Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Rise of the Anti-Christ in the Nation from Hell.

I look in awestruck disbelief at the lies being repeated over and over; bullshit and the tragedy of false belief. In respect of that I would like to set the record straight. I realize only a few people will read this but I can’t let that interfere with the need to say it. Perhaps this will add to the collective outcry across the world and one or another of us may be that final straw that breaks the horned camel’s back.

Once again I am going to direct your attention to the incredible shrinking map of Palestine. You can trace the changes and compartmentalizations that have occurred across the last sixty years of aggressive land theft by Ersatz Israel. We can start at that point sixty or so years ago or we can go back further still. It doesn’t matter, the animal is the same and the intention is the same.

During a short period of time over seven hundred thousand Palestinians were displaced. They were displaced by force at the hands of a rapacious group of avaricious land bandits who poisoned wells and murdered entire families as examples to the rest. Basically it was “move or die.” There’s no disputing this. It is fact. Following the theft of these lands and towns, the areas and towns were renamed in an effort to blot out the history of the previous inhabitants.

The argument for allowance in regard to the murderous operations of these vicious psychopaths marching under the banner of some demon that they call God was the belief that these people had suffered mightily at the hands of a German dictator and that they were deserving of a certain piece of land that was promised to them by this demon according to things written in a book that was also written by these people. In other words these people wrote that the demon told them that they were his ‘Chosen People’. As history has shown, they are correct. They are the chosen people of this demon. However, this demon is not God and the book was not written by God either... unless God really is a bloodthirsty demon who advises his chosen to kill these people and kill those people and that it’s all fine and kosher.

While these people were suffering in Europe, other members of these people did everything possible to make the suffering more and more intense and used the event entirely as a public relations stunt to gain control of this piece of property in order to set out and take over the whole world. Today, through their control of The Federal Reserve (this is not disputable either), they control who gets the money, where the money goes, how much and how little money is available and by pulling on different strings they can make the puppets dance to whatever tune they want to play.

If there’s a God then Israel appears to be the throne of the Devil. It’s possible that the anti Christ is not a person but a nation. In any case, those he rules are part and parcel of the package. It’s eerie indeed to see the old prophecies of the anti-Christ who is said to arise in the Middle East around this time and to see that, in fact, there is one nation seeking to plunge the Earth into global war. Only one nation is assaulting it’s neighbors and blackmailing the super powers into wiping out it’s alleged enemies based on an assault that this nation engineered in the land of the biggest super power of all; soon to be less than super.

Here’s my first point. When you invade someone’s land and kill the people and drive them into exile and when you then continue to steal the land of those remaining until they are forced into ever smaller ghettos. When you routinely kill these people and use their children for target practice; when you bulldoze their olive trees and orchards and homes, when you move violent settlers into their neighborhoods and allow and protect these settlers when they beat and rob and injure and kill the ancient inhabitants of this land, when you arrest the representatives of their LEGALLY ELECTED government and then throw them into jail for no other reason that that they were elected, when you then begin to increase your genocidal practices upon these people by cutting off their power, their water, their medical supplies and opportunities for treatment and causing them to suffer in any way that you possibly can BECAUSE, allegedly they are firing missiles into lands that were STOLEN FROM THEM but which missiles never seem to hit anything THEN... THEN... these people have EVERY RIGHT... EVERY RIGHT to fire any and all missiles they want to fire any time they want to fire them.

It is interesting to note that now, after Israel’s recent bloodbath... now playing... rockets are actually hitting people and things where they almost never did before. Israel has launched rockets on her own people before and when caught said it was a mistake; an accident. This is also not in dispute.

Now we find that the only reason Israel has made this assault is because there is an election coming and certain candidates want to be seen as the sort of murderous scum that the general public likes to have in office. In other words, all of these people are dying for no more than the election concerns of a handful of psychopaths.

In the meantime, all the self-righteous swine on the left and all of the self-righteous swine on the right and the endless rank of indifferent swine in the middle, feeding at the trough of their personal appetites...they make excuses for Israel as if to say that Israel had the right, not only to drive these people off of their lands but also to continuously terrorize them for decades while making the portions of land upon which they live ever smaller and smaller until there is no where for them to stand and- as is their intention- no one left to stand on it.

Here’s my point and this point is indisputable... whether members of Hamas are or are not launching missiles into Israel they have EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO. Is there anyone among you who would tolerate such actions against yourself? Wait a minute... yeah, there’s quite a few of you.

Today Israel is attacking the ship, Dignity. Cynthia McKinney is on that boat along with a handful of the few human beings left on Earth. It’s not in the news because it isn’t news. Oh you vipers... you whores in the governments and in the press. All of you are exposed by your actions and your words. When justice comes you will none of you be overlooked.

It is a very strange thing how events mirror prophecy. If these prophecies are true then; where does that leave you?

In conclusion; Palestine and the Palestinians have EVERY RIGHT to fight back in any way they can because Israel is attempting to exterminate them and prior to that make their life a living Hell every day of the week. The facts are indisputable so what is this argument about bottle rockets really about?

All of you who support this... all the gatekeepers and bought out slaves to personal fortune... all those laughing at their pursuits while dining in the high tower and shopping for shit to gild your walking corpses... all of you who speak for the nations who permit these murders, not just in Palestine but across the world; who staged the assault in India to bring war to Pakistan... you and your mighty ghost armies are nothing more than chaff in the wind and you will reap the whirlwind. Yes you will.

Not very well done... but apt.
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Anonymous said...


I have awoke the last two nights feeling that something is very very wrong. You nailed it. A great evil is roaring its and in violence and destruction. People should be scared, but they seem so passive like it is just a football game and most of them don't even care about the losing team so they don't pay attention.

The real scary part is what happens next. What happens when they complete their plan. It is demonic and it will be what they have been doing to the Palestinians on a much larger scale. They want the whole pie! It sure looks like they are going to get it.


Anonymous said...

they have been working on this for a long time and it is bigger than their election. They have stolen massive amounts of money for what is going on now.

They are paying off all those who could do anything about this. Why is Egypt not helping? Somebody has been paid off and in a big way. they cut the internet cables so that no one will be able to see the genocide that will be happening.

this great evil monster will not stop. Think about they are going to do next if they can do this.


Grantland said...

Indeed. A very strange and very evil tribe, the Ashkenazi Mongols. Do you know what they did to the real Jews, the Israelite Jews of the bible? Google Israel ringworm children.
On their Mongol heritage, Frank Weltner produced an excellent report, perhaps he can post a link.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Your logic is impeccable.

I have been searching for an answer to a two-part question that keeps running around in my mind. If you have the opportunity, maybe you could help me out.

Why don't some of the other Arab countries in the area try to help the Palestinians? Or am I missing something. Also, why does Egypt seem to be working against the Palestinians?

Thanks, and thanks especially for the fiery post.

P.S. I would have used my name, but I can't quite figure out how to use your 'comment as'. I don't have a url, and as you can tell, I'm not that computer-literate

Anonymous said...

Les... Right on the mark. Well said.

In Peace and Hope...

Anonymous said...

I don't know for sure about the anti-Christ thing or the symbolism attached to the number 666, but I do know that Judaism seems to be a strange mixture of the occult, voodoo and numerology, all topped off with a healthy dose of Mammonism.

Anytime some Hasidic Rabbi wants to see God, all he has to do is look into a mirror.

If the 666 is for real, then it is staring us in our faces, in the Star of David symbol.

The number six is thru ought that icon, from the triangular points going outward, to the little triangles formed by those to the inner six-sided polygon, for a total of 6 + 6 + 6 figures, which equals 666.

How in the hell some nation like Israel can celebrate a holy week like Hanukkah by murdering Palestinian civilians is beyond me.

But then again, I'm just one of those dumbass GOY.

Anonymous said...

Good piece...nailed it, again. I saw a photo of some military IDF personnel waving banners, two of which caught my eye: upon the first on was written, "Why do all the rockets seem to fall where we live?" - or similar; and upon the second, "We're Jews (or was it 'Jewish'?) too!" - or something similar. The other common denominator regarding these IDF personnel: they're black Africans, i.e., schwartzers, in zio-speak in zioland.

Yes, The whirlwind doth cometh:First as a Lamb, then as a Lion.

Take care.

Pax Verbum

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention these two points in my earlier missive:

1. In articles around and about, I think it was Netanyahu who Warned The USA and The World what would happen next: "...a Hiroshima-sized nuclear device, on a boat, heading for a US sea port to be detonated by...the...IRANIANS"

What nonsense...not that it probably won't happen (God have mercy on us all), but as to who would stoop to such a level and actually detonate a nuclear device under such conditions, is not the Iranians, more likely (elements of) the same group responsible for 9/11. And if it does happen, well, now we know where to return the compliment...and maybe, that's the trouble...because that may well be part of the plan anyway...Armageddon is a tiny place somewhere in the locale, I believe (QED)?!

2. When, I wonder, will the Arab world (and the Bear) awaken and take Israel/USA/UK and any other Commonwealth nation that supports such, to task?

I talk too much.

Take care.

Pax Verbum

Visible said...

Today's headline at msnbc is all about the anxiety and shock felt by residents of Israel


I guess Gaza can't really compare their suffering to Israel. Why some people in Israel are even up set about interruptions to their daily routine, I don't see where dead children can compare to this. Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

That there isn't a response by the international community, other than verbal, is the million dollar question. What power do they have that keeps all of the others in check? My first guess is that they have nukes placed. We know they have them. It has to something greater than stuffing pockets.

In the local neighborhood they are scared. They think that if they just sacrifice Gaza Israel will leave them alone - ignorance. Just look three moves ahead and there is an a reason to stop them even it takes getting a bloody nose.


kikz said...


since the bible for me is merely a collection of stories...
on the subject of 666... chrichton miller's site on the working celtic cross may offer a less corrupted explanation.
astronomically, the number makes much more sense.


How do you find the Serpent, often referred to as the Beast?

Crichton E M Miller explains, it is quite simple after you recognise the constellations in the northern hemisphere, go to Polaris the current pole star in the tail of the Little Bear which is at 90º

Deduct half the tilt of the earth which is 23.4º from the 90º and you are left with 66.6º

Draw an imaginary line from the centre of the earth into outer space bisecting the earths surface and you will find the ecliptic pole in the first coil of the constellation Draconis.

The ancients used a plumb line along with the cross which is really the Philosophers stone much sought after by Grail Hunters who think that to find the stone one must go to the centre of the earth and back again.

The Serpent is always above latitude 66.6º North and this is why the Vikings in Norway which is centred on 66.6º have the Serpent as their symbol and the early pre Viking Christian Churches at that latitude are decorated completely with Serpent signs. Harald Boehlke. Det Norske Pentagram. 1996These are those early Christians that once knew the system and were evicted from Ireland by St Patrick, Ireland's Roman Catholic Patron Saint.

The Serpent at 66.6º

The sun is always below the ecliptic pole

You need this instrument to find and measure the motion of the serpent and tell the time by its position as it spins every day

The working Cross measuring the Serpent Draconis.

The Serpent is geared to the Ecliptic Zodiac

To see how this ancient science works go to
Ezekiel's Wheels

Ali Dahmash said...

Hi, I came across this blog today and I have to thank you for supporting the Palestinians agianst this inhuman agression and stading up for Israeli atrocities. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

"Taciturnitas stulto homini pro sapientia est".


The silence of a stupid man looks like wisdom.

or "no comment".

Anonymous said...

My government representative notified, action requested to assist McKinney and craft.

Anonymous said...

I despise Israel and tell everyone I can the true nature and purpose of the place. Most have absolutely no idea at all of these issues due to our complicit media. I'm sorry to say I am also beginning to dislike Jews, as there is no getting away from the fact that the majority of them stand by and allow their tribe to do this. Israel and world Jewry are storing up immense trouble for themselves. It has exploded in their face before and could do again. True good Jews must oppose this insanity.

Anonymous said...

hey Les,
Hope youre doing fine and in good health. We need you to keep writing. Thanks for visiting my blog. Mighty nice of you, gave me a lot of support. You definetly inspired me.

Take care

Anonymous said...

One explanation of why America is so entangled with Israel-it's a hidey-hole, an escape route, for those in the West who are the wealthiest. And Dubai is fulfilling the same function-an escape hatch-for the goyim. That's a main reason for this obsessive pre-occupation with the Middle East.
I could be wrong, but isn't Switzerland not as safe a place as it used to be, as far as having money unknown to the tax man goes?
If Switzerland is no longer a safe place where criminals can keep their ill-gotten gains then it makes sense to me that said criminals will choose other places to hide their money. And since adherance to a certain religion is a pre condition to living in Israel and being safe from extradition, I wouldn't be surprised to find certain criminals who find Switzerland no longer serves their purpose as a haven for assets, selecting Israel as an alternative. Or, Dubai

Anonymous said...

The last few days have been hard to endure. I'm blessed (or is it cursed?) with the gift of empathy. Not in a supernatural kind of way -- just a very strong ability to see the world through the eyes of others and to actually feel their emotional pain. 9/11 was a tough time for me. I couldn't escape, even in my dreams, the fear and pain of both the victims and their loved ones.

When Israel destroyed Lebanon two years ago it was worse because my mother-in-law was visiting relatives there when it happened. So, my empathy couple with personal fear and anger was a pretty draining experience. And it turned my hatred of Israel into something personal. It was no longer just about abstract concepts of justice -- and it was something I could no longer be quiet about.

I admit I don't do much. I've marched and protested against the Iraq war. I post comments and links on my facebook account to try to wake up my friends. Basically, they all just ignore me now.

My mother is the only one who really agrees with me on the danger of Israel. Even my muslim husband won't go as far as I do in my criticism of them. Everyone else just thinks I'm crazy. Maybe I am -- but I think living in a fantasy where the US/Israel as the superheroes is true insanity.

My child's best friend (next door neighbor) is Jewish (not really b/c their mom is Christian -- but they lives with dad and step mom who are both Jewish) and I try my best to shield my child from my criticisms of Israel b/c I hate to destroy their friendship. But, when the family invited us to attend a Hannukah celebration (which we attended last year), I just couldn't do it. I bit my tongue last year when they talked about how much they love Fox news -- but I knew I couldn't bite my tongue about Gaza. Perhaps they may not approve of the attack -- but considering the matching hebrew tattoos they both sport (including a star of david), well, I'm just guessing that they are Zionists.

I just find it a struggle to fight against injustice without being forced into a position where I'm assumed to be anti-Jewish and have to give up on trying to be friends (or at least on friendly terms) with those who have different opinions.

Anonymous said...



by Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta Califronia - October 7, 2008 - (ACN) The New York Times published a statement by the director of the ADL of B'nai B'rith, Abraham Foxman, reporting that many Americans are blaming the Jewish lobby and Israel for the current catastrophic financial crisis affecting the USA and the world.

Abraham Foxman's report mentions the now bankrupt Jewish firm Lehman Brothers. CEO Richard Fuld, who is a Jew, was recently punched in the face by an angry American who lost all of his retirement savings when Fuld declared the firm bankrupt. Richard Fuld, however, took home an estimated $450 million dollars in compensation.

Foxman also mentions two other Jews that have been criticized by Americans for having had a major part in the crisis. They are the present and former Chairmen of the Federal Reserve Board Ben Bernanke and Allan Greenspan.

The Federal Reserve is a private cartel of banks controlled by international Jewish families say the Americans who are blaming the Jewish lobby and Israel for the financial crisis. The Federal Reserve was given the exclusive right to create and print money by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. These Americans say that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was the creation of New York "banksters" and approved by crooked congressmen in the pockets of the Jews.

Abraham Foxman quotes one American as saying "While pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into a rescue package, US President George W. Bush has remained silent about the Jewish lobby that put the US banking and financial sector into place. The Jewish lobby controls the US elections and defines the foreign policy of any new administration in a manner that allows it to retain control of the American government and economy."

Many Americans also criticize the Jewish lobby, whose principal tool is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), for each year ordering the US Congress to approve multi-billion dollar aid packages for Israel. Much of this aid is in the form of military weapons but some is to fund the Orthodox school system, including yeshivas and kollels. Kollels are yeshivas for married rabbis who do not work. American taxpayer monies are used as welfare benefits for these rabbis and their families. Many of these rabbis can be seen every day weaving their heads back and forth in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

One prominent American who is very critical of the Jewish run Federal Reserve Board is Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. He says the Federal Reserve Board is a big scam and should be abolished. He is continously making efforts to educate the American public on the US monetary system -- who controls it and how. He oftens talks about how the Federal Reserve Board creates money out of thin air, on the concept of charging interest on money loaned and on the effects of inflation on savings. Of these, inflation is the most sinister. The $700 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street and banks is going to have a devastating effect on all savings deposits. The Federal Reserve is going to print $700 billion dollars and add that amount to the total money supply in circulation. This means that if you have $10,000 dollars in a savings account today, in a few months it may only be worth $7,000 in terms of the goods you can buy. The $3,000 that disappeared is the essence of the scam.

Abraham Foxman of the ADL of B'nai B'rith was also instrumental in having YouTube and other Internet services remove a certain video critical of the Jewish lobby from their servers. This attests to the power and influence this organization has in the USA and throughout the world. This is pure censorship of information and ideas. If video recorders were available in the time of Jesus Christ and someone recorded Jesus kicking out the "money lenders" from the Temple, would the ADL censor the video if it was being shown on YouTube?


Visible said...

Once again people, if you are having problems posting as several of you are again (and it's not accidental) send me your posts so I can post them for you, don't just send me your complaints.

You should all take a look at the FEEDJIT dialogue box in the right hand menu and click on "Watch in Real Time"... fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the article, don't give up Telling People!

I regularly write to members of Parliment demanding that charges of mass murder and war crimes are brought against Olmert and his accomplices.

If they take no action, they are pretty much accomplkices to the crimes being comitted.

We the Britsh allowed the Israeli Terrorists to occupy Palestine.. we must take responsibility for the crimes perpetrated by the Israelis.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les! Willow here. Wonderful post. Right on the money. I thought you might be interested in this link. I found it on What Really Happened...another one of my favorite places I visit everyday:


I think it will explain a lot. It certainly did for me.

Take care. I'll check in again later!


Anonymous said...


You write well--and passionately (not always possible to combine the two!) & it's necessary to state your views. I wish more Jews would read your site to try to get some sense of the outrage and anger that is rising against them now. Unfortunately, as Henry Makow often points out, most Jews are as ignorant as most non-Jews and do not see how the Zionist bandits have taken over their religion and their countries--Israel, US, England.

One small point: You write about "Ersatz Israel" in your 2nd paragraph. I'm pretty sure you meant "Eretz Yisrael"--the fantasy of "Greater Israel" which Zionism has promulgated for over a century.


Visible said...

Dear Aware and Concerned, No... I meant ersatz as the definition explain and I would hope everyone uses it from now on. I'm thinking we need to start photoshopping a lot of people into the situations they are already in and plastering them everywhere we go.

Thanks Willow.

paolocaruso said...

Auguri Les,

You summed it up very well. If I were Palestinian or even muslim, I would indeed be militant to the end.

Not sure if anyone has been noticing but the US Department of Defense has been handing out huge military contracts in the past few months which involve nuclear subs, surveillance and missile systems. It is no wonder the Chinese and Russia are rushing to build up their militarys, whose combined military budget is about one fifth of the US. The USUK Israel gang are insane psycopaths, and they are now desperate.

Anonymous said...

Well said Les!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Les,
You seem to think some great 'karmic comeuppance' will happen to our pals in Israel... I'm sorry, but they'll get away with it, they always do! Israel is the garrison state/attack dog for western interests in the middle east.

I also note the total spinelessness of the Arabs. Saudi Arabia, which is lending billions to bail out the west, could exert a lot of pressure on the Jews, but sadly the Palestinians are the 'wrong type' of muslim!

Anonymous said...

which ever way i look at it i know some of those jews are good and probably 95% of the others have been brain washed to think the way they do that means the negative energy that holds them can be broken ,it is within everyones true nature to perfect themselves, unfortunately the jews have had their dreams sabotaged by colonialist money and some twisted teachers of their faith,israel is at the front line of the colonialists next project total control of the middle east,i am not excusing their actions but these are people and they have been made to do this . peace to all, my prayers sit with you tonight my palestinian brothers and sisters from neil

Anonymous said...

no wonder the zionist nation of israel is dispised the world over. But the governments of the world do not have the balls to cut them loose. God bless the true belivers of god be they christian,muslim or jew and to hell with the zionists.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

I think more than a few people read smoking mirrors. Granted one actually has to posses the ability to think and use their heads (which automatically disqualifies 99% of Americans) to see what is going on in the world, but many people read your site and appreciate your boldness and decency in reporting the truth. Fight the good fight and never give up. More power to you, Les (and a few others who are as brave and intelligent as yourself).

You would think that after 5000 years of jew terrorism and genocide and unending evil the world has had enough. Hopefully this will soon come to fruition and the sons of satan will be expelled once and for all. This will be the greatest challenge for mankind in the 21st century and if we do not accomplish it everyone-Muslim, Christian, aetheist whatever will all be terrorized like the Palestinians have been for far too long and the jew terrorist will murder us all the first chance the evil gets. But it will not happen because righteousness and decency and the goodness of humanity will show itself and defeat the sons of satan. And those terrorist puppet states of
the eternal evil jew-chief among them America (after all terrorists always stick together!) will not escape unscathed either. Perhaps then goodness will sweep the American landscape and the sheeple will finally wake up and reclaim and change their country for the better. Anything is possible. Do not give up hope.

Let us all pray for the Palestinians. For when one Palestinian is murdered at the bloodsoaked claws of the eternal evil and born terrorist jew one little bit more of humanity is also murdered.

D.L. said...

Tried to post before but got error. Let me be brief because this post might not make it either. The folks running Israel today are part of the anti-christ because the "holy" book they follow, the Talmud (which says Christ is boiling in hell for eternity in his own excrement), is anti-christ. Talmud is from the Mishna, oral traditions and commentary from the Pharisees which had Him crucified. Goyim and Christians especially are considered animals...the Palestinians have a direct line to the original Jesus apostles and were mostly the original Christians most of whom later forcibly became Muslim. It is the Christian tradition and communities that the Zionist Talmud believers are trying to wipe out, and the West Bank is next. yes, we need to pray for ALL the Palestinians, not just the Christians.

Anonymous said...

israel has created a warsaw ghetto in middle east.latest campaign is purely a land grab by those who just destroyed world financial system.

Anonymous said...

You've never won an award for your blogging have you Visible? I assume it is because of what you write about and the position taken. The truth is that there is no one better at what you do anywhere on the internet simply because of your consistency of excellence as much as the excellence of any single submission.

Your time is going to come.


Anonymous said...

I'm stunned by Israel's behavior. I cannot even read the news about its genocidal actions in Gaza because it's too painful. Are they even aware how insane and psychopathic they appear to the rest of us?


Anonymous said...


Very much worth a read

Anonymous said...

Hey Les. Always can count on your blog to tell it straight and not pull any punches, but I have to say you have exceeded your excellent track record with this one. Thank you for telling it straight. Just when I was trying to enjoy some holiday downtime the damn Israelis have to go up the ante in their in-human campaign against the Palestinians. Thanks for sobering me up.

Peace and good will to all men - including any Israelis who don't agree with what is being done in their name.

We need Smoking Mirrors more than ever.

nina said...

Would it be easier to miss the point entirely? Rather than know what lies ahead for our Earth and all living species? Take away the names, the countries, the details and specifics, the tactics, the blamings and politics and you can see the future for a planet in crisis. We will join Mars in having once supported life. Isreal/Palestine - what are they but a microcosm of our superpower imperialism that instructs us how egregiously bloody and nonexistent compassion will be everywhere at some point in the not too distant future? 6.6 billion homo sapiens taking up space and growing exponentially every single second somewhere, everywhere. Nation is just a word now. Another razorwire cage in which to contain the inevitable.
As long as we think inside our thought boxes, labels and names, languages, ethnicities and religions, melanin and social mores, coin and lack of it, manipulations, scams, lies and tricks, we are stuck inside of them and won't see what is taking place outside and how it is excrutiatingly, painfully morphing into one gated community for one elite. This is what the deluxury package deals are really about, you get one ticket or the other, free will means nothing here. When we watch the world from one vantage point we see events, watch it when you are in the NOW and you feel how tight the noose. Doesn't it chafe? Does it not force tears to well in the corners of your eyes?
We've often heard our military analysts refer to softening up targets, we have seen what they do and how they do it, we know of those charm offensives and we know most people never explore living in the NOW. Its no wonder they won't ever see it, no one anywhere would welcome being witness to this gradual march into planned extinction.

Anonymous said...

My rage cannot be contained! Blood is on the hands of the zionist imposter state,blood is on the hands of all arab/muslim nations and the euro/us alliance.I shall tell you exactly why the Arab nations are aiding the zionist dogs in their genocidal activities.The reason is that they are the loyal dogs of the zionist masters who govern their nations with the law of Satan.
Had the Muslim nations been united under one system one leader as they had been for over 1300 years then there would be no massacring of the palestinians.Only after the destruction of the Caliphate did the plot against the Muslim nation truly get under way.
What is the basis for my position,i leave you with a quote from one of the many satans himself.

1902, Disraeli the British PM, held up the Quran in parliament, recognising and preaching, that “this is the book which unifies the Mohammedans, and the only way to conquer Islam is to divorce it from their hearts”. He went on to say that “when you bite the tail of the dog in Istanbul, you hear its bark in Malaysia”,

Alas their plot was successful!

Anonymous said...

I e mailed my fury at this genocide to my local MP, a conservative woman and typical lobby fodder if you ask me.
It was acknowledged by a standard message saying she was very busy having Christmas and New year but if it was urgent phone......
I have written back this evening pointing out that whilst she is enjoying her Christmas etc some 400 people give ot take have been massacred. In a fit of fury I sent her the link to this blog as well.
If you hear of an English woman MP choking on her morning coffee you may regard it as a job well done.
Write a few more.
Heavens knows what she will think. I am sure I will be blacklisted for ever more. Tough.
I suggest everyone else do the same. Its the only way I could think of of ramming the issue home into the thick skulls of our bought and sold politicians.
We know that the British Board of Deputies runs Britain and I made that point in my original E mail.
They certainly run the Tory party.
It was the Jewish news and other interests that created the useless Tory leader David Cameron - dross. Had he been half good he would be 30 points ahead of Labour.
Jews (and liberal pro EUs) wanted to avoid at all costs the leadership of David Davis. Working class guy made good, SAS reservist and a very close friend of the late Alan Clark MP.
If you google Alan Clark, who was also an author, you will discover why Davis had to be stopped.
If you have the guts to write I think we should have the guts to post it on! The higher the better.
Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Of course, it is kind of like how we handled the American Indians. Security and our manifest destiny were used to justify our actions.

As for Israel, it's been going on for 60 years, and as Illan Pappe, a jewish historian wrote, it was part of the plan. You would think man had evolved, especially after WW II, to prevent such things happening, but we just have new tools to use to destroy people, as we did in Iraq.

I believe the term chosen people has evolved and been redefined to be the ruling elite, and while the average religous jew might get caught up in nationalism or racial pride and go alomg with it, many do protest at Israelis actions, which serve a larger purpose in achieving the new world order.

Technically, Judah was only 1 tribe of 12 tribes. Most of us are likely descendants of one tribe or another, but only the ruling elite are the chosen people.

Franz said...

Thank you Les and the many readers who have expressed my outrage better than I could have, as usual.

AND kikz! YES.

The Esoteric Axis is indeed exposing their act with the 666 variations, egads!

Spelunkers here in Ohio were delighted to discover that our Great Serpent Mound is, among much else, ALIGNED TO DRACONIS at propitious times and lines up with other ancient sites half the world away. They weave a web, all of them.

6.66 billion souls on Planet Earth, as Nina points out. 6 itself being double the perfect number three.

"The Antichrist" a country... or perhaps a dark secret and the open-seseme of a cult that started long, long ago and believes its time is now. Why otherwise tell us the prophecy of the 6 million sacrifice, a dying god variation if there ever was one, has been fulfilled?

Or is that too weird? Or maybe use the older spelling WYRD, the web-of-all-creation the ancient Norse shamans knew wrapped all our fates together.

Gaza in flames and if the rumors are true, Obama's first job will be a nuke 911 redux or something equally nasty to go with our (continuing) financial meltdown.

Our fates are tied together.

Bankers connected to Madoff are dying suspiciously. Like microbiologists and Iraqi scientists before them.

Our fates are tied together.

Karma will come to be sure but the Web of Wyrd will play the tune first. Our ancient snake is mating with the dragon stars each night. Each night they weave our fates closer together and remind us they were never really apart.

Anonymous said...

Short version (my view)...
Most of the world will not take responsibility for our future
USA is the leader in this stance and greatly influences the rest of the western world with its sales methods.
The world can support over 20b people if organised
(I’m not advocating we reach that number but I am an advocate of self control and if we choose to elect a government to do that for us then so be it)
USA propaganda says you can do as you please* and one thing the US is very good at is selling which when broken down is really just fluff.
They have convinced the rest of the world they know it all- or we will not support you with our power (another sales job).
tptb are in the throes of neutralising USA power (a good thing).
I think the thing in Gaza is being let go as more negative karma against USA hopefully leading to a quicker US demise.
What happens after that is up to us (wtp of the world).
Placing all of this in context- I’m being pressured by a 5yo at the moment to go to the pool, so I’m off.
* nota that’s what I mean when I say you are all spoiled rotten

Anonymous said...

Once you understand that under the Jewish "holy" book the Talmud all non-jews are called goim (goyim), which means less than an animal, and said book instructs all goyim should be cheated, lied to, stolen from, and slaughtered, in fact the word used is "must" - - you start to understand world history and why the world is in tatters today at the hands of this conniving disgusting "tribe" of murdering, lying, thieves. They have destroyed the USA and all of us will soon be treated just like the Palestinians as we are now at the airports. The Mossad did 911 with help from traitors in our "intelligece" agencies and every memeber of our government "intelligence" establishment not in on it or an idiot knows it but is scared of being fired or murdered since Israely dual citizenship holders virtually control the USA government. Wake up starvation as they did in Russia in 1917 on along with manufactured disease will be their next attack on the Goyim who are slowly awaking to what the jew really is - - a parasite.

Anonymous said...

This is a satanic ritual of human sacrifice.

You can feel the evil all around you
seeping out of the darkness.
The demons are dancing a wild jig,
rubbing their hands together and laughing
at the sheer terror they are creating.

But no battle between good and evil will be complete without the messiah....

Let the war begin!

Anonymous said...

While it is tempting to argue that Christian Zionism is simply a (successful) attempt by Zionists to hijack American Protestantism for their own political purposes, this theory does not explain the complicity of so many other factors. More than likely, if this represents a coordinated conspiracy, the Zionists could be playing a role designed for them by the Anglo-American elites, represented in this story by contributors such as Oxford Press and the Union Oil fortune.

We must also consider the possibility that this coordination may be illusory, a more or less coincidental result of actions taken by independent individuals and societies, each choosing to participate in the drama because of distinctive goals and needs. But regardless of whether these machinations are covertly organized across time and space, or whether they occur in spontaneous self-organization, their thoroughly fraudulent nature is unmistakable. By this mechanism, the humble, naive piety of the average citizen is harnessed to the goals of the psychopathic tendency of the elite classes.

Anonymous said...

Briefly stated, Christian Zionism is a movement within Protestant fundamentalism that sees the modern state of Israel as the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and thus deserving of political, financial and religious support. Christian Zionists work closely with the Israeli government, religious and secular Jewish Zionist organizations, and are particularly empowered during periods when the more conservative Likud Party is in control of the Knesset. Both the secular and religious media place Christian Zionism in the Protestant evangelical movement, which claims upward of 100-125 million members in the US. However, one would more accurately categorize it as part of the fundamentalist wing of Protestant Christianity, since the evangelical movement is far larger and more diverse in its theology and historical development.

Christian Zionism grew out of a particular theological system called “premillennial dispensationalism,” which emerged during the early 19th century in England, when there was an outpouring of millennial doctrines. The preaching and writings of a renegade Irish clergyman, John Nelson Darby, and a Scotsman, Edward Irving, emphasized the literal and future fulfillment of such Biblical teachings as “the rapture,” the rise of the Antichrist, the Battle of Armageddon and the central role that a revived nation-state of Israel would play during the latter days.

Premillennialism is a type of Christian theology as old as Christianity itself. It has its roots in Jewish apocalyptic thought and generally holds that Jesus will return to earth before he establishes, literally, a millennial kingdom under his sovereignty. Darby added the distinctive elements of the rapture (or removal to heaven) of true, born-again Christians prior to Jesus’ return, and interpreted all major prophetic texts as having predictive value. He also marked world history according to certain periods called “dispensations,” that served to guide believers in how they should conduct themselves. The fu

Anonymous said...

The Non-Jewish Origin of Zionism
Mohameden Ould-Mey

Department of Geography, Geology and Anthropology, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN 47809 U.S.A.

The State of Israel has always claimed that the Jews invented Zionism. This paper takes issue with this claim. It examines the religious conception and geopolitical gestation of Zionism in Europe. First, it
traces the non-Jewish origin of Zionism to (1) the Reformation and Counter-Reformation conflict in Europe, (2) the rise of the Puritans in England and the English-Dutch commercial wars, and (3) the Anglo-French rivalry and Napoleon’s attempt to estrange the Jews from their European and Ottoman
rulers. Second, it outlines how British imperialist imperatives and religious motives ultimately forged Zionism as the “solution” to the “problems” they carefully help create and label the Eastern Question and the Jewish Question.

Key Words: Zionism, Geopolitics, Reformation, Anglican England, Napoleon, Jewish Question, Eastern Question


Anonymous said...

The most ragic thing about the Holocaust is that it did not happen.

Visible said...

Don't make excuses for them. They don't need any. And they would grind you underfoot while you were still explaining how they weren't the one's doing it.

Anonymous said...

At first, I also thought ypou were referring to Eretz Yisrael, but after some thought, I can see why you really meant Ersatz (ie, replacement or substitute).

Regarding some of the posts which refer to some apocalyptic happening which will right all of the wrong, this , to me, is what keeps you from action. Thinking that God or karma or something will do that which you cannot or choose not to do. The followers of the Babylonian Talmud will continue until they are physically stopped. There is no other way. We may demonizae them, call them the devils, beasts or invoke any other evil names, but nothing happens without action.
The Saudis and the Egytians are US puppets, hence they are under zionist influence. Syria, Iran and Lebanon really do not have the power to respond. In order to stop the slaughter and destruction, there will have to be a massive stopping action. How that action will be manifest is unknown to me. Keep posting, Les.

Anonymous said...

This is a most insightful read (Bejamin Freedman speaks) Please take a look at it.
A jew who really tells it like it is.


Les as always a GREAT JOB

Anonymous said...

If Mayer Amschel Rothschild was really Mayer Amschel BAUER. That would mean that he was not Jewish but GERMAN. Why is no one addressing this issue? Even the so called Ashkenazi Jew, plainly shows the word NAZI.

These Zionists are not Jews but really German in origin. When one searches, one can see their heavy influence in America and the Protestant faction.

With that fact established. We also can see that German and Roman are one and the same. The real question to be answered is, why do the Germans, Italians, British (after all they are kissing courins) have such a need to get Jerusalem/Palestine?

Is this a vendetta from ancient times when they were driven out of Jerusalem? Or is it the fact that Palestine is the only place on the planet that they do not yet have full Freemasonic control over?

Could you point out where I might be incorrect?


Any suggestions?

(sorry, it seems I incorrectly posted it twice in another article, please delete for me and thanks very much)

Anonymous said...

One of the so many disgusting links of this terrible chain of injustice and killing is the shameful 'international community' leaders, who deserve no respect. Of course, just a few like Russia, China, Venezuela, Brasil, et al. And the other is the coward Arab League. Shame on them! I do hope, we get to see those Zionists rats prosecuted and hanging paying for all the pain inflicted to several generations of the lawful owner of that land. By the way, the whole Western world already forgot the many days the Orks (IDF) spent firing at the Nativity Church in Bethelehem. NONE (of the so-called Western 'leaders' protested. And I do agree, the god of the Old Testament has NOTHING to do with Christ, and also, it is a copy of the Babilonian ancient texts. Zionists are the very image of their creator: deceivers, treacherous, bloodthirsty, first in the line the Jezabel: Tzipi Livni. Their god is the Devil.- 'FREE PALESTINE!'

Anonymous said...

There is a squad of truthtellers here, educated readers & bloggers, and those that counter the ZioGanda we are faced with daily.

Get busy folks....
Call local/regionnal/national talk shows.
Play 'dumb' to get on with the host with the screeners, and then go for their jugular.

Post on the forums. Or Youtube videos.
Bullhorn your politician. With signs.
Perhaps the Nazi symbol wrapped inside a Star of David emblem, with 'No More Aid to IsraHell' or what have you.
Time is now for activism and educating those dumb & deaf.

Peace & good will to all.
USS LIBERTY-Never forget

Anonymous said...



Saturday, December 27, 2008

Obama Doctrine

Let me make a safe guess for you: Obama will release a statement in which he will support and justify Israeli killings in Gaza. He will also call on Israel to kill more Palestinians.

Posted by As'ad at 9:39 AM

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

I won't say 'good' post because nothing about the mass murder on-going in Gaza is good. But it must be said, and you do that very well indeed.

I'm with Dave, above, when it comes to listening or reading or viewing MSM 'news' on Gaza. I cannot be in the same room. It invokes a terrible, and probably self-destructive, rage in me.

How, how, HOW can this horror not just be allowed to happen, but also be presented to, and be believed by, the world as well-deserved by the Palestinian indigenous people and a morally correct action by israel ???

One thing must now be undeniable to anyone with access to the web and more than two brain cells they can still call their own. The Jewish Zionists have effective control of the governments of the west - and much of the rest of the world,
the media of the west - and much of the rest of the world,
and the Banking system of the west - and much of the rest of the world, ('Credit Crunch' is the orchestrated rape of world-wide assets - it's the 7-years of famine part of the plan. Read genesis, it's exactly the same lies, theft, murder, pillage and rape)

One other thing is also undeniable. The vast majority of world jewry is silent on the 'Zionist' atrocities in Gaza and Palestine. And in their silence they are complicit. They must see possible advantage for themselves in what is going on and so let the die fall as they will with no interference.

I've recently thought that Christ is not a person, or even a nation. But is the term used for the vast conspiracy by those who constructed Christianity as an engine of control (an extension of Their construct and use of Judaism itself - remember circumcision is a symbolic castration, the chosen court eunuchs).

The Messiah then, is not a man, but rather the working conspiracy that enslaves the world for Their benefit. The created world of Their 'god' (or 'demon'). Word made flesh. Looked at like this, the Anti-Christ is not a person either, or a nation. As all lies unravel in the end, the Anti-Christ is the inevitable, foretellable collapse of the lies. The revelation of the truth to the enslaved, goyim, us. This truth coming out would be armeggedon to them, the end of their 'world' as the rest of humanity realized the thousands of years of lies, abuse, enslavement, and worst of all, spiritual mis-leading that They have carried out against the entire Earth and her life, in deliberate deceit.

Looked at like this, Their armageddon is not necessarily our armageddon. But with an arsenal of 250 nuclear weapons and global targeting capacity, I wouldn't count on it.

Just a thought.

Jingle Bells
The Jesus Tales
Noah was a Drunk
He's a Sham
That Book's a Load of junk

great link willow

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

First premise: humans use knowledge and information to insure survival.
Second premise: knowledge gives humans a sense of security, safety, well being.
Third premise: questioning the source of information that people rely on for their security (bible, government, etc...) is extremely dangerous and unsettling, and usually met with stiff resistance.

So for instance, standing in traffic during rush hour is not smart, and basically bad for overall survival. That knowledge is useful. If someone were to try to convince you otherwise you would begin to feel uneasy insecure, etc... You would question the author of that advice.

Let us imagine that some people use the mainstream media as their source of information and knowledge. It gives them a sense of security and well being. They believe they are getting reliable information that will insure their survival.

Intelligent free people know that the mainstream media is just a PR organization for the Government, or rather all those nice folks running the Government in the background. How do you get the believers, who need that information for their security and wellbeing to question the very ground they stand on?

Almost everyone reading this blog have already questioned the mainstream mindset. Have stepped out of the stream of ignorance. They don't need help. But what about the other 99%? How to reach them. Can't pull the rug out from under them, you must give them real information and knowlege. But they aren't coming to places like this. How to reach them, is the real question.

Is there a relationship between free people and scared people? How to shake them up? They honestly believe that your ideas are a threat to their way of life, the foundation on which they stand.

su said...

A song by Yusuf Islam once Cat Stevens.

In The End.

You can't bargain with the truth
'Cause whether you're right or you're wrong
We're gonna know what you've done
We're going to see where you belong - in the end

You can't bargain with the truth
Whether you are black or you're white
We're going to know who's right
We're going to see you in the light - in the end

O and every little thing you do
You'd better know it's coming back to you

You can't bargain with the truth
'Cause one day you're gonna die
And good's going high,
And evil's going down - in the end

You can't bargain with the truth
Whether you're old or young
We're going to see what you've done
There'll be nowhere else to run - in the end

You can't bargain with the truth
'Cause whether you're rich or you're poor
You're going to meet at the same door;
You're going to know the real score - in the end

And if you want to help your fellow man
You better start with what is in your hand

You can't bargain with the truth
'Cause whether you're right or you're wrong
We're going to know what you've done
We're going to see where you belong - in the end

You can't bargain with the truth;
'Cause if the world you chose
No further than your nose
Will be where the doors will close- in the end
You can't bargain with the truth
'Cause for those who were deceived
There'll be no reprieve
There'll be no time to believe - in the end

O and every little thing you do
You better know it's coming back to you

You can't bargain with the truth
'Cause one day you're gonna die
And good's going high,
And evil's going down - in the end

Anonymous said...

The watcher from trieste said,
Great article Les ! My sentiments too , the only thing I am dubious about is "you and your mighty ghost armies are nothing more than chaff in the wind and you will reap the whirlwind. Yes you will. "
I am not so sure . To change something in this world we need a collective change of consciousness that's not very likely considering the history of mankind . May be only few people see the evil ways of certain nations but for the masses it will take decades to undo what brainwshing has accomplished in centuries .

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has been caught by surprise by the Israelis vicious assault on Gaza, which has involved destroying a University, targeting hospitals, destroying places of worship, using weapons to cause maximum fatalities and even targeting ambulances, really should not be surprised at all.

It's actually a re-run of the preplanned genocide committed against the Lebanon in 2006 which also was also justified by false pretences.

Over 80% of the Jewish population of Israel are not biblical Jews , the vast majority are Khazar Jews, they have no historical attachment to the Middle East at all. They are the descendent's of a barbaric , ruthless tribe which only converted to Judaism in the 8th century.

The are the same vicious, vile people that gave us Communism in the Soviet Union which resulted in the deaths of over 40 million Christians in their gulags, a regime that destroyed tens of thousands of churches, a regime that raped and crucified thousands of priests and nuns, whilst at the same time sparing their synagogues.

They are the same vicious, vile regime that organised and carried out the Ukrainian Holodomor killing another 8 million Christians by starving them to death, in much the same way as they have attempted in Gaza.

They are the same vicious, vile people that run the American Administration, people like Madeline Albright who refused to release UN sanctions on Iraq which deprived the Iraqis of food and medical supplies, which destroyed Iraq infrastructure causing the deaths of 1.5 million Iraqis.
People like Richard Perle who along with other Khazars planned the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq well before the incident on 9/11.
People like Livni of the Apartheid State who believes any amount of Palestinian deaths are justified if it increases her chances of winning the next Israeli election.
Vicious, vile people like Daniel Pipes who spreads his poisonous, racist, propagandist messages to the people of the USA, he wrote in July 2001 ""The Palestinians are a miserable people...and they deserve to be."

Look in the faces of these and many other Khazar Jews who control Israel, control the USA and have heavily infiltrated certain EU Governments and you will see plain, unadulterated evil.

These people encourage constant reminders about the "Holocaust" and insist that their versions are not questioned, but at the same time they refuse to admit that historically, certainly in the last 100 years, they are the greatest purveyors of genocide the world has ever known.

Anonymous said...

hi Les, looks like you got a good keen bunch of folks here. maybe we could all form the Newer World Order together?

also, i've figured out how to fix the issue with posting (or not) comments... it's with the verification code, it doesn't appear properly. so type in any old thing, press enter, then it will say 'wrong code' and give you another one, which will be VISIBLE!

Anonymous said...

Just a point.
Zionists and European Jewry are largely Khazars. Their homeland was Khazia in the Caucasus and Southern Russia. Key google Khazar and you will get some brilliant histories.
When Khazia was overrun the people moved westward into Europe and then on to the Americas and Antipodes.
There may be a German connection but I don't know it.
As we know the caucasus region is famed for its bloodshed and violence and the khazars were the worst of the worst. Vile.
Most Jews come from this genetic stock - they were converted to judaism about 1000 years ago and follow the evil Talmudic tradition.
They have no real connection with Israel as such
Also don't ever forget why the Jews are so hated in Europe.
Marxism/communisn is a Jewish doctrine. They even practised it in the early days of Israel -the kibbutz.
The Russian revolution was a jewish coup. The original revolution led by Kerensky was a democratic movement but it was overthrown by Lenin. Jews, funded by jews and the total enslavement of the Russian people for 70 years.
Get on google. Read about the early KGB. Jews.
Read about the labour camps and who ran them. Its an eye opener.
As with so much else the jews have completely distorted their history in Russia.
Far from being victims they were the brutal overclass in many ways. It was only as Russians gradually took control and turned on the jews that they started to cry victim victim and having dispossessed the Palestinians and created Israel started to move to Israel blackening their own evil creation as they left.
'Not us gov!!' as they say.
The one thing these evil sods did not anticipate is the internet where the truth can finally be told. That is why there is growing anti semitism around the planet.
People with a computer and half a brain can now look up the truth - not the jewish version of history.
I speak with knowledge. I too, not that many years ago, believed the jewish lies.
My computer set me free.

Visible said...

Aside from your being unable to spell you'll find that everything I said is accurate and that it's also been reported in the mainstream news on several occasions where Israel has fired rockets 'accidentally' on it's own people.

Maybe you would like to look into how Hamas was originally set up by Israel. I don't have time to be your research assistant but if you wanted to know the truth you could, you just don't want to... anymore that you want to print your name because you don't stand behind what you say. I, on the other hand, do.

Visible said...

By the way... the contraction was intentional

Anonymous said...

Anyone thinking Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama will do anything - this may change your mind.

Anonymous said...

Rosie: So true, although I wouldn't lump all Jews in with the Bolshvik/Trotskyists. Remember the Refusniks!

That said, anyone who tries to throw around their Marxist-Socialist "solutions" to this hellish problem we're living with today needs to be put in his or her place. At best s/he's a Useful Idiot who actually believes that pap.

Let's give the socialists the benefit of the doubt.They probably don't know that:

Karl Marx came from an elite Khazar family of Rabbis and never did a day's hard work in his life.

His writings were financed by the CROWN (Rothschilds, connected to British royalty).

The main plank of his Communist Manifesto is the BABYLONIAN USURY/SLAVERY SYSTEM, i.e., central banking and centrally managed economies.

Socialist "revolutions" are cooked up, financed and fomented by the ELITE to take out it's only COMPETITION: The prosperous upper-middle class (sorry, the rest of us only THINK we're middle class but we're working class because we HAVE to work) that knows the names of the elites, knows where they live, knows where the bodies are buried, and has the financial, education, and intellectual wherewithal to THROW THEM IN JAIL.

Every few generations the elites take out the middle class because ignorant masses are easier to rule. They do this with their usury/slavery system (contraction of credit and crashing currencies), and socialist revollutions.

Communism is a NWO plot. Period. It's not the solution. It's the PROBLEM.

Anonymous said...

OK, the aid ship "Dignity" is rammed and fired upon by the Israelis'--I have seen the same few pictures of the boat docking and yes, there is damage but with all the journalists and video equipment on board (assumed) where is all the video?
Does anyone have a link to some actual video? Not that I am a fan of Israel, but something doesn't seem right about this--somehow, some way?


Visible said...

Cynthia McKinney gave an interview on the docks to CNN (I think). You can find it on youtube. Yes they did it and they did it in international waters.

I'll be gone for a few hours folks so if your comments don't come up that is why.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why the Dalai Lama does no speak out about Palestine -or Iraq or Afghanistan and why he never spoke out about Yugoslavia either.

But, now, at this time, this terrible Injustice, and there is once again only silence from him.

Why didhe accept the dis honor of the congressional medal of dis honor a few months ago - from the bloody hands of the bloody Bush and Tom Lantos and the Pelosi woman and the lying little Weisel - and several more of the same kind and the same tribe.???

WHAT is the matter with the Dalai Lama???

Anonymous said...

Before anyone throws the kitchen sink at me, let me explain my last post.
Here we have Cynthia McKinney (“The National Guard killed 5,000 people in New Orleans”) as the lone Amerikan on board the boat. We also have a slew of journalists none of whom it seems had the forethought to bring any video equipment with which to document the “incident”. Also, being that they knew they were going to be traveling at night, didn’t have the forethought to bring any low-light or night vision cameras?
There is an interview with a CNN reporter where he “says” that they were rammed. He says this over a very crappy connection, or maybe it was just the internet feed here. I have no doubt that the incident happened but look at how it was “allowed” to be covered, and by who—forget people saying it happened, show me!!

People believe with their eyes is my point here. Actual video of any car crash or explosion always draws more viewers—I can’t say how this was covered in the MSM—I don’t watch them—but the point is, again, people want to SEE it—then it would be real.

Kudos to McKinney for getting in a few words about the USS Liberty—I doubt anyone looked it up though. Another point is that certain people are allowed—Kucinich, McKinney—etc. to say certain things because most people laugh when they see the diminutive Kucinich—they can imagine him with the little cookie duster mustache and the real Hitler-like hair—coincidence? I think not.
This brings me to another one—Cindy Sheehan—I don’t doubt her motives one bit but what happens—and to McKinney too- is that they all of a sudden get a group of “advisors” around them who, in my opinion, set them up for mockery and failure. Look who Ron Paul got around him for his campaign—“Campaign Pro’s” who did a lovely job of sabotaging his campaign—I still want to know how they blew through 10’s of millions of dollars and I never saw an ad or a commercial—radio or TV—he flew commercial and got picked up and driven around by volunteers—Would his cabinet have been made up of the same political hacks who always make the list? I guess it is true, nice guys do finish last.
Some of the links I followed looking for video were very interesting as I had somewhat forgotten how many “Amerika, Love it or Leave it” sites—and people-- are out there—If I had a nickel for every comment saying: “The nigger cunt should a died” I would be a wealthy man—Wondering who you should be watching out for if, and when the shit hits the fan—wonder no more—they are everywhere---Israel is our friend and McKinney (and Paul, Sheehan, Kucinich, etc) deserve to die.

Some are allowed to go so far, and while I don’t doubt their intentions, they are being used to either give false hope or to be set up as stooges for a fall down the road after they have been allowed to gain a little momentum---

ENTER at your own risk—


Anonymous said...

The Macwhinny link
I wish I could shake that great woman's hand!!
Brave and honest human being.
Its a shame she was not elected first black president instead of the liar and deceiver posing as the POTUS elect.

Anonymous said...

Just another version from an Aussie courtesy of brasscheck.
It is a detailed description of the attack.

Anonymous said...

Les-ji -
My rage/astonishment is right in tune with yours, bro. At the same exact shruti/microtone.

Yesterday drove out of the mountains to the "big city" - Santa Fe. Completely inundated with chemtrails. People stressed, racing around, but like in a trance/denial state, which seems pervasive.

Woke last night at 4am dreaming of the big "lock down". Some spec-op, arrogant asshole in a suit told me he called in a 'brown/black rain' which would make certain individuals 'stand out'. All the animals were freaking out, howling, thrashing, out of control of their owners in the streets. The town was full of clean-cut 'Rick Warren-xtian-army' types all suited up for round-ups and 'cleansing'. Locals were all obliviously celebrating some holiday b.s., not paying attention to what was happening. I managed to escape notice.
I don't have these types of 'prophetic' dreams more than once in a few years. Don't know what to conclude - whether past or (one possible) future?

Its a real twilight zone, fer sure. I don't understand why people ask - "why don't folks DO something?" Like, call your "representatives" - the bought and paid-for zio-enablers who they have nekked pics of, and know where their skeletons are? Like, talk to local jewish friends - clueless, brainwashed plebes who'll only react with horror at your "anti-semitism"? Like march on controllers with the massive grass-roots 'jews-for-peace' organizations, as if there were any? As if. Like, stand on the street corner with signs and a bullhorn?
Maybe there'll be a time for those, but it seems to me that that time is past, that ship long ago left the port.
I think being moment-to-moment radically creative, relentlessly, and with unwavering concentration and centeredness is about all one can DO, as well as watching yer back, and caring for loved ones, and keeping healthy and protected. If anyone has better, more effective ideas, I'd like to hear.
Maybe we should work on our "screams", like the lady in Run Lola Run, and the kid in The Tin Drum...



Visible said...

Here you go Jj


Anonymous said...

Thanks Les, I had seen that one but it is the aftermath and not the actual event--it's like israel showing a tube with some fins on it and saying it's a hamas rocket--not that they couldn't dress up some guys in robes with "HAMAS" team jerseys on---On another note, with your living in Europe (as well as others in here) why do they always have "POLICE" spelled in english on their riot suit gear--just wondering why it's not in the native "tongue".
Again, I have not seen any actual ramming footage or machine gun fire footage (although the gunfire story seems to be fading) just a pet peeve of mine--guess it doesn't matter--

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Your calls for peace will only be met with more slaughters and murder. Do we need more massacres in order for our leaders, people and elite to realize that we are before an enemy whose inherent nature is brutality, racism and terrorism, with whom it is impossible to establish peace under any circumstances. How then can peace with humiliating conditions be achieved with such an enemy? Do we need more blood to be convinced of that?
quote from Sec. Gen of Hezbollah
The article can be found at:

Sound familiar--

Anonymous said...

Israel better think twice before any offense against Iran. Iran is armed by Russia and its not Palestine.

Iran on full alert in wake of Israeli raids

Wed, 31 Dec 2008 15:04:16 GMT

Israeli tanks taking position on the northern border with the Gaza Strip.

Iran's Air Force is on alert after the country's president envisaged major regional developments in the wake of the Israeli raids on Gaza.


The chief Iranian Air Force Commander Brigadier General Hassan Shah-Safi said on Wednesday that the ongoing critical situation in the Middle East has prompted the Iranian military to take necessary measures to ensure readiness in the event of the country becoming the target of an offensive.

"Iran's Air Force has of late carried out 120 successful sorties along with long-range flights of 2,000 kilometers, and has also conducted unprecedented aerial missions," Brig. Gen. Shah-Safi said.

The Air Force commander added that the enemy has been closely monitoring Iranian military planes. He went on to say that "unless Iran's military remains constantly vigilant the enemy will deliver a blow, even a minor one, to our forces".

The remarks come as Israeli strikes on Gaza entered a fifth day, without an end in sight to the largest assault on the beleaguered strip in decades.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday that the fierce Israeli air assault on Gaza, which "aims to root out Hamas and the Palestinians", would only lead to the "disintegration of the Israeli regime".

Facing growing international pressure, Israel's top leaders have so far rejected the idea of a temporary ceasefire.

Israel is also massing its gunboats near the Gaza port and its ground forces along the border with Gaza in preparation for a possible ground offensive.

Earlier on Monday, a senior Iranian commander floated the idea that the time has come for Muslims to militarily stop Israeli crimes in Gaza.

"Only the military option can save Gaza," said Brigadier General Mir-Faisal Baqerzadeh, Head of the Foundation for the Remembrance of the Holy Defense.


Anonymous said...

I have struggled with the primary obstacle as well in my own life. By primary obstacle I refer to that which has obviously been placed before me in an effort to guide me away from trusting my own sense of what I actually percieve before me. When a young child asks where he comes from and is told by ms egg or mr sperm, "God" for instance. How in the hell is a little kid supposed to get their mind and heart around such a concept as the talking snake convincing the rib woman to eat the magic fruit? When something as apparent as the four seasons has been twisted into what requires insane belief. When the child is exposed to adults who parrot the party line endlessly? I am asked to believe that December 21 in the north is the start of winter when its been looking and feeling like winter to me since a week after halloween. When 21 June is presented as the first day of summer, and its been hecka light and sweet and warm for six or seven weeks already? The list goes on and on and on from there. . .I don't care about pagan and Beltane and a whole other crock of counter spin either. All of its BULLSHIT belief system nonsense and part of the primary obstacle.

Of course these are simplistic examples. But the childs mind is simple and this crap is what its fed on its way to becoming a collection of disinformation based upon that which is to be believed in rather than taken for what it actually is felt and seen to be.

This obstacle which is hammered into children in every way cannot be rationalized away or lovingly removed by meaningful conversation. If it was that simple then people would be tuned into their heart and less likely to blindly accept the load of shit thats crammed down their throat, in their ears and before their eyes as the news.

Then theres the matter of basic aptitude required to even be able to recognize when obstacles to awareness are placed before one.

Can't you see, can't you see what that that woman shes been doin to me? Then the all important matter of social acceptance which usually seals the deal at puberty as the hormonal need to compete to procreate claims the most stubborn of those who cling to

Whatever resists giving in to the pile of shit that says you must play along or be ostracized.

So if anyone here has an answer as to how were gonna keep people awake before they're put to sleep please post.

Once the person is tucked in, dumbed down and seeks pleasure in the pablam of conformity there is little if anything thats gonna wake 'em back up.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I smoke a little I re read your posts and the visionary quality and glittering truth of what you write is piercing. You see the entire ugly mess as it really is, you see the actions of these sub-human thugs and bullies for what they are and I have to say it's scary. ( I'm smoking again...and had vowed to cut back for the New Year- try to have a good one by the way, be happy, give out love and compassion to all and that's all that matters in the end. God is just and fair and loving and the wheel will eventually turn...

Anonymous said...

The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker: and what economic, political system do you think would be an alternative for USA? To tell you the truth i don't see any other alternative for USA than Participative-Democratic Socialism of the XXI Century like the Bolivarian-Socialism in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Norway and in many other nations they are following the path toward socialism. Even comrade Bush had to adopt some socialist measures to save USA economy. To tell you the truth, capitalism doesn't work. It was capitalism which bankrupted the US economy in the first place, not socialism.

I think you are mistaking and confusing Stalinism with Bolshevism.

The Bolshevik Revolution was a true democratic movement and revolution. It was not funded by elites despite what Jeff Rense, and David Icke say. It was the first true government of workers by workers in favor of workers and poor people. But it got betrayed by Stalin, so post-Stalin Russia turned into a centralized state-capitalist system.

So please check your information and sources, and go to http://www.marxists.org instead of http://www.davidicke.com for true information about Bolshevik Revolution.


veritas6464 said...

Veritas6464 here, hey there, as usual your arrows hit the target, forget the Bullseye it's a myth to keep us dunk'n for Hot Chips (french fries), I'm so fucking lazy when I'm not busy I drink too much to work on my Blog. I've been nasty lately, regarding Gaza. Hopefully I'll have the energy when I've finished my current contract to make a point as eloquently and as succunctly as you do. Keep on Fight'n the Good Fight. Cheers,

Anonymous said...

rosie: you are just a jew-hater. The problem is not the jewish race. You are falling into the racism camp now. You are doing a bad service to the anti-zionism movement. I think you are a white-nationalist conspiracy theorist. The problem is not jews, it is zionism. You are right the Bolshevik Revolution was a revolutionary coup, but so what, it was a coup against a fascist regimen of the Russian Czarist, and if Marx, Trotsky were of jewish origin so what. They were jews but not zionists, nor funded by the Illuminati Order.

However if Marx, Trotsky, Chavez, and Castro are funded by the Illuminati Order and Freemasons, I will join the Illuminati Order and the Freemasons.


Anonymous said...

suraci said: "I am also beginning to dislike Jews, as there is no getting away from the fact that the majority of them stand by and allow their tribe to do this. Israel and world Jewry are storing up immense trouble for themselves."

I am sorry but that's a wrong approach. and that's the problem of white-nationalist, conspiracy theorists of this country, who claim that all jewish people are evil, that the religion, race and ethnicity of jews are to be erased from the planet. That is plain evil, nazism and real anti-semitism, and it also gives a bad reputation to the international anti-imperialist resistance like Hamas, Hezbollah, workers revolutions, and anti-zionist, leftist progressive governments such as Venezuela, Iran, Russia, etc.

In fact 20,000 to 30,000 jewish people live in Iran, Iran's regimen is pro-jewish people, pro-Israelis.

By hating jews you are becoming like Nazis and like the 70%Israelis who hate Palestinians.

What we need is a revolution based on love not hate.

What we need is an international solidarity with oppressed people of this world, and at the same tinme a socialist-humanist revolution against capitalism.

But Marxism doesn't preach hatred.

And no, Marx, Trotsky and Lenin were not funded by Rockefeller, Bankers and the Illuminati. That's bollocks white-nationalism, conspiracy theory, not facts.


Anonymous said...

QUOTE "And no, Marx, Trotsky and Lenin were not funded by Rockefeller, Bankers and the Illuminati. That's bollocks white-nationalism, conspiracy theory, not facts."

Absolutely correct , the Bolchevik revolution was funded by Wall Street, Jewish Banks and at least one governor of the Federal reserve Bank.

Anonymous said...

politicised religion came into being to take away mans ability to decipher right and wrong for himself ,leaving that job to the teachers of what ever particular faith is being practised ,leaving the common good to be discussed only by the people who suposedly know what is right and what is wrong, thats ok if you have aload of people who truely want the common good served ,in israhell that is not the case, collective evil practised on the palestinians and taught to the israelis causes feelings of hatred ,a potent feeling but a feeling that only serves to push us into even more of a hell ,you cant kill hate with hate only with love ,hate breeds hate, love breeds love ,it is wrong to hate man but not wrong to hate what he does, the practise of love is mans duty in this world to bring us back to the paradise that this place really is. peace neil

Randall said...

marxist communist you're so full of shit.
rosie is right as are all the rest.
history show you're wrong.
white socialist conspiracy?
why don't you take your nonspiritual ass somewhere else?
you talk like the communist jews you defend.
these people love killing torture and domination
and greed.
why do you keep commenting here?
les' writings are the opposite of your bullshit.
why not just leave?
Bolshevik were funded by those you say were not.
your a fucking liar, so show some links to back your claims and I'll show you twicw that for mine. jewsih racist

Anonymous said...

"waiting for moonslurpies blogspot"--flashed across the bottom of my computer screen in the crawler--I get that a lot with different names flashing when i come in here--
Anyway, to anonymous at 2:53am--
We started out from day one homeschooling our kids--they are 16 and 18 now--while they don't wear it on their sleeve, they do know which way the world spins--they think we're a little wacky, but in a fun way--they also know that what we have taught them--or better yet, exposed them to is truth--it won't happen tom'w but they have the info for when the time comes to make decisions and see fact from fiction--we have made them aware, not paranoid--We did the church thing early on--kind of seeking until we saw that was not the way--we explained why--not in a sit-down--but a bit at a time otherwise, all thy hear is blah blah blah--It also gave us an opportunity when driving them and their friends around, or having them over at the house to "mention" certain things along the way--some asked questions--some didn't--just a pointing in the right direction--to seek truth--to go with your heart--and to never do what you are "supposed" to do--or at least that the option is theirs to decide--basically to question authority be it political-religious-social---may never know but hopefully we have helped to water their seeds and pointed them towards the light--we as "adults" need to remember that kids are individuals the same as people from any race, culture, etc--INDIVIDUALS!!!!! who deserve to be treated as such--respect goes a long way--I often hear from kids I talk to that I'm different--in a good way--they open up as do I. I won't overload them--as in any relationship trust and just the willingness to listen and understand--maybe not agree--but respect their being--As individuals, or in small groups of 2 or 3, they are open--many more than that and the group dynamic takes over--
Hope that helps!!

Visible said...

the new year is kind of like making an omelet cause you have to breaks eggs. I've seldom seen a holiday season that wasn't a pain in the ass for everyone either directly or indirectly because of the blight of materialism and personal excess. So... we get exercised about each other here. M.S. is a true believer of the Eric Hoffer variety and you can't tell him anything. These kinds of scenarios tend to go manic when the aforementioned holidays seasons- or similar- come around. Think of it as sunspots.

And a very merry new year all round but I suppose I do not have to remind you to keep your head down.

Randall said...

In fact Marxist, my next blog post is going to be
about this nonsense bullshit you spout.
The first part will be an article by Israel
Shamir who demolishes what you've wrote far more eloquently than I, then I'll give my own take.
I don't want ot take up the comment space here.

Anonymous said...

Marxist Socialist
As soon as you start crying 'racism' you are a born loser.
It means your arguments are hollow so you fall back on the old canard and insult -'racism'. Pitiful. It leaves me cold.
I am anti zionist and unlike many others I have been singularly unfortunate in my choice of jewish friends and acquaintances.
I am sure anti-zionist jews exist - so does Timbuctoo. I just haven't met or seen either.
Jewish friends etc - secular - non religious - the works. Mention Israel and thats that.
As holy as Mecca. No guilt about the 519 (or whatever) Palestinian villages razed or the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians displaced. Israel is for Jews - Khazars tho they may be. That is ZIONISM!
That is God's word and anyone in the way - bomb bomb bomb.
Now I personally have another axe to grind with the neocon/jews - same difference!!!
The same folk behind the attack on Iraq honed their skills on the attack on the Serbs.
I wonder how many of you know that. Same. Same modus operendi - lies and disinformation - same motives oil pipelines and drugs.
And when they couldn't prove Milosevich guilty of a thing, they killed him through his medication. Same media blackout. Same scenario. Bomb Bomb Bomb - for 78 days and nights until the whole infrastructure of Serbia was destroyed and poisoned and thousands dead and injured.
Yugoslavia for me was the turning point - when I could no longer turn a blind eye to western criminality.
There were no mass graves, no missing Kosovan Albanians. Racak has been exposed completely as 'false flag'.Only dead Serbs dying to try to really protect their country from islamic fundamentalist terror like so much, including the Taliban - funded armed and trained by the US and its poodles not least my country Britain.
To get back to the original. Lenin was funded by American Jews not least J P Morgan. Thoroughly documented. Marxism is a jewish concept - no wonder you cry racism and frankly it is a foul dispiriting creed of nigh on slavery. Which is exactly what the Russian people endured for 70 years.
I myself am a middling person. Nearer a social democrat than anything else. We have just watched what unregulated capitalist greed can do and in a civilized society some people cannot compete and do need help and support. No one should die in a ditch.
However the problem today is that we are not socialist at all we are controlled by liberal maniacs who are destroying not only our economics as a planet, but our ethics and morals as well.
I support the socialism that helps the disabled and old - the cannots - the real cannots.
I do not support the free loaders and will nots who just happen to be the liberal darlings, the PC brigades ethnic pets or sex.
I do not think unmarried girls should have babies and become state pensioners, I do not believe the workshy should hang around street corners on the dole.
Saying that - I do not think that the jobs they would have been working at 30 years ago should have been exported to cheap labour hell holes so that billionaires - often Jewish can make another billion or two they can't even spend.
Actually the western working class has been the biggest and worse hit victims of globalism and its comrade - mass immigration. Ever noticed how the Jewish lobby is in the forefront of both ideals.
Coincidence - I think not.
If this is racist - count me in.

Anonymous said...

Hello my great friends: I would like to know the sources, the links with scientific, verificationist proofs that state that Marx, Lenin, Trotsky were funded by Rockefellers, and global-elites.

Just as Republican Party voters and Israel's government's loyal supporters, many people in this blogspot are deluded, mind manipulated and are not thinking objective but emotionally. And that's the problem in this world. The problem is truth vs. deceptions, beliefs, and convictions.

And the scientific-truth is that Marx, Lenin, Trotsky were not funded by Jewish bankers, by Wall Street and by capitalists.

They were a complete negation of bankers, and elitists.

I don't really know where the white-nationalists, anti-semites, Jeff Rense, David Icke and David Duke's fans and followers get their idea that Marx, Lenin, Chavez, Castro and all social-revolutions, social uprisins, and coups are funded by evil jewish bankers.

I would like to know the sources for that, instead of insulting me, show me the sources, so i could quit being a marxist.

Because if i find out that Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were evil and were working for Global Elites of the late 1800s and early 1900s and that Socialist Ideology is a hoax, and farse, I would be the first one to quit being a socialist.


Anonymous said...

marxist communist ~ You have slipped… you have revealed your [Khazar] hand.
~ born intuit

Anonymous said...


Can't give you the links, but ... to create a war you need two opposing sides. War makes money, loadsa money, so you set wars up, every generation or so ... Rothschild, Warburg and others, funded BOTH sides. The US bankers secretly funded the rise of Hitler IN ORDER to have a war (and make loadsa dosh). Same deal with Marx, he was paid to write Das Kapital, to create a "strategy of tension", to develop ideas to their extremes. He was pitted against Nietsche, funded by the same lot. One produced Communism, the other Nihilism =>Fascism. If it weren't for Marx and Nietsche, the capitalists would have been seen to be making too much money, but they created the twin ideologies that ensured opposing sides, and hence succeeded in distracting generations of us with the fantasy politics of Left/Right. In the West, Communism was so dangerous (in the common people's perception) that even the little man's pocket was under threat, so Revolution was (phew!)avoided in Britain. The bankers wanted Russia's wealth too, though, so a revolution was duly staged much later, so I understand, because Tzar Nicholas did not go for a Rothschild bank in Moscow. Think about it. Where did the Aristocracy go? Who got their money?? Pinko socialism (as opposed to Communist Reds) were the salvation of the system => a little piecemeal change to "improve life marginally for the poor" would stave off a revolt of the proletariat.

Anonymous said...

Marxixt Socialist
Get your finger on the google button.
Try 'lenin j p morgan' 28,900 results. take your pick.
Try 'lenin wall street' 597,000 results.
Try 'lenin and jews' 919,000 results.
Thats just for starters.
Seems you are behind the times my friend.

Anonymous said...

I apologise for this long post, but I am so happy we share the same discoveries, those of us who follow the clues and try to make sense of the chaos we’re in.

That morning last week when I woke up convinced that these people are behaving like absolutely typecast devils: that is, if you could imagine the most foul and disgusting behaviour on earth how closely would it resemble the siege and slaughter in Gaza (or Fallujah)? An exact match with Pure Evil, right? Isn’t it rather Biblical in its barbarity? That same morning, I went to your wonderful page, Les, and you had written it down! My thoughts, word for word, in your own inimitable way. We have the same visions, nightmares, dawning realisations, perhaps not totally in sync, but round the net it goes and eventually those who seek, find.

Well, here’s my twopenny’orth.

Many here refer to the Khazars and the non-jewish roots of this all-encompassing conspiracy of evil, but the plot obviously includes those who are not of these roots. Why, how, what makes these others follow the zionists? How can all the rulers be following a sub-band of twisted ruthless creatures. How come they are all involved?

To decifer the esoteric meanings behind (staged) current events which seem incomprehensible to those of us who are not religious, is an unsurmountable task of research where we need the help of an instrument like the web, which miraculously gives each of us the resources and powers of expensively funded researchers, all in a mere click. Apart from the truly wonderous tool that it is, others have often said it is, perhaps, the key to solving the problems of the world, for once and for all. If only we can use it to bring truth and light to our dark ignorance.

Some time ago I found one very important part of the jigsaw, which I want to share if I can only describe it briefly though properly.

The Zodiac and its stations contain the wisdom of ancient man. The Age of Taurus is seen here in the Mediterranean in the ruins and in the vestiges of 3 to 4 thousand year old culture: bull-fighting, ploughs, the ancient gods of Egypt, or the horns on Viking headgear ... all connected. The sky was the ancients television. The 666, the sea-navigating cross, used by ancient peoples across the continents —the links are all there showing us that the continents were closer and land bridges connected us all, once, in the past. Then came Pisces, Jesus, the fishes. Now we enter the Age of Man, Aquarius, with its squiggley water sign — which looks just like the internet, parallel waves, communication.

The Bible is the ancient book of Wisdom. So we are told. But who wrote it? And when? And has it been meddled with? Does the New Testament really tell us, today, what it is supposed to? How do we interpret its symbols, like the loaves and fishes, Peter the fisherman ....

Thinking about Israel and tribes wandering around, money-changers following camels on trade routes joining ancient cities in the Near to the Far East, captivity in Babylon and so forth, one day I was pointed to the Nag Hammadi Library and its Introduction to Gnosticism. I found here some incredible clues which fitted with other things I had found out about an alternative Jesus story. It does not involve the jews so much as the Church and the Holy Roman Empire, who are clearly relevant in this conspiracy, if only because they say and do nothing.

The Nag Hammadi books were discovered not long ago inside terracotta urns, buried in the desert. The story is incredible, read it for yourself. Their discovery also set the cat amongst the pigeons, in more ways than one, for they revive suppressed versions of the testaments of apostles of which we knew nothing: the Gnostic Gospels, the Gospel of Thomas and so on.

To cut a long story short, between the gibberings of visions and such, I understood that the very basis of the Bible had been stood upon its head, reversed if you will. Hence the suppression of the other jesus stories. Our Bible was written for political purposes much after the story of a Rabbi called Jesus the jew, to keep the Roman Empire going and the rulers in power. The Catholic Church does not practise what it preaches, if it did, everyone, PARTICULARLY THE CHURCH, would be working against poverty and the world would be fed by now if it were. So some thing (or things) happened. It’s another case of Lost in Translation, or better, Reversed in Translation.

Buried in the Coptic manuscripts are various versions of Genesis and the Adam and Eve story. They speak of “the authorities” and “archons” and tell a different story altogether. The reverse in fact. According to these, Adam was not tempted by Eve to eat of the apple as an evil act. The apple was supposed to give Adam “knowledge” of his Godlike power even though he was a man. The serpent is not the Devil, the serpent is the sacred messenger of “God” or the higher force of Nature, who showed Eve and then Adam a way of perceiving their reality as a gift and their time on earth as a physical paradise. Not a temporary sojourn in suffering, as we are taught.

If you reverse the idea of God in the Bible as being, in fact, the Devil, many gruesome things about the Bible (showing no mercy, slaughtering all women and children, razing villages and peoples, etc.) become clear as the “work of the devil” —certainly not God’s work, if God means Good. As this realisation dawned, I understood that this knowledge would blast open the Christian creed and reveal it for the hoax it is. It also occurred to me how dangerous to their ideologies all western societies might find it. It would TOTALLY upset the bases of our society. We might even realise how our leaders (political and religious) had duped us over the, at least, one thousand, seven hundred years since the mistranslated first version(s) of the Bible. We would understand that, for example, the Pope is an agent of the Devil. (Explains a lot, doesn’t it! After all, THEY invented waterboarding!)

Here is an excerpt to finish, but please look and read for yourselves (google The Gnostic Society):

“Then the seven of them together laid plans. They came up to Adam and Eve timidly: they said to him, "The fruit of all the trees created for you in Paradise shall be eaten; but as for the tree of knowledge, control yourselves and do not eat from it. If you eat, you will die." Having imparted great fear to them, they withdrew up to their authorities.

Then came the wisest of all creatures, who was called Beast. And when he saw the likeness of their mother Eve he said to her, "What did God say to you? Was it 'Do not eat from the tree of knowledge'?" She said, "He said not only, 'Do not eat from it', but, 'Do not touch it, lest you die.'" He said to her, "Do not be afraid. In death you shall not die. For he knows that when you eat from it, your intellect will become sober and you will come to be like gods, recognizing the difference that obtains between evil men and good ones. Indeed, it was in jealousy that he said this to you, so that you would not eat from it."

Now Eve had confidence in the words of the instructor. She gazed at the tree and saw that it was beautiful and appetizing, and liked it; she took some of its fruit and ate it; and she gave some also to her husband, and he too ate it. Then their intellect became open. For when they had eaten, the light of knowledge had shone upon them. When they clothed themselves with shame, they knew that they were naked of knowledge. When they became sober, they saw that they were naked and became enamored of one another. When they saw that the ones who had modelled them had the form of beasts, they loathed them: they were very aware.”

Does this tie in with your thoughts? That we are denied a certain “knowledge”? The truth is definitely being suppressed and has for thousands of years, but also this struck me:

“Now the first Adam, (Adam) of Light, is spirit-endowed and appeared on the first day. The second Adam is soul-endowed and appeared on the sixth day, which is called Aphrodite. The third Adam is a creature of the earth, that is, the man of the law, and he appeared on the eighth day [...] the tranquility of poverty, which is called "The Day of the Sun" (Sunday).”

... it wouldn’t do to encourage us to be happy in poverty, now would it?

LanceThruster said...

In the words of Fredy Perlman:

"The trick of declaring war against the armed resistance and then attacking the resisters’ unarmed kin as well as the sur­rounding population with the most gruesome products of Death-Science — this trick is not new. American Pioneers were pioneers in this too; they made it standard practice to declare war on indigenous warriors and then to murder and burn villages with only women and children in them. This is already modern war, what we know as war against civilian populations; it has also been called, more candidly, mass murder or genocide.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that the perpetrators of a Pogrom portray themselves as the victims, in the present case as victims of the Holocaust.

Herman Melville noticed over a century ago, in his analysis of the metaphysics of Indian-hating, that those who made a full-time profession of hunting and murdering indigenous people of this continent always made themselves appear, even in their own eyes, as the victims of manhunts."

From: ANTI-SEMITISM & THE BEIRUT POGROM - http://recollectionbooks.com/bleed/Encyclopedia/PerlmanFredy/antisemitism.htm

Anonymous said...

Les: The problem i see is that the same people who critisize Israelis crimes against Palestinians are becoming just like Israelis. What we need is love, not hate.


I was debating with a couple of white-nationalists, conspiracy theorist who says that Marx, Lenin and most social uprisings were/are funded by global-bankers. they hate jews.

Most white-nationalist, right-wing, conspiracy-theoristshs think that *all* jewish citizens have a plot to take the whole world, i am anti-zionism and pro-jew, unlike libertarian conspiracy theorists who fall into the racism camp

They think Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Castro, Rafael Correa, Evo Morales, North Korea's government, and other state-socialist governments in this world are funded by evil bankers.

But we must be more specific when judging reality, as bad as the current state-welfare-socialist governments of today are, i don't think that they are funded by Illuminati Jewish Bankers.

At best, the sector that could fund a Social-Democrat or leftist party in today's world politics is the national, local bourgeoise of those countries.

However, non-leftist parties are also funded by bourgeoise sector, and the more traditional non-left wing parties like The Democrats and Republicans are *really* funded by Jewish Bankers and Big Money. Because politics itself is expensive, and requires a lot of money wether left, centrist or right wing parties.

However there is no *proof* that the best and non-corrupt leftist leaders of history and today are/were backed by Global-Elites and by Big Money.


Kevenj said...

"Israel is our friend and McKinney (and Paul, Sheehan, Kucinich, etc) deserve to die."

Right on jj-have heard all the same here too, and these dudes are BACs!
Like I was once upon a time and not too long ago. Guess I've had too many imported beers lately to bother with the details of why not.
Now if I hear Christmas songs like "O Israel" -I begin to cringe.But I got to tell you're spot on with wondering where any camara/ live footage PROOF was/is concerning the Dignity.
There's so much bullshit in the world today, pretty soon I'm going to start thinking the government's not telling us everything they know.

Happy New Year Les & everyone, and thanks for writing.
From beautiful VA USA*

*Home of NAS Norfolk, which has helped bring you the exciting world developements you may view on your local station!

Anonymous said...


Both capitalism and communism are two ends of the rope THEY are using to strangle us. Google Hegelian Theory, Hegel and Marx.

Most of those racist sites, IMHO, are COINTELPRO sites, set up by the FBI to rout out the crazies AND portray anti-Zionists as racists. Some idiots get sucked in. Too bad for them that they are too stupid to realize that Divide and Conquer is being used on them AGAIN.

I also think those websites wrapping the legacies of the Rothschild dynasty in a bunch off hoodoo-vooddoo luciferian occult symbology are providing us with a COLLOSSAL DISTRATION. And I say this as an armchair occultist: That route is like a rabbit hole where people just get lost. Some of the Big Players in the Rothschild dynasty might be Sabbateans, but if they are really occultists they wouldn't have time for MONEY! The bottom line is that for the Big Moneymen, Money=Power. It's all they care about.

I don't "blame the Jews" for anything, mostly because I don't blame the common man for what a small handful of elites are doing to us. Also, Communism is but one ISM being used to enslave us. I consider the Vatican and British royalty equally to blame for their exploitation of the masses with the BABYLONIAN USURY/DEBT/SLAVERY SYSTEM (fractional reserve banking). Both (artificial) "sides" of the false left/right divide profit from the slavery system so there is plenty of blame to go around.

However, the ones most instrumental in bringing about Communism in Russia WERE, in fact, elite Jews. Jews ran Stalin's concentration camps. It's just a sad part of history that we need to deal with.

What financial system would I replace the Babylonian debt-slavery system with? A currency based on a diverse number of tradeable commodities, and a genuine free-trade system, the way the libertarians envision but have never really seen in practice beyond their neighborhood garage sales. Any nationwide social safety nets should be voluntary.

veritas6464 said...

In good-standing you allow the likes of Marxist-socialist to comment, his nonsense is mind-boggling. His motives are questionable, and obvious. Try posting a comment on a Yid Blog, there's heaps of them and I have tried. Zionist are overwhelmingly of Eastern European descent and not of the ancient and holy tribes. Many spoke yiddish, all are frauds and all are vile cretins. I shall from now on in my own blog and here (should it be mediated by Les' that my comments be posted, as it is his prerogative, it is after all his Blog) be refering to the Neocons/Zionist monsters as Yids, in deferrence to the few real Jews who do not support or condone the Evil genocide throughout the world. Oh and Mar-soc, try and have a creative thought of your own, why keep wheeling out tired old dogma written by a charlatan, I believe he never repaid the financial debt he owed to Engels nor did he ever take responsiblity for the child he had to one of Engels' housemaids, she and the child ended up in the poor-house, Marx, never practiced what he preached. Social responsibilty. I am a constitutionalist, our rights should be written into Law and held to be indefatigueable, regardless of political posturing about threats of 'Terror' or other excuses of the like! Not ever, no debate entered into, no latitude for political manipulation. And No Presidential over-ride. AD INFINTUM. By the way, the slaughter of the innocents in Gaza and the rest of the World continues, as we type..so shall we reap. "Vive L'action Direct"!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to make a few points after reading through the blog and the comments:
1. People still compare the Israelis to the Nazis and this is totally false comparison. Assuming, as most here do, that the holocaust was at best a huge exageration or at worst a complete fabrication, what atrocities, provable ones, can anyone lay at the feet of the "Nazis" . Remember also that the term Nazi was an english invention for "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei", referred to in Germany as the NSDAP. The NSDAP tried to do what most here see as what is necessary now,i.e defeat the power of the Jews in their country- except now it is more of a global problem. Also this whole notion of "racism" being an evil is baloney. Why can't the various races have their racial pride and the desire to preserve their race? A true racist does not have to hate other races, he can respect them and bear no animosity. It seems strange that we value preserving the various breeds of dogs for example- not because we hate all other breeds, but because we want certain qualities of the various breeds to be preserved. But we think this is somehow evil when applied to humans? The racism of the jews is fine with me except they have no respect for other races and feel free to do what ever they feel is necessary to strengthen their own race, to the detriment of others. So this whole anti-racist mindset, along with all the "hate"laws is just another of their tools to weaken the rest of us. The jews are in a class by themselves and can be compared to no-one, least of all "nazis".
2. The question "Why does the world put up with Israel's outrageous behavior? What are they holding over everyone?" I think the answer is fairly obvious. As the current economic plight of the "WORLD" shows, the worlds Central banks, acting in union and mostly controllled by Jews has the power to control the creation and flow of money to the world. They can cause boom times or bust times at will by controlling the flow of money and the interest it generates. I think the current economic crisis is a warning and demonstration, as in "The Day the Earth Stood Still", of what they can do if any major power, alone or working together, tries to seriously oppose them. They can get away with genocide and lies and everything Les has described because they can destroy us economicaly at will through International Finance.The powers that be in most countries know exactly what is going on, but also know that they are not willing to pay the price or jeopardize their own riches to oppose Israel's atrocities just to have the bankers turn the screw - just the oposite- they'll feed them more trillions of dollars of our debt that the bankers extort to keep the system going. In the film, "Loss of Liberty" an ex-ambassador said that the he main consequence of the failure of the US to retaliate against Israel for what the government knew to be a deliberate attack, clearly demonstrated to Israel that they could commit any outrage against us with impunity. And so we have the situation today.

Anyway, happy new year to all and lets hope the "intervention" comes soon.

Anonymous said...

Swing and a miss.... speculation. You are a fear merchant. I rebuke you!

bradysbeau said...

That was well written and well said. Great Post...

Anonymous said...

Dead on Greg!
What I'm worried about is this whole notion of natural selection and survival of the fittest.

These people are very clever, and have been working for the years and years to achieve certain goals. I don't see how anyone can stop them.

My wife honestly believes they are aliens, hehe.

Anonymous said...

They have to be aliens, no human would use tungsten alloy metal explosive on a civilian population.

"The Israelis are using a new type of very high explosive weapons which are called Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) and are made out of a tungsten alloy. These weapons have an enormous power to explode."

"these weapons will have a cancer effect on those who survive

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that it was Israel, which in fact created Ham-as
The fundamental problem is Arrogance ,which is taught at most basic stage of a Jewish education.

Anonymous said...

The Rothschilds and Rockenfelders are orchestrating all this along with the Nazi Bush camp. They are Satanists with the goal of 90% population reduction. Any population will do! Those who don't play the one world banking game are targets of Mossad and any other Zionist organisation. All Israeli security or software firms are Mossad based wherever they are!

It doesn't matter who created who, it does matter who will start picking off the elite, the few interbred families that have funded both sides of every conflict for hundreds of years.

It seems like prophecy fulfillment because they are organising it to be so. They see themselves as gods and we are scum to them, let us not confuse ourselves in trying to understand their aims and their games. We are the pawns, our children's lives mean nothing, they laugh at our suffering. They control through media and money.

Throw away your television it is their weapon to be used against you.

Develope bater as a cashless way of living for they aim to chip us all and monitor our every move, those that are left that is.

My heart bleeds for every loss of life, it is all tragic. I fill with rage at these acts of war but war is the wrong word they are acts of greed and stupidity beyond belief.

I dream of a small group of like minded military men from all nations who have the ability and the courage to covertly cancel these children of evil one by one starting at the top. I feel I should not harbour revenge but I do, I am human, any human would feel this.There is outrage around the world yet the puppets do nil and by their nil have they too qualified for cancellation.
Good luck



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