Tuesday, June 18, 2024

"They're on The Last Dark Getaway to Parts Unknown, BUT... no Part is Unknown to The One who is The Sum of its Parts."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... appearances say that The Deep State... like any mortally wounded beast... when cornered... will resort to anything in order to survive... since it doesn't yet know that it is already dead, and... just didn't get the memo. I suspect the intention is to start the war just before the election and use that as an excuse not to hold the election. I don't expect them to be able to pull it off, but that doesn't mean they won't try. We know for sure they will try something, BUT... the whole wide world is watching.

Jesus Christ went up on the mountain for the standardized test and did what any avatar with all the power, and everything else... would have done under the circumstances. However... there is this particular group of kindred creatures... who went all in on crucifying him, and they didn't need to go up on the mountain for the standardized test... because... they went all in on the offers... without a whole lot of fasting and praying... neither of which has ever interested them much.

The deal was that they could cause mayhem through the centuries and even though they were evicted from polite society in every country they set up shop in... sooner or later... they kept right on choodlin. Eventually... they got a death grip on The World... never realizing that their hands were around their own throats; just as they never realized that it was Judas who got crucified. This I was told by a very illumined master... much higher in awareness than I have attained to yet.

That he is that much higher than I... causes me... at least... to consider the possibility, even though my default position continues to be, I... don't... know.

I mentioned a deal that went down... once they agreed to the terms... which included a term limit. It was to cover the period of time between avatars, and... once that cycle was completed... the deal was off, and they were to be handed off to Mr. Apocalypse for complete public exposure, and The Devil was to take the hindmost, and... since in their case... it is all hindmost, well... I leave it to your imagination; ♫ it was just my imagination running away with me ♫

There is a main theme that runs through everything they orchestrate and proliferate through the culture. It is never directly mentioned, BUT... all of it, without exception... heads in that direction; sexual perversity... feminism... diversity... equity... inclusion, multiculturalism, and a shit-ton of other agendas too numerous to mention. These on first appearance... come off as high-minded efforts at fairness, and... an even shake across the boards for everyone.

The theme... the objective... is Communism, and a godless materialism for everyone, without the possibility of an alternative... lest ye be silenced... after all kinds of other horrible things happen to you first. Dialectical Materialism is the theory side of the soul-crushing argument, and... thank God there is a God... because we'd be entering The Deep Shit phase of the process about now.

However... we are... seemingly... now entering the zone of wild-eyed speculation... about anything, and everything, as THEY try to throw a smokescreen over the planet to cover their following retreat to some nether region.

I've been hearing lunatic tales about This... That... and The Other Thing for some time now. Recently... it's gone up several notches. I'm not saying all of it's not real. I'm saying it's a little strange that all of a sudden... all kinds of weird events are happening with the weather and so many other things, and right along side of it comes formerly honest-seeming people claiming events that; well... the jury's still out as far as I'm concerned.

The latest hoopla is that the recent eclipse didn't happen because someone has a picture of the eclipse with The Moon over to the side. My first reaction is, why would anyone fake an eclipse? What is the upside to that? There are a number of technical features that militate against this happening, BUT... I don't know, do I? I do know how easily photos can be doctored. Even I can do that if I weren't already occupied with important stuff that precludes my horsing around.

It seems to me that the public is being softened up to believe anything it is told OR... conversely... nothing it is told. Sure enough... the people from Pfizer, and... the other mass-murdering vaccine manufacturers... do not want to go to jail. Also... the people in power who enabled... permitted... and profited from The COVID Hoax are willing to go to any length to stay in power, lest they fall victim to their victims.

Meanwhile... all Hell is breaking loose around The World, and if you didn't see this at the last post, I recommend you watch it today.

The Awakening has moved into another stage, and... what used to happen occasionally... is starting to become a regular event, and... what used to not happen at all... is starting to happen occasionally, and... even the inexplicable is becoming predictable. I don't have the space to itemize everything I am seeing. Revolutions in The Hive Mind and The Human Heart are on the menu.

Because I have an activated intuition that has been with me for decades... I often go by feel, and... the force and clarity of my intuition have steadily increased over the years. For quite a length of time, I used all sorts of chemicals to suppress this and other influences. They had made it impossible for me to integrate into ordinary life. Why I even wanted to do so is a tale for another time. A few years ago, I put away everything that interfered with the workings of metaphysical forces in my life.

One thing has led to another, and now? Now I can see things that went right by me in former times. Why... oh why... did I shut the door on all of this for so long? Apparently, I had no choice, just as there has been no choice but to allow it free movement again. Sometimes, it is a matter of life and death to operate under the radar. One must seem to be someone else until the danger has passed. An entirely new world is opening before us. We are now on the threshold, and no one and nothing is going to stop what is coming.

By now... news of this global transformation has reached every outpost of The Empire of Darkness. The Globalists... the transhumanists... the Satanists... the greedmongers... warmongers, and every soul, individually and collectively... that has been engaged in predatory deception, and harm for profit... have been informed that SOMETHING is coming and it is unstoppable.

SOMETHING has unplugged Evil from its power grid, and no one knows where the socket is. They are in a widespread panic... ill-concealed... behind their glad-handing smiley faces. The war on Normal is ending. The war on The Divine Feminine... being waged by cartoon perverts in female garb... is ending.

The Avatar has come down the planes... sweeping as he goes. Evil has been driven out of its nests in high places. It has been driven down and out into manifestation... where it has caused an infestation in The Hive Mind... of possessed zombies... hijacked cars... for the last desperate getaway to parts unknown, BUT... no part is unknown to the one who is the sum of its parts.

So it is that you see perversity everywhere in The World at this time. The astral... lower-self controllers have been driven onto the material plane, and it's wild-appetite-time in The Old Town tonight. So it is that you see Greed running mad through the cities. So it is that you see the violent aggressions of brother against brother. You see horrible and infernal torments inflicted on small children. The minions howl... above the blood sacrifices... for their master to rise from The Pit.

Have you any idea who is participating in these sinister rituals? They are household names from every industry; from the political theater... from the military... from the entertainment and religious communities... from the media... from business... they all gather... in different locations around The World... to perform hideous rites upon vessels of innocence. They believe they can invoke The Master of Darkness into human form.

What they accomplish is to invoke The Shadow into their own minds. He has no corporate form except to dwell wherever carnality provides him with a home. His arch-demons are... in so many places... at work in The World, BUT... not for much longer.

This is one of the biggest secrets in existence, both God and The Devil exist in us. We summon one or the other forth by our intentions... our devotions, and our works. It's a long haul... over the course of lifetimes, but... eventually one comes to be a fit vehicle for one or the other... even though... essentially... they arise from the same source; His... Will... to... be... done.

Across the ages... there are certain points in time... when God walks The Earth for the purpose of global transformation. His alter ego has his moments as well. In this Time of Material Darkness, agents of The Infernal Realm have been ubiquitous, AND... representatives of The Other Side have... mostly... been invisible.

We are now at one of those signal moments when an appearance of conscious light is going to be made in a number of us, For The Purpose of Demonstration. You don't have to take my word for it, you will witness it. Some of you already are because The Sight has been given to you.

We are entering the next phase of human evolution. Certain powers and abilities are going to be released... from those locations... where they have been held in reserve for the moment coming. The Avatar will put his stamp on it, directly... in some cases, BUT also indirectly... through his agents... already waiting... for the bell to ring, AND... game on!

End Transmission.......

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Continuing with Chapter 10
(Divine Splendor) of The Bhagavad Gita=


Listen further, Arjuna, to my supreme teaching, which gives you such joy. Desiring your welfare, O strong-armed warrior, I will tell you more.

All right, Arjuna, I will tell you of my divine powers. I will mention only the most glorious; for there is no end to them.

I am the true Self in the heart of every creature, Arjuna, and the beginning, middle, and end of their existence.

Among the shining gods I am Vishnu; of luminaries, I am the sun; among the storm gods I am Marichi, and in the night sky I am the moon.

Among scriptures I am the Sama Veda, and among the lesser gods I am Indra. Among the senses, I am the mind, and in living beings I am consciousness.

Among the Rudras I am Shankara. Among the spirits of the natural world, I am Kubera, the god of wealth, and Pavaka, the purifying fire. Among mountains I am Meru.

Among priests I am Brihaspati, and among military leaders I am Skanda. Among bodies of water, I am the ocean.

Among the great seers I am Bhrigu, and among words, the syllable Om; I am the repetition of the holy name, and among mountains I am the Himalayas.

Among trees I am the ashvattha, the sacred fig; among the Gandharvas, the heavenly musicians, I am Chitraratha. Among divine seers I am Narada, and among sages I am Kapila.

I was born from the nectar of immortality as the primordial horse and as Indra’s noble elephant. Among human beings, I am the king.

Among weapons, I am the thunderbolt. I am Kamadhuk, the cow that fulfills all desires; I am Kandarpa, the power of sex, and Vasuki, the king of snakes.

I am Ananta, the cosmic serpent, and Varuna, the god of water; I am Aryaman among the noble ancestors. Among the forces which restrain I am Yama, the god of death.

Among animals I am the lion; among birds, the eagle Garuda. I am Prahlada, born among the demons, and of all that measures, I am time.

Among purifying forces I am the wind; among warriors, Rama. Of water creatures, I am the crocodile, and of rivers, I am the Ganges.

I am the beginning, middle, and end of creation. Of all the sciences I am the science of Self-knowledge, and I am logic in those who debate. Among letters I am A; among grammatical compounds, I am the dvandva. I am infinite time and the sustainer whose face is seen everywhere.

I am death, which overcomes all, and the source of all beings still to be born. I am the feminine qualities: fame, beauty, perfect speech, memory, intelligence, loyalty, and forgiveness.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I read that about Judas being crucified. I believe it was in The Gospel of Barnabas. from what I recall. It was a fascinating read.


Nostrils to the sky!

Oh yeah. Vedic astrologer Kushal Kumar said WW III starts today.


Promises, promises. The day is half over in parts of the world, and we still ain't been nuked. Dammit, how much longer do I gotsta wait? COME ON! MAKE MY DAY!

Anonymous said...

A most excellent post! Thank you again, Sir Visible.


AL said...

"It has been driven down and out into manifestation... where it has caused an infestation in The Hive Mind..."

As above so below seems to be the new theme our Divine is currently ringing in like the new year but much longer.

"Across the ages... there are certain points in time... when God walks The Earth for the purpose of global transformation."

What a gift to be here for his next walk which should prove to be a marathon of Love.

"Some of you already are because The Sight has been given to you."

Good point Les, it is all given not earned or otherwise. It doesn't seem to be what we do that matters as much as what we no longer do. The realm of lack of light only requires ones turning away from the light within for participation. Lack of Divine Light\Love is the devil\satan no more no less.

What's nice is the huge package we receive from The Divine when we choose to turn towards "The Source" for all our needs and always remember where our Bread is actually buttered.

Sometimes I wonder what it's like for an entire group of souls who must live together after death of the body when they are all like klaus shwab, hillary clinton etc. when they're all sinister their sense of fun will be gone without innocents to prey on and they will have nothing left but time and each other to think about their choices. lulz

Much Love Brutha and Thanks for passing on The Word!

Anonymous said...

I feel it. My energy is becoming less dense, more light, more clear, things don't bother me as much anymore. The divine is bringing many blessing as it manifests more onto this earth. I can understand too, the dark ones know that as well and are terrified. The light appears like death to them.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"Will The Angel Transform You, According to The Operation of The Sun... OR... Will You be Food for The Moon... Again?"



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