Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Treatise on not Criticizing the Criminals who Abuse Us.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Though it took longer than I thought it might in recent time. The latest novel, "The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine" will be out around Christmas which was what I thought earlier in the year so, in a strange way, it hit expectations. I'll let you know.

The poor misunderstood bad guys who are the same bad guys as they were yesterday, last week and the week before, are still doing bad things but I have been told lately by a reader that calling attention to their evil deeds might upset them and, for all I know, hurt their feelings, which may be the same thing. Let's not say anything more about the bad guys okay? They'll just go away one of these days, once they've got what they are after. won't they? Maybe if we (right this minute- you'll have to hurry) send each of them nice embossed Christmas cards, with little red hearts, drawn with a Sharpie marker (Does Sharpie make red?), wishing them a merry 'and profitable' holiday season; surely their profiting is not wrong and it would be mean to say that it is, if we do that, maybe they won't feel so bad about our rude and no doubt erroneous judgments upon them. Wait a minute, scratch that 'Merry Christmas", MOST of them are members of another religion (if religion it be) so that might be offensive to them. How about, "May you have another wonderful mercantile period of rich financial return and zero criticism of your methods." How's that sound?

It's possible that I upset the tender sensitivities of certain bad guys already. Hmmm, what do you know? Maybe I shouldn't call them bad guys. Maybe I should call them, 'guys who are called bad guys by people mistaken about who they are and who cause them no amount of discomfort by doing so and are probably therefore responsible for all of the mistaken (by definition) acts of these fine people'. That does seem a tad long but... no extent is too far to travel, if it means assuaging the wounded emotions of these tragically misunderstood and noble specimens of humanity.

I was told that Jesus said this and that, as if Jesus minced about the ancient ruins of what are now ancient ruins and talked about how pretty this was and how pretty that was and then he and the disciples went off to a slumber party and had several cups of hot cocoa and marshmallows while Peter's dad read them a series of Aesop's Fables. It was so enthralling that Jesus didn't even mind when Peter's dad put his hand on his knee. Whoops! That probably didn't happen but it seemed funny at the time. Not funny? Sorry.

Yeah, Jesus said some nice things but Jesus said a lot of other things too, like “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell? Wherefore, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city." He also said, "Woe to you, Chorazin woe to you, Bethsaida! for if the mighty works done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes. But I tell you, it shall be more tolerable on the day of judgment for Tyre and Sidon than for you. And you, Capernaum, will you be exalted to heaven? You shall be brought down to Hades. For if the mighty works done in you had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. But I tell you that it shall be more tolerable on the day of judgment for the land of Sodom than for you." and he said, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within they are full of dead man’s bones and all uncleanness", as well as "You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?" So Jesus could be a little stern about some things but... it's okay for Jesus to notice shit but not for us to?

No one has gotten to Self Realization by playing pattycake with The Prince of Darkness, or being too timid to confront his agents. No doubt people wonder how I've been able to continue as I do without setback or official censure. Maybe I work for the intelligence services? Although that doesn't explain my penurious condition. Okay, maybe that's a front but that doesn't explain my time in prison and other areas of confinement decades ago, for not insubstantial periods of time, or my being harassed decades later and also locked up and facing life in prison. Deep Cover? Sure, it must be that. I must be slated for something high up if they thought to invest that amount of time into me. They better get to it though, I'm not Methuselah.

Now, I know there are yogis with glistening eyes, who speak all kinds of sweet nothings, while demurely accepting all those donations from the mesmerized. I know there are lots of soft spoken neutered house cats from the New Age Movement, who enchant you with all kinds of 99 cents a minute, speech sculptures of pirated wisdoms from yesteryear, now in a form similar to reconstituted orange juice that kicks like an IV jolt of Red Bull once you've bought into the magic of belonging and... we all want to belong, badly, don't we? That is, except for those of us who are less concerned about that and more concerned about going to sleep and forgetting our mission. I know Krishnamurti did an elaborate hair combover that might have embarrassed Donald Trump and he was really mean to his girlfriend over the years as well as generally being an annoying curmudgeon but... people at a distance don't know about that. They buy the Hollywood version. I'm not any of those guys and I have an imprimatur to do what I do and when the tone of what I do changes it will change. I have already allowed a great deal more Origami to slip into the other blogs. I have a long range game plan, or... let's say my minder does.

All those heroes we admire from a distance had their private lives and the ones of the moment, who may not be your heroes but who are worshiped by the bedazzled, they have private lives which are routinely whitewashed by those using them as a means to an end and that is the programming of the populace to accept the reality of tinsel and glitter as being valuable and relevant. This is how come people can dance mindlessly to redundant raps about 'bitches, ho's, motherfuckers, bling and booty" and all manner of degrading and profane, not to mention the forgetability of the whole medium in general (disposable culture) and think they are hip and intelligent and all about personal rights, including women’s rights and don't see any disconnect between their egoic view of themselves, somehow unlike the person twerking to character defamations being visited upon them in real time along with the appearance of themselves dancing to "muthafucka, bitches, bling, ho's" and so forth and so on. Yeah, all the two dimensional cutouts, the clever rappers, the Justin Timberlakes, the Miley Cyrus's, the vast majority of mind controlled entertainment bots are real happy with their paychecks and a great many of them are really unpleasant people. I've moved among them. I've moved among most classes of people. I've met some good guys and some bad guys, some nice ladies and some not so nice, some awake and aware people and many who are deep asleep. I've met smart people and stupid people.

I've been reckless and undisciplined and I've also been circumspect and quite disciplined. Like you, I'm a work in progress, devoted to becoming a better person. We all make mistakes on the way. It amuses me and- once again, there's that irony- people like myself and possibly people like yourselves, people have a hard time forgiving us and in retrospect, our actual crimes were no big deal at all. In some cases the events took place for no other reason than to expose this propensity in those so offended, sparing us a longer term of interaction with people who would certainly turn on us further up the road. Yeah, people find it real hard to forgive us for incidental social improprieties but they can grant all kinds of latitude to monsters who are not only capable of anything but have noticeably performed terrible outrages on large numbers of people. I'd say it's a matter of degrees but that probably doesn't compute with people whose false front egos got a few scuffs and abrasions.

Some of us are meant to be sweet and light and no doubt there's an audience for that and some of us are more fiery and that's how we are. Some of us can have a sensitive touch and also a more unyielding side. We're all complex studies in this complex world. Some of us are trying to improve but change is not easy, especially when you've gotten down to your last remaining shortcomings that really don't want to depart and who, momentarily, have big planets on their side in defense of their term of occupancy. It's a given that we will rub some people the wrong way as we pass through their lives... in our lives. Especially if our presentations are controversial, we're going to run into opposition here and there. The important thing is whether we learn from our mistakes, if they happen to be mistakes ...and make the necessary adjustments. We are not permitted to go back and change or erase our movements. As Omar Khayyam said, "The moving finger having writ moves on and not all your piety can lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it."

Every man and woman of note has a secret life of shame. Sometimes it is not so secret but... in the end, we are judged by the aggregate of the good and bad we have done and also the sequence of their occurrence, whether it was good that followed in the wake of past mistakes or the reverse. We are judged by the positive and or negative impact we have had in life and upon our fellows and there is another judgment that depends on whether we were ignorant or knew full well but just kept right on at it. The sins we commit as children, metaphorically speaking, are viewed differently than those we commit as adults. I suppose that works out not so badly for those of us who never grew up (grin). "Peter Pan? Peter Pan to the white courtesy phone".

We are what we are until we are something else. We are what we are, based on our karma and what we've done about it. Most of us, as has always been the case, are content to travel the slow evolutionary route that exercises every jot and tittle until they disappear. Some few of us choose to hot-house our evolution and this, necessarily, can result in a sometimes chaotic passage from zone to zone. The degree of suffering can become concentrated as the Karma is being burned up through frenetic activity. We are not all as we appear to be at any given time. Very few of us know ourselves but we are all known, to be sure.

Existence and the architect(s) of existence, the living archetypes and exalted entities of rarefied atmospheres, go about their duties with a degree of inflexibility, given that they know all ends and beginnings. They are also indulgent when it comes to the human insistence on having it's own way. They know how that ends up and what the fires of experience will produce. It's much the same as a mother and child. The child insists on being able to go out and play, much as we insist on going out into the world and doing our thing. It is a certainty that we will get all soiled and our hearts and possibly our heads will get broken. At some point we will be running around, or all tangled up and crying out for our mother. Depending on our degree of repentance and level of awareness realized, she may appear (quite rare) or initiate some transition in circumstance (more likely) or just leave you there until it's absolutely certain that you've learned your lesson (even more likely). Lao Tzu advises you to stick close to the mother because nothing can be gained by going out and seeking to do your thing but... you can't tell anyone that. Sometimes life has moved us into places and circumstances from which we cannot depart except with great difficulty.

I would love to return to Maui but the means are not present. I was doing fine there until I left but nothing of the previous state remains after all this time. Things change. What we want is well known to the provider and we are nearly always where we are supposed to be. If we're meant to be elsewhere we will be. I suppose that is where creative visualization comes in (grin). Ah well, we'll know it when we get there.

End Transmission.......

Radio broadcast is still up there (grin).


Greg Bacon said...

"Ho-ho-ho, Merry Conspicuous Consumption Day, ho-ho

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
medicine maker
who works deep within
who fixed the tree's
with a gust of wind
who opens a heart
makes it shine
higher nature
give sight to blind
I ask you
humbly for some peace
some essence of truth
to take to the beast
he just will not go away
the middle east next
is the game he play
if all together
we all rise
higher nature
open many eyes
medicine maker
built within
living life pour
fill everything
raise your sight
through the shadows
with living light


Sunday, December 06, 2009 5:45:00 PM

Thanks Neil. The first two poems I tried to post got ate up. So I'll try again.

Thanks Vis.

Will Hugs and Kisses really work on Evil ? ( NOT )
Then to The Pit they go.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

All obstacles in their path to insanity were removed. The mutual masturbation that goes on in the looniversities make them cocoons for insanity. I see a lot of blogs modeling themselves just like that. The fool hateth correction.

The renaissance ended when those names started appearing. It's why you don't share holy things with dogs.

Unknown said...

Depends on the dog.

Ginnie said...

Wow Vis! You really must have upset some entities! Not one of your links showed up on this page
when I loaded it!

GOOD JOB! All those empty boxes are a testimony to the truth here!

Be still and know that I am God!
It's all I got left and it is enough! is the best place to be!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Jesus to us all!


Anonymous said...


Right on, ahem, et cetera. Nuke the bastards. Or perhaps a one-way ticket to a small island/country.

A shout out for the KJV.

A Merry Steampunk Christmas to all.


Anonymous said...

'effin' brill, Vis.

mikey m said...

Fuck all that shit Vis, I have personally dealt these asshole bankers a black eye, along with their jewbag lawyers, when they tried to sue me for credit card debt that I refused to pay.

Now before anybody gets their panties in a bunch about personal responsibility let me explain why I took this plan of action.

Back in 2008 when every bank and credit institution was clawing away at the "Taxpayer Funded Bailout" one particular credit card company decided that all of a sudden they where a bank and were also entitled to the "Bailout".

At the same time this credit card company was cutting off my credit even though I was paying them every month.

I said to myself "fuck this shit, now they aren't getting one dime from me" and all went well until one group of pirates decided to sue me. What started out as $7,000 in debt turned into $15,000. WTF!!!

So I did some simple research and answered their suit and showed up for court.

Mr.Smartass tribal member lawyer tried to get me on Breach of Contract but being credit card debt it was never a legal written contract, only a credit card agreement. He lost!

The judge gave him a few months to get his shit together but he missed the deadline so the judge dismissed the whole thing.

He then filed a motion that he should be granted a chance to try again as he had "excusable negligence"? WTF!!!

So into court I went again and this time the judge asked me what I thought about this and said to her" If this was me and I didn't respond in time to the court it would be a default judgment against me and I would have to accept your ruling".

She took a couple of minutes and decided to DENY his motion and wished me a "Happy Holiday", her being a judge, you know what I mean.

The moral of the story is that we can beat the motherfuckers where it hurts them the most, IN THEIR WALLETS, all it takes is some patience, sacrifice and a little knowledge of the legal system and you beat them at their own game with their own rules!


Visible said...

Mikey;l I did nearly the same thing. I had a 3,000 debt which I was paying off every month. Then these swine decided to raise my interest rate from 16% to 21%. I asked why they felt they had to do that and they said they had determined I was a bad credit risk. I said, "How can I be a bad credit risk when I am paying the bill every month?"

"I don't know, you just are."

So I said, "Okay, then I'm not paying you another dime from now on."

"Oh but you have to!"

Apparently I didn't and that was it. There was nothing I had that they could take from me, or they couldn't find me or something;. In any case, that was it for them.

the fellow got incensed with me on the phone. I said, "It's simple, turn it back to the former already criminally high rate and we will continue."

"Can't do that."

"Well, I can't either. Bye bye."

Anonymous said...

As always, your writing is so familiar to where my heart and soul are at this most surreal time of my life. I suspect like many of your readers, I never thought in a million years that I would be spending the vast majority of my waking hours studying many ancient works, and their forced and unforced infusions into our current ever-day lives. And still, with so broad a range of understanding, on so many, many topics affecting our every day lives, I am still unable to break through the 'veil' that has been so carefully crafted to keep most people blind to the truth. I don't have the magic in my verse to reach the ones I wish to help most. Strangers are much more likely to hear some of the urgency of the situation. It's sad, tragic, and so terribly frustrating to get little or no response from the majority of my friends and family. But then I think of some of the very gifted writers and philosophers I regularly read and follow, SM and DP being at the top, and I back down from my stool of self-worth and try to imagine how some of you must feel, having found skads more truth, God as you know it, understanding, and so much earlier in your evolution. I must surmise that getting closer and closer to full awakening has vast rewards, no less important than others - peace of mind.

Your writing feeds my soul with familiarity and hope. I am developing a relationship with God, as I know it, where little existed before. And although I know not where or how I will survive the next month or two, I do believe that I, and others, are exactly where we are supposed to be, if for no other reason than to support our 'fellow' travelers. My continuing journey to find absolute truth (I believe there is such a thing), while coming at great expense, and to date 6-7 years long, has been well worth the price of admission, for truth has a way of making everything but kids pale by comparison.

Thank you

Coldda Reaching

Visible said...

Coldda. If often seems as if it will never end and that there is no light. Certainly the pursuit of truth can and often does estrange us from everyone we know.

It is a test of our faith and determination. If we do not give up we cannot fail. Offtimes it can seem unendurable but it is not because we do endure it.

I don't know what more to say. Walk and talk with it. It is what I do and... eventually it walks and talks with you.

Anonymous said...

I 2nd that!


mike m said...

Exactly Vis, and if "the people" just understood their rights and what power it yields we could put a big dent into these bullshit actions by the "money changers".

Even when you try to explain it to them they either cannot comprehend what you are saying or they think they are doing something wrong and it will affect their "credit". LOL!

They don't even know what "usury" means and even if they do they don't understand how wrong it is.

But I'll keep plugging away and lead by example....;-)

Visible said...

Sometimes you have to, HAVE TO, recognize that you cannot save other people. There is a sad finality to this but that's how it is. Lao Tzu was living in china where he worked as a librarian. Eventually the scene going on in the times he was in became too much for him. He was/is wiser than all of us put together and yet he had to throw his hands up in the air and leave.

Our limitations are what they are. We can only change ourselves and possibly, maybe, the resonance of our being with hit the sympathetic strings of others and they will resonate as we resonate with whatever aspect of the ineffable we have come into accord with.

I have mentioned the Buddha of Unbearable Compassion before. This is one who sees the sad state of suffering in the lives of others but recognizes there is nothing they can do.

We must change ourselves. Everything else hinges on that.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Vis, you deserve the IRONY OF ETERNITY AWARD for this one. Those first paragraphs were the ultimate, "uh huh, yeah, suuuuuuuure" types of reading.

As for the banksters, I never had a credit card. I have no credit. Last time I took out a loan, I was 18, and it was a student loan. I paid it early, and my interest was $18.00. I've been all over the economic map from birth from upper middle class to quite poor, though never on the street. Close to it, though. I've never lived beyond my means, and my pointless, stupid expenditures have been quite few. I'm staring 52 in the face, and haven't been in debt since 19. If I can do it, why can't everyone else? I moved out on my own and started out poor at age 20. It took years to hit middle class, and due to economic circumstances I am NOT doing too well financially right now, but due to lack of obligations; I'm muddling along. Still have some savings left, and the one I dragged out of poverty 19.5 years ago is helping me now with a reversal of roles.

Though some may wonder how anyone could put up with me for 19.5 years, apparently there is someone on this planet weird enough, all right?!And trust me! That works both ways! ;^)

Thomas said...


Merry Christmas Everyone! :D

est said...

our dear friend Neil

would have been forty-three today
i suggest a moment of silence

in thanks and praise, as we were
lucky enough to have known him

Anonymous said...

Visible said...
"Sometimes you have to, HAVE TO, recognize that you cannot save other people. There is a sad finality to this but that's how it is."

I used to get so frustrated with people for a number of years because they couldn't see what was going on with the whole system.(10,000 pieces of the puzzle) Trying to explain something so big and evil that it's hard to comprehend. Always got that deer in headlights look from them or "your crazy".
Then I met an Angel of a person in feb. this yr. and she set me straight on this subject. She told me when subjects like this come up just make one comment and let it go. If it peaks an interest then don't overwhelm them with info.
If no interest, then let it go. She told me sometime, say 2 weeks,2 months or whenever down the road, someone , somewhere is going to say the same thing and the Light bulb will come on..
That advice alone got rid of a tremendous amount of feelings of frustration.

The Spirit wants us free.
The Mind Is What Makes Us Free.

To est,
I've shed a few tears for (and with) people over the years.
Neil is one of them.

Truly, Peace and Love All.

walking hawk

Ray B. said...

Vis: "This is how come people can dance mindlessly to redundant raps about 'bitches, ho's, motherfuckers, bling and booty" and all manner of degrading and profane..."

I was taught that words have power, especially when coupled with emotions. Words are like the steering wheel, and emotions like the accelerator pedal.

With that in mind, I was taught to be careful in two ways: First, singing/chanting with emotions tied in are an effective manifestation force - whether or not you are conscious of the words you are blaring out. Think about it.

Second, I was taught that the soul does not 'judge' between words spoken in some kind of 'self-improvement' mantra and words sung to some popular song. Because they are freely said by you, they get a 'pass'. In effect, therefore, both are an internal programming exercise. Think of mindlessly singing (with gusto), "Bad girl, sad girl!" over and over, for example. (The more the emotion, the greater the deep effect. That is why dry, repetitive chanting has only minor change potential.)

This is one of the truly great lacks in our 'education'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Dodgy One said...

You find a wonderfully smooth and rounded stone, it is hard, shiny and quite heavy for its size. You realize with astonishment it is a piece of TRUTH. You show it all those about you. You let them hold it but they all deride it saying it is worthless, meaningless or dangerous. Later coming upon a shining mirror surfaced lake, you see it has a stony bottom. In the reflection of it you see the whole wide world gazing the hint of there desires. This you realize is where your lovely stone belongs, so you cast it in. A hugely bright splash erupts and quickly subsides and from the impact site a circular wave series emits as the surface bounces up and down in an attempt to find equilibrium. Outward the wonderful set travels like a brainwave within the cosmos, you see only the surface wave but the wave is three dimensional it goes slowly down through the denser depths and at great speed as light and sound upward, resonating with harmonic frequencies which the wise attune to and adore.
Continue on this little ditty of the stone as if your own because it is not mine it belongs in the pond of the all.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

One too many "Cleopatras" may just have to be disabused about what level of interference they were running and for whom in regards to just how many psy-ops the hive mind fell for, but they'll be "nice and chagrined", mortified even, if they get much of the truth about what's behind the veil and all at once. It is kind of biblical, the proportions of people being, as I'm intuiting strongly, deceived by the real deal false prophets of the day: the media and the authoritarians who, mocking bird style, tell them what to say and the hive mind just kind of "can't not believe" the crappola they get told...out of free willed choice to never have to, uncomfortably, read between the lines and see something discomfiting through intuitive faculties that have been left to go to shit or just some kind of vagary that they can't wrap the hive mind around. All a part of the veil of horrible, horrible secrets and lies being used, childlike, by a bunch of adults as blanky or some shite. Another biblical aspect of this scenario, and I'm paraphrasing, is the "let the jesters be your saviors" aspect. It isn't as if, and this is my experience, that the "normal, sane" people think of crazy people as being there for anything other than their fucked up entertainment while, and this is also empirical, we "kind of" scare The Powers That Be Going Down a decent amount, and I have experiences to count on there, no conjecture. They'll all laugh at mundane and cosmic plots about being plotted on that they can't follow until the "altruists" get effected, then they'll want to cry "different story". Until the dirty issues get settled, I'm not settling down about ever-worsening, mundane issues, and the people who decontextualize what kind of crap they're in, certainly in the mundane plot part, might get a "rude" awakening, the sweethearts, about ever having "had to" laugh at more intuitive types that cared to read between the lines introspectively and honestly. As, not like, the writer of this blog says and I've been there for a while myself: I don't know. I do use deductive reasoning, and it ain't cute what I'm seeing, though there are very good sides to certain possibilities being espied currently.

Visible said...

Wow! Look at the synchronicity in the comments. As I am sure most of you remember I have been referring to it in similar fashion as 'depth charges' that go off at a certain moment. Also said, "one day a car horn honks, a dog barks, you see a bird fly across the horizon and it all clicks." Also, "When I meet people I say 'Hello'. then if I can say more, I do and I proceed deeper and deeper as I am allowed to. Sometimes, I have to stop at Hello or shortly thereafter but however far I can move I move. The intuition knows these things and one learns after a period of time that the same scenarios repeat."

You have to prepare the ground just like gardening. People need to be made to feel safe in your company (I haven't always done a good job of this but I'm consistent now, Thank God!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Somewhere in Recent History, Normal Killed Itself.

Unknown said...

Vis...your comment number 11 was spot on...

once awakened and on the spiritual road there is no turning back...but then again, i would not want to go back...for what has transpiried within me is far better than anything this evil run society can offer...

the knowing we are in the midst of a metaphysical war that will soon finalize is more preparing the soul...and that is what awakening is all about...your soul...although very painful to watch demons self destruct (try as best to detatch from this destruction)that is what is taking place...ALL opposition by the light was withdrawn on purpose and part of the big plan...this dark energy only knows death, destruction, exploitation, misery, pain, disease, greed, power, lust everything opposite to the divine soul...they are Satan's creation and share human bodies with those of the divine...they offer NOTHING to life itself and thus given full allowance to self destruct thus liberating the divine souls that have been trapped in this lowly dimension and to re-unite with their Divine Heritage which consists of True Love, Peace, Joy, Honor, Truth, it is no wonder that the dark forces have driven many divine souls into complete inertness...they are spiritually assisinated for that is how the dark operates and will do so without hesitation...they have and always will feed off of divine energy when unawakened...

once awakened NO LONGER can they do so...for your newly contained senses can spot these demons a mile away and once you get the picture they are all the same...hypocrites, lairs, murderers, greedy, egotistical...

this dimension once operated on opposites attract...this is no longer the case and the awakened are seeking like and not tolerating dark energy infact replused by it...

it is very important to continue to cleanse and protect in this negative there are many who are of demonic consciousness at this time...

Wishes for all a Very Merry Christ Consciousness...

Lots of LOVE

Visible said...

Dodgy One, there are no links in this post except for the radio show.

Anonymous said...

"The mutual masturbation that goes on in the looniversities ..." anonymous

Bulldoze the universities and watch the world become a better place.


Dodgy One said...

Sorry my terminology must have thrown you off, it is the link in your comments section that is pointing to a different Petri Dish entry i.e.

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Somewhere in Recent History, Normal Killed Itself.

The link goes to ->

Must be my aussie accent eh mate :)

Anonymous said...

Tila Tequila is now speaking out against the holohoax. Damn, life is getting stranger and stranger every day.

insiam said...

'I have mentioned the Buddha of Unbearable Compassion before. This is one who sees the sad state of suffering in the lives of others but recognizes there is nothing they can do.'

When other people change we have no choice but to affect change within ourselfs. When we change ourselfs other people will be affected ...... Thus it must be true that only by changing oneself it is possible to affect change in others.

Insiam 20/12/2013

Visible said...

Heh Heh, not the accent. It seemed to say in the posting so that's where I looked. I've no idea how that wrong link got in there. I'm pretty scrupulous about that.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Lord Buddha

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Vis!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Powers, Placements and Potentials. Now is the Given Moment.



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