Friday, August 3, 2007

The Lonesome Death of the American Dream

As bad as we know it is; two terms of an unelected psychopathic stooge in the presidency, a murderous assault on home ground by the very government empowered to protect the people against it, the daily erosion of personal freedom, the trashing of the economy, the banal vomit inducing entertainments, the collective efforts of disinfo agents who present themselves as truthseekers, the cowardly opposition party crawling backwards in estrus toward the dark side, the control of American foreign policy by a foreign government and the enormous human suffering it has all brought about... as bad as it all is, it just keeps getting worse.

The worst part of all the evils presently operating under diplomatic immunity and protected by SWAT-bot forces of true believer enforcement agencies is what is happening to The Laws of the Land. America was a nation of laws. You may think it is the police and the army that protects you. You may think God is watching over America. You may have the idea that The Second Amendment provides you with a catastrophe backup and... there... there... is the area I want to visit today; no, not The Second Amendment but that of which it is a part.

The most serious danger you face is not from terrorists, crazed gun nuts, or even your poor discipline about what you eat and your reluctance to exercise. The first two are minor possibilities akin to being struck by lightning. The second is a real concern but more of a long term thing. Your most serious danger is what is happening to your laws; to the basic foundation of your rule of law. And this, this is what is intended by those who are determined to and engaged in the effort to enslave you.

It is your laws that determine how and where and when the military will act; how the police will act. It is your laws that determine whether agents of the law can drag you from your homes in the middle of the night. It is your laws that allow for you to be beaten by agents of the law for flying a flag up side down on your front porch. It is your laws that determine whether you can be shoved around, denied the right of assembly and generally messed with whenever they want to mess with you. Where are the laws that go into force when those who enforce the law are breaking the law? Where is the process that should be automatic that deters the abuse of the law by those empowered to defend it? Where is this thing that isn’t working as I type these words?

You don’t wake up one morning in a concentration camp and then wonder what happened. You were supposed to see the steps in the process. You were supposed to say something. You were supposed to get together with your neighbors and make a whole helluva lot of noise. You should have been smart enough to see all the manufactured events that led to all of the laws that were being designed to protect you from the imaginary threats being drummed up by those who were empowered to protect you and which wound up stripping you of your basic rights.

You should have wondered at the missing ballots in Ohio. You should have wondered at the yo-yo terror alerts. You should have wondered at the endless string of lies that justified all the horror and bloodshed and... you should have done something. You should have been part of a greater movement of citizens who gathered by the thousands and tens of thousands in parks and community centers and commercial areas and demanded that these ruthless profiteers and traitors be held accountable. You should have all refused to go to work. A nation that refuses to go to work WILL bring down the government. An informed public is a safe public and so... you should have wondered and you should have wondered aloud. You would have found that most everyone else was wondering too. Meanwhile you got fatter and shorter and more stupid until, one day, you couldn’t remember when it first was that you dropped down on to all fours and forgot to get back up. You forgot when the last time you spoke a human language was. Now you make these animal sounds and no one can understand what you are saying.

Is this the way it is? Is America a nation of sheep? One poll after another show that you believe by a wide majority that 9/11 was an Inside Job, one poll after another show that you have no confidence in your leaders, one poll after another show that you want the U.S. out of Iraq, one poll after another show that you know, you think, you feel... that a whole lot of things have gone wrong. And one day after another your leaders on both sides of the aisle show that there’s only one side of the aisle filled with milling opportunists and professional liars.

All of this comes down to an agenda driven core of merciless psychopaths who are agents of a foreign power. These PNAC/AIPAC vampire overlords in cahoots with the multinational corporations own the media that informs you of what to believe, even though you don’t believe it. Unless you band together and shout from the rooftops and refuse to turn the wheels of the machine, you are lost. Don’t blame me. Don’t blame fate. Don’t blame the immigrants. Don’t blame the weather. Blame yourselves. Shut it down now.

Look at this people. Use your freaking reason. Use your minds-

look at this and listen to what the BBC says about what cannot be explained away, no matter what sort of BS they employ. And yeah, The UK is also in the hands of the same people who are doing the same thing to you.

Look at this people-

and look at who is behind this presentation. Could it be more clear? Do I have to grab you by the back of the neck and rub your face in it and scream at you to tell me what you smell? Is it the buffet on the table that you smell? Is it your own fear that you smell which convinces you that you had better convince yourself that you don’t smell anything at all? Wake the Hell up.

Now you want to run around like Chicken Little because some bridge fell down in Minnesota and a handful of people died? More people are dying in the Egyptian desert right now than went down off of that bridge and they don’t have to die. They are being murdered. Yeah, let’s all just wring our hands for awhile about a bridge collapse and then we won’t notice that much larger numbers of people are dying every single day because your country is in the hands of agents of a foreign power.

History repeats itself. It’s doing it right now. Very few Germans were Nazi’s. They only needed a few. It’s easy to accomplish once you control the law-making process and thereby those who enforce the law. It’s enough to intimidate a village if you imprison or kill a few of the residents. You can always then count of a portion of the rest of the village to enforce further atrocity just so they can avoid it themselves. Human nature isn’t a virtue.

You had better start holding your leaders accountable. You had better start taking responsibility for what happens in your name or you soon won’t even have a name, you’ll have a number. You had better get about it today. Now is the hour. Let me hear the sound of millions of voices raised in protest. Let me hear the sound of silenced machines. Let me see stalled cars and empty trains and buses and airplanes. Let me see empty malls and empty amusement parks.

Then... let us collectively listen to the anguished screams of the corporations as they gasp for breath. It doesn’t matter what it may cost in the short term. It doesn’t matter if some of us must die if it means that freedom shall continue after. Many before us have paid the price. You ‘had’ what you had because they did.

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Unknown said...

Jesus visible! I love it when you catch fire. This one is awesome. I'm going to send it out wherever it occurs to me.

Well done

Anonymous said...

They ain't going to wake up. You know that. It's impossible to stop tryiing anyway.

Anonymous said...

We the people can take our power back. A National Strike has been called for September 10th and 11th. The Red, White and Blue Flu! We are not all asleep!
and here they even have a poster/flyer

Anonymous said...

Well written piece, I too will send it off to friends. Unfortunately, I agree that "they ain't going to wake up." Comes a time in every great civilization when the balance tips and the downslide begins. It's inevitable, and it is happening to America now. R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

The Darkness is spreading - but all is not doom and gloom. :)

When America hits bottom (Grand Depression from now until 2012) and masses are homeless, starving and sick without medical care (especially children), patriotic Americans will water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots! (Thomas Jefferson).

Meanwhile, when the truth about 9/11 finally becomes self-evident to a critical mass (our Gov't LIED), all Hell will break loose and the Zionist traitors will scramble for 1-way seats to Israel on El Al. ;)

Visible said...

Yes, 2012 is significant. I too defer to the wisdom of the stars, so long as the interpretations are precise and scientific. the science has been debased for awhile and so fallen into disrepute. However, in the right hands it is surgically precise.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I read your Slate comment indicating that your Palast article had led to an e-mail exchange with Chomsky. Anything reportable? (Did he say, "Why, yes, as a matter of fact throughout our whole careers Greg and I HAVE been acting as zionist ‘gatekeepers’"?)

Anonymous said...

On days like this, with hundreds of dead "collateral damage" in Afghanistan c/o NATO, collapsing bridges, imploding buildings and an imploding Congress & Wall St., & stories such as
it's always refreshing to know I can come to this site & see a bit of truth and sanity. Yes, most of the presidential wannabes are now arguing over WHAT country or city in the Mideast to nuke first! I presume Tancredo prefers Mekka.

Joy said...

Bravo Visible!

For my part I gave up on Americans after the 2004 bonesman vs bonesman "election". John Kerry quickly conceded a contest he won by 4 million votes because that was the script. Nobody cared.

As long as the masses have food, housing, and infotainment, they will be fat, dumb and happy. I agree that nothing is going to happen until the middle class has lost everything. Agree that the second US Boston Tea Party won't even get started until 2012. I don't see patriots winning America back until 2020 or later, if ever.

The great Obi Wan Kenobi hid out in a cave in the desert for about 20 years. I am no Jedi master, but a hidey hole in the remote reaches of the globe suits me just fine. If Luke and Leia come knocking on my door some day, I'll try my best to teach them the power of the force.

Visible said...

No, I won't be posting that. That wouldn't look good on my resume however, I'll be explaining it once it finishes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've just read your profile and, althought I'm not sure, I'm going to assume you live in France where
it's probably easy to bitch and feel superior to us bleating American sheep.
It's not easy to talk to Republican ostriches about Bush, 9/11, the Federal Reserve, fascism and on and on. The core of their being is threatened and they would rather deal in a reality that they were taught in civics class than the reality of the hidden powers that direct world events. How do we affect them without the usual name-calling?

Visible said...

I don't feel superior to anyone, not to mention having done serious prison time for speaking out and taking it to the streets.

What to do is there in the post and history is littered with examples and your own heart is not a bad guide depending on who is guiding your heart.

Anonymous said...

The link on the Outer Oort Cloud photo in the PROPHECIES section of my website ( provides a scientific/astronomical explanation of what will happen on Dec. 21, 2012. Of course, a lot more may happen as we approach that date - for which there is, as yet, no scientific explanation ;) We can only surmise, as the Mayans surmised! (or did they know but didn't tell?)

Oh, well - time will tell!

Visible said...

that wasn't me initiating the exchange but rather a houseguest of mine; Dr. George Ryan. It may well be me once I get around to answering the last letter because he turned it over to me as soon as he heard from him.

Apparently proof was demanded of him as to this 9/11 affair. It's hard to believe that a man of his reputation hasn't come across a great deal of proof by now. So it seems to me to be just a bunch of footwork. I haven't responded to the last letter he sent because I am considering what I will say.

I certainly won't be printing any of the exchange here as that would smack of dirty pool to me.

I guess I'm happy that my friend wrote him but... I've never really been a fan and I suspect he knows damn well what's up. So how do you argue with or inform someone who, from all appearances, has to be gaming you?

We'll see. I'm in no hurry.

Anonymous said...

I'm the Anonymous who sent you the query. You said . . .

"I certainly won't be printing any of the exchange here as that would smack of dirty pool to me."

Very good call, in my estimation.

"So how do you argue with or inform someone who, from all appearances, has to be gaming you?"

Well, you feel your connection to the other person, and you feel the conversation, and you feel what openness, if any, there is to some new possibility.

Easy for me to say, less easy for me to do, as this type of a conversation is right on the nose of my current learning curve.

It could be that there's no openness whatsoever, because it's not the time. (Wouldn't that really be the actual reason, even if it manifested as that person appearing to be "totally closed," or even if it manifested as that person appearing to be "totally devious about being totally closed"?)

Or . . . even if the person has been in denial and/or pretending, and even if they've been doing that in a public way for a comparatively long time . . . there could be a surprising degree of openness to something new.

But if now is "not the time," what kind of magic might I do, to have it BE the time?

I believe what is needed from me is a true acknowledgment of my own wrong in the situation. That could create the right kind of an opening. I have to feel and truthfully own the damage that my wrong has been doing by perpetuating the current destructiveness.

To find my wrong in the situation all I need to do is notice how I have been describing the "wrong" and "problematical" ways that "they" (zionists, financial people, spies, government officialdom, media people, cops, "the intelligence community") are behaving: Lying, pretending, having hidden agendas pursued by endless murderous false-flag tactics, being greedy and controlling, being opportunistic).

Is there anywhere in my life that I have been doing those same things, with the key part being the dishonesty about running a hidden agenda?

Guess what: There is. On one hand, I'm so "concerned" for the community and the world . . . I read, I contribute comments, I hero-worship articulate spokesmen for the "right" viewpoints, etc. On the other hand, at the same time, I have been secretly relishing the fact that I have no involvement in the bad that's happening, and no responsibility for all those areas of life that "they" love doing, and which I have seen as onerous, grinding work if *I* had to do them, including: Management, coordinating other people's work, knowing about money, finding workable personal/family/community ways of dealing with money, health, education, fixing potholes, creating some kind of actual non-fascist law enforcement . . . (this is part of a long list, of things I have secretly been totally glad to abstain from, and have withheld my own involvement from).

Unwilling to contribute my own human will in cooperation with other people, to run things in a healthy way . . . while seeming to be such an up-front person by condemning what I really do see as evil in the way that "they" are running things.

That's been my hidden-agenda of greedily enjoying my noninvolvement . . . while externally, I'm researching and exposing "their" hidden agendas in e-mails to WhatReallyHappened and Les Visible and others.

There's a paradox here. I read that there's a saying of Jesus: "Be ye not deceived." As I see it that's very important. In any community including humankind as a whole, it's very important for the individuals to know what really is happening, and to not allow themselves to be gulled, scammed, and played upon, by anyone who is running a deliberate con game. There really does need to be investigation and real self-education about all of that.

But here's the other side of the paradox. Let's say we've reached the point of being really clear that (for example) SOME of the Jews have been running the same three-card monte game for over two thousand years, and the rest of world culture has kept on falling for it -- which time and time again has resulted in huge cultural and individual destruction and pain.

Now, in my own personal life, if I'm getting tricked over an over, someone may well aske me: What's going on with YOU, that YOU keep letting that happen, time and time again?

And, when I look at that question, I see that I have been holding to an attitude (which I have been covering up and pretending wasn't there even though it IS there) of withholding my involvement from anything that could be called community organization, or managerial, or financial, or executive (telling other people what to do), or teaching. This part of my attitude, which I have been concealing from other people, says: "LET THEM run everything, since they know how, and since I want to NOT HAVE the responsibility of knowing about all that." That's what I have actually had my will in alignment with. I have claimed the status of a victim of deliberate trickery; but looking into it, I see I have been PLAYING INTO the trick, in order to gain the false ego-prize or ego-payoff of being separate, uninvolved, non-responsible, unaccountable.

That link is to an entire book, which I have been reading online (it's all right there at that link), and it's the best I have yet read on the global history of zionism. The author is powerfully exemplifying, and sharing with his readers, what it means to "be not deceived" about what has actually been happening.

And there's a subtle question that runs through the parts of the book that I have read so far. The author keeps noting that in historical cases where zionism took control, this was always facilited by a host culture tacitly consenting to being taken control of. And I'm seeing how at many points in my life I have made that very same facilitating move, by declaring myself separate and exempt from responsibility.


P.S. -- another possible answer to your question, "So how do you argue with or inform someone who, from all appearances, has to be gaming you?"

You said that "Apparently proof was demanded of [your friend] as to this 9/11 affair."

You could say, "How can I prove something to you when from all appearances you have to be gaming me?" . . . and go from there.

Visible said...

That is pretty much what I am going to say to him.

You are in good shape if you can even recognize the things you say. Most people are not so honestly introspective, or... even when they are basically honest they lack the objective reasoning and curiosity demanded in order to perceive.

There is a basic inertia in life. It manifests as intellectual laziness as well as convenient avoidance, ducking, being content to ride on rails and the endless hoping that lightning will strike on it's own when you really do have to stand in the open with a grounding rod in your hand.

I and I assume, everyone, deal with some form of this inertia every day. For me meditation is the single strongest practice I can employ on my behalf.

Regardless of all of the confusion and fear that runs around dressed up in the uniforms of one agenda or another, it is my belief that there is one force that precedes and controls everything external to it.

Here's another quote from the same source, "Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world." We believe that the shadows cast are possessed of substance and that they are the actual size they present themselves to be. A small candle banishes far more darkness than one might assume by quantity of space occupied comparisons.

Light rules, darkness retreats. Each person must learn this for themselves. It may be that, due to karma, we must walk through some amount of darkness and pain. However, if we are on the right track it diminishes apace.

These people may think they are rich and powerful and whatever it may be that they think... but, they are mere pawns being used as an object lesson for greater humanity. They're just a pack of cards.

Anonymous said...

Is this discourse between you and Chomper, Visible?
Are we there yet?
Is the pool still dirty?
I wanna swim. Waahhh!
ps: Oh. Forget it I think the water might be a bit too deep for me.

batcave911 said...

Bush created an Excutive order that says if you in ANY way interfere with the "democratization" of Iraq then he can take your property away from you.

The way this is written
ANY anti-war activity can be considered as such !

Im sure a ton of White-House lawyers looked closely at how its written.
This is NO mistake!

Bush executive order property


make a statement
Democracy cant be forced
at gunpoint !

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