Monday, June 10, 2024

"The Mind is All The Devil There Is. It is The Mind in Rebellion against Unity that Fills The Darkness with Fallen Angels."

God Poet Transmitting.......

♫ The day the butthurt died, and they were singing, “Why... why... can't I get it with fries?” I drove my Prius to see Levy, but Levy was riding (and got trampled by) a Sybian Horse. The Nazi Transgender was on a Fentanyl bender singing, “This is the day I mask up inside. This is the day I...(gasp!)... (thud!)”

The thread that follows this main story is a telling thing.

This is the year that it becomes no longer fabulous, and absolutely amazing to be sexually dysfunctional. I could feel it coming for some time. It was in the air all around me, and telepathy is as easy as opening your mind. When you diminish the noise of the intrusive separated self, you can hear everything else. There is ONLY one mind; no... really. It is proven to me several times every day.

You might think I'm delusional... because everything happening now seems more and more over the top, by... the... day. How about this as an example?

A certain nation says, “Use force. If force doesn't work then... use more force.” It's what they just did by killing three hundred people to liberate and parade four hostages in Gaza, OR... that's what they say. They might just as well have had those hostages in a van. That whole hostage thing is bullshit. It smells of the same tactics they use all the time to justify psychopathic behavior.

They did this! Ghammazz!!! Ghammazz! (actually, we did this) So we are going to do all kinds of terrible things, (and we do)

Am I being mean-spirited? Am I calling it like it is? Should I avoid all commentary on laugh-out-loud absurdities when... the people making this happen... are laughing at us... in the meantime... for putting up with it? They are intentionally creating ever more twisted icons and then shaming the ignorant into an obliging silence; not... all... chains... are... visible.

No... au contraire... these are just signs of how desperate they are. As absurdity ratchets up to impossible heights... in an effort to... somehow... get beyond the hands... reaching up from the graves... of all those people they wooed to an ugly death... in times past.

Then... suddenly... a voice comes out of nowhere crying; drive a Styrofoam spike where that cat wailed!!! Then the screams of those whose reach exceeded their grasp... are cut off, and... sodden confetti falls from the skies... as if ten thousand pigeons just flew overhead... only the smell is worse.

No! I don't know where I get this stuff. I've always had a thing for The Sacred and The Profane... because The Divine is one side of The Helix, and The World is another, BUT... that's all because... I did not have the eyes... to see the beauty in everything before now, so... like any real poet, I had one foot in Heaven and one foot in Hell, and the strings thrummed in betwixt them. Eventually... God took pity on me, and... I... am no more.

They've been at the borders of Desperation's End for some time now. They were so busy laughing at you that they forgot to be aware of the direction they were headed in; ♫ Oh, Lord, can this really be the end? To be stuck inside of Tinder with The Weimar Blues again ♫ (apologies to Dylan) AND... as is ever the case... they went too far, and... it all unraveled; well... is unraveling, and... you will see that more clearly in coming times.

See... the closer it gets to falling apart... the more outrageous they have to make it... while they try to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

There are those who worship the appearances of ugliness and depravity, and the driving force of their existence is to seduce all others into an inescapable compromise with them. They are everywhere that innocence is present, and in the corridors of power, and in the sacristy... the monasteries... and contemplation zones. They are a wheedling invisibility... that insinuates itself into the mind of everyone drawn near... distracted by attraction and curiosity.

They want to steer The World to Grand Guignol and Danse Macabre. Some indefinable something ALWAYS seems to get in their way, and... they fall short, again, and again, and... again.

They always seem most powerful when they are on the cusp of departure. Imagine how The Light must be positioned... to throw the largest shadows, and where it is... when it throws the smallest shadows, and that... that will tell you a great deal. It is very close or... it is very far away; The Light... that is. So... what should you be getting from the presence of such enormous shadows at this time? Eh? Sometimes it is both metaphorical AND literal.

When your mind has been trained to be a willing AND dutiful servant... all manner of conundrums and mysteries are easily solved. When The Divine is ACTIVELY resident within you... you... as a tuning fork in resonance with the greater source of it... reflect The Mind of God. Yeah... it is so. As Gollum would put it; tricksy... tricksy... were the words. We employ them here because... there are all kinds of reach-arounds.

Why ever would we need parables and fables... allegories and analogies... similes... metaphors, and whatever else there be? Why would we need them if it was all clear to begin with? It's not... because The Mind... untrained... The Mind... off the leash... is a conniving liar. First, it lies to itself, and then it lies to everyone else. Unless you arrest this process in the very beginning, it will prove to be your downfall later on. Stay off of The Spiritual Path if you are insincere and uncommitted or... you will pay a grievous price.

First, you take control of The Mind, and... every other good thing will follow that. First you still The Reactive Mind... then there are no obstacles.... merely points of observation... where you watch it all fall together, over... and over... and over again... forever. On that day when The Sun never stops rising.

I know it's hard. In The Bhagavad Gita... Arjuna likens it to taming The Wind, BUT... it can be done. It can be done. Think about those shadows of various sizes and remember that there are no shadows without The Light. The Mind is a mirror; can be a true mirror... if you can hold it still. If you can't hold it still... then the image is distorted, and there... there is life explained... without the need for further detail.

“O Krishna, the stillness of divine union which you describe is beyond my comprehension. How can the mind, which is so restless, attain lasting peace? Krishna, the mind is restless, turbulent, powerful, violent; trying to control it is like trying to tame the wind.”

First, you hold still for God. Then God shows you how to still The Mind, and this takes a degree of Faith... in what does not EVER waver... while you wait for The Substance of Things Unseen to appear. It's like anything else... any sport... any craft... or trade... any discipline... anything you INTEND to get good at... requires doing it over and over and over until you get it right... until it becomes automatic... until you don't have to think about it. Thinking about it can cause you complications.

This is why you must love what you do or... don't bother doing it. If you love it... you will never tire of doing it. If you love someone, you will never tire of them. If that love fades... because it is based on transitory interests... it will soon be gone.

It's not that any of it is that hard. It's that you are lazy, and you don't have Higher Love. Look at recent generations... who have had such convenience in reach... on every side, and... where... at the same time... everything that is being advertised is carnal. The Real thing does not advertise. It doesn't have to. It is blazing in the sky... radiant in the aether... iridescent upon the sea, and people still don't see it.

It is because The Real Thing truly does exist... that everything false can also exist. Everything false is proof that The Real Thing is around. People just don't know where to look for it. Even if you tell them... point blank... they don't hear you. Something gets in the way. The Mind gets in the way.

The Mind is all the devil there is. It is The Mind in rebellion against Unity that populates The Darkness with Fallen Angels. The problems... difficulties... challenges... such as they are... are simple things presenting in complex appearances. They are eternally present within this specific bandwidth. What is confusing you... is the game of The Mind... in a state of separation... from The Only Mind there is.

Oh well... sooner or later.

Anyway... you're watching a movie, and... if you don't pay attention... you wind up in the movie. The Divine knows better. The Divine doesn't have to be concerned with being sucked into the movie. The Divine is the screen that the movie is projected on, and... when the movie ends... The Divine is still there.

Of course... you need light for all of this to go down; go down? That is why The Divine said, “Let there be light!” And... there was light... because whatever The Divine thinks into being... is immediately a reality. You could be doing this too. He did make you in his image. You just have to let go of one or two things; maybe more... depending.

What they don't tell you... if you do pick up your cross and follow him... is that you have to set something else down first. Or maybe he did tell you, BUT someone removed that section from the book... like all the other sections that got removed, and then... there are those parts that got added, and the parts that can't be written down. They just can't... BUT... no problem. no problem at all. What's that song say, Love will find a way? (Once you get past the pain..) And there was also the mention of keep your heart open cause... love will find a way; sage advice... sage advice. Love's not blind in this instance?

Okay... I'm being flippant, and... this is serious business, BUT... the key is also to keep it light. Here I am saying something that no amount of words will ever explain. I guess that's my cue to cut it short now, so... bzzzzt!

End Transmission.......

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The Conclusion of Chapter 7 (Wisdom from Realization)
from The Bhagavad Gita

Good people come to worship me for different reasons. Some come to the spiritual life because of suffering, some in order to understand life; some come through a desire to achieve life’s purpose and some come who are men and women of wisdom. Unwavering in devotion, always united with me, the man or woman of wisdom surpasses all the others. To them, I am the dearest beloved, and they are very dear to me. All those who follow the spiritual path are blessed. But the wise who are always established in union, for whom there is no higher goal than me, may be regarded as my very Self.

After many births the wise seek refuge in me, seeing me everywhere and in everything. Such great souls are very rare. There are others whose discrimination is misled by many desires. Following their own nature, they worship lower gods, practicing various rites.

When a person is devoted to something with complete faith, I unify his faith in that. Then, when faith is completely unified, one gains the object of devotion. In this way, every desire is fulfilled by me. Those whose understanding is small attain only transient satisfaction: those who worship the gods go to the gods. But my devotees come to me.

Through lack of understanding, people believe that I, the Unmanifest, have entered into some form. They fail to realize my true nature, which transcends birth and death. Few see through the veil of Maya. The world, deluded, does not know that I am without birth and changeless. I know everything about the past, the present, and the future, Arjuna; but there is no one who knows me completely.

Delusion arises from the duality of attraction and aversion, Arjuna; every creature is deluded by these from birth. But those who have freed themselves from all wrongdoing are firmly established in worship of me. Their actions are pure, and they are free from the delusion caused by the pairs of opposites.

Those who take refuge in me, striving for liberation from old age and death, come to know Brahman, the Self, and the nature of all action. Those who see me ruling the cosmos, who see me in the adhibhuta, the adhidaiva, and the adhiyajna are conscious of me even at the time of death.

I thought I might add an addendum here; note where he says, Through lack of understanding, people believe that I, the Unmanifest, have entered into some form. This is why Islam is so opposed to graven images or any material representations. They are right too, BUT I like God personalized. You can have it either way, and you can have it both ways. Fundies of every stripe do not get this.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Sausage casings and 'hollow point barriers' (Is that more politically correct than 'land whale?) winning chick beauty contests. Oh my!

The world is beyond insane, many people beyond delusional, and reality is beyond fiction these days says the commenting 'Nose'.

It's nice having nothing vested in this realm. Wasn't always that way for me, but I grew into it. After all, I did ask for this garbage because I had an agenda. That agenda has been dealt with, but I'm still here; being perpetually inconvenienced and annoyed by circumstances and the fact that I'm still here.

Oh well. At least I'm having some fun watching it all implode. The materialists and exploiters are gonna face a harsh reckoning, and let's just say they do NOT have my sympathy.


AL said...

"They are everywhere that innocence is present, and in the corridors of power" "Danse Macabre"

Were you at the same spring dance recital Saturday that I was? It's as if you were my friend. I was absolutely horrified when my wife n I viewed the show which lasted painstakingly 3 hours. Thankfully my two granddaughters were not in any of the many dances which were perverse and set to very dark music and costumes.

I actually felt like most dances were a combination of pole dancing 101 and suicide 202 combined somehow. I will be voicing my opinion to my son on this shite. It was never this bad before but I had to look away more times than I ever did before hell I could describe the theater better than the architect at some point. And the shit stained parents went wild when the worst of it was occurring. I'm fucking still floored by the ordeal.

I come from a very bad background and I felt shameful to be there. Wont be happening again..

" Stay off of The Spiritual Path if you are insincere and uncommitted or... you will pay a grievous price."

Yea I of course did that many moons ago and barely survived. It was like you couldn't quite reach the good stuff but the bad guys knew you were heading that way so they got there first and setup shop on my ass.

May The Divine keep you well Brutha.

Visible said...

Comfort yourself with the certainty and assurance that it will not last. When it gets like this it is on its way out.

katzinbootz said...

I'm worried that WW3 is starting up, and we won't have any election in November.
It was bad enough to have the AGENDA forced down our collective throats, but now, real danger is upon us.
I have no ill will towards Russia or Putin. I like Putin for his intellect and manhood and steady morality.
However, I am done with that place they like to call "Israel". I am so angry over sick of the Israeli lobby, and even worse asshats who support the can see them everywhere, stinking up the place. David Shapiro can go to Hell, and take the rest of the garbage with him.
Well, anyway, I was right about the clot shot.

Visible said...

It's not up to The Globalists whether there is war or not. They're just pieces on the board, AND... those monsters of genocide in The Middle East have sown the darkness and will reap the same. Count on it.

M - said...

I think blogger might have "lost" this comment, which I made on your Post last Friday:

We experienced an earthquake on June 2nd. A jolt the likes of which I don't remember experiencing before - and I've lived in Cali my whole life. Apart from the feel of it, this happened - again nothing I've ever experienced with cats:

They both seemed find that morning and ate all their breakfast; however, after we returned from the Farmers Market Ramses threw up his breakfast and then picked at his lunch. Brandon picked at his lunch then vomited on-and-off all afternoon. I gave both homeopathic digestive enzymes with their dinner – which neither finished. Ramses and Brandon are fed different types of Fussie Cat food and the cans were from lots they had been eating for the previous two weeks, so we can rule out the food. Neither had they sampled plants that are verboten. Monday their appetities were still off but no vomiting. Finally, on Tuesday, their appetites returned to normal.

Was it caused by a device of some kind? Have any of your readers experienced anything similar to this with regards to their pets?

Visible said...

Many people are evidencing distress from the poisons they are releasing into the skies. It would, of course, affect all life forms.

word bird said...

Mainstream bibles translate Genesis as saying "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness..."
According to the Gnostic text, 'On the origin of the world', the 'us' was a lesser god called Yaldabaoth and his ruling cabal. Yaldabaoth is a blind god who was unintentionally created by one of the Aeons (divine emanation) called Sophia. He's blind because he's unaware that he himself was created by Sophia. Yaldabaoth and his rulers, aka Elohim (the ones described in Ephesians 6:12) created the material Adam in their image to serve them, but not in their likeness. They created Adam in the likeness of the One true God whom they saw as the spiritual Adam (Adam of light). Yaldabaoth is synonymous with Yahweh and Saturn (the planet). He's the god who constantly demands sacrifice, and in particular, child sacrifice. The story goes on to say that Sophia will return and correct her error by annihilating Yaldabaoth and his ruling cabal, ushering in an era of heaven on earth.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"There is an Emptiness... that no Forget-Me-Not Couplings... in a Perpetual Dark Night of The Soul... Can Ever Answer for."

0 said...

Hi M, et al,

I have a rigol spectrum analyzer setup on my workbench thats connected to an antenna and it covers the 9khz-1.5ghz range.

There is a NEW signal present thats pulsating oddly at the low end of this range.

There Has been a 100mhz signal thats been consistent along with some noise at 102mhz and 98mhz...

The new signal is centered on 15mhz, and has 12 and 17mhz showing as well. I went and uploaded the 2 videos I took of this artifact on youtube just now so I could link to them here.

15mhz now pulsing vid:

Zoomed into the low end of the 15mhz pulsations and the effect noted when I grab the antenna with my hand:

I have not yet taken the time to go see what 12-17mhz pulsating might affect. I did find it curious that when I held the antenna the 15mhz would spike and that would cascade over the amplified frequences to the left of it... sorta riding over my body to the ground.

Eh, shit to do while stuck in form. :)




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