Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Grim Reaper and the Slouching Beast Approach.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet.'

Wow! Where do I start? It’s here folks; meltdown in progress. They’re rioting in London and Germany says they can’t bail out Italy and that means Spain too. Even the Israelis are protesting in the streets. How they can be having problems with all the blackmail and threat money they get is beyond me but it’s a significator of something. Meanwhile, those Navy Seals that got shot down and killed turn out to have contained the members of Navy Seal Team 6 from the long dead Bin Laden zombie kill. What are the odds that The Taliban makes their biggest hit of the decade on a Chinook carrying these people? Given all of what has preceded this, it can be argued that it looks like an inside job to pacify conversation and clear the decks. The Reaper is on the move. I don’t know the real details of what took place in that event but the mind ponders and ruminates.

I could be talking about hemlines and perfect grilled cheese sandwiches but I’m not. Black Monday looms on the horizon and what does that mean? I don’t know. We’ve been aware for some time that the center cannot hold and that the system was approaching an irreversible winding gyre downwards, so I suppose that means the rough slouching beast is on the move too.

One thing is certain, when capitalistic systems fail, war is their only recourse. That means a war on two fronts, both internal and external. Such a war is unwinnable. It should be and it is. It’s a strange irony that the chief protagonist of the past two world wars, which is Germany, has the most robust economy of the moment. They’ve even amortized the cost of reabsorbing the east and that was a couple years ago. It’s amazing that Germany could do this, given the economic pounding that was put on it by Israel. Still, the international language of economics is German so, maybe that’s it.

The Reaper and the slouching beast are not the only things on the move. The public is on the move, as witnessed in Tottenham and other places. The elite, with their private police force, are going to be making shows of strength, which means killing more people than they already routinely do, whether it’s some defenseless, homeless person, or an elderly granny, who appeared to be leering, when she intended to smile but I think that’s the fault of the false teeth. They’re going to be destroying villages to save them and the public is going to react, as it is already doing and the elite and their catamite governments are going to be toast, burned toast.

Welcome to ‘interesting times’. The outrageous arrogance of the ruling class is soon to have an admixture of fear added unto it. Even now, they plot some seriously major event, or series of events, to take the attention off of their bad behavior but the awakening is militating against that. Whatever they do is going to have that instant karma slap back. Mr. Apocalypse is judiciously and scientifically working his stick and we’re all going to have to watch out for the fear factor so that we can garner the good things that are going to come out of this.

I don’t know what to tell you. A hard rain is going to fall but I believe it is selective. I believe that two men will be standing in a field and one will be taken and one will be left and I think it is all under control and right down to the last jot and tittle, I think it’s going to be ingeniously expressive in an absurdist, tragicomic way. These are just impressions that I have based on fairly intense, intuitive transmissions. We all have such leadings and hunches. Even the atheist has this feature, though he may define it differently and there’s no one among us who can claim he hasn’t acted on premonition at some point. Some people have marvelous luck in that regard and I consider myself among them.

For whatever the reason, I feel extremely positive and increasingly more so. I see the fall of all that is wrong in the approach of something great that is to be defined by the human spirit when pushed to extremity. I’ve been watching that fantastic film, “The Mission”, which slipped under most people’s radar, I think, as some films do, like “The Freshman”. Here we see the entrenched order of plunder and slavery, going about its long term and former business, which it now engages in from a economic construct. It’s the same thing, it’s just labeled differently. Now people are enslaved by banks, rather than force of arms, or so it appears. Slavery still continues as it ever did but it presents itself through a different lens. People are enslaved by cheap entertainments and trivial interests. This keeps them on the surface of events, so that they will not look deeper. It’s always some variation of bait and switch and if you’re stupid and don’t have control over your attention and your appetites then you’re what’s for dinner, one way or another.

Those pushing their repressive agendas are definitively mad. They have more than they need and they want more. They are possessed, in a manner of speaking, and only trauma and the face of that which they do not anticipate, rearing up before them, is going to have any impact. It is sad but true. The only thing that will impress them, is going down in flames and they will get that. Most people have never been in an enraged mob, or seen the power and fury of it. When the human mind embraces the mindset of a beast it is indescribable. This comes about when the circumstance they are in has become unendurable, when matched up with the alternative.

The elite deserve it for more reasons than I care to list and the people deserve it for having been so acquiescent to false blandishments, which contain no real enjoyment but proved sufficient for the un-inquisitive and uninformed. Sooner or later life informs you anyway. That’s just how it is and why so much of this is inevitable. It isn’t really inevitable, technically. It all depends on the public’s response to the awakening and the potential for the elite to get a clue. They are so crafty and fox-wise but the snares are inescapable, based on the tendencies of the fox mind. Read your fables.

Nothing had to become the way it is. It did so because appetite and desire overruled reason and prudence. In times of darkness, the mind is darkened and only great perseverance and effort can attain to greater illumination. That is the mercy of The Apocalypse. You get wakened up despite yourself or, even with the force of The Apocalypse, you just can’t manage to rise from your doomed dreams and we don’t know how that’s going to sort out, because we are not in the defining moment but we will be.

I apologize for my occasional bouts of a lack of lucidity and a sometimes rehashing of the same hash, served with different eggs on a different day. You don’t actually pay for this service, if you consider it a service, so there’s that feature, often overlooked. I do the best I can with the tools I have and I’ll keep at it. One thing I don’t doubt is my own intentions in this whole extravaganza of whatever this is. That’s a comfort to me.

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Unknown said...

I must confess I am rather enjoyin' the show way more than I should be. It's rather nice to watch all that shouldn't be, destroyed. Oh, I know I'm goin' down with it, but on the other hand I KNOW we don't really go down. We just move on.

After all, it's just another round on the wheel of reincarnation. Last one, for this puppy.

Aren't 'end of eras' somethin' ya just gotta experience once?



DaveS said...

Ah, Dog Poet, I don't mind the repetition. In fact I believe it helps the information sink thru my deep skull.

A poster on another site I frequent has brought up an important point about SEAL Team 6... it's a big organization and there are probably way more than 30 members, all who've been selected because they shoot first, and never ask questions.

Checking my SEAL 'facts" (wiki, not exactly the last word on anything), I find there is no SEAL Team 6, that it was disbanded in 1987 (yeah, right)... here's the link:

It isn't hard to believe the PTB would off their own foot soldiers to hide the truth, but I think I'm going with the other poster on this one and say it was just dumb luck (Mr Apocalypse) doing his thing.

And on Sunday evening I'm going to be glued to the computer watching Asian markets start their day, and watch what happens to the DOW futures... Monday is gonna be ugly :)


Black Monday tomorrow said...

Thank you for your sober post Visible.

"Black Monday looms on the horizon and what does that mean? I don’t know. We’ve been aware for some time that the center cannot hold and that the system was approaching an irreversible winding gyre downwards, so I suppose that means the rough slouching beast is on the move too."

The first domino has tipped fully over - AA+ from AAA. The downward debt gyro is thereby set in motion. The debt derivatives owed are something like 6 times the total amount of money in the world. Doing the math one sees that when Peter goes to Paul to collect and so on, that the whole house of -500% total amount is coming down. Economic musical chairs with only 20% as many sits as players.

The hunch-back is Shylock incarnate. He will play his part as the collector of last resort and he will take 5 pounds of real flesh for every 1 pound of silver there exists for him to collect.

The Ponzie scheme of fractionals and derivatives are beginning their implosion as of tomorrow August 8, 2011 at every stock exchange world wide.

As Jack said to Rose: When she hits the water swim for your life outwards and upwards so that she doesn't pull you down with her.

Tomorrow is another day. Powder dry.


Ben said...

Vis, All,

Wow! Major major resonance here. Yeats' The Second Coming has also had major resonance for me for about the last eight years or so.

Some words from the world's second wisest man, Solomon:

"Evildoers are snared by their own sin, but the righteous shout for joy and are glad."

"Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe."

It is worth noting, I believe, that we are told in the second one above that it is "fear of man" that will prove to be the snare. It is by fear that man attempts to govern and control us.

And I also like this one, since it tells us what is to come for those who are blameless in the ongoing evil:
"Whoever leads the upright along an evil path will fall into their own trap, but the blameless will receive a good inheritance."

I believe we're shortly going to be seeing a whole lot of the "evil" being ensnared by their own traps.

And keep on with the repetitions, Vis. This is the role Father Creator has for you, I think. You are one of His prophets and your voice is being heard by those whom Father has opened their ears and eyes.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that you throw the money changers out of the temple, repudiate all debt to them, and substitute national treasury notes distributed by a mechanism of social credit.

which is intended eventually to become a stake through the heart of the vampire Money Power.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

siamsam said...

I was sitting with a bunch of acquaintances earlier today watching the BBC reports on the London riots. Everyone seemed to agree that ‘those nasty people were just using any excuse to riot – and why did the police not attack them’. I of course gave them my 180 perspective – explaining that ‘yes the given reason was an excuse – but in way of being a flash point’. I threw in the old 'Celente' line of ‘when people lose everything they lose it’.

Still they couldn’t see it as they had things to protect. Bill Hicks said it best. (Wow, I am dropping some names tonight)

I do however know that I am a bad machine. Although I have known this for some time. Probably since the early 80’s after watching ‘Goodfellas’. Henry Hill says "Jimmy has always been a bad ass, as he always used to root for the bad guys in the movies when he was a kid".

I always thought everyone did :)

Anonymous said...

from over here,its looking a mess mr visibles,I suspect we will be having a fresh round of paper with tinfoil printing some more dead people and some more really unimportant important meetings,but the fact remains the same,all of those elitist illuminata colonial imperialist types only ever posessed the illusion of real power,now it looks like mr appocalypses good friend robin hood may of stolen that aswell....

and all the people are getting really really angry,
all those supressed technologys that would of forwarded humanity worldwide years ago are turning up,along with all those lies the establishment told in the past,that they had forgotten about all those wars for nothing and stuff going back centurys...

hmmm not looking good at all for the illuminata supremacist stupids

the world is moving on,better to not get in the way...

that would be stupid

respects neil

su said...


i have loved and resonated your words for many years and i thank you for that.

just before i came to this page - i read this on another page :


7 August 2011 9:41AM

I live in Tottenham - actually I live directly opposite the main police station. This is basically what I saw. I didn't know there was going to be any demonstration and heard a bit of noise but honestly, it's quite a noisy area so didn't think anything of it. Then at about 8/8.30pm things started to get quite frightening.
We saw the police move into a line and police on the streets were throwing things at the police. It looked like stones and rocks although later became flaming wheelie bins and what looked to be shop fittings (my partner claims he saw a fridge being thrown or part of one).

Then we saw the cars go up in flames, they were quite near us. That's when I realised that this was getting really out of hand and the police moved around where we are and more and more kept arriving.

We saw the bus and the buildings around us go up in flames like an inferno. That was probably one of the most frightening parts. People below the flat were shouting out to the police. I can't remember their exact words but quite abusive and dismissive.

We were worried that the fires on the high street were not being tackled and they were really gutwrenching.

We didn't see much of the looting first hand because we didn't leave the property (of course) but at one point, early on, I called a friend of mine because I was scared and asked if we could come round. I wanted out of the area. She pointed out with much more clarity than me that the best thing we could do want not leave where we were. At least we were surrounded by police but it didn't feel that safe when the fires were raging down the streets.

We heard lots of dogs barking at one point and weren't sure if they were police dogs or the dogs of the rioters because the accompanying shouting was too aggressive and angry.

Then the fire engines got through and the horses and the armoured black riot vans.

It seemed to quieten down nearer to us but it seemed to volatile and I didn't sleep last night.

Last night I was so angry with people who choose this way to destroy my community. I live in Tottenham and I have been sick of the sneery ways that people regard us. Some of the 'twitter jokes' last night were really really sad and almost broke my heart with the way that some people thought this was a big joke or that Tottenham isn't 'worth saving'.

There are a lot of very good people here. The looting wasn't a part of the demonstration. People came from all over London to 'join in' and the community I live in has been ruined.
Now, beyond the anger, I'm sad, desperately sad.
This wasn't just about a policing, this was about mindless violence and aggression by disaffected and alienated youth and not just in Tottenham.
Meanwhile the people I know, the shops I visit, my neighbours have had their lives ripped apart and the community which is wracked by poverty and joblessness is further labeled and further disadvantaged.
I don't want people to think that Tottenham is a hopeless place. It is my home and my community and I love living here but I really truly despise people who have destroyed it.
Recommend? (1292)
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i don't see mr apocalypse waving his stick anywhere but at the poor people affected by this. to me this seems like something the elite want and would even create.

i resonate with your sense of everything being under control and perfect - but i can't see how what this man describes as being of value to man.

probably not making sense but a very question arises.

i cannot celebrate any mass killing or act of violence - it has never and will never lead to transmutation.

Black Swan Monday August 8, 2011 said...

Peter said...

Apologies from the "big picture" man? hmmm
You get in right, alot more then you screw the pooch mr visible. In fact, when you do get in right there is this quality of awesomeness, is that a word? Prolly not, but who cares at this point in time.
No one paints that big picture so clearly and succintly and in such a timely fashion as you. How do you do that anyway? It is a blessing, for sure.
Please, no more apologies.Even when you do screw the pooch, which is very very seldom, there's an elegant entropy which has an endearing quality. A definite "part of the whole picture" the is, mr. visible.

Anonymous said...

Mr Vis!

You are an inspiration for so many of us, Sir!

Anonymous said...


I could eat eggs every day. I don't... but I could. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Say it again, Sam! Shall we change it to Say it again, Vis?? LOL. I vote for Say it again, Vis!!!!!!!

Visible said...

The fruits of evil come home to roost.

Miriam said...

Never a dull word with you Vis.
No complaint from me.
Thanks to all the great comments, folks, all thru these blogs....

Anonymous said...

Haircuts! Haircuts! Come get your haircuts stockcritters!

Ooooohhhh the smell of cooking hair early on a Monday morning...

Anonymous said...


i am from israel and wanted to ask u a simple question - which "blackmail and threat money they get" are you talking about ? I’m sorry but you are really not informed as you might think you are, and apparently your 'knowing' includes some brainwash and media lies.

the people of israel DONT GET A BIT of the money that the us is giving to the corrupted government. the taxes in israel are of the highest in the world. the wedges are about 1/3 or 1/4 of what's common in the rest of the ‘western’ world, the housing prices are more then 6 times more then the prices in the us (during the bubble I mean, now its about 20 times more), gas price is of the highest in the world, cars cost 10 times more then anywhere else because of the taxes, water price here is the highest in the world (this means that many people CANT AFFORD DRINKING WATER). I’m sick of hearing people siting in their ‘bubble of little evil’ blaming the people of israel (who are in much worst condition) for whatever.

IT IS LIKE BLAMING THE PEOPLE OF PHILISTINE FOR THE POLITICAL WAR THAT IS CAUSING THEM MISERY! or like blaming the us people for what their police is doing to them, or like blaming the once who cant afford food - for the banking terror attack that caused their financial revenue to being taken from them, like blaming the poor people of libya for what nato is doing to them or the poor people of syria for the genocide that is still going there.

the people of israel, ARE FORCED TO GO TO THE ARMY do u know that ? do you know that most of the people here are against what is going in philistine? we protest, we yell, we do whatever we can and nothing helps, the government is doing whatever they can to keep the people in philistine miserable (while giving them guns and explosives), then the tension that the government creates explodes (literally), then the army is ‘forced’ to take action, and the magic cycle repeats forever. this keep going forever despite how the people in the streets of israel see it as transparent and are against it. we are also forced to go to mini war every 6 months or so, also EVERY MAN OR WOMAN in israel is forced to give 2 or 3 years of their life to the army while getting a “salary” of about $150 per month (they can choose this or jail – and currently there are about 30% that take the jail option).

you are welcome to walk the streets here, i promise you that once you do so - you will find out that all of your prospective about 'how bad things are' is nothing compared to what is going on in israel for years now. the condition in europe or usa is nothing compared to what's in israel.

it is true that we are 'advanced' and our culture looks european and hi-techish but the system here is pretty much the same like in banana republic land, and the consequences of this are forced on the people in the shape of taxes that go up to 80%, corrupted everything, unimaginable poverty, and many other things, but everything is nothing compared to the forced war, its so bad that you cant even imagine it without living here.... can you even think of yourself living in a constant condition of fear for your whole life? without an option of getting out of this war game that is causing endless casualties on both sides.

so next time when you talk about the people of israel and the zionist, know that you are talking about a tiny fraction of a huge population, and those hundreds of people are making the life of the 4 million living in israel MUCH WORST THEN YOURS, SO NOTE YOUR WORDS AND WHO YOU ARE BLAMING FOR WHAT.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's all out war now Les. TPB don't care that we know their actions.
Incressingly, in conversation I am explaining to people that tpb keep us in fear to hold us back from any action re the topic of conversation.
I must admit my spirit is much more effervescent lately - feels good. Great essay.


Visible said...

You're from Israel, then read this.

Also, I'll point out your outrageous claims about the costs of things there, like cars and the rest, which could not possibly be ten and twenty times. Meanwhile, you have no right to be there and your callous murder of Palestinians is supported by 94% of the Israelis.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Dave S and others,
The best place to watch the stock markets is a web site called simply Market Indices.
It has all the major stock markets on one page.
Scroll down for Europe and a little bit farther for Asia and the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Dear Israel.

94% of the jewish israeli population SUPPORTED the killing of 1450 civilian men women and children.

450 of thses were children.

94% of israel agree with this genocide. If you are amoung the 6% who is against the Palestinians being genocided off their own land I support you. But then you should LEAVE israel/Palestine since you have no right to be there if you are Khazarian ashkenazi zionist.

If you're not part of the solution you are part of the problem. 94% of your countrymen are part of the problem.

Palestine must be returned to the Palestinians. All the people in Palestine should have one vote. The apartheid system prevents this.

If your leaders are the corrupt ones get the fuck out of Dodge.

By staying you are part of the problem.

I am sorry for you, but you have to leave, and do it now.

Vote with your feet. GET OUT!

Anaughty Mouser

Anonymous said...

94% of israelis support the killing of 1450 Palestinians during Cast Lead according to a Tel Aviv University study.

Save your crocidile tears for som other blogscroll.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Sunday, August 07, 2011 7:47:00 PM

Israel, you are occupying a foreign land. Go back to whence you came.
The people who think they gave you this land; it wasn't their land to give. Go home; get on with your life - but peacefully!
BTW your little outburst is so easy to refute; what good do you think you are doing here??
Oh! Sorry Anonymous, I forgot you're the victim, sorry, please forgive me, I forgot. Sorry. Sorry.
I'm going to send a care package tomorrow – specially for you – so you won't feel left out. Sorry.


ps w/v stone, yes I know I should be stoned for thinking like this, it's my fault, sorry. Oh, I'm suffering, I think I must be jewish.

DaveR said...

All is well with Megaphone. Thank goodness, I was afraid they'd stopped using it. It's always great to have the Israelis drop by to offer distraction to the newbies hereabouts. Their boilerplate reads beautifully, bad grammar included. I see them over at GLP, too. Drop in, call people "tards" or say something is "fucking stupid and I can't believe you people think this way and your all 'tards and your living in you mothers basement", etc. Just to get maybe the gullible 10% to not read the content.

It must work since they keep doing it. It doesn't matter if anything they say is true or not, it'll keep a few from reading more and deflect others into internecine skirmishes, then they're on to the next blog on the list. Blather, rinse, repeat.

Mouser could have use the research time to better himself for instance, but the purpose of Israeli intervention here and elsewhere isn't about information, but breeding dissent and creating distraction.

PSO said...

Visible, you are speaking clearly.
I am hearing you.


Anonymous said...

We know this much. Folks all across the planet who are not amongst the upper elites or their minions and myrmidons, are more and more aware that we are getting screwed. Royally. With no grease. Acceleratedly.

Now even in Israel itself, Jews who find themselves on the lower end of the wounded weenie order are taking to the streets in massive demonstrations. Tottenham in London boiled over as poor people of many races and ethnicities took it out on one of their own signature neighborhoods much like African-Americans did in Watts, in Newark and in Detroit ghettos and slums back in the Sixties.

Seems like these things begin close to home where people trash their own neighborhood or one in similar straits. But this may change. Neighborhoods like Mayfair and "Sunny South Kensington" may get theirs and it won't be the locals who do the damage in those places. It will be those po-folk from across the tracks as it were, who will descend on these bastions of pomp and privilege in massive mobs of despairing and don't give a damn drudges.

The scenario of mere anarchy loosed upon the land has been with us for awhile. A rather different and far less publicized sequence of events unfolded in the major cities of Chile recently. In centers like Santiago and Valparaiso huge numbers of mostly younger people, highschool age even, billowed onto plazas and streets with costuming, music and even theatrical expressions. They demanded economic justice in the face of a neoliberal corporatist government which has recently been plummeting in the opinion polls.

True, violence did attend the events in Chile. But this violence was initiated and primarily carried out by the myrmidons of the system ~ police and militarized security forces.

The fringe on top is getting nervous. Early this year it was the Arab Spring. Now there are violent outbreaks in London, angry demonstrations in Israel and street theatre interruptus in Chile. Constant and continual outbursts occur over much of China.

Meanwhile happenings in the U.$. are quiet, ominously quiet ~ as Black Monday looms.

Sancho said...

Monday is 8/08/2011. 8+8+2+1+1=20. 20 is the number of the Major Arcana Tarot card "Judgement". Mr Apocalypse could be very active indeed.

Cassandra of Troy said...

The only place left for them now is another planet. I hear Mars is lovely this time of the solar year, and so suitable for such a warlike, aggressive crew.

Ben said...

To the "Israeli" @7:47:00 PM,

I'm afraid you lost any sympathy you might have engendered from me by referring to the Palestinians as "Philistines".

Do you think that referring to the Palestinians as "Philistines" would engender sympathy for the illegal porn-mongering drug-mongering war-mongering pseudo state that calls itself Israel?

I'll give you a slight benefit of doubt (with the belief that this is a waste of my time since you're very likely a member of the Hasbarista mafia).

The Palestinians are an ancient people; a large percentage of them are believers in Jesus the Messiah and have been since 33 AD. In 33 AD the Palestinians were known to the Romans as Judeans... a word that has since come to be known as "Jews".

The Palestinians, those whose ancestors followed Jesus and who remained in Judea after Judea's defeat by the Roman General Titus in 73 AD (the Temple was destroyed on 9 Av 70 AD) remained in Judea and were living at peace until the khazar synagogue of Satan people decided to invade and "take great spoil".

The Hebrew Prophet Ezekiel prophesied of the invasion of the khazars into the "land of unwalled villages" (which certainly does not resemble "israel" today, with its gigantic apartheid wall).

Ezekiel referred to these invaders as the people of Gog and Magog... and yes, the invasion started in the late 1800's with the immigration of the khazar zionist filth from eastern Europe. This was almost entirely paid for by the khazar zionist filth the Rothschilds.

In fact, "Israel" has been entirely a Rothschild entity from the beginning and even displays the Rothschild satanic star on its "national" flag. (This emblem is not the "star of david"; King David by all accounts had a verse of praise inscribed on his shield.)

And the khazars have continued to take "great spoil", not only of Palestine, but of the entire globe, since they have obtained supremacy through the central banks throughout the world and have made most of the people of the earth their debt slaves. (This will soon be coming to an end, by the way.)

I would echo the words of Anaughty Mouser; you have to leave and do it now.

I would add to that - if you don't leave, it will very probably be the last thing you don't do. The nation that has usurped the holy name of "Israel" will not exist too much longer.

And if you do leave before "Israel" ceases to exist, do the world a major favor; get in touch with the Divine and request a complete moral adjustment. The world no longer wants what you're currently trying to give it.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Loved this one! My heart was skipping right along. Rehashed Invisible or raw Invisible -- both are yummy. I'll be listening too.

I never involved myself with the market -- first because I did not understand it and then because I did.

As for the fallen helicopters -- first in Pakistan outside OBL's alleged residence and now this one in Afghanistan. I see a link. According to neighbour Bashir only ONE helicopter landed and when it took off it exploded -- all aboard died. He saw the bodies and the body bits. He says there were no other landings although 2 other helicopters flew over the scene. So there's a pickle right?

If neighbour Bashir's version of what happened during the raid is true (I think it is) then the relatives of the Navy Seals would have to eventually receive bodies burned in a helicopter crash but since the U.S. gov't lied about there being no Navy Seal casualties in Pakistan then another crash had to happen to cover that lie. Hence the downed helicopter in Afghanistan. On the other hand, if the team really did snatch and dispatch someone from that house and knew it wasn't OBL then they would need to be silenced before they got up the courage to tell the truth about the raid or let something slip accidentally. Hence the downed helicopter in Afghanistan. Does that pretty much explain things or am I missing something? It hurts my head to try to think like these twisted psychos.

Lies trip, tangle and tumble; only truth flows serenely onward.

European American said...

Finally, Reality in the minds of the masses is slowly stirring. It's long over due and about time. I couldn't be happier. Bring it on and crank it up!

Regarding the "Seals" fate (if the story is true). It's the nature of the business. "War is our business and business is good!" Oorah!

What ever happens Monday, IT'S ALL GOOD in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Take a hike, kike.

Cassandra of Troy said...

@Sancho: 20 reduces further to 2, which signifies the High Priestess. Angeles Arrien, an anthropologist who uses and teaches the Tarot as a means of self-inquiry, describes the archetype of the High Priestess as such: "Mythically, this archetype also represents the journey homeward or the return to oneself." And: "The High Priestess is an excellent symbol to use as a visual affirmation to enhance self-trust, independence, and resourcefulness. This symbol, more than any other, reinforces the trusting of one's intuition."

We will need all of these in the days ahead, I'm sure.

Source: The Tarot Handbook, 1987, by Angeles Arrien.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Gilad Atzmon appears to have a pretty interesting interpretation of the current protests in khazarlandia:

I'll post below some of his observations:

"What we see in Israel is neither a socialist revolution; nor is it a struggle for justice. It is actually a ‘bourgeoisie wannabe revolution’, and the Israelis took to the street because each of them wants to be a landlord, to own a property.

But why do they want to own a property? Because they cannot really rent one. And why can’t they rent? It is obviously far too expensive. But why is it too expensive? Because Israel is the ultimate embodiment of a corrupted, hard speculative, capitalist society."

Atzmon confirms for me what I had suspected at the beginning of the khazar protests... I didn't believe it had anything to do with social justice since your typical khazar is deaf, dumb and completely blind as to what justice really is.

But Atzmon really nailed it with this in reference to the zionist ideology:

"It clearly failed, and the truth of the matter is, that in the Jewish State, Israeli Jews are now being subjected to the symptoms of their own very problematic culture."

Now what was it Solomon had to say about this? Oh yes... here it is:
"Evildoers are snared by their own sin, but the righteous shout for joy and are glad."

That explains why I felt no empathy for the khazar protestors... not at all like the empathy I felt for the Egyptians, Arabs and Greeks and the empathy I continue to feel for them.

And I am attempting to repress schadenfreude as I type this as well.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Here's a perspective of the Israeli demonstrations from a realistic, relative point of view..

Anonymous said...

excellente, exactamundo, and whatever else I can tell in incorrect dialect. I'm just trying to put the Italian emotion to my inadequate english emotion. Er thanks again, know that we are here.
Mo visible
WV Rantfi
verbal Mufti

bholanath said...

as quoted here before:
"Mars - a planet without a people for a people without a planet".

pickin' up speed on the straightaway now and it feels great at last...
watching each step and always carrying
that stick...
great posse vis has here!

truthsoup said...

What is Washington DC but a house afire in the midst of a city of three hundred millions of inhabitants? Yet instead of extinguishing it, together with it's nest and system, the liberation parties are all anxious to merely cool him down a little and keep him.

It seems to me that this is illogical – idiotic, in fact. Suppose you had this granite-hearted, bloody-jawed maniac of America loose in your house, chasing the helpless women and little children – your own. What would you do with him, supposing you had a shotgun? Well, he is loose in your house – the world. And with your shotgun in your hand, you stand trying to think up ways to ‘modify’ him.

When we consider that not even the most responsible English monarch ever yielded back a stolen public right until it was wrenched from them by bloody violence, is it rational to suppose that gender methods can win privileges in America?

Modified from a quote by Mark Twain concerning the Russian revolution of 1905.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that these dead seals will eventually tell tales of some sort. The universe has a way to let it out.

Andrew of Sydney said...

Firstly, great piece to ponder on, as always Les! I look forward to your writing each week, no more holidays thanks!

Secondly, most people are fundamentally brainwashed by the society they are born into, their programming makes all the allowances and provides all the reasons for the evil things you might see. This goes for all you Yankie boys whining on about your constitution and all Limeys/Poms far too agreeable by far, fools and Khazars, woe ist them! Add every other nation to this list, plus annoying comment.

Please don't berate the Israeli boy, for his comments, not his fault he was born there, no more than it was my fault to be born in London. If those guys wake up to the scam they suffer too, this is a good thing! Yeh, we can all leave, I did, and was it much different? Slightly different programming, I'm a dim witted Aussie now! Lucky me! I know 94% of people think they believe in terror on Palestine, they all have the right reasons placed in their heads, from school and the army. Dumb? You bettya!

The Aboriginals here are lazy and are drunks, according to the locals here. Ridiculous. But hard to break out of for the majority, this thinking, given to us, reinforced at every opportunity.

Forget this nationalistic nonsense, can this boy stop the killing in Gaza, no, can I stop uranium mining in Australia, no. Most of you on here, know about the real shakers and movers of this world, it just manifests in different places at different times according the master plan.

We all need to get the hell out of everywhere right now, based on this philosophy, stay now, too late to run. There is nowhere to go at this time. Focus on the divine blueprint inside each one of us. It's where it's at!

As for Tottenham in London, it's not changed much since I last went there, the inner city areas are shocking and are ridiculed always in the UK. They are the professional snobs there. Mr Apocalypse needs to wake up everyone everywhere, am sure there will be pain and suffering involved if this is what it takes. Sad but true.

Have a look at a new movie/doco here too!

Called 'Awakening', pretty cool.

Best Wishes to all

Anonymous said...

Les, Thanks for your radio show very good, and appreciated.
Mo visible

namuh v.0h said...

While waiting on 'black monday,' how about some weather:

ABC did an analysis (for July)(frm recording), in the U.S.:
"2,755 places beat or tied daytime heat records
6,171 places recorded warmest lows [in eve]
763 cities saw the hottest temp ever recorded
40% of U.S. in a drought (includes 99% of Texas)
1st day of Fall, still 49 days away"

As our local weather man noted, '6 months ago we were reporting record cold, and now this.' A local city just broke the record for hottest temp recorded, and hottest July ever (ever!). They are also well on the way to breaking the greatest # of days of 100 degrees or above (set in the 30s & 40s). [luckily, I live in the hills a ways north, though still hot]

Throw in record cold last year, the worst tornado season ever, floods in the midwest and SE, major droughts elsewhere ... t'is an interesting year. I hope everyone has a year's worth of rice and beans (cheap insurance!).

Little is mentioned about weather on other continents, anyone report what's happening out there? What happens in the southern hemisphere will likely be what winter in the north will be next winter.

[warning, following is slightly speculative, though based on data]
The very low sun-cycle (11&half yr cycles) has done its job and kept things cool for the last 3 years or so (happens once a century & always brings a decade of cold weather). But, that has just masked (obfuscated) the background warming trend that has not stopped for the last 30 years or so.
This has little to do with the 'man-made' warming hype, which has been propagated by the MSM and TPTW to keep us from looking elsewhere for answers (& to tax us of course).
As best as I can tell, most of the warming is from the increase in the background vibration(s); A change in the whole solar system (there is data that Mars is warming etc), so it seems - so it goes

This whole trend (above & earth changes) will also be hard to ignore, very soon.

There are so many systems coming to a head right now, reaching the point of unsustainability on the exponential curve they've been riding. Economic usurious fiat bloat, corrupt rich man's politics, rape and abuse of Gaia, suppression and slavery of the masses ... all of it will be hard to ignore very soon, even for the sheeple. Apocalypse now ;^)

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

The concept of "The targeted cleanse" is indeed an interesting one to consider. No rational basis for such outrageous consideration, but its just there to be considered. Interesting.... lets see how this develops.

est said...

just in case anyone
missed the reference:

William Butler Yeats
The Second Coming

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in the sands of the desert.

A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

A tool for truth said...

"In fact, I am a huge believer in the Lex Parsimoniae, which is sometimes called "Occam's Razor", which states that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one."


Using Occam's Razor principle:
1. Israel killed JFK for three reason - the Fed, Dimona, Zionist congress.
2. The Mossad did Norway
3. Israel and neocon US zionists did 9/11
4. Black Swan Monday is being done by Rothschild to force the world to implement SDRs

I like Occam's Razor! It feels like an honest tool of truth.

Anonymous said...

Don't be hard on Cameron.

Just because he is a liar, cheat, incompetent, throws away our money, denies us our self determination, has reduced our military to a point where we can hardly defend ourselves, given away our sovereignty to a non elected body, put tens of thousands of us out of work, flooded the country with immigrants who are bleeding the benefits system dry, is arrogant and insulting to the people, doesn't mean to say we can't still love him like any other Rothschild zionist puppet leader!

My heart breaks for Palestine said...

Boss, still shakin' it here - but you might want to see this...about the 437 children killed by the "IDF" in Cast Lead.

est said...

so i put a drop of honey
on the stove-top

there are these tiny ants
they loved the stuff

they gathered around it
like a campfire

in the morning only three
out of fifty or more got stuck

i thought
were they greedy
or just stupid ?

a hard lesson for the three
all others got away
when i banged on the stove

[they didn't touch the p butter
but they hate white vinegar]

su said...

20 being the number of judgement in the tarot
and 2 being the number of the high priestess.
2 also represents duality.
the vedas when they speak of non duality do not say one, because that implies there is another, the term they use is not two.

right now duality or should i say the myth of duality has reached an absolute peak.
may there be a conscious understanding of the unity behind all.

Erik said...

Wow Vis,

An exceptionally clear ...



Victor Mace said...

I think the point that most people miss in this, what seems to be unconnected chain of events is the behind the scenes manipulation of events and people for specific purposes. The rulers, the elite if you like have an agenda which pushes in a direction we do not knowingly want to go, but through their manipulation of events, eventually get us to where they want us. I fear that it is already too late as not enough people have wakened.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

a reply to Sancho at 9:29

a very interesting theory...

the Tribe is caught up in symbols and much so that it can be a dead give away as to when something important will occur (in others words planned ahead of time)...

the Tribe is now fearing their own shows in their own stupidity and how they are locked into the greed mindset of their master...

in reality demonic essense are a bunch of cowards...what they have imposed upon the divine true beings they could never endure personally...but soon will be forced to...

i agree Les, Mr. Apocalypse played another card last week...but, the deck is stacked in his favor...

so much happening across the planet and this universe it is difficult to say which one takes presidence...

once awakened you see the whole picture not just the local news...

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

Victor Mace, Monday, August 08, 2011 1:16:00 PM

Isn't this what Les reckons; rulers / wtp, good / evil, - one coin two sides.
And even though we can't see it, all is under control as this is the way of the Universe (Gaia).
We do not understand the rules that apply but they are being applied sans our understanding.
Personally I don't see any resolution without massive blood letting.


Anonymous said...


As the Divine tsunami rolls into shore from the sea of the cosmos I wonder how 6.5 billion people can be conned by a group of murdering pimps whose numbers are less than the population of Texas that paper, gold, weapons, or electronics are more valuable than the sweat producing them or that the refined resource categorized as petroleum was the real fuel of humanity's ascent and not clean water, air, untainted digestibles and Divine reflection? You can't. It is actually called capitulation and is defined as such: noun; giving in. Here are some synonyms; accedence, bowing, buckling, conceding, giving up, knuckling under, relenting, resignation, submission, succumbing, surrender, yielding. Now here are some antonyms; disobedience, noncompliance, disbelief, strike, protest, courageous, fortitude, the right path, the golden rule, community resistance.

I have made my choice and see that many here have too. Staying in the myth will prolly lead to severe lessons. The thin blue line will become a raging crimson river if clearer heads do not prevail. I too, believe in order for an unforgettable demonstration to last throughout the Yuga, lines are clearly defined on where to stand to be out of the splash zone in order to be a contributing witness versus a forced player. Those residing in dense population zones. It would help if you would carry your last request with you; burial or cremation. The non-porous, injection molded, portable trashcans were designed with us, our families and pets bodily fluids in mind... or didn't you notice?

Do they believe they have a plan? Did the money printers waste the ink to produce the monumental Guide Stones in Georgia, USA during the 80's because the arrogant plicks couldn't help themselves? The number engraved for population is not more than 500,000,000 worldwide and leave room for nature, leave room for nature in 10 languages; some not in the top 30 spoken. Maybe they believe these areas will remain less infected? The underground bases reportedly constructed could be where they try and hide before releasing the biological that will kill all, but them; they hope?


regards, ghana

Anonymous said...

That's what I recognize as the current pattern of implementation and intent underway. The targets for euthanasia could be anyone over the age of 25 with scattered survival pockets in the above 25 year range and scattered pockets of death in those under 25. Their actuaries counted the beans/beings in the decades of the waning 1800's while sending geologists, hydrologists, seismologists and chemists scurrying like cockroaches to take planetary inventories. By 1903; 2 billion plus humans, they believe(d) we were already at critical resource disintegration.

Maybe the reason 1918 is the forgotten year in important historical fact is because it's coming around again? Silent history is usually the most ominous because it was perpetuated at the demands of the ruling class regardless of risk and it's outcome was unspeakable; because of its productivity. What a marketing power for flu shots today; no press? Did they promise their wives and mothers not to use it as an advertising tool because of the cost to them as well during that test phase? It was a wind that took 50 million (according to their numbers) in a little over a year, world wide. No real airline travel to speak off back then and it touched almost every family, tribe or home in the world.

Did patriarchs from the days of the early 20th century when “the death” was patented make their heirs and successors promise to keep the genie bottled until all of their earthly departures had occurred and the risk of complete species annihilation had been reduced to less than a factor of 5%; remember we had already surpassed their number of 500,000,000 back then so the necessity had already declared itself to them; but not to Gaia. They don't understand the miracle of the Sacred Mother; it's why they rape. Remember their anthem; Necessity is the motherfucker of all our inventions to kill; most of you.
Were the arks for “family” continuity created through counterfeiting the slaves wages and completed before all resources breached regenerative response from over harvesting? Are the D.U.M.B bases complete? The resource stocks are crashing faster than the Dow and the 911 Commissions Report. The hungry, tired and poor are ready for long pig rubbed in clover while risking prions disease with a desert of sesos con leche in a crimson sopapilla shell. Good bye money..., hello...?

We have arrived. Welcome (All) to The Greatest Show on the Earth.

It is good to be awake because then fear is asleep. I have nothing, but give everything I have to be One with you.



European American said...

I smell a War brewing.

Visible said...

Oh geez, there it is again. Please see my latest commet at Petri Dish.
I'm aware that the Zionists were behind both of those world wars. The implication I gave is that that is the historical impression of it. I shoulda been more clear and I know in my writing here I have many times stated who the real culprits are. I didn't inted to give the impression that Germany was the chief architect of the conflict but they were the Big Kahuna on the losing end and now they're not engaged and they are the most well off as well. I could go on her and probably should but I'm very busy at the moment. Hope this helps even a little and my apologies for not being comprehensive and clear enough.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response Les, much appreciated.

Visible said...

A new Origami-

The Cat in the Kitchen and the Mouse behind the Icebox.

whatever said...

Q: Why doesn't Israel want to become the 51 State of the USA?

A: Then, they would have only TWO US Senators.

GTRman said...

A nice hour-long vid here on Himalayan hashish etc , a perfect escape from the horrorshow :

Strain Hunters India Expedition (FULL HD MOVIE)

And a thankyou to Les , bang on form .

GTRman said...

I hadnt watched much of the vid I posted about the Himalayan hash growers , now Ive seen more I urge all Les Visible readers to see it , whether you smoke or not : Inspirational views , some wonderful people and , inevitably , some bullshit " War on Drugs " silliness : the cops that are paid to cut down the plants are all Charas rollers / users !!!
What a world . Hopefully Mr Apocolypse will try switching it off / on again ! Seems to work for my PC..

WV : wicrifric !

Anonymous said...

this article is up on truthseeker:

I read it yesterday and it stuck. At one point today I thought I felt him near. But why me? Yet why not?

What if spirits need us more than we need them?




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