Friday, July 9, 2010

Dick and Jane get Crucified on Corfu.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

See Dick and Jane bleed. See Spot lick up the blood. Run Dick, Run Jane... uh oh, they have fallen and can’t get up. It must be those holes in their feet. See Rothschild slaughter and barbecue Dick and Jane. See David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger lick their chops. Uh oh... run Spot, run. Run for your life Spot. Good boy. Rothschild is fallen and can’t get it up. The divine creative regenerative spark does not want to think about coming up for air... anywhere... near there. They have to use Ft. Detrick engineered, killer sperm to generate new Rothschilds.

The most important thing I can say today is that BP is majority owned by J.P. Morgan which is owned and controlled by the Rothschild Crime Syndicate and the Queen of England who just waddled into the U.S. with a message of peace. Let me contract and concise that statement; BP is Rothschild. BP is Rothschild. BP is Rothschild. Observe the way that BP is doing business; hiring entire police forces, controlling public lands and not even being a citizen or domestic corporate entity, insisting that cleanup workers not wear safety gear because it doesn’t look good and blackmailing fishermen as well as not paying out deserving monies on time... this serves to make hungry families subservient and pliable. This is how Rothschild does business. This is what Rothschild thinks of the world. Did I mention they poisoned the Gulf of Mexico and then further poisoned it in tandem with Goldman Sachs in the use of Corexit? These are some nasty customers.

When I get promoted to God, I’m going to head to New York and rip the Goldman Sachs building apart with my bare hands. Then I’m going to round up all of The Rothschilds and seat them naked on The Gerry Springer show. At random, the audience will attack them with their chairs and whatnot and the bouncers will break it up. Then I’m going to turn them into 18” tall, institutional green creatures with an enormous witch’s nose and other accessories. In other words, I’m going to make them look as ugly as they are. I’ll probably turn all Zionists world wide into the same and then open the gates of Hell under Israel and make the whole place stink like the stomach gases of a ten day old floater. This will only apply to Israelis. Nobody else will notice.

Why this and what is the connection here? Israel is a Rothschild creation. It is a country created to front for criminal activity with the rights of a sovereign nation. You can do a lot of things when your Crime Syndicate happens to be a country. Then, when your central bankers take control of the most powerful nation on Earth, as well as some number of the others, well it’s no stretch to say that Satan lives in Tel Aviv. No other country on Earth, not even Myanmar, I don’t think, would murder aid workers in cold blood AND steal all their money and belongings, while those human hemorrhoids, the IDF, use their credit cards for shopping sprees. This is how Rothschild does business. Only a two legged lizard on PCP with a candiru up his urinary canal would behave like this. This is how they do business.

They own Rio Tinto who’s done such great work among indigenous people and distinguished themselves in Papua. That’s how they do business. Hey! How come when Forbes does its richest, Silas Marner, psychopath list there is never a Rothschild on it? How come not one of the European banking families is on it?

I can see Evelyn running around like Ed Gein in his mother’s skin, screaming for human flesh, while he works in his laboratory trying to bring Elizabeth Bathory back to life from her DNA. It’s time he got married says his daddy Satan.

Rothschild killed The Gulf. Every blogger within the confines of this planet should trumpet that. Rothschild cuts corners to do business and Rothschild pays the right people to look the other way while safety concerns are ignored. We know this because BP has been caught several times doing just that. Rothschild destroyed The Gulf out of greed. Rothschild and David Rockefeller and company should be stripped naked and rolled in pig shit and marched up and down the New York Thruway while being whipped by feral rent boys. They should be put in cages and hung from cranes in Times Square. “Ladies and gentlemen, I direct your attention to the series of cages above you. Within these cages are the most dangerous wild beasts to ever roam the Earth. They have killed and eaten millions of human beings. They have wiped out environments, toppled governments, starved nations to death and stolen the Sunday paper off of your front lawn.

“Do not approach the cage and keep your hands by your side. They will chew your arm off to the elbow like a hungry piranha. Not only will they strip the flesh from your body and empty your bank account at the same time but they do horrible things to children and household pets. So terrible is their feeding frenzy that the cages are covered during meal time. The sounds they generate have been known to cause mass acts of public retching.”

Rothschild and the Queen of England destroyed The Gulf of Mexico. The Queen of England came to the U.S. on a mission of Peace. She wanted a piece of this and a piece of that and a new born baby with an apple in its mouth, steaming under a silver chaffing dish. Yes, the Queen wants peace, which she intends to accomplish along with the lizard king Rothschild by eliminating large portions of the public.

Listen up humanity, Rothschild and the Queen of England killed the Gulf of Mexico. This is how they do business. People of the world are you as stupid as you appear? Don’t tell me it’s even worse than that. I can’t bear to hear it; “Lindsey Lohan, Lindsey Lohan, Lindsey Lohan, Nyah, nyah, nyah yah, I can’t hear you. Man! Look at the tits on that rhinoceros. I wish she would do me with her horn. They’re all socialists; they want to redistribute the wealth. You’re not taking my dollar three eighty you liberal scum. You can have my ignorance when you pry it from my cold dead mind.”

The Rothschilds and the Queen of England killed the Gulf of Mexico. They killed all the creatures in the water. They killed all the creatures that fly above the water. They are killing all the creatures that live on the land. “Thank you sir! Can I have another Sir? Please, take my children and roast them on a spit. Whatever I can do.”

See Dick offer his hindquarters to the vampire bat. See Jane spread-eagled with longing for a plundering by her betters. Run Spot run. Run like Hell Spot. Thank god he’s smarter than his owners. The Rothschilds and the Queen of England killed the Gulf of Mexico. They killed the Gulf of Mexico. Goldman Sachs has created a Department of Soylent Green. I know you like living in cardboard boxes by the side of the crumbling highways, just down the road from the abandoned strip malls outside of Las Vegas. Yes, sooner or later they will go away. Sooner or later, after they have killed you and everyone you know and sold off the elements of your body for candlewax and pure branch water.

Rothschild and the Queen of England destroyed The Gulf of Mexico because it was too much trouble and too expensive to take safety precautions. The Queen of England is on a mission of peace. Ashtaroth and his hunting beasts patrol the grounds at the Rothschild Estate on Corfu. Blood curdling screams are heard at night. It’s the rave from Hell. Clive Barker is doing a film on these people. They torture for pleasure and drink the blood of the living. They destroyed The Gulf of Mexico. They murdered over one million Iraqis and a whole lot of Afghans so that they could get their dope business humming again. They kill without conscience and it’s legal and right and you applaud what they do even while they do it to you.

The Rothschilds and the Queen of England destroyed The Gulf of Mexico. They were involved in the 9/11 attack, the London Tube bombing and the attack at The Madrid train station. Israel’s ICTS was responsible for security at all of these locations. You are dumber than a box of rocks.

BP is owned by J.P. Morgan and The Queen of England. J.P. Morgan is owned by Rothschild, who is the high priest in the Synagogue of Satan. They killed the Gulf of Mexico. They killed The Gulf of Mexico. They hired the public police forces that enforce their will on the public lands where they are not a citizen. Obama has a smile on his face. He just got a good rodgering from the Queen of England with a strap-on while the band plays Misty for you.

Rothschild killed The Gulf of Mexico with the Queen of England. All across Europe, the Black Nobility owns massive parcels of land. They have repealed the Magna Carta. They have repealed Hammurabi’s laws. It is time for a change. It is time for a change.

End Transmission.......

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Neko Kinoshita said...

I get the impression that you think that the Rothschilds and the Queen of England might have something to do with what is going on in the Gulf.
Of course I could be wrong, after all, I'm dumber than a box of rocks. Or is that sillier than a bag of hammers?

Run like Hell Spot!

Damn fine way to start a Friday, I have to admit.


Anonymous said...

From the very beginning of this disaster, I have felt in my heart that this was not just an accident. The Rothchilds and the Queen of England will get what's coming to them. I don't think you fu#k with mother nature and get away with it. They might think they can control everything, but they are dead wrong.

Anonymous said...

humming peace
thunder fill the air
from the chiefs
hunter breathes
in essences
inscribed upon the breeze
truth weaves
lightning roar
heavens wind sword
living light strike
a flame of wind through the war
the awe roar the sword
through the pig
of rothschild power
each hour
smashing down
the evil in the tower
the beast cower
left in a puddle on the floor
evil smashed
struck by the flame
of sacred sword.


DaveS said...

“Lindsey Lohan, Lindsey Lohan, Lindsey Lohan, Nyah, nyah, nyah yah, I can’t hear you. Man! Look at the tits on that rhinoceros. I wish she would do me with her horn. They’re all socialists; they want to redistribute the wealth. You’re not taking my dollar three eighty you liberal scum. You can have my ignorance when you pry it from my cold dead mind.”

Yep, I recognize that critter... Ovis aries erectus!

Is it just me, or at the wv strings getting funnier and funnier?

wv:renserer must be a person who follows

Anonymous said...

Hi Les

I think you have made your point of view vey clear :) However, may I be so bold as to point you and your distinguised audience to a little snippet i stumbled accross whilst listing to a 4 hour G Edward Giffin audio from 2008.

To cut to chase just go to 3 hrs 40 to 3 hrs 50. An accident cause by cutting corners i hear you say - maybe not?


Anonymous said...

...two legged lizard on PCP with a candiru up his urinary tract...whipped by feral rent boyz...
Why am I laughing.... oh dog poet,
bringing black mordant humor out of a tragedy beyond comprehension!

Rebel 4E said...

Let me get this right..
what you're saying is...

Rothschild and the Queen of England destroyed The Gulf of Mexico.


McKenna Fanatic said...

First comment?

I`ve got a newborn in my lap right now!

She`s so cute.

Athena protects her, along with a lot of angels with flaming swords.


Anonymous said...

the german queen of england is also the german queen of the zionist lapdog of australia but thats ok because we are free ,free to do what we're told unless of course you're a hells angel in which case it's against the law to even speak to each other.first they came for the hells angels ....

abe said...

HIT 'em hard Les! This gulf situation reminds me of the jews in Guatemala. After an israel orchestrated coup in the 80's they started a land and resource grab against the descendants of the Mayans and blamed it all on Domestic terrorist(Marxists) while letting "Spanish racism" take the blame for their brutality. Their MO is unmistakable. Pick an already marginalized community, ingratiate yourself to it through small investments, move in for the kill. Guatemala's last presidente was Oscar Berger and Alvaro Colom now calls the shots.

On a related note I'd add that the Sun God won't save us, but the Morning Star will. The Mayans called this the Wasp star, and feared it greatly. Known as Tanka Watan to the Lakota. And it is indeed a Great Mystery. It was considered an evil and malignant deity by the Aztecs, but that was due to the sight of their own reflection. As was their hatred for Itz Papalotl. The morning star is a literal physical dispenser of karma. It's light hits the world with blessings or punishments congruent to our actions and shines a light separate and distinct from the solar radiation of the Smoking Mirror. It defies the sun by rising first and setting last. It pushes the worsipped image in to the undeworld and drags it back out according It's authority. It enters the great mystery, and nine nights later emerges the resurrected victor!

And just before anyone throws out a satanic accusation at me for all this scary morning star stuff, please know that I'm well aware of Isaiah 14, I'm also aware of Isaiah 45 and Rev.22

Sincerity is the only viable synthesis of works and faith, so let it be known.

Anonymous said...

Ok Im going to try again. Not so wise as you seem full of something today.

The spill was planned. Yes the Queens men are to blame, but its not out of greed, that this happened. Its a spell placed on the fears of mankind. This is black magic Les.

The Roths dont move with greed, but fear. They fear change and growth, much like we do as we fight to move up the ladder. The Roths boys just say fuck the ladder and to hell with people pushing that light on us? Their only power is in making people see the world upside down?

Can you say carbon taxes?

Love Your Life

Visible said...

When you or anyone else gives me concrete evidence that the spill was planned I will, of course, alter my position.

I find it pretty annoying that people are so certain of certain things when they are completely out of the loop of insider information and believe that emphasis substitutes for evidence. The S&MSM does this when it trumpets a headline and you find that the story doesn't fit with the banner.

I have no way of knowing what was behind the blown well so I go with what is plausible and also there is precedence with this company.

My post wasn't about the means or methods of the genesis. My post was about responsibility and whether what you say is true or it be otherwise, it doesn't change what I am saying.

If they did it through negligence or intention it is still their fault and I wanted them named because they are not being named. That was my point.

I can only shake my head when confronted with the idea that I must be full of something for showing a certain amount of outrage about The Gulf Murder; all those wonderful creatures drowning in oil and Corexit, the devastation to the fishing economy and tourist industry, the destruction of the beaches, the co-opting of public law enforcement for corporate concealment of the evidence of massive crime.

Did I overstep myself in showing passion about this event?

I can't but wonder at the people who seek to micro manage my presentations as well as my emotional and mental states of being as if I were some sort of public commodity and where my performance can be rated against expectation as if someone were actually paying me to do this or I was some kind of public official that works for John Q.

In any case, it is probably better to apprehend the intent of the writer and to see that neither scenario changes anything about the post which was not about motive but about the resulting condition and the atmosphere that surrounds it.

m_astera said...

Concise as a verb? I like it! It's too bulky as an adjective.

With all of the crap coming down, why do I still feel that everything is OK, going according to plan, and that things will all work out Divinely perfectly? I don't know, but that is what I feel and the feeling of assurance is rock-solid.

Swampfox said...

Les, naming them and showing your outrage at them is the right thing to do. And your right, it doesn't make a fuck whether it was planned or caused by negligence, the fact remains that these devils have murdered the Gulf. I live on the east coast in Georgia, and I have a bad feeling that this Hell will be visiting us here sooner than later. Thanks for putting the outrage we should all feel in words.

Visible said...

Hi Michael;

I wondered if anyone was going to catch that about 'concise'; no surprise that it was you.

I was just saying to Susanne last night. "You know, the world could change massively in a moment now, all it takes it a particular event that connects to a variety of potentials. For some reason though, I feel no apprehension at all. I feel completely stable and untroubled whatsoever about anything that could happen.

"It is eerie. I should have a variety of concerns but I have none."

Pretty much just what you said. I feel extremely confident and more so by the day. I don't know what to make of it and I'm not investigating it either.

Anonymous said...

"The Rothschilds and the Queen of England killed the Mexico. They killed all the creatures in the water. They killed all the creatures that fly above the water...."

I own the guys who own the consortium that owns the corporation that runs an oil drilling outfit. I know there's a profit to be made extracting oil from certain areas,but whenever I talk about drilling there all these tree huggers start whining about environmental damage and endangered species and sustainable living and yada ,yada ...How does a greedy rat bastard without a conscience , such as myself, get around this obstacle? Because there's money to made, and even though I already have more money than I could spend in 10 lifetimes, it' not enough.I want it all,including yours. Besides,my boss is a really cold dude, who extracts suffering the way I suck oil...and he sees an opportunity for a windfall here. So what if I engineered an oil spill of unheard of proportions in an environmentally sensitive area? I mean,if the Everglades are dead anyway, then the tree huggers have nothing to protect......right? Not only that, I'm thinking maybe there's a way to actually BLAME the whole thing on them! Discredit them,so they can never interfere with me again. Hey....I think I know someone who can help with that.

I definitely think this plan has potential. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

Les youre full of love, but some rage too today.

I dont have proof, I have ideas.

Im saying the Queen and her BP army just want people to do one of two things, fear thier handy work or bitch at them. Bullies and shitty bosses do the same. Thats all they know how to do for they dont want to give up power and let go. By making you bitch at them they keep a role to play out and power over something? If they wont let go, you should?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Posted on July 8, 2010
Filed Under Breaking News, Oil Disaster | 10 Comments
Under the guise of the “war on drugs” the U.S. Military is evacuating its ships and hardware from the Gulf of Mexico to safety off the sheltered coast of Costa Rica.
The “war on drugs” cover story is laughable being that we can’t even get that level of engagement on our border with Mexico where all the drugs come through.
The Navy is obviously worried about either poison from the methane/corexit 9500 mix or a massive methane explosion/tsunami. A tsunami fits with the NOAA blackout of the U.S. tsunami warning system. It also explains why BP is not actively cleaning up the oil on the beaches. Why clean them up if they are going to be gone.
On the 2nd July 2010 the Costa Rica Congress authorized the entry of 46 U.S. warships capable of carrying 200 helicopters and warplanes, plus 7,000 U.S. Marines “who may circulate the country in uniform without any restrictions” , plus submarine killer ships to the Costa Rican coast for “anti-narcotics operations and humanitarian missions between 1st July 2010 until 31st December 2010.
With this kind of nation destroying firepower, it gives real meaning to the expression “war on drugs”, but if this a real six month “war on drugs” we should expect to see some fantastic results, right?
Politicians representing the Acción Ciudadana (PAC), the Unidad Social Cristiana (PUSC) and the Frente Amplio (FA) political parties opposed the measure saying that the destructive force of the ships, helicopters and 7,000 US Marines is “disproportionate for the fight against drug trafficking.”
On Sunday, the President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla said that the government does not intend to militarize the fight against drugs and the Minister of Public Security Jose Maria Tijerino stressed that this huge, powerful military force would be under the command of the US Coast Guard and not the US Navy.
Although I don’t suppose the Costa Ricans, the drug traffickers or we expats will notice the difference…
Another politician Francisco Chacón defended the arrival of the US forces saying that “they would give humanitarian support, build schools and fight against drug traffickers.”
If these 7,000 US Marines, 200 helicopters, warplanes and submarine killers are coming to Costa Rica to “give humanitarian support, build schools and fight against drug traffickers,” perhaps we could ask them to repair the new highway to Caldera? With that kind of manpower they could have it finished in a week.
Read Full Article Here: 46 US Warships Plus 7,000 US Marines On Route To Costa Rica?.
We are sending a war level force of 46 naval ships to stop drugs in Costa Rica which is roughly the size of Vermont with less coast line than Louisiana. Why has the mainstream media not mentioned this massive military buildup? Obviously it is not a buildup…it is an evacuation.
If you are in the gulf coast region you should consider evacuating.
Here is another article on the evacuation.
Here is a link to the article


Angeline said...

My mind has been screaming this for weeks, from the beginning I have nothing but bad feeling about this Gulf mess (My own home back in fla) and the more it goes on the more I feel like I am walking in zombie land....(gee like I never felt this before) right out in the open it's happening, right here, right now and still people can't see.
Yesterday at Huffpost I saw no less than 4 articles about Lohan, what crap!

Anonymous said...

i say: we are done with the talking- we are done with the lies- I say we march on the steps of the devils NOW and change the world- we Have to act - and we should be gathering everyone in the area or who has lost there job and fight

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Love your life

you ever notice how you come simpering in and no matter what Les says you say the opposite?

you ever notice that?

you ever notice how it looks like you are fucking with him because there is no central theme to anything you say and you are as likely to be on one side of the argument as another?

you ever notice this? I do.

Anonymous said...

Les just for you maybe? If I wanted to make you my slave, mind slave that is, Id rape your kids and kill the family dog? Cant you see this on a larger scale?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Speaking as the Head of the Rothschild family, I must correct some misstatements here. Although, there are some Rothschilds who are as stupid as the Dog Poet states, the comments that the Rothschilds blew up the Gulf are incorrect.

Elizabeth Mountbatten blew off the BP rig - NOT Rothschild.

Rothschild has not fallen. I am still here, and very much a power to "fear".

Truth can be found here:

“Real Reason For WWII Exposed: Hitler Was King Of The United Kingdom!”,


Valerie de Rothschild

coletteonice said...

it goes loik the face that has been smashed over with a bag load of spiders....neko hello

Anonymous said...

Les Visible = More Visible

No mincing words here. I'd say "Visible for President", but that would only be an anti-climax. Corfu used to be a nice place, and we already elected the Box of Rocks.

Dammerung said...

Earth is a Hell world. Give me a fortunate rebirth or give me death.

Anonymous said...

mr visibles,just been over to wrh,seems a mr rivero another of the fellows,says you may have suger coated it a bit to much.neil

Anonymous said...

Dumber than a box of rocks doesn't begin to cut it. The average American is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. And doing it again. And again. And again. And . . .

And they'll probably NEVER learn.

You can't fix stupid.

And there's no doubt that this murdering of the Gulf is all deliberate; at least, that is, if you're not dumber box of rocks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:36 PM

I have. You haved noticed that Im not disagreeing with Les, but adding to his words.
No you are only hearing what you want to hear and saying what make you feel good.
Not to battle here, but Im not saying this stuff to you but Les so read it or dont, but dont push along shitty and mean ideas man.
It may seem as if Im just take one side, but thats because you are only standing on one side of this too.
Add to this or just plain chill out.

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

It'll get worse. FAR worse. The USISRAEL arm of the Rothschild cabal is currently on the Russian border playing cat a mouse and attempting to lure them into retaliating. Once they do, all bets are off. Nuclear war will most assuredly follow.

ZionIsrael will, of course, be sacrificed in this holy war for Molloch and his Rothschild minions, and be turned to a glass crater by perhaps Russia or China once the aforementioned stand up to the vampires currently waiting to strike at the throat of Iran.

Zionisrael's usefulness is outlived because their true nature has been exposed, and thus will be trampled underfoot so the death makers can use them to rally the crowds into religious frenzy; to gnash their teeth and wail at a wall riddled with bullet holes.

Yes, it will get worse. FAR worse. Sharpen your garden implements.

Beware the ides of November.


presence said...

Ritual. Symbol necessity.
Fittingly quite
clearly upon
the pad that hel(l)
icopters land
was burned a mystery.
A penis-like hole.
Damn(ed/ing) symbols plastered
on top of everything.
That's all Lohan & the Rest
are as well. Symbols.
Vehicles 4 messages.
Ritual references abound.
How fun 4 them.
End time games.
Long options planned.
Intention or mistention,
operators same. (not my video)

wv: prepli
sounds like a roman-era prepper


Neko Kinoshita said...


I agree, they might have been trying to make it happen but we should never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity.

Of course, it is also important to remember: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Dublin Mick,

I do not think the “asphalt volcano” thing has any merit. The “asphalt volcanoes” are way away from the location in question. And that whole story line looks and smells like disinfo.

There is no doubt that they are putting tremendous amounts of poison into the water and air. And trying to keep everyone in the dark about it too.

My father-in-law and I had a long discussion about this. He’s a retired geologist who specialized in TX, OK, and LA for decades.

The location of this hole is in a canyon where the delta falls off into the deep area of the gulf. So, not only is this an extremely soft bottom, but there is a significant slope. Lose enough of the pipe and the BOP will fall over, tearing a crater in the bottom.
The structures they were drilling through are well known to contain significant pockets of methane. They seem to have now found the source of all those pockets. This makes the “nuke it shut” idea pretty foolish.
The “cap rock” for the formation may be quite brittle, which may explain why they do not want anyone to find out what they drilled through. The “relief well(s)” may be enough to shatter this cap.

I’m not sure I buy the “sea floor will collapse” thing either, and the “bubble and Tsunami” stories (you didn’t bring them up) are nonsense. The amount of methane coming out of solution at the surface may not be in concentrations high enough to ignite, but it is most certainly another “toxic” effect. And yes, the New Madrid complex reaches all the way from the St. Lawrence seaway down to the gulf, so this much change could (and no doubt will) trigger something bad.

Hey SwampFox! Be prepared to move quickly if you are close to the coast, I’m in Upstate SC, and over 1k ft. The toxic air might be a problem but if the ground moves you could find yourself under water…just sayn’
(how about that! word varification: foxyp)

Watchin’ the wheels from under the dumpster,

Dammerung said...

Different thought:

If the Rothschilds and their supernatural sponsors are eating people, so what? Isn't it the natural order of life in this world to devour weaker beings? What makes them so bad compared to us?

They herd us like cattle? Well duh, where does the metaphor come from? What human beings do to their own food source. Control the lives of the cows down to the minute. The Rothschilds are poisoning the Gulf, huh? But we steep our cows in so much poison they have to shoot them up with goddamn gallons of antibiotics just to keep them alive long enough to slaughter.

What would you do if you were a vampire? Would you consign yourself to starvation, or would you eat? Can't it be argued that they are acting out of the most natural impulse that exists in this world: eat and live, starve and die?

There is nothing the Rothschilds are collectively doing to us that we are not collectively doing to the lower creatures, the plants and animals. Isn't this just the circle of life?

Anonymous said...

the truth do
whatever has to be done
the truth fuse hearts
by the pulse of the drum
the truth fuse minds with signs
that flow from the tongue
the inner hum spin
flow the all to the one
simple sums signs
of the inner higher flame
warriors sharpene
strike on earth wind and rain
the living names sparked
by the truth of the cause
the laws that were smashed
by corruption of all fours
lands that been taken
by those who poison water
who slaughter men and women
children,sons or little daughters
but the forces of the truth
fusing and align
the flowing lines of transmission
anihilate the lies
the crimes of the banksters
and the evil they pursue
rothschilds pig that they worship
squeals all confused
the greed of the pig
that is never satisfied
fried on the inner
for the lies it multiplied.


Origen the heretic said...

Rev. John inserts his two centavos:

Rev. John has no proof that this was a planned operation, but he will believe that it is until he is shown proof otherwise in view of the actors (should he say demons)? involved, and the so-called cleanup or lack thereof. "Never let a good crisis go to waste", does not necessarily mean you didn't plan it. But then, as Les and others say, it really makes no difference. Rev. John had been thinking of relocating to Costa Rica, but fortunately (it appears now) strategic considerations kept him from making that move. Sorry Les, people, it feels like a third person day. Perhaps next time, Rev. John will use the editorial we, although the only editing experience he has is with resumes and loan applications in which he showed a remarkable spark of creativity.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

seventh sign in hopi prophesy: "This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it." i can sense lots anger in you les... it will only empower the negative entities they want you to get angry... don't give them the satisfaction, all this is part of the divine scheme, friction to awaken the sleeping humanity...

This is the First Sign: We are told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies with thunder.

"This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. In his youth, my father saw this prophecy come true with his eyes -- the white men bringing their families in wagons across the prairies."

"This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. These White Feather saw with his eyes -- the coming of the white men's cattle."

"This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron."

"This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider's web."

"This is the Sixth sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun."

"This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it."

"This is the Eight Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.

"And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease..

Origen the heretic said...

P.S. Rev. John forgot to thank Les for the new word added to his vocabulary i.e. "candiru". altough he did shudder whrn he read the definition.

Anonymous said...

dammerung,rothschilds finished get that finished,it is a pig that should of been put down a long time ago,stop trying to rationalise it,it thinks on the lower planes of thought it has inbred itself so much
there is not one piece of sanity left in its thought would now probably be better for any one around it to get out the way,get all that has been documented out in to the public on its pig worship,or go down with it.

..peace neil..

Nayon said...

Briliant piece once again. I so wish I could see you grab that Goldman Sachs building. That will be a great day indeed.

Possibly related to the killing of the Gulf, here, close to Montreal on the east coast, we've been experiencing a strange heatwave, from hot air coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

The day before and the day this mass of hot air moved in, there seemed to be some HAARP activity as we could observ many of those infamous ''striped clouds'', and then, 4 days of intense heat with this mass and no wind at all.

Someone told me he saw some purple in the clouds yesterday, and this morning the sun had a deep orange shade. I've experienced dizziness, arythmya, burning sensation of skin and eyes, nosea,confusion, and people around me have been complaining as well.

A short search revealed that most sites removed mention of this air coming from the gulf of Mexico, but for the east coast it is a recurent phenomena.

Quoted from:

''In the Eastern United States a heat wave occurs when a high pressure system originating in the Gulf of Mexico becomes stationary just off the Atlantic Seaboard (typically known as a Bermuda High.)''

Do you think the whores from the Rotten Child's MSM will tell us about the actual toxicity of this no longer wonderful air we breath? Maybe I should start monitering the birds for that proverbial canary in a coal mine.

Now Bonnie is about to whip the soop a little more, and sunday, the south hemisphere will experience the solar eclipse. Won't these 2 together alined create an extra pull for that fragile seafloor? On a sun day, of a new moon, on the 11th?

Well, we just don't know right? The divine shurely knows how to keep the suspens going. In any case, I'm with you Les, I feel no fear at all, quite the opposite. Since I've let the divine lead the way, my path have been a blessing of every iota of the now.

Thank you Les for being.

Anonymous said...

He's just trying to get a rise out of the author but the author won't talk to him anymore. I love watching it all. This is such a microcosm.

Dammerung said...

..peace neil..

Don't rightly know Neil. I just like to consider every angle. Some of the finest antiques get thrown away in the trash but some real filth gets thrown away too. I do think that if you asked a cow, or a duck, or one of the other so-called "2D" creatures what they think about human beings, they would tell you that we're frightful demons who wield terrible light and sounds.

My buddy is moving to L.A. from FLA and he's taking his cat. I keep thinking about that for some reason. Getting on an airplane must be the fucking apocalypse for a cat, the total end of all things. He's going to leave every smell and nook and cranny he knows, scooped up by his imperious master, and go through a completely befuddling labyrinth of light and sound which he's go NO context to understand.

Sometimes I wonder if we're the cat, being moved from cage(body) to cage by persons unknowable for agendas ineffable. Pisses me off though. I don't see why things have to be so difficult.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry damms,trying to rationalise with something that is well,truely evil,will just bring you down.
right peoples I'm not messing about with that anger anymore,going to try and stir a massive peace see what comes out.

may the loving goodness graciously find its expression through all vehicles for truth..peace neil

Anonymous said...

sos people I absolutely love pigs as animals,so no offense to pigs,and I'm sure if we were to ask the pigs alive today what they thought about the situation,they would probably agree it does get a bit messy at feeding time round the trough and we also really dont like the ptb much as they feed us filth and pump us full of antivirals and then kill us.
so love to the pigs and everything else for that matter even rothschild if he drops everything and decides to join the human race.

peace love to all..neil

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

your a good fellow damms,I know you like to question everything,I do respect that..neil

kenny said...

"You can have my ignorance when you pry it from my cold dead mind"

Les, that's the best play on a well known saying I've heard in a long time. Still smiling.

I want the t-shirt.

Franz said...

I am in total agreement with you, Les.

I am in total agreement with you, Swampfox.

I am also totally reassuring McKenna Fanatic that I am sharpening Athena's sword right now.

I am...

I just KNEW this attempt at sanity on my part would break down, and it HAS:

Anonymous 6:47 PM -- AMAZING!

The War on Drugs rears its weird ugly head in the middle of the most appalling crime of the century? Do they imagine they can pull a cheap stunt to divert us? To they take us for COMPLETE morons?

(Granted, we ARE morons for letting them get this far, but there are limits, ye gods!)

More battalions for Athena! This is planetary destruction taking place right in front of us.

Neko Kinoshita said...


You have a point in that different thought, but I don't have to like it, and I don't.

Leaving FLA I understand but for California?!?

I remember flying with my cat. We were late leaving and delayed in Dallas for the next flight and her meds wore off. It was quite traumatic for us both.... We were very close from that point until she passed eight years later, after another move where we did not fly.

I AM the cat, and the divine moves me when/wherever. My job is to accept, not fight the divine will.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I know its hip to love pigs now but I don't. I'm saying this for balance. Bleeding emotional taffy all over everyone is not going to make the world a better place either. I'm saying this for balance. Dammerung is not a nice guy. Hes an immature attention whore. Hes a spoiled brat that swishes into the room and starts whining and not making sense. He sounds like he wants his daddy to spank him or something. I'm saying this for balance. One thing more announcing that you are going to paint the Sistine Chapel five or six times a day does not a Sistine Chapel make especially when all the paintings are pretty much the same long long repeater of the same words and ideas over and over again. I'm saying this for balance because not everyone appreciates this flitting about like Tinker Bell routine but most of the people who don't like it are not the type to say so. I really like this place and I love the main event which always surprises me and makes me laugh unexpectedly at the sheer outrageous ness. I finally got pissed off enough to say something and I left one of you enough cover so that you and everyone else can pretend I'm not talking about you.


Dammerung said...


Too cute! I don't normally get abuse like that outside Christian chatrooms.

Visible said...

Like I've been saying for a long time... the seriously over-the-top behavior of TPTB and their spokesmonkeys keeps getting more and more absurd. Their lies keep getting more and more unbelievable and transparent. They keep outdoing themselves to play the fool.

This is all setting the stage. It just doesn't make sense otherwise. They have become such a satire on themselves and every negative quality has been plugged in to the mother of all Marshall amps... blind grasping greed? off the charts... demagoguery and sophistry? way way off the charts. Unbridled hunger to control the world at any cost? Unflippinbelievable.

It just has to be that they are being given the opportunity to convict themselves in the eyes of the world to the point that there is no possible excuse or mitigating circumstance.

Now, people can believe what they want but it is a fact that an avatar appears every 2000 years or so. We've got the historical record. Well, I've got the occult history that goes back a ways and all you have to do in the usual history is look at the incarnations of Vishnu. It's a no brainer also that the avatar changes the world, religions, alters the course of history in respect of himself etc.

We expect the sun to come up every day; even though it's the Earth's rotation that causes it. We expect Spring to follow Winter. We expect night to follow day. Ergo, we should expect the avatar to show up and kick some evil doer butt and I have it on the highest authority that he's going to do just that; as well as have his morning coffee (done), confer his blessings (in progress), open a window of forgiveness (coming) and kick some ass (coming).

Look at the sheer ridiculous presentations of those on the world's stage. Look at the insane behavior of Goldman Sachs, the Central Banks, television, the media, BP and their ongoing police state activities and all the rest.

It's a setup to push the guilty forward to the point that they cannot step back when another spotlight hits them. Nothing else makes sense or is desirable (grin).

Anyway, that's how I see it.

Anonymous said...

hello gotter,
so what do we do then,sit around twiddling thumbs,tired of that,its boring,and nothing gets done,so I will practise my little poems charged up on the spot till their full of potency,if you dont like them ,all you need to do is scroll down the page a bit more,seems you dont like damms very much,well good for you,but trying to strip him of all his light will just strip it from yourself..think about it neil

Neko Kinoshita said...

I'm sorry we do not agree.

If you do not understand how the oil and gas partially distill as it moves through 5000 feet of water to get to the surface, I'm not qualified to explain. If I find that link I read about this last week, I'll post it.

The colors are unusually vivid, but red and brown are the most common colors that these slicks take on.

Tar isn't red, and tar balls form whenever you have crude (and sometimes not so crude) oil in the water.

It is NOT an asphalt volcano. it is in the wrong kind of structure for that. And since it is now washing up on the EAST coast of FLA, there is too much material for the asphalt volcano theory to apply.

You can tell me I'm wrong, and you can disagree with me but don't you tell me I'm following BP's line, that is insulting and not worthy.

I do respect the opinion of someone who spent decades looking for these structures and attending the drilling into them all over the central U.S. He doesn't have a dog in this hunt, and his opinion is one reason why I am less likely to think that the initial blow-out was "planned." (He also expresses concern that there seems to be an intent to make it worse.)

Neko Kinoshita said...

OK, Enough.

This is not red? This is red tar from an asphalt volcano.

Did you read the link?

There is no more point in talking to you.


Anonymous said...

Ive been coming here for almost two years. Generally I keep my mouth shut but I thought I would speak for the silent majority that always feels like commenting on the endless same old same old repeating pattern of same old same old. I stopped reading them a long time ago but I notice them and the announcements that make me shudder. Seeing you playing kissy face with Dammer gave me a two birds with one stone opportunity. Dammer does not have a light in the sense that he brings light. He brings the place down every time he shows up. He's a spoiled immature little jerk who comes here to get a rise out of the author. I see the author doesn't pay any attention to him any more. Thank Christ for that. But Dammer liked having his little back and forth with the author. It made him feel special so he would come around and do annoying things in the hope of some more one on one. But it seems he pissed off the author to where hes shit out of luck. No matter how you slice it hes a shitbird that courts any kind of attention even if its negative. He's got some kind of parental issues in an arrested development way. Hes a slacker and the kind of person who slides down on the couch and says I'm bored and why doesn't the world recognize my genius? Probably because there isnt any. This is just for balance and I know I speak for a whole lot of people who just have the decorum to keep it to themselves. It cant be otherwise because it is too obvious and only a two dimensional elf with a Hallmarks greeting cards virus would not see it. Im speaking plainly and I said my piece. The only thing that ever bothered me about the author was his habit of bending over backwards for idiots and also engaging them when ignoring them is the way to go but we all have our hangups and since he does paint the Sistine Chapel nearly every fucking day I can live with it. But this is just for balance and maybe its a little harsh but that doesn't make in untrue because everything I said is true. Take the smoke out of your eyes and look at yourselves and you might be able to drop all this vain pretentiousness and really do something. Depth both of you need depth.

Visible said...

Red tar and some kind of a controversy? How come I keep missing these things? I read the comments. This is altogether peculiar.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

It is peculiar because many pics of the red streaks I had marked are gone, links broken. I am really wondering now. This oil can't be red it has to be black says BP.

This stuff has built in microbes which eventually eat it. Maybe that is the part of the discussion that needs to go away. The microbes eventually take care of it. Maybe that is why it needs to sink and not be seen, not be red, coast under guard.

That's what a 2003 research expedition found in the Gulf of Mexico on a seafloor hill the scientists named Chapopote, the Mexican Spanish name for tar. It's the world's first known asphalt volcano. There are more being found all the time.

The researchers, a team led by Ian MacDonald of Texas A&M University's Corpus Christi campus, dangled a remote-controlled camera off the German ship RV Sonne to the seafloor far below. Even with this short-range visual instrument they documented one square kilometer of tar flows, some of them 20 meters across.

Besides asphalt, the expedition found places soaked with petroleum and others with cold, white layers of methane hydrate. Like cold seeps elsewhere on the world's seafloor, all of these localities supported colonies of chemical-eating organisms. Bunches of tubeworms were found growing in and around the tar flows.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

gotter it dont work on me,I slew my ego many years ago,stabbing fronts backs and hearts may work for yourself,I found all it ever done for me was make me feel bad.
dammerung is one of my many brothers like yourself,none of us are perfect who could be in this world.
so all I'm going to say is may the greatness of all that be fill your heart with the strength of the mighty light..peace neil

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
melis edna said...

Hi Les,

The situation is incredibly confused. I'm down here in Alabama, no one is really talking about it (Lindsey Lohan yay.)

I knew something bad was in the works when the media blackouts ramped up.

The US Navy bugging out for costa rica to fight the "war on drugs" are you shitting me.

There is a lot of underground information out there, I can't help but feel that some of it is intended to confuse the issue. because my ass is definitely confused. for a while i felt like i had clarity, now i'm just sort of ...well, confused. it smelled like oil the other morning though, 279 miles away from the sea...

yes, i feel that this is the time. one thing can set this house of shit weasels aflame.

the waiting is what's killing me...

walk in peace, brother.

Anonymous said...

piddling about in stupid arguments
dont get nothing done
playing stupid little games
may be fun for some
whatever gets said
whatever happens
we are all in this together
these poems may be terrible
but with practise they get better
so brothers and sisters here
a lot of you may hate
thats ok I'm quite happy
I am not any less awake
and the deeper it go
the more comes out
that cultivation of the love
the world is at a turning point
maybe a sudden shift or thud
it may be better for me to move on
I'm a nomad anyway
I would miss posting here
but thats fine its all ok.


Rebel 4E said...

'Goldman Sachs has created a Department of Soylent Green'

Mmmmmm! Soylent Green.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neko Kinoshita said...

Point taken Anon,

wish you had given a name.

Anonymous said...

And where is the US government in all of this while BP run roughshod over we the people? Oh, I forgot, scheming with Israel to attack Iran. The country might be bankrupt, infrastructure going to hell, millions unemployed, millions more sleeping on the street but they can always find money to fight another war for our bestest friend. "People of the US are you as stupid as you appear?"

Now getting on another subject that is just as dear to my heart, chemtrails. Has anyone noticed that over the last month there has been less spraying? I live in the Pacific Northwest and in my town it is not uncommon to go a whole day and not see any spraying. On some days it is very light. I made a trip to the Central Valley of California a couple of weeks ago and witnessed the same thing. Light or no spraying. What gives, did Nalco switch from producing nano aluminum, barium, etc. to Corexit 9500? Not enough capacity for all the agents of death. Maybe China can take up the slack.

Good post Les. Isn't the gang heading for Bohemian Grove in a few days to have a love fest with that owl? Bet you won't get an invite.


Visible said...

True Fud, but I can dance naked all by myself and I don't need a lot of young boys around me when I do it. Plus, I already got a white owl.

Now that I think about it, it's interesting that Rothschild disinfo guy Alex Jones got into Bohemian Grove with that camera and never came up with anything interesting.

That's another thing that's also happening. All those people on the so called left and alternative media are being outed as well.

On it goes.

Anonymous said...

I cannot find ll the pics of the gulf that showed red streaks that were all over when this begin. I can't be the only one who saw these. Anyone out there have a link to one of those? They seem to be gone.

anonymous nomad we hardly even knew you and you will be missed. Be sure and check the oil in the car before you leave.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord!! Great article and who sits on the board of directors of these corporations that give financial contributions to our corrupt politicians? Foreigners!! So, they decide who runs for office with their political contributions (bribes).

So you and I, the average Joe/Jane can never run for office and win.

I liked that new book out that about a small town in America that stands up to federal tyranny and ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. Fiction, but a great read. I recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord!! Great article and to know that corporations have foreigners on the board of directors who decide which American candidates get financial contributions (bribes) to run for congress.

Forget about you or I running for office since we would never have a chance against so much campaign funding.

For this, I recommend a great book out about a small town that stands up to this type of tyranny/corruption (finally someone does) & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It's a great read.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Melis edna,

If you can smell the oil, you may be too close.

Please consider, if it starts raining oil, would you be able to get out?

George Ure had something to say about this over at

"Emails about the spill and its possible link to the linguistic "Diaspora" meme ask an interesting question: When is a good time to leave the Gulf Coast area? Matter of personal choice. I know some people who have left already while others are waiting until they can smell oil before deciding.

To my way of thinking, it's not too early to be looking for bug-out land up north - just in case. If the well continues spewing into winter, the odds of mandatory movement go up - and better methinks to go on your own accord and by your own plans than a mass-packaged solution.

In case you don't know George, he has been involved with Cliff over at Half past human from the beginning of the ALTA projet.

If you read the site, there is more...

Trying to avoid feeding the Trolls...

Anonymous said...

right peoples,I have a had a think
I'm going to stop writing the poems now and leave you all alone, as gotter said he speaks for the majority of the people here and they are not really doing anything for anyone,least of all myself,I will miss you all,but when its time to move on its time to move on,big beautiful world out their that needs exploring and I have a wonderful son who needs all the love I can give him..

may the greatness of the everything inspire you all to do the great deeds that need to be done
as this is what is needed at this present time,I am sorry I have been such a nuisance,I ask for your forgiveness and will not trouble you again..have good lives neil

abe said...

The brother coming to LA should be careful. alot of tremblers working their way up from central Mexico. Some Raelian thinks one might hit as soon as monday. I don't know myself but wouldn't be surprised if one hit this month. Just stay clear of the Wilshire corridor, place runs directly over the San Andreas and is a disaster movie waiting to happen. I like the foothill areas near Griffith park the best. The Angeles national forest Sequoias two counties north of here are also an excellent swath of near urban wilderness to get lost in if need be.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

This spells it out the best way I know how.

m_astera said...

I also appreciated the "hide it in plain sight" part. Man. Whew.

Reminds me of that great Mullah Nasruddin story where every day he crosses the border with a donkey loaded with straw. The customs agents and border guards know the Mullah is smuggling something; they burn the straw, soak it in water and have it analyzed for chemicals, nothing.

Many years later, the mullah, now an old man, runs into the former chief of customs in a resort. They sit there having a drink and talking about old times, when the chief says "So tell me Mullah, what was it that you were smuggling?"

The Mullah replies "Donkeys, of course."

Love you, bro.

m_astera said...

God here. Listen up.

Remember all those great promises you made about how you were going to do this and that this time and not fall asleep and fuck up again?


Anonymous said...

Low Lifes In High Places.

estebanfolsom said...

sistine chapel ?
nice work mike !
have a look at it here:

Visible said...


It's irrational to take the statement of a single person as evidence of what he says when he provides no evidence besides opinion and assumption.

You have to go on the long term experiences of your presence here and not a momentary (I am assuming-grin) appearance of something like this. I'm thinking he was incensed about Dammerung and that swept you up in the net and one thing led to another.

I've never had an email from anyone asking me to consider your not posting your poems here. I've had several letters about Dammerung. Some number of people flat out don't like him. There's been a handful of comments from him that I haven't posted because of the vituperative nature and collection of ad hominems.

I think it's your defense of him that brought this about and also the knife edge emotional state of so many at this time.

As I remember, there are several people who like your poetry and have told you so. I'd go with that if I were you. If I were you I would forget everything that just happened and act like nothing has happened and just go my merry way.

I received an email from this fellow calling himself Gotter which I think results in the word Gotterdammerung.

He thanked me for not responding to that commenter anymore and expressed his embarrassment for me that I had done so in the past. He didn't even mention you. What is one to make of that?

As time passes we are going to see all kinds of things here. A massive diaspora is about to begin along with the emergence of all sorts of ancillary conditions. It's to be expected that this kind of thing will surface and none of us are safe from it singling us out on occasion; Dublin Mick gets it, Neko gets it, Michael A. gets it. I get it. I got a nasty piece of work from Dammerung yesterday that I couldn't see posting. Also there is the occasional threat to kick my ass or break my jaw.

You have to let these things roll off of you. I'm grateful for the time I spent over in that Dung slug, slime pit, Best of the Fray at because it reduced my susceptibility to 'rabbit ears'.

Basically we have one of the most tight knit and civil spaces on the internet. It's past amazing how friendly and intelligent this community is. It's human nature that compliments can roll off our backs and we forget them but just one negative comment will stand there and mock us for an extended length of time. Stay frosty and don't let temporary weather make you leave town.

Anonymous said...

Love your comments Les . I am with you about exacting revenge on those monsters . Karma , if is exist , is too slow . Some new agers talk about : forgiveness , or " we are one " or other nonsense . I feel those ideas are there to make intelligent people believe in a modern version of " the salvation myth " .
As a species we are in the pooh and there is nobody else that will help us . It is up to us to try to wrest the power out of the hands of hose monsters using every possible method since we are dealing with a dictatorship .
The debate about the tar volcano is a bit of a waste of time because there is the other major component that is the methane and the other volatile and deadly gasses of course without considering the effect of COREXIT .
The bottom line is that people exposed to the gasses will suffer health consequences , the water tables will be polluted by rain mixed with petrol and other pollutants . The disaster is probably going to force a mass migration or escape from the Gulf states as predicted by Cliff High with his mention of the " Diaspora factor " .
The Gulf states will never be the same and it might take many decades before normality returns . It pays to remind to people that the area affected by the EXXON Valdez disaster has not recovered yet and people that took part in the " clean up operation " are now all dead .

Anonymous said...

eye eye commander visibles,I know damms and the gotters is up and down,and the understandings of the understandings is infected with the need for all sorts of toys and what not,still me brother or sister though and I loves them all,as I know I should
anyway I was only going to clean the bottom of the good ship as that is what a good deck hand will do when he's not needed on deck.but as you have kindly called us back up I'm at your service.
and whilst I was out their scubbing I spotted another of them weird type clouds the thinking sort,
looked like the head of a horse ,couldnt not notice,looked like it was just about to charge.
now I dont know what that means
and as a deck hand I have to tell me aboves,so I'm telling me commander visibles..

may the graciousness of the ever living finest touch your heart
with the loving blessings commander visibles we all may need to charge up with the ever loves stir up them motions..peace neil

Greta said...

The links to youtube video in Ft. Worth showing what happened when the rain TOUCHED the maple trees outer leaves gives a dark forboding for what is coming to humans who walk in the rains. As a COSMOtologist I have studied skin care science and know that what touches our skin goes into our blood. That's a fact. I recommend buying really good rainwear from military supply to keep the *#%$! off your skin. Do that already. Thank you Les.

Anonymous said...

that mr icke has put you up on his site aswell mr visibles,it would be nice if the whole of the truth movement sort of got it together.
became a great big unstoppable invincible warrior that chewed up lies and spat fire into the belly of that dirty foul beast..neil

chuckyman said...

Well said “..peace..”

Anonymous said...

Dog poet, the corrupting influence!
My son reads ye, and he says he will never return to Amerika! In S. Germany building summer solstice fires, and other pagan things. I do miss seeing him so much.... what with the Great Depression, I hardly have $ to leave the state.... meanwhile Howdy Doody doles out more trillions for his Wall St. buddies and war for Israel....
Neil ignore the assholes and asstrolls and keep writing poetry for us.

Anonymous said...

hi, neil (..peace.. the poet)

please don't go anywhere.
you'd be missed.


Anonymous said...

You think maybe The Psychopaths That Be spend a restless night now and then wondering how to get those hundred million guns (give or take a gun or two) out of the hands of America’s citizens?

All those guns in citizens’ hands may be an impediment to Israel’s plans for America. Their gun toting goons (both foreign and domestic) might not be so keen on rounding up people if said people are shooting back. The millions upon millions their relatives murdered in Russia and Ukraine (to name two) from 1917 on, were unarmed, if my research is correct.

So here is America, the only country left whose citizens may actually be able to realistically defend themselves against the psychos and their armed-to-the-teeth uniformed useful idiots . . .

What to do, what to do?

Well, in line with never allowing a good crisis to go to waste – if the Gulf toxic stew of oil, tar, methane, etc, boosted with millions of gallons of Corexit, begins to drop people in the weeks/months ahead that may create a panic; a lot of panic actually. A national emergency load of panic, perhaps?

That would be a good time for the Kenyan President’s Israeli handlers to run the words “Martial Law” across his teleprompter, followed by “And Now Hand In Your Guns, America.” All in the national interest of course. National State of Emergency and all that, you know. And they’d promise to give them back sometime in the future . . . the distant future, I’d say.

Were they not collecting citizens’ guns during Katrina? A safety issue, of course. Because they care. They really do.

Just a theory. May not come to pass. Perhaps they are sick and tired of murdering unarmed Palestinians and Peace Flotilla Humanitarians, and want to really take on an armed population (for the first time in their miserable history).

– –

Anonymous said...

right got you les,so gotter and dammerung are actually one in the same,and it wants to destroy all the ancient customs and beliefs,oh deary me that maybe a very silly thing to do.neil

Zoner said...

Fud, I can confirm that here in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area we have had at least 2 weeks with only one short episode of chemtrail application. It is a tremendous change and has been a long time coming. No more thin, high overcast by noon as was the usual program.

The blue of the sky and intensity of the colors around here are like what I recall as a youth. It is a wonder, and I thank whoever is responsible from the depth of my being.


ganeshapuja said...


Thanks for the schematic of the supply side.

Any ruminations about the demand side?

Can you hear the wide maw down which the toxic swill flows go gulp?

Can you catch the flava for the feva of a pringle for us?

Who exactly is the creator in any given instant?

I look forward to your perspective on these matters.

DaveS said...

If you haven't seen this:

Which you probably have... but I linked to it so I can share a laugh with everyone, because when god farts, we'll all die :)

And the arguments between His many creations continued, and he had become tired of trying to reason with them. He realized his creation was flawed. Back to the drawing board... sigh.
And with a mighty Thrrrrup, a methane bubble was released.
And the slate had been wiped clean, he was free to continue eating his meal in a quiet solitude He'd not enjoyed for many eons. He smiled and wondered where he'd went wrong.
But there was still the plastic left to remind him of them, just like that funny one, Carlin, joked about.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Not to downplay the tragedy and horror of the Gulf of Mexico-
to the one who asked about how to awaken people to the notion of a planned event -
On 911, ask those who still believe in the official report how they can explain this evidence ignored by them:

chemical, clinical findings
translated finnish report
striking photos
update to the above

Does anyone know why Twietmeyer's website data4science is shut down?
Best to all.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Origen the heretic said...

Dateline 07/10/2010 Rocky Mountains:

Contrary to our usual position of maintaining silence in the face of intramural spats, we voice our support of Neil and his poems and extend heartfelt wishes that he should continue with same. We feel that if anyone should not appreciate said poems, their computer provides a page down key (or key combination) that may be used to navigate around the poems. It is our contention that Les must have found something worthwhile in these poems or he wouldn't have posted them.

Rev. John

charmian said...

As this temporal world continues its dissolution, all who serve the terrible force that defies / opposes the Real and True will be exposed. We see this everyday, in every country -- the ongoing revelation of those whose lives are freely given in service to self-centered gratification.

How are these people any different from the majority of humans who, by entrenched habit, manipulate everything they can to perpetuate a delusion of grandeur ----> the idea that they are magically-endowed kings, queens and master creators of their own little kingdoms? Make-believe worlds in which everything is deemed to be a self-serving instrument to pleasure the royal masters. It does not matter if these wannabe rulers are Rothchilds manipulating global economics or elected officials terrorizing citizens or parasitical family members ... each and everyone is a poseur, a pretender, a wannabe god.

Behind this shadow masquerade, there lies a deeper and critical decision that must be made by humanity before this cycle closes:
Which master do you serve? What cosmic principle are you feeding with your time, attention, passion and energy?

Sadly...whether by ignorance or defiance, the majority are still allowing self-centeredness to perpetuate itself as the idolized governor of this world. Sheeple devotees by the millions remain enslaved to growing and reaping deceit. The result is the ongoing eclipse of humanity's true heart by the rotting body of greed, lust and power-mongering.

The Gulf oil spill is just one in a long series of revealing events -- escalating wake-up calls. Opportunities for humanity to choose which master it will serve. May critical mass seek and turn the Highest before time runs out.

Anonymous said...

peoples peoples,may the loving essences of your true nature's electrify your hearts to express in all their potencies or how ever you spell that word.every single one of you even the gotter dammerung.
and as I said I was only going to clean the bottom of the,
good ship free,as a good deck hand always does..

.peace and loving loves to all neil

Anonymous said...

dublins I'm not going anywhere and I owe you 2 poems and I havent forgotten that..

I just thought if everyone had the hump instead of the hum,well I would have to move on,
I have had some of the nicest adventures here with the finest of peoples,you lot...neil

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, Great post,it really stirs up the,I don't want to take it any more, in me. The hits just keep coming.I just hate all the lies and deceptions.I really question my higher self for incarnating at this particular time on the planet. Everything is so out of balance. I can't even get along with my own family, let only with the rest of the world. I'm surprised humanity has survived this long. I liked your earlier remark about being selfish or selfless. On another note, nobody seems to be taking about the infestation of grasshoppers eating the crops through out the great plains of America. I like that you call a spade a spade, you are fearLes. Thanks for your work. Terrance

Anonymous said...

I don't like the poetry either. I consider it trite and predictable without any inspired merit but I do use the page down button.


HistorysBunk said...

You think maybe The Psychopaths That Be spend a restless night now and then wondering how to get those hundred million guns (give or take a gun or two) out of the hands of America’s citizens?

All those guns in citizens’ hands may be an impediment to Israel’s plans for America. Their gun toting goons (both foreign and domestic) might not be so keen on rounding up people if said people are shooting back. The millions upon millions their relatives murdered in Russia and Ukraine (to name two) from 1917 on, were unarmed, if my research is correct.

So here is America, the only country left whose citizens may actually be able to realistically defend themselves against the psychos and their armed-to-the-teeth uniformed useful idiots . . .

What to do, what to do?

Well, in line with never allowing a good crisis to go to waste – if the Gulf toxic stew of oil, tar, methane, etc, boosted with millions of gallons of Corexit, begins to drop people in the weeks/months ahead that may create a panic; a lot of panic actually. A national emergency load of panic, perhaps?

That would be a good time for the Kenyan President’s Israeli handlers to run the words “Martial Law” across his teleprompter, followed by “And Now Hand In Your Guns, America.” All in the national interest of course. National State of Emergency and all that, you know. And they’d promise to give them back sometime in the future . . . the distant future, I’d say.

Were they not collecting citizens’ guns during Katrina? A safety issue, of course. Because they care. They really do.

Just a theory. May not come to pass. Perhaps they are sick and tired of murdering unarmed Palestinians and Peace Flotilla Humanitarians, and want to really take on an armed population (for the first time in their miserable history).

– –

Anonymous said...

The Sistine Chapel.>


Nayon said...

To Zoner and Fud

Concerning chemtrails, here in east Canada we actually had an increase of chemtrail activity. Unlike you perhaps, we use to have scattered spraying, a few days in a couple of weeks. Now it is almost every day. The cloudbank result of that seems to be ever present, showing the official weather forecasts to be a farce of alterning ''partially sunny'' and ''partially cloudy'' days.

Has anyone figured out the real reason behind those trails? Bluebeam, poisonning, protection from the sun, smart dusting of nano-robots? Done by men or ETs?

Visible said...

Please do not send me emails asking me to weigh in on the subject. Poetry is subjective and I am also a poet myself; probably more that than anything else Visible in Yab Yum with the Muse.> (apologies for the one headlining. I forget to go there most of the time.)

It is exceedingly rare for me to even comment on such a thing. I think the only time I did was in relation to Lakshmi Darkmoon (and I may not even have her name right). Also, her being female had something to do with it (grin).

Things do not get posted here because I like them. They get posted here because people submit them. That last sentence is also not an indication of my feelings about anything. Let me just say that I genuinely enjoy Neil's presence and let that be an end to it.

This comments section is not only to discuss the subject of the posts but also your place to exhibit what you do with a built in audience. If you get carried away someone will say something. I've long known that the people attracted here are of a very creative sort. I've plans, if the community ever gets built- 'when' the money comes in- to see that the collective urge is part of how we pay for it.

The reason I am like this is because every time I indicate an appreciation for something in a particular vein of endeavor I get people sending me their work and asking me what I think. Let me put it this way. Even though I am surrounded by the opportunity to listen to the greatest music of the ages; read the finest poetry and indulge in any pursuit of that sort that I wish, I seldom engage in any of it.

I don't listen to music, even on long drives. I don't read poetry anymore, even though it was my favorite pleasure of the arts. I don't entertain myself with any of these things for whatever the reason is and I can tell you that I don't know what it is.

Occasionally it occurs to me that I'm not listening to music or haven't done something in a long time but I don't think about it.

I think it has to do with this presence thing. Nothing else matches it and everything takes away from it and I find myself just sitting there and having no idea why.

Of course, if I am where music is playing- and I will be there tonight at a party- I'm going to dance and get into it like I was headed off this plane in the morning but... this is getting long winded and self introspective, indulgent even.

I'm not the guy to ask.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you ever wondered why if this were planned, it would be done knowing this stew is headed for Europe and the bankers?

If it is mostly asphalt tar headed that way nothing will happen other than benefitting the sea beds in the long term process. I am wondering if most of the corexit will have evaporated by then anyway.

The only thing Europe has to worry about is tectonic movement created by tampering with the gulf floor. A New madrid slip could move plates world wide, cause the long awaited predictions of the British Isles slipping under the waves. In effect they would have destroyed themselves.

Some pretty good seers think that is just what is going to happen.

Visible said...

Dublin Mick;

I got those photos of the red tar but I don't quite get what you are getting at. All the oyster beds in LA are dead. I've seen pictures of hundreds of sea and air creatures covered in oil and boats where the hulls are smeared in it. the toxic effect of the oil and Corexit are having the same physical effects as the people at the Exxon Valdez (I was horrified to learn that that area still hasn't come back).

The truth is that I don't know what to think and until I do I just don't know.

I'm off for the evening, back in a few hours to post your comments.

Anonymous said...

well mr visibles ytou have yourself a wonderful time..neil

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

and peoples,mr visibles poems are of the most exquisite I would say,there is a few over their in the poems section of his site,I love the hare krishna one,if read in the correct manner will stir all sorts of things out the heart,and then there is the angel one,well thats what I call it,you could only call it epic,beautiful stuff..
I suspect when mr visibles wants to he could write a poem that touches on perfect myself I am still learning...neil

presence said...

Symbol. necessity.
Seems pre-plan and Post
one rule of the game is to boast.
Like 'Knowing'
the torch
See the show/boasting
in their (pre &) Post 9-11

Architecture of destruction.
Taking OVER.
How fun 4 them.
and right in our faces they erect.
phallic obscenity.
Veering Leering over the vegas strip...
Then, look, oh wow,
they've been doing
it all over the world.
As a dog pisses.
Same pattern(s), same mind(s).

Saddled up their one trick pony.
Laying thick on
the language of energy ~
the absence of

Not been the same
taking a trip through
the project-folio of
their favorite
little building-design-master.....

Symbols sure do speak.
When you know their language.

oh and, apparently,
the MITRE Corp.
was Command Central
that fateful September day. Still?
Lots to be learned in their

SONS = (oil)Spill of National Significance
exercise, March of this year.
NLE10 = nuke-attack us-city drill,
may of this year.

Ode(s) to disassociation(?):
Worth a look-see:
interesting little picture galleries:

the Berlin Jewish Museum, Opening Day, 9-11:

9-11 MITRE OODA Loop:

Disassociation, molecular:

Contraption built for 9-11 Truck-cleaning:

T.S.Gordan did say:

i, for one, am for going
Where the evidence leads...
any serious inquiry
into the explosives-only theory
& those traveling the world
in style whilst
promoting said flimsy theory
quickly reveals the strings
attached to the marionettes
which always where...???
We've all been taken for a ride!

Which ride do we want to be on?

Midnite: Due Reward:
"Revenge is not in our plans,
we only plan to rebuild the broken land...
babylon will get your due reward."

wv: psyna ~ psy-nyah!
wv:renserer ~ funny one!

There is a lot of funny about,
think we will learn eventually
the enormity
of the laughing key.

For us and To them.

Love! Wield that light.

presence said...


the Berlin Jewish Museum, Opening Day, 9-11:

9-11 MITRE OODA Loop:

Disassociation, molecular:

Contraption built for 9-11 Truck-cleaning:

T.S.Gordan did say:

i, for one, am for going
Where the evidence leads...
any serious inquiry
into the explosives-only theory
& those traveling the world
in style whilst
promoting said flimsy theory
quickly reveals the strings
attached to the marionettes
which always where...???
We've all been taken for a ride!

Which ride do we want to be on?

Midnite: Due Reward:
"Revenge is not in our plans,
we only plan to rebuild the broken land...
babylon will get your due reward."

wv: psyna ~ psy-nyah!
wv:renserer ~ funny one!

There is a lot of funny about,
think we will learn eventually
the enormity
of the laughing key.

For us and To them.

Love! Wield that light.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Zoner: That's interesting, less spraying in Minneapolis/St Paul area. As I said previously there hasn't been much spraying in the Boise ID area this last month and I saw little spraying on my trip to California. Just the two of us reporting but it's significant. Might somehow tie into the Gulf situation. Maybe they are using some of the zombie chemtrail spray bastards on the Corexit 9500 hose in the Gulf. I would like to think there aren't unlimited numbers psychos who would to do such a thing.

Nayon: More chemtrails in east Canada you say. Who knows why. It wasn't unusual to have daily spraying here before this hatis. Maybe you need to get BP to do some deep water drilling.

As for why they spray, I have read so many different reason it would only be confusing to get into them. One thing I know for sure, THE SPRAYING SURE AS HELL ISN'T DESIGNED TO DO YOU ANY GOOD and it is costing billions. I'm convinced it compromises the human immune system and might be instrumental in causing Morgellons disease.

Here is a test you might try. (I posted it here once before) Get one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide 3% solution and two tablespoons of red wine. Mix in glass. Swirl the mixture in your mouth for five minutes then spit into a dinner plate. Get a toothpick and explore the mixture. What you will find is fibers that are sometimes over an inch long. They might be in a wad and you will need to stretch them out. They may wad back up. Very weird, I don't know what they are (Premorgellons?) Everyone I have ran this test on has these oral fibers. Some have more fibers than others.


Anonymous said...

Just came across this and don't know what to make of it. Don't know who the author is. Photos.
"“Gulf Bombs Set Up BP For An Oil Fall”
However it was brought about, I pray especially for the region and all who are there. It will affect the whole planet.

m_astera said...

Speaking of community, some readers may recall the post I wrote at the New Shangri La site about the "restaurant economy". It's here if you wish to check it out, but the idea was to have a farm in the mountains and a restaurant on the beach, with the farm supplying the food for the restaurant and the restaurant being the source of income for the community.

Last night I was at a friend's Thai restaurant on the beach not far from where I live. After most of the customers had left we got to talking and he said that he was wanting to move back to Thailand and asked me if I knew how to find someone on the internet who might be interested in the place. Hmmm.

The location is in a sheltered cove less than a hundred yards from the island's most popular sailboat and yacht marina. The restaurant itself is pretty big, 3-4,000 sq ft, with a long bar, good sized kitchen, big pizza oven, and even a couple of pro-type smokers for meat and fish. The waves are lapping ten feet from the dining area at high tide. Tile floors, thatch roof, the walls and bar are a stonework mosaic. It has a couple of small living quarters too.

They are not doing well there financially, mostly because they are doing about everything wrong except the food, which is good. It could be a rockin' place with little effort. The people running it now have a 5 year contract and pay 5% of the monthly gross to the owner of the place.

I have also found the perfect farm in the hills, with several wells and the best soil on the island. That place isn't available at the moment, but things could change very easily.

Just some clouds coalescing into a potential reality, thought some of you-all might like to hear about it.

Origen the heretic said...

Hello Dublin Mick,

This here Is Rev. Phred, one of the alternate personalities of the Rev. John whose sorry ass usually has control, but he took his finger off the button momentarily and now I've got control. I would like to get your take on Minot ND -- the excuses in the article you linked sounded rather lame to me. Do you think they're spraying corexit up there or maybe some other chemical? Or possibly blowback from the Gulf? I would vote for the former. What's your take?

P.S. I think I'd get my ass out of Florida. Or maybe you're like me and trust in the Creator. Please excuse conflicting ideas, after all. I'm a multi-split personality. Whatever, best of luck to you.

Rev. Phred

Anonymous said...

I call to you grandmothers
need to connect unto the light
that net you made with power
the strength of heart inside
no one knows whats happenning
we can only guess and follow ways
the smoke of negative energys
decieves and leaves a haze
the elite hell bent on destruction
at the expense of innocense
hates and genaside
divisions and descents
we should be all ascending
but confusion everywhere
on mother earth our duty
was only help whilst we're there
so I'll slip inside your light net
go to work and craft some words
stir that peace inside
wake them singing birds
work all night for all things
see what comes to mind
we need all the people everywhere
to wake their hearts inside.


long john said...


i will tell you that Les, in my estimation, is one of the very best and most unique poets in all of history.

i happen to have read many of his older poems that he wrote years ago. back around 35 years ago (give or take), Les showed me his rather large manuscript of poetry, a collection of dozens upon dozens of unbelieveably beautiful poems that he had written from the 1960s onward, that were more profound and more exquisite poetry than anything i had ever read. i don't know if he still has that collection, but i sure hope so.

personally, i would venture to tell you a secret that Les is truly one of the greatest poets of all time. and i really mean that. and i don't say that casually or frivilously. and i am not saying it to kiss up to Les either. i say that because that is what i have felt and believed for well over three decades.

i have also read some of his poetry that he wrote while he was in Hawaii, and that was just as fantastic. very few poets can ever approach Les's level of poetic genius, imo. so there is more there in ole Mr Visible (and his muses), than you guys could ever imagine... just take my word for it.

here's a little clue: the great sage Lao Tzu was a bit of a poet.

and btw Neil, do keep on with your poetic expressions, and don't pay those naysayers any mind. a sincere guy like yourself is a better man than a thousand critics.

om shanti

Anonymous said...

no sir captain long johns...neil

Anonymous said...

origen the heretic

They well may be spraying something in Minot. I am sure they were spraying something in Florida long before the gulf saga. My squash has had the white spots for a very long time and died.

I would hate to flee to Alaska and then realize they were spraying that too.

Anonymous said...

stir those hearts with wonder
with the needle go to work
sewing through the dreams
of sleepers
sew the seams of higher learn
flow them inner loves
understandings of the heart
tap them all awake with truth
with dynamic sparks
mighty greatness of the mind
I know we are all one
awake their higher energys
align the all the moon the sun
strum them inner chords
with sounds that are sublime
sign the minds with lovings
align the higher mind
connect that higher nature
flow truth through the gates
the paradise that is eternal
inner streams flow and sway
in the eternal garden
smell the essence's on the breeze
and the ever living fruits
hanging on the trees
the truths of inner sanctity
the symbols that led the way
all are here to express
that sacred life that you gave.


Anonymous said...

Where do you live Michael Astera? I might be willing to give up a house payment in Florida for a restaurant payment somewhere. If it is the U.K. forget ti as it is going under the waves and I don't curtsy to demons.

Anonymous said...

and thank you captain long john..neil

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lukiftian said...


....hey.... HEY!... my newspaper IS gone!

pnguine said...

Dublin Mick

What's your problem? I followed the links to some of your stuff and found it very interesting but this oil/asphalt thing? It's oil. It's all over the place. There are pictures every where. How the heck does asphalt, that sits at the bottom of the ocean like a normal volcano on land, float around all over the gulf soaking into marsh lands and every living creature in the gulf? Did you miss the video of the gulf covered in huge streaks and sheens "as far as the eye can see". Did you miss the pictures showing the devastation of the birds? Did you miss the dying dolphins? Did you miss the part about how Corexit (Core Exit) turns oil red and then it sinks? How can you claim to be some sort of expert if you missed all that? Are you actually a dis-information troll working for the government/BP? How can you possibly say that this is an "asphalt volcano" that is "good for the gulf". Talk about weird and warped realities. And why are you posting so much - repeating this mantra of yours over and over? Don't you have your own blog to look after? If this is an "asphalt volcano" then I'm an asphalt alien from alpha centauri.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... chemtrails. That is the big lie. We are in deep doo-doo because our weather system doesn't work anymore. Don't forget - you can't pick and choose your lies and your truths. There are lies, disinformation and misinformation: then there are lies about the disinformation about the misinformation. How do you solve a formula if you don't know all the variables?

Peace? Maybe on Venus.

Anonymous said...

flowing through the bushes
rushing round the trees
weaving through the flowers
the ancient loving breeze
in the eternal garden
in the wandering of the mind
in signs of higher nature
with all the symbols and the signs
signed in through the heart
centered on a ray
the ever loving presence
true nature up and raise
playing by the river
by the mountain of the mind
with bees and birds and butterflys
all things are aligned
in connections to the light
through the night the new dawn come
wakening through the darkness
the warming of the sun
strumming at the hearts
a new day soon arise
come on people wake
the ever loving crys.


abe said...

Hey Les, thought you'd like this article, apparently we're supposed to start calling them "Russians" now.

walter washco said...

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

The disinfo is layered, layer upon layer, so that it ends up confusing even TPTB, folding in on top of itself over and over so that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing a lot of the time. And TPTB like it that way because they think it gives them a huge edge over the duped masses. What they don't realize is that the demons laugh at them more than they laugh at the duped masses because they thought they had the disinfo under control. Seeing as how the entire world system is founded on lies, witchcraft, and deception, how did TPTB ever think they could escape being duped by it themselves? The reason they thought they could play with fire and not get burned by it is because they're all nutzoid to begin with. Here's a link to an interesting video that sort of reveals where they're at mentally.

By the way Les, did you ever read 'The Pilgrim's Progress' by John Bunyan which he wrote in the 1600'S? In the story, one of the angel's warnings to the pilgrim was "Beware of the flatterers."

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, there is all this "crap."
The bottom line is that the Gulf is dead. Many of my livelihood came from that. It is caput. It's like one of the dog poets barbells hit you in the head, and you are seeing (false) stars.
It's gone, folks. I dont know where we go from here. God Bless Less. We dont' need a leader but we need someone to explain the insanity --

Visible said...

Another kind of Sunday brunch-

And so it goes.>


Yes, read it when I was about 15. It was very dense and slow going. It's not the condition that is the problem. It is one's susceptibility to it that is the problem. We can only watch and see what that means, if anything.

Anonymous said...

ancient streams
of thinking trails
thinkings of the mind
lining weaving loving beams
sewing through the strife
thought trails paths of ever loves
down and up and in
spinning trails of wanderings
flutter humming wind
song bird of the ever love
fly the sky of ever peace
carry seed of hiawatha
from the meadow chiefs
springing flowers color flow
to summer from the spring
springing sounds and frequencys
balance yan and yin
the ever lasting endless flow
weaves and does its way
through the trees with essences
on the meadow play.


Visible said...


In relation to unpublished comment (by request). I always think of body surfing when I encounter something like that. During certain months there were always a lot of tourists at the more desirable beaches. Some of these beaches, like Fleming, had some very powerful rip tides. Others, like Baldwin Beach had serious undertows. Slaughterhouse, which was near perfect, often had such monsters that it was hard to know what to do with them. People who didn't work with the propensities of the different types of waves would find themselves far down the beach and unlikely to go back in, or sucked out to where they had sufficient problems to also discourage them from returning. Even at the best spots the immensity was intimidating. Either you work with the water or you don't. The very thing that plays such havoc with your desire to control it (which you can't) also provides the optimum fun and enjoyment when you work with how it operates.

Once again, I have to thank the biggest rogue wave I ever encountered and that was my temporary physical father. Given enough random and inexplicable pummeling there's no way that the good times (if they can ever be known as such) can ever offset the humiliations encountered during earlier points when telepathic invasion made the most virgin portions of ourselves open to a defenseless penetration. This is why I look upon most of that sort of thing as a kind of rape, even if there never was any overt indication of it.

Sufficient abuse at an early enough stage, numbs the sensitive receptors to any following hearts and flowers. Of course, some might say that is one of the deeper origins of the form itself.

So, of course, the blindside ambushes can make it harder to get up in the morning which is why one should always remind themselves that The Sun is a conscious being and The Moon, a gateway of birth beyond that of mere physical forms.
Anything that drives us beyond the capacity for satisfaction here will inevitably lead us to the secret doors hidden in what appear to be solid walls.

Anonymous said...

I know dr dublins,it hurts,the not knowing and having to wade through the lies,remember peoples we are here now,lets focus our minds,
if we study like dr dublins going through every possible way intuiting rationaling just looking as hard as we can everyway,who knows what will happen,each of you I suspect has a certain stream of thought and if we utilise that as
one great big flowing stream of thinkings with the point of truth as the end result we may actually work out some way of getting this gulf thing sorted.
the poisons for sure need to be pumped out,I dont know what they think they're doing these elites
I mean if they read they're king book a true king always keeps every thing in order,because this keeps him happy,degenerating everything
just degenerates the self and everything around leaving well a stagnated sort of energy feeling.
come on elites put it down
lets get this thing sorted out.

peace and loves to everyone.neil

Anonymous said...

got you mr visibles,and thankyou..neil

charmian said...

Agent Smith is pledged to do his best to eradicate whatever and whomever opposes TPTB.

The assassin's favored guise is parent, friend, family-member or spouse. For those who are too bright for this world, the attacks usually begin in childhood. Innocence sees the demons and knows something is terribly amiss in a world that serves and worships them.

An earthly diet of betrayal served up by emotional / mental tormentor's (especially one's parents) is a very effective weapon in the war against the whistle-blowers. A deeply wounded warrior is as useless as a dead one.

In every direction, the false attacks the True. Even as we speak.

ravenise said...

Love the post, les. The Queen stepped onto crown land here just after a wonderful G20 for a spot of tea, a 9 day photo OP, and to congratulate Canada for being an “Example to the world!” Wow eh, doesn’t that make me feel all warm and tingly. Next stop? Bohemian Grove where Queen BP will host the sacrificial cremation of a newborn baby within the second floor of her gaping, flaccid labia… after which the steaming remains will be served on a silver platter to her Rothefellar audience, rocking out to Carl Orff's "O Fortuna" in Carmina Burana.

Wow what a treat here in Canada to be the host of the G20 summit! Fewf, the firework show is over! Go back to bed Canada, big daddy is here to protect you! We graciously spent 1.2 billion of your hard earned fiat tax dollars on your very own police state to protect you from all of those home grown Canadian terrorists disguised as peaceful protesters! Forget that CSIS said there was no credible terrorist threat... the Canadian branch of the Taliban is performing filatio on Peter Mansbridge and Jason Kenney in the dungeons of CBC as we speak. I heard on the news that Osama was hiding in a cave somewhere deep beneath the sewers of the House of Commons scheming his plot to ignite all that hot air above him. Watch your brilliant police force drive a cop car into the middle of a crowded intersection of protesters and abandon it for 6 hours. DID YOU SEE THAT? Just look at what those Canadian TERRORISTS did! Pay no attention to the thousands of innocent protesters who were harassed, beaten, illegally detained, and threatened with gang rape by police. Pay no attention to the failed two day $1.2 billion dollar party… you deserve it… after all you paid for it! Oh, and keep watching TV.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri dish up now-

The Year of the Exceedingly Strange, Living Dangerously.>

S. Training said...

On a related note I'd add that the Sun God won't save us, but the Morning Star will. The Mayans called this the Wasp star, and feared it greatly. Known as Tanka Watan to the Lakota. And it is indeed a Great Mystery. It was considered an evil and malignant deity by the Aztecs, but that was due to the sight of their own reflection. As was their hatred for Itz Papalotl. The morning star is a literal physical dispenser of karma. It's light hits the world with blessings or punishments congruent to our actions and shines a light separate and distinct from the solar radiation of the Smoking Mirror. It defies the sun by rising first and setting last. It pushes the worsipped image in to the undeworld and drags it back out according It's authority. It enters the great mystery, and nine nights later emerges the resurrected victor!

Anonymous said...

evergreens and indigos
yellow blue's in sky
loving truths keep weaving
like birds up in the sky
the aligning of all energys
on sound and color waves
flowing deep and riding
cosmic pulsing waves
flowing from the fingertips
of true natures ever tree
atuning higher frequencys
on the ancient breeze
wandering through the garden
of the mind is one
buzzing like a bee
upon the warmth of sun
strumming hearts with goodness
ever deeper trails
spinning feather wandering
high and low inner sails
the tales of old keep telling
the presence was always there
come on peoples join as one
the world needs to repair
and we are the caretakers
we always was will always be
atune the higher nature
untill we do we are not free.


Anonymous said...

its been absolutely wonderful here today thankyou people,some wonderful posts.neil

Anonymous said...
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TheSparkle said...

Regarding Chemtrails, please check out the work of Scott Stevens, a TV weatherman.

The videos on the main page give a good introduction.

Scott has determined that, apart from any direct effect of the trails themselves, they are used as markers for the extent and efficacy of the electrical-energetic weather modification program (HAARP, ionoshpheric heaters, etc.)

His reasoning is sound, and he has done a better, more thoughtful analysis on the subject that I have ever heard or read.

I listened to his 2+ hour interview on and then read his entire website and watched his videos. I highly recommend his work. It hasn't solved anything, but has provided a very logical explanation.

For a weatherman he is very informed and is no stranger to esoteric topics.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't happen to be love your life with a brand new bag would you?

charmian said...

Buddha gave some sage advice: stand back and watch the movie. Do not fall into reactionary hells even if wild dogs are tearing helpless children to pieces before one's very eyes.

Sounds so simple, doesn't it? "Detach and watch the movie".

But if that were so, the majority of people would naturally seek and so speak to the Highest -- understanding that every self-serving word and deed is just more fuel for the straw dog's funeral pyre.

It is not without empathy or compassion one observes worldly catastrophe and suffering. Yet, True Love knows this life is not personal, at all.

In that sense, the murder of 1 is the same as the murder of 10 million. Murder is a sinister habit that resides in all self-centered life-forms. Necessary for survival, demanded to perpetuate a race. Food for self is naturally acquired by murder.

The main dialogue here is about mass murder for money and power. Yet, deeper still lies something nefarious.

What is so sad - at this late date - is that it has taken an oil flood of such proportion to reveal a larger glimpse of the self-centered purpose that stands behind each and every murder that has ever or will ever take place in this world.

Sadder still is that only a rare few are finally pondering what and who benefits from the crying, howling self-concerns of a pliable and highly reactive population?

Energy follows thought.

Consider what hungers and thirsts for humanity's self-focused thoughts, emotions and actions. What is dependent upon them for survival. Then consider the millions of words flying about the blabosphere today. Words and sounds unwittingly spoken to incite more self-concerned emotions and inspire more self-serving reactions.

Hungry monsters love a good picnic. They especially love to dine upon imitation spirituality.

The more people who can be recruited to add their energy and passion to the collective delusion of I-me-mine, the grander the feast. And the longer the obscuring mirage will veil the Truth from humanity's eyes.

Anonymous said...

More details on devices used on 911

update to the above

analysis of water, clinical signs

finnish mil expt -detailed
his response to a critic

just for the photo-finds explained in first link above

Anonymous said...

Fine words I am trying to watch the movie but the corexit is burning my eyes.

Hank said...

I am so profoundly saddened by this event, that the who and why are paled to almost nonexistance. My heart and mind are screaming with the pain being inflicted on the mother of us all.

There is a hole in the heart of the earth and it's blood kills all it touches.

It may have been Rothschild and the Queen, with the BP dagger in their hand, but there are no innocent people in this. If you are not among those who weilded the dagger, then you are among those who allowed, or ignored, or voted for those who facilitated this deadly blow....and our innocent fellow creatures die in agony and bewilderment.

We are a horrible creature, we humans. We perpetrate attrocities on everyone and everything, and our only notable moments of nobility seem to come during or after our negligent or purposeful mistakes.

How does such arrogance come from such a primitive and superstitious creature.

When this is done, if it is ever done, then I may be able to think about flaying alive those who have done this to my mother, but for now...all I can do is weep.

m. edward godward said...

Neil- Thank you, your presence is appreciated, and the conflict seems to have provoked your inspiration.

Yes, energy follows thought, thank you for that. Reminds me of Tesla running the current in his mind through the device before the actual energizing.

The Idea of the power of three in creation of a fourth is an example. The metaphor is that of a wood sculptor and his block of wood, they are two, and a third force- inspiration, is needed to create and actual carving out of the raw block (the fourth).

In our journey of growth through life, I see our external AWARENESS as the raw object , our internal PRESENCE as the sculptor and our BREATH as the inspiration. When all three elements are tempered and utilized to their potential one can experience an elevated state of awareness(the fourth), and effectively evolve conscience.

"When transforming the breath, the inhalation must be full to gather the magic. To gather the magic, fullness must be extended. When it is extended, it can penetrate downward. When it can penetrate downward, it is magic.

When it descends, it becomes calm, solidifies, and is both strong and firm. When it is strong and firm, it will germinate. If it germinates it will grow and retreat upward. If it is attracted back, then a human being can reach both heaven and earth in the same breath.

When it retreats upward, It reaches the top of the head. When it falls forward, it can caress the feet and still press down. The secret powers of providence move above. The secret powers of Earth move below. Who follows this shall live."
Ancient Chou Dynasty Inscription (500 bc)

Anonymous said...

Sure you may be my brother but youre acting like my sister and thats my point. Do you think Visible or anyone else waits on these cheap champagne bubbles like it was important mail? They dont. I don't care if you put these things up here. Thats none of my business. I just wanted you to know what I thought of the quality and am really hoping you stop bobbing around like Mary Poppins. If you would do that for me I would be glad and grateful. At least Im honest which is more than I can say for some.


Visible said...


What a pleasure and surprise. I'm really glad to hear from you! I'm sorry for what you're feeling. It's the hardest thing I deal with myself.

If you get a chance check out tonight's show. It's geared toward resolving this though it's only what I am able to do within the limitations of my ability. I regret that my shortcomings often make me less effective than I should be but I think I might have found a workaround for this evening (grin)

Once again brother... thanks for dropping by

m_astera said...

The Sparkle-

I had never heard of the meteorologist you mention, but I was about to post that atmospheric conductors for the HAARP project seem the most likely explanation for the chemtrails. Good to hear that someone who knows a lot more about it than I do came to the same conclusion.


I live on Isla Margarita, off the NE coast of Venezuela. I've been here for a few years and like the climate; it's a pretty dry island, not jungles.

The farm and restaurant thing is nebulous right now; too many uncertainties that could, of course, sort themselves out quickly, but here's the scene:

Chavez is still in control of the gov't, taking his directions from Fidel. He has replaced the country's security and much of its admin and military with Cubans taking orders directly from Havana. Hugo's motive for this is to remain in power for life, like his hero and role model Fidel. However, Hugo isn't nearly as smart as Fidel, Venezuela isn't an island, and the Venz people are not at all like the Cubans, so the plan won't work (isn't working).

There was a big oil bubble (around a trillion US$) during the 90s of which perhaps half was used to buy friends and influence abroad, the rest stolen and sitting in offshore accounts or just pissed away. The country is now broke, there's been a serious brain drain of educated people leaving, most farming and manufacturing have shut down or been "nationalized" and run into the ground. Hugo is doing his best to sell off the country's remaining resources to the Chinese or anyone else who will give him money, which could work except that there is no one with brains allowed in any official capacity. (The Cubans are a bit of an exception, but they are brainwashed and as noted, this isn't Cuba)

The political opposition to Chavez is just the old guard that he replaced who want to get their noses back in the trough. The whole country is a complete disaster and the populace is clueless top to bottom. I'm laughing but it's true.

So anything could happen, except that which the various sociopaths have planned and will try to implement. Those days are gone and they won't get far, either the commies or the fascists. Really the ideology is beside the point, none of the players give a rat's ass about anything except lining their own nest or gaining power and control.

I don't pay that much attention to their games, I only stay aware of them. Venezuela has wonderful resources and a great climate if one likes the tropics; the ordinary people are friendly and easy-going; it wouldn't have to be a crime-ridden third-world basket case. As we trickle down to the inevitable collapse of the existing rotten edifices, opportunities to begin things that DO work will abound.

For now, I'd suggest that anyone who has something to invest, here or elsewhere, buy .999 silver rounds and wait for the chance to do something constructive with them.

Visible said...

Silver is exactly the key. I'm good to go with trusting the divine but it helps if those around me are secured so far as their minds go.

charmian said...

Is there some pristine oasis in this toxic cesspool that hasn't already been poisoned?

A place where suffering doesn't exist?

Air or water sources that aren't already polluted with murderous chemicals?

Or a species that is immune from death?

You see, we are already dying from the second we are born. It's not a matter of "if", but "when".

So does it really matter if the killing agent is Corexit or Flouride? Look Ma! No cavities, but I have brain cancer.

Visible said...

Ah, the old "nothing matters because everything is everything scenario". I'm going to buy that as a devoted personal expression when I can convince myself that the people holding it do not make decisions about what they will eat, where they will live, what they will do and where pain and pleasure manifest as the same current, where heat and cold are conditions that affect the animated corpse and have no impact whatever upon the mind which views all things impartially and is unaware of self other than self in totality and which, necessarily has moved it beyond the use of words because... that very act (of using words) is an indication of something that stands as observable testimony to the fact that that state does not exist in the speaker and is merely being projected for whatever the reason may be.

What I am often curious about is how the consideration and practice of such a state serves or benefits anyone who is not on the verge of the same. I've always felt that you help at the level where the entity is. However freedom may ultimately express itself there are degrees of disentanglement on the way and that is where my operator has put me.

charmian said...


I like the way Buddha put it -- words are lies. Do not cling to them. Even so, they are a useful expedient.

Anonymous said...

On the beach where I built monuments to the sky
Neptune wretches up a dolphin.
The lustrous hide is dry. Dull like driftwood.
Those bottomless, laughing eyes
Reflect a blackened, empty sea.

Hank said...


Your self deprecation is reassuring and unbecoming all at the same time.(grin)

Never sell yourself short. I am a voice, but you my friend, are a force. You touch and change more lives than I ever could, and I will take this opportunity to empolre you to never stop.

I regret not having as much time to respond as I did when unemployed, but rest assured I visit and read often. Until my next rant, take care and may peace find us all.

Visible said...

Need I say that having two comments of an interesting similarity appear (one of them from a nick I haven't seen before) is chicken skin making (grin)

As far as spiritual advancement and I go, it's kind of my job to do this which is why the divine maintains me in the process. I don't see how I could advance if I weren't serving in some capacity at all times. Whether, in fact, I am serving may be open to debate but I like to think I am so... no worries on that account.

It so happens that I know I am coming up upon an event that appears to be about two months away and another about two weeks away with the former being pretty earthquake making for me. It could well sort out that way but I suspect that any change will just be a transfer of intentions and energies to a different expression that will most likely be more efficient.

Bholanath, please do not send the Samoans. I never had one on my ass but I can tell you I would run; Tongan or Samoan, same difference.

Once I was walking from my restaurant in Wailuku during its brief and glorious career. There might be an argument about the actual ownership but you had to be there.

So, once I was walking through the parking lot behind the restaurant, a large parking lot that ended in a street where a convenience store and a bad bar were located. There were some local bars that even I didn't go in and this was one of them which was frequented by Filipinos and often larger types as well as the various mixes.

I noted as I approached the street, on my way to the convenience store, no doubt to get some beer for the evening, choosing not to rob the cooler at the restaurant of some number of the forty different brands that we carried, that there was a small scale riot taking place. it involved about 12 Filipinos and two Samoans. If I tell you that some Samoans have a chest of around a meter across, I am not exaggerating.

I stopped my progress to the convenience store because the action was taking place on the street in front of it and even extending to store fronts on either side; one of them was the bar.

Some of the Filipinos knew Jeet Kune Do and were throwing kicks and hand actions which had no appreciable effect. I was only about four yards away but no one seemed inclined to extend the conflict into the parking lot so I had a pretty close view. It didn't seem advisable to cross the street given the high spirited nature of the event and anyway, the people running the store were half in and out of their door watching the action.

At one point, one of the Filipinos went into the alley between two establishments and came out with a two by four of around six feet long. The Samoans were grabbing what Filipinos came within reach and tossing them in different directions. This was the only thing I had to be aware of because one of them came flying right by me at one point to bounce off of a car hood.

I should note that as large as these Samoans and any Samoan might be, they have that dancer thing that certain heavyset men sometimes have where they are light on their feet and then can be deceptively fast. I'll digress for a moment to tell you something about Samoans in their native habitat. Every so often the members of on village will grab some clubs and go to the next village and beat the shit out of them and then it reverses. It's some kind of a natural phenomena.


Visible said...

I know something about Samoans because my good friend Bud the Birdman rented an apartment from a Samoan family once. On the weekends we could hear them chanting for hours because they had taken a root called agwa ava? something like that. They were super nice people and I never had a problem with one in my whole time in Hawaii and I had recurrent problems with other varieties. Any number of friends can recount some of my dumber moments and serendiptous, "god takes care of drunks and idiots" (or is that children)situations.

Anyway, this Filipino came up behind one of the Samoans and reared back with his two by four like he was waiting for a high hard one with his eye on the fences and he clouted this Samoan on the back of the head. for some reason, most of the Filipinos saw this. It could be they were operating as a distraction when they saw this guy come out of the alley with the two by four.

In any case, he hit this guy so hard you could hear his skull ring and were he not a Samoan you might have feared for his life. The Samoan turned around and took the two by four out of his hand, tossed it into the parking lot and went right back to what he had been doing. Immediately the Filipino went running in all directions and the two Samoans went back into the bar and I went into the convenience store... heh heh.

It's a sight to see Samoans in the water body surfing. They're like gigantic seals. They are impressive in many ways and obviously have a connection to nature that is denied the civilized person.

I've been involved in conflicts in many places around the world but mostly in the US and I will tell you that Hawaii is a place where you have to watch your ass. Some of these guys can move like the wind and they have no fear whatsoever. I probably spared myself a serious asskicking by getting them to spar with me in the park when I was not sane. It caused them to treat me a certain way and i did nothing to disabuse this or some couple of fantastic stories about me concerning things that didn't happen at all the way they were told.

I found myself warning people over and over while I was there but, as you know, everyone knows better. So please do not send The Samoans. I'll pretend to behave.

Visible said...

I just uploaded the radio show so that is a go. I'd like to think I did something interesting this time so check it out if you've got 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Michael from pictures I have seen those beaches look fabulous. It seems to be far enough away from Aruba and the devil cult.

The senoritas don't look bad either.

Visible said...

Oh yeah, about the Hawaii thing. I was going to mention something that slipped by me and was germane, I think, to my slipping through the mix even though I was completely out of my mind and should have had my checks canceled any number of times. The divine was really looking out for me in that decade of serious dissipation.

Bud the Birdman will be glad to provide examples of some of the crazy and dangerous things that happened. He's a great guy to know anyway and if you're on Maui you should make a point of meeting him.

We used to go at each other on a regular basis including on stage where we were doing stand up comedy. It was not as entertaining for others as it was for us. Regrettably people were not always notified in advance that we were just having fun because it certainly didn't look like it some times (grin)

Anyway, they have a thing there called 'the coconut telegraph' and if you've been on the island for awhile and done anything to bring yourself to the attention of the local community, everyone knows who you are. It's uncanny. So it is that rumors and reputations take on the aroma of truth, true or not.

Since I had the only Jazz show on the island and the mayor was a jazz buff and called me up on occasion, that was one thing. Then there was my facing a life sentence and being the only person in Hawaiian history to beat 3 class A felonies by reason of entrapment in the state with the highest conviction rate in the country; because of all the immigrants becoming citizens and being major league law and order. I should tell that tale some time.

That also gave me an unusual celebrity because I couldn't even afford a lawyer and I didn't rat anyone out. Little did I know what currency that contained because afterwards, the district attorney; not the guy who prosecuted me but his boss said, "In my eight years as a prosecutor (Cardoza was his name I think), that guy and his girlfriend were two of only 3 people who never cooperated with us."

Everybody talks and there are no secrets in the islands so that was a fortunate thing for me. Throw in that I performed regularly and it made for interesting times.

Ah, this is just one of those times went I talk story. Seems to happen now and then and I have no idea why.

Anonymous said...

hank your words always touch,you are a good good man,I hope your ok.. neil

Anonymous said...

thankyou edward,
for your kind words .neil

estebanfolsom said...

all's we get
is one breath

it is given to us
and taken away

what we do

the first and last
is totally up to us

but there's no doubt
how this ends

so i would say
take your time

be gentle be kind
you think it'll

get easier
but it don't

but that ain't
no reason

not to try

m_astera said...

Correction Re Venezuela- Big money oil bubble during 2000-2008,, not the '90s.

Mick, the beaches are wonderful, the weather is perfect around 350 days a year. There's a beach on the N side of the central isthmus that is 26 km long and usually deserted. The senoritas are beautiful but another story. It is not wise to get romantically involved with a Venezuelan of either gender.

Anonymous said...
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pnguine said...


Anonymous said...
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m_astera said...

I read your Costa Rica/Nicaragua link, Mick. 'Fraid I'll have to call BS on that, and I think that's about it for any credibility out of Wayne Madsen.

"Intelligence" includes the ability to recognize the big picture. One group of bankers runs this whole fuckin' planet. Getting Zelaya out of Honduras was NOT a coup, there have been NO threats to Venezuela from the Colombian government. The FARC has safe bases in Venezuela from which they raid Colombia, they run their coke biz through the Venz government, and for spare change they kidnap rich Venezuelans and hold them for ransom.

Look, if the bankers wanted to get rid of the "socialist" threat in Latin America, they would quit buying oil from Venezuela. Any time in the last eleven years they could have done that and the Chavez gov't would have collapsed. Chavez funds Nicaragua and Cuba and Bolivia; without Venezuela's money they would be toast.

Whatever games are being played in Costa Rica, the same assholes are running both sides. Why is that so hard for an "intelligence agent" to see?

Who funded Castro's revolution? Who funded the Bolshevik revolution? The peasants, because they wanted a government that owned everything and decided every part of their lives from birth to death for them?

There is no more difference between who owns and runs the commies, fascists, or capitalists worldwide than there is between who owns the Democratic and Republican parties in the USA. Why is that so hard to understand? The BANKERS own them all, and the minute the bankers decide they don't want someone playing anymore, that person is gone. Any appearance to the contrary is just playing games to keep the plebes scared and too busy to figure things out.

It ALL runs on money, and who controls the money?

Visible said...

What are the Millerites? Sometimes I don't know if I am completely out of the loop or so hardwired that I don't notice anything else.

Someone was laughing at me a few months ago at another site because I didn't know what an Emo was. When I found out it didn't surprise me at all. For some reason the person who thought themselves so much more in tune with the world considered me lacking in deeper awareness because I wasn't up to snuff on shallow things.

Anonymous said...

I dont know either les,maybe some secret cult of millers,who are going to mill the ptb into some sort of mill extract thingemy,..neil

Visible said...

I think Pstonie already posted the answer. Here or somewhere. Shit's flying like opening day at the Ultimate Fighting Challenge. Sometimes a lot of steps can be saved by seeing if the thing is already in your inbox.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
goin' now said...

Me thinks he doth protest too much.

m_astera said...


If you actually wanted to know what was going on in South America, you could always just ask someone who lives there and watches things carefully and objectively and who doesn't have a dog in the fight.

Or you could read propaganda from the Jews Lendman, Chomsky, and Petras, watch socialist propaganda movies about Chavez and Castro, and read Yes! magazine and World Socialist Website and Global Research articles written by lefty journalists who visited for a week and were put up in five-star hotels and shown Potemkin villages. Oliver Stone has a bridge he'd like to sell you as well.

Who is running the drugs? We can assume that the profits mostly go back to Israel of course, but the two competing factions in South America can be boiled down to the CIA and the FARC. The CIA is hooked in with the Colombian gov't, the FARC runs most of their stuff through the Venezuelan gov't. Most of the CIA drugs go to the USA, the FARC ships mainly to Europe. Both factions run drugs for Bolivia and Peru as well. A fool can take their choice on which fake ideology they wish to believe, commie or capitalist. There are no fucking good guys, period.

Let me assure you specifically that Daniel Ortega is not someone you would want alone with your thirteen year old daughter. They are all sociopathic narcissists or they wouldn't be where they are today.

Maybe this guy Ginzburg in Costa Rica has a hard-on for Ortega because of some stupid slight against Israel. More likely the CIA is pissed because Ortega is running FARC coke for Chavez and messing with the CIA's Central American distribution routes. Same thing that was getting ready to happen in Honduras, with Chavez and Castro trying to force the unconstitutional re-election campaign of Zelaya so the FARC drugs could be safely shipped through Tegucigalpa. None of them are your friends or ever will be. They would cut your peon throat and feed the blood and your corpse to the pigs as soon as look at you.

Anonymous said...

Michael I don't doubt most of that one bit. I really don't know. I was mostly making an observation that Costa Rico and Colombia appear to be becoming Israeli colonies and we know how that always turns out. Of course Guatemala is also.

Only thing I can say for Chavez is it appears anyway he is elected and has taken some oil funds and tried to help some of the ones there who were living on banana peelings and onions before.

You would know more about it than I would but you have to admit a guy talking about smelling sulfur due to Bush at the United Nations has a sense of humor anyway. The internationalists hate him so he must be doing something right.

Cap Matifou said...

hat down to the handfull of daring souls, who refuse to serve the enemies of humanity
Daughter of Mossad Chief: I Refuse to Enlist

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
m_astera said...


I did my best in the replies above to explain the situation in Central America and northern South America evenly and without rancor. It appears that approach was a waste of time, so now you get it without the sugar.

I am sick and tired untofuckingscreamingoutloud of ignorant people parroting stupid fucking lies about Chavez. Is that clear? No, I don't think it is clear enough, let me try again:

Neither you, nor anyone else that I hear spouting the bullshit that you have been sold by those pulling your strings know one damned thing about Chavez or Venezuela. Nothing.

No, he has not helped the poor; he has done nothing to make Venezuela a better place. He has divided it worse than Bush II divided the US. He has robbed the country blind. He has pissed away the biggest chunk of money that Venezuela is likely to ever see, pissed it away and stolen the rest while the country collapses. Venezuela can no longer feed itself and most manufacturing is gone, because your fucking hero stole the productive farms and factories and ran them into the ground. They are mostly abandoned.

A couple of weeks ago it was reported that 8,000 barrels per day of oil are leaking into Lake Maracaibo from rusted rotting pipelines that have had no maintenance. The math on that, volume for volume, is around five orders of magnitude greater than the gulf leak, and your glorious fucking hero Chavez isn't doing anything about it because not only are he and his people incompetent to do anything, but they don't give a fuck. It would also cost money to fix, and they have stolen all the money; the country is bankrupt. The private companies that COULD do something have all left because they were not paid and their equipment was stolen as well.

Your hero lives in a palace surrounded by Cuban guards because he is afraid of the Venezuelan people, terrified of them. He never appears in public without a huge CUBAN security detail and is always wearing a bullet proof vest under his shirt. He PAYS the peons to put on a red shirt and march in his parades, buses them in, gives them booze and money. If you have a government job you are required to march in his parades and fake demonstrations or you lose your job.

I do not give a fuck about the smart-ass remark Hugo made about his fellow psychopath GWBush at the UN. He says what he says not only because he is a narcissistic attention whore but because it is classic manipulation strategy for sociopaths to accuse others of being what they themselves are.

Hugo got where he is by lying, cheating, stealing and killing, and he continues in power using the same methods. He has never been elected in an "honest" election except the first one in 1998, where he promised the poor that he would spread the oil money around, which he didn't do. He and his cronies simply stole it or pissed it away on military toys and buying foreign allies and the poor are still living in cardboard shacks while Caracas quite possibly has the highest murder and kidnapping rate in the world; also, and importantly, he hates stupid shithead gringos; he calls you esqualidos. Holds you in complete contempt and rightly so, as is proven by your gullibility.

m_astera said...


I haven't touched the surface of the level of harm he has done, not even scratched it. You have no idea of the level of corruption you are defending. People watched a commercial for Chavez, a fake, staged, propaganda piece, and were so easily led that they never thought to question it because they need and want to believe in made-up heroes. Castro is a hero, too, right? And Zelaya and Ortega. Lenin and Stalin and Mao were heroes as well. Power to the people. Let us recall who formed and funded the communist internationale. The second Chavez ceases to be useful to those bankers, he will be toast, so spare me the speculation about which South or Central American countries are Israeli colonies. From what I have seen the Jews control the banks and the money in Venezuela just as they do in Colombia. Who do you suppose handles the money laundering for the FARC drug trade?

Sorry to have to say things like this, Mick, because I do like you, but if you are so deluded that you never thought to question this crap, and when I try to tell the truth you throw it in my face, when I LIVE HERE, what am I to think?

Did you know that GW Bush is really a good Christian who wanted to bring freedom and democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan? Didn't he say so himself? Didn't the US media repeat it? And wasn't he fairly and democratically elected?

Say what? You don't think so? You live in the USA and that's not how it is? Well, you are wrong, because I read the New York Times and watched Fox news and I know the truth. Anyone who thinks differently hates freedom and wants Osama bin Laden's terrorists to take over the USA.

I truly have taken enough guff on this subject, which is why I say fuck every stupid goddam brainwashed fool reading here who thinks Chavez is cool. Fuck you all if you don't CARE about the truth because you are happy with the lies and would rather attack someone who does know what he is talking about because he is upsetting your cherished fantasies.

I am sick of it.

That "distant blog" that I referred to earlier, the one where I was piled on, ridiculed, mocked, called despicable names this past week? That was the reaction of the readers of an anti-Chavez Venezuelan blog when I mentioned the corrupt US government, the Zionist bankers, Israel. They didn't handle it very well. It will be interesting to see how the enlightened crowd here handles their share of the truth.

Visible said...


Finally got some sleep; most visited blog... okay,

I have not met Hugo Chavez and have not been to Venezuela (was attracted to Isla Margarita at one point)

What I do know is that politics, like war, like religion, like anything that involves people, commerce and money is likely to be a vehicle of the expedient and profitable for those profiting from the transfers and confusion.

The recent activity in Costa Rica via Agency Ginzberg is fair telling.

None of this is the relevant issue. As Sam Cooke put it "a change is gonna come"

doesn't make any difference about what was next to what is.

In virtual space I've interacted with some world leaders and they are not all nonredeemable scumbags. Some of them are hard men or smart men with good intention complicated by 'deals' and apprehensions. Quite soon a surprising number of these people will full on come over to the side of the good of the peoples of the world. Others will agree or choose not to hinder. Whatever is left will be handled by the unstoppable forces of time , destiny, sundry and a Canticles for Liebowitz.

what is happening here is similar to the tin ducks that keep popping up in shooting galleries. You're not going to run out of ducks though you might forget to duck ergo... just be as you are. If you're useful you'll be called and if you're not you can get out of the way. Well, that's how I'm handling it in respect of myself.

Visible said...

Some of what you are going to see is part of the last gasp of these desperate murderers and soul slaves and they wind it up the way the male black widow spider snares the legs of the girl he is giving it to so that he can get away because she is a lot bigger than he is and she is hungry in all areas. So it goes. If you get the simple point and if is not your thing don't engage. just step aside; professionals are at work.

"Anyone got one of those yellow highway signs" "No," "we don't want the red sign yet, they should just take care."

Hmmmm seems that I am on the telephone.

Help! I've fallen and I can't forget.>

Anonymous said...

Just making an observation. I have to say however Venezuela and much of latin America has been exploited for decades. Superman couldn't put it back together overnight.

My heroes are honest bloggers, I start low. But I am wondering if those rusty oil pipes went south under Royal Dutch shell, Total and the rest of them or did they suddenly rust out when Chavez took over.

Not being an expert on South America but it does occur to me that part of the problem down there is a move to organize their own central bank and move away from the IMF. A lot of people get dead and unpopular when they do that. Talk to the ghosts of McKinley, Lincoln, Kennedy, Czar Nicholas and Jesse James.

But hell the way you describe Venezuela sounds a lot like Florida the U.S. these days. That is something I do know something about.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A simple line that goes so straight
through hands of time
and twists of fate
wanting love
but finding hate
wishing we could wipe the slate
and then begin to emulate
the simple line that goes so straight...

chuckyman said...

I’ve always liked what I’ve heard about Hugo C. My enemy’s enemy is my friend. I might not be spiritually evolved but I can spot someone being set up by the usual ZOG suspects.

Anonymous said...

Les, TPTB is "motoring about in the fog" (grin).


Always yours, Aesops Dog....

m_astera said...

Les, and Mick-

Politics is not my favorite subject by a long ways. Nonetheless, I am a player in this world and in the changes to come. A part of my self-chosen role at present is to call bullshit on bullshit wherever it shows up. I'm pretty careful to make sure I know what I'm talking about; if I don't I keep my mouth shut or stick with asking questions.

Looking only at the philosophical end of things, I wonder again and again why I get the identical response from those supporting predatory capitalism and those pushing nanny-state socialism. Not an iota of difference in the responses, and, tellingly, no different than the responses I get from those who have dedicated themselves to a narrow interpretation of their favorite religious dogma.

I don't work that way, never have, and honestly I don't understand it. Why would a belief system that has been sold to you by those with an ulterior motive be so valuable that you would destroy friendships and even lives rather than dare to question it?

As for working with high level individuals on the world stage and professionals being in charge, spare me. I work with important people on the world stage day in and day out and it's unlikely most have ever or will ever hear of them. They are not politicians and they are not media stars; they are intelligent and caring people who are working diligently to create the new ideas and systems that do work and will work, the systems that will replace the present clusterfuck. Here's a clue: politics is junk and is a goner, as are rulers, presidents, senators, judges etc. They will not be found in the new world, not in any form that would presently be recognizable.

There will be no top-down government or competing political ideologies in the new world. Both capitalism and socialism are dead and will soon be, at best, historical curiosities. And the same goes for each and every one of the world's religions.

I've said this here before and will repeat it: I have been there, I know how it works, bottom up, top down, and side to side. The new world is nothing like the one you live in today, unless, that is, you are presently connected to a loving, peaceful family or community and your friends and neighbors are living their lives with joy and satisfaction.

Anyone who desires a sneak peek at who their new ruler will be is advised to go look in the mirror and get used to the idea. Are you up to the task?

m_astera said...


Finally found my way back up to the link you left to "nobody's" blog entry for January of 2009.

Hadn't seen that before, but I can't say I'm surprised. The single most vicious and foul-mouthed personal attacks that I recall on the web came from that poster, and right here on Les's blogs.

There was never the slightest move to discuss or debate facts or even opinions, only name calling. Now I see that doing that here wasn't enough, it had to get dragged over to their own blog as well.

And what's the argument? That anyone who would dare to criticize her/his saintly icon could only be a CIA spook? How incredibly lame.

"Nobody's" hero, John Pilger (who I've never heard of before now, but I'm not a video fan) seems to fit pretty well into the category of visiting journalists who have been shown Potemkin villages. To be fair, though, things were different in Venezuela back in 2004-2005, when a lot of "leftist" journalists wrote glowing reviews of Chavez. There was a lot of oil money coming in, for one thing, and the upcoming 2006 presidential election as well, so a bit of the oil money was dribbled down to the poor. Things are a little different today. One difference that "nobody" might take a look at, though I'm sure it won't happen, is that Hugo is openly trying to sell communism these days.

Well anyway, as I said above, all of these ideologies are fake and will be gone soon enough. The truth is being revealed, and no one will be spared; that includes the truth about Sr Chavez. I look forward to that, though I don't look forward to the embarrassment I will feel for those whose blind faith backed up with viciousness and slander will also be exposed for what it was. I don't think "nobody" will have the decency to own up. How about the rest of you?

We shall see. Hope you are looking forward to and enjoying the unveiling as much as I am.

Anonymous said...
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another fake irishman said...

Welcome to the MasterA and Dublin Mick show! Dublin Mick as well as being a one man spam army is now an expert on geology so take note any retired geologist know nothings and listen up to the spam of truth from the one man still getting his assphelt properly.

MasterA has never heard of John Pilger? You are remarkably well uninformed Michael. Very much looking forward to your next interesting piece about Chavez. In fact I have an idea - you both write so much maybe you could get your own blogs. Have fun dudes!

This used to be an interesting comment section. It's not so much anymore.

m_astera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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