Friday, December 5, 2008

They Live, they Control and they Feed.

Well... let’s start off with something we don’t hear much discussion about and that would be about Bush buying a huge parcel of land in Paraguay. You may scan the various articles at your leisure. You’ll find sometimes they are talking about Little Boots Bush and sometimes they are talking about Domitian Daddy, Bush senior. That the son preceded the father in the analogies doesn’t mean anything.

Paraguay has a history of being a Nazi getaway so the choice of this country shouldn’t be surprising in the least. I throw this information in just to say that the Bush’s and their associates, all poker buddies of Asmodeus and Abaddon, have got their bolt holes secured for the coming world upheaval. They probably don’t know that the demons they play cards with are not their friends but only around for the purpose of accompanying them to their future ‘long term’ homes.

As you read some of these links you find that Stepford Wife, Laura and the genetically engineered Jenna the Hut are also playing footsie in Paraguay which may be not unlike ‘picking your feet in Poughkeepsie’. I imagine that part of the attraction for Bush Sr. is a closer proximity to certain aspects of his dope operations but, maybe not, since he’s pretty global. I’m supposing there may be less hassle about the age of his alleged love interests but I doubt it much matters where he is in that regard. I don’t know if the rumors are true. I do know that he/they is/are capable and guilty of much, much worse so it wouldn’t be a big deal for him.

I don’t know if these things are true. I do know that these people have no moral compass and are not burdened with a conscience so that they would certainly do anything they wanted to, any time they felt like it. These people are monsters.

One of the things I’ve been doing lately is to be reading up on the economy and the forces that are driving it in the direction it is headed. I’ve looked into this derivatives thing and I’ve looked at the wealth disparities and the rate of income increase for the various percentiles of wealth. I’ve looked into the toxic loans and who sold them to the unsuspecting buyers .I’ve tried to see who has been hurt the most and who profited from it. I’ve looked at the banks that have gone south and the banks that don’t get mentioned and who haven’t experienced terminal status. I’ve looked at a lot of related things and I can tell you that I don’t like reading about finance and don’t have much interest in it.

The picture I have been getting tells me several things. You have to understand that I’m not the sort of guy who’d be tapped to act as a financial writer or a financial policeman. Still... it looks to me like this has all been engineered as part of the plan to impose mass suffering upon a large portion of the human race and it seems as if the motive is to provoke them into destroying each other, leaving only a selection of the elite and those who are preserved to serve them as a permanent underclass. There doesn’t seem to be any other motive. You look at it and you tell me.

There’s a really badly done movie called “They Live” by John Carpenter. The acting is atrocious, with wrestler, Roddy Piper, in the main role. The direction is pretty shabby too. But the plot and the way the overseers are presented is chilling. Many other people have noted the power of the imagery and what it says about the world in which we live. There’s no doubt in my mind that something like this -e cosi- is going on. I can watch people going through the motions of their lives and it’s apparent they are being herded in some B.F. Skinner/ Pavlovian sort of a way.

The world financial system is crashing. You haven’t seen anything yet. This is what my cursory investigations have told me. It is interesting to see how the press handles it. There’s a sense of same old, same old business as usual going on and it’s no big deal even when they say it’s a big deal. It seems as if there are powerful, subliminal messages that impact through sight and sound but are hidden from the recognition portion of the mind.

You can’t even have a decent terror attack these days without a whole bunch of annoying questions. Like, how could ten guys create such damage and why are they saying that some of the terrorists were staying at Nariman house for two weeks before the period of assault? Whatever happened to the real, wild-eyed cats that cooked up some explosives in a back room and then blew up an embassy or a government building? Are any of them still around, even? Imperialism and corporate super swine have swallowed up every area where entrepreneurs once thrived. They drove the small businessman out of the illegal drug trade and now they’ve driven the legitimate terrorists into taxicabs and Falafel Shops. As a result the quality of drugs has gone down and the terror body counts have gone up.

The whole shebang is now a seamless enterprise for the benefit of the few who are now using the immanence of financial meltdown as a cover for all the other triggers and turning points that are part of the carnival ride which ends in an entropic swamp or the soon to be ubiquitous McMassgrave locations or FEMA Concentration Camp Theme Parks.

You can’t tell me that everyone is as stupid as they are pretending to be. Yes, the MSM doesn’t hire anyone who doesn’t toe the company line but wouldn’t you think there would be hundreds of disaffected former employees, whose small shreds of integrity got over looked when they hired them? Now they’re on the street because some faint flashbacks of a formerly sunlit world where they were someone different; not all twisted and corrupted as they became, got in the way of their formerly non-stop lying ways. Yeah... there’s something going on behind the scenes. I keep saying it because it keeps coming up for me. I figure you find out what ‘that’ is and you have found out what you need to know.

This thing with Obama’s birth certificate won’t go away and Clarence ‘the clown’ Thomas stuck his toe into the oil slick and not because he wanted to see a rainbow on the nail. I don’t believe in accidents and Clarenzo was one of the players in the illegal investiture of Little Boots Bush into the White House. I’m doubtful that Obama wasn’t born here... of course the whole thing could have been set up way back and there’s your martial law trigger like it had eyes.

You know its coming. You see it. You hear about it every day. It is only a matter of when. All those constitutional guarantees getting hammered and this Homeland Security thing now run by some of the major players in the attack that birthed it. The soldiers being deployed... the fears and threats... the whispers. The spying and the torture along with the airport dehumanization’s, while the jobs and incomes disappear under the umbrella of a manufactured, financial meltdown. The retail industry can’t survive what’s coming.

Since you and I can see it happening, the only questions is, why? Why are they doing it? If you throw in the seeming food and fuel shortages and the civil unrest that is bound to follow along with the wars necessary to motivate the economy, your eyes finally swivel around to the population explosion and what to do about all these people. Then you might think about the eugenics considerations of certain particular, wealthy psychopaths and a picture begins to emerge.

Swine flu is walking on two legs through the arcade. I realize that this is just more talk about the same things but it is apparent there are a lot of questions we aren’t getting any answers to. Meanwhile, Hannibal Lecter is browsing through his Dean and Deluca picnic box.

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Strawman said...

'They Live' is a favorite movie of mine and the more I see of every day life, the more I am amazed that 'they' allowed such a movie to be made. In another era I would expect that 'they' would allow it to be remade with completely different bad guys behind the masks. Probably White supremacists or Muslims. But as we all see, the time is getting short and perhaps it is so late in the game that the bad guys can show themselves as they are because even though we see them everyday, very few are able to connect them to or divert them from implementing doomsday on us all. I have noticed that the internet is beginning to get a little 'spotty' where it hadn't been this way before the last few months. At times for no apparent reason my broadband service will be unavailable. Certain websites and forums are gone with no notice and no reason given. Being a longtime practicing conspiracy theorist, I expect that the internet will be completely unavailable just prior to the curtain coming down on society as we know it. For when that time comes Les, I want to thank you for your tireless work in using your inimitable style to get through to those that wander across these pages. I further suspect that once someone reads your thoughts they're not likely to forget them anytime soon.

notamobster said...

"Whatever happened to the real, wild-eyed cats that cooked up some explosives in a back room and then blew up an embassy or a government building? Are any of them still around, even?"

Of course they're still around...only now their government contractors. There's a huge market for wild-eyed kooks, of late!

Ben There said...

It's all over our local news here - George and Laura just bought a house over in Dallas. We've been barraged with live helicopter shots of the house and traffic in the neighborhood has become unruly with curiousity seekers. We know the house next door also had a sudden "mystery buyer", presumed to be the secret service. It's something like a $2 million house which honestly seems a little skimpy for a Bush. But then again, his neighbors will be Mark Cuban and the guy that owns the Texas Rangers.

I really can't stress enough how disturbing it is for us to have the George W. Bush living within a 45 mile radius.

Ben There said...

Will be interesting to hear Kikz's feelings on living near W. as she is probably located even closer to Bush ground zero than I am.

Anonymous said...

Arcade. Game. Carnival ride.

I'm all out of quarters.

Where is the fucking reset button?


Anonymous said...

What the Strawman said I echo to the tenth power. Seeing in person trumps the extended work every time.

Love you V.


Anonymous said...

"your eyes finally swivel around to the population explosion and what to do about all these people"

You have splattered the proverbial head of the equally proverbial nail. Our betters must feel an almost paternal(godlike?) need to cut the freakin' feed bill. It(genocide?) will be the ultimate pinkslip and it won't have a thing to do with with job performance.

Anonymous said...

The TSA is specificly designed to lull the American Public into accepting random, pointless, searches at the whim of the government. Look at them. TSA screeners are being trained to be smiling and polite. WHY? To appear benign and unthreatening as they strip you of your Freedom. Look at their faces, if YOU seriously believed the next passenger (PAX) might be an armed and murderously suicidal killer, would you be all relaxed and cheery? If you seriously believed that the next suitcase you open may blow you to Kingdom Come, would you be a Perky Pixie? If you do NOT believe that ......... WHY ARE YOU HERE!? Exactly. There - is - NO - terrorist - threat, and ... THEY ... know ... it.

Take the latest TSA farce, "Liquids, Gells, and Aerosols". It all seems very frightening and intimidating, right? The Sand-Muslims are going to sneak Binary or Nonsolid explosives onto the plane, so Big Brother will PROTECT you by taking away ALL "Liquids, Gells, and Aerosols" because ANYONE may be a terrorist and could be carrying them. How NICE of Big Brother. What does Big Brother DO with these suspected explosives that just became "Voluntarily Abandoned Property (VAP)"? It is UNCERIMONIOUSLY dumped into a big container full of other FLAMIBLES and UNKNOWN substances. RIGHT, if any evil binary, liquid, whatever, explosive bombs ARE taken away by the Throughly Stupid Administration, they turn right around, toss it in with a bunch of other UNKNOWN flamibles and possible explosives, so they will have a really BIG boom, with TSA supplied schrapnel. IF, I repeat, IF the TSA actually believed they may intercept a bomb, along with the TENS of MILLIONS of dollars of private property they have STOLEN, every single confiscated (call it "VAP" if you like, that is like calling the MAFIA an insurance company) piece of property would be handled individually. Watch them, I did. They handle all those containers as if the outer label positively tells what is inside. So why don't they just take away the bottles labeled "BOMB" or "EXPLOSIVES"?? It is ALL a FARCE. Oh, sure, you may have bottles holding 3.4 ounces or less, no-one could EVER figure out to fill more than ONE bottle. I have actually SEEN quart bags with 12 or more IDENTICAL tiny liquer bottles inside, and plenty of one-bag limits ignored. Then there is the question of plastic bottles never even SEEN by the X-ray operator (and ignored to save the trouble of looking for their Buddy).

Triacetone-Triperoxide also known as TATP has a third name, among the Palestinians, it was called "MOTHER OF SATAN". That is because it is about the most unstable compound there is, it's makers were marked by missing fingers and hands. So consider my surprise to hear our alleged "Protectors" claiming that the 240+ pound, 6 foot 4 inch, Richard Reid, the "Shoe Bomber", supposedly had his shoe-soles stuffed with TATP. I asked myself, how does a hulking galloot stomp around for at least two days, with the most unstable explosive in the world...... in his shoe SOLES!? And he could not ignite it? I would like to know how he KEPT it from igniting! TATP appears in a lot of their questionable scenarios.

Anonymous said...

Ben re George and Laura’s new house in Dallas
Don't worry mate, just another false flag. If 'the boy' doesn't declare martial law soon there is no way 'our George' (either of them) will be sticking around the US after what he’s done. It’ll be one of the southern countries for sure; one that has no extradition pacts with US. Bit like the bin Laden’s after 9/11, they’ll be whisked away from under your very nose.

GodSend said...

ALL the important pieces of The Puzzle of human existence have been identified and put in their right place (a few extra pieces have also been included to add some 'color'). Nobody has to wonder anymore what it all means and what is gonna happen before 2012 arrives - including WHO DID IT and WHY! You can SEE! it all NOW on my website and Blog. You can believe me now, or you can believe me later (assuming you survive). NOW is better! ;) Most importantly, after you've seen the solution to The Puzzle, TELL A FRIEND! (be a Life Saver).

kikz said...

hey ben,

newp.. i'm up in the north 40, out in the exo-burbz.

only reason preston hollow is near my radar of late.. i hafta take lemmon ave off 75, over to the scot rite hosp...very close to that 'hood.

i'm disgusted at the thought of all this...

i haven't decided if this is a preventative good thing or bad thing....big picture wise?

i must admit, i'm glad i don't hafta make the run down the 75 corridor too often, OMG i can't imagine the snarls jr/pickles are going to cause...hopefully pickles will be able to do all her shopping w/in preston hollow/turtle creek area... so much big money down there, they never hafta 'venture out' for anything, i'd imagine, much less go slumming out in the burbz.

i'm just glad i'm waay north of any possible land convoy's going to/frm dallas/crawford...
thank god for small favors.

i'd be hard pressed not to make disparaging hand gestures at the motorcade...if i got stuck in traffic...

in/outbound to love field for air could run thru/up frm the hollow.. or even goin to addision airfield guess they'd snarl up the tollway for a short time.. so that'd leave 75 & 35 the major arteries thru dallas open..

god i'm glad i'm up in the north 40! but i'm sure we'll get to hear/see every nosepick and dog walk on the local psychophant nooz...for ever more...sigh@@.

Anonymous said...

I think all of these events are merely cogs in a giant machine. The machine is driving us towards 1 world government, 1 world currency, all controlled buy the elite and corrupt UN.

Why create financial meltdowns? don't they own enough of the world? Yes they do, it's not the effect of the meltdown itself that they need, it's an added bonus.

This depression serves to muddle the mind, confuse the senses, and leave the people open for brainwashing. 9/11 started it, well no, OK City really started it, but I digress.

All of these things are coming to a head, and 2012 seems to fit right in there. Terrorist attacks against civillians, biowar and nuclear war threats, financial Armageddon, it's all there to confuse the senses and let them push you in the direction they need.

After a traumatic or stressful event, like a terrorist attack, even those not directly involved are emotionally and mentally disturbed, it's a fact. They used that fear and confusing to start 2 wars and strip the constitution after 9/11. Now they see that to really control the masses it has to be an honest to goodness world threat. They tried that, but a fake group of terrorists just doesn't cut it, we're too smart to fall for it.

But, if you create a nice financial crash, which helps your elite buddies, AND you continually talk about the inevitable nuclear or bioterror attack to come, AND the engineered food shortages, you've got people spinning. They can't see up from down, they can't be bothered to investigate the facts for themselves. They are too worried about their lives, jobs, families, to bother to think.

They effectively tune out. I remember reading somewhere about this phenomena and how during these times the people, unwittingly, look to the government to be their mommy and daddy, and they will protect them, they will look out for their best interest, they will tell them the truth.

This is what they are counting on. With each event more and more people tune out and take off the sunglasses, so to speak.

I fully expect this to increase, and become increasingly more violent. More death and destruction.

It serves various purposes, and all of these are connected.

They crash the markets and destroy economies, but the ones in power at the top cash in, and buy up everything for pennies.

They create energy and food shortages to pit people against each other, which allows them to step in and provide a solution.

They create false flag events to stir up emotions and get people to rally behind the cause, AND it gives them a convent enemy to hate.

They mess with your food and water and medical services to ensure a shorter lifespan, and lower quality of life. Healthy equals happy, happy people don't blindly obey, they have the power of reason, so they must be crushed.

All of this is leading in 1 direction and we've been warned for decades if not more.

1 world government, and global depopulation. I can't connect the dots for you, no one can, but if you do the digging, like Les, you can't deny what it seems to point at.

People don't want to believe they are cattle, but they are, actually, I think most cattle are treated better than a lot of humans on earth right now.

I don't know for sure what's coming, but I'd expect it to be a totally different world by 2013 (the date they say we'll see a large scale bio or nuclear attack by).

I expect those thousands of seal-able plastic coffins and Halliburton forced civilian labor camps have something to do with it.

Marshall law WILL be declared, it's the only way they can complete the coup, simple as that. And if you think for a second Obama is different you are a fool, he's already promised his blind support to Israel. Israel is pulling the strings.

Everything unfolding globally now is connected, as if on a giant spider web. Israel is the spider at the center, spinning the web and trapping it's victims.

They have us right where they want us.

Israel will launch a unilateral strike on Iran in the coming months, probably no later than april.

They can't win, which is the point, they will wait for an Iran counter attack and the US will step in and protect them. This will cause problems with Russia, Pakistan, Syria and China, India will be in there too.

All of the bullshit at TSA is there not to protect you, it's all an act, it's there to dehumanize you, and to prepare you for the full police state.

There is no Al Queda. I have to constantly remind the people i know of this, whenever you see a news report, or anything, and it's blamed on Al Queda remember, there is no Al Queda and the CIA has openly admitted this, the name translated is The Toilet. Think about that. note that almost all bin laden videos are fake and uploaded from servers in TEXAS.

It really comes down to that for me, it helps illustrate my point and get people thinking and researching. There is no terrorist group globally connected at war with anyone. There ARE terrorists, with loose connections to other groups, there is NO group calling itself Al Queda and when you see or hear someone speak of them, remember, it's a created boogeyman to get you to submit.

In the coming months I don't expect to be able to converse on sites like this anymore, as I expect the mainframe of the internet to be shifted in such a way that only the elite have control, it will go the way of tv and become nothing more than another propaganda ministry.

One can only hope enough people wake up like Les and inform others.

I'm ready for the end game, I see it coming and it will be no surprise. It will be horrible, and most of us will probably die or be rounded up and put to work, but I will not be taken by surprise.

Just like the brave Canadian senator yelling about the transit security firm hired for montreals subway (the same firm directly connected to madrid, london 7/7 and 9/11, do i need to mention it's Israeli owned?). That brave man yelled and warned them, when an attack occurs, we will NOT believe your story, as we know it will be a false flag.

Be prepared, get ready to leave any major population centers and head to the wide open country on the drop of a hat. Have sterile water stocked, batteries, crank radios, ham radio, canned non perishable food. AMMUNITION! Be prepared. Ask the people in New Orleans who came to help them, and what they did first.

Did they evacuate the people? Did they give them medical aid and food? Water? Anything?

No, they stormed houses, confiscated guns, and shot people trying to get loaves of bread floating down the corpse filled streets.

Go do yourself a favor and watch any of the Police State movies by the blow hard Alex Jones (mute them if needed) and you'll see, they've been training for marshall law since the 90s, training these guys to treat you like the enemy.

Stationing another 20,000 troops on us soil to help in emergencies? Are they going to shoot at the earthquake? Are they going to use their magic pain ray against hurricanes?

Don't be so naive.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the Bush's are right round the corner from where my boy's and I frequent 'my sis house in Dallas' They need to place themselves in the middle of a safe zone 'am sure many want to blow em off the planet so to speak...'

On a personal note; could be worse, it could be the Clintons moving in...Clinton set the stage in stealing from the Trust "illegally underwrote the Euro dollar" and this audit 'financial crisis' may be mercifully blamed on him and his...Things could have been handled totally differently on the finance stage if he would not have set the stage "Maastricht Treaty, Euro dollar, Y2K kidnapping, torture, concentration camps uhhm shall I go on?

BRB gotta go puke!


Anonymous said...

Nice post P Bong...dang, on spot, if it happens you pretty much see the bigger pic..


Anonymous said...

Readers of this blog may find it interesting how "They" see us and them:

Anonymous said...

Try this on:

This guy has been dead-nutz on for quite a while - and read btw the lines of all the various alter-news being ferreted out and posted. There's more to things than meets the eye (duh!), even what's been posted here. Each of us has a little piece of the bigger puzzle for humanity, and the collective has to rise and come together for the Big Picture Show to really be revealed. This one's not over yet, folks - the Ratz are actually scurrying and it may just be that the trap will close on the ones attempting to spring it...

"Your actual mileage may vary..."


RML said...

While all the Nellie’s are arguing the Paris Hilton aspect of this mega eco event -- "Is this a Recession?" "Have we had three quarters of negative output” “Has it hit main-street yet...” -- some are finally beginning to use the D (for Depression) word.

"We're approaching a depression ... Oh, yeah?!" says bubba. "I can still buy my 42 incher from Walmart. I can't see no depression from my house... Man, if this is all there is to it, bring it on..."

Well, bubba, what they have in store for us is not economic -- even though that's where it starts. We should be asking ourselves not how to be properly coiffured for a worldwide depression, no. We should be asking ourselves what comes after a depression. What's the next step down?!

World wars work great for busting up the doldrums. But so do "die-offs." Yep, the Malthusian, NWO, Trilateral wet dream of doing away with all the useless eaters (which includes most of us). They will not have this chance again. It really is now or never for them.

Why do you think this manufactured econ-catastrophe is moving so quickly?

Are you looking at where all the little nephilim are moving? Have you seen what they have done to the gold and silver markets? No one can guarantee delivery because the Elite and all the little elites have gobbled it up. What have they done with all the natural regenerative seeds?

It's all about commodities, it's all about water and food. It's all about constricting/restricting supply. If you read Malthus and his various schemata to move all the useless eaters into the swamp land (to end up as fertilizer), please realize that we are at the doorway of the new dark ages. By design, in hopes of flat-lining a few billion folk.

After all the Nephs and the little nephs are secure, they are going to pull the credit card schema. It is planned to shut-off credit card credit. Overnight, with no warning. How in the hell do we go anywhere then? How do we eat? How do we pay for our shelter, water, food and communications?

We need to be helping each other with these real issues that will be avalanching down on us very soon.

Anonymous said...

So the #1 international terrorist family is highstepping it to Paraguay? Boy am I surprised (LOL).

Maybe the revolution will start sooner than expected and you can have some good old fashioned lynchings before mass murderers set off. Never mind. Americans are too obsequious and ignorant for such undertakings. Perhaps one day someone will do it for you.

The fake "free" and phony "brave" should educate themselves (that is, the minority of Americans who can actually read and think) about Fortress Americas, aka "Department of Homeland Security". It is fascinating reading.

I plan on heading for the hills before the (engineered) international financial meltdown reaches the boiling point. That is if I can reach the hills.

Anonymous said...

Depopulation seems plausible to me. Just read 4 interviews from the Wingmakers site that kind of points to controlling extraterestrials and their human minions that control the world. Kind of like Icke but no mention of Reptilians. The man being interviewed in 1997-a Dr. Neruda-seems unmoved about the controlled movement towards globalization-in fact speaks of it as a 'Good Thing'. Really creepy. Also I wondered-what is the endgame? Here is the interview link;
Projectcamelot is about to publish an interview with "James" who I believe is the artist that is associated with the Wingmakers site. I hope the interview confronts this James with the creepy philosophy from the Neruda interviews. Anyway-a good distraction for a while.

Anonymous said...

Putting the financials in order is not a friggin easy task!

I clearly recall the fit I threw when it (help clean up this mess) came across my desk! Hell, I retired and was repeatedly almost killed as doing so! The freaks took everything they could from me including my dignity...and they dare come to me for help!

Anyone around here love your Mother? What my boys went through is not even imaginable…but enough of the woe is me.. where does a human being draw the line!

It is never too late but right now the books are a major wreck and if this is going to get done right is gonna take some time, dedication and everyone will have to pitch in ‘imagine that, too many folks would not share the scraps off the table with another…’ and this is the real fear one should have “each other”…Folks the financials are the minor problems our societies face in this day and age! Please, count your blessings whilst you can. Energy is perpetual mass is not!

manufactured, this the same as fallout? The financials... are fallout and folks are by default tring to capitalize off of it all "no one has to engineer or manufacture fallout" and the sound of such 'this financial mess' being engineered or manufactured is just silly as it gets, tho understandable that most just dont have the info and technology to get it...


Anonymous said...

What follows circulated for a time on the internet,perhaps it still is but I do not have the time to search for a link, but it is food for thought, even if a bit long (feel free not to post it).


The Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the NEW ENGLAND GRAND SUPREME LODGE

This January of 1999 Take Great Pleasure in

Announcing To All of the Chosen Line


1. The master computer in Brussels has previously completed the composition of MASTER FILE 666, with the names of those selected as
Global Elites. These families and individuals of unique genetic status have been or will be notified at the appropriate time and according to need, as deemed appropriate by the Committees of the Grand Supreme Lodge. The following plan is now approved by the all the Committees of 300 and the Luciferian Grand Supreme Lodge of Illuminized Freemasonry.

2. The worldwide distribution of "smart cards" has begun. These will be initiated in the US through the encrypted encoding of driver's licenses. A preliminary version will contain a computer chip with minimum essential codified information. These will be offered to the surviving worker non-Elites. The Elites will be granted a Platinum version with much greater versatility, so that national currencies may be phased out and eliminated.

3. Active Patriots, Christians, and all proponents of bigoted nationalism who now survive are now to be placed under the new
tracking program, the selection of those of the preplanned slave population for the granting of the SMART CARD. In addition, an
arranged economic collapse, with the crashing of financial markets worldwide will soon follow, rendering all non-elites totally dependent upon government for their survival, the economic crash having been designed to wipe out bank accounts and investments leading to total individual impoverishment. Property values will plummet, and all residual private assets are to be seized by UN Forces and will revert to ownership by the global collective in the future cashless society.

4. Major UN controlled military forces are now awaiting the call to quell the anticipated riots and insurrection. In the chaos resulting from the arrival of the "God Ship" with our Dark Angels from space,
there will be further economic collapse and the announcement of the termination of welfare and social security, the acquisition of those
citizens ( mainly of the Black race and white North American and European stocks) who are already known through postal surveillance and
via detection of the distribution and vicious e-mailing of anti-globalist diatribes, will be accomplished expeditiously .

Meanwhile, the pure and undefiled gospel of LUCIFER will be proclaimed to all the world by the New Gods who will descend from the Mother Ships. Our Blessed Lord Maitreya will sound the glorious news to all upon the Earth through telepathic communication with every kindred, tongue, and people. The sheeplike enemies of our glorious global government, under the guise of the Christian "Rapture," will be taken via closed vans, buses, or other vehicular conveyance, not to departing space ships, but to the abattoirs in the central zones, where they will immediately terminated.

5. The above selective procedures cited will be amply augmented through the non-selective methods now being considered. Intravenous lethal injection is permissible but it is considered prohibitively expensive. Projectile penetration is cumbersome and also quite detectable because of noise generation The preferred method will be mainly non-selective
via the mass application of gaseous nerve agents and aerosolized biologicals, as soon as all required facilities are made ready.
Negotiations are now underway with those national regimes, mainly Islamic, which are presently NBC Warfare capable, and who will be of great assistance in the deselection of non elites prior to their own demise. The coming depopulation measures will be a combination of
intrinsic and extrinsic insertions, utilizing nerve agents, plague, and botulin, in a concerted effort to cleanse the planet of degenerates and useless eaters, perhaps to an approximate number of one billion total
inhabitants sufficient to provide an ample slave population. There are some areas in which both human and animal depopulation may be
appropriate, followed by total combustion through the selective employment of thermite fuel-air bombing techniques. Regrowth and
replacement of desired fauna may then be accomplished through already designated criteria.

Mass depopulation will also be carried out in dense population centers by so-called "terrorist attacks," using lethal
aerosols of anthrax, Zyklon B, Plague, and the new Ebola-like viruses that have been mutated to become effective airborne agents of death.
Employment of anthrax, and selective use of VX, Zyklon B will also be theoretically useful in preservation of certain UN Biospheres where
rewilding does not require live fauna for several years.

6. Weather alteration and seismic--vulcanism are to be accelerated in areas in which there are already critical tectonic imbalances.
Insertions of deep devices will have been finalized. Serial detonations with computed enhancement of shearing effects, will be utilized to the furthest extent possible in the production of DESTRUCTIVE earthquakes
and tsunamis.

7. As a part of the FEMA Organized Rescue of Communal Entities (FORCE) program, United Nations Global Guard paratroops now at full
readiness will be inserted in most areas. Mechanized UN infantry units will appear as though be magic across the countryside, emerging from the previously prepared and occupied "closed" military bases. "Mopping up"
of deselected groups will then be accomplished through sanctions as described above, and mass burials of both living and dead individuals
will be accomplished by the most expeditious means available, with careful attention to disease prevention in UN personnel. Body Bags are now prepositioned for the hygienic transport of the dead where burial facilities are not yet locally available. Bulldozer equipment will be selectively utilized in some areas to facilitate the rapid excavation
and filling of mass graves. These areas must not interfere with the habitations of the designated Elites who will have occupied the
underground facilities as a means of avoiding the wrath of the false god, Adonai.

8. The primary issue that still remains is the means of rapid and secure notification and transport of all Designated Elites, so that survival enhancement may be rendered sufficiently effective. You are required to
report immediately to assigned points, such as Sedona and Mt. Weather, and thence to the interconnecting tunnels. Housing in the pre-prepared underground facilities will be mandatory for those computer designates
considered critical to the future Globalist World State, including Royals, civilian administrators, top military leaders, and their
families. Be prepared to bring a bare minimum of your personal effects, for each of the hundred underground cities are designed for relatively luxurious sustenance and entertainment of these Elite Selectees and
essential government personnel for a period of two to four years. Provision is made for certain especially beautiful and youthful members of the degenerate subhuman races, those animalistic strains ascertained
to be without the merest vestige of the Royal Merovingian Bloodline, neither of the Illuminist lineage, nor of that of the noble Khazari Juwes. Those totally devoid of even a scintilla of nobility, both males
and females, shall be used as subjects in the sexual ceremonies and sacred rituals of the Order. Afterwards, these subjects are to be
dedicated and sacrificed to the glory of the holy Name of Lucifer, the acknowledged one true God of this Earth. Surely it shall be a glorious and memorable time for all!

The ultimate return to surface conditions depends upon ambient regional ecology and the residual presence of localized insurrectional
activities, all of which must be virtually neutralized, disarmed, and in complete suppression prior to the final Grand Emergence of the Global Hegemony (GEGH).




Grand Supreme Imperator

This would make a great movie, and the fact that it has not hit the screens lends credence to the theory something like this is in the works. After 10 years, some refinement and updating of the plan is likely, and rumour has it that there are 112 variations of the plan, but great progress has been made in developing the technologies, infrastructure, surveillance apparatus and the administrating and operations forces necessary to implement and operate a global police state under the guise of the GWOT are in place.

notamobster said...

Excellent read for those with the time or inclination...

Excellent read for those with the time or inclination...

Franz said...


Yes to this:

"Paraguay has a history of being a Nazi getaway..."

True indeed! But Stalinist NKVD/Chekists never NEEDED a getaway. Point to ponder when it is getting seriously obvious that the US "Homeland Security" state becomes more Stalinist by the day. Run by the same sort of loonies that Stalin hired too.

The old NKVD hardbars that butchered and starved millions of Ukrainians and Russians spent their delining years HIDING OUT in public in Paris and Riga, Stockholm and (in the amazing case of Beria, I believe it was) sitting on a park bench in Moscow.

Nazis were the amateurs. The Chekists were the pros. They learned from Trotsky who also taught American Neocons. Hmm...

Bush is also an amateur which makes you post more than apt... I sense desperation, Les. These guys are jamming the pedal down NOW because they are VERY VERY CLOSE but they are not certain of victory. Even old American vets in legion halls are asking pertinent questions. And despite news blackouts that cover the globe because the media is global too, the US crossed the sabotage threshold over two years ago and some of the cases known to me are heavy. If I know of these things, "Homeland Security" knows more.

Times are getting interesting indeed. Lots of people see the evil America's gangster elite has become. But look closer. The sweat on the palms and the twitching of the jaws get obvious after a close inspection.

Know they are afraid. That might mean they are more dangerous but that's what makes this a ball game and not a total rollover. If 90 percent of the country is asleep then millions are still awake and that's good news for our side.

Anonymous said...

What fuckin' connection has Bush got to Nazis? Bush is controlled by the Jews, for Crissakes. He's in the corrupt Ziocracy tradition that goes back at least to FDR and LBJ.

It's been like 70 years dude, I think we should be capable of talking about current political affairs without the 'N' word.

Visible said...

Let me see... hmmm... Nazi's went to Paraguay. Bush bought land in Paraguay. Holy shit! There's the connection. Did you imagine some other connection? I think the N word here and the real connection would be the 'n'onymous thing. You're looking for network TV. This is cable.

m_astera said...

Great piece, Les. I actually did LOL at a couple places, especially the falafel stand. :)

Reading through all the comments brought me down a little, but not much. I'm still laughing. It's not like this is news or anything to those who have been paying attention for the past twenty-thirty-forty years. We keep on going door to door like the same old jehovah's witnesses working the same old neighborhood, one we've been working every Saturday for so long that the people just hide in the kitchen when they see us coming; they don't even bother to answer the door anymore. Chances of finding a new convert are slim to none; hard to imagine there's anyone still around who hasn't had the opportunity to wake up and turned it down repeatedly. So maybe the missionary part is over; that's how I'm feeling these days anyway. Y'all had your bell rung. Don't say I didn't warn ya and don't come crying to me, hear?? :P

My take on it is that it's time to work with the ones who have decided to wake up, especially including our own selves.

Read a good financial forecast type piece by David Chu today where he was using the Titanic hitting the iceberg analogy again; what I liked about it was that he was talking about how the band kept playing to assure the 3rd class passengers that everything was OK while those in first class were filling the lifeboats. Pretty good analogy, the difference today being that the first class passengers have hired the crew to rob the second and third class cabins while the band keeps them busy.

Another fun analogy that occurred to me was those still in the casino giving it one last try at hitting the jackpot while the seawater swirls around their ankles.

Those reading here are not the majority. The majority still haven't decided to believe the rumor that there might be a small, easily fixed leak somewhere.

Even if there were enough lifeboats for everyone, at what point does one decide to give up on yelling at those still on the dance floor and head for the upper deck themselves?

Have to tell you-- my verification word is ciabom. I am not making this up.

Anonymous said...

Aleister Crowley is Barbara Bush's father!
Can that be verified?

Anonymous said...

U.S. Homeless - This is not America

Heart wrenching...

First and foremost conglomerates must be broken down, this is a major factor in the corporate elite mobster mentality!!! Communications/tech/science, banking/insurance, automotive for starters are conglomerates! America needs jobs and local companies here at home.

Second, health care is pertinent to stability, hell the medical community has been covering up as well as facilitating the silent coup techniques which has in turn put America in this friggin boat, so they can deal with the lower wages…I find doctors mostly are wanna be elite and mostly gangsters (working both sides of the fense…)I studied their science in scholarly research libraries for many years, I know the gig and thus can make this claim!

Ahh, don't get ME started...


Staying Alive said...


The answer to the riddle is to let the damn thing go. Just get out of it's way! Let the monsters have their ball. Just prep like crazy. Get out of town and get on the land. It's the sensible thing to do.

Michael Boone

kikz said...


you've smoked too much. :)

Kevenj said...

With all due respect Les, I tend to agree with anon 12:54.
We all know the connection the Nazi's stories have had in South America, but what does that mean? That Bush was partial to an Anti-Jewish World? I see no evidence of that.
That Bush and friends have propagated the relevant factors of German propaganda, media control, mind control and fear? I see every evidence to that.

There has to be something else, and yes I do imagine another connection, and the Paraguay sale was made a long time ago, as was Sr. Bush's White House escapade into posing on the front of the Washington Post with a potential lethal link to minor youth sex crimes that was forgotten 30 days after the next Doonesbury Sunday Comics was out. By the way, the lead investigator Caradori and HIS SON "AJ" were killed in an unfortunate plane accident in Aurora IL,just after he had garnered the necessary info. Did this make news? Hell no. Did people bother to draw the connections? Hell no.
Did I, being an adult at the time? Hell no: I had more important things to think about, like girls, beer and work, and I lived near Aurora.

You bring up an excellent point on the economic factors influencing world developments. As opposed to your talents, I have studied them and enjoy researching economic realities be they communistic or capitalistic imperatives; they are basically the same, albeit with different results and directions.
You're right: Derivatives, be they CDO's or Sub Prime Mortgage triple A Security investments are the death-knell of modern fractional reserve California Valley Girl gotta-have-the-best-clothes logic than anything else in the system. Yes, this was PLANNED by the passage of several laws in the books in the Clinton years.

The next to go will be the malls (commercial debt) and your Visa card (short term borrowing power).

Whether this was inevitable or planed (or both) is open to opinion. I tend to believe it was both, but planned now.
The reality is that the sh*t that is hitting the fan all over the world and the fun we all have had (at least the fun I have had)
has not even begin to start. Kind of call it the hot dog *before * you ride on the Satanic roller-coaster from hell.

We will either have a one world economic government ( or a close proximity to that) or there will be tens of thousands losing their homes, tossed out on the street and ready to take up arms to feed their family.Kinda gives a person pause as to what matters most at Christmas.

Either way, IF President Elect Obama is sworn into office, I believe he told the absolute truth: THERE WILL BE CHANGE.

psychegram said...

I read this post this morning, but for some reason I wanted to watch They Live before commenting. Unaccountably, I'd never seen it ... but when I found out it was a John Carpenter movie, I knew I was going to love it. The man might do B movies, but he does excellent B movies.

This particular movie is now in my all-time top 5 works-that-people should-see-if they-want-to-understand-the-modern-world list (the other places being taken by The Matrix, 1984, Fight Club, and Brave New World.) I share the first commenter's amazement that this movie ever made it out ... but then, They seem to love to rub it in our faces every once in a while, to throw out the truth, call it a lie, make a bad joke about it, and then carry on as though nothing of moment had been revealed. I'm sure everyone here's aware of the Lone Gunman episode predicting 9/11, for instance.

Per Les' comments on something going on in the background ... my take is that on one level they're getting ready for some kind of impact event, which is what all the Underground Bases are about. When the fire's in the sky, a few of the herd will be offered refuge there, whilst the rest are left to die.

That's not the whole story, though. Far from it. I don't know how much else there is, but from the looks of things an Ascension of some sort is nearing, for those who are able (and who knows what that will entail.)

Ah, if only it were as easy as in the movie! And a pair of sunglasses could let us differentiate between human and psychopath, and divine the lines of control. Then (just to make it even more ridiculously easy) we could just get a guided tour of Their complex, right to the Source, and fire a single bullet into a single machine and wake the whole goddamn world up.

Wow. Yeah, that's how things would work in a perfect dystopic nightmare realm. I think Carpenter was making a bit of a joke out of this at the end, as it all gets so ridiculously easy for the hero. In the real world - and this seems to be the point of Carpenter's jest - learning to See is not nearly so easy as putting on a pair of sunglasses. And cutting the signal entirely? A million times harder than that.

It's not hopeless though. I'm reliably informed (though one can never be sure absent experience) that esoteric practice includes amongst its eventual benefits the ability perfectly distinguish Truth from Lie. With the instinctive way psychopaths lie, that would be a trippy pair of sunglasses indeed.

Duke said...

For those who cannot view the movie on youtube.
here is a link with a short summary of video
clips that can be downloaded. (66mb)

Anonymous said...

never mind which banks are going down/up. How's Israel doing in the "credit crunch"? Seems to be remarkably unaffected for a country with so many financial interests around the world. Any body had a proper look?

Anonymous said...

les, you probably already know but the word for word-verification on your comments is blank first time round - for a name/url profile at least. Unless you enter a fake word first, then you get a new word to verify, you can lose all the comment. Best to copy the comment just before posting

Visible said...

Okay... first things first. Check this out.

Next... Kevin, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. My mention of Bush and Nazi's had nothing to do with Jews. Nothing about Jews was mentioned. It has to do with the history of Paraguay and also the connections to Prescott Bush (although I didn't mention that). What I also didn't mention was that I was reacting to the implication by anonymous that somehow I work for him and am required to write about what he wants to hear and what he approves of. This in not- nor shall it ever be- the case.

The articles I read connected the purchase to 2006. That is not a long time ago. I think the problem is that there may have been two separate land purchases by two different Bushes which I did allude to. I keep my pieces within about fifty words of the same consistent amount of words. You'll find that a lot of them are closer than that. It's a discipline I exercise for my own entertainment.

Simon... there is an ongoing problem with my blog that rotates various difficulties and is never without a few of them. It's long past the point where I could subscribe this to chance, accident or software malfunctions. Thanks for the heads up. I think the intent is to drive away a portion of new readers and create an attitude that I don't put up a lot of comments which, of course, I put up just about everything. Less than one in a hundred responses do not go up.

The Crowley Bush connection has been around for awhile. I read up on it and what it is is a collection of odd coincidence which does NOT make it untrue. There's no proof of anything, but it's there to look into. You can find it all on the search engines by putting in the keywords.

Anonymous said...

George Green's Interview on Coast to Coast sums it up quite nicely...Its available on Youtube....Tells you quite clearly who is in charge and who is behind depopulation....They are here and have been for a long time...The SECRET is coming out....prepare my friends for HELL on Earth within 60 Days.....

su said...

Anonymous 9:35.
Whilst we can talk about what has just occurred, there is no way we can say with accuracy that in 60 days there is going to be hell on earth.
Something like that could just have the power of a mantra and create itself.
I think we can know something is a foot but I also think we all have to remember that in every instant an infinite amount of possibilities arise.
Hell on earth in 60 days could be one of them,
and there are many possibilities beyond our realm of comprehension.
You might be right, but I am not going to put my energy there.

su said...

My verification code was arces.

Anonymous said...

Believing Jewish accounts of Nazis is like believing Nazi accounts of Jews. As Jacques Ellul points out in his book “Propaganda” -

“There remains the problem of Goebbels' reputation. He wore the title of Big Liar (bestowed by allied propaganda) and yet he never stopped battling for propaganda to be as accurate as possible. He preferred being cynical and brutal to being caught in a lie. He used to say: ‘Everybody must know what the situation is.’ He was always the first to announce disastrous events or difficult situations without hiding anything. The result was a general belief, between 1939 and 1942, that German communications not only were more concise, clearer, and less cluttered, but were more truthful than allied communications (American and neutral opinion) - and furthermore, that the Germans published all the news two or three days before the Allies. All this is so that pinning the title of Big Liar on Goebbles must be considered quite a propaganda success.”

Anonymous said...

I think you have been too long in isolation from ordinary humanity and forgot that 99% of humans, regardless of IQ, are herd animals. If you manage to pass off as the voice of community, 99% of them will have to overcome significant emotional barriers not to immediately accept what you're saying at face value without even thinking about it. That's why a couple of loud-mouthed joos can give the appearance of controlling everyone in a whole nation so easily. They only need an organization like the Anti-Defamation League, and when someone publishes something that isn't kosher, they screech and fume until everyone feels bad about breaking society norms by letting such eeeeevvvilll material be published. The number one rule of always emerging victorious from anything is being more organized than your enemy. Hence all that talk about "multiculturalism" (everywhere except Israel).

Anyway, that 1% of humans who aren't herd animals, I wouldn't put my hope in them either:

The best is to be like Nietzsche. To be a herd animal first, and then through contempt for yourself and others overcome that state and be free to think and act independently but with virtue.

m_astera said...

Anonymous @1:38PM-

There are two extremes of humanity, and the link you provided about sociopaths/psychopaths is one extreme. The other is the opposite; it consists of those who simply don't have it in them to knowingly cause harm to another in order to benefit themselves.

In a society such as the present one, invented and controlled by psychopaths, the rules simply favor the psychopaths. Positions of fame, power, and wealth end up in their hands because they have no problem with doing anything at all to get those positions. At this point they become societal ideals, and many in the herd who are not themselves psychopaths nonetheless adopt the behavior and values that have led the psychopaths to "success", though those following a role model that really isn't them will come in a distant second at best.

As stated, though, there are some who are as incapable of basing their lives on harming others in order to benefit themselves as the psychopaths are incapable of compassion; the author of this site for example.

Can you imagine a society based on compassion, intelligence, creativity, and the greater good of all concerned? IOW, the exact opposite of what we have now? I see that as coming our way, and the "ascension" that psychegram refers to, should there be such a dramatic event, would consist of the sorting out of those committed to service to one's self only from those committed to the betterment of all, including themselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:38 pm,

You do not understand technology of the day! Maybe from an overt stand your #'s are considerable but this is just a bit of how they do it...

And then, slap some anesthetized/extortionism (pick a method, any level applicable to the subjects) into the equation and spread it with precision. REPEAT...

Uhmm, don't need a voice for that, actually a voice would derail the coup!

The Mossad..I know them well via my (scholarly research) studies of their works for over 20 years. My tutor (one of them) 'neurosurgeon/banker Dr. Scharf' was Mossad with CIA connections. Bush senior opened the door and Clinton made the sale 'so to speak' I was Scharfs subject, what no one figured is that I knew my math/electronics/physics well enough to zip in and out of their plot. This intrigued them so I reckon is one reason why I am still alive, LOL (NOT!)

Wise post Susan...


Anonymous said...

“Still… it looks to me like this has all been engineered as part of the plan to impose mass suffering upon a large portion of the human race and it seems as if the motive is to provoke them into destroying each other, leaving only a selection of the elite and those who are preserved to serve them as a permanent underclass. There doesn’t seem to be any other motive. You look at it and you tell me.”

I have been looking at it for years, and I agree with you! It appears that the goal is to engineer the extermination of a large portion of humanity. The elites will survive, inherit the earth and its precious resources, which they view as their private property anyway, and enslave the survivors to serve them.

The scary thing is that people seem utterly oblivious to what's coming. In fact, I've even had people tell me they'd rather not think about it!

Yesterday I drove 65 miles to a store to stock up on bulk foods like flour, dry beans and olive oil. If nothing else, buying the stuff today will enable me to stay a little ahead of inflation.

I was amazed and annoyed, however, by hordes of people crowding the roads, restaurants and stores. Apparently the programming to buy, buy, buy during the Christmas season is irresistible. I wanted to stop in a restaurant for a bite to eat and there was a 10 minute wait, which has never been the case before! So I went home hungry. Don't these people realize we're heading into the mother of all recessions, or worse?

So my fear is that if an acute crisis erupts - gasoline shortage, natural gas shortage, food shortage, bank holiday, or other similar crises - these people are going to be caught totally unaware and unprepared. Then how will they react? Frightening.

I, too, have wondered if “O” was deliberately set up to be disqualified, which would probably result in widespread rioting, followed by martial law.


nina said...

RML points out: It's all about commodities, it's all about water and food. It's all about constricting/restricting supply...

RML, you may not be updating your blog regularly, but regardless, we are always interested in your words of wisdom here. Let's highlight the Guarani Aquifer, surrounding which exists a high probability it will go the way of Rio Tinto before this journey is over.
"...The Guaraní Aquifer in South America is "shared by all four nations" in the Mercosur free trade alliance: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. [1]

An "underground water reservoir" formed by a "group of sandy rocks below the soils' level with water in its pores and fissures" [2], it is the "largest aquifer in South America," extending "over 1.2 million square kilometres in Brazil alone—equal to the areas of England, France, and Spain combined" and "already supplies some 15 million people in the region. Best estimates show that the Guarani contains enough water to supply 360 million people on a sustainable basis. Already, some 500 cities and towns across Brazil draw their water from the Guarani," according to the International Atomic Energy Agency. [3]

"The aquifer underlies nearly 20% of Paraguay, covering a vast landscape of 72,000 square kilometers in the southeastern portion of the country." [4]

"Uncontrolled exploitation could reduce it from a strategic water reserve to a degraded resource that is a focus of conflict in the region," the IAEA writes. "This is the principal challenge being undertaken by the four national governments together with the Global Environment Facility (GEF), a funding consortium jointly managed" by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Agency for Environment (UNEP), and the World Bank. [5]..."

And there we have it. It is over this most precious Earth resource sits the vast acreage purchased by the Bush family and the US Military. We note all the usual vultures gathering at the watering hole.

"...local distrust of U.S.-backed lending institutions—along with the presence of U.S. troops in Paraguay—has spawned suspicions that Washington is exerting slow control over the aquifer as insurance against water shortages in the U.S.

"The United States already has water problems in its southern states," said Adolfo Esquivel, an Argentine activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. "And it is clear that humans can live without oil, gold, and diamonds but not water. The real wars will be over water, not oil." ...

Esquivel points to a recent military deal, under which U.S. Special Forces will train with Paraguayan soldiers. He says this is evidence of Washington's creeping control—a claim that's been further popularized by an Argentine documentary, Sed, Invasión Gota a Gota (Thirst: Invasion Drop by Drop)...

Anonymous said...

Les: the falafel comment was good humour, given the dark topic; thanks for the chuckle.

Without question, the Nazi issue is still quite central to all of this and very much tied into the Bush family. Don Nicoloff in Idaho has written much about this.

Paraguay? Probably related to underground and cavernous facilities, or passageway to some sort of "inner Earth" area, which is why the Nazis were originally interested. Also proximity to Antartica. It also might relate to an unscathed area when certain comets / satellites affect Earth in the relatively near future. They may have plotted a certain course of severe destruction on the surface, and maybe Paraguay (with its precious openings) is in a safer region. Or so they hope.

The Dallas house is just a ruse, and if one ever sees "W" there, be sure that it is a body double. Any of the criminal elite would never publicly anounce where they really lay the heads at night, even for a small portion of the time. This is just common sense.

They Live: there are types of "glasses" in existence that can allow viewing of auras and subtle body energies, which can speak volumes of what type of "people" one is dealing with. That is truly definitive exposure.

Surprisingly, the ancients talked about certain words or phrases that could expose what certain "people" / "leaders" really were, which reminds me of how certain frequencies can disrupt holographic projections. Was some group doing this to certain media people while on TV earlier in the year? Some YouTube video shows some very interesting things.

Remember, ammunition / guns will only protect you from your desperate neighbors who have failed to prepare, NOT from the real perps. Understand the real tech, people.

Again, to what extent are we dealing with our own species? Are human beings (like all of you and I) the problem? We are certainly the targets and victims, but what sub-species, species, entity, force, energy, and/or creature are we really up against? And maybe more importantly, how can the real enemy change and manipulate and control the rest of us real human beings? I know my Mom is real, for example, but how is that she can't see or understand anything? What is the tech / methods behind such masterful mind control? Those are the important questions, and "They Live" might answer a few of them. Incidentally, the short story that the movie is based upon is actually MUCH MORE REVEALING, and it is interesting to note why Carpenter changed the plot in the ways which he did.


m_astera said...


re Wingmakers: It's a valuable site that I've been reading regularly since the late 1990s. It features some of the best poetry I have read, great art, pretty good music, and great philosophy. What many don't seem to get is that the story is a myth. This is clearly stated several times in several places, but still I read the arguments between believers and doubters. Its content has also changed over the years. I have a print copy of the first version of the Neruda interviews from 1997 or so where rather than claiming that the time capsules were found near Chaco canyon, he states that they were found 75 miles NE of Chaco canyon. The 75 mi. NE quadrant from Chaco is across a mountain range and includes Dulce and a large amount of wilderness. Despite it being a myth, I organized and funded a search expedition back in 2003 and found a very remote area that meets the location description perfectly but we ran out of time. Perhaps one day I can get back there and see if there is some artifact behind the myth.

I still check and read the site regularly but with great caution and discernment. Take the gems and leave the disinfo behind.

Anonymous said...

The Rothschilds and their fellow jews (crypto and otherwise) have been planning this one world government for over two hundred years. They have dumbed down the Goyim by destroying the food supply and by the poisoning of the medical establishment: vaccines, dangerous drugs etc. They own just about everything, and all media, thru agents such as the Rockefellers, Murdoch etc. They are considered the "Kings Of The Jews".

You cannot have a "people", the Jews, who are taught that all other humans are Goyim, which means less than animals, in their "Holy" book the Talmud(They are also taught that they not only can, but must, lie, cheat, steal, and slaughter the Goyim in same Talmud) living with others who are being taught to "turn the other cheek" and to "love" diverstity etc. There is no diversity in Israel. It is a crime for a Jew to marry a non-Jew. It is an apartheid state where mass murder is practiced daily on the Palestinians. All that is happening now is that we are all to be Palestinians world wide. We will see, as the Russians saw with the Bolshevik Revolution which was a Jewish Revolution, not just th 50 million they murdered there but hundreds of millions if not billions. It is plain for anyone with eyes to see. And it is coming soon as we all know. Look at who is Obama's cabinet, might as well just make it the Likud.

Anonymous said...

"Maestro": please elaborate on "zipping in and out of their plot", because it could be very illuminating to those who haven't woven the real tech into their internal understanding of the Grande Conspiracy. It would help greatly.

Thinking of Bush Sr. and my previous comments from above, I'm reminded of a famous story related to a mind-control victim as told in her one of her books: she describes being with Sr. in the White House and him opening up a specially designed child's book and reading from it, and then telling her to look into his eyes at which time he morphed into a Reptilian. Of course David Icke uses this story (along with many others) for his reptilian theories, which may be true, but their tech could explain it also. The book may have been a prop and a device in the room could have created a holographic field around Sr., or a device could have been used to put the idea into the victim's mind directly, or the wording of the special book and the way the words were pronounced could have produced the effect without an external device.

These ideas also remind me of a military connected scientist who was being asked about cloaking / invisibility of planes. He said he was more interested in making the image absent from our minds, rather than dealing with the physical covering or EM field of the plane. When pressed about tracking on radar, he replied that radar techs also had minds and it would depend on the range of the signal sent to "dissolve" certain images and thoughts within the mind. He also made comments about using EM signals to directly affect the radar devices. Hmmmmm.

This begs the silly question: could a 12 foot reptile stand directly in front of us and it not be registered in our minds because of frequency manipulation? Or, could that 12 foot reptile artificially project an image of a regular looking 6 foot policeman into our minds? Our eyes might record the correct image, but our visual interpretation centers would be messed with (and this is where hypnosis becomes very interesting). People even do this naturally when exposed to extreme terror or shock - their minds shield them from the horrible imagery. When one is pressed to define "reality" (the Matrix movie does a great job talking about this), then pne must see how it is sooo ripe for manipulation.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a "Clancy" is in the works, whereby a mysterious virus/hack occurs on the financial system stock-banks-credit cards-- No one knows who owes or owns what due to the financial abortion that is occurring with the bailout--neat trick if they can pull it off. Sure would put a stake in the heart of everything--no business accepting credit cards and checks---can't get in the banks to get any cash--can't cash your paycheck----
Everything would just stop without a shot fired----for a little while anyway. Look at who processes all the Credit Card info--look at who controls the Fed--The Stock Market--their security software, etc.--there you have your answer--same folks who were in charge of airport security on 911.
Perhaps a hack on the electric grid--
It would be the chief of police investigating himself for it always is.

Times Up


Anonymous said...

The wealthy will continue to rape the common man until the common man unites to either throw the thieves in jail or lop off their heads. Of course you'd have to turn off the TV and go outside in mass numbers for such an event to take place. Odds aren't good of that happening in 21st century America. Because most people in USA are too apathetic to politics, remember that the general US population is too busy into their personal private lives, people in this country hate talking about 9-11, JFK death, Pearl Harbor, the bailouts, food prices and the US 180 trillion dollars debt

Anonymous said...

Dr. F,

I really am not obliged to reveal the mathematic/schematic formula for zipping in and out per se but I can say it is not hocus pocus and there are no monsters involved.

You put it very well how it is that the mind may be manipulated. The science is cutting edge and beyond. In lay terms I will do my best…

First of all, a human being living a basic life with friends and family will probably never be fully manipulated 100% of the time, thus the individual must fill the moments that are not under this influence with knowledge about it “basic electronics a must and can be via conscious or sub conscious understanding get the books on it and take a picture of each page with your eyes, even if you do not understand it, it will register”.. What this does to the schematic of the brains synapse is allow more reason by opening up more circuitry “a switch thus decipher what is going on and see it for what it is or what the individual chooses it to be versus an out sourced command and all by default.

Everything we experience is registered and stored somewhere thus the more information taken in the more possibilities of access via schematic to the same. The brain is very powerful and it is basically the capacitor in the circuitry of the brain and mind ‘this is how signaling/mind control/hypnosis are induced and this is where they must be met and dealt with ‘an avid individual on the matter can deal with such issues outside of the brain but this is very complex to explain…’

The main thing folks must learn is to speed read ‘your brain must catch up to the technology artificially induced and excel above it.’ What ever a controller induces can be used to your advantage if one has the access to the antidote via knowledge of the same and then some… Simply you start by training the eye to view a word and then a line of words and then a paragraph and then a page and then two pages in one picture ‘so to speak’

I do not speed read things that are not for research and analysis and do not suggest doing so ‘is a waste.’ You will not notice at first what it is you are aiming for but in time the mind puts it together for the brain and the brain decides if it is necessary to be utilized consciously or stored in the sub conscious. Eventually the brain will manage the accounts within or ship them further out into existence for later retrieval. The individual may become proficient at storage and retrieval as in anything else as needed and one will not even have to think about it!

At the end of the day the one who wins is the one who is most proficient! And in between is a lot of work even a battle but we are all in a battle anyhow so is it not worth it to arm ourselves...

People do not tend to understand electronics much less physics and thus this all seems hocus pocus so they don't bother.

Hope this helps…


Anonymous said...

If it IS a comet I'm going up the closest highest hill - or tree, if nothing else - and I'm getting a good look at it. I won't head for any underground base. I want to see what's coming. I don't want to be underground with any of the 'characters' we are normally very very wary of. If something is hurtling to us from the cosmos, I want to greet it. It'll really be a heck of a sight. Can't miss that, whatever the 'implications'.

I'm assuming we can get a DVD of They Live still. I remember a very long and unlikely fistfight in it. Wasn't it meant to be the longest one in movie history?

Peace and love to everyone and thing...



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