Thursday, June 13, 2024

"It's Going to Be Non-Stop, even When You Go to Sleep, All You Will See... is that Big Wheel of Fire Burning in Your Mind."

God Poet Transmitting.......

You can feel it coming. You can't see it, cause it's invisible. I watch it stir the leaves and petals in circles... as it comes dancing... across the cobblestone paving... like a spirit of the seasons; like some kind of Zeitgeist. It's rising out of the deep parts of the ocean. It is descending into The Sun motes... that tremble upon the golden rays.

You can see the motes, but you can't see it. It's coming round the corner. It's coming round the mountain. It's coming down the mountain on the luminous streamers... from The Hermit's lantern... in the quiet zone of the night... out beyond the watchtowers of The Moon... it's coming.

It is also coming from the deep reaches of the subconscious... where it has been sleeping for a long... long time... in the dream sequences where that part of The Mind is active... where it has been wishing and hoping for something... to shake The World... and make it a better place.

There is some kind of a race on. There is a clock ticking. There is urgency in the air. There is a nervous excitement about it; it could be good, and it could be very bad. It probably will be both of them, BUT... you don't have to worry about that unless you've been contributing to the problem all along. If you have... the best thing for you is... to pack what you can carry and get out of town quick... before the advance guard sees you; not that it will do you a damn bit of good. You can run but you cannot hide.

We know that you have your enemies lists... those people who are considered to be enemies of The State; arbitrary? Whimsical? Meanspirited? Who knows what your motives are? You might not even know what they are... you might only be following orders.

You know... there is this other list, and... you and your associates... are all on it. These are the enemies of God. God... actually... has no enemies because no harm can EVER come to him, BUT... still... there are people who hate him for being some kind of invisible intruder... who seems to have a thing about the best-laid plans, and so on and so forth. He's been laughing all the time lately... about that sort of thing.

Lately, you've all been getting your fill of him, well... you think it's him... or someone like him because... shit has been going sideways all of a sudden, and no one has any answers about it. Every time you try to do something... it comes up behind you and bites you on the ass. That can't be much fun, so... I understand why you are irritated... jumpy... out-of-sorts. You have every reason to be. From what I know about it, I'd say... on the whole... you are grossly underestimating what's headed in your direction.

This invisible something... something, keeps moving in every direction. It's accentuating the positive, and eliminating the negative, and Mr. Inbetween has... or so I hear... left town some time ago. That leaves you with no brokers... no middlemen... no one to take the heat and try to work it all out for you. Sure... you've got all those lawyers, BUT this is out of their league. It's like asking Brazilian headhunters to fix your computer.

Yeah... it could be worse. It could be next month, and worse yet, it could be a little further on than that, BUT... you'll get there. No one but the guy who invented time can make it act contrary to its nature. What's his name? Chronos” Saturn? Good luck negotiating with them. Both of them eat their children from what I hear, and you're not even a relative. Oh well. Whaddya gonna do?

It must be excruciating... hearing it in the wind... on every side of you; not knowing what it has in mind, while also knowing... for sure... that it knows what you have in mind, because... I think you've been hearing about that; haven't you?

You made some kind of arrangement. You got the signature black eye and The Creeping Rot that's been consuming you from the inside out. Some days you feel like there's almost nothing left of you; isn't that so? Well... there was never a You in the first place. You're just finding that out now.

What made you think you could get away with all the things you've done or... ordered other people to do? You got the idea that there was no greater authority than The State, and... you work for The State. Have they been in touch with you about what's coming? Well... they're probably pretty busy themselves right about now. They got their own dancing invisibles to contend with.

I know you've been getting the sound effects and peripheral action. Some days are worse than others, eh? Soon it's going to be non-stop, even when you go to sleep, all you'll see... until you wake up... is that big wheel of fire burning in your mind. You'll be seeing that in the waking state too... sooner than you might think. It's part of the package, and the time frame... on the delivery... is that it keeps going faster, and faster, and...

... I don't know. Every case is different. Some situations are worse than others, BUT... all of them are worse than you ever imagined it might be. You never thought it would stop, did you? There is no God is what you told yourself. That made you God; didn't it? You could do anything you wanted, and... you did... didn't you? Turns out it wasn't what you wanted, but what something else wanted... once you got low enough to the ground to hear it speaking.

Yessss Maaaster; that's what you said... sounding like a low-level facilitator of a greater evil, and the current that ran through The Thing that you served... also ran through you. Thrilling, eh? But... now the thrill is gone. Now... darkness falls upon the darkness. It is a darkness so dense... so close... so pressed in on from all sides... that the force of it generates heat... an intense... persistent... constant heat. It's not a nice place to be, and You! You are that force that is pressing in.

Some intentions create a fire, and some create a diamond. Everything that creates anything... also... eventually... generates the opposite. It's how balance is maintained. You go too far in any direction and you wind up in the opposite direction. Now... that is something to think about. Oh yes... thinking upon that will bear much fruit.

What I find very interesting is how such a pack of sewer rats... slippery weasels... dung beetles... and assorted predatory scavengers and vermin... all rose so quickly... up the ranks of government and... well... just about everywhere... so that nothing but incompetents and criminals are to be found in any of those locations... where decisions are made that affect the lives of everyone else.

I am greatly amused at the terms that are used to describe and justify all the ugly shit you do. It's like watching the Israeli apologists... walking along the bomb-blasted beaches... like The Walrus and The Carpenter... scattering corpses behind them as they go. I'm guessing all the characters that showed up are those same predators and scavengers I just mentioned. They followed the bloody offal... in a kind of reversal of The Footprints in The Sand.

I must say... I am impressed... that this gang that couldn't think straight... managed to bring such widespread havoc and mayhem... not to mention all the unadulterated evil as well. Then it hits me. You didn't do that on your own... did you? No! You had professional help from The Infernal Kingdom.

Without that... you're only a pack of bobbleheaded tards. You're not real people... are you? You're empty husks that got animated by The Zombie Meister, You're demolition machines that are operated by the guys in the cab, and owned by whatever Hermit crabs are way... way in the back of the shell corporations with offices on 48th street; did you chop down the towers because they were blocking your view?

No... I know... it was all about the things that were going on in all those offices, and... coming to light... because... well... Hey! It's an apocalypse!!! Only a few of us were talking about it back then, BUT... it was not an unknown feature of the times... because... it has been coming for a very long time. Yes, it has.

Most of the people who are troubled by your antics at The WHO, and... The WEF, and... The Gazacide,... and... all the child murders, and sacrificial rites... in those basements with no windows... they see you getting stronger... more determined, and more public about it every day. They don't know that you are being forced out into view. They don't know that you are desperate... and cornered... and in an inescapable dilemma of your own construction.

Some of us do know this, BUT... we are not laughing at you. We are actually sorry about the trouble you have gotten yourself into, and we are even grateful to you... for playing the part of The Evil Guys... cause someone had to do it, and we're just glad it wasn't us. We're all actors playing a part.

I pray that everyone with even a lick of sense left in their heads... will take the opportunity... in the remaining hours of The Countdown... to get right with The Kingdom of Light because... the emissary of Heaven is already upon us, and he is waking up his minions right and left. Soon now... he's going to have it all in place, and then? Then comes both manna and madness. You can still choose the company you keep. My boss is a very forgiving sort, and there's no time like the present.

End Transmission.......

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The Wisdom of the Egyptians
Chapter VIII - The Story of The Book of Thoth

This and a coming chapter are my personal favorites-

The Royal Path (Chapter 9)
from The Bhagavad Gita=


Because of your faith, I shall tell you the most profound of secrets: obtaining both jnana and vijnana, you will be free from all evil. This royal knowledge, this royal secret, is the greatest purifier. Righteous and imperishable, it is a joy to practice and can be directly experienced. But those who have no faith in the supreme law of life do not find me, Arjuna. They return to the world, passing from death to death.

I pervade the entire universe in my unmanifested form. All creatures find their existence in me, but I am not limited by them. Behold my divine mystery! These creatures do not really dwell in me, and though I bring them forth and support them, I am not confined within them. They move in me as the winds move in every direction in space.

At the end of the eon, these creatures return to unmanifested matter; at the beginning of the next cycle, I send them forth again. Controlling my Prakriti, again and again, I bring forth these myriad forms and subject them to the laws of Prakriti. None of these actions binds me, Arjuna. I am unattached to them, so they do not disturb my nature.

Under my watchful eye, the laws of nature take their course. Thus is the world set in motion; thus the animate and the inanimate are created.

The immature do not look beyond physical appearances to see my true nature as the Lord of all creation. The knowledge of such deluded people is empty; their lives are fraught with disaster and evil, and their work and hopes are all in vain.

But truly great souls seek my divine nature. They worship me with a one-pointed mind, having realized that I am the eternal source of all. Constantly striving, they make firm their resolve and worship me without wavering. Full of devotion, they sing of my divine glory.

Others follow the path of jnana, spiritual wisdom. They see that where there is One, that One is me; where there are many, all are me; they see my face everywhere.

I am the ritual and the sacrifice; I am true medicine and the mantram. I am the offering and the fire which consumes it, and the one to whom it is offered.

I am the father and mother of this universe and its grandfather too; I am its entire support. I am the sum of all knowledge, the purifier, the syllable Om; I am the sacred scriptures, the Rig, Yajur, and Sama Vedas.

I am the goal of life, the Lord and support of all, the inner witness, the abode of all. I am the only refuge, the one true friend; I am the beginning, the staying, and the end of creation; I am the womb and the eternal seed.

I am heat; I give and withhold the rain. I am immortality and I am death; I am what is and what is not.


M - said...

Last night's dream was an uneasy one and I cannot remember all the details, but I an attempt was being made by someone (or something) to corner me using trickery. Bait and switch. Right before I awoke a scarab beetle and a magnificent white horse appeared in my path. Whatever was trying to trap me never succeeded.

I've dreamed of white horses before. Sparingly. This is the first time I've encountered a scarab beetle, symbol of the Egyptian Sun God Ra. Both of these animals are considered good omens.

Not that this is relevant to your Post...

Visible said...

I'm aware of the arcane associations with The Scarabs. I could have chosen another image... like shitflies, BUT sometimes things get said and it's already gone past me. Hopefully.... the readers... in general... will get my intent, even if I am not always informed myself.

Anonymous said...

Great post.... we can all feel it coming. The climax of this apocalypse. People who are on the side of Light don't have to worry tho

AL said...

"Because of your faith"

This is what I have, not much else and I stumble a lot, forget more than I desire to and asking for forgiveness seems to be like breathing these days. The few things I have realized is my Father has great disdain for hypocrites and less of the ones who hate the Divine for a living. I pray for them as Savior and The Word once said, if they are criminals so are we all, as being one but I don't seem to be responsible nor accountable for their actions as they soon will be.

I hope some get to read what you offered them Les.

Much Love man

Missing Munich said...

Les, another great post!!
Yes, we can feel it coming. Fell over these today - serendipitous...

Not that we suspected anything different.......

A great weekend all around!!!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You've gotta be dumber than a vacuum to make plans now. Very soon, all we knew won't be there, thank the (demi)gods and Source.

My sojourn here is currently defying reality along with the restaurant I work for. It's like I'm in a different world, and from a mortal flotsam point of view I have nothing to complain about. But of course I don't hold a mortal flotsam point of view, so complain I do. It's a matter of priorities.

2nd to the last paragraph on your post says it all. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!

0 said...

Hehehe good post speaking to the infernal who see themselves as Gods Chosen. They musta stopped reading there since its Gods Chosen for the purpose of Demonstration. :P They woulda been better off picking/putting God first, rather than pretending God chose them first.

There was an article today about a white buffalo being born which supposedly fulfils a lakotan prophecy about one returning to bring the world back to Harmony.

Also the Russians are evidently activating their arctic nuclear group as part of their wargames in addition to the group in the carribean. Europe might be about to get lit up, and maybe a few places in the USA.

You had noted:
"Some intentions create a fire, and some create a diamond. Everything that creates anything... also... eventually... generates the opposite. It's how balance is maintained. You go too far in any direction and you wind up in the opposite direction. Now... that is something to think about. Oh yes... thinking upon that will bear much fruit."

This is why you have to be-come in Whole fashion. Longitudinal growth in all directions precludes the inversions since there is no asymetry in self. One can be a devil or an angel as the moment requires. This is how you get past growing bias and preference in self and using disparity as a means to accrue material to self. Yet another reason for why all the solar forms are spheres when held by the Fields which caused their manifest forms to accrue. Curious stuff. A whole lotta different methods to reach the mountain top, pick any, and Do. In the Doing comes the Knowing.

Stay Gray and Be Prepared!

Kim said...

Oh.. I'd Love to see the Snordster get hold of that!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #7

Gods chosen. Which god? Could it be Satan? (Remember Church Lady, SNL?) Or perhaps Enlil, who caused the flood in The Epic of Gilgamesh? Or hey! Why not just call it the demiurge? Maybe? I dunno. My application for the Akashic Library Card has been denied again, so I have no clue. That might be a good thang. No exploding heads in the papers. Or not. We still have all our vile politicians and their handlers. Then again, I got the message. It's not my job.

Oh well. At least I can have fun watching.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"This is a Transition from One Age to The Next. It's not Like The Sinking of Atlantis, Lemuria, or... a Redux of Noah's Flood."



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