Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How do they do It? I Really want to Know.

You can stop me at any point... heh heh, no you can’t but it never hurts to offer. I want to talk today about the obvious. If it’s not obvious to you then you are a Nimrod and/or a Nodwell and you probably don’t come here anyway since I don’t feature porn or get rich quick schemes. Before I get into any of this, we require, or should I say you require a little setup... a backstory... some scenery so we know where we are.

Here’s what is obvious, to me anyway... and mind you, I’ve done the research and been around whatever I’m talking about or... I say I don’t know and if I’m projecting or predicting, I tend to tell you that too. Rich people are rich because they love money; more importantly, they love the power and the cachet that it grants. When people aren’t rich it is because they don’t love money to the extent that it consumes their waking hours with the desire to acquire it or... they’re not very good at it anyway or... they’re stupid. Somebody is making a lot more of the latter every day so at least you won’t be lonely. This is a real growth industry.

Rich people are not generous except to the degree that it serves their purposes or assuages their guilt or... makes them feel generous and that’s why when rich people give money away they hire a brass band to accompany the gesture. These are the same people that worship their non existent God with public displays that raise hypocrisy to a fine art when it is juxtaposed with their real life actions. Please note that I didn’t say that the essential living conscious light does not exist and I’m not saying it does either because you have to figure that out.

I note that the people who donate to this site are usually the ones who can least afford to and others (I know what I’m talking about here) who come here and make more in a month than I make in ten years tend to give me nothing. Do not send me money now that you are reading this. Paypal won’t let me have any more money until after the new year. I’m grateful for the people who help me out but this has nothing to do with it. This has to do with things I know and want to share with you by way of my real life experiences.

I’ve been around a lot of rich people in my life and almost exclusively they have a common problem. Yes... they are rich but their money is tied up at the moment or something happened somewhere; some strange fantasy that only the terminally stupid would buy for a moment. Yet I have had my posterior bailed out on a number of occasions (and I’ve done the same) by people with no more than I had before I needed the help.

Moving right along... people who threaten to kick your ass or kill you over the internet do so because they don’t ever expect to meet you in real life. People who think you should behave the way they do don’t behave that way. People who like to make themselves look good attract a poor class of associates engaged in the same behavior. People who are virulently opposed to people with different sexual tastes share those tastes. People who intimidate and bluster are cowards. People attracted to positions of power don’t understand power. People who think they are slick don’t know how to dance.

This feels good, let’s go on for a little longer. People who take jobs as journalists for major organs of disinformation have to know, have to know that they are lying sacks of shit that sold out their integrity for a paycheck. People who work for governments and religions that do not work within their fields for the greatest good for the greatest amount of people are thieves and frauds.

Religious leaders who dress in Armani suits and have hair weaves and two hundred thousand dollars worth of teeth to accompany their Las Vegas Game Boy act for an asexual Jesus make Elmer Gantry look like St Francis of Assisi. People that think sex is bad are terrible lovers. People that become enraged when you look at a sixteen year old girl were never a sixteen year old boy. They were born with white socks, black shoes and a briefcase full of bullshit and they are looking... trust me, they are and maybe more than that.

People who want to kill because the moral order doesn’t reflect their personal degree of repression are doing things none of us would do, in their minds and often in real life. Freud’s hysterical women who see predators climbing out of the light sockets are badly in need of having their clocks cleaned so that they never tell time again. It’s okay to have a cigarette now. I guess you realize that ‘NO.” really does mean I hate myself. No... I know what no means but this is a different no. This is Doctor No with all the credentials in the world and not one drop of understanding.

So... what I want to know is... how can nearly everyone in a position to speak out about what is obvious, all be engaged in the greatest conspiracy of all time? How do the whores in journalism; the whores in public office, the whores in religious outfits from “The King of Hearts”, the whores for money and the whores for security, the whores that sell their cottage cheese asses for the right to force compliance on others before the altar of ugly conformity to cheap and obvious lies... how do they sleep at night?

How can you do a job and live a life, linked arm in arm with everyone you know all mutually agreeing to something you all know is bullshit? How can all the countries in the Middle East be without internet except... wait for it... never mind? How can you see what is in front of you and not see it? See...

What I don’t get is... you know you’re going to die right? So... shouldn’t your life have some meaning? Since you came with nothing and leave with nothing shouldn’t you do everything you can to make the world a better place and yourself a better person in the bargain? I don’t get it. I don’t get gratuitous plastic surgery. I don’t get cosmetics on aging women that makes them look like someone going to a costume party dressed as a lizard and who is obscuring the inner beauty that is looking to shine forth. I don’t get bondage gear and the utter agony of mind numbing religions. I don’t get a hundred thousand versions, over and over again of the same video game of killing everything in sight by proxy. I don’t get your endless lonely nights of feverish masturbation and then you wake up to tell everyone else it’s wrong. I don’t understand how you can lie to yourself.

How do you do it? I really want to know. How did you get from seeing through your parents lies to telling the same lies yourself? How did your youthful enthusiasm turn into pitching and moaning about everything but what is really bothering you? Why do you keep beating your head against a wall if it hurts?

Here’s a clue. If everyone stops paying their taxes then there will never be enough jails to hold you and you’re already in jail anyway. Don’t give these thieves another dime and there won’t be any more bailouts for the criminals running the game. Kalifornia is about to go broke. Let’s break every other state and every other country until this vicious cycle ends. Take that carrot and stick it up their ass.

If you’re going to die anyway then let your death mean something and it won’t mean anything unless your life meant something. People... take off the blinders. You’re better than this. I know you are. You have lost your way and now you just bend over and wait. Stand up... pull your pants back up... it’s okay, I have my eyes averted. Now... what say we get a little something to eat and have a little chat?

Visible sings: When I Lose You by Les Visible♫ When I Lose You ♫


Anonymous said...

More of "their own" have been sacrificed on the altar of perception making. Pardon my laughter, but who got screwed by Madoff--some jewish charities--think about that one for a second--if that's not the ultimate oxymoron, I don't know what is. That others are on the way to the (Warsaw) ghettos due to their new lack of money should not surprise anyone--they have been laid on the media altar for your consumption. But these are not the folks at the top of the food chain--not the real power. These are the folks who think they are connected, but just found out they really weren't--their wealth was a pittance compared to the real swindlers. But, I can only look through my rose-colored glasses here and don't know why this was written for our viewing pleasure--I have to think that most folks said "good", fuck the greedy rich--and greedy jews to boot--but why are we being fed this pablum--does anyone really give a shit--

Back to old Bernie--you couldn't make this stuff up--it's a made for TV movie where, in the blink of an eye, the viewer is supposed to believe that years have past or vast distances crossed--it's make beleive yet based on a somewhat true story by my mothers 2nd cousins hair stylists sister in laws former husands 5th cousin who lives in Bolivia who used to date a guy who may, or may not have found the book at the base of WTC 7 after 911--no shit!. According to the lack of actual investigation, Bernie did it himself--the self-proclaimed con-man said so to whoever actually arrested him--or so we're told--his kids are such good citizens that they turned their dad in--or, they are such back stabbing "J" scum that they would shoot their mother (or turn in their father) for a new (or slighly used) Rolex.

That there will not be a trial because Bernie already (supposedly) confessed--convenient--not that they couldn't fix one if they wanted to, maybe not bernie, but someone or some country ended up with that money--and they could--but then if you have that kind of power, this scam would never have been found out--maybe it was Dov Zackem--whether it's the 50 billion reported or not--do these number just have a hollow ring to them, like this whole story----hmmmm. Did anyone actually get fucked in this deal or were they consenting adults on some weird level--

In the end, maybe someone just wanted that ocean front home in Palm Beach and the owner wouldn't sell--so all this happened to bankrupt the owner so that the buyer could get a better deal---that would make more sense that what we are being spoon fed in the media--if anyone is even following this---can you say "Rosebud"

Bernie knows someting more--or at least was promised something more--the smirk and baseball cap he wears in all those photos tells me so--kinda like Jack Abramoff with his ill-fitting hat---where is Jack these days--

Are we too numbed after the trillion dollar bailout--or the 50 billion bailout--or the.........None of it is real other than the fact that there are no facts other than what we are told are facts--or assumptions--or something in between or above or below--does any of it make any sort of impact on our lives other than the fact that we may not have jobs tom'w----

Thats the real straw on Joe Camels back---the others are just to show that these are hard times for everyone-----well, kinda--kinda not---

-"And since the invisible hand of the market ostensibly guided everything, there was no one who could really be held accountable or responsible for anything. The buck didn't stop anywhere"--great quote!!

Does the buck ever stop anywhere other than where they say it does----


Visible said...

You're spot on J. There's more than meets the blind eye to be sure. Well said.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of this scam in progress is that all of this debt and profit may never have existed at all-in all these schemes-but they are being paid off on what they say it was---numbers they admit they pulled out of thin air--I think Paul Newman (doesn't matter that he's dead) and Robert Redford in the movie version would be nice--then again, just skip the original and go right to the sequel--after all, we told you that you saw the original, and really liked it---the audio version will be released on 8-track for your listening pleasure--

Anonymous said...
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Visible said...

Marxist Socialist... I can't let you cut and paste there enormously long pieces; use links instead. I am going to print your closing but this can't be a bulletin board for any particular point of view, besides, m_astera will kick my ass if I do (grin).



The following from M.S.

A Short Christmas Message:

It’s nearly Christmas and, as a militant atheist and an all round miserable git, I suffer more than most at this time of year. As someone who is steadfast in their anti-consumerist outlook, this stance often results in me being mistaken for a tight-fisted bastard. Thus, I blame my tarnished reputation on Father Christmas.

Let’s think about why.

There’s this guy who can’t get a decent job for fifty weeks of the year, and yet for a couple of weeks he is suddenly elevated to a status beyond your own (especially in your child’s eyes) and thrust to the centre of attention in our precious shopping cathedrals. And then we dumb fuckers place our precious offspring on his knee and let him whisper in their ears alcohol-scented promises of sweets and toys in exchange for good behaviour. This is while across the country, goaded on by Murdoch’s tabloid newspapers, pitch-forked fuckers with placards and murder in their eyes are hunting out men offering similar inducements in towns all over England.

Furthermore, you work your fucking arse off all year; save or hammer the credit cards; get yourself in greater debt and wrap the chains of consumerism and wage slavery around you that bit tighter - to fight your way through the zombie-like masses to find the must-have gift for your child. You do all this and then have to tell them:

“No, no, no, my precious it is not I – a hard working stiff, a man stressed to the limits of his own sanity, through longer working hours and the need for greater production levels and greater surplus value - no, no, no, it is not I who brought you these magnificent examples of reified consumer goods. It was a total stranger! It was fucking Father Christmas! Yes, whilst you were sleeping (don’t tell the News of the World!) he invited himself into our house – via the obvious route, the fucking chimney! (I know it’s blocked, but use your imagination please!) And he then left you these beautifully wrapped presents. Oh don’t thank me my child. Thank Father Christmas! Thank Santa! I am but a humble prole, devoid of any magical qualities, doomed to walk the earth with only my labour to sell.”

Commodity fetishism and I’m discontent!

Let us forget the past traumas our mothers were put through for twelve fucking days and nights of Christmas, as they cooked, cleaned, cajoled, pestered, loved and fucking made sure that our Christmas would be a jolly, traditional affair. They put up with excessive alcohol abuse, came down late at night and turned off the discarded electrical items and fires, produced meal after meal and still somehow smiled and thanked the Lord Jesus Christ himself that we were home and safe and seemingly free to enjoy ourselves at her expense.

However, the myth of Christmas still speaks to us and does have some contemporary resonance. Let’s think about those little fucking elves working in polar sweatshops for the corporate stooge, Santa Fuckin Claus. Oh! Bob Geldof and his cronies won’t sing about them, will they! Santa the tyrant exploiting those poor elves, cracking the whip and demanding higher production levels and greater surplus values, so that spoilt European and North American children can get their new consoles; their new clothes; their new phones, which manage every task known to man these days - including toast-making – all the while Santa whips the fuck out of those poor little elves! Do they know it’s Christmas time? Fucking right they do! How’s that for a metaphor for our age, especially when so many of our great high street chains have been caught out recently posting record profits on the backs of child labour in Asia.

Yes, the myth of Christmas has many things to tell us about our own age. How do we get out of this current mess? Consume, consume, consume – and everything will be all right. Click your heels together three times and say: “There’s no system quite like capitalism, there is no system quite like…”

Have a good holiday. And may 2009 be a year of greater class struggle!

Anonymous said...

Man!!! You are a fucking master.

I genuflect at your pretty feet.

If I could I would make the whole world applaud. Visible, you scratch my itch.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les-
Your article appears to me to mention non-participation. Pulling the plug on the greedheads. You are 100% correct. It's ethical & doesn't involve violence. It's tempting to speak of or consider using violence to free the vampire's teeth from our next, very tempting. Certainly they've caused enough innocent people to suffer over the years to cause their victims to feel justified taking such actions.

Anonymous said...


this is a stage show of the first kind. the laughter must be deafening in the rooms where they set this stuff up. they are making money on top of money and the US taxpayer gets the bill again. This is all one big donation to you know who and we reimburse them on top of it.

Now I understand the dumbing down of the American people over the last 30+ years. They had to create an audience who would believe this shit.

Sadly, I feel that this is all distraction. Something big and ugly is going to roar its head and it won't be pleasent.

Les, you nail like no other!


ps: It is a long bike ride but I will be there in the spring. :) If you ever pass through Colorado you have a place to stay. Something about the views...

Anonymous said...

well done Les, as articulate as ever. glad you appear to have whittled the thing down to a fine point.

and really when it comes down to it, this is the climactic battle we've been staring down for generations now - we KNOW the money's funny, we KNOW the game is fixed, and we KNOW that death is inevitable. yet we pushed on for damn near a half-century of mindless consumption, racing against the clock and the open market to acquire..what, exactly?

the foundation of our collective lives is crumbling and while no one enjoys the thought of tumbling through the void, we must find solace in the promise of ultimately landing on our feet after the fall. because this is a world of human endeavor, not commerce, not social engineering, and certainly not socioeconomic tyranny. ours is a symbiotic world where we must once and for all root out the virus of greed in order for the organism that is gaia to thrive and flourish.

Anonymous said...

"Here’s a clue. If everyone stops paying their taxes then there will never be enough jails to hold you and you’re already in jail anyway. Don’t give these thieves another dime and there won’t be any more bailouts for the criminals running the game. Kalifornia is about to go broke. Let’s break every other state and every other country until this vicious cycle ends. Take that carrot and stick it up their ass."

Denial: a psychological defense mechanism in which a person faced with a fact that is uncomfortable or painful to accept rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence. The subject may deny the reality of the unpleasant fact altogether (simple denial), admit the fact but deny its seriousness (minimization) or admit both the fact and seriousness but deny responsibility (transference).

You are asking waaay too much here, Les. It just ain't gonna' happen. The collective consciousness has yet to make the connection. The thought sends tingles up my spine just thinking about how others are squirming in their seats while reading your post. Those three letters strike fear even in those who claim to be devout Revolutionaries. "They'll take my house away. My toys away. They'll take my internet away! No 'Smoking Mirrors.' They'll take me away!"

It could be so simple. The cancerous machine would cease to generate it's infectious dis-ease. NO FUEL!

So, readers of this post, which of these reflects your psychological disposition? "Simple denial," "minimization" or "transference?"

For the few of you, reading this post, who have consciously removed yourself from financially supporting the destruction of; this planet, this country (US of A), your community, family and yourself, I salute you with the greatest respect and admiration and apologize for any upset I may have created for you. Courage is a rare commodity in this day and age.

Consciousness becoming Conscious.

European American

Anonymous said...

The thing I always remember before I get all worked up over the Zionist agenda is that they are to be pittied, because they are sick people and do not know any better. Look at the word "ignorant", to be ignorant one must ignor what could easily be learned given enough time and desire. To ignor something is quite easy and given the right programming one could ignor just about anything that does not fit into their conscious model of how the world is supposed to be around them. Zionist themselves may not believe there is any conspiracy, while I for one do believe there are roughly 6 billion or so conspiracies going on at all times. That is about one or more conspiracies for every person on the planet and it is called survival, put plainly. The difference between our conspiracies and theirs is that ours is perpetrated to our benefit while at the same time causing the least detrimental impact to those around us. The zionist agenda on the other hand is the opposite, because I do not believe that their ignorance of their actions is to their betterment, but quite the opposite and all the while they are greatly having a negative impact on the lives in the world around them. After a certain point of greed and comsumptuous taking, the action has the opposite of the intended affect and you begin in the other direction like with any drug, we build up a resistence and thus one needs more and more to abide the craving. That may oversimply it greatly, but it makes my point, that the zionist agenda and it's contributors do not know any better. Most of us do not know any better for that matter. If we all knew how powerful our words and actions were even in this limited physical existence, we would all be supernice people all the time and life would be extremely and intolerably boring. The fact that we can watch big cats on the plains take down antelope and water buffalo without even a thought of that poor animal's family, but add in some consciousness and a little human suffering and we get all misty eyed like their is some difference.

What troubles me regularly is that all that you have said and all that I have said and anyone else really is like a grain of sand in an infinite desert. It is relatively pointless and probably has little impact on anyone other than the few people that read or hear us if even them and yet knowing we have little or no ability to impact or change the events we so despise in others, we still want to be heard. We want to be related to something bigger or be the one that made a difference somehow. I think I have gotten it all out of my system, so.

nina said...

This is how they do it: Everyone has a public relations agency in their head. Everything they do is backed with a campaign. All of them donate privately to their private campaigns. This way what one perceives as evil is personally persuaded to be good, very, very good.
Wherever and whomever "they" are, you are, I am, we are.
As we go along, we write our epitaphs from the balance sheets prepared by our own accountant, master fudger, always in the business of pleasing.

Anonymous said...

My bedroom door is buckled in half cos my wife called the ambulance, who called the cops, as they're not allowed to break doors down anymore. I woke up in hospital a day later cos I slept off the bottle of vodka and nigh-on 30 sleeping pills. I suffer from depression since a hospital overdosed me on morphine in '95 during an operation which went wrong and increased my already chronic back-pain from a slipped disc. Post-traumatic stress is a true bummer my friends, especially when the doctors lie through their teeth to solicitors and you can't work anymore. In intensive care I could hear them shouting," We're losing him..." but after praying, and passing out for another day...I lived. I can't remember taking the pills last Monday but here I am, still alive and wishing I had no family to traumatise. I hate xmas because of the lies it's based on e.g. Christ wasn't born on it, that was Constantine's political expediency to placate the masses who already celebrated Dec.25th. as the day of Saturnalius, the sun god. He created catholicism as Rome's state relligion for amongst other things, many young Roman Christians were conchy objectors etc. etc. All this tree decoration crap is Scandinavian pagan phallic-worship, but who in these last few generations would question anything beyond Bing Crosby's schmaltzy song? Ahh, they say, it's nice for the kids, who can't wait to get out onto the street corners with their mates to skin-up. I mean the ten year olds and over. Everyone keeps asking you if you've got everything in for effing xmas like it's " Hello, the weather's strange today isn't it?" I suppose they mean the turkey, mince pies and everyone's presents...and they don't mean any harm at all but I cannot restrain myself from telling them that I hate xmas cos it's phoney, full stop. I was nearly a statistic of the high rate of suicides at this time of year just 7 days ago. Bah! Humbug.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible writing, I am in total awe.............. The whole world should read this!!!!!!

Steve B

Anonymous said...

Les! Salud! With this latest run you seem fit to break the world in 2...and we`d like to think we know where it goes from there. Love, hunter

Anonymous said...

The coming year 2009. This will be the year when its' more important to know your blood type than your credit score. Say thanks, but no thanks, to consumer purchases. Stop contributing to 401K's 403B's 457's and all the other enabling contributions that feed these fat bastards. Fuk-all-ya-all. No crime, we just stop the charade and don't turn it back on. No taxation without representation, we certainly don't have anyone representing us. And NO Social Security money for the stock market

Visible said...

Brother Anonymous... Don't! Don't do it again. You're letting the funhouse mirror do the talking. If you can't stay alive for yourself then stay alive for me. I need you. If you life means nothing then I'll give you something to do and you will forget all about this.

How many times do you think I wished I was dead? How many times do you think I cursed God and put myself in harms way hoping that those I was fighting in the parks and alleys behind the bars would kill me?

Brother... life is not meant to be a runway walk in Milan unless you like being fucked by old men while on heroin.

If you're looking for death you need not worry. Death will find you when death is ready. I guess I don't have to mention that death is your friend. It takes courage to live so if you don't have enough then I will loan you some of mine.

Next time you feel like this write me first and give me the opportunity to do my Daniel Webster thing.

Brother... I suffer every fucking day. the sun was brilliantly shining today and I couldn't even go outside. Why? I don't know. But I know this... I will endure. See that you do as well.

Anonymous said...

Les, Do you believe that pain is a pathway to growth? If so I think we'll be on a real growth spurt for a while. Glad you're here Les to help interpret what we feel but aren't sure of. I guess I need to read Origami more.

Visible said...

As many a great master has said one way or another... Pain is THE education. You want to stop being educated? Stop wanting. Do it today.

Yes, I'm one of those who would also like to set fire to George's wooden teeth and I give a pass to Jefferson for reasons too numerous to mention and generously including the framework of his times.

Pike gets a bad rap all over the place. It makes me inclined to like him. Since I've got more background in the particular sciences associated with that man than most I will rely on my take... well (grin) I usually do... but I do listen!!! honestly.

Kikz is one surprising lady. If I ever get born again you are going to be my mom.

Let me tell you something friends. Christmas IS coming and the evil fuckers are going to do themselves in. Have faith and lets not be so doom and gloom. I only engage in that for wakeup purposes. This is not to say that my life is all that great because I have that Prometheus thing. I opened doors that I should not have done and the creature from The Alien comes in and tries to kick the shit out of me... often.

Sure... I win because someone else fights my battles but it leaves me as worn out as an old shoe.

Anonymous said...

Despite the burdens of staying alive, I think it best to go all the way. After all this is the greatest show no earth. We don't take anything with us but what is inside. It is amazing how 2000 year old propaganda still thrives.

Don't worry about 'doom and gloom' this is the greatest show. I got rid of my tv and just opened my eyes. wow! What a show!

I gave up the system a long time ago. Don't own a car, let a bike get me there. I owe the the tax man, but he can have my ashes when I am done.

As you said Les, death will find you, so don't worry it is better than money in the bank. it is guaranteed. Hold on to your ticket and enjoy the show. I read a lot of history, I mean a lot, and I can say it sure seems that greed always gets it in the end.

Change is coming! Not the kind on the placards and commericials, that is jsut for show, the real change of history is about to turn a page.

Merry days ahead...

keep on keeping on...

Amicus for life.

Anonymous said...

You want to know why everybody blithely plays along? Read this: Shocking study finds most will torture if ordered.

People are so brainwashed how to behave, they are almost like zombies anymore. It’s truly frightening. I often feel as if I’m living in the movie The Stepford Wives. What it’s going to take to snap people out of their delirium is the shock of crisis, such as financial collapse, food shortage, war, etc. When people have to confront their own survival, they may return to thinking for themselves. Of course, such crises are liable to be pretty chaotic and bring out the worst in people. But hopefully it will be worth it in the end.


m_astera said...

Wow. It just gets better and better. Merry Christmas to all!

Les, you had me laughing so hard all I could have written was hahahahahahahhahahhahahsnorthahh. And it continues. Hard to put that in print, but I'm getting a stomach ache. Sheesh, Merry Christmas to all!

Marxist/Socialist, I like your voice. I like what you write from the heart. Give us your own voice and we will love to hear it. Les told me that this blog changes people, Something funny about that. Is he part of some conspiracy or what?

Trying to be on topic RE the essay, I'm reminded of what Greg Braden said sometime back (stop me if you've heard this before) Greg, bless his little cotton socks, was coming back from a consciousness-raising seminar that he had starred in in the Bay Area. Arriving back to New Mexico he went to the cash machine and found that none of his cards worked. His wife had run off with the carpenter he had hired to do some work around the place. Greg wondered, as do all of us enlightened beings, just why was this karmic payback? He didn't steal, cheat, or lie anymore, so why?

Greg's conclusion (sorry Greg, but you did put it out there) was that he still judged those actions. Quit judging, stop experiencing. Well good luck with that.

Here's m_asteras corollary: this shit just happens. Get used to it.

m_astera said...

Think it's worthwhile putting in a few words for puppies here. Jeeze, puppies? With all of the important things going on?

Over at the supermarket yesterday, some girl had a booth for a phone company, but down on the floor next to her was a box of puppies. Are you smiling? They are sweet. The box was maybe 12" high, so they had to stand up on their hind legs to look out. Get the picture? Oh sweet puppies. Notice that they love us and take us home?

Peace and cake.

Visible said...


I know you sent me the link to your gardening blog and like the fool I am I never went. I plead multiple things occupying my time. Not a day passes when I don't want to ask you what I am asking you now and that is to please send me that link again so I can put it in the blog roll and go and look.

I love succulents and I have an enormous collection of them. Surely you know how many varieties there are. I intend to get some really nice Japanese Banzai's once the house can accommodate them too and some of their ornamental trees.

You will note that I hawe compost piles hilling up all over the land for the squash, mellanzana (aubergine if you prefer or eggplant if you don't) and melon work come February.

We need to get together my friend and if we can keep from kicking the shit out of each other we might accomplish something. Too much Campari tonight but it made me ask for the link. Send it to me. I want to do a Petri Dish thing on it.

Visible said...

Damn! i don't believe I wrote Banzai instead of Bonsai. I'm an idiot!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been coming here for a few months. I'm one of the people who used to go to sott and that is where I discovered you.I have enjoyed your work even if it makes me wince sometimes but tonight I wept out of control when I listened the that song When I Lose you.

My wife was drunk and insisted on driving. I was drunk too. She killed herself and nearly me as well and our son was thrashed and I had no life when I got out of hospital.

Ten years later I have fallen in love again and hearing that song felt like bullets into my heart. I owe you a debt of gratitude. May you have a merry merry Christmas.

I know you believe in god and I will tell you sir, God believes in you.


notamobster said...

Anon 0900: I echo les' sentiment. While I have never been in your shoes, I have been to the edge of... I have sat crying my eyes out, slobbering drunk, wishing for death. I sat 4 times, alone... sobbing... with a .40 calibre Glock in my mouth. All I wanted was a break from the torment. I just wanted it to quit hurting. I just wanted it to stop! I remembered a man I met once several years before, in the service. His son had died. Certainly he knew what I was feeeling, so I called him in the middle of the night. I called the base he was at and told them it was an emergency that I speak with him and they tracked him down for me. I reintroduced myself and told him about my daughters death. He let me talk about her, and the pain... and the torture I was in. He then calmly said "I've been where you're at." "Alone in a crowded room. Scared. Hurting. I know what you're thinking about right now. I'm not going to tell you not to do it. I will ask that if you're going to do it; wait until tomorrow night. Give it one more day. If it's bad enough to end it... just do it tomorrow. Just give it one day."

The next time I talked to him, I was in the same place, and he listened to what I had to say. He listened to me talk about my baby. He told me again" Just give it one more day". He didn't fill my head with the trappings of religion or guilt, he just told me that I had someone who would always listen, if I'd only give it another day. Ultimately, for me, that's what I had to do. Give it a day. Some are shit, others are tolerable. Have you given any thought to leaving? Seeing the world? Starting over? I was 2 days from moving to Costa Rica and abandoning my life at one point. I didn't go, for my own reasons, but it's always an option. Whatever you choose, you have people who are willing to listen. If you need to talk to someone, email me and I'll give you my number. I'm nothing special, but I can listen. There are people who care. I don't know you, but I care.

I personally think this life is a one trick pony and I'd hate to see anyone miss part of the ride, who didn't deserve to. You have friends. Whether you know it or not, you do.


Visible said...

Jesus Stacy, thank you for that. Does anyone know who this person is?

I don't know if he will read here again but I will say this anyway... suicide is telling the people who love you to fuck off. When this kind of despair descends it always feels like you are unloved and unappreciated. You can't remember the good you have done. You can't remember who you were before the cloud descended.

It's like shit on a shingle only they aren't using ground beef. Before anyone here kills themselves or someone else, first sell everything you have and come to me. I don't have much but there's a place for you and food and comfort. You can help me help myself and you can use my extensive awareness and ability to cross all borders without nary a look (I don't do this myself but I have heavy invisible friends) and I can share my life with yours. This is not idle talk. I mean for this to happen somewhere, somehow.

Look... I'm not that good at what I do, all laudatory shit aside but I am a true friend and I stand by what I say. I may well have my shorcomings but I am no hypocrite and if you try to airkiss me I will grope your privates (I thought I would stick that in for comic relief). I'm not going to grope any privates; I have enough of a job groping my own.

If we lose a few of us I am going to be very sad. I'm only hoping the rest of you make it to a "sweeter greener land on the road to Mandalay"

Don't ducking give up. I'm a hair away from losing my own mind so please don't make it worse.

Visible said...

That is supposed to be, "don't fucking give up". Ducks indeed. At least I can make myself laugh.

Visible said...

Bedtime for bonzo now. See you in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit of all the sites I visit, I find this one to be right on target. That is, I find myself saying over and over again "yep, that's exactly how I feel". My problem is, I've lost hope in humanity. Seems all through history we find the same thing. Every culture from one end of the earth to the other, from the beginning, have been basically doing the same thing. Every group, from small tribes to massive "civilizations" manage to get their brains conditioned, to believe whatever it is they believe. It starts from birth. And it seems history is full of examples of the clever few, who see through the game, and end up controlling and manipulating the trusting, ignorant, believing majority.

In our age we have the latest gang of criminals operating. They've perfected it to an art. Controling the fake money, mass media, corrupt government, etc etc... And the masses fall for all this nonesense. All the stupid ADs, all the mindless propaganda on the big screen. A movie star smokes cigarettes, everyone starts smoking, give me a break. And all the clever ways we are being manipulated in this so called modern age, boggles the mind.

The point I'm trying to make is, none of us are aware just how deep our conditioning goes, we all think we are free and intelligent, And there are some who are slightly more aware of, as you say the "obvious". But the vast multitude are not aware of their deep contitioning, and thats why I have trouble with the idea that if only everyone quit paying taxes etc etc... The problem is as I see it, you will never find enough enlightened people to do anything in on large scale, unless there is a crisis. I would say the human race would have to undergo a mutation, like an evolutionary mutation on a grand scale, for anything to change, and that....aint... likely.
But somehow and for some reason we need people like you to keep speaking and presenting the real world to whoever will listen, the mirror of what actually is, for those with the stomach to hear it. So I will keep coming here, who knows maybe a spark will ignite, and there will be real change, not the rhetoric of silly politicians. We do seem to be on a precipice.

Thanks for speaking.

Anonymous said...

In Bhagavad-Gita Ch.8 verse 6 Krishna states to Arjuna, "Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, that state he will attain without fail ...

Anonymous said...

"You have lost your way and now you just bend over and wait. Stand up… pull your pants back up… it’s okay, I have my eyes averted. Now… what say we get a little something to eat and have a little chat?"

Hi Les. This quote of yours reminds me of the bit in 'V for Vendetta', when V hijacks the TV broadcast. Enjoy your words very much, but I think I've said that before.

Only very occasionally (and it's very late at night, when it happens) do I say to myself "go on, go work for The Man". Go and get a job preaching global warming to school kids. The family need to eat, and some other faker will do it if you don't. Well, a fraction of a second later, as that thought-form bleeds to death from a billion cuts, I remind myself that I will never sell out. The food will come from somewhere. Glad there's plenty of others in the resistance, too.

Seasons greetings Les.

kikz said...

'If I ever get born again you are going to be my mom.'

as i understand, yer a doublehandfulla trouble.. >:)

but i'll be glad ta hav ya.

next time round, ask for me ;)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster previously mentioned: I have had a similar experience. What more rational ;-) types could only call "bipolar depression" I experience more as... how to describe it... ebbs and flows in the universal stream? That kind of sorta describes it. I lack the words to describe the reality of it. No scratch that, it's that I'm referring to levels of existence that transcend words. In any case, I was miserable and life seemed very very bleak. My family was about to take me to the hospital when I decided (rather impulsively) to just be done with it. I downed a bottle full of psych meds that I knew was full enough to more than constitute a lethal dose. Well, I started puking pill fragments at the hospital, and so they took me and pumped my stomach. I am told (my memory of the event is blurry) that I put up enough of a fight that it took six people to hold me down, and one of them had to receive treatment at the ER himself (I got some of my blood on him... biohazard!) So I spent a week in the psych ward. They told me the only reason I lived was because I was already at a hospital; that they were able to intervene so quickly. I convinced everyone that my episode was over. So they sent me home, with a full bottle of THE SAME FUCKING PILLS!!!! So I checked into a hotel room and downed the whole bottle. Blank space.....
Three days later, the hotel office called the room telling me it was well past check out time and I either needed to pay for another day or GTFO. So I stumbled to my car, drove home to my parents, and told them what happened. This time in the hospital they did dialysis. They sent a blood sample to the lab in the hospital to do a lithium level (the drug I od'ed on was a controlled-released version of lithium), and the lab technician called the doctor and chewed him out, saying "don't test me, this is from a cadaver." When the doctor told the tech that the blood sample was from the patient next to him, the technician didn't believe it. He said there is NO WAY any human could have the amount of lithium that I had in my bloodstream and still be alive. In fact, I was coming down. My serum lithium levels had peaked over 24 hours previously. A day later and I was still in "it is physically impossible for you to be alive" territory. Those were my only attempts at that sort of thing, and that was January of 1997. What I have come to realize is that everything happens for a reason. It sounds trite but it's true. We all have our time to go. If it's not your time, you ain't going anywhere. When it is your time, there is nothing you can do to avoid it. So, judging by your lack of success, it ain't your time and you're stuck here for a while. There are people who care about you here with you. I don't know you but I can tell you that you have discovered some powerful juju here at Smoking Mirrors. Les's little corner of netspace is filled with genuine love and there's more than a little higher conciousness blowing around in the corners here. Read Visible Origami. Talk to us here. You won't find a better place to talk about these things... I know I haven't.


P.S. - Since the episodes recounted above took place, I have not had a single recurrence of what a psychiatrist would call "a major episode." The realization of my place in the universe, tiny yet central (not to sound conceited, everyone is), has provided me with a spiritual calm I never knew before. Another revelation I had is that the medical establishment is wrong when it comes to (some) psychological/psychiatric disorders. You see, it's more of an alternative than an aberration. I am not "ill", I'm different. Who the fuck isn't? Like everything, it exists on many levels. The spiritual revelation I had has tamed my demons. They're still in there, and they still act up a little from time to time, but they no longer have the power to harm me. And, on a biochemical level, when the demons act up, a little delta-9 calms them right down. Tryptamines shut them right the fuck up while I open up and look around.

Anonymous said...

Lately the tears wash my old cheeks and i just weep and weep. Smoking Mirrors gets all the blame. Looking back there's so much more I could have done but instead i chose rejection, and got it back in kind. What's done is over, lets keep moving. The puppet master elite is a handful and even their subconscious mind is against them. All the contributors make me humble. You, all of you bring this "rain" to my eyes and its SO good. Thank you Visible and thank you all.

Anonymous said...

Les, I love this site! Souls open up and connect...

As for the big check-out, hey, I was in a car accident eight years ago. I ended up losing everything. Ended up in a crippled state and homeless. (long story) Everyday was a lot of pain but I kept going. Because I didn't want to say 'fuck you' to the ones I loved. It took a long time but I healed, well, still in the process. I biked the coast of Italy last spring and I felt so alive. Hey, you can't do that when your dead.

This site is a spark. It has ignited something inside of me and I sense it has in others. Your doing miracles Les! Don't ask or care why or how, just be and do as you do so well! :)

if you see some guy on a bike with a bongo on the back that will be me. I will probably be lost but that is a natural state.

Cheers to all!


nobody said...

Well, whatever the fuck Christmas is, I'm going to wish you Les, and the other fine people here (the sane in a mad world), a Merry Christmas. Is that cheesy? Probably.

Christmas is like everything else - it's something, it's nothing, it's whatever you want it to be. For me it will be a horrible relentless greed-fest, an ordeal to be endured with me doing my level best to embody the Buddha. But it will end and I'll go home and have a joint and watch the trees blow in the wind. My thoughts that the world is something other than I would wish it, will ideally head wherever that wind is going.

To everyone else, whose Christmas will in no way resemble mine, I wish you serenity, love and laughter.

Best, nobody.

Anonymous said...

well you've nailed it yet again. I had this exact conversation with a friend of mines father, who's 80, about how these people wake up in the morning, go to work, and continue to shred the Constitution, kill millions overseas, and perpetuate such a myth of bullshit. do they really think they're doing the right thing? do they really think they're making this country and the world a better place? how do they live with themselves? or are they such souless droids that they are devoid of any guilt or ramifications of their greedy and bloody actions?
and the big question is, where is it all going? and what exactly is the endgame? and what are the strategies, some of which you suggested, to fight back?
thank you for your eloquent articles.

Anonymous said...

We have the government we have because we want it. We enjoy the competition, the opportunity to be better then the next person. Even when we complain about the ruling elite, we see ourselves as more righteous than them. They are really just us, magnified. To truly change things, we must first change, to be the world we wish to live in, we must become that. To live in a utopian world we must first envision such a world. Does anyone really want equality, don’t we all wish to have an advantage. There are too few in the world who will speak the truth, when they know they will be nailed to the cross for doing so. Equality cannot mean equal opportunity, but truly sharing all the riches of this world that we did not create. It cannot mean I get more because I am stronger or wiser, for these are gifts that I have been given not earned. We condemn the politician who lies to us, but are there any of us who have not lied. If we as a society were not liars where would the lying politician come from? I offer this idea as something to think about over the holiday.
I thank you Les for using your give here, the courage you have to speak the naked truth, and the humble life you seem to live. I wish you, and all those here a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Very proud of you and Stacy tonight--not just survivors--but men.
Your friend,

Anonymous said...

To get good men to do evil, they must be convinced they are doing good.

Now, who knows what in any organization depends on their position within the organization. Like a pyramid. Those on top know the most, the top dog knows it all.
Those at the bottom know nothing, and those in the middle not much more.

Those who are the elite number perhaps 6000, who knows, maybe more, maybe less, but not many.

They plan and direct those whom they control at the next levels with money and power that has been accumulated and handed down for generation to generation for centuries, and in a few cases a millenium or more. You rarely see these people, they are in the shadows for the most part.

Their motives for the most part are unknown, perhaps religous, maybe they are evil, even aliens, who knows, it's speculation. But they have all the money and power they need for living well, so it's not money.

At some level, it becomes more than money and power that is needed to get people at the lower levels to do what they want, not everybody is motivated by greed. A belief system that people can do evil to do good The end justifies the means.

And the Noble Lie is justified as protecting people from the truth, for their own good. The truth is a cruelty to common man, give them myths that make them feel good as an act of kindness.

One of the consequences of WW II, which was also the plan, was the horror of war, and atomic weapons and the effects on cities and people. We dropped 2 bombs on Japan not because we needed too, but to terrorize the world and show them what the bombs could do to real people. Perhaps as many as 70 million people were killed in the war, and of course there was the "holocaust". But basically, after this war, most of humanity was saying Holy Crap.

And so the need for an organization such as the UN was embraced, as was a need for Jewish Homeland in Palestine accepted. It was also arranged that our ally, the Soviet Union, would now become our enemy, and the Communists in China were allowed to win their civil war and become our enemy too.

Thus was born the Cold War, and the War on Communism. First the Soviets were given the technology and materials for an atomic bomb, and they in turn gave it to China, after which them and China became enemies. Today of course, we have allowed Pakistan, the home of extremist terrorists and India to acquire these weapons, and they do not get along. And Russia is being built up as a bad boy again, and Iran and the Ayatollahs want nukes to destroy Israel, so we are told.

So people started seriously thinking, and believe this today, that in order to ensure world peace and make sure the world does not end in a nuclear holocaust, we must have some form of Global Government. Of course, this was impossible at the time given the conflict between the Western Democratic nations and Communism, and the conflict between Israel and the Muslim world.

But the conditions were set, and people were thinking the right way. It was generally accepted by most people of intelligence and education that in the future, at some point, countries would have to give up their sovereignty and we would enter into a One World Government to avoid nuclear annihilation. The details of such a government course were an open question that would not be addressed in public.

And in the 60's and 70's began the neo-malthusian concerns about Overpopulation and Environmentalism which we know today as the Green movement, an almost religous movement of Gaia worshippers, to get people thinking of the need for Global Governance to control population, consumption, resources, and prevention of Global Warming which will give us Hell on Earth.

So if people accept everything at face value without question, the need for a One World Government to prevent the end of civilization by War or Global Warming makes sense, and can take on an almost religous fervor among some.

This convinces people at higher levels in society to cooperate in perpetuating the noble lie. Those scientists who might take issue with the idea that mans CO2 causes Global Warming might still perpetuate the myth thinking it is necessary that we have One World Government to prevent a war that will kill us all and leave the planet as a nuclear wasteland.

Overall, at least 80% of the people know little or nothing about whats going on but what they are told. They do not think about it, probably don't have the time just surviving, but they will get angry if they don't get enough of whatever they like most, food, drink, sex, whatever. For the most part, they are sheep, nothing but herd animals that will be orderly so long as they are taken care of or can sustain themselves.

To give some perspective, despite the wars we fight over the last 35 years, they are not really wars, just the use of overwhelming force to subdue populations and effect regime change. Few Americans are killed, and those who support the war do so due to the new threat to world peace which is Terrorism. So the sheep go along, their credit card still is good, and plenty to keep them entertained.

Terrorism of course was created to create global cooperation on measures to control people, both within and without of their borders. Those who do evil in the war against terrorism are convinced they do so for good reasons. Those at the top who plan and direct such wars, see it as a necessary stage to get to One World Government, doing evil for good reasons.

As for the economic crisis, sure, people in the middle are poorer over the last 35 years, at least in the West, but in the East in Asia and Eastern Europe, people are doing better. And in the West, people are doing better than in the 1930's, and based on the waist lines, they do not seem to be starving. The sheep are being fed ok.

Thats how they sleep at night.

And for those who do not buy into the whole thing, and see it for what it is, they go along. They go along because they are fearful, they need a job to feed themselves and the kids, or they are little evil selfish SOB's, perhaps some of each.

Someone who wrote an article at the Washington Post exposing the Conspiracy might have it rejected and given a hint he should start a new career.

A scientist who wants funding to expose the CO2 myth would find he received no funding. His papers would be rejected by Journals that scientists get measured by.

Professors who preach a truth that is not permitted get denied tenure.

The coordination and execution is possible given the fact that through interlocking corporate directorships, our global corporations are all interconnected. The government regulators come from and go to the corporations in the industries they regulate.

The Tax Free Foundations set up by the elite to protect their money from taxes own shares in these corporations and use their funds to influence science, history, politics, religion, and education with endowments, grants, charity, etc.

The media is owned or controlled by the elite and make sure we are not subjected to conspiracy theories and to spin the news in a way that promotes the right thinking, either accepting an elitist concept or agenda, or to divide people and get them fighting each other.

The publishers and scientific journals are also controlled by the elite. Books or articles that contain unwanted truths or ideas do not get published, and if they do, the distributors can be influenced to not carry the books.

Think Tanks are funded by the elite to do research and come up with operating plans that further the cause of One World Government, and to educate people and politicians to think the right way.

The CFR, Trilaterals and Bildrbergers also are organizations that promote exchanges of thoughts, ideas, belief systems and a consensus that facilitate a coordinated action globally on matters important to the elite.

The state department and many positions are government are run by staff who are member of the CFR, and have been since WW II. This was the American Branch of the British Round Tables RIIA, and was financed by Rothschild agent JP Morgan Jr.

And then you have the secret societies and not so secret societies, like the 33 degree Freemasons in which the secrets are revealed as you move up to the next degree. Some are quasi-religous, if not religous at the bottom then the top, or vice versa such as the terrorist organizations controlled by the elite who use fundamentalists enraged by injustice and racial hatred, while they themselves simply pretend to believe in their religion.

And of course, the religous institutions, who also get corrupted from within. The Smiling Pope was assassinated in 1978 after 33 days by those elite who did not want him revoke the Churches birth control populations, since they wanted to keep the 3rd world nations poor to exploit there resources for their global corporations, and having too many babies will do that.

And of course, you have the various international organizations spawned by the UN.

And then there is our Government, made up of Globalists through and through. We get to choose the President from among those who the elite have selected, and the media helps to get us to vote for the right guy, and the money goes to the guy the elites want, and the part leadership plays their part.

So thats a rough idea about how they do it and why people go along. The roots of the conspiracy likely go back thousands of years, starting with religions they created for controlling people and then dividing them, and likely there is a secret religion which is a driving force among the elite, where they might even be Gods in their own minds.

So whats coming, for good reasons or evil reasons, is not going to be pleasant for the sheep. The world might change for the sheep. Obama did promise change, didn't he.

And if the sheep get angry, well, the last 8 years especially have allowed them to get ready and deal with it, legally. Troops have been trained in Iraq and coming home to be trained for homeland security.

The reason for the change and why the sheep must suffer is to get the Constitution changed by Constitutional Convention while we are under martial law so as to allow our entry into a One World Government to be legal and constitutional.

Another reason is to eliminate the USD as a reserve currency and replace it with a Global Currency issued by a Global Central Bank (owned and controlled by the same folks that own the Fed and other foreigh central banks).

Anonymous said...

Dont know why I put this here, but He does.

Alone with none but thee, my God,
I journey on my way.
What need I fear when thou art near,
O King of night and day?
More safe am I within thy hand
than if a host should round me stand.

My destined time is known to thee,
and death will keep his hour;
did warriors strong around me throng,
they could not stay his power:
no walls of stone can man defend
when thou thy messenger dost send.

My life I yield to thy decree,
and bow to thy control
in peaceful calm, for from thine arm
no power can wrest my soul.
Could earthly omens e'er appal
a man that heeds the heavenly call?

The child of God can fear no ill,
his chosen dread no foe;
we leave our fate with thee, and wait
thy bidding when to go.
'Tis not from chance our comfort springs.
thou art our trust, O King of kings.

Anonymous said...

Seems that not only does your blog attract highly intelligent and spiritual people but also those who have suffered alot, guess those things are related huh.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Excellent post! I've been thinking and suggesting my readers here in Montreal about the same thing: you are sick of paying for that mafia style government? Stop paying your taxes and withdraw your money form the bank. That'll do it!

I think you guys don't understand French, but if by any chance you do, please go read this piece that I wrote this week:

La venue des grandes révoltes et du nouvel ordre mondial



Anonymous said...

I wish we all here could sit around in a large living room with a bong. What a conversation that would be!

There is endless pain in this life, that's for sure. Losing a child has to be on top of the list- it scares me just to think of it. Then there are all the others. One not insignificant pain is to be truly aware and conscious of the evils of this world, to have to carry that around daily, and every day seeing evil and injustice everywhere and being basically powerless to do anything about it, and using so much energy trying not to let it destroy your own soul.
But as someone wrote," We're on a blind rock hurtling through space, racing to the grave".
There is solace and don't let your outrage and pain blind you to it. I find solace in Nature which to me is the heart of God made material. To look in the eyes of someone you love. To hug your child. To hear music that touches you. Sometimes just taking a deep breath of the air we pay so little attention to. And bottom line believing- HAVING to believe - in the spiritual, and that we are here to purify our spirit so that we see that we are a part of the Great Spirit of this infinite universe.
I often have to remind myself of this, we all do, since the flesh gets tired and the spirit also.
Strength and Honor

Duke said...

The answer to your question is elementary,
they are deluded. A person that is not resurrected,
is dead, a robot, lost.
Unless a person becomes born again, he cannot enter
the Kingdom(the real world).
This is the message according to the gospel.

Anonymous said...

There are a groing number of people who see this too and are struggling.........or at least using their talents to express their truth in the hope of connecting with others in a free association of syndicated sovereign individuals who see through the great con...

Hope you enjoy...

Ps. dont be anonymous !!

'The Bling Kings' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIaOTAYuY1E
'How Fascism won you back, how its almost to late to resist' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QSMqxa-in8
'Welcome to the New World Order' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i933vHzyoVM
'Lies, deceit and the resulting war you pay for.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXT3gdIqWFk
'My Alien Stunt against CCTV' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOi0szA_oac

Anonymous said...

Spot On. I am really happy i read this. Thank you.

It's good to know that people share the same views. Lets stop giving money to the crooks to "protect" us.

Anonymous said...

I have found this post at the blog somewhere few months ago and it is painfully true.At least vast majority of the facts!
Answer 4 your question is here:

A note of appreciation from the rich

By Author Unknown

21/09/08 "ICH' -- - Let's be honest: you'll never win the lottery.

On the other hand, the chances are pretty good that you'll slave away at some miserable job the rest of your life. That's because you were in all likelihood born into the wrong social class. Let's face it -- you're a member of the working caste. Sorry!

As a result, you don't have the education, upbringing, connections, manners, appearance, and good taste to ever become one of us. In fact, you'd probably need a book the size of the yellow pages to list all the unfair advantages we have over you. That's why we're so relieved to know that you still continue to believe all those silly fairy tales about "justice" and "equal opportunity" in America.

Of course, in a hierarchical social system like ours, there's never been much room at the top to begin with. Besides, it's already occupied by us -- and we like it up here so much that we intend to keep it that way. But at least there's usually someone lower in the social hierarchy you can feel superior to and kick in the teeth once in a while. Even a lowly dishwasher can easily find some poor slob further down in the pecking order to sneer and spit at. So be thankful for migrant workers, prostitutes, and homeless street people.

Always remember that if everyone like you were economically secure and socially privileged like us, there would be no one left to fill all those boring, dangerous, low-paid jobs in our economy. And no one to fight our wars for us, or blindly follow orders in our totalitarian corporate institutions. And certainly no one to meekly go to their grave without having lived a full and creative life. So please, keep up the good work!

You also probably don't have the same greedy, compulsive drive to possess wealth, power, and prestige that we have. And even though you may sincerely want to change the way you live, you're also afraid of the very change you desire, thus keeping you and others like you in a nervous state of limbo. So you go through life mechanically playing your assigned social role, terrified what others would think should you ever dare to "break out of the mold."

Naturally, we try to play you off against each other whenever it suits our purposes: high-waged workers against low-waged, unionized against non-unionized, Black against White, male against female, American workers against Japanese against Mexican against.... We continually push your wages down by invoking "foreign competition," "the law of supply and demand," "national security," or "the bloated federal deficit." We throw you on the unemployed scrap heap if you step out of line or jeopardize our profits. And to give you an occasional break from the monotony of our daily economic blackmail, we allow you to participate in our stage-managed electoral shell games, better known to you ordinary folks as "elections." Happily, you haven't a clue as to what's really happening -- instead, you blame "Aliens," "Tree-hugging Environmentalists," "Niggers," "Jews," Welfare Queens," and countless others for your troubled situation.

We're also very pleased that many of you still embrace the "work ethic," even though most jobs in our economy degrade the environment, undermine your physical and emotional health, and basically suck your one and only life right out of you. We obviously don't know much about work, but we're sure glad you do!

Of course, life could be different. Society could be intelligently organized to meet the real needs of the general population. You and others like you could collectively fight to free yourselves from our domination. But you don't know that. In fact, you can't even imagine that another way of life is possible. And that's probably the greatest, most significant achievement of our system -- robbing you of your imagination, your creativity, your ability to think and act for yourself.

So we'd truly like to thank you from the bottom of our heartless hearts. Your loyal sacrifice makes possible our corrupt luxury; your work makes our system work. Thanks so much for "knowing your place" -- without even knowing it!

Freddamedgjedda said...

I do not like Christmess(its no typo). That is because I do not like lies, or cunsumerism, or stress, or religion, or..... But I do like the sun and the earth so I can celebrate this as a Light Festival.
I just wanted to thank you and all the commenters of this site!!! I have had suicidal thoughts many times during my life, and without guidance from you people and alike I would not likely sit here today..
And for sure would not have the positive outlook on existence that I now have, and feel the love I have learned to appreciate. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I may have written this before but I suggest everyone check out Bock-saga! Especially those who talk about pagan religion which a lot of people do without knowing more than what the church left behind, and that is not alot!! Paganism is not the same as satanism!!!!

Happy Equinox!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les! Willow here. Great post, as usual. To my thinking, money is simply energy taking physical form. It simply represents a method of exchange, no more. So, if you are tired of cash, the crash, and all the "money" stuff...go to barter.

In early America, pre-Revolution, the colonists didn't have any money either. There really wasn't any banking system here to speak of, no way to obtain cash. So, they bartered and traded things: crops, whiskey, meats, barrels, wool, fabric and so forth.

One of the main reasons for the Revolution was taxation...people just didn't have the money to pay the taxes on stuff like: windows (honestly), tea, tobacco, whiskey, and so forth. So the sheriff would come with a writ and throw people off their land, seize their homes and possessions...it was tough shit for the little folks. Corruption was rampant and you could only trust the people you knew well (kinda like...now?).

There WILL be a tax revolt. It is inevitable. People WILL stop paying on their credit cards...really, why bother? It is unsecured debt, the rates are usury, and do you really define who you are by your FICO score? They WILL take their money out of the bank because the banking system is too unstable, unreliable, and not credible anymore. Thus, there WILL be a Bank Holiday and if you've got a lot of cash there...well you won't be able to access it so you might as well take it out and put it under the floor boards.

The real key to bringing down any corrupt system is to simply stop cooperating with it. You don't have to take to the streets but you can resist in many ways...and barter is one of them. And for godsakes, people...DO NOT TALK TO THE PRESS ABOUT THIS! As soon as you do the jig's up and the tax people will start hounding everyone. KEEP IT QUIET.

Remember, the rich depend on us to support their lifestyles; they need our energy in the form of labor, creativity, talent and skill. If you want to bring down the system...stop contributing to these fuckers and start trading among yourselves. Home school your kids, make things yourself...you get the picture.

As for "Christmas"...well, it's really Yule to me. I follow a pagan calendar, and accordingly, we are half way through winter and on our way to spring. Yule starts on the 20th (the eve of the Winter Solstice) and runs through Hogmanay (New Year's Eve)...ergo, the 12 days of "Christmas". So, you'll be in a better place psychologically, if you just see this time of year as a celebration of the return of the Sun, the days getting longer, and the coming of Spring.

The Great Wheel of Life just keeps on turning. Get with the flow, keep it simple, and take care of what really matters: you, your family, your friends. The rest is just noise, distraction, and bullshit.

Joy to you, Les!


m_astera said...

Greg, wow. WOW. Man do you nail it.

Think I posted a couple things here late last night that didn't make it, but nevermind.

It only takes a few percent of us to change the human consciousness.

Les, and all, Merry Klikamata. Love you more than I can say.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

Another spot on post.

My guess is sooner or later all the phony, hypocritical bastards will be victims of their own b.s. I`ll keep my fingers crossed.

When I can I`ll donate a few bucks to your sight. Unfortunately it will only be a few bucks as that`s all I can afford.

Anonymous said...

Actually Fredd... it is the same as satanism insofar as it ascribes power to the creation rather than the creator, just as wily satan crafted it. I can't blame you though for leaning towards the peace and beauty of the earth and away from the hypocrisy of relligion as it's become. Without the fragmentation of pure worship of the 'one spirit', as the native Americans would call him, there would be universal peace, harmony and unity. Unfortunately the Illuminati knows this and plans to supplant all relligions with their own false version as relligion is a good glue for the remaining masses, after most of earth's population have been culled. What they don't know is that the bible prophesied this whole sorry mess we find ourselves in and that the 'one spirit' will destroy them as soon as they declare their sovereignty. The time will soon approach, after their apparent victory, when they will give us an ultimatum which will determine our eternal future. Quite simply, accept their Matreiya (new messiah)and their NWO, or die. Our courage at that precise moment will decide our everlasting outcome. Sounds harsh I know, but there ain't no other choice bro. it's been written for centuries for mankind, but abused by it's custodians who chose alliance with the kings of the earth, and shameless luxury over a modest selfless life like that of Jesus Christ. No wonder that 'the people are skinned and thrown about like sheep without a shepherd' when the shepherds are out on the town every night. Anyway dear brother truthers, I apologise for my anonymity when I shared my vodka-inspired, half-hearted suicide with you. I could no more eff my family and friends off....I guess my maker has other plans for me. I've escaped certain death on at least 4 occasions in my 58 troubled, painful years. Since last Monday when it occurred, I've had constant headaches since. Hope I haven't done any brain damage, I'm already nuts, but I realize there's work out there for me to do. Thankyou Les for your kind offer, I'd love to visit and rap under the stars with you but I'm a penniless singer/songwriter like yourself. I similarly have been stitched-up more times than Michael Jackson's face. Thankyou 'notamobster' or was it lobster? and everyone else for their encouragement. Anyone wishing to know me better can visit my site (with nothing to sell) on ronnielambert.com. I could care less about the elite scum getting my details as they'll already know about us all anyway. I will laugh at them when they knock at my door and warn them of what's coming. Even they have the chance of redemption before the curtain comes down. Anyway, back to Les's blog, I did a bit research on the origins of xmas and here it is.......Some call him Father Christmas, others Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle or Grandfather Frost. Yes, the man who embodies Christmas in so many lands has a family tree with tangled roots reaching down through ages and cultures. But why does he come down the chimney instead of using the front door and how old is he? Peeling back the layers of myth and truth that surround this Christmas character requires a trip as far back as Bronze Age Britain. In those pre-Christian times a Father Christmas-type figure was linked to a host of pagan myths to do with keeping hunger and cold at bay through the dark winter nights. He was also seen as a bringer of light as well as warmth and as a result became associated with December 21, the turning point in the winter calendar leading to lighter, warmer times. After the arrival of Christianity, the man who became St Nicholas was famous for his acts of unselfish generosity. He is said to have been born at Petara, in southern Turkey to a Christian couple who had been childless for 20 years. His parents died when he was young and in his youth he was persecuted for his beliefs. Later he became Bishop of Myra and his acts of charity included funding an orphanage.
His best known acts of kindness included rescuing three boys from a murderous innkeeper and saving three sisters from a life of prostitution by throwing gold coins through their bedroom window. One version of the legend says the coins landed in the girls’ shoes as they slept, another says they dropped into their socks, inspiring the idea of giving children gifts in his name.
Over the last couple of hundred years the many immigrants going to America took with them their own versions of the Christmas legend. Shamans from the snowlands of Northern Asia brought the tale of a Christmas visitor who travelled in a sledge pulled by reindeer. The visitor climbed into homes buried in snow where the only access was through their smoke holes. From that came the notion of Father Christmas climbing down chimneys. Shamans also told of reindeer that could fly.
The word ‘Yuletide’ was brought to Britain by Norse followers of Odin who yelled ‘Yalka Tyde’, a message of cheer which meant “The Shining One” ( isn't Lucifer the shining one?).
Dutch settlers took their story of Santa Claus to America where it became mixed with other Christmas myths. The many myths current at that time were brought together in a poem in 1820 by Clement Moore, an American professor of theology. His poem combined St Nicholas’ kindliness towards children with flying reindeer and a gift-bringing guest who climbed into family homes through the chimney. That version of the Christmas story travelled to Great Britain in 1870 where it combined with the traditional pagan figure of a jolly man with a beard who brought warmth and light.
In 1931 the Christmas figure acquired his traditional red suit, courtesy of Coca Cola. He was represented in an advert wearing a costume that used the company colours of red and white. Before then the Christmas figure was traditionally dressed in a blue costume, which has associations with the Norse god Odin, or browns associated with animal skin in the Northern snowlands.
Now call me Scrooge but didn't Christ admonish his followers to 'quit touching the unclean thing', to get out from among them and their unclean traditions?. Trouble is, people really are like sheep, that's why Jesus used parables about us, gathering his lambs, separating the sheep from the goats etc. If you were to inform professed Christians that they were practising pagan rituals, you'd get the same apathy you get when trying to tell them about the bankers' secret agenda for a NWO. Happy er...days everyone. Ronnie Lambert, a crocked bricklayer/singer/songwriter in Geordieland U.K.

Anonymous said...

I have seen there even handed trust we are not free!!!! we are pigs to the chopping block

Anonymous said...

Let's take it step by step, one thing at a time !!


what USA needs is a Third alternative political front. A Large United Socialist Party Specifically for: Truck drivers, auto workers, nurses, teachers, doctors, floor-cleaners, Mcdonalds, Wal Mart workers, delivery drivers, lawn-mowers, bank and office workers, and for regular-americans out there, for average citizens who have to pay bills and are not celebrities, are not business owners, and for regular folks of the middle and lower classes.

All US citizens want and need is to work, study, socialist medical services, subsidized food, decent food, homes, and subsidized basic utility and services (cheap electrical, phone and cable services), that's all people need and want, people don't ask much more from any government and political system, and a Washingtonian-socialist democratic humanist system (A Mix of Marxism and US-Founding Father's Ideology) government which would serve specifically as a tool and instrument in favor of: the working classes, of the immigrants, workers and unemployed americans would do just that.

So i think that we all should forget about critisizing the Democrat Party, the Republican Party, US government, the wars, etc. and instead use all our emotional energies on creating a Third United Socialist Jeffersonian Front composed of third alternative parties, independent political leaders, and pissed off angry americans at the bipartycracy dictatorship of the corporate elites

Anonymous said...


Sorry for the copy/paste.

Don’t Pay Taxes: How to get the government to listen to us.

We need our own Boston Tea Party

Think about this question: How do we motivate our government to do their job and stop the invasion of illegal aliens. The current methods being used to voice our outrage are not really working. Letters, emails, and phone calls: do you even know if your so-called representatives are getting the message? If they are getting the thousands (more like tens of thousands) of messages why in the hell are they not listening?

The reason government is not listening to us, we are not applying the right kind of leverage. On December 16, 1773 a group of Americans gathered because they were feed up with a government that did not represent them. Their little tea party changed America forever. I propose use the greatest leverage that we have to send our representatives a message they cannot ignore.

If they can’t then we can’t

We keep hearing, we can’t build a wall on the boarder, we can’t stop illegal immigrants aliens, and we can’t roundup 12 million law breakers and send them back to their own country. We can learn a lesson from the words of our representatives, they are effectively saying they cannot do the job we elected them to do. Well if they can’t (or won’t) then it’s time to show them the consequences of their inactions. If they can’t do their jobs then we can’t do our jobs.
They will listen if we refuse to pay taxes

I can hear the critics now:

* It’s illegal to not pay taxes
* They will arrest you if you don’t pay your taxes
* How do you not pay taxes? They take them out of your paycheck before we even get it.

When our government will not enforce our immigration laws, is that not also illegal? The government seems to have no problem breaking the law. If they hold our laws in such little regard then why not follow their leadership? Paying taxes are supposed to be our obligation, I believe if government expects us to fulfill our obligations then they should fulfill their obligation and protect our borders and the sovereignty of America.

I say we show them what happens when everyone decides it is acceptable to break one law.

But if we don’t pay taxes won’t they arrest us? If they say they can’t deport 12 million illegal aliens then it must also be logical that they cannot enforce tax laws. They want to give a pass to 12 million criminals so it must be acceptable in their eyes if we all break one law too. I say we show them what happens when everyone decides it is acceptable to break one law. How long do you think it will take them to spring into action once the coffers have run dry?

In 1913 the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was passed to keep just the sort of proposal that I am making from happening. The government bestowed upon themselves the legal justification to steal money from us before we even get paid. If it were as easy as not paying taxes I suspect we would have quit paying taxes in protest a long time ago. Now the government can reach it’s hands into our piggy banks and deposit an IOU before we even cash the check and put money into the piggy bank. How can we stop paying taxes? Simple, stop going to work.

Is that a shocking concept? Yes it is, but they can’t steal from your paycheck if there is no paycheck. On December 16, 1773 future Americans refused to pay and because of that we became and independent and free country. It is time to send a message as powerful as the Boston Tea Party. We need to organize, tell as many Americans as we can, pick a date and then all go on strike. On the date we choose do not goto work, find ways to survive and spend as little money as possible to buy only the things you really need and pay a little sales tax as you can. When our elected officials are ready to do their jobs and protect America from the illegal alien invasion, we will go back to work, not one minute sooner.

European American

Anonymous said...

Driving myself sane

Who says theres a creator or a creation?

Why do you feel a need to believe in such?

Where does this feeling occur in your body?

Who inspired your thought to explore such matters?

What was the first time this overwhelming need to understand these matters occured to you?

How does this matter right here right now?

Why does there exist a need to compound simplicity by going to the place of the "big bang"?

If so, why were you born with a need to drive yourself insane?

I'll let you out now

Did you sign some sort of agreement before birth to take up the yolk of the need to place such a high value on knowing it all?

Does it make you feel special in some way to see these questions as those of a person less valid then yourself?

Would knowing who "pulls the strings" really honestly empower you to take some sort of action to bring "them" into line with your take on how things should be?


Freddamedgjedda said...

Ronnie Lambert said:
"The word ‘Yuletide’ was brought to Britain by Norse followers of Odin who yelled ‘Yalka Tyde’, a message of cheer which meant “The Shining One” ( isn't Lucifer the shining one?)"

I am not getting into a discussion about this cause I do not have answers, neither do anybody, we just have viewpoint with bits and pieces of truth thru observations and contemplation. Some have more pieces in some areas... I am not one of those with all the pieces in any area, not even close. But I do have one big puzzle in my mind in which it is several pieces missing, but then again it is some there...

And I know you did not write this, this is not any kind of attack on you or the writer of the article!

Anyway Ronnie: thanks for an informative post!! I live in Norway. We call Christmas time "Juletid", "jul" means christmas, and wheel(written "hjul" but pronounced the same way), and "tid" means time. "Yalka Tyde" does not mean anything in Norwegian,Swedish or Danish, Finnish I do not know.

Now getting into what Bock-Saga says about "Jul":

"Bock’s is the oldest family in the world.
Bock, or Pan, (SAMPO) was the original ”breeder”
That’s why Pan is pictured with huge phallus."

"Finn’s still have the story of ”joulupukki”, (X:mas bock in finnish what
originally was a buck made of straws), or Santa, who resides at Korvatunturi
in Lapland.
He gets thousands of letters every year from the children from all over the
Now this story has been confirmed.
Ior Bock is the last descendant of the family and he has the right to publish the
whole mythology, which has been only on spoken form this far."

"There is the story of Sampo and Aino in the ”official” mythology of Finland,
the ”Kalevala”.
The forging of the ”Sampo” in a smith’s workshop.
Sampo being understood to be wealth, in Kalevala.
But by the Bock Saga it is the story of the development of the human race.
That information Hovnarrs, NARRators (court jesters) were distributing to all
lands and continents.
Having the goat-skin on.
As is told by the Bock Saga.
* * *
But to the fertility customs in Paradise.
It happened this way.Men were obliged to stand naked on pedestals during the festival (X:mas) time
and the women that were chosen to be mothers had their chance to select the
man for the following year’s fertility rites.
(Higher castes had their own rites in their castles.)

”Fest” means feast, ”i” means the sexual organ of a man, and ”val” means to
Of course there were no marriages at that time.
People lived in common houses, twelve men and twelve women in the same
In that way nobody was ever left alone and all the chores were done together.
(That kind of a common house is still to be seen at Gotland’s open air museum.)"

Quote source: http://bocksaga.de/Library/leo.htm

E-book of Bock-Saga called Master Plan.

I hope this can help us make some more pieces. Sorry for the long post, I found the Bock-Saga very interresting, so I try to give everyone a tine sample. And I need another post...

Anonymous said...

I must confess. My primary objective in posting above was to simply shed light on how the tax payers of this country could put an end to Their Big party. I've stated in previous posts the same suggestion. It seems simple enough, cut off their fuel supply. Am I missing something here? Is the notion of not paying tax, on this site and other sites that I have visited, taboo?

In regards to the illegal aliens (discussed in the above post) that were allowed to flood into this country over the last 15 years, well, my personal ancestors were probably some of the first illegals, back in 1632, to reach the shores of this country, "invasive species" as I call them, so I can't really hold fault to anyone since then who wants a taste of the so called "good life," here.

European American

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

I've been following some of the discussions here as this and the other Visible blogs are some of the places on the internet where social conditioning is thin and people participating here seem to want global change. There is also a sense of quiet desperation and hope. I want to challenge all of your willingness to participate in any meaningful change when it comes to our evolution and history and see if you are REALLY serious about it or you just like to talk around things and occasionally escape to some induced flights, be that a nice intellectual exchange of ideas and common views or feeling sorry for yourselves and each other because Big Brother, Nature or whatever else is doing it again to you etc.

So, are you really ready to DO something about it, or do you prefer to sit around and keep complaining, hoping and upholding the still limited - although barely conditioned - common views that you keep discussing here?

Humanity has a heritage, some practical teachings that have been kept alive as a tradition by some devoted people over a vast period. The names, the words and the simplicity of it will probably make you doubt that it could be of any value to you and that may be the case, but nevertheless this is powerful beyond one's imagination and deadly if one is a dabbler - there is a warning. If you know with every fiber of your being that your life cannot continue the way it is now (some of the posts here make me think that that is the case...), that is when you have a real chance of becoming a Warrior of Freedom and thus really doing something useful for the benefit of all.

Here is the link:

All the best,

PS. Sorry Les, I could not get any other mode working but "Anonymous".

Freddamedgjedda said...

Hahahahha!!! My main fuse blew, the last one. I had to go 10!!! miles to get a new one. They do not sell house-fuses on my lokal gas-station. It is now 3 am here. I was in the middle of a post to.... life is peculiar, always has a test for you.. If this was me 2 years ago I would have been pissed, and would probably hit the wall or maybe the fridge, as I have done before, you should have seen my old one! The new one only has one bump, I am controlling me!!!
I am smoking my "nightcap", talking to my mirrors(you guys!!). He
Ronny I am glad you are still here!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous anti-immigrant european-american: you sound like a right-winger and you already had that anti-immigrant government trying to build a fascist wall. Walls are fascists. Illegal immigrants should stop invading USA once USA stops invading other countries. But as long as US Imperialism invades other countries, illegal aliens should invade USA. You can't ask illegals to be legal, when the US government is an illegal government. (The law should come from home)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: by the way taxes are necessary in order to pay the debt and to fund the US government social programs. By the way the problem is not taxes, the problem is that US government uses the taxes in the wrong way, it uses them for wars, and not even to pay the external debt

Anonymous said...

Cheers Fredd, You are right of course, I got that info from others' writingsbut my point was the lack of any connection of santa claus to the xmas story being Christ's birthdate. I'll leave it there then. Hopefully RW is up and about today....I didn't to my knowledge sign any unborn pact to believe in a creator or creation. It was suggested to me from junior school....along with evolution, now there's a start to a young life. My heart told me there was a creator by looking at the intricate design of all ecological systems and telling reasoning that even IF a vast primordial soup existed, (which would excite the pubes off of every scientist on earth to find one today, and in itself would be crammed full of billions of amoebic type creature, all having complex nervous systems etc.) I myself reasoned how could any single celled creature desires to change if it had lived and bred successfully for BILLIONS of years, they glibly tell us? Why did blind creatures living successfully suddenly desire to grow an eye? Sorry, one on each side of the head so as not to be having to turn around every time someone spoke to it? There are thousands of good genetic scientists much cleverer than me who, since these super-computers have all but cracked the code of the most SUPER DOOPER computer...DNA, and come to the only possible, sensible conclusion that ALL life forms are designed....designed....designed (that's supposed to sound like a diminishing echo like in a mystery movie). I have located a link from youtube about the complexity of a single cell.....well....it don't stop there. There are universes inside universes inside every living thing, and machines to get jobs done in them. MACHINES??? Who made these damn machines? My point exactly. Here's only one machine RW, You tell me how it evolved mate.
Many emminent scientists have u-turned on evolution because of this new nano-evidence. You won't hear them on mainstream tv though, their agenda is to destroy God, family and civilization. Did you know that Charles Darwin's mission was funded by the Rhodes foundation and that he was a freemason?


w said...

Good question Samuel Roth answered in 1934
"What is this Jewish business of creating everything out of nothing? It is very fascinating, I assure you. The whole thing may perhaps be expressed in one magical word. But since it is a word to which you have in the course of your life attributed other meanings, I better warn you not to jump at conclusions too quickly. The word is merchandising. You will not understand what I mean till I show you how it works out...

We may even go back a few thousand years for the answer:
“And Yahweh said to Moses ‘Tell the Israelites that both men and women alike are to ask their Egyptian neighbors for all their silver and gold…’ And so the Israelites did as instructed and asked the Egyptians to lend them all their gold and silver, which the Egyptians did, and the Israelites therefore plundered them…’ –The Book of Exodus

Anonymous said...



Pentagoons Setting Up for a Coup on Constitutional Government in USA


And meanwhile the american masses are duped, dumbed down and entertained in these dumb, phoney, consumerist hypocrite, capitalist christmas.

The whole country is falling apart, while 90% of US citizens are entertained in these dumb, fattening christmas, only 10% are awake, the 10% who are socialists and vote for socialist-parties.

We can't do a revolution, with so few awake. Revolutions are like playing baseball, you can't play baseball with 1 person. You need 18 people to play baseball.


Anonymous said...

Can't help myself, Les. Perhaps I'll just whisper it...

happy Christmas.

Happy Christmas to all of you.

(imagine a little chunky 40 year old smiling at you, and offering a festive handshake)

Anonymous said...

No problem with taxes, if you get defrauded, the government will give you the taxes you paid back. Example, Madoff just pleaded guilty to fraud, meaning his investors can claim back paid taxes in the amount of the money their investments lost.

Merry Xmas folks, and for the little guys getting defrauded every day, eat your coal and stop whining. This is how the world works.


The government does not really need taxes above what they need to pay the interest on their debt to the banksters, they have an infinite supply of money that gets created for their use by the banksters, even money for the interest payments if need be. Thats why they let corporations and the rich hide their money/profits in tax havens and not pay so much tax.

Don't delude yourself that you can hurt them, there will always be anough prisons, as prisons are a very profitable growth industry which create demand for the banksters money that earns them interest. Those who would like to be a sex slave to some big dude in a cell who is into S&M and likely has HIV, feel free to take some of the recommendations here.

This is not 1773. The British were bankrupt from their last war and 5000 miles away. They had to hire German mercenaries with borrowed money from their banksters to fight the war, and finally decided it was more profitable to not have to provide for the colonies protection from the French and Indians as they could exact their tribute commercially by controlling our trade and money through our National banks, through their agents in the US who remained loyal to the crown and the banksters in London.

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem: EGO. Ego here and Ego there Ego Ego everywhere. Ego hears just fine, it simply does not listen. Do you hear me? Are you listening now? Its all perfect. Always was. Whats the problem? Ego never stops racing to meet its deadlines. It cant cause if it did it would disappear in itself and center in real. And only one question. Do you love me? All the questions will be answered when all the answers are questioned. I have no answer, no question and only this to say...AUM

Anonymous said...

This site is awesome. It has a certain aurora. Compassion without the bitterness. Fun and thought provoking. Sincere and respectful.

Don't Pay Taxes:How to...us was right on cue. The people power is the JOB.

So glad I found this.

Anonymous said...
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Visible said...

Marxist Socialist;

You can't keep putting in these exhaustice cut & pastes, especially something from Sorcha Fall which is code for 'such a fool' and have been exposed as such many times. The key is to place a link or links and then add commentary if you wish. I hope this doesn't overly offend you but the constant submission of lengthy cut and pastes has pissed off a number of readers so...

there it is.

Randall... absolutely! consider it done. Email me with particulars. I'm surprised you didn't to begin with. Glad to hear about you getting past what you had to do.

Anonymous said...

Pot, you are dead wrong. What is worse is that you have no solution. History is proof that people have freed themselves of bad governments. Maybe they replace them with more bad governments but as Les says, "It is what you fight for that counts, not whether you win or lose."

I don't have time or inclination to get into this but I will tell you there are not enough prisons for everyone and it is absurd to contend so. When the people have had enough then no government can stand and it doesn't matter if they are hidden or not.


Anonymous said...

Hey! marx_socs copy this, place it in a new e-mail in outlook express, view it in the source mode and use the link technique embedded to post your dissertations.
Please don’t stop as there are a many people ignorant of true socialism in USA and some in Venezuela too.

notamobster said...

vis - Something curious happened to me when I got online today. An apparent glitch occurred when I typed smokingmirrors into my address bar. It took me to: http://smokingmirrors.blogspot.com/2008/10/putting-eye-shadow-on-reptile.html and I reread it. I knew the article was familliar and figured you reposted it because of it's significance.
I STRONGLY URGE ALL WHO SEE THIS TO RE-READ THIS ARTICLE. It's amazing to see the significance of what was said 2 months on, now. Go through the comments, also.
This is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Bradley, well, if you say so, I must be wrong. Not quite.

Our own government has experience with rounding up large numbers of people such as Germans, Japanese and Indians. They have already prepared for large numbers with so called FEMA camps that are said to be for other purposes, but could be used for this purpose.

The revolutions of the last 100 years have been for the most part instigated by foreign intelligence groups to effect regime change, and the government that replace the "bad" government inevitably is worse, since we do not like democracies, we want puppets in power who will do what we want, even if it's not good for their people. And if we do not succeed, we attack their economy as hungry people tend to get angry and effect change. Since these are banana republics for the most part, the government can easily be toppled with enough support by way of intelligence and firepower to the people.

Technology and weapons development, and control over the media to effect psychological warfare over local populations have made history a poor reference for this country. No government with such powers has ever been changed from within by force, and recommendations to do so are wrong.

I have lived in countries which were ruled by Totalitarian regimes and/or under martial law. Life goes on for most if you follow the rules.

Getting your message out peacefully is the preferred way to change. If people choose not to listen that is their choice, and what happens will happen, and sometimes it's for the best.

None of us has a crystal ball, and while it looks bad to some of us, maybe thats what they want, for reasons I can only guess at.

Some people can handle the truth, others can not. For those who get too upset and angry to the point they want to act irrationally, read a comic or watch TV, play with your girlfriend, and leave the truth alone.

As for having no solutions, I have read books from the late 19th centurey through 1940 where men were screaming about the same things that are going on today, the banksters, government complicity in the destruction of the economy, fair trade vs free trade, etc. Since the Civil War, the foundations of our republic have systematically broken down to the point where our democracy has been pretty much an illusion for over 75 years. Those politicians who tried to change things were shot. Those who protested wars fought to benefit the banksters were rounded up. That was the time for change of the sort you propose, but it did not happen then, and it's simply not an option now.

Also, I believe they would welcome the sort of action you propose, as it will allow them to declare martial law and change the constitution, and get rid of those troubling freedoms and rights. And given the peoples lack of awareness, most would take the governments side.

It's better to act not at all, than to act unwisely.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie Lambert said, "There are thousands of good genetic scientists much cleverer than me who, since these super-computers have all but cracked the code of the most SUPER DOOPER computer...DNA, and come to the only possible, sensible conclusion that ALL life forms are designed....designed....designed (that's supposed to sound like a diminishing echo like in a mystery movie)"

Ronnie, you could be referring to Michael Behe (among others) and you may already know about him, but just in case, he wrote a book called Darwin's Black Box, which is right in line with what you are saying, and it's such a readable, enjoyable book and a real eye-opener on the evolution question, that i though i would mention it.


m_astera said...

Tony, do you really believe I live in Venezuela?

Anonymous said...

Of course I believe you Michael, everything you spruik is Gods own.

Anonymous said...

I know people who know what I know, and they don't care. I don't know why they don't care and I do, I've given up thinking about it. We all have to live our lives and sleep at night, for me that means railing against these things and probably not having as much fun as I could do otherwise, although in a strange way I enjoy knowing what I know. I feel slightly superior to most people because they are controlled slaves to the elites. I enjoy being free, at least intellectually.

m_astera said...

Tony, I love that old Nordic word spruik. No doubt my ancestors raped your women and made them learn the tongue.

m_astera said...

Ummh, guess maybe I need to explain. We are having fun, no?

Anonymous said...

Les, I think the system we must operate within pressures us into certain directions with limited choices. For instance, right now there are untold millions of people working jobs that they don't really enjoy in order to obtain food, shelter, clothing etc. When they get their paycheck (dollars!) umpteen hands have already picked their pockets through taxes etc. A sense of anger or injustice in inevitable to varying degrees. A sense of being a victim results and the victims eventually become an oppressor and feel justified for it. It's a vicious cycle!

Anonymous said...

The article makes a lot of sense.
I often wonder why so many people are so blinkered.
Why are people so obsessed with money and celebrity culture!?
The powerful elite continue to tell us so many lies about global warming, terrorism, crime, the economy, etc, etc. When are people going to wake up and realise that we are being controlled?! The TV game shows and entertainment trivia are just a distraction.
I know (for some) it is not easy to see the reality because the mainstream media is controlled by the very same powerful figures, however a brief moment to step back from all the rubbish we are fed on TV and in the newspapers should give us the time to think, i mean really think about what is going on in the world today. Think about the global issues and humanity!
I'll put a few points forward for those to consider:-
1) Global Warming is an excuse to TAX
2) Terrorism is an excuse to CONTROL
(There are many more, but these are obvious).
I've always questioned authority, not because i think i am always right but because i know the difference between right and wrong and i believe we should all do the best we can for each other. We should be better people for future generations.
I love a lot, I forgive, I'm not perfect but i try to make life better for the people i meet if only in some small way.
Spread the love. Look after your fellow man and woman whatever their race, belief or background.
Spread the love.

Jenny C



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