Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hmmm... Should I Stay or Should I Go?

“If I go there will be trouble. And if I stay it will be double.” So the song goes. There’s about 44 days before Chicken Shit McGrew and Shotgun Slim are set to sail into the sunset. Chicken Shit is probably thinking about punching cows because cows don’t have fists and can’t punch him back. Ole Shotgun is dreaming of aging lawyers levered off of skeet machines but... that can’t be enough for them, can it? Once you’ve gotten a taste for innocent, undefended blood it’s a hard jones to kick.

I can’t see them just packing it in and heading for Israel where you can bag your limit every day in the occupied territories. Yeah, I know there’s no limit, that’s just a figure of speech. So what’s an unemployed serial killer to do? It should have been a movie; they could have called it “Dean Corll and Elmer Wayne Henley go to Washington.” If it had been a movie you could have chosen not to watch it but we didn’t have that choice.

I know when their day comes, wherever they may be, those wraiths from the movie “Ghost” are going to be coming up out of the storm drains for a hundred miles around. It will look like one of those days on Lake Malawi when the mosquito clouds show up. Like the photographer, you don’t want to be too close to the action.

But will he stay or will he go? Will this demented Don Quixote and his naughty little Sancho Panza go away? 44 days and a wakeup, that’s what we got but don’t count on the wakeup. Now that Obama has loaded up the important slots with what would make his predecessor green with envy, he’s doing a brush overlay with reasonable people in places where it won’t interfere with business as usual. I’d have been a lot happier with Shinseki as Secretary of Defense but that’s probably something you would look for when defense was the intention. When your main objective is being offensive (in every sense) then you want the pieces to reflect an Obamanation.

Of course, you know what’s really going on in Pakistan. Our boy is gone and behind the scenes there are people who don’t want to perform public felatio any more. Some of these people don’t even think we’re the good guys. Whassup wit that? It’s a cold world and I’m not just saying that because global warming is bullshit. I’m saying it because of how it makes you feel when the people who aren’t your friends in the first place no longer enjoy acting like they are just because you threaten to destroy them.

♫ It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. ♫ No it’s not. I think I speak for a lot of people; a great many of whom aren’t even around any more, when I say that a few public executions would make the day an embarrassment of riches. I warrant the photos would be a lot more popular than manger scenes and the videos would knock the youtube servers out of commission. I’d like to vote that the next time we start a religion that the main holiday be based on the deaths of some bad guys instead of the birth of one good guy. It’s clear to me that if we lived on some other planet in the solar system that Earth would be considered a malefic when it appeared in your chart. “I hate to tell you this but you’ve got a Saturn/Earth square in your eighth house.”

Where could I possibly be going with this? That’s a very good question. You see, every now and then I wake up feeling like Howard Beale and I want to run to my window and scream, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.” But this isn’t a movie. This is real life and I would be the only person doing it. The days when Eldridge Cleaver could get away with saying the things he did are long gone and even though Mother Nature was kind to me, I couldn’t get away with wearing those pants he designed and expect anyone to be impressed with my passion. You’re all a bunch of sissies. That’s what I say. Even those of you who do get angry and pick up a gun just wind up shooting your relatives or co-workers or your boss. You never shoot the right people. If ten guys could do what they did in Mumbai- even though it damn well wasn’t ten guys- could you imagine what a thousand pissed off patriots could do?

What the hell is wrong with you people? Don’t you remember that, "The tree of liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots"? A pack of common thugs waltzed into your house and kicked you into the street. They kept your wife and your daughters though and I expect you know what’s happening to them right now. They boarded the place up and they’ve got spotlights up at night and some bought and paid for killers are patrolling the grounds. It’s not so bad yet though. You’ve got a little spot down by the railyard and a plastic sheet and some blankets. You can cook your food right in the can over the fire you made from the broken wood palettes and if you were smart you had the good sense to hitchhike south anyway. But here’s the kicker. These good old boys are gonna get bored sooner or later. They’re gonna get liquored up and grab their guns and go looking to bag some homeless ass.

You have to understand that it’s not enough for these people just to take everything you have. The real charge comes with humiliating you and shoving what little dignity you have down your throat while your companions wait their turn. I’m surprised they didn’t tie you up and let you watch them have their way with the women before they threw you out. It must have been an oversight. Yeah, they’re going to kill you but they want to have some sport first.

Something is wrong with the world. Something is very, very wrong. They just did another ‘bait and switch’ and you still don’t get it. You’re going to sit on your couch and watch TV while they empty the contents of the house into their vans. Then they’re going to take the couch so’ll sit on the floor. Then they’re going to take the TV. Then they’re going to boot you out of the house and then they’re going to arrest you for loitering.

44 days and counting... then comes the winter. Pakistan this and Iran that. Palestine is a hunting preserve and the settlers don’t even need permits. The Congo? Zimbabwe? None of these things are any of your business are they? All the money needed to fix these things and to fix everything else is in the bank accounts of less than one percent of the people. All the injustice and evil in the world is happening because the very worst people on the planet have all the money. If someone says something about equitable sharing then they’re a goddamned socialist and you nod your head. Hell, you might win the lottery tomorrow and then what?

Brutal fucking murder by men in pinstriped suits; worse than murder, far worse, as they play with their food before they eat it and you envy and admire them. You can’t get your head around it. Obviously it is supposed to be this way or it wouldn’t be happening would it? You can’t grasp the concept of how these people can be so measured and dignified and know which fork to use and do so many bad things. It has to be someone else who is doing it. And who would that be? That would be someone just like you, only in worse shape... some sand nigger; some non-English speaking guy who can’t afford a car but has his own communications satellite orbiting the Earth.

You just keep watching your TV and listening to the things they tell you. You keep listening to the people who fucked things up beyond recognition and you listen to their solutions about how they’re going to make it all better again and tomorrow when you cash your unemployment check you can hoof it down to the convenience mart and buy that lottery ticket. Hey... you never know. Precisely... exactly... and maybe you never will.

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Anonymous said...

i'd love for someone to tell me what i can do to help - middle aged, 2 kids (1 in grad school, the other 4th grade) - work at home med trans, live paycheck to paycheck, yet i'm aware enough - certainly not THE most enlightened, but i'm trying to walk that path - and what can I do to change all this crazy shit ? i have no clue, so i live moment by moment and try to have compassion even though I don't feel it ~ i dig reading your blog - peace out dude (hee hee that for the kids) and TRUTH - don't give up, keep writing. from a fellow human bean

Anonymous said...

p.s. i posted a comment but i have no URL - and rather than comment as "anonymous" i put my name but had to put in SOME kind of URL and the first one i saw . . . well, i think you get it ~ thanks :) from the ol' human bean (would i rather be a jelly bean or a lima bean ? pro'ly so)

Anonymous said...

Damn, that Les can write can't he.
And as for just sittin and watchin the TV while they take your stuff and your women it's all because we are cowards. Otherwise how to you explain an entire nation going into slavery while fully armed. Go ahead, explain it to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les another excellent article. One thing always goes through my head reading your stuff-How Do We Fight? How can we win?
Our ancestors knew-e pluribus unum.
Foreigners, "illegals", gays, blacks, minorities, the homeless, Muslims-whoever one is, it shouldn't matter.
The evil greedheads throughout history know a great survival technique which is set your opponents to fighting amongst themselves.
It's the Zionists, the war profiteers, the war mongers, the bankers. They are the ones to unite against, no others.
How and when they will come down-that's what I'd like to know.

Visible said...

Thought you might like to know They Live

Anonymous said...


Hey you know what i've just thought? If Obama appointed his capitalist, zionist, right-wing, neocon cabinet some months ago, in the political-campaign. The millions of progressive and leftist voters wouldn't vote for Obama at all.

I mean Obama betrayed and lied to people indeed. I think travelling to other countries makes people smarter. Many americans have not been outside of USA, and are not able to compare USA with other nation-states.

The politics of USA is a lot more crooked and betraying than even Mexico and Guatemala. I mean in other countries, the candidates running for presidency offer their cabinet to the voters before the actual elections. So that people have more *knowledge* and information about how will that candidate be once in power.

But here in USA, we had no knowledge, no information, just the so called *issues* on the main Barack Obama website, but nothing else. And of course Obama appointed his cabinet, *after* he won elections, because if he were to choose his cabinet before elections he would be forced to choose moralist progressive leaders such as Jimmy Carter, Dennis Kucinich, Jessy Jackson.

But we got the *opposite* of Dennis Kucinich and Jimmy Carter: We got zionist, ultra-right wingers for ministers such as Robert Gates, Hillary Klinton, Rahm Emmanuel, etc. Damn not even 1 progressive. The only one who is a bit sane and mentally stable is Bill Richardson, but his possition is not an important one (Secretary of state of Industry)

We are doomed, with main zionist, right-wing, warmonger, capitalists in the Obama administration

So once again we got raped and betrayed, just like all the time.


Anonymous said...

The sting of this is mitigated by being written by one who chose option two: running away.

Those of us who still maintain our lives here need only to do just that, as is all any other person need do. This country that you've left, will go the way of empire until it dissolves of its own corrosion. That's the way it's always been and may always be. Direct action by any few conscientious populance will only hurry along the inevitable ends. That might be an admirable thing to aim for, but nothing will be saved. The destruction is exponential. dtjbass at gmail

Anonymous said...

44 days and a wake-up. What could possibly go wrong?

How comforting the knowledge of a combat battalion stationed in strategic areas of the country

m_astera said...

Re socialism as an answer: As the only socialism that seems to be getting any press and support is Marxism, particularly on the "progressive" blogs and forums, I think it's worth remembering who funded Marx and published and promoted his work, as well as who funded the Bolshevik revolution etc.

Anyone looking for a central government to fix things is looking for something that never was and never will be. Power in the hands of a centralized government IS the problem, and that holds true regardless of the ideology they are hiding behind. Assuming a major goal would be liberty and justice for all, can I get an example of that coming from a centralized government?

I don't know if most Americans are cowards or not; probably. What I know for sure is that all of them are afraid and living in constant fear-induced stress. What they fear is their own government, from the local cops to the IRS, and with good reason. They know damn well that if a thousand of them descended on some nearby symbol of government iniquity they would be teargassed, clubbed, shot, tasered, rounded up and put in a pen from which they would not get out for a long, long, long time.

Yet, if the Feds tomorrow sent out a notice for every able-bodied man to suit up and invade Mexico, for instance, the vast majority would comply, not out of loyalty or patriotism or anything else but out of fear of the consequences from "their" government if they didn't. That is the fear that rules their lives, every breath and every day: fear of government. And with damn good reason I might add.

And what is proffered for escape from this cortisol-saturated nightmare? TV. TV on which no one and I mean no one escapes the vengeance of the government. They watch fucking COP shows for cripes sake; they watch amateur-grade videos of their neighbors and fellow Americans having their doors kicked in and being terrorized by uniformed psychopaths with 90 IQs.

So if the question is "what can I, one single person do?" the answer is not a damn thing. And even you and ten thousand like-minded compatriots couldn't do a damn thing because the government would call out the cops, the army, the national guard, and however many sheeple were necessary to blow you to smithereens; your neighbors would help hunt you down because they are a lot more scared of the government than they are of you.

paolocaruso said...

Les, BRILLIANT. You've got our brains working in high gear.

Such an important perspective: the reason for LOTTERY so shitheads who hope to be millionaires dont wont to screw up the system.
Hollywood has a new show YOUR SECRET MILLIONAIRE where millionaires go incognito and make a ghetto family rich...everybody cries even the viewers. And this makes the real shyster feel safe.

I say round them up, have public trials, and send them off in shackles to grow cabbage and raise chickens in the wilderness.

m_astera said...


Some of us have no reason to be loyal to the USA, but every reason to be true to what we do believe in.

As analogy, I wonder if you are suggesting that it is braver, wiser, or more ethical to continue allowing yourself to be abused by a drunken stepfather because it's family after all and that's where your loyalty should lie? I'd suggest that once one grows up it might be wiser to remove one's self from the situation, unless of course one happens to be the fair-haired child who can do no wrong.

I can flat out guarantee you that if Les or I had remained in the US, despite having done no harm to another living person or thing, we would be in prison on false charges or dead. Would that be the better part of valor?

I do not like what the US has become, understand? That country and its government has taken the wide road to hell, and it's difficult for me to imagine what virtue there is in sticking around for another beating when you already heard the front door slam, the heavy footfalls, and your government is standing in the doorway slapping a belt against their hand with a grin on their face. Sounds like masochism to me, not patriotism or bravery or even common sense.

Anonymous said...

In answer to how do we fight, how do we win.
First you mention in everything you write that you are armed and willing to use them alone or in a group against one or many, realtzing that you may die but so will at least one of them. TPTB understand only one thing, force. Imagine if you will if every time you read a comment the commenter stated that he or she was armed and willing and intending to liminate anyone performing an unconstitional act on you or yours. Would you be the first to try to break in their door? TPTB know that the majority of Americans are cowards and gutless and they have nothing to fear. What they fear are those in outlying areas that hunt and live an independent lifestyle and are willing to fight for what they have. You can organize later but now must stand on your own. If your main reason for fighting is to live through it all, you have lost before you begin. You can only win when you believe in what you are fighting for and are willing from day one to do what is necessary regardless of the cost. Fighting one who has nothing to lose is fighting the ultimate enemy. That is who we must becomme.

John...Just another vet.

Anonymous said...

Any one hear the interview with the Rev. Lindsay Williams on radio this week?
He is the reverend who worked for oil companies in Alaska for many years in the 70's and 80's and got the ear of the oil co. high honchos. (he saved them a bundle in psychological services thru effective ministering). He has the ear of one bigwig head honcho elite member who tells him odds and ends about what was planned by the rulers. Last year he predicted that oil would reach $150, then predicted a fall this winter to under $50 - which indeed has happened. (This is - by the way - beind carried out in order to destroy the Arab economies because the elder said "we don't like the Arabs". Now comes the kicker. Williams was told a couple of weeks back that they also want to take down the US economy - as if we didn't know - oil will stay at $50 for the coming year - but the US economy will go into sustained collapse.

paddy fields said...

from paddy fields.
So when Obamarama fails to become President,due to issues of birth,will Shrub step in to save the day and stop the riots>>>

psychegram said...

That's some kinda freaky psychic shit, man. Last night, sitting around with my friends in their living room playing Rock Band on their old PS2, one of the last songs we did was The Clash's 'Should I Stay Or I Should I Go.' Not my personal favorite - I've always preferred London Calling - but what can you do? It's just a video game.

nina said...

if we lived on some other planet in the solar system that Earth would be considered a malefic when it appeared in your chart. “I hate to tell you this but you’ve got a Saturn/Earth square in your eighth house.

I swear you've got some Etta James in your blood. We are blessed to be in your company.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to go into how I can possibly be living in North America and not be a cowardly, brain washed, materialistic goy. . .

To those morons who think they can gang up and use assault rifles to kill off the problems, I say you're already dead.

To those who wonder what they/we should do about evil, I say don't buy into it and remove the investment you have in its machinations at every opportunity.

To those who claim to know someone who's revealed the future to them, I say you're mistaken and naive at the very least.

To those who purchase lottery tickets, I say good luck with your bad choice.

To the rest of you I say, keep enjoying this blog for what its worth. . .



nina said...

We shall indeed see soon enough, maybe xmas morning. They would have been flying around in the sleigh, landing on the roof, slithering down the chimney like a nest of reptiles readying to greet you, to snuggle with you. And why not? We have sunken so low, a planet of wusses cowering, always thrilled to be aknowledged, tabbed for service, I serve at the pleasure...

Far more than ourselves, am I concerned with our children and how they will manage survival. I think that's where we need to concentrate our energies now. Teach optimism, show them what is important, give them something real to hold onto when we're not around in 3-D anymore. Allow them to exploit their gifts, enjoy the journey, make good use of their time and grow love wherever they go.
It appears we adults are ruined and will be ruined further, so there is only one alternative which is to nurture the next wave, the one we made. Its a big opportunity, the biggest of all possibilities.

Anonymous said...

m astera: how come you are so capitalist, so in favor of the free markets, and so anti-marx. Can't you notice that there is a *real reason and motive* for corporate elites such as Rockefeller, Wall Street, The New York Times, Exxon, AIPAC, Bill Gates, Time Warners, and specially the Republican Party (The ultimate political party of Heritage Clubs) to hate leftist ideology?

Let us assume that it is true that Karl Marx, Socialist parties around the world, and leftist movements are funded by corporate-elites, then they would be mainstream political parties in USA and Europe, and instead of Democrats, Republicans winning elections all the time, we would have Bob Avakian, Amy Goodman, Ron Paul and even Bob Bar, Cynthia Mckinney, Cindy Sheehan and Ralph Nader for presidents too or at least to get high possitions of power in Washington, DC.

But this is not the case, we can easily tell that leftist parties are *not* funded by elites, because of the mere fact that their political-system, ideology and program interferes with the Wall Street Stock profits. so they are even jailed: Black Panthers, Revolutionary Communist Party USA members have been jailed. And also Amy Gooman was jailed in the last Republican Party Convention.

So open your eyes, and connect dots to see how US politics really works,. and who is who in US politics. Because according to scientific-evidence, leftist parties are *anti-plutocracy* and *anti-concentration of power*

In fact, Hugo Chavez has been able to *de-centralize* economic and political power in Venezuela. Just note how Poverty-levels have been able to go down in Venezuela from 50% to 30%. and i don't think that poverty-levels can go down when there is concentration of power in a few hands.

Like Lenin in Russia's Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin was the *negation* of concentration of economic-political power which was concentrated before Lenin in Czarist Russia.

And don't say Lenin was evil because USSR concentrated great power in the Soviet Burocracy.

Remember that one thing is Bolsheviks, and another thing is Mensheviks (Stalinist Russia).

Anonymous said...

m astera: Where the *hell* do you get your generalization and stereotyping that socialism is concentration of power, politics and government in a few hands? That is capitalism, not socialism. Socialism is the opposite of concentration of power. Socialism is *decentralization of power*, it means socializing economic and political power to the masses. It's about what Mccain and Sarah Palin talked about: "Spreading of wealth"

So if it was true that Socialism and Marxism is about concentration of wealth and power, Bush would love Chavez, Mccain and Sarah Palin would be socialists.

But how come all capitalist governments (USA, Mexico, India, UK, Germany, Colombia, etc.) concentrate power in a few hands? I thought that it was socialist-governments who did that.

But we can see that socialist-leaning governments like Venezuela, Norway and Spain have more participative-democracies, more spreading of wealth, than right-wing free market, corporate governments like USA, Mexico and India.

So while i do love conspiracy-theories, specially conspiracies perpetrated by US government like JFK, 9-11, etc. Some things are not conspiracies at all, but evidence-based facts.

For more information about the Marx that you said was funded by Rockefellers and Rothschilds, go to a real authority on Marx.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I knew I had the Air Force One flight schedule and a hand held SAM around here somewhere. Pretty sure it came in my Cinnamon Toasted Manna Cereal made just for amerikans at "David Mills"--battle Creek Michigan--"If it doesn't have the "Star" it's not made by David"........

Les, have you been reading too much of Aussie Tony's stuff-----
"Just simply" go to DC or Crawford, or wherever and let loose with a few rounds! (don't have a question mark key on this laptop--sorry)--that should take care of everything. I'm too old to join the "Young Republicans" and maybe get an invite to the white house----hmmm, maybe I can donate $10,000.00 for a plate at a fund raiser and sneak an Uzi in--better yet, guess which restaurants they eat in and become a busboy or cook and poison them from there.
Then again, maybe I could join the Air Force and after 30 years, fly Airforce One into a mountain.
Of course, getting close enough to the real murderers should be a piece of cake--I'm sure they never travel with security and I think they post their schedules on their MySpace pages--check out their silly photos---

DO SOMETHING--I'm so fucking tired of hearing that-----could any of you please be more specific other than saying "kill the fuckers".

I looked around my living room this morning and checked under every table and couch and much to my surprise, there was no "W" or mossad agents to be couch was where I left it last night---cars were still in the driveway-----kid's snuggled in their beds-----
The local Sheriffs deputy drove by a few times and he never once shot at me---
The local banks are locally owned so I decided not to shoot them up on Monday--might have to travel to one of the bigger cities to find a Chase Bank---maybe whack a few minimum wage tellers in the meantime.

I get it, "THEY" have been doing this forever, and I know who "THEY" are--can't say I have ever run in the same circles as the Rothschilds.....I saw a Rockefeller on TV a few times........

Maybe I can find a YouTube video on how to become an international hitman.....I did send my resume in to the Obama folks for any high level position. Even added "stein" to the end of my last name--no luck so far.

Just get a thousand patriots together---that 98% of them would be federal agents shouldn't be a problem.....I'll just turn them on to Alex Jones videos and smokingmirrors blogs---that'll do it. Then again, just about everyone I have sent a link to, copied a video for, or printed out something for has never talked to me again, or prayed for my lost soul--oh, well!!!

The Japanese during WWII in most cases let the Armada land on the beach unscathed and there was a reason for that. The Vietnamese knew what they were doing and so did Che'------come play in my neighborhood.

That these weasels never fire a shot themselves, and I doubt they will make themselves readily available for target practice any time soon, has me a bit vexed but then again I'm sure rock-solid, concrete suggestions will be forthcoming from the armchair patriots soon.

I could really give a flying fuck about this place I live, that people call amerika--but it is where I LIVE--and I intend to keep living regardless of other peoples plans for me.

Please come up with something other than SOMEONE--SHOULD DO SOMETHING--ARREST THEM---KILL THEM----that's kind of a NO SHIT solution.

How many Rothchild--Bush--Rockefeller----notches on your guns (imagine a question mark here)


Anonymous said...

Sent you something today---Ho Ho Ho
Forgot to send a note with it and I have not heard back from an email I sent so I didn't know if they were making it through.

Anonymous said...


December 2, 2008

All you pollyannas out there, don’t say you were not warned!

Last night’s Q-files with Steve Quayle (Dec 1), he provided extremely relevant information on what will be occurring in the country within the next 12 months; Lindsey Williams also made the same nearly verbatim dire prediction on Alex Jones show sometime last week in that America’s Middle-Class will be destroyed, which will result in gun confiscation, martial law and finally civil war.

I’ve been following Quayle for several years and I do not agree with him on every point, most of all, his interweaving of religious rhetoric into his broadcasts, nor do I agree with his opinion that radical Islam is a threat to the US or the world. Anyone reading this blog knows full well where I stand on “what” the significant threat is. Disregarding those two issues, Quayle is a patriot and his insider knowledge is invaluable especially right now.

When someone like Steve Quayle starts recommending the purchase of BACK ROAD ATLASES everyone needs to get their heads out of the sand and pay attention!


Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Do you remember that a while back you mentioned that if people stopped buying stuff except food, the results would shift the dynamics. People actually have stopped buying, and the situation is changing. What you take for apathy, is not that at all. Citizens are smarter and have more balls than you think, I think they may suprise you in a positive sense.


Visible said...


I was just thinking about that today in the context of what I wrote and thinking I should have used that instead.

However... for JJ and everyone else who may be confused, curious or annoyed at me for writing what I did, let me tell you that I was not intending to generate a thousand soldier/patriots out of my imagination. I was looking to incite and exhort.

I am less likely to use a military solution than many of my readers are and I am only echoing what you, JJ and others have said in another way already.

I do not know what I am going to write before I write it. In fact, I had no idea where I was going when I said "What's my point? I thought to myself, "yeah, what is my point?"

I just let things flow out of me and don't know why I say what I say. I just say it. I hope you can forgive me for times like these when I make you uncomfortable or seem to be banging a drum you can't dance to.

The next thing I write will be different but I don't know what that is either. You'd be better to see some of these things as writing exercises or transmissions from different planets.

Sometimes I'm going to disappoint you. That's just how it is.

Anonymous said...

thanks m_ 5:41 PM, I'll just sit here and cringe.
If you’re not a disinformation specialist, I don’t know who is!
I am sure you and godsend are lost at birth identical twin siblings.

Anonymous said...

RW some more ideas
Don't purchase anything with a bar code number starting 729
Don't buy insurance
Where possible buy second hand (pre loved- whatever does it for you)
Buy Locally
No brand names
Don't eat out- local restaurants, maybe? Great idea- make your own food!!!
Invest in yourself or local ventures – NO to stocks, shares, futures, bonds, etc. NO!
If you have excess money- give it away before somebody steals it from you, help/invest in someone whom you deem worthy, etc.
Talk to your local govt. rep.
No guns- this can be done with will power
You have to want what you want greater than the bad guys.
Having said this – it’s all too late you should have been doing this years and years ago!

Anonymous said...

Jj, Better a lost soul than a quitter.
There has to be legal stuff going on Jj that 'we' don't know about - surely?

Anonymous said...

I have a great idea-how about a couple of lynchings in 44 days? I`ll bring the rope.

Unfortunately Obama W. Bush is no different.

What America needs is a good old fashioned enema.

Anonymous said...


You never disappoint me. Sometimes I'll see your posts and so look forward to reading them that after I start I'll stop just so I have some of it left to read later. Reading the rest gives me something good to read later that day.

Also, I have a big quiet field near my house that I can go to and practice what you suggested in the Origami blog. You may not know it but you helped me and probably many others. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

I loved the post Les! Been a strange day but will get back..


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I was waiting for a punch line towards the end--When there wasn't one, i went back and read the article again. Didn't know if you were looking to see what the different reactions would be or if it was for us to see what our own reactions and comments would be--maybe both. Anything that gets me to stand back and think is worth the read.
Half the time I don't know why I say things the way I do, but it's what happens--I don't question it. So much you can think about in the way of scenarios--is the frog in warm water with its getting incrementally hotter--or are we going to get tossed into it while it's boiling--don't know--guess I'll have to wait for the sequel.
I can only say that I'll do the best I can--whatever that is--it's what I have always done.
I can also honestly say that I felt no anger, disillusionment, trickery, or whatever when reading and responding and that's a good thing--you used the word "curiosity"--quite appropriate. Time to go back and read it again--More than meets the eye me thinks!!


Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the day I discovered Santa was a hoax, and how disillusioned I felt, not to mention stupid and offended at being played. I realize now my parents were also a victim of the conspiracy by the elite who designed Santa and the commercialization of Xmas to con them out of their money, and possibly to get kids to distrust their parents, after all, if they lied about Santa, what else were they lying about, eg. was God a hoax too?. So I forgive them.

The fact of the matter is that much of what we believe to be true, in the past and in our current lives is simply an illusion created by the elite control of our educational system, mass media, publication houses, entertainment on TV and movies, and yes, even our music for the most part is a product of the Tavistock Institute and it's globalized psyop agencies.

Our reality is made up of a combination of direct experiences which are fairly reliable, and 2nd hand accounts of events that occur externally, which is not so reliable. What we believe to be true of external events dictates some of what we do. Those listening to Sir Bubbles saying sub-primes were a good thing may have been inclined to buy homes they could not afford for example. Those told HPV vaccines are a good thing for a 12 yo girl may have their daughter vaccinated and finding out the hard way that their daughter will be sterile or suffer some other complication as a result of the vaccine. The menu of the consensus reality provided by the elite has a good selection for those with different tastes, but you won't find many conspiracy theories to chose from, for thats where the truth is hidden.

I never really questioned the external reality much, trusting that our "free" press had it under control, since I had enough on my plate, until 9/11. After this I took a closer look at things and holy crap batman, it ain't what I thought. I still can not believe many intelligent people are still in denial about this event, I think it is because they could not bring themselves to entertain such a notion and never really looked into it. I have been laughed at by people who did not know about WTC 7 collapsing or did not know almost 50 minutes elapsed between the 1st tower being hit and the Pentagon (no air defense over DC?). They are truly uninformed.

But at this point, I realize 9/11 was not the beginning of a conspiracy, just a product of 150 years of a great conspiracy, and they are becoming bolder and bolder as they see how much they can get away with. They must find it amazing how gullible the masses are.

Our elite tell us not to believe in conspiracy theories so I must be nuts. I also realize there is no way in hell any but a small percentage of people will ever believe it until it is too late, and even if they did, there is little they could do at this point. Forty years ago, maybe we could have taken a different path, but not now.

So this is the way the world works, enjoy the present, do not worry too much about what will come, you can do nothing. Of course, if you brought kids into the world I can understand the angst.

BTW, I think you have it wrong about Pakistan. Pakistan knows too much about 9/11 and the real story behind Al Qaeda and the GWOT. I believe Pakistan is being set up to be a fall guy, partly to destroy the evidence and witnesses. It started with Mushs orchestrated demise and Bhuttos assasination, recent terrorist attacks and instability in Pakistan and that terror attack in Bombay. Me thinks Pakistan is going to go up in a mushroom cloud. I only hope it is not in the way of a retaliatory attack following another 9/11 that has gone nuclear. Obama has talked tough on Pakistan from day 1, Biden says he will be tested, India has a significant population the neo-malthusians would love to cull and you know Pakistan launches on India if they think they will be hit , Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists that has nukes, India is attacked by Pakistan terrorists (planned by foreign intelligence forces - guess who). Add it up.

I do not think Bush has been in control of foreign policy for at least 6 months, maybe longer. In that time we have seen a stronger dollar, bail outs for the banksters, oil plummetting, conflict in Georgia with Russia, talks with Iran, and a destabilized Pakistan. These are all signatures of Obamas chief adviser, Brzezinski.

Bush seems to have passed the torch on the same day the Bilderbergers met, June 6, which also was the same day Gates cleaned out the neocon supporters in the Air Force, and when Hillary conceded the nomination to Obama after which he knelt at the AIPAC altar.

Visible said...

JJ- you are an amusing guy, feeding my own response back to me. I don't know if anyone else caught it but I did. Kudos!

Josey... it works. It really does but you have to stay with it for the veritable 40 days and forty nights and mind you... efforts are made to make you forget. You may be sure that I am doing it because I am under some of the most severe weather I have ever seen; not that I need a motive.

Nina... I swear you are turning into quite the poet... no mean feat. In these days, poetry is the first thing that dies. It's an orchid kind of a thing.

Anonymous said...

We have thrown money at problems for a long time and keep getting the same (lack of) results.
Most of the money collected in our churches goes for a new roof or expanded parking lot--how many fucking churches do we need.
Look at most charities in this country and they are headed by the same folks that fucked you when they were politicians--Elizabeth Dole ring a bell.
Most of the people in this country that vote don't pay taxes but want every handout they can get. If you redistributed the wealth, they would just buy Chevas instead of Ripple.
The UAW wants you to think that their workers make minimum wage when with benefits and retirement figured in they are near $100.00 an hour. Wonder why you pay (I don't) $30,000.00 for a box of metal with an engine.
Laws are written by lawyers so you have to hire a lawyer to represent you in front of another lawyer who now wears robes.
The biggest drug runners in this country are the ones who are supposed to enforce the laws.
The education system rewards kids with the best memory instead of the kid who doesn't just regurgitate what some college professor who hasn't been in a real job his whole life has written.
Our media hires actors in place of real journalists--if there ever were real journalists.
You can't trust the media, the government (any of them), charities, religion, teachers, cops, military, the list goes on and on---why is that. Aren't they people too, with families and hopes and dreams.
The deck is stacked against us except for one thing--intent.
We have the war on drugs, the war on illiteracy, the war on poverty----you know the drill.

Mother Theresa was asked to appear at an anti-war rally--she stated that she would not go until they changed it to a PEACE rally--get the point.

Please grab a railing, or take a seat--I agree with Tony on one thing he just wrote---stop consuming crap--only buy what you need--slow down--no stocks--no bullshit--no credit cards---throw your wrench into the machine.
Bankers only make money if they can charge you interest on something. If you don't buy, there is no sales tax for politicians to piss away. If you use less gas, there is less gas tax for them to reward their cronies with in the form of road contracts.

Don't borrow a nickel if you can help it. Pay cash or don't buy it. Make it a Christmas of being thankful--just thankful--let that echo off the universe--year round.
The protest will come from what they have created--the mass energy needed will come from what they have created. It won't come from more people believing in 911 or whatever--it will come from our imploding economy
Simplify and get your bearings. Want to help people--do it locally where you have some control and know what's going on.
Buy in bulk--save a few dollars--but buy good food that will keep you from having to use that insurance you no longer have.
Pull some of those books off the shelf you have been meaning to read.
Listen to some of the music that makes you smile--learn to play an instument.
Sit on the porch with your loved ones and just look at the stars.
Support what you believe in
Keep writing in here--it's the only place I go any more.

Les, thanks. Had to get my bearings--bearings that some might not agree with, but that's OK--they are my bearings.


Visible said...

I don't like showing up here this often but 'pot' you're something else. You and Maestro ought to get a room. Most people here don't know what you're talking about but I do. I do draw the line though on girls with Nevada in their name who get utilized by David Icke. No slur on Icke intended, I'm just not comfy with carny acts where lots of money changes hands.

Visible said...

Most of that is good and well but.. Mother Teresa? I hold her in more contempt than Christopher Hitchens and I don't much like Christopher Hitchens. Read up on the little lady and you tell me (ironically pointing out part of your point) where the money went and what happened to all the girls who didn't play the game; not to mention some of her 'surprising' photo ops with some of the most vicious killers on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Just a quote to prove a point--never met the bitch..


Visible said...

uh huh... well, yeah, I did... quite by accident on one of her fundraising jaunts and I can't say much more than that I looked into her eyes and that ALWAYS does it for me. The same thing happened with Jimmy Carter with different results.

We're not going to get macho here are we? (grin)

Anonymous said...

I've invented a new word, I think. Checked via a google search and nothing came up. At all!

It's... 'tyrannoclast'. That'll be you, Les. You're a tyrannoclast. Perhaps we should all be tyrannoclasts.

With any luck, it'll appear on the Urban Dictionary site soon, along with all the other cuss words, slogans, in-jokes, and whatever.

Maybe it's time I got a job. Or maybe make up a few thousand more words. Can I patent a word?

Keep on going, fella. Love and peace to all...
Mark x

Anonymous said...

Bar code that starts with 729 is ISRAEL!!! Don't knowingly buy from them. Also, Starbucks is Israeli owned. I stopped buying Starbucks anything years ago. They don't deserve the US's money.

m_astera said...

Well now, Marxist-socialist.

Here's a question: If you point out the harm that the Zionist Jews are doing, does that make you a supporter of Muslim terrorists? No? Not necessarily?

Nor does my pointing out the flaws in Marxism/Leninism make me a supporter of capitalist piggery, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, or the Jew York Times.

BTW, I don't support democracy very much either. I have a hard time seeing why 51% of my neighbors should be able to decide what I do with my life, even if I were convinced that they had my best interests at heart, which I'm not.

My little post was about the fallacy of relying on centralized government to solve problems, and I asked for an example of where it had done so. Just to be clear, I'd prefer an example that lasted more than a few decades and featured liberty and justice for all. A sustainable system, in other words. I don't know of any examples, do you?

I'm afraid that pointing me to propaganda that you found on Marxist sites is not going to convince me or probably anyone else who isn't already convinced. That's sort of like proving the Bible is true by quoting the Bible.

As for "socialist-leaning governments like Venezuela, Norway and Spain have more participative-democracies, more spreading of wealth, than right-wing free market, corporate governments like USA, Mexico and India"

First, "free market" does not equal right-wing or corporate. Right-wing corporate equals fascism, not free market. Fascism is when private for-profit companies control the government, according to Mussolini anyway. Full-on Marxist socialism is where the government takes over all means of production, correct? Neither is a free market. I would submit that both systems could work to the benefit of all concerned, including the poorest and most disadvantaged, it they were set up and administered by those whose only interest was the greatest good for all concerned. Unfortunately, as they used to say in the USSR, scum rises, and those attracted to power are not often saints.

I think you mean Sweden, but Norway will work. The system there is based on high value-added industrialization, mostly privately owned, which is also highly taxed. The central government takes the taxes and spreads some of them around. This is a pretty good system as long as there is a profitable market for the goods produced; when there isn't the system collapses, as it is doing right now.

Spain I will leave alone. I know a bit about Spain's economy and government, but not a lot. Suffice it that Spain's economy is collapsing in a manner very similar to that of the USA these days.

As to the image that has been projected of Venezuela, I'd like to point out that during the 1930s any number of socialists from the USA visited the USSR and came back with glowing reports of its success; this was during the period when Stalin was building and filling the Gulags and starving 20 million or so Ukrainians to death because they refused to collectivize. One can't always rely on the objectivity of those who have been wined and dined and given the tour by the government in power.

Things are not nearly that bad in Venezuela or I wouldn't be here, but so you know, the main reason that poverty has fallen from 50% to 30% or whatever the true figure is, is because the government has had an oil bonanza for the past ten years amounting to around $800 billion and that money hasn't all left the country. The roads, schools, hospitals, bridges, farms, and factories aren't any better actually, but the people are eating three times a day. That is unfortunately coming to an end very soon, starting in February of 2009 at the latest, as the 90 day lag in payment for oil catches up with government spending.

The government's own figures show that next year's budget requires a minimum of $60/bbl oil; Venezuelan oil right now is selling for around $40/bbl, and it costs $29/bbl to get it out of the ground and into a tanker. $140/bbl oil less cost of production left $111/bbl gross profit; $40/bbl oil less cost leaves $11.

November saw the government being paid $90 for each barrel they shipped in August; next February will see them getting around $10 for each barrel shipped in November.

This is further complicated by the fact that around 90% of all food and manufactured goods are imported to Venezuela and that 90% of government income is from oil, much the same as in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. It will be difficult but doable to get by with the loss of 90% of manufactured goods, but it won't be possible to feed the people on 10% of the food.

The community councils will be able to do nothing about this; they get all of their funding from the central gov't, which gets its funding from oil.

It wouldn't make the slightest difference if the government was 100% elitist capitalist oligarchs; the money is drying up and the party is over. The problem is caused by reliance on exports for income and imports for goods all going through a central government and a central bank.

The solution, it seems to me, is community self sufficiency, and that will likely be the only way out of this mess, but I expect an awful lot of people are going to starve first. The government is doing its best not to talk about the coming trainwreck, but that won't stop it happening.

m_astera said...




Anonymous said...

The thing you will see as the first tactic used by the slime is to divide and conquer. So the best defence is to unite into communities of cooperation, food co-ops and self sufficiency. Ignore all they the slime is offending you with and grow your own and swap it with your neibours as Jj says buy in bulk what you cant grow and make your own food free of posionous additives. Start a slime free community and soon your little pond will breath again and the clarity and charity will shine from within. ;) But be free in secret because the spoilt brats hate nothing more than being ignored.

notamobster said...

"Because according to scientific-evidence, leftist parties are *anti-plutocracy* and *anti-concentration of power*"

Please source the scientific evidence for us...How utterly ridiculous. Leftists being anti-concentration of power?

ANY MAN WISHING FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO SAVE HIM IS GOING TO BE SORELY DISAPPOINTED!!! The government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have! Therein, lies the problem. People are lazy and wantonly ignorant. The capitalist system is not the problem here! This system which is destroying everything you've known is not a free-market! A credit based system will never provide real wealth, just more and more debt! People are fucked! They're lazy and stupid. They want something for nothing. They want their preacher to tell them how to live; their TV to tell them what to think; their society to accept them in everything they do.

We as humans have abdicated our authority to make decisions for ourselves, in exchange for the ephemoral comforts of modern expediency. We will continue to be fucked for as long as we continue to allow our very lives to be lived vicariously for us!

I've had the thought that I wouldn't want to be the only one to show up for the revolution; but I think now - I wouldn't want to be involved in a revolution with these ignorant fucks who do understand what's going on.

The Repuglicans are no more the problem than are the Demotards. Lefty-righty... abortionist-right to lifers... gay-straight... these are all chaff to keep your sensor from finding the heat signature of your real target.

"We" will never improve our station in life collectively. "We" can do absolutely fuck-all! "We" will march blindly into the slaughter which is so eagerly being prepared for us. "We" are useless eaters.

"I", on the other hand will live my life. "I" will enjoy every moment I can with my children. "I" will prepare and remain faithful to that which drives me. "I" will accept responsibility for my failures and learn from them... "I" will not bow down to anyone else, so long as there is breath in my lungs, because I am a god-damned human being. "I" will not cede control of my life to anyone; ever!

"I" have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man.

"I" will continue to make my moves and prepare my family, because that is the prudent thing to do. In so doing, "I" will cherish every second.

"I" don't know which course is best... "I" don't know which course will work for you; but, I know which course is mine.

notamobster said...

outstanding read if you're so inclined:

outstanding rea if you're so inclined:

sorry to keep bringing it up, vis - but until you ask me to stop, I'll continue to post it every so often.


Anonymous said...

I must say thank you Les. Everyone once in awhile i feel it necessary to remind you that I'm very appreciative of the relationship i share with your work. It sends me in very unexpected directions. Most of the time your writings acts as my gateway drug, without the negative connotation.

This site gives me the munchies, and i end up in a metaphysical kitchen concocting all sorts of delectable manifestations of consciousness. Plus, I'm a lot more productive getting high off of this shit than when i used to smoke weed.

I've also been "practicing" some meditation techniques. I must say that clicking on the prayer wheel on your main webpage had to be one of my better choices of late. So thanx for that also.

I lurk around this site daily, and i appreciate all the "players" here. Keep it up guys/gals.

The blog wasn't letting me post this comment so if you can throw it up that'd be sweet . If not then whatever.

Visible said...

People are having problems posting so if you are one of those people just email it to me.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm! Raspberry.

Anonymous said...

They're playing funny buggers with wrh at the moment

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up That Indefinable Ease Thing.

Anonymous said...

Just want to reply to m_astera:

I said nothing about loyalty in my post, and I do not expect or require loyalty to any nation or geography from anyone. I do not care who has left america or their reasons for doing so. If you are happy with your choices, then I am happy for you.

The point that I was making is that it is very easy for someone to point the finger from afar. The people Les Visible is speaking to in his post are ones are exactly where he and you were before you found your personal solutions, and yet he seems to want some different solution from them than that which he chose. I do not see him calling for everyone to flee to Europe.

The greater point, which I see echoed in other posts above, was perhaps best stated by anon 7,25:

[quote] (Regarding evil) I say dont buy into it and remove the investment you have in its machinations at every opportunity. [/quote]

Much as yours apparently did, my conscience tells me to withdraw. Were I to act upon the thoughts expressed by the post, I would rather be joining the evils of the world than removing myself from them.

Visible said...

The URL for What Really Happened says, "suspended page" Michael is sleeping at the moment or just getting up so maybe he's be able to fix that situation. He recently migrated his whole site to another host and so it seems unlikely the host suspended it. It's a mystery.

m_astera said...


Apologies for reading too much into your comment. I'm a little touchy about the accusation of "bailing out" of a problem. If a grizzly were charging me it would be a struggle to decide whether to fight or run (at which point it would likely be too late).

Not that many Americans are presently facing direct threats from the government, and they do have a little more leeway than those who are. One really can't fight "city hall", a fact I have learned the hard way. No matter how many times you win a battle, they always come back after you again using your own tax money to fund themselves.

I agree with you completely on withdrawing from the system; most of my adult life I have lived as outside it as possible; I could always see it wasn't friendly to me. These days the more closely tied to it one is, the more the danger of losing everything.

Right now I don't see much use in taking an offensive or defensive stance, but rather a creative one. Keep the things that work, but look constantly for new (and ancient) ideas and approaches that simply bypass the corrupted system while creating new and better systems that are harmonious and sustainable.

A couple of big challenges I see along those lines are energy and trade/economy. Those are where "they" have us over a barrel.

The biggest challenge, though, is finding people one can trust even slightly when things are tough. That is huge, and the USA does not have many candidates, based on my experience.

That is probably a direct consequence of basing their physical lives on the competitive accumulation of material goods and hedonistic pursuits, and their spiritual lives on bullshit.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean something is wrong? The lights are still on, although nobody is home. The cable TV still makes pretty pictures. The media says we're not in a recession yet, even though analysts say it started LAST December, and the truth is it's a depression, but don't let that cat out of the bag. There are only 10,000 foreclosures per week, what's wrong with that? There were only half a MILLION layoffs last month alone. I see no problem. The media says the problem is because of glutonous poor folks buying into mortgages they can't afford, so I'm sure it's nothing to do with the money changers, no way. The war in Iraq is winding down, there is talk of troops coming home by 2011 now, so no trouble there. The media says we only lost a few thousand soldiers in that "war" anyway, so we came out better than before right? There is no evil cabal of bankers stealing everything in sight. The price of gas is going down! Isn't that a good thing? Heck, it's christmas time, we've got to get out and go shopping already! No time to waste worrying about tomorrow. Obama is no problem, he is bringing us CHANGE! He's our first black president and all is well while the ghettos rejoice! He's not filling his cabinet with criminals, but nobody else is filling their cabinets with food either, so what's to worry?

Don't take my sarcasm too seriously. We're in a world of shit and somebody already pulled the handle on the throne. Water is rushing in and swirling around, but nobody believes we're going down the hole.

If you spend much time traversing the internet you will see the LAST thing people want to do is take action. We've got to get the word out. We've got to get all the morons on board. We've got to form this group and that group, and talk about it until the cows come home, but heaven forbid we pick up our guns and shoot the hunters.

The truth is, the sheeple are more dangerous sometimes than the tyrants. They will lash out at you for attacking their fantasy world. They will turn you in for speaking against the leaders they believe they elected. They will kill you to stop you from destroying the hell built up around them. No way they're giving up the bright colors and fancy flashing lights. No way they're giving up their car with the chrome wheels and loud stereo. Don't interrupt them on the way to the mall. You're a terrorist and an enemy of the state if you do anything that might compromise their crumbling reality.

They're a bunch of worthless fucks, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

I don't know bout y'all but I am dead tired of being a nice guy. I wanna be like the lady in kill bill and let loose on the perps that have influenced the serious negative in my life! ...Problem being is there are so many bad guys on this note (from a scholarly researchers point) that it would take a black hole being hurled in planet earths direction, in order to make sure I got em all! That would not do the innocent any good…

The heck of it is, when I run into an ass hole 'one on one' they don't really come across at the moment 'for the most part' as an ass hole. This must certainly be denial because an ass hole is an ass hole RIGHT?

Ahh, now I see how the cause and effect comes into play and the snowball keeps propelling and gaining on the us.

Isolation is a horrid torment...I think I am going to start a dating service for truthers only, this might at least help weed out some of the ass holes in my dilapidated mind LOL!

There are many great lines here. The Mother Teresa gig “what a hoax” is one thing I hate about my name being Teresa may as well be name Santa Claus; absolutely ridiculous!

And the car dealerships HA! What a scam the auto industry is…I deplore them and always have the whole concept is a theft ring from the get go…if a person has a job that promulgates a crime ‘theft…’ should the job be acceptable…ridiculous concept. I would not give em the scraps from my vomit LOL; am on a role today…

In the crass world we reside the best way to use a fork is to identify the fork, as a pitchfork first, any other fork is trivia. Wealth without knowledge is faux and tis why these so called fashionistas are so crude…Les, u a funny guy ‘pot and maestro get a room?’ hmm, that would be a strange combo ‘like pizza without wine’ lol.

OK, so any of my buddies out there wanna start a dating site for truthers? There is not one and as times get tougher and they will it is not healthy for folks to be solo…the ol divide and conquer is at serious work in a very serious realm…I for one can’t continue like this and have no desire to. I attract dis informationists and if the punks out there wanna play hardball, then I suggest on my turf!


Anonymous said...


The web brigades (Russian: Веб-бригады )[1] are allegedly, in the view of some leftist and conspiracy theorists and intellectuals, online teams of commentators linked to security services that participate in political blogs and Internet forums to promote disinformation and prevent free discussions of AIPAC, Israel's crimes and the economic destruction of USA by Israelites. Allegations of the existence of web brigades were made in a 2003 article "The Virtual Eye of the Big Brother"[1]

Frequent changes of pseudonyms.
Round-the-clock presence on forums. At least one of the uniform members of the team can be found online at all times, always ready to repulse any “attack” by a liberal.[1] Intentional diversion of pointed discussions. For instance, the brigade may claim that Pol Pot never had any connection with Communism or that not a single person was killed in Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 by Soviet tanks.

Individual work on opponents.
"As soon as an opposition-minded liberal arrives on a forum, expressing a position that makes them a clear "ideological enemy”, he is immediately cornered and subjected to “active measures” by the unified web-brigade. Without provocation, the opponent is piled on with abuse or vicious “arguments” of the sort that the average person cannot adequately react to. As a result, the liberal either answers sharply, causing a scandal and getting himself labeled a “boor” by the rest of the brigade, or else he starts to make arguments against the obvious absurdities, to which his opponents pay no attention, but simply ridicule him and put forth other similar arguments."

Accusations that opponents are working for “enemies”.
The opponents are accused of taking money from Berezovskiy, the CIA, the MOSSAD, Saudi Arabia, the Zionists, or the Chechen rebels.

Making personally offensive comments.
Tendency to accuse their opponents of being insane during arguments.

Remarkable ability to reveal personal information
Remarkable ability to reveal personal information about their opponents and their quotes from old postings, sometimes more than a year old.

"They unwaveringly support each other in discussions, ask each other leading questions, put fine points on each other’s answers, and even pretend not to know each other. If an opponent starts to be hounded, this hounding invariably becomes a team effort, involving all of the three to twenty nicknames that invariably are present on any political forum 24 hours a day."

Appealing to the US government and Israel Government's Administration.
The members of teams often "write mass collective complaints about their opponents to the editors, site administrators, or the electronic “complaints book”, demanding that one or another posting or whole discussion thread they don’t like be removed, or calling for the banning of individuals they find problematic."

Destruction of inconvenient forums.
For example, on the site of the Moscow News, all critics of Putin and the FSB "were suddenly and without any explanation banned from all discussions, despite their having broken none of the site’s rules of conduct. All the postings of this group of readers, going back a year and a half, were erased by the site administrator."[1]

Anonymous said...

Furthermore: you pussies out there claiming anonymous, need to stand down, if you can't come around and show your face and co ordinance’s get friggin lost! Shit is going to hit the fan!!!

Fuck, I have children, loved ones, a life and if I have to risk it all for this bullshit than so should others I am nobodies house niga…I from here on will treat anonymous posters as enemies…sorry but the rubber has met the road!


Anonymous said...

Well now m_ (I’m doing an ellis thing here with my hands on my hips and pursed lips)
Have you told the locals how to live their life lately??
I'm sure they would benefit from your vast agri experience, being an american and all (my assumption here).
Local VE farmer, 'Yes please Mister m_ please share your american farming experience with us, please'.
‘Please tell us how many genetically modifieds to plant each season, please. Thank you, thank you, we are so, so grateful.’
‘And please let us know how to avoid committing suicide when our crops fail to produce the desired yield, like the farmers in India, please.’
‘Oh! Yes and please let us know how to avoid a Monsanto law suits when our GM crop overflows onto a neighbour’s farm, please. And our neighbour’s law suit for that matter. Thank you. Thank you.’
I think at this point m_ you should let them kiss your ring.

Anonymous said...



I am an American person of color. I am concerned about the growth of White racism in America, esp. because racism has now become mainstream. White racists no longer wear Nazi suits or white sheets: they wear professional business suits and use the language of college graduates. Let's look at some of these evil racists:

-Matt Nuenke: he runs the site of [] and uses mainstream science such as psychology, biology, and anthropology to promote hate.

Marian van Court: she runs the site of [] She also uses the above sciences to promote hate.

Professor Kevin Macdonald: he runs the site of [] This evil man actually has a Professor job at a public university. He mostly promotes anti-Semitism.

Professor J. Philippe Rushton: He runs the site of [] He is actually a Canadian Professor, but he does pseudo-research in his attempt to show that African-Americans are not smart.

The Occidental Quarterly: [] The number one journal for white collar academic racism.

Professor Chris Brand: [] He used to be Professor in England until he was fired for writing a racist book.

[] This is another very popular white collar newspaper for racist ideology. They esp. hate Mexicans.

Pat Buchanan: [] Probably one of the most known White Supremacists. He hates Mexicans and Jews.

Professor Linda S. Gottredson: [] She uses false science to say that Blacks are not smart.

Professor Richard Lynn: [] Says blacks are not smart.

[] Academic racist science magazine.

Jeff Rense: [] He promotes anti-Semitism.

John Bryant: [] Member of MENSA, admired philosopher, his books have been praised by Nobel prize winners. He uses his fame to promote White racism.

[] Another white collar racist magazine: pretends to be academic.

[] Archive of false science promoting racism.

[] Christian racists use the Bible to promote anti-Semitism.

[] White racist blog: has a dozen or so college graduate racist writers.

There are plenty more, but this list should give us an idea of the new White racism in America.

Anonymous said...

FATE MESSENGER: go to and download the MP3 that talks about "Why we are in the situation we are today: A totally rotten system and a need for revolution"

Anonymous said...

m astera: Muslim terrorism doesn't exist. The "Muslim terrorists" you hear in media are not muslim terrorists. They are CIA, Israeli fronts

Wake up from your CNN and FOX news slumber.

And by the way the real concentration of wealth and BIG BUCKS, is found in CAPITALIST GOVERNMENTS AND CAPITALIST NATIONS. And not in socialist-leaning nations like Nicaragua, Venezuela, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, Russia, Iran, Norway, Scandinavia, Holland, Chile, Spain, China, Lybia. etc.

All those nations i mentioned have *less concentration of money, than the capitalist leaning governments and nations like: USA, Colombia, India, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, Peru, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapur, Monaco, Israel, etc. where money is concentrated in the high oligarchies, unlike populist-socialist leaning governments i mentioned.

Just do your homework, and research the economic differences between socialist-leaning nations and free market, corporatist leaning nations.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

This may well be my last posting here. I appreciate all the kindness shown, the pain shared, and most of all the incredible intelligence displayed here by the author and commenters. It has been very instructional and gives me hope that at the end of this growing nightmare, we may just possibly have a chance at doing things better. It will look very different than this current model, but to that I say "HOORAY!" Thank you all.


Drain my bank account at midnite on a friday using some obscure terms in a booklet I never saw but you claim I agreed to simply by "using" the account(account opened in a small, local bank gobbled up by you - you never got my consent or showed me any "terms"), then demanding payment of overdraft fees (caused by you taking virtually EVERY FUCKING PENNY I HAD without telling me) before I can "cancel" my account? (you have no idea how lucky you are, Mr. bank manager - it took all my earthly strength not to overturn your desk and hurt you badly you smug, smarmy mf'er. You seemed to enjoy your little moment of power, but your days in "power" are surely numbered).

Foreclose on my house, then sell it at auction (to yourself), then demand that I pay property taxes and insurance - on a home I cannot occupy, simply because the account is still "open"?

Hit me with a 1099 for all the "money" you lost on your gambles on me and had to write off, claiming it is somehow "income" that I need to pay taxes on? Income??? Money I don't get the honor of paying you anymore due to circumstances is now "income" to be taxed???? That is some BAD alchemy, my satanic friends.

Hassle me day and night with collection calls, and even call my neighbors and tell them I'm a deadbeat, and ask them to provide info on me?

Tell me my kid needs to be on meds, because she doesn't seem too interested in sitting quietly and absorbing your bullshit or hasn't become proficient at repeating back what you "teach" in exactly the manner prescribed? What, she'd rather talk to her friends and draw pictures or sing, so SHE'S the fucked-up one? She's a KID and a strong-willed one who won't easily be broken, especially since you will no longer have the opportunity to do so. She knows the subject matter, she just doesn't like being ordered to prove it on demand. By the way, nice job including all those Jewish religious songs in their orchestra and choir lists (this "holiday" season, since we can't officially call it Christmas there), and the holocaust brainwashing you have been doing lately. Must be a seasonal thing. Watching my kid come home visibly upset because of "all those horrible things that happened" was a real treat you soulless propagandist fuckers.

Tell me I'm not patriotic and "anti-American" because I don't do the same as an adult (buy without question the crap you put before me as true and good, because America is the shining beacon of hope in the world)?

Threaten me with terror plots that you somehow KNOW are coming, and threaten to spy on me if I get uppity about it?

I'M the problem. I'm the guy who bought into the system and even though I never got into the "house as ATM" thing (despite your REPEATED attempts to lure me into that with weekly calls telling me how "It's YOUR money, why not pull it out and use it??) still couldn't sell my home in a shitty neighborhood once the boom ended, so all that debt incurred trying to bridge the gap until it sold came home to roost. Losing my job due to catastrophic illness is MY fault. It is MY fault the world economy is crashing, because I can no longer consume at the level you demand to keep this whole charade rolling. IT IS ALL MY FAULT, SO COME AND GET ME AND TRY TO MAKE ME PAY!!!!!! Just try. Try it!

We'll see how docile Americans stay. Keep poking people all over the world with your fucked-up games of divide and conquer, with your disregard for civil rights OR THE RIGHT TO SIMPLY EXIST OUTSIDE YOUR SPHERE. You had better start killing us now with something exotic, because your Iraq/Afghanistan/Gaza/etc.. model will not fly here. IT IS ON!!!!!

Pardon my language and lack of restraint, good people of Smoking Mirrors and Mr. Les Visible. I cannot take it anymore. You PARASITIC fuckers are going DOWN, and I vow to make it so and if I survive, I will help create that which you loathe and fear - true freedom and justice FOR ALL!!! Consider me officially radicalized. Come and get me you pricks.

Pissed-off, disenfranchised, fully aware, anonymous motherfucking Z

Anonymous said...

Maestro- Pedal to the metal mate!!
electronic harassment,
Mandelbrot set- brilliant maths
bit of Aussie humour
traditional (sound)
one for the boys
my grand daughters protégé (up and coming bag lady)
bit of class
one for Jj
Can't get enough of a good thing!!
ps and after all that I couldn't find the copy I wanted

notamobster said...

aww shit.... don't go away Z. At least keep posting til they catch you. You can get on the intertoobs ninja-style, at the local McDonalds's, or the lie-bary. Tell us how the fight goes. Your spark may even ignite a few others, sir.

Tony - funny... for some reason though, I don't think Jj's the 'NASCAR type'.

Maestro - cryptic and odd, as always...

Marxist-socialist - you just don't get it! It's not a matter of which game you play, if the dealer stacks the deck against you. The oligarchs will remain in charge under any system you choose, because PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID!!! They want someone else to do the heavy lifting for them. A central government will never provide for your needs, because it will be run by self-interested ass-clowns, and will govern STUPID-LAZY-APATHETIC CITIZENS... and the racism...institutionalized? Yes, though I wouldn't use the illustration of those who don't like Jews, since the Jews are not a race. Negroid, Caucusoid, and Mongoloid are the only races. The generalization of Jew = race is nothing more than propaganda perpetrated against the world.

m_astera said...

I'm with Z. Count me in.

m_astera said...

Geeze, Tony. I'm an organic gardener and promote organic agriculture. Always have and always will. Do some background so you don't look like such a moron.

Anonymous said...

m astera: M astera: it seems that you are very *indoctrinated* by the so called wealth the the free market system produces for all. Can you tell me 1 single country where neoliberal free market without government intervention has cured poverty?

I think that comrade Bush has been taking some tips from Chavez. At least US government noticed that unregulated markets don't work.

The only way that we can get rid of the state, would be in the far-future. In about 500 years. Karl Marx said that each political-stage lasts lik 500 years.

Capitalism evolved from Feudalism in the late 1500s. And we are still in a world-capitalist paradigm. The next paradigm would be workers-socialism economic system, and after that stage we might see a state-less economy.

But right now, today, you can't do any change without the state. The state is still a *necessary reality and evil*. However we can have a *better* state, than a corporate-state.

The problem is that you generalize all states as doing the same thing, and that's real far from reality. A corporate-state is not a social-state.

Don't confuse Chavez's oil wealth used for the welfare of the venezuelan masses, even for american people in the Bronx. With the US corporate-state where US taxes are used specifically for wars, and for the welfare of the upper-classes. (No wonder US state is also labeled as a 'corporate welfare', or welfare for the rich as Ralph Nader states)

And on the Venezuela's comment about poverty reduced by oil and not by socialism, that is not a scientific statement. Because Mexico, USA, and Saudi Arabia are oil producing nations, and poverty-levels have increased in Mexico, USA and Saudi Arabia (Free market economies).

And USA still produces a lot of wealth indeed, but poverty has been increasing, because of the fact that USA has a corporate-state, not a state like Venezuela, which is a social-state.

So again: what we need in USA is a united movement and political party of workers and regular americans, that would change USA from a corporate-state, toward a social-state (The US government being used exclusively for the welfare of the poor and middle class workers)

And by the way when will you learn that there is no concentration of wealth in Hugo Chavez's government.

Stop listening to Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton who label Chavez as a "dictator".

Well in a way he is leading a dictatorship, but a dictatorship of the venezuelan workers and poor people against the corporate oligarchies.

I wouldn't mind such a dictatorship existing here in USA, where a social-government used the centralized police force to deffend the lower and middle classes against the hegemony of the corporate lobbies, bilderbergs, AIPAC, and the far-right winger private sector. (Specially CNN and FOX news TV channels that i hate so much).

So for once: divorce yourself from the free market private-ownership of corporations system, and be open toward a more egalitarian, democratic, collective ownership of corporations by the people in favor of the people, just like US Founding Fathers wanted.

The USA founding fathers didn't want the USA GDP to go to the top 10% of USA.

The USA Founding Fathers would;ve loved the USA GDP going to the 300 millions of americans citizens who live inside this land.

And the only recipe that i know so far, that can spread the USA GDP to all USA citizens is the New Socialism of the XXI Century.

Try to get the book by Heinz Deterich about Socialism of the XXI Century, or Alan Maass (The Case For Socialism).


ericswan said...

I'm not that old but I do have a long memory. In the very early 50's I remember my Grandma's house was the centre of attention for her neighbourhood. Strange as this may sound, the public water supply was a dripping tap in front of her place. Grandpa's basement was always a little bit wet with two or three feet of water over bedrock under the house. I fell off the outhouse trying to pick pin cherries and broke my arm in the mountain of firewood under the house.

So to take it ahead here, we are being pushed by tptb toward a "survival of the fittest" and that is coming sooner than later. What skill set counts? First, you have to see what's coming. Second, you have to know what to do about it. seeds, compost, network with your neighbours. That boulevard that runs down that divided highway could be more productive than it looks.

Anonymous said...

Calm down M_, you are merely a vessel.

Anonymous said...

Any time a Bush or a Clinton, or a B-liar or a Brown, come on the idiot box patting themselves on their hind-scales about the democracy we have, I try to laugh as loud as possible. Actually there's no 'try' about it. How did '1984' become a blueprint, rather than a work of literature? Keep calling it a democracy until the dictionaries drop the definition of dictatorship.

Was listening to an old interview by Michael Tsarion the other day. He said we are under a 'psychic tyranny'. Thought that was a good description of it all.

Z... sending some good (((vibes))) your way. We can certainly do that for each other.

Peace and love to all...

Anonymous said...

Z-Hang in there--know you are in the right and that our thoughts (good ones) are with you wherever you are--continue to share.
The poor are poor because some of them are lazy and the rest are held down by a system (any system) that laughs at them and holds them in contempt--it's the illusion of a leader and a system that will help you at some point, always when "they" get in power--whoever your "they" illusion is.
The only help will come as it always has--individually. Politicians, religious leader, god, jesus---blah blah blah---

Anonymous said...

Marxist-Socialist—Please do not read—thank you in advance for your cooperation.

To all white folks (and non-jews): Our annual post-Bilderburg Christmas party and planning meeting will be held at the usual location—wink-wink-nod-nod. Please remember that the secret handshake has changed from the last meeting—Go to the secret web site and enter your secret password in order to view the latest handshake video—NO DOWNLOADS PLEASE—we can’t let that information get out like the secret mating call did a couple of years ago.

As a reminder, white sheets are definitely out this year however pastels may be worn—nothing too flashy. Ellis: last years paisley print hood was way over the top…please tone it down this year—The Management.

In view of the global warming situation we find ourselves confronted with, burning crosses are definitely out this year however we will have a video of one of the old cross burnings on our new 105” plasma screen—it’s very groovy. Thanks to Moshe Jones for the great deal.

Although we do enjoy white humor (the non-jewish kind), those of you who wrote in that you wanted a kosher meal served, be on notice---it wasn’t funny.

Those of you from the south, please park your pickup trucks in the assigned area—just look for the confederate flags. Our insurance carrier has also let us know that they will not be covering tobacco stain damage to paint this year so please use the Negro human skull spittoons that have been placed around the area for your convenience.

To those from West Virginia: The father daughter dance is definitely OFF for this year and I need not explain why after last year.

Whoever the smart-ass was who suggested a break dance contest—IT WASN”T FUNNY.

Our featured speaker this year will be discussing why historical paintings of jesus have made him look like a hippie from Indianapolis instead of a “real” middle-easterner, and how that was pulled off and why.

Please also remember that our Whites only job network is overloaded with more high paying jobs than we can fill—take a look at the postings and move on up at your convenience.

Last but not least, our communal bank account has grown to such large proportions that you will all be required to take a sack of cash back home with you to your mansions so please plan accordingly.

The Management


m_astera said...

Marxist-socialist, please.

Just because I don't support Marxism does NOT mean I support corporations. I have written many times on many forums that all corporations should be abolished. They are the antithesis of personal responsibility and are psychopathic by definition.

Not supporting Marxism also does NOT mean that I support capitalism, or neo-liberals, or neo-conservatives. It also does not mean that I am a white supremacist, or a zionist shill, or any other knee-jerk category that you are assuming.

I do not watch TV or listen to radio, and will not even stay in the same room where FOX news or right-wing radio is on. I have no idea what Joe Biden says, nor do I care.

I also do not care what your holy prophet Karl Marx wrote about government 150 years ago. Centralized government attracts scum; this has been so throughout history and I know of no exceptions regardless of ideology. Marx was a Zionist, in case you didn't know.

As for Venezuela, I live here. I don't get my info from propaganda web sites. The only shift of wealth that has happened here over the past ten years is from the pockets of the former regime into the pockets of Chavez' cronies. Everyone in Venezuela knows this; it's only idealists outside the country that don't.

Here's the same link I have provided before, for those who would like to know what's really going on here. This site has links to all of the pro-Chavez and anti-Chavez web sites. It doesn't appear that you are interested in anything that contradicts your hero-worship, but others may be:

I do not agree with everything on Daniel's website or any other, but it is one of the very few where you will see both sides, and he is honest and sincere.

notamobster said...

Marxist-Socialist - "With the US corporate-state where US taxes are used specifically for wars, and for the welfare of the upper-classes."

100% of US Individual Income tax is used to pay down the debt owed to the Federal Reserve. AGAIN - the problem is the central bank and it's influence over the govt. This problem exists in every country with a private central bank; be they socialist or capitalist. This system we have is not a free market!

Also, have you ever even read anything written by our founding fathers? You're a twit. I have asked you(via your blog) to contact me privately and convince me of the error of my ways inre: a truly 'free-market', but I've heard nary a word in the 6 weeks since my request. The founding fathers would have no such system. If that were their wish, they would have included it in the Constitution! They were diametrically opposed to any such ideas because (and listen well, here) taking from one man's labor to give to another is thievery! There was no income tax! There was never to be an income tax! The 16th amendment was never properly ratified. A strong central government which equitably distributes your earnings to those who have less was just as detestable to them as a tyrannical king who kept it for himself! You're a lost cause. Keep reading Trotsky, and Marx, and blathering on about your system of Justice and equity that has never worked and who knows, maybe you'll have a thought of your own one day...

m_astera said...


Oh man. Wow. That is good.

the father/daughter dance? I'm getting a headache from laughing.

I needed to lighten up. thanks.

Anonymous said...

December 5, 2008

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Our political and cultural "leaders" are accomplices in a plot to re-engineer humanity to serve the Judeo-Masonic central banking cartel. Wars, terrorism, depressions, political and social change, entertainment and fads are all contrived to gradually bring about an Orwellian police state. Many people have said this but last week, I learned of another "smoking gun."

Randy Engel, the President of the US Coalition of Life sent me a tape she made in 1988 with Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, a Pittsburgh pediatrician who died in Jan. 2004. It consists of his recollection of a speech given March 20, 1969 by Dr. Richard Day, the National Medical Director of the Rockefeller-sponsored "Planned Parenthood" to a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. It describes "A New World System," already in place which would permanently transform the world. Dr. Day wanted the eighty or so physicians present to be prepared. The transcript of Dunegan's recollections has been posted here and should be read in full. However, I'll provide a summary here.

Much of what Day promised in 1969 is looking like a rear-view mirror today. But ominous events have yet to transpire. They do want to implant a chip in us so they can find and identify us, as well as monitor and control our purchases. They are weaning us off national allegiance and will resort to terrorism to win our assent to their global police state. They may use "one or two nuclear bombs to convince people we mean business," Day said. He refrained from mentioning who "we" are but said the names are recognizable. Given that he worked for the Rockefellers, I assume he meant the Rockefellers and their bosses, the Rothschilds.

This adds weight to the widely-held view that the central bankers are responsible for most terrorism, using MI-6, Mossad and the CIA. Dr. Day also said that "war is obsolete" given the danger of nuclear exchange so terrorism would be used instead. This was 1969.

He said that there are always two reasons for anything the Rockefellers do: the pretext which makes it palatable to the gullible public and the real reason. Thus, as I argued in my book "Cruel Hoax" (2007), we are being turned into homosexuals in the name of "women's and gay rights." Gender-neutered and promiscuous, fewer people are able to bond permanently with a member of the opposite sex for the purpose of having children.

Dr. Day said sex will be separated from marriage and reproduction ( i.e. "sexual liberation") to break up the family and reduce population. Abortion, divorce and homosexuality will be made socially acceptable. "Homosexuals will be given permission to act out. Everyone including the elderly will be encouraged to have sex. It will be brought out into the open. Anything goes." [The "Stonewall Riots" which unleashed the "gay rights" movement, took place three months later.] The ultimate goal is to have sex without reproduction. Reproduction without sex will occur in laboratories. Family size will be limited as in China.

It will be made more difficult for families to stay together. More women will work outside the home and more people will remain single. Sports instead of dolls will be promoted to girls so they will seek achievement instead of family. Girls will be taught they are the same as boys.

In general, international sports like soccer and hockey will be pushed so Americans will see themselves as "world citizens." American sports like baseball and football will not be similarly encouraged.

Pertinent now that US automakers are hurting, Day said America will be de-industrialized. Each part of the world will have a specialty and thus become inter-dependent. He said American industry will be undermined and shown to be uncompetitive. The US will remain a center for agriculture, high tech, communications, and education.

Pornography, violence and obscenity on TV and in movies will be increased. People will be desensitized to violence and porn and made to feel life is short, precarious and brutish. Music will "get worse" and will be used for indoctrination.

There will be unemployment and mass migration in order to uproot long established (conservative) communities. Social change will be introduced in port cities and work its way to the heartland. (Thus, the east and west coast are liberal.)

He said a cure to cancer exists in the Rockefeller Institute but is kept secret for purposes of depopulation. He said there will be an increase in infectious man-made diseases.

Dr. Day, who worked in weather modification during the war, said weather can be used to wage war or create drought and famine. The food supply will be monitored so no one can get enough food to "support a fugitive from the New System." Growing your own food will be outlawed under the pretext of it being unsafe.

He said people are controlled by means of the information they are given. Thus, information will be selective. Not everyone will be allowed to own books. "Certain books will disappear from libraries." Literary classics will be subtly altered. People will spend longer in school but not learn anything. There will be restrictions on travel; and private home ownership will disappear.

He said people who don't want to go along will be "disposed of humanely." He said there will be no martyrs--"people will just disappear."


Dr. Day says politicians are manipulated "without their even knowing it." Their failure to protect us from this Satanic conspiracy is a betrayal of the first order. We have to alert the sincere ones and reach soldiers and police too. Civilization hangs in the balance. We are in real danger and should organize in small independent units.

People are hurting now and are more receptive to this information. This "economic downturn" is deliberate and part of the police state agenda. We have to educate people who think these events are random. The Rockefellers and their traitorous lackeys won't bring this off if the intelligentsia and masses are aware of the truth.

Progressives and Leftists need to learn that "progress" and "change" really refer to totalitarian world government. This is the change they "believe in." Dr. Day said in 1969, "people will have to get used to constant change." I used to be a Liberal-Leftist myself. If I can see the real meaning of "changing the world," others can too.

We also have to take practical steps to defend ourselves, our families and our freedom.

Our society and culture are a fraud based on one central fraud, the monopoly over government credit in the hands of Cabalist private bankers. They are using this power to extend their monopoly over every aspect of our lives by manipulating world events and social behavior. The only way to save civilization from failure is to nationalize the Central Banks.

The complete Lawrence Dunegan boxed tape set is available from the U.S. Coalition for Life, Box 315, Export, PA 15632. The cost is $29.50 which includes postage and a complete printed transcript.

Anonymous said...

notamobster: you are very right in that Trotsky, Marx's system has never worked, because such a system (Socialism) has never existed yet. You have to realize that Marx was a historian, scientist, materialist, rationalist, objective scientist, not an emotional writter who studied societies and how they change thru time.

Karl Marx studied historical changes, history and he realized that political-systems change thru time. In other words, no country has been socialist because of the fact that for socialism to work the whole world has to evolve mentally, biologically, economically, poliitcally and sociologically, and we are still in a capitalist world stage. (Even Venezuela and Cuba are capitalist systems)

So you have to look at the bigger picture, and realize that even USSR was capitalist, not socialised wealth at all. *However*, just because socialism hasn't been a reality yet, it doesn't mean it never will.

200 years ago, it would be a *crazy* dream for a black person to be a leader of USA. And the same can be said of socialist workers democracy. Today is a crazyness to think that workers will be the leaders of USA. But in the future that will happen.

Even the great philosopher Nietzsche in sect. 758 of the book The Will to Power said that "Some day workers will hold power."

And by the way, just because conspiracy-theory, Karl Marx, UFOLOGY, and unpolitically correct science is satanized in USA, doesn't mean that Marxism, UFOLOGY, conspiracy-theory is meaningless and irrelevant.


Anonymous said...

Mister marxist-socialist
nail, head, you’ve hit it!!
'because such a system (Socialism) has never existed yet'
m_ read and weep comrade!
One of my contentions in life (as was my grandmothers) is
‘ignorance is bliss’!!

m_astera said...


It's pretty obvious that you didn't read Henry Makow's piece that you just posted. Although we haven't emailed in some time, I consider Henry a friend and largely agree with his conclusions. I would suggest, assuming that you have read this far, that you go and read a few of his essays on the origins of the communist party, Karl Marx, the bolshevik revolution, and womens's liberation.

As for your suggestion that socialism hasn't worked because it hasn't been done "right" yet, I would recommend that you read my earlier posts, in which I already said the same thing. It has something to do with scum rising.

Not too impressed with your reading or comprehension abilities so far. You either, Tony.

kikz said...

maestro's moral malestrom...

awfully convenient that...
she seemed perfectly happy to overlook les' indulgences as long as she got free reign to meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Mark, from Worcestershire,
I commend your neologistic prowess. Tyrannoclasm is th name for one of my subfolders under subfolder eleutherology within my politics folder. Th subfolder was created 20070325. Th Oxford English Dictionary, th unimpeachabl resource for th history of our language, lists th nonceword tyrannoctonic, indicating th slaying of a tyrant, which is obviously tyrannoclastic to th max. Tyrannophobia is also listed & it shd b obvious that any tyrannophobe wld b a potential tyrannoclast. I am happy to c that there is @ least one other logodaedalist out there who glories n th richness of our linguistic heritage. Each of these creations enables a very fine, very subtle nuance of meaning to b proffered to a discriminating audience. Keep up th good work. Larry Mills, n Kingsport, Tennessee



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