Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stuff World and the Great Deception Machine.

For me... freedom is a state of mind. If you aren’t free in your mind then you’re not free anywhere else because all motives for thought, speech and action comes out of the mind. There is another key and that is the possession of true discrimination. If you can’t discriminate between what liberates and what binds you, you will also not be free. A lot of people wind up in a serious tangle, caught like an animal in wire, because of inattentive and speedy pursuit of the freedom to do whatever they think they have a right to, regardless of the risks that more careful observation would reveal.

If you want the truth then you have to be able to adjust to it when you hear or see it. The truth does not adjust to you. The attempt to achieve that adjusting is how lies are created. This is why you should approach the main stream media with the conscious awareness that they are lying to you all the time. The biggest hurdle... even for those who know better is... how could something so big and prosperous, so ubiquitous; successful and routine in its operations be one great big lie machine? Looking right at it, it tricks us and... it wears us down.

We see well dressed men and women telling us what they want us to hear. They meet and speak with important people. They drive expensive cars and live well. How could they all be serial liars who behave like sidewalk whores for the money? How could it be that these people who went to all the good schools and get all the valued invites are pathological, lying sacks of shit with zero integrity and honor? It’s true though. They lied about 9/11. They lied about Afghanistan. They lied about Iraq and they are lying about Iran. When they don’t lie... they avoid or suppress. So it is that you have to approach the media with a certain perspective. Why are they telling ‘this lie’ now? You flat out assume it’s a lie because it’s all a lie, so the next step is... why?

Obama is opposed to releasing the torture graphics because he says the generals say it would harm the troops in the field and American interests abroad. This has to be a lie because all they do is lie; not just the media but the elected officials, the religious leaders and anyone with any position whatsoever in The Great Deception Machine. Why is deception necessary? It is necessary because due to profit or expediency someone is doing the wrong thing and breaking the very laws they were elected or appointed to enforce. It is also necessary in order to maintain control over what the public sees and how the public responds. Most of the time when they lie, which is all of the time, it is to protect the interests of the present group of criminals who replaced the last bunch of criminals and who will, at some point be replaced by another pack of criminals.

The newscasters lie. The commercials lie. The characters in all of the temporary fantasies are lies and the reality shows are present because reality contradicts everything that is happening, so a reality has to be fashioned to distract from Reality, which is reflected in the ‘nowhere near bottom’ economic free fall; the gratuitous wars abroad, all the missing money, the high rate of unemployment, the foreclosures, the closing stores, the panic on Fear Street which used to be called Main Street and which, curiously, is populated by an enormous mob of people who are laughing their way through the whole thing because the fear makes them do it.

I’m going to have to get a little metaphysical here and I hope if you are not metaphysically inclined that you will be able to translate this into your own schematic for understanding.

Lies are like foliage. They conceal what is behind it. Predators use it for camouflage and prey uses it for a place to hide. In certain cases they camouflage themselves. In our present civilization (snicker) we have all become chameleons. We are not criminals ourselves but the vast, incessant searching for criminal behavior; which can also be called eliminating the competition, or corralling, branding and controlling the consuming masses, forces us to pretend that we aren’t doing anything wrong as more and more new laws make that an impossibility so... we camouflage ourselves in normal colors although no one knows what normal is any more.

Wherever we came from we are now delivered into a world of property and ‘stuff’. Since some people have stuff and some people want stuff, stuff and property have to be protected. The people with the most stuff are the beneficiaries of what used to be public law enforcement and used to operate according to a court system that was autonomous until it was purchased by corporations... just like the prison system and so many other things like toll roads and bridges and who know what now.

There is a prevailing philosophy in the world of stuff and that is materialism. Materialism is the mother of all the lies being told because as even physicists will tell you, material isn’t real. It just appears to be real. Political correctness and fascism; indistinguishable from one another, also come out of materialism. In a philosophical and in a very real sense it all goes back to The Golden Calf. Whosoever is most involved in the operations of the material is also the power of the realm which... explains just about everything that is happening. Corporations are the Gods of the material realm and those who control them are the agents of the imprisoning deception that is making war on our humanity.

The Pope goes to The Holy Land (snicker) and ignores everything upon which his religion is based and has to make all kinds of comments about The Holocaust. The purpose of this is to take the attention off of a holocaust taking place in present time in that very place courtesy of the victims of the former. Now The Holy Land is not a holy land. It is The Cursed Land and that is obvious according to what takes place there. The fact is that everything is upside down, backwards and insane so, it stands to reason that so are most of the people everywhere who are forced to accept something other than what they seem unable to allow their eyes to see.

The brilliance, power and beauty of the internet, in terms of what it represents, is an awesome thing. It’s like some kind of magical world where the truth can circulate and breathe. It is the breeding ground of various revolutions that are moving through a virtual landscape and manifesting whole communities in a commonality of thought. The thing is, given the chance... most people can spot the truth, if they get a chance to see it. Most people are good people, even if... in many cases in this time, they are not as bright as they might have been because a cloak of lies like woven crows, incessantly covers over the light of their perceptions.

At this time you are either going along to get along or... you operate according to another modality. Going along to get along is basically submitting to the will of the imprisoning lies. It can’t end well and it hasn’t been. You will note the millions that worked all their life for an ease of existence in their twilight years. Now they find it is gone.

I want to personally thank all of you who have worked so hard to make the truth be heard and who have been unflagging in your efforts. I want to ask you to consider the strange miracle of the internet in our hour of greatest need and to consider that we may have unknown assistance at our side should we be engaged on behalf of humanity and... I can’t shake this feeling that the cavalry is on the way. I keep hearing the hoof beats. They increase and recede like the waves upon the shore. They seem to come from all directions. I can’t interpret it but for some reason, I feel better today and in recent days than I have in some time.

It’s the sort of thing where something happens that you haven’t heard about yet but its good news for you. I’d like to leave you with that for the moment and hope that... though all I did was imply a lot of things while I was walking through the foliage, you can make some sense out of my footprints and the landscape I was walking through when I made them. The Sun is shining pretty brightly here right now on all kinds of levels.

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gurnygob said...

Les I just completed a comment for your last post “living in the time of the Avatar”.

YoU R MoVINg TO fASt fOr my BraiN, Ahggg.

However, you make sense as usual.


Excellent post! In the words of Jello Biafra...
Don't hate the media, become the media. I will be sending this article to everyone in my address book!
Keep up the fine work.

Robert said...

Les... Well said. Though certainly no psychic here, I am still perceptive and feel/sense/believe that something new and better is near... Change is upon us and though we don't understand all that means yet, the time of ThePowersThatBe is short and "They" know it...

Though it is difficult, I still try and remain optimistic in the face of what seems to be overwhelming evil...

In Peace and Hope...

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 16.11-12

cintām aparimeyāḿ ca

pralayāntām upāśritāḥ


etāvad iti niścitāḥ

āśā-pāśa-śatair baddhāḥ


īhante kāma-bhogārtham



They believe that to gratify the senses is the prime necessity of human civilization. Thus until the end of life their anxiety is immeasurable. Bound by a network of hundreds of thousands of desires and absorbed in lust and anger, they secure money by illegal means for sense gratification.


The demoniac accept that the enjoyment of the senses is the ultimate goal of life, and this concept they maintain until death. They do not believe in life after death, and they do not believe that one takes on different types of bodies according to one's karma, or activities in this world. Their plans for life are never finished, and they go on preparing plan after plan, all of which are never finished. We have personal experience of a person of such demoniac mentality who, even at the point of death, was requesting the physician to prolong his life for four years more because his plans were not yet complete. Such foolish people do not know that a physician cannot prolong life even for a moment. When the notice is there, there is no consideration of the man's desire. The laws of nature do not allow a second beyond what one is destined to enjoy.

The demoniac person, who has no faith in God or the Supersoul within himself, performs all kinds of sinful activities simply for sense gratification. He does not know that there is a witness sitting within his heart. The Supersoul is observing the activities of the individual soul. As it is stated in the Upaniṣads, there are two birds sitting in one tree; one is acting and enjoying or suffering the fruits of the branches, and the other is witnessing. But one who is demoniac has no knowledge of Vedic scripture, nor has he any faith; therefore he feels free to do anything for sense enjoyment, regardless of the consequences.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les-just wanted to say-
If the US mainstream media speaks, it is lying. And, if you catch it in a truth, it's to further a bigger lie. Best thing is to turn it off.
"Corporations are Gods of the material realm and those who control them are agents of the imprisoning deception that is making war on our humanity."
GREAT!!!! Excellent!!! These words should be posted on every freeway overpass on America, scrawled on walls, shouted from rooftops.

Corporations are-dead. Dead things that prentend to be alive. I call them Zombies. Zombie entities, forces, structures.

Must admit, at times I have vented my spleen. On those who work as agents of Zombie entities. Bad Zombie entities. Not Zombies who havent bothered me, rather, the nasty, evil Zombie forces.

Bill B. said...

Thank you for your optimism Les!

Just a comment about Obama not releasing the torture pictures. I feel the generals may be correct in their assessment because if the photos do get out (which will no doubt reveal horrible torture), the world will be outraged against the USA. Thus putting the troops in danger of retaliations even more so than is currently experienced.

Anonymous said...

Les ...again a well put together and thought provoking article.

I am going to try post this here again, not sure if it will get there I will sends it via email as well.

I think the problem for a vast majority of people is that lies are just way more convenient. We have been conditioned from a very early age that sometimes it is just better to tell a little white lie than to hurt someones feelings with the truth.

The trouble is, those littler white lies become glowing white phosphorous bombs bursting in the air, and like an urban legend, if it gets passed around long enough as the truth it in some sort of twisted way becomes the truth. The truth then becomes the lie.

I also believe a lot of problems have been created because of this push for political correctness. To me PC is total bullshit. Perhaps if a Skank such as Condi Rice was told she was a 'bitch' every time she told a lie or Dickless Cheney were told he was a MthrFkr every time he said a word maybe they would begin to think twice about the BS they spew.

Maybe just maybe it should be OK to call bullshit where Bullshit is found. Maybe we should stop using the term honorable when addressing members of the political elite. Maybe it is time for every one of us to really look at the way we live our lives and change all that does not aspire to dredge the truth. I have started, I say it out loud when I think something is BS. Never used to but now I am not afraid anymore. I no longer shake the hand of people I find offensive, dishonest or morally ethically bankrupt. You might ask how I know whether or not these people are as I have described? It is easy, these types of people wear this like some sort of badge of honor.

I in this life will not bow before self proclaimed royalty or the elite class. Prove to me that you are of high moral character and I will call you friend, fail to do that but expect my subservience I say piss off. The worst you can do to me is take my life.... at least I will have died holding a higher moral ground.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the most difficult part for the sheeple at large is accepting that it is ALL LIES, at ALL TIMES. It has got to the point that a modern person living in a city, working some dead-end 8-6 job (if even that), crammed into some little living space gets no truth, aside from perhaps the actions and emotions from his / her household pet. Seeing that little dog run up to you with unconditional love and wanting a good honest tickle is the extent of most people's TRUTH, if they are lucky enough to have such a creature. Sad, but true. Disintegration of family, friendships, clubs, and organisations; corruption of the media, church, and political / economic institutions, leaves the vast majority of people truly isolated, vulnerable, scared, and completely uninformed about any aspects of the truth, which then essentially makes them pawns and enablers of the Machine.

So, what can be done? Well, leave the city, quit the useless job, learn some valuable skills, unplug and destroy that f-ing TV, toss out the radio, think about what you are putting into your mouth, look up into the skies, surround yourself with people of good heart / vibration who've truly got your back, quit your endless lying, stop being petty, get a pet / animal, and make an effort to laugh. Do something REAL. Then maybe you can start to thwart the System.

Stop paying tax is wonderful. Creating alternate identifications and learning about the whole "strawman" thing is invaluable. creative-identification dot com has been a great help to me. Creating bumper stickers like "fukc Israel" or "Look up @ the CHEMTRAILS" and plastering them on the System is always fun; maybe even the back of a cop car! Use your imagination and follow your passion, and don't forget to tickle the loving creatures in your life.

Anonymous said...

i believe what you say here , except the hoofs i hear are the coward americans running away from the truth and responsibility. gary

Anonymous said...

The truth lies everywhere

nina said...

Damn, that was so comprehensive, such a gleaming walk through these tangled woods, to arrive at last by the babbling brook, I wish I'd written it. Since I didn't, I'll just be like all cellular structures and appropriate it by absorption.
It is Spring, thanks and praises to the almighty I-Jah, everywhere are little Thoreau wearing sunglasses looking at the world through newborn eyes. It appears that the Universe's satellite dish receives our thoughts and only the separation of time zones keeps those thoughts from bouncing back simultaneously. The web is indeed a web. I feel like I need to confirm it as in spoken acknowledgment of deed otherwise going unmentioned. I used to wonder, were you living my life, how could that possibly be? Just as it has taken all this time for the upside down upset of everything, everywhere, to come together like a dial-up process of pixels reducing themselves into one perfectly focused image, it has taken just as long to zoom out in a higher resolution where we can breathe together with a little breathing room.
As always though, even in the sunshine, chatting with the Oaks and Elk, readying to meet the Avatar, my heart is with the children flying into Heaven everyday for that is where we meet the gnashing monster's scissor teeth in horrific 3-D, ripping and tearing on seeds never to be allowed to sprout in this burned out plane.
Its the old-new everyday-Now back & forth, tears and joy, joy to tears. Again and again.

carol said...

Hi Les, seems about time to step onto higher ground, n'est ce pas ?

... and take leave of Materialism for loftier values - where genuine fraternal impulses can survive, under the influence of the 'Sun'?

Yeah, this has all been assuming such a darn subtle undertone but it really does look like it's finally TIME 'wear' the SUBTLE and then really defend the human race - so everybody, as much as you can, get with it - sharpen up all of those human senses of yours -
cause, as Les so rightly distinguished it : there's now "animal(s) in wire; and cloak (s) of lies like woven crows ".

Get it guys and gals ?

The human race is under attack like it never has been and the Angels of heaven are HERE to help.

If you can read betweeen the lines, you'll see it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing can stand the truth
Everything lies beneath it

Anonymous said...

A lie is as good as a rest.
Lies you can believe in.
The lie of the land.
Home of the laid.
Supersize your lies for you, Mam?
Ok, a bowl of lice to go then?

One offal the many weighs to lighten the pyre:
Hold up a smoking mirror to that Me, do Sir!

Visible said...

One minor point folks. You have to sometimes give it an hour or so for your comments to appear because I might be doing something else and in the evening U.S. time I might be down for a few hours in the arms of Morpheus or however that works.

Usually it will say something about comments waiting for moderation. When you don't see that, that is sign and sometimes when it rejects a comment you just submit it again. Sooner or later it passes.

Anonymous said...

is seldom
like the truth
at the forefront
behind every painting
the canvas is another fabrication

Anonymous said...

You have touched us and we are many. You have made us to see in the same way as you do. We are with you and even when you don't see us you can sense our presence, our sincere frendship and respect.


Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

I have noticed that the more unsustainable the lie becomes, the more egregious the legislation, deceit and oppression. Now and again I watch, listen to the news and read the papers just to get a handle on where the lie machine is going mainly to work out what insanity is being foisted upon us next. Having taken a straw poll of the people around me at work, it is clear that most view what they are being told with sceptism which is a really good and positive sign. What I haven't seen yet is a groundswell of people thinking for themselves, asking questions and generally moving forward toward full sentient capacity as humans.

I do see a lot of anger, it is muted but very evident and this is the one thing if unleashed in the way the liars are hoping for will cause the type of havoc that breeds these demons and further diminish our humanity. They sell us fear but it is their fear they are projecting onto us and the stupid humans who buy into this deceit and oppression of their fellows are ignorant of the fear but the demons are not. They know how powerful love, hope, charity and faith is.

If people only knew the power of the word NO because this is their greatest fear. If they fail to illicit the problem-reaction-solution response required just once, the whole deck of cards will start to sway and ripple.

I believe if we ask for help just by saying NO, even once, the cavalry will be by our sides and more importantly, we will know it and THEY will know it. Reading some of the 'information' about the 'swine flu' created and distributed 'free' (hey, its not often!) by an pharmaceutical company headquarted in the nation of squatters where some 'expert' said we should keep a distance of 6 metres between us and any other human, we should laugh at shit like this. We should laugh at all the liars when they nod their heads, frown and give us the serious demeanour as if we are meant to be impressed. Laugh at them and let others see you do it…….

I read somewhere that signs would become visible in the heavens from tomorrow, 15th May 2009 but who knows, something is coming and soon.

Like the song says, don't worry, be happy!

Must dash, I have two ducks making out in my garden and they are making a right mess, teenagers, eh? I blame the parents…….

Thanks yet again Les Visible


PS wanna buy a couple of ducks?

Anonymous said...

Well said. I read you, and wholeheartedly agree with you, every day but you need to give the Pope (I am a lapsed non-practicing Catholic here) a break. I too was disgusted until I read today's Desert Peace and another article somewhere and a snippet on the lying (most of the time - CNN) news. He did visit and must have been profoundly affected by the Palestinian people with whom he came in contact with. The Desert Peace article in my opinion is non-biased. Sorry, no time to edit this. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Les, Qui at the Schleepea AgentZ hold you and your trésharp xxxpencivil dear.
Purrhaps you wood countcider cellink out, jest a leetle Beat, and moohsickallies this

fang you so mush,
The Curly-Boice from vroomvroom 1oh1

We have the ends, the means and the sequals
We've got the calculator boys and that equals
sumthing doesn't add up
what's the number of love
We're planning problems, reactions and soulootins
We've got mass-media weapons of confusion
You're sore awolcome to chewjaw own evillushon
when the shit hits the fan
and the chips are down
when the rats start to pack
yule know all hands drowned on deck
embracing mermaids
suckers drained from the neck
eye beam all over town
tryna hunt it down
watch the number of love
We got the sauce, the dunkin ooze and all the do's and the do-knots
We got the clotted cream and the forbidden cookies online mixed up with quantum sub-plots
We're waking aliens with the smell of coffee-stained designer blue-jeans and green envitro crewcuts
what else is happening - hell, not much
oh yeah, doing what we have to do
to get the number of love

Visible said...

I saw the Desert Peace article but I haven't seen anything else concerning the event. In any case, my perception of the established church is that it houses the enemy as history has shown.

On the other hand, Desert Peace is an outstanding source of powerful commentary and I'd love to see the Pope step up and say what needs be said... meanwhile the cover-ups continue and so on and so forth.

But... as I've said... I expect remarkable events and bad guys trembling in their shoes. Consonant with that I am always willing to change my mind about someone given the reason to do so. For the moment I will watch and consider.

Anonymous said...

BELOW WAS WRITTEN EARLIER BY ANONYMOUS...BRILLIANT!!!! I have or have done the wise advice of their comment - I am fortunate - I get laid off, lose a good job to Bangalore, or another b/c of bankruptcy and am left to my own devices w/ time to pet my old cat, hang w/ friends who have my back and learn and read, taking the good w/ the bad, discovering you Les LOL - love ya and hear you, sorry to remble. Again, the below is very wise and on point.....

So, what can be done? Well, leave the city, quit the useless job, learn some valuable skills, unplug and destroy that f-ing TV, toss out the radio, think about what you are putting into your mouth, look up into the skies, surround yourself with people of good heart / vibration who've truly got your back, quit your endless lying, stop being petty, get a pet / animal, and make an effort to laugh. Do something REAL. Then maybe you can start to thwart the System.

Franz said...

Les, oh you've been hitting the high notes lately.

For some reason this reminds me of an old Bob Dylan quote.

He said he hated decay. He said decay was something that wasn't exactly dead but had stopped moving.

William Wilson just said the same up above about Zombies.

We are ruled by decay. They've stopped moving and are doing everything in their power to keep the universe as motionless as they are. We are ruled by a Dead Zone.

The chief characteristic of consumer societies, RIGHT NOW, is stagnation to the infinite power. There has never been anything like this, at least not recorded.

Like, the CIA taught Americans the Acceptable Modes of Dissent in the 60s & 70s. Most Americans STILL don't get it. "Approved dissent" is the most ruthless support system the Dead Zone has. Sherman Skolnick detailed how ALL the "dissenters" (antiwar, LSD, etc.) were funded by the CIA via tax-free foundations.

They NEED our dissent. They NEED our energy. Sure they do. They're DEAD.

By coincidence Nobody made a post about the Matrix the other day. In the original, humans are reduced to batteries. In reality we're... batteries.

Rage beats apathy. Rage is movement we can direct. So if we all start out with a tennis racket and beat a photo of the Holy Land to death, we reclaim our energy. With enough freed-up energy, we can do something besides rage. We can build our place on Earth and make it work.

Anonymous said...


just love it when you snicker.
yes, sun is shining, weather is sweet,
make you wanna move your dancin feet now,
to the rescue, here I(&I) am...

"You are here because you know something. You don't know what it is, but you can feel it. Something is wrong with the world." -- Morpheus, The Matrix

gotta finish the henhouse, the chickies are already teenagers wanting to boogie.

all thanks and praises

TruthSeeker said...

Hi Les,

Truth is the most precious and powerful treasure in this life. It is the only thing that can destroy the evil system. It's the only thing that can bring down mileniuns of lies, kill the delusion systems, collapse the strongest of the evil foundations and their worshippers and that's why the truth is well hidden by them, protected as the most valuable thing because they know everything will collapse if the truth comes up. They know all the fake world they have created for their evil interest will collapse at once if the truth is known.

They fear the truth.

If there is something they fear in this life, it is called truth. So, we shouldnt expect anything else from them than lies and deception. They have created an ilusional fake world and everything it contains in order to hide the truth. We cant recognize not even ourselves, our true nature, our own being because we have been programmed not to.

We are brainwashed, poisoned, chased, enslaved, controlled, tortured, hypnotized so we cant see the truth. Many of us, dont even know the truth exists. Some knows it is there somewhere but cant see, others can see it but they prefer to pretend they dont as it is hard to see it and few have seen it completely and have lived by it and I must tell you, the truth is bitter.

It's not an easy task to be a truth seeker. It requires lots of effort, insistense, persistence, perserverance, patience and physical and emotional strenght. Not all of us are willing to dedicate all that to search something it will be different from what you have built your foundation. Some people just cant and dont have the strengh to rebuild everything up again.

Once you know the truth or at least you know what is not truth, then my friend Les, there is no way back. You wont be the same person as you were before. It's a way without returning. Sometimes it's a lonely path. Most of the time, actually. Sometimes you have the happiness to find other truth seekers that will help you to relief the heavy load from your back and share with you the rest of the way.

Once you know the truth is there somewhere you cant never go back. But you dont know where to go either. You just know you have to go, keep going, keep digging deeper and deeper to find that preciousity and after a long journey, you will as an inspiration know in your heart you found it. But while you are in the way you are not sure what it is. You know what it is not.

The truth as I said is bitter but it has an unexplainable power as if it was a medicine which has a bitter taste but it brings relief and the cure for everything else. And that's why some keep going to seek it.

It seems that the truth choses us and guide us to its source. The Truth is Wise and I surrender to its power completely in admiration.

I believe that the end is near and we have already arrived in the begining of its process. We are in the phase in which we reach the worst we could ever reach. As there is nothing more than the worst, the only solution is to get better. And for that to happen, the pillars of our world and lives will have to collapse. We will be destroyed and our world as well. All the fakeness, ilusion, lie, hate, deception and its cursed followers will vanish from existence and a better civilization will emerge from the Truth for the truth is the source and originator of all that exists.
We have seen the empires coming down, civilizations being vanished and with ours wouldnt be different. The time is coming. We are seeing it. Are you prepared for the end?

Thank you once again for the opportunity, Les. I would like also to thank Hank, you and Anonymous for the nice message replied to me. Sorry for my broken english here as well.

libramoon said...

I have noticed that when criticizing others often (especially authoritarian types) accuse the other of the very faults they themselves most obviously (though perhaps unconsciously) express. It can be quite hilarious (if one excepts the tragedy) to watch angry partisans metaphorically (or sometimes actually) foaming at the mouth over how their opponent dares to be so evil as to do exactly what that accuser is known for.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, it is one bit of normalcy in this crazy world, the comments are so varied and thought provoking. All day I've been thinking about materialism and then, wham! I read this. Wouldn't it be great to be able to let go of all attachments to material things and phenomena, even to our own delusions and misguided emotions? I believe that when a person is totally revulsed by our three dimensional world, that, then, and only then, will he/she be willing to let go. I have been totally inspired as of late by reading the biography of Milarepa once again. Although he lived several hundred years ago, his words are as true today as they were then. The truth is all around us but there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. As in the words of Leonard Cohen, "Love is the only engine of survival."
May all of you find the truth and peace.

Bea said...

Hello Les,

I promised myself I wouldn't comment again, because I am not the intellectual equal of most of your commenters, but I need to.

Thank you, so much, for posting this. It's excellent, and completely 'on spot'.

I wish I could say there is a solution, but I don't have one. I can only say that I think that if you give a man enough rope, he'll either create a wonderful ladder, or bloody well hang himself.

Love you for the courage you write, show here and elsewhere, and share. Never give up. There are even those of us without great academic background who have come to believe in, and support, you.

Love always.

pot said...

You asked how they justify the lies?

Plato called it the Noble Lie. The truth is only for the ruling elite or philosopher kings, not the herd that they rule. The end justifies the means. Evil to them is a force in which to do Good things, although it may also be used for evil things. Stress and catastrophe are necessary evils for man to continue it's evolution and bring about change.

Those who have not evolved will be eradicated. They will be classified as sub-human, so there are no human rights concerns. Perhaps 70% or more of the population are not considered human. DNA testing on a global basis is well underway to identify who is who.

A harvest is being planned, coming soon, globally. Perhaps via mandatory vaccination to protect from a fake pandemic, but there will likely be other events (man made Earthquakes, famine, war, biological weapons that target certain genome types) as well. The herd has been conditioned to expect an Apocolypse, and even to welcome it. They are told that things will be better once it is over with, as this will bring change and a new beginning, or even rapture into paradise.

I doubt this is true for most of us.

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece.
Yes, they ALL lie.
And the TRUTH is "anti-Semitic"!

Anonymous said...

Hello all and Les Visible: Don't worry !! Not to worry !! i can already sense the coming of a United Front in USA, a United People's Front. If things continue like they are in USA, Obama won't be able to make it until 2012. The USA economy is collapsing at a real fast speed. Americans are going hungry, jobless and sick. People can suffer for some months or year, but not forever

We the people's front, will defeat CIA, NSA, FBI, HAARP and will crush all the counter-revolutionary institutions of this fascist country !!

We will prevail !!!!!!!!!!

"Give me liberty or give me death." -Patrick Henry !!!!!!!!!


greg said...

" Everything is Bullshit. Everything is different layers of bullshit. All you can do is decide what level of bullshit you want to operate on." (Paraphrase from the movie, Hero with Dustin Hoffman)
I have been exposed to so much Bullshit that it is actually painful. To me Bullshit is worse than outright lies since you mostly can't reason through it or reason anyone out of it. " Torture is necessary" they say. "Wouldn't you torture the location of a suitcase nuke planted somewhere out of someone who knew where it was?" What bullshit! Even in the infinitesimally remote chance that this scenario could ever happen.
"We need to give billions to the Banks ( of nonexistant money) so they won't crash and be unable to loan us more money we can't afford to pay back since we're either out of a job or underpaid since the greedy bastards sent most manufacturing overseas where they can pay starving people a few dollars a day to build everything we think we need to buy with alresdy maxed out credit cards after our homes are forclosed on and we begin to live on the street or in tent cities that we will get kicked off of since the remaining rich won't want a bunch of scruffy beggars in their neighborhod who will soon becoming willing to work for a couple dollars a day building microwave ovens and iPods for the Chinese.
The public airwaves are owned by private corporations. Bullshit.
The drug companies make up new maladies that they convince us we have ("Studies show that twenty percent of americans suffer from the agony of Bituninous Meloplastia" ) then sell us "medication" at 500% profit with a required warning : " Consult your doctor. May cause drowsiness, loss of coordination, loss of interest in living, and in rare but common cases, brain death". Huge steaming pile...
"The New 2010 Chevrolet Boner! Get $2000 cash back!" aarrgggghhh. Just lower the fucking price.
"Buy now and Save!!!! -- Sure, Im convinced I never spend money , I'm saving it.

I could go on for hours, days ... eons even trying to exorcise all the Bullshit but it's impossible-
So, Les, and all you good folks here: Thanks for your insights, your various moods, your hope and despair, your faith and disbelief, your, anger and patience, your wisdom and confusion and your willingness to allow us to rant on about what happens to bug us on any particular day on your Blog. I mean it.
As Old Lodge Skins asked the Great Spirit,
"Take care of my son here. See that he doesn't go crazy."

Masher1 said...

Truth is something wonderful comes for us that wish it. Something great and powerful. Something Weirder than any usury fiend can fathom. I require no defense from this wonder but evil men... They will all be crushed and burnt searching for that elusive protection that is ever denied to them,they don't warrant it and never will.

Rise above and live,Stay asunder and perish.

Our world is not as bad as THEY hope it is,We all will have our rewards and punishments as God judges.

I miss my dog Charlie so much. I hope my Lil Buddie is not too sad.

Anonymous said...

YES Lawrence.... YES....and may i add "respect your elders"? WTF? If you deserve my respect, i will give it, otherwise, fuck you, no matter who you are.

Mouser said...

I really like the idea of throwing our shoes at politicians who are lying - which is almost all of them almost all the time.

TruthSeeker said...


Your comment was very interesting and sparked my interest into an extent that it made me think a lot about your words. Could you elaborate another comment and bring more details for us, please?

It makes sense, I must confess but there are things that I couldnt understand very well.

About the man made earthquakes, I read an interesting article about the tsunami that occured and in it was explained with quite a lot details that it was a man made event with certain purposes. I dont doubt about anything anymore.

Regarding that we have been told to believe in Apocalypse.. well, this is an inevitable end, isnt it? We have seen the downfall of civilizations before ours why it would be different now? If it has nothing after life, I think it is better than the situation we have lived nowdays, so I am fine with that. Nothing to win but nothing to lose as well.

TruthSeeker said...

Ok, I'm reading about Plato's Republic... it's pretty much what you wanted to say and I must say it is very interesting.

I didnt know but I just read what Socrates had to say about it and in his dialogue he says about truth and I agree with him, even the same example i used, man, that's interesting!!

" A. The Royal Lie I; Utilitarianism

SOCRATES: Again, truth should be highly valued: if, as we were saying, a lie is useless to the gods, and useful only as a "medicine" to men, then the use of such "medicines" should be restricted to "physicians"; private individuals have no business with them. "

Pot, thank you for sparking my interest

Anonymous said...

Les, I appreciate so much your search for truth. I too seek truth but have lots of questions and no solid answers.

For example, what is THE truth, other than LOVE, that can ever set us free? And how could the ruling elite truly possess THE truth if their truth is actually the road to hell?

And how could so-called evil ever be vanquished if so-called good wields the identical weapon? Specifically, if we are truly under attack by supremacist Egos, how can we possibly evolve spiritually by using Ego right back at them?

And suppose one can pontificate eloquently, at a level of brilliant sophistication, articulating the most scathing logic and wisdom...are those WORDS really any more RIGHT than anyone else's...has evil EVER been annihilated by words?

Or are we all just hoping and waiting for the Almighty Boot Of Righteousness to stomp on the evil cockroaches once and for all? One big gratifying CRACK! of cockroach exoskeleton and smear of cockroach slime and... WooHoo! Freedom for humanity!!

I really hope that "God" or the "Cosmic Truth" is more than just the biggest EGO on the food chain. Because if there's no better answer than using violence or I'm Right/You're Wrong repartee to prove enlightenment then what's so intrinsically right about being right?

Is there something beyond puffer-fish reflexes of Ego that is essential to our spiritual evolution? And if that something is love, then what specifically is love?

As I said, I sure don't have the answers. But does anyone?

Anonymous said...

More "change we can believe in"
Obongo rips to shreds 150 civilians in Afghanistan

Timotheus Schmidt said...

Dear Les and Co, The community that i find here is a continuous
inspiration. As Wilde noted, Life imitates Art, also with regard to
the internet. I formulate responses to your evocative posts only to
find you using actual expressions and phrases that were in my mind in
the next post. These confirmations of communality show me that i'm in
the flow, no matter what the rest of "rehality" shows. Like when i
randomly opened the medicine card book and proceeded to draw precisely
the card on that page. Perhaps sharing my own experience will help
break a lance for those affected by the misunderstanding of sexuality.
I grew up in the days of apartheid South Africa as a white Afrikaans
speaking child, witnessing the obvious oppression of non-whites and
experiencing firsthand the power of keeping silent, often as a
survival mechanism. The fact that i ever since i remember found men
attractive has blessed me with the experience of living in terror of
being unmasked in the bosom of my family, where one is supposed to

Timotheus Schmidt said...

Continuing from my last comment.

Cont.. most secure. The gift of this blatant dissonance has made it
easier for me to discern the lies and forced me to think for myself
from a very early age. I feel about family like McKenna felt about
culture- in its present form it is not your friend. The support of
family usually comes only on the family's terms. This severe
marginalisation leads to our children who have to deal with their
dissonant urges having a 20% higher suicide rate. This
over-identification with the body and chromosomes denies our common
humanity and polarises us first of all between male and female. This
grabs us right in the generative area, the sacral, where priests of
old have made their burnt offerings from. The violence generated by
this oppression of creativity needs to be understood and addressed if
we want to evolve. The day that we can walk this earth without having
to cover our genitals will be the surest sign that love is reigning
overtly again. Thanks for listening. Love, Tim Schmidt, Cape Town.

Visible said...

There is a new visible-streams-of-consciousness piece up.

A Couple of Poems for the Nights Fading Light.

su said...

"I can’t shake this feeling that the cavalry is on the way. I keep hearing the hoof beats. They increase and recede like the waves upon the shore". Les

"When a gnani joins the universal mind, all his goodness and wisdom becomes the heritage of humanity and uplift every human being" Nisargadatta.

How many jnani's wisdom is flowing into the ocean of mankind right now. Love and understanding are flowing from so many reaslised beings right this very moment.
The footsteps on the beach, the cavalry of truth is stronger than all the armies and weapons for the simple truth it is based on the ultimate understanding and not some mad profiteering undertaking.

In this life a huge sorrow came and yet dissolved upon my remembering myself.

Hank said...

The deception, or maybe just deception in general. The wizard behind the curtain.

I have thought about this a great deal, as I have wondered for a long time, why all the deception? Sometimes it almost seems that deception is the reason for this life, or should I say THIS life.

It has always been here, it is here now, and despite our efforts, and the efforts of the millions before us that saw the deceptions and tried to point them out, I have to admit the possibility that they will always be here.

As I have said before, I have been trying to understand this thing called life for a long time. Well a long time in relation to how old I am in any case. The thing is, what if this life is a maturation chamber for our souls. Why is it that only some of us end up seeing these deceptions? I mean, for the most part, we were all an integral part of the deception machine from the beginning of our lives. We were integrated into the machine with religion, santa clause, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem, we're the good guys, you live in a free country, the government is looking after your best interest, the list goes on and on, and that's just in THIS country.

Life has attempted to bury us in bull shit since our first breath, so why is it that only some of us end up seeing it? At some point we see a crack in the veneer, a glimpse of the man behind the curtain, or a view of an unmarked lawn at the pentagon after a supposed plane crash, and a light comes on. Billions of people are exposed to the same information and never see it. Even when those of us that do see rub it in their faces, they look at us with that cow chewing cud look.

Life teases us, those of that see that is, with those glimpses of human potential, those little lights at the end of the tunnel that keep us going and believing we can change things, and I believe it has always that way. It's one big game of king of the hill, it's tic tak toe and the majority of humans never understand that the only way to win, is not to play.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that maybe that is what this life is for. Perhaps it was designed to determine which souls have matured enough, to get past the deceptions, and see the futility of pursuing them.

This whole train of thought came to me while I was an outlaw and making lots of money. I remember when I didn't have lots of money, I'd go to the mall and see all this stuff that I wanted, but the strangest thing happened when I finally got the money. I found, much to my surprise, that I no longer wanted those things. I would go to the mall with cab fare to Australia in my pocket, and buy nothing. I had had the belief for some time that I was not a "normal" human, but this personal revelation was my conformation.

I remember it was a very strange feeling, realizing that so many things in life were just deception, and that I had been lied to by so many for so long, but oddly it brought a feeling of being unburdened. A huge load had been lifted off of me. I felt fresh, if that makes any sense. Like a new canvas on which I could draw my own life, the way I wanted.

Unfortunately, since then, I have had to accept the frustration of not being able to give this revelation to others. You can lead them to the water, hell you can even bring them the water, open their mouths and dump it in, but you cannot make them swallow. So we trade ignorance and bliss for knowledge and torment. We find solace and fellowship in places like this, where we get to share our angst and anger and frustration and hope, but will we ever be able to speed up the maturation rate of the human soul. Will humans ever have that collective epiphany, or will they see just enough to get them by the next hurdle, the next war, the next depression, the next genocide.

I do not know. I have grown to love those words. I have found those words to be the luxury suite for knowledge. They present a beautiful home for knowledge to reside in, and the promise of lots of company, but I digress. I don't know, but I am afflicted with this human condition, and find myself compelled by forces yet beyond my understanding, to do all I can to destroy the deceptions. Perhaps that is part of the maturation process as well.

Of course I always hold out the possibility that I am totally full of crap, and just too critical, but I can't help myself. Peace to you all friends.

paolocaruso said...

BRAVVOOOOOOO LES !!! This piece is superb.

Nice Avatar article as well. In addition to the lies, they are out to destroy the family and morality. Look at the Eurovision being shoved down the Russian's throats. Lets see how this plays out tomorrow.

ATTENTION: Unemployment is rising, even with police and firedepartments in the USA. HOWEVER, universities and colleges are expanding their police forces... THEY know it is here where TRUTH will be acted upon.

hANOVER fIST said...

"By coincidence Nobody made a post about the Matrix the other day. In the original, humans are reduced to batteries. In reality we're... batteries."

Damn, that's good.

The first movie was fantastic. And maybe too telling of the current situation.

The land of the thinking, "free" people is referred to as Zion. "Zion" is currently occupied by individuals masquerading as the "indigent" population, ruling over the true indigent population.

The second movie ironed out some concepts, and ended on an enticing cliffhanger.

The third act of the trilogy, unfortunately, reverted to true, typical Hollywood garbage.

We have lived through the first act - we now understand the concept of the matrix.

We are living through the second act right now.

Do you wish to sit at watch as script follows to its inevitable ending?

Get off you ass and do SOMETHING.

Our Distration Media may be finally getting the point - I saw in a New York Times article that Nancy Pelosi's feet are being held to the fire.

Write to the NYT and tell them THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF.

William Wilson said...

Libramoon mentioned those who accuse others of the same things they do, themselves. We've gotten a perfect example:
First, those in government in the US and Israel, they destroy the WTC. Then, they blame it on Arabs and Muslims. Next, they use the event to justify the invasion and occupation of two nations that had nothing to do with it. Parallel to this, they institute police state organizations(homeland security &TSA) with unparalleled powers(patriot act). Then, they torture innocent people to find evidence they know is non existent but that will justify their crimes. All the while profiting financially from
the wars and occupations via stock owned in companies that get fat government contracts supplying the military. Finally, to keep the public from pointing fingers, in the correct direction, "hate crimes" regulations are proposed and put into place so that even questioning the official line is made off limits.
Can anything be more vile?

sounder said...

The lie that works best is the one that the target wants to believe.

No worries Bea, the value of intellect is overrated anyway.

Hank wrote…
“…but will we ever be able to speed up the maturation rate of the human soul.”

The artificially enforced adolescence of humanity is bound to end sometime. So it won’t be a speeding up as much as a catching up.

“Will humans ever have that collective epiphany, or will they see just enough to get them by the next hurdle, the next war, the next depression, the next genocide.”

When the incorrect premise that the earth was the center of the universe was replaced with the sun centered model there was a collective epiphany. Now we need to unburden ourselves of the incorrect premise of dualism, then surely another epiphany will follow. Still this may be only just enough to get us over the next hurdle, -and that is good enough for me.
(I generally hold the position that the arrival of the avatar is an internal process and as such, it is up to us to create a new criterion for understanding that orders our forms of understanding in a manner that better conforms to reality (Gods will?).)

Anonymous said...


Very well said. Your voice is getting more rounded and full!!!!!
The Gita quote posts are super too, thanks to who ever? Todays, was major real stuff!!
Things seem to be coming together well, on this topic for all readers, as it would anyway, but sharing faith of ideas is always healthy.
Nothing to add!!!

Le Mat

TruthSeeker said...


Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

It's maybe a selfish feeling but it's conforting to know that there are more people like you out there.

You have described what has happened to you and I can see myself in the lines you wrote.
It's frustrating indeed trying to make others to see what you see but as you said, you can never make them to see if they dont want to or they dont even know there is something to be seen.

I hold the same possibility that you and many times this is what pushes me back to not go further in my own world.

I just know that I'm feeling like I have met people I have long left behind and now we are getting together again. That's why I am addicted to this blog. I wish I could talk to you all the whole day and share ideas, talk our own language and understand each other. It's relieving the fact that you can climb a mountain holding hands to someone else rather than using the hands to push those who are still far away from the mountain.

Sometimes I just want to cry. Isnt it desperating? I'm feeling this despair now. It comes and goes as tsunami taking all I have built till then.

When I think that I already had answered all the questions I had about this life, the life just slap on my face, turn everything upside down and change the questions I should make and in the end it is just like what the philosopher said: All I know is that I dont know.

My mind and soul needs a rest.

El Arkangel said...

I think that the beauty of the truth lies on searching for it, instead of keeping it, as Einstein said. It is in that process that we can really find ourselves, but most important we can find others. It is what make us human, once we get it, we must share it and then keep searching. Why, 2 reasons:
-It is a never stopping process, as complex we are, we transform, we evolve, we have different mentalities, way to think and deal with life.
-the truth I can hold, it might be a slightly different from others, because of that, and the beauty of searching it make us grow as humans.
The biggest foliage of all, the most difficult to cut in this times, is the one built around fear. Fear of the economy, of the immigrants, of the flu...of the different.
The sad part is that we are too comfort, too lazy. We think. or made believe, that we are "happy".
Just one suggestion, this is a great start, and agree the net is a great tool to search and find the truth. But we have to go beyond the computer, because the cavalry needs to find and see the truth with its own eyes.

Lawrence said...

I think the problem for a vast majority of people is that lies are just way more convenient. We have been conditioned from a very early age that sometimes it is just better to tell a little white lie than to hurt someones feelings with the truth.

The trouble is, those little white lies become glowing white phosphorous bombs bursting in the air, and like an urban legend, if it gets passed around long enough as the truth it in some sort of twisted way becomes the truth. The truth then becomes the lie.

I also believe a lot of problems have been created because of this push for political correctness. To me PC is total bullshit. Perhaps if a Skank such as Condi Rice was told she was a 'bitch' every time she told a lie or Dickless Cheney were told he was a MthrFkr every time he said a word maybe they would begin to think twice about the BS they spew.

Maybe just maybe it should be OK to call bullshit where Bullshit is found. Maybe we should stop using the term honorable when addressing members of the political elite. Maybe it is time for every one of us to really look at the way we live our lives and change all that does not aspire to dredge the truth. I have started, I say it out loud when I think something is BS. Never used to but now I am not afraid anymore. I no longer shake the hand of people I find offensive, dishonest or morally ethically bankrupt. You might ask how I know whether or not these people are as I have described? It is easy, these types of people wear this like some sort of badge of honor.

I in this life I will not bow before self proclaimed royalty or the elite class. Prove to me that you are of high moral character and I will call you friend, fail to do that but expect my subservience I say piss off. The worst you can do to me is take my life.... at least I will have died holding a higher moral ground.

European American said...

Les, I owe my site to your inspiration! Thank you, and God Bless

email me.

European American

Anonymous said...

I like what you write. But I'm not feeling that something better is coming fuzziness you describe. Unless you mean that our collapse will finally release us from the prison that they have erected.

Now that I get. I'm expecting a war to break out (in this country) this year. Some bad people need some punishment and soon. It may be a covert war or a guerrilla war, but fighting nonetheless.

Is this the calvary? Hmm, I kinda doubt it, as they won't be saving anybody from anything, they'll just be accelerating the inevitable I'm afraid. But even so, this is so very necessary now. We don't fight because we're going to win, we fight because we have to.

It's like the truth. Nobody speaks the truth because they think they're going to win, they speak the truth because they need honesty. Lies are the exact opposite of this and they cater to a baser nature that rejects truth. This nature is evil.

So we'll fight because we're speaking the truth, we can't tolerate much more of these lies. The hidden truth that this will represent (but be poorly understood) is how this fight is for us all, and even though we will never 'gain it all back' (not possible), we'll have started a process that will eventually lead to our freedom from all of this.

This is the nature of truth by the way, which I'm sure you know. Truth begins revolutions eventually, it has to, because the lies can no longer hide in darkness and a battle will eventually ensue. Whether words, fists or bullets, it's bound to happen sooner rather then later.

Well, we've come pretty far down that road now and it's time for the truth to be revealed and it's going to piss a lot of people (liars) off.

The whole truth is that we can never live forever under these lies, it'll come crashing down no matter what we do. Prop it up for so long and then a while longer, but it'll come down because lies built upon lies have no foundation at all. It'll all topple.

So those that reject the coming fight are only denying the path of truth, it can be no other way.

Dadnerd said...

As many here have stated, it is pretty much impossible to change other people. Especially when they are older, their minds are set. Where does that leave us?

I notice, observing current and ancient history, that it is always the few who manage to influence the many. Generally speaking most people tend to follow those they consider worthy. The worthy ones must pass some kind of test, they need to be certified. Or bonafide, according to that funny movie. (brother where art thou?)

Anyway the question comes to mind, should I follow anyone? What if I don't, and simply take responsibility for myself, what effect does that have on those around me? We are probably all unique individuals if we would just let our true nature flower, instead we follow molds and patterns created by others. We see in a tribal way that we gain a sense of security following and belonging to the group, but...have we evolved past that now?

If I change in some radical way, like an evolutionary mutation, will that affect others around me? Or will I just be treated as an oddity?

I think my question is, should I even be worried about other people, and what is the motive for that? If I put all my energy into understanding myself, I may end up understanding all of humanity. In that I mean we are all related in a fundamental way. And if I change radically will I affect the whole? Another words we don't have to convert anyone.

Lets say we all basically conform because in that there is security. But in so doing we more or less become a carbon copy stamped out of the group we belong to, we lose our uniqueness. Notice how people follow even simple things. Take tattoos. It becomes popular and half the population gets one or two or more. That's how our minds work, we follow, to belong to our particular group. And are we afraid to stand alone? Maybe we can blame it all on sex. The guys have to impress the girls, and they can't do that looking and acting like an oddball.

So on the one hand I need to be safe, but on the other I give up my identity in the bargain. That's the price for security.

If I radically change myself through insight and understanding, will I change humanity? As I am part of humanity, I'm affecting the whole. So if I'm serious about all this, will I not concern myself so much with other people, but concentrate on myself? Not in a self centered way, but observing myself with the idea of understanding all humanity. At a deep level. Is it possible to plumb deep into my consciousness and see the whole thing with a creative insight? The key ingredient is honesty. Seeing myself as I really am, not according to an ideal, but face reality. I feel this is the fundamental challenge facing all of us, especially now.

RW said...

"I remember when I didn't have lots of money, I'd go to the mall and see all this stuff that I wanted, but the strangest thing happened when I finally got the money. I found, much to my surprise, that I no longer wanted those things. I would go to the mall with cab fare to Australia in my pocket, and buy nothing. I had had the belief for some time that I was not a "normal" human, but this personal revelation was my conformation".

Windowshopping. . .

Thats something a Bodhisattva might do on a boring sunday afternoon.

I'll repeat the magic incantation:


Dadnerd said...

I think we all believe we are serious people here, trying to understand reality, so lets see if that is true.

What are the fundamental requirements to delving into reality? First, a fair amount of intelligence is needed. We also need a fair amount of good health. We need energy. Honesty is the key factor as well. Okay so lets say we have all that, what next?

You have accumulated a lot of ideas and knowledge, and from that you have acquired confidence, okay good.

You see that other people are lost in various blind beliefs of one kind or another, and you feel you are free of that kind of silliness, lets find out.

Tomorrow when you wake up, try this. You will undoubtedly forget this tomorrow, but...

When you wake up in the morning and open your eyes, can you do so with all your energy? See the shape and the color and the shadow of whatever it is you are looking at. Can you listen with all your energy, hear the sounds of the birds outside, the traffic off in the distance, your cat crying for food?

Can you put all your energy into the way that towel feels in your hands while you dry off from that shower you just took? Can you smell the coffee brewing, and also the perfume your wife is putting on, and also the other not so nice smells from the bathroom?

You're driving to work, are you aware of the cars, and the radio, and the smog, and the clouds above? When you get to work, are you aware of that annoying guy you smile to begrudgingly, and do you realize why you tolerate him?

Can you watch yourself while all this is going on? Can you see the motives behind all your responses and reactions? Can you watch all your thoughts during the day?

If you can't...

Let me bet that not one person reading this can go 2 seconds doing any of this. And the big question is why can't we do it?

Reality starts here, with myself, not some grand eloquent idea about what we think is real. Granted, some people's ideas are closer to reality than others...

So while we all think we know something, thinking we are superior, can we really look at ourselves objectively, honestly and see what is really there? And just for the record, I have no illusions I'm any different.

My point is, if we are going to push the envelope, lets push the damn envelope. Just ask yourself one question, how would I feel if I let all my opinions go, would I feel lost?

Reality is here now, not off over the mountain top. If we see that the action is here and now, we may see something real. It may not be romantic, but it will be real.

pot said...

Truthseeker. Glad you are on to Plato now.

As to the Apocalypse, consider the bible. All literature from this time was controlled by the ruling elite. There were no printing presses, and the world was mostly illiterate. I won't say much more, but 2600 years ago or more it was recognized their must be an End Times once their global conquest was possible, and so what is to come was written to facilitate this end. Global conquest was their plan, but not possible at the existing level of technology.

A religion was created where a chosen people were to conquer what is known as Palestine, Lebanon. Jordan and Syria today, and then they were dispersed to conquer the world. Some believe these people to be Jewish, and the religion Judaism. They are wrong, this religion has no public name, and is open only by invitation. It is a mix of heretical Persian, Babylonian and Judaic religous beliefs and today includes elite members of all races and religions. The essence of the religion is that certain members of the human race can evolve to be as Gods, and the rest are sub-human to be treated as beast of burden or pleasure.

Why the certainty of what must come and why dwell on events that must come far in their future?. I have a theory.

First of all, consider this. Much of what we are taught is a lie to facilitate the ruling elites control over the herd. We know many if not all of our institutions are controlled at the highest levels of these institutions, even as those who work within the institutions are unaware of this. Science, history, all education really, religion, whatever, is controlled via endowments, grants, control of media, control of publishing, etc. and by removing those who interfere with their control via a number of different techniques, some legal, some not. They control the legal system so it matters not.

Consider also that human history may be far longer than 6000 years, and that man once had a technical civilization (s), perhaps not as advanced as today, that fell, and had to be built up again from the ashes from those few who survived a past Apocolypse. The pyramids of Giza and the sphinx suggest this and may have held these secrets until man was again capable of discerning them. Controlled science presents a hypothesis that says otherwise while they block independent research.

So imagine that this history has not been lost, but is in the hands of the ruling elite who have passed these secrets on from generation to generation via various means such as secret societies, and whom have been charged with the responsibility of executing the plan to rebuild civilization and conquer the globe in a fashion which does not end in such a failure. Failure might well be the destruction of the planet and death of all of their descendants with no hope to try again, so they are motivated.

Much of our human history may have existed during the last ice age when sea levels were 200 meters lower than today. Evidence of lost coastal cities are likely underwater in depths where man does not search, and any such evidence would be suppressed today.

Consider also that our mythology of ancient times may not be all myth and that man may not be alone in the universe, and that there are those who take an interest in our world who are guiding it to a predetermined destination via the ruling elite who act as their agents.

This is speculation of course, but there is some reason to believe homo sapiens were genetically engineered, and some suggestion of it in the bible.

Now you ask about the man made earthquakes. I can assure you our military for good reason has conducted extensive research into geophysical weapons and weather modification, not to mention mind control and biological weapons that can target those with certain genome types. Much of existing technology is suppressed and not in the public domain.

You can read some of what is about from Rebuilding Americas Defenses by the PNAC and Owning the Weather in 2025, an Airforce publication available on line. They say clearly how floods and drought and extreme weather will be useful tools. Earthquake technology has existed since the time of Nikolas Tesla and today is likely more advanced.

Christianity and Islam were created as a divide and rule strategy and to condition the herd of the coming End Times which both religions will welcome. The secular have their neo-malthusian religion where man is a sinner against Gaia, and others are told of the end of the Mayan Calender and a Cosmic cycle which will be an opportunity for positive change if we all think good thoughts.

There will be no end, just a new beginning, at least for the ruling elite. This new beginning will be the end of history for the working class who are selected to stay behind.

Perhaps they hope to evolve a master race, or perhaps we are meant to simply exploit the resources of the world for extra-terrestials who will come back to harvest the excess population and our resources. Maybe they have a taste for humans and human burgers are a delicacy, and will be or has been an important part of intergalactic trade.

I may not be completely right but what is going on in the world is not an accident, there is a purpose, it is well organized, powerful, and can not be stopped from what I can see. It may even be for the best, thats the kicker.

Anonymous said...

Rumsfeld's renegade unit blamed for Afghan deaths

(Obongo honors Bush executive precedents...
let the deathsquads continue!)

sounder said...

I feel a need to comment on anticipation. Anticipating an event may make it less likely to happen. By anticipating the positive event as something that is(really) going to happen, one may slip and not take the proper steps that ensure the outcome. By the same token, anticipating a negative event may inspire one to take greater steps to avoid said event.

The essence of the PTMB (powers that make belief) religion is…

Maintaining control by creating false narratives that tie the general psyche to reactive mind constructs thereby ensuring an inability to integrate sub-conscious knowing into the communal conscious model. (Our adolescence)

pot, your summary sounds like a fair reading of the big picture, but the fancy-pants folk may find they do not control as much as they think they do.

Hank said...


I think some of your thoughts are very interesting, probably because I've had some similar thoughts over the years.

I have thought many times about a possible ET influence in human history, and as you say there are distinct indicators that point to it.

My mind meanderings went more in the direction of an interrupted evolution. When I compared what I learned about archeology with what I gleaned from reading the bible, there seems to be a gap in human evolution. The missing link, as it were. Archeology has been trying to connect early humanoids with modern man since Darwin came up with his theory of evolution, and have not, as far as I know, found a direct link. There are no remains or fossils of any transitional humanoid creatures. We just seem to have gone from neanderthal to modern man.

Now when I read the bible, right there in the beginning it states that, the sons of god, seeing that the daughters of man were fair, took them to wed. There were giants on the earth in those days, according to the bible, and that the offspring of the unions between the "sons of god" and the daughters of man were, the mighty men who were of old, and men of renown.

Now let's say that ETs did land here, after perhaps a very long trip. They would have been seen as gods, because the humanoids that may have been a part of a natural evolution on this planet had no scientific knowledge with which to explain the things these beings could do. So, space can be a lonely place, and a guy or guys could get pretty horny on a long space flight, and though the daughters of man were probably a bit hairy and didn't shower, they were, let's say, physically compatible. Unknown to them at the time though, they were biologically compatible as well, and they produced offspring by combining an evolutionarily advanced DNA with a much less evolved DNA, and thereby skipped an entire evolutionary period.

Now, being intelligent enough to traverse vast distances of space, they were also smart enough to know that they fucked up. This is probably where they would develop a prime directive, but I digress. So they set about trying to fix it, that is conduct some genetic engineering to produce a viable, sustainable humanoid. Of course they would have to keep records of who begat who, and how long they lived, and who begat who, and how long THEY lived and so on, and by golly they have some of that in the bible too. Now, when they come up with a viable strain, they have to isolate it, and destroy all the rest.

Enter Noah. The story of a great boat, housing animals, two of every kind exists in almost every human culture, where just a few are saved and the rest die in a flood. None of this would be beyond the capabilities of a scientifically advanced race, but would have been seen as miraculous by the simple people of the time.

Of course this huge ET project would require monitoring and perhaps a little guiding, say in the form of some simple rules so that the gene pool did not become contaminated by incest, or killing off some of the required breeders, or breeding in an undocumented fashion such as coveting your neighbors wife and, well you see what I mean.

All of this is complete conjecture, but possible? I, like you, believe the human body to be a construct. A bio, chemical electric machine, and as such had to be built BY someone, or is it by SOMEONE. If they built us, it is quite possible they built similar machines elsewhere, and perhaps much earlier, thereby establishing the biological compatibility and the evolutionary gap.

I don't claim any of this to be what happened, but since photos of that time period are hard to come by to prove it one way or another, it is just another possibility. This is just another in the myriad of mental safaris I have taken and will continue to take in my never ending quest to understand everything.(grin) Sorry for the babbling, but it happens when someone feeds my mind. Peace to all.

Truthseeker, thank you for the kind words. I do accept the possibility that we may have lived many lives, and there is every possibility we have met before. After reading what you had to say, I will keep that thought in my mind, and smile.

Anonymous said...




I saw the Desert Peace article but I haven't seen anything else concerning the event. In any case, my perception of the established church is that it houses the enemy as history has shown.

On the other hand, Desert Peace is an outstanding source of powerful commentary and I'd love to see the Pope step up and say what needs be said... meanwhile the cover-ups continue and so on and so forth.

But... as I've said... I expect remarkable events and bad guys trembling in their shoes. Consonant with that I am always willing to change my mind about someone given the reason to do so. For the moment I will watch and consider

Dadnerd said...

Agree, a lot of these elaborate theories are entertaining, but is it just speculation?

We can all observe human nature. We all see how hard it is to get two people to agree about anything. So it's a stretch to imagine a conspiracy where people throughout the ages have a master plan, and are somehow working it out. Humans are just too confounded stubborn to cooperate! And we all know plans go wrong, even the best of them.

Ask any General in the military. As soon as the bullets start flying, the whole strategy goes to hell.

I'm thinking of two things that didn't seem to go according to plan. Oklahoma bombing, and that last plane on 9/11. Bombs don't always explode the way they are supposed to, and events don't always go the way they are planned.

Most people in the air force know that an F16 took off with two sidewinder missiles, and came back with one. We all know that when a plane crashes in the ground we are expected to see...uh ...something! I don't think that was the plan, but I could be wrong.

I think the key ingredient here is skepticism. Lets not all get carried away with crazy ideas, but look at things rationally. Our survival may be in the balance here.

Question your priests, and your politicians. Your financial advisers too, most of them are criminals I'm afraid.

pot said...

Dadnerd. You are right to be skeptical and in truth, there were disputes through out history, not everything went according to plan. It really was not until the advent of the printing press and industrialization and modern technology of today that it became an effective conspiracy.

Consider some history. The peace of Westphalia in 1648 was the beginning of the end of the Holy Roman Empire. The Glorious revolution in 1688 was followed by the creation of the Bank Of England and the Money Powers control over nations currency. The Bavarian Illuminti formed on May 1 1776 and took over Freemasonry to end the rule of monarchies and religous rule, followed by the revolutions of the 18th century in the US and France. Onward to the Napoleonic Wars which finished off the Holy Roman Empire in the early 19th century and placed France heavily in debt which would lead to the next revolution. More revolutions were timed to follow the publishing of Marx's Communist Manifesto on May 1 in 1848, the failed attempt to divide and rule America with the civil war. With the end of religous rule or rule by monarchies, the power of the conspiracy increased a 100 fold. The money power profitted from every revolution.

Sometime between the late 19th century (Spanish American War and beginning of US imperialism) and the early 20th century (1913 and the creation of the Fed and Income tax), America was taken over by these powers, and we became a defacto British colony or Commonwealth nation, according to Cecil Rhodes plan to recover America.

The British Empire that was controlled by the Money Power in London then outsourced their operations to the US. WW I was fought to end the Ottoman Empire and demolish the Habsburgs control over Austria and end the German Empire which threatened British rule and the money powers in London.

It could only have been achieved by the US entry into the war, and if not for the promise of a British Balfour declaration which promised Zionism a homeland in Palestine, we could just as easily have backed Germany or just not entered the war which would have required Britian and Germany to work out a peace deal. But we were controlled by the Brits, so we backed them in the war. Wilsons Cheney was Colonel House, a Communist, and Wall Street was littered with Rothschild agents such as JP Morgan, so we backed the Brits. Communism and Zionism were both created by the money powers in London and Wall St.

For the past 200 years, the money power has financed both sides of every single war. They backed the Communists, Zionists, the Fascists (Nazi's), the so called Democracies in Europe, and left the US with the debt which it gladly assumed and paid as it's tribute to the Money Power.

WW I did not go exactly according to plan because the Bolsheviks made a deal with Germany. They were supposed to take the battle to Germany and end up with far more territory than they did. And the US backed out of the League of Nations, that was not part of the plan. This required new plans and another World War in which Communism and Israel were the biggest winners.

Thats why groups like the Bilderbergers meet every year, to go over what worked, what didn't, and discuss future plans, 1 year plans, 5 year, 10 year plans are made and revised to account for unexpected developments.

Is there 100% agreement on everything?. Thats unlikely. But I can say if you are a small group of rich and powerful elites, the one thing you can agree on is "we have it pretty good now, the last thing we want to do is to jeapordize what we have. We deal with things inhouse, and do not do anything stupid like expose what we do. The lessons of the past have been learned.." and their lessons are quite different than ours.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Les, thank you for doing what you're doing, for being a voice in the wilderness, a light in the darkness. I've followed your blogs for a long time now, and I've shared your site with many, who hopefully have shared with many others also. This is my first time commenting, but it was time to.

You mentioned that the calvery is coming...perhaps it is. What you wrote brought tears to my eyes. The first image was that of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, when in the onslaught of overpowering darkness and evil, the fires were lit on mountaintop after mountaintop, uniting those who otherwise were ununited.I feel the analogy rings so true these days. Thirty-two years ago I had an experience that changed my life..golden light on the water..and how it took me somewhere I can't even begin to describe..

Fast foward to today..picture a switch being pulled..thousands of lighthouses coming on line, their beacons reaching out for each other..connecting..the first wave..then the second..and light of the overwheming illusion of darkness, light, in it's full majesty and sacredness prevails in the most perfect and loving way. Wishful thinking? No. It's become reality. Finally. And very soon.

Thank you, Les, for all you have done and sacrificed to speak the truth.

Still alive said...

I have to say it again. The neverending lies and cartoons that the "media" spews out only work if you are dumb enough to believe them in the first place.

I wonder if Americans will finally wake up when their little worlds of delusion finally collapse all around them.

Unknown said...

Well ya, sure it's all lies,we get that, and even though your article may raise some eyebrows and provoke some people to a more open-minded view of our government, we as individuals are really powerless to the machine and what I want to know is what are we gonna do about it. I've read, I've researched, I've uncovered, and now I don't know what to do with the the information I have. To be honest, I'm afraid that if I speak out against the big guys alone, either no one will listen, or no one will care. We need numbers, and protests, and a real, objectional distiguishable cause.



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