Tuesday, June 24, 2008

9/11... the Truth is Anti-Semitic...

Every now and then as time approaches for a new entry here... every now and then I just don’t know what to say. So I sit here and I think about it and it isn’t very long before my thoughts return, as they always do, to 9/11 and the prima facie evidence of both Zionist involvement in the act and the cover-up in the aftermath.

The terror State of Israel has had its hand in so many things; told so many lies, caused so many deaths that it has taken on a surreal appearance in my mind. Hardly does a day go by when I don’t learn of some new horror that they brought forth upon the planet. Hardly a day goes by when another new lie, or chorus of lies, does not whip across the landscape like rabid bats; routinely and persistently infecting the population with mind parasites of disinformation. We find out that it was Israel that shoehorned Idi Amin into power. We have found that the Entebbe Hollywood rescue was staged. We know now that Israel deliberately bombed the U.S.S. Liberty and that it was no mistake.

We’re told that it was Arabs that instigated the Six Day War and Yom Kippur conflict and then we find that the facts tell a different story altogether. We are told that Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorist organizations. The facts tell a different story. The deeper you look the more the story changes. It turns out that Hamas was originally an Israeli creation. I guess that one got away from them. When we look for Al Qaeda cells; a hard job because there is no Al Qaeda, we find that the only one that ever got exposed was a Mossad operation.

Grab an act of genocide in the last century and see who you find at the heart of the matter. How about the Ukraine? How about the Armenian Genocide? You don’t have to look far when it comes to Darfur and Sierra Leone either. All this and Michael Ledeen’s wife too?

The thing is, if you go looking for the truth and sifting the evidence it becomes glaringly apparent soon enough that Zionism and its proponents represent a cynical and viral threat to everything that isn’t them.

When you dissect the real events and official statistics of World War 2 and, of course, World War 1 you find that what you’ve been told is not what was... not at all. You can take what you find and consider it. You can turn it around and look at it from all sides. You can hold it up to the light to see where the light passes through and where the shadows are formed. The more you look, the more you study, the more a particular influence presents itself. Herein lays the key to the application and definition of Anti-Semitism.

If you look into Biblical associations and anthropological studies, as well as what remains of the history of earlier times you come to find that the original Israelis, remaining today are, in fact, more likely to be The Palestinians. Perhaps there is an argument for various peoples being original. There is an argument for anything. When you leave the truth out of the equation all that you have is argument without the possibility of resolution which is... exactly the way some people want it.

Maybe you come across this Ashke-Nazi thing and the Khazar origins and you find that there’s this DNA conflict about what Semitic is and what it isn’t. The Palestinians are Semitic and the Khazar Ashkenazis are not. The Sephardic Jews certainly are. In 1960 there were 500,000 Sephardic Jews and 12,000,000 million Ashkenazim. Do the math. Apply your brain and the tool of reason.

Enter 9/11 and the question... to whose benefit does this event incline? Why were there five dancing Israelis? What does Odigo mean? Why was the security of all 9/11 airports in the hands of ICTS? Why were they in charge of the London Tube and The Madrid Train Station? I don’t have space here- not nearly enough space... to list the damning connections between Israeli intelligence; security firms, dual national neo-cons and sundry.

The argument for Zionist Israeli involvement in 9/11 is so apparent and prevalent that the conclusion is inescapable and without any competing, rational or fact based argument for anyone else, anywhere, anyhow. We could insert Sherlock’s famous quote about the improbable here. We could insert the rules for scientific inquiry here. We could insert all sorts of helpful things but we don’t need to. It’s that obvious. It is where the truth leads us and that is why the truth is anti-Semitic.

This is why there was no real inquiry into 9/11. This is why Bush and Co. opposed any inquiry for so long and then turned over the keys of a sham investigation to someone like Philip Zelikow. They first tried to give it to that paragon of murder, Henry Kissinger; David Rockefeller’s man on the scene. That was too outrageous even for the Nimrods among us.

Why would the president of the United States be so adamantly opposed to an inquiry? This is damning enough. We hardly need to look further. On down the road so many things came out. The BBC shot itself in the foot with its WTC7, Madame Cleo commentary about the building falling before the building fell. Now the plague of accusing letters pouring in to Michael Rudin’s email box requires another mad effort at obfuscation and they’ll be using the redoubtable Nick Kollerstrom for that.

Nearly everyone now knows that 9/11 was an ‘in house’ Zionist neo-con hit job. But you can’t go there because ‘the truth is anti-Semitic’.

Where is the plane wreckage from the Pentagon attack? Where is the camera footage from every event everywhere? Where is all the missing evidence that would be all the administration needed to prove what happened, if it happened the way they said it did? That they choose not to use the compelling evidence, that they have destroyed evidence, is also proof that the evidence says other than what they say it does.

I’ve called for a general sit down strike against the vampire machine. I think we need to use a few other tools as well. Someone reading this article has the ability to do something useful. Someone... make an icon, a logo that says “9/11 was an Inside Job”. Make it smart and sexy and effective and let us put it up in a prominent place on our blogs. You can see me wearing the t-shirt that I designed right here on this blog. We need to print stickers and stick them up everywhere we go; at bus stops and on buildings... everywhere. We need to take a page from the “V for Vendetta” playbook and become a revolutionary force for truth by plastering the world with guerilla art that screams in Technicolor to every passer by. We need an advertising campaign no less slick than Coca-Cola. We need to make noise and be subversive and use all the humor and irony that can be mined. It needs to appear on The Hollywood Sign. It needs to show up on every park bench and on staked signs in the middle of national parks. It needs to appear along the Colorado River in The Grand Canyon. It needs to be a routine skywriting event.

We must go where the truth leads us and have no fear about offending those who are telling the lies. We need to shame and expose and ridicule the merchants of fear and disinformation. We need to take it to them. We need to push for critical mass. You wonder what you can do? You wonder what any one individual can do? This is what you can do. You can become “V for Vendetta” in your daily life. Get a little bag and fill it with stickers and put them up everywhere. Be creative. Leave messages everywhere. Stick them up in the office bathrooms. Put it on bulletin boards. Buy a small box ad in the newspaper and think... think about all the possibilities that have not been mentioned here.

This is a war we can win. This is a war we are winning, just as the overlords are losing their wars abroad. Put some adventure into your life and remember... the truth is anti-Semitic.

Please note, last week Blogger made it impossible for me to control the color of the fonts as well as replacing my colors with those most unsuitable.

Now they have made it impossible for me to include links when I post from Word and I have to put them all in again (which I did). Maybe it's an accident and maybe it isn't. It is what it is.


bruno said...

Less, again one of the clearest exposes of the cabal that runs this country from the " City of London"
John Kaminski has been saying it for years, thanks for reminding us... We need " suspension of disbelief" for the truth to come out.The problem is that most Americans are so busy shopping and trying to make ends meet, so dumbed down by the MSM, they are afraid of the truth, that's too uncomfortable. Tell a kid Santa is a fake, and he gets mad at you.That's what the problem is, ignorance is bliss.
The owners of this country, Rothschild Inc have done their job well, the US and Israel are just pawns at their bidding.Thomas Jefferson saw it coming first, then Andrew Jackson, the last incorruptible who got rid of the second US central bank.
They came back with a vengeance in 1913 with the Fed, the IRS and WW1.
They own the press. Russert was making 5 million bucks a year and they are making him the new mother Theresa.

How do you educate the believers? the problem is that you can only reach the ones who are already deprogrammed!Believers are hard to reach because they want to cling desperately to their faith...
Thanks for trying

Anonymous said...

And What Is "Truth," Anyway?
(Apollonian, 24 Jun 08)

Okay, but why is "truth anti-semitic"?--is it because criminals at top don't want to be exposed?--and what exactly are they doing, anyway?--COUNTERFEITING (see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud). For criminals naturally hate truth exposing them, "ratting" them out, eh?

And "anti-semitic truth" is there are gentiles involved too, never forget--like "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) heretics--and other heretics too fm among gentiles (like those infernal Pelagianists).

Gross sinners inveigled and deceived by heretics and conspirators, by golly--what a disgusting, tragic mess is humanity, truly.

And "anti-semitic truth" only begins to telling so much about large socio-biologic (see KevinMacDonald.net) conspiracy--how "neo-cons" are connected to CFR-Bilderberg--see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref.

And what then again is large conflict?--truth vs. lies--that's "anti-semitic truth" too, isn't it? And ultimate question again is same as Pontius Pilate's in New Testament (NT) Gosp. JOHN, "what is truth?"

And what is "truth" without OBJECTIVE reality to prove it and verify for all/any human of any race?

So yes, it is Israel very much enforcing things, but Israel itself couldn't do anything without those infernal counterfeiters and masterminds at the heart, at the crux.

For first there was COUNTERFEITING scam, only then was there Israel.

And what then underlies COUNTERFEIT fraud is that original human hubris and willingness to lie to oneself--which is cyclic, historically, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, and socio-biologic, of course, human beings again, such sinful creatures.

CONCLUSION: So it's matter of getting together Town's posse, arresting criminals and culprits, giving them fair trial and then swift and humane, Christian executions--it'll be like infamous THERMIDORIAN counter-revolution of historic French 18th cent. drama, in one sense, but in another it'll be like time of Roman empire, early 4th cent., during a previous and famous "anti-semitic" era. Right now we still need somewhat of an EPIPHANY of sort of original NT Apostles (Acts, ch. 2). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

The truth is 9/11 was a warning and few got the real message! The whole of society is at a point in the financial realm for realization by default. The Royal bloodlines are at war 'silent' and America is in the crossfire. True wealth is old money only secondary to the good ol TRUSTS that have been in place at the top of the pyramid of finance. The Indians in America had no money and when the Europeans came over they eventually merged their assets 'monarchs' with America, gold was the first hard asset and it was plentiful here. Something happened in the early mid 1800's in the financial 'Trust' world that changed everything and brings us to this present cross road.

The King of Spain gave the largest Land Grant in America to a Dutch family 'Royal Blood line: http://www.zuiderent.ch/kwst/gen_index.htm ' and this is considered the Aristocracy of America. Martin Van Buren ‘8th President’ being of the same Pedigree (Mosaic: (with a capital M) adjective from Moses, e.g. Mosaic Law (the Ten Commandments). Mosan: adjective for the R. Meuse (Maas)= Maes) put this land grant into a Trust and it to this day is LEGALLY un touchable by anyone but the legal heirs, family members it belongs to. Unfortunately the managers ‘bankers’ of the Trust have been robbing and stealing the from it from day one and those who claim wealth are not in the least wealthy for they have squandered all of their wealth and are illegally living off of the Maes/Van Buren Trust. The original trust owners of this wealth have been run into poverty or death over the years in order to keep this ponzi scheme of the bankers… going.

Martin Van Buren set up this trust in order to give America its own financial stability in the world of finance; his dying words “there is but one reliance (trust).” In order to siphon illegal funds/assets from the Trust, the Netherlands ‘monarchy’ hooked up with the bankers (late 1999) and tried to “covertly” kill the only person in the Family of this trust who is legally capable of cleaning up the books thus setting the record straight and getting International finance back on track.

The Silent Coup set its energies on American government agents…in order to overthrow the Country ‘via the same’ thus keeping the ponzi scheme in operation. Now what good is the real wealth of America going to do when its inhabitants are living liken to destitute like the only “legal” family owners of the Van Buren trust!

This is the background of our financial meltdown and the rest of it all ‘war, starvation…’ is fallout. The Dutch took the Maastricht Treaty out of context and implemented it into the Euro… thus it too will inevitably fail on a grand scale.

Enough for now…

Anonymous said...

"Maybe you come across this Ashke-Nazi thing and the Khazar origins and you find that there’s this DNA conflict about what Semitic is and what it isn’t. The Palestinians are Semitic and the Khazar Ashkenazis are not. The Sephardic Jews certainly are. In 1960 there were 500,000 Sephardic Jews and 12,000,000 million Ashkenazim. Do the math. Apply your brain and the tool of reason."

I believe it was revealed relatively recently that the sephardim are - like the ashkenazim - not semitic, either. I haven't looked again, but I am fairly certain I read that the DNA testing on sephardim indicates they are of Berber descent rather than Semitic. The Berbers, of course, are the "tribal" dwellers of northwestern Africa, across the Straits of Gibr-Al-Tar from the Iberian peninsula, and it was posited in that story that those Berbers who did not convert to Islam converted to Judaism for basically the same reasons as did the Khazars. Having traveled in both Iberia and Morocco and met and seen a good many Berbers, I can see a definite "family resemblance" with the sephardim.

Perhaps the Palestinians are the ONLY semites left?

Anonymous said...

All the crazy lunatics in this country know the truth but they dont want to accept it, just like if you found out that your father was a member of the mob.

All the decent politicians in this country know the truth, but they dont say anything because there would be mass chaos in this country if the people were told the truth.

Anonymous said...

Good post...

Anonymous said...

A little more clarity, Less:
1. There is NO such a thing like the "jewish culture": there is no Jewish architecture, no Jewish music, no Jewish literature, no jewish philosophy.
There is only TWO memorables which labeled this odd people throughout all their ( and, alas, our) history. And those are: Religion and Money. Jewish Religion produced Torah/Talmud/Bible and Money produced the System we are living under.
2. Both those memorables became the 2 Elephant's legs for the United States creation.
3. There are only 2 "Promised Lands: The USA and Israel. Both are parasitic, since are alive only by the blood of others.
4. "Wandering ( expelled from the Middle East) Jews" became the most comfortable when settled in the United States, for the ideology of the Founding Fathers was of the Rothshild's House. . Here they have found "a peace and protection" they have never enjoyed even in London, where Rothshild himself 2 and a half centuries ago has bought the soil to build his House ( of worms) in.
5. Scattered through Europe to Russia, the talented jews could become the glory of the culture, where they lived, reflecting this or that culture.
This Kafka IS NOT Jewish writer, Spinoza IS NOT Jewish philosopher and Mendelson( Bartoldi) IS NOT Jewish composer.
6. It brings me to the point of "Russian Jews- Bolsheviks" who "killed millions (?!) during the 1917 Revolution time.
Yes, there were Jews! But there were Georgians as well! Stalin ( Dzugashvili) and Ordgonikidze - just first who came to my mind.
1917 Revolution in Russia WAS NOT MADE BY JEWS. It was made by Russian people.
Smart geniuses could extract money from German Jews for the cause, but Russian Jews
just REFLECTED THE HISTORICAL TURN in Russia... That's the point.

And the last - speaking of Ukraine...
I would not spoil you wonderful post with the "document, issued by to A Jew from modern Britain , Less.
For this particular Jew is REFLECTING the British propaganda about the "famine in Ukraine" in 1932-34.
I would go with the lovely Bernard Shaw and the American journalist of that time Walter Duranty. "Famine is fake", said the British genius writer when touring Ukraine at that very time and "famine is a malignant propaganda" echoed Shaw Walter Duranty.
( That time we still had good journalists!)

CONCLUSION: Destroy the System based on Bible/Torah/Talmud and Banks and JEWS WORLDWIDE WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!

Anonymous said...

First time you call for an action.
I hope you can find people who will support you, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we don't have time for wishing and hoping and working for a better world, AIPAC is telling the US Congress to get on with the Iran war and our cowardly, craven and ass-kissing chicken shits in Congress are hopping to do AIPAC's bidding.

When the dust, uhh, radioactive dust is cleared, we'll be too concerned with living hand to mouth to worry about who was behind 9/11.

Just think, since 9/11, Israel has managed to make their enemies our enemies, isn't that neat?

Bin Laden denied ever being behind 9/11 in an interview in a Pakistan paper back in September of 2001.

The FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist poster of BL lists nothing about BL being behind or wanted for 9/11.

So much for aL-Qaeda and 9/11.

And now, our immoral and corrupt Congress is getting ready to declare an act of war against a nation that means us no harm, Iran.

So, who really benefited from 9/11?

notamobster said...
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notamobster said...
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Anonymous said...

More power to you, Les.

That blogger is screwing with your website is an indication that you definitely have the bastards attention. We all need to get their attention, to be real patriots as it were. I wish I could create an icon for your site but my knowledge of such technical things is (unfortunately) zero.

The neverending lies coming from the beaks of the ziojew terrorists plague of earth and all their puppets only works if you are dumb enough to believe it in the first place. If only more people would awaken and start thinking their evil would collapse like a house of cards.

So people, start putting up those stickers everywhere you can. But be sure to wear gloves so as to not leave any fingerprints behind. You do not want any trouble due to your "anti-semitism".

Anonymous said...

To apollonian: ...hope this answers your question re, "What Is Truth, Anyway?"

In it's Universal form or everyday occurrence, Truth, since the beginning of Time has and always will be, simply, The Gift to all of mankind.
We have the freedom to either use it or abuse it...using it in conjuction with it's Universal dynamics and properties has and always will ultimately only produce a positive consequence...and by contrast, abusing it, has and always will ultimately only produce a disproportionate, unpredictable, unbalanced or selective consequence, and hence, by abusing Truth (as the above post is alluding to), we do so at our peril.

Anonymous said...

OUTSTANDING piece. Inspires me to keep fighting on. Thanks for the great research and encouraging words!

Dodgy One said...

Thats OK notamobster but I think you need to enclose the pentagon in a six pointed star. A clever implementation with the pitchfork comming down as well.

A useful touch would also show "chosen" that is crossed out and "911 an inside job" on the five sides of the pentagon so that people know what its about at first sight.


So many times I have read of their lament that Israel has a right to exist, quite clearly that is wishful thinking as a state built on a foundation of hatred for their fellow man DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST.

Grantland said...

As a liberal, you don't know the half of it. As a thinker, based only on facts, you need to re-evaluate race, feminism, affirmative action, modern art, pornography, permissiveness, (sanctioned) homosexuality, Freud, civil rights, unqualified democracy, - tv role-construction -I'm assuming you don't watch tv ... and every single facet of destruction being wreaked on human society without exception. Then you will understad why Jews are behind every one. Every single one.

Grantland said...

Oh and money/banking, business ethics, the (corrupt) medical system, the (corrupt) legal system - no doubt there's more - food? Monsanto? .. Jews. Jews Jews Jews.

Grantland said...

Education, yeah, the disastrous schools. Pokitical Korrektness. Stalinesque colleges. Corrupted politicians in the service of AIPAC. it goes on and on and on.

annemarie said...

911 was an inside, Zionist neocon hit job!

Yes it most certainly was. But most people don't even want to discuss it, in my experience. They just don't give a fig. They will though. For another thing is certain too, history does repeat itself. They will come to care, and they will arrive at it with much regret too methinks. Tick, tock. Tick, tock...

Ta Les. Ciao for now,

Grantland said...

Immigration - the '65 act - who pushed it? (hint, Kennedy was/is a stooge)

Indulge me:

Sunday, July 15, 2007
Let's not Blame the Jews

Yes, let us not blame the Jews for the crimes of the evil Zionists. Let us not blame the Jews for the lies of the Jewish media and the filth and poison vomited out by Jewish Hollywood. Not all Jews are Zionists or media moguls or moviemakers.

And let us not blame the Jews for the hideous evil of Communism which they used to enslave our Eastern European people, and systematically murder tens of millions of our best and brightest, following the dictates of their satanic Talmud. Let us not blame all the Jews for the feminism
that has made enemies of our women and crashed our birthrate, nor for the rampant pornography industry which they control and which debases our women in all eyes. Not all Jews are feminist instigators like Betty Friedan or Gloria Steinem or Bella Abzug.

The child porn market and the white slave trade might be dominated by Jews, as is the Russian mafia or organizatsia.. but not all Jews are involved. Let us, furthermore, not ascribe to all Jews the evil of the Illuminati or the machinations of the Federal Reserve Bank, which they own.

Boasian anthropology, (denying race differences) amd affirmative action which has so damaged race relations, is totally Jewish, as is the whole sick, life-killing illness of liberalism, Political Correctness and the homosexual agenda. But not all Jews are culpable. Third world mmigration, for which organized Jewish groups are principally responsible, is still pushed relentlessly by AIPAC and the like, as is the pressure to keep the borders open to illegal mestizo swarms, but not every Jew is a member of AIPAC, or the SPLC, or B'nai Brith.

Not every Jew is a neocon warmonger, or a crooked shyster lawyer or an ecstasy peddler. Not every Jew shoots Palestinian children or assassinates intellectuals or stages false flag attack to start wars. Many Jews are not involved in financial criminality like Ivan Boesky or Eric Stein or Michael Milken. Others in no way teach our children at school to hate themselves, or encourage them to misceginate with "cool" rap singers and baskeyball stars.

There are no doubt Jews who do not denigrate Christianity or Christmas, or do not despise "goyim" and "shiksas" and believe that we are cattle destined to serve the Chosen, as is written in their Talmud.

Let's not blame the Jews as a lethal vermin pest that is deadly to us as a people, in their COLLECTIVE. Certainly not! That would be "anti-semitic".

Anonymous said...

So much about Israel, Zionist, Biblical prophercy...

Now I urge you to read and dig the Koran and Hadith, for those two tell damn lots about the Zionist and their agenda.

Open your mind more.

We Muslims realize this 1400 years ago, but we kept being slaven by the Zionist, because we Muslims weaken ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I can't go along with those who blame the Jews. If Israeli operators carried out the attacks of 9/11 they must have had help from Dick Cheney. Dubya didn't have a clue then and doesn't have one now. Israel does not speak for all Jews any more than the US speaks for all Christians. WE are the problem, not the Jews. WE tolerate politicians who kiss AIPAC's ass. WE tolerate spending money and lives to defend Israel. And not just Israel; almost a trillion dollars every year to defend Europe, Japan, and Korea and who knows what else. WE need to decide what OUR interests are and then let our politicians feel the heat. We could start by studying Ron Paul's program. Many have tried to smear him with the anti-Semitic label but it never sticks. Why not? Because he says what he means and doesn't blame the Jews for OUR ignorance and complacency. We can't fix a problem until we put the blame where it belongs and accept our share of it.

Anonymous said...

Too true mate, could have written this word for word myself.

I only disagree where you say that almost everyone knows it was a Zionist job. That's only true amongst those who use the internet to find the truth, most people I know haven't got a clue about 911, and it's now fading away into ancient history. Hopefully the growing economic problems in the UK will make a few more people angry enough to start questioning their world and waking up.

I fully agree with using humour to educate those we meet. No one likes to be lectured to by a smart ass who is basically telling them they are trained sheep being lied to like so many primary school children. We need to just openly ridicule the vermin who did 911 and so much more. The public just don't hear the word "Israel" very much in their daily lives: it's all "Jihad" and "Muslim" and "suicide bomber" and "Al Qaida". We need to make them hear "Isarel" and "Mossad" and "Zionist". We need to get people hearing these words in connection with 911, because as we all know they get their entire world view from the Zionist media.

I find people are willing to listen, once I have broached their initial Pavlov response that I'm a fruitcake. The important thing is to just talk the truth openly and without fear of ridicule or reprisal. Just tell people what is really happening and the truth will burn away at them later when they have time to quietly reflect. People aren't dumb, just complacent and too busy paying the bills to worry about 911. But with so many bills going through the roof now, we might be able to link that with what has been happening. I suspect that Israel for instance will not be running short of oil any time soon, now that it has that pipeline from Iraq installed.

Respect to you Nobody, and all others standing up for the truth in this lie infested world.

nobody said...

Hats off Les, it's that big picture thing you do so well.

Spookily, I have a small picture piece of the puzzle (on Israelis running running around in Zimbabwe) over at my place.

As is my wont, I pin the blame on the media.

curt maynard said...

Excellent article!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading some of your stuff lately (a member of my 9/11 TRUTH groups posts them to our members e-mail), keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Switch the towers (antenna on left instead of right) & add a bar between the towers & you have the Houston 9/11 TRUTH group logo.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I can't go along with those who blame the Jews." -Richard Carpenter said... 5:20 AM

* * * * *

Analysis Of Jew Depends On Talmud
(Apollonian, 25 Jun 08)

Richard: Jews, by definition are followers of Talmud, no?--and how can secularist Jews (by race) not be partial towards co-racialists?

CONCLUSION: So do u think it behooves u to simply inquire and ck WHAT TALMUD IS ABOUT?--before u go about making pathetic stupid statements as u really KNOW SO LITTLE? See RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo. Nat Kapner is a former Jew; see what he says at RealJewNews.com. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

notamobster said...


check out the updated version. as for the star, pitchforks, pyramids, eyes, etc....I left them out for a reason. Those we are trying to awaken have been programmed to reflex against anything that questions the Zionist agenda. Seeing the star or other symbols would automatically switch off the receptors in the brains of millions of otherwise sentient Christians.

liberal white boy said...

Amen brother

Anonymous said...

If someone has any actual proof - one piece of scientifically proven piece of evidence - they have not to date produced anything. Theories that have more holes than Swiss cheese being proffered by weak minds like Kanadians - there is more physical artefacts to prove Jesus was god or that UFOs are landing i.e. ZERO!

Get jobs people - Pray that we can defeat the evil of terror like we are destroying drugs!

Visible said...


You make really good points as discussed in our email exchanges. I've seen the prototypes you've sent and they are upscale and compelling. I'm looking forward to spreading these images across the internet with some help from the readers.

I can't wait for someone to send in a picture of some stickers up in strategic places (grin).

Of course, I'm not advocating anything like that. That might be illegal. But I still would like to see the pictures.

Visible said...

"Get jobs people - Pray that we can defeat the evil of terror like we are destroying drugs!"

How did you get here? We're fresh out of Twinkies and Coca Cola. Maybe you'd like to wait in the reception room until the Teletubbie people come to take you back to your condo.

Anonymous said...

Is Fed Counterfeiting Or What?
(Apollonian, 25 Jun 08)

Hey "anon," at 5:38 PM: Tell us--is the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) a COUNTERFEITING scam, hence "conspiracy," or not? Ck RealityZone.com for expo/ref.

And what is Christian New Testament literature itself, but conspiracy theory? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Regarding the old Cold War story of a "manmade famine," "Ukrainian genocide," and the like, it's worth noting that this has been debunked on the basis for archival documents released since 1991. Mark Tauger is the leading specialist on the topic and has done more archival research to set the record straight than anyone else. You can download a number of his research papers here:


The famine was a result of actual crop failure caused by plant rust which allows grain stocks to grow but with a much reduced number of grains in them. This accounted for the rumor of plentiful crops spreading which formed the basis for the "manmade famine" charge. The most one can accuse the Soviet government of being guilty of in these circumstances was a bad lack of comprehension of the natural causes of crop failure.

It was a very politically charged atmosphere all over Europe at that time and just as rumors spread that the Moscow government had created the famine by taking crops away, the Soviet government itself fell into believing that counter-revolutionary enemies had hid the crops. In actuality the real crop yield for 1932-3 was very low because of the wave of plant rust, but failure to comprehend this confused the response and so worsened the famine.

As a secondary note, it should be mentioned that Ukrainian demographic losses (although tragic enough) were always inflated by Cold Warriors at Harvard. The recent demographic study of the Ukrainian archives places losses in the famine at about 2.2 million (there were at least another 1.5 million famine deaths outside of Ukraine).


During the Cold War it used to be popular to make up unsubstantiated numbers between 7-10 million. Those claims have been debunked.

But the numbers are a somewhat secondary issue relative to the fact that archival research has torn to shreds the old myth of an "artificial famine" deliberately created by government policy. What occurred was natural disaster in which the politically charged atmosphere muddled the response by creating confusion. No "intentional famine" policy.

Anonymous said...

Funny how a someone anonymous can come in and not really make a case for something except for throwing out a name and going on about how everyone knows, everything is debunked, being all rational and shit.

I don't buy what you say. That's just me but I don't buy it. I've found convincing arguments otherwise and that the same scumbags have been behind most of the murder and the lies.

When you talk about throwing out numbers I guess you mean the phony holocaust numbers too. Right?

I usually comment anonymous here but I'll sign my name this time.

Billy Everly

Anonymous said...

> going on about how everyone knows

Not sure if that was supposed to be a reference to me, but I went back to make sure that the words "everyone knows" were never used by me. The false nature of the propaganda story of an "artificial famine" is well-established in professional historical works, but very few people study such and so very few people know anything which doesn't appear on Fox News.

It should be noted that long before the archives were opened up in a way that made the post-1991 research possible it was already apparent that Cold Warriors like James Mace had manipulated photographs taken from 1921-2 and falsely cast them as taken in 1932-3. In some cases the same photo would be attributed to different years in the 1930s, even when it was possible to check that the photo originated from 1921-2. It was clear from the manipulated photographs that Cold War academia wasn't very reliable, but it only became possible to specifically determine what had occurred in 1932-3 after the opening of the archives in 1991.

> When you talk about throwing out numbers I guess you mean the phony holocaust numbers too

That's an altogether separate topic, but sure the numbers there manufactured as well with six million pulled out of the air before the war had ended and photos from Dachau being often featured as evidence of "death camps" when it's been long since admitted that it was not such. In any event, the evaluation of propaganda myths is not something to be achieved on an ideological basis. Many fierce ideological wars of the last century generated multiple myths at apparent cross-purposes, but they all hang over us today.

I had tried to use WordPress as an OpenID option but then they wanted me to go through a sign-on procedure so I chose not to bother with it.

Patrick S. McNally

Anonymous said...

Communist Starvation, Mass-Murder Obligatory Effects Of Counterfeit Conspirators
(Apollonian, 25 Jun 08)

Note there was no "debunking" whatever. Indeed, it's quite amazing "anon" at 11:06 pm ho-hums 2.2 million Ukrainian and 1.5 million other famine deaths, and pretends it isn't "man-made" disaster of horrific proportions. Anon is merely haggling over numbers, is all he's doing at best. So what's the actual pt.?

For truth is communist system, Jew-inspired and -enacted, is confirmed for anti-human concentration camp it really is, this great concentration camp system being obligatory and typical social system/format of same COUNTERFEIT conspirators who've reigned officially in USA since 1913, nearly a solid 100 yrs.

So what's the pt.?--well, I don't thing Visible's original thesis is even slightly damaged. All inductive evidence leads to neo-cons, Israelis, and CFR-Bilderberg Judeo-conspirators, they being most likely suspects who fail to disprove the adverse thesis, actually confirming it for their responsibility/culpability. Most urgent question then is what must gentile people do?

CONCLUSION: Hence then to save our very lives, and to somehow put an end to steady sowing and salting of earth w. depleted uranium, for thematic example, civilized humanity must enact JEW-EXPULSION immediately. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Visible said...

Mr McNally;

I read your two comments with interest as I would never knowingly engage in perpetuating a false image when I discover the information is generally tarnished.

At the same time, when I see the operations of a certain group have a certain consistency to them across the board it tends to weigh heavily in favor of 'the same' as opposed to an exception.

The author you give is connected to a couple of other authors whose provenance and intention I haven't had a chance to study yet... but I will.

It is very easy to come across things like This as well as This and many, many more which all sport a common theme.

I didn't use either of these because of the often lurid presentation of events and the fact that I am not a scholar anyway. What troubles me is that wherever I do read I find a marvelous consistency in names and numbers.

It is curious to me that the Ukrainian situation is being given the appearance of simple bad management, free of malign intention (by this writer- though I've only given it a cursory look so far). It's given the appearance of simply a mistake- much like the bombing of the U.S.S.S. Liberty. It is pretty apparent that the Zionist killers, throughout the torturous affair of the Soviet times, were busy little bees.

There is ample evidence that a 'so called' chosen people have contributed to the worlds ills far out of proportion to their numbers. Then there is the strange DNA tests that show who is and who is not Semitic in present day Israel and lands abounding.

Looking at the present day and seeing the direct evidence of who 'is' involved in bringing about the major conflicts and pressing for more... seeing where the evidence of 9/11 points- irrefutably for me; seeing what is taking place with the Palestinians and so forth and so on... there is a tendency of the inquiring mind not to be overly hesitant in subscribing the worst of all possible motives to those associated. That these people are associated is evident.

I see you have taken exception only to the Ukrainian matter. Do I correctly assume you have no quarrel with the other information?

It would probably be indulgent of me to state that I'm only interested in the truth of the matter but so it is. It is a big liability for me to have come to some of the conclusions that I have. It bodes no good to me, given the amount of power wielded at this time by these Satanic agents masquerading under a particular label, to feel compelled to point certain things out.

You could be right in what you say about the Ukrainian affair. So far, all I've seen to dispute it is what you have given me and, as I said, I'll have to see who these people are and what's behind them too. This does not mean- even if I find evidence at some point that 'intention' may be a feature- that I would reject their conclusions on that basis. I really only want to know the truth and it would be a relief to me if I were to find there were real extenuating factors.

When one is unraveling events from the past there is often a great deal of conflict in the information that hinders understanding. One has to sift and weigh and sift and weigh and often one is left with the same position of Henry Ford that, "history is bunk."

If I do find that I am in error I will remove the particular passage that 'implies' wrongly. It is one of the reasons that I phrase my statements thus "Grab an act of genocide in the last century and see who you find at the heart of the matter. How about the Ukraine? How about the Armenian Genocide? You don’t have to look far when it comes to Darfur and Sierra Leone either. All this and Michael Ledeen’s wife too?", leaving it to the mind of the reader what conclusions may be drawn.

Irrespective of this, it militates not a wit against the very real crimes of this industrious army of psychopaths.

I hear many an argument that it's not just agents of one group but many individuals from various groups who are the cause. What I have found is that the cause is invisible and employs willing human agency that is predisposed to the practice of evil.

I cannot hope- perhaps no one can- to be effective in clarifying all of the little mysteries that dance around the veils. I am left with looking for consistency of associations over time.

I'll give a little look see to the information and then see what corroboration there may be elsewhere. I will then compare this against the weight of argument against and see what I find most likely.

It is probably better for me to stay with the philosophical end which is my forte and stay away from the courtroom of the mind. It is only a recent thing for me to be providing so many links et al. I suppose I felt people should have some background into what I have been looking at. But I'm not a lawyer and don't want to be.

Thank you for the restraint and politeness in presentation. Let me see if I can discover where this rabbit hole leads.

Visible said...

There is a new metaphysical essay here How do I find My Way when I don't know I Am Lost?

Anonymous said...

Too true that we need to start flooding the public with the alternative to controlled media. We have the truth on our side and need enough faith to believe that the worthwhile individuals not yet in total catatonia may be able to perceive it as well. Social Networking sites may provide a venue for this discourse in truth. One in particular I find pregnant with the possiblity of truth dissemination: FUNADVICE I urge anyone with the free time to make an account and offer guidance to the young, naive and malinformed. It is crucial that we become ingenius in our fight. Explore all avenues. Be sure when you create a profile to include a link back to these sites offering respite from the coma inducing played out MSM.

annemarie said...

The irony is rich...whenever non-Jew racists and supremacists (as demonstrated by a few comments in here) criticize Jews for being racist or supremacist! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Zionists are dissemblers. The kindest definition is that they are hypocrites; the accurate definition is that they are not what they claim to be.

Anonymous said...

Id like for someone to link me to information about the genetic differences between Ashkenazis and Sephardics if any of you know reliable places to read about such..........

I know all about Khazars, but was wondering if there was concrete proof that they are genetically Central Asian vs. Middle Eastern Sephardics.......

One more observation that isn't a question----the Talmud is really saddening. I was shocked to find "goyim" are depicted in such harsh terms. I mean, there were a good many "goyim" whom the Jews hadn't even encountered yet when these things were written down (probably Chinese, Japanese, Aboriginal, Eskimo, Lapps, Pacific Islanders). How in the world did the authors think to denigrate the rest of humanity before meeting all of it? So wrong.

Anonymous said...

I would think that to get to the root of a problem you have to get to the root of the the problem. When it comes to Israel the root of the problem lays with the fact that the Ashkenazi are not actually middle eastern Jews with dark skin but eastern european in origin with white skin. Ipso facto they are not the same Jews that were booted out of Palestine by the Romans almost 2000 years ago but the Khazars from the Caucus mountain region who converted to Judaism in the 8th century for purely political reasons and as such have no claim on Palestine. They are Mongols by descent so we should all support their right to return to their homeland. If the world were aware that the Zionists claim on Palestine was a completely fabricated fib then perhaps we would collectively stop worrying about anti semitism toward them and change over to anti Mongol. When one loos at the behaviour of Israel in dealing with its percieved enemies, their ancestral forefather comes to mind, in particular Gengis khan who, ironically, ran them off their land back in the 12th century which is part of the reason why we have this problem today. NO honour among thieves there then.

Anonymous said...

I tell anyone who will listen. I travel a lot and find myself striking up conversations in spas, by the poolside, in grocery lines...

I tell anyone who will listen.

Israel and the Jews are the enemy of man - always have been.

I remember where I was on 9/11. In a small town in Belgium. I walked into the front parlor of my hotel and the room was filled with Japanese business men who were having a convention there....

The only words I could understand were "CIA" and "MOSSAD".

They understood immediately who was behind that attack on New York. Nobody had to tell them.

That gives me hope. The Jews may have silenced dissidents in Europe and America - but people know the truth of the Jew. They always have.

I've decided not to be afraid of being called anti semitic. I wear it like a badge, actually... because I don't have any 'exposure' as they say.

I tell anyone who will listen - including the Jews I meet.... they are an evil people, doing evil to themselves and everyone else.

They must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

don't talk bollocks its the message not the messenger. besides I've tried to get into your blogg with my chosen identity which is the same as being anonymous so unless you're working for the other team, rounding up us dissidents then why should you give a shit.

Visible said...

Dear Mr. Bollocks;

Who are you talking to and what about? I can't get a handle on it at all.

As for not being able to sign your name, that's quite easy, watch;

Your Name

Anonymous said...

"muslim said...

So much about Israel, Zionist, Biblical prophercy...

Now I urge you to read and dig the Koran and Hadith, for those two tell damn lots about the Zionist and their agenda."

I'm always interesed in seeing what popular texts have to say. Would you happen to have any recommended passages in mind? I don't have the time to read the whole thing yet and I haven't even been able to do that with the Bible or Talmud...

Anonymous said...

"It was clear from the manipulated photographs that Cold War academia wasn't very reliable, but it only became possible to specifically determine what had occurred in 1932-3 after the opening of the archives in 1991."

So you're saying that the survivors weren't reliable sources? That the only source of information was in the Soviet archives? We are to trust the archives of a giant bureaucracy known for its' secrecy and theft of property and wealth? You are a propagandist. And you are promoting a specific agenda. I'll stick with Alexander Solzhenitsyn and other government victims for the story about what happened thank you. Oh wait...they must not be "experts" if they didn't have access to the archives!

Anonymous said...

On some level we must be in agreement with the sham vampire system. That it is still around is the proof. Removing it is too unpleasant to deal with so we get back to anything to distract us from the defecation striking the roto-oscillator. As big chunks of excrement strike the fan most choose to be oblivious. Critical mass? We are there. We can go onward to extinction or fight back and survive. Neo-feudal corporate slavemaster boot licking or a future for the species?

Anonymous said...

The Khazars are Pharisees (look up the synonyms for this word)who are of Ephram of Jabob (Abraham Issac and Jacob) which is Britian 'branched out' and Manessa is USA. See also Christian Pharisees 'America founded on Calvinism=same as'. Tzar 'Russia' is same as khazar...these clowns moved about...

Mesopotimia archives show a different presentation of the Jewish belief than that of modern day 'outside meso era' Talmud. Note what Jesus had to say about them too!

http://www.contenderministries.org/middleeast/timeline.php for the most part we are all semites and anti semite would have to mean "against mankind"!

The Pharisees were known for taking words and using them out of context in order to control and they are still proficient at it!

Anonymous said...

Clarification: Semite "we are all" meaning those decendants of Southwestern Asia thus Asian... http://www.springerlink.com/content/t8517341851k1554/ Microbial Diversity in Meso-Neoproterozoic Formations, with Particular Reference to the Himalaya. Bottom line Semite is not a religion and the Zionist/Pharisee/Khazars cant corner the market on this.

Anonymous said...

Smoking Mirrors, fine work. I hope you'll link to www.iamthewitness.com as Smith has a ton of first rate info in the form of interviews and books.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for not being a well informed American Citizen, but I have something bugging my mind which would put things in another perspective: related to the Federal Reserve System, is it true that every war that needs to be financed from within this system creates "fake money" which the Rothschilds c.s.(via this Federal Reserve System) then can turn into real assets. Such as buying the land from under your feet, or buying acces/distribution of water. Would someone who is into it be able to clarify the difference then with the UN/IMF which I understand has the same Rothschild stamp?



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