Monday, July 30, 2007

Greg Palast Takes a Dive in The Midnight Hour.

Most of us who seek the truth that glimmers behind a web of lies know who Greg Palast is. He presents himself as an investigative reporter. He’s been a counter-culture hero of sorts who likes to picture himself as a Sam Spade in fedora sort of a guy who tenaciously digs to the real facts when the smoke machines and the light show hit the stage. I’ve enjoyed some things he’s written. I’m not a regular reader but I run across him. It appears that Greg Palast is not who he presents himself to be. It appears, from my view, that he is a disinfo specialist.

I cannot say that he has not reported the truth before. I have no means of checking this. What I can say is that he has put himself solidly on the side of untruth with his name-calling dismissal of Dr. Steven Jones -a world renowned physicist. Is Greg Palast a physicist? I don’t think so and if I’m wrong about that I’m waiting for correction. For some reason, Greg Palast thinks that Dr. Steven Jones is a fruitcake for questioning the official 9/11 story and for subjecting the official explanation of how and why the 3 WTC Towers fell to the disciplines of the science in which he is widely considered to be an expert.

Dr. Jones is not the only credentialed scientist to dispute the absurd conclusions of the official 9/11 story. There are hundreds of scientists and academics from all over the world who dispute it along with a majority of the world’s citizens. A child in primary school knows that 3 +2 does not add up to four. Greg Palast indicates that he does not know this in respect of the bad math in the official 9/11 story, yet... we are led to believe that Greg Palast is a truth seeker and an intelligent man. Pay close attention to the video interview with Greg that is coming up here shortly. What is the explanation for Greg’s position in defiance of hard, empirical science, mathematical law and common sense? It can’t be that he doesn’t know. That’s as absurd as his rejection of what is obvious to an ordinary layman. So why... why does he defend the official story?

What about Noam Chomsky?

He won’t touch the 9/11 cover-up and his commentary is the worst kind of disingenuous patronizing. What is it about these famous and seemingly passionate defenders of the greater good with feet of clay? Is a person’s honor of less value than their VIP entré and a paycheck? I can’t fathom it. Thank god there are enough of us around that if they tried to bury us in the Chateau D’If they wouldn’t have the room. They wouldn’t have the room in Madison Square Garden; maybe not even in all of the fallen towers on a busy day... still, there are all too few.

Most of us don’t make the big bucks getting cozy with the suits. Most of us don’t put on a manufactured persona of cool and then disappoint the people who rely on us. Most of us don’t posture as something we are not just so we can hang with the money men and get published and go to awards dinners and whatever it is that they do in the private railcars of the midnight hour when the brandy and cigars come out to play. Most of us are all too few.

At one site, Pilots for 911 Truth there are dozens of professional pilots with thousands and thousands of hours in the air who have ferried tens of thousands of passengers and flown in combat and even flown the very planes that hit the towers and who all say it could not have been accomplished by the alleged perpetrators. There is overwhelming agreement that we are the beneficiaries of obvious and outrageous lies.

Let’s go to this video ....what am I missing? Can Greg Palast be telling the truth about everything else and 9/11 too and I am just too stupid to see the light? Can Greg Palast be as stupid as his position makes him out to be? See, it doesn’t make sense. Something is wrong with this picture. What might that be?

This is what you find when you go looking into circumstances surrounding 9/11. You come up on Israeli involvement. You absolutely come up on Israeli foreknowledge. I think we can be pretty conclusive about that. It’s a funny way for one of your so-called ‘best friends’ to behave. Could this be what Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky do not want to have to deal with? No less redoubtable a source than Fox News put out a four part video on Israel spying (very quickly removed from their web site) on the U.S.

We’ve heard about "The Five Dancing Israelis" and there is a whole lot more that you can keep finding out until you realize that somehow, in some way, Israel is involved in 9/11.

Did I want to find this out? I’m a writer and a recording artist. I have a lifetime of effort in certain areas of endeavor. Is it not career death for me to refuse to knuckle under to a lie? Is it not a difficult thing for me to ask legitimate questions? It certainly is. However, some of us do not find the enslavement of our souls and sale of our integrity for a “mess of potage” to be a fair exchange. It comes down to what you value. It comes down to where your heart is. To quote Richard Lovelace, "I could not love thee (Deare) so much, love'd I not honor more."

The truth is not a thing of convenience, something that can be altered on a whim to suit us all. Heck, if that were the case, Mossad would have long ago altered the truth and there would be no evidence. But there is evidence, all kinds of evidence; nothing absolutely, smoking gun specific but the kind of evidence that a husband might have when he sees some guy hotfooting it away from his house through a window when he arrives home unexpectedly a night early. He doesn’t know what went on but his wife is in the house, she’s dressed for bed and she doesn’t want to talk about it and well... you get the picture. “I don’t know honey, maybe it was a peeping Tom.” Maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t. And then you see things. You see things you don’t want to see. The windows not closed, the bed is in disaray and you really don’t want to believe “your lying eyes”. But you have got to wonder.

Maybe Greg Palast knows “which side his bread is buttered on.”

The other day, this (so-called) news story appeared in FoxNews and then, the next day on Who knows where else it has appeared? The headline says, “Hezbollah: We Are Ready to Attack Israel Again”. The actual quote- QUOTED IN THE ARTICLE- turns out to be "We possess and we will continue to possess rockets that can hit any area in occupied Palestine if Israel attacks Lebanon," That’s a lot different from the headline. That’s a serious disconnect. Then in the article, once again, as it has been repeated thousands of times, it is said- again, by faceless correspondents that the Israeli soldiers were ‘kidnapped’ on Israeli soil when, in fact, as eyewitnesses to the event; police, journalists and citizens have stated, they were ‘captured’ several miles inside the inside the Lebanese border.

Please note what has happened to most of the links in this article. Many of the articles which announced it at the time have been since expunged from The Web. Is this the media Greg Palast has to deal with? Is it the media HE DOES ‘DEAL’ with?

This is my problem. When I set about seeking the truth in a matter, I weigh the evidence. When the evidence turns out to be inconsistent with ‘official’ conclusions that are declared to be the truth then I begin to wonder ‘why’ that is. When the evidence shows signs of warping and having been spun, folded and mutilated and when powerful interests begin to apply pressure for compliance with official explanations then I wonder more. I can’t help wondering why someone insists that 2 + 3 equals 4. I can’t just say, “Okay, you’re probably right.” just to avoid conflict or to protect my income and my personal safety. I’m not made that way and that’s a problem you may be sure.

Watch the videos people. Read the links and extrapolate out a bit and ask yourself... “Does this make me wonder?” Look at the trend of the last six years. Look at how one thing has led to another, based on information PROVEN false. Study what we have learned about 9/11 and compare it to the official fairytale and then you tell me... you tell me if you’re comfortable with what your reason and your intuition suggest as opposed to what you’ve been told.

Step by step, incrementally we go into a deeper darkness. We don’t question. We follow the Judas Goat through the ramps and out to the killing floor. The soothing voice from the speakers tells us that everything is going to be alright. We want to believe that voice. Deep inside we are afraid. We are afraid the voice is lying because what we are hearing does not match up with what we are seeing and smelling. What will we do?

It’s your world people. It’s your life. You must decide whether it is preferable to live on your knees. Do you think it ends there? Do you think that maybe you will lose just a little liberty, a little freedom and then it will even out? Is that what you think?

You must demand that those who represent you are loyal first to the country in which you live. You have no idea how strong you are when you are united. Take the blinders away from your eyes and look! There is something in us that is greater than all of that which seeks to oppress us and drink our blood. It is up to you. It is up to us. Do you have the honor and integrity to stand up for yourselves and your family and your community or are you going to take that dive in the midnight hour? That is the question you are going to have to ask yourself. Sooner or later... sooner or later it is going to show up at your door.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for another incisive stab at the lies which pretend to be truth. Just what will it take for the masses to awaken? We seem to be far from the 100th Monkey effect. The spiritual masters say that we help the most by working on ourselves and walking in truth, since everything is connected. I feel that it will take some shaking up...nukes or pachamama sneezing hard, plus the apparent death of much of the human blight. You KNOW it cannot continue. I do not believe that the masses will accept overt domination (rather than the present covert form), but I could be wrong. Whatever happens, it's likely to get really nasty before we turn the corner on the precession of the Equinox. All we can do is to live in truth as examples.

Anonymous said...

This may be my favorite thing that you have ever written about the outer world. Just keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about that. I always thought Greg Palast was a solid cat. That vid says it all. Props for the tip.


Anonymous said...

Palast is an interesting case. He has done some good work on voting fraud, and in other areas, but becomes either an idiot or a shill on 9/11. Maybe it is only that he maintains a frame of reference (willful ignorance?) that won't allow him to think objectively about the 9/11 issues.

I can't figure out guys like Palast, Cockburn, Chomsky, and others; the list goes on and on. You would think that at the very least, they should be able to tell the difference between a) a massive set of explosions with ejection of massive structural components hundereds of feet, and pulverization, and b) a collapse. They just would not look the same.

I can't see that these folks have looked, with anything resembling an open mind, at the explosive destruction of the twin towers. Either that, or their 'gut level' feel for physical phenomena is really inadequate to understand high school Newtonian physics. It does take more than one viewing and an open mind to get past what the propagandists have told us, but once you see that these towers exploded, you no longer have doubt that some explosive devices had to have been used.

Mike Zimmer

Anonymous said...

"Leave the safety racket to powers that be.
The bought men and their buyers lie,
confessing in their beds to oblivion.
Life I cannot promise past this line."

Anonymous said...

People generally don't want to concern themselves with being seen as a go-to guy for the scoop. They're "glossers". They get snatches of information here and there, like your Hezbollah headline or the wrongly-translated Amdinejad quote, and hoist these lines up in justification of something threatening to their image, something that personally discredits them in protection of how they'd prefer to see themselves. You understand, they don't have any hard evidence, either. But there is evidence. Its more real than any dis-info or tangibility you could hold in your hand and present to the courts. Its the uniquely personal accounting of our very own journeys accumulating over the test of time. What could have been? And what is it today?

Visible said...


Greg is intentionally disinfo. In the vodeo he says, "It takes two years to wire a building for controlled demolition. Where did he get these figures and does this mean any building at all? That is what he seems to be saying.

The interviewer was pretty good but he was not aggressive enough.

Anonymous said...

Don't base your information on Wikipedia. Wiki is about as accurate as shaking an 8 ball.

Visible said...

I really want to thank those who have chosen to respond. I am constantly impressed by the intelligence, passion and articulation that I receive here. You've made all of my attempts so much more meaningful with your additions. I mean this sincerely and with gratitude.

Anonymous said...

I think you all need to take a look at the hypocrisy of your views on guys like Chomsky and Palast. They are right as long as they see things your way, but when they don't agree with what you think they confuse you.

If you only pick and choose when to acknowledge their opinions then you are only seeing what you want to see.

As to how long it takes to bring down a building, I don't think 2 years is a crazy figure. Especially with buildings the size of the WTCs. The amount of planning and foresight would be far too extensive to be realistic in this case. Bush wasn't even in office when the planning would have begun.

Anonymous said...

visible... i have a niece whos engineer and builds dam over seas . showed her videos of #1- 2-and 7 this is what she bring the buildings down in this fation you must to cut all the bolted and welded core columns at the same time without explosive... noooo the way i waited long time for you to take on palast on this but all along knew y'll do it.....palast monbiot et all being exposed...thanks

MRI Hero said...

I agree - I saw the video interview of him making the attacks on Jones - this woke me up to his BS as well. It seems there are those that see 911 clearly and speak up, those that know and keep quiet, and those that refuse to believe. I wish Palast had some facts to back up what he said rather than calling names. I don't think the facts are on his side.

Anonymous said...

Palast, Chomsky, Raimundo etc. are not disinfo agents, but they are purposefully accepting the official 911 story because they are terrified of the tin-foil hat label and what it will do to their career.

After what Palast wrote in Best Democracy Money Can Buy, he definitely is not a disinfo agent. His recent book, Armed Madhouse is a bit disjointed and he does seem a little over the top with the fedora sam spade thing.

He can be trusted on Voter Fraud but he's cowering on the 911 story.

Anonymous said...

Palast is spinning to get self-avowed "liberal defenders of truth" to side with him in rejecting the official story on 9/11/2001.

Who has paid him? George Soros? Al Gore? Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton? John Edwards? The DNC? The DLC? Daily Kos?

It doesn't have to be any of those people or entities. But it sure looks like their philosophy at work.

I put my money on George Soros or Al Gore.


As to the comments in here...

Palast, Chomsky, Cockburn -- I would wager that each of them has some sort of reputation tied to the "establishment liberal media."

Each of them has a demi-god status among certain "liberals," commonly the folks who deny that NPR and PBS are 95% corporate sponsored.

Sponsored in part by viewers like you goes their mantra, when they recite who funded the program in issue. Notice the "in part" portion!

Palast, Cockburn and Chomsky will continue to seem above-board so long as the issue doesn't threaten the corporate backers of "liberal" journalism.

It's high time that everyone stopped according past laurels to hack liars -- whether they are journalists, or members of the Democratic Party. As with John Conyers' recent proof of his corporate teat-sucking despite a past history of fighting for civil rights, we are now in an era where there is no such thing as an honorable journalist or politician.

The only semblance of honesty is in the blogs operated by people who don't solicit funds or otherwise are not paid to write.

Anonymous said...

I emailed him, letting him know, I was a licensed architect in New Jersey and if he ever wanted to sit down and discuss this with many other architects and engineers, he could contact me. I also informed him that, "slander as a debate tool was the bastion of the forlorn and ignorant.'

I await his reply.

redpill8 said...

Good article SM,

I have recently wrote a similar article criticizing Robert Fisk and his refusal to look into the 9/11 issue. (see I spoke with him personally after a talk he gave in Berkeley. At this talk he brought up the 19 hijackers twice! This after it had been reported by the BBC and FBI that five of the alledged hijackers were alive and well after 9/11. Why would such a prominent journalist like Fisk not know such an important story 5 years after it was first reported? Maybe if he didn't "distain" the internet he would have gotten this information.

I am not saying that Fisk or Palast are knowingly gatekeepers, but they should be called out on for their refusal to look into 9/11 which is the most important ammo for the administration to continue their "war of terror". It is inexcusable that Fisk and Palast should buy into this myth so easily, but with other government stories they are incredulous.

redpill8 said...

Good article SM,

I have recently wrote a similar article criticizing Robert Fisk and his refusal to look into the 9/11 issue. (see I spoke with him personally after a talk he gave in Berkeley. At this talk he brought up the 19 hijackers twice! This after it had been reported by the BBC and FBI that five of the alledged hijackers were alive and well after 9/11. Why would such a prominent journalist like Fisk not know such an important story 5 years after it was first reported? Maybe if he didn't "distain" the internet he would have gotten this information.

I am not saying that Fisk or Palast are knowingly gatekeepers, but they should be called out on for their refusal to look into 9/11 which is the most important ammo for the administration to continue their "war of terror". It is inexcusable that Fisk and Palast should buy into this myth so easily, but with other government stories they are incredulous.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the way Vincent Bugliosi made mincemeat of the US Supreme Court in their preposterous decision in the 2000 Presidential (s)election yet glosses over the many inconsistencies and absurdities regarding the JFK assassination in his book "Reclaiming History." It seems that the 'truth-tellers' can only risk telling a little bit of the truth, or only tell the truth about some things. I suppose we should appreciate what they do expose to the light of day other injustices but to dismiss so cavalierly things that are clearly indefensible is itself indefensible.

Anonymous said...

Les, just a short note to say I think you are completely on track both as to the facts of the matter and as to the spiritual consequences of going along with a lie. And to say that I am very grateful that you continue to post on this subject against the misdirection (or worse) of figures such as Mssrs. Palast or Chomsky.

D.D., Amsterdam

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

What timing! Could it be that there is no such thing as coincidence? ;) Just this morning, I was wondering about two other mainstream journalists and
"darlings of the left", Robert Fisk and Eric Margolis. As for Palast, I stopped reading him many moons ago.

Could it be that some high-priced journos who are selectively critical of the PTB, but who don't question certain obvious flaws/lies say, in the official 9/11
story -- which are begging to be questioned --- are actually paid shills? Well duuh.

Some are knowingly manufacturing "dissent". You know, serving up just enough tempting morsels to whet the appetites of those who aren't inclined to
swallow a dirty dish. Just offering enough real info/criticism (albeit buried amongst a helping of lies, omissions, or distractions) to serve as steam vents,
lest we blow our tops? Looks that way. But they never, ever tackle the "sacred cows", do they.

And, there's another possibility. Assuming that they are not working for the globalist war mongers, and assuming that they are not worried about risking careers or lives (the latter imo is the only justification)
could it be that they won't examine, question, or admit to other points of view -- e.g. that those 3 towers were
demolished/imploded. -- because they are spineless?

Funny too that you should point out that about the Israeli soldiers being "kidnapped" on Israeli soil. It's making the rounds again, thanks to the usual suspects and
kaiser fokkin' so-see. It's also something Fisk said in a recent piece. It was only one line in an otherwise interesting article. But, it jumped out at me...
unbelievable! So is Fisk also "catapulting the propaganda"? Btw, went to see him speak about a year or so ago, while he was doing a book tour. I walked into the lecture a fan of his, and walked out at the end of it, shaking my head in dismay and disgust.

Palast, Margolis, Fisk, Monbiot, Chomsky, etc., etc.. the list is too damned long. And though we don't really know whose payrolls they're on, eventually every one
outs themselves.

I haven't yet looked at that video clip which you posted. I will.

Man, you are on fire these days. :) I also noticed your words of gratitude. In the time that I've been reading you here, you've
given so much, words can't begin to I'll just end with a smile, and Grazie Mille

Oops, almost forgot. The heart never lies. Working in tandem with the gut (instinct) and mind (intuition), it's one powerful trinity ;)

Take care, annemarie

Giordan said...

My view is that people are only waking up now, and very slowly, to the fact that the US media and the media in Britain and affiliated countries (Canada, Australia, NZ) is completely controlled and usually serves the agenda of setting up the Empire's enemies du jour. If you're not a controlled hack you simply won't get a job in a major media outlet such as the Times or CNN and you have very litle chance of surviving in even a minor media outlet. Anyone with a voice in the mainstream media should therefore be firmly distrusted.

However, we are waking up way too late. The real time to wake up would have been the 1930s, when the strategy of disinformation was taken to a zenith in the avalanche of propaganda against Nazi Germany. Hardly anyone bothered to point out at the time that the bulk of such reports and opinion pieces were utterly bogus and there was not the least evidence to support any of the lurid claims about the alleged horrors going on in that country.

Yet this propaganda helped propel the country into a war that cost an estimated 55-60 million lives. If there was ever a time when moral men and women needed to speak out against the controlled press, it was then and there, but that generation - the so-called 'Great Generation' - actually failed dismally to hold the government-corporate media disinformation complex accountable. And, as a result, lies have entrenched themselves as facts beyond dispute.

It should be obvious to anyone with a brain that the damage has been done and nothing can be done to 'reform' the media. There's no point trying to shut the gates after the horse has bolted. The best thing we can do today is just ignore it altogether and try to create fresh media outlets of our own - and I'm not even convinced this will be of much help.

Anonymous said...

Just watched that video clip. Some observations:

Palast protests tooooo much. And stumbles a lot as he talks. Have never seen him speak before, is this typical for him? I find it really rather odd.

Body language: blinking eyes, and looking down and to the left are an indication of lying. My bad, I'm not a scientist, so I shouldn't "posit" that. Muhaha

He says that BBC is "not crazy stuff like black helicopters..." Wow! Think I'll go and erect an altar to the almighty BBC.

And that stuff (from the holy, venerable BBC) about FBI agents saying that Bush admin told them to back off investigating Bin Laden. Well, according to Palast, that there is PROOF, proof I tell ya, that those 3 Towers were NOT control demolished. He bumbles/stumbles for a bit with this convoluted "logic".

Palast's take seems to be that they (the Bush admin) allowed it to happen, but weren't actively involved. WTF? That is a common refrain I've heard from several mainstream media types. I've also noticed that those who utter it also seem quite tepid and blase about it. So wtf gives? Do any of these people even have a pulse!

Oh and Prof. Stevens must be so skeered after Palast challenged him to come after him. Bring it on?! Comic relief. Unintentional on Palast's part I'm sure. ;)

Now I cannot believe my own lying eyes. Only what celebrity investigative-journalist Greg Palast says is true. Mea maxima culpa. NOT!

Palast is a shill and a turd. What else is new!


Anonymous said...

Air America radio host Randi Rhodes is also on the side of Greg Palast... she won't even entertain the idea that Israel may have had something to do with the 9/11 attacks and I've actually heard her hang up on callers who raise this subject. I too have always thought Palast was a stand-up guy; the only possible reason that I could conjure up to explain his beliefs would be this: Maybe Palast was threatened by Mossad agents... shown pictures of his family and told to get with the program... OR ELSE! After all, if they WERE involved with 9/11 the this scenario is verrrrrrrry possible.

Joy said...

Yes, all of the above mentioned journos are shills. But what really hurt me is the exposure of the cool TV guys who made me laugh.

The 9th director of the Mossad, who was in office from 1998 to September 11, 2002 (no joke) was EFRAIM HALEVY. He was warmly interviewed about his spy memoir book on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on April 24, 2006!!!

But it gets worse. Bill Maher, that Bush bashing, free loving secular humanist, lovingly preformed fellatio on BENJAMIN NETANYAHU for a whole show of Real Time on September 8, 2006. As you recall, Netanyahu just happened to be in London for the 7/7 bombings and stated that he received an advance warning just in the nick of time. Just like Rudi Guiliani had advance warning of the WTC collapse.

Needless to say, Maher and Stewart maintain 9/11 truth free zones. That is why they get the big bucks. They keep the hip urban liberal intellectuals on board for the endless wars for oil, profit, and Israel.

Visible said...

"I think you all need to take a look at the hypocrisy of your views on guys like Chomsky and Palast. They are right as long as they see things your way, but when they don't agree with what you think they confuse you.

If you only pick and choose when to acknowledge their opinions then you are only seeing what you want to see.

As to how long it takes to bring down a building, I don't think 2 years is a crazy figure. Especially with buildings the size of the WTCs. The amount of planning and foresight would be far too extensive to be realistic in this case. Bush wasn't even in office when the planning would have begun."

I want to respond to this comment and the one on Wikipedia.

First let me take the comment that I have quoted at the top.

I want you to see what you can find in my past writings that deal with Palast and Chomsky and point out to me where I have supported and extolled them. When you are able to do this then I am going to concede your position. If you are unable to do this then I have to wonder what you've based this statement on.

I've never paid much attention to Chomsky. I've never had much use for strict empiricists in that I believe there is a 'spiritual' basis for everything. I am more convinced of the existence of a divine presence than I am of the world I 'seem' to inhabit. I don't really know what it is that Chomsky accomplishes that has any meaning for me. I can't find it. Therefore I hardly, if ever, mention him.

I've read maybe 3 articles by Palast. He sends me his work and I routinely skip it in the process of checking my mail. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned him before. I might have and that is the only reason I don't just flat out say I've never even brought him up before.

I read them as I find them in passing; Cockburn, Hirsh, Fisk et. al. I'm constantly reading things as I piece together the carpet of the manifest that dances in front of me. I sift and see how it makes me feel, how it adds up against my own observations. I'm not a fan of anyone much anymore unless it is Ramana Maharshi, Ramakrishna, Aivanhov and some others. I'm more into those that I consider 'masters of ageless wisdom' The world is always the world. It doesn't matter what period you are talking about. There is always the same maya at work in a different outfit. Therefore, the timeless discourses are forever relevant. No one has improved on what Lao Tzu had to say about it all (Witter Bynner translation).

As for the time it takes to prepare a building for demolition, I have to ask- are you a controlled demolition expert? On what evidence are you basing this assumption? I know for sure that Palast doesn't know jack-shit about this sort of thing. I don't know what you know or whether you know what you know. Enough said about all that.

As for Wikipedia, I'm aware of their problems and games. I used this reference- and I think you will find that this may well be the only time I've ever used Wikipedia to illustrate something- because in this case it was the most comprehensive and easy to read description of Dr. Jones' accomplishments and credentials. Enough on that.

I'd like to point some things out here now because I suspect a lot of you will come back to check out the thread. This has been such a great thread with some excellent contributors that it deserves further attention.

I seldom get negative comments. In this instance, I've printed all the comments I have received. Here is my policy on comments. If the comments are positive I print them regardless of whether you give your name or not. If the comment is negative I will still print it if it isn't ad hominen invective, pointlessly stupid (my call) or you sent me 3 or 4 variations of the same thing. If you include your name and I think it's legit then I'll print it regardless of what you say.

Too much false bravado and arrogant trolling takes place under the cover of anonymity and I'm not going to give that a forum. I'm also not going to give a forum to wild assed shit about, 'the jews'. I don't have anything against the jews and never have had. I got a real hardon for Zionism which is racism and equatable with Nazism. I'm not flexible on that.

If and when this kind of crap comes from China, or Russia, or anywhere else then I'll focus in that direction. Today, a great percentage of the evil shit going down is a product of Zionism; no if's ands or buts about it. It gets no pass from me.

I don't want to give the impression that I will respond to negative commentary and less so to positive commentary. The fact is that I don't like to get into dialogue here to begin with. I really am very busy and there aren't enough hours in the day for what I want to do to start with. I have a forum where I interact with people at at the forum called The Best of the Fray where I post as 'apollonius...'

This forum has some very keen minds. It's also got quite a collection of nasty customers who don't give a shit about anything but being a jerk. It's a place where all kinds of things get said and brush fires are common. I don't really fit in there but it is where I wound up.

In any case, I do answer emails and I do answer comments if I am directly asked to answer them. So... it requires that effort on the part of those who comment to instigate it.

Some people have been coming here for awhile; Erin and Bruce, Joy, betmo, annemarie and of course Tony with whom I correspond. These people I see regular and some others come around now and then. I hate listing names because I know I left someone out and I don't mean to; just got back from dental surgery and pain pills etc so I'm not my usual 'almost together' self. Forgive me if I omitted you.

I often want to thank these people for their support. I think I might have already done a general thank you in this thread already... but I just hope they know that I'm glad to see them and if they actually need to hear something from me they know how to get that.

It's a delicate and complicated thing... maintaining the right amount of contact and not forgetting to be appreciative. I'm no better at it than most. The majority of the time my mind is on the far side of Alpha Centauri and just not thinking about the day to day most people find themselves in. I'm a recluse who lives in his mind and who likes to be alone in nature... who is absorbed in his music and his writing; which includes a lot more than this particular focus.

If you get something you like here then I couldn't be more pleased. It's the main reason I do it. However, I'm nobody important and I wouldn't want you to think I think that. It's tiresome to see all of these people promoting themselves; people whose ambition makes a whore out of their message. It's tiresome to see all these appeals for donations and dozens of ads on all of these sites; yeah, I have a Paypal button on my site but don't worry, no one ever sends me any money and I don't ask. It's there to appease a few poeple who bugged me to do it, "just in case anyone wants to donate" yadda yadda.

I'd like to do a little better financially. I could think of a few things that would make my whole trip a little easier. However, that kind of thing never stops. It becomes some kind of animal that always needs to be fed. I'm comfortable not having much of anything. Being happy has fuck all to do with money or celebrity... things... and like that. Of course, we all need things but life has a way of providing for that and I can't complain.

I don't write or compose or perform for money. That is secondary. I don't hate money and I don't love it. It does embarrass me to see people obssessed with it. The message is the important thing, not the messenger. The messenger should never be more important than the message and it looks pathetic to get all self important just because for some short time you are in the stagelights. I cringe at some of the shit people do to stay there. I am stunned at the transparent dances people do to push themselves on the world and even more stunned at how little talent they have.

If you're supposed to be famous or successful then I suppose you will be. If not then I suppose you won't be. I believe that takes care of itself and it is always more of a burden than a reward. Look at all of the people shoving themselves into the limelight without even getting their chops together first.

God, I am going on. Anyway... it's great to see so much evidence of integrity and penetrating intelligence walk through this site. All may not be lost after all.

Anonymous said...

I forget where I read it now but it is to do with a persons core beliefs, what they believe is their very essence. If you challenge that they will willingly believe a lie because facing the truth is too terrifying a proposition.
They would rather be moored at a harbour of lies than be adrift on a sea of uncertainty.

Anonymous said...

POLITICALSPAZZ hit on it at the end. Palast goes after vote fraud well enough, but I have seen numerous documentation by others of the fact that he won't touch anything directly critical of Israel.

It could be that he's afraid of being called a tin-foil hat wearer, but can he really not see that the government story is total bullshit? Seriously, a person would have to be balancing a full outhouse on their neck to not see through these lies.

Six years, overwhelming evidence, and yet millions of people still profess to buy the Bush administration's story, without one shred of proof to back it up, and no stone left unturned by the mainstream media to demonize and bury any attempts to have an open, public debate about 9/11. Inspector Clousseau could figure this out if he were drunk.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Palast works for the BBC, and remember all of the stuff that THEY have been caught out on recently, as well as their famous footage with their correspondent claiming that WTC 7 had collapsed while it was still standing right behind her!

And remember that the BBC tried to insult peoples' intelligence by claiming that they had lost that footage, and claiming that they aren't part of any conspiracy, while they refuse to divulge the source that they received the WTC 7 information from. Remember, also, that it takes time to vett this type of information. The prediction concerning WTC 7 was probably received by the BBC at least 40 minutes before the actual collapse. Not to divert attention from Palast, but it is instructive that both he and the BBC, his employer, seem to have been exposed as disinfo agents of the highest caliber.

Unknown said...

I have been a long-time fan, and former financial supporter of, Mr. Palast's work. Although I will have to closely examine your statements/claims about him, I sincerely thank you for your post. We do need to strive for truth, and analyze critically most of what the media tells us.

One note- There ARE actually a very limited number of Washington politiicians who are working for the benefit of our nation & world. Kucinich, Gravel & Paul are three who are far better than average. As for Kucinich, I respect him more than any other American public figure. He is truly a big man, irregardless of his physically small stature. BTW, it appears that he also is genuinely interested in initiating a REAL investigation of 9/11. (www2 DOT Kucinich DOT us)

Anonymous said...

wtc7 = controlled demolition.

wtc1,2 = turned to dust.

Google Steven Jones and Directed Energy Weapon.

Anonymous said...

Good site.

Anonymous said...

Respect for a politician, you must be joking.
No self respecting Australian would p*ss on a politician if he were on fire!
You people have to get with the real world before you'll be able to do anything about your own country mate.
Tony - Australia.



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