Wednesday, June 26, 2024

"Everywhere in The World is a One-Eyed-Jack, and... You Will Definitely See The Other Side of its Face if You Stick Around."

God Poet Transmitting.......

As a reader at another location noted, I don't like to write about political bullshit or... a 99 bottles of beer on the wall assortment of social issues, or any of the rest of the ephemeral scenery... going by the windows of a gone dead train... headed nowhere. I have to throw in some kind of color commentary now and again... if only for contrast, BUT... The Divine and his kingdom are my main interests, and my focused interest... further on... is The Kingdom of God coming to Earth, as it surely will.

I believe that each of us... who are in service to The Almighty... have that last concern as their focal point. The Kingdom of God WILL descend... once the groundwork is in place. I believe but do not actually know... that this has happened many times in the past... for periods of time... when a summing up and a harvesting is at work. The World is a work in progress. It will continue to be so... until every particle of it has been redeemed and transubstantiated.

Each of us is commissioned to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth within us, and thence it is radiated outward to build The Sanctuary of Movable Feast. None but a few of us are equal to the challenge. Perhaps... in another life? This all goes on forever and ever.

The thing is... none of this external shit is that important. It becomes important... pathologically important... due to the impress of Material Culture on The Hive Mind. It is a swirling... sucking force, and it is relentless in its effect on The Carnal Mindset. People get swept away and think they are on an amusement park ride. The senses delight... in The Golden Corral attractions... of an endless buffet line of low-brow- material delights.

The fact that everyone else is elbowing up to the trough... gives a strange legitimacy to the proceedings, and none of the feeders see the entities... that are consuming them... at the same time that they are eating everything else. Every sense has a mouth, and hands to stuff it with... OR the implements of mind that facilitate the bacchanalia.

This spectacle repeats itself... every time a culture goes into decline, and people stop being centered, productive, AND NORMAL All their attention gets directed toward mindless consumption. It never ends well, and any sane person makes sure to stay a good piece up the road... away from The Action... because there is a fierce undertow, not to mention the riptide that acts like a Kozuka across their midsection.

The Japanese have a preference for death before dishonor. We have no similar tradition in The West. Well... we do... it's called suicide, but it lacks the fortitude and ritual elegance of Sepukku. It is... however... no less painful... because it is far more protracted, and the ceremony does not include a second... standing by with a katana.

We have a vague awareness of The Sword of Damocles... hanging somewhere that the compass doesn't register. The general response to that is to, eat, drink, and be merry. However... true joy and bliss CANNOT be realized on The Carnal Plane... in fact... they are byproducts of one's separation from The Carnal Plane.

Only animals get the full sensory benefits of The Carnal Plane. They also get the guaranteed result of residence there, as does any human who inclines in that direction. Death is your reward, and often... by the time it gets here... you could not be more grateful.

People eventually settle into a marriage of sorts with their suffering. It's a looping co-dependency, a reminder that you are alive. Bed bugs and lice... no doubt... grant the same affirmation; at least I'm not alone!!!

Alone is one of the genuine pleasures of life. It also generates a co-dependency with the glorious Voice of The Silence. It's when you are alone that God is inclined to show up. I once asked him why he wasn't in the cities where he could help more people. He said, “I don't like being pushed around.”

When Confucius went to visit Lao Tzu... Lao Tzu asked him; “who are all these people you brought with you?” Confucius looked around him because he had thought he was alone. Later on... when he was asked about the visit, he said; “I have met a dragon.”

When humans become immersed in material culture... they begin to smell bad to higher life forms with keener senses than we possess... in this Age of Material Darkness. We even smell bad to others and have to drench ourselves in scents... to cover the smell of the corruptions that leak from our pores.

Ask a coroner what it's like to pull a floater from the water and accidentally pierce the trunk with a gaffing hook. If you've never smelled a dead body when it's ripe... you've missed a defining moment in your education on the way of things.

This is why... at an early point on The Path... purification is required. A purging is mandatory. It is a painful process that most people will not hold still for... because it can also be a lengthy and extended procedure. Sometimes you don't even know that that is what is happening. Believe me... the alternative is NEVER better.

In Times of Material Darkness... people always opt for the easier way, and there is no easier way. It does not exist. Many of the new age shuck-and-jive artistes... try to sell you the idea of a cruise to higher consciousness. Right. Good luck with that. Right about here... in this conversation that I have been having... out loud for years... is when I often mention Steven Crane's poem; The Wayfarer.

The process of cutting away the extraneous from the essential... is/can be... an excruciating experience. It's all the worse if the murk and filth... have become ingrained, and have to be torched away with spiritual fire. Although one might not associate it happening with an actual torch, it definitely burns as it cleanses.

Ah! The Renegade Will of The Separated Mind. I will! I must! I shall... NOT make it all the way up under my own power. It is where The Tale of Sisyphus comes from. Christ spoke of the method; “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” You have to get on the tractor-beam of God's Love, and... as you are taken higher, all that has held you down... is separated from you. It's not one of the fun parts of the journey.

You have to be all in or you will only get as far as your partial investment will take you; BUT... I wanted to go to LA. I don't want to stay in Lawrence Kansas! It's summer!!! It's always summer in Lawrence, Kansas when the journey is an allegory.

In The Hawaiian Islands, you often run into people who are running from something, and also... many of them have already been to Alaska... or wind up heading there next. People will tell you all kinds of great things about Alaska... heh heh. It's just as expensive as Hawaii, AND it's got mosquitoes that are bigger and fiercer than anywhere else. You might almost think you were in Texas to hear someone talk about them.

Everything is bigger in Alaska too, and both Alaska and Hawaii are stocked to the brim with every kind of criminal and lout-about. I lived in Hawaii... off-and-on for 20 years. There's nothing anyone can tell me about Hawaii. Hawaii is best when you have a lot of money and you can insulate yourself from everyone else. Oh! The stories I could tell you.

The World is filled with places that have legend and romance associated with them. You hear names like Samarkand and Timbuktu, and you think there might be a gin joint there for you. Then you get there and you see that everywhere in The World is a one-eyed-jack, and you will definitely see the other side of its face if you stick around.

The truth is that you only encounter... in life... what you bring with you. You will be safe anywhere if there is no danger in you. Lao Tzu talks about being a helpless babe. You have to understand the sense in which he meant it. I know this to be true because when I was in prison, I had no evil intentions in me, and no criminal nature... so I didn't snag on anything. It's not like I was some kind of badass. Those places are filled with badasses, and all of them are scared to death.

There is no greater weapon than Love, and there is no greater shield. Walk through this world with Love as your shield, and the angels will stop by to catch their reflection in it. People REALLY do not understand how powerful Love is... how multifarious... how perfect a match for anything. It has an automatic attractor and repeller. You don't have to be concerned with dials or levels. It is self-adjusting and accommodates everything to itself rather than the other way around.

It's there if you want it.

End Transmission.......

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Chapter 11: Conclusion of The Cosmic Vision...
from The Bhagavad Gita=


Arjuna, through my grace you have been united with me and received this vision of my radiant, universal form, without beginning or end, which no one else has ever seen.

Not by knowledge of the Vedas, nor sacrifice, nor charity, nor rituals, nor even by severe asceticism has any other mortal seen what you have seen, O heroic Arjuna.

Do not be troubled; do not fear my terrible form. Let your heart be satisfied and your fears dispelled in looking at me as I was before.


Having spoken these words, the Lord once again assumed the gentle form of Krishna and consoled his devotee, who had been so afraid.


O Krishna, now that I have seen your gentle human form my mind is again composed and returned to normal.


It is extremely difficult to obtain the vision you have had; even the gods long always to see me in this aspect. Neither knowledge of the Vedas, nor austerity, nor charity, nor sacrifice can bring the vision you have seen. But through unfailing devotion, Arjuna, you can know me, see me, and attain union with me. Those who make me the supreme goal of all their work and act without selfish attachment, who devote themselves to me completely and are free from ill will for any creature, enter into me.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

'The process of cutting away the extraneous from the essential'

I just did a post on this. Great way to fight the system. Do only what's NEEDED, and screw the rest. Support the system as little as possible via minimalism, and don't do anything you don't HAVE to do that generates any sort of support for it.

Pipe dream, for the majority to go for that; but hey! If the Deagle Report is right, the majority won't be here shortly.

Had to go to Yandex to get that. Google is WORTHLESS as a search engine.


AL said...

"as you are taken higher, all that has held you down... is separated from you. It's not one of the fun parts of the journey."

It's certainly not, my friend. Currently many including self are undergoing this surgery of sorts. Being separated from the separated mind is not fun but the enemy must go!

Not so amazing a discovery is the similarity between the exterior removal occurring and the closer to home removal going on eh.

Very powerful today amigo, much Love you!

M - said...

I have never shied away from being alone, which is not the same as being lonely. An only child whose family moved around every couple of years kept me from making childhood friends, as I was constantly in a different school each time we moved. I learned to entertain myself with books and being "outside". (I was a bit of a tomboy which meant I made friends with the boys in the neighborhood but not the little girls.) My imagination was my best friend.

Emily Dickenson was a prolific and famous poet and recluse. She also liked to garden at night. I read once that she stayed away from people so she could be herself. Something I can both understand and relate to.

Anonymous said...

The way you expressed these thoughts are amazing..So true.


word bird said...

Speaking of 'one-eyed', that false rainbow that's used to celebrate the mother of all sins, pride, leaves out the indigo color. Indigo is the sixth chakra and represents the third eye, i.e. the pineal gland, which Descartes described as 'a little gland in the brain in which the soul exercises its functions in a more particular way than in the other parts'.

Visible said...

Always been a big fan of Descartes

Sukh said...

That link to Petri Dish doesn't seem to work Visible.

I'll just take care of that while I'm here...

Suffering and Wanting... Are Star-Crossed Lovers... Who Go Everywhere Together, and... Are Never Seen Apart

Chillease said...

Thanks Mr. Visible. Please check out- The Urban Wildlife Rescue- out of Waco, TX- You would not believe the great soul of "Uncle Ben" who started it. His spirit is in the hyperspace realm for real. I donated today to both of you. Hope to shake your hand in the great By and By. Chillease :)

Visible said...

And after you sent me that other stuff this morning? Yikes!

(Thank you!)

Visible said...

That link works fine. (grin)

Anonymous said...

Hyya Vis,
For the third or fourth time, I've clicked on that link and got a 404 page. Then I used the link Sukh posted, and it worked. Just tried
your link again, no mas.

Visible said...

The cockroaches at Google are doing something because it works fine at my end. The Elf will figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Michele Baillie

So you know about Seppeku; the Cut must be made from one side to the other; A Japanese woman explained to me long ago- if I recall her correctly; the cut must be half-way across before the second makes the fatal stroke with a Katana.

Very, Very few have ever made the full cut- she told me she never heard of anyone who ever completed it; she would be well into her 80's by now..... so Wartime Japan-in her childhood; before the Macarthur era- history- and stories of this kind were known and recited.

The pain is extreme; unconsciousness usually overtakes the person before the cut is completed- either due to the pain, or the blood loss.



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