Friday, June 21, 2024

"If You have The Kingdom of God/The Presence of God... You Don't Really Care About; All Else Will Be Added Unto You."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Today is The Solstice. It's the longest day of the year. It's a night of drum circles and bonfires for some. It's no different than any other day for most people. Nothing is associated with it, unless they know that The Sun (metaphorically) now turns in another direction. It appears to start shrinking in force until it hits the shortest day of the year when The Light is reborn again. It's one of the four cardinal points of the seasons, juxtaposed by the vernal and autumnal equinoxes... when The Tilt Factor is neutralized.

The fundamentalist gangster church would like you to know that any celebration of the seasons, and their demarcation lines... is pagan heresy, and you don't have to be Christian to fall out of favor with The Church and... from what they say... fall out with that mysterious force that The Church says it represents. I think the celebrations of church holidays should be attended with the sounds of ringing cash registers... because jingling bells and ringing bells don't cut it, except when the bells are tolling for someone passing across another line of demarcation.

After my celebration of The Sun rising today; although I didn't see it, nor did I yesterday because of some Haboob that is in the neighborhood, and... passed me by... I stood in the entryway where once an empty wrapper of Funyuns lay waiting for me, and I've not seen a single evidence of litter anywhere around here since, nor do I remember when last I saw something like that. That's more for the main thoroughfares, and... I don't travel on the main thoroughfares very often at all.

Anyway, I stood in the entryway to watch the bougainvillea blossoms dance... in tight circles... again, and again, and again. It was obvious to me that an invisible creature... was spinning in circles before me. It was intricate and artful. I don't see how it could have been random, but I don't know much about random. I'm not sure if I've ever seen random. I've heard mention of it, BUT... like the chupacabra... it hasn't given me a visit yet. I don't expect it to. We have no business with each other.

You can make contact with The Upper Register of Devic entities, and you can make contact with The Lower Register. You already do. Your nature and... its unique composition... puts you on a certain wavelength, and... invisible creatures attend your passage and await your arrival... all the time.

Many people wish they were psychic; that they possessed clairvoyant and clairaudient powers. Many people claim to have such powers and do not. They just want to hear the cash register ring. When I was in Sedona on a couple of occasions... though I have been there more than that... I would go into the large new age bookstore there... to read the posters of psycho practitioners... that hang on the large billboard... in the entryway. Sedona has a lot of places like this that sell all kinds of expensive curios and temporary visitation rituals.

I used to laugh, and... had to remember to keep my voice down. Some people take these things seriously. The photos and bios of all the psychic and clairvoyant practitioners were something to see; really amusing... if you are a physiognomist. Most of these people, say... about 99%... are deluded and have their ears cocked for the sound of the cash register ringing.

I have personally experienced clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient periods. Such events CAN BE terrifying. I am a seasoned traveler in alien landscapes of the mind, and ...I have been rocked back on my heels occasionally during such episodes. I cannot imagine any of these people having the self-possession to get through such a thing unscathed.

Fear can be a terrible and dangerous thing, just the fear itself can kill you or drive you mad. This is why the angelic wardens placed a barrier between The Invisible Kingdoms and the physical plane. The things I speak of are still there alright, but you can't see... or hear... or feel them, most... of... the... time. Of course, it is The Mind that gives form and substance to your fears. Anything might appear as anything, depending on you. I'll tell you this, you'd better have some steel in your spine cause if you fuck around... you will find out.

We've all heard of places that are supposed to be haunted, and there is a reason that many of The Wild Places remain wild and unsettled. I know of places where contractors built developments, but no one could live there. I stayed in one... which was... ironically... called Happy Valley. It was a few miles outside of Palm Springs, CA. They were typical ranch homes. There were a couple of dozen of them. I never noticed a thing.

Sometimes The Wind is the culprit. I've been places where the wind blew steady at 60 miles an hour and never stopped. At least it never stopped while I was there.

I was young and foolhardy for an extended period of time. As you can imagine, I ran into all kinds of life forms and situations. How did I manage to pass through and out of them? I didn't do it on my own. I have invisible friends. Everyone does. For some people, there are invisible enemies too.

When you go camping in the woods, well... if you're a Boy Scout like me, you take essential tools with you. I have learned to always take a good knife... a compass... a magnifying glass, and assorted necessaries. Life teaches you all kinds of things if you are the sort to pay attention. If you are not, you won't be around that long anyway. So... when you go traveling in the darker or unknown dimensions of The Mind, you need to take certain essentials also, and these essentials are a part of you; character is fate.

We are the sum of all the things we have made a part of us, and... all the things that have always been a part of us. People are here for many reasons. They are here to have experiences. They are here to pay for experiences they already had; to become equipped for experiences they want to have. They are here to be rewarded and they are here to be punished, and there are many ways to define and explain all that, BUT... when you are shivering in the cold or trembling for other reasons... you can tell yourself all kinds of things, but... do you believe yourself when you tell yourself they are not happening?

If anyone were to ask me what I considered essential to have with you... wherever you go, and... people have asked me that, I would say, and have said... without hesitation... invisible friends. Other than The Presence of God, nothing is more important than invisible friends. Invisible Friends can see where you are going... even when you cannot. They know ahead of time what awaits you... even if you do not. They know the answers to everything or they know who to ask. Nothing beats invisible friends, especially when you are the sort of person who is likely to need them, and I resemble that remark.

However... The Presence of God is unrivaled when it comes to invisible friends. It is the ne plus ultra of invisible friends; seek ye first The Kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you. What isn't said in that statement is... if you have The Kingdom of God/The Presence of God, you don't really care about that; all else that will be added unto you part. That presence encompasses all that the heart could desire... all that The Mind could imagine... in a positive fashion.

For some time... off and on... I try to finish this book I have been writing for years; “Practicing The Presence of God”, BUT... I don't know what to say. I look at the things I have said, and they don't cover it either. It is impossible to put it into words. Sure... I could talk all around it, and algorithmate my way around corners... work in comparisons and correspondences, BUT... it's like that thing... that is The Thing... you are looking for... in everything, but never find there. It accounts... pretty much... pretty near for everything that happens in this world. It accounts for why the only thing that does work out can't be talked about.

I have that presence. Actually... everyone has it, BUT... you have to celebrate it to activate it. Otherwise, it just sits there as the silent witness that you don't have a clue about. It's the thing that is missing... that you are looking for... that is closer to you than anything else. It is hiding in plain sight, but you can't see it, even though... I assure you... it is right there.

Since I have had it consciously present, I don't really want anything else. I'm never lonely. I don't miss anything or anyone. Yet... I wish them all well. I wish everyone well, even those people who tormented me and tried to kill me. How can I not? I feel so good most of the time that even Chuck Mangione is calling me up and asking if he can come over. I'm ♫ reunited and it feels so good ♫ It is LITERALLY what we are looking for in everything and everyone. It's what all the wishing and hoping for... mistaken identity confusions... are about... here in The Land of Hit and Miss.

I am the everlasting completion of everyone I meet... at some point further on... because that which accomplishes it... is resident in me. The objective of Love is Unity. Nothing more needs be said about it. Not understanding what that means is a chronic problem that too many people have. All you can do is go around doing it and hope it catches on. It will...of course... because The Avatar is coming. The Avatar is here.

End Transmission.......

Yesterday I mentioned the film, Europa; The Final Battle. I've now seen more of it. It is the most astonishing film!. I don't know what to say. It is dark... darker than anything because it is true. There's no arguing about it. They got video! It's precise and measured, and you will learn things about certain creatures that... that... words fail, and I've only seen one episode.

If you would like to see it, I can facilitate that. If you want to download it, just scroll down and look on the right-hand side menu for your options.

Be forewarned. This is not for the squeamish. I don't think you will have any questions about what happened, and... what The Big Lie was created to cover for... once you've seen this. I already knew a lot, BUT... I am astonished at how much I did not know.

Links over there in GAB

Chapter 11, (continuing)
The Cosmic Vision, from The Bhagavad Gita


O Lord, I see within your body all the gods and every kind of living creature. I see Brahma, the Creator, seated on a lotus; I see the ancient sages and the celestial serpents.

I see infinite mouths and arms, stomachs and eyes, and you are embodied in every form. I see you everywhere, without beginning, middle, or end. You are the Lord of all creation, and the cosmos is your body.

You wear a crown and carry a mace and discus; your radiance is blinding and immeasurable. I see you, who are so difficult to behold, shining like a fiery sun blazing in every direction.

You are the supreme, changeless Reality, the one thing to be known. You are the refuge of all creation, the immortal spirit, the eternal guardian of eternal dharma.

You are without beginning, middle, or end; you touch everything with your infinite power. The sun and moon are your eyes, and your mouth is fire; your radiance warms the cosmos.

O Lord, your presence fills the heavens and the earth and reaches in every direction. I see the three worlds trembling before this vision of your wonderful and terrible form.

The gods enter your being, some calling out and greeting you in fear. Great saints sing your glory, praying, “May all be well!”

The multitudes of gods, demigods, and demons are all overwhelmed by the sight of you. O mighty Lord, at the sight of your myriad eyes and mouths, arms and legs, stomachs and fearful teeth, I and the entire universe shake in terror.

O Vishnu, I can see your eyes shining; with open mouth, you glitter in an array of colors, and your body touches the sky. I look at you and my heart trembles; I have lost all courage and all peace of mind.

When I see your mouths with their fearful teeth, mouths burning like the fires at the end of time, I forget where I am and I have no place to go. O Lord, you are the support of the universe; have mercy on me!

I see all the sons of Dhritarashtra; I see Bhishma, Drona, and Karna; I see our warriors and all the kings who are here to fight. All are rushing into your awful jaws; I see some of them crushed by your teeth.

As rivers flow into the ocean, all the warriors of this world are passing into your fiery jaws; all creatures rush to their destruction like moths into a flame.

You lap the worlds into your burning mouths and swallow them. Filled with your terrible radiance, O Vishnu, the whole of creation bursts into flames.

Tell me who you are, O Lord of terrible form. I bow before you; have mercy! I want to know who you are, you who existed before all creation. Your nature and workings confound me.


0 said...

Man o man, if I'd have waited a day I'd have gotten europa for free. :) Thanks for the links!

Happy Solstice! or as I tend to refer to every day, just another day.

It is what it is, and will be what it will be. Hope people be-come Anyways.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Some times I gotta wonder. As a metaphysical practitioner, do we on occasion make things happen, or do we just know they are going to happen? Or is it both? Provided the Nose-iverse agrees, of course.

As for the title of this post, yup! Amazing how we can survive comfy on our poverty level income. Then again, we're not into superfluous mortal flotsam rubbish, so. . .the bills are few, the debts are non-existent, and I can even give a little away every now and then. Being a minimalist with few self-imposed obligations has advantages. More people should try it. It's a great way to fight the system, too. Give it a starvation diet.


Anonymous said...

pierre said. pretty sure aka Europa The Last Battle. I am amazed too, going through my nazi romantic phase (and learning German since covid) . even old books like Lenz, Friedrich - Worm in the Apple (1952)
Hitler legend, myth & reality -- Werner Maser -- [1st U_S_ ed_], 1973 --
stuff that 'truthers' make out like they have just found out about it. they probably had, like we all do, but it is not really news, it is just a new source of old stuff.
unlearning it up here , boss.
anna's archive, tip, nudge nudge, wink wink . must be end times, leading us into temptation like this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr. Visible and the invisible - again.

“The objective of Love is Unity. Nothing more needs be said about it. Not understanding what that means is a chronic problem that too many people have.
All you can do is go around doing it and hope it catches on.”

I kinda sorta know what Love is, but sometimes i don’t know at all. I wish for it,
try to understand it, i try to embody it, have had moments where i couldn’t deny it, but often it eludes me. This is one plane of existence that is a very tough nut to crack. Often, i say “it’s too hard” or, “too much pressure”, the world thwarting and crowding out love every chance it gets. I have a ways to go, i suppose. It would be a simple thing to love if Love wasn’t a cheap prize at this carnival while we’re all jumping from game to game. Sheesh!

I got as far as 2 episodes on Europa a while back and it pained my soul much to watch it. I keep wanting to pick it back up, but haven’t yet. I will have to brace myself for the next installments and take breaks until the pain subsides enough to handle it going forward. Whatever your approach, it is worth it to see it.

Love ya as best as i can understand it,


Ty said...

Have you seen "In the name of Zion?"

Makes Europa look like child's play in many respects


Ty said...

Here is an HD copy of "in the name of Zion"

BCii said...

From time to time, I visit one of the mirror proxy sites for the most infamous torrent catalogue where free men go to sail the high seas. Europa: The Last Battle has been a permanent fixture in the current top 100 most popular films listed there as long as I’ve been noticing. I take it as another sign that the fire of the Great Awakening continues to spread, unstoppable.

Jesus called out the synagogue of Satan, children of the father of lies, and they had him killed. Little did they know their scheme would only backfire on them, as they had played themselves by serving the great deceiver – himself an agent of the One playing his necessary appointed role in this realm of high contrast and high spiritual challenge.

A deeper part of me knows that this drama will play out again on the world stage as it currently appears. A mighty campaign to destroy, degrade, and subjugate Man will have the temporary appearance of localized success as determined by Free Will – only to become an ingredient in the rocket fuel that propels the children of God, through divine struggle, to a more refined realization of His Kingdom on this earth and in the beyond.

Visible, you are a treasure. Thank you for what you do. I say that all the more sincerely knowing that praise doesn’t go to your head because you are aligned with Truth alone and you’ll pass the glory on to God who made you and inspires you.

May we all find and dwell within the peace of God.

Ty said...

Ok, made it to part 8 of Europa in one day... I didn't realize until now that 'Marching to Zion' had copied many segments from Europa... I thought they were original to Marching to Zion. Boy... they sure cut to the core. This video shakes one to his very core... at the sheer level of depravity and insanity can occur among those under the influence of Talmudic infiltration.

The big difference between WW1/WW2 and this time around is that Russia and China have nukes. Iran will get their hands on them if need be as well... so, there is no defeating the gentiles without offing themselves in the process

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

All Hidden Things, in The Swampland Dark of The Mind, Where The Snake Coils and Wears Your Face... Are Soon Revealed."

Asil said...

Hello Visible,
I have a loving nature but I don't necessarily Like everybody - and I like you a lot. We have traveled on a few similar roads. Thank you for what you share. Take care always.



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