Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's a Holiday Celebration for The Synagogue of Satan.

Some celebrate the holidays with giving and fellowship; making up for the rest of the year when they can’t see the profit in it or it involves that extra effort that is better spent sitting on one’s ass and being entertained in lieu of an existence. Some opt for the religious angle and enjoy recreations of events for which no historical data exists. Some opt for the spiritual and we have no way of knowing what they are doing. Some look at it as an excuse to be more lubricated than usual and for some it is an opportunity to be more depressed than usual and some... some like to war on their neighbors because that is how they celebrate their holy days. Chief among the latter is the serial killer, theme park known as Israel.

Just as they attacked the U.S.S. Liberty in an attempt to provoke a war between The U.S. and the U.S.S.R. by way of Egypt and just as they used their control of the world press to give the im’press’ion that Lebanon kidnapped their soldiers on Israeli soil when they were actually captured well into Lebanon and... conveniently had all their forces mustered on the border and just as they bombed the King David Hotel and orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, they are now showing their holiday spirit bombing the shit out of the people they have been starving to death in Palestine based on rather crude evidence of Hamas related rocket attacks; this would be almost funny if it weren’t so sick. Of course, the one who violated the cease fire was Israel.

Once again I’m going to have to give you the image of the incredible shrinking map of Palestine. And I’m going to tell you that most of those rocket attacks are being carried out by Israelis on Israeli territory and that’s why they hardly ever hit anyone or anything. This is about full bore extermination of the Palestinian people who don’t have the good sense to move... somewhere? They should damn well know better than to occupy land that the AshkeNAZI’s want.

Now, as a gift to themselves in their festival of darkness they are going to enjoy another bloodstained holiday based on another bloodstained event. While the world has been jerking off to porn and prostrating themselves before the altar of the god of self-interest, the Palestinian people are being systematically wiped out with USDA approved genocidal actions. They’ve had their power and their water cut off. They’ve had their sewers backflowed into their living quarters. They’ve had their food supply cut off and all medical supplies and treatment denied them and name it... they’re getting it. It ain’t pretty.

Since just about no one has the courage to say it, let me say it... Israel, you are a nation of demented, psychopathic swine. You are involved in just about every ugly thing going on across the planet from your tribal control of the porn industry; to drug trafficking, human traffic, child murder, the crashing of the world financial systems, most of the world’s terror attacks and what have you. You’re a pimple on the ass of a degenerate crack whore in the Kingdom of Hell and you will... you will fall.

If anyone else were to do the things that these rapacious, bloodthirsty swine engaged in there would be a hue and cry across the landscape... or maybe not. No one seems to give much of a shit about anything these days except what’s in it for them. Of course, they are being victimized by these same swine but can’t get it up to do anything about it.

You have no right to exist but you do exist, the same way stomach cancer does. You exist, the same way that mosquitoes do, the way flies do and the way that all of Pandora’s refugees exist. You are the spirit of Pandora’s box which... also has a number of STD’s from a little too much violent rape without a condom.

You’re pretty slick. You worked your precious holocaust as a public relations event and even when various nations wanted to do something about the situation you refused all help. The suffering of certain individuals was all good copy for the blackmail you had in mind in the aftermath. Historical truth and hard data shows that your people engineered and carried out holocausts much greater than the numbers you give and they did it over and over and over; in Russia, in The Ukraine, in Armenia and ... for all I know everywhere there’s ever been one. You’re the Synagogue of Satan. This is who you are the chosen people of. This is why the Golden Calf is rampant on your coat of arms.

You caused the war in Afghanistan by attacking the U.S. by proxy. You caused the war in Iraq by manufacturing lies through your agents and made the country much worse than it ever was under Saddam. Now you’re screaming and frothing at the mouth for an attack on Iran which hasn’t attacked anyone in many centuries. All your major wars since ’48 were initiated by you and made to look like someone else did the attacking but.... hard data shows you started these wars, not the other guy(s).

You’re a fucking abomination and everyone who because of ignorance, fear or money supports you, is also an abomination as well.

I don’t know what it is... occult power, money, nukes hidden in every country in the world. I don't know how you maintain your stranglehold on power in high places. I don’t know why you’ve been such a plague on humanity across the centuries which historical data shows the proof of... heck... look at who MOST of the slave traders were... by their own logs they are convicted.

You don’t scare me. Dying isn’t hard. Living is much harder. I’m hoping that Iran gets those S-300’s. I suspect you can’t attack even now. They’re more your size. This isn’t the same thing as faking the Entebbe rescue. This isn’t the same thing as pounding the shit out of a kid half your size or still in the crib which is your specialty. You’re stone cold evil and complete cowards as all the evidence shows.

Now, your settlers rampage through Palestinian neighborhoods; these evil lunatics who destroy orchards and kill women and children. Your IDF protects them even while they do it. When the IDF uses children for target practice, nothing happens. And all the time you talk about God and how Israel is chosen by God. It’s not God you are talking about. It’s The Devil. The Devil is your god. It is patently clear by what you do whom you serve. You serve the essential nature of evil. You talk of making war by way of deception and the devil is known as the great deceiver.

(By way of digression you should read this for a more measured take on a related subject by a gifted writer.)

You are the children of the devil and I just needed to say it. You worship matter and your love is only that which can be given to the desire for acquisition. It’s a little more like lust if you catch my drift.

Today and tomorrow you kill hundreds more innocent people. Today you celebrate your holidays, which are all based on similar murders, by doing that which you enjoy more than anything else... evil and the things of evil... murder, theft, corruption... you name it, you do it. You are the living face of evil.

Evil will not last. Your day is coming and then there will be cause for celebration all across the world. That will be cause for a real holiday as great as any other the world has ever seen.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Les-just sent you this story but I see you know already. Italy is closer to that part of the world than he West Coast. MSNBC says 120 dead in air strikes but theyve only started counting. Our US tax dollars, doing evil deeds as usual.

kikz said...

the pendulum's arc has reached its limit...equilibrium will return.

Visible said...

From H'aaretz;

"Meanwhile, Palestinian militants fired dozens of mortar shells from the Gaza Strip overnight Thursday and early morning Friday, as the IDF prepared for action.

The mortars damaged one building, but no one was hurt in any of the incidents."

Uh huh... they never seem to hit anybody.

Anonymous said...

Very damn articulate Les! Could'nt have said it better. I doubt if what passes for Americans these days will express any outrage at these continuing atrocities,because they are a pimple on the other ass cheek of that crack whore!

Ground_Control said...

When the the media spotlight begins to shine too bright on these maggots, we will be guaranteed a major distraction of some sort.

Anonymous said...

They have so much power because they own the Federal Reserve and the Fed creates trillions of dollars which they use to buy up all the corporations, media, university endowments, and politicians.

Soon they'll bankrupt America with the Federal Reserve like they bankrupted the British Empire with the Bank of England. Now they're trying to move onto the Next Superpower, India.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Les, why don't you tell us how you really feel about Israel.
You do have a way with words. I love it.
The only thing I disagree with is the closing para wherein you say "Evil will not last."

Visible said...

any particular evil will not last. The dynamics of nature and physics as well as the arcane modalities of mathematics prove this to be the case. things like this happen so that they can be dealt with as object lessons. This particular evil has been a long time coming to judgment but it's getting closer all the time.

Randall said...

My God Les, This is the best. You have held nothing back. I could not have said it better, if I'd paid a million bucks to the whores who could provide such things.
I've been waiting for these words.
The words about death: death is nothing.
It's a fucking gateway. But those young souls who suffer at the hands of these maniacs...
Holy shit I wonder what's in store for them. These POS have to be pretty low in knowledge spiritually to be doing what they are doing.
We can work now. I'm not holding back on anything now. Nothing.
I'll do as I see fit for those I see deserve it. The shoe fits.
Get a hold of me. You have the email.
I look forward to this.
Read my latest blog.
I 'm ready Brother, for All Things that are worth doing. Period.

Anonymous said...

I wish to add a personal AMEN to this essay. Thank you, you've hit the nail square, as usual.

Peace and Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Telling like it least someone has the guts to do so.

Anonymous said...

Les , When I checked in at WRH this morning, my blood ran cold when I saw the story on the Gaza Attack. I jumped over to MSNBC to see what bullshit they were advertising, then read some of the "debate" on the newsvine for the article. By this time I was so deeply enraged by all of it- the attack against basically defensless human beings based on lies, the marketing of those lies by the MSM, and the support by half of the ignorant jackasses who support this mega-crime of more mass murder.
Then I came here and your words helped drain me of this burning hatred I feel by releasing just how I feel about these monsters. Thanks.
Is it any wonder that 150 countries or so throughout recorded history have driven these ruthless parasites out? Is it any wonder that Germany tried to do the same? I just don't see how Gaia can re-balance this world without a lot of smoke and flames and suffering and heartache.
Anyway I feel better now

Anonymous said...

I love what you have to say, but this is the best ever. Thank you. I agree, but could never have said it as well.

Best to you.

Anonymous said...

The 3rd pimple on the crack whore's ass, the U.S. media whores, are doing a propaganda blitz, emphasizing the false flag rocket attacks the Israhelli's are launching on themselves to justify the mass genocide they are perpetrating on the defenseless Palestinians. No amount of unloading and bitching makes me feel better about what is going on in Palestine. This really sucks.

Anonymous said...



After more than a month of hard work, I finally have good news that can finally be shared with you concerning our 160 video archive. This 25+ hour collection of informative videos in our Zionist News archive has been rescued intact and complete despite Zionist attempts to destroy them and our Freedom of Speech. Youtube seems to have cooperated totally with the Enemies of Freedom during this rude and anti-American scene of Zionist hatred and bigotry.

These people who censor persons not like themselves are extremely dangerous and anti-American. They and their subversive tribe own the NY Times, Washington Post, thousands of other newspapers, radio, and TV properties. They selfishly demand their Freedom of Speech be protected by all of us. However, their activities reflect that they are terrorists who are free to conspire inside our gates.

These terrorists of Zionist evil will defend a Zionist AIPAC supporter like Wolf Blitzer of CNN, yet, when it comes to non-Jewish reporters and journalists such as Frank Weltner and Jew Watch News, they are noticeably silent. They are the selfish and quite bigoted goons of Zionist racial hatred which their newspapers and TV news studios express almost daily against the far vaster majority of non-Jews in this world.

Fortunately, they have lost this round of hatred. We are presently restructuring and uploading our entire Zionist news collection… Evidently, our electronic and DVD backups proved more than adequate to insure our success. We promise we will never be silenced by their Zionist hate whether in Tel Aviv, Washington, or New York.

We are presently working on new videos which we shall display right here on a regular basis starting this week.


“I Will NEVER Be Silenced by Zionists and Their Communist Relatives Who Started and Ran the USSR. Right Now, They Are Repeating Here What they Did in Russia.” - Frank Weltner

FM said...

I totally agree with you. Can't believe that those Zionists are at it again. Killing, killing and more senseless killing. A nuclear power State fighting starving people. What a fucking shame.

I just have one question for you: why is the article under the link "the one who violated the cease fire" shows that the article is dated of October 24, 2007? I thought they violated the truce on Nov. 5th


Visible said...

You are correct Frank. I took it off of yesterday's WRH links and I guess I wasn't paying as much attention as I should. I was pretty incensed and not giving things the scrutiny I usually do. In any case, they damn well did violate it. They ARE a violation... of life and all that life should be.

Anonymous said...


The 'Battle of Life' has begun. If the world does not wake up to the evil that is exploding out of Israel then we will be entering a very dark and evil age. Are they really human? The evil that oozes out of Israel is to intense to be comprehend.

i have felt quite alone in this band of enlightenment. It is heart lifting seeing that there others with awareness and courage.

People better wake up 'now'. Looking at what the Zionest are doing and wondering what is their end goal and what else they will do to get there. People should be very scared and then very very angry.


Anonymous said...

"Since just about no one has the courage to say it, let me say it… Israel, you are a nation of demented, psychopathic swine. You are involved in just about every ugly thing going on across the planet from your tribal control of the porn industry; to drug trafficking, human traffic, child murder, the crashing of the world financial systems, most of the world’s terror attacks and what have you. You’re a pimple on the ass of a degenerate crack whore in the Kingdom of Hell and you will… you will fall."
Les you took the words right out of my mouth,
oh god there is evil on earth, this evil that feeds of the blood of all life on this earth, this devil that have no mercy for anyone, this zionist life sucking beast that are killing the humanty of our world, and are truning this planet into a lifeless rock in the void of space.
the zionist devil that controls most of the nations on earth, as they control the world banking,media,traid,oil and governments, they control each and everyone with the greed for money and wealth, they have become drunk with power, now they want to nuke and wage endless wars on the rest of humantie.

Anonymous said...


Be very very careful. they are masters of infiltration and even leading their opposition. I don't know how to screen for them. On a micro scale and on a macro scale they are eliminating their opposition.

They look out at the rest of humanity as slaves to be exploited and abused.


Franz said...

Hello & happy holidays! Those of us who work them salute you!

This discussion would be helped by a slim but dynamite volume, first published 50 years ago this year:

The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals by Louis Marschalko.

The strangeness of the book is this, Les: All the little tricks Lenin pulled in Russia at the start and Stalin spread wherever he could are coming down in Europe and America NOW.

Reading Marschalko sucks. It's like the history of OUR future. And lo, it appears to be coming to pass for simple fear of speaking the truth.

Keep it up, happy new year!

Anonymous said...

A CANADIAN ASKED ME WHY DID CANADIANS ELECT HARPER WHO SUPPORTS THE ISRAELI IMPERIALIS GOVERNMENT. And i told him that the reason of why Canadians and other countries elect corporate-war candidates is that the majority of its voters are middle-class folks. And indeed, please go to this site: and read an article where Karl Marx said that the middle-classes themselves are evil, are pro-ruling classes, and pro-status quo. You will never see a Middle Class person wearing a Che Guevara T shirt. Because the middle-classes have and will always be supporting imperialist measures by Israel, USA and that's why Canada has an oligarchic government, because a large segment of the Canadian population is middle-class bourgeoise folks. Just like the French citizens who are middle classes in their majority, and no wonder elected a status quo corporate candidate (Sarkosy)

Only poverty could lead nations to reovlution and change. Because as long as there is a large middle class, those middle class citizens will continue to vote for capitalists war parties and war candidates of the system.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Visible said...

I just had to remove a comment because it contained the email for the Dali Lama asking me to send all of my articles there.

Though it was sent to me as a comment I can't imagine that the person submitting it wanted that email to be public. The way it was phrased sounded quite authentic but what does anyone know about anything.

I just thought I'd share the experience because I haven't run into something like that before except for the thing with Putin.

Anonymous said...

Visible, I’ve respected your work as a truth teller for a long time now but all of the males in my family were British military and pretty sickening at that. If you have the time to take a closer look Israel would be nothing without Britain’s backing. We helped them with the Belfour agreement and we helped them obtain nukes behind America’s back. It would be real interesting to learn just how many ex British military (top Brass and all) are now working as advisors in the Israeli military. I’d put my life on it there is more than meets the eye.

Yours sincerely Miss Ann-Marie Smith

p.s. my web page;

Anonymous said...

Super article.
All the best for 09'

Visible said...

Miss Ann-Marie Smith, I'm quite familiar with all of what you mention and I would also point out that what you are referring to goes back a long way before that even and has a great deal to do with the Bank of England and the Rothschild consortium.

As for ex-military... many of them go where they are paid. The real enemy is more esoteric but it's materialism as far as 'the eye' can see and in these times it is the impetus for so much of what takes place.

To make it brief... and as I have said before... EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL no matter how it looks and everything happens for no other reason than to be an object lesson for those who may profit from it. Life is a series of plays by Shakespeare (or whomever) put on to dramatize something for as long as it takes to learn it.

Anonymous said...

IF you look at all that is going on and how much labor must go into it, you have to realize that this is no small organization. What is the glue that binds them? What is the end goal? My thoughts on that cause the hairs to stand on the back of my neck.

On another note:

I went for a short run today. While running I realized that our legs our base defense; the ability to move.

Stay healthy, maintain ability to move.

Cheers my friends,


Visible said...

Dear anonymous, your lunatic raving about gays complete with abysmal spelling and the statement that someone is working for the CIA is acceptable as a one off sort of a thing but you have to be more clear about who you are talking to because you sound like a raving lunatic. I'm requesting you put your name to the things you had to say because otherwise I'm assuming you have some other agenda that would be made more clear if you comply or refuse. I'm holding your comment back but giving you full opportunity to make another and even to make it understandable which, the first one, was not.

Anonymous said...

I would never visit that fly's asshole of a shitty little country, 'cause I've seen more than enough of it's "citizens" trashing the cultural environments of the Himalayan regions with their phony joie d' vivre, their imitation of rasta culture/dreads, their moronic 'parties', the shit music they listen to, their hotels, restaurants, their almost complete lack of interest in anything but getting stupidly stoned (charas, ecstasy, whatever) and 'doing business', while pretending that they are the "new hippies", singing of "love", peace/shalom. Yeah, we know what the word 'peace' means to them - dead calm.

They started in the 70's with Nepal, then Goa, Rajasthan, Himachal, then the rest of South Asia, and it's all totally fucking full of their sick insular tribal superiority vibe. Their disgusting rabbis cruising all the hangouts, performing their bullshit devilish voodoo. Locals everywhere despise them, know them to be spiritless, shallow, mean-spirited POS. Their women too. It made my last trip almost intolerable, especially seeing my "old home", Benares, and how their hebrew infrastructure changes the whole vibe.

In truth, though there are a few "loners" from 'country A' who avoid their tribe, and seem to be spiritually 'processing' their karma and appreciating Hinduism's positive qualities, it's impossible to really engage trustingly, and let ones guard down with them. You never know if they're mossad, how much women's and kids' blood is on their hands, and you KNOW their brainwashing is DEEP.

I think it's partly, maybe mostly, genetic, like the old royal families inbreeding, probably originally to keep their alien blood "pure" or some such shit.
It's time for yahweh and his minions to get their collective ass kicked. And, like, yesterday wouldn't be soon enough.

LES - All thanks and praises for once again saying so articulately what are my own and probably many others' sentiments. I myself have been way less ragefull in correspondence with 'jewish' acquaintances , merely using the word 'zionazi/ziocon', and had them completely freak out and cut off contact. The hour is late, and I no longer care if someone can't 'get it' and be willing to stand up and denounce this ongoing evil. Screw 'em, if they want to self-identify as separate from the human race, they're not my brothers.

The jew cries out in pain, as he strikes you." --- Polish proverb


Anonymous said...

Oh Amicus that I could stay healthy, I'm 58, wracked with arthritis, spinal spondolosis, mental illness and a heavy cold...I bloody hate heavy colds, and clinical obesity as a result. I would love more than a lottery win, 70 virgins and a king prawn curry to be able to run again. I used to run for miles and play soccer until age 42 when a fuckin slipped disc stopped it all, but yes, everybody else stay fit and exert every fibre to expose these phoney jews...Jesus said that there would be those who called themselves jews, who would not be jews. I guess apart from the Pharisees in his day, these Ashkenazi bastards are it.

Visible said...


A good body worker and a consciously applied diet could perform wonders. In tests they found that people in a geriatric state and frozen up could get back 30 percent of their range of motion with passive resistance exercises and a few other things. It's also important to be in the right climate for whoever you are.

Keep it in mind.

Anonymous said...

Well, another eloquently expressed rant reflecting the collective of the majority of those who visit your site.

So, how about some solutions? It will have to be consciousness based to have any hope of truly succeeding at the deepest level. Utilizing consciousness doesn't necessarily negate ruthlessness in the process. We can go for the juggler without necessarily killing the patient...I guess I'd rather see them suffer for a that consciousness based?

I've often entertained the notion of what it might be like to see Israel getting nuked. When aroused, from what I see and read on the internet, my rage wants to annihilate those Isrealis who give the orders and those who follow through with them. But then I think to myself "if they are removed from their bodies, where will that demonic energy go? Where will it manifest? Their bodies might be dead, but that evil just doesn't disappear. Or does it? What will happen to me? Will I take it on, if I pull the trigger? Will I become like them?

Here's what I believe can help, for starters.

Stop paying taxes.
Stop using money.
Grow your own food.
Live off the grid.
Promote projects (products and/or services) that raise consciousness, waking the masses from their/our slumber.
Boycott any item with the bar code "729" made in israel.
Don't buy anything that has the "kosher" label.
Tell your jewish friends exactly how you feel.
Support Iranian ships preparing to run supplies to Palestine.
Take your money out of the banking system.
Eat organic food.
Drink pure water.
Get plenty of rest.
Be Present.

Let's hear solutions.

European American

Anonymous said...

You said what had to be said. I am too angry
for words. Israel always has a "celebration
of death" like this to unleash on Christmas
or one of its twelve days. The world yawns,
and it is just a matter of hours no doubt before
BushObama issue the obligatory condemnations of Hamas, Palestinian "terror" with toy rockets, and all the rest, as if people in the New Warsaw Ghetto can do anything more than throw stones.
Yes, Revd. Wright, "God DAMN Amerika!"

nina said...

Today would be a perfect time for in-depth interviews with Rev.Jeremiah Wright and Bernie Madoff.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, fantastic article!

m_astera said...

We are all kinda quiet right now. Glad you keeping the posts Les. Geeze, is that all I have to say?

Anonymous said...

You’re a bloody good chap Les, keep up the good work. :-) Thank-you

Anonymous said...

For what ever it is worth. I had a vision connected with Dec 21 2012. I do believe on that date ALL humans will be blessed with the ability to recognize TRUTH, making it impossible for people to lie. Maybe this has something to do with the pineal gland or the Mayan calendar, maybe something with technology. Try to imagine the world without lies, really think about that. I also saw great tribulation for the next 4 years. When the lies are gone evil will have no place to hide. We will all be exposed for what we really are. Seeing this has given me hope for the future, and the will to endure the next 4 years.


Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

Your bravery in speaking the truth and your writing talent are truly amazing. More power to you and the few other remaining patriots in America and overseas.

Like you said, the days of that international terrorist rathole and all those inbred rodent, born evil, cowardly, warmongering, bloodsucking gutter scum, mass murdering jew terrorist virus of earth are numbered. Evil (i.e. the jew) will not last. Of that the slime of satan can be assured. One day humanity will deal with the jew filth because humanity will no longer have a choice and all the jew controlled pariah terrorist puppet states (America, England, the EU, Australia, Canada etc.) will also be dealt what they deserve for their neverending support of eternal jew evil. The sooner the jew plague is finally terminated THE BETTER!

I also keep my fingers crossed that Iran and other sovereign nations in the middle east are supplied with the Russian s-300 pmu1 systems and everything else the Russians have in their arsenal. You would think that after the slaughter of 20-60 million Russians in the jew terrorist genocide (i.e. bolshevik revolution) the Russians would be ready to do their part to further the cause of humanity in the 21st century. We must all keep our fingers crossed.

After 6000 years of cowardly jew terrorism and genocide from those hooknosed parasites and rat feces scum you would think planet earth has had enough.

As long as the jew is allowed to propogate and spread their ancient evil their will never be anything resembling peace or tranquility or harmony in the middle east or anywhere else on planet earth.

All human beings must do their part.

Thank you for posting my comment.

Anonymous said...

You might find this interesting:

Kevin Boyle

Visible said...

Thanks folks for all the great commentary and support.

Still Alive, I let this pass this time. We're all upset- once again- at the same people doing the same evil shit but... I wish you would be specific and not general. This is the kind of commentary they use for ammunition against the power of the truth.

ALL Jews are not evil. There are many fine representatives of that group as there are of all groups on the planet. It is a problem that they are one of the smallest groups on Earth while at the same time responsible for a great deal of the evil here but it isn't all of them, not by a long shot. True Torah Jews and The Neutra Karta are opposed to all of the things that Israel is and stands for.

I don't want to get into a dialectic here, I just wanted to say that.

Anonymous said...

You can help stop those evil creatures.
Each of you is welcome at :
Together, we will prevail !

Anonymous said...

Lets get things in perspective here:
Palestinian and Israeli Israeli Dead: 1065 - Palestinian Dead: 5200
USA in Iraq 4217
Iraqi since 2003 655,000

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,

I understand what you`re saying. Whenever I see such cowardly genocide against a defenseless, starved population I have to speak my mind. It`s like seeing some 200 pound bully beating up on a puppy. I just have to do or say something. I think most people would.

I know the jew is very good when it comes to using what you say or write as ammunition against you. I by no means meant for that to be the case. Again thank you for posting my comment.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe why everyone hates Israel.
Do you actually expect them to feed and care for neighbours who send rockets as a thank you??

Would you ignore rocket attacks against your country?-NO you would strike back immediately.

Israel did warn them so the decission was on their side. But nobody sees that!!!!!

Anonymous said...

the end is comeing get your minds ready time 4 good and evil 2 do battle

Anonymous said...

Everything happens to lead the world where God wants it to be. We cannot change His plans.
But one thing is for sure-evyeryone has to die someday. Where will you be for eternity? HEll or Heaven?
JESUS loves everyone of you and wants you to be saved. Only he can forgive your sins and make you really free!!!
God bless you

Anonymous said...

What I see is similar to sitting a bar and a 100 lb guy bumps a 250 muscleman and the muscleman stomps the living shit out of the little guy. Yeah, toy rockets scare my ass too... not. they should quit stealing other peoples lands, money, and lives if they want peace.

I am preparing for many things.

My mother grew up in Germany during WWII. Her family was very wealthy before the war. Her family harbored a jewish family and help them get out of the country. Yet, to this day she detest the Zionest and may be in her 80's but she still can tell the difference between good and evil.

Stay safe and healthy. Think before you act and then act. Les, you are doing what is right with courage. I behind you, beside you and in front...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:35, are you for real? have you just stumbled upon this site and truth sites by accident? did you never read about the USS Liberty or the Mossad's role in 911 and London's 7/7? None of us here blame jews perse for anything....but zionists are the worst evil on earth today chum. They have successfully overtaken every vestige of media in the western world to propogandize their false bleats of persecution since the holohoax into everyone's gullibility. They fire the rockets into their own land, usually away from their own criminal invaders and blame it on the starving Palestinians whom they routinely shoot and torture. Wake up you fool...or shill, and check out google on Israeli violence against Palestinians while you still can. If you're genuinely thick, I forgive you, but if you're agitating here, you are sick. By the way Les, I live in the freezing north-east of Newcastle U.K. on state benefits and food choices are limited, though when my low mental state raises a smidge, towards spring I hope, I'd like to start a state-sponsored health program. Thanks buddy

Anonymous said...

Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also; and whoever takes away your coat, do not withhold your shirt from him either.

These are not my words, however I think they get across the meaning I wish.

I would like to see one hundred thousand of these impoverished people march with open arms in protest. March unified and together (with their legs, crutches or wheel chairs) right through the gates straight to the temple in Jerusalem.

My two year old daughter and some big businesses got the same thing from Santa this year. A box of band-aids to play with.

great post Les.


Visible said...

sigh... heh heh. I love Jesus Christ as I do every avatar and prophet who was intentionally born into this world of conflict to bring a lamp of understanding but... why is it that so often you people write like you missed grade school? It's not the cant that counts, it's the spirit.

Ronnie... I sympathize and I don't have any money myself but I've got a lot of information for those with the discipline to use it and I could clue you to a number of useful practices that would be on positive benefit, if and only if you follow them. I'd be glad to get an email about what you're dealing with and a physical description (not here)and we can start there.

Anonymous said...

Its not the Jews who are evil per se but rather a tiny minority of them who together with the Anglo-American elites that back them, are reponsible for most of the world's woes. To indiscriminately brand all Jews as evil is not only blatent and unacceptable anti-semitism but also plays into the hands of the real enemies of humanity, the zionist and their Gentile allies

Anonymous said...

Please Les, don't tell me that you're one o' them naturally skinny guys, like you're pic appears, that have an inborn dislike for fatties cos they stuff their faces with burgers and beer from mornin til night. I genuinely piled it on through illness and immobility after having had my bricklaying job suddenly terminated thru chronic pain. I also have deduced since my lay-off time of serious world study that MOST of our obesity in the western world is not because of unrestrained gorging, but growth hormones in virtually all we eat from meat to veg. It certainly throws light on an unusual trend that has overtaken society in our time. I personally don't eat until about 6pm each day, then just below an average serving followed by a few whiskey's or bacadies befor bed. I gave up smoking in '74 and had a complete disdain for weeker ones ever since until recently when I forced myself to recall my agony at quitting. Let's all exercise patience and humanity to all our suffering brethren eh?

Visible said...

Ronnie; I don't know where you got what you got from what I said but you couldn't be more wrong. I'm pretty stunned so I'll back off and retract the offer. I was merely wanting details of 'degree' so that I could offer a possible route that wouldn't be worse than the situation at hand.

This reminds me of Steven Cranes poem about the man who was eating his heart.

Keep in mind that no help would have been offered if so many details hadn't been offered as well... beforehand. I try to make it a point to always offer what little counsel I possess at any time when suffering appears before me. I'm here to help and to tell the truth, even if both of those things piss people off. Comes with the territory I guess.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Les, I wrote the two pieces virtually together and am still happy that you took it onto yourself to be so kind as to offer genuine help. Maybe misunderstanding of mid-atlantic mistranslation I hope. I could no more get upset by any genuine offers of help. Please put aside any misunderstandings and reply to my personal e-mail which should be in your domain by now. Your loving brother and hopefully friend by now, Ronnie Lambert

Anonymous said...

Visible I know what this costs you. I've purchased some of your albums and I've read your novel. I know you'd appreciate some success in the arts for what you do and I know that you have bloody well fucked yourself doing what you do. I don't need to quote your own words back at you about what defines the battle and what the point of life is. I prefer Visible Origami as you will know from my letters. You are a Sydney Carton kind of a guy.

Your book is a modern expression of the sort of thing that used to indicate great literature and it is buried and so too is your music. I must assume there's a poor possibility that much of it will see the light of day because of what you say on these blogs but, just to remind you, the reward is elsewhere. It is the elsewhere that your poem of that name speaks of.

I admire you more for what you have sacrificed than for what you do.


Anonymous said...

Les, I like what you say, or more the spirit in which it is said. The Israeli attack on these poor people crammed inside a concentration camp is just a turkey shoot. I feel so ashamed to be in the west.

But the Israelis are very clever. Who's going to reprimand them? They have America sewn up and that's all that matters really. The Jews understand POWER. I have worked many times in Hollywood and these are some of the sharpest, but treacherous people you've ever met. America has been totally hollowed out by these termites.

I find your vaguely "new age" warnings that they'll 'get theirs yet' a bit quaint, frankly. There is not much you can do, except talk to the converted on this site. I like your outrage, but... so what. They will continue to kill who they like and there's fuck-all that you (or your readers) will do about it except wave a cyber-fist at the 'evil ones'.

All these mystical threats of karmic payback are sadly impotent baloney.

Patrick Miller.

Visible said...

Patrick, I appreciate your candor but never assume that you know everything. You are postulating that your lack of belief in something is an imprimatur on it's non-existence. That's not the case.

Point A... there's nothing 'new age' about what I have to say and in fact, the new age representatives do not speak that way in the first place.

I'll state something as fact. I KNOW that God exists. I know this. I know that this force created the world that surrounds us and upon which we walk at this very moment. It is more than this however. It also made everything out of itself and it interpenetrates everything and it expresses itself through us when we allow it to which, in these times, is a singular rarity.

The entire purpose of the manifest world is the materialization of the desire of God inappropriately expressed by those who were given free will. It is all about lessons and ergo, it is all karma.

Because in our limited span we do not see the justice we expect does not mean it does not exist and just because only half of the Mobius Strip is ever apparent to us at any one time does not mean we can postulate upon what takes place in the part we cannot see. Justice, however, is done and in this time... the time that has always been spoken of and which is at hand... justice is going to appear before your eyes.

Don't assume you know the players and don't forget that the players may well have been the other guys last time.

As I like to say, "We'll see." and that, you may count on.

Your syntax is all the more arrogant for not having any solution at all of your own. Your syntax is also observably ignorant when you use terms that imply new age warnings are quaint. How can they be quaint when they are new age? There are a host of other tells in your response, I'll leave you to ponder what they may be.

I stand by what I said and, we'll see.

Anonymous said...

I think you give too much credit to Israel. They are a product of the elite and represent their true nature. Israel serves it's purpose. If you look at the roots of political Zionism you will trace it to Britian and it's subsequent support by the American elite in WW I.

Thats my take anyways.

The Anglo-American elite have joined forces to expand the defacto British Empire, now known as the American Empire, and Israel serves to destabilize the Middle East. Some of the most visible members of the elite are Jewish so the elites conspiracy can hide behind the cloak of anti-semitism and hate crime laws.

If you believe it to be a Jewish conspiracy, you would be wrong, but thats what they want you to think, and so you do.

Thats why they published the Protocols and the Talmud in English before WW II, and why they brought Hitler to power, and went to war on the side of Communism. Those who came out as against Communism in the 30's were called nazis or anti-semites (if they mention the role of the banksters in the Bolshevik revolution), and later it was called McCarthyism. The association of anti-semitism with anti-communism allowed Communism to spread via fascism, since exposing the conspiracy led one to be accused of anti-semitism.

If you see fascism and communism as 2 ends of a rope, tie one end of the rope to the other and you see they are linked. While fascism appeared to be defeated in Germany and Italy, it took hold in America, cloaked in a flag and holding a cross, as the late Huey Long said before he was assassinated for exposing FDR for what he really was.

Anonymous said...

Justin Raimundo of "Antiwar" has slammed Obama for stating a terse "No comment" in reaction to Israhell's latest canned hunting expedition in Gaza. Everybody, from the progressive left is joining the pile-on, without considering one thing: Obama said, "No comment", a statement in itself that could be taken as a grave insult to zionazis, who expect much more gratitude in return for the debt of propelling the first Black man into the Whitehouse!

I, like many others here, am cynical about Obama's recent cabinet choices. I am no defender of anyone who prostitutes for zionism for poltical gain and I am well aware of the zionists warhawks hovering over him like vultures over fresh roadkill. However, his "no comment" objectivity about Gaza may indicate that he will surprise everyone (most of all his 'handlers') by pretending to genuflect to Israhell with the intention wrest control of the asylum from the psychopaths currentkly running it into the ground.

I am sure that all of the Chicago kosher mobsters who thought that Obama would be a waterboy for the zionist neo-libs are just steaming hot at his "no comment" statement. Sure as shit, they were expecting him to give his unflinching support and understanding to their murderous circle jerk.

Visible said...

You know Pot... I've been wondering for a little while now how you manage to say so many things without saying anything. Do you have a point? You toss so many arbitrary things out while making wholesale presumptions on what I am supposed to mean when I didn't mean what you said I did that I feel like you should be doing light shows at rock concerts; it doesn't matter who's playing by the way.

I don't mean to be offensive but I really do expect people who make the effort to mis-represent what I am saying to at least have some sort of message of their own. Even the Jesus freaks have a message.

If I knew what your point and your game plan was I would be in a better position to understand this three dimensional racket ball game.

Anonymous said...

CAIR Condemns Israeli 'Massacre' in Gaza

Posted 27 December 2008 @ 07:32 pm EST

WASHINGTON, Dec. 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A prominent nationalIslamic civil rights and advocacy group today condemned Israeli attacks on theGaza Strip that left more than 200 people dead and called the death toll a"massacre carried out using U.S. taxpayer-funded weapons." More than 700people, including women and children, were injured in the attacks.

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said ina statement:

"Despite the public 'green light' given to the Israeli military by theBush administration, American Muslims join our fellow citizens who respectinternational law and the sanctity of human life in repudiating this massacrecarried out using U.S. taxpayer-funded weapons.

"It must be clear by now that the only future offered to the Palestinianpeople by the outgoing administration was one of perpetual subjugation andhumiliation at the hands of the Israeli occupiers. Unfortunately, our nation'stimid response to this tragic episode will only serve to fuel anti-Americansentiments in the Muslim world.

"We therefore call on President-elect Obama to demonstrate his commitmentto change our nation's current one-sided Mideast policy by speaking out now infavor of peace and justice for all parties to this decades-long conflict.

"We also call on world leaders to take direct action to end Israel'scounterproductive and wildly disproportionate attacks and to end thehumanitarian siege of Gaza, which led to the recent breakdown of theceasefire."

CAIR noted that the European Union (EU), Russia, the UN Secretary-General,the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), and otherinternational bodies are all urging Israel to end it attacks.

Middle East envoy Tony Blair deplored the "tragic of loss of life," whileFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy condemned Israel's "disproportionate use offorce."

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said the Israeli attacks were"inflicting an unacceptable toll on Palestinian civilians and will only worsenthe humanitarian crisis as well as complicate the search for a peacefulsolution."

CAIR, America's largest Islamic civil liberties group, has 35 offices andchapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance the understandingof Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower AmericanMuslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

CONTACT: CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper,202-488-8787 or 202-744-7726, E-Mail:; CAIR CommunicationsCoordinator Amina Rubin, 202-488-8787, E-Mail:

SOURCE Council on American-Islamic Relations

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...: And indeed !! I remember how in the political campaign all the jewish and zionist bloggers were against Obama linking Obama with terrorism, with Iran, with Chavez, you name it, their favorite candidate was John Mccain and Sarah Palin. Maybe they knew that Obama is not so zionist as Mccain and Palin are. I just hope that Obama might surprise us all with something.

But you gotta be realist. Obama is a capitalist, not a socialist.


Anonymous said...

For a group that has been driven out of so many countries throughout history they seem to always come back. (like malaria)

I really laugh sometimes when I hear the term "new age". It is only new age to those who have never read history.

So many of the masses don't read anything other than TV schedules and trash magazines. There main means of gaining knowledge is through something called a bube tube.

Not surprising at the lack of knowledge of the masses. I don't forgive them though, there is a responsibility that comes with being a member of the sentient beings club.



Visible said...

Because a great deal of comments are coming in this evening I should mention that it is 3:00AM here and I have to go to sleep so you may not see your comments until I get up tomorrow. I hope that's okay; sometimes it isn't (grin).

Good night my friends... be strong and be patient. The time is soon at hand.

Anonymous said...

Hey: To the person in this blog who said that Obama might come with a surprise against zionists. I got bad news for you. Here is a quote by Obama about Israel i found on google:

"If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that," ... "And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing" -Barack Obama

So I am affraid that Obama will be loyal to Israel, just like all US corporate puppets have been.


Kevenj said...

My my aren't we up late tonight?

With all due respect Les, I think Pot has some valid points.
But then I have never heard you write about 'evil'/devil the way you have here.
What is that suppose to mean?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I can't believe why everyone hates Israel."

What an elegant (Freudian) grammatical slip.

I'm sure the commenter meant "I can't believe that everyone hates Israel," but I didn't drop by to be a grammar nazi (so to speak). I just thought it summed up the whole problem of public awareness in one neat sentence.

There are reasons why so many people hate the government of Israel, but for now too many other people refuse to accept the reality of those reasons. If I close my eyes and cover my ears (and plug my nose!), everything in front of me ceases to exist, does it not? It works for my 3 year old niece, but somehow it doesn't work for me anymore, even if I try my best to imagine that the blood spatters hitting my skin are really rain drops.

Sometimes I wish it did still work for me, but then it only works for the children because the grownups prepare their food for them, dress them, shelter them, and protect them. Children can live quite comfortably with their eyes closed and their ears covered so long as someone else is taking care of everything they need. It works the same way for adults in denial. That said, the price for such 5-star service is your freedom; you have to keep your mouth shut along with your eyes and ears lest you annoy your nanny and get a spanking, get sent to bed with no dinner, or get shaken to death to stop your incessant and annoying crying.

The reason children can get away with closing their eyes but adults can't is that adults are children's buffer against the perils of the wilderness. No one is going to live very long alone in the wild with their eyes closed, and people tend to forget that the whole planet is still very much a wilderness. Civilization is just a nanometer-thin veneer painted over it, and it's one that seems to be weathering rather poorly; yellowing here, flaking off there. Meanwhile, our energy is drained like we're a cheap battery as we struggle to keep our narrow hamster-wheel lives spinning at top speed so we can keep playing the game that's rigged against us. But we get our bread and circuses... Thanks, nanny!

"I got mine" is the underlying attitude that allows atrocities and the denial of same to flourish, I believe, and a semi-conscious refusal to see what's going on is how such people think they're going to be able to keep what they think they got. Trouble is, the bread is getting moldy and the circus is packing up to leave; we're all going to get our Good Citizen Reward Gift Cards (FEMA vouchers, a map to the Superdome, etc.), but to our dismay we'll discover that the store we can redeem them at will be out of business. Maybe then the denial will end, but that'll be a little too late for most of us, though I suppose some of us will make it past the difficult transition period and get to enjoy some peace and quiet for a change. But not today. Today I'm still trying to imagine rain drops hitting my skin, but deep down I know it's really blood. Happy New Year.

Still Kickin',

The Village Idiot

notamobster said...


Can you not see the evil of those in Gaza. Those horrible children and their incessant rock-throwing? Israel is just doing them a favor by building a wall around them to protect then from external threats... why don't you see this? They're not being starved. Israel is just doing their part to stem the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the world. I can't believe you people and all of you hatred. You racist bastards!

Anonymous said...

As long as everyone is looking in the Jew direction like they want, this will never be solved.

The name is an Americanized version of the German Rokkenfelder or Rockenfeller, meaning from Rockenfeld. This indicates the latter origins of the family, which can be traced back to the villages of Ehlscheid, Segendorf and Fahr, (all suburbanised to Neuwied). These are neighbored to the small settlement of Rockenfeld - part of Neuwied's quarter Feldkirchen. In Germany, the version Rockenfeller is known as a family name.

However, it is sometimes stated that the Rockefeller surname originated from the Roquefeuille, from the region of Limousin, France. If true, that may explain why they were located in the Midwest, where most of the French immigrants settled. This New France, which consisted of 15 states north of Louisiana, was home to more than 150,000 Frenchmen and women in 1803 when Louisiana was sold to the USA. In France, the version Roquefeuille is also known as a family name. Back in the 16th century, French nobles were Protestant and fled the absolutist Catholic regime to go to Germany. They dispersed throughout the German kingdoms and Switzerland. This is generally the favored version of historians to explain the ultimate roots of the Rockefeller name. The name may also come from the "Roquefeuil", a Catholic family from the region of Languedoc (France).

Mayer Amschel Rotschild was originally Mayer Amscel BAUER. Again a German name. The banking houses were GERMAN and they are now in London.

Germany has been quietly rising and is poised to be the next Super Power. Any wonder, as they had everyone looking at JEWS. Simply brilliant.

Ashkenazi is right. NAZI is right there for all to see. The origins of all of this can be traced back to Germany and this aspect should mightly be looked at. It is a wonder no one is exposing this fact!!

Anonymous said...

When the revolution comes, the blood of the opressors will flow on the fine marble floors of their banks.
- Juan Zapatista

Anonymous said...

Les, how to respond. A post that blames pretty much every evil in the world on Israel, "you", "they", Synagogue of Satan, AshkeNAZI leads me to suspect you believe in a Jewish conspiracy and that Israel rules the world.

I have no agenda except to try to put things in a historical context and explain how I believe things work, and why.

If you believe I am not saying anything, except to misrepresent what you are saying, assuming everything I am saying is directed at what you have said or not said, and not predicated by big words like "if you believe"; then it may be I have not explained myself well, issues with your ability to comprehend (too late), or some combination of the 2.

I really have nothing to sell, and simply offer in good faith ideas or beliefs that I have on different subjects you bring up, that may or may not be absolute truth, but then, you get what you paid for them.

But if I let it bother me every time I could not understand why people say what I say, life would be hard. Is it you believe everyone has a message they are trying to sell, and offering ideas without a motive is beyond the ken?.

Of course, we do know many intelligence and elitist dollars are going to corporations to litter the internet with comments to sell ideas that meet their psyop objectives or monitor, track and/or entrap people having ideas outside the consensus, so perhaps there is an agenda by many commenters, and you are right to be suspicous.

Anonymous said...

I read your page, I read all the comments. I agree with the majority her. However It is time to take up the struggel and repel the ZIONISTS its time to take up the same tactics they use murfer rape pillage. Go forth and do the same to a ZIONIST, not a jew not an semite, go forth and commit the same exaple the ZIONISTS do unto us. as the bible says, of which i do not read, but my christian friends tell me is legal, an eye for an eye a life for a life. Just wipe them out. Then the world would be a safer more sane place to live. Tonite i see no other option than to do die, i say goodbye to my brothers my sisters, my freinds my supporters, and to my enimes I can not live in this world any more I live to do die, to move to the nest plain to the next life. I post this as anaymous, but those who know me PANANAPABLO I say to you love peace and death I go to my death with peace in mind wiht my mind clear, DO not fear do not blane this site for my actions I alone chose this path. May the world save itself from itself.

Good bye cruel world. Find me in Veraguas Panama in the sea, may my soul rest in peace.

Live simple so other may simple live

PS do not hold this web site responsible for my actions I am the one responsible. I just happen to agree with the everything it says and it looked like a good place to say goodbye

In death we are free

Anonymous said...

After i submitted my comments i read your reply please posr my comments but i will not be here to see. I can no longer put up with our world In peace in love with forgiveness i go forth to find the other side. 12 54 am panama time hasta luego amigos mio. Find me en veraguas chow pablo

Anonymous said...

What can we do for the people of Palestine?
What can we do?

Anonymous said...

O....your truthful comments made the Devil wrinch. I personally am afraid. I have never seen someone so..daring to speak out and condemn the Great Satan or the Satan worshippers. Zionist Israel.
While so many wish to remain silent. Afraid to anger The Devil.
May God send a thousand angels to protect you.
May God Bless and Protect You.
So that idiots and stupid people like me and for some others will have truthful reporting.

Anonymous said...

Regarding your admonition of Still Alive, Les, are you basing your admonition, and your statement "there are many fine representatives of that group", on objective evidence that there are many jews have actively spoken out against the actions of the zionists? Because my experience has been that jews are silent on the Palestinian genocide, the cluster bombing of Lebanon, the invasion of Iraq, etc. But scratch the surface and I have not found one who disagrees with any of it. Is it really only a "tiny minority" as Ashook says? Because, if so, where is the outpouring of opposition from the remaining 'huge majority' against this barbaric behaviour?

Even some "progressive" jews, such as Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, are strangely silent on the actions of the zionists.)


Anonymous said...

I'd been meaning to write something similar myself but this will do just fine. I agree with every word, as do millions around this planet.

Today Gaza, tomorrow all of us.

Visible said...

Susan... you raise a good issue and one I have thought about often. On the other hand... the True Torah Jews and the Neutera Karta are quite outspoken but you don't hear much about them and I doubt that most people even know they exist. Brother Nathanial (whatever one might think of his personal presentation and style, continues to make many interesting points at his realjewnews site.

I would have to say that you see the same indifference to speaking out and 'taking it to the streets' on one level or another all across America and Canada and many another land. It could be the deadly career and reputation destroying cudgel of anti-Semitism which was created for the very reason it exists and is described as such by Theodor Herzl. I've long wondered about all of the apathy and indulgence of created history and revisionism. All one has to do is to study the players and what they did as expressed and exposed in the pages of what real history remains to see what's what. Take the huge preponderance of Jewish slave traders and the more recent control of many questionable economies and the means of information delivery and so on and so forth.

I'm speaking on my own experience related to Jews that I have met and I have met some remarkable ones so... I can only say whatever I know. I don't know any more than that and that isn't very much at all either.

Pot... I've no idea who most of the people who come here are. I guess I get a little rankled when I see someone shade my meaning. If anyone cares to have me illustrate what I actually mean they only have to ask me and I will do it. There's a process of manners that often gets by passed in the compressed time of these latter days.

Great to see The Village Idiot show up and as for The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and The Vatican and all the appearances of seeming temporal control, I've addressed those at different times. I tend to stay with the most obvious in your face situation. If it changes tomorrow then so will I.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Perhaps my idea maybe alien to you. Muslim believe that towards the end of the world, fitnah (lies, deceit, fraud, slander and the likes) will be rampant. We are in this era right now. Another thing is according to the Sufi circles, Imam Mahdi who will be responsible in killing the Dajjal (Anti-Christ - who the Evil Zionists are worshipping) will appear in Palestine.

So my personal opinion is, the Zionist God Dajjal ie. the Anti-Christ planned more than a hundred years ago that all Palestinians should be eradicated, so that the chances of Imam Mahdi being alive when this evil God appears is zero. Because anyone of the Palestinian man could be the father of Imam Mahdi, any Palestinian woman could be the mother of Imam Mahdi, or any child especially a boy, could be the future Imam Mahdi.

Most probably, Imam Mahdi had already been born in Palestine, but now residing in US abiding his time. What a great joke for the evil Zionists that will be.

Salam (Peace)

Anonymous said...


I am afraid that you missed my point about Obama, and I knew that this would happen (sigh).

As you know, many politicians make grand promises. Bush promised to make Iraqis a free people, so you see that happening now?
The game of politics is based on saying one thing and doing another, as you should well know by now.

Before you react, please re-read my comment about Obama. If Obama made his anti-zionist intentions clear, do you think that he would've made it this far? He hasn't even been inaugurated yet, so it's a little premature to guess what his surprise for the zionists might be.

Anonymous said...

Hi les,

Thanks for your usual brilliant perception of how things really are.

There was a protest today in London, from approx. 14.00hrs GMT outside the Israeli embassy. I wish I could join it. I wonder if it will be reported accurately by the meeja, if at all.

I've been looking at the site, at all those pictures of dead and wounded Palestinian children. My God!

May your prediction come true soon. Stay well, brother.


Anonymous said...

Visible you know I believe in God and you know why that is because I was an atheist before we took those mushrooms. The gulf of understanding between those who are consumed in the vanities of their tiny intellects which I think is how you said it and those whose faith is based on real experiences of the unknown is a chasm that cannot be crossed until destiny steps in.

I saw with great humor how one regular reader was surprised and shocked by something you had said on the subject, as if he has never been to V.O. and seen you talk about it most of the time.

As you have said, the sun is not impressed by the Catholic Church's denial of what rotates around what and getting Galileo to deny his findings didn't change anything. There are many superstitions and assumptions that cloud people's minds and nothing but an event is going to change that.

For everyone who comes here and has a different take and that is probably everyone who comes here, what we think doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what is.

That's what I like about, "We'll see." We fucking A will, willingly or unwillingly.

kikz said...

truth expanding' said...
'Back in the 16th century, French nobles were Protestant and fled the absolutist Catholic regime to go to Germany. They dispersed throughout the German kingdoms and Switzerland.'

many huguenot also settled in great britain.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic writing. Passionate and truthful.

Anonymous said...

Your anger is justified. How they get away with it is a long and tortured tale, a great primer would be The Protocols.

Niall Ferguson was given access to the Rothschild family archives for "Money's Prophets", which took him five years to write. Even though Ferguson is an insider, his book is an invaluable tool for deciphering current events.

Central Banks, of which the New York Fed is the largest, control 90% of the gold on the planet. Make no mistake, the New York Federal Reserve Bank is a private institution. Control of the planet's money supply is key to understanding how their plan shall be implemented.

Anonymous said...

Keep this one as a form--you can change country names regarding future events--one will remain the same.
Keep the ones you wrote about Katrina and just change the name of the city as needed.
Keep the ones you have written about 911 and just change the name of the city and event--
The lies will all be the same--the deaths just as real and unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Your article just about sums it all up in a nutshell. Kudos. You seem to (claim to) know a lot, and about what's coming, and possibly, when (QED) - though I have not seen you state anything other than "soon".

There is going to be a supernatural solution. The creature atop the pyramid and all its many servants will meet their eternal reward...that much is for sure; but as for the 'when' - well, God alone knows the answer to that one.

I know nothing. Nothing worth knowing anyway. But I do know that for those with eyes to see, and ears to hear: make peace with The Lord, and soon, too.

Take care. They don't like people of truth. They never did.

God bless all people of truth.

Pax Verbum

Anonymous said...

Too bad Ernst Zundel imprisoned in Canada for years, was not able to say these things and remain free. But, I digress....

It's worthy to note, that one of founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, when speaking of writing the Constitution; spoke of EXCLUDING the Jews for all times sake, for ever. You can read this in the history of our country.

These parasites have strangled every economy every where they have gone, all hiding under the facade of the 'chosen ones'. Who wonders why Hitler felt the way he did? They were strangling his economy after WWI; the only problem was, the regular Jew citizens were not and still are not, at fault today: but it is the ruling Zionist Talmud Jews.

Visible said...

There is most certainly going to be a supernatural solution. I can never say anything but soon because I do not know the hour, however, I do know the window of time remaining in relation to agreements by a variety of modalities as well as the times of the appearances of certain heavenly bodies conjuncting opposing and otherwise relating to one another. Since all major events in history have had evidence of particular transiting forces in their time, it is to be expected that the process goes on. I don't actually know anything but things repeat like the seasons.

I don't know why I'm allowed to say the things I do and rarely even receive bad comments. It is very unusual given what shows up everywhere else. All I can think is that I'm supposed to do it. Still, that doesn't mean it's going to be accepted by the fire-breathing shit weasels who are out to bury the world in a darkness composed of the same.

Anonymous said...

Les, thank you for saying what you did. You expressed my sentiments exactly. But be careful, I once got so angry that I almost went over to the other side. It was the attack on Iraq in 1990. I became physically ill. In spanish they say, "cuidado que te puedes morir de un bilis." So dearest. Do something, as I will before I got and protest, so you can get rid of it and channel it out of your system. Keep the conviction, but defend yourself.

Anonymous said...



Please read the following comments by Israelis on the newspaper The Jerusalem Post, which will show you the evil, and mass-murder mentality of the general Israeli population:

...eliminate your enemies Israel and take ALL the land that was promised to you by God. Are you still disobedient to the God who has brought you back to the land He promised you? The will NEVER be peace for you while you allow your enemies to live within your land.
Esekielu - NZ (12/28/2008 02:47)

17. If we don't go in now, tomorrow it will get worse. we need to finish the job. No more fuel for them for one month and then attack.
Yosef - (12/28/2008 03:59)

16. Hamas
since Hamas has 20,000 fighters/terrorists in Gaza and there is no escape for them if/when Israel launchs the ground attack...Israel has the opportunity to destroy not only Hamas, but Islamic Jihad and other smaller terrorist groups in Gaza. it will take a very co-ordinated effort to destroy the terror groups but at this point in history it must be done and done with overwhelming force. In less than 4 weeks America will have a new leader, who's teachings from the rev Wright to hate Isreal...Israel will stand alone in it's fight against terror and terror states (Iran)
David Katz - U.S. of A (12/28/2008 02:50)

11. the beauty of satellite
the Hamas "army" cannot amass troops because their under live satellite view of Israel. The IAF can call in an airstrike every time ten terrorists form a group. Let the party begin boys.
avi - usa (12/28/2008 01:24)

3. 200 down 14. 800 to go
scoreboard - (12/27/2008 22:30)


Anonymous said...


hey u all, have you noticed something about Israelites? I mean, people say that the problem is not Israeli citizens, but the Israeli authorities. But i've read that there is about 70% to 80% of support for the Israeli government and the Israeli Occupation Forces invasion of the Palestine Lands.

So if there is a 70 to 80% of loyal support of Israelis toward the Israeli government, we have to ask ourselves, that there is a lot of bigotry and fascist mental viruses among the general Israeli population of Israel and of American-Israelis. and not only bigotry. But i believe that we are at a true class-struggle and class-war, where Americans Israelis are the benefitted, the privileged class in America

Most American-Israelis. who live in USA live a wonderful middle class bourgeoise lifestyles, they have all the goodies that many american citizens, many latinos immigrants, many black american citizens don't have. Like access to gyms, fitness centers, movies, restaurants, vacation spots and a relatively wealthy privileged lifestyle.

I thought that USA belongs to all US citizens, and not to special group. the real US workers and citizens, bust their asses at dead end jobs earning between 6 dollars and no more than 12 dollars an hour, on the evil cold weather that the United States have, without any pleasure, without any entertainment, and worst of all without any hope of a real change that we can believe in.

The only way out of this viscious cycle of American people living boring depressing lives while a small oligarchy gets bailouts with our tax-dollars is a United Socialist Party composed of small alternative groups and conscious american citizens.


Anonymous said...


In regards to reactions to this burst of evil. I was actually an analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency when the 1990 Iraq war happened. I was able to see how it was set up just a like a play. I knew it was going to happen months before Iraq attacked kuwait. I was so livid I quit my job. that is when I quit watching mainstream news which is so much bullshit.

All this shit you see on the news, man people have to know how much of this is staged.

I have experienced and seen karma in action. Can you imagine the karma from all this that is going on now?

It is only a matter of time before oppressed break their bonds and the slave have their day. The ancient Romans had a day where the slaves and masters would switch roles. Just think of the understanding that brought.

Most importantly, people have to realize if they tolerate what Israel does to the Palestinians it will then go up a notch, and they will tolerate that, and then one day they will look and see blood in their own streets. Their own children will lie in pools of blood and they they will cry and rage like they should be doing today.

A message for the evil Israel: For each murder you commit there will be someone to fill their shoes with even more determination and anger.

The jews have lived a very gifted life for the last 60 years, why do they want so much more?


Anonymous said...

Some good news, les, although I know it won't bother you one way or another. SOTT has put up this article.

They are also running some good news articles on the Gaza crisis.

Had a problem accessing their site, my Internet kept going down whenever I tried. Seems ok now though.

Stay well,


Anonymous said...


Do you think that USA might be socialist after Obama fucks up US economy?

Yes, i think US voters will vote for a socialist party in 2012

No, US voters are too dumb, and will probably vote for Sara Palin in 2012

Not sure, I think USA will destroy itself, because US voters are not capitalist nor socialist, US voters just don't care about politics really and about any thing because most US voters are drugged by food, materialism, religion, hobbies, entertainments and TV

There is no use in worrying about USA !! Only solution is moving out of USA


Anonymous said...

Amicus: I know why people in both countries of Israel and USA and many other developed rich countries side with right-wing forces and not with oppressed victims (Palestinians and poor people). Because most people in USA, Israel, Europe and rich countries are middle-class citizens. You have to apply a bit of sociological and marxist analysis of classes, in order to understand why are people all over the world so silent, so apathetic, and so tolerant of Israel and US Imperialism. Because most people of rich countries are middle-classes, and the middle-classes are a consumerist, relatively wealthy class who see themselves benefitting from the current capitalist economic situation and really they don't have a need of change. From their own economic point of view, revolting against this corporate imperialist zionist system would go against their living-standards, and that's the main reason why we cannot count on the middle-classes as agent of real change in this world.

The real angent of change are found in poor classes, in the people who are in a *REAL* NEED* of change. But like i told you, middle-class citizens are well and would react against any revolution, against any rebellion. And always side with status-quo, with the establishment of Wall Street, and with the government against any uprising in order to protect their living standards and interests.


Visible said...

Hi Landers;

I'm sorry but I don't know what you're talking about. On the other hand, I keep getting hundreds of hits from the David Icke site but when I went there to see why I couldn't see a thing so... heh heh. I've no idea.

Whoever is running the SOTT site doesn't like me much and that's fine with me, I'm not running for prom king.

Anonymous said...

marx_socs isn't 'conscious american citizens' an oxymoron?
americans will never see socialism as an alternative- I think it may be genetically impossible. What do Neanderthals know of intelligent politics?

Anonymous said...


I agree. A thought that sets me to staring at the hills with a heavy heart.

With that, the is the realization of all the change that will be happening soon. As the economy sinks social tension will rise and maybe someday the sheep will wake...

It took a lot of effort to put a whole country to sleep. Let us hope they be return from there sleep dull depths.

The twist to that picture is that the scary part is the reaction of the oppressors of the sheep try to wake up. It will not be a fun ride but a so needed one.



m_astera said...

Thanks for nailing it once again. The comments need little comment, just well done, y'all.

Not that I have any place saying that, but there you go. I read and appreciated all.

As for Jews, two girls that I love with all my heart were/are Jews. I say were/are because one of them died in a car crash back in 1978. We were engaged to be married, and it fucked me up for a long time. The other still lives in California, but she's not probably reading this. Hi Kathy if you are, know I still love you greatly.

So if I had married one of them (which I wanted to and should have) then my kids would have been Jews. I guess. They would have been good kids. They would have hated Israel just like I do.

Anonymous said...

ain't no one saying these things like this but you. You find anything strange about that? Other people creep up against it and dance around it. I don't know if you have a death wish or somehow you know you have that right.

Like you got your own little fairyland here. I mean that in a good way, you know it's the Celtic fairy thing not the San Francisco one. Maybe we really are in the Middle Earth and this is the LOTR because nothing adds up. I can't suss what's right in front of me and never mind about what's far away.

I got your back way off in the back. Way you talk that kind of thing probly works.


m_astera said...

Re: SOTT All one has to do is look at the lack of comments on any article to see what's going on. Laura should maybe WTFU.

Visible said...

Now that's funny how you can get all the punctuations right and go on talking like that. I'm amused. You can be sure this is the Lord of the Rings by the way and it's not hard to tell who's who.

m_astera said...

Hey, you need to tell us who you're talking to to have a conversation.

Anonymous said...

by the way i read in many jewish blogspots, bloggers and in the Jerusalem Post many jewish and israelis insulting Obama. They (israelis) claim that Israeli forces need to kill all gazans and palestinians right before Jan 20 because Obama is muslim. The Israelis think that once Obama takes power in January 20, there will be no hope for Israelis to kill more Gazans, palestinians, muslims and arabs, because he will push for a peace process in the Middle East, which is what Israelis don't want.

All the Israeli citizens and Israeli government wants is to steal the oil and land of arabs, muslims and palestine citizens. (Of course with the help of US-Fascism)

face it, 70% of the general Israeli population is indeed in loyal support for Israel authorities, I don't know if Israeli citizens are like US citizens, i mean mind-controlled by education, TV and media, maybe that's why most israeli citizens are in favor of Israel's invasion of Gaza

its just like here in USA. after 2001, most americans sided with Bush, even the centrist-left supported US-fascist Imperialist war against Irak !!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you got a lot of comments on yer
post. SOTT is what is called a "listening post" -
turn in the IP #s to the masters. I dont go there
anymore. They will be listening a lot closer after your latest post -- God bless Les and his brass balls! If I win the lottery I will turn it all over to you for your commune.

m_astera said...

Actually, it's Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time which if you haven't read, you have a real treat in store. You get to be Rand Althor. I get to be Perrin. Or maybe Matt. You'll see. Smiling.

m_astera said...

Alright never mind. But read Robert Jordan. He died on us last year leaving the story unfinished, but what he left is awesome. No kidding.

notamobster said...

go to youtube and type in: jews against zionism

there are many fine examples of this organization fighting Zionism. Fighting against AIPAC. Resisting in real ways. There are many, many jews who fight against this every day, but much like their muslim brethren who speak out against muslim extremism, they never get reported on...reason being; that runs contrary to the message being conveyed.

Franz said...

I can see now this outrage is just going to go on. Americans paying attention: 2 percent as usual. Between the job-nomads and the economically burned out, that two is going to shrink in the next few months. Coincidence?


The thing that nails it is where the money WENT. Forget about who has it here. The money WENT to Israel after the Rabbi Dov looted the Pentagon in '01. And the recent looting party/pyramid scheme is so obvious nobody needs to connect dots. And all the "loans" and "bonds" from Harry Truman on, now totalling trillions.


Poor Americans might even know all that and so what? Jeb Bush nailed THAT part long ago: The people that want to know the truth are few and broke. The rest will take Newer-Deal jobs with the son-of-Blackwater-by-way-of-Halliburton and shoot their way to a Middle Class paycheck. They'll be loyal to the screws in Jerusalem for that paycheck, that I know.

And that's what it's all about!

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. The events in Gaza go to show...
a murdering bastard is a murdering bastard.
When is a leader in the EU or US gonna grow a large enough pair to say as much. What's 'peace envoy' Blair doing? Finishing counting his Christmas bonus?

Anyone with a soul knows that this can't stand - either in a 3D here-and-now sense or in a psychic sense. The old spider-senses tell me karma's gonna be... real bad. Throwing a few more million to charity ain't gonna trick it anymore.

To the respondent who mentioned 2012 (in connection with the realisation of truth and the pineal gland) may wish to seek out what water fluoridation does to the pineal gland. That's a below-the-radar spiritual holocaust on everyone forced to drink that filth.

Vibes of (((peace))) and ((((love))) to all

Mark x

Anonymous said...

The reason it is so difficult to understand the depth of evil in the ISIS-RA-ELs is that they are NOT ruled by humans. The Rotschilds are a front for the Annunakis who are poisoning as well atmo-sphere,food and water as the minds of humans in order to KILL US ALL in total wars.The reptilians , in the shadows are behind it all, in particular behind the wealthiest who make money on the misery ,The ROTSCHILDS.

Anonymous said...

kikz-interesting article here on the huguenots and crypto-jews and their migration to the US

Anonymous said...

6:46 you are on a site here which operates in deep and it aint any better than Gaza getting pounded. Great place to decipher cryptology. Beyond that I would not advise to get in too deep, is just a shell.

Southern Gent

Anonymous said...

The Cassiopaens stated something to the effect that the Jews were to be tricked into being herded into Israel to be doublecrossed and nuked to futher some esoteric sts endgame .

Anonymous said...

These are people who've been fighting each other for thousands of years. But, NOW we're supposed to be upset over it? The reality is that if was not Israel doing it to the Palestinians (who also settled that land when it was someone else's long ago; their country of origin is Jordan you ignorant idiots) then the Palestinians or someone else would be doing it to Israel. I bet that fruitcake who originally blogged this would not be complaining so profusely and emotionally if Egypt or Hamas attacked Israel AGAIN (nice photo, LOL). I personally don't care if Israel devours that whole region. The world would be a far better place without the same kind of relgion driven mentality that once drove the Ottoman Empire to attempt or contemplate conquering the entire Eastern Hemisphere.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Rising Death Toll - From the Jewish Voice for Peace

Please allow me to share with you our statement below about the headlines seen in papers across the world yesterday and today.

In sadness on this terrible day,
Cecilie Surasky
Jewish Voice for Peace

December 28, 2008

Jewish Voice for Peace joins millions around the world, including the 1,000 Israelis who protested in the streets of Tel Aviv this weekend, in condemning ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza. We call for an immediate end to attacks on all civilians, whether Palestinian or Israeli.

Israel's slow strangulation of Gaza through blockade has caused widespread suffering to the 1.5 million people of Gaza due to lack of food, electricity, water treatment supplies and medical equipment. It is a violation of humanitarian law and has been widely condemned around the world.

In resisting this strangulation, Hamas resumed launching rockets and mortars from Gaza into southern Israel, directly targeting civilians, which is also a war crime. Over the years, these poorly made rockets have been responsible for the deaths of 15 Israelis since 2004.

Every country, Israel included, has the right and obligation to protect its citizens. The recent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza shows that diplomatic agreements are the best protection for civilian life.

Moreover, massive Israeli air strikes have proven an indiscriminate and brutal weapon. In just two days, the known death toll is close to 300, and the attacks are continuing. By targeting the infrastructure of a poor and densely populated area, Israel has ensured widespread civilian casualties among this already suffering and vulnerable population.

This massive destruction of Palestinian life will not protect the citizens of Israel. It is illegal and immoral and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. And it threatens to ignite the West Bank and add flames to the other fires burning in the Middle East and beyond for years to come.

The timing of this attack, during the waning days of a US administration that has undertaken a catastrophic policy toward the Middle East and during the run-up to an Israeli election, suggests an opportunistic agenda for short-term political gain at an immense cost in Palestinian lives. In the long run this policy will benefit no-one except those who always profit from war and exploitation. Only a just and lasting peace, achieved through a negotiated agreement, can provide both Palestinians and Israelis the security they want and deserve.

Anonymous said...

you're a champion les,i hope iget on the comments,never do.

Joy said...

That was a great essay! Jews, IsraLIES are a curse on all inhabitants of earth, the universe for that matter. We have had enough of them.

"Evil will not last. Your day is coming and then there will be cause for celebration all across the world. That will be cause for a real holiday as great as any other the world has ever seen."

Anonymous said...

Like your good American sadomasochist, I watched some more internet video of the ongoing Gazan atrocities. I feel so lonely in this, all my
Christian Zionist relatives think I'm crazy (home for the holidaze). It is such a (bittersweet) balm to come here and read the comments and know I am not crazily alone. Visible's comments about God here could not have said (mine) better. Yes there is a God and I'm sure he don't like bullies.

Mitesh Damania said...

Guys check out John Perkins:


Visible said...

Great! I was wondering where the disinfo agents were. I never seem to get any and it's been a little disappointing.

Once again... for those who think I am 'sensoring' their posts (grin). And for those who try to post and for some reason I don't see it because it doesn't come thru... here's a clue. Fist off, I have to sleep sometimes so sometimes I don't post comments for as much as eight hours. Imagine that?

As for anyone else whose comments don't seem to go up. EMAIL ME!!!! Is that so hard? Paranoia is not a positive psychological attribute.

"operating in deep"? we're not the only one's who are deep buddy but we're not all deep in the same thing if you catch my drift.

Anonymous said...

I agree with every single word of your blog. Best one I have ever read and it says it all, perhaps too moderately.
Watching the attack on Gaza I haven't been so ANGRY since I watched the jewish neocon bastards bomb the Serbs back to the stone age.!!! And that is ANGRY!
I have a rotten cold and everyone else has posted, saying it all and everything.
Just wanted to give you my fullest support!!!
Take care all

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. Just as a matter of intrest. I watched the BBC news just now to see what the latest spin was on Gaza. They have spent the past 20 minutes doing an in-depth interview with the "sex on the beach man" It seems to me they are giving more time and interest to a sorted sex story. Not that I am surprised, but it goes to show you just how important they find the people of Gaza. Welcome to the world of the BBC.....

Anonymous said...

les, all I meant to do was to let you know that SOTT had posted your article. When I said you probably wouldn't care, it wasn't a criticism, I thought I was paraphrasing your own words. Sorry for all this confusion. You are the last person in the world I'd want to upset. I'm glad SOTT posted your article, so someone there thinks you're an ok guy to publish. I hope more sites do so. I don't know why you got all those hits from the Icke site, I rarely go there.

I hope this doesn't mean I'm in the doghouse with you.

Stay well.


Visible said...

Jesus, Landers! Nothing could be further from the truth. I don't seem to be communicating very well. I just noted that I I don't get much play there anymore and there was no more to it than that. Someone new had taken over the Best of the Web area at SOTT and that was pretty much the end of it for me. I just put it out of my mind. Occasionally someone will mention that they put something up by me every other month or so.

People's Voice doesn't publish me any more either and they used to publish everything. We fell out over a Visible Origami article where the fellow doing the posting decided that he should control what I say and objected to his perception that I was speaking in a dualistic sense when I should have been being non-dual. That kind of spiritual fascism I just can't take. I tried my best to explain what I was doing but he felt; as if it was his job to tell me so, that I was misleading people by providing them with little routines to activate their subconscious in a positive sense. It was similar to the sort of thing a priest might run into from the Vatican authorities if he strayed from the official doctrine.

These things happen and there's not much I can do about it. I just put it out of my head and go on about my business. I don't know what it is that people don't get about how I generate traffic for them but they do nothing for me except to post me on their site. There's no pay... no advertising... nothing. and that still isn't enough (grin).

Well... onward and upward. You shouldn't think of me as someone who even has a doghouse. All my dogs live in the house and eat better than most humans since most humans don't know how to eat in the first place. I don't bear resentments, Landers. I don't let my mind get occupied with small change realities. Usually my mind has nothing in it at all. That's how I like it.

Anonymous said...

Les: yeah i think Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, and other Israeli newspapers are hardcore in favor of the Israeli Occupation Forces and in favor of the Israeli Ultra-right.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible: I think that the main cause of why most people of developed industrialized countries support Israel, USA, NATO and fascism in general is that most people in rich countries are middle-class bourgeois bastards.

As long as people of those rich countries don't become part of the poor class, there won't be real change.

Because economy plays a big role in the way people behave. I mean just ask yourself, if you are doing well economically, if u own a Mcmansion, 2 SUVs, a refrigerator full of foods and pies like the American Middle Classes haves and jones, why should you read Alex Jones, or watch Amy Goodman at Democracy Now, and why should you be worried about a change. When in fact a change would be a threat against your house, SUVs and the nice food on your table, plus all the goodies that the middle bourgeois classes get.

I thin that there needs to be poverty in the masses for an objective condition of a change to happen, for the masses to overthrow their own fascist governments.

There is no hope in the middle stable classes.

Only when there are millions of americans in poverty, could there be a real force for change, when most americans and people in other rich countries become poor and suffering, we might see a social revolution all over the world, for a real change and a humanist world-democracy of progress and peace.

m_astera said...

The Palestine people are from Jordan? (Scratches head, then shakes it) Is the writer pretty sure about that? Probably the reason this site doesn't get many troll and disinfo goons is that for some reason there's a high level of literacy and real-life education here.

By the rivers of Babylon
There we sat down
And there we wept
As we remembered Zion

Come carry us away captivity
Require of us a song
How can we singing of our song
in a strange land?

Just thought I'd throw that in so it could be stuck in everyone's head all day. You don't need to thank me.

On to some news: Venezuela is going to invade Israel and rescue the Palestinians! No, not really. Most don't know where Palestine is and those guys are mostly Muslims anyway, not into beer and titties. (Can I say that?) Venezuela is big time into both. Gotta love this country. Note to the world: Venezuela is not a threat. Except the women are dangerous. Remember that old Rolling Stones tune Poison Ivy? You can look but you better not touch.

Don't ask me how I know this.

Apologies for the blather; the comments seemed to be slowing down and I'm doing my best.

Anonymous said...

Mitesh Damania: hey how capitalist, elitist and corporatist the whole USA is, even the center-left. John Perkins was bashed in the website Financial Sense becaue he critisized the Capitalist System, and praised Chavez. I don't go to Financial Sense anymore, they have good articles however even though they hate neocons and his wars, they are still in a bondage with the US government's mentality. They think on terms of blaming Russia, Iran, and illegal mexicans for all the problems that USA has. So that site is completely dysfunctional and irrational.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... Hi how are you? I had a problem with a right-wing pastor, because i critisized Israel's government's occupation of Palestine lands. I am in Tennessee, which is a very apathetic state, i judge Tennesseans as not being capitalists, nor socialists. I don't know why, maybe because this city and state is not like NY, Chicago, Miami etc. where things just happen. But i think that most people in this state side with the Republican Israeli Party. And most evangelical churches of Tennessee, are in favor of Israel.

And I think that this is just not a Tennessee thing, the majority of US citizens are misinformed, disinformed, confused and ideologically wrong beause of the corporate nightly news.


m_astera said...

"Usually my mind has nothing in it at all. "

Assuming it got through, you will not escape Poison Ivy. Sorry, I'm bad. :)

kikz said...

more on madoff this am via WRH...

seems we now have the scoop on madoff's grin...

'Rather than saying this hedge fund has gone bust, due to its choice of investment assets and investment methodologies, a scenario which is highly probable in the current financial paradigm, since all the professionals are predicting that at least 30% of all hedge funds are about to fail, more than 700 of them, the CEO chooses to fess up to fraud. If the CEO admits the fund has gone bust, then all those wealthy members of the Jewish community get nothing, but if the CEO admits to fraud they get their money back as compensation from the US tax payer, just as they are also drawing money back from the tax payers with the other hand.'

sigh.... tolja.

Anonymous said...

"hello caller..."

"ah yes, um, long time reader, first time commenter"

"great, thanks for coming online"

"thanks for having me Les, um, i've been reading your blogs for a while now, i think there are too many comments to read, it took a few hours to just read this whole column..."

"yes, i know, it can be a bit of a mind stretch"

"yeah, tell me about it... so many ego's banging heads and wanting in on the blog action. perhaps we should all get real life friends to talk about this stuff to, cos (cough) when the web goes down we'll all be pretty lost won't we."

"yes, some of us will"

"i wonder if people here have jobs? or are they mostly all on pensions and sickness benefits?"

"yes, good point. i think a lot of them are on benefits or arts grants perhaps..."

"okay then Les, as you were..."

"thanks caller!"

notamobster said...

Maybe we could all turn socialist... then we'd never have to worry anymore because the working class would be in charge... get real! The working class are lazy idiots, like the rest of the majority of humanity. Given to fits of laziness and apathy... I happen to have a McMansion, 2 SUV's, and food in my refrigerator, but I'm here everyday! You think just because someone is a capitalist, they have no heart or desire for a better world? Grow up. There are many people out there trying to change things. While it is true that the more money one has, the less they tend to care, but that is not always the case.

The problem, as I have tried (REPEATEDLY) to explain to you, is human nature. So long aa there remains in man, a sense of greed and self-interest... all of this blathering about, will come to naught, even under 'socialist system'. There will ever remain a class of the "in-tself, of-itself, for-itself" who screw everyone below them on the totem pole. I'm taking a huge screwing from the government in all of these bailouts - who do you think is paying for it? Not the poor! There is roughly 15% of this country who pays the taxes for the other 85%. The middle class you so love to hate, pays more taxes than the rich and the poor. I've been on the other side of poverty - abject poverty homelessness. Charity is a wonderful thing, and I'm quite certain there are millions who would not be alive today without it, but it's not the governments job to feed, clothe, and house every swinging dick who refuses to get a job.

That is a huge part of the problem! The people you so love have become so incredibly lazy and stupid that they stood by as their congress subcontracted their money supply to private firms, thus allowing artificial credit to be created and the explosion of mega-conglomerates which have destroyed every industry in this nation. Socialism will not fix this problem, it'll just bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator. I want this economy to collapse, because that is the one thing you're spot-on about. The people will never wake up until it's hits them where it counts. I am perfectly willing to forfeit everything I've earned up to this point if it wakes the people up and affects real, positive change, and a return to the Constitution, and REPUBLIC of the United States. (notice I didn't say democracy - as that just insures that 51% of the idiot mouth-breathers can force the other 49% to bend to their will)

Anonymous said...

May the Middle East and world, rise up and crush the Israelites once and for all--cutting off all avenues of escape lest the swine breed ever again
Invite them into your lair and slowly grind them into the stolen sands they walk on
May their tanks be swallowed by the earth they spit upon
Their planes by the air they fill with the screams of women and children
May they be hunted down to the ends of the
Look where serpents lay
Under every rock
Cut off their heads
And leave their corpses to rot in the sun
Only then will the world have a chance to breathe
And then on to the next
And next


Anonymous said...


I believe that change will be happening in more ways than anyone imagined. Economic contraction will be the theme for 2009. I think we will see lots of little wars break out like a rash but let hope and pray that there are adults in those rooms that have all the buttons to keep them from becomming big wars.

Would love your take on an experience I had a number of years ago that changed mylife forever. I had what seemed to be past life visions with a woman. No drugs involved! We would be jsut laying in bed holding one another and slip off into visions that were the same. We saw the same things time and time again. This happened a number of times.

I wrote some poetry on it and would love to turn my/our experience into a novel someday. Just hope the world stays togehter so that I can do that and not get wrpapped up into just surviving which is half way happening now.

things are going to be rough all over after the little party as O gets into office but we will return to reality and the downward slide continues. America will suffer change more than most because we have based our lives on such bullshit for so long.

Having a passion for history I find the times interesting and scary. Who needs Hollywood?

thanks for being there...that goes for all of the tribe who share these pages.


Anonymous said...

Breaking News
A local sidewalk artist in Jerusalem has painted a stunning lifelike image of Tzipi Livni by throwing up on the footpath.
He used different types of out of date Chinese food discarded by the local Chinese takeaway to color the 'painting'. Old Sweet and Sour for her hair, Chicken Combination for facial features, etc.
Many passers by commented on how life like the rendition was.
The artist noted that he really didn’t need for the food to be 'off' as the actions of Israel upon Palestine were enough to make anyone sick. 'I've places my vomit on the sidewalk and arranged it to suit', he said.
The image took about four hours to complete as the fetid Chinese food had to be consumed before it was regurgitated to render a detail of the putrid feature. Very authentic.
‘I hope I didn’t make her too chunky’ he said, ‘I used the finer Chinese dishes that were available.’

Anonymous said...

trillion branson
Move to Australia and we'll teach you to speed read mate.
ps We can also provide you with the dole while you learn (you are a NZer- right!).

Anonymous said...

Damn, my benefits check didn’t arrive, but then again, it never has, because I don’t get any—but, I do pay for other peoples food, housing, education, medical--- as well as mine and my family’s, through my taxes.
Just sent off my 2x monthly check to the feds from the business my wife and I own, and have grown, all by our lonesomes’.
Time to send off the monthly house payment—oh, damn, that’s right, paid the house off years ago.
Car payments----damn (again), still driving the same cars for 10 years that we paid off, well, years ago—
Some of my friends ARE in here--other folks don’t want to seem to discuss real issues just bitch and whine about them---which brings us back to you….
Went to your site, let me guess—mostly out of work musician, who likes to whine that no one appreciates your talent?
Welcome to smokingmirrors
See if you can keep up!!


Visible said...

heh heh. I don't know what you guys are talking about and I read the comments before I post them. You dudes are cold (grin).

That was a very well expressed piece Stacey and Jj is of course maintaining his lyrical water ski soliloquy... As is Tony with his inside jokes ...always a pleasure.

m_astera said...

Are some laughing? I hope so. God has spent too much time playing to an audience afraid to laugh. I am not downplaying the suffering, It's real. But still, you think humor isn't there? Come on.

We are forever creatures.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jj
for your contribution to a better world. Dole bludgers may not appreciate it (they are only a portion 4% of the unemployed) but the majority of pensioners do (who by the way, paid for pensioners when they worked- with their taxes).
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems for retirees now is that the Ponzi scheme that is Social Security does not have enough people paying in enough money—unemployment is way up and wages are down—sounds like a “Madoff”—
The other part of the equation is that the stock market has lost half of it’s value (if it ever had any in the first place) recently—my father is down 50% give or take what day it is—
The gov’t will probably just up the age that people will need to be to get those benefits—that’s what they have done the last few times—55 then 62 then 65—unless you want to take the lower payout—
Your 70’s 8o’s and 90’s dollar that retirees “invested” is worth a pittance of what it was—
Property taxes keep going up as a way for the state and feds to say “see, we’re not raising your taxes”—our property taxes have doubled in the past 10 years because the state and feds kick in next to nothing for schools and all the other crap that we have to pay for through our local dollars—
So many states are broke it’s not even funny—and the feds have nothing left other than what they continue to print up on a day by day basis—
This is where the anger is going to come from—
A lot of folks in the NY and NJ area used to pay outrageous amounts for houses as part of their retirement—sell the house up north, and move to a condo or trailer in Fla—live off the rest--not any more because the houses have lost so much value--
Medicaid will be offering next to nothing for folks who paid in all those years—not many doctors accepting any Medicaid patients—actually costs them money to provide services—not good—
The Perfect Storm”?
Gee, almost as if it were planned—But it may be what is needed for the people to see that it just isn’t the guy down the road, or across the street—it’s them—and something needs to change---now.

Anonymous said...

Ponzi schemes (pyramid selling) are banned (outlawed in fact) in Aus. My govt. guarantees my pension.

m_astera said...

I am still waiting for some laughs. Please. I realize this is a serious subject, people getting bombed in Palestine. I do not take it lightly. but y'all should lighten up the world with your laughter, if I may be so bold to suggest. That still doesn't sound right but it's the best I can do. Laugh at the stupid fucking Israeli's who are shooting themselves in the ass in the long run. They are screwed. By their own selves.

Here are the lyrics:

You need a little potion
bump a dump a dump
of calamine lotion
bump a dumpa dump
wheneeever she comes around

Poison Iiiivy, Poison Iiivy
Well late at night when your're asleepin
poison ivy comes acreepin arououndnd.

Apologies, I'm doing my best. Hope you can find a better translation online. Love you.

(PS: you're supposed to laugh)

Visible said...

Okay... I'm going to sleep now so... if your comment doesn't get posted for a few hours maybe you should consider that I'm not in a position to... even if you roll over (grin).

Anonymous said...

"hi Les, it's me again..."

"hello caller"

"people can get pretty serious can't they? I realize the world is often a pretty serious place, and often parallel to the pits of hell, and yeah, i've been there too!.. but i think it's only in laughter that we truly unite, that is why your writings are so powerful, because they always hold a sense of humour."

"reminds me of a line in an old poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 'Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone.' "

"that maybe is why small local pubs were once so popular, cos it was a chance for everyone to have a laugh together cos their lives were so shit. Lots of murdering government folk are obviously not really into laughing much... wait, unless that is demented laughter we can hear echoing in the halls of parliaments... save us from the mad men!"

"laughter comes from the heart, these bastards are heartless, thus it's not real laughter, (have you noticed humor is the thing that separates us from animals?) they are hyenas out for the blood letting!"

"there's someone knocking at my door, they're here... they know where..."
((line goes dead))

notamobster said...


{-} {-}
- () -

I hope that turned out right(it's a smile - check your email)

nobody said...

Hey all,

I'm a bit confused. A fellow above called Pablo said he was off to kill himself. And this elicited no comments at all.

Certainly there were odd aspects to it, what with his dying wish being that we fight jews (and the ever-cheesy 'goodbye cruel world') but it's not impossible he was for real. Is there any way of finding out if any bodies washed up on the shores of Panama? Or am I missing something?

nobody said...

Aargh! Blogger ate my comment. Couldn't be fagged typing it again.

Mostly I was wondering if Pablo was for real. His declaration of intending to kill himself elicited no comments at all. Is the unspoken consensus that he was bullshit?

nobody said...

Otherwise, nice piece Les. Intense.

Anonymous said...

NORTHWOODS PROJECT: Exposing the Pentagon's Diabolical Schemes
Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta Califronia - October 28, 2002 - (ACN) La Voz de Aztlan has recently reported on our doubts that many of the terrorist attacks in the U.S. and around the world are the work of Islamic fundamentalists, Muslims or Arabs. There is ample evidence that these terrorist attacks are actually being committed by certain rogue elements of the U.S. and Israeli governments. In order to justify our doubts, we are making available to our readership below, the damning and shocking top secret "Northwoods Project" document that has been declassified and obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Even though the project was written and approved by the Joints Chiefs of Staff and approved by the Secretary of Defense to deal with Cuba in 1962, the plan "fits like a glove" to what is presently occurring in the "War Against Islam."

The diabolical Northwoods Project's principal architect was the than Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Zionist General Lyman Lemnitzer who many patriotic Americans claimed was a Jewish operative for Israel. The evil nature of the plan is almost identical to those of Ariel Sharon's military command. The once "Top Secret" Pentagon document, that can be accessed through our link below, will hopefully help wake up the American public.

The plan calls for, among other things, the staging of terrorist incidents that would provide "pretexts" and "justifications" to attack Cuba. It outlined how Cuba would first be "demonized" in the eyes of the world and in the eyes of the United Nations. It is exactly the same script being utilized against Iraq. It provided ways by which Cuba would be seen as "rash", "irresponsible", "unpredictable", and a "threat" to the peace of the Western Hemisphere.

Among some of the specific "staged" terrorist incidents the plan proposed were to "blow up" a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba, attack the U.S. Guantanamo base with "fake" Cubans, and use fake MIG type aircraft piloted by U.S. pilots to attack US surface ships and passenger airlines. One proposal made by the Northwoods Project, and this may explain the "phantom" AA passenger airline that supposedly hit the Pentagon on September 11, was to provoke the Cuban government to shoot down a U.S passenger airline that the CIA would substitute with a "drone." In addition, the plan called for producing U.S. citizen casualty lists in Florida and Washington D.C. that would be published in the media thus generating "indignation" by the American public.

The Northwoods Project document is at:

Northwoods Project

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at decades of wrinkles here twixt me knuckles and me wrists as I type.

Theres so much I don't and maybe can't know

But theres something I've noticed that has yet to fail. . .

What goes around, comes around


canard_du_jour said...

What can I say without sounding all gushy and arse-kissy except "FUCK!"

I would say "Nice!" or "Cool!", but words like that don't convey the primal beauty this article resonates with, there's something so no-fucking-around about it. It's brutal the way you clamp your slobbering jaws around the legs of the truth and drag it unceremoniously into the light, all dress hitched up and dirty knickers around the ankles... togh love and all that. That's the way I like it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les
So even 'Ann Frank' is a glorious fraud and exposed as such years ago. The power of the Zionist media shows in as much as it survived the initial exposure - can it survive this one. Blatant payments to the real author.
I suppose everyone has picked up this from Pravda today, courtesy of 'Truthseeker'
So another 'nuclear' 9/11.
Anyone who can continue to believe the old 9/11 arabs and boxcutters scenario must be a penny short. (Check out Patriots for 9/11 - the calibre of the questioners is mind blowing bearing in mind they are all 'conspiracy nuts'.)
Of course the biggy question, and Pravda has covered this excellently, is the legality of Barry Soetoro becoming next US President.
There is no record of any name change - bearing in mind that the last known name he is on record as holding is that above. So who is the Barack (Hussain - seems optional) Obama unbelievably elected to the United States Presidency?.
And of course we wait for the birth certificate which 5 law firms and 1,000,000 dollars and counting, are being used to keep secret.
Why? Bizarre - or shocking?

Anonymous said...

An other excellent article from Rense today.
The holocaust - propaganda as almost an art form!

Anonymous said...

les. you have eased my mind, thanks.

er, just one small thing. When I said you were the LAST person I'd want to upset, I was eggsagerating slightly, obviously nearest and dearest come before you. But my list of people I don't want to upset is pretty short (believe me!) and you are on it, brother.

Thanks for understanding.

Stay well, landers.

kikz said...

noby.. pablo i think was the second.. this week.. can't remb which post..

.... i didn't comment on either.
i hoped they both wouldn't, of course. but i guess... i didn't and don't feel 'qualified' to speak to it, as i don't know either of them.
i hope they both sought help elsewhere...

nota, i believe offered an ear, to the first guy, i'm glad he thought he could help him.
above and beyond the call, nota.

maybe it was cruel of all of us not to acknowledge pablo's cry for help.. i guess that's what it was... i dunno.

i gotta go donate blood... i hope to write more on this later....

Visible said...

kikz... the reason no one answered was because there were two posts and they sounded off (at least to me) for reasons I can't express because they are feelings.

Meanwhile, I personally was already engaged in offering help to Ronnie and it would have felt, to me, that I was over-extending but that's not it... it just didn't feel right to say anything.

In the meantime i haven't even written Ronnie yet because sometimes things need to percolate and on the matter of suicides I have found that those determined will not be deterred and the rest aren't serious... although sometimes they are successful despite themselves; a fact I have some experience with.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what is more dangerous, ignorance or arrogance?
Is it not blatently obvious that the Jews cannot be beaten? If they were beatable it would have happened already. A people that has been persecuted for centuries yet is still around? Still only a pinprick on the map of this world, yet holding their heads up high because they are unbeatable! Why? Because no matter how many anti-semites band together, they certainly are no match for G-d.

So enjoy your poetic banter and your forum for anger management. Enjoy it, it's the only satisfaction you are going to get.

Unknown said...

Post my comment and I'll even sign my name in the reply if you do. I'll give you hate mongers all the fuel you need....just post my previous comment...FR

Visible said...

Hey Final (no profile) anonymous, how's that Megaphone thing working for you? G-d? oh yeah buddy.. we'll see about that because God recently told me something that you are not going to be very happy about and there was no doubt about who it was either. Were I you I would be looking for a place to hide.

kikz said...

les, that's right you too offered an ear to ronnie.

i too have some related experience w/this... but after the fact.

you're right... if someone is adamant... no one, no words can deter them.

pablo's post(s?...i must've overlook'd one) did feel 'off' initial impression...

but i guess we'll never know in his case.

hard to know what to do...when someone (unknown) blusters in, and shouts 'goodbye cruel world'...mind made up, type situation.

in this medium, it can be daunting to discern if sentiments expressed are genuine.

ronnie's comments, 'read/sounded' heartfelt...and i'm glad he reached out thru the aether to get it...

even though i don't consider this forum.. a suicide hotline... *shrugz*

possibly pablo's comments didn't come across as genuine to the other eyes here, and flew by w/out comment.
i don't know.
but i think, noby did a good service bringing the question back to our attentions.

Visible said...

Kikz; I wasn't insensitive to the situation and Nobody is a beautiful human being and a beautiful writer... that's my opinion but... I have to go with my intuition on these things because my life is like being in an air traffic control room. I don't think anyone realizes what i have to deal with day in and day out as per my emails and all the other things that come looking for me because someone thinks I have the answers to their life when I don't even have the answers to my own.

However, my intuition has proven remarkably prescient in so many instances that I trust it without thinking. Someone shows up out of the blue with some farewell cruel world and I have to internalize it and in this case and in a lot of other cases I smell something that's off.

If someone really wants help then they will ask but if they are just leaving a note on their way out then bon voyage. People check out of here in the millions every day and enter in as large numbers. My figures may be off a little but close enough. I do what I can and it's a good thing I don't have a life.

My take on life and death is radically different than most people's and I know that we just cycle in and out. Karma and fate are in some cases inflexible and in some cases not. Free will is over rated. All it really means is that you have the opportunity to not act in your own best interests and that is not to be confused with self interest.

I got a real chuckle out of your saying "I've got to leave now and donate some blood; given the context of the discussion.

It still cracks me up but I hope you don't take offense at this because I am not sure you get just why that would amuse me.

You're very bright and I do not underestimate you... however, I am far more wack than most people realize... I hope that's in a good way. I think it is but explaining it is not possible in this medium.

One of these days and it won't be that long. We will all- those interested- get to chat about this. Certain ships of mine... long out of port are all coming into the harbor together.

kikz said...

lordy les, get some sleep..

i can only imagine what you go thru w/this site..

no, i'm not offended... i did havta do a directed donor thing taday.. it was a weird day..

when i found noby's question..i'd just come back frm a small road trip, where i'd seen a man (i thought dead) at the time.. out in the freeway. more odd, no more than 2 mins b4 i came up on this man, i'd been bitching bout a closed HOB lane, construction, and the dangers this new construction had brought to my highly traveled route...

it had happened only minutes b4 we came upon it, as there were no more than 4 cars stopped in all 3 lanes of our side.... i had to take someone to work, and had to drive by w/out offering aid..there were others there, but no emer crew yet, and on one was beside him.. i assumed he was already gone..

i was in a weird state, thinking this man died, only a min or two b4 we drove by..

road construction (jersey barrier) on one side and a closed HOV lane on the other side, caused me outrage.. the emer vehicles couldn't even get to him, as traffic was backed up for miles.. pitiful.

so i called the county DOT engineer.. left a scathing message as he was out to lunch... thankfully he called later, as one of his crew chiefs actually witnessed the guy ... jump the jersey barrier and run off into the traffic... i'd thought the poor fool had car trouble and got hit trying to tend to the car... so anyway... nice of him to call...and let me know the drunk was alive when the emer crew finally got to him..

that brush by death, so to speak... had left me addled.. which was my mindset when i tried to distract myself.. here.. so i could eat.. so i could go give blood, for my kid's operation on the 8th...

so i was freaked to say the least.. and i'd wondered if maybe we/i should've acknowleged pablo.. ? and didn't...wrapped up in my own shit.. it bothered me...

no, i think you're wack in a good way.:)

ships to harbor...i look forward to it :) where 'ere that port may be...


m_astera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:45 AM
Well hello sweetness!
The only reason 'the jews' are is because 'we' allow them; you know, the rest of the world. If 'the jews' became intolerable- like 'the germans' did years ago 'we' would of course stop them. Your G-d has nothing to do with it. Naught!
Whoever this is - get real.

Anonymous said...

aside from being an entirely ridiculous essay with next to no factual information and a lot of nonsenseical inaccurate supposition i persoanlly know that at leats one statement here is definately untrue - that about rockets being fired from within Israel. I have personally seen them with my own eyes fired from palestinian controlled areas i the gaza strip into israel. OK, thats not proof of who fired them, but it is proof that they came from outside not inside israel. this author has lied at least once (although i suspect almost all of this is a lie - most of it is ludicrous!)

Anonymous said...

Visible said...
Aside from your being unable to spell you'll find that everything I said is accurate and that it's also been reported in the mainstream news on several occasions where Israel has fired rockets 'accidentally' on it's own people.

Maybe you would like to look into how Hamas was originally set up by Israel. I don't have time to be your research assistant but if you wanted to know the truth you could, you just don't want to... anymore that you want to print your name because you don't stand behind what you say. I, on the other hand, do.

notamobster said...

Les, your writing is itching someone... they've deployed on you:

wow, you be interesting to see how many sites are being hit with a rash of propaganda

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have to post under "anonymous" because yahoo just canceled my account (according to them I wasn't using it enough), anyhow, I'll sign my future comments as soon as I get a new account.
I enjoyed reading your post, and I love that you are so openly opinionated, but there is something about your words that make me cringe, and please don't take it the wrong way, but are you advocating some kind of bloody, violent revenge against Israel?
I honestly hope you don't. And NOT because they should be spared our condemnation, rather, because at this point history should have taught us that VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER.
I personally don't care where the violence comes from because to me a violent act is always unjustified. What I despise most is a civilization, any civilization that bases its moral beliefs on a made up divinity--always MALE--, always judgemental, always discriminating, always repressing, always anthropocentric, always dividing.
Enough with this world ruled by male principles.

Visible said...

I'm kind of hard pressed to see where I advocated anything at all. You may want to copy where I said something about advocating bloody, violent revenge.

Since violence is never the answer then I'm supposing you are implying that everyone should lay down no matter what, at the feet of anyone who wants to do whatever they want. You're implying that the police should not respond to any crimes in progress and at no time should they defend any citizen against any violence committed against them.

I don't understand where you're coming from and I don't understand what your solutions are so I can't really say anything more. I'm getting the feeling you read some other article somewhere and then accidentally responded to it here. That's all I can think must have happened.

Anonymous said...

"I'm hoping that Iran gets those S-300'"
"You are the children of the devil"
"You are the living face of evil"
"Your day is coming"

These are some of your words.
Your message sounds quite apocalyptic, don't you think? I bet if I express myself like that when I talk to my neighbor, I shouldn't be surprised to see some barbwire around his property the next day.

Look, I'm not disagreeing with you that Israel should be stopped and possibly reformed, but I'd hate to see its power replaced by another "divinity" inspired civilization, whatever that may be.
You may be successful at "erasing" Israel from the face of the Earth', but unless you cure the disease (the belief in one very self-righteous higher being that guides you, punishes you, rewards you, judges you, etc.), and because nature abhors vacuum, in no time a similarly pathological society will be born and will reestablish itself on the same old ground.

This is what happens in nature, as soon as you exterminate one species, a new, stronger a more opportunistic colony of organisms moves in.
As Freud said: Biology is destiny.



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