Ages the citizens in each town were compelled to unite against the landed nobility to save their skins. The extension of trade, the establishment of communications, led the separate towns to get to know other towns, which had asserted the same interests in the struggle with the same antagonist. Out of the many local corporations of burghers there arose only gradually the burgher class. The conditions of life of the individual burghers became, on account of their contradiction to the existing relationships and of the mode of labour determined by these, conditions which were common to them all and independent of each individual. The burghers had created the conditions insofar as they had torn themselves free from feudal ties, and were created by them insofar as they were determined by their antagonism to the feudal system which they found in existence. When the individual towns began to enter into associations, these common conditions developed into class conditions. The same conditions, the same contradiction, the same interests necessarily called forth on the whole similar customs everywhere. The bourgeoisie itself with its conditions, develops only gradually, splits according to the division of labour into various fractions and finally absorbs all propertied classes it finds in existence [1] (while it develops the majority of the earlier propertyless and a part of the hitherto propertied classes into a new class, the proletariat) in the measure to which all property found in existence is transformed into industrial or commercial capital. The separate individuals form a class only insofar as they have to carry on a common battle against another class; otherwise they are on hostile terms with each other as competitors. On the other hand, the class in its turn achieves an independent existence over against the individuals, so that the latter find their conditions of existence predestined, and hence have their position in life and their personal development assigned to them by their class, become subsumed under it. This is the same phenomenon as the subjection of the separate individuals to the division of labour and can only be removed by the abolition of private property and of labour itself We have already indicated several times how this subsuming of individuals under the class brings with it their subjection to all kinds of ideas, etc.

If from a philosophical point of view one considers this evolution of individuals in the common conditions of existence of estates and classes, which followed on one another, and in the accompanying general conceptions forced upon them, it is certainly very easy to imagine that in these individuals the species, or "Man", has evolved, or that they evolved "Man" — and in this way one can give history some hard clouts on the ear. [2] One can conceive these various estates and classes to be specific terms of the general expression, subordinate varieties of the species, or evolutionary phases of "Man".

This subsuming of individuals under definite classes cannot be abolished until a class has taken shape, which has no longer any particular class interest to assert against the ruling class.

The transformation, through the division of labour, of personal powers (relationships) into material powers, cannot be dispelled by dismissing the general idea of it from one's mind, but can only be abolished by the individuals again subjecting these material powers to themselves and abolishing the division of labour. This is not possible without the community. Only in community [with others has each] individual the means of cultivating his gifts in all directions; only in the community, therefore, is personal freedom possible. In the previous substitutes for the community, in the State, etc. personal freedom has existed only for the individuals who developed within the relationships of the ruling class, and only insofar as they were individuals of this class. The illusory community, in which individuals have up till now combined, always took on an independent existence in relation to them, and was at the same time, since it was the combination of one class over against another, not only a completely illusory community, but a new fetter as well. In a real community the individuals obtain their freedom in and through their association.

Individuals have always built on themselves, but naturally on themselves within their given historical conditions and relationships, not on the "pure" individual in the sense of the ideologists. But in the course of historical evolution, and precisely through the inevitable fact that within the division of labour social relationships take on an independent existence, there appears a division within the life of each individual, insofar as it is personal and insofar as it is determined by some branch of labour and the conditions pertaining to it. (We do not mean it to be understood from this that, for example, the rentier, the capitalist, etc. cease to be persons; but their personality is conditioned and determined by quite definite class relationships, and the division appears only in their opposition to another class and, for themselves, only when they go bankrupt.) In the estate (and even more in the tribe) this is as yet concealed: for instance, a nobleman always remains a nobleman, a commoner always a commoner, apart from his other relationships, a quality inseparable from his individuality. The division between the personal and the class individual, the accidental nature of the conditions of life for the individual, appears only with the emergence of the class, which is itself a product of the bourgeoisie. This accidental character is only engendered and developed by competition and the struggle of individuals among themselves. Thus, in imagination, individuals seem freer under the dominance of the bourgeoisie than before, because their conditions of life seem accidental; in reality, of course, they are less free, because they are more subjected to the violence of things. The difference from the estate comes out particularly in the antagonism between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. When the estate of the urban burghers, the corporations, etc. emerged in opposition to the landed nobility, their condition of existence — movable property and craft labour, which had already existed latently before their separation from the feudal ties — appeared as something positive, which was asserted against feudal landed property, and, therefore, in its own way at first took on a feudal form. Certainly the refugee serfs treated their previous servitude as something accidental to their personality. But here they only were doing what every class that is freeing itself from a fetter does; and they did not free themselves as a class but separately. Moreover, they did not rise above the system of estates, but only formed a new estate, retaining their previous mode of labour even in their new situation, and developing it further by freeing it from its earlier fetters, which no longer corresponded to the development already attained. [3]

For the proletarians, on the other hand, the condition of their existence, labour, and with it all the conditions of existence governing modern society, have become something accidental, something over which they, as separate individuals, have no control, and over which no social organisation can give them control. The contradiction between the individuality of each separate proletarian and labour, the condition of life forced upon him, becomes evident to him himself, for he is sacrificed from youth upwards and, within his own class, has no chance of arriving at the conditions which would place him in the other class.


Thus, while the refugee serfs only wished to be free to develop and assert those conditions of existence which were already there, and hence, in the end, only arrived at free labour, the proletarians, if they are to assert themselves as individuals, will have to abolish the very condition of their existence hitherto (which has, moreover, been that of all society up to the present), namely, labour. Thus they find themselves directly opposed to the form in which, hitherto, the individuals, of which society consists, have given themselves collective expression, that is, the State. In order, therefore, to assert themselves as individuals, they must overthrow the State.

It follows from all we have been saying up till now that the communal relationship into which the individuals of a class entered, and which was determined by their common interests over against a third party, was always a community to which these individuals belonged only as average individuals, only insofar as they lived within the conditions of existence of their class — a relationship in which they participated not as individuals but as members of a class. With the community of revolutionary proletarians, on the other hand, who take their conditions of existence and those of all members of society under their control, it is just the reverse; it is as individuals that the individuals participate in it. It is just this combination of individuals (assuming the advanced stage of modern productive forces, of course) which puts the conditions of the free development and movement of individuals under their control — conditions which were previously abandoned to chance and had won an independent existence over against the separate individuals just because of their separation as individuals, and because of the necessity of their combination which had been determined by the division of labour, and through their separation had become a bond alien to them. Combination up till now (by no means an arbitrary one, such as is expounded for example in the Contrat social, but a necessary one) was an agreement upon these conditions, within which the individuals were free to enjoy the freaks of fortune (compare, e.g., the formation of the North American State and the South American republics). This right to the undisturbed enjoyment, within certain conditions, of fortuity and chance has up till now been called personal freedom. These conditions of existence are, of course, only the productive forces and forms of intercourse at any particular time.

Anonymous said...

Visible, do you remember our conversation where I asked you why you continue to post that wack job Mastricht Maestro? You said that she's harmless and needs a place to go?

I told you that she makes you look indulgent instead of tolerant and that you should police the place a little better because you have such a majority of high end respondents.

You told me that there's room for everyone even if the room has to be padded.

I'm telling you this because I remember the conversation very well and I remember the other things that got said too and which I'll forebear on putting into print.

I told you the same thing about The Apollonian and that Russian guy Pavel or whatever he was called.

You've got a lot of great respondents here and sometimes there's one great comment following another. It has gotten to where the original entry has become garlanded with all kinds of greenery and flowers so that this is one of the best places for someone with a brain to come and present their thoughts.

I hope you will risk losing the losers for the benefit of the winners who have made this place their rec room in the basement.

I'm going to clarify something here. I've known you for some years now and I have never known you to call the cops on anyone at any time for anything and I am correct in assuming you didn't do it this time either, though you might have called your friend at Interpol to do the trace. That's alright. Keep in mind that not everyone here knows you and they may, many of them, wince at the idea that you dropped a dime.

You should clear that up. You take it for granted that people know what you are up to. they don't. I just thought I'd do my got your back thing here.

Anonymous said...

maestro said, "[M]y best friends in the world are on the ground in the cluster of Countries Les, hangs out in."

maestro, are YOU on the ground somewhere in the cluster of countries Les hangs out in (i.e. are you in europe)? Or are you really located in Colorado??


Anonymous said...

I... first became aware of it, readers, during the physical act of love.

Yes, a uh, a profound sense of fatigue... a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I... I was able to interpret these feelings correctly. Loss of essence.

I can assure you it has not recurred, readers. Women uh... women sense my power and they seek the life essence. I, uh... I do not avoid women, readers.

But I... I do deny them my essence.


Anonymous said...

LES VISIBLE: Don't worry about Maestro, he is just probably a pissed off hillbilly Republican Party voter. Man, we have to praise Obama for his deep patience, fogiveness and good attitude, because did you remember the neo-nazis (Republican Party Zionist Establishment) wanted to kill Barack Obama some weeks ago, and yet Obama didn't even say any thing about it and he remained calmed and cool

Man, if i was Obama i would indeed install a Red Terror Police State in USA to crush the far-right wing of this country.

People critisize Hugo Chavez, Castro for centralizing authority and police measures. But as long as their are zionists, nazis and ultra-right wing criminals out there harsh police measures are needed.

Don't worry about Maestro, he is just a pissed off hillbilly redneck without a life.


Anonymous said...

Les Visible: by the way don't ban Maestro. Let's instead help him and convert him to democratic-socialism.

He is not evil, he is just like many US citizens out there, victim of US Imperialist indoctrination by CNN, FOX News, US high schools, right-wing churches and the right-wing bourgoise American Society. But sooner or later the Americans will necessarily be forced to quit being right-wingers, materialists, capitalists, and corporatists and evolve into a more democratic, egalitarian, humanist, socialist, compassioniate political philosophical ideology.


Visible said...

So now I'm General Jack D. Ripper, thank you jj.

You're right Brad. I assume too much and I didn't and I did... but you know I did want to pinpoint the thing because of my insatiable curiosity.

MS I'm glad to let her post and it is a her folks; unless that's a blind too.

Look, the bottom line is that this person harassed me three times about comments not going up and I did what I could to clarify the matter. After that came the insults and then came the threats against person and more insults. I just thought it better to stay with more important things. If I wanted internet mud-wrestling I'd head over to the Free Republic site.

But I'm not opposed to people giving free rein to their emotions or pathologies as the case may be as long as the central theme can go on apace. I don't know what to say and I'll leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

update: yahoo is blocking me, won't let me log in, also it is making 'faces and sticking it's toungue out' - i'm not kidding

emailed christopher story

said France should go to full lafayette measures and gave my blessing

Put UK on real time alert for law of seas and to look out for south america

Put US on real time alert and to be careful

you have to forward info asap

repeat: yahoo not only is blocking, someone is 'there' at yahoo looking back - TREASON will not be rewarded, they have just accelerated more prosecutions

ps: awesome !!

emergency - US in danger - Law of the Seas

OUTRIGHT TREASON - US GOVERNMENT at risk of mass arrest and indictments


discovery 12/15/2008


20 November 2008

Law of the Sea Convention Enjoys Broad U.S. Support
Secretary of state’s legal adviser urges Senate to ratify treaty

WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 November 2008

Law of the Sea Convention Enjoys Broad U.S. Support
Secretary of state’s legal adviser urges Senate to ratify treaty

A cargo ship arrives at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. The Law of the Sea Treaty guarantees navigational rights on the world’s oceans.By Daniel Gorelick
Staff Writer

Washington — The Bush administration strongly supports ratifying the U.N. Law of the Sea Convention, according to senior State Department official John B. Bellinger III.

Bellinger, the legal adviser to the secretary of state and former legal adviser to the National Security Council, outlined the administration’s position in a November 3 speech to the Law of the Sea Institute.

The 1982 treaty sets a common legal framework for managing and conserving marine resources. Key provisions include methods for establishing rights of navigation and access to resources on and under the ocean floor and a procedure to settle marine-related disputes between countries.

The United States is not yet among the more than 150 countries, including Russia, Japan, China, the United Kingdom and most European nations, that have ratified the treaty. However, the United States is now in voluntary compliance with all aspects of the convention.

The U.S. Senate has not voted on whether to approve the treaty. In the U.S. system of government, the executive branch negotiates and signs international agreements but most such agreements cannot be binding on the United States until ratified by a two-thirds vote of approval in the Senate.

President Reagan refused to support the treaty because of concerns that access to deep seabed minerals would be restricted (Part XI) and cause harm to U.S. economic interests. In response to the fall of Communist governments beginning in 1989, Part XI was modified. President Bush supports ratifying the treaty.

In 2004, members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved the convention, but it was not brought to the Senate floor for a vote.

“I don’t know of any treaty so widely supported,” David Caron, co-director of the Law of the Sea Institute at the Berkeley School of Law in California, said in an interview with Public Broadcasting Service in August. “It gives us procedures; it gives us common language and will facilitate greatly the U.S. advancing its own interests.”

Bellinger said that after careful review in 2003 by a wide range of government agencies, the White House decided to “strongly support” signing the treaty. “After plumbing the depths of the issue — and diving into the details — I have concluded that joining the convention is the right thing to do.”

South African President Nelson Mandela, center, signs Law of the Sea Treaty documents in 1994.NATIONAL SECURITY, ECONOMICS, MARINE PROTECTION

In his speech, Bellinger said the treaty supports U.S. national security and economic interests and will protect the marine environment and its natural resources.

At a time when the United States is conducting military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and faces increased threats from around the world, the treaty guarantees military and commercial vessels navigational rights through all oceans, including the right of innocent passage through foreign territorial seas. For this reason, all branches of the U.S. military support joining the treaty, according to Bellinger.

The treaty also codifies sovereign rights over all ocean resources. The United States has one of the longest coastlines in the world, and the treaty would “maximize legal certainty regarding U.S. rights to energy resources in vast offshore areas,” particularly around Alaska, Bellinger said.

Another benefit of the treaty is that it establishes obligations for protecting oceans from pollution. According to Bellinger, the treaty would balance navigation rights with environmental protection.

“As the nation with the world’s largest navy, an extensive coastline and a continental shelf with enormous oil and gas reserves, and substantial shipping interests, the United States certainly has much more to gain than lose from joining the Law of the Sea Convention.”


Bellinger cited widespread support for the treaty throughout the U.S. government.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff and the national security adviser wrote letters supporting the treaty, as have several Cabinet members, including the secretaries of Homeland Security, Interior and Commerce. The second-ranking officials at the departments of State and Defense both testified in support of the treaty at a Senate hearing in September 2007.

Representatives of the oil and gas, shipping and telecommunications industries also testified in favor of the treaty before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In October 2007, the committee voted to support the treaty and recommended that the full Senate vote in favor, but opponents used procedural maneuvers to prevent the full Senate from taking up the issue.

“In my view, it is most unfortunate that a small but vocal minority — armed with a series of flawed arguments — has imposed upon the United States a delay that is contrary to our interests,” Bellinger said.

“I hope too much time does not elapse before the United States joins the convention and is able to place its rights on the firmest legal footing and take its seat at the table with the other parties to the convention as they make decisions affecting the world’s oceans.”











Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go this is not a drill

notamobster said...

marxalism said:
"But as long as their are zionists, nazis and ultra-right wing criminals out there harsh police measures are needed."

Translation:"It's okay to be an oppressor, so long as I agree with their ideology."

Such horseshit. Have you ever had a job, or do you still live in your mom's basement? Seriously, you bemoan the repuglicans and right wingers (who I am not a supporter of) while extolling the virtues of the left end of the spectrum. How is it that you do not see such obvious truth? Here it is AGAIN, in plain english:


Let us praise the messiah for his thoughful and patient forebearance... He is truly the light unto the soul of humanity... Grow up. I'm QUITE SURE Bush receives 100's of death threats daily, but you're not praising him for his patience (and I'm not saying you should).

I am going to offer you the same thing I offered at your blog, which you never answered:

"I believe that a man is entitled to that for which he has worked, without interference or taxation by the government. Please, contact me privately, and convince me of the error of my ways." I am an incredibly open-minded person. I hold nothing - NOTHING - as sacrosanct, aside from my love and devotion to my wife and kids, and my belief in the right of man to self-determination. Everything else is up for grabs. So, please...I implore you to convince me that I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Good Les. I'm glad you said it. "Like it or not."
Most don't like it one bit.
For all the wrong reasons.

"When you believe in things you don't understand, then you suffer..
Very superstitious."

Anonymous said...

So where's your Intel; Up your what? If you think what I have posted on your site is bullshit, you and your punk arse kissin friends here are even dumber than the dumbest!

Interpol, bring em on, they will laugh their asses off at your incompetence... Un like many who hang round you Les, they do read and comprehend at a professional ‘legal’ level. I do have something to say about them allowing you to promote your drug ring so blatantly on the Internet! News flash dumb arses ‘slamming me’ I have an extensive dossier with Interpol, hell, would be lovely to open the books again on a formal basis. If you have connections at Interpol and they are your friends, they know your illegal activities, even better, tell them to call my friends in the NL office ask for Eppo Mol and tell em is about Maestro “political asylum 1999” Lets not water this down to mud slinging, this is serious!

The Truth Seeker is investigating your drug activities…also. Clearly you are a danger to the community and any reputable entity that promotes you will be made aware of the laws being broken via association. /the serious risk you are…Yes, I am a master at RICO law and then some. Your sick behavior toward me is one thing but it is what makes it clear that you are a common thug, promoting illegal activity, with no regard for the law and its repercussions.

Buddy, I have 3 son’s that more than likely watch my posts. Your promulgating the use and commerce of illegal drugs publicly behind the cloak of good guy is more than alarming! Enough is Enough!


Visible said...

I put this latest screed up because some of you want the entertainment via posts here and emails so, there you are.

I'm sure that no one here seriously thinks that I deal drugs. I do use certain drugs and I have explained my reasons and I've no guilt about it at all. If I were taking pharmaceutical analgesics prescribed by a tame doctor that I've no trouble finding, then, that would be okay and if I had a massive liquor cabinet then that would be okay. I happen to know these are neither of them as useful or as good as what I do take and that is why they are illegal.

We must remember that those who support police action against people who exercise their human right to treat themselves as they see fit according to their understanding of what works are not the sort of people who should be railing against political forces as if they were a revolutionary sort instead of one more upstanding bit of candle fodder.

I'm doubtful that the truthseeker is going to take any of this seriously as the main guy is a reasonable person not likely to be swayed by hysterical accusations but... so it goes. I''m reminded of the kind of toothless threat that hearkens back to The Tempest and the calling of demons from the deep.

Should I hear that more of you would rather not see this continue you have only to let me know. I go on votes. Vote up... vote down.

Anonymous said...

Is this our Christmas present Les?
I don't believe in Xmas mate but thanks for the pressie- I'll accept it as it surely has been entertaining.
However, yes, enough is enough (just like Applecumquat). Thank you ‘Bradley’ 8:58 PM, for bringing our attention to this.
But I will wish you and yours a happy and healthy 2009 (and all years following too of course).
Best wishes as always
ps. when I read this last article originally (out the door...) I thought, ‘Hello! Les’ having a day off!’ So, as innocuous as I may have seen it; it hasn’t been necessarily so. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

You know you are trafficing drugs! Is all over your sites! Am sure you are gonna try to destroy what you can but is ok I covered that base too!


Anonymous said...

So this Maestro dude is the one you suggested I lock myself in a room with? Hmm.

Anyways, since you moderate comments, those which cross the line, as some obviously do, and you determine where that line is in any event, need not be posted. You may post it and simply say comment deleted in place of the comments to avoid questions about the server or sites integrity.

Our elite have employed agents of the Delphi Technique to virtually every site whose objective is simply to disrupt discussion, convince those of the elites position, and if all else fails, to intimidate. Of course, some are just independent operators who get a bug up their behind and become warriors and heros in their own mind behind the wall of anonymous posts.

Anonymous said...

*maybe a double post, if so disregard"

So this Maestro dude is the one you suggested I lock myself in a room with? Hmm.

Anyways, since you moderate comments, those which cross the line, as some obviously do, and you determine where that line is in any event, need not be posted. You may post it and simply say comment deleted in place of the comments to avoid questions about the server or sites integrity.

Our elite have employed agents of the Delphi Technique to virtually every site whose objective is simply to disrupt discussion, convince those of the elites position, and if all else fails, to intimidate. Of course, some are just independent operators who get a bug up their behind and become warriors and heros in their own mind behind the wall of anonymous posts.

Anonymous said...

notamobster: And what does my mom has to do with political debate? What does my personal life has to do with debating? I could live under a bridge or in a castle and it wouldn't matter, because this is a politics blogger not a personal-life blog.

Well i think that you are the one who cannot read. Since when i said that Democrat Party is leftist? Democratic Party is capitalist and right-winger, just like the Republican Party.

I think you've been listening to too much Alex Jones and Jeff Rense who label the Democrat Party as leftist, as most conservative, right-wingers do.


Anonymous said...


Les Visible: It's ok let her harass you. Just ignore her. One of the laws of the book "The 48 Laws of Power." by Dr. Greene is to ignore things that won't make you great.

Fredrich Nietzsche the great philosopher also said not to fight unimportant battles but instead to conserve our energies for *great* battles.

So just ignore Maestro or Maestra, hahaha he/she is probably a Sarah Palin pissed off supporter.

Anonymous said...

LES VISIBLE: I hate blaming average american citizens for the problems of America. because i have a marxist, anti-oligarchic world view. However i do think that some US citizens are literally psychopaths. There's lot of psychopathy in America.

Why is Maestro so resenteful at you.

I had the same problem with a right-wing, capitalist Church Pastor who attacked me and my mother because i posted pro-Obama, anti-Israeli articles in the main Barack Obama site.

If i was Obama i would watch my back in this country full of crazy people.

and indeed i am sorry to say that USA is more fucked up psychologically than most nations out there. The US society is traumatized indeed by decades of wars, wild capitalism and evil coming from the US government and the corporate upper classes.

But be strong, and remember that "Paradise lies at the shadows of the swords."

If capitalists zionists, and Republicans want to fight, its ok, let them fight, we'll fight them too.


Anonymous said...

Let's move on.

m_astera said...

Les, I vote that you do a little more pruning from time to time. It is quite clear that you have no fear of posters who disagree with you or any of your viewpoints and I'm sure you aren't about to start censoring.

But it is your blog and if nothing else the quality of the comments reflects on you and the others who post and read here. (I don't know why I'm telling you what you already know, I just am). There is no need to post everything that shows up here just to prove to us or yourself that you are completely fair; I for one am already convinced of that or I wouldn't bother posting here myself.

What I'm advocating is the question "does this comment add or contain anything of interest or value to me, to the topic, or to the audience this blog is aimed at?" If it's clearly a "no", don't bother putting it up. If it's a maybe then maybe it should go up. And maybe not. Perhaps if you wanted to be excruciatingly fair you could have a troll/spam/ixnay bin so anyone interested could go and read the rejects and be given the merciful option of deleting their own should they choose to.

As I see it, all you have accomplished by posting maestro's over the top rants today is to embarrass the poor lady when and if she ever snaps back to some level of sanity. I'm also sure that was not your intention at all.

I don't think many will mind if you prune a little for quality's sake. I'll take my chances along with the rest.

Anonymous said...

The bandwagon lurched past
I jumped on
Perhaps all too willingly
No, definitely

All too human nature
No immunity

Heading for the cage where the defenseless lay

Didn’t let it go
Poked it a few times
No smile
Rapier wit
Not funny

Saw it sooner this time
No defense

Went over to Ben’s & Susana’s & Nina’s
Saw the beauty there that did not see me
Would not acknowledge me

Lesson learned
At another’s expense


Parfer DeCourse said...


You could have titled it, "I am the Tax Man, coo, coo, ka-choo!"

Great piece of work! Only you left out the fact that "Texas" is "Taxes" if you swap the a and e!!!

I live in Hou$ton, Taxe$!!! (I should know...)


Anonymous said...

Isn't this just sooo precious?
Even Aussie kids are a wake up!

Randall said...

Hey maestro, internet Tough Guy/gurl, why don't you GTFU? You're so pitiful!
What the fuck don't you understand about an adult
putting in their body what They want?
I'm going to grow my own weed, and i guess
your fascist world view would have me put in prison (I already spent 15 years, and all that "punk" talk is shit you wouldn't say to me face to face, or Les either) for my own good, right?

I don't like to see good folk attacked.
Les has been WAY more tolerant of your bullshit than I would have been.
You're a basement dwelling Bushite, no matter what you say.
JC, go play somewhere else!
Let the adults with a sense of right and wrong discuss the issues.
You just distract, like a Troll does.
(but can I borrow some money? Please?)

Grantland said...

The psycho freak is as mad as a hatter - very entertaining, leave it on.

Anonymous said...

Les, do not worry about Maetro and her lowlife invisible friends in high places. You do not have to give her petty little outbursts of Tourett's syndrome a platform. I knew she was a basket case when she first started posting and always followed any references she made to homosexuality with, "But..but...I'M not gay"!"
As if her purported heterosexuality gave her a 'get out of jail free card' to get away with being batshit crazy, and not in a good way, either.

You have gone above and beyond the call of duty in your attempts to be charitable and compassionate to the mentally ill with your attempts to humor her. She has more of your energy than she warrants. She is like a neglected child who throws tantrums because she wants a spanking just to know that you care. She is a psychic vampire troll that feeds on attention, the more negative, the better.

Onward, man. We have so much bigger fish to fry than this creature who keeps popping up like a bad rash that won't go away.

Visible said...

Greetings People;

Okay... I think the best thing to do is to crimp the hose for awhile. It's pretty obvious by now what's what and who's who. Sometimes these things do need to play out so that a more comprehensive view can be given by the participants.

Generally, the best evidence that someone's accusations are untrue is when they are wildly inflated and engineered to be like the headlines you sometimes see where something is claimed and then the story doesn't reflect the headline. The idea is that people will see the headline and the lie being presented will carry on by the force of being claimed apart from any supporting evidence.

Once at another forum, Slate's Best of the Fray where I 'used to' post as apollonius there was a neo-con lady there who didn't like my politics; as if I have any... and I was discussing a book I was writing called, "The Lolita Cage". The premise was that certain intelligence services and other interests would entrap important political figures by setting them up with underage boys and girls (this of course actually happens). It was a thriller that I used as a vehicle to present a lot of research that I had done. This is prototypical of my fiction work which most people here are unaware of.

This person began to post headline slander that I was a practicing pedophile because I was writing about it. She was relentless and it was a circus. This is the sort of thing that happens and the only solution is to weather it or drop below the radar. I will be dropping below the radar at some point but that's been long planned.

I'll cut the poster off now, not because what she says bothers me and certainly not because there's anything she can do to harm me but because nothing useful is being added. If the argument and charges were more cogent and real then it might make for some good debate. But that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

I posted the final comment this morning and that's the end of that.

I'm pretty busy with my olive harvest right now so I probably won't be able to create a new post today and this highway accident will have to remain for another day or at least until this evening. We'll be on to new things soon. In the meantime thank you all for your patience and intelligent offerings. Onward 'and' UPward.

Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago. Before Election Day I too was in a happy trance of "hope" and "change." I tried to vote early three times. The first time I was too late; the second time was during the lunch hour; there were dozens of people already there who had the same idea. I decided to go take care of some other business and return at five. Well, when I did there were at least a hundred people in line. While I was glad to see all the people coming out to vote, I didn't feel like waiting two or three hours for the privilege when I could do it on Election Day with no hassle since I had the day off. (One co-worker expressed her skepticism of early voting; to her it was just anoother opportunity for the PTB to toss the votes they didn't want to count away.)

Once the voting was over, I was VERY surprised when the announcement of Barack Obama's victory came a little after 10 P.M. Central Standard Time. I had expected to stay up very late, as I have for previous elections, while the votes were counted and contested. In retrospect, I agree with Kikz; they already knew the result. I'm sure Mayor Daley was only too glad to have Obama make his acceptance speech in Grant Park to distract people from the city's budget problems. That and the fact that Chicago is now the murder capital of the United States.

That night I called friends and relatives to share my joy. Everybody was ecstatic, except my brother down South who doesn't like Obame. (He calls him a "weasel." The previously mentioned co-worker also expressed doubts about Obama. She pointed out that he didn't have the history of slavery that Black Americans do. At first I thought she was hating, then I realized she was just being honest.)

Enough euphoria remained the next day for me to feel proud seeing the banners hanging from lampposts downtown congratulating "Chicago's Very Own, Barack Obama."

My bubble finally burst when I heard Obama had chosen Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff. Emanuel has been my Congressman for years, yet I can't really tell you anything he's actually done besides help people get elected. Plus, he's a Zionist and a Clintonista. Living in Crook County and knowing how things are done here, I felt "Rahmbo" was appointed because he'd helped Obama in his political career. OK. I understand that. But I still don't like it.

Next came the selection of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. Upon hearing that I clutched my head and moaned, "Why, Barack? WHY???" Everybody I talked to about this expressed serious misgivings. I also heard that some believed he OWED it to her. For WHAT? Not having him assassinated???

That's when the post-election depression set in. We got a Cabinet full of Clinton leftovers, plus one Bush guy whose main virtue is that he's not Rumsfeld. "Experience," they say. B*** S***, I say.

The local media has gotten ridiculous in their Obama worship----err, coverage. One recent Tribune article was about how proud multi-racial people are about Obama's victory. Oh, REALLY? Didn't he get 95% of the black vote by identifying himself as black? Is he not the first "African American President of the United States of America?"

Another article that caught my attention was one about how some members of the black community described Obama's election in religious terms. WTF? (Another co-worker, a devout Christian, was deeply offended when she actually heard someone compare Old Boy to Jesus Christ.)

Face reality people. Barack Obama is NOT the Messiah. He's a human being like you and me. No one is coming to save you except yourselves.

Well, here we are. NOW what?

I've read a lot of insightful thoughts here on SmokingMirrors. Notamobster suggested taking action, whether it be writing on dollar bills, wearing T-shirts, writing letters, or even running for office. Another writer advocated spreading information: websites, videos, etc. JJ suggested elevating our consciousness from negativity. Still others have recommended taking day by day while enjoying the pleasures life and nature have to offer. All these are good ideas.

What I've decided to do is e-mail President-elect Obama's website Change.gov (yes, that IS the name of it) and send my suggestions on how he can achieve his stated goals for this country. I will also be sending him (and others) letters.

Here is Obama's current mailing address, courtesy of advice columnist Dan Savage:

President-elect Barack Obama
Presidential Transition Office
Kluczynski Federal Building
230 S. Dearborn 38th Floor
Chicago, IL 60604

They are only accepting postcards or business-size envelopes. (Too bad. Now we can't send him any Christmas {or Kwanzaa} gifts. :)

No one should be ashamed of having voted for Barack Obama; we did so with the very best intentions. Now it's time for us to remind him who he REALLY works for.

Keep up the excellent work, Les. Take care.

West Side Gal

Visible said...

Hi Pot;

I hope it wasn't me who said that. I tend to make bad attempts at humor sometimes without engaging my reason. Since I can't recall the context or the comment I'm left with, well... heh heh... nothing actually. So, if in some cavalier way I said something stupid, I'm sorry. Tiny little nano-tech scrubbers are presently ironing it out whatever it was.

kikz said...

maestro's moral malestrom

funny that.

she was quite happy overlooking les' indulgences while given free reign to vent.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You don't check in for a day or so, and all Hell breaks loose.

Gonna share this story with you all, even though it's very low key on the world stage. It's just kind-of a bit of a heart warmer in a way.

Up the road from me is my daughter's old school. The local PTB closed the whole middle school tier in our district two years ago and this pretty 70 year old building has been awaiting the bulldozer ever since.

Well, it seems the anticipated demolition will be further put on hold - because of a family of badgers! Badgers! I'm guessing that badgers are a protected species.

The government and their minions can shut schools, crap on civil liberties, defile sovereign countries... but they can't evict the badgers. Personally, I love it. The illusion of care! "We care for badgers so we can't possibly be a bad government. Now drink your fluoride water."

If the badgers can resist The Man, surely we can? Keep posting Les. I love reading them.

Peace and love to all...

Anonymous said...

I see you have a couple of GGGs here in your comments threads, lol (I assume most here will get the reference).

Anyhow, I dont think there is any reason to be an apologist for your own blogging. If someone doesn't like it, they dont need to return, and if you begin truly writing for your audience then you'll soon have no audience to speak of.

Anyhow, as my grandmother keeps telling me, I need to learn to appreciate the differences between people. After all, it would be a pretty boring world if we were all alike.

Come to think of it, the christian heaven must put the angels into a stupor...

Anonymous said...

BTW, Clinton for SoS is really a decent choice. She's smart, she's tough, and she's respected. Since as we all know there will be no substantive change, she is exactly what the US needs for an overseas face at this time.

Of course this opinion holds only with the stated assumption, that there will be no change we can believe in.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick message from a young UK reader; Please keep on writing. You provide me with so much comfort. The more you open up, the more i realise there is someone out there as sensitive as me.

NOTE: Does anyone else out there now feel a need to do something or is it just me?? There seems to be an urgency to what we're doing...working a day job is becomming so hard and just feels pointless!? I'm not depressed, i'm just seeing everything i've read about over the past few years being slowly put into action and it's killing me. Does anyone else feel the toll of knowing about this stuff?

Anyway -

I dream sometimes, well, most of the time if i'm being honest, about the possible answer to our problem. And this is all i usually hear in my head...

"Do we just sit and read about the world for the next few years OR are we actually going to DO SOMETHING?"

Imagine if every like mind from every country got together somewhere! Everyone who reads about the same stuff and wants the same things...what would happen??? Imagine everyone from every website you've ever read from, all walking about in the same place...imagine the possibilities!! As a group i think we are growing in numbers...if we start working together we might be able to do something!!!

I hope that makes you smile...it keeps me going on the harder days!! I believe it's time we started thinking about uniting ourselves. It may give us the strength we need to carry on!! :O)

We'll get there eventually people, so please don't give up!!!

Peace and Cake!

All the best,
"Sunny" Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, UK

Anonymous said...

Randall: Stop wasting your mental and emotional energies and your precious time on Maestro.

Maestro is just a pissed-off, depressed Republican Party, evangelical right-winger who is pissed off against Obama.

I'd care more about Obama's life than about any thing else, since, my instincts tell me that there will be Republican Party voters who feel so angry, and so depressed that their hillbilly, evangelical, conservative right-wing lifestyle is over, that they will try to kill Obama in the next presidential period.

The main error of soft-leftist presidents of the past and today is their inocency in thinking that righ-wingers out of power are no problem.

But we cannot follow the footsteps of Salvador Allende, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton who let themselves be destroyed by the ultra-right wing oligarchies.

If i was Obama i would create a strong anti-right wing government, just like Hugo Chavez.

Peace my friend, and be strong !!

Because the right-wingers and ultra-right wingers in this world are still powerful, and they are a threat to humanity.

Remember that all the wars and genocide of this world are caused by far-right and right wing imperialist governments.


Anonymous said...

John Dorling: hi, you are like most of us here, worried and awake and motivated. Traits that most people in this world don't have. Most people in this world are not worried about international politics, wars, poverty, corruption and the economy. Most people are not motivated to change, and are too much into their personal lifestyles. and think that world problems and whole societies problems are irrelevant to their Robinson Crusoe personal isolated lifestyles.

Anonymous said...

MY FRIENDS: US CITIZENS DON'T CARE AT ALL ABOUT US AND INTERNATIONAL POLITICS !!! As long as most people can get a big turkey, potato-salad, cake, pie, soda, egg-nog, pecan-pie, and bread for their December 24th and December 25th christmas dinner they are happy and content

Anonymous said...

Frogs are the thing that stop construction in Australia.
Badgers eh!

Anonymous said...

Are Leo Getz and Lee Butters really talking about the US government??
Or is it that Mel is getting to do his anti semite thing?

nina said...

I would like to request that Jj please leave his calling card when visiting so we may acknowledge his kind and most welcome attention.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Holy sheepshit. I went away for a little more than 2-weeks and all hell has broken lose. Maestro throwing tantrums and death threats, Laws63 threatening with hell and damnations... and so on, etc.

I liked your article Les... you can't fuckin please everyone. Has anyone else asked why you haven't been wasted yet? I remember the last asshole that asked you that question... I believe that he tipped too much Vodka that evening.

BTW: My Yale Law Journal has contradictions regarding the definition of "illicit sex". In one definition it is "sex outside of marriage", in another it is defined as “non-marital sex”, and yet another parallels "perversion with acts of sodomy". So a Bill the “Humidor Willie” Clinton once said, "It depends on what your definition of IS, is".

My lunch break is over; I'll digest the rest of the posts over a bag of Pistachio nuts and a good stiff drink after work. In retrospect, sometimes it's easier for me to just read and splash in the shallow end of the Smoking Mirrors reflection pool.

Anonymous said...

Bye buy Maestro


m_astera said...


What does your mom have to do with it? Does she know she has a commie in the basement? Does she mind?

So Obama, Clinton,and Carter are heroes why? I've always liked Jimmy Carter; he's the only presidential candidate I ever voted for who won, but that's not why I like him. I just think he's an honest man who only served one term simply because he is and was honest and TPTB couldn't use him the way they wanted to.

Obama and Clinton, not nice people. Uh uh. They be goin' to the bad place, I think.

Is this true? "Remember that all the wars and genocide of this world are caused by far-right and right wing imperialist governments."

So, um, Pol Pot was a right wing imperialist? Mao too? Stalin? Do tell. Figures those right-wing imperialists would hide behind Holy Saint Marx. How do you keep it all straight?

Anonymous said...

Only an American would think that calling someone a Commie was derogatory - idiot! This’ how your wonky head works m_.
Your pontifications are lead balloon stuff here mate. Oh. The natives are restless Jeeves, throw them a scrap.
Quick! Check under your bed for a Commie or an Osama or an OKC bomber or whatever boogie man your government has you believing in this week to keep your mind off the fact that they are raping you blind and stupid in a never ending abuse of their power.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony
I think frogs rock.
Are cane toads still target practice in Oz? Or was that just a media myth sent out to the world?

Lots of peace and love...

m_astera said...

Ahh, Tony. I don't have a government, thank goodness. We grownups don't have much use for governments, as we are used to solving our own problems and finding our own opportunities. I do, though, have a sense of humor.

What part of "does your mother know she has a commie in the basement" don't you get?

Anonymous said...



I told you 100 times that capitalism is the *cause* of all US problems. Why are you so hard-headed? Tell me why do you love capitalism and FREE MARKETS so much?

Can't you understand that free markets and capitalism places all the wealth of a nation in the upper-classes, not in the majority of its citizens.

A Universal Welfare State is not socialism but it's a lot better than capitalism

So become socialist, or at least social-democrat, but kill your CAPITALIST MEME INSIDE YOUR BRAIN !!

Anonymous said...

To kikz who commented regarding Maestro:
“maestro's moral malestrom

funny that.

she was quite happy overlooking les' indulgences while given free reign to vent.”

I haven’t read back through any other Smoking Mirrors postings from the past two-weeks kikz… is this only article that Maestro went bonkers on? Perhaps she is being bombarded by ELF waves and has lost all self control as a result. I’m not making excuses for her… but she seemed to be such a level-headed person and said nothing out of the ordinary (until now).

I’ve read all of Maestro’s rants, and (not to be un-PC) they seem to exceed the norms of PMS… perhaps its menopause? Some of the most unraveled and difficult people I have had to deal with in the Engineering Industry, is a woman scorned.

I also read where Maestro is banned from this blog, which is pretty hard to accomplish. This is a pity because she was very entertaining. I have also dealt with previous veiled threats from a ex-Navy Seal who worked for me, and who accused me of blowing smoke up his ass (paranoid-schizophrenic to say the least), and I just told him to go ahead and kill me… it will put me out of my misery and take his silly ass off the street.

What can I say? I have read all the posts between Les and Maestro, and our female Maestro conductor just went out of kilter.
Maestro said: “Les, you are a good writer but a perverse (illicit drugs and illicit sex…)

and Maestro said, “Mark my words, I will make sure that the Country you reside in deals with you legally and accordingly and YES, I have no qualms in rewarding them graciously for doing so!!! You go around promoting your illegal drugs…, with total disregard for the law, knowing young folk frequent your bullshit site...you make me sick!!! You are blatent drug runner on the Internet and friggin get away with it! NO, not as long as I have any say!!!” and, Maestro said,

“Oh and did I mention you are one UGLY Mother FU****! Every time I ever viewed your picture I wanted to barf, must be the evil in you projecting outward. This is for real!” and Maestro said,

“People perish for lack of knowledge not because they are engineered to choose stupidity ‘most of the time’ I am so sick of the blame game and by the biggest idiots out there!!!”

Please note: I’m still attempting to figure-out where the Maestroette was taking her last comment. Perhaps I’m too dense to understand… because I have attention deficit disorder.

I really see nothing wrong with illicit sex and drugs… it breaks the boredom of life and allows one to explore the cosmos without being an astronaut or paying airfare.

Les, I hate to break this news to you but I don’t think that Maestro likes you very much [IMHO]. Maybe I’m a masochist, but I love a woman who spits fire and makes rude threats against an individual’s life! It’s like a verbal porn show.

If Maestro is who she claims to be then she will be in the same pot of shit as the rest of us. As my little buddy ‘Still Alive’ keeps saying, we will all pay the price for our negligence to curb the Zionist Establishment. However, what is the worst the Establishment can do… kill us? There are far worse consequences in life than death… living in our predestined future hell is one of them.

In my opinion Les, you should let Maestro compose herself, catch her breath, wait for her erect nipples to subside, and then eventually bring her back into the blogging-fold. I’m probably one of the sick puppies she was alluding to but she was just venting, and you just happened to become her target. I love her colorful fiery insights… whether they are true or not. The choice to do so is all yours of course. Perhaps we all need to have a cyber group hug?

Anonymous said...

i'm feeling a little icky after reading some of that, but because this is a dealer site i know you'll want to help.... please send any excess ketamine and lsa (both liquid, okay to mix as i'll be going intramuscular with it), some salD and dmt crystal (5meo ok if that's all ya got) and some sheets of good blotter, doesn't matter how ya wrap it as i've smoothed the deal with maestros cronies at customs. just between us, mkay.

Anonymous said...

To sum it up. Belief is the death of intelligence. You haven't seen bad yet, but it's coming.
Wish i was wrong. Reaper

Anonymous said...

Yes Mark, cane toads are still the pain that they are although they are migrating south so in Queensland 'there's not as many as there was a while ago'.
Many years ago, one christmas, in a land far far away...
I was on a visit to a friend who was caretaking a school (it had park like gardens, beautiful lawns) when at about 2:00 in the morning and after some xmas celebrating I wished to play golf with the toads.
So here is my caretaker friend following me around picking up after me complaining, mind you, that he would have to ‘clean this mess up in the morning’.
I apologised next day and went home.
ps. After rain the toads move out onto the wet, steamy roads; they love it!
A great pastime is to see how many you can ‘get’; front wheels - easy, the trick if you miss with the front is to swerve just enough to get them with the rear.
One thing I really didn’t like was people watching as a toad would scoop up a lighted cig butt when flicked near.
pps. m_, my mum always knows where I am!

Anonymous said...

and, she makes sure I have clean undies on and a clean handkerchief in my pocket!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @ 2:23am-

I referred to myself as a sick puppy but after reading your post on the toads, I realized that I may have been trumped by the competition. However, I laughed so hard at your antics, I digressed... we are on about the same level; we are merely on different playing fields.

P.S. to Les: when do you sleep?

kikz said...

'Maybe I’m a masochist, but I love a woman who spits fire and makes rude threats against an individual’s life! It’s like a verbal porn show.'

*shudderz* geez man.. if thaz your thing...all i can think to tell you is...
get a room.

Anonymous said...

HEY FOLKS: Just look at history. The whole american society is like ancient Macedonia, ancient Sparta, and middle-age Italy in the time of Machiavelli's The Prince, where politics, society and the courts were full of deep passions, deep hatred, deep rooted anger, violence and hatred in the whole society. I think that Maestro's behaviour is just a consequence of a paradigm-shift. So take it easy, mental changes and radical revolutionary changes have this things. So it is normal, and welcome all the stupid shit that Maestro writes, we can learn from Maestro.

Anonymous said...

To kikz who said:

'Maybe I’m a masochist, but I love a woman who spits fire and makes rude threats against an individual’s life! It’s like a verbal porn show.'

*shudderz* geez man.. if thaz your thing...all i can think to tell you is...
get a room.”

Sorry to freak you out kikz. Perhaps I should have used the word passionate or enthralling, rather than *verbal masochistic porn*. But it was the best I could do after eating a bag of pistachio nuts and downing several drinks. However, if you recall, I also made comments in the past to Les while intoxicated, and asked him why he has not taken a bullet to the head like other people have for doing less harm than his writings and the content of his blog articles. I made the same comment to Alex Jones, who Maestro also mentioned in her tirades yesterday; however, Alex refused to answer the question… Les did answer the question (even after I retracted my inquiry with an apology). I have since only now mentioned MY tirade as a historical reference of comparison to Maestro’s writings. Furthermore, I am not making excuses for Maestro or myself because in the real World, you never pull a gun on someone unless you have intentions of using it, and you certainly do not make death threats in a public forum because if something should happen to the individual you threaten, you will become the primary suspect.

People drink booze and take drugs to escape their reality, and I feel that we can conclude that Maestro does not do drugs but we cannot remove the possibility that she (like I) may have been drinking a bit more than usual last night. The other possibility is that I suspect that there is something else that was troubling the Maestro, and Les just happened to be standing in her path on the freeway when she was recklessly driving her Ferrari at 150 MPH/241KPH (for lack of a better analogy).

I also agree with the comment from marxist-socialist:
“I think that Maestro's behaviour is just a consequence of a paradigm-shift. So take it easy, mental changes and radical revolutionary changes have this things. So it is normal, and welcome all the stupid shit that Maestro writes, we can learn from Maestro.”

I have to deal with International egos, psycho-bitches & control freaks every day, and generally it becomes understood that I am not the cause for their anger- - but merely the recipient of their anger. Even though I did not have the ability to observe Maestro’s body language during her sessions of *spitting fire* at Les, I am inclined to suspect that something else is troubling her… and it wasn’t necessarily just Les Visible.

Finally kikz, your closing comment:

“*shudderz* geez man.. if thaz your thing...all i can think to tell you is...
get a room.”

Again kikz, I should have chosen better words, and should not have painted a picture of eroticism. But I did find the entire string of Maestro/Visible comments to be very entertaining… similar to Jj’s comment:

“"Les Than Visible"--an internet based suspense thriller starring Dennis Leary as Les Visible and either Kathy Bates or Max von Sydow as Maestro. Basil will be played by David Niven--whether he's alive or not---I'll have the screenplay put together later today.”

BTW kikz: You never answered my question:

“I haven’t read back through any other Smoking Mirrors postings from the past two-weeks kikz… is this only article that Maestro went bonkers on?”

I have taken the time to quickly scan Maestro’s postings, and the answer to my question is that this is the ONLY article that Maestro went bonkers on; therefore, I contend that something else is troubling her.

Last night I was too fucked-up to decipher one of Maestro’s fiery comments:

“People perish for lack of knowledge not because they are engineered to choose stupidity ‘most of the time’ I am so sick of the blame game and by the biggest idiots out there!!!”

But I will assume that I now understand where Maestro was going with this comment. I have alluded to this in my past posts, and perhaps Maestro, Still alive, and Dr. F were the only ones who comprehended/acknowledged what I was saying. The point is: that we cannot hold Zionist Israel and the neocons, et al, to be the sole source of blame for what is happening in the World, because the genocide that is happening in the Middle East is OBVIOUSLY supported by the United Nations and will soon be spread like a cancer everywhere on the globe. ‘Still alive’ has continually mentioned this, and he is right because we are too stupid to realize that all of are names are on this list for extermination, and we are simply complacent to just point the finger of blame, and allow this genocide to continue because it has not arrived in our backyards… yet (my opinion on the meaning behind Maestro's comment).

I hope that this better explains my position kikz, and my hypothesis on *maestro's moral maelstrom*. I shall make a point to only read when I am under the influence, rather than write (WUI). Chow

Anonymous said...

Toad golf? Oh dear. I love toads too but, then again, we don't have them as a pest here. Grey squirrels are very, very common now. My neighbour has one go in and out of the cat-flap, stealing the cat's nibbles.

I really am so far away from the serious issues here, aren't I?

Maybe a little bit of 'off-message' disrupts the NWO psychic attack pattern. If I could remote-view or send telepathic thoughts (I guess we all have the potential) I would try and send GWB, Gordon Brown, et al, the mental image of a big fat pink toad blowing them a raspberry. That would sure get their labcoat spooks in a lather, trying to decipher the signif.

Anyway, I'm probably straying into Vis Origami land here. Or maybe another website altogether.

(((disrupt psychic attack)))...
(((disrupt psychic attack)))...
(((disrupt psychic attack)))...
(((disrupt psychic attack)))...

peace and love to you all worldwide...
Mark - Worc's, England

kikz said...

inretro\'BTW kikz: You never answered my question:

“I haven’t read back through any other Smoking Mirrors postings from the past two-weeks kikz… is this only article that Maestro went bonkers on?”

without going back over ALL of maestro's posts w/a fine toothed comb...which i don't have time nor the inclination to bother...

i have noted, over the course of her? postings, a vibe (that i intuit) as becoming so shrilly discordant as to be erratically manic, and of late my initial intuition has been proven accurate in this case. big woo.

colorful though the posts may have been in a 'tom clancy drops acid and rewrites both OZ & Alice combo' sort of genre, i found them to be repetitious and vague on facts.

i've known a spook. real spooks don't bray bout it.
in fact, you may know one, and have no idea...you do.
think , blend in...invisible.

maestro seems to crave the attention her outrageous claims beg.

they literally scream 'look at me, i'm mata hari merc, i know all sorts of cool shit you can never know and charge a million/hr to whomever will pay to know it, i have some connection to some van buren trust - that along w/my secret science is to save the nation, nay the world at large, but i won't bother you w/the mundane details, i'll just yammer at length about black ops and enemy agents after me...then i'll ramp up my rage at the admin of the site due to a perceived 'gag order'... foam at the mouth screaming obscenities while going into full tilt moral maelstrom (damn spellchecker:P) about the admin's drug use (which has never been advocated for others) and threaten to turn him over to authorities with my high level 'spook' connections...and to top it w/a cherry.... tell him he's an ugly fuk, that makez me retch bile!

i'll get you and yer little dog too!!!!! *insert wicked witch of the west theme*

*looking overhead for flying monkeys @@*

....get a grip.............>:/
whatever the entity(s) maestro is or is not... my impression of "its" presentation here - is one of instability and rudeness which has crossed the line of (what i personally gauge to be) good manners of conduct befitting a sane adult, who is kindly given (by les) vox.

while i have no sway as to editorial content here, nor do i wish it :) i have a much lower tolerance for such behavior than does les, and i am even less than enamored of her for giving him any sort of trouble.....

if you wanna plumb the depths of maestro's mental madhatter act, then have it, she's left her contact info somewhere here, maybe there'll be munchkins too? tha'd be some 'passionate' show, hmmm?

that's a whiterabbit warren i have no interest in spelunking.
if i were you, and found a bottle that sez.."drink me"...
i'd seriously rethink it.

notamobster said...

That wasn't the only angry outburst from the teacher. I was insisting that the federal reserve (Zionist Bankers cabal)was the source of current economic problems in the US and she freaked out on me with :"I don't owe you anything, if you want my services ... yada, yada, yada" All I did was ask her to share some of esoteric wisdom she has so we could understand what she was saying. geez

Anonymous said...

Notamobster, are you worried that you triggered something by saying (on the previous thread) . . .

"Maestro - cryptic and odd, as always..." ??

i noted that maestro did appear to pick up on that in her first post on this thread.

However, IMO it was only a matter of time till one of the somewhat-more-recently-arrived contributors would prompt maestro for more specific info on the topics that she has been elaborately hinting about.

You and Dr.F both did that, and i believe there was a flareup in response to both, and i believe that was GOING to happen, in response to whoever requested factual clarification.

Because, as kikz just said, maestro's posts are "repetitious and vague on facts," and that factual vagueness is a main structural component of the persona that maestro has been projecting.

On an earlier thread Les said at one point that there was a poster who was representing that they were located in a certain place, while actually they were posting from the other side of the world.

That would fit maestro if, as i have suspected -- because i swear maestro writes with a Dutch accent! -- she was posting from Europe rather than Boulder, CO.


Anonymous said...

To kikz & notamobster, regarding Maestro:

I guess that I skimmed her comments too quickly... just looking for exclamations!!!!!!,
and the infamous f****** wording. I didn't see anything like that but I then, didn't read her comments fully either... but I did write to her and received no response. I did google her email address and saw a picture of her. Her posted picture may be 20-years old though. She is obviously NOT what/who she claims to be. I'm just going to read comments and avoid writing for a while. Take care guys.

Anonymous said...

Mark, while I'm at it I thought I may as well throw this one in too. You know we Aussies eat our fauna (crocs, emus, kangas) well just recently it was suggested we get stuck into our camels as well. Yeah! bloody camels - we have more camels in Aus. than they have in the land from whence they came. So it's been suggested, to help alleviate world food shortages, we eat our camels.
Way back in white mans history in Australia (about 200yrs ago)* Turkish emigrants brought camels to our fair land and Nature took its course, so now, plenty of camel meat!
Still more on toads: my mum who was known for her decorum (before this effort) had a stuffed toad on her TV for many years (standing up on its hind legs). In its mouth was a huge cockroach. There is no accounting for taste. She also liked Billy Connolly.
* Aboriginal people have used Aus. fauna and flora as culinary delights for over 80,000yrs.

m_astera said...

So here's poor m_astera, yours truly, doesn't like communists, so gets accused of being a capitalist. Doesn't like capitalists, so he's a commie pinko. (pinko?)

Doesn't like the Bushes, or Obama, or Gore, Kerry, either Clinton, despises the dear departed Reagan. Thinks Chavez is dumb scum with oil money. Only politician he ever voted for who won was Jimmy Carter and what good did that do him?

Doesn't think "what is government?" is the correct Jeopardy answer to anything except "The Problem".

Wait, it gets worse.....

If it were all entirely voluntary, how much of your time, money, and freedom would you generously donate to those who claim the right to govern you?

Ever notice that politicians and government never produce anything of value or beauty? Ever? Maybe someone out there can refute this bold absolute.

The winning entry must demonstrate government or politicians actually producing this value or beauty themselves, not with extorted labor or money. Nicely written laws telling others what they can and can't do don't count. I'll wait here.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 9:06pm, who said:

“However, IMO it was only a matter of time till one of the somewhat-more-recently-arrived contributors would prompt maestro for more specific info on the topics that she has been elaborately hinting about.”

Maestro had made several good points regarding the blame game, and that our fingers should be pointing at the factions of cause rather than the alleged scapegoats. However, I feel that Maestro was more than likely parroting someone else that she talks with because her internet profile does not fit the special interest spooks she claims to unwittingly serve.

Anonymous also said:

“On an earlier thread Les said at one point that there was a poster who was representing that they were located in a certain place, while actually they were posting from the other side of the world.”

In the instance that you spoke of in your post, I believe that Les was referring to an individual who claimed to be writing from Russia; not Maestro who evidently is posting from Southwest Texas, USA.

In a string of comments, there was a nice lady who was posting from England and she was contemplating relocating to Russia. This English woman also had high regards for Putin’s stance against the Zionists of Israel. Later that evening, a person posted (allegedly from Russia) stating that Putin was indeed part of the Illuminati’s New World Order partnership, and furthermore, this alleged Russian stated that Russia was utilizing Russian-Moslems to foment a civil war with the intentions of eliminating the Russian White Race through genocide. Les later wrote stating that this alleged person (Russian?) was actually posting from the other side of the World, which I had assumed this posting location to be Israel (IMHO). The bottom line that Les was trying to point-out is… reader beware. You cannot believe everything you read to be factual; however, most of us whom post here are already aware of this disclaimer.

Anonymous said...

"Many times here, I have suggested that if the people would only step away from the machine and refuse to contribute; refuse to work, refuse to buy, refuse to watch their televisions and gather in silent protest in their communities across the world that the engines would grind to a halt. I have always felt that this was the greatest power the people have. It is the complicity of the people in their own oppression that allows for it to continue."

When ever I hear someone complain about "the bailout" I ask them "where are the funds for this bailout coming from?" We all know where. From the same source that keeps our Military across the sea vaporizing innocent humans. There are those who choose to support the gangsters who run the various corrupt Machines in mid-April because they've been brainwashed to believe in their personally programed script. Thank God there are those who quit participating in that shamefully senseless act. Now, just imagine if everyone else joined in, The Machine could certainly run out of fuel. Sounds almost too easy.

"Unfortunately, the majority of people are not very bright. It may not be only the lack of intelligence and a capacity for objective reasoning that is the problem. People are also inclined to obey. For some reason they believe that those in authority have their best interests at heart, regardless of how many times they are shown otherwise. Regardless of how often they see criminal behavior in high places they somehow think that someone, somewhere, is honest and knows what they are doing."

Or maybe the culprits of denial and fear keep Americans signing that personal check over to "The Man" come April 15th simply because most Americans have given up to that, which they despise, and to that, which they have become.

Truth alone Triumphs!
European American

Anonymous said...

To m astera who wrote:

"If it were all entirely voluntary, how much of your time, money, and freedom would you generously donate to those who claim the right to govern you?"

I once believed that Ron Paul was worth campaigning for, but realized after his first 6-months of running, that he is in bed the the rest of the pack, and was just sirring the boiling pot in the opposite direction. Perhaps Thomas Jefferson said it best:

"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which iswrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions,
it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. ...And what country can preserve its liberties, if it's rulers are not
warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as
to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."



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