Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Written Christmas Card of Gratitude and Thanks.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Merry Christmas!!! There's nothing like the resonance from the mind of another that reaffirms all the things you believe in and attempt to practice. Thank you Vigilant Citizen for your continuous vigilance. Thank you Michael Rivero for your keen sense of irony and outrage in all the right places but not for the aquarium popup (grin). Thank you Jeff Rense for the fourteen hour days and the shoulder to the wheel. Thank you Rixon Stewart for your firm and steady assurance in metaphysical truth. Thank you Kenny for your sideshow and your flawless integrity. Thank you to the men from Hang the Bankers and Lone Star Watch Dog for the courage to tell it like it is without the usual marine varnish of chicken shit compromises in search of an eventual mundane profit. Thank you Robert Phoenix for the persistence of inquiry where hearts less stout would fail. Thank you to the heroes from Wake from your Slumber for being consistent and unflagging warriors. Thank you Nina for your archetypal presentation of what a friend should be. Especial thanks to that anonymous angel known only as Sim for his fantastic help over recent years and who has done more toward making these sites what they are than anyone. Though we are in a hiatus, I doubt the cosmos permits that to prevail. Many thanks Sim, you've been a rock.

My deepest thanks goes out to the readers who have made these sites far, far more than they would have been simply due to my efforts. Great gratitude is due to the vast majority of you for your steadfast support of and defense of me during my haywire periods and your patience in hanging around until the smooth and surfable waves arrived in the perfect sets of seven. Life is a journey and a movie too and no movie is going to keep your attention for very long if it is not entertaining. How can it be entertaining without plot twists, suspense and character driven action? You don't need ridiculous car explosions and a streaming hail of bullets that hit nothing. You just need the entertainment factor wrapped up in a professional delivery vehicle and that means a competent director. The director is and has been on set.

Thank you for the personal generosity shown by so many of you with your donations and accompanying words of support. You weren't supporting only me. You were investing in your own future due to the bread on the waters dynamic and that works. It really works.

Today, I'm going to make my signature lasagna with Caesar Salad and garlic bread, seated around a small collection of those I love but who have no faith in this season, as is the case with so many people. I will say my blessing as I always do and I will include all of you in my certitude of words, for that shining future to which all of us are bound. I can't fix the things that are broken in others with a wave of my hand. These things take time. I can do my small part in working toward that end but people need to want to be fixed and first they need to know that they are broken. They need to know this and then the Christmas Spirit will descend on them and they will see that the forces of darkness are responsible for their narrow view upon that which is designed to expand their heart in a celebration of the forces of light that are resident within them. They will be able to take their minds off of the negative imagery designed by those who hate Christmas and loathe the idea of what it stands for because it is in all things contrary to their aims and expectations in this sphere. If they have managed to kill the Christmas Spirit in you then they have won. Surely that cannot be what you want?

Since we have far wider reach with this blog let me offer again this gift for a wider understanding of something often not very well understood.

So... Today, let's stay away from all the bad shit and false appearances that have been constructed for the sole purpose of bringing you down and leaving you confused, indifferent and alone. You are not alone. None of us are, ever.

Yeshua means Liberty, or you can term it 'God's salvation' but it amounts to Liberty and from some texts translates as such. It comes from Joshua which comes from Jehovah, which comes from Yod Heh Vau Heh as it always does. Now the hairsplitting anal retentives, will no doubt chime in just to show us the depth of their scholarship, not to mention how knowledgeable and informed they are. See, a lot of people are less interested in the truth of anything but rather to what degree they can use it for the purpose of self promotion. Real wisdom is humble as all get out because real wisdom knows what its puny possession amounts to when compared against the macroprosopus. Real wisdom has an accurate awareness of its place in the scheme of things; somewhere between a gnat and a dust particle.

Anyway. I want to give you an example here of how to better understand The Bible and how it contradicts conventional wisdom. There's a phrase in the Bible which says, "At the name of Jesus every knee will bow". What it is actually saying is, in the name of their own liberty everyone will submit or give fealty. I can grab a dozen and more of these and show a convincing turn well outside of the usual translations. Of course, you don't have to believe me. Only I have to believe me. I have only to convince myself. Believe what you like.

You don't have to be a Christian to enjoy Christmas Spirit. I am awash in it at the moment and I'm not a Christian. However, I do know how to tap into the collective joy being felt and shared by people all over the Earth, who may or may not know the esoteric truth about the birth of the light being the birth of the promise of their own freedom. I'm a humming bird. I know how to suck the joy from the pistils. One could see that as pornographic; sucking at the female seed bearing portion of a plant, or one could see it in the lyrical and poetic sense as I do. Since all personal joy is fully resonant with collective joy, I crank the amp. There's nothing religious here, nothing dogmatic or formalized. It's just a spontaneous expression of what I do not allow to remain latent. Feel it! Join the party. Be damned grateful instead of damned and celebrate the genesis of freedom within; free from all the constraints of the temporal.

Rock your joy! Put on some good music. Listen to some gospel. Go watch "It's a Wonderful Life", or "A Christmas Carol" Remind yourself of what life was like in London when Dickens wrote that. Dickens knew all about the child labor situation and all manner of injustice similar to what the same bent aristocracy are seeking to employ today, are in fact employing it in various places in the world right now.

If they take your Christmas Spirit. If they convince you to sneer and scoff at its potential, they've made you into their bitch. Don't let them steal your potential for joy.

For many of the readers whose names I did not mention, please forgive me. There are too many of you for me to risk the attempt and then wind up leaving some of you out. Suffice to say I remember and appreciate you, a lot, a whole lot. "God bless us everyone!!!" and why not? God Bless Mr. Scrooge too.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Much Love,


Song: Merry Christmas!Simply Three - The Christmas Song

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Even though I'm an eclectic Pagan who can not claim any particular culture or format. ;O)

insiam said...

aaah, i think you've took the mushrooms down a little early. never mind. Happy Christmas :)

Visible said...

I don't know how the mushrooms disappeared. I'll look into it.

dave1010 said...

And I want to thank you Mr. Visible. I started catching the spirit from you a couple of days ago,and now today... My gratitude to you (and your friends). Merry Christmas and God Bless. And Mr. Scrooge too.


Visible said...

Take a moment and reflect on the beauty of this world

What the heck, take a few moments

I was supposed to put these in the posts but I'm busy cooking and doing other things so...

Really, check these places out. We'll be living in something somewhat better one of these days.

Jenny said...

love to you and yours vis! have a wonderful Christmas! I am happy to be spending mine with my family. be well y'all - jen

Ginnie said...

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Thank you Les for another year of vision...without which the people perish!

I really needed this place throughout the years.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Mr. Visible!


kenny said...

Thank you Vis.

We watched "It's a Wonderful Life" last night and enjoyed it once again. At times we may think we live in "Pottersville" but perhaps our collective will one day will put an end to the illusions that attempt to enslave us.

All the folks here are making a difference. Many thanks to everyone who cares.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, VISIBLE for all you share here. While I appreciate the efforts of the others you named and others, this is the first place I stop every day. Sustenance for the soul. And a thank you to all the others here who share and provide encouragement. Love to all, Serena.

Carmen Roa said...

Dear Les~
Thank you so much for your blogs and radio shows. I found you earlier this year when I most needed the wisdom you so generously share. I am eternally grateful. You are the voice in the wilderness that I so needed to hear. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear,it is such a blessing to hear from others on the same train--Choo Choo!
Merry Christmas to you and yours and to all the other readers and commenters here.

Richard said...

Mas and mas Visible
Merry Chrismass !!!
May the lasagna be like mana and the garlic bread cruvh and melt in the mouth of all at the dinner table.
Be well, be Alert, Love

Anonymous said...

equality freedom
yearning for paradise
turning learning
observing to actualise
expressions revolving
involving revitalise
intergrating in all
supressed untill realised
open eyes mankind
supression of aspects
regress's universal
creative concepts
that effects societal
and falsifys precepts
the common mind
unless psychopathic
just protests and reject's


Tuesday, November 09, 2010 11:30:00 PM

Thanks Neil.

Thanks Vis for just BEING...
and Everything That entails.

walking hawk

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OFF TOPIC? Might be of help to many of the readers of this blog who are metaphysically inclined and want to expand their metaphysical awareness.

GOOGLE 'TEAL SCOTT'. And she's also REAL easy on the eyes in addition to being one HELL of a teacher.

My Christmas present to everyone on this blog.

galen said...

Hey guys, wouldn't you just love to taste Vis's "signature lasagne?" I think he should at least post the recipe, if not his precise method of preparation.


Visible said...

I hope some of you got to look at those pictures I hotlinked here. Anyway, to close out this Christmas Day, here's something of mine that Patrick Willis gave life to.

This is how I feel at the moment. A short while ago I went to check the clock to see how much Christmas Day I had left and it said 12:00 (grin). Like I said, time has no meaning here so Christmas WILL CONTINUE.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I don't have a password so I can't take advantage of Sim's latest addition to this site -- the message box. BTW, those bubble graphics made me chuckle and I really needed to chuckle. So, let me simply say thank you Sim and Merry Christmas to you, Vis, and to all who have found their way to your wonder-filled blogs. I am so grateful to have found my way here several years ago. I return almost daily. To the spirit of Christmas: HO HO and GO to greater heights!

Also, I want to thank Walking Hawk for bringing Neil's poems and spirit back -- a great idea.

.. peace ..

Visible said...

You just register and make a password, I think. Course I had problems initially but my nature is to NEVER give up.

the gardener said...

Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you for all you give Vis... I love you.

(off to find "It's a Wonderful Life" on youtube)

the gardener

Anonymous said...


Fall on your knees
O hear the angel voices


Anonymous said...

And God bless Tiny Tim!

walter washco said...

God bless you Vis and Merry Christmas and to all the family of your readers, you are dearly loved.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Happy Holidays to everyone out there who reads Mr. Visible's writings and, of course, to the man himself. Just as an aside to put things in perspective about integrity, as well as this character can that is, I shopped some of my honest but weird stories that I've gotten into with not so much coherent detail, given the ineffable factor there, to other metaphysical types, and there was no response, as expected. I sent an E-mail to Les to see if he was "merely" willing to hear me out about such happenings and he wrote back. He was the first person I went to and the only individual out of many other people that I figured, unlike Les, wouldn't respond because it seemed that they were in that field for the $ or the attention. My honest intuition led me to believe that I should try him first, for the others probably won't deign to try and understand where I'm coming from and I was correct. Tells me a lot about him, that fact of the matter about whether or whether not certain types in the metaphysical milieu actually want to hear from those who are being talked to so as to gain better, contextualized understanding of their readers and to demonstrate care about their input. Others didn't want to cross that threshold, so I don't really trust too many of them, though, if they're the real deal and not about $ or attention, which is a somewhat strong semblance but could just be looks, I wish them the best, obviously. So, thanks to both Les and the individuals coming here for honest input for better contextualized understanding of the plight the poor world and its good and decent citizens are enduring. It is, beyond obviously, a good place to get such context in a paradigm that more than seems to love to decontextualize the urgency of how late the hour is, so to speak, and I can only intuit that it will honestly pay of for all those with pure intent, philosophically well-grounded in an iconoclastic way looking for truth, in "the end". The end of one sloppy, hellish tale will be just the beginning of a tale about much, much that went wrong that will get corrected and, thus, better. Happy Holidays once more to all!

est said...

very well done, all of you
double pay, for the holiday

e m ! there you are - greetings
getting ready to put neil's book together
erin and i and whoever wants to help [tributes/favorites...]

watch this space for logistics
and a chance to jump in

i'm sure he would be pleased
at the peace, that has come among us

bruce1337 said...

All the best, you good people of Earth! Find some rest, for next year is bound to get bumpy...

Smyrna said...

Been loving the orbs dropping down the screen Vis. Some superb posts lately, keep that ball rolling.

Any chance of asking Curtis to learn about paragraphs? Or snap his prozac in half?

I was bumming around at Rense earlier and ended up on some Manson Family trip.

A Phrenologists delight. All of them smooth talkin' and dodgy, with a certain defect apparent.

Apart from Krenwinkel. She was honest, and was the only one not asking for parole and forgiveness, despite being remorseful.

Anonymous said...

Neil sent this,

so as time quickens
so does the energy flow
could this be true
I do not know
so I ask you les babaji
or who ever
cos you men seem
knowledgeable very clever
I think I feel it
deep inside
it rides my heart
makes it climb
this time last year
it was never this strong
the flow of my peace
the place where I belong
it comes out my palms
its all ways awake
the love I feel now
shudders and shakes
I try to give it to people when they cant see
the poor the damaged the sick
give immediately
I just cant help it
I love every one
my heart is becoming
like an inner sun
a long time ago
it was a great cloud
but the lord blew it away
with heavens sound
the harmonies the wonders
moved through me
now all i want is to share
with every body
and if that day ever came along
what a day what a place
the place where we belong

Friday, November 20, 2009 6:59:00 PM

Picked by Neil,
sent in through walking hawk

I remember asking or telling Neil once if he realized how much Power his poems had.
Anyway, Very Powerful,
or is it Full of Power ?
Many of them are Healing poems.

With tears in my eyes,
and Love in my Heart,
Thank You Neil.

Thanks again Vis.

w h

Anonymous said...

What do gloryhole visitors eat for Christmas? Wall nuts.

Ginnie said...

"Here's to Les Visible, the richest man in town!" in the only currency that counts.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Poetry in Motion, Wave upon the Ocean.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

His law is love and His gospel is peace

Visible said...

Forgive me Kate but do you come here with regularity or is this a one stop thing? I can't place you so forgive me if I'm not aware of you being a regular part of what happens here. That will stop soon enough but that will happen when the motivator says so.
I see you must be on some other post, well, I'm not going to track it down. My advice to you? Don't come around for a few days; problem solved.

Visible said...

Friends, I would appreciate it if you would take just a few moments to sign the petition to vote the Persuasions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It would mean a lot to me.

Just go here and fill out the simple form. If you want you can say I made you do it (grin).

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

On the Doorstep of a New World.



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