Monday, July 1, 2024

"Hope is An Alley Cat Girlfriend... Who Sleeps with Everyone in Town, and then... Insists that She Loves... Only You."

God Poet Transmitting.......

There were sleazy... greasy... Chemtrails today; courtesy of The Deep State. I've seen videos of the excremental residue that falls from the sky... as a result of this Satanic graffiti work. So I had been going outside and... at those times when I would see the crosshatching obscenities... writ large on the formerly pristine sky... I appealed to Heaven... as something... metaphorically... above me, even though I have had it amply demonstrated for my understanding... that the actual location of Heaven is... within.

I raised my hands and said, Lord, please blow the totality of this directly upon those responsible for putting it there. It seemed to have an effect each time. On one occasion it was miraculous. Today though... a different scenario played out. After I had made my appeal, I heard; “Well... isn't that what happens anyway, visible? Isn't that why I set the dynamic of action-reaction in motion so that... everything offered by anyone... returns to them... in a similar fashion... at some point? This is the simple mechanics of what is called Karma.”

The way it was said was so direct... so emphatic... so inarguable. I don't know how to communicate what I felt upon hearing it... except to say that one of the basic laws of existence was illustrated in my mind... in such a way that it left no avenue for reply. It was as if The Divine were to say, “I am that I am.” and then there was thunder and lightning... that followed for an exclamation point. I could... almost... literally see the chemtrails disperse, and I KNEW where they were headed.

I came outside half an hour later and all trace of them was gone, BUT... they come back. The people who do this are insane. Do they not live here too?

That's not what I showed up to talk about today, BUT... it seemed noteworthy... so I have noted it. (grin) I did not communicate what I experienced very effectively. When it comes to such matters, I am always left feeling like a second-string shortstop, and I never played shortstop.

I wanted to address Trump Derangement Syndrome today. I continue to get insights into what... seems to be going on. It seems like what I see... is what is, BUT... I don't know. I could be wrong. It would not be the first time.

I've been looking at the players who have this condition. I have noted that a preponderance of them come from The Media and The Entertainment Industry. Clearly... these people... both work for someone who tells them what to do, and what to say. Otherwise, their capacity to do and say... in the areas they operate in... would be curtailed.

If you just focus. It is easy to see that all those in such vituperative opposition to Candidate Trump, are employed by Daddy Warbucks... the moneymen... The Deep Pocket... Deep State... bankers who fancy themselves to be in charge of everything. Usually... the candidates... from whichever side they decide... is to win the election... do win the election, and... then do what they are told. If they don't do as they are told... they get shot or replaced.

There really is, and has been... an entrenched group of incarnate and discarnate entities... who comprise those Powers and Principalities of Darkness. Those are ranks of angels, and obviously... fallen angels. They prosper and exert their influences across centuries of time. They get used to it. They feel as if it will never change. They replace themselves in both locations at regular intervals.

Finally, as is ALWAYS the case... The Avatar comes and sweeps out the planes above this plane... driving these entities onto the material plane... where they are to be dealt with. It explains why you see so much wrong-doing... wrong-thinking... and reversal of the natural order. It's where all the sexual degenerates have come from. Previously, they were random influences looking for a secure harbor. Now they are the resident, having evicted or... merged with the original occupants... in an exercise of common appetite.

Each of us builds the body that we inhabit. We choose our parents based on resonance... overseen by The Lords of Karma... who see to the outworking of everything. The whole of existence is fulfilling the destiny of seed impressions.

One might believe that Trump is the standard bearer of all that is good and decent in our culture and that those who oppose him are minions of The Deep State... that insists on controlling every aspect of our lives. He has come to shake up the system, and that is exemplified in his call to... drain the swamp. However... he did not drain the swamp. Furthermore, he appointed swamp creatures to high positions in his administration.

Some of the more notorious were Mike Pompeo... Mike Pence... Nikki Halley... and a rogue's gallery of incompetent and compromised military leaders, with all kinds of Israel-firsters... who bear no love for The United States. Israel is the demon birth mother of The American Neo-Con. Those are the people that brought you 9/11. They were... and are... the instigators of every war we were deceived into.

Hope is an alley cat girlfriend... who sleeps with everyone in town, and then insists that she loves only you, and that... one day... ONE DAY!!! She's going to prove it to you. I have seen the other hand fill up first... over and over again, while wishing and hoping stayed empty. I am not saying we should abandon hope unless you are standing at the actual Gates of Hell, and are determined to enter. I'm saying that Hope is not my first choice for a boon companion on Life's Uncertain Highway. I prefer Faith and... the Shraddha version of it.

I don't want to be a Minister of Doubt, BUT... it surely does look like some kind of Bait and Switch is still going on. Meanwhile... I KNOW that The Age of Aquarius is upon us. I KNOW this is an apocalypse... attended by a global awakening, and... I KNOW that no one man or woman can have an enduring impact on the destiny of all life... unless that person is an Avatar. All the people on The World Stage are players. It's pretty much what Shakespeare said in that soliloquy; All The World's a Stage. Everyone is an actor... a representative of... that which they did not originate.

Think of The Universe as The Body of God. There are organs and systems, just as The Universe has galaxies and systems, AND... within each organ and system are countless cells... of various kinds... that serve specific purposes. God is the macrocosm. We are the microcosm. If we behave as God does... we will be in perfect harmony with everything else because... God is in perfect harmony with everything... even though everything else is not always in perfect harmony with God; For The Purpose of Demonstration.

In The Big Picture... everything is in harmony. It simply doesn't always look that way when You are still a pinball bouncing off the bumpers of Cause and Effect. That dynamic goes on for as long as we continue to be driven... toward attractions, and... repelled by aversions. As long as you can't hold still and rest in detachment... you will be at the mercy of the process.

So... Trump is just a face of the time that embodies the hopes AND FEARS of a large number of people. His first go-round was attended by... a consistency... of mixed results, AND... I have to ask; is he stupid? He can't be stupid, but why did he surround himself with people who had bad intentions toward him? Was he keeping his enemies closer?

He certainly knows where The Power SEEMS to lie, which accounts for the slavish support of Serial Killer Nation. Israel is a Criminal Syndicate operating as a country. It has The United States at its mercy via The Federal Reserve Act, and they kill anyone who tries to do anything about it.

You will note that THEY control both sides of The Press, both Liberal and Conservative. They want you to hold on tight to the illusion that you have a choice, while they control both sides of the argument. The Good News is that they are not in control either, and that is about to be convincingly demonstrated... soon enough.

I had a reason for mentioning that all The World's a stage, and we are merely players. What I meant to indicate is that when Heaven wants things to go a certain way... they go a certain way, and it doesn't matter who is acting out, and who appears to be sitting in The Driver's Seat. This is where I place my hope, and my hope has no agenda or objective... other than to give way before The Will of God. By this, I KNOW my Hope will be realized.

So... Visible... if everything is The Will of God, why does so much bad shit happen? I'm glad you asked that. I'll take that for eternal life and a spin of The Wheel; it's called (the illusion of) Free Will. People are given the right to serve or oppose The Will of Heaven. The opposition comes about through the belief in a separate identity... with its own idea of what it wants... and how it will go about getting it.

The alternative is to have no will but the will of the one who sent you. Those who consider this to be a hard choice are the ones who are afraid it would mean that life's amusements have been roped off into a no-go zone. It means walking The Straight and Narrow, and... and... most critically...ignoring that God is The Supreme Enjoyer who lives in you. There seems to be a conundrum here... some kind of disconnect. What do you mean, Visible?

What people don't get is that whatever you turn aside from down here, is mirrored in a higher octave on the planes above. The more you eschew Earthly Pleasures... the more Heavenly Pleasures descend upon you.

I mean that there is short-term and long-term, and people can be separated into groups that base their lives on one or the other. I also mean that Trump, and everyone else... is a tool. Some may think they are operating The Tool, BUT... who is operating the person who thinks they are operating The Tool? Everything gets sorted... sooner or later... it just might not look like that all the time.

I'm optimistic. I KNOW that God's Will is done. Period. I know he uses everything for his purposes... be it (or they) Good or Evil seeming. They're all a pack of cards!!!

End Transmission.......

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The body is called a field, Arjuna; the one who knows it is called the Knower of the field. This is the knowledge of those who know. I am the Knower of the field in everyone, Arjuna. Knowledge of the field and its Knower is true knowledge.

Listen and I will explain the nature of the field and how change takes place within it. I will also describe the Knower of the field and his power. These truths have been sung by great sages in a variety of ways and expounded in precise arguments concerning Brahman.

The field, Arjuna, is made up of the following: the five areas of sense perception; the five elements; the five sense organs and the five organs of action; the three components of the mind: manas, buddhi, and ahamkara; and the undifferentiated energy from which all these evolved. In this field arise desire and aversion, pleasure and pain, the body, intelligence, and will.

Those who know truly are free from pride and deceit. They are gentle, forgiving, upright, and pure, devoted to their spiritual teacher, filled with inner strength, and self-controlled. Detached from sense objects and self-will, they have learned the painful lesson of separate birth and suffering, old age, disease, and death.

Free from selfish attachment, they do not get compulsively entangled even in home and family. They are even-minded through good fortune and bad. Their devotion to me is undivided. Enjoying solitude and not following the crowd, they seek only me.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Sure is a bitch waiting for all this rubbish to turn around. I have a feeling that's gonna be in the next 18 months, but I don't know why. During the time, I'll be the best gadfly I can be.

I don't trust the trumpster worth a whit. I refuse to vote anymore. The last time I tried, was to put Larry Elder in charge. If the real votes were counted, he would have been. We also still have time changes for DST that the voters wanted. Why bother, since it doesn't matter. I just refuse to play the superfluous garbage games that the majority play, and despite bein' an obnoxious arse, it seems I do have Source at my back. Why else would my life be in a separate reality from all I read about?

Then again, who else resents every nanosecond that they're not in front of a compooter or have their nose in a book? Everythang else can go to Muspelheim.


AL said...

"I'm optimistic. I KNOW that God's Will is done. Period."

So that's you in the chair next to me.

I have a feeling many do not realize exactly how much will be changing. They think for some unknown reason the status quo will be left in place only to receive new actors. Governments will dissolve, business will dissolve, laws will dissolve, countries will dissolve and almost every way of life currently going on will dissolve.

One will remain, The Word and it will become the new thing to do for everyone with a pulse and even many without need of one. Unity, Love, living for and through the Divine and all the adventures that entail's will be.

We're just watching the messy demolition phase in action which has a bit to go as yet...

Faith is.

Much Love my friend!

Visible said...

Unity, and that which is not Unity. I think we are clear about which of these we prefer.

katzinbootz said...

It's an international criminal syndicate in charge.....and that group has names, addresses and telephone numbers. They can be identified. Each criminal has a choice: either eat babies, perform Satanic rituals, profit on blood money or be killed.
The only cure is to name them, shame them and eliminate them.

Anonymous said...

IT’s international Reggae Day… to go where the love is….JA time
Onelove Terrance

BeeGee said...

" So... Trump is just a face of the time that embodies the hopes AND FEARS of a large number of people. His first go-round was attended by... a consistency... of mixed results, AND... I have to ask; is he stupid? He can't be stupid, but why did he surround himself with people who had bad intentions toward him? Was he keeping his enemies closer ? "

EXACTLY & exposing them. President Trump is not perfect ( what earthly being is ) however
he will deliver.. before years end. :)

Visible said...

One can only hope. There is simply much that I do not understand that looks like what I do understand, BUT... I am keeping an open mind. I liked him a lot in the beginning... then things happened and didn't happen. We shall see.

Ty said...

Hi Visible.

Big waves happening in the US... JP conference, (Jewish Problem conference)

This Conference represents the most pivotal moment in American history since the American revolution of 1776 that threw off the British yolk and perhaps the most pivotal moment in human history since the rise of Adolph Hitler.

For a list of speakers:

Drl. Michael Scheuer, Dr. Cynthia McKinney, Dr. E. Michael Jones, just to name a few, also includes ProThink (the maker of "911 - Missing Links".... as a special guest.

Also... Candice Owens reveals the truth about the Bolshivek revolution on Jimmy Dore in viral video...

The awakening

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"When The Supreme Being Comes... a Force Precedes Him... a Force Attends Him, and... a Force Follows in His Wake."

Ty said...

Oops, list of speakers, meant to link here



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